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Hey /tg/, I promised that I'd pop in when I had a story worth telling. So here it goes: during Halloween we had a special session of the usual game-day thing my friends and I have on weekends, we decided to give Dread a go.

After skimming the rules I decided to run the first round: The players wanted into a club of rich and influential friends who were really into horror movies and ghost stories. In order to score free bitches and booze pretty much forever, they had to prove they were more hardcore than the other club members, and spend the night in an abandoned mental hospital.

The game started with the club president locking them in and telling them that he would be back at sunrise, roughly twelve hours from then. The group decided to see if they could get some power back on in the building, and went down into the maintenance area in the basement.

They discover a staircase leading down rather quickly, just past the staff/visitor's cafeteria immediately to the left of the entrance. After finding a rough map and navigating around, they discovered rubble and one of the players remembered that the reason the hospital was abandoned was a small earthquake destroying the foundation in the south-east corner. This cause the area above it to become unstable and begin to collapse, and with other under capacity mental hospitals nearby they decided to simply shut it down rather than attempt repair.

After navigating several rubble piles and getting almost lost, they decided to make due with the box of candles they started with and return to the foyer. The door they started with is gone, and the stairs are different. Mild panic ensues, and they move back to the cafeteria. One of the players decides to search the kitchen they saw earlier to look for salt, only to discover the door is locked. After picking the lock and stepping through, he is caught by one of his friends when they realize the floor is gone.

The players then decide that it might be best to just pussy out and run. Deciding the front door's a wash, they go to break out the window. The window is now stained glass with sturdy wrought iron.

“Man, this place is hard to escape.” One of the players commented looking at the now teetering Jenga tower.

“It's a mental asylum.” I replied. “The whole point is keeping people in.”

Two of the players decide to try and start sparring, while the other one decides to deal with the stressful situation by taking a nap. He's woken up after what only feels like a few seconds of sleep to discover that he's alone in the cafeteria. He realizes that what woke him up is a distant noise that sounded like a music box, then notes a sound like someone with a cane making their way up the stairs. He's already freaking out when he notes that the grime and dust around him look like it's almost twenty years older than when he went to sleep, and his candle's about to go out.

Being afraid of the dark, he decides to do the reasonable thing and set the wall on fire. Since you know, lead based paint.

After he does this, he hears a pained screaming coming from the stairs, loud enough to damage the stained glass when suddenly a man covered in stained gauze to the point that he resembles a mummy with slits of burned flesh poking through the gaps. The man is also holding a pair of knives in either hand, long slim fileting knives.

For those of you familiar with this particular urban legend, yes, it is the Burned Man.
Terrified of the man, and already superstitious as fuck, he decides to set him on fire. When this serves to stun and then piss him off he delivers a flying kick to knock him into the burning wall, before running out of the room. He gets to the foyer, and discovers the doors are still missing. He runs up the stairs, and discovers a lounge of sorts that the less terrible cases were obviously meant to relax. Deciding that he can't outrun the Burned Man, and hearing his approach, he decides to construct a hiding spot from the ruined furniture.

Sadly, he knocks over the tower at this point and gets dragged screaming into the darkness before he can finish the task.

His friends downstairs hear the screams, and discover the friend who lay down to take a nap a minute ago is missing. They decide that the logical thing to do would be to run the fuck away from the sound of terrible death, and then instead go to investigate.

They find their friend, Mat, tied to a bookcase by what looks like gauze, giggling as he finished bleeding to death and wheezing through ruined lungs. His eyes had been diced until they were like fine jelly, and then burned out.

They then decide fuck this building and run back to the foyer. Ignoring the fact that the doors have returned, and are in fact different looking, they run past the cafeteria and find the administrative offices. Deciding that due to the fire code they had to be able to find some sort of an easily accessible exit, they begin to look for that. One of them also remembers that the owners were looking into maybe renovating and repurposing the building, and had generators moved in until the original wiring was replaced. Feeling foolish for going into the basement in the first place, they head back to the other side of the entrance and discover a large recreational area just before the collapsed section, that sadly had no way to their apparent goal.

