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Last time

>Ilithads singing
>Shit ton of Codes
>Other stuff.
Also blah blah blah dem fuffy tails and scales or something
what's the most interesting thing to have been written since I wrote that scrapped background that was super grimdark but ended with Aku
Singing Ilithads is what. In the very last thread
Rolled 45

For something
Rolled 17

Now me.
Rolled 14

1-10 I write stuffs tonight
11-20 I go play tanks instead
Senseless destruction of armored motor vehicles?
World of Tanks

Alternatively, I could get out my warhammer 40k tanks and rolle them around, Orkz Vs Imperial Guard and see who wins. That might be more fun, thats dice rollan', model movin', noise makin' imagination!
I knew it. Though playing a game against yourself sounds like more fun.
It sounds like something Lilly would be into.
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Playing with others is always more fun.
See, I listen to the Dice Gods, and they spoke, and waht they said was "Go have fun pretending to be Rommel."

And so I shall. The downside to that is no Tale of Sir Kasai for you all tonight.
The gods are dying off, this is due to the balancing of the great aether. When they killed off all the demons and sealed away the anti-aether they sentenced them selves to a like and slow death. One of madness and weakness. But us, us demons rejoice for we have moved from the old weakness to a new strength. Souls, the power of soul magic was given to us by a human wizard long long ago. He wanted riches beyond imagination and we willingly gave it to him. For we got something far better. Unlimited power. Souls are not like the great aether. They are small neutral refined chunks. As they are neutral they are not subject to the balancing effect, which is good as soon I believe that the great aether will be destroyed or worse. We have merged souls and dark magic with the sciences. Creating works beyond the old imagining. Sure the average demon is a pale imitation of the old. But we are now able to create Demon Lords that rival in strength the old. And given enough time we can make them stronger, we can make more. All we need is souls. And there are plenty of those just lying about. The work on the soul convertory has already begun. The great invader plan has been set in motion. Soon we will bring forth new souls and weaken the resolve of all those that be.
Nothing from me tonight either, still trying to piece some shit together with some semblance of coherency.

Also distractions.
The great thing about this little plan is what we have come to call soulenomics. Souls once properly treated are easily assimilated, but they can also be traded rather easily at the soul convertory. Work has begun on a new breed of Demon Lords. Ones capable of the Soul converting and trading process on their own. I have begun the work on the first this very day. I call her my Fair Lady. I have in mind to make her some sisters if it all works out. Only problem is, if she has less than two souls in her at a given time she will grow weak. Course this is hardly a problem as I plan on infusing her with a hundred souls to start with. Putting her in the lower tier of Demon Lords. Can't go and make something stronger than me can I. The foolish five made that mistake with Lilith one and two. Speaking of that foul bitch Two was bitching about her need for a new body as the one made for her is not to her liking. I've begun work on a new body for her, it will be my magnums opus. Lilith three shall be the greatest and the last.
>Read Demon Lords
>Instantly think of Ace Combat

Brain u so silly
That gives me an idea for a reference
>And given enough time we can make them stronger
>Can't go and make something stronger than me can I

And that's where the flaw is. They can't bear to have someone they make above them, and they abuse any below them. The horde will increase in size yes, but it's going to get slightly weaker whenever a new generation starts making their own. Essentially (for lack of another metaphor because my tabletop-fu is weak), they're building a bunch of Zerglings when they're perfectly capable of creating Ultralisks for the same amount of resources. Strength in numbers? Yes. But we'll at least be able to fend off most of them man to demon, and possibly gain ourselves enough time to learn how to counteract this effect.
But if you pay attention. They can be upgraded later. This has to do with the soul economics. Limited number of souls. Souls equal more power. More soul you have more power. And the new bread can do soul conversion with out outside help. Its only a matter of time till a low level demon gets a lucky break and from there its a soul snowball. In short more souls equals more powerful demons.
Such as Lilith 3. The strongest of the Liliths. Which is a bit odd like you said as they don't want to make something stronger than them selves. But when the boss orders you to make you something as best as possible you do it. Especially in hell.Also this one guy is not representative of all mad scientists in hell. He just happens to be the longest lived. As the others keep making things that go Frankenstein on them. Also, finally succubi born demons are as strong as the stock they come from and are effected by the blood sorcery potency effect.
I must have missed that little factoid. I thought the souls worked like Gasoline, only providing power to the construction after it's finished. Not that the souls also upgraded them.
I though I made that clear.
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Just like Onimusha!
Or Disgaea,
Dark/Demon Souls,
God of War,


...who's Lilith Two?
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Yes, an extended homage to the Matrix, with squids.

Speaking of which, incoming filler piece from me.
Some of my favorite games correlation or causation?

As for Lilith 2 I think the real question is who is three? 1 made by the 5, 2 made by The Demon Lord supposedly. Some believe her to just be 1 altered. Things will start to come to light as soon as I finish this stupid trip to hell thing.
You know in Sumerian lore Lilith was the goddess of waste places. Wonder if that has to do with the Succubi love for anal tail naughty time. Also the idea of two Liliths stems from the13th century, the Treatise on the Left Emanation. But don't want to give away too much do I?
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Intercepted messages updating the lists of “Heretical and Perverse Items” for the Iron Inquisition. It appears that they have some compassion, and are concerned with the welfare of their people. This is a list of specific books and items the Myrthterran Church find dangerous. Inquisitors are advised to follow correct disposal methods, some of these objects need special care.


-And finally for announcements, congratulations are in order for the recent wedding of Inquisitors Tridius and Servosa, may your lineage serve you well. We remind our Inquisition that the non-mixing regulations only apply to the cloth, and the Inquisition is a separate branch.

The following materials have been newly ordained as heretical and perverse to the sight of Myrthter, and the Iron Inquisition answers. The pursuit of these items should be as unannounced and as swift as your arrivals. As the Book says, “May your wolves be as silent as cats, in pursuit of justice fleeing bats”.


Shard of the Blade
Premise: Claiming to be a shard of the sword that shattered when King Nesserus struck down the Arch-Warlock Noctis, and that it grants evil-warding and curative properties.
False: There are enough of these around to fill an armory, never mind the sword is intact within the Vaults. Acquire the identity of the swindler and bring them to justice.
File: 1350549171774.gif-(68 KB, 466x250, fake and real coinage.gif)
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Goblet of Truth
Premise: Uncommon cups of precious metal, which claim to make any who drink from it speak only the truth. Used in negotiations between lordlings to provide verification.
False: A ruse to spread goblets made of poisonous metal, in order to blight nobility and make them dependant on drugging. Acquire these for destruction, the Templars blades need tempering.

Lost Tome of Viterus
Premise: A “rediscovery” of knowledge the Saint entrusted to the peasantry, which describes the horrors beyond the stars and the steps to protect oneself from them.
False: Received word from Cardinal Cuskelus and five independent scholars that no such volumes were penned. Harmless enough, let the populace have them to spread mistrust of the Outsider, as practice for when [EXPUNGED]. Remove the previous sentence after reading.

Honoured Ancestral Skull
Premise: A skull from the “holy” corpse of a first ancestor. Hang it in the highest point of your abode, and it will ward your household from misfortune.
False: It is a front for corpse shippers, who wish to make good use of valuable bones in skulduggery and boneworkers. Track down and root out these smugglers, it is an affront to the Church, and may spread plague.

Lloch-moran Seed
Premise: A seed from an elfin holy tree, which blooms enlightenment.
False: A front for dream-leaf, an aggressive narcotic and competitor to pipe spice.
File: 1350549207281.jpg-(22 KB, 400x301, burning+book.jpg)
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The Book of Wind and Water
Identification: Square, bound left to right, depicts amulets and talismans.
Justification: Wastelander interior decoration. A front for hedge magic that enables Infernal influences to slip through the ways between worlds. And Blessings from above, but the risk exists. Acquisition redundant, the rituals are inferior to Myrthterran kalesology, the science of summons.

The Gospel of Rust
Identification: Resembles a common Book of Myrthter, with symbol inverted and crimson red.
Justification: Subversive and Heretical literature blasphemous to the Church. Written by an excommunicated priest in compact with a Demon, it decries knowledge of the Gods (and Demons) alike. Detain the area and the bookkeepers for investigation.

The Ecstasy of the Flesh
Identification: Bound with metal rings along the spine, blue cover dirtied by food or blood.
Justification: A cookbook. The cookbook, in fact, of Mad King Pugnant II, the Glutton. Yes, that one. The recipes range steadily from simplistic, to hedonistic, to heretic. If not destroyed, the same fate will befall any township as the late royal family, see final recipe “Roast Crown and Royal Following”.

Beyond the Silk Wall
Identification: Printed on Silk, bound right to left. Depicts a path and a wall.
Justification: See Below.
Note: The Red Cardinal is insistent that this is a fraudulent work, and that no such lies be spread.
File: 1350549327910.jpg-(145 KB, 600x778, books stacks.jpg)
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Garden of 1001 Pleasures
Identification: Cover depicts a walled garden in a desert. Written on cloth, perfumed.
Justification: A manual in the tantric arts, while not subversive amongst righteous Mirthterrans, this one is. Only five of the 1001 acts depicted in the full manual are normalised, the rest require steadily larger amounts of equipment, weaponry, participants (of any age, race, gender, species), blood sacrifice to placate demons (then later coupling, participant’s mortality optional). Detain area and bookkeepers for investigation.

The Books of Twilight
Identification: A cover of black, with an apple, a crown, or a moon centred.
Justification: Badly written romance or confessionals of unrequited love. Burn it. Burn it all.


Thee Atlas Beneathe Stars
Identification: A collection of maps loosely held by string, found among Deep traders.
Justification: Senior Inquisitor clearance required. Disintegrates in strong sunlight.

How to Tame Your Dragon
Identification: Written on tin, the cover has archaic runes for “Dragon”, “Bravery” and “Warrior”.
Justification: Senior Inquisitor clearance required. Do not attempt to open, will rust impossibly.

Names of the King
Identification: A large scroll, the holder has the heraldry of King Olos the Pious.
Justification: Senior Exorcist clearance required. Do not read aloud.

Solid Gnomish Construction & Design
Identification: A haphazard collection of blue paper and white ink. Smells like oil.
Justification: Senior Inquisitor clearance required. Detain smiths.
File: 1350549404632.jpg-(553 KB, 1067x1600, Grimoire cover.jpg)
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Principia Magica Obscura
Identification: Black, treated leathers and bone. Will whisper if held to ear.
Justification: Written by Archmagus [EXPUNGED]. Contains secrets bargained and bought from Outsiders. Damage to it will reflect on bearer. Elevates hedge magi to arch magi.

The Alphabet of Chaos
Identification: The text will shift and pages ruffle when unseen. Symbols swim in view.
Justification: Compact between Fey and Demon Lords of Insanity. Will draw readers to conspire. Responsible for loss of [EXPUNGED] townships.
Handling: Requisition Rabello reliquaries before approaching. HAVE BECOME ACTIVE. DO NOT READ PAST FIRST PAGE. Seal in blessed iron container for Vault transferral.

The Snake, the Sorceror and the Stone
Identification: An illuminated text with a coiled snake, a sorcerer prostrate, and a gleaming stone ascendant. Will flash intermittently in darkness.
Justification: A cursed portal, designed to trap readers to battle endlessly within a world between its pages. See Lost Brotherhood of Nine, the Singer of Snakes.
Handling: DO NOT DESTROY, SOULS CAN BE FREED. Contact Senior Inquisitors.

The Journals of Clover
Identification: Many forgeries exist. Original written on resin glossed paper, cover is leafy, superimposed by four-leafed flower. Looks completely mundane, smells funny.
Justification: Arch Inquisitor clearance required.
Handling: DO NOT BURN. Bring to Vaults immediately.
File: 1350549520537.jpg-(38 KB, 640x480, bbc test card.jpg)
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I wonder what they are up to? Why only specific books?

And before you ask Lilly, Garden of 1001 Pleasures is NOT a checklist. It is evil. Don't take that as a challenge, though now you probably will...

Sneaky Deals incoming! With somehow more appropriate codes!
File: 1350551022367.jpg-(25 KB, 600x600, waiting-2.jpg)
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Writers needing an audience-s.

We feed off your attention, yes, the precioussss.

I'll wait an hour. That's dinner time anyway.
Much more accessible than your other walls of text.
I''m here.....

So post before we takes it from you, yes....
File: 1350553631975.jpg-(561 KB, 1600x1200, newspaper-and-bible.jpg)
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WARNING: In-depth reading ahead. May contain political triggers.

Somewhere smelling of newsprint and theology

Packages of Bibles, some hollowed-out for more Bibles. Wrapped in newspapers, certain ads are circled.

Killowog groceries
Matthew is offering a 4 for 7 sale!
Quickly, they Depart at 23:22 and 23:27 pm!

Best buy now
Matthew’s only at 14:31, I Judge it should be till 15:16
Better deals at Mark’s from 9:23, Palms read for only $119.66!

Kooky conundrums
Romans arrive at 13:11, but Exit at 16:17?

Betting pool, horses
Dew Tron ‘omy 3:5
2nd Record 8:5
Revelation 20:2
Psalm Reeder 30:10

Kill streak tallies
Is Aiah from 41 to 10?
Ephie’s in from 4 to 11 and 12
Luke has 10 to 19
Ephie’s again at 5 to 18
Matt is last, 24 to 13

Bullying problems?
Talk to Timothy (aged 4 of 7)for Proverbial advice, only $18.15!

Komplex houzing regulationz
Prove RBS with 24-5, Due To “On-me” code section 18 subsection 10-12. See first John of 4-1 and Mark in 9-40 for information on Moving Out when you’re 21 or 24-25

Bags of swag
P.S. Alms now worth 119-130, see Solomon Vain in 3-1, or Luke in 24-45

Know your stuff!
Life Starts at 30-34, so don’t get the Numbers wrong at 30-14!
Duet, er, only when 17-17; good Wisdom for 6 to 32!
Follow Matt, he’s 22 on 4!
This time, it's not tricky, just contextual.

I'll put the (correct) solution up in 9 hours.

I was actually wondering if I should start splitting them up more.
Expect nothing from me, I believe in many different Gods, but not the Christian one.

Hence, no bible.
I expected that, and I didn't have many on hand.

That's what the internet is for!

Yay, learning!

Helpful hint below:
Can't be fucked, I have stupidly devout chrisitan family. Came to hate it by about the age of 6.
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Sorry, was in class. CCNA takes all my willpower to stay awake through. Luckily I have ample amounts of caffeine to help me along.

Interesting list of banned items. Almost reminds me of some of Martin Luther's jests about there being enough nails from the true cross to shoe all the horses in Rome.

My religious nature dropped off after basic. I miss that church sometimes.

I'll have to look up the passages Clover is referring to after class, but it might be interesting
I shall now present you with something about boxing, explosions, and dancing girls. Finally.
I woke up to the feeling of Belle prodding my cheeks. She then kissed me lightly as I opened my eyes.

