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File: 1357489855141.png-(220 KB, 1300x724, _eyecatch.png)
220 KB
1- pick up to two of the following themes :

2- Name a character class fitting the selected theme(s)

3- Devise a core feature for the class

Doodle will ensue.
Theme: Arcane
Class: Spatiomancer
Core Feature: Able to manipulate, bend, mold, etc. the space around them as they desire.
>1 - Fighter, summoning
>2 - Breacher
>3 - Can teleport allies and enemies around the battlefield, using any terrain to their advantage

forgot to do the second one:
Theme: Summoning
Class: Voidsynther
Core Feature: Exploits tears in the 'void' to summon forth ungodly elementals, golems, demons, etc.
-Tech Summoning
-Drone Technician

Starts with a number of drones that have interchangable parts that dock quickly (like flying/underwater, surveillance, weapons, and tank treads). Also is able to try and hack into other technology.
Theme 1: Tech
Theme 2: Support

Name: Tech Support
Feature: Communicates with others remotely to advise them on how to work and repair machines.
Themes: Tech, Arcane.
Class: Infester
Can create viruses with various and often nonsensical symptoms, like rashes shaped like major political figures or mutations that allow marblekinesis.
Fighter support


While you do not do as much damage as other classes you are adept at causing enemies to perform more poorly.
You have a pool of Harrier Points (Harrier Level / 2 (minimum 1) * WIS bonus) each day that you can use to inflict status effects on your enemies with your weaponry.
You can use up to your WIS bonus per day to inflict Harrier Spells with, see the magic list for your spell like abilities and their costs.

So essentially a martial class for 3.5 that can cause enemies to be frightened, exhausted, flatfooted, blind, etc. With totally not magic.
Tech, Arcane.
High Programmer.
Ability to change features of existing spells, crack into other mage's spells, and given enough time, write new spells from scratch.
1- Rogue, Summoning
2- Assimilator
3- You can conjure a clone of any creature you have killed.

The Incarnate
Using the fears and hopes embedded in racial memory, the Incarnate pulls the legends and stories of the past into being to serve as aid in both battle and peace time. At their side fights such heroes as Gilgamesh and such leaders as Solomon, and the stories they wield are ever growing.

Through brutal rituals devised under a great war, the mages of a certain country forced demonic energies into knowing conscripts as their last line of defense. They exhibit a limited mutational effect on the bodies of those who undergo it and are rewarded with natural spellcasting for the price of their own humanity, the ability to wield normal weapons due to claws and a controllable bloodlust. The natural spellcasting usually reflects the demonic energies that was used in the ritual for different elemental effects. Most the spellcasting emerges as they grow and only appears as offensive and self-buffing.

They do not become more demonic in appearance as they grow in strength, but look like human skinned evilly mutated peoples.
Summoning, Rogue
Silent Summoner

A stealthy assassin who uses silent summoning spells to ambush his targets, doing things like sneaking into a locked room and hiding a tiger in the closet, or a buffalo in the rafters.
- Arcane, fighter
- Child Arcanomech Pilot
- Uses raw arcane energy to create and form any weapon it desires.
Fighter, Arcane

These towering teutonic warriors are an organic fusion of blood and iron. Made from flesh and steel in seemless unison they are one with armor and weaponry alike, calling every bullet kin. Also they know rituals to sway the arms of their enemies to work against them, causing jams and misfires.
And should they touch you unprotected, your very flesh would recoil from their unnatural horror, bleeding out and falling from the bone in revulsion from the taint.
Theme: Arcane Rogue
Name: Miasma Dancer
Feature: Miasma Dancers are able to evoke a thick fog (Miasma) that they can use to hide themselves or others. They're able to change their Miasma to blind and poison enemies and sow chaos on the battlefield.

They are often used as assassins and sometimes bodyguards. In public 'roles', Miasma Dancers are only ever seen wearing their Miasma like a cape. This leads the public believe Miasma Dancers to be a very rare breed of people which can be easily recognised in the public eye.
File: 1357492053714.jpg-(944 KB, 3508x2480, tg_design001.jpg)
944 KB

Damn I'm slow.
Tech + Summoning

Siege Wizard! Builds advanced, powerful siege weapons then binds them magically so he can summon them at a moment's notice during a siege! Can also imbue his siege weapons with magic to make its ordnance gain tactical properties!
I like it. what about:
Tech + Summoning

Void Engineer.
Void Engineers are less wizards and more artificers. His creations are focused on breaking the barriers of space and at times of peace, Void Engineers are often tasked with creating special instantaneous pathways or Void Gates from one large trade hubs to another.

