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File: 1351415504235.jpg-(95 KB, 620x799, FATAL cover.jpg)
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Last thread we made a Dwarf. A Black Dwarf, specifically. He is 126 years old and is a baker. He has baked enough bread to wrap around the Earth 16 times over.

Last thread: >>21319241

This thread we're pitting him in gladiatorial combat against a big-ass troll.

Come and help!
Okay, so like I was saying earlier, Spitting seems useless, unless you have an idea to make it dangerous, so dunno why you included it in the table. Adding the 18 to Brawling.
Also holy shit it's five AM. Please be here when I get back, OP.
I really hope you have a good reason for making us put all our skill points into pissing OP.

also archived last thread.
File: 1351416319831.jpg-(29 KB, 650x211, Skills2.jpg)
29 KB
Here's the rundown.

This is our dwarf. http://pastebin.com/Q4qev9Y4
This is our troll. http://pastebin.com/rxLWgLBw

Our Dwarf has 189 skill points to distribute among his skills. Normally these would be placed "realistically," so he'd have some points in rope use, dancing, singing, fighting with lots of things, hiking, and so on. But we don't really care and we're putting points into a few select skills that would be the most useful for an unarmed fight.

In FATAL, skills are checked on 3d10. The numbers in this picture are the modifiers to each skill, based on Hartmundus the Dwarf Baker's attributes. I may be slightly off with a couple of them. Adding skill points directly adds to this modifier. One skill point, +1 mod. Seven skill points, +7 mod.
ALL of your skill points? I never suggested such a thing. In fact, I'm apt to this gentlemen's suggestion.

I just want you to be trained enough to urinate skillfully is all.

vote it up.
>adding skill points directly adds modifier

is there a cap? Or could we have like +189 to piss?

I think there is a cap of something like +30, but I have to check. There may not be one at all! But such a character would be quite unrealistic, you see.

FATAL's rules are pretty spread out across the book.
Assuming I don't find it or anything, we'll impose a limit of no more than 40 SP in any one skill.
File: 1351416948478.jpg-(29 KB, 650x211, Skills2.jpg)
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Disregard that picture. These are the correct modifiers.

Daytime /tg/ is going to be sad they missed the last thread.
Probably not. daytime /tg/ is 40kids. The real oldfags show up late night. Homebrews and actual shit getting done, not 40krap and quest faggotry.
Actually this is Euro-daytime /tg/.
Eurofags get auto-passes. except frenchies.

You're not a surrender-monkey are you?
File: 1351417986446.jpg-(145 KB, 758x806, C-1.jpg)
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Either way, it was a fun thread.
That's right. It's around 10 o'clock in London, isn't it?

FATAL's skill system is as follows: You roll 3d10 and add modifiers. You want to match or exceed a Threshold (TH) value.

In combat, characters have a Current Armor (CA). It is basically the same as Armor Class from D&D. When attacked, your enemy rolls their skill against a TH of your CA. Each character has a natural CA value, and armor can add to it.
There are four different types of CA for different types of attack, but we're only concerned with CAB, the CA vs. Brawling attacks.

I'm posting this picture now. It's apparently possible in FATAL to kick someone in the shin SO HARD that they fall into a coma for a CENTURY.
Great heavens, just caught up.
I'm alternately laughing, crying and crying from laughter.
File: 1351418396667.jpg-(97 KB, 725x805, C1.jpg)
97 KB
From the picture, you can see that a natural 30 on your 3d10 roll is an auto-hit. However, a MODIFIED roll of 6 is an auto-critical failure. In FATAL, crit failures are known as Fumbles. Usually it means you overstepped or otherwise left yourself open, but stranger things can happen. For example, there's a 1% chance a god may strike you down any time you Fumble because you offended him somehow.

Now then, let's get back to the basics of FATAL combat. We won't be using every rule because holy crap there's a lot to remember.

What concerns us is the following. FATAL combat is done in rounds. Each round represents 3 seconds. Each action takes a certain amount of time to perform. Together, these determine just what you can do in one round. You can launch TWO brawling attacks per round.
Dude, have you ever been kicked in the shin really hard? That shit HURTS
>3 seconds
>2 attacks a round


>suplex in 1.5 seconds

Man FATAL doesnt even Try to be srs does it
File: 1351419145733.jpg-(123 KB, 720x737, C2.jpg)
123 KB
Yes, it certainly does. But I didn't fall unconscious from it. It would've been less painful if I did.

Ignore surprise and intentions.
We roll initiative each round. You roll 1d100 (or 2d10 in real life, usually) and add a modifier. Whoever wins this modifier has their attacks land first. As you'll see later, this can mean the person getting hit loses their return attack, or whatever they set out to do.

