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Have you guys ever felt you were in a real life quest of epic proportions? I just had one today it had to do with finding raw material to make a hammer. check this shit out.
>>Work as a welder at a mine
>>mainly do rebuild and crack repair
>>finish a crack on a 994 bracket.
>>No more work for the day til tomorrow (grauzer job)
>>boss lets me clean and organize shit in my area
>>find piece of hexagon metal about 4 inches.
Look at it and think about heating it up and tempering it to make myself a punch to mark my initials into my work with.
>>pull out small brazing tip start setting up.
>>journeyman bro walks by
>>"hey anon what are you doin?"
>>just found this piece of metal gonna turn it into a punch.
>>he picks up the metal and looks at it for a moment before turning it over a few times.
>>he laughs deeply and smiles widely.
>>"that's a fucking blast from the past. Do you know what this is?"
>>"err ya It's hexa stock prolly used for key holes? or gap rod maybe?"
>>shakes head and show me the tiny engraving of RM
>>"The RM stand for Rony Mohan, He used to be a black smith here when we still had a smelter back in the late 90's"
File: 1352425092929.jpg-(137 KB, 1024x796, 1343572340695.jpg)
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>>Still not understanding the importance of the material.
>>journyman see this.
>>"well every christmas he used to either make a punch or a chipping hammer for the welder. The hammers were incredible. they were light and hard, you could and still can draw them out to reuse them here follow me."
>>Shows me his hammer from this legendary black smith.
>>"but you only have have one piece you need two to make a proper hammer or else you'll just have one side."
>>He lets out a sigh.
>>alrighty i gotta get back to these trailer fenders anon later.
>>set off on epic journy to find this missing ore (hexa mats)
>>check old smelter ruins ( big fucking empty store house looking thing long since cleaned out for environmental reasons.)
>>lockers left behind jackpot?
>>not a fucking thing.
>>random welding tables boxes underneath jack pot?
>>Random scrap bin bunch of rusted to high hell metal
>> err na fuck that i'm not digging through that shit
Back in high school my friend would come over to smoke weed at my house. My mother didn't care, but he was so nervous at the idea that he insisted we find some place where no one would be. Of course we lived in a city and he refused any spot where someone could even possibly see us if they passed by. It was a ridiculous and annoying railroad.

Another time this girl Stephanie, however, asked me to drive her home to some area I'd never been to and that was a kind of long trip, but there was a nice reward at the end.
File: 1352425647632.jpg-(86 KB, 1000x800, 1343572893384.jpg)
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>>give up check other scrap yard located near pit.
>>Radio crackles. WS1 to Ws15 anon come in
>>keep silent hoping i heard wrong
>>Ws1 To Ws15 Anon come in
>> Fuck fuck fuck "anon go ahead ws1
>>While you're out an about check on the 404 haul truck driver said he might have seen a crack in the wish bone.
>>Godfuckingdamnyou. "yes sir will do."
>>404 found, "uh ma'am thats not a crack... it's just mud, see if you just swipe it away bam all gone."
>>get back in truck take off cursing that stupid bitch (exp gained for side quest 100)
>>get to lay down yard. Shit has welders from the 1960's still there in salvage.
>>climb over fence. start to scavenge.
>>lots of hard plate still good and can be used for rebuilds make mental note.
>>plenty of good components inside these old welders make mental note.
>>keep searching don't find anything that resembles the material i found.
>>what douchebagery is this!?
>> jump back over fence security rolls up.
>>hey anon what are you doing in there?
>>"err i was looking for material for a d-11 rebuild found some good 1" hard bars in there gonna go to my boss and ask him if it's cool to take it out."
>>Oh ok then well hey be safe.
>>crisis averted +100 xp. level 2 reached.
Is the BBEG the dumb bitch in the truck?
Does saving catatonic spelunkers count?

I'm a mountain rescue team member in an area filled with caves and tunnels.