“Did you have fun last night? I know I did.” Belle said as I sat up.

I nodded in response. “We should do it like that more often.”

“Breakfast is ready.”

“What you make? And what time is it?”

“Pancakes, and there’s still plenty of time before we have to do anything.”

I returned her kiss, “Thank you.”

Once we had finished breakfast, we set out to explore the festival and watch a few other competitions before the boxing matches. A few hours later and it was time for boxing. Belle gave me a kiss and a few words of encouragement before I left to prepare for my matches. After watching the first two matches intently, I felt that I had learned the basics of the game.

The time for my first match came, and I stepped into the ring. My opponent was a big, muscled guy, and my head only came up to his chest. If the winners of the previous two matches were any indication, I had the advantage simply because he was so big. Getting hit would hurt like hell though.
The bell rang, and I started strafing around him, ducking under his swings. Seeing an opening, I moved in close and hit him hard. Felt like punching a brick wall. He returned the favor with a strike to my shoulder, staggering me. This went on for the rest of the round. Just trading blows back and forth like a couple of fools. The bell rung and we went back to our corners to rest.

“So you like being a punching bag, eh?” Said a voice.

“Not really.”

“Then listen up. Put your fist just about half an inch under your chin and a good four from your face, crouch a little and make yourself small. Then get in there and stick to him, like stink on a fat man. Weave back and forth away from his punches, and when you see an opening, uppercut to the chin. Put all your body into it. Any questions?”

“No, thanks for the tips.”

“Good luck then. And watch for his left hook, he has a hitch in his shoulder that gives it away.”

I nodded, standing up for the next round. Following the advice, I stuck close and avoided his punches. My change in tactics seemed to throw him off somewhat. It wasn’t long before he stumbled, giving me a chance to strike. The first hit made him stumble back, I quickly followed with a jab to his chest and a second uppercut before falling back into my stance. I was able to land some more punches before the round ended, while avoiding being hit myself. He was wobbling slightly as he moved back to his corner.
“Doing good kid. But if he’s any good he’s going to guard for uppercuts this round. So what ya want to do is fake him out. Give him a good uppercut but call it off short and whammy him in the side with the other.”

“Thanks again. You’ve been a big help.”

“No problem kid, good luck.”

The third round began. His movements were more cautious now, guarding against my uppercuts. Once we had settled into a pattern, I tried the feint. My fist made solid contact with his side, sending him into the ropes. I hit him a few more times for good measure, before backing off. The ref called an end to the round, I watched my opponent stumble as he walked.

“Just about done with this one kido. Give him a good bop on the nose and its dream land for him. So don’t bother with anything fancy. Just get in there and trade till he leaves his face open. In his state I give it 30 seconds tops. Just don’t get sucker punched.”

“Thanks again.”

“Give it to him good.”

I stepped back into the center of the ring and waited for my opening. After a few half-hearted swing from him, my chance came and I popped him on the nose, sending him
tumbling down to the mat. The ref came over and started counting. With no response before he finished, I was proclaimed the winner of the match.

The rest of the matches seemed to pass in a blur. I went straight home with Belle after I was done for the day, being too tired to do anything else.
The matches started early the next day. The first couple matches on the second day were nothing special, it was the last one that bears mentioning. In the last match standing opposite to me was the guy who had been giving me pointers for all the over matches. He was six feet tall and built like a bruiser.

“So kid, You ready to show me what ya learned? Cause I’m gunning for you.” He said throwing off his coat.

“I won’t be going down without a fight.”

“I’d hope not.”

And with that the bell rung and the match began. He was keeping his distance, making me work for it and come to him. I tried to close the distance, and when I was within range of a striking a blow to his head, I gave a mighty right cross aimed at his head. He slipped under the punch and fired off three rapid jabs to my chest followed by an uppercut to my stomach. Then he quickly backed away.

“Hows the lesson so far?” He said with his fist covering his face, just standing there, right out of range.


“Just beginning. Pain is in your head, accept it and things get easier. Now give me your best.”

“Don’t have to ask for it.” I rushed at him as fast as I could, nothing fancy, just put all my power into a right straight.
Of course he saw that coming, which is why I feinted it into a left hook. I threw my right arm back and whirled my left forward in an arching blow. It caught him in the shoulder, but in return he fired off an uppercut into my stomach again. That was starting to really hurt. I had had enough. I pressed in on him with rapid fire Jab after Jab.He took blow after blow to his arms, guarding against each one. I decided to land a real hit with a hook to his side. In that split second where I switched from Jabs to the Hook he brought both of his fist down right on top of my shoulders, in a hammer like blow. It stole the power from my hook and knocked my arm to my side.

“Ding.” The Bell sounded. The first round was over. We went to our corners for rest and water. There was a strict no magic rule.

The next round began and I wasn’t falling for the same trick twice, he could come to me this time, and he did. He danced across the ring over to me. I started to swing up for a bolo. He backed the hell off. Well that wasn’t going to work. I stopped my bolo, and got in close, shuffling my way over. I pulled back my left hand then brought it up and down on the shoulder I hit before. He threw three right hooks to my gut, the last one I dodged. I was going to have a real stomach ache if this kept up much longer. He rotated the shoulder I had hit a bit, meaning he was feeling it at least.

We circled a few times looking for a chance, for the other to screw up. He did first, overstepping on his circling, leaving him off balance. I took the chance and pressed; uppercut to the chin. He fell forward into his misstep and jabbed me hard in the throat. Felt like my head was exploding and I couldn’t breathe.
We went for eleven more long, hard rounds. It was the start of the twelfth round, we both looked like we had the stuffing beat out of us. But we were still standing. We were both slowing down, or blows not quite as fearsome nor or moves as fast. Part of me wanted to give, the rest of me was starting to consider it.

We both knew this was the final round; one of us was going down or it was going to the judges, and I can safely say that neither of us wanted that. I saw it in his eyes. We both rushed to the center of the ring and threw our mightiest punches straight at the others face. We went sprawling to the mat. Well at least thats what I’ve been told. Truth is I blacked out for a second. In the end he got up before the ten count and it took me a second or two longer.

After I got my head back on straight, he came over and introduced himself.

“Just occurred to me, never did introduce myself properly. Name’s Jim GearHeart. Nice to meet you Miss?”

“I’m Kuro. It’s nice to meet you too.”

“You were one hell of a fighter and I look forward to a rematch some day.”

“You’re the one who taught me most of this.”

“Eh, You learn quick. I just helped speed things along. Learn some more and come looking for me when you’re ready.” He said and then walked off.
Belle came up to me after GearHeart had left. “Who was that?”

“Jim GearHeart. He told me that he’d like to fight me again.”

“Really? Are you going to take him up on his offer?”

“Maybe, but not right now. I need to get some rest before I do anything else.

I went home after the the fight, too tired and sore to do anything else. Belle woke me up a few hours later so I could get ready for the end of the festival. Belle had forced me to wear a dress again, saying that it was only proper. Belle was wearing a dress too, a long white one that accentuated her curves. Mine was a low cut black one that barely came below my knees.

We had just stepped into the square when Belle stopped me.

“Isn’t that the GearHeart fellow from the boxing tournament earlier?” She said, pointing at a man wearing a dress up on the stage.

“It is, but why is he wearing a dress? Why don’t you ask him when you go up on stage?”

“I’m not sure if I want to find out...”

Belle slowly walked to her place on stage, taking care to avoid GearHeart.

“Hello everyone out there and welcome to the first ever TeeGee Orchestra Under the Stars. My name is James GearHeart and I'll be the MC for you tonight, I can honestly say I wasn't planning on dressing like this. My mother always told me that dealing with demons would lead to bad things, boy was she right. Who ever invented high heels must have hated women.

The crowd got a kick out of that line.
“Before we start the show tonight I just want to say a few words. If you had told me I would be organizing something like this a four years ago I would have called you crazy. But that's the thing, we have come along way in those four years. And us Outrealmers have a lot of people to be thankful for.

“You know, I can safely say that this is the first time such an event has ever happened. Sure there have been concerts, but never before has such a gathering taken place. With people of near every race attending and a wide diversity playing in the band. Its reflective of what we have all accomplished here. We, and I don't mean Outrealmers, I mean every single one of you out there have carved out a land for people to live free. Told the oppressive ruling nations to shove off.

“Anyway what I wanted to say is this, You people are amazing and I can't wait to see what you do in the next four years. And now with out any more delays lets get this party started. The rules of the dance contest are simple. Grab your gal and dance to the music. The judges will let ya know when your out. Untill then just keep on grooving to the beat. We have one heck of a lineup tonight and we start with an old Elven love song loosely translated as Song of the Ancients.” Jim ended his speech with a flourish, twirling quickly around, causing the skirt to fly up a bit, and then giving a cute little curtsey. The band began to play after this little show.
I just listened to the first couple of songs, waiting for Belle to be rotated out so I could dance with her. I took the lead for our first dance, a fast number said to be from the High Orcs. This was followed by a slow, somber song from Holstauri culture, called The Parent I Never Knew. I let Belle take the lead during this one.

Dancing with Belle was fun, and I enjoyed listening to her and the rest of the band play. My favorite part of the night was the finale. A song called the 1812 Overture by some long dead Outrealmer named Tchaikovsky. The explosions at the end really made it for me.

After the last explosion cleared, Jim stepped back to center stage. “Well hows that for closing with a bang? Thank you all for coming out. And I hope we see you all next year at the second ever Orchestra Under the Stars.” He said, giving a bow.

Belle held my arm close on our way back home. She looked up at me with a huge smile on her face. “Did you have fun tonight?”

“How could I not have fun when I get a chance to dance with you?” I stroked her tail. “The explosions during the Overture were a nice surprise. Why didn’t you tell me about it before?”

“Because I thought you would like it more if it stayed a surprise.” She grabbed the offending hand as she said this.

“You may be right, but lets go home now. I’m sure you’d like to get some rest, and I bet there’s something else you’d like to do before that too.” Belle started running to our home, pulling me along.

From me with Lots of assistance from GearHeart.
File: 1350568350975.jpg-(44 KB, 540x380, smile_TV.jpg)
44 KB
Cripes, are all of you going to end up knowing each other at this rate? (Did this happen before the Rogue Trader Poker nights?)

The collaboration was well done, though I can't tell if the boxing was exceptionally well written (having never read a piece on boxing before).

I'll assume that the boxing ring was provided by Dojo of Master Fight, given the no magic clause, and the Orchestra was from the Deafen Auditorium...

You really want to know why? I have plans...

...I'm sticking with the TV motif. I think its cool.
It the end of the festival bit I started last month.
I had GearHeart help me with the boxing cause I don't have the slightest clue about boxing.
I have a few ideas of what to do next.

I'm thinking doing one about the first time Amanda bring home her boyfriend. Should be fun to write, if nothing else.
Darn my next code was going to be bible based. Well you beat me to it. I'll also let some one else try their hand at this one as its not even hard. The hardest one to figure out was Life and really that only took a second.

Implying she hasn't already done most if not all. She did go to Succubi school.

It was before the first Rogue Trader night. Also Deafen Auditorium had nothing to do with it. As they did not exist at the time I wrote the first Festival story. As for your plans I look forward to fucking everything up.
After half an hour of copypasta I managed to translate most of that.

Well played, good sir, well played indeed.
Small ads hide books of the bible in names and synonym.
First number is chapter, second is verse.
Then, translate for context. Intended Solution:

Matthew 4:7==did you have to make it that hard (to decode)?
Exodus 23:22, 27==Need my help dealing with your enemies?

Matthew 14:31==Don’t worry, I took care of it.
Judges 15:16==They’re dead now (see brick).
Mark 9:23==There is no try, only do.
Psalm 119:66==Your instructions?

Romans 13:11==You have work to do
Exodus 16:17==Get those books

Deuteronomy 3:5==It’s locked up
2 Chronicles 8:5==Well fortified
Revelation 20:2==Demons guard it
Psalm 30:10==Going to need assistance

Isaiah 41:10==Sending support
Ephesians 4:11-12==support has arrived
Luke 10:19==You now have protection
Ephesians 5:18=It needs a clear head to work
Matthew 24:13==Above all, keep at it.

2 Timothy 4:7==Job’s done
Proverbs 18:15==Want anything from the list?

Proverbs 24:5==Plus one for getting books
Deuteronomy 18:10-12==no evil witchcraft things
1 John 4:1==check which are truthful
Mark 9:40==take the useful ones
Exodus 21:24-25==The rest? Do as they do

Psalm 119:130==Understood
Ecclesiastes 3:1==Request change
Luke 24:45==From Bible

Genesis 30:34==Agreed
Number 30:14==Fiancee getting suspicious
Deuteronomy 17:17==Thinks I’m wife shopping
Proverbs 6:32==Unlikely
Matthew 22:4==P.S. You’re invited to wedding
File: 1350599302388.jpg-(1.13 MB, 2322x3043, 1349617410332.jpg)
1.13 MB
Possible world shaking events I think we should vote on (since nothing is getting done besides a cryptography circlejerk now).
Sometime around 8-10AA

-No subhuman relations policy from that Mirthterrah's been hinting at come into effect.
-Drow reveal themselves, other nations go bananas or something. (Maybe other Elves?)
-Free Kingdom's invade Mirthterrah
-Mirthterrah/Free Kingdom's invades Snarletooth Isles
-Free Kingdoms/Serrid attack the Felim Jungles
-Write ins
We need something to move the world along. Write In your own suggestions too.

I say we vote until Friday at Midnight EST(about 36 hours from now) and figure out whats goin' on.
>-Mirthterrah/Free Kingdom's invades Snarletooth Isles
And fail miserably.

>-Drow reveal themselves, other nations go bananas or something. (Maybe other Elves?)
Regular evles go genocidal, TeeGee caught in the middle.
There's the destruction of Anor Londo in Mirthterrah and the possible ramifications of them loosing both a major city, but the noble family and their centers of magical learning as well.
My vote is either for a Serrid attacking Felim Jungles and or Rogue Knights. The later which I already have semi started for 11-12AA.

I don't see the subhuman policy effect coming in least not yet. Feels more like and 17AA thing.

FreeKingdoms v. Mirthterrah is unlikely at least with fluff so far.

Fuck the drow.
Jealous of those hot springs?
No, I just hate the hippie drow as much if not more so than evil drow. I find both ideas equally retarded.
>I don't see the subhuman policy effect coming in least not yet. Feels more like and 17AA thing.
Curious why you think it would take more than a decade from "Now"(now being around 6-7AA as that's where the people going in chronological order seem to be) when people have been hearing hints of it sporadically for years when it was suggested back in thread 20. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/20926634/#p20946636

Keep in mind most of the original harem knights would be 50+ years old by 17AA, which is why you can't have huge time jumps between events.
I suppose I should write about Coininoch cuisine while I’m here. The climate is very conductive to plants here, and so all manner of fruits, vegetables, and grains are used. Some animals are hunted for sport and food, and others are farmed. Thus, meat is also a staple. The upshot of this is that a local form of meatbread has been my breakfast every day since my arrival. Wilhelm’s description of the Teegee variant seemed to impress the cook he was talking to; I fear for their arteries.

