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File: 1354422362719.jpg-(3 KB, 125x112, 1354353819662s.jpg)
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Rolled 6 + 11

Greetings and welcome to the Second night of the fantastic DAWN OF WORLDS!
It's the cooperative WOrld building Game for all ages!

/tg/ rules, roll 1d10 for power, use the power chart in the next post for reference, as opposed to the one on the rules PDF.

it is turn three
Turn order: Sutorex, Arkhan, Valynia, Morton, Aranakos Corrence

Newcomers Welcomed with open arms!

Rules: http://www.clanwebsite.org/games/rpg/Dawn_of_Worlds_game_1_0Final.pdf

PLEASE JOIN THE CHAT IF YOU ARE GOING TO PLAY: http://mibbit.com/?channel=%23DOW&server=irc.mibbit.net

Last Thread:

Game starts in half an hour!
File: 1354422528265.png-(66 KB, 1071x718, 1353708848271.png)
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Rolled 9 + 11

To play, fill out the following list:

Deity Name:
Positive things you inspire:
Negative things you inspire:

Some clarifications: climate is contained with in Shape land until second age for this game. and if you are doing multiple things to a land at one time, such as a Peppermint forest surrounding a lake filled with Lightning, it still counts as one point up to a logical limit.
bump with a nice thread for new people to read for an example of a good game.

Your map is a thumbnail.
File: 1354424279711.png-(92 KB, 928x832, 1354353819662.png)
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thank you anon.
Rolled 5

Deity Name: Villanari
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domain: Defense, Law
Positive things you inspire: Justice, Faithfulness
Negative things you inspire: Over-protection, Overzealousness
File: 1354426513456.png-(107 KB, 928x832, 1354353819662.png)
107 KB
Two roaring rivers burst from the mountains, flowing east with Strength unmatched. LUsh deltas spread at their ends. Sutorex watches their progress with a Powerful eye.

[the god Aranakos has been awarded 12 points due to a technical difficulty on their side.]
Rolled 5

Mortan gathers his energy
Rolled 7 + 3

had three used three
Remember folks, end a turn with 4 or less you get a stacking bonus of +1 to a limit of plus three
File: 1354428377904.jpg-(11 KB, 250x242, brand-250.jpg)
11 KB
Name: Torrmal
Domain: Curses, Quests, Strife
Alignment: NE
Positive things you inspire: Self improvement, Endurance, Journeys
Negative things you inspire: Suffering, Hardship, Despair
Rolled 9

File: 1354428963527.png-(96 KB, 928x832, 2ndthread(1).png)
96 KB
Rolled 9

Aranakos awakens, feeling power coursing through his form. Rising from his seat of influence, he shapes the land. Foliage rises from the barren earth, rising, twisting forms that shade the land in sickly shades of green.

This shaping is more widespread than before. He moves the earth and the sea, hollowing out the earth and moving water to fill the indentation. A forest springs to life around this new lake, completing his work.
(Had 12, used 6, gained 0)
Rolled 9

Search. Minds are near. Grasp and bring. Bring that which is immaterial, but universal.
Rolled 6

Villanari comes into being, his power spreading across the land. For now observes the other gods...and waits for his chance...
File: 1354431404820.png-(97 KB, 928x832, Map of Hardships.png)
97 KB
Rolled 4 + 1

Torrmal watched the land, it was soft, to little danger for his taste. He watched in all directions until he made up his mind, throwing down a rock from above he forced up the fire of the earth and then spread it's influence upon the land. After watching it for a while and seeing a great lava flow head towards the east he tore up a long range of mountains to contain it.

He then brought life to the plains beyond them, to invite others in to the harsh and dangerous lands he had made.

Shape landx8 -8 power
Power remaining: 1
File: 1354432586768.png-(117 KB, 928x832, 1354431404820.png)
117 KB
Rolled 5 + 3

The POWER rushes through Sutorex, forcing him to fight to control him self as he put the finishing touches on the west, from black sand desert in the north to the green lush forest farther south it pleased him in it's compleation... but the power would not hold back, he was forced to release it deep under the crust in the far south hoping the thick mantle would hold it down, alas a blast of it ripped through the crust furning the ling pininsula of the south easter continent into a craggy blasted land of thermal vents, lava pools and endless cliffs and gnarled land

[had ten used ten]
[we agreed in the chat any scrap of land adjacent to a altered hex that is less then 1/3 of the hex is free.]
File: 1354433589668.png-(92 KB, 928x832, Untitleddd.png)
92 KB
Rolled 10 + 2

Valynia plants seeds along the last barren bits of the Northern continent, filling the last bits with life and wilderness. The land overgrows with trees of all sizes, and teeming with life.

