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Old thread: >>21243887
Last Time
>>jaunts into hell
>>sentient mold colonies
>>a brother in the hands of the Inquisition

Yay, someone else made the thread. Also not really here. For about 2 hours. Then sometime after that its back to under the sea. So there is that.
about 10 years in, what would TeeGee have in the way of air vehicles? would that be considered to early for full airships
File: 1351115754662.jpg-(473 KB, 1280x1024, Asian fantasy city.jpg)
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Dragons, harpies, that's about it?
Without helium or hydrogen I can't imagine us having much beyond hot air balloons that soon.
when i said vehicles i meant man made stuff, not creatures

alright, that's all i need, just needed to know if we had anything else
File: 1351116377937.jpg-(999 KB, 1200x831, City in the Trees.jpg)
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Those push boots might work, if you can make them powerful enough.
You're no fun
moving me through the air is easy enough, iron in the bottom of my boots, newtonian screwing enchantments that redirect force and let me jump extra high, and basically railgunning myself lets me move fine. i need to transport something else though, which happens to be very heavy (even for a dragon), and i don't want to deal with lugging it up a mountain side, so crude hot air balloon
From my understanding of the push boots, they may be capable of flight if powerful enough, or at least be used as a method of propulsion for the balloons.
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So, we gonna get back on the discussion of Felim society? All we have is
>9 Divines
>Disproportionate gender distribution
>Chinese/Eastern aesthetic (Still up for debate)
It seems like they increase push power while stepping. I doubt it would turn out safe for flight, but I can see us developing some sort of push boot parkour, probably derived from the Coininoch themselves.
File: 1351119665499.jpg-(163 KB, 1129x847, 1348700459060.jpg)
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It's been Persian/Indus Valley from the start. More India than China.
File: 1351120019143.jpg-(334 KB, 790x1200, Fire Witch.jpg)
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Wait. Is he using a lizard to scale the wall?
Now we can have gentlemanly hot air balloon duels.
I think that's a pet, but...

>Note to self: Lizard grappling hooks
Ahoy there mates, When can I expect some kind of TeeGee interference with my.. "operation"?
File: 1351122477344.jpg-(65 KB, 600x800, 1334521498319.jpg)
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When you attack TeeGee merchants, and/or become a slaver.
We have no real reason to interfere. We don't have ships. But maybe you could work with someone who writes a blade as they might be playing politics with mirth, serrid, or Free kingdoms. Or if you mess with Snagletooth. But you do that and your on a short list kept by dangerous people

Interesting. I am just looking for ways to become affiliated with you lot to speed things up.
Well maybe someone needs something. But GearHeart wouldn't be possible option till later towards the end of Under the Sea arch. Nothing stopping you from you stopping by Teegee. We could do a Rogue Trader story. Those are always fun. If enough people want to do a Rogue Trader I'll start one up.
File: 1351123204367.jpg-(481 KB, 650x619, Bee Golem.jpg)
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Only if we get more than two people. The presence of Sir Feargaile is also requested.
Like I said if we get enough people. You, Me, Black, one or two others would be nice.
What's this I hear about needing more persons?
File: 1351123549260.jpg-(17 KB, 259x325, 1334724688866.jpg)
17 KB
I might join. Around what year might this be?
Year doesn't matter and all are welcome. We can figure out what year works best for everyone. Give me two minutes and I'll start one up. I got some quick stuff to take care of.

Woah woah woah there chaps, You think you can just come on to my ship do ya? Hahahaha
Good to hear, will be back shortly though, must prepare dinner and the like.
File: 1351123883209.jpg-(214 KB, 500x498, Spy paper.jpg)
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Woke up, and decided that I'm going to post the solution to my last code.

Solution to above:

Doublespeak code meaning of the ads:
(Coordinates were in Tap Code, but irrelevant)

So, a lot of activity going on here. RED HERRING
Remember to clean up and blank slate. SHMUC BAIT
Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. SNIPE HUNT
Rot can’t get to sterilized places. EAVESDROPPER
It’s clear that we’ve prepared something just for them. BURN NOTICE
Try offing them. Don’t want any “extra guests” to your “wedding” WRONG AGAIN
Continue your investigation. The situation is under control. NOT CIPHER
Keep in touch while plotting. Use secure lines. TRY TOO HARD
You have zero reading comprehension. Bar night at the rogue trader. Not on your ship.

Speaking of which Bars open https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hEPPKjfDaGlqkPf87WPvuBDeNk5BWKzZU0BJdyY9DH0/edit

Well don't go slinging insults and being a dick sir, how was I supposed to know that was the name of a bar? I've been here for like, tree threads, and its not mentioned in the wiki.

As far as I knew, "Rogue Trader" was referring to the game, and I assumed that you wanted to form a sort of thing with me and my ship.
Sorry. I had assumed that you had read some of the old threads. But on your ship makes zero sense. But you stoping by Teegee for some reason works.
File: 1351124386880.jpg-(356 KB, 1050x1050, Belly rub.jpg)
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I assume that the tavern was named after the game, but the Rouge Trader is probably the most popular gathering spot in all of TeeGee.
File deleted.
File: 1351128972679.jpg-(1.48 MB, 1542x1256, TGmap1.jpg)
1.48 MB
Bigger map.
Push boots wouldn't let you fly, but they'd make a great substitute for runway wheels.

Push boot Parkour would be fucking awesome. Use enchanted gloves, while you're at it.

Also, next time on Olin and Pals: Cerran meets the in-laws! (Not really.)
>giving the world parkour
holy crap did i inspire something?
File: 1351130211473.jpg-(33 KB, 300x650, 1336369742038.jpg)
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Parkour is a thing. You made push boots a thing.

It was only a matter of time, Lyrik.
I made push boots a thing, actually. Regardless, push boot Parkour sounds awesome. Get to it!
i didn't make push boots, but i've mentioned parkour before twice, once with just my armor enchants, once with the enchants and the push boots (which happen to work really well with the enchants)
File: 1351130684818.png-(215 KB, 500x700, 1331407791481.png)
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I get things mixed up. The point still stands, clearing twenty five foot gaps and fifteen vertical and leaping across rooftops like a deranged bunny man is extremely badass.
File: 1351141081036.jpg-(320 KB, 1402x992, half dragon (6).jpg)
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page 8 bump
File: 1351141452695.jpg-(1.02 MB, 1000x1702, Dragon girl A.jpg)
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Hello their. We're debating rivers.
We don't want this thread to be snipped too early now, don't we?
Sorry, there's a huge discussion going on about river placement in the doc mentioned above.
Ok People lem has decied there never will be sea access for Teegee. So no river.
File: 1351143588306.gif-(7 KB, 307x300, panama-canal0.gif)
7 KB
and if we were to make our own sea access?
We said that he shouted us down. Like I said I never said this was just my world to play in.
Less the Americas and more Eurasia-Africa.

The America analogue is to the WEST
i meant more towards us just digging our own river panama canal style

The sea..

Rule Free Kingdoms!
Free Kingdoms rules the waves!
The People will never, never, never shall be slaves!
Rule, Free Kingdoms!
Free Kingdoms rule the waves!

I don't owe my allegiance to any one nation, but should the Free Kingdoms come into harm, I would raise my flag to her.
That might take a while, but if we can somehow convince everyone to look the other way while doing it, a combination of magic and engineering might just pull it off.

And should they bring harm to us? Where does a pirate's loyalty lie?
if gearheart can make a lake, i think all of TeeGee working together can make a canal. maybe connect it to that big river that ends in serrid to save time
You just have to convince Lem. He is dead set against it.

It lies in his heart Master Clover.
And that lies in a Dead Man's Chest.
Buried beneath the bodies of fifteen stout men.

(Are we going to keep doing this?)

No sir, but I stand firm with my response. A privateers loyalty lays to his heart.
Well then I'll just have to cut it out and wire it up with some wires and runes and trap your soul inside. Then I can use it to tell me things about things only you would know.
File: 1351148855092.png-(92 KB, 256x256, The_Heart.png)
92 KB
Oh ho?

Like so?

(Dude, you're a "good guy". Act like one in public)
I'm just glad someone got that reference. And no I would never do that.
considering that the thing he's writing up now includes a fallen war angel as his live in maid, i'm not sure if gearheart counts as "good"
Sword of Wrath, Demon for a wife, rage and violence issues, Fallen angel maid, totality a good guy. I just fall on the side of scary dark good. Instead of shinny noble bright.
So an Anti-hero then, or just Dark is not Evil?
Mix of both. Also very much a Knight of Sour Armor if we be talking in tropes.
first three you can argue, nothing about fallen angel says good (unless you want to go into the whole "lucifer was a good guy for giving humans reason" thing but i'd rather this thread not turn into a religious shitstorm)
Actually when I finish the story you may change your mind on that. But spoilers.
not to mention you having a fallen angel would kind of ruin the "no one in TeeGee knows jack shit about fallen angels" thing i have going in my stuff
There have been a few mentioned before. We had an angel in the early days. But I already wrote the first part about her long before you story. Back in the sex shop. But she is a diffrent angel. War and of Ter so maybe people don't know about other kinds.
Angel fallen to be a waifu. Sounds good.
are you refering to that Telidron thing? if so, please make the distinction, if not, then point me to whatever post involves a fallen angel (not regular) before i started writing
Yep that be her. Also what makes her not regular is nothing. No such thing as a regular fallen angel. Just saying everyone is a bit different and one should never jump to conclusions. Write what ever you want. Just write that type of fallen angel.
when i said regular i meant non-fallen, but if you're going to use a telidron then please use the phrase telidron, it'll save confusion and this pointless arguement
Telidron is a name for a type of angel, so shes still a fallen angel. Its just more specific as shes a fallen Telidron angel. Which is just a way to say she was a war angel in service and made by Ter.
File: 1351151428805.jpg-(711 KB, 720x1600, Armored ruler.jpg)
711 KB
The way I see it, this angel hasn't 'fallen' in the same way most other fallen angels fall. She was simply kicked out for being too nice of a person. Not exactly good material for some hostile being.
And Fluffy gets it as usual. But now everyone knows the plot. Oh well it was obvious to begin with.
File: 1351152223460.jpg-(230 KB, 800x600, Apple Fairy.jpg)
230 KB
I am the all-observant one. The mind of the Witch escapes my understanding though, much like my own.
Echo, echo, echo...

Slow night?
We're here, lurking and watching, waiting and listening.....

The sun is always brightest in the twilight, just before the darkness makes its way into our beds.....

Yes, we watches and we waitses, yesssss precious, we does...

-Another mind, another part, this one observes the creature with great interest. This one is also sick of painting gold highlights upon the Grand Cruiser of the Imperial Navy.
A bump before I head to bed.

Tails and Scales man, Tales and Scales!
File: 1351172546337.jpg-(20 KB, 500x292, Revolver knife.jpg)
20 KB
There's a few in the works. One about kids, accidental lakes, and pools. In another, Lem finally tells an embarrassing story of his own.
Wilhelm’s been keeping a dream diary for the past few months. On occasion he allows me to read some of his entries, and after some convincing he allowed me to reprint this one.

The first thing I remember in the dream is standing next to Cerran in front of my parents’ house in suburban Saskatchewan.

I turned to Cerran. “Well, we’re here.”

“Is there anything I should know about your parents?”

“You’ll be fine.”

