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File: 1354769917351.jpg-(41 KB, 767x431, finished basic world map.jpg)
41 KB
Hi everybody. If you have a moment, I'd like to shop you a little trick I learned to make (mostly) natural-looking maps with MS Paint. This process is great for making world maps, but works well for islands, coastlines, bays, lakes, and things like that.

Let's get started then, shall we?
File: 1354769975673.jpg-(42 KB, 1159x796, step1.jpg)
42 KB
Step 1 is simple: open MS Paint and select the spray can with the widest spray setting available.
File: 1354770063139.jpg-(309 KB, 1173x733, step2.jpg)
309 KB
Next you need to spray a select area evenly. I promise that this will make sense soon.
keep going OP, I am interested
File: 1354770218833.jpg-(334 KB, 1211x758, step3.jpg)
334 KB
Step 3 is to fill in parts of the area darker than the rest. In this step you DON'T want it to be even.

This is the step where you need to start planning out where you want your landmasses. The darker areas will become your oceans soon, so do your best to fill in areas -around- where you want your land to be.
File: 1354770326157.jpg-(336 KB, 1182x715, step4.jpg)
336 KB
In this step you need to make a border in a different color than the rest that you will be using. Here I am using red to make it easier to see.
Also, I chose to use an oval to make it look like a basic world map.
You sound like my digital arts teacher back in the nineties...
Suffice to say, she sucked.
File: 1354770576766.jpg-(730 KB, 1534x809, step5.jpg)
730 KB
Here is where it gets tricky. Take another color (I used green, to represent land) and fill in the large white spaces.

As you can see, I filled up the area with too much black and there isn't much room left for land. All you need to do to fix this is use the spray to fill in more white.
File: 1354770702819.jpg-(747 KB, 1562x812, step5.1.jpg)
747 KB
Here I'm using the white spray to make future landmasses. Use the spray conservatively, usually less is more.

Just outline the basic shapes you want.
this is pretty good so far and i like they way it is forming, keep going.
There are 11 pages on this board if you don't like this topic I'm sure you could better spend your time reading something else. Those of us who are interested in OP's idea would rather not have to filter out your hate.

Keep going OP any new ideas should always be welcome on TG.
OP you loser!

Ever heard if how continental plates work, and how landmasses usually roughly fit together like a puzzle?

See how none of your "landmasses" fit together in any way?

Take one guess why it doesn't feel true and plausible (besides it looking shit visually)

Go to bed, I know 3rd graders who do more impressive stuff.
File: 1354770922292.jpg-(734 KB, 1545x815, step6.jpg)
734 KB
And I just noticed the pointless 'h' I had in my name. I am a dumbass.

Step 6: finish coloring in your land. I forgot to mention that you use the paint can for this step.

Note: always remember your best friend: ctrl+z
This is the undo key, use it whenever you make a mistake (like accidentally coloring all of the black area as green, which happens A LOT).
disregard the poor attempts at trolling fine sir.
File: 1354771066516.jpg-(750 KB, 1566x835, step7- erasing begins.jpg)
750 KB
Step 7: Erasing all of the spray-crap!

This step is actually kind of fun. All you need to do is fill in a small area with black...
This is pretty neat. Don't let Teddy Tantrum over there get you down.

May I ask though, why MSPaint?
Who says in fantasy land that there's tectonic plates!?
File: 1354771169555.jpg-(684 KB, 1551x817, step7-continued.jpg)
684 KB
Indeed. This is a basic tutorial, however. Actually making things look realistic comes later with practice.

...and then fill it in with white...
I'm actually not trolling. I'm just in a foul mood, was looking to sow some hate and probably ruin someone elses day.

Then this brainless monkey with the artistic talent of a blind, fingerless monkey came along and was the perfect target :)
File: 1354771258699.jpg-(694 KB, 1585x844, step7-continued2.jpg)
694 KB
It's (basically) free and I'm a cheap bastard.

...and then black again.
File: 1354771286041.png-(33 KB, 509x341, Lost World.png)
33 KB
something like this?
this is actually p cool, ty OP
Just continue with this process until all of the spray is gone.
Fair enough, was just curious.
File: 1354771365997.jpg-(647 KB, 1546x822, step7-continued3.jpg)
647 KB
God I love captcha
Op this is really fucking awesome. +1 internets for you.
>Using emoticons on /tg
>Hell, on 4Chan

Get the fuck out. OP, please continue.
File: 1354771430853.jpg-(628 KB, 1551x824, step7-continued4.jpg)
628 KB
This may be taking awhile to post, but the erasing process only takes a few seconds in practice. Left click, right click. That's all there is too it.
File: 1354771486115.jpg-(601 KB, 1573x827, step7-continued5.jpg)
601 KB

They welcome petty blog posts over there, I understand.
File: 1354771607850.jpg-(353 KB, 1561x821, step7-finished.jpg)
353 KB
Hope you don't mind me skipping a few clicks... done!
File: 1354771692496.jpg-(92 KB, 1169x714, step7 extra.jpg)
92 KB
The same process can be used to get rid of the spray outside of the map.
File: 1354771710979.png-(58 KB, 908x602, random world.png)
58 KB
Thanks OP never been good at map making but this is fairly cool heres one I did as you were explaining the steps
File: 1354771759258.jpg-(216 KB, 1581x827, step8.jpg)
216 KB
Step 8 is just to fill in the ocean with a different color. Blue is the logical choice, methinks.
File: 1354771966685.jpg-(196 KB, 1579x828, step9-land fill.jpg)
196 KB
Erasing the spray in the land itself is a little more difficult since you have white, black, and green, but not overly so. All you need to do is make sure you're filling in the green with black.
File: 1354772001271.jpg-(188 KB, 1572x810, step9- continued.jpg)
188 KB
Again, this only takes a few seconds.
File: 1354772067472.jpg-(183 KB, 1592x825, step9- continued2.jpg)
183 KB
File: 1354772105767.jpg-(140 KB, 1583x831, step9-finished.jpg)
140 KB
And again, forgive me for skipping a few clicks.
>those snake-eye islands in the eastern hemisphere
File: 1354772285516.pdf-(834 KB, PDF, Ascension atlas style.pdf)
834 KB
Thanks, OP! Nice, simple tutorial for low-effort coastlines that actually look decent.

