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File: 1357736502254.png-(2.13 MB, 901x1261, central continent annotated.png)
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Hey folks, once again we come in with the newest Civ game from Primordial.
>What is it?
It's the continuation of the Primordial evo games, where people play out the civilizations that rise from the creatures that were evolved in the evo games.
New players are always welcome!
>How do I play?
Well, all you need are five things: a tribe/civilization name, a species your tribe is made of, a logo or emblem of your tribe, where your civilization would be located, and a short backstory.
You can be a subgroup of a larger tribe, or a fresh, brand-new tribe. In order to help you flesh things out we'll put the description of previous tribes later.
>What about rolling?
Anytime you want to do an improvement to your tribe, exploring stuff or generally do something, you roll a d20 per action.
1 means crit fail, 2 to 5 is failure, 6 to 10 is minor failure, 11 to 15 is minor success, 16 to 19 is success, 20 is the awesome roll.
For improvements or inventing something, if you have tried three different times and failed, you will get what you tried to have. It's supposed to be your tribe learning from their mistakes.

Now, on to the races available for choosing!
File: 1357737116736.png-(125 KB, 600x400, pusmal2.png)
125 KB
1) Pusmal
The pusmal are bioengineering hive creatures who evolved underground. The Pusmal queens have unstable DNA, which allows them to control traits in its offspring. The queen's DNA contains all the traits the hive has, and the queen can influence the genes of the workers. Once a year, the queen enters the instability period, and thus produce mutated males with new traits. These males will then become the gene-stock for the rest of the year, becoming the harem of the queen. The workers can augment themselves by eating different minerals during their larval stage.
There are, biologically, 3 Pusmal castes; the Queen, the Prince, and the Worker. Queens can only stay on one location after adulthood, Princes mate with the Queen or get sent as gifts to other Queens, and the Workers are sterile females that do the hive's work. Culturally, however, the caste system is up to the players.
A Pusmal moves at about 30km a day, due to a body geared towards living in tunnels, having to stay out of the sun, and being primarily a digging type creature. The pusmals are unaffected by difficult terrain.
File: 1357737237620.png-(113 KB, 600x450, suzumou2.png)
113 KB
The suzumou are small, communal, wasp like creatures, who reproduce parasitically. They require a host for their eggs, this host usually being a sandworm. The suzumou have a powerful stinger which contains acidic venom, that they use to melt trough the hard shell of a sandworm so they can deposit their eggs inside the worm's flesh.
They can alter their venom's acidity, usually only releasing the acidic substance while they bore trough the shell. The other part of the venom is a neuro-toxin, which causes temporary paralysis, and semi comatose state in the victims. As the venom fades from the victim's body, it will wake up and be able to move again, unless the suzumou sting it again.
The suzumou are very lightly built, though resilient for their size. They can fly relatively well, although not very fast. They communicate trough body language and chirping, the orange wings play a large part in their communication. All their 4 wing pairs have bioluminicient veins, that play into their communication.
Most suzumou tribes of the desert use adolescent worms to breed. They track these worms down, paralyze them and lay their eggs in them. Then they will continue to follow the worm until their young burst out of it's flesh. This process is quite harmful for the young worms, and many die because of it. These small nomadic tribes revere the worms, and often conduct elaborate rituals to honor the worms and to appease them.
Few, lucky tribes have found themselves a godworm, in which to live. Due to the rarity of the godworms themselves, these tribes are few and far between, but they are often most powerful and influential ones, as they can stay in one place, and build up strength instead of being forced to be nomadic.
A suzumou can walk at about 50km a day, but can fly 150km a day.
File: 1357737394318.png-(90 KB, 600x400, gorrirog.png)
90 KB
Gorriogs are a race native to the massive desert which covers over half of Central Continent. Like nearly all other Glund descendants, they undergo complete metamorphosis (live birth as larvae, develop into pupae, and then emerge as toddlers).
They possess a wide field of vision of about 270 degrees (perception covers the infrared and much of the visible spectrum, as with most Glund descendants), electrical organs similar to the Hunter's Organ in an electric eel, and a partially externalized skeleton.
While not uncommon, Gorriogs are not necessarily aggressive creatures.
A gorrirog can cover 80km a day, their are not particularly fast, but have a strong endurance and do not need to stop so often.
File: 1357737660225.png-(126 KB, 486x558, koburrog.png)
126 KB
Koburrogs are a very distant relative to Gorriogs. They are a species which can be called a living fossil, as they've been around for several million years while experiencing little change. They are small and fairly low on the food-chain. Koburrogs usually have twins or triplets, which are born as larvae.
They have the same externalized skeleton and perception which extends into the infrared as their relatives. An issue which has repeatedly caused them to revert back to the stone age time and time again is a slight lack of foresight along with some remnants of herd instincts.
A Koburrog can cover 80km a day, they move with haste, and rest for short periods where shade is available.
File: 1357737833712.png-(166 KB, 600x500, tentouz.png)
166 KB
The tentouz are a species of tentacled flying bubble of methane. They produce this methane thanks to archaebacteria in their stomach. The gas fills constantly a network of chambers where a part is turned into dihydrogen which grants them propulsion bursts from their sprouts. Their mind works around this gas chambers: the neurons of the brain layer exchanges gaseous organic substances back and forth with scattered glands while stocking some of them in a vascular system to act as memory.
They communicate in a basic level with body language and express their more complex concepts by shifting their skin like a cuttlefish. The tentouz have a unique system of imunity. Every molecule neutralized by imunity molecules can be within a time be used sentiently as a new compound of the mind, as poison or as colour for their shifting skin. Their limbs are very weak. They have a relatively long lifespan, give birth at only one larvae at once that have a slow growth.
A tentouz can float 100km a day, but are able to do so safely at high altitudes.
File: 1357737988673.png-(196 KB, 700x448, kwagos.png)
196 KB
The Kwagos are omnivorous, bipedal creatures who live in large pack like communities which are composed of mated pairs and usually ruled by the eldest females while the physically slightly stronger males usually protect the pack. They have, rough, somewhat rubbery skin, that is covered by a thin layer of oil. They communicate vocally, and trough body language, which is mostly done trough their facial expressions. They can emit wide range of noises, with the aid of their lips, tongue and most importantly, trough a bladder like organ on their forehead, which amplifies the voices they create.
The Kwagos breed somewhat like amphibians. Their eggs are covered by a thick, rubbery and translucent membrane, and even thicker layer of slime, which both protect the developing embryo. Unlike amphibians, the kwagos protect these eggs, carrying them in a "pouch" they form by folding their tail against their belly. The underside of the tail excretes nutrient rich slime, which keeps the eggs moist, as well as delivers extra nutrients to the developing embryo. Kwagos usually lay 1-3 eggs, which are roughly the size of a human fist.
The eggs develop in a few weeks, and after that the larvae are still held in the pouch for 1-3 months. Kwagos reach physical maturity at 5 years, and mental maturity at over 15 years. Kwagos are hot-blooded.
Kwagos, being the fastest land species, can travel 90km a day.
If you don't feel very creative (or maybe on the contrary), you can play as subgroups or divergent groups from previous tribes. Here are the ones available:
Hitangan/ Alphas- Gorrirog- Anon- kingdom in the mountains made of several merged tribes. Powerful fortresses, metal works, and trade. Have many warriors and a strange tool called the worm horn. Domesticated animals and Houyi allies.
Hu-raan- Koburrog- Notrip- Broke the curse of bad luck, masters of building and fashion.
Zarethedir- Pusmal- Onolkeshan- Powerful tribe of pusmal, but largely unaware of the surface world, were unaware of the Sandoni swarm war.
Zul-nul- Suzumo- Nad- Powerful tribe of suzumo, allied with the northern Gorrirog tribes during the swarm war, ulterior motives.
Zul-Nul Exiles- Wesper living within the body of the giant wesper creature "thickblood."
VietKoBurrong- Koburrog- NPC- Decimated over and over, only to rise again, scattered, broken, numerous factions. Experts at guerrilla warfare.

And that's about it! Start up your tribes! I'll answer any questions you have.
File: 1357738671376.png-(533 KB, 1500x1000, Hastun sheet 2.png)
533 KB
The first tale of the Hastun: "The land that shall bear our lives, shall be ours until the end of times"

The colour shades that may mean this has not been worn for a long time on the hides of the pale remnants of the Hastun. But the words have not been forgotten, still inscribed deeply in the dormant memories since the beginning of the great starve. The prophet of these words may still be living in the pack, as pale and as the others, no longer differentiable from its pairs. They have been guidied instinctively by this obsessive idea to seek for a more bounteous land. Wandering and roaming unnoticed on the desert sky for decades, they have forgotten the way to be themselves. But in a day, a green horizon appears, dawn of a new era. The Hastun catches a prey, feeds on it and awakes. Then he knows that he must stay awakened for ever. A few hours past, and the entire tribe is back on its minds. Their hides turns blue again, and then moving shades start to scatter around in tidal colour waves. The skin on their foreheads pulses and a sketch starts to design itself. The words appear again: "The land that shall bear our lives, shall be ours until the end of times" they become the sigil of the Hastun. All wear it, but then an other word, made of darker shades is formed. The word of their forgotten past, their lost origins. This word becomes sense of obliviousness and sacrilege. Forgetting is forbidden.