I opened the door, and was immediately greeted by the smiling pair. I replied with a hug, and turned to Cerran.

“Ah, so this is Cerran. It’s so nice to finally meet you.” My mother said, smiling. “You really should take those off in the house, though.”

“Mom, her ears aren’t fake.”

“Oh. Well, you know that we’ll always be accepting of your lifestyle choices, dear.”


I should mention that my mom was a very dedicated troll; it was her way of showing affection.

After a mostlly well-intentioned interrogation about the Kanin, Teegee, and anything else that was even remotely relevant, they offered us tea. We accepted, of course.
“I take it you’ve at least taught her Pinochle?” My dad had brought a deck along with the tea; Pinochle’s serious business in the Kroeker household.

Cerran had stage fright at first, but she became more talkative as the game went on. It didn’t take long for things to get awkward.

“Olin? Who’s that?” My mom started the round with an ace in trump.

“My husband.” Cerran said, playing a nine in trump.

“But Wilhelm said that he was your husband.” said my dad, playing a king.

“We’re both her husbands.” I said, begrudgingly playing the other ace in trump.

“Oh, so she’s a Mormon!” said my mom, taking the four cards.

“No, mom, she’s not! Besides, Mormonism doesn’t work like that.”

The Pinochle game continued, with banter being slung by both sides. Yes, I dreamed an entire Pinochle game. I also lost.

Now, what does this all mean? First, I want to go back to Earth, at least temporarily. Second, I want to see my parents again. Third, I should get better at Pinochle.
You can go ahead and try to make a canal if you really want. Heck, it would be a great way to transport goods around TeeGee, but if you want that canal to meet the sea, well, good luck with that. I doubt Mirthterrah would be too happy about a TeeGee canal cutting across their lands.
Original air balloons used hot air. That's not hard.
Student of Tao and Zen, linked to a hypercreative mind with no concrete long term memory save for physical sensation and purely conceptual ideas or intense emotions.

I know how it all works, what I can't do is explain how to follow the reasoning.
Hence why that'd be about as far as we would have gotten.
Incidentally, you make hydrogen by electrolosis of water, the oxygen being heavier escapes downward while the hydrogen rises into a container. As far as a source, find a lake, stick Sit Lyrik in it, have him electrocute all the fish in the lake.
Giving anyone in Teegee a source of hydrogen is just asking for trouble.

The Hindenburg wouldn't have nothing on that mess.

Oh boy. That's getting "That Guy" levels of dangerous if you ask me.

And I know the implications of those words.
Its official. The meaning of "That Guy" has changed. Sueish, maybe. That Guy, no. Now the smut stories could be seen as that guyish.
Remember we aren't allowed to science. Its to keep this world stable/safe. Do I agree with that no. But once again. Working with people.

Getting there man, that kind of stuff wouldn't fly in any group I played with...
Oh, something I should mention. When I post something, please tell me what you think of it. In addition to giving me an ego boost, it'll help me become a better writer. Any criticism is appreciated!
Also, has therapeutic mind reading been discussed?
I wanted to do it but I got shot down again. I'm always getting shot down. So instead in Lilly's redemption story she was just forced to relive her crapy past. Also your last piece was good. But I think your missing something. Also I can't put my finger on it but something about it reads odd.
Only interrogative as far a I know. Lily's bit was hypnosis.

I had to look up what pinochle was, but other than that, not bad.
The part where she was almost drowned by Tera was going to be mind reading therapy and other stuff but someone shot me down. And yes the man on the mountain was hypnosis.
Ughhh, 15 threads behind and I can't be arsed to go back and read them. Did I miss any world shatteringly important events?

I got a ship.
Our city now has its own university of sorts, but its headmaster in currently in the hands of the inquisition of our always cheerful neighbors and we were planning on getting him back out.

Aside from that...we have a demonic killboard now.

People need rescuing from the Inquisition? Oh boy, sounds like some work for the Blades...too bad I'm sick as all hell and don't really feel like writing anything.
There was a fair amount of discussion as to how to go about it. I think opinions ranged from starting a fire in a church them smashing in to mugging some guards, stealing their uniforms, and just walking in the front door.
I was thinking more along the lines of Inglorious Bastards springing Sgt.Stiglitz, but I guess I really should go back and read at least the last few threads.
File: 1351192695760.jpg-(889 KB, 1920x1080, FedEx express.jpg)
889 KB
Everyone disguises themselves as officers and then kills everyone at the bar?
Speaking of water, where does Teegee get all their water? Wells? I don't think that'd be enough but what do I know?
File: 1351195677066.jpg-(52 KB, 600x1000, 1336075374141.jpg)
52 KB
I believe my plan was to lure the Inquisition away by booby trapping the hell out of a cathedral and convince them it's filled with heretics via dummies and notes. While they're trying to fix that nonsense, we all sneak into the prison, disguised, and rescue Thai.
File: 1351196735964.png-(1.12 MB, 1280x800, champion of justice.png)
1.12 MB
which is all i need, especially due to having a dragon and a magic fire knife to give all the heat i could need

and then one little spark goes off and i die horribly

i think it's not that we can't science, but that we can't let the science get out to be replicated

you're pretty good, i just don't understand this desire to go back to the Old World

i have a dragon kid, have had a couple fights with a fallen angel, and have a magic guantlet i can't take off.
also, pandacats are champions of justice

we're pretty close to the base of the dwarven mountains, i'd imagine that leads to lots of rivers before they're just kind of absorbed by the forest

also, like olin feel free to tell me how i'm doing, i hardly get any response
Kuro and Belle had come to visit. Mostly to show off their twins. We were sitting in the back garden. Belle had handed Anya and Ciel off to Kuro, leaving her arms free . Lilly had Jewel in her arms and Destiny was waddling about. It was funny, a little gang of new mothers. Me being the most experienced of us.

We were just chatting it up when Jim came in swearing up a storm.

“FUCK mother assmaggot on a dingo’s dick hole. Those shitcunilgers dickheaded ass eaters. Those spineless yellow bellied transgendered fags, hiding behind the skirts of women. Fuck them all and A-”

“Jim not in front of the children.”

“Right sorry about that. Council, was being well them again. You know what. I’m going to make us a swimming pool. Kids will love it.” Jim went over to a clear spot. “Don’t mind me, just charging my magic BS hack powers.”

“Lilly, how do feel about being a mother?” Belle said.

“Mostly scared, if I’m being completely honest. I want her to turn out better than me and I worry if I can do that. At the same time, overjoyed. Create rather than destroy, you know. What do you feel. I’m not a good base line for anything.”

“I’m overjoyed just like you. I’m more worried about Kuro being a bad influence than me though. She always gets excited about the silliest things, don’t want that rubbing off on the kids.”

“I think if we were to worry about anyone being a bad influence on the kids, I think that would be the psychopathic wizard with excessive tendencies.” I said.

“Like Jim?” Kuro said.

“I heard that.”

"Weren't you supposed to be concentrating?" Then I whispered, “But yes, like Jim.”

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t go too wild in our new house. If I let him in at all.”

“I can still hear you. Also I promise no fits of RAGE in your lovely home.”

A few minutes later. Jim shouted out “Pedicabo hoc recta non terra dura et sit autem aqua eius implebis foramen!”
The ground shook and there was a mighty peal of crashing stone on earth. The ground rumbled like mad. Sending everyone bouncing around. Dust flew up from the ground, there was a bit of screaming, mostly from me.

When the dust begin to clear the first thing we heard was Jim.

“Oops, may have overdone it a bit.”

I rubbed the dirt from my eyes. There was a nice sized pool in the shape of a oval in front of where Jim had been standing. But connected to it was a little stream that lead a few feet away and then there was a lot more water than that. In fact that water seemed to wrap around the castle, and it was a lot of water, like the size of a lake.

“Overdone it a bit? That’s a lake, weren’t you going for a small pond?” Belle said.

“Jim what the hell.” I shouted at the same time as the others said what they had to say.

“Well thats my badass.” Lilly also said.

“Ok, I’ll admit, practicing magic when angry is a bad idea in situations like this. Also it wasn’t entirely me. I think I may have collapsed a cave system. In other news, I have always wanted an island getaway.”

“Collapsed a cave system? You’re lucky we didn’t go down with it!”Kuro shouted angrily.

“Well, I knew the area under the house and orchard was sturdy, so that wasn’t a problem. Its solid rock all the way down. Well minus the occasional stairway to hell that pops up. But I understand that you're all mad. You have a right to be.”

“You think you drowned any monsters? Or that there might some who are swimming around in there?”

“That would be bad, yes. Huh. I should find out latter. But I think I’ve done enough for a day. Hopefully nothing too bad. Long as it isn’t a mechanical dragon as big as a building I think we should be fine. Me, I’m going to soak my feet.”

“Sounds like a plan to me, these hills just kill your feet.” Lilly said slipping her shoes off and joining Jim.
Belle started fidgeting. “It’s been so long since I’ve had a nice swim...”

“Nothing stopping you.”

“But.... I don’t have anything to wear, and I don’t want to strip in front of Jim...”[blushing now]

“Well as funny as that would be to watch. I’m sure Meina would be more than happy to lend you a suit.”

“And I promise no funny stuff.” Lilly said.

I got up and grabbed Belle. “Come on. Lets get some swimsuits and hit the water.”

We came back from the house a few minutes, we had also woken Vustine (The fallen war angel who had become a live in maid) up from her nap and got her to watch the little ones.

“Where's our swimsuits? Do you want me to just watch, or maybe you want me to swim naked?” Kuro said playfully.

Belle tossed her a bikini.

“Oh, please let me handle this one. I rarely get to use clothes magic on other people.” Lilly begged.

“I still have those panties you put on Kuro that one time.”

“Fun times, also taking that as a yes.” Lilly said, then snapped her fingers twice. First the suit disappearing, then Kuro’s clothes appearing neatly folded on one of the chairs. Then Lilly switched out her own clothes for a swimsuit.

Jim just took off his shirt and shoes and hopped in.

We were all swimming about in the pool, mostly just lounging. Jim kept trying to get people to race him. But he had told one too many stories about his days on a swim team and going to nationals.
“So what do you think people will say when they find out about this incident?”

“The usual. We need to lock up all the mages for their own protection and such. Jims a crazy murder machine just inches away from killing us all. You never know what to expect with the GearHearts. I think that about covers it.” I counted off.

Kuro leapt into the pool next to Belle, “I don’t what other people think of this. I want to make my own swimming pool now.” Kuro said, shaking the water out of her hair.

“Well next time, I’m going to take proper safety precautions and instead of pushing earth down I’ll dig it out.”

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I feel up for a game of Marco Polo.” Said Lilly. “Also, screw it, before you ask, I’m just going to send the rules to your head.”

“Well sounds like it could be fun.” Belle said, who was floating on her back.

“Right, well I volunteer you to be it then.” Kuro said, pointing at Belle.”

Less than two minutes later there was much running and screaming as Kuro made off like a bandit with Belle’s suit, Belle giving chase.

“Give it back!”

“Belle, I promise I’m not looking.” Jim said, hand over his eyes.

“That’s ok I’ll just share the memory with you later.” Lilly said

“I’ll give you mine.”

“Deal.” Belle said, with a grin.

Then I blindsided Kuro, tackling her into the pool. Belle hopped in after then there was a bit of a tussle.