In times of war, his void gates are often used to carry large armies closer to the battlefront. The few Void Engineers who seek martial capabilities out of their own creations often wears a light armor which is comprised of void gates. When activated, they fear no thrown nor ballistic weaponry. Often, they seem unarmed, for their weapons are carefully stored away in a safe place which can be accessed through a void gate.
Theme: Support, Rogue
Name: Denialist

These infiltration specialists are masters at area denial. Given enough prep time, they can fill a battlefield with uncountable pitfalls, traps and hidden weapons. A denialist works best in concert with other, more direct attackers, triggering the threats they've built into the battlefield itself to back up their comrades.
Bump because this seems pretty neat.
It's actually really fun to just think of different ways a single combination can work out. I'm shit at names though.

Fighter Tech
Lord of War Machines
Fights alongside a retinue of automatons (that he built himself) who supports him. Often each automaton has a single task which it is good at doing, whether tripping up an opponent, providing cover fire, etc. The more powerful Lords have capable fighting automatons and become the leader and part of the army that he created himself.

Fighter Tech
Battle Artificer
These artificers are warriors who wield and wear augmented weaponry and armor. They often have a solution for every problem, and if not, they're able to jury-rig one in a matter of minutes. They often seen wearing large bulky armor with a toolkit worn as a bandolier.
That it is.

Fighter Tech
Armed with simple electromagnetic pulse weaponry and a wide variety of heavy blunt objects, the Arch-Luddite is a master of (breaking) technology. They deliberately attack high-tech opponents, disabling and damaging their machinery before finishing them with violent, uncontrollable strikes.
File: 1357494697536.jpg-(914 KB, 3508x2480, tg_design002.jpg)
914 KB
Keep it up! Liking the look of these.
ooh nice one.

Fighter Tech
The Augmented
Warriors who have began the slow process of changing their flesh to metal. They slowly but surely amputate themselves and graft new limbs, until they are more metal than flesh. The most powerful of the Augmented do not need sleep and only need the barest of food and drink. They spend their time perfecting their martial skill, reaching a level that no mere man can surpass.
Nicely done!

Here's another one.

Arcane Tech
Golem Scavenger

Combing the magical scrapheaps of the world, the Golem Scavenger assembles the cast-off bits of discarded magical artifacts and constructs to create a bizarre fighting machine that is far more than the sum of its parts. Scavenged golems are extremely dangerous and unpredictable to their enemies when they function properly, and even more so to their controllers when they malfunction.
Themes - support, tech
Name - Robot psychiatrist
Core feature - Manages AIs operated by the group, ensuring that their mental health remains up to par, and interrogates AIs captured by the group.
Support role; the player would probably also directly control an AI when in combat.
Why do they do it slowly? They could just, not do it slowly.
Because surgery isn't something one rushes.
It made sense in my head. They don't have to do it slowly, but I assumed it was easier to keep sane if you changed limb by limb.

Plus it'd be pretty expensive.
Themes: Fighter, Summoner

Name: Animus Knight

Animus Knights are practiced summoners. Upon obtaining knighthood, they join their Orders by forging a soul pact with a summoned higher being. In exchange for part of their essence in the materium, the pacted being will grant them the ability to summon it as a weapon of choice. This is an intensely personal bond, as the weapon reflects the Knight's inner being and style of combat. More experienced Knight-Gallants are capable of summoning armor as well, and the greatest of their rank, Knight Lords, are capable of completely merging with the entity of their bond, removing their material bodies to become an avatar of immense power and destruction.
Theme: Rogue/Summoning
Name: Charlatan
Core Feature: Can make perfect illusions of herself that eventually fool reality itself example an illusion can pick a lock, or stab someone.

