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I am the Chapter Master. You should not concern yourself with my name, for who I am is what I do, not how someone chooses to label me. By the will of the Emperor I command the finest Chapter to ever tread among the stars. I have no fear but to fail in the eyes of my brothers. Age of Ruin is on the horizon, Imperium is falling apart, I know it in my heart. I was blessed and cursed to live in time when the fate of our galaxy is being decided once more. I can just hope that my choices will be right. Ave Imperator et Imperium!
File: 1357498530422.jpg-(73 KB, 500x707, ghost marine.jpg)
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+Heresy: 32% (Suspicious)
+Numbers: 648 battle brothers
+Wealth: 104 million thrones

=Primary quests=
+Securing Sector Deus
+Finding out truth about Chapter origins

=Secondary quests=

=Recent events=
We have visited High Sector Lord Larion Ursus, to whom we have decided to swear our allegiance. A true warrior is not the one who is free, but the one who bears the burden of duty to his master. We were also lucky to meet Leutenant Gaius of Ultramarines, who has arrived to Tachion Primaris in search of allies for his Chapter. We have received gifts from them and parted on good relations. Also Ceiron, Vindicare assassin in our service, has left because we had no use for him. At the moment we are in the orbit of Mormark, our homeworld.

File: 1357498718915.jpg-(838 KB, 1127x1201, Sybsector Tyranus circa 3(...).jpg)
838 KB
Date is now is 330.M41.
+You hear no news from Dercius. You assume that he is dead.
+Space Hulk 'Dark Sister' appears in the realspace again
+Captain Macedon reports that some orks appeared again on Varda, but they are very few and make perfect practice for his Company
+Prisoner rebellion began on penal world of Kruun in Tyranus subsector
+Our brothers who follow so called 'Ice Wraiths' Cult have been seen preparing humans for sacrifice
+Arcon, Captain of the Third Company, has not complied with his orders and hasn't contacted us for more than a year.
Assign Dreidor and his 4th Company to assist Krunn in quelling the rebellion, they can take Cruiser 'Morbid'.

Summon Harmantos to our quarters to talk.

Send message to Arcon:
>Captain Arcon, I know not why you have decided to disobey my orders and take your company absent without leave, but I implore you to please return to the Tombstone, your Iron Halo for pacifying Inaria goes unborne.
File: 1357499248129.png-(169 KB, 420x480, RogerRetard.png)
169 KB
forgot name
I seem to recall that the AdMech picked up some STCs for possible colony improvements on Varda from that ship. Can we ask them if they have any technology that would help alleviate the food problem in the sector such as hydroponics?

Also our wealth is a little low. Does Duke Glemont have any prospects?
File: 1357499515303.gif-(56 KB, 80x80, 1357165089493.gif)
56 KB
Seconded, instruct the Battle Brothers on site to be wary of beings with Purple hair.
>random chapter
>some all-female nurgle cult needs purgin
>purge it
>some marines are contaminated

how do i cure them?
>Captain Macedon, purge the xenos with righteous fury! But do not underestimate the greenskin. Just because you only see a few of them does not mean that there are only a few. Take no chances.
>marine rape
i guess you are proud successor of space wolves

you either send them to your chaplain, to apothecary or accept gifts of nurgle

all choices except sending them to apothecary are fun
File: 1357499788400.png-(377 KB, 427x800, harmantos.png)
377 KB
Dreidor slams his fist to the chest and smiles:
>We'll make those scum pay for their arrogance! Do you have any secondary orders for me or am I to act as I see fit?
Harmantos comes to your room mere minutes later after you summon him. As he enters, you realise that he's even taller than when you've last seen him and that he can look you in the eye without even lifting his head. Even among genetically enhanced space marines, very few are higher than you and this disturbs you a little bit.
>Sergeant Harmantos at your service, milord. How can I help you?
Please roll d100 for the warp message that you send.
>be fleet based
>on crusade to redeem myself because my jackass founding chapter gone full heretic
>oh man i love being marine, i love just goin errywhere and burning stuff
>assistance call from nearby planet
>yay, exp
>use warp
>shit happens
>arrive 100 years after the jump
>planet does not respond
>land to find empty cities
>claim the planet, call some governor i know, give planet to him
>time pass, same governor asks for help on that planet i gave him
>appears this planet is a demon world of tzeentch and local demon prince bent the reality to make it look like its just an empty planet
>"yeah, well, no"
>whole planet moves away from the sun
>darkness falls
>planet enters warp
>screams begin
>never make it out of the warp
File: 1357500135398.jpg-(1.68 MB, 1920x1200, Miljö 420.jpg)
1.68 MB
> TripMarine 01/06/13(Sun)14:10 No.22434419

I seem to recall that the AdMech picked up some STCs for possible colony improvements on Varda from that ship. Can we ask them if they have any technology that would help alleviate the food problem in the sector such as hydroponics?
Nestorian Admech indeed has a wide range of various technologies that could transform Varda into an Agri-world, but such investment would cost a lot and require a lot of time. However once it's finished, it would both bring us wealth and help the Sector.