(Had 7, used 5. 2 remaining)
Rolled 9

Winter winds blow. Life is born, and life shall die. The world is in balance for now.

She stores her power.

(Had 14. Used 0. Remaining: 14)
Rolled 10

Mortan continues to contemplate what he should make while viewing the other deities handiwork.
bump with a new turn order
Sutorex Valynia Mortan Aranakos Corrence Torrmal
File: 1354437621634.png-(119 KB, 928x832, 2ndthread(2).png)
119 KB
Rolled 5

Aranakos opens his mouth to yawn, reveling thousands of teeth that glisten in the sun. He rises from his small domain ready to shape the lands once again.

Only this time he looks out towards the sea. He wills the ocean floor to rise up, higher and higher untill he has created new land to build upon.

On this land he creates the usual fare, trees and grasses, but also something else. A temple, seething with his own energy, a piece of his soul....and quite a piece it is.
(had 15, used 11, gained 1)
Rolled 9

Found minds. Yes. Many minds. Feel their scurry, their wander in the stars. Feel their home move with the light nearby, feeding, thriving. Wander. A tree, greater than any ship. It would be a great event. One turns it with a gentle solar wind. A name for this tree. There it is. Kaninhule. Let it descend. Watch.

Kaninhule descended, a scream in the sky as the great tree fell. It was not long before the tree met the ground, roots first. The waves shook, the land quivered, and the great ash tree imbedded it's roots within the earth. Some time passed, as several creature wandered out. Their large, bulky frames were covered in light, coarse fur. Their faces mostly flat, except for a small muzzle. Their beards thick, each a dagger knotted within. Their long upright ears twitched as they spoke in short barks. The rabbit men wave their axes, as more followed from the great tree. The Kanin arrived.

As they wandered, fertile lands grew, ready to bring prosperity.

File: 1354438988389.png-(121 KB, 928x832, dawn of worlds.png)
121 KB
It looks like this
File: 1354440863497.png-(122 KB, 928x832, Map of Hardships.png)
122 KB
Rolled 10 + 1

On a lone island Torrmal wandered, he stomped the ground and was unsatisfied. So once more he called up the fire of the earth, but this time with something different in mind. He let it overflow and cover the land from coast to coast creating a sea of lava kept flowing and hot by his will.

But as he saw his creation he felt there was something lacking, something to bring others to experience the unforgiving sea of fire. So he made out of the earth a mountain, the tallest in the world, a pillar of rock stretching up into the clouds. When he was finished he realised he had made a place where no mortal could wander, but he was content and sat down on the top, watching the rest of creation from above.

Shape Landx2[+ some <1/3 land] -2 power
Power Remaining: 4
File: 1354441721535.png-(147 KB, 928x832, 1354440863497.png)
147 KB
SUtorex spasms as more power is released down below, this time more of it, concentrated in the middle of the Continent, blowing a massive hole out of the crust, a gaping wound into the core of the world seeping magma.

had 8 used 8
[also spruced up the black desert around the monolith]
File: 1354442371383.jpg-(49 KB, 510x800, Tyler Scarlet - Hatonacat(...).jpg)
49 KB
Rolled 3

They come from the snows of the North. They come from the warm dirt beneath the roots. They come from the woods themselves, emerging into open spaces. They meet. They speak. And they join. The Goddess smiles upon this happening, and gives them her blessing: The Blessing of Sentience.

She has favored these creatures since their coming-into-existence. They were above the petty creatures, as they were much taller, stronger, and more cunning. Though they were clearly below her, the tree canopies stretching nearly miles above their heads, and her own wit outmatching theirs. They were in the middle, and so she will treat them as something in between God and Beast.