Theme: Rogue/Tech
Class: Saboteur
Core Feature: Can ruin any technical device causing it to explode

Theme: Summoning/Support
Class: Merchant
Core Feature: Always has that one thing you really wanted as long as you have the gp

Theme: Fighter
Class: Elf
Core Feature: Good eye sight
Support, Rogue
Utilizes stealth abilities and knowledge of anatomy to help allies or cripple enemies

Also, I know the name is bad. Not feeling too creative today.

here's more


Thanks a bunch o/
File: 1357498478929.jpg-(1.02 MB, 3508x2480, tg_design003.jpg)
1.02 MB
1. Fighter, Arcane
2. Shatterspell
3. A hulking giant of a warrior clad in runic armor and weapons that allow him to shrug off spells and cleave through the wards placed by enemy wizards. Can be bogged down with other fighters, but that's why your side brought a wizard too, right?
Theme: Tech, Summoning
Class: Tech Summoner
Core Feature: Specializing in augmenting cyberware with specific summoning marks, these marks allow the user to swap out cyberware with other marked cyberware they have prepared, and as the situation requires.
File: 1357499101653.jpg-(54 KB, 800x600, ref.jpg)
54 KB
By the way, my design reference

didn't make the connection, that's pretty sweet
Aaah. I thought Tech characters seemed to have a lot of hexagons.
1. Tech, Support.
2. Technozoan
3. Specializes in mechanical repair and ranged weapons manufacturing. Famous for nanomechanics and digital rifles.
File: 1357499767356.jpg-(136 KB, 640x640, Rusty Fantastic Industria(...).jpg)
136 KB

Wrench Rat

These small and lithe people serve as saboteurs and ruckengineurs for those spelunking in the vast and hostile depths of the Movement Chamber. They specialize in crawling through little gaps, hacking, and disabling machinery.
Spatiomancer is 2edgy4me
Theme - Tech Support
Class - Robro Rider
Core Class Feature - Surfing on flying robots
Theme: fighter,support
Class: Trap-Wielder
Core Feature: fighter that has integrated both placing and using traps into his fighting-style.

All Hail the mighty "Bear-Trap Punch"!
File: 1357500740339.png-(335 KB, 620x489, Mirrodin - Glimmervoid.png)
335 KB
Unit 095 - Aka "Street Skimmers"
Core Feature - Hydroplaning
One part rebel, one part motorcycle and one part sentient fire magic, unit 095 are dangerously free spirited masters of the open road, using their pyrotechincal magics to skate across the metal plains with ease.
File: 1357502442524.jpg-(1.22 MB, 3508x2480, tg_design004.jpg)
1.22 MB

I apologize to the one I'm skipping, I'm trying to diversify combinations and concepts.

Thanks again for all those who have been participating.
>my demon blooded
So badass.

But not enoguh muta-ah whatever this is great too i love it anyway
>Dat Miasma Dancer

That looks awesome.

>that feel when you get diversified

It's cool OP, these are all baller anyway
Fuck Ye-
Whhhyyy, when will casters be free of the tyranny of robes and skirts and dresses. All I want is pants!
Now you have forced my hand

File: 1357503001249.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 37 KB, 429x537)
Spoiler Image, 37 KB

I can't believe no one thought of this.

Soul Evoker

The class can summon an aspect of the warrior's soul to do battle with them, to stand by them. Any damage to the soul hurts to user, but the soul is capable of special abilities

Picture related
Theme: Rogue, Support
Name: Skindancer

Feature: Carry magical masks which when worn change them into different creatures of races, allowing them to aqcuire (limited) versions of their powers.
>Two of the following
Summoning, and Summoning!

The Caller

The Caller has the unique ability to offer a being a bargain. Agree to serve, and gain power. Beings that agree to this bargain find themselves waking each morning with vivid, perfectly remembered dreams of their time under the Callers service, for the Callers power allows them to summon a perfect copy of the being at the time of the bargain. This copy is bound to serve, and all that it experiences goes back to the original.
In this way the Caller gains a stalwart servant, one among many, and the servant gains experience at the cost of their dreams. While many Callers are altruistic, only putting their servants through battle and the occasional bit of schooling, others become great tormenters, torturing their servants in the knowledge that they cannot undo the bargain, and must suffer anything the Caller cares to inflict upon them.
Hey B&H-kun let me guess

They're all girls, aren't they?
This thread is awesome and you should feel awesome

Word Eater

A word Eater can steal concepts from things - he may steal the Hardness from stone and watch it crumble, or weaken a creature by taking its vitality, for example.

