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File: 1354342237624.png-(586 KB, 1920x1920, ZariMap.png)
586 KB
Welcome /tg/ to the land of Zari.
Now with maps!!!
And a late-night post!
Brought to you by the makers of Zanzia!

The humble nation in the making, Zaritonia, requests your help! Yes, YOUR help! We are on the way to making a new Dictator & Politics Quest...but first we need to make the island itself!

So far we have the basic geology, ancient history hammered out. With colonial as a work in progress, which is what we need to finalize today. Remember /tg/, we're making a believable nation!

The following post will have what we have typed up so far...
In times of war Glory harbour shall be renamed Gory Harbour.
File: 1354342672174.jpg-(340 KB, 1410x1062, mapcopy.jpg)
340 KB
Geological Facts:
-Large, Cuban-sized island with off shore barrier islands / reefs in some regions. Fishing.
-Volcanic! At least one active shield volcano.
-A mountain range and some mountains hiding valleys.
-Mangrove Swamps in large amounts of areas, jungle in others. Vietnam meets Indonesia.
-Anything else suggested would be nice.

Pre-16th Century
-Mixed Ethnicity of local Indonesia and south east Asia.
-Island Religion worshiping Sky, Sea, Volcano, Swamp goddesses.
-Boat centric population due to swamps and ocean.
-Matriarchal Society, Women rule/council/bring life.
-Men work/war/sacrifice themselves to bring fertility in great festivals of sex. (During the tribal days. This can change in modern times.)
-A small empire was carved out sometime in 8th to 12th century AD.

Colonial Era
(Proposed Colonial Era, finalizing if no further ideas/suggestions made that are interesting/logical.)
15th - Chinese fishermen begin to settle in the area on the west coast/islands in limited numbers. Bringing their religion, language, and writing with them to the natives they occasionally traded with.
16th - British Empire colonizes the South West of the island.
16th to 17th - Series of diseases hit the island's native population and reduces them to a scant few. The Zaritonian "nation" dissolves into tribes. By the end of the 17th century, population has slowly grown back after Zaritonians build immunity to European diseases.
18th - Major typhoon hits, destroying the British colony's port city's functionality. Colony is abandoned. (This shit happens!) Local population takes over inland township of [Name Me!] and her farms.
19th - The island is colonized by the Germans along with New Guinea.
-World War 1 and 2 next post-
Hory Glarbor?
Glory holebar?
File: 1354343491248.jpg-(64 KB, 640x480, dawson-crying.jpg)
64 KB
City name: Long Mu
Named after the Chinese Goddess, the Mother of Dragons.
Kinda makes sense as the Chinese fishermen are the only other "Civilized" people to visit the island prior to Germany.
Yay! I've been surfing /tg/ casually for a few hours now, hoping to see another of these threads pop up.

I've posted in each so far, but am now adopting a trip for the sake of familiarity.
Proposals last thread that I am posting here.

Industrial Era:
-Germany begins some mining operations and industrialization of the local population.

World War 1:
-German Presence and Locals who were turned into a militia are over-ran by Japan and Australia, like New Guinea.
-With the end of WW1, Treaty of Versailles grants Zaria to Japan as a managed territory.

-Wilhelm Solf builds relationship with Japanese again, Zaritonians try to get political standing with Germany again through the slowly opening doors.
-Zaritonians resent Japanese presence.
-Japan further improves the lands and industry, for themselves.

- In a May 1938 address to the Reichstag, Hitler announced German recognition of Manchukuo, the Japanese-occupied puppet state in Manchuria, and renounced the German claims to the former colonies in the Pacific held by Japan
- Zarians come to dislike Nazi Party and Hitler for abandoning them to the Japanese.

-German-Japanese forces builds hidden U-Boat cave base for Kriegsmarines and the Japanese Navy.
-American Military takes the island after one of the bloodiest conflicts in the Pacific.
-Late 40s, America takes up administration of our Island like Okinawa.

Proposal for Revolutionary war:
-Still pining for the love of Germany, upset with America's leniency on Japan. Soviet Russia and East Germany influences the local population in some way to cause an uprising to Communism?

