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We dropped the ball last thread, didn't we?
What the fuck is this thing? I see it on the front page all the time, and it looks like utter shit.
Oh right, it's the shitty waifu threads of yesteryear in a different skin.

Good to know I was right to ignore.
And yet you still commented here. Anyway, goodbye don't let the figurative door hit you on the way out.
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Now I just have to wait until the group reassembles.
However long that may take.
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//run Assemble_Avengers.exe
Error. Avengers not found.
Assemble Harem Knights?

Close enough, I guess. I haven't been keeping up with these threads... It all got kind of intimidating... I-I really should write some more for you guys... Maybe someone will like it...

And if I never write, my waifu will never live. ;_; So that means I have to!

Let's remember what made us great to start with, today, shall we? Give your waifu a hug and tell her what she means to you.
Good to have you back.
Good to be back... Kinda. I hope I'm back. The last few weeks have been pretty shit. Every time I think about writing... Bah.

Are all the regulars still around from the start?
I found the old thread over on Foolz.us and put it up on the 1d4chan page. The link is right here:

SO Al, you ever here this song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9D2mvoMKLE&feature=plcp
Get your own forum faggots.
No, actually. Pretty nice, though.
Some of actually like reading this, you know.
Hello, what did I mis-

>Thread dies due to lack of attention


>chianT employ
So it was YOU!
Let me repost something from the last thread- we need something to generate discusssion from those of us that are here now.

I've been thinking a little bit- we've talked about the Iron Church of Myrthter quite a bit now, but what about Myrthter himself? What do you think he should be like?

Personally, I'm leaning between a cross of the worst attributes of the God-Emperor (as seen in "The Last Church") and YHWH from the Shin Megami Tensei series. (In other words, a hypocritical, self-righteous tyrant obsessed with his own power and bent on killing off all non-humans, along with the humans who refuse to accept him as their master.) Do you think that would make a good characterization, or would he be better suited as a well-meaning extremist type trying to do what's best for humanity?
The threads do seem to be growing less active lately. As much as it annoys me to say this, maybe we really should spin this off into a forum or something.
Thats cause A few writers got flooded and other had life, and others just wrote one really long ass story together.
Well, I've decided to take responsibility for a piece on the Church, but that won't be for a while...

I like the extremist view. I'd like to think they would be humoured by the WH40K background, or at least find it has eerie parallels.

"Why do they continue cavorting with non-humans when they pray with this kind of legislature?" the more slow minded would say, thinking themselves clever.

Vacation has actually made me LESS active, and yeah, a huge collab piece drawing my interest...

On another note, churches and pseudo-Christian religion in fantasy settings, corrupt and self-serving monstrosities or bastions for salvation and survival?
Depends on the setting, and how the author wants to fluff it up.

I was talking more about Myrthter himself, but the same principle applies there.

Come to think of it, that might give it a bit more nuance- maybe the institution itself is genuinely good, but they don't realize that Myrthter is just using them for his own goals (which may not necessarily be what's best for humanity- maybe he wants to make them into a tool that can wipe out the demons or another god). After all, we know from Gearheart that Tera is nothing like the kind and motherly figure her followers portray her to be.

Of course, we could have it the other way around as well- an inherently good god whose will is being subverted by zealots within his church.
>>21616608 Speaking of Tera
Many long years before, in the time of the great war. Before the birth of the mists. A lone woman wandered into the great city of bats. She carried a small metal box. Her face covered by a shabby cloak.

She came before the great song gate. Wide open in this time of relative peace. Guards moved forward to stop her. To bar her from entering, but as she drew nearer they turned in step and joined her in her trek. She came to the great stalagmite, where the Blind council resided. She now had a large group of Chironen at her back. The door opened by itself and she entered.

The council was seated around a half circle of a table. A older Chironen, hidden in the shadows like all the others spoke up. “You, Outsiders are not welcome. Why do you darken our halls, women grim.”

“Dark, dark, dark. Funny you should mention dark. A dark time is coming. There are deals in the shadow and fire being made. They spell disaster for the Chironen and the surrounding lands. If things are not checked it could come to threaten more than just your lands.”
“The Chironen do not need the help of lesser beings. We will survive the little war in process and we will be all the stronger for it. Now leave our home cheap conjurer and do not bother us again.”

“Fools! I come offering salvation and you swat away my gift? If more than you rested on this I would leave you to your dismal fate.”

“You speak madness and call us fools? You prove that we need not from you.”

“Sniveling babes still sucking from their mothers that, they believe they need her no longer. You pathetic creatures content to wallow. Blind foolish leaders of the blind, see with your eyes not with your ears.”

There was a surge of power from the woman. The blind councils bandaged eyes were bandaged no more. Where once had been empty sockets and milky glazed eyes were now healthy eyes. The council erupted in a torrent of noise they could not hear. They grew frightened at their new fate and begged the woman to turn them back to how they were before.

“You are all forgiven, I am far more compassionate than my sister.” She said her voice like honey dripping.

The Chironen fell over, hands to their heads, crying out in pain as their eyes were taken and their hearing restored.

“We... we will listen, we will hear.” Said the council as one.

“Good my children. I leave this for you. In time a Female Chironen will come, she will be like no other who came before her. This crystal is to be hers. It is the only gift I can give to help you. I entrust all Chironen here with keeping it safe. Inside the box, is a piece of parchment. It’s rules and orders you should abided by.”

Then the woman vanished, leaving the box in the hands of the youngest council member. Who carefully opened the box. Inside was a necklace with a crystal pendant and a folded up piece of parchment.
And thats the end.
Damn it autocorrect. Thats wrong. Any way latter I should have a story about an old angel.
will that remain indefinitely?
Not that I know of, but it's the best we can do since the last thread died before any of us got to archiving it.
Then we get to archiving this one. And I'm making a google doc for that one. We'll link it.
Addendum: The thing has threads from well over a year ago, and the software it uses lets it archive threads as soon as they're made. Searching for specific threads is nearly impossible, though, so we should use it mainly as a last resort.
Addendum to the addendum: I double-checked, and it looks like Foolz.us has every single thread posted in /tg/ since February 2010. Wow...
As opposed to a young angel? I'm pretty sure they don't grow old.
Myrthter didn't start off with any at all, until people started offering...
Are you suggesting that he feeds off the belief of his followers or something? Please elaborate.
That's not actually an uncommon idea, that gods are powered by faith. It would explain why they're usually so vehemently against heathens.
I was TRYING to keep it subtle and open to interpretation, like:

>implying Myrthter can't ascend people to angelhood
>implying the whole thing isn't a scam set up by humanity to have their own god
>implying Iron Angels aren't really spiritually powerful souls

and so on.

I mean, it was kinda a given that Gods come before Angels, so going off that...

We haven't seen the representatives or priests of other religions (I'm looking at you, Ter heh heh, Ter's got one eye) so we could always get some work done on that.

Yeah, that too.
Hmm...maybe some gods also get power from the concepts they represent as a supplement to faith (e.g. Tera drawing power from the natural world), since I would assume the War Among Stars occurred prior to the creation of most sentient life here.

Of course, that doesn't explain how the first generation of demons came into being. Clover mentioned something called primordial aether, but he didn't say much more than that.
Ah, I see- that went over my head the first time I read it, but now I see what you mean.

We do have an angel of Ter living at Gearhearts', but all she told us of his faith is that his angels are not allowed to show mercy in any situation. Didn't say much else though (mostly because of the whole "refusal to speak with Lilly in the same room" thing).
The whole universe was in a hot dense state~

The War Among Stars occurred prior to most current sentient life, indeed you would be hard pressed to find anything willing to admit what happened.

"Primordial Aether", "Vital Forces", think of them as the very first building blocks of anything, from concepts, to lifeforms, to concepts that are also lifeforms.

Gods and Demons that purely embody concepts and ideas can fade away, given enough inattention and time, but mnemonicide is oh so difficult to pull off correctly.

Good to see I'm not just shouting at cats.
They don't it was more a play on the saying an old soul.

Right more Ter.

Yes to Tera drawing power from the natural world.

Demons came from the demon god. Who is only refereed to as The Demon Lord. He is the anti Myrthter basically. And it is the whole anti-aether that Clover was talking about.

Like I said we will be seeing more of Vustien soon.

I'm still kind of mad that Demons were kind of stolen out from under me. I like some of the directions, others its like they didn't even read what had been written. I still find it hard to belive that another guy wrote about a Knight with a young succubus named lily after I had been doing that for almost 15 threads
>demon lord is anti myrthter
>myrthter is a dick
>demon lord is therefore a bro
i know i've seen this anime
File: 1353131488367.png-(178 KB, 400x400, terrible.png)
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Great! You see how quickly things can get thrown out of context?

Huge misunderstandings can be avoided!
Contradictions and plot holes can be covered entirely!
I'm tied up in other work and cannot contribute directly to the thread!

And that's terrible!
Well certain people say Myrthter is a nice guy, and stuff. And I'm not talking about in story. But Demon Lord did create demons just to get his jollies off as they fucked everything over including themselves. So its like dick and super dick.
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That's... pretty fucking bleak.
There aren't any nice, matronly gods here?
Well the Sea goddess seems nice so far. And the 9 are nice so far.
Meh, the demons in Hell pretty much deserve the place.

The First Demons refuse to talk to them and can generally be "trusted" not to use your soul as a basketball.

Myrthter is pro-human, he loves those guys! The rest, ehhh.

Ter, Tera and the Orcs get along, but then again, they value strength above all.

Driders have odd ways of showing their faith to Rak'na.

Dervish does as Dervish wills, and the dwarves don't seem unhappy about the arrangement.

The 9 are nice, but haven't been seen for a loooong time.

The Caliph (may his X always be Y'ed) and the Serridians...actually, what the heck do they do?

And the Kanin, did we say what they worship?
Ter and Tera are a bit strained at the moment. Said that countless times.

The Kanin nailed their god to a stick and set him on fire.
So, the Kanin worship Jesus?
And we can't forget the elves, who just worship themselves.
But Irish/Scottish Jesus.
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has dragon religion been expanded upon at all? if not i like the idea of a "perfect" first dragon that sees all sentient/sapient life as part of his horde in a fate/zero gilgamesh style (ie "is it treasure? if yes it belongs to me"). could even work in dragon's ability to breed with anything as a method of getting his horde to grow/improve.

>>demon lord is anti myrthter
>>myrthter is a dick
>>demon lord is therefore a bro
nah, they can both be dicks. We're open to equal opportunity dickery. Go look up the Panthenocide series. Is on the tvtropes "Humans are Cthulu" page under webfiction.
Maybe the Serridians worship the Caliph as a god-king, like the ancient Egyptians and the pharoahs.
There was but he got killed during the star war and his name was lost so everyone calls him EON
nope, NOPE, no no no no no
i have way too much school work to go there
And there's also the Shin Megami Tensei video games for the weeaboos/JRPG-inclined people out there.
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>I like the idea of a "perfect" first dragon that sees all sentient/sapient life as part of his horde in a fate/zero gilgamesh style (ie "is it treasure? if yes it belongs to me"). could even work in dragon's ability to breed with anything as a method of getting his horde to grow/improve.

This, I like this.

They have a "One True God" who may, or may not, be some variation on Myther.

By the way, remember that he is a god of two hands. The Iron hand of LAW and the Velvet Hand of Mercy. Rather than making him an out and out dick, try to take those things into consideration. Think in terms of ABSOLUTE LAW and Great Chain of Being from medieval philosophy rather than UNTHINKINGLY CRUEL.

As for the Serridan god, I say we just leave him nebulous, the Serridani unwilling to speak very much about him to outsiders. If you don't convert, you don't learn about it really. Only their holy teachers are allowed to expound upon what their exact beliefs are.
I think so too.
After managing to get everyone up to the city on the ceiling the gang was lead to the grand spire. It was made from a large column that went from floor to ceiling. It had a simple carved entrance, which the guard ushered the gang into. It was pitch black inside. The lights all went off the moment the doors closed with a thrumming noise behind the party, clanging shut like the chastity belt of a medieval noble-woman when her husband went off to kill Saracens. Lilly shuddered at the sound.

“You’re the outsiders?” It starts as one voice but before the first syllable is done, it’s more like 15 or so. There’s the rustling of wings, and Mikela is right up against Hetros, her ears swivelling back and forth taking in all the noise. “Big room, we’re on the edge...” she whispers.

“No, I am Carmen Sandiego. Guess where I am.”

“You jest of course. Answer the question seriously or we’ll have you all thrown out of a window in chains.” once again, the first syllable is spoken by a single voice, and the rest followed by the group, a little out of sync with one another.

“I do? Well then. My name is Sue how do you do. But everyone calls me Jim. This is my little gang of adventure historians.”

“Lie, Truth, Truth, Lie.” One, a higher pitched one says.

“Lie. Lots of people call me sue.”
“Only ‘Jim’ and ‘adventure’ is a word you actually believe in...” it is the same voice. “Please, we do not have time for these games.”

“A name is only what others use to label you. I’ve been labeled a lot, and I don’t believe in much but fine. We have come in hopes of reuniting this young girl here with her ancestral lands. And stuff.”

“We see.” There is suddenly a lot of high pitched chittering, in the same language that Mikela used to get them into the city. It’s far faster and more fluid than the pattern she used before.

Mikela whispers to the group, in a hushed voice, “I- I’m not really able to follow... it’s, something about the blood drinkers, demons? No, not the same word... um... uh...” she bites her lower lip, “I think they’re trying to decide on whether to keep us here and torture the information out of us, just in case we’re spies... or take us at our word.”

Lilly thought to everyone. “Should I go snooping?”

“Dunno” Hetros and Mikela answer as one.

“I’m going to go with no. Only because we want to save that for when we need it. I wonder, Daredevil? Nah, that would be silly.”

“Who’s Daredevil?” Mikela asks mentally, she begins to walk forward gently, dragging Hetros behind her, going towards the center of the room.
“Superhero from the Oldrealm. Pay it no mind.”

“Would be awesome though, and is theoretically plausible.”

“You mean like Ironman? Or Green Lantern? What was his power?” She’s in the center of the room now, having pulled Hetros behind her, who was stumbling loudly over his feet the entire time.

“Blind sense. Seeing all and the ability to sense lies.” James switched from thought to speech. “In other news. How bout them giants. So what all is going on with you guys? Something something darkside. Need the savior to save you. Well Hay’zeus saves you know.”

“You may speak in the tongue of madness but you do not fool us. You will not confuse us. We have no reason to let you live. We also have no reason to see you dead though. But maybe...”

“Maybe what?” Meina asked.

“Maybe it would not hurt.”

“What wouldn’t hurt?” Mikela asks, her head cocking to one side.

“You are the first. In a very very long time. Very long.

“How long are we talking?” Hetros asks, pulling his waifu close, he wasn’t sure he liked where this conversation was going.
“It’s been long since we locked ourselves away. You are also the first to come home. You may be the one the legend foretells of. The savior. Though it is doubtful. The savior was supposed to be one like no other.”

“Like no other meaning... what exactly, albino, can juggle, can make things float while playing hopscotch?”

“I’m not entirely sure.”

“Soooo... you mean, it could be anything?” Hetros growls gently, he -loathed- this messianic, prophetic, “choose your own meaning” crap.

“Does being friends with a wizard, a dragon, a demon, and a bunch of other strange people count for anything? Belle asked

“It could very well be that. But it seemed like it was to be something a bit... More.

“If you want I can make her breathe fire with no repercussions,” offered the Cook.

“Don’t do that.” Kuro hisses at cook, glaring a warning at him.

“Like I said, it is not clear what the prophecy means. So if you want you can try your hand at the test of the savior.”

“Test? What does this test entail?” Hetros asked warily.

“I like tests, come on Hetty” Mikela grinned, “you always said tests are just games, and you know how I like games, pleeeeeeease.” She said in her deliberately cute voice, mostly because she knew it would annoy Het as well as make him more likely to give in, despite hating it when she acted like that.

“The test is to cross the gorge of trials. Many test of character and strength.”
“Please, please, please Hetros. Can I try it? PLEASE.” Mikela’s voice is begging now. Normally Hetros would acquiesce, but, this, this was different wasn’t it? And then he imagined her face if he said ‘no, not letting you take that danger,’ and his will crumbled.

Hetros looked at his waifu. She was right in his face so that he really couldn’t look away. Her face was as puppy dog as a Chironen could be. In the end she won out and he admitted defeat. “... Fine. Just... don’t get hurt. If anything were to happen...” he turns to look up into the blackness where the Blind Council was, “She going to take this alone or can I go with her?”

“One must enter, one must leave. That is to pass, as is written.”

“Nothing is going to happen. I promise. I’ll be fine.” Mikela said laying a kiss on Hetros’ cheek. Growling protectively, eyes closed, he pulls his waifu into a tight hug, “you better.”

One of the council members let out a shrill screech. From the ceiling fell a large stone staircase. It landed an inch from GearHearts face.

“Well that was rude. Any closer and I would have had to break your cute little trap door thingy.”

If it is possible, the top of the staircase is even darker, like a yawning, sucking maw of anti-light. Mikela gives Hetros another kiss, this time a short peck on the lips, and begins to ascend the stairs. Hetros turns to look around and up, snarling lowly as she disappears into the even blacker heights, “If she’s hurt... not one of you is getting out of this room alive.”

“‘The fate of us all, lies deep in the dark’,” recites the Cook.

As the stairs closed up behind Mikela, Jim spoke up. “So did I ever tell you guys about the time I met the quadriplegic beef jerky salesman and helped him move his cars and motorhome?” Even in the pitch black, he’d feel Hetros’ glare.