As they went upstairs, they reasoned that they could also choose to use whatever fuel the generators had to burn down the building. They pass their friend's corpse, and find some unstable sections of flooring ahead of them. Doubling back, they hear a thump. Upon passing through the lounge again, their friend's body is discovered to be missing.

Apparently this was the limit to the spooky shit they could handle, as they immediately ran back to the foyer giving up on staying the night and kicked then door into splinters before leaving. They also then decided to get revenge on the guy who locked them in to begin with before letting me say the game was over.

There's also a 'round two' if you guys are interested in hearing that, but I think I might be in love with Dread after last night.
Feel free to share your own spooky gaming stories if you have them.

I love scary games but sadly there's either too little interest or ability to actually run/play them.
sure. What was the plot you had in mind before the players noped their way out?

It sounds like the "remember" mechanic is a way for players to add stuff/set target goals. Is this the case? I have not read the rules, only know the Jenga tower bit.
I don't have any scary game stories, but I wouldn't mind hearing that round two.

If they were really willing to investigate, it was mostly a re-hash of an adventure I ran during one of my more infamous CoC games.

Basically, the burned man was held there as a guard-dog to keep people from finding out a darker secret. He was held there against his will to basically act as a more athletic version of the Pyramid Head. Going to sleep or triggering one of his traps would transport you to what's basically a Silent Hill inspired shadow dimension where they'd have to evade him by running and hiding until they could find a way to wake up, like splashing their face in water.

In the 'waking' world they'd find clues as to the truth and his identity while severing anchors. The hospital would rearrange it's internal mapping to try and distract and disorient them as much as possible to keep them from completing their goal.

In fact, if they'd gone to the area in the Shadowland, they would've realized the 'two world' thing pretty quickly since the south-east part of the building was completely intact.


I only really skimmed the rules, so I can't even tell you how close to the mark we were even technically playing the game proper.

The mere idea for the Jenga tower was fucking brilliant though. Like Holy Shit.


I'll type it up in a couple of minutes.

Fun tidbit though: the revenge plan on the club president involved stealing a lawn-gnome from the neighbors and making it look like he had sex with it. To piss of Henderson, apparently.
Tell us more stories, WHM!
can someone explain this?

More stories please!

The jenga tower bit?

IIRC, jenga blocks are removed in lieu of dice rolls in stressful situations. When the tower falls, you die.
Sorry about the delay, my computer crashed. Typing up the story now.

Alright, so when we were wrapping up the first game, one of the surviving players told me that he had a good idea for one, and we went right into it. The premise was simple: We were guards in Alcatraz, in a version where the prison was never shut down. We're told that we're guards on the Graveyard Shift, which immediately prompted two members of the group to start humming a tune from a film with the same title.

After failing to find the song, we stumbled across the Afroman song, which immediately set the tone for the game. Prison guards Dirk Winchester: ordained priest and exorcism enthusiast. Atrum Buile: So enthusiastic about his martial arts that he chose to have two stun-bats instead of a gun. Mat Ward: Apparently finally fired from his job as a writer he instead became the hookup for the guards to score weed.

Listening to rap music, the three of us begin our rounds of the prison. When suddenly the batteries on our boom-box die. We choose to curse Matt for not changing the batteries, then eery laughter comes over our radios, which I choose to curse the guy for laughing, which is when Atrum decides to comment on the situation.

“Hey, it wasn't a TERRIBLE joker impression.”

“Fuck you A, if you're planning to suck his dick don't take the time to insult us.”

“Dude, no need to get harsh.”

“No need to take the Joker's side either before I go all Batman on your ass. Which means I will beat your ass with a bat.”

“Alright, Jeez.” He responds, when suddenly the lights flicker and we hear a scream from Dwane, one of the prisoners down below us. Running across the way we see that he's gone from his cell, leaving only a trail of blood leading into the ceiling.

I, as ordained priest Dirk Winchester, draw the only logical conclusion. “Fucking Demons.”

“How do we know it's demons?” Matt asks.

