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File: 1349813448162.jpg-(73 KB, 750x600, call-of-cthulhu-ending-motivational(...).jpg)
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Hey, /tg/. I'm DMing a CoC campaign, and my players are nearing the end of the campaign. They're investigating a haunted house, and they've figured out how to 'kill' it. Problem is, the house is aware of this, and wants to stop them. Do you guys have any ideas for proper 'shit hitting the fan'-type hauntings?
Make shit come alive. Like chairs get flexible and start charging the players. Have them bleed for bonus creepy.
Doors not leading where they're supposed to, and each door opened floods the house with blood and gore, making 1d6 inches of it on the lowest floor. Doors and windows to the outside work, but looking through them reveals an unlimited amount of blood, meaning opening them will result in the house being flooded according to the laws of physics at an alarming rate.

Replace the gore with your liquid of choice if you're more of a slime and ooze person.
These are both great ideas, but I'm looking for something a little more... I dunno, dry? Supernatural?
Nonetheless, I'll definitely try one of these. I like the notion of doors not going where they should, and furniture coming alive.
Doors being locked, forcing them to break them down. When they break through, shit falls down to try and crush them.

Upper floorboards shatter nearly instantly under them sending them plummeting into furniture that will injure well and was not there when they went through that room etc.
The food in the fridge has spiders in it.
The fridge is made of spiders.
Your hands are made of spiders
Sounds from the walls becoming ever more entrancing and maddening. Breaking them down can reveal passageways to dark caves and rituals. Walls drooping and buldging; pipes bursting, filled with burning unknowable ooze. Ordinary rooms giving way to monuments of depraved final acts.

You know, standard Lovecraft stuff.
Upon closer inspection, the reason why the furniture is moving is because it's secretly a very large spider shaped like a piece of furniture.
Your body is made of spiders.
Any food that's in the house is poisoned. Stairs give way under their weight. They get tangled in the carpets or drapes. The ceiling above them breaks, dropping a bed or bathtub on them. A sudden infestation of spiders, rats or bedbugs. Terrible smells coming from dark corners. Faucets begin to spray some dark ooze that may be mud or rotten blood.
Mirrors are actually doors/windows to stranger parts of the house that shouldn't exist.

If there are windows in some rooms, the time of day varies between them; one is early morning, another is stark midnight, etc.

Paintings are more active than they have any right to be. When you look away for a moment, then glance back, the subject of the painting is staring at you as if angered by your presence. Look away again, and the subject is frozen, in the process ofmaking a threatening motion toward you. A third time, and the painting is empty.

Have the kitchen stocked with bits and pieces of animals that just don't look right. Not mutated, but enough to make you wonder 'Does that thing really live around here?'
Your spiders are made of spiders.
Children singing lullabies, and the sound seems to come from everywhere at once. Have the wood of the walls start rotting rapidly, mold and decay appearing to put out noxious fumes and spores. This is my vote for the lullaby:

In the night
What a fright
Send us someone to eat tonight
If they run
If they go
We'll rot them right down to the bone

Or something of that nature.

Also have pictures move, when they look away the picture have changes and are clawing at their frames.

If you can manage it make hands come out of odd places, floor, ceiling, walls, every extra hole you can find the heads of the dead should emerge from. Give them too many joints, at least 3 elbows.
Oh shit!

... I'm playing a CoC game, and we have also figured out how to ""kill it". Don't tell me you're my dm....
the house makes it so players all see each other as spiders
...does the name Wheeler mean anything to you?
Furniture comes alive, books are poltergeists and fling themselves at the players, plants come alive and turn into monster venus flytraps, normal dogs turn into hell hounds

they go into the kitchen, and knives animate, flinging themselves at the players.
Wheeler... no..

Does The Great Alexander mean anything to you?

The spider-spiders are full of smaller spiders.

And if you wanted a more physical confrontation, you could try a House of Leaves style approach. Say your players need to get to a certain room in the house to kill it. To stop them, the house starts rearranging itself at them. Wall extend further and further away from people when they try to reach them. Gravity shifts direction to impede movement. Doorways shift around. Walls contract to smash/squish people.

Add blood, guts, and madness in your descriptions as desired.
Uh, no. Not really. Are you playing a modern-day campaign? If not, then you're probably in the clear.
File: 1349817067861.gif-(39 KB, 300x201, 1408-cold.gif)
39 KB
How about some inclement weather?
>choosing death over insanity inducing tentacle rape

Why are CoC characters always pussies?
Oh, damn. I had nearly forgotten about that book. Thanks for reminding me of a HUGE source of inspiration.
File: 1349817255532.jpg-(18 KB, 400x300, hp1lrg.jpg)
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Does this house have any paintings? Perhaps some of those things could step out the frames and play?
Oh thank god.