“You know James, you really are missing quite the show. Three naked girls in your pool, fighting each over for control of swimsuits.”

“I don’t really mind if he sees. If I trust Lilly, why would I not trust Jim?” Kuro said holding the parts of the Bikini high over Belle’s head.

“Lilly, did I ever mention that you're a cruel woman sometimes. Also thank you Kuro, my arm was falling asleep.”

“Yes you have, usually when I’m riding in the saddle.”
Eventually all of us were fully clothed again, though not in matching outfits.

“You’re no fun Belle. I wanted to swim naked.”

“Nothing stopping you except for Belle. So thats up to her. But I agree Belle, you need to learn to have a bit of fun. Well just have to make sure you have lots before the little ones get old enough to get in the way of that. Also I’m going to let my girls float free then” Lilly said, striping.

“Naked pool party.” I shouted, following suit.

As did Kuro. “Come on, you know you want to.” She said to Belle.

Belle had turned a bright red by then. “Ok... I guess I’ll strip too...” She tried to hide behind Kuro as she took off her clothes..

So we swam about, talking about everything and nothing.

“So Belle, how long till its Kuro’s turn to carry the heavy load?” Lilly asked.

“I’m not sure, but it’s going to be before I go through that again.”

“That’s what I told Lilly.”

“You know, I wonder what the next generation will be like. Teegee is an odd place to begin with.” Jim said, trying to change the topic.

“I think it will be a lot like this one, maybe a little more unified. Lot more mixes though.”

Time went on, finally Belle and Kuro had to be getting home. Also we were starting to get a bit wrinkled.

“Thanks for letting us come today. We’ll make sure to visit again sometime soon.”

“You girls are always welcome. Its nice to have more people in this huge castle.”

“Maybe I can convince my family to come visit too.”

“It would be fun to meet them. I could find out all about your embarrassing past.” Lilly teased Belle.

“Lilly stop teasing Belle, we did that enough to day. You might scare her off for good.” I said, ribbing Lilly.

“It’s all right. You probably know more about my embarrassing past than my parents anyway.”

“Well then I’m sure Lilly and Meina look forward to ruining that for you.”
Vustine had brought the kids out of the nursery. It was a good thing she had six arms. She handed off Anya and Ciel to Kuro and Belle. They thanked her for watching the kids, and pulled me and Lilly aside into a side hallway for a second.

Both Belle and Kuro both had malicious grins plastered on their faces. “You should make Jim have the next child. We know he’ll be against it, so we’ll help you. I think it’ll be fun, and a good experience for him.”

Lilly got the biggest smile I had ever seen. “You're right it would be a good experience for him. Not to mention it would be funny as hell.”

“Thats evil. I love it, and we are going to need your help.” I added.

“Just let us know when you’re ready.”

“Oh, its going to be soon, I think. Maybe next month. Hit him when he least expects it. Like right after the next festival.”

“We look forward to it.”

After that they left, and we began to plan Jims latest misadventure.
About one month later, right after the Orchestra under the stars had finished, our trap was laid. We had made sure Kuro and Belle were lying in wait back at the castle and we had just gotten back.

Kuro and Belle sprung from the shadows helping us pin Jim to the floor. We struggled to get the cursed ring on to one of his fingers, but in the end we did.

There was some of that weird shape shifting magic and then Jim was a woman, and this time the ring wasn’t coming off unless me or Lilly removed it.

We also tied him up.

“Thanks you guys.” Lilly said to Kuro and Belle. “We will be sure to tell you all the juicy details later.” She said with a grin.

Jim tried to say something around the gag but it was no use.

“Sush honey. You're going to be a mommy.” I said stroking his cheek.

His eye went wide at that and he started to thrash about as much as he could. Which wasn’t all that much. Lilly was really good with rope.

The next morning.

“This is cruel and unusual punishment and you know it.” Jim said, still tied to the bed.

“Its hardly a punishment and hardly cruel, we just want you to know the joys of being a mother.” I said trying my best not to laugh.

“Look at the bright side, you only are going to be a mother for maybe a well, ten months for the baby, little while after that so you can feed her. No more than what year and a half.”

“Look on the bright side, imagine all the fun we will have.”

“Well its not like my reputation can get any worse. So there is that.”

“By the way, after lunch we are going to visit Kuro and Belle. They wanted to hear about it.”

The End.
File: 1351199731567.jpg-(337 KB, 600x900, Cave Housing.jpg)
337 KB
So, what does everyone think of GearHeart's latest screw up?
The moral of the story is don't nearly kill Kuro and Belle.
File: 1351202333314.jpg-(243 KB, 740x1000, Succubus daughter..jpg)
243 KB
More the fact that he could have hurt the kids.
Yeah, that would be the big one.
File: 1351209672166.jpg-(105 KB, 1000x750, Entrance.jpg)
105 KB
Did we frighten everyone away?
File: 1351209938979.jpg-(2 KB, 125x81, 1341355290614s.jpg)
2 KB
I'm still here. Watching. Waiting.

Been around all day.
File: 1351210220943.jpg-(251 KB, 1600x679, Hello.jpg)
251 KB
The eldritch abominations won't wait forever.

They say hello.
hello mr (?) abonination
File: 1351211351169.jpg-(1.4 MB, 2560x1600, meet_the_pyro_wallpaper.jpg)
1.4 MB
I really have to finish this fucking arc soon.
If Gearheart really goes through with it, even depending on which year it takes place in, it still puts one of Teegee's more "powerful" fighters out of commission for....six months? Depending on how active people can be while heavily with child.

(Seriously? What next, Cloning yourself and THEN having a baby?)
File: 1351211715604.jpg-(379 KB, 1200x1726, 1336287513958.jpg)
379 KB
Pfft. All we need is well forged steel, sheer grit, and a ridiculous amount of luck in the face of unimaginable horror.
File: 1351211777575.jpg-(436 KB, 1400x768, Entrance 2.jpg)
436 KB
Just take it as a warning to never frighten the children.

Okay, wait, what?

JIM, is going to bear the child?
I'm...not quite sure what both of you are talking about.

In other news, is Alaric still suffering from night terrors?
File: 1351211912164.png-(280 KB, 452x710, 1330239832014.png)
280 KB
i think fluffy means that she got lilly and meina to knock up gearheart solely to get back at him for scaring the little half dragon children. not sure about alaric

Wait... someone knocked up gearheart?
File: 1351212365143.jpg-(736 KB, 1396x840, Entrance 3.jpg)
736 KB
That's part of the motivation.
he has a some magic item that lets people change genders, and just up the thread a bit his waifus were trying, so probably
File: 1351212469347.jpg-(168 KB, 591x806, 1330137392325.jpg)
168 KB
I just need to put this out here now. Gearheart is our resident source of kinky/weird smut. I just ignore it and read the not-smut parts.
File: 1351212547144.jpg-(30 KB, 550x377, e03ed_550px-Television-8C(...).jpg)
30 KB
It's like bad ranma 1/2 fanfiction all over again!

...Nice hat! Now get back to writing about hallucinations!

I have not been here long. I may not carry some kind of seniority. But, I said it once already, but this is slipping closer and closer to the "that guy" danger-zone.
as far as i can tell all the smut stuff comes from gearheart, most i've seen from other people is off hand references. we focus more on ADVENTURE then we do sex

Well I would hope so. That's my main focus of this venture.
File: 1351213221099.jpg-(245 KB, 1215x717, Fox magic.jpg)
245 KB
Lem has done some.
Most people focus on their own little things though.
File: 1351215050071.png-(64 KB, 900x563, Jgear.png)
64 KB
Sorry Fluffy throwing you under the bus this time. It was your idea to get GearHeart knocked up. Im going with it but not taking the sole blame.

I've written just about everything from Adventure to Smut. I'm working in a piece about politics right now. I've just done more smut cause Lilly got to be somewhat popular.

GearHeart is going to try his hardest to get out of it. Its just a question of whose will is stronger. His or Lilly and Meina'

Not recognizing GearHeart. Then again I on;y used that pic before you started.

In other news pic related.
File: 1351215390591.jpg-(155 KB, 831x700, 1351145526086.jpg)
155 KB
“Exploding daggers.”

And that was the last thing I remembered, before I woke up chained in a dungeon.

“Glade to see ya pull through. Now you may be asken why I didn't just kill you. Well the fact is Meina begged me to let you live. She's a good soul like that. Lilly wanted to rape you, She has a real hate on for you. We won't be doing that. Me, I've never seen your kind before. Tell me why should I let you live.”

“You don't know of the Telidrone, the soldiers of Ter. The protectors of the worlds from all that is evil.”

“All that Lilly told me, also told me your kind has egos to match the sun. But you didn't answer my question.”

“That is because you should kill me or I'll break these chains and run, after killing you. As Ter teaches.”

“I think part of that was a Cash song. And speaking of Ter and his teachings, I've met orcs. They ain't to bright. Overly prone to violence. Just like their gods.”

“What do you know of the orcs? Foolish human.”

“Enough to earn the title of Lord of a clan. What I want to know is how did you get thrown out of your little righteous order.”

“I... I let a foe live.”

“Well this is sort of ironic. Let me guess showing mercy is the greatest sin your kind can commit.”

“No that would be conspiring with a demon. I did the most foul thing one can do and not be killed for.”

“K then, you got a few days till you heal up. Quite a few in fact, didn't think you were going to make it. So how about this, I stop by everyday and talk to you. I leave when you want me to. By the time you are healed you can do what ever you wish.”

“I want you to go.”

“Fair enough, be back at sun up. I would say see you then but that would be tasteless.”

And then I heard a door close and a latch swing shut.
Everything still hurts. My eyes stung like there was sand trying to rub them out. Can't see, can't move. Going crazy, first chance I get I'm going to kill that guy. Blackness, pain. More of both. How long have I been here? Said he would come by everyday. Its got to have been like two or three now.

“Hello there Vustine, have a nice night? No, I imagine not.”

“Why do you torment me so?”

“Sorry, don't mean to. So then...”

“Last time you told me you were a Lord of a clan. Which one?”

“Thunder Rift.”

“Figures, the one that Ter is confused about. Wanted to destroy it and at the same time give them a son like no other. Least that was what the gossip said. I was always to busy taking care of the unlikable types to pay attention to politics.”

“Sounds about right. I have earned Tera's favor though.”

“That makes you the dumbass Lord who won't sleep with his Queen. You have two girls already. Why not three. That would help aleave Ter of some of his wrath.”

“Not up to me. Its up to the girls. Lilly and Meina, and also Ruby. Ruby and Lilly don't like each other. They manage to be civil on my behalf, but that is about it. So tell me some about you.”

“Killed Demon, Fallen, Rival Angels, that kind of thing. Enforced the peace by any means necessary. Thats about it.”

“Know that feel, any means necessary, suck don't it. Doesn't leave much time for life. Sad really. Then everything you put into it just ups and vanishes, leaving you with nothing but broken pieces.”

“Oh, please. Like you can win my ear with such a weak line.”

“Weak or not its true. My whole old life just one day up and disappeared, leaving me in a far worse place than were you are. But see, the nice thing about broken pieces is that sometimes you can pick up the pieces and make something better.”
“Optimist pussy talk. The real world doesn't work like that.”

“You know, your the first person I have ever met that called me an optimist, most of the time people peg me for a die hard pessimist. Says some things about you.”