Most memorable had to be looking for a girl who got stuck in a vertical shaft face to face with a decomposing corpse of someone who fell in there a few days before. Her fiance left her inside to look for us and then couldn't exactly find the place again - we had to check several places before we found the right one. She spent five hours there, alone. By the time we got her out she was catatonic.
File: 1352426295783.jpg-(483 KB, 669x1054, 1340568531698.jpg)
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>>make it back to shop stare at the hexametal for a while
>>get angry and shove it into my locker.
>>head back over to journyman and start to talk to him while he is breaking some sheets of diamond plate.
>>"hey where do you think i can find some of that metal?"
>>He thinks for a moment before engaging the machine
>>well the black smith shop was shared with the pipe shop back in the day so i'd start there anon ask so and so about it I think he kept all of mohans stuff.
>>Fucking A love you!
>>head to pipe shop
>>Hey anon come to learn how to master that 6g? The foreman laughs and extends his hand (was the best 6g he's bent in a long time inside joke.)
>>No Sir i was actually gonna show your guys how to walk the cup.
>>more playful banter.
>>ask him the question " hey have you heard of guy name mohan?"
>>yeah still hunt with him from time to time though it's mainly drinking can camping.
>>would you happen to have any of his stuff laying around i'm looking for some material
>>he shakes his head and replys actually i took it all out for him he still does some black smithing at home but check with anon at the plant maintenance he was his apprentice way back then oh also take him this please.
>>wtf.jpeg sounding really fucking familiar now.
>>head off on next quest.
no the bbeg will be revealed soon!
File: 1352426820229.png-(246 KB, 507x822, 515410 - SkeeNLangly Tech(...).png)
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>>make it to plant maintenance.
>>asshole wannabe welder walks towards me
>>"didn't think you were allowed outside your shop anon."
>>stop and look him in the eyes.
>>"no thats for the people who like it under the desk just like you and your wife."
>>flash of anger on his face.
>>"you little fuck if i didn't need this job i'd lay you out right where you stand."
>>"sure you would is that before or after i'm done skull fucking you?"
>>lolpartways with a glare. intimidation check succeeded
>>knock on bosses door
>>Anon come on in!
>>Hello sir how have you been?
>>good anon just trying to keep with an old mine. yourself?
>>exchange more idle banter
>>oh hey pipe fitter dude wanted you to have this
>>thanks anon! Exp earned 500 level 3 reached
>>oh btw pipe fitter boss said you might know of some of mohans old material?
>>thinks for a moment
>actually i'm sure he took it all with him
>>hope is fading dreams of epic hammer crushed
>>but he did hand about 20 pieces to each welder
>>you might wanna check with journeyman anon
>>The plot thickens..
>>Thank you Plant maintenance boss.
>>Oh anon take this to journeyman anon he needs it for the ramps on the trailer...
>>yes sir will do have a good one
>>To welding shop.
Please continue. I am seriously enjoying this read.
You are on an increasingly long chain of fetch quests which will culminate in your elevation to mastery of your craft

Keep at it OP
I'm very much enjoying this. MOAR!
lol wasn't sure if i should continue or not