Chapter after next will have sexy bits, which will be mostly omitted in my posts.
You still working on it, Jistin?
We have it done. Hes just taking a break from posting it.
Bumping to make sure thread doesn't die while I'm asleep.
Mikela was all alone in a spiral staircase that went on and on. She came out into a large room. Loaded with mirrors from wall to floor. They gave off a strange sound. Bouncing off each other.

“Hmmmmmm...” Mikela gives off a gentle harmonic first, something less bouncy and long range than normal, testing to see if this was like the doors at the front, needing a specific harmonic pattern to unlock.

The sounds given off by the mirror grew louder and more discordant. Lights started to flash also..

“AUGH!” She says, and suddenly covers her eyes, those light HURT. Even through her closed eyes and under her dark-band she wore over her eyes. She thought back to the games she played with Hetros and their children, what was it... oh right, that labrynth... hold to the left and you’ll always be right wasn’t it? She continues to shade her eyes with one wing, and places the other on the left wall, and starts moving forward.

After some time she came out of the maze. Only to find herself in a room with a large cauldron in the center.

She carefully checks to see if the room is made of the same material, gently walking towards the cauldron, her claw-boots clanking against the floor. She was beginning to worry now, her voice had always been her strong point, this place seemed to rob her of it. From singing for Hetros’ other waifus, to lullabies for their large number of children, to helping Hetros with the family business. She gently bit her lower lip, and strode forward to the cauldron.

The cauldron had raised lettering on it. It said “One must sacrifice what is most important to proceed.” Behind the cauldron was a large stack of boxes. Each with a different little marking on them.

Gently she goes over to the boxes, touching them with her wings, sniffing at them, and echoing at them, trying to discern exactly what was in them. She found in the first a heart. In the second bread. In the third gold. In the fourth a mirror. In the fifth an ear. In the sixth a sun shaped gem. In the seventh a moon shaped gem. In the eighth was a bat.

She thinks very, very carefully, looking over each, touching the first, “love... then... sustenance... wealth..” she says as she touches the second and third, “myself... my hearing... day... night... and... what I am?” She sighs... it’s no contest. Love is by far what she treasures more than anything else... she just hopes that there isn’t... some kind of enchantment on this thing. Taking the heart she begins to move it over to the cauldron, placing it into the large black metal vessel with a hiss.

The cauldron grew larger and a hole in the bottom grew larger. Under it was a great chamber, four spindly pillars going down, splaying out like a pyramid.

The chironen waifu hopped into the hole, praying that that was ALL that had been done by the spell, if Hetros, or gods help them, her children, had been hurt. She’d lead these ‘Reavers’ right to their fucking door step and spit on their corpses. But now wasn’t the time to think about that. After a few meters of drop, she opens her wings, slowing her fall.
This room was much larger than the last but far emptier. All that was in it was a door across from her. Above the door was a face. Kind of scary looking, but familiar at the same time. She looked into the face’s eyes and then smoke poured from the walls and rose from the ceiling. The room begun to spin, her perception turned topsy turvy, and then all was still. Her worst fears now were before her.

She was small again, and the smokes were filling the cavern, her colony was suffocating, choking, they couldn’t leave by the front, they had crossbows, and it was mid winter, they would freeze and die this far north, the only choice was to go deeper, deeper into the caverns, and pray they there was proper ventilation somewhere, or another exit. Even as these thoughts filled her mind, she soldiers on, towards where she’d seen the door. Pa died, Mama died, granddad died, just like he had before, choking on bile and smoke, his body left behind because they couldn’t afford to carry him.
As she soldiered on, suddenly it changed. She was older, and it was the Ork attack, those fierce weapons, Hetros helping her hide the children and elders in the catacombs, where they might flee, have a chance. The charges set, able to be activated at a word or a gesture, to collapse the tunnels behind them and the elders. She was staying with Ingelill, Hetros’ dwarven waifu, who had given birth to his second child only a month earlier, the young babe held with Mikel’s own child in their grandmother’s arms. They waited, hidden down there. And though it hadn’t happened that way, she saw, even as she was on the surface, looking out over the endless Ork horde, the ‘kommando’s’ as they had been called later, coming up through that passage in the catacombs, cutting them down, slaying her family, her children. The mysterious outrealmer “guns” did nothing, they flashed, and sparked, and the Orks shrugged off the blows as they so often had shrugged off arrows and crossbow bolts. When they reached the gates, they came over them like a green tide. Hetros armed with a blunderbus at the gates like so many, his waifu held in reserve, his gun worked, for all of an instant, before the green tide washed him away, before either Mikel or Ingelill could reach him, like they had in the past, then Ingelill was cut down, as Mikel, her mind racing, breaking under the fear, the terror, began to conjure up image after image.
Her children, dead.. /TG/ Shattered. Her colony scattered. Her family enslaved, or worse. Those mist creatures devouring, or the elf males coming, or a thousand other things filled her horrified mind, and over, and over again she felt her heart break a little more. She no longer knew why she was walking forward, only that she had to, through all the horror, through every begging face and blood hand raised toward her, she had to walk forward. Finally, she walked right into the stone door, falling over, as tears streamed down her face, her body shaking, hiccuping gently as she looked up and around, remembering where she was, what was real, her family was alive, her husband and children waiting for her outside of this ghastly place, she had to move, yes, move... get through this nightmare. She flung the door wide open with all her might and escaped the walking nightmare.
Once out of the room she knelt over and coughed as she caught her breath. The smoke had been nearly toxic it felt like and it had been thick. She was in a simple hallway. The hall lit up with fire behind her, holes opening in the floor as tablets slid down into it, releasing gas that quickly ignited from the stone-against-metal sparks made by the gears. The holes began opening up in procession behind her, catching up. As if she needed more incentive, the cieling likewise began to break apart, fracturing . She ran, something that, despite her long legs, she was simply not built to do, not inside of such a close space. As she ran she heard a screech not all that unfamiliar come from the ground behind her. It was a small baby bat trapped under a small pile of debris. She spun around quickly and tossed the junk to the side and picked up the bat, her wings being bruised and torn in places by the sharp debris, but slowly, painfully, she managed to shift enough of the rock for the little thing to get out. Letting it latch itself onto her thumb as she crouched down, and pulling it up to her mane of dark black hair.
“Come on little guy. We are going to be just fine.” She said more for her own sake than anything else, she was still shaking slightly. She took off, her blade-boots clanking into the stone as the fire was barely a meter behind her, sparks being kicked up as she ran for all she was worth, her incredibly light frame and long stride all that was keeping her alive.. She came to the end of the hallway and there was a door with a wheel on it. She quickly worked the door open. There was a large empty shaft going up. She flew up the shaft, at the top was nothing but a dead end. On the very top of the ceiling was more written words. They said, “Sacrifice will get you home.”

“Well thats a problem. Now what.”


“I couldn’t. I am not sacrificing you.”


“I’m not sacrificing anyone or anything to get out of here. It wouldn’t be right. Thanks though for the offer. But I could never live with myself if I did that.”
She began to use more deep sounding echolocation, focusing it into a single point at a time along the ceiling and walls, trying to find a weakness, a small spot, something that could be exploited. To hell with dying here, to hell with killing something else (especially something so cute, that perpetually cheery part of her mind said, even as she felt like sobbing for thinking something so inane), she was taking, as so many of the outlanders called it, “The Third Choice”

A slight variation in the echoes from the ceiling outlined a square around the writing, more specifically, it highlighted one word. The word sacrifice, it looked like there was a hollow behind it, and some kind of gearwork. She reached out brushed her thumb-claws over the word, holding herself up against it. She presses the stone that Sacrifice is carved into, and the word slowly depresses into the rock, with a loud grinding of gears long unused, the ceiling receded, revealing an opening for her to escape through.

Before just leaping into the passage, she once again tries to get an echo image of the tunnel. It just kept going, and going, and going. “Urg.... let’s hope there’s nothing nasty down here...” she growls and begins to pull herself into the tunnel, crawling along, her legs kicking and her body moving, “Everything’s going to be alright, we’re going to see Hetty and the children again, we’re going to see them again, we’re going to see them again.” She said lowly under her breath.
She came to a spot in the tunnel where the tunnel was just covered in what looked like spider webs.

“... really? That’s it?” She almost laughs and cries. The way things had been going, she thought she was going to have to swim through acid or something. She presses into the web. Closing her eyes, her echolocation keeping her steady in her path, the webs were so thin after all.

Well they looked thin. As she stepped into one there was some resistance and she heard a sound, a clicking sound coming from her left. An arrow shot out from the wall speeding towards her.

She hisses and ducks, falling down under the arrow as it shatters against the other wall. Her breath heavy, panting hard. The little bat in her hair squeaks at her, “No, no, it’s cool, I’m alright... just... just... let’s take a rest, yes... just a 5 minute rest.” She’s shaking again. This was NOT what she had expected, how had the hole been hidden? The mechanism? It shouldn’t have been possible. Not being -able- to read a thing’s echo was one thing, reading it entirely wrong? That was fairly horrifying for a race that, as a rule, depended upon sound for day to day survival, only deafness would have been worse. After a few minutes, calming herself down, she begins to crawl forward again, this time avoiding -everything- that she possibly could. When she couldn't avoid it, she tried to trip it from as far back as possible.
((the following is based on true echoless chambers. These things -will- drive you insane if you stay in them too long, let alone if you have bat level hearing))
After a few minutes of crawling the bat begin chirping at her again. Something was off. The sound was odd, like it was distorted to be so bad she could barely hear it. Something else was odd, the sounds weren't bouncing. In fact everything was really really quiet. She started to feel really dizzy. She just stopped crawling and held her head. She felt something kneading at her head. It was the bat again. It yanked on her hair to the left, making her head turn, her vision swims behind her eyelids, but she begins moving in that direction, her brain hurt, her ears screamed nonsense at her, her own heartbeat, her breathing, the endless, endless, echoless expanse, her ears trying to find ANYTHING to take in, she begins humming whimsically, not any real tune, just something to fill that empty pit of sound. Every so often she’d brush a wire, breaking it, sending an arrow by her... once, one slams through her outstretched wing, sending a scream of pain cascading back and forth through the tunnel. She just had to pray that it wasn’t poisoned. Hissing with pain, her teeth gritted, she starts to crawl forward once more.

As she crawled and crawled things looked darker and worse. She was just about to lose it again when she felt a pressing on her head.

“Mikela? It’s me Lilly. How you doing? Everyone is worried about you.”

“Great now I’m going crazy also.”

“No your not, I’m just near enough to get in your head, you must be coming to the end.”
“I am at the end.”

“... Mikela?”

“End... there’s no end, this place is empty, and batty here is steering me... he’s my friend...” Even her thoughts were cascading about, sliding off the inside of her skull as her voice slid off the walls. The lack of any sense, sound, or sight, was driving her up the wall, as she internalized more and more.

“Hang protocol and fuck politeness I’m going deeper.”

She felt a kind of warm buzz in her head and Lilly was standing before her. That much she could see, like she was the only real thing and everything else was just an illusion.

“And I am now across the threshold of crazy. Nice to see you again Lilly.” She said, both mentally and outloud, her mind wafting between sanity and nutsoville. “Even if your are just a hallucination.” Whatever the hell that meant, it was what came out of her mind, and when people started misspelling their very thoughts, things had gone very wrong.

“Snap out of it. I’m here in your head screwing with your perception. Tell me what’s wrong? You're crawling on the floor like you can barely move. Don’t make me need to go deeper, I beg you.”

“There’s nothing, no sound... no sound at all... no shape, only breath, and heartbeat, and humming, oh! And Batty, there’s batty. But the walls don’t exist, and it’s dark, and I can feel them but they don’t echo, they aren’t seen, they’re just not there...”
“Listen to me. Sound is just another illusion. Jim could talk your ears off about perception and how it works but that would get us nowhere. Listen to my voice, you don’t hear your heart, you don’t hear your breath, there is no humming.”

“No, I do hear it... it’s all I can really hear.... and breath, and humming, but no walls.” She sobs a little, still constantly moving, trying to get to the end of the tunnel, avoiding the wires. “And sometimes the wires, they echo a little,”

“Listen again.” Lilly was trying to fill in the sound that should be there, it was hard though as she had never really messed with sound, just sight.

“... walls, I... they’re weird, but there...” She’s already beginning to calm down, apparently Lilly’s illusionary stuff wasn’t strong enough to really help her.

“Think about how the walls should sound. Tell me about how a nice thick stone wall sounds.”

“I don’t know... they just...” and memories begin to flood her mind, of stone types, of different cuts, of how the stone felt against her body and how other stones had felt, but something critical was missing. Mikela had no way of knowing how LONG the tunnel was, while Lilly might keep her sane, it might terrify Hetros’ mate to see no end to the tunnel.

Lilly picked one and feed it back filling it to the room as best she could. Lilly picked up on one thought that broadcasted like a bonfire in the night.
“It feels like you're maybe 200 feet from us. Can you make 200 feet? I know you could make it. Hetros knows you can make it. You’re not going to let him down are you? Come on just a bit more, I’ll be here the whole way. You know what why don’t you tell me about batty?”

“Well he’s a little black bat, and he’s really cute. He’s tiny also. I saved him from this tunnel with fire and rocks and stuff. He’s been with me since then. He was helping me with this tunnel.” Mikela said, starting to pick up the pace. Her head was feeling much better and the world wasn’t quite as scary.

“Good girl, 150 more feet. My turn to tell a story. It was right after I had met Kuro and Belle properly for the first time. As a prank I had given them a magic gift. Kuro told me all about how it had turned out want to hear it?”

“Would it be embarrassing for Kuro and Belle?”

“Hell’s bells it would be.”

“I’m all ears.” She said in a half hearted joke.
((Following is one of Lily's stories, so erring on the side of caution and spoilering :P))
“Kuro and Belle were going to have a little fun that night. Kuro wanted to try the ‘gift’ I gave her, Belle wouldn’t let Kuro use them on her once she heard what it was though. So they started rather normally for them, some disturbingly vanilla stuff. Apparently that’s what most people prefer. Once they had climaxed a bit, and Kuro did some preparation of her own, she stuck them up her ass. Now I had neglected to mention to them that they were enchanted, so she was unprepared for the pleasure of vibrating beads. I hear that she came harder than she ever had before. Kuro managed to talk Belle into trying the beads out, but Belle was adamant about nothing going up her rear even if Kuro was having the time of her life. So she placed a few of the beads in between her cheeks and she found she liked it, alot. She pressed up against Kuro, pushing the remaining beads in farther as they came skin to skin, luscious lump to bubbly bump. They enjoyed themselves for a little longer before they tried to remove the beads. Now these beads can’t be removed if you don’t say a special phrase; obviously, I didn’t tell them the phrase, and ‘Fuck me harder’ wasn’t something these two were ever going to guess. I came to their house in the morning to help them remove the beads. I found them passed out on the bed, their asses stuck together. I feel kinda bad about it now, both of them were angry with me, and Belle wouldn’t even speak to me for the next couple of months.”

Mikela laughed. “Lilly, that was horrible. I had heard the stories from Liz, but I didn’t believe half of them. So how did you fix things with them? You guys seem like best of friends now.”
“Well Kuro was only mad because I didn’t tell her how to remove them when I gave them to her. Belle took a bit more work. But giving them a few lessons in the art of erotic massages helped soften their anger. The rest just took time and hard work on my part.”

“You know some of those lessons sound really fun right now.”

“When we get back to Teegee I’ll teach you and Het everything you want to know.”

“I don’t think he would be up for it. I think he is scared of you.”

“Well then we will just have to make you my ambassador and have you convince him with a nice full body massage.”

The door soon came into sight, in fact her head bumped against it before she even saw it. She stood up, wary of the webs, and opened the door. There was a long curving staircase going up.

“Come on Mikela, almost there, it feels like you're right under me. Just up these stairs and you're back in Het’s arms.”
“Can’t I take a rest first?”

“Het waiting for you and who knows what will happen if you stay down there too long.”

“Right, going crazier would be bad.”
As Mikela started to climb the stairs the air started to taste different. Mikela looked back, she couldn’t tell what it was at first but acid was rising up and chasing her. She started to run, her lungs and legs felt like they were on fire. She felt like she had been running forever. She came to a stop mid way up the stairs, just fell to the ground. She was simply out of energy. The acid was catching up with her.
“Hey, Mikela~ you better get up before I have to do something FUN.” Lilly said.

“Too tired, can’t move.” Mikela thought her world going dim.

“Well I warned you.” Lilly messed with Mikela’s perception of touch a bit and Mikela just about jumped into the air. “Aren't endorphins fun? Now run before I have to play with the really sensitive parts.”

Mikela resumed her climb. “You enjoy being you far too much, you know that?”

“More stairs less talking.” Lilly said, sending Mikela the sensation of a playful swat on the ass. Which made Mikela pick up the speed just a bit more and stop talking.

Mikela came to the top of the stairs, there was a lever there and she pulled it. The platform she was standing on rose up, taking her along for the ride. She came up behind a large stained glass window door thing that opened up into the council room from before.

jesus christ that was long... pretty sure it was the longest chapter, and since it's the center chapter, now we get to the good stuff. Next chapter will omit some things, but links will be provided for people to go to if they so desire to jump directly to the points where I'll make the breaks. Will post tomorrow.

Just about night time here.