“Yeah, I have seen the world for how it really is and most live in an idealized fantasy world. You're closer to the middle.”

“Funny choice, fantasy that is. As messed up this world is, what with the slavery and stuff like it, still a real nice place compared to my old home. Back there we had all the same problems, well minus the demons, and none of the hope. Magic and all that. Here magic always gives you a chance. Your wounds for instance would never fully heal back in my world. Another thing we lacked was you guys. Higher powers, oh we made some up. But at the end of the day there were no gods playing on your side.”

“How did people live then if they really lacked all that stuff.”

“Heh, you don't believe me. Course not, to you its the norm. But let me put it this way. In the last seven years Teegee has had more contact with the higher powers, good and evil, than our entire history of before.”

“But what about magic, you people can do it.”

“Hell if we know. Before not a one of us could preform the simplest trick. Now, well one guy is a freaken lightning cannon.”

“You know what, I tire of talking for today. Get out.”

“Right, see you tomorrow then.” He said and then I heard the sound of a door closing.

Leaving me to think. I wasn't healing as fast as I used to. Something he did or is it part of being fallen? Also, why?

Days passed my wounds healed. My vision was the last thing to come back. Even then it was messed up. Also turns out the dungeon was rather nice as they go. I could see that now. I had also come to understand him.
“Seems this is as far as you go by your self. I have little in the way of healing power. But Lilly can do it. I'm offering this again and I'll keep making it till you take it so just take it.”

“I may be fallen, I may be broken, but I still have my honor.”

“Well then I think meeting her would be good for you. You two have a lot more in-common than you think.”

The door creaked open and in she walked.

“Hey, so...”

“I'm going to leave you girls to talk.” He said, then he left.'Suck

“Well, I guess we might as well begin.”

“Yes, do begin your torture. Degrade me and make me yours and after that make me one of you, just like you are doing to those two.”

“I'm not going to do that. Awhile ago I would have. But, I've learned things since then. Like, we don't have to let our past’s define who we are. I was taken from my home and made into a demon. But I don't have to be one. I'm working at being a better person. It started with being saved from my old life. So the question is, what really got you kicked out?”

“Like I told him, I spared a life.”

“It's never that simple. I know, me I asked for salvation from slavers and ended up in hell. There's always more to the story.”
“-Sigh-, fine. You're right. It was a routine mission. There were some demons pushing the rules just a little to hard. Cult of humans and demons holed up in a cave system out by the Free Kingdoms. I was sent to clean things up. So I get there, the sacrifice is dead already. The cultists are celebrating. I killed them all, all but one. There was a younger boy there. Maybe six years old. I could see the fear in his eyes. I could see the only reason he was there was for safety, he looked like a street kid. So I made the dumbest move of my career and let him live. Needless to say the higher ups found out about it. They sent someone to take care of the kid and I was kicked out faster than I could blink.”

“Suck. But did you do the right thing?”

“I like to think so, but I'm a fallen angel what do I know?”

“Well, you know that you did what you though was right at the time.”

“Doesn't make it right.”

“Oh, no. Never said that. Probably should have offed the kid with out a second thought. He'll probably would have grow up to be an evil bastard. The younger you get them the more dead set they are. But you tried to give him a chance. If I hadn't been given a chance I would still be another whore of hell.”

“Thats all it took for you?”

“Heck no, it took a lot of hard work and a bunch of chances. But it all started with one. So out of curiosity what kind of cult?”
“Iron and Blood.”

“Makes you wonder don't it.”

“Yeah. How can he let them pervert his legacy so. Right in his neighborhood too.”

“The cant is that he used to be one of us.”

“Yeah I had heard that before. Never put much stock in it though...”


“It's starting to fit. But it doesn't make sense.”

“Makes sense if you figure all he wants is power.”

“But its not power that makes you a god its...”

“It's not? Then what is it? Wanting to do good for your subjects?”
“That's not fair... no your right. Tera is one of the more compassionate ones and she still cares more about her power than her children. Heal me up would you.”

“Right, now this is going to hurt a bit.” She said placing her hands on my head.

“Oh joy.” And then it hit me, hurt a bit for sure. “Yeah, so. A fallen masochist angel and a reformed succubus are in a dungeon, now all we need is a punch line.”

“How about a muscly cross-dressing knight and the nicest cow slut you will ever meet.”

“Still missing the punch line.”

“Its just another day at the GearHearts.”


In the end they let me crash with them until I got myself set up. I never did. Because I didn't want to. I had found a new life for me. A new home. With friends that would help me through the hard times. Jim ready to smash anything that threatened, Lilly always able to lighten the mood, Meina always there to care. I may not have been family, but they treated me like it.

I would become like a live in maid, but more like an aunt. I helped them raise their kids, all of them.
“Hey, what you doing?” Jim asked.

“Writing down my story. I want to add it to your guys's, the Great Book of GearHearts will be one heck of a read.”

“How far have you gotten?”

“Just the intro. How we met, followed by a little summary of what to expect.”

“Well I won't keep you from it then.”

Though I started as a maid then an aunt. I eventually became family for real. It was actually offered long before I was ready. Really I was family even before that, when I had become fair game in Lilly's and Meina's games was when I really was family. It just took me a few more years to get there myself. But in 15 AA that had changed. I was family.
File: 1351216286406.jpg-(182 KB, 1024x640, Hill of Spines.jpg)
182 KB
And that's finally done.
Yep just like four more stories to finish now. But I have a bunch of stuff so Hell, Mermaids, and the games are still on hold.As are marick and all the others.
oh, so that's what you call a fallen angel, yea i don't think we have a problem with stories anymore. as far as my limited knowledge of angel terminology goes, vustine qualifies as Outcast, not technically Fallen, but from an honor standpoint there isn't much difference, still kicked out (just not full on evil)
do you even have a life? you write sio bloody much, put us all to shame. I still have to re-re-write this ending to A Frosty Holiday...

Kasai here.
I have a life. I just scheduled it well and don't sleep much.
lies, no one on 4chan has a life
File: 1351217236343.jpg-(233 KB, 800x640, b24aab41a31bf8f4869595b18(...).jpg)
233 KB
>don't sleep much
And we all know why that is. You've informed us way too many times.

Time for Part Three of Catmas Craze! Gift giving and all that fun stuff. Goddamn, why didn't I post this a couple threads ago.
Not what I meant. I was talking about stying up into the wee hours writing with you people.
File: 1351217494818.jpg-(125 KB, 408x606, AuntieKikkiIsSantaClaus.jpg)
125 KB
Man, this place sure is big. The hall was made for reception, a long table sat in the middle of the great room. Banners hung from the wall, bearing the sigil of TeeGee, and I was stuffed. This place usually housed diplomats to Castle Waifu, but tonight, Lem Fearghaile was using it to house his friends for Savior’s Day, one of the most important TeeGee holidays. Jim et al, Gary, the Knight Quartermaster, Samantha of the Grove (another diplomat), and Perrin, the Lieutenant of the Dragoons. It was kind of overwhelming since Seamus and I were just invited along by Jim.

It was sundown before Savior’s Day. Lem’s fast-breaking feast had just come to an end. A small group of us had gathered to exchange gifts and enjoy each others company. Jim was sitting by the table strumming on his guitar, with Meina humming along. Samantha was leaning on the table, gripping a beer stein, talking with a low voice to Lem, something about relations. Seamus was chatting with Lilly, part of my worried about what. Kikki was sitting by Lems side, more like on his lap, she was playing footsie under the table. Course if she stopped and thought for a second she would have realized that the feet were facing the wrong way. To be fair she was a bit tipsy. Gary and Perrin were playing chess. And there I sat by the fire. All was right with the world. I sat there just soaking it all in.

Kikki came over after realizing the feet she was playing with were facing the wrong way. She was still blushing heavily.

“You know theres a bet going on about how long until you two come back to the Rogue Trader.
Good money on never. They have you pegged for the No Fun Couple. But you seem to be having a lot of fun.”

“You saw that?”

“I see a lot. I like to people watch. I see you're a bit put out about them talking about work during a time for celebration.”
“If you were really a people watcher like Gary, you’d know they weren’t talking about work.” Kikki smirked a bit, and was pretty relaxed. Probably a combination of the mead and the atmosphere. “What about you? Lilly has been twisting Seamus’s ear all night it seems.”

“Relations and not diplomacy? Seamus is a big boy, he can take care of himself. Besides she’s just giving him advice on how to give me a good gift. He asked for the advice. Now he has to pay the price.”

“Fair enough, but a fair hint, you might be paying it too.” Kikki went to refill her stein at the tap we had brought. “Oh, and I already told you, Lem and Sam are DEFINITELY not talking about work~.”

I got up to fill my stien as well. “Oh really, about what then? Would it have to do with the quick glances that she keeps shooting their way? It would make your little game of footsie more entertaining.” I said nodding my head at Gary and Perrin.

“Oh, I was just doing that ‘cause I can. I’m not telling on the rest, that would be too easy”

“You and Lilly are a lot alike you know. Maybe thats why you two get along so well.”

“Or maybe I just don’t like spreading rumors at the expense of my friends. I think I’d like to spare the castle another wayward bet on someone’s love-life.”

“Oh no, Lilly would be telling me all about it, just like she wouldn’t shut up about you and Lem. I was talking about flirting with another womans feet. I wonder who Sam thinks it was. You or Lem? Maybe Lilly causing trouble?”

Kikki cocked an eyebrow. “Now you’re just reading too far into things.”
“Ok, I’ll take your word for it. Speaking of Lilly, you wouldn’t happen to know if she has anything planned for the night that we should be worrying about.” I said satisfied with the new rumors I had to share next time all the Knights came in. Some of the rumors they tell are really out there. I prefer ones more based in fact.

“Lilly’s not too hard to figure out... If you don’t have a good idea by now, why ruin the surprise?” And with that Kikki went back under Lem’s arm and entangling legs.

Confirming my suspicion that Kikki had something up her sleeve she did not want hinted at. I hope it will be entertaining. I went back over to the fire. Meina broke off from Jim who had just finished playing a song. We talked about some stuff. Mostly about how much trouble I was getting into letting Lilly give Seamus ideas.

Time passed, people mingled. Perrin won the chess game by cornering Gary’s king with his knights. I got to know Sammy and Gary rather well. Gary like to people watch also and he was as good as me if not better. Sam seemed to be eyeing Perrin a good bit tonight, so we both joked that they would be together by the end of next year. I had met Lem and Kikki before. Lem not so much, though I knew his drink order like the back of my hand by now, but Lilly and Kikki were often about the town together, usually shopping. Course I had actually met everyone at the Trader before, but thats different. The moon was well overhead when Jim spoke up.

“Hate to be the party pooper, but it is getting rather late and we still need to exchange gifts.”

I saw a glint in Lilly’s eyes that scared me. Also saw one in Kikki’s eyes. There was mischief about to take place, that much I was sure of.
“I’ll go first,” said Kikki. “Starting with Lilly, I have a very special gift for you.”

“Oh really? Lay it on me then.”

Kikki slid over a chest with many Mirthan symbols engraved into the metalwork. She just smiled knowingly. Considering how close friends they were, it kind of freaked me out.

Lilly hesitantly opened the chest. Inside was a metal chastity belt, with a bunch of strange markings on it.

