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>Previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21950414/

Hey /tg/ I know it's been a while

But would you be interested in more Necromancer Storytime
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(Also reuploading my picture because only one person replied, and I'm a faggot who seeks critique)

I sure would!
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>on /tg/
>asks if we want story time
I do hope you have it pretyped and ready to post though.
No one likes to wait for storytime.
waiting for new stories, last thread was awesome
For the next quest you'll need a bit of fluff, especially on the dwarves.

Our DM decided to stray away from the typical D&D world, and work out something original. While all the stats and monsters are pretty much the same, he just changed the backstory a bit so it would fit his idea of the adventure.

The most important thing is the fact he accpeted the more Pratchett-like idea of gods - the faith of the sentien creatures somehow affects latent 'powers' and gives them personality. Your typical 'faith creates gods' thing.

Now, his dwarves weren't your typical squats. They weren't only interested in gold, digging, alcohol and beating the shit out of goblins. 'Technically' they were an offshoot from the Old Ones (or 'People of Old' if you want a literal translation) that ventured into the caves and started making their homes inside them. They are less boisterous, though they retain their natural 'sense' of mining and stoneworking. Their society is very industrial - somehow caste based as there is a King and some noble families. But besides that - all of the Dwarves are Workers - be it a guard, a miner or a innkeeper - they all 'work' to improve their and the clan's situation. Kind of like socialism, only with less murder and more beards.

Their situation is pretty grim though. After hundreds of years, they might have began to dig a little TOO deep. Things started to come out. As dwarves began to fear those deep ones, their faith worked on those old creatures - as they were a part, an offshoot of those latent powers that came into being the same moment the universe started. So they grow stronger and stronger, while the dwarves fear increases. In this universe, dwarves drink only when a friend or family falls. And they drink a lot as of late.

So some of their cities became really quiet those days. The clan that we visited actually called their leader 'The Mourning King'.The whole town was adorned in gray, and most of the citizens appeared apathetic, even if their emotions were boiling underneath.
> But besides that - all of the Dwarves are Workers - be it a guard, a miner or a innkeeper - they all 'work' to improve their and the clan's situation. Kind of like socialism, only with less murder and more beards.
Does your DM play Dwarf Fortress?

Because I made the queen churn out hundereds of stone crafts, same as every other migrant.

Now onto the story proper. As some of you might remember, the demon gave us a 'clue' - go to the home city of our dwarf Priest. The guy who played him was pretty good at acting, so he pointed out the dwarf is really distraught over the whole thing. It was obvious he didn't want to come back, but decided to roll with it. He only mentioned that they'll probably get a rather cold welcome.

We made our way to the city the Ashrock clan inhabited. It was located in some sort of valley between three peaks called The Family - two smaller on the left and right (Children), and a towering one in the middle (Parent). The city itself was inside those peaks, the smaller ones full of houses, workshops and inns, while the Parent was reserved for soldiers, nobles, the king and miners.

I have no idea. We played this session about a year ago. Probably yes. He was always a maniac of strategic and micromanagement games.

So when we arrive in the city, we're treated...coldly. The guards let us in, but the whole city is like I mentioned before - grim and apathetic. Nobody really bothers to talk with us - only business, short answers. After renting some rooms in the inn we sat down to think about our plans. Just in the middle of a brainstorm, guards rush into the inn and surround us. Some important looking dwarf comes in, scoffing.

"So you came back...crownbreaker" He says, leering at our dwarf with contempt. "You do realize what is going to happen, don't you? We made it clear - Never. NEVER come back."

Our fighter stands up, the guards immediately raise their shields. Since he was more or less our leader at that time, he tries to explain why we came here, but the dwarf would have none of it. 'You would need a better lie to worm yourself in again, crownbreaker' is all we get. We're called a troupe of liars. The whole inn seems to look at us, anger growing in their eyes. All this pent up emotions were just looking to be let out. And we were going to be the scapegoats.