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GearHeart is always up for science and helping a fellow knight out. Then again that would mean you would have to deal with his crazy. "What do you mean you don't want the gauntlet to have pneumatic fingers that are on fire? You could shinning fingers you way to greatness!"
But I actually do want the hand to set itself on fire magically. And punch harder. And also be powered by fighting spirit.
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I'm going to start typing my next piece tonight. Gearheart and the others have 10 chapters of story ready to post.
Cook had found a comfy wall to sleep on. Lilly was laying down with her head in Meina’s lap and Jim was talking to some of the council members, driving them crazy no doubt. Kuro and Belle were sitting on the floor, arguing about whether or not Kuro should show the council, ‘The true power of a dragon.’
She saw Hetros lying on a table in the middle of the room. He was perfectly still. Mikela was next to the table faster than anyone might have thought possible, given that she still had an arrow through one wing. “Hetty?!” She screeches, well above the hearing range of anyone human in the room, who would just get a ringing in their ears as select, higher level decibel level hearing nerves in their ears promptly died under the sonic assault. Her mind utterly flooding with images of that cauldron, and the nightmares that came after it. Lilly was over to Mikela in a heartbeat. She was holding her head though, the illusions had taken a lot out of her and the ringing wasn’t helping.

“Mikela its ok, he is ok. We need had to make him go to sleep, he was about ready to take on the council single handedly. He’ll wake up in a few minutes.”

Jim walked over. “Lilly I need you to fix my hearing again, again. I really need to make some ear protection like I used back home when I went hunting.”

“Right.” Lilly placed one hand on each ear and healed them up.

“Thanks Lilly, now about the crazy people.” Jim said and held Hetros mouth and nose closed.
Hetros’ eyes flared open and he shot up from the table. “What the hell Gear? First you stab me with a needle then you try and suffocate m-” His eyes focused on Mikela, “Mikela?” his face falls a little as he slides off the table, grabbing her gently, making sure she’s real, not something else. “Oh thank god.” He moves to hug her before he notices the scratches, and the wounds and burns she received. “Oh gods above you’re hurt.”

“Me and Lilly can help with that.” Kuro offered.

“That we can, but first we need to get that arrow out. Hey Mikela, remember what I told you about Kuro and Belle earlier?”

Mikela blushed a little and looked away from Kuro, not even noticing Lilly remove the arrow. Then again that was more to do with Lilly messing with her head again.

“Now lay down we don’t want you to hurt yourself more.” Lilly said.

“Oh, Batty? Is he still here, he helped me so much-” As everyone begins looking at her like she had gone mad, even as she lays down again, the chirping bat still in her hair, she seems to realize just what she was saying and closes her eyes, her dark skin turning even darker as she blushes furiously, “ohmigodijustspentanhourortwotalkingtoabat” in a very very small voice, covering her face with her wings.

“Wings down, don’t want the muscles healing wrong.” Lilly said.

Hetros has a hand to his face, stifling a laugh as he gently takes Mikela’s wing and helps her to stretch it out.

“Talking to bats isn’t so bad. I can talk to some of the smarter drakes, or at least I think I can.” Kuro pauses for a moment, “Am I going crazy Belle?”
“Well I don’t know about you two, but most people think I am nuttier than a fruitbat. Then again, I talk to myself and stuff.” Jim said. He turned to the council members. “We request a recess of twelve hours and if it would not be too much trouble, four rooms.”

They chittered for a moment.

“Lilly, I would like to know what they are talking about.” Jim said and Lilly started translating.

“I don’t care, they better give us the damn rooms or I’m going to make them understand just how unhappy I am with what they put MY WIFE THROUGH” he gently puts his hands over Mikela’s large ears to shield them as he projects his voice deliberately at the council, he used it on his own children when they were WAY too rambunctious or about to do something stupid/dangerous, granted, at a FAR lower volume.

“Just give them the rooms and time. If I have to listen to one more of his stories I’ll drive a spike through my ears.” Lilly translated for the group, pulling the meaning from one of the council members heads.


“Uhem, we have come to agreement we will reconvene in 12 hours one of the guards will show you to your rooms.” One said in proper common.
Several minutes later, Hetros and Mikela were shown to their own room, spacious and well lit surprisingly by the chandelier above, the cubby hole like areas inside of it, padded and with hooked rings at the top for a Chironen to grab with their strong toes and legs.

Mikela was still a little woozy, and far more touchy feely than was normal even for her, practically crawling on top of Hetros the moment they climbed into the large bed. “Why do you think they even have this? They don’t seem to have guests that often.”

“Dunno” Mikela whispered back, starting to shiver, burying her face in Hetros’ neck and chest. His eyes shot right up. Mikela never acted like this, she usually had some bright idea, or a funny ancedote, or at least a comment towards any question. Hetros had never heard the words “I don’t know” except as a preface to “but I think.”

“Mikela? Honey, are you alright?” Hetros said, beginning to sit up on the large pillows. He very gently held his waifu with both arms, her wings shaking against his body.

“Just, just let’s lay like this for a while alright Hetty?” She says, as warm moisture begins to build up against his neck. His face immediately sets like stone, and his arms pull her more tightly against his body, one hand sliding up to cradle the back of her head. He didn’t care anymore, the council was going to burn for whatever they had put her through.
Mikela was, for her part, mostly fine... she was just working off the stress of what she had gone through. Permanent damage had been avoided, but that place, it had not been nice to say the least. Nightmares, wounds, and then sensory deprivation over the course of about two hours. Even if it had felt shorter for all parties involved, it had been a trial, and the scars would remain with Mikela for some time, the only visible one remaining the discoloration and puffiness of her left wing where it had been struck by that arrow.

They just lay there for a time, as Mikela cried herself out gently on her husband. He didn’t ask what she had gone through, just held her, when he was younger he might have asked, but after years, he had realized the virtue of patience in such matters. As she calmed down, he stroked her hair, “Come on now, we can’t go to bed like this love”

She hugs him more tightly, as he very gently begins to peel her away, “come now, you’ll ruin your clothing and the bed sheets.” Hetros purrs and she lets go. She was not a pretty crier, her eyes swollen and puffy even from the gentle release of tears and sobs. He smiles and kisses her very gently on the forehead. His hands moving to the belt keeping her clothing properly held to her body, very gently undoing it, letting the back fall away from her hips as he grabbed the front piece covering her stomach, pulling it out, then slowly pulling the entire thing upward, removing the one piece thick cloth garment gently, leaving his wife bare of all but her boots. “I really don’t feel like sleeping...”
“I know love, but you need to, I’ll be here, things worked out in the end.” His voice is a very, very steady and calm tone. Another thing he had learned in his time here was hiding his emotions. He had been dosed for low level ADD back in the old world, he’d not had any medication on him when he had come through, and they’d never managed to synthesize the stuff again. Unable to use chemicals to allow him to function properly, he had forced himself to learn self control, because not paying attention, or being distracted by something “more interesting” in this world, was, more often than not, lethal. It was that level of self control that allowed him to act calm when inside he wanted nothing more than to run out of the room and rip apart the bastards who had done this to his wife.

“You always say that Jack. But you never know.” Mikela says lowly, not looking at Hetros, she had used his real name. Hetros had only told his real name to a handful of people, his children didn’t even know his real first name, not the full thing. They knew that their real last name was Tate, not Jistin, but nothing beyond that. Hetros had cut ties with the old world, thoroughly, it had been the only way to keep going. His wives had respected that, and only used his real name at home, not even in private outside of home.

“I do know hun. It has so far. Everything works out in the end, if you prepare, and if you leave a little room for the Lady” he smiles, using his pet name for luck. You never said that word, it was a jinx after all. “My family is very...” he pauses for a second, and decides that it’s okay to say it this time, “lucky, good or bad, never average. But things tend to work out in our favor. I don’t know why...” he smiles and leans down, kissing her throat just above the soft tuft of fur that sat in the hollow of her throat. His hands moved to the buckles on her blade-boots, beginning to gently remove them from her legs.
“But they don’t always... what if we go back and everyone’s gone, what if the children-” He turns his eyes up at her as he removes the first of the boots, and his hands begin unbuckling the second, “Nothing will have happened to them love. They’re in the heart of the city, right on the edge of the Bat Cave’s main entrance, and you know that Ingelill, Liz, Cherri, and Necca would never allow harm to come to them, let alone your side of the family camped out nearby. He leans down kissing her thigh, before standing up, beginning to disrobe himself. “Now, what you need is to sleep, and love, I’m going to get you to sleep, whether I have to snuggle you into submission or just tire you out, your choice.”

With that Mikela giggles a little, smiling for the first time since they left the council chamber. A long, pleasure induced screech some time later gave away what answer she had given.
Kuro and Belle were sitting in the room they had been show to by the guard. The room was very utilitarian, nothing adorning its walls and only simple stone furniture with padding made out of some kind of fur. There were stone chandeliers carved into the ceiling with padded cuffs attached for Chironen to sleep from.

“I can’t believe they think that dragons are all dead. We aren’t that weak, even if there are some incredibly stupid dragons.” Kuro sounded exasperated, “You have any ideas on how I could show them the real power of a dragon?”

“Transform and perform some magic for them? I can’t really think of any other way.”
Kuro lay back on the bed, “I guess that’ll work, I was kind of hoping you might know of a better way though.” She pulled Belle down next to her, “What do you think the others are doing?”

-THWARCK- sounded from the room across the hall.

“eeyYAAAA!” They heard Lilly shriek from the other room.

“Thought so. I’m amazed Lilly never tied up Jim and made him fuck her while we were traveling.”

“I’m sure she has things that even she won’t do. She probably didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable though. I wouldn’t really mind though.”

“So long as she doesn’t try to bring us into it.” Belle rolled over onto Kuro, “Now... Why don’t we have some fun too?”

“Don’t want them to have all the fun, do you?” Kuro asked teasingly while rubbing a finger on Belle’s chest.

Belle kissed Kuro deeply, “You’re right. Now quit teasing me and lets get started. I know you’re dying for some too.”
Cook missed the wall, it was really comfortable, if a bit stiff. The stories it told weren’t that bad, mainly recollections of trials before the council whether the they be minor or not. He wasn’t interested in those, unless they concerned on two of his favorite things: food and music. Sadly neither visited the Council’s chamber, only murderers and thieves, so he was glad he was taken to another room.

“Wow, echo,” he mumbled as he stepped into the spacious room, devoid of decorative objects, barring the necessary furniture and a chandelier. This did not bode well to the barbaric chef as he strode to the bed. Just one look and he knew it was never used since it was made, as old as this place, it’s beginning the most eventful thing it knew, yet the rest dull.

“Yeah, I’ll go more insane if I stay in here for 12 hours,” the Cook muttered to himself as he walked back to the door.

“Excuse me good bat person,” the armored chironen turned toward the opened door, “I was wondering if I could have a walk around this place.”

“Your group has asked to rest for 12 hours in these rooms, and these rooms only,” the guard responded.

“Ever heard of the phrase ‘axe crazy’?”


“Good, you can be my guide, Batguard.”

“My name is actual-”

“First off: the kitchens. I want to see if your cooks are even breaking proper food down here. Secondly: the place where you guys make that fancy music of yours. I have a song in me head that I don’t wanna forget about. Thirdly...”

“Ugh, this is going to be a long night,” mumbled the sulking guard.
Seconds after the door had closed Lilly nearly fainted, Meina caught her before she could hit ground.

“You alright? You look like death warmed over.” Meina asked.

“I’m fine, just a little tired. Lots of magic had to be done, and its been awhile since I had a good recharge. Since we started this damn trip in fact.”

“You weren’t this tired earlier. What did I miss?” Jim asked.

“Mikela nearly dieing, a lot. Sound illusion is also really really hard.”

“She did look pretty bad.”

“She was barely functioning when she came into range of my power. She was cracked like a window with a mace through it.”

“That bad, what happened?”

“Some kind of room that canceled out echos and most sound. She just fell apart. I helped her as best I could, but I worry about her future. It takes a lot to heal from that kind of torture. I should know, I’ve been there. I wish I could do more, but that kind of damage is the one kind I can’t heal.”

“Lilly, I know you would do everything you could. Now, lets get you fuelled up.”

“As nice as that sounds I’m so tired sex sounds like too much work.”

Jim and Meina faked shock. “Lilly too tired for sex? She must be deathly ill.” Meina said.

“I’ll get the doctor. Hold on Lilly everything is going to be ok.”

“Oh knock it off you two. I’ve been...”

Jim and Meina gave her a smug look.

“Well then I’ll take the first shift and Meina the second. We will have you full to the brim before 12 hours are up easy.”

“Sounds good to me.” Meina said laying down in the bed and falling to sleep immediately.

“I still don’t know how she does that or sleeps through everything.”
“You know Lover, I love you much more as a man, but I think your time as a woman the past year and few months did you some real good. You’re much better now than before.”

“You're just trying to sweet talk me back in.”

“Never, well maybe. Not for me though.”


“Never would have guessed it huh?”

“Our cute innocent Meina? No can’t say I saw that coming. But it makes sense in a roundabout way, and you do seem to bring out the kink in everyone around you.”

“Call it a gift, now are you going to fuck me or do I need to go bug Meina.”

“Your wishes is me command.” Jim said and began to bounce Lilly on his lap.

Some time later Jim and Lilly were done with what Lilly called foreplay, Lilly was already feeling re energized. So much so in fact that she quickly wore Jim out during what she considered real sex, which involved a lot of really deviant stuff and a lot of tail. She soon had to rouse Meina for round two as Jim had fallen asleep in the chair. Lilly Jumped onto the bed next to Meina who slept through the whole thing.
“I think a little teasing before I wake her up would be fun.” Lilly said softly to herself.

She start to massage Meina’s breast, Lilly planned on seeing how far she could get before she woke Meina. Meina started to turn a little pink. Lilly brought her tail to Meina’s crotch and began to tickle it. She enjoyed watching Meina’s muscles twitch in her sleep. Meina started to get a little wet, which made Lilly smile. She found wet dreams hilarious. Finally Lilly’s patience wore out, she thrusted her tail deep into Meina’s ass, at the same time she pulled the front of Meina’s panties up hard.

Meina bolted awake, her eyes wide, she let out a loud mooing sound. Lilly giggled like a mad woman.

“Lilly, are you ever going to tire of that?”

“When it stops being funny.”

“Well that would be never I guess. What next?”

“Tickle fight.” Lilly said jumping on Meina.

Jim woke up a short time later and joined the sleeping women in bed, pulling the sheets over them. As he fell back to sleep Lilly spooned up against him from the left and Meina from the right. Sandwiching him in tight. His last thought was that there was nothing better. They all had smiles on their faces as they slept.
So end chapter 9 if you want to read it unabridged then go here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JDzPA5c8oNLxAlysi8LEj1gTxzY4LYIQvOQDzg-v_iI/edit#heading=h.gpf8s

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The gang was roused from the slumber for a meal, there was some awkward silence for a few seconds as everyone remembered the noises they had heard last night from the other rooms.

Lilly was the first to break the silence. “So am I the only one having trouble sitting down?” Lilly said jokingly.

“Belle had to help me get out of bed.”

“My little Belle, all grown up, and wise to the ways of the bed now. Makes me so proud.” Lilly said teasingly.

Belle smiled wickedly, “Anything to make my little dragon enjoy herself.”

“So the real question is how much we disturbed our hosts. Anyone feel like placing bets?” Jim said drinking some irish coffee he had made.

“Not much, they’d never admit it” Mikela purred, sitting in Hetros’ lap and deliberately getting in the way of his attempts to eat. She was looking -much- better after being assured of the “realness” of Hetros and some more confidence boosting earlier in the morning.Though Lilly could sense some unease still underlying Mikela’s surface thoughts, but the overwhelming amount of potentially permanent mental unbalance was gone for the moment.
Louisiana native here.
>>21631256 This part just about refuses to post.

“I call it the succubi effect. Any how we got bigger fish to fry people. Game plan?” Jim said putting his feet up on the table.

“Well I know what I want to do to those assholes we met las-” Hetros begins, before Mikela presses her thumb to his lips, “Hush. I say we get some straight answers out of them, find out what it is above, and what we’re supposed to do with this -savior- thing I apparently Qualified for.
“Kind of what I meant. Do we go with the easy way or the hard way for getting answers. I’m leaning to the fuck everything path where we just force them to give us answers by any means.” Jim said.

“Don’t care!” Mikela and Hetros said as one, then smiled at one another.

“Whichever lets me show off more.” Kuro said.

“Right that’s three votes for Fuck Everything. So go in and take control then have Lilly dig for answers. With a lot of show of force. Well then people lets lock and load as its time to rock and roll. Heaven or Hell here we go.” Jim said standing up from the table.

He went over to the door and opened it. Standing behind the door where two armed guards.

“Hello chaps. Would you know the way to the lou?”

They looked at one another in confusion and then Jim decked one then the other in the face, sending both to the ground.

“Man that one had a hard face, he dented my gauntlet. Well follow me to freedom boys.”

Hetros and his waifu just walked behind the group, luckily, no alarm was raised, no signal given, so their rear guard was all but unnecessary.

They walked to the council building unobstructed. Instead of going to the door Jim lead them to the side of the building that was right behind the council seats.

“Meina make me a door would you.”

Meina hefted her hammer and brought it to the wall, shattering a good chunk of it.

“Knock knock mother fuckers, its XCom coming to kick your ass. Sorry about the mess. It’s just I hate it when people hurt my friends. Now you have two options. One, work with me and tell us the whole truth, or Two, we continue this madness.”

“I should mention we’re not exactly particular about which you choose.” Hetros growls, hefting one of his larger saws... the one with the hooked teeth specifically meant to carve into stone and through metal.
Guards came rushing in from all around.

“Kuro, entertain them would you.”

Kuro stepped in front of the approaching guards, transforming into her dragon form, and then released a torrent of fire over their heads. This was followed by much running, screaming, crying, and cursing as the guard ran from the “Necrodragon” come to feast on their souls.

“I am very much alive.” Kuro said, watching the cowering Chironen.

“Now then, we have an insulted Dragon, an angry Chironen, and a mad mage. It really would be best to just work with us. Cut the crap and hold the cloaks and daggers.”

“You outlanders are confusing. What do you care, why do you do this?”

Guards came rushing in from all around.