Look any time here, everything is wrote down:
Rolled 6, 11 = 17

The remains who reached the jungle are composed of 30 adults and 5 larvae.
They now need to gather more food to feed themselves properly.
20 individuals stay around their landing point and tries to build deposits the higher they can. They tend to use clubs with stones as lever to move heavier stuff. Act by pairs to transport things. Gather cutting edge objects.
A second group goes to south to hunt. They fly higher than the canopy, counting on their powerful eyes to spot herds and big animals on the ground, circle them, and then go down to shoot them with acid mucus bubbles. They try to aim the head to kill quick and avoid spoiling meat, hides and scales.

Rolling for building/basic mechanics understanding. And for scouting/hunting
File: 1357739820959.png-(137 KB, 1046x590, morphoced01.png)
137 KB
Early attempts at figuring out the workings of more complex skills result in suffering. A tribal member is crushed under a rock as it rolls over atop him. thankfully a squish and somewhat robust biology saves the tentouz as gas is rapidly vented preventing rupture. This member will be out of commission and need medical care/ feeding as it recovers. The tribe catches an abundance of suls. they do not taste good, and are a sticky mess, but will fill their bellies tonight.
Rolled 1

The hunters come back successful and are welcomed by frenetic tentacle waving and vivid colours.
The meal has for result to reinforce the vigour and elevate slightly the general intellect of the tribemen.
The remains of food are stocked in the deposits weakly built. Some try to look for useful parts on the suls but it's a lost cause.
They spend a few days on their stocks while at least 5 hastun keep awake to foresee any threat (night-time is not a problem for their superior vision).

Some tribemen spend some time on the wood collected to see how they could work it.
They first try to use cutting objects but their strenght lacks to work it as they would. They then find out that they can shape it slowly but precisely by pouring acid concentrated mucus on it. They try to build tools that they atatch with strings of llras.

Rolling for woodshaping
An accident at the workshop happened! A Tentouz poured too much acidic mucus onto the wood, and it burned a hole through the workshop. Some wooden tools were also liquified in the process.
Rolled 19

The young queen is pleased with their arrival in such an isolated place, but soon more pressing needs come to mind. She takes stock. 15 workers. 10 dumb miners and 5 fast ones. Not the best way to start a colony, but it would have to do. She looks to the sky, and the sun stares back unblinking. She wiggles her stubby legs in the soil, damp, without solidity. Not good for a chamber. She is out of ideas and weak from her long journey. She directs her workers to a nearby stand of vegetation, which helps relive the burning of the sun but her skin is still too warm.

Without the ability for true shelter she turns to her aching stomach. She sends out the fast stusval along the beach to scavenge for food. In the meanwhile she directs her dumb workers to bring her some of the smaller plants for a snack. When she notices the thing state of them she tells them to eat too.

>Did I do ok?
File: 1357746933404.png-(16 KB, 116x218, Knife.png)
16 KB
Rolled 8, 19 = 27

The workers only managed to save a bunch of knives from the accident that can merely be used to harvest some more llras or cut the sul meat.
They now need to hunt again while some others continue their experiments on wood.

Roll for hunt and woodwork

When the trunk fell on that builder, all the forehead waved dark colours (anathema symbol) as they knew that his death would have meant the loss of his memory.
>Forgot my tribe sheet.
File: 1357747041810.png-(192 KB, 737x429, TribeSheet.png)
192 KB
>twice sorry
Well, you forgot to mention what you are rolling for, but I assume it was gathering food? Generally it's one roll per different action, so for example if you wanted to hunt and make shelter in one post you can roll two d20s that post.

Anyways, food gathering result: The land is fertile, and lots of edible plants are easily foraged here. The workers bring fruit, which satisfy your tribe's hungers.

The hunters only manage to catch some more suls, and just about half of what they caught last time. The woodcarvers, however, had managed to learn from their mistake, and found out the exact acidity used to make wood temporarily pliable. The reshaped wood is then warmed on top of fire to strengthen it. Woodworking learned!
Rolled 9

>Oh ok

With her hunger temporarily relived the queen turns her attention back to the boiling sun and her poor skin. As her workers were getting her food she had noticed small bugs living in the holes of the trees, which gave her an idea. She instructed her workers to begin working on a shelter made of trees leaning together, with their branches entangling to make a permanent canopy. And that even more leaves from other trees be added for extra shade.
File: 1357751870970.png-(50 KB, 800x1100, Leverhook.png)
50 KB
Rolled 4

The woodworker managed to combine various functions in one single tool easy to carry around.
It can be used as lever, hook or carry things or liquids inside.

They now try to weave ropes with dry llras strings.
Rolled for:
Wood working, hut.
File: 1357755274777.png-(230 KB, 800x600, Maajha.png)
230 KB
Rolled 3, 19 = 22

The Maajha are settled and eager to thrive, but will have to work from the ground up.

Sha (rock) is all well and good for making Bha-sha (rock tools) and hunting, but the Hua-sha (cave) can only do so much to shelter us from Ah-brha-wuo (very cold winds).

Rolling for identifying and gathering a new usable material.
The lack of rope or vines allows the tree branches to quickly come undone, a few workers get smacked in the face by the whipping brush. ((as long as you have not cleared your internet history, if you click the white box by your post, then go down to the bottom of the page, you can also delete a post and put up everything at once.))
The first attempt at rope weaving is not so good. The ropes snap frequently, and can sometimes whip back with dangerous speeds. The same individual who got crushed was just recovering when a rope lashed an eye. ouch.
Scouts fail to find anything viable in the immediate area, other then rocks. Where one rock is not a home though, many can be. The tribe starts to gather many, many rocks and piles them at the entrance to the cave, providing a much needed break from the ab-brha-wuo.
File: 1357759570799.png-(260 KB, 1500x1400, Zu-nul info pic 2.png)
260 KB
Once, a mere fledgling tribe, composed of only few dozen adults, the suzumou tribe calling themselves Zu-nul, the lost children, have risen to never before seen strength, in the aftermath of the Sandoni swarms rampage trough the desert. The countless corpses of the insectoid aggressors fed the tribe's Godworm, Zhen-qual and the tribe itself. In the end, the swarms were a boon for the tribe.

It has been few decades since the swarms rampaged trough the deserts, and now, most of even them have dispersed and the sandoni populations have stabilized. The Zu-nul tribe has grown in size, and their numbers linger in the hundreds. This growth was mostly supported by the discovery of gill worm farming in the underground lakes the tribe had an access to. These small, aquatic worms were easy to breed and feed, and thus they provided a stable source of food for the tribe, and in turn, allowed them to use most of their kills to feed their god, Zhen-qual, which in turn kept her healthy and in good strength.
This empowerment is starting to have it's effects, as the Zu-nul tribe has started to aggressively expand, both the underground network of tunnels they have dug in the crag where Zhen-qual resides, and in the surrounding deserts and the nearby oasis. The tribe has managed to keep at peace with the nearby gorrirog tribe, who also uses the oasis, for now at least.
Zhen-qual herself is also continuing her pursuits in creating an ideal spawn. She is one of a long lineage of Godworms, the memories she inherited from her ancestors stretching out to the fabled First, the one from who all godworms were born. The first was the one who learned the ways in which the godworms shape their flesh. The First was the one who tamed the parasites and learned how to use them. The First was the one who mastered the art of gifting memories, and because of the First, the other godworms exist.
And Zhen-qual's divine birth right, and duty, is to continue to work on the great goal the First started. The ideal worm, one which would never die.

All this, is of course, unknown to the Zu-nul, their existence is only a tool to further the goals of the enigmatic Godworm they so zealously worship and serve. They spread the message of Zhen-qual's wisdom to the other suzumou tribes they encounter, by forcibly converting them and absorbing them to their own tribe. Other races are also told the word of the godworm, and how the desert will claim those who do not serve the Hazuvaat.
Now, for the concrete actions of the tribe.
The Zu-nul are starting to face a minor housing problem with their increasing population, and thus, the tribe has started, a somewhat unorganized effort to construct more tunnels and burrows in their home crag.
There is also some concern over the water supplies, as due to few years of light rain water during the wet season, the water levels in their underwater lakes have shrunk somewhat. This has caused the tribe to both investigate the caverns in where the lakes reside for more of water, as well as send out scouts to locate any new oasises in the vicinity of their home.
Many of the tribe's outlying sandburrows were abandoned during the sandoni swarms rampage, but as the danger of the bugs has now passed, the tribe has started it's work to reclaim these burrows.
Rolled 16, 3, 9, 14, 16, 17, 15 = 90

Zhen-qual is continuing with her own schemes. The increased numbers of her followers has made directing them in an efficient manner increasingly difficult. Because of this, she has deemed it necessarily to create new Wormborns to help her rule over the Zu-nul. These new Wormbors will be a 3/4 mix of warriors and "seers" (shaman like figures), and their minds will be based on the template of Knixi.
Knixi herself returned from the Gorrirog empire, with new knowledge, that she shared with Zhen-qual. She now works as the current leader of the tribe. The information she acquired was mostly irrelevant, with the exception of the knowledge of small, black worms of the mountains, which intrigue Zhen-qual.
She has sent few of her loyal followers to investigate these obsidian worms further.
Finally, Zhen-qual is continuing on experimenting with her own spawn, manipulating their development in ways that will result in more viable spawn, smarter, stronger, and most importantly, more capable of controlling their flesh.