Future Facts
-GDR ceasing existence with German Unification, the unified Germany will still keep friendly with Zaritonians.
-Allows for a mix of old soviet gear and access to modern capitalistic equipment/economy
By Sunday we will start. Tomorrow is sister's wedding.
About the u-boat sub pen, the following Wikipedia page is informative for accurate flavor: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monsun_Gruppe
File: 1354345417851.jpg-(85 KB, 541x800, DDRSoldat.jpg)
85 KB
Shhh.. They can't hear us helping you, Zaritonia.
God saver, you are.

Also we need a flag vote. Several to pick from you know?
File: 1354345845607.gif-(1.99 MB, 324x237, SMOKEOUTACHSCHEISSE.gif)
1.99 MB
Yes we can-ACHFICK!
Care to remind us of the options?

We have but one, and its not...I don;t favor it. Its a good try but we need more made.
File: 1354346460394.png-(68 KB, 800x480, Eastgermanflag.png)
68 KB
Don't mind me. just leaving some litter.
Give me a few minutes with Photoshop, then. Any preference in color scheme, anyone?
Black, Gold, and Red. Maybe some green? An ocean or fish motif, or maybe something to do with fire?

Not Communist affiliated, but support GDR, because Allies helped Japan but not us. Minor ties to China due to long standing relationship with fishermen, Chinese influence might tip us over to Communism, but not just because "USSR is best Red Kommie!"
Plus didn't Soviets just stomp on the only people who gave two shits about us? Even if Hitler went retard and left us to the sweet mercies of those racist bas- I mean benevolent Nipponese?
File: 1354347246111.jpg-(774 KB, 2000x1125, Findtheflecktarn.jpg)
774 KB
How DARE you try to cover up the truth!
So what needs worked on exactly?
WW2 and pre-WW2/leadingupto needs finalizaiton/approval. Then we need to work the 50s-70s, and begin.

Also nation flags and city names
File: 1354348724346.jpg-(82 KB, 512x384, DDRStrichmunster.jpg)
82 KB
I hearby volunteer this awesome shit as our standard uniform.
Sorry the flag I am working on is taking a while. It's unexpectedly tricky to design something that looks right, and isn't just a recolored version of a real world flag.
not enough blood of those who have abused us, plus our Deathstitues would never be able to find matching heels for that.
File: 1354349056764.jpg-(248 KB, 640x480, Bundeswehrfallschirmjagers2.jpg)
248 KB
We are not calling them deathstitutes..
Blood must be added aftermarket, Not printed into it at the factory.
And I'm talking about for the Military, Unless you want some of this? Although that seems less likely since it's not east German(And didn't come about until after the reunification, as far as actual deployment.)
I figure with the island's make up, surplus uniforms could work until we can modernize in the late Cold War era.
File: 1354350929742.jpg-(240 KB, 1500x900, Zflag2.jpg)
240 KB
Three stylized fish on the left, colors as described.
File: 1354351077947.jpg-(234 KB, 1500x900, zflag3.jpg)
234 KB
I sorta like green better than red on this flag, but let me know what you think.
Black fish is an option as well, or any other color change. Easy to do.
File: 1354351181905.jpg-(258 KB, 1500x900, Zflag1.jpg)
258 KB
Whoops, forgot image.

Green, because swamp worship in the past. Some strong swamp animal should be in coat of arms.
Can we see green with red fish?
File: 1354351391160.png-(14 KB, 500x300, 500px-Flag_of_German_Empi(...).png)
14 KB

Like the red.

Could you try a slight white border around the black diagonals?

For some callback to the German Empire of pre-WW I
Incorporating both of these ideas, dicking around with location of fish.

Keep making suggestions 'till we get it right.
File: 1354351763710.jpg-(261 KB, 1500x900, Zflag4.jpg)
261 KB
Dammit, forgot image again.

I think we have a winner.