The Word Eater then uses the stolen Words to create a new servant, a chimeric hodge-podge of stolen concepts, ideas, and features.
>Steals existense from the universe
File: 1357504991750.jpg-(5 KB, 128x224, Carmen San Diego.jpg)
5 KB
...I think this character already exists.
Come now OP! Continue the awesome!
>My Miasma Dancer
Yaaay. I really like how you're using the different shapes into the different patterns for the doodles.
although it looks like she isn't wearing any pants
- Tech/Support
- Tech Support
Technical support (also tech support) can provide range of services providing assistance with technology products such as mobile phones.
Makes the Dances all the better and more distracting.
File: 1357507817836.jpg-(1012 KB, 3508x2480, tg_design005.jpg)
1012 KB

I took some time to eat, so, well, yeah.


thanks for the appreciation guys.

I must admit I tap in pretty overused stereotypes. We'll see what stocks and what doesn't.

I'm trying to make the designs androginous enough to be either male or female. So them being men or women is left to your appreciation.
File: 1357508649026.jpg-(95 KB, 1280x720, [Mazui]_Katanagatari_-_12(...).jpg)
95 KB
Missed an opportunity here.
Another Anime I should have watched long ago and never found the time...

My years of anime bilia are gone, and that makes me somewhat melancholic.
Your work is really cool
File: 1357509192385.jpg-(90 KB, 1280x720, Anime talks about 4chan.jpg)
90 KB

Now you have no reason to not start downloading it.
Support Summoner- The Evoker

Specialized in exhorting, calling, appeasing and otherwise dealing with spirits, holograms, demons, logi, golems, and other minions the evoker is a jack of all trades specialization that asks the question- why should I bother learning to do something when I can get someone else to do it for me?
Even stripped of the techno-arcane raiments and equipments that allow the evoker to create artifical life, most are more then skilled enough persuaders to recruit bystanders into helping or at the very least foment an angry crowd
File: 1357511741740.jpg-(878 KB, 3508x2480, tg_design006.jpg)
878 KB

two more yeah !


I'm getting them, however I'm not quite sure I'll manage to watch them. All I'm watching these days is talky series, documentaries and conferences, since I don't actually have to watch the screen, so I can work and still get some entertainment
File: 1357512094312.jpg-(133 KB, 1280x720, [Mazui]_Katanagatari_-_10(...).jpg)
133 KB
>All I'm watching these days is talky series
Well you're in luck because that's exactly what this show is.

With like one fight scene per episode or so.
Arcane and Summoning
Essence Host
Core Feature - Ability to copy traits and special skills of another class/race/etc. for a price.The more powerful you are, the more abilities you can pick and choose. You may only have a certain amount of traits/abilities at a time.
But there is a lot of talk about and with swords, who make lousy swordsmen.
well, I don't speak japanese, and refuse to watch any show in any language beside their original version.

Yes. That's silly.
Read subtitles, duh.
I fail to see the point
Are you saying this because you can't read or something?

Let me rephrase : I watch shows I don't have to look at while I'm working. If I watch anime, it means I can't work because I watch the picture and read the subtitles.
1- Fighter-Tech
2- Charger
3- Uses technology to create vehicles, either in terms of jet boots or mounts for highspeed combat. Specializes in guns and lances, though mostly close quarter varieties.
Tech Rogue
Circuit Dancer
They use their looks to beguile people and their many cybernetic implants to 'seduce' and confuse machines. Usually the face of the operation, Circuit Dancers are very good at getting wherever they shouldn't be and doing so with style.
What is an audiobook.

'Unreasonable shit people do' for 500, please.
Summoning rogue.

The Siegebreaker.

The Siegebreaker specializes in infiltrating enemy strongholds and calling on creatures to wreak havok from the inside. A swarm of rats in the pantry, venomous scorpions in the barracks, filling the well with jellyfish, maybe a rust monster in the smithy if the Siegebreaker is particularly skilled... No one ends a war like a Siegebreaker.
Gotta say, op, I really love these.
Wasting your entire life on work. What a waste.
I have a job I have to keep to pay for my student loan, but yet I want to have the oportunity to make cool games... There is little place in my life for entertainment these days, but I am glad I have the skills and know-how to at least try.