Rolling for: (7 rolls)

Digging more tunnels and burrows.
Finding the source of the water in the underground lakes.
Scouting for more oasises. (Scouts are heading to east)
Reclaiming the lost sand burrows.

Creating more wormborns.
Finding (and investigating) the obsidian worms.
Zhen-qual's experiments on her spawn.
Rolled 15, 10 = 25


Suddenly, sha. Thousands of 'em.

The scouting party are met with unimpressed looks and are promptly sent straight back out again, this time with explicit instruction to go further than 10 metres.
In their absence, the "door" is assembled as effectively as can be achieved with a pile of rocks.

Rolling again for investigation and gathering.
Rolled 4

The queen is dismayed that her canopy did not work. But she notices an odd substance coming our of the mouth of one of her dumb workers. She had been gnawing on some branches and now there was a ball of thick stick liquid on the side of the workers mouth. The queens curiosity is peaked, and with no idea how to build the shelter, she decides to play with and examine this odd ball of goo.

Roll to examine/research resin made from vegetative mater.
Rolled 4, 18 = 22

The tribe spends a few days on its food stock. The hunters are more and more appreciated by their pairs and now benefit of knives to pre-cut their preys before to have less to carry.
The trees are too small and week here for the ambitions of the builders. And the animals have a too poor meat around here.
Once they waited for their wounded to heal they started moving down further south and settle where they can before starting again for the next day. The hunters lead while the workers carry their tools, taking the minimum.

>First day: 100km before setting where they can.

Rolling for travel and scouting for day 1.
File: 1357760650832.png-(315 KB, 920x648, racial template.png)
315 KB
The Rii'Dan are a tribe of Koburrog in the southern jungles who settled there trying to flee the harshness of the central desert. They settled in a lush area, without any particularly great dangers. They prospered in relative peace in the jungles, becoming a relatively powerful tribe spreading through the jungle. The rise in the toxicity of the jungle as well as the increase in spore production by the plants caused the Rii'Dan to be nearly wiped out. A small band of survivors fled towards the edge of the jungle, settling near the river. These few remaining Rii'Dan managed to eek out a meager existence following the relatively docile Mud Grubs and supplementing their diets with the fruits on their backs. The evolution of the Mother Grubs was like a godsend for these few Koburrog and they moved onto the Mother Grubs, living among the mobile groves.
They worship the Sun as a large flaming eye who is hunted across the heavens by the Moons.
They sacrifice parts of each meal in large pyres to the sun each day to sustain it's flight across the skys. Each night a live sacrifice is made to the Moons to distract them from their hunts. They often keep a portion of the food they manage to hunt for such sacrifices.

The full version can be found here:
Rolled 1, 10, 15 = 26

After the morning meal and sacrifice, Toptrai sends out a small party of the hunters and gatherers to find some more food for their tribe, as well as something for the nightly sacrifice.

Some of the gatherers sneak out into the jungle to find some sort of means to create a form of roof to protect against the rains of the jungles.

The Craftsmen gather some of the hair of the tribe to weave together to form some rope for the tribe.
The tribe are good at digging and expand their underground network enough to support further development and population. Water is not found, but one of the scout teams have ran afoul of a competing suzumo tribe who killed all but one of them. The scout reported how the captives were drained of all blood, and this was stored as "the water is sacred". Scouts who head to the east find mostly sand, but keep smelling moisture and find sightings of juvenile worms. Going back to the lost burrows was easy. Most of them were intact. Zhen-qual knows how to make new worm borns easily. The worm borns make for good leads to scout teams on "most holy missions". The Obsidian worms somehow burrow through solid slabs of volcanic glass and crackle with built up static. They are well adapted to their environment. Zhen-qual's remaining hybrid worm is violent to an extreme, often disappearing for a few days only to return with a full belly. Her new spawn need to be carried further away to avoid her hungry child, however subtle manipulations to baseline children has proved fruitful. The new worms are not what she hoped for, but more all the same. They grow more slowly.
File: 1357762757449.png-(253 KB, 800x600, Update1.png)
253 KB
Rolled 15


The scout is congratulated for his belated success and they are entrusted with some bha-sha that seem well suited for digging up the fuzzy trees.

Rolling to harvest Fhuf-ghar (fuzzy tree)
Rolled 11


Also, for the tube plants Hoh-ghar (hollow tree), now that I realise those were separate.
File: 1357763615896.png-(924 KB, 1448x788, Rismal.png)
924 KB
Let's see how this goes..
Kwagos tribe of Rismal. Unlike the other older tribes, Rismal have only recently settled down and are only a small tribe. In the past they escaped the harshness of the desert south and from there they found the great lake. Rismal eat mostly fish (is there "normal" fish in this world?) they hunt from the shallow waters by using their one hand to keep a bait in the water and with other three they capture the fish that gets too close. They call the great lake "doto caspa" mirror of heaven and believe that the lake is inhabited by spirits that are neither good nor evil.

They have no houses and live under the trees and simple shelters. They only have the most basic tools that they use to hit and carve things. Perhaps their greatest thing is that they know how to make fire and use it to stay warm in the cold.

Does this sound ok?
The scouts go out again, this time a bit further. They run into a very small grove of fuzzy warm trees, growing around them in thick clusters are strange tube like plants. "these are probably good" one scout thought to himself. However pulling them from the ground proved to be much harder then expected. They may need to go back home and get stone tools.
The new goo is sticky,perhaps too sticky. The more it is chewed and mixed with saliva, the more firm and adhesive it becomes. The poor dumb worker has gone and permanently gotten it's mouth stuck shut. Now it will die a slow death of starvation.
The first day of travel results in combat with other flying creatures, strange long limbed things that grasp and strangle, and pull at you. they were dispatched with some effort by the hunters. Now the tribe has more meat, but a few bruises to go along with it. The region is rich in strange fungi that may be useful.
Hunters die in quicksand, never to be seen again. Around the edge of the quicksand are knives and tools left behind. The Gatherers find front like objects that may perhaps make good umbrellas. Craftsmen utilize the quick growing hair of the koburrogs to make a yarn like material that is actually quite strong.
The fuzzy trees are dug up easily enough and continue to shake and shiver. They are quite warm. The Hoh-ghar are much harder and woody, about 15 stalks are gathered to be shown to the tribe. Their edges are sharp as one hunter pricks his hand with it and gets a splinter.
works awesome. this game will last longer then this thread, we usually link to the next thread at the end of the last. This site http://catalog.neet.tv/tg/ shows all active threads on Tg, you can always do ctrl+F and search for primordial/ evo/ or something like that to find us if you get lost. Your tribe is fine, though the race you have picked started out in the northern regions of the continent, it is very possible this tribe migrated down the coast line over the generations and ended up where they are now. tl/dr: good job. enjoy the game.
Rolled 3

The queen is appalled by the workers death but is even more interested at this new substance. The queen herself takes the worker and tries to break the hardened resin. Not through affection for the dieing worker but to see how strong this resin is.

Rolling for resin research. Hopefully I can get my worker back too, but that is a secondary concern.
File: 1357765310137.png-(259 KB, 800x600, Update2.png)
259 KB
Rolled 15


Fhuf-ghar are just what the Maajha needed to upgrade the Hua-sha and the branches are spread out to line the walls and floor.

The splinter, though unfortunate for the scout, has undeniable potential. Using Fsh-bha-sha (sharp rock tools), some of the hoh-ghar are rounded off along their length and sharpened further at the tip to make Fsh-bha-hoh-ghar (sharp hollow tree tools), ideal for wielding unhindered and inflicting splinters, and hopefully more than that, on prey.

However, one Maajha member was a little over-zealous in his sharpening and lops the end off of his Fsh-bha-hoh-ghar. Another notices this and sarcastically tells him not to worry, as he could still use it to hit trees with. The sarcasm was lost on this one and he went and did just that.

Rolling for results of hitting a tree with a stick (go nuts)
Rolled 19, 11, 1 = 31

The Rii'Dan are no strangers to loss. Some of the other hunters left behind grow angered at the loss of their fellow hunters, amassing into something akin to a mob. Toptrai approaches the group, smacking down the ringleader of the mob and turns to the rest, commanding them to send out a small excursion towards the old hunters, following them to discern the cause of death and to recover what they can. Another small group is sent out to see if they can secure more food for the tribe for the evening, with specific commandments to travel away from where the others had gone.

The Gatherer's are congratulated on their return with the large leaves. They quickly gather some of the yarn made by the Craftsmen and attempt to lash the leaves together to make an artificial canopy on the Mother Grub's back.

rolling for the second group to follow the first's tracks, finding food, and lashing of trees
File: 1357765952532.png-(282 KB, 808x906, Hastun2.png)
282 KB
Rolled 12, 14 = 26

These new prays (i guess it's nightsky wlouz) have been first tasted by the hunters and the great amount of colourful molecules were integrated in their hides. These new colours proved to be useful for hunting as they help to hide in the jungle. They cut the skin apart for themselves to keep the more of these colours. They now seek for bigger prey, richer in meat.
The interest of the workers have been attracted by a real high green top mushroom trees to build shelters and deposits on its top.