But the leader takes a look around and sighs.

"There is but one thing you'll know before we shall...escort you away. Your father has died. Passed away just two months ago"

Of course the Priest is shocked and demands to see the body. As you can guess - he's denied the rights.

My character stands up.

"Bodies need to be seen. By close ones"

The fighter rolls with it, and looks at the dwarf.

"Our friend here deserves to see it. One way or another. Let us, or you'll need to try to stop us." He noted to put a big emphasis on 'try'.

We both roll for Intimidation. My roll is pretty weak (Not much Charisma), but the Fighter passes.

The dwarf realizes that this might become a very troublesome situation and cracks under the pressure. Orders the guards to stand down and escort us to the Parent. We leave with the patrons stares piercing our backs.

While we are going to our destination our teammate speaks out. It seems his father was a guard of the highest rank - serving directly under the former king himself. He was an incredibly skilled warrior and politician. He must have fallen in battle.

When we reach the tombs, the guards lead us to a huge, decorated stone coffin, not yet places in the mines (As the tradition requires). Under careful observation, the lid is lifted.

The body is in perfect condition.

Our dwarf is confused. There were no wounds. He questions the guards, but get no answers, other than the fact magic was not involved. We conclude that he couldn't be killed in battle. And by the looks of him, it couldn't be old age or sickness.

Just as we try to get any idea of what's going on, the important dwarf returns.

"Crownbreaker...Your appearance seems to cause disturbance everywhere. The Archchancellor wishes to see you and your...companions...tomorrow."

We are escorted back into the inn. Despite the obvious anger, we still have our rooms and service.

Our companion is obviously shocked. After discussing it, we decide that he must have been assassinated or poisoned in some subtle way. And the orders came from the higher ups - only then such obvious fact like the lack of wounds would be swept under the rug.

We go to sleep, racking our brains for ideas. Feeling the aura of hostility, we decide to keep watch.

It turned out to be a great idea, as a cloaked figure clashes inside one of the rooms screaming "DEATH TO THE CROWNBREAKER".

Our Rogue (who kept the watch at that time) jumps to action, and attacks the figure. The dwarf goes down easily, wounded but not dead. We all wake up and try to question him. We barely begin when the innkeeper storms into the room.

Spotting the beat-up dwarf on the floor he screams "MURDERRRRRR" and soon we're found staring down a slew of angry dwarves wielding whatever they could find. Mostly maces and hammers.

We try to prove our innocence, by showing that the assaulter is alive.

But turns out he's dead. And there's no way he could have bled out.

The tension keeps rising as we try to calm down the mob, but they're getting more and more agitated. We are 'saved' when guards come in to inspect the disturbance.

As you can guess - we are taken in. The Fighter insists on resisting, but we manage to talk him down. Taking on the whole city might have been an option if we were close to the exit. Unfortunately the inn was near one of the peaks.

We spend the rest of the night in the cells, being questioned then left alone to sleep. We don't get much of it, as two hours later the same dwarf that tried to throw us out comes to see us.

"Like I said - disturbance. And now you have blood on your hands. There is only one way this'll end"

We are still led to the Archchancellor. He is an old dwarf, who mentions that he knew the our Priests father very well. Mentions how his son's crime has put a stain on his record, and he never lived it down. Other than that - seems to be (or pretending to be) on our side. He believes our version of the story, and fills out the forms that would grant us freedom. But we need to do him a favor.

He takes us, and a group of guards to one of the smaller mountains. Talks about how the death of one of the King's Protectors, and a sudden appearance of his son - the crownbreaker is causing a stir. People are getting riled up, and politicians try to use the situation for their own gain.

We venture deep into the guts of the mountain, leaving the busy, work-filled corridors behind us. We begin to suspect that we're about to be attacked again. Just as we are about to prepare ourselves, the Archchancellor stops.