The craft to be the ultimate delivery boy!
This is one of the best threads I've read on /tg/ this year. Please continue to regail us with your dwarven adventures.
You'd better continue this, it's flipping intertaining
File: 1352427731268.jpg-(98 KB, 519x800, 21180 - Ork Warhammer_40k(...).jpg)
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>>make it back to shop lunch time
>>eat lunch quickly
>>finish try to leave
>>Hey anon
>>you're not doing anything right?
>>"err no not really."
>>Awesome i know you have some pipe experience could you show this helper how and what steps to follow when taking the 6g test?
>>yes sir
>>k little anon check this out set your machine here make sure your dig is set here the machine varies since the work piece will heat so much
>>blah blah blah technical jargon
>>k little anon try it.
>>no little anon you are long arcing on your root pass
>>little anon... srsly put your rod closer
>>Little anon i swear to god PUT YOUR FUCKING ROD CLOSER
>>For the love of that is fucking holy
>>Hey anon? says the little anon
>>Whats long arcing?
>>explain terminology and what to look for when stick welding.
>>task complete... sorta 150xp earned little anon earns200xp little anon gains level 0!
>>walk to over to journeyman bro.
>>Hey how come you didn't tell me mohan gave the welders a couple pieces of those hammer mats?
>>"oh shit you're totes right."
>>oh btw Plant maintenance boss wanted you to have this.
>>sweet thanks anon! 1000xp earned level 3 1/2 reached
>>so... the material journeyman anon?
>>oh mine? i gave it all away check with oldman anon
>>Thanks journeyman anon
>>go to old man anons work area see him struggling with a 2 inch plate and the jib crane controls.
>>I gotcha old man anon just work the crane.
>>thanks anon!
Sounds like you were a total ass to the trainee.
>"no thats for the people who like it under the desk just like you and your wife."
What the fuck.
The impression I get is that the swearing is mostly internal rage. Along with everything not in quotes.
File: 1352428201930.jpg-(35 KB, 450x306, grand_kai.jpg)
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>>old man anon sets the plate down and tacks it.
>>shit you not this dude looks like grand kai
>>Oh cut this for me please
>>oh grind this for me please
>>shit break that tack for me please
>>hmm put the level right there ataboy hold it hmm nope not level
>>ok weld that side please
>>about a fucking hour of helping this old geezer.
>>all done thanks anon!
>>he turns to leave
>>Old man anon wait!
>>do you have any of mohans old material to make a hammer with?
>>ponders for a moment.
>>hmm anon i haven't heard that name in ages! to think someone of your age would even know a person
>>explains details of my quest.
>>well you see back in my day mohan was... BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH fucking old man stories...
Now don't get me wrong i like old people and i love their stories but not when i've heard them 5 fucking times detail for fucking detail!!!!
>>story ends ask him again
>>oh thats right well you see this is my hammer.
>>shows me his legendary hammer
>>I got it back in 97 i remember cause it snowed like hell that year.
>>story ends
>>so any extra material on hand?
>>Oh no anon i used it a long time ago. go ask the boss he was really close to mohan.
>>die inside decline xp raise don't want this on my completed quests bar.
>>old fuck wouldn't remember i completed it anyway.
I was mainly because he has been a trainee for 2 years. refuses to work. is the son of the head person over maintenance fuck him. he has no desire to be good at this trade or become a journyman he just wants the paycheck.

eerr i kinda banged his wife. didn't know it apologized hateful ever since

yeah mostly internal.
Having this attitude, even only internally, to everyone at your job sucks shit. As does directly almost starting a fight at your workplace and half-assing a new trainee's job.
Holy shit anon. You aren't just random dude. Your a fucking PC
c'mon, the guy's sharing a story with us about his life. I imagine most of this is made up/exaggerated but it's still interesting as fuck, leave the critique of him as a person to the end at least? :>

Sssssssssshhhhh. Storytime!
File: 1352428955723.png-(283 KB, 1983x1476, 1340568147214.png)
283 KB
>>make it over to boss
>>knock on door
>>hello anon whats on your mind.
>>well sir i was wondering if you have any of mohans material for hammers on hand.
>>Actually yes i do anon hang on a second.
>>heads into back where his old leathers and hood are.
>>hands me an identical piece. hold it firmly in my hands and look to him expecting some side quest or main story quest or an Oh btw you start 16 hour graveyards next week. (happens pretty often)
>>anything else anon.
>>pause for a moment
>>no sir thank you very much you don't know how much i appreciate this.
>>Anon I've never regretted hiring you. you get along well with others even the ones who don't really want to be here.
>>you show exemplary welding skills and journeyman anon speaks very highly of you. I want you to take the journeyman test.
>>after this grauzer job i want you to test. that ok with you?
>>yes sir hell yes! blah blah blah sentimental moment
>>leave room holding onto my prize tightly
>>go to work table stare at my two raw pieces of metal
>>take out brazing tip.
>>begin heating and and shaping and drawing out
>>make one side a pick the other flat.
>>quince in motor oil.
>>re temper til a goldish color appears.
the two pieces are forged!
>>let them air cool and show them to journyman anon.
>>Very good work anon! but you messed up here and here and here and there and this spot isn't fully tempered.
>>well you can re temper and shape it again but let it cool completely don't want it to crystalize.
Exp for trying 100 level 4 gained.
attempts remaining 3 would you like to try again?