Rolling for hunting and building
Rolled 16, 11, 11, 19 = 57


Oh sorry i didn't know that they live in the north but i'm glad that it worked out. I was wondering that how much Kwagos can amplify their voice? Would it be possible to make voice loud enough to be used to "stun" fishes in the water?

Anyways the current method of fishing with bare arms works but it isn't the most effective way. Some of the males decided to find out new ways to prevent the escape of their prey.

Small group of females used their free time to scout the surroundings to learn more about their new homeland. While the females were scouting some of the older Kwagos started to make shelters by using plants and fallen branches. They had seen many things and knew that they will need shelter if they stay in this land. The children who stayed with the elders watched their work and soon imitated it by making small round huts from the small sticks and long grass.

Rolling for Fishing, Scouting of the surroundings, Making shelter and realizing the uses for the small huts (baskets)
File: 1357767769451.png-(80 KB, 800x600, RaceCard.png)
80 KB
(How is this for a race card? Not sure if these traits are supposed to be earned or what)

Dirt, grime and blood smeared across Ydraioni, the Firstborn's face. The sudden wave shouting and cheering hit him as his legs gave way from the blinding pain in his skull. As he fell, he opened his eyes for one last drink of the mortal world before it slipped away from his grasp.

His last sight was that of the miserable soul that incited this uprising in the first place. Her name was Icouri the Usurper.

He tried one last time to rise to his challenger, but his limbs would not obey him. Icouri stood above him, hooting and raising the blood-stained stone above her head victoriously. Ydraioni's vision faded, and for a moment he was blind. In that last moment, he imagined, the crowd was cheering for him.

So passed Ydraioni the Liar. No more would the group wander the tundras in forced isolation under Ydraioni's tyranny.

Under their new leadership, the tribe named themselves the Ighqatar, "The sun's second rising." The memory of their origin had been wiped out through generations of manipulation and slavery, but in their grasp once again are the tools to write the next pages of their story.
File: 1357768731842.png-(97 KB, 1300x1300, Zu-nul wormborn.png)
97 KB

With the new, expanded tunnels and burrows, the Zu-nul have no trouble with housing anymore, in fact, all the extra room can be easily used for storage. Some of the builders even get the idea of trying to store water in some of the lowest, un-used tunnels, so that they could have slightly larger water supply.
Some of the builders are also having slight concerns about the structural integrity of the increasingly large and complex tunnel network. Prior experiences with tunnel collapses make them fearful of such tragedies happening again. Because of this, effort is put into developing ways to reinforce the tunnels further, with such things as stones, poles made from kaskus trunks and from large bones.
One eccentric builder gets the wild idea of using the sand cement to construct structures above the sand, instead of digging into the sand and reinforcing the tunnel with the cement as it is dug. He tries to build a small, dome like shelter out of sand, to see if his idea is plausible.

The news of the scout's demise, and of the hostile suzumou tribe enrage the Zu-nul, and cause them to mobilize for war with religious zeal. The heretics shall face the Truth and be vanquished! Wormborn warriors, and normal suzumou are gathered to form a quick moving raiding party, that shall put down the heretical tribe. TO WAR!

The re-acquired sand burrows allow the Zu-nul to operate in a very large area once more. They hold supplies in these burrows, and trade from them, though the later activity has almost stopped, as the sandoni swarms made the roads far too dangerous for traders. For now, the burrows shall work as supply stations for hunters.
Rolled 5, 18, 11, 12, 2, 8, 13 = 69

Zhen-qual demands the obsidian worm to be captured. The deed, far out of the abilities of the few suzumou investigating the worms, cause them to approach the Hitangan gorrirogs. They try to get the mighty bestial creatures to help them in capturing an obsidian worm.

The Hybrid worm is starting to be a problem for Zhen-qual's experiments. It is a mighty pawn in her plans, but ultimately, not the end goal of the great task. She tries to command the hybrid to move further away from the craig, to east, and only come back when summoned. Her new spawn need to be protected at all costs, for their slower growth makes them more vulnerable to threats than the normal sandworm larvae. Because of this, she orders her suzumou worshipers to start taking care and protecting the larvae, until they have grown large enough to fend for themselves.

Rolling for: (7 rolls)
Creating additional water storages.
Improving the structural integrity of the tunnels.
Constructing structures out of the cement above the sand.
Gathering the raiding party, and preparing the attack against the heretics.
Acquiring help from the Hitangan in capturing an obsidian worm.
Sending the hybrid worm to east.
Taking care of Zhen-qual's spawn.
Rolled 13, 13, 3 = 29

The tribe's new leader is welcomed by the populace. A feast is held, but their new independence has left many members unsure of their roles. The tribe picks a spot nearby a coastline, an environment comfortable and familiar to them, and begins to construct some simple dwellings from driftwood and long grass.

With a permanent settlement, the Ighqatar can try to establish a consistent food source. Some of the bushes and grasses that line the coast are known to be nourishing. Some tribesmen bring some back to see if they can be grown around the settlement.

The waters along the coast are known to have fishing spots. Another group begins fishing along the coastline to see if they can find a good spot.

3 rolls:
Constructing residences
Establishment of basic agriculture
Finding a reliable fishing spot nearby
File: 1357770099722.png-(205 KB, 1256x615, race template.png)
205 KB
It has been many generations since the Dvargen came to this Holy land, promised to them by the spirits of Queens Past. Travelling beneath the endless sands is but a legend told by the elders, their fabled exodus from the Land of Culling where kin killed kin.
The Dvargen are a simple people subsisting in their underground hive and foraging both below and above ground. They fashion clothing from gathered fibrous roots wound together to warm and protect themselves and produce an alcoholic beverage called Bruu, a product of fermentation of a mash consisting mostly of local plant matter, used for ceremonial purposes. Their queen is a mother, monarch and spiritual leader believed to be to the conduit through which the spirits of the past may speak to the living. She rules by providence of being privy to the knowledge and wisdom of all the elders most importantly The Queens of the Past who rule the spirit world as they ruled in life.
Socially they function on a Caste/Clan system headed by the Males who sired the lineage. There are many clans who specialize in single tasks, weavers, Diggers, above ground gatherers, below ground gathers etc. Newborns are divvied up among clans by need of the Hive and accomplishment. If the Hive is in need of weavers more distinguished weaver clans receive more infants than untalented ones. New clans are created as needed.

Genetically Most Dvargen are descended from the intelligent foremen caste and offshoots of them. though, the handmaidens of the queen are of simple nonmutated Pusmals stock. Dvargen possessing advantageous mutations are extant and sucessful, However the average Dvarg is not much more than an intelligent tool user.

Their purple coloration comes from their ritualistic consumption of the purple Bruu.
The queen's attempt to save the worker are met with failure as her strength snaps it's neck instead of prying open it's jaws. The adhesive is truly strong.
Smacking the tree with a stick actually damages it. The hollow tool is quick, resilient and flexible.
The second group discovers the remains the first in the form of some their equipment near the quicksand. A variety of food is found in the form of various fruits, and small mudgrubs. The tree is bent to near breaking, and the leaves give way, flinging the koburrog nearest to it high above the canopy, briefly experiencing the thrill of flight, before landing into a patch of sharp bamboo like plants.
Hunters with this new camo are much better then previous, but continue to find easy prey in the form of the various wlouz species, while not filling are very abundant. The craftsmen manage to make use of the mushroom trees and set up simple shelters, while digging into the surface to make little pits for their spare food, etc.
(voice is loud but not stunning) Fishing is successful via using a stick to smack fish near the surface. The immediate area is safe, with various types of plant life and limited game. Simple shelters are errected and soon the tribe has a great surplus of baskets, the weave the children use is duplicated in the huts to make better quality woven homes.
You are golden. carry on.
File: 1357772275713.png-(11 KB, 221x369, Koburrog for Hu-raan.png)
11 KB
Rolled 19, 17 = 36

Rolled 20, 11
Rolling for the shock attracting a worm, preferably a mature sandworm, and if so, turning the tide of battle.
Minutes pass, and nothing happens.
"Legatus, Instruct the men to retrieve the weapons and armor from the carts," said Hunastrus as he released the trigger of the mortar cannon, "The bugs aren't stopping. We may not live to see tomorrow, but we can at least stop them here."
"I understand. It'll be done at once, my king," the Legatus replied.


As the two were just leaving the mortar balcony, the fort shook with an all to familiar rumbling. King Hunastrus rushed back to the edge of the balcony to see a great sandworm, one in its prime, erupt from the ground beneath the swarm of sandonis rushing to the north. If it were possible to smile with a beaked mouth, Hunastrus would be beaming.
Lined up in front of the fort were hundreds of Koburrogs, all clad in armor crafted from Ramel shells reinforced with bands of iron. As the Sandonis approached, many would be stopped by the hungry worm which found itself a feast like none before, thrashing about and smiting the bugs to later consume. The infantrymen at the fort would only have to take care of those making their way past it. At the front of the line was the King of the Hu-raan, prepared to lead the charge.
The battle was long, and many fell in their service to the empire. But at long last, it looked like the swarms of sandonis were thinning out.
Back far, far to the north back in Era'Mark, an small expedition force was assembled to delve deeper into the frilla forest.