Next week I'm granted some vacations from work, so I'll make the best of this time to further a game I'd like to put on kongregate
Best of luck to you.
I work with small electronics and have to use my hands and watch what I'm doing, but it's so rote that I can turn my brain off. Thus audiobooks have been awesome for me, something to enjoy and keep my mind occupied while my hands and eyes work.

Keep the art coming, it's nice and refreshing.
File: 1357516248999.jpg-(796 KB, 3508x2480, tg_design007.jpg)
796 KB

back on those
>dat wrench rat

Fuck yeah. Thanks, man!
Sweet I like the wings.
Hey, OP, could you do me a favor and take a character request that doesn't exactly follow your templates?
let's have it.
Theme: Fighter, Rogue
Class: Void Blade
Feature: Teleport behind enemy combatants, temporarily draining their defenses in an area and adding it to their own.
File: 1357519220226.jpg-(941 KB, 3508x2480, tg_design008.jpg)
941 KB

And more


and thanks to you anons for particpating in this experiment.
I've got a class for a homebrew called "Technomancer" (the name is a work in progress) and the general description of them is that they're hyper-intelligent humans who have psycho-kinetic powers thanks to neural implants. on top of this they are addicted to technologically modifying themselves, often to extremes. because of this they are frowned upon by general society and on less civilized planets (that can't comprehend them) they are called "witches" and are often hunted down and murdered, assuming the populace can take them down.
1 - Fighter, Summoner
2 - Astral Legionnaire
3 - Summons are individually weak but numerous; fighting alongside them makes them stronger and fight more ferociously.
It's a currently a placeholder.
File: 1357523690463.jpg-(344 KB, 1383x2191, technoM.jpg)
344 KB
Here's a quickie.

I'll be back with more, just know this is partof a game project, so I'll try and return with more concepts and hopefully some 3d models

But now I have to get some rest, see you guys and thanks again for your participation.
I feel like I'm missing something. This topic seems to be some sort of reference, but I can't place it.
If there is a reference here, it is unintended, my good sir.
>1 - Fighter/Support
>2 - Limbflayer
>3 - Can devour organic enemies and use their limbs as weapons.
>I'll be back with more, just know this is partof a game project, so I'll try and return with more concepts and hopefully some 3d models

Is this some kind of scheme to get anon to make up ideas for your school project or something?
I've been out of school for a while now. I have to admit I'm trying to tap in your collective mind, but it's more to find motivation and courage...

I'm a bit burnt out from work, and I don't feel exactly appreciated there, so when I work on my own, all my personal work seems like shit to me, so it's really more a way for me to jump start my brain.

I'll repay your efforts in full as soon as possible.
I mean this.


What is this from?

Did you go to school for artsy things/game development or is it something you've picked up? Also, general advice would be appreciated, I'd like to get into that field.
Should you still be around :

I've attended a school in France called "ENJMIN". It offers a master degree in game development, provided you have a bachelor degree (or similar work experience), and want to specialize in either CG, Game design, programmation, sound design, ergonomics or production management.

It's expected fro myou that you're skilled in the subject in which you want to major, and want to apply your knowledge to video games.

Since it's a public school it's also free to attend. I have a Mexican room mate who attends it as well, and as long as you speak some french, you have a shot.

More generally, I've wandered some time in art schools, first in a fin arts school, which is a rather "conservative" environment, and didn't provide much technical formation, although the nude sketching sessions were a good boost in drawing skills.

Then I attended an animation school, where I actually started to learn shit.

But I digress.

Anyway, here is my two cents on the game industry :

If you're okay with making pony games, or if you're damn you at what you do, you have a shot. However, the job is really energy and time consuming. You'll have to stay inform and continue to learn lots of things on your free time, and you'll have to deal with crazy people with strange ideas.

for instance : http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1014933/The-Magic-Gun-Surviving-IP

Also, it's expected from you to have some skill, since the industry is cristalizing and accept less and less rookies, so you'll have to either make a good project on your free time, or acquire the necessary skills in another, less demanding field of activity.