>Also our wealth is a little low. Does Duke Glemont have any prospects?
I believe that you have fired him back on Tachion Primaris and now his position is filled by Averon Birg( young finance adept looking for a chance to prove himself, inexperienced, but very intelligent) and you've also hired Kvei Lohar (ex-colonial governor, he claims that he was relieved of his duties because of intrigues. Seems like a resourcefu man used to improvisation and leading) - he'll be responsible for development on Varda.
Act as you see fit but try to keep collateral damage to a minimum. Destroying things without purpose is the way of the foul Greenskin,

Also keep an eye out for opprotuinities to increase our wealth and influence.
To Dreidor:
>The prisoners should have little in the way of heavy armament, so try and reduce collateral damage as much as possible, avoid explosives etc.
>Unless of course the prisoners have gotten their hands on any armoured vehicles, if they are encountered you have free reign on any hardware you deem necessary to defeat it.

To Harmantos:
>Hello Sergeant. It has come to my attention that the Ice Wraiths have been handling shipments of people, hauled in here in crates, and taken away, no doubt to be used in some kind of ritual of yours. Tell me, what have you been doing with them?
Rolled 79

rolling for warp message
Rolled 2

Have our spy networks search for Arcon, his Company, and Cruiser 'Morbid'.

Rollin' for warp message.
Sorry it seems the wiki page may be out of date in that aspect then.

Instead ask Averon Birg if he has any promising ventures for us to make a bit of money.

I assume that Varda is not yet able to generate significant income due to its size and newness?
>adeptus mechanicus drone found a planet
>requests that we go investigate it
>its a jungle deathworld
>oh man, catachans would love this place
>find natives
>name them felinids
>they are fucking cute, can speak low gothic and recognize us as "empurrahs angels"
>ring the most radical and powerful inquisitor who is in dept
>request that he would grant imperial citizenship to felinids, they are clearly abhumans with alot of fur
>some fuckass lord commissar comes and enrolls most of felinids to ig to serve as hit and run unit
>feel like something precious was taken from me
>emperor, why?
Send a message to the Silent Guardians on how the "operation" went, and how our mutual "friend" Dercius is.
File: 1357501052441.jpg-(162 KB, 1152x864, Miljö 354.jpg)
162 KB
Roll for Captain Macedon and 6th Company and their success on Varda
Roll for Captain Dreidor and 4th Company and their success on Kruun
>I have no knowledge of such things occuring under my command, milord, but I'll investigate as soon as possible. Do you have names of the men who were doing this or any kind of evidence that I could use?
(option to roll scrutiny if you have it, to see whether he is really telling the truth)
I don't count rolls when I don't see the dice.
I'll update it soon, or you may do it yourself. It changed only last session.
>Instead ask Averon Birg if he has any promising ventures for us to make a bit of money.
You may roll d100 for his Finance skill.
>I assume that Varda is not yet able to generate significant income due to its size and newness?
Varda does now generate d10 Wealth per year from contracts with Merchant League. You have a contract for a century.
Rolled 49, 67, 86 = 202

Rolling 3d100 for, respectively:
Macedon's success on Varda
Dreidor's success on Kruun
Birg's financing
Rolled 37

Rolling for orcs on Varda

We could use a new chaplain. Can we see a list of possible candidates?
File: 1357501991858.jpg-(52 KB, 750x600, 1282615266301.jpg)
52 KB
Message was sent out, but for now there is no reply.
Their answer is as follows:
>Operation went well and Rogue Trader has left to explore beyond the boundaries of galaxy. His greed got the better of him.
For now there are no news from either of the captains, but Birg approaches us and offers a few choices where we could try earning some money:
A) Investing 30 wealth in new manufactorums that are being rebuilt in Kanihirium on Mormark. This has 75% chance of earning us 50 wealth next year.
B) Loan our money to the Merchant League. They would pay us (2+d10)% yearly interest. (minimum 10 wealth, minimum 5 years)
C) Go to Dirr and buy a lot of slaves, they are cheap now because of a major war that just ended there and try selling them somewhere else.
My vote is for investment A
Gonna second
Rolled 39

Is there any reason we couldn't do A but also loan a little money in B?