I believe the Delivery Penalty for fists and feet is zero, so assuming that, the fighters' Initiative rolls/modifiers are as follows:
Hartmundus: (1d100) + 30 [+3 from reaction speed, +27 breadth]
Krates: (1d100) + 29 [-13 fromreaction speed, +42 breadth]

I'm very surprised, actually. I didn't expect their values to be so close.
If you want to bring that down, you can say Hartmundus gets 1d100 +1, Krates gets +0. That's easier to keep track of and has the same effect.

So ultimately, for initiative,
Hartmundus rolls 1d100 + 1
Krates rolls 1d100.

Rolled 64 + 1

rollan the breadmasters init
File: 1351419852258.jpg-(150 KB, 714x822, C3.jpg)
150 KB
>suplex in 1.5 seconds
I want to say you're wrong...but I don't have proof. So I can't say that yet.
It certainly tries to be serious most of the time. Then you get to the example adventure. (I might add it is the lamest, cheapest, and shortest example adventure I've ever seen in an RPG.) The wizard Seman is sacrificing people, and you coincidentally find his former wench who isn't named Cunterina anymore but used to be in the initial version. Then you go to stop the wizard Seman.

I digress. Hartmundus has 24 Life Points, or LP. They are hit points. When he is reduced TO or BELOW 4 LP, he is unconscious. When he is at 0 LP, he is dead.
Krates has 40 LP. He falls unconscious at or below 8 LP.
Once you're unconscious you may or may not bleed to death.

Both characters have a natural CA of 7, thanks to their poor Agility.

What you see in this picture basically says "if you miss because they have armor, you hurt their armor." We aren't concerned with that. Maybe clothing provides a CAB of 1, but even then it may not be worth considering. There is one important thing to note that you see here: if your natural 3d10 roll was a 25 or higher, you get to roll on the Graphic Gore table. Graphic Gore is FATAL's injury/dismemberment/critical damage table. It lies somewhere between Rolemaster and Riddle of Steel in complexity and usability.

You've got the hang of it, anon. But we're not fighting right *now*, you silly goose.

WELP found the name of new BBEG. Given my players....they'll figure it out RIGHT AFTER they kill him.

also I'm hitting the hay in like 30 minutes. we might have to do this another day.
This game is obviously written by mature well balanced people of a variety of ethnic backgrounds and genders.

Why, I bet they declare Wednesday as Checking your Privilege day too!
File: 1351420488227.jpg-(252 KB, 740x1510, C4B.jpg)
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The jist of FATAL combat is very similar to D&D. You make an attack roll versus your target's appropriate Current Armor (CA). If you meet or exceed it, you hit. Then you roll for damage.
Add on Initiative rolls every round to that and you can modify combat based on different weapon lengths and fighter reaches.

Here's where skills start to get important. Note what it says at the top of this image. For every 10 SP invested in Brawling, you get an extra attack every round with it. It does NOT affect your chance to HIT. Hartmundus will always suffer a -9 to his 3d10 to-hit Brawling rolls, but with a lot of Brawling skill points, he may attack a *lot* in one round.

You also see things about Body Part Points. I'll get to those later.
File: 1351420568248.jpg-(89 KB, 737x670, Huskies in the house.jpg)
89 KB
File: 1351420677883.jpg-(60 KB, 608x358, PlayStation-All-Stars-Bat(...).jpg)
60 KB
File: 1351420951392.jpg-(145 KB, 689x719, C5.jpg)
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This is actually a pretty good example of a brawling match. What we'll run will be similar to this.
You see there we roll d100 initiative for every attack that is made in the round. This is part of why FATAL's combat system sucks.

You see there a sort of Shock or Pain penalty as well. If you get hurt bad, you may lose your next action in the initiative. So if someone routinely pummeled you round after round, and you kept losing initiative, you may never get an action in. That specifically is a very low chance, though.
File: 1351422321843.jpg-(37 KB, 329x356, C6.jpg)
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Finally for the time being, I'll post this and be on my way. I'll return in a few hours after sleeping.

Home Advantage is a thing I've seen in FATAL and, surprisingly, not many other games. We'll consider the territory as Krates's home. After all, the reason Hartmundus is fighting Krates in the first place is because the dwarf was thrown into the captive troll's lair.

As you see, the troll gets +5 initiative and +2 to all skill checks.

Adjusting the initiative rolls above to reflect this:
Hartmundus rolls (1d100).
Krates rolls (1d100) + 4.

Get used to those initiative rolls. We'll probably throw fifty of them by the time the combat ends.

See you in a few hours /tg/. That last thread was great fun.
File: 1351446143757.jpg-(177 KB, 715x907, BPP.jpg)
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Now then, where were we? Oh yes, body part points (BPP).

One way to check if your version of FATAL is updated is to see if it mentions BPP. It wasn't in the 2003 editions and so it wasn't in the FATAL chargen program we used earlier. BPP is actually okay in FATAL. Called Shots are a load of horse excrement and I'll post why in a bit.

BPP are basically hit points for your individual body parts. Your total LP may be 20 or something, but your arm may have 6. If your arm takes 6 BPP damage, it's useless. Forever. No medicine or time can save you. Maybe magic can, but nothing short of that.