“Kuro, entertain them would you.”

Kuro stepped in front of the approaching guards, transforming into her dragon form, and then released a torrent of fire over their heads. This was followed by much running, screaming, crying, and cursing as the guard ran from the “Necrodragon” come to feast on their souls.

“I am very much alive.” Kuro said, watching the cowering Chironen.

“Now then, we have an insulted Dragon, an angry Chironen, and a mad mage. It really would be best to just work with us. Cut the crap and hold the cloaks and daggers.”

“You outlanders are confusing. What do you care, why do you do this?”
Belle walked up behind Jim and slapped the back of his head. Hard. “Stop that you idiot! You really want to make things worse than they already are? At this rate we’re never going to accomplish anything positive, just make enemies out of everyone we encounter.”

“Owe, me pride. But you have a point. Though there was no argument earlier. Lilly recon and clean up. Find what they are keeping from us. Erase the last few minutes and give us a nice memory of a normal conversation. Kuro would you help me fix up the wall. The rest of you do something about the guards.”

“I personally don’t ca-” Once again, Mikela places a thumb to his mouth, he took it far better than she took to him covering her mouth. “Hetty, shush.”

“I only went along with this because I thought you’d have some self-restraint.”

“I did say plan fuck everything. I am sorry though if I didn’t make that clear. Next time I’ll remember that. But that’s the kind of thing that I’m looking for when I ask for opinions. Objections noted.”

“Simply knocking everyone out and reading their minds should have been enough to get what we needed to know.”

“I know that now, I’m sorry. I get on a warpath. You all know that. Lets see about fixing my latest fuck up.”

“That’s much better,” She smiled wickedly, “I hope you’ll enjoy your latest punishment.”

“I’m sure Lilly will.”

Jim and Kuro fixed the hole in the wall. Lilly dug around in the councils’ minds. The rest of the gang dragged the guards outside. Lilly would have to deal with their memories later.
Some time latter. The gang had gotten everything under control and were now leaving the city. Belle had pulled Lilly to the side during one of the stops. They talked for a second.

“Lilly~, what do you think of Jim’s latest screw up?”

“It was pretty big, even by his standards.”

“So then you agree he needs to learn a lesson.”

“Sure, how do we do it this time?”

“I’m thinking of leaving him as GirlHeart for a few months. No pregnancy this time, unless Meina really wants to.”

Meina came over as Lilly had notified her by mind. “I want to, but not this time. He gets a little break, he just got done with the last one it feels like.”

“So GirlHeart it is. Plan of attack?”

“Tackle him like last time? It worked.”

“Why not?”

“Oh, Jim could you come over here dear.” Lilly called out to Jim who was currently talking to Hetros about what they had just learned from the Council.

Jim came over, the girls having perfect poker faces. In the blink of an eye Jim was tackled to the ground and the cursed gender change ring was worked onto his ring finger. After that Lilly used her skill at clothes magic to give him a nice girly outfit. They then let GirlHeart, or Jeanine as they had taken to calling him when in this form, up.
Hetros just stares mouth agape and slaps a gloved hand to his eyes, “What did I say last time? I didn’t want to know more than I heard, now I have -seen- things. I can’t unremember this stuff you two!”

Mikela meanwhile stares for all of 5 minutes before doubling over into incoherent laughter. “Oh! AHAHAHIIIHIHIH-my-HIHIHIHIH m-my sides *snerk* AHAHAHIHIHIHIHIH” she dissolves into snicker fits, barely able in standing.

“Yep, just keep on laughing.” Girlheart said.

Kuro walked over to Mikela and whispered into her ear, “We can do the same to Hetros if you and his other waifus want, though I do suggest that you make sures he’s ok with it first. He hasn’t spent quite as much time around Lilly as the rest of us.”

Mikela shakes her head, whispering back “No, no, Liz and Necca thought about doing it as a prank once, but we decided against it. Het’s very particular about altering his body or mind except when necessary, won’t even drink.”

Hetros turns as he hears the last word, from listening to Lilly, “What’s this about me drinking?”

“Nothing dear.”

“Now Jeanine, as you probably guessed, this is punishment for what you pulled back there. It’s not going to be as long this time though, only a few months. Meina has decided to have mercy on you and not put you through pregnancy again such a short time after your last, since we all know what it’s like.” Belle said.

“Fair enough, and thank you Meina. How long is a few months?”

“We’ll decide that when the time comes, but no longer than six months.”

“Once again, thats fair. Now then we need to get to the pressing matters of Vampires and Saviors and stuff.”

Everyone gathered around as Lilly filled them in on what she had found
“Right well then. It turns out back during the Mortal vs Immortal war, or as we call it the great dragon war, some nut job of a wizard tried to even the playing field. He created that mist stuff. It reanimates the dead and infects powerful people who died and turns them into these monsters called Reavers. They are just about unkillable, heal really fast, can fly, and are obscenely strong. They also have dark magic stuff.”

“Sounds like someone tried to make dragons and left out the most important part.” Kuro said

“Think more like little gods. As they have less in common with dragons and more in common with demons and angels. They don’t breath fire and they don’t have a monstrous form. No scales or claws either, they don’t even have tails.”

“They’re no fun....” Kuro mumbled.

“Right well then. It turns out back during the Mortal vs Immortal war, or as we call it the great dragon war, some nut job of a wizard tried to even the playing field. He created that mist stuff. It reanimates the dead and infects powerful people who died and turns them into these monsters called Reavers. They are just about unkillable, heal really fast, can fly, and are obscenely strong. They also have dark magic stuff.”

“Sounds like someone tried to make dragons and left out the most important part.” Kuro said

“Think more like little gods. As they have less in common with dragons and more in common with demons and angels. They don’t breath fire and they don’t have a monstrous form. No scales or claws either, they don’t even have tails.”

“They’re no fun....” Kuro mumbled.
“So what makes them such a threat?”

“Just about impossible to kill. From one of the memories I pulled, it looks like it takes an entire army to stop one, and even after being apparently killed off, they often return, as powerful as ever. Only thing that ever permanently stopped one was being immersed in sunlight.”

“Well suck. What was the deal with the savior?”

“She can fly at like 5 million miles an hour, can breathe freezing air, and can shoot lasers through her eyes. Oh, but she can't see through lead, and is totally weak to a certain element from her home.”


“No she stole that from something. Lilly give us the real info.”

“Oh, fine. Supposedly the Savior has the gift of the crystal key. Something about having a magical voice and a legendary lost song that would weaken the mists.”

“And the song?”

“You started a sentence with a preposition, you bastard.”


“Quotes, they are a loss in this dark land of heathens.”

“Well that’s the problem. The Great Khan has it in his castle. It’s worse in the fact that he is the most powerful of the Reavers. So we need to break into his castle, find the song and then stuff.”

“Wait, so the crystal is the song?”

“That’s not so clear. I think so.”

“Any thoughts, plans?”

“Where’s the castle?”

“It magically moves about in the fog.”

“Burn the fog away.”

“Fog’s magic, won’t burn off easy.”

“I’ll make a big boom then.”

“No. I know about you people and big booms. There’s a reason those guys at the Hole are forbidden from mucking about with heavy isotopes and magic.”

“I just use air. It’s really exhausting though. I can only do it a couple of times, and the explosions isn’t terribly big either. Maybe enough to destroy a building or two? Everything in the blast gets flattened or blown quite some distance.”
“Greater than hurricane force winds? in a forest, probably a bad idea.”

Hetros suddenly interrupts, speaking at the same time as Lilly “Could you please stop voicing everything we’re about to say before we say it?

“But its fun, and faster.”

“Anyone feel like looking for Cook?”

“Probably a good idea. Also, I’m just saying, these Reavers? Sound alot like a certain bloodsucking ghoulie from the old world’s myths. Think maybe these guys just aren’t genre savvy enough to get it?” Hetros says, scratching the stubble on his chin.

“Stab it with a steak? Or was it a stake?”

“Yep, cut off its head, stab it with a wooden stake, burn the body, and then spread the ashes.”

“Or just stab it through the heart and chain it down until sun rise.” Hetros muses

“I like that plan. Lets add it to the first, no wait. No sun rise here.”

“It’s not down here Gear, it’d be on the surface.” Hetros sighs, rubbing his eyes.

“Are we forgetting the mist that blocked out the sun?”

“Chain him to a rock and throw it at the sun?”

“Are you saying regular fire doesn’t work? How about dragon’s fire?”

“Never really comes up, but considering the biggest, baddest, vampire in our old mythology was called Dracula, which translated as ‘The Dragon’ I think it’s a safe bet that all it would do is piss them off and make it take longer to regenerate.”

“But you said they were nothing like dragons. Now they’re just mocking me.”
“Sorry Kuro, might have just been a title, but generally, in our mythology, there were only a couple of REALLY big bad things. Vampires ranked way up there, usually in Dragon territory. You know how powerful Liches can become? Vampires get a bunch of goodies on top of the usual undeath package. Shape shifting, hypnotism, strength, polymorph into non living forms, regeneration, speed, not to mention centuries of experience in combat and probably magic.”

“Don’t forget about that one fuck-mothering vampire,” The Cook said appearing at the end of the tunnel. “Hi!”

“OH JESUS H. CHRIST!” Hetros says nearly jumping out of his skin, “How the hell did you do that? And what vampire are you talking about?”

“If we have to fight him, then I’m out. That Crimson Fucker is who I stole most of my material from.”

“If we have to fight Dracula?” Hetros raises an eyebrow

“To answer your questions, firstly: I walked. Secondly: the ones that definitely don’t sparkle. Thirdly: think backwards little architect.”

“You know what I really love to play? Guessing games.” Said architect’s voice drips with sarcasm. “Let’s waste time while I play this one hmmm?”

“Um... Sorry if I get this wrong, but are you talking about Seras? I think that’s who you’re talking about.” Belle said.

“We’re on a time schedule? I thought we were buying time until we worked up the courage to go get kilt.”
“It’s called -life-, we’re always on a schedule. OH! YOU MEAN ALUCARD! Jesus, yeah. I’d be out too... but I don’t think there’s much chance of that. Also let’s -really- hope they don’t function on the same vampire Mechanics, where stabbing through the heart did dick all, and they had as many lives as people they had drained.”

“Give the man his prize Batguard!” Said Cook flaunting his hand in a dramatic motion.

“I thought Alucard wasn’t a vampire...” Belle spoke up again.

Cook remained in his pose for a good thirty seconds. “Batguard?”

“He was a special one, called a Blood Lord or something, really powerful and special... if we’re talking Castlevania, Alucard was Dracula’s kid. Different stories obviously.” He turns to face Cook, placing hands on hips, “Cook, gods damn it all. Did you kidnap one of their guards?”

“I did no such thing, he was my guide on my walk through the place. I taught him many things like how to boil water with anger alone. Also, I found a xylophone.”

“Hey, I know that trick.”

All the while Mikela is standing by looking fairly confused, and making mental notes to go check the Holes’ electric library in the Castle once they get back about all this.

Hetros places a hand to his face, “Right... right... and he guided you and learned all this willingly?”

“Of course! I even let him carry some gift for you guys... like my xylophone.”

“Why do you even have an xylophone?”

“That’s a stupid question. A better one is why didn’t he get one for all of us!” Mikela pipes in, chuckling.

“I know, but it’s very hard to find xylophones made from Second Moon Metal.”

“Uhhhh.... isn’t that hideously rare? And they just -gave- you it?” Hetros raises an eyebrow.

“Cook are you the ‘Bastard who stole the moon fragments’ from the Ork treasury?” Jean asked.

“Of course not, I’m ‘this guy who got his head set on fire.’ Besides those were just fragments, very hard to make into anything without proper equipment.”

“Let’s go take a trip to the moon.”

“I would but I can’t sing that song well.”

“I can do Fake Sinatra.”

“You still haven’t answered the question about whether or not they -gave- you that hideously rare metal xylophone.”

“I gave them the knowledge on how to melt stuff just by yelling at it.”

At this time the gang made it to the surface, the mist still blocking out the sun.

>So ends chapter 10 up next 11
Kuro strode forward into the mists, distancing herself from the rest of the group. She then changed into her dragon form, a 20 foot long beast covered with obsidian scales. Each foot tipped with long ivory claws, and her amber eyes now standing out even more among her black scales. Transformation complete, she opened her mouth, revealing sharp white teeth, the longest almost 4 inches, and roared into the mist, challenging whatever resided within in. She followed this by releasing a long plume of fire into the air.

“Belle, I get away with the next really stupid thing I do. Unless Kuro gets a fitting punishment.” Jeanine said.

Belle shrugged, “I agree that what she’s doing isn’t the brightest thing she’s ever done, but it’s not like anyone came up with a better idea. You all kept arguing about old world vampires and xylophones.”

From the mist came pouring those spiderbat things from before. Kuro laid into them with her fire, burning most of them to ash before they got close. Soon Shades followed, they came from all around.

“Take one alive, I want to know what it does.” Jean said to the gang.

“Take one alive? Are you serious?” Hetros growls, pulling out his long hook-saw blade again. “We don’t even know how to kill them properly yet, not without a lot of effort.”

“Less bitchin, more fighting. Make like Xcom pros and don’t die.”

“You HAD to mention XCOM, Why not just use the name of that dungeon roguelike with no save points and jinx us properly?”

“I never had any problem with Xcom, you just have to be tactical. Really tactical.”

“Yeah, easier said than done.”

Kuro continued cutting wide swaths out of the Shades with her fire. Belle stood next to Kuro, guarding her against any Shades that managed to make it past her fire.
“I cut my war teeth on impossibly hard strategy games. Lets try a jar and a vacuum.”

Cook had just stood there, his eyes twitching at the sight of the unsightly abominations.

“This will not stand.” He unsheathed his axe and cleaver, both rusted and dull, yet always protected the cook well. The barbarian walked towards the beasts, arms akimbo.

“‘So we’ll fight with the wind for the glory of all things,’” the Cook chanted aloud, “To defeat thy evil enemies.”

One of the Spiderbats darted past Kuro’s flames. She knocked it down to the ground with a mighty flap of her wings, giving off a greater gust of air than usual that nearly knocked everyone over. Belle then finished off the helpless spiderbat with a thrust of her sword.

Hetros lays in with a long spikes, stabbing and whacking with the blunt, round edge, in the other hand he slammed away with his masonry hammer, cracking shell and carapace and praying that his tools wouldn’t be ruined. Ingelill had made them, she’d -kill- him if they were broken at all, they’d been her wedding gift to him. Luckily, the runes of durability seemed proof against the acid, for the moment. He’d need to clean them thoroughly though, he doubted his clothing or flesh would survive contact with the acid in the same way if this stuff dripped onto him.
Mikela meanwhile was using sub and ultrasonic frequencies to mess with the spider-bats,ho seemed to be at least partially echolocation using. While all the normal-eared people would hear or feel is a low uncomfortable sense just beyond their normal range of hearing. To the spider-bats, it was like having one entire sense thrown into overdrive.

“Cook, toss me a wine bottle.” Jean shouted over the ruckus of the battle.

Cook pulled a regular glass bottle, “Wine is too fruity, coffee will do.”

Jean caught the bottle. “Wait, who keeps coffee in a bottle thats just weird.”

“Well, how else am I going to stay awake... also, who in the name of the poise are you?”

“Jeanine.” Jean replied, pouring the coffee on the ground.

“Oi, no wasting the caffeine!”

“I’ll replace it later. Cover me for a sec.” Jim said as he pulled out a small tool and started to etch runes into the bottle.

A few minutes later with most all of the creatures destroyed.

“Dadada-da Dah-da-da.” Jeanine hummed as the runes on the bottle started to glow. A mini tornado formed at the lip of the bottle and it started to suck one of the Shades in.

“Who ya gonna call?”

Jean then melted the top of the bottle over. “Whatever we do, don’t break this bottle people.”

“It’s like a lava lamp of evil.” Lilly said, watching the Shade swirl around angrily in the bottle. “So what exactly am I looking for?”

“Doesn’t look very evil like that.” Belle said.

“No it doesn’t. Looks and all that.”

“Lilly, just see if it can direct us to a castle or any other thing of interest.” Jim said.

“Right.” Lilly sort of tranced out, a far off look in her eyes. Seconds later she came back. “Not much there, but there is some stuff. Like a big castle in that direction.”
“By the way Het, about building a portal to here, like we were talking about before I got genderswapped. FUCK THAT NOISE! Not in my backyard. Hell not anywhere. Even I can see that that would be a bad plan.”

“Not even one to Hell’s backyard?” Belle asked.

“Well maybe. Though knowing my luck they would join forces. Then we would be dealing with demonpiers. That sounded utterly redonkulouse.”

“How about Hell’s kitchen.”

“Vampires getting mugged and raped would be funny.”

“We build one in the hidden city obviously. Fuck the Vampires, and we build a fortress outpost... maybe start mixing heavy isotopes and magic. While I’m still against it on principle, I still follow the Dune principle on Atomics: ‘You don’t keep them around for waging war, you keep them for breaking anything that you can’t negotiate with and just wants to eat your face.’ Anyway, point is, we can take precautions.”

“Well precautions are good, but still this would be dangerous. But I’ll build one after this is said and down. If I can remember how. Escapes me at the mooment. Hehehe, moo.” Jean said, poking Meina in the chest, who poked him right back.

“Great. Now we have two Lillys.” Belle said.

“Let’s get moving to the castle” Kuro thought in a way that broadcasted it straight in Lilly’s direction, making it super easy for Lilly to pick up without trying to.

“I agree, sometimes this is like herding cats.” Lilly thought back.

“Cats always think they’re in charge.” Kuro responded, flicking Hetros in the rear in an attempt to get him to start moving.