Rolling for the king surviving this battle, and for the expedition north
File: 1357772404755.png-(260 KB, 800x600, Update3.png)
260 KB
Rolled 9, 7, 2, 19 = 37


The tree-clubber is delighted with his accomplishment and happily trots off back to the Hua-sha, where he taps his sarcastic friend on the shoulder before giving him a first-head demonstration of his discovery.

He, and a few others, grab the weightiest Hoh-ghar trunks from the pile and round off all the sharp edges; they name them Haa-Bha-Hoh-Ghar (hollow tree club tool) and become the tribe's "heavies".

It also comes to concensus that the tribe is in a good position to expand. Two mated partners begin trying to conceive the next generation and two scouting parties are sent South (each scouting party consists of two Fsh-hoh-ghar Maajha and one "heavy", they are each carrying rations and a small branch of Fhuf-ghar for warmth).

Rolling for two sets of forming babbies and each party's travel South.
It is a joyous day for the Dvargen. The somber dirges for the passing of the queen have echoed their last throughout the hive for it is coronation day. The Young Queen Dvara daughter of Dvarno eagerly awaits the coming ceremony in her chamber. Her handmaidens shake the sand from her woven gown, a remainder of the beach upon which she bid farewell to her mother. As tradition the body of the last queen was carried into the lapping waves of the vast afterlife by her own personal handmaiden. As their figures disappeared beneath the surface all knew The Queens of the Past would welcome her into the cold wet palace to rule together for all eternity. Dvarno was a fickle and selfish ruler and many were glad to see her go. Many, except for Dvara who knew the old queens death would bring no respite to her. The nagging voice of her mother would never leave her mind neither would those of the queens before her. Their wisdom rained down upon her from the afterlife. Constantly. When the Clan elders enter with the Hand maidens it is a relief. The coronation ceremony is a small intimate affair. The Dvargen have no crowns. Dvara has already been present and influencing the hive with her pheromones since before her mother’s departure mimicking Dvarno’s every cloud as is tradition and necessity to ensure her scents are associated with and as those of the queen. All that is needed for the ceremonial passing of the monarchy is a small exchange of Bruu. He hand maidens fill a bowl for each Dvarg present. They sip from the bowl and pass it to another until the Bruu is all gone. A single hand maiden in the room remains sober to feed the Queen her share. Dvara has already become so large that her movements are slow and labored. The change has been unsettling for her having once been such an independent and adventurous Princess but the handmaidens make life easier for her.
Afterwards all depart the queen’s chamber. The Clan elders are eager to begin breeding anew but that will come another day. Queen Dvara finds herself enamored with the ritual wine. The intoxication eases her mind. Clears it and bring the weight of these heavy changes off here disappearing shoulders. She has more brought to her from the stores and continues the ceremony on her own. Dvara’s drinking of Bruu is neigh constant in the coming weeks. She even changes rules of old allowing it to be drunk at all occasions and made by any and not just by the handmaidens. It is the Bruu revolution. Bruu becomes the drink of the working Dvargen and she becomes know as the Drunken Queen.

Currently Bruu is a simple sweet mash left to ferment in stone pots until alcohol forms. With the Dvargen minds turned to the appreciation of Bruu some want to make it better to please the Queen. Rolling for development in Brewing and or Distilling.
Rolled 13

forgot muh dice
File: 1357775484837.png-(79 KB, 366x451, Hut.png)
79 KB
Rolled 11, 6, 3, 19 = 39

Some workers that weren't busy woodworking or building started to experience some cooking. Not really for the food, as the fresh meat was already in taste of everyone (best quality molecules) but just to experience new things that they boiling mind was suggesting them.
They try to mix up liquified meat or wood powder with their mucus at low acidity in various ways in order to obtain a goo-ish substance.
Some try to explore a bit around to find new interesting things.
>There are now several specialists among the workers: Builders, woodworkers, gatherers.
The hunters having to deal with melee fighting against wlouz, they asked longer and sharper blades to the woodworkers. Some front line hunters wear two blades.
New hunt session.
>Two class of hunters: observers and scouts.

Rolling for goo, scouting, blades, hunting.
File: 1357775954536.png-(82 KB, 800x600, KhumarSheet.png)
82 KB
For years the two tribes fought each other. Neither side was winning, and the dusty tunnels beneath the mountains were becoming slick with Koburrog blood. But from an unholy union sprang the messiah child, the savior to bring all the tribes under the banner of the Mountain Spear and bind them together. The youngling was born alone, a strange enough event for a Koburrog. In the tradition of those south mountain tribes, he chose his own name as soon as he learned to speak. He named himself Khum, after their god Khumari.

Khum was a peerless warrior, stalking the tunnels between the warring tribes and slaying any he came across. After years alone in the tunnels, young koburrog started to defect from their own tribes, leaving to find this mysterious slayer. Khum eventually amassed enough followers of his own that he started his own tribe, the Khumar, deep in the back of the tunnels. After weeks of warring, Khum and his Khumar managed to assimilate both warring tribes under his banner. With an army at his back, Khum began preaching of Khumari's promise to his children, of how everything under the sky is the domain of the Khumar. They mass now in their warren of tunnels, waiting for the moment to strike out and claim their inheritance. Theirs is a form of Manifest Destiny, and they will not stop until the whole world is theirs.
Rolled 10, 16, 15 = 41

First on Khum's to do list is creating a structure of command. He scours the entire new tribe, searching for a koburrog both strong an wise to serve as his second in command. The youngling Kutai seems a likely prospect.

Now that the previously warring tribes have been joined together, there is a rather acute shortage of food. Usually a South Mountain Koburrog will eat the flesh of slain enemies, but now there are no more enemies. A scouting party is sent out of the tunnels and further into the mountains to look for new tribes to consume.

The new expanded tribe requires more expanded space, and so the order goes out that new tunnels are to be burrowed deeper into the earth.

Rolling for-
>Prospecting Kutai as a commander
>Scouting into the mountains for anything useful
>Digging new tunnels
Rolled 16, 5 = 21

Saddened by the loss the queen tells one of the fast stusval to take the body and cleanse it in water to see if the goo on the workers mouth will degrade. At the same time she tells her other workers to build a small mound of packed earth away from the group to bury the deceased in.

Two rolls. One for resin research, the other for basic cemetery building.

>Did I roll right?
>I hate mibbit sooooo much.
New water storage meets problems with structural issues. The new building techniques make the tunnels vastly safer. The new above ground structure is...functional. it proves its point. The raiding party mobilizes and is prepared. The Hitangan are apparently busy, there seems to be a schism behind closed doors within their kingdom. The hybrid moves away, but is more intelligent and desiring of it's mothers approval then even zhen-qual would ever think, and it does not like competition. The keepers tend to the larvae, guarding them, carrying them in sand filled jars on their back when they are small enough, singing to them, communing with them, and ensuring they are well fed.
Drift wood structures are improved and made more permanent. The food bearing bushes are able to be transplanted, and soon scattered around the settlement. No fish for you yet.
The king held his own fighting in such a manner that he became known as a living legend. The northern expedition saw an influx of frilla bark which is quite useful in the desert as a rare wood like substance.
no babies for either party yet. The travel south goes poorly for team "A" who is attacked by wild blade runners. They survive by retreating and end up back home with some injuries. Team B goes south and finds a small creek with some vegetation growing around it.
By collecting the mold that grows on top of the mash, and letting it grow, it can be reintroduced a second time to further increase potency of alcohol.
Gelatin is made, it is wiggly, and lasts a while. The scouts retreat as the dark shadow of a sky beast appears overhead, and with it, soon the wesper swarms. The blades made were sharp, but too thin and broke quickly. The hunt continues and now some fat animals that seem to congregate around the base of the mushroom trees are easy enough prey, though a few more heavily armored ones attack the hunters to little effect.
Kutai has...potentia, but flaws as well, weak character but good ideas. old volcanic glass is found, and is very sharp when utilized properly. The new tunnels expand outward, and find a very small tribe of about 15 individuals.
The resin holds fast in the water and does not melt. The memorial to the body is that of rocks simply piled over the body. (the rolls are excellent and correct)
Small koburrog tribe?
Rolled 6

The queen is excited by this new discovery and tells her workers to get started on building a dome hut out of this new substance. She tells them to work quickly so not to get stuck.

Roll for: Hut building, resin construction.
Rolled 11

Roll 2 derp.
Rolled 16

The stewing workers try many things with the new goo: change doses, burn it, eat it, dry it, pour it on their skin, add soil to it...
(I guess it's more latexy if i have more vegetal due to dextrin/agarose like molecules. A protein rich one would be more cement-like).
These new threatening wezards often hurt the fragile skin of hunters who would need armour. They consulted the woodworkers who couldn't build something light and suitable but were inspired by these armoured creatures.
Builders are also interested by the new goo and try to ask the cooks about it.
The hastun start to spot that they have issues communicating. Having different tasks, they favour different food and their organisms assimilate differently each foreign molecules. This has result to have individuals thinking in different ways. The hunters are bellicose and start having to superstitious beliefs while the workers are pragmatic and curious. Some tensions creates. The hunters valour death in battle and boldness against bigger threats while the workers see each death as lost memory and sacrilege.

Only rolling for goo right now.
Being a traditionally underground culture, the workers try to construct a hut. Which is making a mound of dirt and digging into it. But since the soil is loose and watery, the resulting 'hut' is... shoddy. But then one of the workers remembered to use the resin, and the hut is upgraded from shoddy to barely liveable. It won't fall down in a heavy wind at least.