Brawling attacks do some amount of damage, but only x0.3 of it is BPP damage. This still means the Knee to Braced Face move is OP as fuck. Young children usually have 2 to 4 LP in their head/face bracket. If you rolled a 9 or 12 on the 3d8 damage roll, you just killed yourself a kid Muay Thai style.

Now then, to figure out Hartmundus's BPP distribution, we go to another table.
File: 1351446509469.jpg-(154 KB, 679x860, BPP2.jpg)
154 KB
Ya can't make this stuff up.

This is utter shit. But it's making me grin. Continue, please, as you have at least one interested anon keeping an eye on your thread.
Great to hear!

So we need to find their BPP. We find it on the 11th page of FATAL's character sheet. Yes, 11th. It's the final page.

Gimme a sec to MS Paint in the numbers. Hartmundus is wearing Clothes, which have a CAB of 1. For our fight, he has CA 8 on his body, except for his head and his lower legs & feet.

Krates has a loincloth so he only gets 8 CA on his groin.

Goddammit, my new Dark Heresy players get mad at it for having two pages. This is beyond ludicrous.

Why someone would want to supervise the creation of multiple FATAL characters...it's masochism, plain and simple.
File: 1351448445834.jpg-(126 KB, 660x992, BPP-D.jpg)
126 KB
The computer program makes it a lot easier. And to be fair, one of the character sheets is unused if your character doesn't use magic.

>truncate all results
Reading by RAW we have only 1 BPP in every part of our body. But I know that isn't what the wise Byron Hall meant!

I did exactly as the book says and multiplied 24 LP by the percentages on the table. I truncated all fractions and got these results.

So um. The dwarf can be crippled extremely easily. Pray you don't get hit. Troll's up next.
Rolled 69


... Well, so if we get hit almost anywhere even once, we're screwed.

That is bad. Very bad.

Wait, aren't dorfs supposed to be durable or something? I've not yet played one, but...very well, we must do as the sagacious Byron Hall says.
File: 1351449001090.jpg-(130 KB, 658x992, BPP-T.jpg)
130 KB
Remember, brawling damage only does 1/3rd BPP damage. You'd have to take 3 damage to take 1 BPP damage.

But uh, looking at the troll brawling table, yeah. Don't trust you defense. Go on the offensive.

The troll is much bigger and thicker and thus harder to take down. Speaking of taking people down, I will mention two things:
- Don't forget to invest in Wrestling, it may be useful
- We're ignoring Smiting. Smiting is FATAL's rules for knockdown. For brawling attacks, we'll always be rolling at, like, get a 95 or higher on a d100 and you fell down. It ain't worth it.
File: 1351449479457.jpg-(59 KB, 358x900, Missy O. G..jpg)
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Learn some Latin while you're here, by the way.
Rolled 25


Should we wait for other people to show before we invest in skills?

>You'd have to take 3 damage to take 1 BPP damage.
...which still means most hits will render part of our body useless. Not pleasant.
Rolled 12

>What's in that tiny mind?

Gods, you gotta love such unabashed misogyny.
Rolled 63, 49 = 112

I suppose we should wait, yeah.

In the meantime let's practice with two perfectly average humans, Fulk and Roland. The basics of FATAL combat are basically just like D&D.

So let's do this. Two humans in clothes fighting with their fists and wrestling abilities. Now, the book doesn't say how long it takes to perform a Wrestling maneuver, but I'd say one per 3 seconds, or one per round.

Let's fight! Roll 2d100 for initiative. You pick one guy, I'll be the other. Unless more people show up.

>base TH to seduce females is lower than it is for males
Unabashed indeed.
Rolled 49, 5 = 54

Oh, you already did. Cool.

Now assuming you're brawling, roll 2d100 again to determine which move you'll do. This 2d100 can go either before or after your 3d10 to hit, it doesn't matter.

Rolling 2d100 for my own moves. My initiatives were higher so I'll be striking first. Left die goes with left die (the 63), right with right (the 49).
File: 1351450673589.jpg-(27 KB, 341x512, _MG_9516[1].jpg)
27 KB
Rolled 5, 6, 5 = 16


>Rolled 25
>Rolled 12
Well, shit. I was just trying to give you d100 rolls for kicks and giggles.

In that case, I'll be Roland the Sloth. An appropriate name, all things considered.


Heh. Most likely.
Rolled 2, 6 = 8

CA 10 is the human average.

16 beats the other guy's CA of 10 or 11 (depending on if you count clothing). With move #49, that's...Foot to Sternum. He tried to Kareem Abdul-Jabaar you.

Damage is 2d6 to the upper torso.
Oh dear. Poor Roland might just lose before he has a chance to retaliate.
Rolled 8, 7, 2 = 17

That's uh. Wow. 8 Damage.
Roland's LP: 20 - 8 = 12 remaining
Roland has suffered 40% of his LP in damage.