Also can you clarify option B a little? I am assuming that we get back the original investment at the end of 5 years in addition to what we loaned? If so we would gain anywhere from 15% to 60% (3% to 12% per year) on our investment. Not a lot but a nice safe investment.
sorry left dice on (unless you want to count it because it is a good roll >.>)
When you put it like that then option B is pretty good.....

I'd say loan 20 wealth to the Merchant league for 5 years then.
File: 1357502973409.jpg-(175 KB, 895x588, The_Book_and_the_Key__by_(...).jpg)
175 KB
Leutenant Kronos has more fire than most in him, he'd be a damn good Chaplain, however losing such an efficient Leutenant would be a loss to the Chapter.
Another choice could be Clarus, who once tried and failed to become Chaplain. However he's a very bitter marine and he claims that Emperor speaks through him. As he has no psychic powers, it can only by assumed, that he's mad.
Finally, there's brother Laptus, a marine known for his selflessness and courage, however he is quite young.
Another way to prepare suitable character to become Chaplain, we should train them, by sending to Academia in Tombstone.

Your assumption is correct, option B includes guaranteed return of original investment + interest. Option A can earn you orginal investment of 30+20W.

So, which do you choose?
File: 1357503073301.jpg-(7 KB, 265x190, both.jpg)
7 KB
do we have to choose or can we do both A and B?
Also if anyone was interested the math for option A is:
.75*50 + .25*(-30) = 30W expectation value

Statistically you gain 30W on average every time you choose this option but that doesn't help us if we roll above 75.
I'd rather not go for Kronos as I dont want the leader of a cult to be a Chaplan, and Clarus is.....Clarus.....

I like Laptus, zeal of youth is good.
You can do both, if you wish.
Cool! Because of detailed calculations, that chance raises to 80
Xyptus approaches you and informs that he has some information on Destiny and Arcon. Please roll d100
Rolled 24

File: 1357504971572.jpg-(68 KB, 450x810, 1644923278.jpg)
68 KB
So, option A and investing 20 W in option B for 5 years, right? Please roll for A.

Xyptus seems happy about his findings:
>Milord, my men have managed to track down Arcon. It seems that he and his Company are currently in Inaria, controlling the underwater hive they pacified and effectively running it as they please. They ignore all requests of the planetary governor to give him control and claim that the area is still impure and their presence there is a necessity.
Rolled 23

I agree on choosing Laptus.

Contact Inquisitor Faceless:
>Greetings again Inquisitor. It has recently come to our attention that the rogue trader known as Dercius D'anger is suspected of being a traitor and heretic. We arranged for him to have a meeting with our brothers in the Silent Guardians chapter. They have presumably taken care of the problem because we have not heard from him for some time. We intend to seize any of his assets we can get our hands on. It would be convenient if, in your function as an Inquisitor, you gave us legal authority over all his assets to smooth out any wrinkles in the process. We would of course split a percentage with you and it would likely give you promising new leads on other smuggling and heretical activities.
File: 1357505397660.png-(126 KB, 500x395, 1357354832078.png)
126 KB

my sunday just got a lot better, monitoring.
Rolled 5 + 2

Agree 20W for option B. Rolling 2+1d10 for interest rate.
Rolled 7, 1, 8, 5, 3 = 24

Shit, forgot to carry on talking to Harmantos...

Cast Visions to see what happened to the humans in cargo
You'll earn 20 wealth next year.
We'll receive 28 wealth back in 5 years.
Faceless responds to your message promptly:
>I must ask you how and why was this D'anger character taken care of. If you have any more leads on why was he a heretic and any evidence to support that, I'd be very interested to investigate the matter further. I will also need to question Silent Guardians too, could you please give me their last known coordinates? I've checked Dercius' Imperial accounts and I am willing to give up all of his possessions to you once you provide me with information I want. A heretical Rogue Trader is a great danger and I must travel back along his path to see whether his heresy didn't spread any further...
Nice to see you Duxley, join us if you wish!
For some reason visions are greatly clouded, but you feel that there is something bad behind this psychic mist. You may enter the spirit realm, but it'll be dangerous.
>We had encountered D'anger previously, and were using him to ferry food supplies to Mormark, when the Silent Guardians told us they were looking for him because he had disobeyed and hindered them. We then told D'anger to go to the Merdigo system, where the Silent Guardians were waiting to apprehend him. Merdigo is the last location we know the Silent Guardians were at.
File: 1357513543734.jpg-(126 KB, 549x750, 1353566843772.jpg)
126 KB
>I believe that Silent Guardians have many things to explain, I'll seek them out as soon as possible and try to understand what really happened.
Shall you venture into the spirit realm?