Their massive hulking frames travel slowly through the forests, their eyes, ears, and noses: Seeing, hearing, and smelling all. They are aware of that which is around them, and they were wise enough to know a threat. They spoke to each other in slow, slurred tones, as that is the only type of sound their oversize mouths may produce. Their mouths were good for one thing, however: Crushing and chewing all from plant to bark, from flesh to bone. They wear the furs of the beasts of the forest on their bodies for warmth and comfort, though their own fat and hair protects them from the cold. They carried staffs made from logs, and chiseled stone. They felt at one with the forest, and could manipulate the workings of the forest spirits, to their own ends, calling this art: Magic. They needed not to be quick, or have knowledge of technology. For they were strong. They were many. And they were powerful.

In their tongue, they speak of themselves as the Syalora. As such the Goddess respects them with this name. The Syalora make their homes in the forests of the North, their homelands. Their guttural songs reverberate through the lands, and could be heard for miles around. The forest was theirs to enjoy. But it was also theirs to defend.
File: 1354442430694.png-(124 KB, 1316x832, Untitleddd.png)
124 KB
Updated Map
File: 1354443870967.png-(159 KB, 1316x832, dawn of worlds.png)
159 KB
Rolled 3

Mortan was bored wandering the Wampum Swamps and lonely, so he grabbed the mud from the swamps and the water from the oceans and formed with his own hands, the Calam.
The Calam were an octopus like creature that walked on two legs. After they were brought into being, he raised his hand and city of stone rose from the swamp. It is here that the Calam dwell.
(Had 23, Used 22)
File: 1354444143683.jpg-(2.81 MB, 3264x2448, Calam.jpg)
2.81 MB
What Calam look like...
File: 1354444806898.png-(161 KB, 1316x832, 2ndthread(3).png)
161 KB
Rolled 6

Aranakos uncoils himself and lazily swims upwards towards the surface, feeling something. He is not sure what this feeling is. The air seems different...tastier. His forked tongue flicks out from his cavernous maw, sampling the air.

There it is, a melody of tastes assault his senses. He tastes bark and fresh leaves, countless rabbits, and briny squid. He tastes life.

For the first time, another sin overcomes his predominant slothfulness, and that is gluttony.
Rolled 4 + 1

Kaninhune was a mighty tree. Corrence felt a stronger entity now, with free minds. Sapience. It felt pleasurable. He watched as their tree reacted to their new home. It's bark hardened. It's limbs twitched with life. Roots dug deep, and leaves grew sharp. Truly, Kaninhune would be a bulwark against any malady. Grassland grew further. The Kanin would forever have their home.

Advance City, Kaninhune, Defense. 8pt. modify world, grassland. 1pt. 0 remaining.
File: 1354446841647.jpg-(12 KB, 282x287, killer-tomato.jpg)
12 KB
Rolled 9

Torrmal looked down from the top of the mountain, With the birth of the first races the time was right. They were living carefree lives, untouched by strife and hardships. He smiled to himself, a wicked smile. He would make the first curse, and it would be one that would be remembered for all of history.

And so Torrmal descended from the mountain and came to Kaninhune, there the Kanin were working their fields to grow their food. An easy life, something unacceptable to Torrmal. But he took a deep breath and thought to himself, how could he change it. Seeing one of the Kanin pull carrots out of the ground he was struct with a spark of genius.

He walked up to the Tree that the Kanin called home, the Kaninhune, he knew its roots grew deep under the earth, under all the farms the Kanin had. Then he touched the trunk of the tree, all the Kanin felt how it shuddered as it was hit by the curse, and then nothing. But Torrmal smiled and returned to the top of the mountain.

A few days later when one of the Kanin went out to his field it happened, as he pulled out the produce out of the ground he was met with a horrific sight. The carrot he was holding had grown a monstrous mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth. It immediately jumped the surprised farmer and killed him. And so it would be, wherever the Kanin planted their homes their produce would become monsters, ones they would have to harvest in time and kill before they could eat it. No longer was farming a peaceful and safe way to live, for the first curse of Torrmal, had befallen them.

Event -10 power
Power remaining 6
It seems our group has ko'd for the night. Until next session.
Next session being tonight at 9-10PM. yet again i shall be on the chat for most of the day for any questions. stay godlike my friends
safty bump
It turns out i can not run the game tonight, if one of the players [i recommend Torrmal] wants to take up command please do! if not, the game is next week on saturday at 9PM mountain standard

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