na most of them are bros just two people i don't get along with. thats in the entire mine. and i usually just steer clear of them. will explain more later.
Riding my bike makes EVERY DAY a quest. For a runner-up though, running six blocks and back in the snow, in loafers, to get my girl some fever medicine was triumphant as fuck. She was swooning so much from my knightly bravery that she felt better. I OUT-QUESTED THE FLU.
File: 1352429552154.jpg-(188 KB, 744x1072, 1333928948746.jpg)
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>>take back to table steel determination in my eyes.
>>ok cool enough!
>>strike torch
>>engines go!
>>Hey anon?
>>Anon did you hear me?
>>turn off torch and turn around to see little anon.
>>hey I'm need to leave early the other guys are being dicks to me though can you finish my job?
>>..........err yeah.....
>>what is the job?
>>steam cleaning this diesel container for journyman anon to weld on Thanks bro i owe you one! I wanted to start drinking early since i get my 3off now! later bro
>>are...you...fucking..................wait i'll hold my tounge don't wanna piss off 21493774
>>steam clean tank don't really care it all pays the same
>>other anons complain about doing grunt work i don't mind
>>get back to table... My peices... Where are...
>>feel my heart sink
>>feel like i want to cry
>>But I am a man....
>>but men cry
>>start asking welder bro's if they have seen my shit
>>Of course they haven't seen it! it's a relic they stole it!
>>start getting suspicious of everyone
>>brave old man kai anon
>>hey have you seen my hammer pieces?
>>no young man. I have not
>>but you know people do steal them especially if it looks new, that reminds me of a time....
>>imnevergonnafindmyhammer ;-;
>>story ends
>>last ditch effort before time to go home
>>run to journeyman anon
>>JOURNEYMAN ANON!!! please tell me you have seen my pieces!

amazing. epic vindication.

Envy, motherfucker. I would love to be my boyfriends knight in shining, but never get the opportunity!
My heart started melting with you. THIS IS EPIC!
File: 1352430123676.jpg-(164 KB, 800x589, 1351728980500.jpg)
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>>journyman anon turns around
>>Yeah anon. I took them off your table
>>seriously don't leave it on your table anymore, people will and have stolen these hammers.
>>He pulls the two pieces out of the can of motor oil.
>>anon Not everyone has one of these hammers.
>>you need to take care of it, they are rare and show of a time when welders were the prized children of the mine.
he seriously fucking said that made me feel like i was being knighted and shit.
>>I took the liberty of tempering it and shaping it for you.
>>hands me the two pieces and a piece of pipe smashed down for a handle to fit into.
>>the next part is up to you. You have to weld the two together using the pipe as a joiner
>>braze it but make sure you don't stress or melt excessively or you will fuck up the entire metallurgy of the material.
>>challenge accepted!
>>back to my table torch lit brazing rod in hand
>>fuck I've never been good at brazing but i have to try this is my hammer!
>>start to braze hammer
>>Wild old man anon appears.
>>Anon! pull that cone back and let it slip pass the metal keep it pre heated but don't apply direct heat!
>>...did he just actually give me sage advice!? i knew listening to his stories would come in handy!
>>old man anon keeps a watchful eye on my work
>>done beautifully anon you're a good kid.
Seriously said that was a day of compliments for me made me feel like the golden child seriously.
>no the bbeg will be revealed soon!