No, we are playing in the 20's.
And also, my group has the worst investigators ever. We are all high society, have dabbled in the occult because it's fashionable and consist of: A french painter, a 30 year old who tries to be a flapper, a high society dame, a wallflower writer who married rich and a private investigator. (The pi is a new player who was persuaded to be a pi by the dm so we would have atleast some investigative abilities.)

Also, we roleplay almost everything, and we are all freaking out by things as blood that wasn't really there, and rose pettals appearing around your bed when you are asleep.

Even though we as players aren't that scared, our characters are. We never saw stuff like this before. So I'm also glad we have a mature group who can differentiate between character and player.
Like Yog-Sothoth would let you get off with just rape.
Like Yog-Sothoth would let you die
File: 1349817456171.jpg-(113 KB, 700x525, 1340173818232.jpg)
113 KB
i have one for maximum mindfuck, but it'll be hell to keeper.

whenever a member of the the group is more than 12 feet from another member of the group, that person suddenly dissapears/phazes into another "instance" of the house. to the character that has dissapeared, the rest of the group is still visible, and he can still see all of their actions. on closer inspection, the members of the group begin to look thinner than normal, and depending upon how long they stay invisible/phazed, the members of the group will appear to develop strange wounds, that look like those highly infected, maggot infested things you sometimes see on the legs and feet of diabetic people. if they remain longer, the members of the party will develop leathery skin, bizzare apendages, and appear emaciated ( pic related) roll sanity as you feel fit.

the person can "exit" the phase by either breaking line of sight/hearing with the group (providing a handy way to split up the group if you need to) or by rolling above an 80 on a d-100 (rolling should be done behind screen. do not roll vs. stats, should be as random as possibe)
Hm. If my players weren't so doggedly determined to NEVER SPLIT UP EVER, that would be awesome. Plus, IRC offers tons of privacy for DMs.
Come at me bro, I can take it!

~Last words of brave adventurer to yog-sothoth
cont from >>21058461

if the phazed character attempts to touch a member of the party, the "leathery" hallucination is instantaneous. the phazed player can touch a party member, but the party member cannot feel it. this does not apply to objects a phazed player is holding, such as chairs, swords or guns.

have fun watching your party murder each other.
* Doors suddenly lead nowhere (they open on walls, Matrix-like), mirrors are the new gateway from room to room.

* Telephone suddenly rings somewhere. If the PC answer the call, have them hear spooky sounds, inhuman voices telling them things that may or may not prove useful for the PCs or just roll for possession.

* Mirrors (or TVs, depending on the timeline) show things happening in other parts of the house, or reflect the PC's image but shifted a bit in the past or future.

* Lights switch on or off randomly. Eldritch fire burst out in ovens or fireplace. Furniture is thrown at the PCs by unseen forces (also named the Kitchen's Special).

For inspirations, you could check V:TM Bloodlines "Haunted Hotel" quest.
File: 1349818125323.jpg-(99 KB, 700x525, 1340173676867.jpg)
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I personally pulled this one in a standard Dnd campaign, therefore i forgot that the "split up" thing was a big deal. In this case, i'd recommend picking a party member at random. maximum mindfuck will ensue in either case.
File: 1349818542699.png-(186 KB, 863x754, yellowliterature.png)
186 KB
Vet CoC Keeper here. These are some of my favorite splash in horror seeds.:

-When the P.C.'s try to call the police, fire department, etc. everything the say into the phone is repeated back to them by a hysterical screaming voice.

-For a single second, the whole world seems fake to the PCs. The sky seems painted, the horizon closer and plane like a stage courtain, the streets look made out of fake materials and the windows look like plastic. Everyone seems frozen in time and their clothes look oddly cheap and hastily done out of paper-machet. The cars look like cardboard cut-outs with people on the other side. A single man, all dressed in blue, comes from a street corner, takes one of the people as if it was a manequin, and then all resumes, looking alright and perfectly natural.

-When the wind stirs up leaves, they seem to form into the shape of a cloaked figure for brief moments. For players of CoC, the color of the leaves should be obvious...