8 * 0.3 = 2.4 damage to the upper torso.
Upper torso BPP: 5 - 2.4 = 2.6 remaining

The book doesn't say anything about removing fractions for brawling BPP damage, so we won't. If his Upper Torso goes to 0, Roland immediately dies.

Next attack roll is here. Maneuver is #5.
Rolled 3

That's a success. #5 on the human brawling table -- Fist to Stomach. Damage is 1d4, to the lower torso.
Rolled 24


Wait, actually, looking at the charts, he should be okay. He's going to have to roll against a TH of 40 to attack, right?

1d100 for that, then. Fingers crossed...
Roland's LP: 12 - 3 = 9 remaining
Roland has suffered 55% of his LP in damage.

3 * 0.3 = 1.0 damage to the lower torso.
Lower torso BPP: 3 - 1.0 = 2.0 remaining
Likewise, if Lower Torso is reduced to 0 BPP, you die.

It only takes a few good stomach punches to kill a man. Huh. Well, that's FATAL for you.

Now it's Roland's turn. He needs to roll 1d100 and beat a TH of 55, or he loses his first attack. The second attack is unaffected.

So roll 1d100, then roll some d10s for attacking.

>sturai psychiatry
Yes Captcha.

Gosh, poor Roland is pretty much out of the fight. Since I didn't beat the TH, he's just going to spend his turn howling in agony.

I don't have to roll one for the 3 damage to the lower torso, correct?
Aaaaah, you lost it. But you have your final attack this round.

Roll 3d10 to beat up Fulk! If you get a natural 25 or higher, you get Graphic Gore.
Rolled 92


Ah. Okay. They're combined. Well. That makes...everything a lot worse.

'Ere we go...
Rolled 10, 6, 6 = 22


Plan B?
Let's clean up a bit. Roland lost his first attack as per this die roll.
Then he rolls to attack, here >>21327865
And he makes it!

Now, I'd ask you to roll 1d100 for your brawling maneuver, but...heh, I think you already make that roll.
Maneuver #92 is Knee to Groin. Roll 3d6 for damage!

Note that even at your minimum damage, you are guaranteed to make Fulk's groin "forever useless" after this attack. So far as I can tell, that's just how FATAL is.
Rolled 3, 2, 1 = 6


A "forever useless" groin? He'll have to stop playing FATAL, then!
I am enjoying this thread way more than I should

Also, my bad for getting stuff out of order. FATAL rules are completely new to me, in a wholly nightmarish sort of way
like the forbidden knowledge of lost r'lyeh
File: 1351452555343.jpg-(8 KB, 201x251, 1312042943338.jpg)
8 KB
This thread makes me smile.
>forbidden knowledge of lost r'lyeh

Yes, that. I'm running CoC in about two weeks, so it's entirely appropriate.
Rolled 31, 1 = 32

6 * 0.3 = 2.0 damage to the groin.
Groin BPP: 1 - 1.0 = FOREVER USELESS
But apparently there's no penalty for losing your groin.

However, you can't lose more LP than the body part had BPP. Kinda like GURPS in that respect.
Fulk's LP: 20 - 1 = 19 remaining
Fulk has suffered 5% of his LP in damage.

That is if the groin counts as a "limb," that is. In GURPS, the groin is *not* a limb...

What do you guys think? Should the groin be counted as a limb and only deal 1 LP of damage to Fulk, or not and deal 6 LP?
6 LP is 30% of his LP, by the way.
Either way Roland, roll your 2d100 for initiative!
I think a guy whose groin has just been kicked into being "forever useless" is defeated no matter his LP or BP or GP
Rolled 19, 32 = 51


Rollan' fer initiative. I'll kick you in the tucus, I will!
Excuse you? The rules DISAGREE with your opinion, sir. Byron Hall has been a roleplayer since 1980 and earned a Master's Degree in Quantitative Research Methods from Northern Illinois University. What credentials do YOU have that could POSSIBLY overweigh his scholarly background in knowing how a person reacts to being kneed in the testicles? I would suggest you check your tongue next time you speak out against your betters.
The whole six points, IMO. The fact the attack rendered it 'forever useless' while not incapacitating him suggests internal damage. Which would make the actually hurt bodypart the lower torso.

BTW, this is a surprisingly engaging thread.
Rolled 22, 65 = 87

Fantastic! You have the highest initiative, so roll 2d100 for your brawling techniques and roll 3d10 to strike.

I'll roll my techniques now too.
my sides are now approaching warp speed
Rolled 25, 96 = 121


Glad I can entertain an audience anon. You are the bar patrons, and we are the two drunkards slugging it out.


Rolling for moves.
Rolled 6, 1, 3 = 10


And for the first attack
When pounding attacks (blunt weapons, like maces, clubs, sword pommels, and so on) destroy a body part, they crush the bone underneath. Pounding attacks are only attacks with a *weapon*, however, and brawling attacks are something else. In fact, although you can score Graphic Gore with brawling attacks, they don't have their own table in the injury charts.