For those that wish to move on to more realistic techniques, I can recommend a few sources.

Baron von Evilsatan's tutorials:

Cartographer's Guild (absolutely fantastic; currently down right now)

The Zompist Bulletin Board

And the PDF I've just uploaded.
File: 1354772325088.jpg-(137 KB, 1545x818, step10-start.jpg)
137 KB
The next step is cleanup: just do some erasing around the coastline, getting rid of pointless "lakes" and fuzzy edges.

Get detailed or simplistic as you want.
File: 1354772399622.jpg-(114 KB, 1548x812, step10-continued.jpg)
114 KB
File: 1354772449838.jpg-(85 KB, 1447x808, step10-continued2.jpg)
85 KB
Only problem I have with this technique is that I like the edges of landmasses to look a bit more rounded, but that can easily be done by hand afterwards. This is great for lazy fa/tg/uys like me, though.
File: 1354772491364.jpg-(126 KB, 1547x792, step11-cleanup.jpg)
126 KB
More cleanup.
File: 1354772543936.jpg-(121 KB, 1570x808, step11-finished.jpg)
121 KB
That's actually coming next, believe it or not.
File: 1354772603063.jpg-(108 KB, 1541x823, step12-basic finish.jpg)
108 KB
Now fill in the white with green and you've finished a (very) basic world map.

Next up is an abridged guide for doing some more detail.
File: 1354772730872.jpg-(65 KB, 1226x789, detail step1.jpg)
65 KB
To save time, I'm just taking one of the island we just created.

Select a landmass you like the look of and copy it with the select feature.
File: 1354772782342.jpg-(72 KB, 1142x594, detail step1.2.jpg)
72 KB
After copying, now past it somewhere else.
File: 1354772821820.jpg-(57 KB, 916x723, detail step2.jpg)
57 KB
Select the island again...
File: 1354772877287.jpg-(89 KB, 1390x798, detail step2.1.jpg)
89 KB
Now stretch it out
File: 1354772935700.jpg-(98 KB, 1415x808, detail step2.2.jpg)
98 KB
Don't forget to put another border around it.
File: 1354772984294.jpg-(89 KB, 1409x807, detail step2.3.jpg)
89 KB
For our purposes, just get rid of the blue for now.
File: 1354773187920.jpg-(92 KB, 1381x806, detail step3.jpg)
92 KB
Step "3" is to hand draw a new border around the island.
This allows you to make it a bit less... blocky.

Remember to do this in short bursts, it is easy to make mistakes and you don't to have to erase half of the island!
File: 1354773252808.jpg-(98 KB, 1390x809, detail step3.3.jpg)
98 KB
File: 1354773287378.jpg-(102 KB, 1371x816, detail step3.4 erase-fill.jpg)
102 KB
Now to get rid of the green...
File: 1354773416499.jpg-(94 KB, 1378x807, detail step3 finished.jpg)
94 KB
And that's basically it.
From here on you can start adding land forms and such.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
I remember doing this sort of thing in photoshop with difference clouds and a ton of filters/curves adjustments.

It worked ok.
Sweet, thanks op.
File: 1354774379147.png-(2.13 MB, 2359x2200, Æropa Poli.png)
2.13 MB
I just use GIMP
File: 1354774515597.png-(20 KB, 627x406, spraycan map.png)
20 KB
I like it.
For removing the black, I used a different method by using transparent select and the secondary color.
Select all, Cut. Make secondary color black. Make background white. Paste image. All black gone.
And an old mouse with a loose laser, keeps the lines all wiggley
That gives me an idea. A sensitive mouse with loud music. The bass should make the line wiggly. I'm going to try this.
File: 1354774950272.png-(2.46 MB, 1596x1670, Iskendron City.png)
2.46 MB
or a rough surface and a cold room
File: 1354775134214.png-(244 KB, 979x808, ISK Political FIN.png)
244 KB
File: 1354775188556.png-(482 KB, 1000x700, DOOR.png)
482 KB
File: 1354775332766.png-(10 KB, 627x406, Drawn with Iron Maiden.png)
10 KB
>mouse set to 3200 dpi.
>blasting Aces High.

Here's how it turned out.
File: 1354775421399.jpg-(18 KB, 300x265, 1296754674775.jpg)
18 KB
That's actually not half bad OP. Not the most elegant of the maps, but gets the job done.
not bad. clean it up a little and youve got a great map. may be use a mirror to make fjords . . .
I'm not too sure of what you mean by using a mirror. I was just using paint.
putting a laser mouse on a mirror makes even more sensitive. at least some of them, it workd with my Logitech wireless
Oh, okay.
I could also step it up to 5600 dpi as well. Both might be a bit overkill.

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