“Of course,” said Cook aloud. “That is because they are second in command in a conspiracy spanning various critters in the animal kingdom!”

“That’s nice. Now lets get moving before Kuro hurts someone.” Belle said.

“Works for me, lets move people, before the women folk get more antsy.” Jean said.

“You do realize that right now you are one of the women right?” Meina asked.

“Yep, I was getting antsy. Hormones are getting to me, warm fuzzy feelings and all that.”
“Jim’s in heat?” Belle asked.

“Not that kind of feeling. Just less anger and stuff and more peace and the like, testosterone leaves fading. Wait do women go into heat? I thought that was mostly a animal thing. Then again animal people. Oh god, now would be a bad time for that to happen.”

“I thought humans were the only one’s that didn’t go into heat...” Belle said nervously, her face starting to flush.

“We’re always in heat. And hormonal screw ups can send us into something much like it. Human brains are fucked up. At least us outrealmer’s brains are, you’d have to talk to Harbinger about the local humans.”

“Brain is scrambled, I knew that I think. Well thats a relief of sorts. Lilly how long again did you say it took me to get past the goofy state last time?”

“Two days, then you acted more normal.”

“Weee, brain chemistry screw ups.”

“Can we please get moving.” Kuro growled.

“Right sorry.”

The gang started off in the direction of the castle. Lilly was in the lead, Kuro bringing up the rear to make sure no one got lost in the mist.
Hetros sighed, and began to forge ahead through the mists, staying close behind Lilly. He turned on the little miniaturized glow-lamp that now studded /TG/s streets and milestones. It was about as big as his fist and on a small shaft that hung from his belt. It resembled nothing so much as a star stuck on the end of a metal rod. “Let’s do this then.”

As they moved through the mists, things became... strange. Distances were slightly off, the echos of voice and step equally malformed. Light bent oddly, and then it was done. Suddenly things were normal again. Then the mist began to thin out, revealing more of the surrounding terrain. They could see that the trees were thinning out, and there was a large clearing ahead. In the middle of the clearing was a creepy ass looking geometric nightmare of a castle.
The castle was made of some slate gray material, too uniform to be stone, too smooth, too monotone. Between various slates, were lines, glowing white like the heart of winter. The place was made of impossible shapes, strange, geometric line formations dotted the sides of the castle, separating large blocks and shapes that made up the building. The towers continued up into crazed, warping, loops, and horribly twisted spires.The shapes and lines twisted, and swirled, and altered, soundlessly. The sides and towers and crenellations shifting and altering. As the group approached, there was a horrible stretching sensation, as if the very air was being stretched tight against the skin. One of the lines on the wall began expanding, the ground below the group’s feet stretched, and warped. One moment, they were in a single group, the next moment, it was split between two groups, each of which were near the opposite corners of that side of the castle. Where once there had been a single, tiny line, two long, thin grey slabs right in the middle of the wall, suddenly there were two massive rectangles, one atop the other, filled with more fractal angles and shapes, with the former large rectangles that had been on their sides, pressed up tight.
“Lilly, you remember that talk we had?”

“If it looks like rape then it most likely is?”

“Yeah, how about you?”

“Looks rapey to me.”

“Anyone want to go inside?” Kuro asked.

“That is what we came to do. Just don’t drop the soap.”

“Should we knock or something?”

“I think letting whoever lives in there know that we’re here would be a very bad idea.” Belle said

“They did roll out the red carpet for us, it may be too late.”

“ I still say knocking is a bad idea. They might not know that we’re at the castle.”

“True, you know I heard that there was a ninja rapist going around, we should ask him what he would do. After all he must be pretty good if he can rape a ninja.”

“GirlHeart, you’ve been on the subject of rape a lot, is there something you want to tell us?” Lilly asked smugly.

“Only that that sounds funnier than this.”

“Can you please rape her some other time.” Kuro exclamied.

“I forgot that GirlHeart was a pussy.” Said Lilly

“Can we stop talking about nonconsensual sex and just get on with this?” Hetros growls, having walked all the way back from the other side with the half of the group that had been isolated.

“If you lot are done, Im’a gonna use the back door.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Hetros hefts his hammer, and begins moving some runed rings on the side. The head of it grows, and the shaft lengthens, as Lilly’s dirty mind would no doubt phrase it. “I got us, in the words of Sam Vimes, a search warrant. Let’s go.”

“.... YAY! I like your mind more and more fancy man!”

“Mines bigger.” Meina said, causing Lilly to snicker.

“I’d get into a hammer-off with you, but we don’t have time.” Hetros laughs.
“Should maybe me and Kuro fly up around the top? Get a view? Echolocation works, but the place shifts so damn much that I can’t get any idea of the inside.” Mikela asks, ignoring Hetros’ bravado and addressing the group.

“You ready for a flight Belle?”

“Sure. Rest of you don’t do anything stupid, especially you GirlHeart.”

“Right, nothing. Got you.” Jean said.

Kuro kneeled down so Belle could climb up onto her back. Belle readied her bow and clambered up Kuro’s leg. Kuro spread her wings and jumped into the air once Belle gave the ‘ready’ signal.

“DARE TO BE STUPID,” cried Cook as he charged into the castle.

“And there they go...”

Hetros trips cook up as he charges, hooking the wooden base of the sledge between his legs, “That’s what the stupid mooks in video games do, and they all die.”

“Lilly, make sure no one else does anything stupid. Tell Meina to do the same.” Kuro broadcasted her thoughts to Lilly again.

“Will do. Meina its our job to keep the stupid down.”

“It shouldn’t be too hard.”

“You’re working against my tendencies and Cook’s sheer will power... are you sure about that?” Hetros says giving Meina a side long glance, leaning down to help Cook back up.

“GearHeart kept you guys in line and he’s the worst of the lot when it comes to the crazy and bad decisions.”

“I represent that.” GirlHeart said and then giggled.

As the two fly up, Mikela shouts at Kuro and her mate with her powerful lungs, “I’ll head clockwise, you counter clockwise, we’ll cover more ground that way” and takes off, flipping over and leveling out, gliding off.

The three of them fly out of sight around the castle Mikela going around the left side and Kuro taking the right.
Belle leans over Kuro’s side to get a better look at the castle, then thinks to Kuro, “Do you see anything different or that we should be worried about? Because I can’t find anything myself, just more of the same. Not even any spiderbats or shades.”

“I can’t find anything either. This building is too confusing, I don’t see how anyone could stand being anywhere near it, let alone live in it.”

“Agreed. Let look for a few more minutes, then head back. I doubt we’ll find anything though, none of this makes sense.”

When they meet Mikela as they pass one another, she flaps her way over to them, “Place keeps shifting oddly, once or twice there was a window... but, nothing big, and it never lasted very long.”

“Anything crawling out of the castle and trying to kill us?”

“Not a thingy-dingy. No spiderbats, no shades, no ‘sparkly pricks’, Hetty said that might be a problem, and then muttered something about getting nukes built himself if I found one... but there wasn’t anything, so I guess that’s alright.”

“You keep looking then. We’re going to head back, I fear that Lilly and Meina might have a little too much trouble trying to keep everything in check.”

Kuro winged off to where they had left everyone else, leaving Mikela to continue watching the castle walls.
Not two minutes after Kuro, Belle, and Mikela left Cook, GirlHeart, and Het were proving a handful for Meina and Lilly.

Cook had started a fire and was now trying to make moonshine out of the Shade in the bottle. Somehow he had cobbled together a makeshift still. Meina was chasing GirlHeart around the trees, trying to get her hammer back, before something went wrong. Meanwhile Hetros was trying to chip off parts of the castle and was having no luck. Each clang of the hammer and chisel sending a resounding ringing noise through the air. Lilly was trying to get Cook and Hetros to stop what they were doing without resorting to using her powers and it was wearing her patience thin.

“Damn it everyone knock it off before I fucking lose it and go evil on you!” Lilly finally shouted. She snagged the bottle from Cook, tripped GirlHeart with her tail, sending her sprawling to the ground where Meina then sat on her. She walked over to Hetros. “Its not going to break, you’ve been at it for a good five minutes now. Just stop, before something bad happens. Like you calling enemies out to our location or Kuro coming back.”

“Well do you have a better suggestion?” Het asks, looking over his shoulder, arms cocked back for another swing of the hammer. The chisel wasn’t actually damaged, at least not yet, though now the runes along its length were flaring ominously each time he struck.
“I do,” sprung Cook, grabbing both the architect’s and Holstauri’s hammers. “OH YEAH!” Cook screamed as he slammed into the wall, both hammers swinging. The ensuing destruction of the wall left all present quite astonished.

“Chaste Heavens, Cook if you don’t get back here I am going to rape your skull.” Lilly said. Before Cook could get farther the castle wall was whole once more, and Cook was pushed back. Meina came up to him and took her hammer back.

“Self-fixing walls, eh? I knew of only one other castle that did something like that, only that one looked more fun!”

At that moment GirlHeart, who may or may not have been in heat, tackled Lilly and started to get gropey.

Hetros meanwhile had gotten into a hammer contest. “Look, your hammer is fine and all, but the thing has so little utility, mine’s enchanted to fit into any situation and work to maximum satisfaction.” He seemed completely oblivious to any possible innuendo.

“I think you don’t need any fancy tricks, just give them your best shot and let the shaft do its job. Mine is for one use and one use only, making new holes. Yours wouldn’t even phase someone who has seen as much action as me. It ain’t got enough heft.” Meina replied.
“So? You make up for it with speed, and skill. You penetrate the right areas, not just wail about like an amatuer.”

“If you have speed and skill, you know the good spots to hit them, then you can do it that much better if you give them it at full blast. Sides I don’t need precision when my tool can put a man to blackout land in one stroke.”

Meanwhile, another bright idea appeared in Cook’s head that went into his mental pile of good ideas. He reached down, as if to grab his weapons but instead grabbed two iron forks. He then charged the castle wall again, albeit more quietly and began to scale the structure with deceptive ease.

Kuro flew around the corner of the castle, and was greeted with the sight of everyone doing stuff of varying degrees of stupidity.

“Belle, you pull GirlHeart off of Lilly and tie her up. I’m going to pull Cook off the castle walls before he gets himself or anyone else hurt.”

Kuro touched down just long enough for Belle to hop off, and then jumped right back into the air. She headed straight for where Cook happened to be stuck to the wall while Belle ran to Lilly and Girlheart.

Cook had made quite a distance up the castle wall, all the while humming to himself, “Dada-dah dada-dah, does whatever a spider can,” at this he stopped coming to realize two important things. One: he was climbing a wall like a spider, when he is in fact deathly afraid them, and secondly he was also deathly afraid of being in high places.

“Okay, I am now paralyzed in fear of being ME up HERE, not my greatest idea.”

“Idiot,” Kuro thought as she grasped Cook around the chest and pried him off the wall, leaving his iron forks stuck in the shifting material. The forks were soon swallowed by the castle when it shifted again. By then Kuro had already landed and placed Cook on the groun
When Kuro landed, Belle and Lilly had just finished tying up Girlheart, her knowledge of escape art making it far more difficult than it should have been. She was tied from head to toe, with not a centimeter of wiggle room. Her face was flushed. “I see why you like bondage Lilly, crotch rope feels nice.” She said, trying to wiggle free to no avail.

“It’d be nice if we didn’t have to tie you up, but I get the feeling you won’t stop trying to molest Lilly any time soon. You really are in heat.” Belle said

“My head feels all messed up, I know that, but its... I can feel parts of me missing. It’s scary, like I’m not me, out of control. I understand. Thanks Belle, Lilly.” Girlheart said starting to cry.

Belle reached down and patted GirlHeart’s hair, “It’s alright. I think I understand what you’re going through. After all, how do you think me and Kuro have children?”

“Right, of course. You're a good friend Belle, sorry. I’ll be fine.” Jeanine said with a sniffle, her tears stopping.

Hetros groans and places a hand over his eyes, rubbing them and muttering about hormones. “Does he get like this when he switched back?”

“No, but he did get in a fight with a dwarven mystic last time. Which he has done before, but...”

Kuro had changed back to her hybrid from and was walking over to Belle, Lilly, and Jean with everyone else in tow. “I’m sure at least one of you has tried to get in. So, have any of you found a way to actually get in? If you have, we’ll enter once Mikela returns.”
“My heads really messed up, can someone explain why we don’t just use the front door

“I was close to entering twice, but sadly circumstances proved otherwise.”

“Wait. There’s a door?” Kuro asked incredulously.

“I made one, but it fixed itself. Walls are not supposed to do, that is cheating.”

“Its right there, across the bridge, you kind of have to squint to see it.”

“Do we really want to enter the front door? I mean this seems like an incredibly-” The next moment a black fletched arrow smacks into the ground, punching a neat hole through the side of his boot. “FUCK! DUCK AND COVER!” He says, lunging as the arrow snaps inside his thankfully 1 size too large boot, and gets behind a handy set of stones.

Lilly picked up the still tied up Jean and dashed for cover, Meina covering them while Belle’s armor flashed into place as she loosed an arrow where the shot had came from and Kuro created a wall of fire to block any more shots while everyone took cover.

There were several pale figures further down the wall, around the area of the front gate. They were dressed in thick furs and skins, obviously elegantly and well made even from this distance. They began to walk forward, one of them snatching the arrow fired back almost contemptuously with a sneer. The others each had strangely white recurved bows, black symbols carved and dyed into them. As they came closer, much of their oddly made clothing became, quite obviously, from skinned humanoids, the combination of fur and plain flesh obvious.
“You are quite rude... little calves. Don’t you know that civilized people declare themselves at the front door?” His skin was death white, and his canines were long, his lower canines set in to make room for them. At his back, the others were covered in full body clothing, not an inch of skin displayed, each of them having the long recurves pulled back and arrows knocked.

Back behind cover Jeanine said, “Told you we should have just gone to the front door.”

“Oh sure, go through the front door,” Cook called back, “Where all the sharp pointy death traps are aimed right out the front to all the ‘civilised people with common sense’ go through.”

“He makes a point Rashad” one of the faceless mooks says, “We do set up all the traps just for that.”

“Which, Tigue,” pronouncing it as ‘Tee-gway’, “is why you -announce- yourself at the front gate. You don’t just barge in. After all, how can we invite the cattle to dinner if they get themselves killed by being rude?”

“Meina, don’t go to dinner with them, its a trap, I’m 50% sure.” Girlheart said.

“You think.” Meina said, Jim missing the sarcasm in her diminished state.

“Sure announce ourselves, as soon as the door opens, HUGE CLOUD OF ARROWS right into our faces. Yeah sounds fair.”
“We could go with the huge cloud of arrows now? Well, not huge, but we could bring the ghouls down and go for the whole ‘blot out the sun with our arrows’ treatment if you really want?” the one called Rashad called out, obviously quite amused with himself.

“Jeanine, if you could please retort appropriately.”

“Sure stay in the shade, and eat your arrows, personally I would rather you all go and take a jumping fuck at the nearest pike you sparkling ass lickers. Get bent in hell and may The Demon Lord ride his cock up your nose and out your sphincter.”

“I will refrain from bringing this news to my Lord, Khan Vulair the Sky Darkener, humble servant of Great Khan Draalkug, the Lord of Ruin,” he rattles off the titles with practiced ease. “I’ll just put an arrow through your whore skull.” He draws his bow all the way back, the arrow longer than any human arrow, more like a thin javelin.

Belle shot another arrow at him, shouting, “Kuro, give them some light!”

“Close your eyes and look away people!”
His arrow shot the moment that Kuro got up, the massive bolt flying with meteoric speed and slamming into the dragon’s shoulder with a hard thudding noise, breaking on the layered scales of her armor,denting her armor. His hand immediately rises up to catch the arrow flying at him, laughing as his hand grasps, snapping it. His face turns to one of absolute horror as it suddenly explodes into sunlight, causing him, and the 4 around him, to scream and fall back. Not being true sunlight, it was no where strong enough to actually kill him, even with his exposed skin. His smoking body falls to the ground, his subordinates fleeing, and his skin scorched to a crisp by the arcane sunblast.

By now Lilly and Meina had gotten Jeanine untied. Belle walked over to the prone Rashad and stabbed him in the heart with her flaming sword. His body consumed by the flames, only leaving a pile of ashes remaining.

Jean walked over and used her signature magic of sonic boom. Sending the ashes far and away. After the others had recovered from the shock Kuro asked, “Damn it Girlheart, why did you do that?”

“WIZARD! But no, he may be like old world vampires where they come back if you don’t scatter the ashes, would rather not take that chance.”

“You’re back to being normal?”

“Not quiet, at least I think. Fear is a hell of a cure.”

“The brain is hardwired to make way for adrenaline or something. Fight or Flight dominates all else.” Hetros muses, and looks around, “At least we don’t have to worry about somebody getting cut and a drop of virgin’s blood falling on the ashes.”

“Cook, stay away from ashes.” Lilly said.


“We need to get in there, the guards were nice enought to tell us where the defenses are. We need to sneak in a different way. We also need for Mikela to get back. Lilly see if she is in range. Everyone else, plan.” Kuro said trying to take charge.
“She is coming back, should be just a sec.”

Everyone else was silent, trying to think of a way in, realizing that this castle would be hard to get into.

“The guy who taught me about this kind of thing always said straight through, over, under, or around. I don’t think under or around will work this time. Which leaves us with through or over.”

“You know, I would have liked to met this Trader guy you are always talking about.”

A few minutes later, Mikela comes back, her body covered in sweat and dew from the mists. Panting, “Something saw me a little ways back... there’s... a couple of platforms that don’t change, close to the ground. Nearly got shot by some kind of archer, but didn’t sound human, too thin, like the skin clung to the bone, and was kinda hollow... dry...” Hetros hands her his flask, which she gratefully sips from.