Desserts are made in small portions, and served on a platter containing six to eight different confections. You are expected to take however many you want, so long as everyone gets a fair share. Alcoholic beverages are also present, albeit considerably sweeter than they’d normally be.

On a tangent, drinks are served in unique bottles made from blown glass. I’m told that glassblowing is a respected art, and a specialty of a major clan whose name I’ve forgotten. However, I did purchase one of their bottles and intend to take it back with me to Teegee.

Speaking of Teegee, Wilhelm mentioned that the cook he was talking to expressed interest in coming back with us. Apparently Wilhelm’s description of our culture sparked his interest. He wants to bring his family, as well.
After talking with him, I found out that his family includes several dozen people. They plan to cover the costs of living by growing their own food and running a restaurant. I mentioned that they could probably get a plot of land southwest of the city, which seemed to encourage him.

The trip back will be an interesting one.
A. Teegee isn't a big enough yet.
B. Old Knights are weaker knights
C. This would have a few effects on the whole slave market thing.
D.They want us as a buffer between them and the elves.
These are just how I see things though.
Left out threat out of A.
We could combine the "Subhuman Relations" policy and the Free Kingdoms invading Mirthterrah together. Mirthterrah announces the law, and the Free Kingdoms, which have been building up war materials for a while, hop on it as an excuse to "liberate" the oppressed peoples, both human and otherwise. The actual motive is a giant slaving raid, calling those captured "War Criminals" if human and "Collaborators" if non-human, and proclaiming that all of them have had trials to determine their guilt (though there will be no actual trials beyone a handful of sham trials with actors to alleviate the consciences of the people), and are then sold onto the slave market.

I would also like to see more material on Serrid. It's a place that we don't hear much about, with the exception of a couple of slavers and two spies. I think I'll spend tomorrow afternoon writing some on it.

Also, your picture confuses me. Why would you have something in the blades of the windmills like that? It would only tangle them up and stop them, or reduce their effectiveness.
I like this idea. It'd be a good excuse for Tanash's band to get some action, as well.
Well, to be honest I do have a couple of things jumping around in my mind.

Most of which will have to wait until B's return trip to TeeGee, and the reveal of everything they couldn't send over.

I mentioned the Fungal Legions? Now, while they might not have any effect on the surface, they might start driving refugees out of the Underdark, and people might have to deal with them in about...10 years from now?

Also, I mentioned another idea. While the Order of the Blades is dealt with espionage, I believe, the common man wants a piece of the shadowy pie...which is totally a dig at K and B's identities.

And I'm also planning something for the Church. Here's a hint: "Seeking" is a term used to describe those out hunting for "Grails". Seeking the Nine, the Five...the Eye.

More on that, and the Fungal Legions (mushroom men, mushroom men!) in my next piece. Now? Homework deadlines.
Only problem with this is that the Free Kingdoms are largely disorganized. However, they're hardy fighters, so I doubt they'd ever get enough unity to attack the Mirthan heartland.

A Mirthan attack on the Free Kingdoms, on the other hand. They might request an alliance with TeeGee. Enemy of my enemy and all that. Might threaten TeeGee shipping if we don't, ala WWI&II Uboats on US shipping. Would make for a very interesting and tense period where we have to simultaneously help the Free Kingdoms and not get into war with Mirthterrah. Sound cool?

That's what I vote anyway. Also, sorry for the absence. Been working on midterms and shit. This weekend will suck pretty bad too since I'm helping my parents move out of the house, but I'll be sure to get shit done. Somehow.

I'll start posting that thing me and Jim did too.
>Might threaten TeeGee shipping if we don't, ala WWI&II Uboats on US shipping.
I thought we were landlocked currently. Also, threatening our shipping to them would probably hurt them pretty badly, as our knights deliberately look for bandits and such. The amount of successful bandits would increase on the area near our borders. Add that to the fact that we're beginning to supply a lot of luxury items to them and you'll start to get a grumbling merchants a la Hober Mallow. Unhappy merchants are merchants who stay away from you and go to your friends in other sections of the nation, and that will get you unhappy nobles, who wield the real power in this kind of a nation.
Like I've said as written Mirthterrah has to have a real good reason to start shit with Teegee.
Most would be in their late 30's to mid 40's by 17AA.
File: 1350622163501.jpg-(1.34 MB, 1024x768, FiddleandDrum.jpg)
1.34 MB
Yes, but an aggressive Free Kingdoms is of no long-term threat to us. Additionally, they won't be able to push too far once the Mirthan armies mobilize. The most I can see us doing is sending a coalition of men-at-arms from Dwarven, Gnomish, and TeeGee sources over the Iron mountains to secure the Hobbit Shirelands with their own self-defense forces and a contingent of Blades to defend the Drow in the mountains just in case. But overall, the Free Kingdoms just don't pose a threat to us.

They DO, however, remain a threat to both the Shirelands and Snarltooth Isles. Additionally, a mobilized Mirthterrah is a VERY DANGEROUS Mirthterrah. If they do conquer the Free Kingdoms, TeeGee would suddenly seem a very tantalizing target of opportunity. It would be in our best interests to make sure that the Mirthans get their fill of war as quickly and as harshly as possible, for as slow the Iron cudgel of Mirthterrah might be, it strikes crushing blows we would not stand, even after being beaten and battered by the Free Kingdoms in the West.

Which, if we're talking about times of great trial for TeeGee, Mirthterrah getting the sent of blood is a greater trial and a more world-shaking event. Truly it is a terrifying thing for the Mirthans to trade [the fiddle for the drum], if you get my drift.
[Square brackets]?

At this time of day?

Right, silliness aside, do the Mirtherrans have some form of split between Church and State (I have no idea what those words mean), or would the nation not be moved by Holy Crusades called?

I have absolutely no idea what history period we've decided on. But at a guess, pre-industrial. Which may change.
can someone put up the map again? i forgot to save it. thx
Sound brackets, actually. Never been to a 4chan sounds thread? They have them with board-relevant music on /a/ at times. One of the only threads where they're civil.

But that's besides my point. Yes, there is a nominal split between Church and state, though they're also hopelessly intertwined as well. Think France and Britain in the middle ages. Basically, the Church creates legitimacy of the government while the state dabbles in the Church's affairs. It's a complicated web of Lord appointed bishops and Lords being leveraged by Church power and sway. It all depends on who's who and what's what. Holy Crusades could move the nation to war, but it would have to be politically feasible as well. Meanwhile, sometimes it's easier to just say "We don't like you" and out and out attack if they can. Thus would be an attack on the Free Kingdoms, though a Holy Crusade would be more likely to draw greater conscripts and greater support.
File: 1350623694929.jpg-(1.48 MB, 1542x1256, TGmap1.jpg)
1.48 MB
Here ya are. Not the native resolution. If someone wants to make it look better from the raw inked sketch, then I can hand that over too.
thx. ive been lurking since the first thread but ive never actually looked closely at the map.
I understand perfectly. How are we at guerilla warfare? Unfortunately, due to lack of firearms, it will probably be harder. Fortunately, due to an excess of mages, we could probably set up runic traps on a road quickly. I forget, does a line drawn for a rune circuit have to be straight, or can it curve?

Also, has anyone thought of using flaming jars as siege weaponry against massed attackers? Given our high skill at mathematics, large knowledge of siege weaponry, and possibly a very large number of telescopes for ranging, we should be able to build siege weaponry to hit targets before they're in range. Even better, we can use our tech advantage to hit their own siege weaponry before it's been set up if it's a trebuchet-like weapon.
Thank you for introducing me to 4chan sounds. This is interesting. I'll have to investigate exactly how this works.
File: 1350625411679.jpg-(942 KB, 886x1253, fd46e0c7514d8ce6bd4d5d100(...).jpg)
942 KB
Quick question; what are Kanin families like? How close-knit are they?

Pic tangentally related; I mostly wanted to post good art. Also, I know someone who looks like that.
We're pretty damn good at it, but the main problem is that we're a relatively small as well. At best we'd be able to muster a few tens of thousands as the greatest force of farmers. Maybe almost a hundred thousand with the Dwarven/Gnomish allies we can manage. Meanwhile, a mobilized Mirthterrah means over a half-million trained and professional soldiers bearing down on us. We can give them hell and make it very costly for them to wage war on us, but by then the damage already would have been done.

Compound that on an opportunistic and powerful Elven Empire to our east, we would not come out of that. Our fields would be burned, our lands salted, our waifus raped, and our men slaughtered. There is no condolence in a war against the full might of Mirthterrah. Especially with Elves breaking down your back-door.

Yes, we would have some limited gunpowder. Yes we would have superior technology, but all of that amounts to nothing when facing so many skilled and seasoned soldiers. We'd just get over-run.

Quite close-knit. Not Hobbit close-knit, but very close-knit nonetheless. They're creatures of packs at heart, so family is an important central element to that.
...very pack-orientated with deference to elders? Full wolf clan style?

Loners are freakish, as they have no home of their own and develop mental illnesses that way?

Also, is that pic a character from a certain well-known bullet hell series?

Well, at least we can hope that our counter-intelligence is second to none, right?

Now, if only we could 'convince' the greater neighbours to not attack us in some manner, hmm...
File: 1350626174640.jpg-(190 KB, 760x933, 1350018130845.jpg)
190 KB
Basically, our only hope would be to play the stronger nations against each other, or become too valuable to risk destroying via our power in trade and tech/luxury production. I recall our ability to produce aluminum en masse; we could potentially become exceedingly wealthy by selling it a bit at a time.
In an emergency, we'd have to evacuate everything, and go full nomad until we can settle down again.
On a different note, it's finally gonna be time for more monster shenanigans soonish.
File: 1350626413964.png-(2 KB, 210x230, 1298424153937.png)
2 KB
I've been gone so long... What did I miss?
File: 1350626845976.jpg-(3 KB, 125x104, 1344397054025s.jpg)
3 KB
I don't know. Recently, we got
>A lesbian witch dealing with fey and oni
>Alaric's getting fucked up by legit monsters
>Slavers getting raided
>Shacklesbane retired
>Lilly's running a shop
And probably more stuff I'm forgetting
epic shit thats what. what do u do that keeps u from us?
Dragons are hermaphrodites that can reproduce with anything.
ITT furries with identity issues.
The scariest of which is the last.

Schooling. Double Majors are a bitch.
You know. If we didn't have the whole no government reading minds thing...

I think we can safely say nobody wants Lilly leading or being part of any sort of counter intel group.
Don't forget the fishy business of the [Family]. ~Osh-logosh-logosh~
File: 1350628046259.jpg-(372 KB, 650x916, 15ae4790850dbc91ce3b53a1e(...).jpg)
372 KB
>that feel when you lose a MASSIVE POST because some silliness.

Yes, it has to be. It's why our diplomats are so few and so irrationally disliked by Mirthans. We talk circles around these guys. Thanks to the internet of course. A magical place where you know your rhetoric or you know shame. The game of politics we play with Mirthterrah has to be more dangerous than Martin's Game of Thrones.

No, none of that. Anything we could add to this world this world could live without until they figure it out themselves. What we do is try and make ourselves as unworthy of the effort, that what is gained by attacking and conquering us is not worth the cost in mobilizing a proper force and then the cost of life and steel. It's expensive to wage war, so the gains must equal the investment. We make ourselves small and untantalizing for our riches that we seem all too willing to share. Sure, we're a nation of weirdos, perverts, and belligerents, but we're also a nice early warning system in case the Elvish Empire wants to stir shit up again. We simply have to show them that attacking us would end up making Mirthterrah weaker, not stronger. Not valuable, but too much work to attack. Make sense?
i like how one part of teegee wants cool shit to happen while the other will make sure that things stay relatively normal. i look forward to seeing how the world progresses. War or subterfuge?
File: 1350628415498.jpg-(45 KB, 250x250, 1293593829152.jpg)
45 KB

as in how the political flow will go. Mirthterra is going to be dicks sooner or later and i am wonder how we will approach this. political subterfuge or fighting.
>The game of politics we play with Mirthterrah has to be more dangerous than Martin's Game of Thrones
But most of the protagonists are still alive!
cuz game of thrones is full of fuckups and idealist who are too stupid or brave to go with the flow. also the Blades get shit done.
Oh no... Castle Waifu is without her Captain! I hope they don't go and be dicks while I am gone...
File: 1350629192025.jpg-(775 KB, 800x1200, 1331796314529.jpg)
775 KB
We... may have a problem or three, but nothing I can't handle.

Hopefully Sir Kasai will be fine while I am gone...

And maybe once I am done reading all these texts and writing all these papers, I can continue writing for you guys. Though, it seems the spots of filled in pretty good and I wasn't that great of a writer anywho.
File: 1350629416260.jpg-(237 KB, 900x1093, 1349114314907.jpg)
237 KB
That doesn't hide the thorns. We just have the advantage of being very genre savy. Our game may not be so dangerous on an individual level, but if we fail in it, tens of thousands die.

Or to put it in character...

"If it was only own life that would end this political dance, I would have given it years ago. Divines know I should have died that winter. But this is more than my life. This is everyone's life. That's why I play this game of ass kicking and ass kissing. In the end, something ends up covered in shit, but better shit than blood, or worse, both."

- Sir Fearghaile on why he diplomances despite the dangers
File: 1350629956946.jpg-(281 KB, 530x750, 8729fb666f219e198d2a25cff(...).jpg)
281 KB
Good to know. Also, thanks for the inspiration. This is by no means what I'd planned, but I think this is better.

And yep, that's Momiji. Have some more art of her while I procrastinate.

Sauce is Keith Thompson, if anyone's curious. He designed the Eridians (and their weapons) for Borderlands.

Sauce on this one is Johannes Voss. He does art for Magic: the Gathering.
They may have no Captain, but the Sergeant-Major stands fast.

We will. Hold. The. Line!
File: 1350630730700.jpg-(1.43 MB, 1500x1875, 9a877970b11a31243b94dd8d5(...).jpg)
1.43 MB
I've actually been itching to post this image up. For some reason I can't stop looking at it...

Anyways, I have an idea for the "making ourselves more valuable" part, but you probably won't like it. It involves sitting down at talking to each other without ripping out tongues *cough cough*.

As for my mushroom man idea?

Two words: Zombie Proxy.

Depends on the type of wolf. Tibetan wolves hunt sole or in pairs at most. Not every wolf is a pack stereotype.
File: 1350631145784.jpg-(264 KB, 700x990, e0b20f246dd7c331fbe84f8c9(...).jpg)
264 KB
Fungal zombies? Hoo boy. Also, what kind of card is that?

One more picture because holy shit this guy is an awesome artist.
File: 1350631391995.png-(198 KB, 640x384, pick a card every card.png)
198 KB
>Spell Card Dog Sign: Rabid Bite<
Basically a compressed attack pattern spell they can pop off to wreak havoc on poor protagonist heads.