Very well.
Fulk's LP: 20 - 6 = 13 remaining
Fulk has suffered 30% of his LP in damage.

ooooooh no. Better hope he gets interrupted, Fulk!

Maneuver 25 is Fist to Eye, 1d8 damage. Roll to attack, Roland!

I do believe that's a miss...right?
That is a HIT. It's a hit because it attacked the eye, and they're not wearing clothes on their eye. "Clothes" add 1 to your Brawling CA, so if that attack were toward the torso, it would have missed and in fact would have damaged the clothing.

Roll for damage!
Rolled 1


Punchan Fulk in the eye. Style points.
And people said 4e combat was time consuming

...aaaand the Dice Gods do not appreciate the vidya reference.

That certainly makes it Fulk's go.
Rolled 68

Fulk's LP: 13 - 1 = 12 remaining
Fulk has suffered 40% of his LP in damage.
He has to roll 1d100 vs. TH 40 or lose his next attack. A 40 or higher means he is okay.

Head/Face BPP: 2 - 0.3 = 1.6
If your Head/Face goes to 0, you die. A 20 LP human has 1 BPP for his face and 1 BPP for his head, so...you could have killed Fulk right there.

The head and face share BPP, but their BPP values are determined separately. I'm not sure why. I'd guess it has to do with called shots or something.

Have...have those people not played GURPS? That GURPS boxing thread from a couple days ago was slow slow sloooooow, like Roland the Sloth slow. I admit, I never played D&D 4e.
Rolled 6, 9, 8 = 23

Time for Fulk's attack. Maneuver #22, as per >>21328150
Rolled 3

Success! Almost Graphic Gore but not quite. That's a Fist to Eye of Fulk's own.

Damage is 1d8 to the face. Ah...according to BPP, if the damage is 6 or more, Roland will die.
But since Roland has 9 LP remaining of his 20 LP, a damage of 5 or more will knock him out.
In other words, if Roland's LP drops to 4 or lower, he falls unconscious.

Narrowly averted Graphic Gore there. We don't want Roland's eye to become an exploding ruin of blood and gristle, now, do we?
Fulk's LP: 9 - 3 = 6 remaining
Fulk has suffered 70% of his LP in damage.
He has to roll 1d100 vs. TH 70 or lose his next attack.

3 * 0.3 = 1.0 damage to the face.
Head/Face BPP: 2 - 1 = 1.0
It's up to you to see who explodes and who doesn't. Roll vs. TH 70!
Rolled 15


Oh noes! Roland has to beat a TH of 70 since he's down to just 30% of his LP.

Rolled 3


And that will be the end of it, methinks.

Welp. Good playing a quick brawl in FATAL, then.
Rolled 8, 10, 6 = 24

You have failed.

3d10 for Fulk's last blow of the round, maneuver #65, Knee to Stomach, damage 2d8.
Rolled 4, 4 = 8

Sorry, I meant to say Roland there. Dang copy+paste errors. My mistake.

Minimum damage will render Roland unconscious. 6 or more will kill him.
File: 1351454414601.jpg-(61 KB, 450x675, knee-to-stomach[1].jpg_w=(...).jpg)
61 KB
Roland is dead.

Fulk wins!

Dead as a doornail. Or sloth.
Can we get back to the troll raping the dwarf now please?
Very exciting!

Now let's do that again with Hartmundus the Dwarf and Krates the Subterranean Troll.

First we'll need Hartmundus's skill points distributed.
It was suggested you split your SP evenly among all these, but take the points you would spend on Spitting and put them into Brawling instead.
How should it be, /tg/?

Yes, OP, I think we do actually have an audience of about four anons now. It might be a good idea to return to the regularly scheduled combat.
Does anyone anyone remember the Realms of Atlantasia, or whatever. Just as retarded as FATAL, but with less sex and more Mary-Sues.
And a third of the population dissappearing every year due to dragon sex.
I'd say about half brawling, half pissing and half ass clenching

That sounds like the logical course of action. Also, I like the fact that you're making sure we're with you, but you don't need to be quite so...cordial. We're /tg/, we can handle your shit.

If something is obvious, assume we'll go with it. If it's not, we'll yell.
Yeah. That was not like FATAL though, there was no malicious idiocy or anything there - it was just a guy who had made a really bad game that he thought was great. It was pretty inoffensive.
>troll raping the dwarf
But anon! The wrestling rules state that only human males are capable of rape, and that they can only rape females (of any race)! And both Krates and Hartmundus are heterosexual!

There is technically no limit to how much SP you can invest in one thing, so instead I limit you guys to no more than 40 SP in one skill. That's a crapload. But there you go.

Every 10 SP invested in Brawling gives you another attack per round. Roland and Fulk both had Brawling less than 10. If, for example, Roland's Brawling had 20 SP invested in it, he would be making FOUR attacks per round, each with its own 3d10 and 1d100 initiative rolls.