“Wow Kikki, what happened to its not all about sex?” Lilly joked.

“It’s a chastity belt, it’s about everything BUT sex,” Gary joked.

“Theres a diffrence between sex and fucking you know. Wait, I forgot you don’t.” Lilly ribbed back.

“Well I guess Kikki should get her presents from us know.” Said Meina.

Jim pulled a basket out of one of those magic sacks he had. He slid it on over to Kikki.

Inside were a whole bunch of chocolate chip cookies, a black box, and twin daggers.

“I take it the black box is from Lilly.”

“You would be correct.” Lilly said with a smile.

Kikki flipped one of the daggers around a few times. “Good balance... magic?”

“Magic throwing daggers. Fly a bit straighter and come to you hand when you call them. Just be careful as long as you don’t do anything stupid you’ll be fine.” Jim said.
Kikki chucked one at the near wall, cutting some decorational rope and pinning it to the wall, and then with a snap it returned to her hand. “Nice, they’ll be good with my usual two. Never really did like the crossbow Gary requisitioned for me...”

“Hey, I don’t make ‘em, I only hand ‘em out.”

“Now open the box.” Lilly said impatiently.

“I think it can wait. I have a good idea of what’s in there already.” Kikki smiled slyly as she munched on a cookie.

“Fun sucker. Meina and I worked hard to make you a new Santa Claws outfit and you won’t even show it to everyone.” It was pretty clear that Lilly was trying to guilt trip Kikki, but she was having none of it. More accurately, she was grinning so smugly, a Fey would be jealous. “Oh fine, just a fair warning if its not opened by the end of Savior’s Day it will come alive and hunt you down, forcing you to wear it.” Lilly joked, at least I was pretty sure she was. I really really hoped she was.
File: 1351217936369.jpg-(113 KB, 1000x1000, 1551-DEFAULT-l.jpg)
113 KB
“Uh... Alright, let’s get rid of this tension.” Lem turned around and grabbed his own sack. I get the impression he had a good idea of what was in the black box too. “Alright... Let’s start with Alice and Seamus...” He pulled out a bottle of whiskey. “Some Halfling whiskey from my personal stash. Sorry I couldn’t get something more personal, but I think you know my drinking habits better than I know yours.”

“That I do, and besides Seamus here has never had the stuff. Can’t wait to introduce him to it.”

“You do know I have heard the stories.” Seamus said.

“It won’t mess you up any worse than any other whiskey, and I know you Kanin are hard drinkers.” This time from the sack he pulled a long spear that was flared at the end. “Next, regenerating jousting lance for Perry. Since you won the festival tournament and got that beautiful lance that only sits up on your wall, have this. Fits all tournament requirements, but you don’t have to grab a new one every time you score a hit. Which from what I’ve heard, was every time you rode.”
The night went on like that, exchanging gifts. Gary got everyone a piece of equipment including a changeling sword for Lem so he can “Stop complaining to me every time he needs a new style of sword.” Perrin got everyone some nice clothes imported from Serrid. His late brother’s wife had brought them. The GearHearts got everyone a Gift Basket like the one Kikki got. No one was brave enough to open their gift from Lilly, but me. It was a leather strappy outfit and two potions without labels. With a dog collar. Subtle, real subtle. I got a alcohol repellent necklace from Jim. Where he gets this stuff, I don’t know. But it would come in handy. No more nights coming home covered in spilt drinks. Seamus got everyone drink tickets and I got a book that I thought would fit them. Coming up with one for Kikki was hard, but in the end I picked a compendium of outrealmer folk tales, reprinted from right here in Teegee.

“Here ya are Jim. This is the closest I’ve found to a proper Bourbon. Human distilled from just north of the Shirelands. The guy I got it from was pretty short, so I have my suspicions.

“You, are a gentleman and a scholar you know that. Let me pull your basket out.” And so he did. Rye Cake from Meina and a Magic pen sword thingy from Jim. With unlimited ink apparently.

“Well since you’re not going to open my gift...”

“You know what? I’m gonna be adventurous tonight.” Lem opened the box. It was a bit smaller than the others, but it got about the same look that mine did. “Well Lilly, I appreciate the gesture, but I think you’ve misjudged my cup size.” He pulled up something that could barely be called a piece of clothing. Basically strings and frills.
“Well I had to guess. It’s no secret you wear panties.” Lilly joked back. “No, but that’s for the both of you. And that little bottle? I got you a few doses of a potion that will help you keep up with Kikki the Flash. Will also make her want to eat you up, if you catch my drift.”

“What’s that green leaf hanging from it?” Kikki asked

“Mistletoe.” and Lem quickly put the black and red string back into its box. “I’m just going to leave that there.”

“I thought I knew all of Lilly’s sex things, but I’m lost on this one. What does the Mistletoe do?” I said hoping to get some fun at Lem and Kikki’s expense. Since everyone had had a good laugh on my behalf over the leather straps.

“I know I know all of her tricks, and I don’t have a clue on this one. Mistletoe isn’t even a reagent, that I know of.” Meina pipped in.

“Thats because it doesn’t do anything really. Just decoration.” Jim said.

“Then why did Lem react like he did?” I said, digging for more.

“I don’t know. Lem why don’t you tell us why.” Jim said, with a drawl.

“Nope, you can find out later. It’s an old realm thing. Ask Jim and Lilly, since they’re clearly the ones that came up with it..” The way that Lem and Kikki were looking at eachother meant something juicy though. Lilly and Jim were doing their best not to fall out of their chair and burst out laughing.
“Well, this certainly has been a most exciting evening, however, I must retire for the night. I have nieces and nephews to wrap gifts for before dawn.” Perrin got up from his chair and gathered the things given.

Lem looked over at Samantha and gave an odd jerk of his head which prompted her to get up. “Hey, if you need any help, I’ve gotten good at... wrapping things.” It was true, the Gnomish puzzle spheres were very well wrapped.

“Yes, I would very much like the company.” And they stepped out.

“Man... nothing really interesting is gonna happen if I leave now too, is there? I keep getting the feeling that Kikki is gonna cave to all the pressure Lilly’s giving her.” Gary reclined back. “Well, I also kinda have to wake up to get people their fireworks for tomorrow. Damnit, alright. I’m out. Nite guys.” and so Gary got up and grabbed his haul. “Don’t go too stir crazy without me.”

“We won’t. Well I won’t, I think Kikki and Lilly are trying to fuck each other with their eyes.” Jim said, sipping at his Burbon knock off.
File: 1351218659566.jpg-(31 KB, 500x551, LOCKET18-large.jpg)
31 KB
“Just because she won’t open her gift.” Lilly said, pouting.

“Hey, don’t worry, it’ll definitely see some use. Just not out of the house~”

“You know if it was just me I would understand. But I think you're hurting Meina’s feelings. Just take a peek in the box. Don’t have to open it if you don’t want to. Just give it a look at least.”

“No Lilly, it’s fine if she doesn’t. Really.” Menia said, looking a bit sad.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure we’re going to absolutely love it.” Lem chuckled a bit

“Oh quiet you. What did YOU get Kikki then?”

“Well, I WAS going to save it for after everyone cleared out but...” Lem reached behind his back pocket and produced a small, flat box with a very nice saffron bow on it. “Merry Christmas, Love.”

Inside was a small, but very finely and ornately cast locket. Kikki’s face lit up like the sky on a twin full moon. “Oh wow, thanks so much!” She kissed him. A little deeper than I would have dared with present company, but she was so ecstatic she probably didn’t even notice.

“Go on, open it up.” Soon the soft sound of a sort of honkey instrument played out. Somber, but playful and it played with such expression. “I would’ve had this done earlier, but I only found my blues harp the other day.”
“That’s odd. The infallible Lem losing something? Color me shocked and amazed.” Lilly snarked.

“Oh! That reminds me.” Kikki seemed to have snapped out of her cloud nine haze and pulled out a small box of her own. “Heheh... I can probably explain why you couldn’t find your harmonica for a week...”

“Oh wow...” Lem pulled out a little bar. Looked about the size of a guard ration, but was flared at one end with a bunch of little square holes on the other. Lem gave it a blow and it gave a bit of a honk. It musta been the same kind as what was recorded to the locket.

“The luther said it was enchanted to hit any diatonic scale you wanted. You just have to hit that switch. I don’t really know what he meant, but he said that you would.” Lem played a few more licks, the sound sometimes changing. When he seemed satisfied, he didn’t really bother saying anything, he just kissed her right back, his face said the rest.

“You two are so disgustingly cute together, I don’t know if I want to beam or puke.”

“Don’t care what you think~” Kikki was practically purring in Lem’s arms.

“Hey, remember who helped you out so many times. Will you at least LOOK at what I got you?”

“I already know better than that. You’re not gonna ruin my mood right now.”

“Man, you guys should get a room already.” Seamus barked a chuckle, and I pushed him in the shoulder.

“They have a room. Problem is, we’re in it.” Jim said with a chuckle.
File: 1351218849578.jpg-(12 KB, 230x247, 95935-92479.jpg)
12 KB
“Come on Kikki, I just want to know if we got the sizes right. I’ll try on yours if you try on mine~” Lilly said.

Kikki didn’t even respond, instead content to just purr up on Lem’s shoulder.

“Kikki, if you don’t dress up as Santa Claws right now, I’m leaving this feast and your wonderful gift behind.”

Kikki sighed and got up. “Okay, you really want to see me dressed up as Santa Claws then?”

“Pretty sure I made that clear. So will you do? What will it take from me? You should know that I’m up for anything.”

Kikki pointed at the chest containing the chastity belt. “You try it on. I’ll take the left room, you take the right.”

“You try yours on and its a deal.” Lilly said pointing to the black box. Lilly picked up the chest and went into the room on the right, and Kikki went into the room on the left.

Lilly was the first one out, wearing naught but the belt. Jim whistled and Lem cocked an eyebrow. I gave Seamus a good smack upside the head to remind him to mind his eyes. Kikki took a bit longer, so Lilly knocked on the door. “Kikki, whatsa matter? Getting cold feet~”

The latch raised and out walked Kikki in... basically what she always wore. A jacket that stopped at the midriff and some shorts. Only red. Oh, and she had one of those red hats with the white pom-pom on it too. She was carrying a small sack. “Who wants fudge dice!”
“Kikki, thats no fair. You were supposed to try on mine.” Lilly said pouting.

“I said I was gonna dress up like Santa Claws, I mean...” She just seemed to notice Lilly’s state of (un)dress. “It’s not like I told you to strip down to nothing but the belt.”

“That was a personal choice, it looked funny under the skirt I was wearing. Fine to make everyone more comfortable.” Lilly snapped her fingers and was covered in a gout of smoke. When it cleared she was wearing a less form fitting dress than the one she had started the night in, the first dress had been skin tight and I could see her point it would have looked a bit off. “Better? Good. Now about our deal. I think it was made rather clear, you were supposed to at least try mine on.”

“Well I did try it on. Fits great, thanks much. Lem’s gonna love it too.” Kikki smiled

“Never lie to a Succubus. Far better lies I’ve heard. I’m hurt Kikki.”

“Why would I lie? It came off much easier than it went on, but unlike you, I’m not willing to walk around half-naked most of the time.”

“The magic should have given you quite the time taking it off, but whatever. I’m done, you win.” Lilly said sulking.