This is beautiful.
Reminds me of the SS unit's symbol in the first bloodrayne game.
Thank you, Anon.
guys, i'm toasted. need sleep. had a long day today, i'll see if this is still up in the morning and give a bump if so.
Night man. The thread has been archived on suptg as well, so OP can hopefully find what he missed if he doesn't return tonight.
File: 1354355788588.jpg-(27 KB, 500x333, mekonglrg.jpg)
27 KB
Its not geographically possible but can we have giant fish as part of our native species like the Mekong river giants.Pictured a 292 kg Mekong river catfish. Donno if westerners eat catfish but used to have some until the Water monitors ruined everything.
Provides tourist attraction and source of tribal folk tales.
File: 1354356768070.jpg-(6.46 MB, 3872x2592, Water_monitor.jpg)
6.46 MB
Example of the mentioned water monitor. Less aggressive brother of komodo dragons but will jump into your pond,eat your fish, then sleep on the trees at your backyard.
lesson being:
secure your livestock, put something over the pond
What's wrong with the geography?
File: 1354358292848.jpg-(156 KB, 800x530, 800px-Sri-Lanka_water_monitor.jpg)
156 KB
Not livestock, just some catfish that comes along our rice irrigation. When you drain the paddy fields freshwater fish can be picked up and kind of decided to dig a pond and raise some extra lunch.
>put something over the pond
>Implying I cannot climb the neighbouring tree and jump into your pond or climb fences
Laughing lizards.jpg
You don't think that monster will just grow in any river did you? These are unique to the strong currents,length, and sizeable lakes in Mekong river similar to the unique creatures of Nile river.The Mekong stingray can go up to 500Kg and 200-400Kg for other giant fish. Just google Mekong river giants.

That its the fattest, happiest monitor I've seen.
Done. Thank you, good sir.

Tribal trade.

Some insane merchant took a couple of monsters and brought them over on him sampan.
Feels like grilling fish yet? Enjoy it while it last as by next generation these giants might be extinct since there are dam project along river preventing them from going upstream. Can't really blame them as Mekong river have given birth and swallowed civilizations along its length.
So.. Is fishing with anti tank weaponry legal in zaritonia?
I like it, has my vote.

So do we have our own language, or is it like other colonies where the local dialect is heavily mixed with a European Language (German) in the more well-to-do communities?
Our own language and German as a secondary language a majority of the educated population will know?
File: 1354365844808.jpg-(51 KB, 600x530, 1_1239106954.jpg)
51 KB
>Anti tank weapon
They might be gigantic but they are passive herbivores. Most of the smaller ones will even rub their whiskers at your legs like a cat would. Just make sure not to anger the +200Kg ones and you won't need a panzerfaust 3 when going fishing.Its the komodo dragons that would bite people if they are brought along from New Guinea.
How can you even point a rocket at something that looks harmless like pic related.
This is shaping up to be great. Also, Zaritonia Stasi perhaps? Nothing bands a nations various ethnic groups together like a repressive secret police.
It's quite simple. Aim into the water. Fire. Collect fish and other water life killed by shockwave, Food for fallschirmjager. And atleast it's not a cratering charge..

Wasn't one its smaller cousins that killed Steve Irwin?
Makes sense.

Also, we should have a good reason for liking the Germans better than everyone else. Some backstory of what utter dicks everyone else was to us, especially them Japs, should help.
Don't we already have a naziquest going?
Better get a harpoon tied to an APC if you want to lift a 500Kg burrowing fish.
That's the sea ones which is much more aggressive. This is the Mekong specific giant freshwater stingray which is more likely to burrow in mud when boats or humans approach. But both has poisonous barbed tails.
We didn't really have anything to do with the Nazi's, they left us for the japs. It's East Germany, then unified Germany, that we seem to be pinning after.
File: 1354368525102.jpg-(230 KB, 450x299, wwraleigh1.jpg)
230 KB
Some suggestion
A-Introduction of basic transportation/roads and cheap bicycles
B-Colonization effort helps disease prevention. Anti-malaria sprays,mosquito nets
C-Introduction of commercial crops/plants like rubber provides economy boost
D- Help fend off hostile tribes from Phillipines island
Japan, why you took all our (Insert whatever brand Germans use) bicycles.
True story, Japanese Mechanised infantry lacks fuel for their vehicles so they confisticated all bicycles during Malayan invasion. Silent and hard to detect from air, these "mechanised" troop advance faster than predicted and overran everyone at night. Pictured the deadly raleigh bicycles that brought our downfall.
The dreaded bicyclegrenadier, Most feared of all German infantry.
Oh look. it's either someone fishing for a troll or one of the dumb americans who think German=Nazi
Why bother with a harpoon when we have dozer blades?
Wait, when the fuck did post 2 happen? I spent all of yesterday searching for it.

PLEASE can we have a twitter account that just points to the first post of each new thread?