They find the 'pudding' to be tasty, and if boiled using a bit more mucus they can make a kind of glue. The builders can definitely use this, maybe to glue leaves together?
Character can be built, but ideas are what is neccesary. Khum appoints Kutai as his General, and even takes her as his mate. Their children will be strong; Khumari wills it. Hopefully this extra time together will help develop Kutai into a true leader of the Khumar.

The Blackstone intrigues Khum greatly, it's sharpness and glossy texture giving it an almost surreal look. Khum fashions himself a spear out of a Koburrog spine stiffened by a wrapped layer of dried sinews. All along the weapon shaft, Khum carves delicate runes and glyphs held sacred to the tribes of the South Mountains. They have no meaning, but some claim they are from the beginning of time when the Koburrog ruled the world.

The found tribe is much to small to feed all of the Khumar, but they will be useful nontheless. Khum and the thirty strongest Koburrog of the tribe head out with clubs made of rock and bone in order to capture the foundlings. They will be taken alive, except for their leader. He shall have the honor of becoming Khum's next meal.

Rolling for-
Stealthily capturing the enemy tribe alive
Rolled 15

Rolled 15, 18, 19 = 52

The queen decides that the hut is good enough... for her workers. But the sun is still biting at her skin and a familiar grumble starts in her belly. She sends her fast workers out to find more food in the jungle. The other workers she splits in two. Half to work on the foundation of a nesting chamber for the queen, and the other half work on food storage buildings.

3 rolls. One for food gathering, one for resin building queens chamber foundations, one for resin building food storage sites.
In the darkest hours of the night the Khumar warband sneaked through the tunnels. The small tribe had a pitiful amount of guards, and they were silenced, bound and gagged before they can raise an alarm. Even so, some warriors are awake, and fought the Khumar warriors, but their inferior weaponry is no match to the blackstone spear of Khum. They too join the ranks of prisoner. By this time the enemy tribe was awake, but can not escape, for the Khumar had encircled them. Their leader, a male, begs Khum to spare the lives of his tribe. They will serve as slaves to the Khumar, even if the leader has to make a sacrifice.

The foragers find more tasty fruits, and some of them even caught small insects. The builders have managed to build the queen's hut, sturdier than the previous hut, and the food storage hut, which has some underground parts. Man, resin is good material!
Rolled 8

Aha! I have found it at last! From now on I shall namefag as Marajha. The philosophical tribe of Pusmals.

IG tells me we must roll for initiative. So here we go.
Rolled 9, 15 = 24

"You beg for your lives, and so I shall give them to you, for a price." Khum points to the leader with his Blackstone spear. "You will become the bounty that sustains your tribe until they die, and in exchange I shall allow them to serve under the Khumar." With that, Khum whips his spear out in front of him, the razor sharp edges cutting a thin line in the leaders neck. "Butcher the corpse and give it to the slaves," He commands to his warriors. "It shall be the only food they eat until we return."

With the new slaves under control, Khum marches back to the home tunnels. The slaves shall be made to expand the network of caves, carving more rooms and more spawning pits for the young. Those that are capable will be forced to breed, for their larvae shall provide a nice source of sustenance to the tribe.

Rolling for-
Forced Breeding
Well fuck.

Anyway, the Marajha live in a massive cave complex carved out of truly colossal stalactites and stalagmites, hollowed out into breathtaking underground cities. A subterranean lake provides freshwater, as well as fishing, though the aquatic delicacies found here are no doubt strange to those on the surface.

The Marajha are ruled by the wise Queen Driptaiya. Obsessed with truth, she has dedicated her life to philosophy, religion, anything that will help her to find answers to the questions she asks. These questions are two. WHAT IS REAL. HOW CAN WE KNOW? WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE?

Her library is a vast one, filled with the wisdom of all the collected sages of the Central Continent (and as a result of trading, some from the West too). Many wise ones would pay dearly to glimpse but for a single day the treasure trove of knowledge contained within.
Rolled 11, 7 = 18

The queen looks on her new home with great relief. As she settles into her new 'palace' and eats some of the good food that the workers brought her she gets an unfamiliar urge, the urge to breed. She sends out her fast stusval to seek out a drone to mate with. The first direction she sends these 'seekers' to is north along the shore.

In the meantime she redirects her dumb workers to add on a nursery underneath the nesting chambers, lined with resin.

Roll 2. One for exploration/tracking drones north. Another for resin building a nursery.
Rolled 15

Driptaiya has recently given birth to three daughters. Ana, Bitta, and Kriya. They learn at their mother's... feet? Whatever Pusmals have.

Driptaiya is worried though... what shall become of her kingdom should something happen to her? How would she divide her lands equally, for she loved each child with all her heart. She desires the world for all of them, but there is but one world to go around (or so it seems... hmm, more to ponder).

An earthquake has recently struck the Third Hall. How bad is it?
File: 1357792064935.png-(77 KB, 800x600, Ighqatar01.png)
77 KB
Rolled 4, 12, 6, 12, 3 = 37

The bushes which have been plotted around the settlement seem to be growing, provided the rain keeps up. Some of the tribesmen and women have taken up tending to these plants in a more organized fashion, planting more in areas bordering the tribe, and also experimenting with different plants and soils, and even pushing down entire wild fruits into the soil.

Time passes, and the fishermen come back emptyhanded. Just their luck, not a single fish here. The party will have to move further down the coast and keep trying. Several of them insist that there may be beasts that are easy to kill in the jungle far to the southwest, and that exploration in that direction must begin.

As the last of the structures are put together, there is a strange sentiment within the colony. Having the stability of a place to call home is glorious, but generations of wandering the coastline have codified a need to branch out in the tribe's heart.

Icouri, consulting with several advisors she has appointed, decides that the tribe should explore to the west. They will approach the jungles and look for food in both the coast and sea, and look for signs that there may be game just inland from the coast. She picks 5 of the hardiest tribesmen and orders them to organize an expedition to the west. The men accept, and soon have set out with their party.

Her advisors also inform her that some of the tribesmen have taken much pride in their dwellings, smoothing and cutting the kinks out of driftwood and selecting only the strongest, straightest pieces. Icouri gives them her blessing, and encourages them to share their techniques with the rest of the tribe so that they can learn and grow as a whole.

Rolling for 5 things:
Expanding agriculture, dedicated farmland
Searching for unique flora and fauna while the exploration team travels west
Searching for a good fishing spot to the west
Hunting for viable game near the coast during the expedition
Developing improved construction quality
To the north the scouts find a fertile patch of land, in which plenty of fruit and game are to be had. As for the resin nursery, the foreman sees that the current nesting chamber has a structural fault, so it needs to be fixed first (with lots of resin) before a nursery can be built underneath it.

Luckily, the earthquake only caused some cracks, which the workers can quickly fix.

Experiments in agriculture yields no results yet, and the current 'farmers' still can't tell fertile soil from non-fertile soil. The exploration team, meanwhile, finds burlongs. The burlongs scurry about in and out of their underground homes. The fishermen, again, are out of luck; no fish. But, they find a stranded sealong, which they promptly hunted and carried home.
So far the driftwood found are twisted and gnarly, and the carvers cannot demonstrate their prowess using them.
Rolled 18, 3, 16, 5, 5, 8 = 55

The Hunters who found the tools gather as much as they can carry back to the encampment, leaving a spear in the ground as a marking of the quicksand and as a small memorial for the hunter's who lost their lives in the sandy pit.

The food is put into rough piles, at least until a better organization and storage method is devised. For the time being, the Mud Grubs will be cooked for the tribe's meals this eve.

The Craftsmen are set to work devising a method of holding the food in groupings better than the piles they are lying in. They are also attempting to create a better means of shelter, using what yarn and leaves weren't ruined in the first attempt to make another canopy like structure.

Some Gatherers grab some sharpened stones to try and hack down the sharp bamboo like plants where their former contemporary landed, gathering the corpse in the process for a funeral pyre later.

rolling for Gathering tools, Cooking Mud Grubs, Creating a better method of food storage, Housing round 2, gathering bamboo like plants, and the gathering of the corpse
Rolled 13, 20 = 33

The mind of the queen, addled on the urge to breed, commands the foreman to begin construction at once. And that the nursery must be water tight.

When the Seekers come back with news of fertile grounds the queen, and her stomach, are pleased, but she still needs to find a mate.

2 rolls. 1 for nursery continuation. 1 for searching south for a drone.
The Khumar's new slave labor was to work the tunnels alone; but alone, their labor is slow. The forced breeding is a success though, you have plenty of larvae now... just how many, exactly, is not of your guard's concern. The larvae are then moved to the food storage building...


during transportation, a larvae fell from the cradled arms of the workers; during the lashing the worker receives, the larvae crawled away unnoticed by the guards or the workers. It crawled away into the labyrinthine tunnels...
Rolled 10, 8 = 18

Thank goodness. Alright, one more post before bedtime.

The repairs go on smoothly thanks to the digger caste. Unfortunately their work is not yet done, for the growing colony needs more housing.