Meanwhile, you are informed that rebellion on Kruun might take up to 2 years to pacify as numerous convicts have taken up mountain strongholds and they'll need to be purged one by one, while on Varda a continuous jungle cleansing will be required for at least half a decade.
>Shall you venture into the spirit realm?

Probably best not to.

Send a message to the Order of Bloody Tears:

>Greetings Sororitas, this is the Chapter Master of the Ghosts of Retribution. There is a situation evolving on Inaria that may require your expertise, I have received word from one of my Captains that a particular hive on that planet is corrupt and requires selective purging, and I believe that is your area of expertise. I am heading to Inaria right now and I hope to meet you and your forces there, so we may pass jurisdiction of the hive from my 3rd Company over to you.
File: 1357514435250.png-(211 KB, 336x706, 1296317274417.png)
211 KB
>We believe that your strategic girth will be more than sufficient to deal with your situation. We will move in if you fail. Sincerely yours, Cannoness Preceptor Amelia Engel
At least we can blame them if we fail or the corruption spreads.
Alright then, let's head to Inaria with 1st and 2nd Companies.
File: 1357515029039.jpg-(457 KB, 1002x750, 1282614033704.jpg)
457 KB
Roll d100

This will be good
File: 1357515230133.png-(1.72 MB, 1531x972, The Brodex Astartes.png)
1.72 MB
Rolled 94

why will it be 'good' Skargan?
File: 1357515408816.jpg-(76 KB, 719x636, 1342644362538.jpg)
76 KB
strange warp storm rises. roll d100 on the perils of the warp table
Rolled 44

>inb4 100
File: 1357516177249.jpg-(104 KB, 580x786, 487164_441411772548639_17(...).jpg)
104 KB
As soon as Aspera Dominus enters the warp, strange omens are noticed by Synius.
>Milord, I believe that our Gellar fields have been compromised once more, they are dripping warp into our reality shield. I suggest announcing maximum security status and putting ship under lock down.
It seems that the old Navigator Lord was correct, because as soon as you announce possible dangers, first reports come in from your your men:
>Milord this is Geron, a few of my scouts claim to have seen their dead friends from the initiation. We have disarmed and secured them, but I have reasonable excuse to believe that warp madness might be spreading across the ship...
>Lord Master, this is Leutenant Kronos, we have just encountered a hundred chapter serfs who are engaged in unsanctioned mass carnal activities in the dining hall, I am requesting permission to purge...
>Chapter Master, this is Brethorius, Bleizon, one of our techmarines in Bay 3-45c, has grafted himself to a ship wall, I need medicae assistance!

What do you do?
Warp Madness state: Low, Peaceful
Roll personal willpower
Rolled 60

Personal willpower
File: 1357516550264.jpg-(64 KB, 557x948, 548185_460559113967238_18(...).jpg)
64 KB
You feel bloodlust rising in your veins as silent laughter rings in your ears. All you can whisper is...
>Purge... Purge them all!
Your officers hesitate for a moment, but Astartes discipline is beyong question and a few seconds later your vox caster fills up with the sounds of carnage. Ship is being cleansed.

You gain +1 Corruption. Please roll your corruption.

Warp Madness state: Low(Rising), Violent
File: 1357516695756.gif-(2.96 MB, 300x264, GlassCaseOfEmotion.gif)
2.96 MB
Rolled 75

File: 1357516741720.jpg-(7 KB, 211x238, Peter Parker being a bitch.jpg)
7 KB
I think you need to stop rolling them dice, friend.
File: 1357516855243.gif-(1.99 MB, 295x216, 1352660310712.gif)
1.99 MB
File: 1357516880806.jpg-(86 KB, 400x295, So much dakka.jpg)
86 KB
I know......
File: 1357517370194.jpg-(47 KB, 434x720, 1339056531376.jpg)
47 KB
You clench your teeth and swallow low guttural sound that you were about the release. As red mist rolls back, you howl into the vox casters:
One by one, your officers inform you about the purge. As your enhanced brains adds numbers, you realise that this accident so far left dead almost a thousand people.
- 879 crewmen
-1 techmarine(Bleizon)
- 4 scouts(Aqenor, Ruterus, Verim, Alkan)
- 2 brothers(Fux, Oster)

Roll under 65 whether this purge was enough or warp madness spread even further
Rolled 75