Now that gives me an idea.
Ah, right. Spell cards, of course. I'd forgotten that those are literal cards, not just magic attacks.

That reminds me; I really should get around to playing Ten Desires one of these days.
Cerran recently wrote down some reflections on her past and her life. I decided to include them.
I was a... troubled child. I have no idea who my parents are; I was found and adopted by a family living on the smaller of the Snarletooth Isles. They were very kind, but I felt like an outsider. In retrospect, this was probably due to my immaturity. The feeling festered inside me until I could bear it no more, and left for the mainland. I had no plan beyond that, of course. If I hadn’t stumbled upon the fledgling nation of Teegee, I certainly would’ve either been persecuted by the Mirthterrans or taken into slavery.

From the day I first saw the city, I was captivated. I was curious about everything. The library was my second home, and it wasn’t long before I found a job there. Olin’s lectures were the highlight of my day, and I absorbed every word despite his tendency to ramble. When he began teaching at the university, I was the first to sign up. But it was the Ork attack that truly caused my infatuation with the man. So many people had left, but Olin stayed and held his ground. His excuse was that the library needed to be protected, but he didn’t turn down anyone seeking shelter. In my eyes, he was a courageous but humble man willing to risk anything to defend what he loves.
It wasn’t long before he’d noticed, of course. I hadn’t outright told him, but I was fawning over him with all the subtlety of a schoolgirl. In hindsight, I was still very immature at the time. But despite my childishness, he eventually accepted me. Slowly, we changed each other. I taught him to see the world beyond his books, and he taught me to not rush through life, to savor every moment.

Wilhelm is a man who constantly looks to the future. When he looks at something, he sees not only what it is, but what it could be. While Olin taught me how to be an adult, Wilhelm has taught me that I shouldn’t cast aside my childish side either. There’s a quote he likes to use that I feel is relevant.

“When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” -C. S. Lewis

I thank both of them for making me into who I am today. Here’s to the future; our own, that of our child, our nation, and the world. I know not what the future will be like, but I hope I can help make it a good one.
Nice, builds up a little bit more about Cerran's character and personality.
Hold up, I'm just checking through the old stories for inspiration.
Was it you who had the waifu and the adopted kid that then found their mother again?

Not picking a fight, genuinely confused. 3 hours of sleep will do that.
I hadn't really developed Cerran's personality beyond "energetic and curious" before. I'm not one to waste a character, so I decided to expand on her. I might write a similar thing for Wilhelm, but only if I can come up with something good.

On a tangent, I think that out of the three I identify most with Wilhelm.
I keep trying to write this story, let it flow. But it keeps segueing from action to dialog. And I am so sick of writing dialog.

I WANT TO WRITE SHIT HAPPENING, but NOOOOOOOOOO, my characters just HAVE to interact! DAMMIT.
Write what comes to you. Often, you can stumble on something better than what you'd originally planned. Hell, that's the entire reason this setting exists.

But if you're dead-set on writing action, take a lesson from The Avengers. Specifically, the climactic battle of the movie. There's a ton of action going on, but it cuts away to jokes several times. These jokes act as breathers.

Likewise, action can act as a breather for dialog. Feel free to let your characters walk and talk, while occasionally stopping to smash something. Hell, do both at the same time. Have them discuss idle chit chat while beating an ogre's skull in or something.

My point is, don't force it.
Hence why I've stopped writing for the night, and am painting the last 2 cruisers in my Imperial Navy Battlefleet (Yeah, I have that many ships it could act as an entire Battlefleet.).

I do have small actions happening whilst the dialog goes on, but its not what I want to write at the moment. I just need to progress the story enough for the talky bits to go away and the happeny bits to enter.

I never force myself to write, as generally I write crap when I do that, and things just don't flow. It's also why I never plan out beyond rough ideas, the plot and details write themselves.
This is a good way to write, yes.

Also, a tip. If you need ideas, go somewhere where you're forced to idle. A shower, a walk, anything. Let your mind wander, hopefully in the direction of whatever you're trying to write. Jot some notes down on whatever you have. (I have a Treo 680, myself.)

I don't know if this'll work for you, but it's helped me before.
I'd actually like to mention something.
Notice how my stories always seem to mix up the themes (with the staple action scene or two)?
Welllll, its all build up to see how well I can write different style! Action, horror, slice-of-life, musical, fairytale, saga, and most difficult of all, romance.
I. Have. Absolutely. No idea how to write it.

Oh well, back to research!
I've always carried a notepad and pen since about a decade ago. I get the best ideas when I am engaged in random things, such as work or training, or even driving. I will pull over simply to jot down a few notes adn scribbles (perhaps a rough sketch as well).

I should probably mention I was an English major, trololol. Well, until I ran out of money, said Fuck University and went and got a real job. Sitting pretty on full time now, I might go back to uni one day. Though probably not.
Last time I tried to write romance, I got 2,5k words of cool set up, romancin' and characterisin'....

And then dived off the deep end into a 4k word erotica scene or three.

Still unsure about how I did it (Had fun writing it though), and have long since lost that piece of writing to an old archaic PC long destroyed.

I still lol about it to this day.
Eh, erotica is just mental cut and paste for me.
Discard, excite, insert, lubricate, turn 90 degrees...

Wait, that's my machinery homework. Same difference.

But writing believable and likeable romance is still out of reach, so for the next story its Rashomon! Well, not really, just 3 interweaving pieces connected by setting.
Good to know.

You pull it off pretty well. People say to write what you know, but it's good to step outside your bounds. (On a tangent, a decent portion of what I've written is romance. I've never had a girlfriend.)

On that tangent, some romantic advice. First, know what you're both getting out of the relationship. A little confusion now can lead to a huge clusterfuck later, so set things straight.

Second, any long-term relationship should have a component of friendship. Romance, lust, and infatuation only last so long. If you can't just hang out for a day with your beloved, you might want to rethink what your relationship actually is.

Lastly, marriage problems are roommate problems. This is a person you're sharing a house with; small annoyances can build up over time.

In short, be clear and honest. If your beloved does something that irks you, say so. They should do the same to you, as well.

And to reiterate, I've never had so much as a girlfriend. However, I've said the above to happily married couples before to see how on the mark I am. Apparently I'm pretty close.

Funny how things can turn out, isn't it?
And now I'm wondering whether I should've posted that.
File: 1350648996764.gif-(875 KB, 200x157, 1275627102673.gif)
875 KB
Retired from trying to take on Slave Cartels solo. Important distinction there.

Nice to see I stimulated some discussion finally.
Funny I was just reading the screwtape letters for ideas.
I've done pretty much the same thing.
File: 1350672945046.jpg-(86 KB, 630x440, 1297377039206.jpg)
86 KB
Entry 13, Vol 2, 1st Hearthfire 3 A.A.
I must admit I never was a workaholic but now that things have calmed down somewhat I seem to be having symptoms akin to withdrawal. No, I think I know why I feel so unnerved with these lazy days. The admission process has started but so far there haven’t been many applicants outside the Knights, I half-expected this result but I suspect more will arrive once the word of mouth reaches the far corners of the land.

I have however received a letter from the local Mirthan mission. They’ve expressed interest in this “university” that I have founded and would like to offer their educational services. While I do not discriminate by religion I feel this a touchy matter due to the nature of TeeGee. I thus requested to meet with them to discuss matters further.
Entry 14, Vol 2, 3rd Hearthfire
The talks were not satisfactory in the slightest. By now I have a rough idea of their course material, mainly subtly hidden preaching behind a history lesson, but as the head of the university I must pursue this matter further. The head cleric of the local mission has suggested I visit the Church of Illumination and was willing to procure me an invitation as a visiting scholar. With the start of the first semester just over a month away I will make have to make it a short trip.

Speaking of trips, my favourite walking stick is gone. I had spent months polishing it since I first picked it up years ago. The surface was smooth yet undulated subtly enough to fit my hand perfectly. I would go so far as to boast that it was flawless and name it such. Amongst my meagre possessions it is probably my most prized one. I was sure I did not exchange it during the wedding, I gave Cynthia my almsbowl and Adelaide acquired my tooth (I received a shield and a ladle in return respectively).
Entry 15, Vol 2, 12th Hearthfire
The letter I was waiting for had just arrived and I had resolved to set out for Midyahs today. However Adelaide and Cynthia had managed to trap me inside the bedroom for the better part of the morning. I certainly was not showing my reluctance to leave or otherwise prior. By the time I had managed to clear the obstruction blocking the door, I found the two downstairs with a sizable cake and meal awaiting me. The birthday celebration certainly threw me off.

They decided to send me off with a gift. It was Flawless. Cynthia had taken my walking stick and had it made in to a real weapon. The butt was rounded steel, I think they knew I was going to keep using it as a walking stick despite my aversion to violence. The head was a rounded square blade, like a cleaver, roughly the area of two to three, maybe even four, palms and it was sheathed in wood similar to the haft masking that it was indeed a weapon at all. I’m not quite sure I would like to walk around carrying such a thing but Cynthia insisted that I do so. Again she cited my previous experience on the road as a need for me to carry such a thing. Even when holding it in my hand felt just right, I agreed reluctantly and will set off tomorrow forearmed.

--Journal of Khru Thai, entries that set the stage for the “That Incident”
Dearest Mother,

I am delighted to hear that you are well enough again to write back to me. Things have calmed down after my new companion, a waifu in the local parlance, has settled down. Hubby dislikes the term. He says that, “the others may use it in jest but the true meaning of the term truly cheapens what we share.” I’ve heard stories of the Outrealm but I know that Hubby is clearly different than them.

He’s building a “wat”, a kind of school, and he’s planning on moving there. I don’t know how he’s managed but I suppose it may have to do with his friend Lem. Lem’s been a great friend to him. Hubby had been a lonely man. I have seen the school many times, mostly to deliver the lunches that Hubby forgets when he rushes out in morning. Normally Adel would go but since the summer ended we have both had her stay home more.
He seems very busy but I think he’s really working to keep his mind off things. He’s not very good at hiding those tear-stained documents in his office. His troubles seem so far away when he’s at home. That soft smile of his with Adel in his arms is something you have to see for yourself mother. He must miss his family back home so I hope that the one we have now will at least cheer him up a little.

Which brings me to the favour I would like to ask of you. Attached with this letter is Hubby’s favourite staff, I would like you to ask father to improve on it as he sees fit. He may not agree with my choice but he should at least be able to appreciate a well worked weapon when he sees one. Hopefully Hubby won’t notice it is gone until he decides to travel again, which shouldn’t be for a while yet.

I promise to be back for next year’s summer wars so I hope you’ll forgive me not coming this year. I’ll even bring Hubby along as he likes to travel.

Man, your stuff always makes me wanna write more, even though I should be cleaning my house. Fuck it, I'll post that thing I said I was gonna post for the longest time. Story time incoming.
File: 1350676314076.jpg-(272 KB, 850x478, sample_aedd03e0643998a1f6(...).jpg)
272 KB
“So, do you know what you’re getting yet?” Kikki and I were walking down the snowy street. People had started putting up decorations. Cat-ear headbands were already being sold on the street.

“Nope, not a clue. Never have been good at this part. What about you?”

“Pfft. That’s what everyone says. I have an idea, but I don’t know if I can get it at a store.” She gave a sly smirk. “But then, I guess I have other people besides Lem to get stuff for.” Redirecting? Clever girl, clever girl.

“Do remind me, who is playing santa claws this year?” I said. She’s not getting out of it that easy.

“Me of course.” She was basically skipping on air. Far cry from a couple years ago.

“Well that’s good. Lem never did look good in cat ears and a skirt. Though I imagine he looked ravishing to you.”

“Haha! You know, he’d probably try and sock you a good one on principle for calling his ‘kilt’ a skirt.”

“All the men are like that. If it doesn't cover your goods its a skirt, no matter what you want to call it. Though the easy access is nice.”

“I don’t know, I think the freedom of movement is nice too.”

“Oh yes the freedom of movement. Swoosh.” I said running my tail up between my legs and wiggling the point out in the air to get the point across.

“I mean for me, goof. Sometimes those shorts can get caught up and chaffe pretty bad.” Kikki danced around in that same saffron kilt she got a few months back as though to prove her point. She was wearing wool stockings underneath to keep out the cold though. Too bad~.

“Chafing sucks when it happens to you. Funny though in other cases. Like when I wake Meina up in the morning. I should tell Lem to try it on you next time you won’t get up. Miss I overslept for our shopping trip.”

“Hey, you’d be late too if Jim was like Lem this morning~”
File: 1350676388914.jpg-(175 KB, 872x850, aristocrats.jpg)
175 KB
“Implying Lem could keep up with the three of us~ Jim and Meina are barely able to keep up working together. But, so thats why you in such high spirits today. Lem took you on the four corners tour.”

“Nope, not tell’n. I mean, you’d probably find it such a bore anyway, what with Lem not being up to your standards.” She gave a wink.

“You’re right, Lem is boring. But you, I bet you know a thing or two.” I said giving her a playful shove.

“You’re right, and you’ll never know!”

“Unless I cheat and read someone’s mind. Tell me, is Lem very ticklish?” I said returning the wink.

“You read my mind, I’m turning right around.” But then she quieting down a bit. “In some places, yeah.”

“Don’t need to be able to read minds to guess at that one, furry tail~”

“You’d be surprised~. So where are we going first?”

“Well I was thinking the FatGuy would be as easy start.” We walked into an old building right at the edge of the market, well old by TeeGee standards anyway. It was one of the first stores to set up shop at the start of the market and was where the outrealmers kept up their traditions of gaming. We walked in the door to the display of a few tattered tomes of books that the outrealmers had brought with them with printed copies behind, “‘Dungeons and Dragons’ Sounds like my kinda game. Should invite Kuro and Belle over some time. See if they want to play in my dungeon.”

“Well if you are wanting of THAT sort of game, perhaps you are of the wanting of this.” The shopkeep, a large, burly outrealmer gestured towards another old tome and a copy made of it, mostly gathering dust. FATAL.
File: 1350676498077.jpg-(71 KB, 415x502, wizard.jpg)
71 KB
“Uh... no thanks, I think Lem told me to avoid that one...”

“Dear Lord. Kikki look at the size of the guys dick on the cover. I think that guy would have trouble balancing.”

“You should be seeing the rules for anal circumference. they are-”

“I think we’re okay.” Kikki cut him off. “Anything else good?”

“How about Big Eyes Small Mouth?” I pointed at a rather stylized cover.

“Sounds like another game for you Lilly.”

“More like you this morning.”

“No, no, no, you are not wanting of the weeaboo shitscriblings. You are wanting mans game for your man. Here, this is the GURPS, for man who does not wish to be holding down to one thing. I sell you you large bag of d6 as good deal, yes?”

“All are these games indeudos?”

“Hey Lilly, I think we found the one for Jim.”