“You know what Lilly? Tomorrow I’ll wear it, just for you... and Lem, but he gets to stay.”

“Thank you Kikki.” Lilly said with a smile. “Now I’m going to go take this thing off and reshift my tail. You never realize how much you miss something until its gone. It must be really cold out; The metal stings a bit.”

“Oh that’s right... uhhhhh...” Kikki seemed to have suddenly realized something. “You MIGHT have some trouble with that on your own...”
“I know when I’ve been bested. Whats the trick?” Lilly said lifting her skirt and laying her hands on the metal belt. She pulled her hands back and dropped to the floor. “Owie. Not doing that again. You know thats a mean trick. Giving a demon something blessed, and the stinging must be from cold forged iron wedged up against my lady parts.”

“Hey! I just forgot! You’re gonna kinda need Jim. Alone. In your own bed. We’ll give him the key.”

“Well, I find myself in a hard place.” Jim said.

“Fuck you too dear.” Lilly said, getting up off the floor.

“For once you can’t. Miss I have no tail.” Jim taunted.

Lilly was busy looking at the belt. “Theres no keyhole on this thing. Its a magic key isn’t it.”

“Something like that.” Lem scratched the back of his head. “It’s in the box.”

Jim picked up the box before Lilly could get to it and looked in. He pulled out a small, matching iron egg that looked like it could fit in one of the front crevices on the iron underwear. “So, how does it work?”

Lem sighed. “We’ll tell you later...”

“Tell me little man or I’ll rip it from your head! Sorry got away from myself. Pain and all that other stuff still subsiding.”

“Well, that shouldn’t last very long. The subsiding part I meant. Not sure about the pain. I’ll go write it down. It can get kinda specific.” Lem started off for the office, new quill in hand.

“The stinging isn’t bad, feels nice in a bad sort of way. It was the shock from trying to remove it that hurt. Felt like I was being raped by lightning bolts.”
For this whole while, I found myself ignoring Seamus, who I found to be squirming a bit. For all my interest in tonight’s excitement, I suppose it was just too much for my knight. I stood up dragging Seamus with me as Lem went to get some parchment. “I’ve think it’s time we should be going. Need to break in a new toy on Seamus here.”

“You know that outfit was made for the female form right,” Meina said.

“Like I said, Seamus.”

Seamus whimpered.

“Oh be quiet you big baby. It will be fun.”

“You spend too much time with Lilly.”

“And you don’t spend enough~”

Everyone laughed as Seamus put on his puppy-dog face and I dragged him out. Even Lilly was laughing as heartily as Kikki’s gift would allow her. Seamus doth protest too much. It’s as much my Catmas Eve as his~

Catmas Craze! Pt. 3 END

Well, hope you lot enjoyed that. Now back to schoolwork/videogames/thatstoryaboutKikki'sDad.
enjoyed, just two things

i don't see us using our precious explosives for fireworks unless these are different then old world stuff

>twin full moon
last i checked we only had one moon since the second was blown apart by demons
I just heard two moons at first, but doesn't mean one can't be pockmarked or something.

As for the fireworks, "low" explosives can be used in conjunction with magic. An alcohol based propellant would actually be of greater use in this sort of situation. Likely followed by a nice illusion rune that gives off pretty colors, effects, and loud noises.

Fleet Admiral eh Kasai?
....it's a namefag thing. I think I adopted it at teh start of SWQ and Planefag, about the same time Battlefleet gothic threads started up again.

That being said, around 20AA we WILL get airships, and this Sergeant-Major will go get a commission...
next piece i'm working on involves me getting the beginnings of an air force. will be at about 12 AA so it shouldn't mess with anything you're writing
File: 1351226641176.jpg-(319 KB, 909x1186, Orbital Battle.jpg)
319 KB
Hot air balloons? You going to try and mount railguns on them?
Like I said Hot air balloon duels to the death. with railguns
Railguns? Why not good old grapnel, blade and automated arrow turrets? With choice of wizard for good measure.

Then there are the different varieties of bombard that can be deployed...
Well yes. The original hot air balloon duel was done with dueling pistols. But the point is to be different. Me I say swordfish.
File: 1351227386043.jpg-(203 KB, 600x800, Elf in a tree.jpg)
203 KB
Flying electric swordfish.
Steam Engines, hot air balloons, coupled with Magitech, based on wooden ships and iron men. Come to me when you
a) need a pilot
b) have heavier than air propulsion.

No cannons suck, but giant ballistae and Greek Firebombs/Napalm throwers will do I think.
Think Crimson Skies sky pirates style.
while i do plan to include hot air balloons they aren't going to be what i use for the airforce i plan to domesticate drakes

most will include those, railgun is just my personal thing since my lightning magic specialty lets me negate the need for large energy sources/batteries
File: 1351227467406.jpg-(57 KB, 450x379, knife11.jpg)
57 KB
Then that leads to an odd situation much like seeing the Roman legions using AK47s or Attila the Hun and his motorcycle cavalry.

The thing is, since we have the entirety of human military knowledge (fictional or otherwise) to draw on, keep it so that it's still practical. And awesome, at the same time.

The swordfish example? We'll need fisheries for it. Or blacksmiths that specialize in swordfish shaped harpoons.

Are you kidding me?!
You do know there was a hot air balloon duel irl right? Back in the olden days.
File: 1351227680102.jpg-(145 KB, 1200x550, Overgrown carrier.jpg)
145 KB
Could power them with runes. Probably have to replace them after every shot. I don't see them surviving the kind of power needed for a railgun.
I was referring to balloon mounted railguns.

Taking pot shots with less energy dependant weapons is fair game. We can't just wire Sir Lyrik to the grid, now, can we?
not to mention the recoil on a railgun may very well knock the balloon from the sky as well
no bloody railguns dammit.

Napalm throwers, steel tipped ballistae, and boarding actions. Age of Sail style fighting minus the cannons me thinks.
Bloody railguns? Well if you had enough iron in your blood...
File: 1351228297602.jpg-(375 KB, 600x910, Ghost dagger.jpg)
375 KB
Don't give Lyrik any ideas.
and now i have another kamikaze move
To late

Don't go making sea travel obsolete so soon there chaps. Lol
airships probably won't be able to carry as much while staying afloat, and overseas travel would probably still be dominated by water vessels since airships would be much more vulnerable to storms

and this isn't even counting any upgrades to sea ships we implement
so with the airships will we be going blimp or flying, slightly modified boat?
We're currently at hot air balloons. Zeppelins and airships don't come for a good time here, so let's not get ahead of ourselves. Still, great scouting tool.
File: 1351251384430.jpg-(470 KB, 1500x1066, Floating waterwheel.jpg)
470 KB
And lots of fun to just float around in.
File: 1351258134464.jpg-(84 KB, 700x934, dwarf booze.jpg)
84 KB
dwarf booze bump
Railguns can actualy have suprisingly little recoil, if they're designed with that goal in mind.
Hurts efficiency pretty bad, though.
File: 1351275297114.gif-(78 KB, 800x600, 1268592677654.gif)
78 KB
And a bump for good measure
File: 1351275757661.jpg-(478 KB, 1395x983, Ivory City.jpg)
478 KB
Poor girl. They won't even let her into the church.
I don't think it's a case of 'letting' her into the church in this particular case.
File: 1351280363911.jpg-(110 KB, 1200x537, Island City.jpg)
110 KB
You're right. They'll probably try to kidnap her if she goes in, just like they did with her new husband.

... I want to discover that place.
holy shit my inner Health and Safety inspector is crying like a bitch.
File: 1351292132681.jpg-(1.17 MB, 2560x1600, Floating Cities.jpg)
1.17 MB
I'm not the guy who said, "Build down."

It may not be the safest, but I'll be damned to say that it isn't cool looking.
>going into churches

File: 1351294703431.jpg-(81 KB, 1222x749, 1346906724644.jpg)
81 KB
Do it.

Hmmm... perhaps.
fearghaile's the one with the holy sword right?
File: 1351299938866.jpg-(222 KB, 600x800, Frog man.jpg)
222 KB
File: 1351300375571.jpg-(1.98 MB, 3270x1360, waifu fort.jpg)
1.98 MB
Spring 12 AA
It’s been a while since my last fight with Lucy, we still send scouts out to any area with the proper leyline setup, but so far there’s been zero activity. I guess without that white crystal I speared she can’t summon up whatever the hell she’s trying to summon. And speaking of my spear, apparently it’s now a full on holy weapon, or at least it seems like it when compared to Fearghaile’s holy sword (though it’s not a perfect match up), and despite its looks the gauntlet doesn’t have energy signatures known with unholy magic, though I still can’t take it off. Still no word on just what the crystal, hand, or voices the mind readers heard were though. I don’t even know why the council was worried about me going crazy, if anything it’d be a good thing, more crazy would just make my magic stronger. I certainly feel stronger than before I put it on. Doesn’t really matter right now though, I wasn’t quarantined and I had things to do. During my flyovers of the Misty Mountains I see plenty of valleys and ruins among the peaks, and a while back I found one area that I really liked. It was a good-sized valley, warm and with plenty of plant and small animal life. When you dig down a bit there’s a layer of ash, so I think this place may have been abandoned due to some volcanic eruption. The most interesting feature though was that one of the ruins was still standing (though covered in moss and vines). It was a massive, dragon sized, coliseum style building (or dragon meeting hall, I’m not sure which). I immediately knew that this place could be an amazing base, but do to its size, location, and the fact that it was covered in plants, fixing this thing up on my own would be difficult.
File: 1351300423131.jpg-(113 KB, 722x1202, balloon golem.jpg)
113 KB
That’s where the boys in the Hole come in. They constantly try to create new things or recreate tech from the old world. Thankfully, they had just what I needed, a hot air balloon. They were more than willing to let me use it since they were just happy to have someone willing to field test it (from what I hear, that last balloon used hydrogen and exploded. Needless to say they don’t get a lot of testing volunteers). While they got everything set up I went home and got my golem. It was that big stone one I brought back after my first fight with Lucy. The Hole boys had managed to figure out how to activate it and I had been allowed to keep it since it helped out with their research into golem creation a lot (not to mention I’m the one that actually brought it back). While I was still at home I also got Ember, since I would need someone that could fly and Rydia had the bank to run. She was absolutely ecstatic that I was finally going to take her on a real mission, and when I told her there was a very real chance of combat I think she almost feinted. Hopefully this will distract her from trying to prove I’m a dragon. I don’t know where she got that idea, the closest I come is the dragon magic I use to keep myself young (for anyone reading this journal looking for any details about said magic, don’t bother. I’m not stupid enough to write that down). When we got back to the castle, we found the Hole boys all ready and waiting, and as they started strapping the golem in, Ember, Ixen, Filkiati, and I got in the basket, and Ember started using her knife to heat up the balloon. After we got airborne, Ember transformed and started pulling us in the direction we needed to go.
File: 1351300468462.jpg-(135 KB, 900x596, Proto_Drake_by_hakoshin.jpg)
135 KB
As we approached the valley we ended up getting attacked. A drake spotted us, and no doubt thinking we were easy prey, moved to attack. Ember was excited, so I decided to let her have this one, despite the fact that I could easily tear it from the sky. I’m not going to lie; she was pretty damn impressive. While she isn’t as strong as Rydia’s little brother, the way she was able to move through the air was pretty damn talented. In all honesty I was reminded a lot of Star Fox 64. She was pulling off loops, barrel rolls, and some real sharp turns; the drake couldn’t even get close to touching her. I’m more than a little happy that she’s taking after me. Of course an aerial dogfight is going to draw attention, so it didn’t take long for a second drake to fly up. I didn’t feel like finding out if Ember could handle two at once so as the second one closed in I grounded it. One of the little tricks I’ve learned with the weapons my gauntlet can summon is that I can create them at a bit of a distance, so when the drake got close I summoned a big chain around it and tightened it. As it fell to the ground I yelled to Ember how impressed I was with her flying, but that we needed to get going. She responded by getting her drake to chase her, pulling a sharp u-turn, and jamming her knife into the base of its wing, which caused it to come crashing down as well. When she came back to the balloon to reheat the air, her face had the biggest smile I had ever seen. I may have to get her out more often.
File: 1351300589608.jpg-(18 KB, 341x264, AndersonDragonEggs.jpg)
18 KB
Eventually we reached the valley, and as soon as the balloon hit the ground Ember flew off to explore the coliseum, eager to poke around something made for and possibly by dragons. I told Ixen and Fil to track down anything that smelled like drakes, and as they set off I started to unload the golem. When I finished that I gave it its orders. First get to work cleaning up the coliseum, and then when that was finished, start clearing a road through the mountains along a path that I had mapped (gate would be simpler but those gate stones are hard to come by). After a while of clearing overgrowth with the golem and Ember flying around as fast as she could, Ixen and Fil came back and led me to what they found. It was just what I was looking for; right next to a hot spring was a drake nest with three eggs in it. Granted three isn’t a giant number, and this is probably going to involve a lot of work, but I have the beginnings of a real air force. Maybe now the other knights will stop complaining about not being able to fly around like I do with Rydia.
and there is the prologue of the TeeGee air force