Brawling is modified by our Agility. Our 3d10 is modified by our Agility of -9, and nothing else. There's no getting around that. But Brawling adds to our 1d100 maneuver roll.
For example, if you have 20 SP invested in brawling, you roll (1d100 - 9 + 20) for maneuver rolls. In other numbers, (1d100 + 11).

Wasn't that the one where you lost EXP for killing squirrels, because the goddess of squirrels would be angry at you? But it was okay for elves because they only killed them when they absolutely had to eat?

And crabs or turtles or something were worth 10 xp each, so you could become super-high level by slaughtering them in the thousands?

Bryan Hall honestly thought FATAL was a good game.
>But anon! The wrestling rules state that only human males are capable of rape, and that they can only rape females (of any race)! And both Krates and Hartmundus are heterosexual!

But maybe krates is a very lonely troll.
A very lonely troll who can't really see all that well... besides, them smoothskins look all the same to him and they're all soft and warm

I want to say we put no points in brawling because I want to see the dwarf getting raped, but... If we can't have that, then max brawling, pissing and sexual adeptness so we can rape something after we've won
Sir. SIR! EXCUSE. YOURSELF. You mean to speak of BYRON Hall. BY-RON. Like the famous poet Lord Byron Hall, whom you likely haven't read the works of because you betray the education of a frenchified fop. I have warned you to think before you allow words to come out of the gaping slit in your face, and you have been heedless of my warning. Do not ignore me again. Take heed that you speak of a man with far more education and wisdom than you shall ever acquire. If you are civilized in the least, you will spell his name CORRECTLY.
Actually it was pretty much impossible to hurt the crabs at at all, you had a higher chance of cutting your own head of, than hurting them.

And if hurt a unicorn, your loved ones would die.
you are a god among men

17 SP to Brawling
17 SP to Balance
17 SP to Blind Fighting
17 SP to Mangling
We ignore Sexual Adeptness. Our dorf will win wenches by virtue (heh) of his brawlan
16 to Spitting
17 to Sprinting
17 to Tumble
17 to Urinating
17 to Ventriloquism
17 to Wrestling
>Bryan Hall

I sense a condradiction here somewhere.|
File: 1351455515681.gif-(350 KB, 500x344, 1351453092335[1].gif)
350 KB
>Like the famous poet Lord Byron Hall
Dude, if there's one thing mr. Hall knows how to do, that's thinking.
He sure made lots of thinking.
Too bad it went into all the wrongest kinds of places
Nay, merely a veteran user of that mystical art of google-fu.

Also, our archive is +5. not bad for a FATAL thread

Oh, dammit, that's twenty too few.

Put those in Brawling, then, OP.
File: 1351455748378.jpg-(131 KB, 629x823, elem.jpg)
131 KB
I made an error. "Mangling" is only for pounding weapons. It doesn't affect Brawling. Points go into Sexual Adeptness instead.

Make it out of this alive, Hartmundus, and you may have a dwarven wench waiting for you.

>37 SP to Brawling
>17 SP to Balance
>17 SP to Blind Fighting
>17 SP to Sexual Adeptness.
>16 to Spitting
>17 to Sprinting
>17 to Tumble
>17 to Urinating
>17 to Ventriloquism
>17 to Wrestling

Does this look okay to everyone? If you have an opinion, speak it now!
The first thread is still up, too! And archived!

>Actually it was pretty much impossible to hurt the crabs at at all, you had a higher chance of cutting your own head of, than hurting them.
Yesss, that was it. I remember it vaguely.
Good! Let's rap-Let's fight!
>mfw when no "drinking" skill

Lets rap AND fight!
I'd say put 39 points into brawling to keep the rolls pretty, another 31 to SA, which leaves us with what, seventy?, to split among the rest.
File: 1351456220793.jpg-(151 KB, 578x783, Krates Troll.jpg)
151 KB
I recommend having a high Wrestling, just in case.

Sub. Trolls get a natural boost to Brawling and Wrestling, and Krates has 87 SP of his own to distribute.
File: 1351456351180.jpg-(14 KB, 315x316, Hall-Ward-Cook tg master (...).jpg)
14 KB
>mfw you think you need a skill to drink
Yeah, but he also had a bunch of racist, rapey bullshit in it and whined like a little bitch.
Is...Is that the man himself?

He looks suprisingly normal for a man who let loose one of the seven seals of Armageddon.
Read the thread, silly boo-boo.
>37 SP to Brawling
>17 SP to Balance
>17 SP to Blind Fighting
>30 SP to Sexual Adeptness.
>17 to Sprinting
>15 to Tumble
>15 to Urinating
>15 to Ventriloquism
>26 to Wrestling

OP is thinking this.

Objections? We begin shortly.
>Masturbating is a skill
Well, then, we know what I've put all of my SP into...