“Heh, More like me. Jims a stickler for normal. Trying to get him to bag another one for forever now. Or at least make things work with Ruby. But no, I hear this is a very uptight rules game. Sounds like you should buy it.”

“Lem doesn’t like dicepools. He keeps a copy of Fate around though. Maybe some fudge dice?”

“Don’t be silly. Dice made out of fudge would roll bad, and they would not last long. Well, at least with me around.”

“Behold, six sided fudge dice cast from finest Dwarven ingots. Alternately, delicious dice made of fudge! For tasty enjoyment during holiday season.”

“I’ll be damned. Wait, already am.”

“Also popular, extensive selection of costume, including excellent robe and wizard hat, all beautifully crafted by lovely spider-waifu of humble store owner.”

We did a little more shopping around and then moved on to the next store. Kikki got the fudge dice, both kinds, but they were pretty cheap and “good stocking stuffers,” she said.
File: 1350676666200.jpg-(183 KB, 868x787, f477be3c828fbc2fc86856e13(...).jpg)
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We kept browsing shop windows, looking for a good place to go in next, when we came across a simple stall with what looked like a bundle of cloth attending it. Some mousey hair stuck out from near the top, so I suppose it looked human enough. A variety of odd, dried flora and fauna and charms cluttered the surface, each with odd names and even odder descriptions.

“Heya, what’s all this jazz?” The figure snapped too and a face found its way out of the bundle. Scarred, but alert, the shopkeep put up some sort of hand signal before bringing that hand to her mouth to cover a cough.

“Some trinkets and baubles to me. Do happen to like anything you see?”

I took a few seconds to browse. She had some rare ingredients. I could start to see some fun combinations dancing around in my head.

“Yeah, I’ll take some salamander tongues, pegasi horn, hand full of blue bottom bells, couple red sucker vines, and Fey tears.”

“You know your reagents, but I’m sorry, the Tears aren’t for sale. You are a Knight agent, but my purpose for it I must veil.”

“Oh well, Meina is safe for now then.”

The woman named her price and I paid. Kikki just sort of sat in the background. “For the store?” she asked as we moved on.

“Yep. Had a fun idea for a food flavoring, but most of those reagents are out of season. Sexy spices, going to be a big hit. I know it.”

“I probably don’t want to know...”

“Oh, you’ll find out. Lem will be getting a stocking stuffer from me~”

“Don’t do anything weird.”
File: 1350676924624.jpg-(128 KB, 600x849, d405cf3dfbb8a4d614997550c(...).jpg)
128 KB
“I promise. Weird no. Exciting yes.” I said. Messing with her over Lem was almost as fun as messing with Lem over Kikki.

“Well, sorry I haven’t visited the new store yet. Lem made me promise not to go without him, but he’s been dodging it for a couple weeks now.”

“Don’t worry about it. Still getting everything perfect. Just come by someday. I’ll even have some feed for Lem.”


“What else do you give to chickens?”

“Pfft. You know, have you ever considered that Lem might just know you too well rather than be scared to show up at a shop you own?”

“According to Meina everyone knows me too well. I think everyone having a good idea of the other is great. Nothing bonds people in the same way. Remember all the bonding that happened at the volleyball game? ”

“I don’t think anyone could forget that. Cathy hasn’t worn anything but her armor since...”

“That’s ok. I’m getting her an apology gift. It is a shame though, she has such a nice figure. She should show it off more. Luckily, I know just the thing to give her the courage she needs.”


“Potion of the Succubi. Brings out the succubus in you.”

“That sounds like it would just make things worse!”

“Nonsense. All she needs is some confidence and she will be right as rain.”

“I think this is what most people are talking about when they ‘know you’ too well.

“You think? Maybe you're right. I know I’ll ask her about it first.”
File: 1350677313362.jpg-(82 KB, 675x500, rack.jpg)
82 KB
We continued shopping, giving each other a hard time the whole way. I ended up buying Jim a really fancy calligraphy set and for Meina I bought a miniature greenhouse and some flower seeds. She hates not having flowers in the winter. Kikki struggled for a while. I don’t blame her, what do you get the man that has everything? Well, everything but a sense of adventure, but I had my own ideas on that.

“Divines, what the hell should I get Lem?”

“You know, you could just go the easy way out.”


“Look in the mirror, hotstuff.”

I managed to get her to blush. First one of the day! Victory! “C’mon Lilly, that’s basically a foregone conclusion at this point. I want something better...”

“Better? You sound...bored. Need a little spice?”

“N-no, nothing like that, I mean something that requires more thought is all.”

“If you’re not putting a lot of thought in your love life then I worry about you. As they say, Domming ain’t easy, and it’s a thinking person’s game.”

“Quit always making it about sex, Lilly. I get you, Jim, and Meina fuck like rabbits in every way you can find, but that’s not all you do with someone you love. I’m trying to think of something that Lem can use outside of the bedroom. I don’t need you making that harder for me...” I seem to have ticked her off a pretty decent amount.
File: 1350677501025.jpg-(174 KB, 850x608, sample-791af4ee3ecc8d3550(...).jpg)
174 KB
“Right, right, you’re right. Ok, lets find you the perfect gift for Lem. Does he have any hobbies?” I did my best to deflect her train of thought.

“Ugh, a few. He’s pretty particular about his arms and armor, keeps a closet well stocked, and he says he has fun cooking for me, but I don’t want to get anything that seems like more work.”

“Maybe you should get him some weapon racks to display them on. Me, I don’t have enough weapons to necessitate a rack”

“Nah, I asked him about that. There’s only the shield with the heraldry. The swords are all useable. He just sort of collects them.” She thinks for a minute. “Oh wait, there’s that little ‘harmonica’ he carries around.”

“You mean that little instrument I’ve never seen nor heard him play?”

“Hey, he’s played it for me...”

“Yeah, I know, you’ve told me. Then what about it?”

“Well... I don’t know... maybe I could find him a new one? he always plays it so sadly. I kinda wonder if it reminds him too much of the Old Realm.”

“You could get him a shiny one made of gold!”

“That’s a bit flashy. Besides, I don’t want him to have to win it off you or something~”

“Yeah and I don’t even know what a harmonica looks like. Maybe just a new one with like ‘Love Kikki’ engraved on it?”

“But where are we going to get a new one? I’ve never seen one before.”

“Isn’t there a bard supply store down on Second Street?”
File: 1350677551665.jpg-(68 KB, 640x480, Workshop_luthier.jpg)
68 KB
“Sorry, can’t do it without an original.” The luthier at the bard shop was almost bored looking. “You’re Sir Fearghaile’s girl, right? I already tried asking him more than a few years ago, getting the instruments of TeeGee together so I could measure and remake ‘em, but he declined. Think he was pretty attached to it.”

“There’s nothing you can do?”

“Well, I get the idea of one, but with the kind of demand we get from musicians, something as small and simple as a ‘pocket bard’ won’t pull in a good return on the research and trial and error of making one. I could make one for you right here and now if you really wanted, but it wouldn’t be any good.”

“We need to get the one Lem has then.”

“I don’t know, I don’t feel comfortable with just taking it without asking.”

“If you ask, you’ll ruin the surprise! C’mon, we’re two resourceful girls with skills and magic. If we can’t get it from him then nothing can.”

“How though?”

“You cause a distraction, like making sure the both of you need a bath and I’ll sneak in all magically and take it.”


“Well he’s not going to take it in with him is he? And I have just the thing too. Just need to mix up some of the reagents I bought and a few simple ones.”

“Lilly... what did I say about making things about sex?”

“NO, this is just a big exploding mud ball. You walk up to him, accidently drop the bottle, it breaks and boom mudsplosion.”
File: 1350677684504.jpg-(318 KB, 566x800, kiki.jpg)
318 KB
“You know, this sounds a bit more complicated than it needs to be.”

“Ok then how would you do it. Cause in my book magic make everything better.”

“I’ll... I’ll just pull it out of his pocket in the morning. He sometimes makes breakfast in nothing but an apron...” she seemed a bit uncomfortable, but not over the whole ‘naked apron’ thing. I’d be surprised if that didn’t draw a smile.

“Ok, what's wrong now?” I figured mentioning that I’d seen Lems morning cooking routine wouldn’t be the best move.

“I already said, I’m just not too comfortable with just taking it, but if it means that I can get him one from me, then I guess I’ll do it...”

“I’m sure you can do this.”

Catmas Craze, Part One END

Alright, that's part 1. Maybe I'll get Jim to post the next part. As always comments are well regarded.

Also, any opinions as to the next World Shaking Event yet?
I killed a man today. This might not seem like such a development in and of itself, but this was one of the first I truly felt sorry for killing.

I’ll start at the beginning. I was traveling with Karrigan as part of one of her trading caravans into Mirthterrah. I think it’s a shipment of sugar from the Shire, but that’s beside the point. We were flirting back and forth, her driving her wagon and I on my horse, discussing what we’d do after we got the goods sold, contemplating children, the usual newlywed stuff, when the caravan was ambushed by a group of bandits.

Normally bandits are a haggard, unwashed, and desperate group, but this group unusually so. A few of them reminded me of myself not so long ago, wild look in their eye and all. As soon as we managed to rally, we drove them off easily enough, sending some of them running into the woods and rest either dead or dying in the road.

It was in bad taste to leave corpses in the road, so I and several others set about digging a grave for them. As we were positioning them in their shallow hole, one of them came to momentarily and muttered something about me having killed his wife and daughter just as sure as if I’d stabbed them myself, then passed out again. The others hadn’t noticed, so I paid the man no more attention, even as we started throwing dirt over the bodies. His words struck a chord though, one I hadn’t considered before, not really at least.
Before then I had thought of most of the people of this realm as just being something…lesser I suppose is the term. In my mind, they had attacked me, making their lives forfeit as far as my safety was concerned, but it wasn’t until later that I considered exactly what I had just done. I had killed another human being, one with dreams, aspirations, a desire to live, even a family, be they back in his home village or back at his camp. I confess, up until now I had thought of the people I’d killed as something akin to a wild animal, a treat, but inconsequential once neutralized. The man’s words had brought to life the fact that these people, not just the ones I was more familiar with, had lives of their own.

I don’t regret killing them, something about my army training and the age old justification that it was them or me making me allowing me to ignore the fact that I’d not only ended the life of a fellow human being, but I think I’d rather liked it. That realization terrifies me. Those who battle monsters, I suppose.

I made a promise to myself as we set back on the road: I would not conduct myself in a manner I would be ashamed to tell Karrigan or Bethany about, and today served to remind me of what to not do from now on.

-from the journal of Sir Artorias, dated 12 Second Seed, AA 2
Hm... So when is this again?
4AA I do believe.
So do you want me to?

Forgot me name
So old Lilly. Just had to make sure.
Yep old Lilly. We haven't seen much new Lilly. Something I plan on getting to eventually.
Lost City, that little bit you did about grandkids, and our little excursions at the Trader are everything. Or close to it
Reminds me.
Lem and Kikki need to join for the next one.
Like I said not much. A few of the Trader stories were after one was before another might have been after.

Alice still has money riding on never
Blugh, work on a saturday morning. At least it's gotten quiet now.

Man, I'm such a lazy fuck. I can get up and mobile and get shit done for work, but I keep running into walls with my writing. Lols
Can't be that bad?
its not really, but I'm the only one here, and the phones won't stop ringing. Trucks don't care its a saturday, they'll still break down, the fuckers.
Herp Derp, that one was me.
They all be breaking down on the road?
File: 1350687575447.gif-(495 KB, 500x281, 1344972967524.gif)
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So far we seem to have the most interest in a Mirth v FK conflict with 2 ish votes.
1 vote for Serrid attacking the Felim Jungles (Land, resources etc, TG would have a large stake in it considering the large Felim population)
And I think 1 possible vote for Drow revealing themselves causing a war between elves of the black and white variety. (I'm leaning toward voting for this one)
Cast some votes people, write in's still viable like Arty's city thing.
I vote for Serrid attacking the Felim, we don't piss of Mithterrah that much that way. Besides, sand people attacking our catgirls?
Yes, and they all ring me for help. Yay!
Well, if anyone attacked the Felim Jungles, they'd be slavers, not the military of the Serrid city-state. Serrid does too good business with the Felim to make that kind of a land-grab.
Needs more preventative maintenance.
Australia = Shit breaks at random due to harshness of country.

Heading home now, wheeee~!
I'd suggest something along the lines of a secession of a human state or region due to our increasing cultural pervasiveness. Doesn't matter how, there could be a number of reasons. We could play up the Cold War style politics of coups and proxy wars.
Salt water makes shit break down where I live. Proper preventative maintenance prevents that from happening. And it can also prevent trees from growing through the engine of your car.
Yeah if that happens/ed I think the proper response is to kill them all.
And where I live things work till some dumbass touches it. The preventive there is kill all the dumb ones
File: 1350693886724.png-(515 KB, 756x1064, 1349932467205.png)
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These trucks do not stop. Preventative maintenance is great, if you can take the time out to do it.

A full A service, along with fixing any found issues, takes 2 full days minimum.. That's around $1200-2000 per day that truck is not making money (depending on job, line haul, tipper, short cargo, etc).

Unfortunately, many owner drivers can't afford that, and the fleets don't want their trucks off the road more than they have to.

It's a vicious cycle, and money is tight these days. Oh well, gets me paid.
I forgot that a lot of truck drivers own their vehicles.
Stupid me.
Anyway... What was that about tanks the other day?
I play World of Tanks, an online MMO. I also play Imperial Guard and Orks in 40k, with a fair amount of armour.

Nothing wrong with playing with my tanks, rollan dice, makan explosions and stuff.
File: 1350697138734.jpg-(275 KB, 665x1000, 1350154526934.jpg)
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Haha! we are off topic. How about some more wild Lilly and Kikki hijinks instead?
That's not Kikki
You say it's off-topic, but who's saying that someone hasn't build a replica of every Old World armored vehicle?
Obviously its Lilly using shapeshifting and illusion magic to pretend to be a catgirl.
File: 1350697760287.jpg-(1.07 MB, 1920x1080, 1318897716825.jpg)
1.07 MB
I think... we need a privateer.
File: 1350698145086.jpg-(141 KB, 600x900, Kikisexhair.jpg)
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But... We're landlocked.

Eh, whatevs. Finished proofreading. Only using one picture for this. Posting soon.

File: 1350698368593.jpg-(490 KB, 850x1280, MANLYAPRON.jpg)
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Early the next morning, well before sun up, I made my way over to the Fearghail estate. I severely doubted that she would actually do it. So I was going to help. I flew up to the window I entered into last time. They had installed a ward in the latch. Rookie move, never would have passed the mustard in Hell. Taking off the latch was a cakewalk, considering I didn’t have to do it upside-down while spinning. I’ll give it to Kikki and she can put it back later. I snuck in invisibly. I found Lem in the Kitchen whistling over his eggs and grits about butt-naked if not for his apron. I suppressed a giggle and floated by silently into their room and saw a bundle under the sheets. Oho~ this would be too easy.