Rolling for:
1) Population Growth (higher numbers mean more population growth)
2) Housing (if less than first number it means there is not enough housing, or if more, than there is housing to spare)
Rolled 16, 18, 20, 2 = 56

The guards that received a lashing are to be placed among the slaves. New task for the slaves is reinforcing the existing tunnels. For this, muddy clay will be taken from the river outside and plastered onto the walls. They will work as a unit, going hall by hall.

Though the larvae are still mostly intact, the amount will never be enough. The breeding pair of slaves shall be made to keep breeding. They shall be given only what they need to survive. One pair of larvae shall be kept alive and raised as another breeding pair for a time when their parents die.

On Khum's orders, a deep pit is designed to be dug out in the largest central chamber. It will have small notches in the sides so that one may climb out, but not easily. This will be the Spawing Pit. All the larvae of the Khumar will be placed in this pit after they come into existence. They will stay in the pit until they mature, living off the minced chummy remains of the Breeding Slave's larvae. Once they mature, those that survive to climb out of the pit and will be welcomed into the Khumar as an equal. Those that must be pulled from the pit shall forever be a servant class, little better than slaves that work the tunnels.

Rolling for-
>Developing a muddy clay plaster
>Reinforcing the tunnels with said plaster
>More forced breeding, this time with BETTER GUARDS
>The beginnings of the Spawning Pit being built.
All of the tools are gathered efficiently, and a spear is used by the lead to check for other quicksands in the area. After the trip, only two spears were left behind, to serve as markings of quicksand and a memorial. Cooking mud grubs is a problem; for mud grub flesh is high in water content, and their taste rots quicker after death. Just smoking them over a campfire won't do. Meanwhile, the leaves for canopy are actually useful in the form of pouches, which keeps the food handy. Housing... still needs work, but now the architects are learning from their errors. Gathering the sharp bamboo plants are risky, even with sharpened stones; plenty of workers get cut. Lots of bleeding, but no casualties. The corpse however, is found, even though the workers have to carry him in some leaf-bags.

The structural error was fixed and the construction of the nursery has started; good amount of resin usage keeps the water from seeping into the chambers. During the hustle and bustle of the construction, a Pusmal Prince washed up ashore, near your settlement! Workers retrieve him, and he turns out to be from the mainland. He is in the throes of the mating call as well. You can roll for new mutations!

Population growth is going on normally, but housing is in demand.

The mud from the river above is easily turned into paste, which the slaves use to reinforce the tunnels. Their handiwork is adequate for Khum. The forced breeding program is very successful; so many larvae were produced, their parents threatened with death. But the 'spawning pit' went into problems; namely, during the dig, the floor gave out and took some slaves with it. A big cavern system lies below, the slaves that fell cannot be 'rescued' nor 'reclaimed'. Two slaves are seen escaping from the pile of bodies that were their slavemates.
Rolled 9, 5, 2, 9, 5, 20, 14, 18 = 82

Khum knows no setbacks, for the Khumar are the Chosen Children. The location of the Spawning Pit is moved somewhere else, a smaller chamber. The new spawning pit will widen dramatically at the bottom, to accommodate for the lost space.

The large cavern system is disregarded by Khum, but Kutai seems very interested in it. The little General gathers a band of forty or so warriors around herself, and together they begin to dig into the side of the chamber and slowly downwards, attempting to burrow into the walls of the cavern system.

Khum has instead set his eyes on the surface. The ancient legends tell of many resources on the surface, from food to building materials to fresh slaves. If the world was his gift, Khum thought, Then why should he not go and reap the worlds bounty? He gathers sixteen of the fleetest warriors and sends them off in pairs in every direction. They shall be the forerunners to the glorious march of Khumarian armies.

Rolling for-
>New Spawning Pit Construction
>Tunneling into the side of the Cavern system
>Scouting North
>Scouting Northeast
>Scouting Northwest
>Scouting South
>Scouting Southeast
>Scouting Southwest
Rolled 5, 14, 9, 10, 4 = 42

The explorers, a good pace west of home now, decide to collect several of these creatures, "burlongs" as they come to be called. The first question on their minds is of course, "Can we eat it?" Wandering the wilds does much for a healthy sense of caution, so the explorers carefully taste-test the creatures, nibbling small bits before committing to trying a whole. Extras are kept in tight satchels made of leaves to bring home to the tribe.

The sealong was a good catch, and celebration was had at the fortune. As the meal is brought home, the increasingly hungered tribe is set to hold another feast. However, their leader Icouri speaks reason to the tribe, and they instead ration out portions. There will be a time for feasting.

The explorers who did not carry the catch back to the tribe continue on, nearing the jungle, skirting the coastline for fish. Driven by their recent catch, they put off hunting game for now.

The team of tribesmen have engaged in a healthy competition of who can build the nicest home. Most continue to scavenge for driftwood, but some have begun attempting to piece together houses from living wood, beating at the slender trunks of young trees with sharps stones tied to sticks until they snap from their roots. They seem to be more flexible and more ornate, despite being able to bear less load.

Many rocks, however, break easily and don't hold their edge well, it seems. Some family members have taken to breaking rocks near the coast back home to keep up a supply of axeheads. One intrepid young Kwagos notices that certain rocks, when broken against each other, do form sharp edges that keep. How to spot them amongst the others? Well, that's the question, isn't it?

Rolling for:
Edibility of burlongs
Searching for more new flora and fauna west of camp
Hunting for fish (3rd time's a charm)
Improving construction quality (2nd attempt)
Researching knapping with flint stones
File: 1357799120674.png-(27 KB, 800x600, exploration.png)
27 KB
Rolled 5, 19, 18, 8, 11, 9, 16 = 86

Fast forwarding several decades, a young prince was listening to the story of his great great great great great great great great grandfather, the first Hu-raanic king, Hunastrus. In it, it is said that the former king managed to slay twenty of the monstrous bugs, after his blade has shattered. The child sits and listens, completely enamored by the tales.

For a long time, frilla bark has been used by the Hu-raan for minor construction and firing brick. Two major communities are focused on the gathering the material. The additional bark can be used in trade with the Hitangan for iron.

With the expanse of the empire now pressing across the plains north of the desert, and into the vast sands themselves, farmers are pressed to produce more. Currently, the only thing to do is to expand onto less fertile land.

Rolling any resources found on the expidition, mapping the desert, any discoveries in the desert (3 rolls. Desert's a big place), discovering magnets (from an iron shipment), and improving farming techniques.
The majority of the Hu-raan do not live in the desert.
File: 1357807004682.png-(25 KB, 982x476, koburrog luck results.png)
25 KB
File: 1357808488001.png-(58 KB, 320x320, Ceiling Pusmal.png)
58 KB
Rolled 12, 13, 11, 5 = 41

The Deep. The Abyss. The endless, limitless Sea of Sand. The deep reaches of the infinite earth, the other side of dark world. Who knows of the strange things that lurk there. In the place beyond Borgan knowledge, beyond insanity, the Pusmal eat, multiply, grow and spread. wider and wider they spread. Still they continue. Still they keep going. forever into the future. Forever into the past. and even now, at this very moment. There will likely never be an end.

In the blackness that lies under the ground, this place exists. It is a hole in the ground. And in that hole they live. As thought they had been rejected from the light of the sun. Loathed, scorned, ridiculed, cast out..


From the ancient past the sandworms have been problem for the pusmals. Large worms eat many of them and while doing that they also destroy tunnels. Only the original hive have been safe from them because of the special wall the pusmals built in the past. Perhaps by studying these walls the Foremen might find out how it was made and is it possible to make more of this sandworm proof/repelling wall.

With the increased population there is slight shortage of food as the underground farms haven't grown enough compared to the population. They must be expanded so that they can feed the hordes of pusmals that live there.

Tirelessly they dig. For what? To where? they don't know. they just keep digging.

Rolling for
Studying the walls of the original hive
expanding underground farms
Digging direction (N1-3, NE4-5, E6-8, SE9-10, S11-13, SW14-15, W16-18, NW19-20)
How far they dig.
The new spawning pit encounters no problem but slowness. The loss of previous slaves have slowed the rest's work. Tunneling to the side is quite hazardous, as it seems that the chamber beneath them is bigger than previously thought. The scouts return: only two of the Northward scouts return, they were ambushed by flying insects, which harry them using spears. Northeast scouts fare better, but they only see badlands. Northwest scouts came under attack by the same creatures that hunted the North scouts, but they managed to fight them off. The Southward scouts find a very fertile land, and a set of tunnels and chambers not of Koburrog manufacture. They found some usable tools in there, and it could be habitable for Koburrogs. Southeast scouts followed a small river to a bay, and the Southwest scouts found a river whose banks are fertile.

Burlongs taste terrible, at least when swallowed raw; their underground nature makes them taste like the earth. During the trip to the west of camp, they saw a family of spotted Ramel, and a small herd of bulky Ramel. Hunting for fish again, they finally found a small place where the fish are kinda plentiful, even though it's quite some time walking from the camp. Construction quality improves somewhat when the builders use the young trunks as a kind of truss. The young Kwagos tries to knock a rock to another, but got yelled at by his mother; Knapping has to wait another day.
The expedition into the desert didn't find much, just lots and lots of sand. Some landmarks, however, were found in the desert, and by careful calculation the desert is slowly mapped with quite the precision. Three major landmarks were found: a small oasis with permanent water, a rock outcrop home to a Houyi pack, and a field with plenty of Usmal nests scattered about (feel free to place these on the map wherever on the desert near your civ). On some of the shipment, some small ores were found to stick to other iron ores, but this did not catch the curiosity of the workers, who just lumped it with the other ores. Meanwhile, the farmers managed to learn what specific crops grow at what time, and they could maximize their yields by a bit, at least for now.