Interesting, very interesting.
I have a sword that was wielded by a Blackguard does that count? No I guess not.
File: 1351302675927.png-(3 KB, 184x172, 1283149166360.png)
3 KB

I have... a nameless soliders longsword.

I'm not special.
Being special is easy go get into trouble and get out alive. Thats how I got mine, Lem got his, and Lyrik got his. Or have a master smith make you a sword to bear your legend. The First Guard.
File: 1351302948424.jpg-(93 KB, 640x435, bear rogers.jpg)
93 KB
used by someone evil does not equal Evil and used by someone good does not equal Good

>you aren't special
see pic
and if you want more stuff then write about getting it
Its a sword of wrath that was used by a Paladin that fell for being to angry and went on a war path in hell. So I don't know if he was good or evil but some of his will rubbed off on it. I wield his Fury.
anger isn't unholy, just look at most "good" gods and their "divine wrath"
The Burning Hate?

Write my own stuff eh...?

Ideas ideas ideas... I am still in that hidden elven town in Mirthterrah at the moment... hmm..
though a specific god may ban it, and excess could certainly lead to a fall (but excess of damn near anything can be bad)
Well I imagined he fell for being that angry. Think Angry Marines level of anger.
Elves can be good at making things.

Look at the Norse where they were basically dwarves.

Or the Silmarion. Or...their shiny stuff.

Well then, I guess you could say he
{dons glasses of black obsidian}
fell to anger.
{Insert the Who}
Or when Jesus went into the temple and started flipping tables and beating everyone with a switch for selling things in his fathers home or how ever that went. Only good example I can think of of Divine Wrath done by a man.
File: 1351304000037.jpg-(1.86 MB, 2000x1125, Catgirl cottage.jpg)
1.86 MB
There's also that one cyclops in Serrid, if you want stuff from him.
Yeah that guy, You should ask him for a Master Shield.

ooh but that is so far away! An interesting proposal, but perhaps the legend will come from its user, and not what it is made from.
File: 1351304521684.jpg-(102 KB, 600x826, Magic.jpg)
102 KB
Kuro's going to get a helmet from him.
File: 1351304610708.jpg-(23 KB, 500x375, katana.jpg)
23 KB

I would rather not sir. Magic is not my forte in any sense, and would rather have a blade that is practical.
File: 1351304765340.jpg-(16 KB, 300x259, urumi.jpg)
16 KB
Practical you say? How about an urumi?

You bring those up with concerning frequency.
File: 1351304875497.jpg-(217 KB, 500x704, Jetpack Knight with guns (...).jpg)
217 KB
What makes you think a magic weapon can't be practical?

That thing is rarely the practical choice.

Just a personal principal. A weapon is only as good as the person who wields it, and I'd rather have a weapon that can do what it needs without some gimmick.
File: 1351305089640.jpg-(275 KB, 899x594, 1334447165370.jpg)
275 KB
Melee not your thing I see. Gentlemen, I present the finest in modern ranged weapon technology-

The multi-bayonet launcher.
elves have been able to hold off mirthterra before we got here, they must have some magic gear, even if they just took it when they broke off from the main group

beat me to it. his name is Genz and i should warn you, his stuff doesn't come cheap. his craftsmanship is part of his religious beliefs, so he has a very "go big or go home" mentality

>ooh but that is so far away!
are you near the coast? if so catch a boat crossover with captain morgan black?

i think katanas are more far away land than elf land

you could always get the basic reinforce/extra sharp stuff
File: 1351305250350.jpg-(208 KB, 800x1132, Overgown Vending Machine.jpg)
208 KB
The most common enchantments are probably ones that enhance the durability of weapons.
Those are always useful.
File: 1351305297648.jpg-(11 KB, 426x240, hellsing_anderson.jpg)
11 KB
Angel Dust Anderson over here
File: 1351305675304.jpg-(523 KB, 850x604, Magical Girls Fight God.jpg)
523 KB
About when would have Kuro and Belle been knighted?
I don't know. We really need to do Marick story. But maybe around the start of 7AA or the middle of it.
File: 1351305790483.jpg-(59 KB, 739x770, Lucerne.jpg)
59 KB
What better weapon for a guard than a spear? And by spear I mean the lucerne. The sexy, sexy lucerne.
File: 1351305893993.jpg-(1.28 MB, 1000x1412, Shop owner and bulldog.jpg)
1.28 MB
Ok, that gives them enough time to build a house. Nothing too big or fancy though.
File: 1351306153441.jpg-(288 KB, 1024x768, Water dragon.jpg)
288 KB
Shouldn't forget that the Marick thing wrapped up by the time we rescued Tanash.
I remember that. I was talking about the whole thing. Not just evil one part.
File: 1351306673611.png-(796 KB, 700x989, 1350748922284.png)
796 KB
We stuck around a little longer after Alice and Seamus left. Really Jim was just making sure Lilly had a good time. Finally we left. Walking to the gate Lilly spoke up.

“So how long am I in for?”

“I don't know, Meina what sounds good to you?”

“At least a week. We know she can take it. She did it before.”

“But that was nothing like this!” Lilly objected. “That one was normal. It didn't do things. This one, the consent pulsing stinging. Ohh~!”

“Having a good time?” I asked grinning like the cat who ate the pie. It was fun seeing Lilly like this. I could see why she loved to do such things to me.

“Not really. Its always just a bit to far away.”

“Life is frustrating, sometimes intentionally so. But since I love you so much, we can start the first part of the opening ritual right now.” Jim said, with a poker face.

“What did that note Lem give you say anyway?”

Jim handed Lilly the note, Lilly read it aloud.

“'Ritual of a Lovers Release. First the Key needs to be placed down the slot in the front. It must be there for at least three hours. Then once three hours are up the wearer needs to be in a large bed in a relatively large room alone with her man, and they must be ready to have sex in the missionary position. The woman shall kiss her man and the belt shall unlock freeing her.' Its like Kikki hates me, missionary position? At least it didn't say for the sole purpose of procreation. Really. I should have Kikki help me come up for things at the shop. Cause this is the work of a cruel genius. The little nubs that rub with each step, the constant pulsing stinging sensation, not to mention that its a perfect fit. Do you have any clue how hard that is. I want to meet who ever made this and give his dick a good handshake.”
“I literally can't tell whats got you more excited. The belt itself, or the quality of the belt.”

“Both. Consider me a lover of such ingenuous devices of torture. Well if it takes three hours, might as well give me the orb.”

I snatched it out of Jim's hands before he could give it to Lilly. “I'll do that if you don't mind. I can't play part in the rest of the ritual.”

I slid my hand under Lilly's skirt and slotted the orb into its hole, but not before giving it a good siliva covering. Its a good thing to, the orb didn't fit at all first, then the slot grew just enough for the thing to fit. The orb fell in and the slot shrunk back to normal size.

“Great more stinging metal and this time it really is digging right into my lady parts. Before it was just the lips, now its a little more intimate.” Lilly said, with a slightly uncomfortable look on her face. “SWEET BALCK MOTHERFUCKING SABATH!”

Her hands fell, grasping at the belt; which then gave her one hell of a shock. She fell to the ground.

Me and Jim laughed at her expense.

“You guys suck.” Lilly said gasping between each syllable.

“Lilly just think of it as comeuppance for all the crap you've pulled.”'

“I never caused pain, well a little for Meina and you. But everyone else...Oh!”

“I though you didn't feel pain.”

“Uh, so close. Not normally, but blessed and cold iron. Well magic don't care.”

“You going to be alright?”

“...No. I feel the dark eating at my mind and I couldn't stand if I wanted to.”

“Your doing pretty well by my standards.” I added.

“Training, lots of training.”

“Well as fun as it is to see you writhe in the snow, you look simply ravishing.” Jim said picking her up out of the snow. They looked so cute, big burly knight with a beautiful woman curled up in his arms. I wish I could paint well enough to do it justice.
We walked the rest of the way home, Jim carrying Lilly the whole way. Lilly also moaning the whole way. Course the walk home only took a few minutes and when we got home Lilly still almost had three full hours of torture to go.

Jim gently set her down in a leather arm chair before the fireplace.

“Oh chaste heavens, James, do something.” Lilly begged.

“I would if I could, put I couldn't cut through metal right now if I tried.”

“Why not?”

“Lust turns out to be stronger than anger.”

“The one time I need you to have a hair trigger. I hate the vinegar strokes.”

“So only a fan of denial when you inflect it on then?” I asked as Jim left in the direction of the kitchen.

“Meina, I'm sorry if I hurt you.”

“Wow, you break quickly when your like this. Lilly, I love you, I love our little dance of screwing with each other and giving each other hell. I lover you more though. So if its so bad I'll be there, but if its not so bad...”

“Give me your best shot Love, going to be had with this shield in the way though.”

“Oh I'm not to worried about that, I learned from the best.”

“Aww, thanks Meina.”

“Jim.” I said and then beset her with mischievous fingers.

Jim came back with three hot mugs of tea, I had stopped tickling Lilly right before he came in. He handed me one and set one aside.

“Meina that innocent look isn't fooling anyone. Here Lilly, this should help you relax, you look tense.” Jim said helping her drink some of the tea.
Then he went and sat before the fire facing towards us. He had Trigger, his guitar, with him.

“All right girls, just relax, put aside the world, take some deep breaths, and listen to my song.”

I did as he said. As he sung a song called Cowboys and Angels I started to fell warm and relaxed. I could visibly see the difference in Lilly. She was like putty. We passed the hours Jim and me alternating singing songs.

There was a soft click sound.