“I don’t know about everyone else but that sounds like a bad way to go. I think a window would work better. You remember those magic teleporting crystals that that one guy made? Arrow through the window, teleport in. Like a ninja.”

“I don’t know if we have any of those, but we might be able to hold a window open long enough for everyone to get in.

“That might work. Also given time Lilly and me could make the crystals. Have the components.”

“We’ll wait for you to make the crystals. Lowest chance for us to get split up.”

“Right well then I guess we should fall back to cover.”

About an hour and a half later Lilly and Girlheart had finished two crystals, one on an arrow and one normal one.
“So Belle, I think you’re the best shot. get this in a window and we are in.”

“I found a spot where a window appears every 5 minutes, stays for about 30 seconds. Should appear again in about a minute”

The castle continued shifting, and a windowed appeared right when Belle said it would. She put the arrow clean through the center of the window.

“Alright people, touch the crystal and tap your heels and you're off. Don’t hold it though. That would be bad. Don’t want us to get separated. That would be very bad.”

Kuro went through first, vanishing in a puff of smoke and then reappearing inside the castle, her sword at the ready, she was quickly followed by the others, Lilly coming in last, crystal in hand. They were in a library and the arrow had pierced a blond pale skined woman clean through the chest and stuck her to a shelf.

“Oops, Belle that one was on you.”

The chick’s head lifted up, her eyes widening revealing blood red eyes, she sucked in air. “What’s this all about? And why did you feel the need to put an arrow through me? This hurts you know.”

“We’re the Aristocats,” and then Lilly punched the woman in the face sending her into blackness.
Well thats all from me for tonight. Some one might post chapter 12 later.
Well, I finished looking through the doc, and I gotta say that it's better than I thought it would be. That being said, I have a couple of questions about the last part of the epilogue, which I'll keep in spoilers. (Unless you've already seen the doc, don't highlight the spoilered content. Besides, it won't make sense out of context anyway.)

Who exactly is the Red Cardinal supposed to be- is he the Mirthterran equivalent of the Pope or just a high-ranking member of the Church of Myrthter? And where did he get an original copy of the Clover Journals, and why is he so interested in TeeGee anyway? I know that you guys probably have something big planned regarding all of this, but now I'll be up all night wondering what it is.
Also, good job handling the council. If it was me, the whole thing would have devolved into an orgy of violence that would make Kharn the Betrayer jealous.
Anyway He is not the Pope, he is high ranking. He gets around a good deal. As for the book, well the Iron men are always rounding up items they deem dangerous including a long list of books. As for Teegee we have made a lot of noise and his god has a plan for us if you will.
Also originally the council was much worse. If your talking about the Chironen anyway. They were so uptight in the first version it ended with Purge them all or with Tera coming in and toruteing everyone for ruining her plans
My little addition who was mentioned briefly in the Inquisitorial missive a few threads back.

He is VERY influential in the Myrthterran Church, quite the radical among his peers, and has a hand in the Iron Inquisition.

This is partly due to his successful journey past the Elven empire to the East (and return), which was known as Seeking (kinda like Grail Questing for the disgraced). Also, his detractors that sent him off had a sudden case of not-living anymore.

Dislikes: People making fun of his humble beginnings, nobles getting up in his business, assassins, people asking how he looks so young, people pestering him about his journey to the East

Likes: The colour red, not being attacked by assassins who try to find out the secret to his longevity, meeting new people, raising orphans, and keeping promises
this thread is bad and you should feel bad
If that is so, then you should feel bad for commenting. Be the better man and don't comment, otherwise we don't give a damn.
>If that is so, then you should feel bad for commenting. Be the better man and don't comment, otherwise we don't give a damn.

vampire D:
Great, the god of "death to the nonhumans" is interested in you. This sure won't end well- for him, anyway. (After all, you already have Tera watching over you, and I'm willing to bet she doesn't like competition.) Though how did they find out what you did over there anyway?

Since the Clover Journals are involved here, I can only assume that the Cardinal is going to be a villain at some point in the future. Given that they already think you're all heretics from Thai's "questioning", it seems like there's going to be a crusade targeting you soon. If you want my opinion (and nobody does), I suggest you do as much damage as you can when you break Thai out, just to demonstrate that any further attacks on Teegee would be a bad idea. I trust them as far as I can throw them, so it's only a matter of time before they find some imaginary reason to attack you anyway.

Yeah, the orgy of violence in question would have been targeted at them. To be fair, they had it coming.
You couldn't even bother to sage the thead? That's sad.
You and me both brother. If GearHeart had his way. The iron church would be ran out of Teegee and the people who supported it put to death. But there are many balls in the air and not all is as it seems. But I am glad you liked the story and your opinion is always valued by at least me.
File: 1353223519289.jpg-(98 KB, 531x800, blade geometry.jpg)
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But that's just the thing. Even with a minor technological, and possibly magical advantage, we have neither the numbers nor the support for a full scale war with Mithterra. At best, we can monitor Iron Church activity within our borders, and act only if they prove hostile.
Like I said remove them from Teegee. It would be hard but it would be a important step.
Meh. Religious freedom and all that jazz, we can't remove them unless they're openly hostile, otherwise we're just as bad. Besides which, Mirthterra wouldn't take kindly to us indiscriminately jacking around with members of their state religion.
I think kidnapping spying and killing our people count as openly hostile.
That's discreetly hostile. A future story for the blades, possibly, but we'd need for them to either make an open declaration or riot type event before we openly fight back.
You could always arrange for a few "unfortunate accidents", can't you?

I suggest trying to turn the nobles against one another; Mirthterra isn't the most unified kingdom, and a little internal strife could bring the whole thing crashing down on itself.
A Mirterran civil war could actually spell doom for the majority of the human population on the continent.

The Free Kingdoms would want to get their jabs in, the Elves would nod and smile saying "just as foretold" and mind-control their lower elves into chipping away at the nation, the Serridians would be Serridian, the Pirate Lords would squee...

...Orc hordes could get wind of this, uprisings by uppity wizards with too much power and too little sense, warlocks that crave souls, the Inquisition would SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING...

When a house of cards falls, make sure it wasn't one that was deterring other cards to attack. You think there wouldn't be consequences on the homefront if a superpower fell?
Good point. I can never seem to think these things through.
File: 1353226848556.jpg-(1000 KB, 1287x800, 1331249803459.jpg)
1000 KB
It's true. And even after they fell, there would be a huge power vacuum that we wouldn't necessarily win, and would sustain large losses either way.
>Good point. I can never seem to think these things through.
....Okaaaay, I think you're talking about B and K there, but you've got the wrong impression if you believe they would want to CAUSE wars to happen.

Which isn't to say you haven't given me an idea...
Thinking of doing a bit of political intrigue?
Further down the line.

Not right now, though.

Hmm, how to research
political intrigue...
File: 1353231475433.jpg-(65 KB, 800x600, 1330822708565.jpg)
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Guys, I was thinking. Why does our only image relating to the Men At Arms picture Revolutionary Era coats and hats, and not any sort of armor, even something as simple as chainmail or leather and iron?
BAD consequences. Keep in mind though, most Mirthans consider themselves Mirthans first, citizens of their hold second. While the armies are pretty loyal to those paying them, if they get the impression they're fighting against the nation, they'll desert, and they can't be tried under Mirthan law for it.
I think that's their dress uniform and their look for guard duty around the castle. In battle, the men at arms wear armour; generally leather, chain and plate. (The advantage of partially mechanised workshops is that it's a lot easier to produce metal armour like that!)

Want me to look up what it was listed as? I think when it was first brought up, I listed equipment for each subdivision of the men at arms.
Yeah, actually. But didn't that list include gross overuse of gunpowder, or did we switch that to crossbows or spears?
Actually no. The vast majority of what I wrote up was medieval in armament, just with good, mass-produced armour and weapons. The only gunpowder was the musketeer corps. and the artillery (whom I didn't go into). The majority of our ranged support was the yeomen, who I had as using 80lb-draw longbows. Greater range and rate of fire than the crossbows the Mithterrahns use.
File: 1353238279632.jpg-(34 KB, 600x317, polearms.jpg)
34 KB
And spearmen? I trust we have a frontline of soldiers with long spears; even a peasant can stands a fighting chance against a heavily armored force if they have a spear, and forty other spearmen standing beside them.
Also, quick idea, bear with me. The Blades presumably need lightweight armor for mobility, right? Well, how about we use leather, and very thin, light plates to make a sort of freerunner's armor?

And it's an armor that also looks like EVA-01
Well yeah. Look, you just want me to find the thread? It as a LONG way back admittedly...
No, it's fine.
File: 1353243208821.png-(267 KB, 717x533, 1336949578199.png)
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>First Seed, 6AA

“Al, how do you even make chicken soup that filling?”
“I remembered a bit about cooking I learned in the old world, and decided to get off my butt.”
“Hm, I didn't expect something that girly of you.”
“Heh. Yeah, well, I've been working on my armor as well. Gonna be so cash, Sera. So cash.”
“Remember that gauntlet in the basement? I asked a friend to help me enchant it. I was going over some armor designs with some dwarves as well, so that'll be nice when it's done.”
“And as for your work?”
“We have some extra money; I think I can afford a short vacation while I upgrade my stuff.”
“Just laze around, eh?” Sera let out a yawn.
“Probably. I think I'm gonna walk this food off.... Sera?” My waifu was already asleep on the couch beside me. “Guess it's by myself then.”
File: 1353243345029.png-(886 KB, 1021x715, 1332987092031.png)
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The sun had set early over Waifu Town, leaving the moon to give it only faint illumination. In near darkness, the town was opposite of its lively self. Shops felt lonely, and it was easy to isolate yourself with the contrast between the bluish black streets and the lights that emanating from nearby buildings.

It also makes it hard to notice when you're not the only one there. Apparently there was another person who took enthusiastic walks at night. It was hard to make out in the dim moonlight, but the shape was female.
“Is your name Alaric?” a voice rang out.
“Yeah. What of it?” I answered tentatively.
“I'd like to form a contract with you.”
File: 1353243673437.jpg-(129 KB, 1109x624, contract with me.jpg)
129 KB
...oh dear

>contract faustian
Not you too!
Magical girl Alaric?
Just remember Magical boys get killed off easily and quickly.
I always thought that was kind of sexist, but who cares?
It is sexist but its also fact blame japan. But after seeing sailor bubba I can't argue with it.
File: 1353265139051.jpg-(40 KB, 465x450, nigga-moon.jpg)
40 KB
You mean Nigga Moon? Now THAT I understand.
Bumping to keep this going.
File: 1353269613820.png-(181 KB, 646x515, 1334980547635.png)
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This is gonna be fun.
That it is. Also then GearHeart wouldn't be the only Monstrous Knight

. On a different topic. So I've been thinking. Would the Iron Church in Teegee try to kill Lilly. After all there is a demon walking around in the open. And how would the Council of DMs deal with my resulting murder orgy. Cause I kind of want to write a mix of Taken and Law Abiding Citizen with a mix of a few other things.
The Iron Church would never believe that Lilly has gone good, and GearHeart trying to explain that to them would just get him labeled as a heretic, so you could try to pass it off as self-defense. Of course, Tera would no doubt be very angry with the Inquisition for getting in the way of her champions, so it would probably be a good idea to leave the orgy of violence to her.

Incidentally, have you guys considered undermining the Inquisition's authority in a somewhat more subtle manner? Maybe one of the Blades could go into deep cover, infiltrate the organization, then use some of their dirtier secrets against them. And if they're anything like 40K's Inquisition, you could always exacerbate any internal strife they're trying to suppress.

You could always let it slip that one of their leaders has a copy of the Clover Journals in their possession and let B and K take it from there. (Since they technically aren't part of Teegee AFAIK, they won't be able to link their activities to you.)
I have got to stop mixing up the name and subject fields.
The Iron Church in TeeGee knows that if they don't start no shit there won't be no shit. They know far better than trying to kill a Knight of TeeGee, no matter how much of an abomination they see her as.

Murder orgy is acceptable only within reason of defense. If ten guys attack you armed, then go for it, but if you just start killing people, that's not exactly smiled upon. In TeeGee.
One Tera can't act directly most of the time as there are rules which is why she has a champion. Two GearHeart would kind of skip explaining and go straight for Count of Monty Cristo. Three if they were to attack Lilly Gearheart would use every trick and scheme I/he knows to end them see Count of Monty Cristio. Revenge is sweet. I was thinking of pulling a Punisher 2005 to start it off, nothing like getting your enemy to kill themselves off. But I still need word from the other writers if the Iron Church is so brazen and stupid to attack a Knight of Harem. I'm hoping yes.
I was more refering to your other two who seem to have a hand in the gunrunning >.>
>You could always let it slip that one of their leaders has a copy of the Clover Journals in their possession and let B and K take it from there. (Since they technically aren't part of Teegee AFAIK, they won't be able to link their activities to you.)

B & K literally aren't part of /TG/, not even in the "plausible deniability, disavow all ties" sort of way. They're rogue elements.
next few chapters going up soon.

People can write reactions and such as they like, I'll try to get the epilogue up today.
The gun runners are not part of the spy ring. They are rogue knights.
I wonder...about how far apart should I space the discovery of the Fair Lady's sisters and how much should everyone else know of it?
I think you should space them out a bit no less than a month in between. As for the last one. The return of the Fair Lady's sisters would be a big thing in the demon world I think, so anyone who deals with that a lot might hear tell at the least.
>Incidentally, have you guys considered undermining the Inquisition's authority in a somewhat more subtle manner?

I am not allowed answer that question.
You've been busy while they were holding you hostage, I take it?
i believe that there was a pandacat/champion of justice involved somewhere
I have a couple of things lined up of course. Some of them will have to wait until after my rescue but I think there's a story that can be told. Look for it soon.
Wait, we have gun runners? How recent was this?

They're also rather predictable- let them know about what the Inquisition's got and they'll drop everything and try to get it, no matter the cost.

BTW, if they're Outrealmers but not Knights, does that mean they weren't teleported in with the others or did go rogue at a later period of time?
They'd have come in with everyone else, but not everyone chose to become knights.

A few people weren't too happy with some of our choices over the years either.
They were briefly mentioned a few times. I want to get some people together and write a story about a band of knights who don't see eye to eye with the council. I want Clover and Jistin in on it at least and others are welcome. I think I'm going to try to start it tomorrow. So give it some thought people.
I put them into a story a thread or two back, involving the area of the Catacombs called "Blood Gutter", and the Pirate admirals of the Free Port of Portfree (the original founders weren't all that imaginative). Basically, it's a sub plot of outerrealmers making guns, and demonstrating them to outsiders, making profits by hosting duels in the underground, and it's implied that they're going to start selling them to others.
well I think for this one we should go with the traditional method of writing our stories. Small snippets everyone puts together by themselves, weaving an interesting story from multiple points of view.

the thread goes dead when we try the whole "Collab" writing dealy on Googledocs, so I think we should reserve it solely for SUPER MAJOR events.
I'm going to disagree I think collab would be better as there are a lot of bits that would require working together. The start up bit needs to be collab at least and it shouldn't be as long as the Bats story. also yours was just the most recent mention of them. It just happens you wrote about underground guntraders and well things had already been set up.
No, you don't understand. When we did the collab, the threads went pretty much dead. One 404'd and I had to track you guys down to get us together in the new one.
Speaking of collaboration work, I may be in need of some assistance within the next few days with another part of the Fair Lady's siblings, assumedly around 9 AA involving the pursuit of Ceaseless Discharge. Anyone interested?
You have my gauntlet.
Current non-spoiler status of Journal locations

1st: Church has them, several copies. Among other things, how do you think they spread the Sanctified Edition around?

2nd: Elves have a copy, they wrote an opera about it, which the dwarves "fixed"

3rd: The Grand Wizard Clarus had one, but it went missing when his tower collapsed on him. Officially, he's dead, they never found a body.

4th: The Serridians definitely had at least one copy, but it was lost when the Scholar reading it went full on Vizier and got eaten by a "sea serpent" type sentinel.

5th: The Fey Lord ate his. He's very dead.

6th: The dwarves had one copy at one point, which was burnt and petrified two battling mystics that threatened to collapse the mountain. They've been collecting more since.

7th: The Demons have one. Well, First Demons.

8th: The Driders split theirs amongst themselves to fuel an Industrial Revolution of sorts.

9th: A giant brain ate the Family/squidpeople's copy.

That's about all the ones so far.
Can we have the spoiler status of them too? I can't help myself, I'm a sucker for spoilers.
You were in the collab? But like I said not as long as the last one. Just a shortish bit to lay out the base of the rogue knights. Not a fucking book like we set out to write with Bats.
Rouge Knights you say? Mind sending me the link? You have my email.
Starting it Monday morn my time. Busy night for me. Not going to be here much for a few hours. But sent.
Eh, worth a look.

Mind sending me a link too?
Rouge knights? When did you guys get makeup?
And I laugh as for once it wasn't me making that mistake.
You do NOT want to know. On an unrelated note, infiltrating a Mirthan court dressed as an ugly noble woman is depressingly easy.
You have GOT to tell the story behind that sometime. The mental image is hilarious.
Sage for the sage throne?
I'm going to vote on corridinating this rogue night business in HERE.

What we know
1) They operate out of the catacombs
2) They're not in agreement with the nights.
3) Knowledge of them is generally limited, if not out right unknown, to the Knights at large. Probably because we're too fucking optimistic an d loyal to one another EG) Derps/Stupid
4) They have access to gun powder making materials, or appropriate substitutes, and are building up a stockpile of such weapons, probably rifled too.
...okay, misspellings errors aside.