These are just 3, I have more if you're interested.
These are all pretty good, but again, I'd like to keep them 'haunted house' themed. Got any along those lines?
So, you said they know how to kill the inanimate object, are trying to do so, and the house is trying to stop them,right?
Are you angling for more atmospheric hauntings, or 'we're inside a malevolent monster, oh crap.' kind of hauntings?
For the direct-o combat-o type: They enter a room, converted into a storehouse sometime in its past, it seems like: Number of carpets, a few shipping crates. When everyone reaches the centre, or the door they entered through closes, the carpets move for them, trying to grapple and cover the character. if they succeed in restraining one, they try to drag him behind the crates, or another piece of cover.
If line of sight with the mass is broken, something unseen attacks the restrained character, and continues until line of sight to the pile by another character is restored. The carpets won't pass beyond any doors.
For playability reasons, I'd say a few carpets need to attach to the player, and players can throw them off with a skill check in case unlucky rolls would have lead to TPK by floor decoration.
File: 1349819194908.gif-(687 KB, 256x256, Glass_tesseract_animation.gif)
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CoC likes to play with unpossible geometry and things the mind can't grasp. It's one of the hallmark methods of making man seem insignificant and powerless. Why not mess with geometry then?

You don't have to make it all random. Have you read those 4 pages about the tesseract dungeon? It's a 4 dimensional space simulation that makes it seem like a maze, doors lead to different places depending on how you entered the room. Ceilings become floors, etc.
File: 1349819275130.jpg-(231 KB, 600x450, Y'ha-nthlei.jpg)
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-While searching through the house one of the PCs find a MacGuffin or valuable object, possibly one that they already possess (if so, remove it from their inventory temporarily.) If they pick up the object it melts into black slugs that burrow their way into the unlucky PC's flesh. Play around with the ramifications for a short time (I got a PC to cut into his arm once, hehe) and then reveal it as merely an illusion. Then instantly go full poltergeist, tables and chair flying around and windows and doors slamming. Finish off with distant laughing and an old-timey song loudly playing in a room on a different floor.

Captcha: Seekingt Assailant
File: 1349819555290.jpg-(21 KB, 600x429, wastelands_7_jake_door.jpg)
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OP, you gotta go to war with your players. Morph that house. Make every doorway a mouth with teeth. Turn the walls to meat that start to secrete digestive fluids. It'll be like scrambling around in the guts of some giant monster, complete with skittering parasites and globule cells that latch on like ticks and suck out all the blood. Force 'em to find the 'heart' of the house, which will be represented by an actual giant beating heart. Then it's like the first boss in contra. Eyes, tongues, walls of cilia! You gotta FUCKING UNLEASH THE BEAST!
File: 1349819637247.jpg-(85 KB, 450x676, cthulhudespair.jpg)
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-When walking around in any creepy building, everybody gets a nosebleed simultaneously upon entering a room, but it stops when they leave.

-The party turn the corner into a fairly long, nearly empty corridor, with occasional bits of furniture. As they walk down it they see spectral figures approaching from the other end. If they stop, the spectres stop as well. The closer they get to the centre, the more clear the figures become: they are the parties own reflection, in a sheet of glass, placed inoccuously, near invisibly at the centre of the corridor. when a player get close enough to examine this, the reflection glares at the player, grabs a nearby chair and hurls it through the glass, causing it to shatter completely.

-in an old decrepid building that for some reason (any reason) your pcs are exploring, they come across a bucket filled with murky water. On examination (of simply getting knocked over) it turns out the bucket is actually filled with thousands of human teeth. Go into an elaborate description of the scene. Give no further explanation. The authorities are not interested. There are no clues. Only questions.
I have not heard of these 4 tesseract dungeon pages. I am interrested.
File: 1349819734458.png-(258 KB, 704x432, snap-00336.png)
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Got 40 minutes?
Buffy - Conversations with Dead People
gorillavid in/ibovpv1kc0nj

Has some of the best haunting I've ever seen. Especially Trachtenberg.
File: 1349819990103.jpg-(104 KB, 700x427, cthulhushore.jpg)
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-While in a kitchen or hallway or any place with tile, the PCs see ripples on the surface of the floor, ceiling or whatever's tiled. These are v-shaped ripples, like those that would be made by a dorsal fin. The v-shaped ripples in tile begin to circle them. Alternately, the PC's see v-shaped ripples in the water, like those made by a titanic fish, yet the water itself couldn't be more than a foot, half a foot, deep. The ripples mve from one pool to another, although the pools themselves are unconnected.

-A character suddenly notices that her heart hasn’t been beating during the course of the whole investigation

-Entering a bedroom, a player spots a pale, limp arm quickly jerked under the bed.

-A character is slightly out of sync with her shadow, as if it had to watch closely in order to copy her moves.

-An investigator hears a dripping noise while searching a building. She comes across a puddle in one room, and as she watches, a drop of water flies up from the floor, bursts upon the ceiling, and disappears into a crack.
send us someone to ee-eat tonight,
If they run!
if the GOH!
we'll rot them down to-oo the bone!