>>Very good work anon! but you messed up here and here and here and there and this spot isn't fully tempered.
>>well you can re temper and shape it again but let it cool completely don't want it to crystalize.

>>get back to table... My peices... Where are...

This is the best quest thread on /tg/
Any chance we can get a picture.
File: 1352430360726.gif-(1.89 MB, 620x562, jZS4w.gif)
1.89 MB
My soul is warmed by this story. Have a krab.
Story teller, I hope that you post a pic of your glorious hammer.
File: 1352430734068.jpg-(119 KB, 592x620, 1346967560972.jpg)
119 KB
>>inspect handy work everyone has gone home.
>>on the clock for free
>>on an epic quest can't quit now.
>>find an old handle i used back when i was in college for welding
>>remember back to the time when the head off that cheap hammer fell off due to the dryness
>>wonder why i kept it all this time.
>>..........I know why i kept it
>>Sister gave it to me for my birthday
>>right before we started fighting and shit after i loaned her some money
long story short i didn't care if she paid me back she did said it hurt her pride to much to keep talking to me foreveralone
>>with hesitation stick my newly forged hammer into my old wooden stock given with love.
>>A brilliant light shines brighter than the brightest sun in the brightest galaxy.
>>My hammer is forged!
>>permanent passive effects are as follows.
~+10 to all welding abilities
~+10 to respect from all welder
~+10 to all chipping abilities.
~+10 to all heat resistance
>>can't wait to show everyone tomorrow
>>excited don't wanna go home
>>start welding on plates chipping slag
>>so fucking happy

This was my day Fa/tg/uys Prolly the best day of the year for me. I was told i'm a valuable member of the team, if i pass this layout test to become a journeyman i'll be the youngest journeyman ever in that shop history. that along side with getting my relic hammer it feels great almost like everything is really starting to fall into place in my life ^^. So i thank you all for your time in reading. I also took pics of my hammer and raw material if anyone is interested. No time stamps though can take a time stamped one tomorrow if anyone is interested. also express interest for pics (be warned they are low quality)
File: 1352430780942.jpg-(150 KB, 640x480, 1271614997147.jpg)
150 KB
This story, while told as RL vs. Gaming whimsey, is a good example of the potential in a crafting/quest system; to have a player
1. Be tested by their peers
2. Be tested by their adversaries
3. Have their self discipline tested
4. Have a last-minute setback
5. Must show mastery of techniques by using what is taught

Makes better sense than running around collecting ingots to make 1000+ pans and iron daggers. It's a "meaningful grind" as it were. Thanks Anon.
Hell yeah, awesome quest. Show us those pics so that we can appreciate it too.

Pics of everything, please. I want to see everything.
we definitely do want pics.

>captcha: orlansla commanded
>don't know who that is but they sound important & commanded pics
considering interest has been stated I think it would be awesome to see some pics.
I'm assuming the pictures are of poor quality because of...
>>A brilliant light shines brighter than the brightest sun in the brightest galaxy.
File: 1352431052313.jpg-(3 KB, 300x57, image.jpg)
3 KB
Lets see it.
Awesome story ... even if you did sound like you were speaking another language at some points.

Oh yeah, I'm interested in seeing your awesome relic hammer
File: 1352431149422.jpg-(129 KB, 511x599, st eligius.jpg)
129 KB
A mighty hammer with a gold sheen - you've done St. Eligius proud.
Grade A story, OP. Glad you shared.

yes please
File: 1352431346600.jpg-(33 KB, 640x480, 1108121631.jpg)
33 KB
ok crappy pics inbound. and they are crappy due to crappy phone.