“Dude got ate by the ceiling. Unless this is secretly an Indian burial ground, it's Demons.” I respond, at which point one of the other prisoners screams 'Dude, what the fuck?'.

We then discover two facts: this prisoner is also named Dwane, and Dwane #1's dismembered corpse just landed on top of him.

After a brief interrogation, both the living and dead Dwanes are sucked into the ceiling. We then see and hear a man in a suit humming as he walks along the various walkways between the cells. I go to confront him as he stops in front of one of the cells, looking in.

“Who are you?” I ask, surprisingly polite considering Dirk's sliding attitude between 'belligerent' and 'total asshole'.

“Oh, just a bored passerby.” He responds. “I hope you don't mind me making my own entertainment.”

“Wait, you're the demon?” I respond, pulling out my bible. It should be noted that said bible isn't one of those flimsy paper-back deals, it's the ones made of Oak and leather on the cover, with the Iron-bindings on the spine. I swing it as a club at his face, and demand that he be 'compelled by the power of Christ to fuck off'.

After he landed on his ass giggling one floor down, I realized it was less effective than I hoped.

He then re-joins me in front of the third cell, and looks inside. "Tell me, what's this one's name?"

"Dwane." I respond. "Wait, is that your game? You're killing all the Dwanes in the prison?" It should be noted that all three of us are high as a kite in game, and out of game we're drunk from tired.

"What? No." The suited man responds. "Wait, both of those two were named Dwane?" He says pointing down at the cells whom he just killed. "Hell of a coincidence."

"You'll never harm another Dwane while I live, Demon." I tell him coldly, placing myself between him and the cell.

"Firstly, not a Demon, nor are my friends. They're nightmares. Secondly, to hell with patterns." He then snaps his finders and vanishes, as every single prisoner in Cell block C begins screaming in terror. I tell Matt to pull the fire-alarm, while myself and Atrum run and talk to the warden. Our reasoning being that we institute an arts and crafts time to deal with the 'Nightmares' by forcing everyone to make Dream-Catchers.

Which in retrospect, doesn't make a lot of sense. To be fair, I was fucking high as balls when I came up with this plan.

My friends agree that it's brilliant, and then the Warden, upon hearing this plan, tells us that he wants us to submit to drug-testing.

"Can you actually make us?"

"Not for another three weeks, since you just did one a few days ago."

"God bless America."

After we fail to produce bodies or even blood, since the Demon apparently cleaned up after himself, we tell the Warden that we couldn't ALL be hallucinating the same thing.

"Besides, where did the prisoners go?"

"You mean the ones you're paid to watch? You lost track of the whole Cell Block?"

"Fuck you."

We then convince him to review the tapes, which are all now blank, except one shot of the first two Dwanes being sucked through a portal in the ceiling of the one cell.

"Drug test me now Bitch." I tell him, vindicated. At which point, I hide behind everyone else because a guard dog enters the room. Atrum, keeping his streak of betraying everything Dirk believes in alive, immediately calls it a 'puppy' and gives it a hug. The dog is followed by an injured guard, which is quickly followed by Matt player falling asleep at the table since it was one in the morning. He is immediately eaten by a werewolf despite my best efforts to have him turned into a NPC.

We decide that since according to the new guard that Cell-Block E, which I realize is directly between us and the boats, is lost, we make our way to the Armory. Our reasoning being that anyone who survived would want to hole themselves up in there, plus we could get better guns.

We make our way to the armory, stalked by what by glimpses appears to be the a werewolf. His gift of a skull marked with dog-piss and duct-tape confirms that is was the one that got Matt.
Waffle House thread. Whelp, looks like I'm going to work sleep deprived tomorrow.

As we approach the Armory, there's sounds of a pitched gun battle there, which then fall silent a few moments later.

We decide to continue that way, only because the alternative was Cell-Block E, which is apparently where the fuckers are nesting.