“Boo!” I pulled the sheets up to find... a pillow.

I did hear a small yelp behind me. Kikki was in an oversized shirt and looking through a small satchel on the dresser, there was a small rectangular thing in her hand. “LILLY,” she hissed, “what the HELL are you doing here?”

“Everything okay?” Lem called from the Kitchen.

“Uh... Fine, just slipped a bit!” And then she turned to me. “Lilly, what are you doing here? I told you I was gonna do it.”

“I just came to check on you, provide you moral support and all that stuff. Also here I took this off the garden window.” I dropped the latch ward into Kikki’s hand. There was a little *thuck* and she just collapsed.

“Lilly... what the hell did you do?” Kikki’s face seemed to still work at least.

“Not me. Don’t you know how to hold a ward without setting it off?” I was starting to feel a bit drained, not as much as Kikki though.

“What was it? What the hell did you just hand me?”

“Hey Kikki, you sure you’re alright? It sounded like something fell!”

“I told you, the latch ward off your guy’s garden window.” I whispered to her.

“Damnit, whatever, just help me to the bed.”
I went to pick Kikki up, but fell on top her instead. She was a lot heavier than she looked. Getting up, I dragged her over to the bed and tucked her in and propped her up a bit. Not a moment too soon either, I could hear Lem’s footsteps coming down the hall.

“Now get out of here!” Kikki guestured as best as she could without the use of her body below the neck and I... stayed visible? Not good, I tried to float but also no go. “The closet, the closet!” In the nick of time the door swung open and in walked Lem just as the closet door closed behind me.

It was actually kind of a nice, roomy walk in thing, so I lit a flame on my fingertip to get a look around. Course, ignorance probably would have been bliss, because I was face-to-face with a nasty looking halberd. I suppressed a squeal. There was a whole wall of armaments in the back of the closet. Kikki really wasn’t joking about Lem’s weapon collection.

“I said I was okay...” Kikki’s voice filtered through the door.

“Yeah, I know. Breakfast is ready is all.”

“I’m... I’m not hungry.”

“Really? That’s not like you. You feeling alright?” I looked through the keyhole. Lem walked over to Kikki and put his forehead up against hers. “Well, it’s not a fever”

“I told you, I’m just not hungry right now. Would you mind if I slept in a little more?”

“Y-yeah, sure. There something else you wanna tell me?”

“No, I’m just still a bit tired. Wanna get the clumsy out.”

Kikki was just short of sweating bullets and I was right there with her, but Lem went with it and walked out. “Alright, breakfast is on the table when you’re ready...”

Good timing too. Just as the door to the room closed, the closet door gave way under my weight. Kikki sighed. “Goddamnit... I bet he thinks I’m pregnant or something now...”
Shhh, don't tell him. I want the grand unveiling of the Spitfire to be amazing!
File: 1350698616054.jpg-(64 KB, 512x768, earthquake.jpg)
64 KB
That gives me an idea!

You want world shaking? Have some sort of war on the coast, or better yet, actual worldbreaking terrain reformation, that ends up with a TeeGeeian coastal outpost!

Then you have your high seas adventure, [Big Brothers], Salt Lords of the Sea and best of all the WEST.

But what on earth would inspire us to gain more ground.
“Well, we are almost out of this mess, I’ll take the harmonica down to the shop. You catch up when you can.” I said.

“No, I have to get this ward recharged. Besides, how are you gonna get out, walk out the front door? Get over here and help me get dressed.”

“My other magic still works. I could just jump out the window and deal with the consequences later. But you're right.” I went over to Kikki and helped her get dressed. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t fun.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. I hoisted kikki on my back and stepped as lightly as I could walking by the kitchen in the front hall.

Kikki nearly scared me out of my skin when she called out when we were close to the door. “Hey Lem! I forgot I had to go pick something up with Lilly today!”

“Thought you went out yesterday?” We could hear him get up.

“Quick, put me down and hold me up on the other side of the door.” It really looked hokey from my end, a real twist. “Yeah, well we didn’t finish getting everything in the end.”

“H-hey Lem!” I tried to smile and act natural despite holding the much-heavier-than-she-looks Felim up.

“Alright, have fun.”

Home free.

From there, getting into town felt like a cakewalk. Kikki got the use of her arms, and I could fly again. Getting the ward recharged was a matter of minutes, but when we got to the music store...
“Alright, great. Hohner, good brand, and in excellent condition. I should have it ready on the 15th.”

“But... that’s four days after Savior’s Day.”

“Well yeah. I close up shop tomorrow for the holiday. What, you expect me to work for the next week and a... half...” The poor luthier’s face fell as he looked at Kikki. He never stood a chance against her big sad eyes.

“So you won’t have it ready for Savior’s Day? I was really counting on it being ready soon...”

“I... I guess... I could have it done by next week...” I could see him internally kicking himself. “Just... just come back next week and I can get you it. I’ll even give you a discount for the holidays.”

Kikki’s face lit up just as fast. “Thank you so much! I’ll be here in five days!”

We walked out with Kikki’s voucher slip. “Wow, Kikki, you could have given a Dragon diabetes with a look like that.”

“Well I’m glad it worked. Otherwise I was just gonna beat it out of him.”

“Eheh... that’s not very ladylike...and they call me the evil one.”

“Eh, you learn a few things playing diplomat.”

“Speaking of diplomats, how would you feel about messing with Lems head a little? That morning sickness excuse earlier gave me an idea.”

Kikki turned to me. “Lilly, how could you think of such an awful idea as to mislead Lem like that?” She was using that same face on me now!

“Nice try. I’ve seen that badboy in action; and you know its tempting. You can feel the idea nibbling at the edge of your head.”

“It’s tempting. But, no. Not this close to Savior’s Day. Besides, I’d rather not pile up stress when we have a very important ceremony coming pretty soon. I’m supposed to be in the Felim jungles a month after Catmas.”

“True. Well then, after wedding prank maybe. Something besides what I was thinking.”

File: 1350698724592.jpg-(225 KB, 1024x1570, 1330137135711.jpg)
225 KB
Catmas Craze, Part Two END


TREASURE AND THE LUST FOR ADVENTURE! I would GLADLY be the Privateer under the command of the Knights! The Azure Queen is the fastest ship-of-line this world has ever seen!
File: 1350698854177.png-(15 KB, 320x480, WedgeSkyrocket_IzmaSprite.png)
15 KB
And meet mermaids! And sirens, sea serpents, sharkpeople, the [Family], lighthouses....
Sorry, I think Fatwelder has already managed something like that already. He's been working on it with his most recent stuff. I kind of wonder if he's going to return to finish it.

Also, there's nothing preventing Captain Black from being a Blades maritime operative. He'd get to live near the sea, privateer, and get all the Mermaid bitches. Only difference is that no, he's not under a letter of mark of TeeGee, and if he gets caught, he's on his own (until the Blades rescue him)

Anyway, that's part two of three of Catmas Craze. Time for some vidya.
I'm still alive and... writing.

For once.

File: 1350699612182.jpg-(111 KB, 810x543, Alaric losing the joustin(...).jpg)
111 KB
So, about what we wanted.

On a side note, I'm about a third way done through a tale in which Al teaches himself monster anatomy and wonders about his mind. Should I post what I have or finish it first? I'm leaning towards the latter.
I see what you did there. And I like it.
File: 1350699870045.jpg-(9 KB, 251x239, 1348584438445.jpg)
9 KB
>see tiny-as-fuck thumbnail
>pass it by
>hold the fuck up
>I know that ch-
>…nah, couldn't be…
File: 1350700028858.jpg-(10 KB, 219x230, stay tuned.jpg)
10 KB
Tee. Hee. Hee.

In other news, another interlude piece of life in TeeGee, from the eyes of an outsider! But not an actual Outsider.
File: 1350701694919.png-(770 KB, 700x570, map1.png)
770 KB
After the departure, the travelling was going rather smoothly. Giovanni and Evette had crossed much of the Central Plains quickly as there was not much that could impair the trek. Upon reaching the forests of Mirthterrah however, is where our story picks up once more.

Moving quickly and stealthily through the low brush of the thick forests the pair moved without a sound. Giovanni felt the morning dew that had built up on the leaves of bushes and small trees leaving streaks across his face as he followed his love through the sea of green. It had been decided beforehand that the pair would be sticking to the coast, and away from the major cities of Mirthterrah just to be extra safe. They had dodged through a small town not the night before and narrowly escaping without being seen had put determination in their hearts as they silently padded through the lush growth of the leafy forest. They continued for nearly four hours until they came to a halt for a rest. Finding a secluded spot, Giovanni did a quick sweep of the area and then plopped down to the sound ground below.

“I will honestly never know how you do that Evette.” Giovanni stated, breathing deeply.
“Maybe one day you build up stamina for such things… it’s useful for more than just running you know.” Evette smirked back, a wink escaping the darkness of her hood.

Giovanni frowned at the playful remark before Evette hunkered down next to him, offering a piece of bread to his hungry stomach. Gladly accepting, Giovanni ate hungrily, not having eaten since early yesterday.

“How far till we are at the coast and finally have to stop worrying about if anyone has seen us? This is hardly the vacation you’d say this would be.” Evette commented through a pearly smile, giving a light punch to Giovanni’s shoulder.
“I said you could have stayed at the Castle my love, but you chose to follow me on this journey. So… just bear with it for a little while longer, we are a day’s walk away from the coast.” Giovanni replied with a kiss to Evette’s forehead.

They conversed and flirted amongst the willows and soft grass that made up their hiding place, the distant smell of a sea breeze grazing the sense through the dense package of trees. They had finished eating and began to walk hand-in-hand onwards, not being wary of their surroundings; the break had kindled a feeling of closeness between the two and pulled their guard down. It was far too late before they noticed they had walked into the edges of a small lumber town in the western reaches of the town. Stopping, they were not sure if they should run, or if that would draw too much attention. They looked at each other nervously; the fleeting and frantic eyes of Evette could be seen flashing beneath the emerald hood that adorned her head.

“Be calm Evette, as long as your hood is up they have no reason to suspect you, and my garb is easily as plain. Act normal and they should leave us alone.” Giovanni whispered, quickly throwing an arm around the shoulder of Evette and walking towards the town.

Evette could be felt jittering under her robe, wound up tight like a coil, ready to attack should she need to. Giovanni did his best to try and comfort her as they walked through many potential attackers. They stumbled into a busier part of the town and tried to turn around and leave, but the crowd did not permit them. They had to go with the flow of the people, and just held their breath as they did. They made it to the edge of the square when a jovial man with wooden planks on his shoulder tipped his hat towards Giovanni and Evette, a broad smile on his head. Returning the gesture, Giovanni nodded his head in response. They let the man walk by, who abruptly turned, causing the boards to swing towards the pair. Narrowly missing her head, the edge of the planks caught Evette’s hood, dragging it off her head. Giovanni felt his heart sink and his free hand move to the hilt of his blade, and Evette did the same under his arm. The pair froze, hoping no one would notice, but sure enough, the chocolate tips of her ears could be seen poking through her light blonde hair easily enough, and that was enough to cause the square to grind to a halt. There were tiny gasps and exclamations heard within the crowd as Evette and Giovanni prepared for the worst. Chancing a glance around, Giovanni saw that the crowd stood with not fear nor anger, but only surprise.

Giovanni stroked Evette’s shoulder nervously as a young girl approached through the crowd. Looking down at her, the pair was astounded as she removed a large straw sunhat. Two pointy ears, one on each side of her head could be seen poking through her flowing auburn hair. Evette could see people smiling, and the occasional person removing some kind of head-ware to reveal the trademark elven trait.

“Fear not travelers… with us you are safe.“ the young girl said, her large green eyes closing as she adopted a big, happy smile.

That's all for now gents. Enjoy.
So mysterious village of elves who don't hate everyone?

Not so much a village of elves, but a village in the Human lands where Elves can live peacefully among the humans there.
I don't see any traps yet. Actually, the only trap I've seen is that orc.
...some sort of proto-TeeGee?

Given the split between Low- and High-Elves, some serious tinkering must have gone in order to keep it a secret.
>How to Tame Your Dragon
this could help with child rearing

i vote either
for war without TeeGee being the main focus
since getting free ocean access could change lots of stuff up
also, anything involving trouble in serrid may get Genz to move to TeeGee

not sure how long you've been gone but i've got a dragon kid who has a moomba and a pandacat/champion of justice


Ember certainly hopes so
Burning stuff isn't all fun and games.
>building old world armored vehicles
>not combining technology and magic to make a better one
just who the hell do you think we are?

for the record, even if Lilly was able to get past my earlier wards, after my run in with Luci i had my house locked down with basically every warding magic we have, so you may want to keep Lilly away from my place. not sure how anti fallen angel guards will affect a good demon

and mutio, how could you forget her

gives off a bit of a "non humans are attacked on site" vibe, while i thought they were treated like shit i don't think it was that bad

Oh I have plans for this lot, yes I do...


It was more like, people with grudges and anti-non-humanists with a strong premeditated hatred to things not human. Mobs can form quick you know. We just didn't want no trouble man.
File: 1350710435081.png-(2.34 MB, 5000x5000, click this.png)
2.34 MB
also, have superior version of your pic

but burning stuff does not have to exclude fun and games. and with Ember it's more "show off so the other kids will stop making fun of my name"
They wouldn't. As shes not an angel fallen or otherwise. Also do your wards automatically turn anyone who approaches inside out? If not then its got nothing on the wards they have in hell. Which will be shown a bit in the Hell arc I am still working off and on on.
Here's my view on the dragon thing.
>Dragon's have a set gender that cannot be changed without magical intervention.[Same as all other races]
>Dragons can reproduce with just about anything[Like humans]
>Now for children of a dragon non-dragon pairing
>Dragon mother will always have dragon children, no avoiding that.
>Children with a dragon father can be either dragon, the mother's race, or any combination of the two. Pure dragon being the most common.
>With either combination though, features of the non-dragon parent can bleed over into a dragon child.
My take.
Make sure she remembers that fire can still burn dragons, unless they happen to have demon blood.
like i said "pretty much everything we have". since i had no clue how to deal with a fallen angel i just got the complete package, this includes anti demon stuff. no turning people inside out though, since i'm not a sadist

i like it
Much better right? And I can still magic my way to children.
i thought that
showed that dragons were only vulnerable to their own element (not always fire) internally

yup, doesn't change any of my characters as far as i can tell and has a bit of basis in real world biology, since when tigers and lions mate, the hybrid offspring changes depending on which parent was which gender (at least i think that's how it works)
File: 1350712041874.jpg-(58 KB, 540x400, MHS_GiftShop.jpg)
58 KB

An out of the way gift stall in the bustling Bazaar of Bazaar, a bell rings as a young looking man enters the tent, perfumed odours and murmurs of the crowd cut off by the closed tent flap.

“Hello, sir. How may I help you today”, the stallholder asked, dressed in a striped apron and waiting by a desk stacked with bric-a-brac.