Raw mats!
File: 1352431391537.jpg-(34 KB, 640x480, 1108121630b.jpg)
34 KB
Forging and handle completed! love you sis :/
File: 1352431451654.jpg-(32 KB, 640x480, 1108121630.jpg)
32 KB
Brilliant sheen shown! flat side
The Relic Hammer everyone. This man is moving up in the world.
File: 1352431496297.jpg-(32 KB, 640x480, 1108121630a.jpg)
32 KB
last pic of the pic axe side. sheen shown hopefully well.
Does it have a name or will relic hammer suffice?
This is really neat OP.

I don't know about others, but I don't know much about metalwork/welding. If you felt like rambling on about your work or techniques or processes, I'd find that most edifying.
Simply wonderful.
Well thank you very much for reading everyone ^^ and taking up twoish hours of your time. I can take pics of the legendary journyman bro's hammer tomorrow
Very nice.
Relic weapon forging quest completed!
Actually good point since you guys have listened to my tale. Post ending in 72 names my hammer!
Was expecting something less practical
Rolled 18

>Post ending
Do you even /tg/ Anon?

What's that hammer for? Its shape doesn't look familiar.
Lil' Mjolnir

Who he?
he's right. All good weapons have names. this masterwork must be given a title for its saga.


"Saint Eligius (also Eloy or Loye) (French: Éloi) (c. 588 – 1 December 660) is the patron saint of goldsmiths, other metalworkers, and coin collectors. "

Now you know, half the battle, etc.
well i started off first by turning the entire raw material a cherry red then i started to pound it into a shape i wanted. while keeping it that cherry red.

After my first initial shape i started to shape the edges with a grinder (being really gently with it and keep it redish. but not orange.)

then shape it again while drawing it (just means to stretch the metal) one the shape and length is acquired i dipped it in motor oil. instantly lowering the materials temp. (they do it in oil because water will make it brittle why exactly is beyond me.)

then i start to temper it. just running the torch over it very lightly until a light gold appears almost like a hay color. right after the rainbow color. if you see grey you have gone to far. ^^
Well Story Teller, it would appear you have the perfect weapon to bash in filthy bandit heads in post-apocalyptic America while on a lengthy journey to find your sister.
How about Elegius?
yes I do :3 Mtg and some D&D also just started getting into battle tech DM gave me a mad cat for an enemy of 5 :D was sweet!
gonna have to go with St. Eligius, or at least Eloy or Loye on this one. Tale of heroism is to good, needs an honest, biblefight-worthy saint name for this relic.


That's... a really elaborate name.
The Journeyman's Dedication
balls to the walls anon, balls to the walls
D: wtf... is my hammer that entire sentence?!

I am also curious. I was thinking along the lines of a carpenter's hammer.

Hope you got room on the hammerhead to engrave all of that in, welderbro.
So lets shorten that then OP. Lets go with Mad Cat.
Val'nyr the Dedicator

The hammer's name is now either

"Yesido" or "Dwassweet"

I vote for Yesido.

because someone might ask you, "Dude, do you have an epic relic blacksmith hammer?"

and your answer is "yesido"
D: can i name my own hammer though?

ish joo a welderbro too?!
Mad Cat. Seems fitting judging the quest he went on for it.

I like this too. The hammer's even a little gold, so the name fits twice.
Eh one off I'd go with St. Eligius since it is an actual name and very related.
Needs a definite article. The Mad Cat.
Argh both Mad Cat and Elegius are good. Decisions are haaaaaaaarrrrd.
>they do it in oil because water will make it brittle
I assume it's because water absorbs more heat, and cools it faster for a more rapid and more significant drop in temperature. I'm probably even less likely to know than you, though.

Thanks for the description, though. Hold no illusions that I could do something like that, but it's cool to know a little about it. If I ever write anything involving something like this, I just might be able to do it right. Plus it's just cool to know things.
Mad Cat Elegius?
in honor of this, It should be named Eligius
Now, are you, or are you not, going to go fight orcs and take back your long-lost great grandfather's subterranean mountain mine kingdom?