And on a contributing note, >>21328861 has a better idea. Just put SP in stuff to make them a tens digit, as much as you can.
looks fine to me

Maybe stick two points from Sexual Adeptness into Brawling to make the rolls nice?
Tens are nice, I like 10s.
>39 SP to Brawling (net +30)
>17 SP to Balance (net +8)
>13 SP to Blind Fighting (net +10)
>30 SP to Sexual Adeptness (net +30, further divided up as Sexual Adeptness is)
>21 to Sprinting (net +0)
>9 to Tumble (net +0)
>14 to Urinating (net +10)
>13 to Ventriloquism (net +10)
>33 to Wrestling (net +30)

>if barmaids typically give fellatio
>and fellatio typically feels good
>then I probably want to meet a chambermaid
Seriously? Seriously.
>if A is good, and B is good, then AB will be good.


Excellent. I'm ready to begin.
File: 1351458458551.jpg-(45 KB, 447x447, dwarf-en[1].jpg)
45 KB
Now, 15 SP is supposed to make you a Weapon Master, if you invested in a particular weapon like longsword or sling. So keep that in mind for a scale with all these SP.

Krates's skills:

>20 SP to Brawling (net +0 to maneuver roll, 4 attacks per round).
Hilariously, because Brawling doesn't affect your actual attack roll (apparently), Krates will always suffer -25 on his 3d10 rolls to brawl.
This is kind of an issue. If it DID affect his to-hit roll, he'd be at a net +0 to his 3d10. Sounds nice, right? But then Hartmundus would be rolling 3d10+30, aiming to hit 7 or higher.

The way I see it, Brawling here is either DEFENSE IS WORTHLESS AGAINST ME or I CAN'T HIT SHIT, CAPTAIN with no in-between, when we're at these high skill levels.
Ooh, this'll be a sad combat.

Reading the section on Wrestling, it seems you make a 3d10 roll that serves no purpose. But if you consider that it's a Wrestling skill roll, then it does matter.

What I think will happen is Krates will try to Wrestle and Hartmundus will try to Brawl.

>30 SP to Sexual Adeptness (net +0, further divided up as Sexual Adeptness is)
>33 to Wrestling (net +35)
>21 SP among other skills

Let's get started!
Rolled 5, 7, 8 + 35 = 55

rollan for hartyboy
You got it mixed up.

Hartmundus has 5 brawling attacks per round.
Krates has 4 brawling attacks per round.
Both can only Wrestle once per round, and it takes the entire round.
Each brawling attack requires a 1d100 initiative roll, a 1d100 maneuver roll, and a 3d10 attack roll.

Hartmundus's initiative rolls are 1d100
Krates's initiative rolls are 1d100 + 4, thanks to the home territory advantage.

Hartmundus's Brawling MANEUVER roll is 1d100 + 30. (-9 agility + 39 skill = net +30)
Krates's Brawling Maneuver roll is simply 1d100.

Hartmundus's Brawling ATTACK roll is 3d10 - 9, against CA 7. If it's a groin shot, it's against CA 8 instead.
Krates's Brawling Attack roll is 3d10 - 25.

A natural 30 is an auto hit, a natural 6 is an auto fail.
And thinking of it, I don't see where Brawling would cause Graphic Gore. I don't think it does, guys. Sad.

First things first. Roll 5d100 for Hartmundus's initiative. Also roll either 4d100 for Krates if he's brawling *or* 1d100 for him if he's wrestling. His chances are better with the wrestling.
Rolled 12, 83, 45, 35, 54 = 229

Rolled 9, 40, 36, 15, 59 = 159

rolling initiative for our baker
(by the way, if he survives, he needs to get some dwarf woman pregnant so she can give birth to a red headed baker's daughter)
Rolled 11

troll wrestling
File: 1351459259826.jpg-(23 KB, 635x473, AKUdowant.jpg)
23 KB
File: 1351459407705.jpg-(144 KB, 721x907, called shots.jpg)
144 KB
Wrestling is deadly as fuck guys. A suplex causes 1d20 damage. There's no 1/3rd BPP damage thing with it.
Suplex on Hartmundus's head means he dies on a 3+ on 1d20. But Krates only has a 2 out of 20 chance of getting a Suplex anyway.

Wow. Hartmundus gets the first 4 initiatives, Krates gets the 5th, then the dwarf gets the 6th.

I was looking for rules about fighting larger opponents, but I didn't see any. The only one was Called Shots, which I said I would show you guys.

Feast your eyes on this rotten meal.
File: 1351459671794.jpg-(58 KB, 499x393, Kinder-Fresser Ogres.jpg)
58 KB
Okay! The baker needs 5d100 for maneuver rolls. Each 1d100 will have +30 added to it. Just roll 5d100 and we'll add it up ourselves.

Then we'll get attacking! 3d10 - 9 to attack. Remember, /tg/'s RNG doesn't subtract. Just roll 3d10 and we'll subtract manually. You need a final score of 8 or more to hit the groin (as based on maneuver) and a 7 or more to hit anyhwere else.