In before the account, posting nothing but 8 digit numbers, gets mistaken for espionage and shut down
File: 1354371383806.jpg-(68 KB, 642x431, UmpCABKYXM0.jpg)
68 KB
Never even thought about dozer blades. What our military did was bury barrels of survival supplies in the jungle so if everything falls apart you should go guerilla. And there are plenty of wild bananas and tapioca in tropical jungle enough that my grandpa survives on boiled tapioca in WW2 since Japan took all rice.
Also, correct me if I am wrong but I thought the blades are only mounted on MBTs, if so modern western MBT that weight 60+tons will enjoy sinking in the soil during monsoon season. The main reason the army choose Polish upgraded T-80s and everyone else buying Russian T-80s except for Singapore buying Leopard 2.
>Loader: Dude,why your pants so big
Also, heavy tanks will tend to suck bad on swamp/jungle lands. If we do have tanks, leftover or otherwise, they'd probably be light stuff. BTRs might be a good choice, it's possible that the cops use old BTRs to patrol. What'd you guys think?
It's actually surprisingly easy for leopard 2's to get themselves out of bogs under their own power, 1,500 HP tends to do that. And I've seen dozer blade kits on vehicles as small as Fuchs vehicles, although those were norwegian.
File: 1354373005844.jpg-(51 KB, 470x285, 519476632_d86069b56d.jpg)
51 KB
The Malaysian Armed forces did some trials in the East coast during monsoon season where soil is at its weakest. Russian tanks that are 45tons work just fine but the 60tons western ones suck so bad. BTR on the road but with SCIENCE we shall make our own screw propelled swamp APC.
Doesn't surprise me. But you lose alot in those 15 tonnes. And what is that thing? I've seen something on display somewhere that looked similar. I think it was a snowmobile of somekind though.

You mean the T-72 right? If I remember correctly, T-80s were never exported to SEA.
Running off to a wedding, see you guys in 24 hours.
Not sure just something that turned up when searching screw propelled vehicle. It just says ZIL screw drive. Besides sinking those 15 ton can mean ruin on our expensive roads which already cost us heavily in repairs every monsoon season.
My mistake, the Polish PT-91 is upgraded T-72. Thailand is buying Ukranian T-84 to replace Vietnam era tanks.
Wouldn't those screws fuck up our roads even worse?
>screw propelled swamp APCs
>destroys lots of ecology and environment while traveling
This gives me an idea.
>Soviet gives some to Zari for easier transport
>it gets used as tractors to till the soil into arable land
Zaritoian ingenuity at its best.
The 15 tons was referring to the weight difference in Russian tanks and Western ones. The screw was referring to my idea of screw APCs for swamps but wheeled BTR for road/amphibious patrol.
Germans colonized and industrialized without forcibly changing the culture. In WWI when the islands were occupied, the Aussies/Kiwis didn't care much for the locals and tried to do a bit of Westernizing. Meanwhile the Nipponese went around doing what they normally do when they invade an area.

That alone would skew their views drastically.
File: 1354388705663.jpg-(171 KB, 1500x900, ZFlag7-Alternative.jpg)
171 KB
An alternative flag concept, influenced by the Japanese occupation of the island post-WWI.

Or maybe it's the armed forces flag.
Sorry to bring this point up again, but didn't we both point out and agree that the volcano is a stratovolcano not a shield volcano?
No! We hates dem Nips.

PS, 4 glasses of rum is not a sleep aid, it's an anti wake up drug.
flag - i vote for flag4, however i believe that there should be 4 of the fishes on the flag (representing our four godesses)

in reguards to our still being friends with germany dispite our dislike of the Nazi party, it could be that some of the members of the german command could still have links with us. this would explain why they set up a U-Boat base on Zaritonia. we could work in the information about the 'Monsun Gruppe' by saying that some of the U-Boats 'lost' actually stayed in our country with some of the commanders who actually cared for our country during the war. Then, when the americans trying to force their strange ways of life onto us, we fought back against them (with the assistance of the german refugees)
This thread is going to die overnight, and I will never find it again.

This saddens me.

That said, enjoy the wedding Grand Leader!
File: 1354409683196.png-(185 KB, 487x502, 487px-East_Nusa_Tenggara_(...).png)
185 KB
For armed forces flag,might want to use the local legendary/vicious beast instead like the East Timor.
Yeah, they desecrated our ancient burial sites for artifacts in order to provide dosh for their war machine and ate some of our revered giant fish, resulting in the wrath of volcano god Long Mu. Final results in the great volcano explosion of 1924.

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