“Yes, I’m looking for a gift for my uncle”, the customer said, relaxing in such calm and welcoming environment.

“Hmm, is he from around here, or away?”

“Well, he’s sort of the person that one doesn’t bond with, now that we’re living in different lands”

“And what sort of gift were you looking for?”

“I was thinking of getting him something smart, or impossible.” The customer said, explaining their choice in gifts, “He constantly gardens, you see”

The shop owner picked up something in a hidden away corner, between the pots of incense and glass bead strings. “How about this little wooden frog?”

“That’s perfect! And I thought I’d be lost all day”

The customer haggled for a bit longer, before exchanging shining coins for the tiny gift. As soon as they left, another customer entered, looking for gifts for a relative. They headed and threaded between packed stalls and streets, while working their hands over the trinket.
File: 1350712079745.jpg-(92 KB, 506x264, puzzle box.jpg)
92 KB
Pieces slid inwards and outwards, the frog fell to pieces as a bundle of folded paper fell out. The man collected the fragments and tossed them into a nearby brazier while the crowds were distracted by jugglers and shysters, and began to read.

It was a simple note of congratulation that the canny purchaser had managed to unlock the puzzle frog, and could redeem the notice for a gift at any participating stall. Noting the instructions, the man flipped the paper over to its blank side, and passed it over an open fire, while haggling with another merchant on the price of kebabs.

The note darkened and crumpled, words appearing on the scrap of parchment, as the spy made their excuses and headed back to their home. Double backs, hidden alleyways and crowd mixing, any one that followed this man would be hard pressed to find them again, especially once they discarded their disguise and removed their make up. Several people with the same description would be followed, before realizing the spy had already returned home. Finding a secure area, they began to read, keeping one eye on the entrance and prepared to dispose of the message into the commode they sat on.

>Message from K to all agents. Dispose after reading.
File: 1350712127509.png-(114 KB, 301x301, Acme_Ink.png)
114 KB
>K: Have intercepted and decoded a message from known Iron Inquisition agents in TeeGee. Message follows.

Dear Father, in our white walled home:

>K: Message from agent to superior.

How are you? I have heard that our friends in the Free Kingdoms are kicking up quite a fuss on our views, and they plan to visit some time next year. Be sure to bring out the good silver, we don’t want to make too light of an impression.

>K: Recent campaigns in the west keep bulk of forces away from us. FK planning attack.

I am fine, having recently arrived in the controversial city of TeeGee, home to the Knights Harem. They are quite active folks, and you hardly ever see them in the streets. A popular spot for them is the Rogue Trader tavern, an unsavoury place, and these self-appointed knights engage in all sorts of wagers and unseemly acts there.

>K: Reminder to all agents, R is our plant there, attention would blow cover. Besides, I don't like it. Smells funny and the chairs are sticky.

Asides from them, the rest of the populace seem fine. No slaves are bought or sold, and the streets are safe to walk at night. Banditry and barbarians are nonexistent in its fields, and any sign of them would bring entire squads of Knights hollering from the walls.
File: 1350712241701.jpg-(30 KB, 389x308, Top-Secret-1.jpg)
30 KB
The nobles of the neighbouring lands do not seem very fond of the city, Myrthter subverting acts notwithstanding, and this can be put down to old land arguments and the knights more than cavalier views. You remember them, the ones with the funny hats and the bratty children? Apparently, a knight cut out a lord’s tongue and maimed his son, quite the scandal at the time.

>K: Standard political news.

I’m surprised they haven't been attacked more often, after the Orc horde passed by those seasons back. Would you believe that they now live with their attackers, not as slaves but equals? This much can be said about those mad Outrealmers, they sure know how to turn something to their advantage, a fact that more men could remember.

>K: TeeGee spies rule, the rest drool.

Those Orcs are not the only race living in city walls. As I walked through the marketplace one day I could spot Elves, beastpeople, winged ones, and even to my shock, a demoness. Not only that, but they all appeared to be mingling, quite familiarly, with one another! This city does appear to have some mitigating effect on the nonhuman races, especially if it can put away long held knowledge on racial tensions.

>K: Still awaiting reports on that. Do not take action against any Mirthterrans prior.
And I'm just going to say this. Wards are like modern alarm systems. Keep out most. But those who know what they are doing on the other hand. You know. I'v been meaning to go back to what was writeen about wards and runes. Let me get right on the wards of teegee.

Right you are. only internally weak to the element. They still suffer what aliments overs inflect.
File: 1350712302423.jpg-(21 KB, 247x344, Risk Reactor Invisible In(...).jpg)
21 KB
The marketplace is quite rich, and the fortunate placement of the city ensures that it has a booming trade district, enough that they can provide for libraries, museums, and even a college of higher learning! Though the college is still within its infancy, the same cannot be said for the galleries and exhibitions they have, which speak of a race with rich history. The museum, in particular, holds many objects that I can only say are “peregrine”.

>K: They suspect.

Their food and art culture speaks for itself, and their clothing designs indicate that the “Old Realm” they hail from is very progressive, some might say promiscuous. If it wasn’t for the harsh winter removing a bulk of their numbers, their cultural impact might have threatened the duchies into war. I had also witnessed a surprising mindset in one of their restaurants, where the chef’s inexperience in the culinary arts was no hindrance to their skill, in fact the patrons believed that watching the mistakes in action to be part of the experience!

>K: Update, batch 592 is ready. Mention “peanut-flava ice cream” for supplies.

This experimental mindset is the only explanation I can find for their habit of inter-racial mixing, though I have noted that the colour of the “Old Realmers” tends towards the pale. Another instance of their combinatory habits is their armed forces.
File: 1350712459318.jpg-(132 KB, 900x594, topsecret2.jpg)
132 KB
{Standard military rundown}

>K: Nothing the Knights or Blades can’t handle. Disavow all knowledge of military.

And their suppliers are very, shall I say, stocky. If it wasn’t for their lacking numbers, the combined knowledge and tactics they sport could make them a credible threat. I hazard that they could form an army not seen since the Lost Empire fell. They also have a very lax attitude to weapons control, one that I can only attribute to their views.

One does not require nobility or training for permission to trade coin for steel or spell. They hand out blade and book to any with the good sense to carry a full purse! One store does exactly that! They even appear to have an underground market of their own, where certain, interested, parties may be provided with “Old Realm” weaponry. I should say that the Knights are not as incorruptible as they would have you believe.

>K: Please divert attention away from the man behind the curtain.

Speaking of underground markets, none of the populace possesses knowledge of the significance of their lands or tower. The catacombs have yet been unexplored or colonised, and the tower is, thankfully, inactive. No Dread Walkers will spread from their lands, not while they keep such an attitude to security.

>K: Investigation has proven unfruitful. Continue historical dredging. Catacombs need reason.
File: 1350712504832.jpg-(23 KB, 640x360, invisible ink.jpg)
23 KB
Besides from that, I can say that I am very happy with my accommodations. The streets are very safe, and crime is quickly stamped out. I recommend more of my colleagues to arrive, not just for the scenery, but also the openness of the people.

Though they are very friendly, the “Old Realmers”, Knights included, are very wise to any threats against their lands. Besides the previously mentioned demoness, I can vouch that no corruptive influences, besides the cultural, are present. You can tell your burly friends that there is no threat here; in fact, they seemed more concerned with being seen as no threat at all.

>K: Inquisition more concerned with peacekeeping than conquest currently. Monitor actions.

I have included in this letter a package of small goods that I think you would find interesting.

>K: There was no package. It was a test and trap for spies, to check our effectiveness. They must think we’re amateurs.

From Feros,

PS Some one in the same field as we are has been looking through my work. Yes, you. How’s the engaged? Quite the airhead, or so I heard.

>K: Scramble emergency protocol Veil Fever. Push forward tolling bells on wingmen. Spread thin their net, and spot the fishermen. No identities yet compromised. Otherwise, business as usual. B will cover other races on return.
File: 1350712659980.jpg-(37 KB, 500x500, filler-2.jpg)
37 KB
And that's more filler from me, with hints as to K and B's role in TeeGee.

I hope it's up to standard. Diverting most of my attention to research and study makes my writing a bit lackluster.
And demon blood will make them more resilient to fire, if not outright immune to it.
Fucking amateurs, Got caught.
Well, now that both sides know that they read each other's mail, what will this mean for the field agents, hmm?

Oh wait, the brick.

Because Demons tend to live in a place that's constantly on fire and filled with poisonous smoke.

Sounds about right.
>And I'm just going to say this. Wards are like modern alarm systems. Keep out most. But those who know what they are doing on the other hand.
so all the money and magic i used to protect my home and family is just completely useless against your character?

>They still suffer what aliments overs inflect.
what? i think something came out wrong there
File: 1350713265056.jpg-(62 KB, 250x275, TV question.jpg)
62 KB
Wait, did you mean the Inquisition were the amateurs, or that the TeeGee spies were?

You could always, perhaps, ask them not to?
Lilly is a bit of a weird case, being the only "known" succubus to defect from Hell/Miasma.

I think he means that they can get burnt, but only suffer from the heat, not the fire?
Not what I'm saying. But in a way, people trained in making and disabling wards will have an easier time than those who don't. And for the love of all that is holy Lillys not going to mess with you. Just pointing out nature of magic and all that shit. Any magic done can be undone by a skilled enough and determined enough practicinor. Trying to keep magic semi consistent here and workable. It why I had to talk Lem out of having anti-magic. For safety, stability, and for not killing shapshifters.

As for the second bit. Dragons are resistant to their element except for on the inside. They are still hurt by the other elements regardless.

Both. More so TeeGee this time.

Lilly is a fucking oddball case. Only know succubus to go good. Along with a little something else. Damn I really need to get to work on Hell arc.
What about Lilly's dragon grandkids?
Well, to be perfectly clear, "anti-magic" does exist, but it's more along the lines of magic suppression, which simply binds "reality" better. The Dwarves use it to mine magically volatile ore. Runes are prepared and then set-up in key locations. However, these runes really only work on mild passive enchantment Any sufficiently powerful magic will remain uneffected by such runes and pretty much any active magic will shrug it off like it were nothing. These are the same runes as Tanash's waifu's necklace that prevents her magical disease from spreading. With wards, you might be able to make a magical lockpick useless, but an unlocking spell will remain just as effective. That make sense?

In either case, wards are less about the effect and more about how effective that effect can be. While you won't find any wards that turn you inside-out in TeeGee, you'll find more than a few that disable, ring loudly, or otherwise attempt to foil thieves. High and low quality home security wards do basically the same thing. The question is really how resistant they are to being discovered/disabled/bypassed. There are going to be some that even Lilly won't notice if only because she's not looking for them. She won't get turned inside-out, but she might find her ears ringing or just being unable to move for a short time.
Then there are the regular sort of traps that don't register on the magical "radar" of anyone looking for wards. While not as useful on the inside-out front, they can still work as alarms and triggers.

What twisted games spies play. I'm actually thinking of killing some off. Why? It's a surprise.
You're not going to send their master a fish with their cloths wrapped in it, are you?

On a side note, I'm considering retconning Prescilla as a houseguest, if only because I can't think of much characterization for her, plus a 4-way relationship gets jumbled even by anime standards.
Join the club.
So a Mirth v FK conflict seems to be winning, by one whole vote!

Start fleshing out details unless more people vote really quickly?
File: 1350750851234.jpg-(26 KB, 400x306, 11582465-question-weighin(...).jpg)
26 KB
Wait, whose side would we be on?

Are we going with shadow supporter of the Free Kingdoms against the might of Mirterra?

Or the unlikely ally against the slave-taking "liberators" of the West, who are using Mirthterran policy as an excuse for fresh flesh on the market?
I think it would be more likely that Mirthterrah attacks the FK after some political incident.

I get the vibe that the FK are basically their own little city states kinda like Greece was, and Free Kingdoms likely wouldn't have the strength to attack Mirthterrah in the first place.

Maybe some important Mirthterran noble gets caught with a "subhuman", flees to the FK to escape persecution and granted amnesty causing an overzealous Mirthterran Thane to attack in an attempt to capture him?

Keeps the conflict smaller(at least at first) and allows for plenty diplomancing and action both.
Thank you, both of you for making my points for me, on the whole magical alarm system. And I never said she would find them all. I said people trained in disabling wards are going to have an easier time with them.

Once again, my point about wards not being the perfect defense. They should be supplemented with others.

Thats completely different than the anti-magic you first described. And this one is much less threat to the world as we know it.
My thoughts on the whole thing. Mirth starts pushing policies that hurt FK. FK has enough of it and they do something stupid. Then it turns into a massive urban war zone. Thank like the whole middle east thing but set in well, this setting. As for sides. The smart move would to be on neither until the end. But I could see going shadow supporter of FK.

Well this might make the reflection bit Im writing interesting.

Lilly's dragon grand kids are freaks of nature and don't care about fire, poison, and so on.
I knew Lilly's daughter would seduce a dragon.
I though I told you that. Or was it someone else?
It was me. I just wasn't sure if you'd decided on it or were just thinking about it.
While it might be interesting to see unfold, what would be our stake in such a conflict? As far as know we have little interest in he Free Kingdoms besides trade agreements with a few of the city-states, so what would we do? Mercenary work? Arms deals to both sides? Such games are dangerous...but if I can get a mercenary company to play around with, I'd be happy.
Our stake is making neither side profits from the war. We don't want anyone on a war path. As Teegee would be the next logical target.
“So, James.”


“I was walking through the market the other day and I was assailed by the reek of hypocrisy and little boys.”

“A DM?”

“Nope, good old iron men.”

“So? We have a pretty open visitor policy. I don't see the problem.”

“Well aside from the whole I'm a demon and they don't like demons, he was also a spy.”

“Of course.”

“And hes on to B and K and the rest of them.”

“Figures, everyone is on to them. James Bond was more subtle. They are getting slightly better though. That enigma one was good. They just need to work on subtlety. Changing the codes all the time just made things more obvious. Really flowers, clothes, diamonds? Of course people are going to notice. Well everyone but the blushing bride.”

“I still think someone should tell her.”

“Its a hard spot. She can't tell what she don't know.”

“Everyone involved in the council knows, along with a good chunk of the senior knights. I still think something needs to be done.”

“Something always needs to be done.”

“I could become a spy. I can go invisible, I can change how I look, I'm good with illusions and most magics except for water; and I can read minds! There is no reason why I shouldn't. I am a knight even if no one ever calls me such.”

“That's cause parts of the council weren’t 100% convinced during your questioning. You know the whole, succubus, trained liar, and deceiver.”

“You don't have to sweet talk me. Your claim on me is solid.”

“Implying I don't just enjoy doing so.”
“I'm still worried. The truce with Hell is tenuous at best. The spy game is getting out of hand. Serrid is planning something. The Orcs are getting ready for war. The Merpeople are having some kind of plague problem. Snaggletooth Island is drawing unwelcome attention. The Free Kingdoms are tense with Mirthterra. There is more dissent among the people than ever before in Teegee. The guns have gotten away from the council. There is a rogue group of knights stirring up trouble, and your doing what you always feared would come to happen.”