Relevancy at 2:30.
OP, is the The Haunting?

With Walter Corbitt?
Damnit. I looked at the spoiler, and I saw the last name. It's the same.

The first name is different though...
s'all gravy bro, I've done this one for other people twice already.

Do your players use /tg/?
Uh, it's not. I'm running Music From a Darkened Room, converted to CoC from Delta Green. Who are you, OP, and why are you impersonating me?

Oh fuck. Just reading that one scared the shit out of me.
This should get you started.
How modern is this house?
a shower of sparks from a lghtbulb socket or something setting on fire because LOLDARKFORCES is a good way to introduce hazards.
Oh damn. Sorry to mislead you man. But my name was still the same from a diffirent threat. I'm not the OP, I'm simply a humble investigator who got scared by reading spoilers.

And i'm not sure if my dm, or any other players use /tg/.
>gravity reverse or shift by 90°
>shrinking/growing rooms
>totally change room layout on the fly
these things go pretty far, tho. The last one could turn the house into a dynamic maze where rooms lead back and forth; so for example if all stand in room one, and one PC moves out, right dawn the hallway, across a room and then enter the original room again wtf
Oh, ok, gotcha. And>>21059184, I got them from a Gamefinder thread, so yeah.

The way character backstory is crucial while there's a real threat from the same source for each character... It makes the players roleplay while giving them a concrete thing to deal with. Railroady maybe, but it is just 1 scene. And the way it cuts to the next character whenever something crucial gets revealed, leaving it hanging in the air while dread increases ever more.

Have a room where light and darkness are reversed.
The room seems almost painfully bright, but turning on the bulb sheds a wave of shadow, reducing the light to comfortable, if dim, levels. The bright shadows still linger around the room though, and bright white shadows follow the PCs around the room.
File: 1349830631204.jpg-(55 KB, 800x465, The_Beast.jpg)
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Darkness is now lava

Don't blink

Tik tok tik tok

We have come to heal you from your humanity

All your fears are belong to me

Splish splash

It's (it's) inside (inside) me (me)!
Thanks. Will keep these in mind for future campaigns.
Damn. Time to pull out those Dr Who DVDs. That's seven hours of my night. Thanks a lot. Really.

Honestly this scared the fuck out of me when I first saw it, on so many levels. I didn't want to take baths for months. So I guess do something like this
OP, since you are running music from a darkened room, I guess you are up to high-grade haunting things. There should be a dpcument on /rs/ called "creepy moments" which is worth mining.

What you do is very dependent upon what the players and their characters are like. Let them be scared the way they want to. Make it something unexpected. When they decide to militantly not split up, have all the lights go out. All of them. Then, have them each turn on a different light, in the same room, and find themselves alone.

If they want to go outside, get them lost. Make them damage the house to do so. Break a window, scratch a wall, kick in a door, something. Then, have whatever they broke splatter out wetly. When they look, it made beads of some strange liquid.

Make sure they all leave from different rooms. Enforce that any way you can, up to and including major hauntings. Have them meet outside the house, and decide what to do from there.

You could also have soft piano music follow them, and play something that slowly increases in tempo once you mention it.
There are two paintings, each on the other side of the hall and facing each other. One is a family portrait and the other a scenic landscape. Place this in a place them in a place the players have to go through often like a central foyer or engineer a scenario that forces the players to go through this corridor multiple times - maybe they have to escape one room because of poltergeist shit where plates are flying all around.

In the landscape painting, a speck is out of place, nearly impossible to notice. The next time they come through the speck is larger and the family looks nervous. Then it's larger and so on. Eventually, when they come through the landscape is empty and suddenly the family seems to have gained a new member. The next time they go through, the family portrait is entirely empty of people and four out of the five seats are smeared with blood.

And now footsteps can be heard upstairs. But aren't we all in the foyer?
House is not so much "haunted" as it is a multi-dimensionally resonant, intended to be a portal and the hidden, eldritch angles that are designed into it have let something from the heart of universal chaos to manifest within it's bounds.
The maleficent, alien intelligence that controls the "house" folds the house up on them, and carries them to a place where you don't need eyes to see.
Hmmm. Now THAT gives me an idea. I had some of my investigators go under the house, and they're convinced that whatever attacked them while they were under is still stalking them. When the lights go out, that'd be the perfect opportunity to have them hear things.
If you are going to possess one of them, do it in a way that makes them want to follow along. Like, for instance, they think that they see something moving under their skin, and they know that if it gets to their brain, they'll be dead, or they think that one of their friends suddenly started speaking in tongues, drew a knife, and wound up for an attack.
Found some good ideas in here, so


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