In darkest Tibet?
no problem ^^ and you prolly could just takes practice and messing around with it.
I'd guess that "Mad Cat" sounds more intriguing, because it's not the sort of thing you'd associate with a hammer, it's more the name for a motorbike or something. Someone asks about it, and you have to go "well, you see, there's a story there..."

I like Eligius and it certainly fits, but it seems more... conventional?
...not sure i'm pretty sure that's a level 10 quest think i need to do some more errand quests first.
Mad Cat Elegius! DO IT!
Seems appropriate. The Mad Cat Elegius.

Nah, "I had some anons on the internet guess a name" isn't that great a story. Stick with Eligius.
I actually like this one to be honest :3
This thread seems archive-worthy. What should I call it so it doesn't get confused with a quest thread?
Who says it can't have two names? One is the "proper" name, the other be the nickname.

Saint "Mad Cat" Elegius, the Relic Hammer (of Mohan?)
Could you just put 'Mad Cat' on one side and 'Eligus' on the other?

Alternately, I'm pretty sure you could find equivalents of Eligus' role in other mythologies, if Christianity isn't your schtick.
Good choice. It was just refluffed Tome of Horrors anyways.

Archived, upvote this shit here:

"storytime" tends to be the tag when we're relating our own tales of derring-do, but search for that tag befor eyou submit the thread to check for variations.
name it after your sister
Yeah i could do that. I wonder if a metal engraver will work on wood...?
Aw crap, too late.
Also might make it harder for someone to steal. Possibly even stain the handle a particular color or something?
The Epic Of Mohan's Relic

No offense, but I think it'd be a bit weird for a tool that's used to bash things all day to be named after me. It might seem like a bit of a passive-aggressive backhanded compliment.
could stain it a cherry red I think i have some left over from the side project i did for my mom a couple months back
Rolled 8


The Apprentice's Achievement

I'm not the sister btw, just putting myself in the situation.

Any man who can MAKE HIS OWN HAMMER get serious fucking props in my world, Anon.
File: 1352432843064.jpg-(56 KB, 640x480, 0717121837.jpg)
56 KB
hey hey hey i wouldn't bash things with it. I just slide it across the slag gently....most times.... also more horrible pics!
Ty ^^ still on top of the world right now
+1 vote for Eligius.

Also, good idea to get it engraved, if theft really is that big of a risk you need to make a mark on it. Getting it on the head is probably a better idea as someone could just swap the handle.
Etch Eligius on the hammer itself, with The Mad Cat on the handle.
This seems like the best course of action, OP.
will do! I have work in the am and want to show off my hammer. ^^ so good night guys and thanks for reading my story!
Eligius, because if he's the patron saint of metalworkers, and one of the key things that reccommended your promotion to journeyman was your willingness to help coworkers without bitching (vocally at least j/k ), then your selfless self-sacrifice means that you're on your way to becoming a paladin of steel.
DMs should learn from this story. I'm already thinking of how I could incorporate this. Rest assured Mad Cat Eligius will be a relic as soon as I can place it in my setting
Y'know, before everything else, it's kinda nice to see someone taking pride in their work.
Can we get a screencap of the story posts squished together? newfag here with no 4chan ability to speak of
OP, I was gonna post something, but fuck, you own this thread.
This is YOUR victory, your day, and I won't impinge on it.
This drink is for you!
Now I must roll up a Paladin dedicated to the quest of retrieving a sacred relic to his Patron god of smithing, The Hammer Of Saint Eligius.
I was going to be a welder. But my short fat self couldn't take the mental abuse.
This tale is amazing.
Mohan's Mallet (yes, I know its not a mallet) or Mohan's Mad Cat.

Also, What type of mine, and where?
I ask because I live in a small mining town in northern Canada.
File: 1352453958602.png-(3.08 MB, 1024x4225, Eligius.png)
3.08 MB
File: 1352454183380.png-(3.1 MB, 1024x3386, The Mad Cat.png)
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