But in the end, well, it pays rather well, the co worker are often nice, and you get to make funny stuff
File: 1357576576643.jpg-(798 KB, 3508x2480, tg_design009.jpg)
798 KB
Let's bump this with content. I've been making a 3d model for the game today. I think I might have it finished by the end of the day if I stick to it seriously.


void Blade not quite as dark, maybe I should tweak the color scheme.
3-Ambush Bug
4-Resilient and brutal warriors who use camouflage and patience to get close to opponents.
Oh man I love that Circuit Dancer. Thanks, B&HK!
Tech - Support (Or perhaps summoner?)
Eyes of Hera
Observation; the Eyes of Hera are able to overide the command protocals of other robots, allowing them to see, hear, and spy on anything. They are usually followed by a retinue of small observation droids, constantly feeding information back to their masters. Without them, they simply patch into the multitude of droids that live in the Techcropolis of Olympus.
Usually encountered along with the more complex androids; such as the Knights of Pallas, the Coils of Phoebus, and the copper clad Hospites. Their one job, to police the fleshlings, hunt down erant robots, and keep crime down.

I'm still here. Could you give a scale of 1-10 on how exhausting the industry is? 10 being the most exhausting? Anything lower than 15 is worth it in my opinion. I've been wanting to get into the field for such a long time.

Also, if you don't mind one last question: What is the best thing to practice sketches on? Is there a particular object or area of the world that's good to sketch? I was hoping to work on concept art, but I like character design as well.

Thanks in advance.
Rouge, Arcane
Called a 'Lurk'
Essentially uses illusion and enchantment magic to create lapses in people memory, become invisible, generate darkness, magically disguise himself, etc.
For a core mechanic I guess a ki pool would be appropriate, expending points to use your lurk talents.
File: 1357585987507.jpg-(200 KB, 1000x859, WIP001.jpg)
200 KB
Taking a pose from texturing and resuming sketching.

Spatiomancer looks too gay for now, wrong one for starting since the lot of empty space on their costume makes the texturing kinda hard.

In my opinion, it's a 6-7 most of the time, rises to 9 when you get to perform while depressed by your coworkers shenanigans, and some 15 when your team is in a crunch and everyone is forced to work 70 hours / week to make the lights on the schedule turn green.

For perspective, start with standard dhapes : books, cans, cups, and so on, put them on your desk and scribble. One of the best exercises I've had is to draw a pile of clothes, it's the best exercise save nude drawing, when learning shading and possibly color.

Don't hesitate to go outside and sketch people or animals.

Alright, and thanks again! You've given me way more useful info than any Google search ever has. 'Tis much appreicated.
File: 1357590047791.jpg-(868 KB, 3508x2480, tg_design010.jpg)
868 KB
Is there any way you can label the names of these ones like the others? I feel like I'm being picky here and its cool if you don't, but I liked the labels on the picture.
I almost feel like Eye of Odin would be a better name for these guys, but a lot of sci-fi stuff gets named after the Nords as it is.


Anyone have that musclewizard picture? because that would fit in with this post very well....
Do I look like someone who gets shit done ?

Well, it doesn't cost me much, so here you are.
File: 1357591683042.jpg-(822 KB, 3508x2480, tg_design009.jpg)
822 KB
making a fool of myself, yet again : check.

I like your way of thinking
Tech Support, or maybe Tech Arcane/Summoner, I don't really know which this would fit best under.
Big, sturdy motherfuckers who act as giant, mobile walls. They generate shields, swarms of medic and repair nanobots, and other defenses to keep their side fighting. I imagine these are the kind of guys you would call in a Siege Wizard for.


core feature
>able to create chemicals and devices to inject them into himself and others to heal, buff, debuff etc. Huge crafting involving machinery and chemistry.
Sweet thanks!

I don't know that much about Norse Mythology. So I went with what I know, greek myths.
Ah, that explains it. Odin actually rips out one of his eyes in order to gain all knowledge and sight. And you get to have all sorts of fun cyclopean motifs with your design.
>Crazy transhuman warjunkies
Didn't we make a setting based on that once? Also, you should totally call them Warjunkies or Fight Junkies.

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