When we get to the armory, the hall-way outside is covered in dead bodies. There's also a cute little girl with a frilly skirt skipping down the hall. Deciding we want absolutely nothing the fuck to do with that, we decide to ignore her and get guns. With everyone else covering me, I knock on the door. A moment later, the guard who was about to shoot me through the eye-slit greets me.

"Hey, Dirk. What's your holier than thou stoner ass doing out of Cell Block C?"

"Eaten by Demons." I respond calmly. "How's life in Cell Block D Aaron?"

"Eaten by Demons." He responds with a shrug.

"Seems to be going around."

"Damn shame. Graveyard shift used to be fun."

"Yeah. Mind letting us in before we get eaten?"

We then enter the armory, where Atrum makes himself a plot device by shoving everything he can into a duffel-bag the size of god, and I get a shopping list: A 30.06 bolt action rifle, so that I had better range. A Tac vest. a riot-shield with rifle support, and about ten pepper and flash-bang grenades. Also a flare gun.

I pull a brick to find my gear, and Atrum gains the ability to pull a brick to grab a random useful item out of the bag.
Drop by the 4chan writefag channel on Rizon sometime, Waffle.


We then grab one last guy, one of the SWAT riot squad members in Cell-Block A. He confirms that he's the only survivor on his end, and joins us inside the armory. A few moments later, everybody is kitted up and we move for the Yard ahead. As we enter it, we realize that there's a huge fence on the other side, directly between us and the boats. The only way out apparently requires us to go though Cell Block E.

Atrum then reveals that he had a pair of bolt cutters in the bag, using a brick. We hand them to the least armed and most physically able prisoner, who then proceeds to cut the holes to squeeze through as fast as he can, while we make our get away. Sadly, despite my laying cover fire down, we lose three of the prisoners we met in the armory.

Well, sad in character. Overjoyed at the table, because the GM just knocked a tower down that was half-single bricks and so wobbly we were speaking in whispers.

We start to run down to the boat, and I spy a Werewolf gaining on us. THE werewolf in fact. I put my rifle over my shoulder, and then shoot him in the face using the reflection on my riot shield. GM made me pull three bricks, which I made. Apparently, that was good enough to get his shoulder as he jumped at me, making him swerve into the injured guard we met with the Warden instead. Said guard then turns into a werewolf, and the man in the suit pops in to tell me it's a great show.

I tell him that I'm gonna shove his stupid Fedora up his ass, next I see him.

At this point, the four prisoners, the three living guards, the Warden, and the two survivors of Cell Block C (represent) make it to the boat, where we make a horrifying discovery, since that run down the hill turned the tower into an unbelievable cluster-fuck again.

"We're out of gas. The only fuel we have for the boats right now is up at the top of that hill."

Atrum then does the most bro thing ever: He volunteers to go get it, and strips down to no armor and a single stun-bat to make the run as fast as possible.

I grab the SWAT guy, and we go up on top of the boat to cover him. We manage to pull a brick each, him dodging while yelling 'Don't mind me, just passing through' while we sniped a couple of the monsters off him.

He makes it the shed, and in a stroke of genius, kicks the spouts off the tanks before he leaves, putting diesel all down the hill behind him as he runs back to us. Seeing my opportunity, I pull out my flare-gun and shoot the fuel.

The GM then says one of us needed to pull a brick. Since he had the Cojones to make the run, I took the risk of character death instead of him and pulled the brick. The tower was half again as tall as when we started, and dancing on its own. It was an agonizing ten minute process finding the only loose brick in the tower. When I finished pulling it out, the sense of relief was so palpable it was like having a mind blowing orgasm. I was amazed Jenga could be so intense. I took PICTURES, which I would post if I could get them off my phone.

Then, the GM turned to us with a shit eating grin so large he could eat the entire nations sewer system in one go and have room to spare.

"You need to pull another, to start the boat."

"You unbelievable asshole." I said, feeling all the stress come back and hit me like a hammer, as I went back for round two with the shuddering colossus.

After I pulled the brick, barely securing our lives, the evil suit guy showed up one last time to mock us. I snatched the hat right off his head and attempted to fulfill my promise of putting it somewhere unmentionable. Sadly, he escaped before I could do so.