"We're here" He smiles, as we realize we're next to a mining shaft. The guards suddenly grab us. We try to fight back but they don't beat around the bush and throw us down the shaft.

The fall is short and doesn't hurt us too much. It's clear that they didn't thought it's going to kill us. We collect ourselves, and look up. The dwarves have left.

Taking a look around we spot some corridors leading away from the shaft. The dwarf mentions that while his stone sense is a bit rusty, he can still point out the general direction of the city.

That's when we hear a faint buzzing sound.

A beast emerges from one of the corridors. Hard plates cover it's back and head, sharp plates adorning the numerous, insect-like legs. The monster seems to flow over the surface, it's appendages skittering silently on the stones. It's bullet-like featureless head is attached to a long torso, reminding us of a worm. It is completely quiet, save from the buzzing sound.

The combat begins as the wyrm lunges at us, seeming trying to simply smash the party with it's weight. We dodge, but we notice that it's head elongates, taking a pointy shape. Just as it's about to crash into the wall, it's legs attach themselves onto the incoming surface and the beast takes a sharp turn, now flowing on the wall. It tries to ram us again, our Rogue trying to stab it mid-lunge. Her weapon does not do much damage though. My magic seems to work a little better, but I did not have many offensive spells prepared. Mainly buffs and necromancy ones.

That's when our Fighter comes up with an insane plan. When the Priest and Rogue are busy getting the monsters attention, I cast buffs on him. Stone skin, if I recall correctly. He takes a swig of a strength-enhancing potion. I switch roles with the Priest, as he does his divine magic, hardening our Half-Orc further.

After the rituals are done, we spread out - me, the Rogue and the Priest sticking close to the walls. The Fighter stands in the middle, sword at his side.

The worm makes another turn, and rushes the Fighter.

He throws his sword at it's head. It doesn't do much damage, but the beast wavers a bit, it's balance slightly broken.

Just when it's about to smash the Fighter, he takes a step left, and grabs the sharp beak.

The player rolls a grapple check. He passes.

His character uses the momentum, and lifts the wyrm into the air. It's surprisingly light body raises, the legs kicking the air, trying to find a leverage. For a split second the tower made of our companion and the monster hangs in mid-air.

Then the Fighter falls on his back, the beast following suit, slamming to the ground and a nearby wall.

>Captcha: contains bro

The beast is confused, trying to gain ground, lying on it's side. We quickly grab to pin it, hitting it's head, confusing it further.

We debate how to kill it, when the Rogue asks us how good our Riding skill is.

Twenty minutes later the beast lunges out of a tunnel onto the one of the less busy streets of the workshop district, our characters desperately clinging to it's back.

By some rolls (We all did the checks) me manage to steer it out of the mountain, spreading panic through the streets. The dwarf screams something about a court room, so we take a turn, and head to the Parent.

In the middle of the mountain, the Archchancellor stands in the middle of the King's court. He explains how the Crownbreaker has returned to finish his wicked desires. After murdering his father, he attacked a random citizen - killing his target, his malicious intent turned to the ordinary folk. He speaks how he interrogated him and his bloodthirsty troupe. How he escaped, killing his guards in the process.

Just as he finishes, the doors crash and a thousand pounds of armored horror makes it's way inside. We jump of it's back as it crashes into the wall, unfamiliar with the polished stone of the Courtroom.

We realize this might have not been our best idea. But damn if it wasn't cool.
File: 1355524590501.gif-(199 KB, 700x687, bitch i'm motherfucking sabin.gif)
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>suplexed a motherfucking armoured centipede demon from hell
Confirmed for Sabin

The whole Court is panicking, guards move in and deal with the beast. We stand in the middle of the circular room. The Archchanellor screams profanities and says how this confirms our guilt. The Priest gets fed up with this bullshit and screams:


As you can guess - it doesn't exactly work. The guards march to surround us. The dwarf from before is with them, dressed in ceremonial armour.