1) There's plenty of things down there, bats, a spider-lady, possible portals to the dungeon dimensions, so no problem there.
2) Don't see why not. It's not like we exactly stamp out or reeducate dissenters, so this could work.
3) Well, maybe they're bitter over not getting what they wanted, or wanted more, so they turned to crime?
4) Where. The hell. Did they get sulfur?!
2p Sulfur, 3p Charcoal, 15p you know what, and you get the stuff, so unless they tapped into a vent somewhere...we've got another problem on our hands.
Even if they did find a nearby source of sulfur (and managed to keep it a secret from everyone else), I'm pretty sure it takes more than sticking a few pieces of metal together to make a proper gun. You'd be more likely to blow yourself up if you don't know what you're doing, and I highly doubt that any of the Knights used to be gunsmiths.
Also, why would they want to rebel in the first place? We have food, shelter, waifus, a steady income in the form of dungeon delving, protection from the various assholes who want to kill us- what more could you ask for? The only exception I can think of is that loony whose name I can't remember who currently thinks he's playing Dungeons and Dragons after a failed attempt to return to the Old Realm. (Did you ever get around to putting him out of his misery? If not, you might want to do that soon).

You know I would rather do this in doc for reasons such as us all beening on the same page.
Well... there are... The Drow. They're sitting on perhaps one of the largest depositories of sulfur on the continent in the Misty Mountain Range of the Dark Mountains. If one of them found this, meaning he or she would have to be VERY deep within TeeGee intelligence, as knowledge of this is VERY classified.

Guns aren't complicated. All you have to know is some basic metallurgy and physics skills to calculate your pressure requirements and then combine with some basic lever systems and voila, you have a gun.
But only the DMs themselves know about the Drow, let alone the way to reach them. Unless the conspiracy goes all the way to the council itself, that won't work.

I would argue that if someone was motivated enough they could figure out the Drow exist on their own, especially if they had some stake in it. Like myself.
Bumping. We aren't dead, just busy writing up some ideas.
Well, the Blades have knowledge of it, and it could be something as simple as a clerical error where someone ends up accidentally seeing something they shouldn't. But we're not using that vein anymore anyway, so the idea is moot for now.
“What should we do with her?”

“Read her mind, tear the flesh from her bones, burn the flesh, crush the bones, spread the dust and salt the earth?”

“Let’s do the mind reading part. Then tie her up. I see no reason to kill her, she hasn’t tried to kill us.” Kuro says, a calculating look on her face.

“Yet.” Belle says with barely a pause.

“Agreed, also if these are vampires do you want to bank on them not being able to smell blood or detect it somehow?” Hetros belts his hammer and chisels, looking amongst his tools for something a little less likely to break the skin.

“Seems to be a tie up mood, now let me get in her head.” Lilly said. “Kind of empty and at the same time full of shadows, what we looking for? Currently in her childhood memories. Moving on.”

“Try looking for who’s in charge of this place first.”

“Right, Khan Vulair, the trusted hand of Draalkug the Great Khan. We are in his castle.”

“What now? Want to look around or something? Or maybe just read some books?” Kuro asked.

“We were looking for that song thing, so finding clues to that seems prudent.”

“Agreed,” Hetros and Mikela quip, and begin moving towards the closest shelves. Mikela meanwhile letting out little echoing hums as she acts as their radar system.

“Go through her mind for anything that might be related, and these books might be able to tell us something too.”
“It would go faster if I had some help. So two teams, those that read books and those who go on an adventure into her mind. Who’s with me?” Lilly asked.

“I’m in, I have the most experience next to you Lilly.” Jean said.

“Count me in. Mikela, Cook you two are on watch, everyone else grab a book.” Kuro added.

“Right.” Meina said going over to a pile of books on one table and settling down in a chair and opening up the first book.

Lilly and Jeanine laid down on the floor. “Grab some floor Kuro, going in all the way, don’t want you falling over and hitting your head.” Kuro followed their lead and soon the three were in side of the woman’s mind.

They were in a small bedroom with bare wooden walls and sparse decorations, the only furniture being a bed, a small table next to the head of the bed, and one chair at the table. It was dark and there was a dreary feeling to the place.

“Kuro, remember the most important weapons here are willpower and imagination. Nothing else really matters.” Jim said, looking like his normal self.

“So magic?”
“But without any rules and limits except for yourself and others.”

“Why can’t real magic be like this...”

“It’s better it’s not. Things go sideways quickly. Don’t forget things that happen here can hurt you for real. The mind is a powerful thing.”

“Well that’s enough of an infodump, lets get out of here and start looking around.” Lilly said, going to the door.

“What exactly are we looking for? And should we be worried about hurting her mind?”

“We are looking for something that looks like her or something that looks like a place she would keep important stuff, as for her mind, just don’t blow up anything too big. She will be fine.”

“Places people keep important stuff? Under the floorboards might be one place to look

The floorboards peeled back revealing nothingness as Kuro thought about tearing the floor up.

“Not here it seems, her mind didn’t even fill this in, meaning she never thought about what was under the floor.” Lilly said opening the door she had been standing at.

The door opened up into a larger room with a long table. People sat at it, talking, eating, and having a good time. There was a man who looked to be in his early 50’s, he had hair that was starting to grey but he looked like he was still a man of strength. He wore the clothes of a simple farmer but his eyes had a light of greatness that refused to die. Sitting next to him was a women in what looked to be her mid 40’s. She had a stocky build that told of toughness, but on her face was a soft smile.
“Oh, you must be friends of Irila. She not here, I think she went out to the stream to try to catch some fish. If you see her do tell her to hurry home, supper is going to be cold at this rate.”

“We will.”

The trio excused themselves and made their way outside. They were surrounded by fields that seemed to stretch on forever. They heard the sound of water trickling over rocks coming from the right of the house. There was a large tree that went up and up for a long time. Under the tree they could make out a silhouette of a young girl. The three made their way over to the girl. She was sitting with her feet dangling in the water and book in her lap. Her long blonde hair was tied up in a neat braid, and appeared darker than it was outside of the dream.

“They always come down the road to the left of the house. But now, now, I have to deal with you people. Arrow to the chest is hardly a nice way to greet someone.”

“Sorry about that. Belle wasn’t trying to hit anyone, just get an arrow through a window.”

“I guess a wisecrack about Rashad and Tigue disagreeing would be in bad taste.” Jim said.
Irila turns her head towards them, revealing blue eyes and fair skin. “What about those two imbeciles disagreeing? That’s all they ever do. I’m surprised Vulair gave those two the gate guard duty.”

“No, no you misunderstand, they find arrows to be a great greeting.”

“Well those two meat pushers are psychopaths. So I imagine the opposite of what they think is the right one. So why do you invade my nightmares?”

“We wanted to ask you about some things, mostly this ‘crystal song’ we heard about. What exactly about this is nightmarish anyway? Everything looks so peaceful.” Kuro said, looking around.

“Everything comes crashing down in just seconds. The raiders come down the road, house is burnt, my parents are killed, and they turn me into one of them and then take me here.”

The world warped for a second, the library replacing the farm, but then they were back in the field.

“Its odd, I can never seem to leave this place. It has a draw to it. Sick, isn’t it?”

“Maybe? I wouldn’t really know. Jim and Lilly know all that stuff.”

“The lure of darkness and danger is not all that odd. Carnivalesque we call it. But you, you have survivor's guilt. You feel the need to save them don’t you or is it that you want to join them? Its what makes being undying so bad isn’t it. We put an arrow clean through your chest, doesn’t even phase you.”
A rumbling sound was coming up the road, the thunderous sound of hooves beating dirt. The gang could see the fear on the girls face as the horses drew closer.

The girl started to run down the creek, away from the horses. “We need to hide!”

“FUCK THAT NOISE, I’m going to go and say hi. Get a feel for these guys. Hey library girl, these guys the same ones you serve?” Jim said as Lilly grabbed the girl and stopped her from running.

“Yes, now let me go!” The girl struggled.

“Why don’t we just make them vanish? Wouldn’t that be easier?” Kuro asked

“Can’t, she believes in them far too much, to her they are still unstoppable monsters coming to destroy her life. We are in her world, and in the end what she believes goes. You want to change that, you got to make her believe it.” Lilly said.

“Then how is this a good idea?”

“It never is, gotta have faith. Irila I’m going to go and kick their asses up into their faces. But I need you to help, put the past behind you, you're not that young girl anymore. Believe in me who believes you.”

“Lead the way GirlHeart. I’ll be right there with you.”
Lilly, Kuro, and Jim went out to where the horsemen were, they were making their way to the house. Irila staying behind.

“Kuro remember, willpower-”

“And imagination are the real power here. Anything I missed?”

“I was going to say if we believe they are weak more than she believes they are strong then its over and done. So forget what I said to Irila, end them like you would smash a fly.”

“Too easy. The real ones were weak enough.”

“That they were, like tissue paper coated in gunpowder.”

They were now within spitting distance of the men who had stopped and turned to the gang. One stepped forward. He was a pale and tall man who wore a large brimmed hat, covering his face in shadow, not a single inch of skin was exposed to the light. In his hand was an impossibly large spear.

“You people, this is none of your business, leave and you may keep your lives.”

“Oh come on Draalkug, lets just have some fun with them, then we kill them. That one looks fine.” Said a shorter man carrying a large axe.
“Vulair, as usual you bite off more than you need. I was going to have them in the ground when they turned.”

Jim sent Lilly a quick thought, a plan formed.

“Well then thats hardly the way to get this conversation started. Well then one monster to another I’m just going to have to eat your souls.”

Lilly shifted to full demon form, Jim started to convulse, his head tilted back and rivers of blood poured from his mouth. Coating his skin and dying him red, he grew bigger. The ground caught fire and split open.

It was clear no one but Lilly and Jim had expected that. The men were startled to say the least.

“Right... You guys crazy.” Kuro said, growing into a giant dragon, bigger than any dragon she had ever heard of.

Jim lept over the men and bit ones head clean off. Lilly’s tail darted out like an arrow running two men clean through the heart. Kuro simply stepped on the men, crushing each and every fucker underneath.

But the men simple regenerated and got back up.

“We have a tenuous relationship with old man death, you will find we are harder to kill than that.” Draalkug said jabbing his spear at Lilly, it warped around her. Missing her completely. Draalkug just froze, unsure of what to do next.
Kuro’s claws start glowing as bright as the sun, and their surface begins to bubble and flame. She then flicks them one by one, with her massive flaming white hot claws, leaving nothing but glowing motes behind.

Seconds went by, nothing changing, and then from the ground rose a shadowy figure, in the same shape as Draalkug.

Before Draalkug was fully reformed Jim acted. “Fuck that sound. Cleansing fire!” Jim roared his voice sounding like a landslide gargling flesh. He reached up, a chain shooting from his hand. “ I learned this trick from a necromancer from the old world.” The chain split, running the man through repeatedly, then it shot back up into the sky and kept on going. Seconds later the sun started to come down, the chain wrapped around it again and again. It pulled Draalkug into it and he he burnt like chaff in a kiln.

“See, no big deal. Bunch of weaklings.” Lilly said to Irila.

“We can keep at this all day if you want.” Kuro added.

“How did you do that? Even as one of them, I was never able to defeat one.”
“Well Lilly here is a demon, I’m a unique kind of crazy monster, and Kuro here is a dragon. Add in the fact that we have killed a lot of things, a loooottt, we have a leg up. Finally since none of this was real, they were only as good as you thought they were, and it was clear you know nothing about fighting, since they knew nothing about it or maybe they really suck.” Jim said going back to normal. Lilly following suit. Kuro shrank to a size small enough to fit on Irila’s shoulder and sat there.

“I’ve always wanted to try this.”

“So, Irila tell us about the castle, also do you know anything about a legendary Chironen savior and a magic song or crystal thing?”

“I’ve read some stuff about something like that in books. I’m not going to tell you any more, Vulair would kill me if I did.”

“Well thats an easy fix. I’ll just have to kill Vulair. Tell me does he have a soul?” Jim said.

“As much of a soul as anyone else? I don’t know.”

“Well then I’m going to add it to my collection. Then after I eat his soul and absorb his power then you can tell me all about the crystal and stuff. Sound fair?” Lilly added.

“Just don’t hurt me anymore.” Irila said, slowly backing away from Lilly.
“I’ll make sure Lilly and Jim don’t do anything that can get the rest of us hurt. Why don’t you take us to some happier memory before we continue talking?”

“Why would you want to continue talking? I already told you that I’ll tell you everything you want to know if you keep me safe from Vulair.” As Irila says this, the world blurs, and then resolves into the library they found her in. Her appearance also changes, becoming closer to the person they found in the library, not quite as pale though.

“I think Kuro wants to get to know you better, and I think a breather would be nice. Little relaxation after that fight. Besides we have plenty of time, we are only a minute in, still got about four to go. Yay for time compression.” Lilly said.

Irila glares at Lilly for a moment, before giving the small dragon on her shoulder a questioning look. “Why would you want to get to know me better? We just met, and I may be your enemy.”

“Um... I think you’re cute. And is it really that bad of an idea to trust one of your kind?”

Irila stares at Kuro in shock for a moment before replying, “Yes. Yes it is a bad idea to trust a Reaver. It’s in the blood. We don’t trust each other, so you shouldn’t trust us either.”
“You sure? You’re nothing like Rashad and Tigue. You have none of their arrogance, and you don’t seem like the kind of person who would manipulate others for your own gain. I think you can be trusted, even if none of the others can.”

“That’s why I stay in the library. Vulair is the only one who likes to read, so I rarely see anyone else. They’re all savages anyway, with their ‘cattle’ and ‘feasts’.” She shudders at the thought and begins mumbling.

“Please don't tell me that they eat people, I really don’t want to know that.” Jim said cutting her off.

“I’m so glad they avoid the library... I’m so glad I didn’t become part of a feast when they took me...” Kuro began rubbing her head against Irila’s cheek. She then looks up and her eyes brighten, “My family treated our livestock better than they treat the people they take!”

“Then its clear what we need to do, kill the bad guys save the people and salt the earth, we are going to need a lot of salt. But we can’t let these monsters go on doing as they wish.” Said Lilly.

Irila started stroking Kuro’s head with a finger, “That would be nice. Cut off their heads and burn them till there’s nothing left. Vulair and Draalkug at least treat the normal humanoids like living things, or at least they did.”
“Did implies a change, change implies bad.” Jim said.

“I haven’t seen Draalkug since Vulair made this castle, and like I said before, I never leave the library, so I don’t know what goes on outside of it.”

“Well on the upside you're a nice Reaver thingy, as opposed to the others.” Lilly said.

“Uh... Thank you?”

The silence begins to stretch out until Kuro breaks it, “What’s so nice about this place?”

“It’s peaceful, quiet, my little paradise amidst the hell outside. Every good memory I have since turning took place in here, usually with a book.”

“What’s you favorite book?”

“Hm...” A book appears in Irila’s hands. Her face flushes a brightly when she looks down at the title, and then holds it in front of Kuro. “This one.”

The book she’s holding is plain white with a black spine and has no words on the cover, only two peaches with a heart between them and a single lilly on the spine.

“What’s this about?” Kuro asked.

“Read it if you want to know. I’m not telling anyone myself. Ever.”

“Really Kuro, don’t tease the poor girl so, its rather obvious. What with that picture in the book, and her all alone for a very long time.” Lilly said.
“Oh... Anything else you like to do?” Kuro said, trying to redirect the conversation.

Irila’s face begins to return to its normal color, “I write a little, I draw a little, I play games with myself...” Her face becomes an even brighter red, “Oh sweet divine, Why am I talking to you about this stuff... It’s so embarrassing...”

“You're still asleep, your inhibitions are really lowered usually in here. On the bright side, five seconds to you wake up. Though thats five real world seconds, so this could be really fast or really slow.”

Kuro leans in close to her ear, “If you want, I can help you experience what’s in that book for real.”

Just as the librarian started to blush the dream ended and Lilly got everyone out of her head. Everyone’s eyes shot open, except for Irila, who just moaned groggily before beginning to struggle against her bonds.

“Why am I tied up? Untie me and pull this arrow out!”

“Like I said, Kuro is in a tieing up mood to day it seems. Lilly, help me with this arrow.” Jean said, untying the girl. Jean then removed the arrow as gently as he could and Lilly healed up the wound.

“Wait, who are you? I remember Kuro and Lilly from the dream, but not you.”

“Its a long story, I’m the crazy guy. It just so happens that certain women thought I should spend some time as a woman. Magic powers and all that. If they have an idea like it they tend to act on it. And it just so happens they have what they need to fulfil any crazy idea.”
“They turned you into a girl? I thought I had seen it all...”

“That is a figurative impossibility, lass,” spoke Cook, holding a book upside-down, “One cannot have ‘seen it all’ as you said, because that would imply that you have seen everything. Which is impossible, because if one saw everything then they have to have existed everywhere at every time in everything.”

“I’ve been to hell, a undersea kingdom, possibly a heaven, some kind of negative space, a different world, and now a castle that would give Escher wet dreams. And I have still not seen it all. But yes they turned me into a girl for a time. No hard feelings, some lesbians just enjoy spreading the love.” Jean said.

“Speaking of spreading the love, Lilly you got to read this book, its like it was written for you.” Meina said, still in the chair she had sat down in, but now she had the white book with the peaches from Irila’s dream.

“I need that book. For reference.” Kuro said with a grin, causing Irila to blush. Meina tossed her the book from across the room.

“Did I miss something important?” Belle asked, looking between Kuro and Irila.

Lilly sent a thought to Belle. “Kuro wants a daisy chain.”

“I knew something like this was going to happen eventually.”
“You know you want someone else to taunt and tease, don’t lie to yourself. You should double team one or the other. Fun and teasing aside, you really should talk to Kuro about it sometime.”

“Never said I was against the idea.”

Lilly gave no response but a smile.