“Well I think that means my time is up.” Lilly said.

Jim carried her to the bedroom. Leaving me alone. A cold feeling, even though I was right by the fire. I'd never been left out before. I deiced to read a little, try to distract my self.

About 20 minutes later. Lilly's voice rang through my mind. “Meina get your sweet beautiful tits in here. I want to milk them till you moo.”

I threw aside the book and dashed to the bedroom. Hopping on to the bed. Since meeting Lilly and Jim I may have become quiet the little deviant, but I would never change a thing. Nothing like knowing you're loved.
Anyone want a story?
awww yisss
File: 1351308009697.jpg-(162 KB, 404x309, 1329929639649.jpg)
162 KB
The one where you take my weapons advice and wield one of these?
File: 1351308101767.gif-(979 KB, 400x225, 1331919107933.gif)
979 KB

A Pope maul? No. But close? I guess?

It was mystifying, but not entirely surprising after Giovanni had thought of it. A village with its original inhabitants being human that had taken in Elves, both men and women, as refugees free of discrimination because of their race. They had gathered all together for a little sundown public feast to welcome Giovanni and Evette; who were surprisingly well welcomed. Giovanni sat with a small band of human and elven men talking about how he came here and the society that was founded with the Outrealmers. Some of the men looked on as if Giovanni was crazy, but some looked on with wide eyes in amazement that we had managed to bring together so many races in this realm. He told them about the Ork invasion, the troubles with Mirthterrah and even just some personal stories how he came to be Captain of the guard. Evette on the other hand, stood in front of a group of seated women and female elves and relayed her life to them, leaving some of the more secretive parts in elven so only her kin could understand it. The village was infatuated with these two newcomers, asking an endless barrage of questions about their lives and what living in TeeGee was like. Eventually, it became dark and the young ones began to be shooed off to bed by mothers as the sun sank beneath the horizon and small torches were set alight to illuminate the modest village. One boy, a young half-elf, not any older than twelve sidled up to Giovanni and tugged on his hood that lay on his back.

“Sir… I…” The boy said quietly, pointing at the sword that lay belted to Giovanni’s side. “May I see it?”

Giovanni looked at the boy with one eye closed very seriously for a moment, but a smile cracked across his face as he ruffled the boys brown hair and stood up from the small stool that he was sitting on. A small space was made as a few of the men laughed at the boys wonder. Giovanni wondered if there were any real weapons here in the village as he tried to figure out why the boy wanted to see his sword. He was unbelting the scabbard as it dawned on him. “It’s a sword, what twelve-year-old wouldn’t want to hold one?” He smiled to himself as he knelt down to the boy, holding the scabbard in his hands.

“Alright son, grab hold tight and give it a firm tug, but be careful.” Giovanni warned.

With a nod of youthful determination, the boy gently but firmly tugged the plain sword from its scabbard, a smooth echoing ring emanating from the freed blade in the quiet night. The boy held the longsword in both his hands, balancing it in front of him, eyes hard at work scouring every inch of the blades details. He just stood there silently for a moment before tilting it away from him slowly, making all the grownups take a few steps bad as he gave it a test swing. There were some hearty laughs as the boy gave it a few more encumbered swings, a look of sheer joy on his face the whole time. Finishing his little routine with a lunging stab, he felt a hand on his shoulder as his mother had finally found him and playfully scowled at Giovanni for giving the boy a sword.

“I trust Sir Knight is not trying to recruit my boy at such an age… is he?” she said slyly.

The boy handed the sword back to Giovanni with delicate movements, revering the sword. Giovanni turned a tad red at the comment as he slid the sword back into its resting place. The boy walked off with his mother, giving one last glance back towards the newcomer before he entered his modest home. The women had gone inside to look over their children and the men had begun to follow them. Evette had sidled up to Giovanni and put her arm around his side and leaned on his shoulder. They were enjoying the night air as an elderly elf man walked towards them with the soft pad of bare feet and a wooden cane.

“Good evening Human warrior, good evening Elderkin sentinel. How did you come about our home?” The elderly elf asked.
Giovanni and Evette told them of their exploits and their reason for travelling all this way from their home.
“Ahh, a soul made to wander, but shackled to his people. A noble man indeed. Now, praytell human guardian, certainly you bring along powerful and ancient weapons to do your deeds?” the old elf asked again.
“No kind sage, I bring nothing but a bow of my own labour, and a sword from an unknown comrade. “ Giovanni replied.

“I see, a valiant warrior, protector of his people, and a modest one at that!” The seasoned elf laughed.
Giovanni looked down at the dirt at the obvious overstatement of his character.
“May I?” The weathered elder said, pointing to Giovanni’s sword.
Giovanni was about to unbelt the scabbard again when the elder’s hand swiftly grasped the blade and pulled it free with the style of a seasoned veteran. He swung the blade around for a few moments, balancing the blade in his palm.
“Where did you say you got this again, human?” he queried, a bushy eyebrow raised.
“During some fighting in my home, we were besieged and I needed a weapon to defend my family and friends.” Giovanni responded. “I found it on the ground next to a fallen comrade whose name I never learned.”
“Hrmm… I see, I see…” the old elf mumbled. He spun the blade in his hand, presenting the hilt to Giovanni. Returned to its scabbard again, the old man rubbed his chin in thought.
“Well…?” Giovanni asked, mystified at the actions of the veteran elf.
“Nothing at all, human protector. What you have there is nothing but a well crafted and plain blade. Everything is well proportioned and the balance is immaculate. Other than that, it is nothing more than a good smith’s work.” The elven sage said as he slowly walked away, waving his hand in farewell.
Giovanni put a hand on the long hilt of his sword, thought about what the elder had said and smiled to himself.
“Happy are we?” Evette said, puzzled as to what just happened.
“I once read in a book back in the old realm, ‘a blade is naught but a tool of destruction to a man bent on finding it, but a blade is better than any shield to a man looking to hold off destruction of those behind him’ and that’s what I plan on doing.” Giovanni responded.
“Does that mean that you’ve found what you set out to find?” She asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

Aaaaaand done. For now.

On my way back chaps, the castle needs its Field Marshal at home.
In fact it is so perfect it has a molecular edge and could cut just about anything. Trollololol

Nope, just a regular good quality sword.
File: 1351309491820.jpg-(238 KB, 1373x669, Roosting birds.jpg)
238 KB
Hm... Who would show up for when Kuro and Belle move into their shiny new home?
And what would this event be called.
house warming and would need the year
File: 1351310003837.jpg-(116 KB, 1024x662, Walking Mountain.jpg)
116 KB
Beginning of winter, 7AA. Need to check the month.
Slowly catching up on threads, only a few more to go...
Lilly says we are going to do linens for our house warming gift. I would be careful.
question about our military. did we go the FMA style with naming our higher up officers (full metal, strong arm, flame, etc)? and if so, dibs on Thunder God
Warm and fluffy? I hope someone gets sheep/waste goats. Saves them the trouble of buying them.
File: 1351312259969.jpg-(57 KB, 895x590, dry-lightning.jpg)
57 KB

Won't they get mad at something so blasphemous, Sparky?
Lightning Rod, Megawatt, Voltmeister, the list goes on.
Yes we totally did. Which reminds me I need to do more stories of the Combat Monsters.

Warm and fluffy is a yes.

Well, as Field Marshal of that whole shebang, how was I not informed of said "naming" of ranks? That might be kind of neat.
If anyone else wants in on it, send me an e-mail.
hummm lurking maybe participating
Thats an...interesting title.
i would tell you how i got it but...i dont even know anymore
they can't interfere
also, final fantasy tactics. Thunder God Cid

it's not the "naming" of ranks, it's the "naming" of people with ranks/people that have distinguished themselves
File: 1351313587689.jpg-(50 KB, 720x480, Sallet front view.jpg)
50 KB
You mean like how you're all about justice and stuff and how I.... shit.
also, possible spoilers for possible future story arcs but possible slow decent into madness since putting on that gauntlet. blasphemy possibly fitting well
Another question. Why is everyone doing to dark and moody? Going insane, nightterrors, demons, madness, etc etc etc.

I had a bit of dark stuff at the beginning and was told to lighten up, and it wasn't 1/10th as dark as this stuff.
File: 1351314061201.jpg-(39 KB, 495x455, 1330240564061.jpg)
39 KB
Don't worry Lyrik, I gotcha covered.
its the new meta man
I promise that after the madness, revelation and general depressiveness of the Mushroom Man arc (if I ever get around to it) I'll put an interlude about children's stories.

Odd children's stories, but nothing heavy.
Well in my defense. I mostly write smut and slice of life. I just write the hell thing to appease the people. Also Lilly is hardly dark. Well except for her past.
File: 1351314195078.jpg-(131 KB, 800x618, Tea witch.jpg)
131 KB
What makes you think the stuff I've been doing with GearHeart is dark and moody?
File: 1351314228980.jpg-(912 KB, 2468x1364, 1334608656965.jpg)
912 KB
I tried to avoid it but I let myself get away with fighting serious business monsters.
I'm going to finish the arc up with one decent finale and move on to something more lighthearted ASAP.
to be fair, insanity helps our magic. not to mention overcoming the darkness shows the greatest light
Yes all valid points indeed, but wasn't the setting decided at Noble-Bright?

I don't see very much Noble-Bright.

It's not absolutely everything that people do, but the whole theme of darkness and insatiability and hopelessness, madness and depravity is an oft recurring theme.


>the smut

Ahh yes... the smut...

This is not my setting to solely control, but man, sometimes that stuff just makes me rightly uncomfortable in my chair.
Gah, fine!

I'll give two of my three point of view protags happy endings, and they all live in the end.

Which is better than I can say for half my other stories...

I'm looking at you Fey Lord, Drider Matriarch, Clarus the Loud and others that I've forgotten.
Well GearHearts going to give hell a good thrashing so that will help a bit. Nothing like a hero going full purge on the badguys. And then I'm going to open a magic flying theme park after I help the merpeople. After that I will go as noble bright as possible for gearheart.
File: 1351314820880.jpg-(76 KB, 340x321, What I learned from the B(...).jpg)
76 KB
I said I'm finishing that arc already!
My hard work has already produced... four words!

I actually do have the basic story outlined in my brain, just actually writing it is the problem.
i can probably go more noble bright. i haven't actually gone anywhere with the gauntlet thing other than it made me stronger and can't be taken off, i haven't actually heard any voices, just the people reading my mind. i may not be going mad. for all we know the glove could be intelligent i'm pulling all of this out of my ass as i write

"The story is in my brain, writing it is my next step" is the mantra of millions of people who aren't writers.

Close whatever other window you're looking at right now, open whatever you type in and just write one paragraph. That's all you need to start.

I don't even follow this entire Harem Knight thing, I was just passing by. Stay strong! Write on!

Good to hear. I am pleased.
really digging this
File: 1351316224683.jpg-(115 KB, 600x1125, l_9f3cd44ca89043eeaad42f2(...).jpg)
115 KB
and to be fair, i'd say keeping a fallen angel from summoning up something bad and starting an air force with my overactive, slightly pyromaniac daughter (pic somewhat related) is on the bright side
That is the cutest kid.
it's what i try to get across with Ember. the gauntlet i'm trying to go with a "i have no idea what i'm dealing with" more than i am grimdark.
also, we're autosaging
New thread this way people.

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