“Magictech is coming rather I want it or not. The demons are after it, the boys at the hole are working on it. Who knows who else. Maybe if I can get in front of the problem.” James pointed the pistol at the target across the backyard.

He pulled the trigger there was a soft thumping sound and then the target was turned into a pile of metal scrap.

“Still need to rework the timing spell, fires too fast. But look, whats possible: little bit of metal, three simple enchantments, bit of mechanical know how. You could turn a regiment of arrow chuckers into a force to be reckoned with. Why I ever thought explosions where needed when we have force magic.”
“About the spies of iron then?”

“If they get to big of a threat. Well, then the nature of a knight is not to stand by. But, until then let the optimists play politics.”

“If one of the holymen comes after me hes going to end up a holeyman.”

“You know they say puns are the lowest from of humor.”

“I thought that was Lem.”

“Me, I find them evidence of a sharp wit and a sharper tongue.”

“Would you like to find out how sharp?”

“Would I? Lady Lilly, I plan on not just finding out the quickness of your tongue, but also the bluntness of mine.”

“Your only doing this to distract me from my worries.”

“Your tongue, the words it slings, they wound me my Lady.”

“Not the only thing I plan to abuse you with.” I said, dragging him inside. Games of deception can wait.
Also need to guard our traders from any opportunists the war will spawn.
That too, forgot about that.
Kamina always gets at least quads. It be how he roles.
possible world shaker. hidden magic dragon city/theme park stops being hidden, appears floating very obviously in the sky, everyone wants a piece
And then Valt and the other defenses come back on and eats, kills, maims everyone. All the while Jims shouting "Get the fuck off me flying city ya slack jawed faggots." But yes that could be fun. Things would be fully repaired by 8AA. Also it would take some work for most things to get there. Only easy way is the gate. Strong dragons would be able to fly up there. Not much else. Hell lets save that for 12 AA or something. That would could be a fun event.
File: 1350759510016.jpg-(65 KB, 425x450, nofun.jpg)
65 KB
I would be extremely careful with things like guns that run purely on magic. Without any limitations it would turn the setting on it's head pretty quickly. That's generally been why we've been limited guns to still require gunpowder, otherwise puts us on a pretty slippery slope that I'm sure some people would like to avoid.

I know it makes me sound like a douche but I know I'm not the only one who feels that way.
if a handful of adventurers could take down the defenses, i'm pretty sure a decent sized army could handle it pretty easily. and since last i checked the council didn't know about the city i doubt TeeGee has an official claim, and i doubt any full sized country is going to care when one guy says they can't have a floating city since he (as an individual, not a nation) was there first.
also, kind of interested how the council would react to the whole "keeping a floating city hidden from them" thing
First, they need to learn the password or find another way to fly up there. Most Mythterrans can't even read their native language, what makes you think they can read dragonic?
95% of the defenses were broken or off at the time. Also a Dragon, a Demon, and and Jim have a few tricks up their sleeves that most don't. Also I noticed that in your story it was a few golems. In canon its a fucking army of golems that were there. Which we never really fought. Ran from them yes, fought no. As for everything else. Things will start coming together after the next dragon city story. Which is why I said hold your horses on it.

The point I've been making since the beginning. But people keep pushing us towards magictech. One of the first things Jim said. "I fear for the future if we combine our knowledge with magic." Clover gave the old demons and possibly the gods magictech. One writfag did it. Theres the Hole. Where they work on that kind of stuff. Trying to make the point of DON'T do it. Hence the get out in front of this line.
And don't get me started on the whole nature of the Knights crap. Lem argues that the Knights can do no wrong. Less than a week later, Clover decides oh I think I'm going to make a black market for the guns that the council is trying to limit. Never mind the whole limiting guns thing. But I knew if I gave Jim a magic gun people would freakout. Hopefully making people think about the effects of guns on the setting more. Cause realistically, by the loose rules of magic the gun would be easy. So then one day along comes somebody whos like you know what Im going to make a gun the fires bullets by magic and hes going to be a total badass and stuff. Its the whole Harbinger gun thing allover again. IN short. Stop fucking around with guns. Everytime they come up someone throws a fit or fucks the setting.
You will never see me touching guns.
>First, they need to learn the password or find another way to fly up there.
teleportation. saying "teleport me to the lost city of dragons" may not work but "teleport me to that thing that i can see from here" would

>a Dragon, a Demon, and and Jim have a few tricks up their sleeves that most don't
other places are going to have special forces too, in addition to sheer numbers

>Also I noticed that in your story it was a few golems. In canon its a fucking army of golems that were there. Which we never really fought. Ran from them yes, fought no
in mine there were a few because you brought a tower down upon a fuckton of them
All about perspective pal. It's not a black market for guns, it's a discrete distribution method via The Hole R&D department, which if you remember, is underground. You know the Romans thought that the early Christians were cannibalistic and having incestuous gangbangs, right? It was all because they heard about "eating" the body of Christ and how they called each other "brothers and sisters". To someone who does not see directly might see something completely different!

Now what's not weird would be a magical focus device. Most often you'll see these as wands or staves or sometimes weapons such as swords. Essentially, they amplify an individuals magical powers through a single property, such as a Wand of Fireball, or a Sword of Fear. The individual wielding them must have some innate level of magical prowess, however, and only get so powerful so at a certain point, it's easier and better to just cast the spell yourself. A gun-shaped magical device of this nature would not be beyond exception, it would just be limited as to who can use it and what it can really do. In addition, the occasionally unstable nature of magical enchantment might make it a bit trickier to get consistent effect, as with most active magical devices. Sound good?
File: 1350762387981.gif-(1.5 MB, 320x176, 2101092_o.gif)
1.5 MB
Magictech is definitely something I personally would like to see avoided if at all possible, I know some people disagree with that but such is life.

No matter what people write into their stories concerning things like magitech, as long as there as big limitations on it that keeps it in check and prevents it from effectively destroying the setting as we know it, I can deal with it. These are things like the gunpowder limitations, prohibitive costs, resource limitations etc.
So even if someone manages to somehow make a spitfire, as long as pretty much no one else can do it and stays as a one-of-a-kind deal that can't be used to make everything else irrelevant I don't mind too much.

So yeah, I did have a little freakout when you wrote in a function gun with "little bit of metal, three simple enchantments, bit of mechanical know how." with seemingly no limitations to stop the rest of the setting turning into the wild west in a flash. I am basically agreeing with you but at the same time as long as something is written in a way that preserves the setting I don't mind.
This GearHeart freakout now comes to a close. In other news. The Cake is a delicious lie. But yes. Until the Mirthterrahians can fly the city is rather safe. Also like I said, by 8AA-9AA the defenses would be fully repaired. Then everyone is fucked. The place is a mix if Rapture, Disney land, Castle in the Sky, and is armed to the teeth by a crazy wizard who had just ended a war between the mortal races and the immortal/near immortal races. Only reason the gang was fine was they were wanted and things were broken.

Well there is that. The point is people if you introduce something think about the effects it will have.

Its a bit higher up than I can see it range, but ok I'll coincided the point on that. But really how many wizard that can teleport do they have. As we have done so far. Its a really hard spell. With some limits.

Yes they are. But to re-stress the point. The gang got lucky everything was broken down.

This is just me not communicating scale right. Tower down on a fuckton of them yes. The majority of them no. Crazy wizard builds large army of golems, that builds more golems level of scale.
If thats all then fine. No problem with that.

Its canon that everyone has some magic potential. The idea is simple, it draws power for them holder and channels it to fling bullets. Something the unskilled can't do. It would be more effective to just fling the bullets by magic your self. Not everyone can do it, but they can play battery for something that can.

Well I'm glad we agree on that then. Though we may disagree on the specifics. But if one makes a spitfire then someone else is going to want to or make something bigger. Basically its the same reason I'm so strongly against the idea of first magic as is. And also anti-magic. And hell even wards. Oh we have magic that can paralyze a person easily, well time to abuse the fuck out of that. Also I do see the irony of me not liking the direction of magic when I've done so much with it.
Also nb4 magic is broken. Magic is always broken. And now I return to writing and not pissing people off.

Hmm... Blades operative eh? Sounds interesting enough... If only we had a trade port on the ocean, TeeGee could start getting some cross sea trading!

Also, I realize that Captain Morgan is an extremely popular brand of Rum, but curse him for having my name and being a pirate.
Implying that doesn't just make everything better. Also just for you, I'll focus on finishing Merpeople first so Teegee can have trade port. Might be a bit far from Teegee but stuff.
as far as i know teleportation is pretty much global as long as you know or can see the location. and other people probably have more than enough wizards since i believe mirthterra has colleges for magic (even if not everyone can get in) and again the fact that it takes up like a third of the map.
also, how many people know about this place, since unless we get tons of people working on it i can't see us getting everything up and running in only a few years, especially that giant dragon golem since i'm pretty sure you tore that to hell and as far as i know all of our golem creation has had only marginal success, and that's with unintelligent ones, much less thinking things

also, if i'm coming off as a dick i apologize. i'm just trying to make sure that our "world shaking event" ends up as more than just "we autowin because of this"

Interesting... I just want some cannons me'boy and a salty crew to man my Azure Queen of the waves!
good luck with the cannons, we keep those under lock and key
Interesting thing about TeeGee. While we don't have many ports, our traders go EVERYWHERE. This means we do have merchant vessels that fly TeeGee regalia. They tend to home-port in the Snarltooth Isles where we were graciously granted safe-harbor by the Kanin King. Start around there on one of the Islands off the coast of the larger Isles. Would be a good base of operations for you.
Once again its so high you cant see it. As for the fixing it up. I said in one of the previous threads that the golems can do it. They were keeping most of the important stuff working, just not the defenses as Valt didn' see them as that important. Valt was crazy so he made bad decisions. So army of golems under inteligent leadership fixing the thing takes about 2-3 years. Part of why I said wait on this one till the next world shaking event is so I can get the city properly setup first. In story and out of story.

The flying city will be a world shaking event. People will fight over it. Things won't be autowin. Shit will go down. Just not like you wrote. Give me sometime. It all starts with the grand reopening.

Also your not being a dick just being hardheaded.
File: 1350767966331.jpg-(22 KB, 335x215, ballista.jpg)
22 KB
We still got ballista; those are almost as good.
compound ballista or recurve ballista?
Ballista with molatove heads.

File: 1350768247136.jpg-(113 KB, 640x135, naval saber.jpg)
113 KB
And although we may not have guns, we may be the first to introduce naval sabers and cutlasses, like we certainly were with katanas and other specialized/foreign weapons.
Greek Fire.
i thought kasai's kitsune had katanas already when he found her
File: 1350768401043.png-(23 KB, 400x400, What the Fuck am I Reading.png)
23 KB
File: 1350768661818.jpg-(74 KB, 800x593, kilij.jpg)
74 KB
Hell if I know. My point was, there are a metric fuckton of bladed weapons, most knights probably want and know the size and shape of them, and some may not be native to the lands, especially post gunpowder weapons such as Western sabers, going back into us introducing certain tech to the lands, even if it is just a nifty new melee weapon.
Thank you thats what I was looking for.
Ancient Greeks had some simple steam engines too. They were novelty items though.
File: 1350770394348.jpg-(166 KB, 1100x825, 1335741092125.jpg)
166 KB

I have my ways lad, I have my ways...


The point of a Privateer is that they are not under the colours of anyone, so no one is to blame when I do what I do best.


That... actually may work. Thankee kindly sir.


Those barbarians will me tasting my blade! Cutlass or sabre they will be!

A Master and Commander of the Sea, I will be.
if you're saying that you're going to steal a cannon i think TeeGee may come after you, otherwise i don't see it being made ok to give a valuable and advanced weapon to someone when a good part of their life is going to involve dealing pirates and other people that survive solely by stealing other people's stuff
I don't think he was saying that, since the ballista would serve as a decent substitute, as well as the fact that you shouldn't destroy the enemy ship so much as loot it via close quarters combat.

Who said anything about stealing your stuff mate? You bunch aren't the only smart ones around here.

It doesn't take long to figure out basic compression and ballistics.
No, but it does take a while to get ahold of any decent sulfur. That's the only reason you don't get cannons. You really don't have any gunpowder to use with them, so in the end, you get a nice big metal tube.

Greek fire and ballista should do you fine.
Steam cannons, but then storing enough fuel becomes the problem.
not sure what steam cannons look like on the inside or how the differ from regular ones, but would the salt water/sea air have any type of effect on them
Or you could hire on some good spell castors and skip the canons and balista
Properly made no. But they would be harder to do in a way.
File: 1350772297181.jpg-(379 KB, 1200x1726, 1336287513958.jpg)
379 KB
>Not abusing magic along with your tech.

Ballistae it may be, but no need to be snarky about it. From last I've checked you're not the one to make decisions for me.
don't think he was being snarky, sulfur being rare as fuck in this world has been canon since the first couple threads, and without sulfur you can't have gunpowder. not to mention cannons take a lot more gunpowder per shot than rifles
He wasn't but he was at the same time. You know he has that effect on people.

I understand that the canon of this world would be different from that of earth perhaps, but as to removing a basic element that is essential for life is a little odd if yo ask me. Not to mention that almost all deposits of salt would have to not exist which would also be kind of... impossible.

I get this is fantasy and all that, but there are some basic things need to make life work in a world.
Most lifeforms can't do much with pure sulfur, and sulfur has nothing to do with salt.

Most of the worlds pure sulfur is extracted from salt domes; collections of salt buildup after a body of saltwater evaporates or is strained away leaving a thick layer of deposited minerals.

It's where most of the sulfur was extracted pre- 1900's.

But whatever, I don't want to stir up a shit storm. I'll go without cannons for the sake of keeping it kosher I suppose.
I brought up the point earlier. There is sulfur but its super rare. But it can be harvested from some types of demons. And since demons re-spawn and there are a lot of them. Its only a matter of time till some one starts actively hunting demons.
salt domes don't have sulfur here, done
also, we're autosaging, someone may want to start a new thread

Also its best to just let things lie. Strong headed people all that.

Which was kind of his point.

Also does someone else want to take care of the new thread or me.
>Its only a matter of time till some one starts actively hunting demons.
we already have those. way way back i said that a lot of what i do when i go adventuring outside of TeeGee was look for sulfur, which later included demon hunting when we found we could get sulfur from them
I was thinking sea salt then. Oil also collects around salt domes. I remember someone drained a Louisiana lake into an old salt mine while drilling for oil.
Difference between picking off a few strays and going to hell and actively hunting them. There aren't that many demons in this realm. The whole treaty with the gods keeps most of them out. And not all of them are sulfury.
Oh well. No big deal now I suppose. Sorry for causing a stir. I will write a little origin story (like we haven't had enough of those) for my guy in the new thread.
Well I guess I'll start a new thread.

New thread this ways

Anyone there

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