That's when the Were-wolf that killed our buddy popped up one last time, and I drew my sniper rifle and pulled a brick unflinching and fast, even as horrible as that tower was. Then I said the previously unimaginable, as I killed my nemesis.

"This is for Mat Ward, you son of a bitch."
We considered going another round, but the guy who ran that game realized that he had class tomorrow, and it was like 2:30 in the morning.

Next weekend, we're going back to the D&D game my friend's running, but we might just make Dread a regular thing when the sun goes down and we don't have better plans.
I have a request, WHM.

is it possible to get a scan of Old Man Henderson's Backstory of Doom? reading it was described as a book of madness... I want to see if I can survive it.
It is not. He burned it.
A fitting end for such a magnificent monstrosity

Yeah. Sorry, but it's true.

I dealt with like I deal with all artifacts of evil: Fire.

FATAL rulebook I found in a locker? Burnt.

Furby? Burnt.

Old Barny Toys? Burnt.

My friend's old Saab? Burnt.

Australia? The reason I buy lottery tickets.

I might've saved it if I knew people would care, but I had no idea I would even tell people about Henderson, much less for him to explode into fucking popularity.

I had a friend tell me he saw someone Cosplaying as OMH at PAX. I'm not sure if that detail should make me happy or terrified.
this is an evil the world should have had, in order to learn from it. but i understand your reasons. well, i need a new /tg/ related sanity test.
also listening to the song combo in the theft of the boat... i find it amazingly halarious.
Begin reading the FATAL pdf. See how far you can read in a single sitting before you devolve into hysterical laughter and/or tears.

If you make it to the end, you're irreparably broken.
So, uh...

Anybody else got a story? Doesn't even have to be a spooky one.
File: 1351823078014.png-(589 KB, 1444x4718, WHM's Dread Stories.png)
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Thanks for the story time Waffle! Made this in case anyone wants it.
File: 1351823121078.jpg-(19 KB, 267x274, 1329632552919.jpg)
19 KB

I've got a story of buying St. Anger.

sounds bad enough.
Waffle, oh Waffle, I need your help. This total assfag retard is starting a shitty campaign. (Wild-west during the civil war fighting Zombies and Vamires) I wish to duplicate your comrade's epicness, he who is known as Old Man Henderson. Have you any advice for me?
WHM, i understand this man's plight, as he seeks guidance for the vengance of our friends. this DM is one of the worst people I have met. he does have about 2-3 OMH worth of bullshittery coming at him, so he needs to max his power against this evil!

Do not attempt to Copy Old Man Henderson.

Trust me, it won't work. Even I can't do that shit twice.

If you want to go batshit, you need to find your own unique flavor of batshit, and you need to find a way to apply it to the game at hand.

For instance, play a preacher. A honest to god, self sacrificing, loving family man. Play him to the hilt in the most grim-derp setting you can find.

Or be cheerfully racist for no apparent reason.

The best advice i can give you is not to play his game. Not in the 'fuck this shit' route, just set an entirely different standard for victory. If the railroading bastard wants you to kill the Lich, make it your life's goal to be the world's greatest baker. Sure, NOW you're a Sword and Board tank, but that's just to pay the bills. That's short term.

Basically, when someone play's Dan Hibeki in Street Fighter, they aren't there to win. they're there to see how long they can fuck with you before they die.

Be THAT Dude. Just don't be That Guy while doing it.
Waffle, good sir, I thank you for this advice. If you have any more tips for fucking over this dudes game, I would appreciate your sharing them. The game is going to be based in "Deadlands", if nobody likes it, D&D3.5, then Pathfinder if that isn't liked. If you can offer any more help, please do.
Not WHM, but if the setting is wild-west civil-war zombie / vampire hoedown, you need to find something that seems out of place, but still possible, even in a stupid mash-up like that.

You are Helena Swift, first female priest in the land. All you want is to spread the good word.
Someone was playing Old Man Henderson at PAX? I hope someone took pictures!
I also would like Halloween session stories.

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