"There is no escape, crown-...my nephew. Accept it, and we may deal with you swiftly. Your friends might live"

At this, our Fighter stands up, and draws his poleaxe.

"Remember when I said that you might TRY to stop us?" He smirks "Well...You're free to go now, aren't you?"

The guards rush us, screams on their lips. We take defensive stances and prepare to fight.


Both parties stand down, looking at the top of the Court.

The Mourning King walks out of the shade.

"Just...stop...I had enough...Enough of it"

The Archchancellor's eyes widen.


"It is...the truth....we all...we all here..." He motions to the whole Court "...we all were too hungry...too stupid...the child was...he was in the right place...the King is nothing with his crown, no?...If it's broken...He is no king...Who could be so daring to destroy it...if not a child?...The lies...we all blamed him...that poor boy...and now we...to silence him...his father knew...he tried to prove it...silence...yes we needed it."

The Archchancellor is furious. So are the nobles.


"Power...no...this...it wasn't worth it...all those lies...was is really...the monsters...they came for us didn't they....we knew...it is our fault...we doomed our city...yet you didn't want...the...truth"

With that the King falls down on his knees and begins to weep.

The Archchanellor is silent for a while, then begins to laugh in a distorted voice.

"SO YOU FINALLY DECIDED TO GO WITH IT OLD PRICK? AHAHAHA...FINE THEN!" He screams as his face twists and his body grows. The nobles fall down and scream as their proportions change and their flesh begins to fall off. They all begin to crawl towards the growing monster.


The giant's skin is blown away, revealing huge anthropomorphic demon. It's skinless-head is nothing but a decoration, hanging above a gaint jaw, taking the place of a torso. It's arms are split into multiple writhing appendages - some ending in wicked, drooling mouths, some resembling black, blood-seeping tongues. This abomination is shaking, held up by a pair of relatively short, stocky legs.

The demon lunges through the court room, aiming for the king. The party and the guards scatter around, attacking it's legs. The Rogue jumps on one of them and starts to climb the monsters back. We all try to bring it down somehow, but it just laughs off our attacks. It seems amused enough to concentrate on trying to squash or eat us.

The only one who's not participating in the fight is the Priest. He is slowly climbing the now demolished court. As he stands on top, he faces the weeping King. The older dwarf looks up.

"They...No...I...I cannot apologize...I know...They planted fear in me...The longer I ruled the more they..."

"...My king, they did the same to me. I accepted those lies...they even made me believe I did it. Such is their...HIS power. But you have broken the cycle. You admitted your lies. Truly...a feat I have seen so little these days."

The both stare at each other.

"...My boy...Then you must be the one...to bring this charade...to an end...the victim...needs to prove his innocence...Right?"

With that he handles the Priest his hammer - The King's Hammer, adorned with black iron, a relic passed down from centuries. The symbol of the royal rule - nobility, honesty and care.

In the Priests hands the hammer begins to glow. The old carvings shine anew, the black iron brightens. The Priest turns around, wielding the weapon like it was made to fit his hands. Everyone stops to look at the light, the golden aura that casts rays on the whole room. The monster turns, it's features twisting in fear.

With a cry worthy of thousand men, the Priest jumps down and swings the hammer down. An eye-piercing squeal is heard, followed by a shockwave that knocks everyone off their feet.

When we get up, only the Priest remains, surrounded by the scorched chunks of the demon. He looks up at us and smiles.

"The truth...is apparent now."

Aaaaaaaaaand there you have it. I won't really go into the details about the ending because I don't really remember much about it. Let's just say the demon was amused again and...invited us to his place.

The next story contains demon wrestling, soul-crushing and a very shocking revelation that had nothing to do with the plot.
i like your group they seem like wonderful people

Believe me - they are. For a group of guys that never had much experience with RPGs they did a wonderful job. I'm still friends with them and we are planning on running an another game. This time in a modern fantasy world.
Also - do you guys think this thread is archive-worthy?
All stories are archive worthy.

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