One 3d10 roll per post. Get to it!
Rolled 7, 5, 19, 18, 66 = 115

Punchin' moves
Rolled 4, 10, 8 = 22

Where'd everyone go? You were all here a couple minutes ago.
Rolled 4, 2, 9 = 15

go, proud dwarf! kill the troll while you still have your anal virginity!
Rolled 2, 4, 7 = 13

Need two more 3d10s! Here's one!
Rolled 8, 9, 2 = 19

Did you all fall asleep on me, /tg/? There's just one guy left.

Actually, I need one more 3d10 after this.
Rolled 8, 10, 9 = 27

You have my axe!
Oh geez.

And reviewing the rules for raping, it implies Brawling DOES cause Graphic Gore.
That was your last attack though, so we'll see how it goes.
Subtracting 9 from each attack roll, we get:

>hit, move (7+30) = #37
>hit, move (18+30) = #48
>hit, Graphic Gore, move (66+30) = #96

Time to roll for damage. Moves #37 and #48 for a black dwarf are both Headbutt to Face. Both damage is 2d8.

Go ahead and roll! You can roll both at once, it matters not to me.
Rolled 4, 5, 2, 6 = 17

Seriously, where did everyone go? We had like 5 people and suddenly they vanish.

All damage is to Krates's face.
Rolled 7, 8, 6, 6 = 27

File: 1351461765567.png-(411 KB, 773x495, 1351461740026[1].png)
411 KB
Krates's LP
40 - 17 = 23 remaining.
Krates has lost 42.5% of his LP

9 damage to the face.
9 * 0.3 = 3 BPP damage to the face.
3 BPP - 3 BPP damage = 0.

Krates's face is caved in by the dwarf's first headbutt.

Krates is dead.
Hartmundus is victorious!
I speak for me alone, of course, but it's less about vanishing and more about having stuff to do with only the ocassional mite of time in between I've other things to spend on besides 4chan.
Rest assured I'm still following this thread, though. For about a minute every half an hour.

I went to the restroom. Then I returned.

And you're rolling pretty well. I'll still watch and comment, but I'll let you handle the rolls.
Unless there's some obscure rule about fighting larger foes, it's over. Krates is dead.

Now Hartmundus will be freed from prison and get to go talk to that noble lady that betrayed him. And maybe find a wench or three.

That was, ah, disappointingly short.
Surprisingly short.
My impressions of this system are waffling between 'binary as fuck' and 'overcomplicated mess'.

Still better than Exalted paranoia combat, though. Not that it's much of a compliment.
File: 1351462187532.jpg-(138 KB, 1125x647, dwarven boxing.jpg)
138 KB
Funnily enough, your third attack would have missed.

See? The chart skips 94 through 98.
It does seem very binary. So binary, that lots of these stats could easily be reduced into a simpler form and still retain a similar style (if that is indeed what they were going for).
File: 1351462391370.jpg-(185 KB, 1000x667, Screw it, I'm out.jpg)
185 KB
I've been running through character creation just now on my own and have managed to generate a character with just their physical attributes.

My head was litterally a fraction of an inch to large to fit in my Trollish vagina.

Fuck man, just... Howcould anyone think this was a good idea?
Hartmundus the Depressed Dwarf Baker therefore went on to fuck bitches and make bread, and he lived happily ever after.

The end.

Vote it up.
File: 1351463762218.jpg-(48 KB, 818x221, Pounding Face, taking names.jpg)
48 KB
But hey, just for fun, let's say the Graphic Gore attack DID get off. Hartmundus knees the troll in the face.

Roll 3d10 to see what would have happened.
Rolled 5, 9, 4 = 18

Going for that jaw!
I think you're doing it wrong, anon. The minimum head circumference for a troll female's head is 23.25 inches. The maximum vaginal circumference for a troll is 20 inches. That's significantly more than "fractions of an inch."

>consider the surface area of the dwarf's fist
Man fuck you Byron Hall. d6 teeth are dislodged. Roll it!

You his knee? Because that's what he got hit with.
Whatever. I don't even know how many teeth are in a troll's mouth.

So, that was fun. Unless you guys want to roll dice for how well the baker sexes up a wench, I think we're done here. I will treat my bakers more kindly in Dwarf Fortress from now on.
File: 1351464931103.jpg-(147 KB, 703x883, Dwarf.jpg)
147 KB
Oh yeah, I forgot. Dwarves can shapeshift and they don't die of old age.

Imagine if we rolled for his age and got something like 700.

All that bread...
File: 1351466373203.jpg-(108 KB, 855x511, Black justice.jpg)
108 KB
File: 1351469810902.jpg-(182 KB, 843x878, Rape crime.jpg)
182 KB
I like the Sub. Troll's punishment.
One final bump.
Thank you. This was worth reading.

There certainly isn't racial profiling here...
Not dead yet thread

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