“Ok gang, did the lot of you find anything in those books?” Girlheart asked.

“I found a bunch of erotic novels. They’re all over the place in here.” Belle said

“I meant pertinent to the legend of the savior.”

“I found nothing but erotica,” Belle glanced at Irila, “No organization in this place.”

“It’s not my fault! There’s nothing better to do in this place.”

“Of course not, I forgot they haven’t invented the dewey decimal system yet. Also, no one is blaming you.”
“I found nothing. Nothing at all of interest.”

“Well then next order of business, I seem to be back to functioning. So yayifications for that. Next on the agenda is we need to kill the Reavers, except her, and save the people they have here. Then we get back to legends.”

“Before you run off and start killing things, you said you were looking for stuff about some crystal song or something?”

“It had to do with the legend of a Chironen savior who would turn back the mists and help stop the Reavers from taking over the world. So yes we are looking for a crystal song thing.”

Irila pulls a few dusty books off the shelves and handed them to GirlHeart, “These books should have something about what you’re looking for.”

“Thank you, well then lets get reading people.”
I'm almost certain that was the longest chapter... anyway, will try for one more before we start to sage. Then will put up the new thread, hopefully with the final chapter.
“Damn, I haven’t done this much reading in forever.” Lilly complained. “Girlheart first chance that comes up your ass is mine.”

“Of course it is dear.” Jean said, putting down a book. Everyone was just about done with their research also. Except for Kuro, Belle, and Irila, who were all sitting in a corner around the lilly book. Every so often the group would break into giggles and blush when Kuro and Belle touched each other inappropriately, supposedly to demonstrate something they had found in the book for Irila. Cook tried to be helpful as well, but all he did was grab a book, place
it on his ear and then toss it back, claiming it was either useless or smut.

“Why does it suddenly feel like I’m back at a high school summer camp?” Jim asked to no one in particular.

A loud fit of giggles erupted as Kuro and Belle mimed an obscene act.

“That explains it.”

“Girls lift with your legs not your backs.” Lilly told the two not even looking up from her book.

“Thanks for the advice Miss Lilly!” The two replied in unison, and then broke down into another fit of giggles over the meaning of the lilly.
“And don’t you forget it, I have a good deal more experience in this area than... wait Irila, how old are you?”

“I lost count, but about two thousand years old. Why?”

“Well I may not have years on you, but I think I can safely say experience. Anyway, like I was saying, I could teach all of you a few things you would never forget. Sure you might have a hard time walking for a while after, but it would be fun. Sooooo, do you happen to have any bananas lying about? Or marshmallows?” Lilly said with a wicked grin.

“What’s a marshmallow?”

“I’m taking that as a no, oh well, some other day.”

“You got lucky Irila.” Belle said.

“Well if there is any alcohol around we could teach her about body shots.” Kuro said.

“Those were fun, if embarrassing.”

“The best part is you girls only did the beginner version. Some time we need to step it up a notch. Then you can talk about embarrassing Belle.” Lilly said giving her a vamping smile.

“Just not in front of the guys.” Belle turns to Irila with a grin, “I think you’d have fun doing them Irila.”

Meina made a pouty face. “Does that mean I can’t bring GirlHeart and make her squirm also?”
“GirlHeart is one of the girls obviously.”

“I don’t know whether to be happy or scared.” GirlHeart said, flipping through more pages.

“I think a little of both would be appropriate.” Kuro said, obviously anticipating what would come next.

“Right, let me see. Uhem, ‘Oh god guys this sounds fun, but I’m a little nervous. Lilly scares me, especially that thing she does with her tail. You know when your standing near by wearing a skirt and her tail keeps getting closer and closer, its really scary.’ How was that?”

“Cute” Everyone in the room said at the same time.

“Well then my stage years did not go to waste.”

“Stage years?” Irila asked

“Did some time as an actor, nothing big. I prefer to be a stage hand though. Nothing like pulling off a flawless scene change.

“Can you do any more?”

“Well, the question is what kind. Let me see. Irila you won't get this one but. ‘Right well so, like I was out in a dungeon you know, lots of odd things out there, like those things, I call them ghouls.’”
“Not a bad Alaric.” Lilly said.

“Right. ‘Back in me day, we slogged up hill both ways just to get a chance to rub some elf ear, you know kid. I tell ya, been there done that bought the lousy ass t. I tell ya, I miss the open plains of old miss. ‘Like chill out man, that’s just like uh, your opinion and all no need to harsh the mellow.’ And that ends GearHeart does impressions for now. All of those make my head hurt. Well that not true I got one more easy one” Jeanine blushed and hung his head, trying not to make eye contact.

“Well?” Belle asked.

Girlheart pawed nervously at the back of her neck and kind of started to rock back and forth. “Um... well, you know” She said meekly, sounding a lot like Belle.

Lilly, Meina, and Kuro were in near stitches.

“Am I missing something?” Belle asked.

“She’s doing you before you changed.”

“I don’t see it.”

“Of course you don’t. At least not yet.” With this, Kuro pulled Belle into her lap and held her close. She then leaned down a bit and gave Belle a light kiss on her lips. Belle turned a bright red and started stammering. Lilly whistled loudly, Belle tried to look down and away from everyone.

“Problem Belle?” Lilly said giving her a hard time, causing Belle to do that pawing at the back of her neck.

“Please stop this...” Belle whimpered. This changed to a squeal when Kuro put a hand down the front of Belle’s pants.
“Hey Belle, is that a dragon in your pocket or are you just happy we are here sharing this moment with you.” Lilly continued to give Belle a hard time. “You know Kuro, she looks really stressed you should give her a nice massage. Help her relax.”

Belle’s face grew even redder before she pulled Kuro’s hand out and pushed Kuro over. “That’s enough. We still have things we need to do, we can continue this later when we aren’t in the house of someone who wants us dead.”

“As fun as this rape train was she is right. What all did we find people?”

“Well according to this, the crystal plays a song when the right frequency hits it.”

“It was taken by Draalkug in a battle with the Chironen and it is now in his possession.”
“That’s actually wrong. Draalkug gave it to Vulair to keep within this castle thingy. I’m not sure where it is, but sometimes he walks around with it.”

“Well then it’s a good thing he was on the short list. Ok people, since last time my plan didn’t get a stellar review lets talk this out a bit more than the last one. Else I’m going to do the whole fuck everything dot exe plan again.” Girlheart said.

All of a sudden there was a knock at the door. Everyone quickly jumped to hiding spots except for Irila.

“Irila, are you decent. I really don’t want to see that thing you do to that one chair again.” Said a voice from behind the door.
Irila pauses for a moment before replying, “Yes!”

The door flew open. In walked the short man that had been in Irila’s dream.

“We seem to have guests about, I was making sure no harm had come to you. Have you seen hide or hair of unusual kinds?”

“I’m just fine. This place is boring as always. No one to keep me company but my books.”

“You know, you needn't stay cooped up in this musty old library daughter. The castle is yours. Anything to make you happy. You know your smile would warm my old heart.”

“You know how I feel about the rest of the people here. You’re the only decent one left.”

“... You do not know how touched I am that you say so. Stay safe, I will come and tell you when the castle search has been completed.” He said, then left, closing the door behind him.

The gang waited and waited. no one wanting to move until they were sure he was gone, finally Lilly gave the all clear sign.

“Well then this changes things a little. But I have a plan that I think you will all like.” Lilly said.

Another couple of chapters to go, lets see how many I can fit in before I kill the thread ehn?
As the group made their way through the castle, its shifting hallways and rearranging walls did not go unnoticed, least of all by the Architect among them.

“Does anyone else notice that we are being railroaded?” Hetros asked.

“Yep.” Girlheart replied.

“Do we care?”

“Not really. If he was smart he would have lead us into a death trap by now. No he wants to do a big confrontation.”

“How about a break? Little lunch, little fun?” Lilly asked.

“What if he sends guard after us or something?” Belle piped up.

“He wants his big confrontation ultimate showdown too much, I bet you its going to be set to an orchestra and have a light show.” Jim replied.

“Maybe he wants to give us a chance and find a ‘super weapon that he is rumored to be weak against’ only to find out it was a lie he spread.” Cook quipped.

“That all depends on whether or not he read the list.” Jean said, sitting down in the middle of the hallway. “You know what would be a really dick move?”

“Making him come to us?” Kuro said, taking a sandwich from Cook.

“Bingo.” Jim replied.

“Are we?”
“Nah, it would be rude. Just a little lunch break.”

“Anyway I suggest plan Whisky Tango Double You.” Lilly said, unwrapping a sandwich.

“We never use that plan.” Meina said, and then bit into a big juicy steak sandwich.

“Thats the point. No one ever expects the spanish inquisition.”

At this Cook, somehow mimicked trumpet sounds with his hands, playing the song of the spanish inquisition. The gang continued to sit around and eat and joke.

It was a scene not out of place in a countryside picnic, save for the odd choice of location and conversation, one might have mistaken them for friends out on a weekend retreat.

Then the floor caved in.

“Darn it I was hoping they would come and set off the trap.” Lilly said cancelling the illusion removing the now floating people from the hall. The trap door rattled shut once more, sounding disgruntled, if such a thing was possible.

“Well then we might as well get on with it.

A sign popped out of the floor with an arrow on it.

“Yes, yes we get it. Some of us still have to eat you know. Not everyone is an immortal.” Jean said.

A fully set table laden with delicacies fell from the ceiling, barely missing the man.

“Thank you, but we ate during that illusion, we won’t keep you waiting any longer. Nice of you to offer though. Now then we are off to meet you.”
The group headed off in a single direction, deliberately in a different direction than the sign had pointed, eyeballs were rolling in sockets at the cliche bad guy. It turned at their departure, glaring at them with wooden angles. The table and chairs dissolved into spiders, which carried the food off to places unknown, greatly terrifying the Cook.

“There is no way spiders should handle things such as that, it is most likely they poisoned it.”

“Well at least it wasn’t clowns.”

Finally the gang was before a large red double door.

“I guess I'm supposed to say something... profound.” Jean said.

Everyone stood there for a second waiting for him to finish that thought.

“... Nothing comes to mind. Let's do it.”

And then Kuro kicked in the door.

“I wanted to do that.”

The massive door shook on its hinges, but seemed unaffected by the dragon borne kick. The reaction in the group was lukewarm at best.

“Meina, just use the hammer.”

“Here we go. Knock Knock Knock mother suckers.” She said bringing the hammer back and then slamming it into the door, the runes lighting up like a troll thread about feminize on /tg/.
The door shattered into a billion fragments, which span out into the cool air. Hetros and Mikela were the only one surprised at the sudden opening into the outside.

“Now I’m really glad we didn’t charge in,” Hetros said.

“Won't be long.” Girlheart said.

“For what?” Mikela asked.

“Oh, some overdressed, over-the-top bad guy floats in, gloating about whatever evil fate awaits us. Wait for it.”

Behind them was the sound of shifting wood and stone, a soft light illuminating the hall. The walls behind them had transformed themselves into an open ballroom, complete with wide double tiered staircase and chandelier.


“I bet one free meal that this guys is guy is going to gloat that guy is going to call us livestock.”

A cold voice broke out, mellow and keen.

“Oh, did Rashad leave the cattle pen unlocked again? Silly whelp looks for sport in the strangest of places. But you have the look of outsiders. From the-” breathes deeply “-west, it seems. Did the passing shepherd finally send his vaunted ‘men in iron’ or did the little lambs get lost to the slaughter. No matter,” grins predatorily, teeth glinting in the candlelight “your blood has all the iron I care for”
The vampire lord stood at the top of a flight of stairs in the ballroom, silent and pale men flanking his sides with hungry looks in their eyes.

“I’m not angry, my dear, just...disappointed” he began, directing his attention to Irila.

“You’ve changed since Draalkug became the Great Khan and you made this castle. You’re no longer the man who was like a father to me after I lost my real family. You’ve lost that kindness you had before. Now you’re just vicious and cruel.”

“Did you really think that a lord of his domain such as myself would be ignorant of every little thing that goes on” Vulair continued, relishing the opportunity to gloat, “You fools.”

“I heard your heartbeats before you approached the castle.”

Will post the climax and denoument at the beginning of the next thread.
Okay, we have a general outline of how this "rogue knight" arc is gonna go. The rogue knights now play a smaller role and instead we're going for a Lord of War-like scenario that will plunge Mirthterrah and the Free Kingdoms into war. It will start with intrigue, have a nice juicy war arc in the middle, and end with intrigue. More people will want to get in once we hit the war arc, but the uncovering of the plot comes first so...

Paging Sir Dustyn of the Blades, we need you to email us so that we can get you in on this. Lotsa clandestine mystery thriller that you would be interested in, Dusty. Email me.
File: 1353322080790.jpg-(138 KB, 1115x800, 1332224299648.jpg)
138 KB
So, do you guys think the rogue knights would be more or less conservative than us with rifles?
I'd say that would depend on the amount of rounds they have, and what the situation is.

They may be more due to having less, or but probably more likely in tense situations due to not having backup.

So a bit of both.
It's not like any of those rogues are experienced assassins, so I would expect itchy trigger fingers.
>It's not like any of those rogues are experienced assassins, so I would expect itchy trigger fingers.
Experienced assassins don't have itchy trigger fingers... they're calm, collected, and don't see killing as anything else but a job. They tend not to enjoy their work any more than another guy does at a job well done. It's fairly terrifying.
File: 1353356495691.jpg-(54 KB, 519x389, 1333103940914.jpg)
54 KB
But that's just the thing, is that I think they aren't into assassinations. They are, however, a potentially hostile force and we have no idea what they'll do with their technological edge- something we have been trying hard to keep away from foreign nations for a variety of reasons. Hell, we don't even USE guns unless it's an "Oh shit Teegee's being attacked" situation.
Ok gearheart rage time. Just read the doc people, and if you want to add your two cents add it two the doc. All I ask. Alaric they are into assassinations at least so far as we have figruerd.
This? This shit right here? Why we should have coordinated in the thread, not in the google docs. It makes us look exclusive and drives people away.
Fine its just that it seems no one has an idea of wht has been done so far and that doing it in thread will take far longer and take far more space. But give me a second.
Who is our BBEG?
Business Man was in the gun business pre warp.
Father of a young kid who got dragged along.
Greedy Fuck?
Charismatic like Hitler
What is his Motivation?
Provide for his remaining family (definite)
Ayn Rand level morality? Doesn’t care about anyone except his close friends and family. Rest can go die?
Hates Religion - (for whatever reason, but not “i was raped” please)?
gets in the way of business?
How does that work? Makes no sense.
Well, if we want to go Randian, Rand hated religion too.
I’m going to say he hates religion as his old one did him no good and that these are useless.(believes religion is useless?) Worse he sees them work but not in the way to make things better. {That makes sense right?}
Sort of. Why not a literal “get in the way of business”. The Mirthan church wants to “moralize” weapons and TeeGee guns are “immoral” or somesuch like that, so he might have problems with the inquisition.
Ok, first though. Its too much like the concept of the whole “FAIR FIGHT” thing. There is no such thing, and so on. But mainly that doesn’t really get in his way in any real way.
Maybe something even more simple than that though. Maybe he just doesn’t like how the Iron Church is the greatest unifying element between Mirthans. If he wants a true power vacuum, he’s going to have to take the church down first. {This works for me. As Oscar Wilde said “religion is the opied of the masses”}
He fails at this, however. If Mirthterrah loses, they’ll blame it on using “heathen” weaponry such as firearms, thus maintaining the loyalty of the people. Of course they’ll look to research it, and that will be harder to undermine, but it will remain a happy favorable turnout overall.
Dislikes Council of GMs?
Same reason GOP hates big government?
Philosophical differences- maybe wants to be more aggressive with Mirthterran relations

What does he provide?
Hire guns?
carry out “jobs” against anybody who pays enough. Miths just the most common target, given they OWN 80% of the continent. Create brand recognition
Actual Guns?
Create proliferation of cheap (low quality?) firearms to destabilize local power
Create larger market for guns supplying power vacuum (ie, Africa) if he can last that long?

How Does he Operate?
Terrorist Cell style structure. Many elements, no one has the whole pie, just pieces.
Smart selling. Not just selling to anyone with the jack.

Why Focus on Mith place.
Not actually intended as such. They’re just the ones that EVERYBODY wants a bite of, and the ones who stand to lose the most with the loss of the status quo.
Time Period?

Starts in 5AAish
Buildup from 5-8AA where TeeGee authorities slowly uncover the plot from multiple sides.
By the time everything comes together, it’s too late, and if anything clandestine action against him spurrs war even further and Mirthterrah goes to war with the Free Kingdoms
Escalates right up through 8AA when defeated Mirthans/pursuing FK troops clash with the TeeGee coalition on the shire borders.
Clean-up of the mess (clearing out copy-cats, preventing reverse-engineering) goes through 10-12AA during the Vampire incident.
Shadow War against this guy though for the most part?
Legacy story involving son in 20-30AA
What we have so far.
Average looking white guy
A competent villain
I will be writing him.
Runs a tight business
I will have the first bit about him up soon hopefully.
Well, that's the outline, but until the War Arc, like I mentioned, this is going to be pretty insular. We can't have everyone and their mother working an angle in uncovering this because then it stops being SPIES AND INTRIGUE and instead becomes an ugly open secret.

So far we have the Blades (specifically one Sir Yankee) working the "find the supplier" angle, Lem is going to work the overt political spectrum, or what this looks like from the outside, and I suppose Alaric is going to be working the Assassins Angle?
Do you mean you want me to fight assassins or be one? I can do either.
I think he meant investigate/fight them
File: 1353360135344.jpg-(84 KB, 500x500, batman knight.jpg)
84 KB
Investigate and fight? I can do that.
we're saging, making new thread.


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