I got this.
Rolled 55

I got this guys.
File: 1357517847860.jpg-(117 KB, 1024x768, 1165122222216.jpg)
117 KB
One of the named characters got caught by madness, Roll d7
Rolled 1

Rolled 3

Oh damn.
Rolled 2

File: 1357518177288.jpg-(164 KB, 618x800, 42cd42f2270de56d.jpg)
164 KB
>Milord! Revenant Turiel has gone mad! He was purging with us, but now he's slaying them for his own pleasure! We have locked him down in a habdeck, but he's invisible and mad, what can we do to stop him..? What are your orders?
Use an Electromagnetic pulse, it'll overload the Armours cloaking field, then move in, using boarding shield for cover against the marksman, pin him down through numbers and imprison him.
File: 1357519138933.jpg-(411 KB, 1512x2035, 1296673911371.jpg)
411 KB
As EMP grenades are very few and valued, this won't be easy, but you might try. Roll d100.

1-30 you take him alive, armour is fine
31-60 you take him alive, but armour is fried
61+ Turiel's dead

Also roll for Turiel 3d100 - intelligence(traps+demolitions), ballistic skill(marksmanship) and agility(evasion). Based on this we'll see how many men will it cost to take him alive. You send marines do the job or mortals?
Rolled 72, 11, 94, 62 = 239

Rolling 4 d100.

May the Emperor protect his soul
No, change of plan, wait until we drop out of warp and see how Turiel reacts.

Keep him locked on the deck he's in.
Rolled 75, 44, 69, 91 = 279

>You send marines do the job or mortals?

Missed that. Send marines.
I say do this for now. No need to waste the grenade if he's locked up and secure.
Rolled 9 + 2

I think some of us would like to leave him locked up until we drop out of warp. Is that ok with you?
Rolled 40, 92, 94 = 226

I hope I roll bad.
if he is secure, seconding.

Warp Madness generally passes after exiting warp.
woops no idea why dice were up
File: 1357519694385.jpg-(391 KB, 1680x1050, sd.jpg)
391 KB
As soon as you re-enter the realspace, Turiel falls unconscious and you recover him. You may roll Klementhos Medicae skill to see whether he'll regain his sanity.

And down below you lies Inaria... What do you do?
File: 1357519697728.jpg-(144 KB, 296x345, 1357360056761.jpg)
144 KB
oh boy
Rolled 30


Medicae skills.

>inb4 Elesh's Medicae Mechadendrite results
File: 1357519933614.gif-(2.46 MB, 320x240, Maverick animooted.gif)
2.46 MB
You always were the danger zone specialist MachineSpirit.

I want to sex your dice.
Make sure we take him out of his armor first so he can't go missing again.

Broadcast on all channels:
>People of Inaria. This is Chapter Master of the Adeptus Astartes chapter Ghosts of Retribution. You are unlawfully rebelling against the rule of the Emperor and His chosen representatives. You will cease hostilities immediately and surrender any arms to us. This is your only warning. Failure to comply will result in us visiting His Justice upon you.
nono talk to Arcon first, he's the one we need to talk with regarding the 'purging'.
Sorry getting my planets confused. Thought this was the penal colony
File: 1357520296209.jpg-(322 KB, 1920x1200, 1289678813781.jpg)
322 KB
Turiel will require intense treatment for a few months and Trianon suggested letting him spend a year or two in a solitary cell on Tombstone, but otherwise he'll be fine.

His armour is now taken to the armoury.

Regarding this - Inaria has 4 major underwater Hives and only one of them, Poseidon, was rebelling. That's why Third Company was sent there. However they somewhy didn't return. The rest of the world is loyal as far as you know.

Wiki entry:
The trick is knowing that no one could possibly have worse medicae than Elesh's mechadendrite :D


Orders: Contact Arcon
Is Third Company in orbit or on the planet? If not contact the heads of the 4 major hives to inquire when he left and under what circumstances
File: 1357528649962.jpg-(29 KB, 400x436, 1357358872925.jpg)
29 KB
335. Aqenor (Scout) - Fell to warp madness, granted the Emperor's mercy.
336. Fux - Fell to warp madness, granted the Emperor's mercy.
337. Verim (Scout) - Fell to warp madness, granted the Emperor's mercy.
338. Ruterus (Scout) - Fell to warp madness, granted the Emperor's mercy.
339. Techmarine Bleizon - Fell to warp madness and grafted himself to to a vehicle bay wall, granted the Emperor's mercy.
340. Oster - Fell to warp madness, granted the Emperor's mercy.
341. Alkan (Scout) - Fell to warp madness, granted the Emperor's mercy.

reading through your losses, Sector Deus is truly a treacherous place.

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