Some wall designs were made to emulate the original hive, and they were a major improvement. But they still pale in comparison to the walls of the original hive. Using some of these designs, the underground farms are able to be expanded, even if just a small area at a time. Meanwhile, the dig goes to the south, but gravel and rock slows their progress somewhat.
By expedition, I meant the one up in the frilla forest. I forgot to reply to the first post.
doops, well, tell ya what, roll 2d20s for the frilla forest expedition then.
Rolled 20, 3 = 23

Well, it seems that you have wandered into an old growth area, where lots of old frillas shed their barks. There's tons of frilla bark to be extracted here.
On the other hand, there also seems to be lots of Bluva flowers in here- and way lots of False Bluvas. Your loggers have to watch out while chopping up frilla bark into transportable pieces.
File: 1357816607723.png-(210 KB, 1400x1300, Wormborn size.png)
210 KB

The builders try to apply the new building techniques to the water storage chambers, in hopes that they could solve the structural issues.

The above ground structure sparks new ideas in the builders. They can use the cement to shape the sand to their liking! Not just strengthen the holes they dig. This realization causes some of the builders to start experimenting further with the cement, some try to build larger, more elaborate constructs, buildings with floors and so on. However, some of them attempt to emulate the statues the gorrirogs gifted to them, but with sand. They begin to shape the sand into the likeness of the worms, to revere their glory.

As the raiders approach the heretical tribe's territory, the wormborn warriors, praetorians, start to device the plan of their assault. The preatorians will scout ahead, while the smaller, normal suzumou warriors will covertly encircle the camp of the heretics, if possible. The 5 preatorians will launch the first strike, straight to the heart of the heretics, slaughtering their leaders, and any warriors who try to oppose them. The role of the smaller suzumou is to capture all those who try to escape, and subdue them, while also providing support to the praetorians when needed.
The heretics will see the light of Zhen-qual, and serve her, or they will be slain and their spirits forever left to wander the desert winds.
Rolled 6, 17, 11, 17, 14, 6, 16 = 87


Zhen-qual demands the obsidian worm captured!! Even without the willing help of the gorrirogs, the deed must be done! The suzumou scouts responsible for the task, device a plan. If the gorrirogs won't join them in their hunt for the obsidian worm, the worm shall come to them. The suzumou try to lure the obsidian worm closer to the Hitangan settlements, hopefully forcing the gorriroks to take action.

Rolling for: (7 rolls)
Using the new building techniques to solve the problems in the water storages.
Further experiments in constructing buildings.
Creating sand statues.

Scouting out the heretics and their positions.
Encircling their camp.
The first strike of the praetorians.

Luring the obsidian worm closer to the Hitangan settlements.
File: 1357820570777.png-(437 KB, 720x405, Village.png)
437 KB
Rolled 12, 16, 16 = 44


Shelters are built and now they have place they can call home. New fishing style makes acquiring food more easy and baskets can be used to store and move things. They now have more fish than they can eat but fish spoils too fast so they now must find a way to prevent this. Loads of food + Shelter = children, This is a time of growth for the Rismal and perhaps with luck there will be many healthy children. To honour the lake, males of the tribe decide to build runestone to please the spirits and thus make fishes fat and abundant.

Rolling for learning how to preserve fish, population growth and building runestone.
File: 1357821907969.png-(32 KB, 900x600, Kwagos sexual dimorphism.png)
32 KB
Here is a picture that showcases the sexual dimorphism of the Kwagos species.

The Males are slightly bigger and more muscular, due to the fact they evolved to protect the pack, as well as due to their competitions over the females, which tend to be quite physical, though rarely fatal. The competitions mostly involve loud shouting and "wrestling", in where the males lock their second arms together, and try to force their opponent to the ground.

The females are more lightly built, and slightly faster than the males. Their tail is much thicker, and more muscular, so that they can more easily carry the larvae and the eggs in their tail "pouch". Even though males also carry the young in the pouch, the females tend to do it more often. They also excrete more of the nutrient mucus from the underside of their tail, that feeds their young.
Rolled 14, 14, 12 = 40

the application of new building techniques, as well as simply creating an inverted dome like what was on the surface allow for water pooling and storage. The new building attempts work quite well, as they are built for suzumos, and are more compact and layered. This makes them stronger. The sand statues are a bit crude, but clearly show enthusiasm and resemble the worms. The heretic camp is scouted thoroughly and quickly encircled. Their camp is made amongst the many husks of juvenile sandworms. As the Praetorians attacked they were caught in an ambush, and soon it was apparent the strike force was outnumbered two to one. Clearly these heretics had fallen far. Their heretics wings were burnt stumps, bodies ritually scarred, and had eye gored out. Weak willed scum! The praetorians held their own against the sudden influx, tactically flying back to their own lines, but a few caught arrow like projectiles in their bodies, nothing fatal, but it became apparent the projectiles were hollow and slowly bleeding them out.

The Obsidian worm was lured by days, sometimes sacrificing a willing scout to it's hungry maw, just to string it along to the Hitangan territory. The first thing the "Hitangans" did was to blow loudly into a horn. Next a strange old Gorrirog with milky white eyes began to yell into the air.

Summoning sandworms to attack the obsidian worm, how long it takes to contact thickblood, and how aggressive thickblood's response is.
File: 1357823167270.png-(350 KB, 1674x858, kingdom forces.png)
350 KB
The tribe discovers by slicing the fish into strips and letting them dry in the air, or on a rock in the sun, the meat will last much longer. The population of the tribe nearly doubles, and every breeding pair has a child or two. The Runestone is well carved and pleasing to the spirits, surely fish will be abundant for generations to come. (nice village pic.)
The Sandworms that come are smaller then the obsidian worm, but where it is only one, there are three of them. Thick blood heeds the pact, and arrives in a timely fashion. high enough to look like no more then a bird, soon a hungry swarm of wespers descends upon the sandworm, suicidally charging and exploding into it's softer mouth, or gnawing away where they can before retreating. A large warrior wearing a helmet with a tall red crest observes with his company of fighting men from a distance, waiting for the creature to get tired and sufficiently wounded. Flanking their sides are beasts not seen since the sandoni swarms.
At the conclusion of the swarm war, the survivors of the mountain kingdoms were the strongest. their resources were depleted and tension was high. Elements of their former Houyi allies turned on them in animal like fashion, and a week long gurilla war raged. During this time many civilians were killed. Even the royal families and old alphas fell to the sudden turn. There were still those Houyi who stood with their former allies, perhaps not out of allegiance, but out of value of strength, dominance. A lone captain mustered the remaining forces, as well as those who could fight. Vausik Odrinnius. With his leadership the rogue Houyi were killed, and the tribes strength proven. This was a bitter lesson learned, that perhaps only the strong are deserving despite the most noble of intentions. The weak must not be coddled, but grow strong or die. Comfortable delusions of equality are a thing now dead. Know your role, take it, and serve or die. A second conflict happened when the former kingdoms began to strip remaining settlements that were not within the immediate mountain region for resources to repair and repopulate. This lead to quick but brutal suppression of the outlying settlements and execution of some elders. Vausik pondered on this and realized, it was the old cultures that held them back. They were bound in tradition and it only served to bring division to them, division that was weak, petty...pathetic. There would be no more of the old tribes. Vausik destroyed records, censured certain stories, and punished those who would dwell in the past. The new generation that was born grew up with compulsory legion service from the time they could walk, and knew only of the old ways as a more ignorant time. All Hail Vausik Odrinnius the first!
Rolled 4, 20, 1, 7, 9 = 41

The builders use this to reinforce the structure and the hut and try to make it waterproof.
The builders try to make rope out of freolla leaves.
The toolworkers changed their design for melee weapons.
The hunters ask for a way of keeping more acid a time to pour it at once at the armoured creatures. The toolworkers crafted a kind of spoon/basket with the inside covered of glue to resist longer to the acid.

Rolling for waterproof, rope, blade, spoon, killing armoured animals.
File: 1357824506434.png-(325 KB, 808x906, Hunter.png)
325 KB
Forgot hunter art.
File: 1357826361799.png-(448 KB, 720x405, Village Runestone.png)
448 KB
Rolled 2, 6, 18, 4 = 30


Population grows and soon there are many young females and males that seek to find partner to live with. To make the couple finding easier and also just for entertainment, Rismal think of making a ring where males can wrestle to show their strength.

While carving the runestone males had hard time doing it with their primitive/nonexistent tools. Perhaps there are ways to improve the tools so that in future shaping stone would be more possible.

Now that the food stays eatable for longer time there grows a need for storage where to store excess dried fish. this also keeps the smell away from the houses..

while males and elders are busy with their tasks, another group of females goes scouting the surroundings to find if there is something they could use or eat.

Rolling for making the ring, building storehouse, improving stone crafting and scouting.
File: 1357826732368.png-(15 KB, 800x600, Zu-nul sand huts.png)
15 KB
Rolled 12, 8, 8 = 28


The new structures of the builders are relative successes, though for now at least, the tribe has little need for them, as they can easily house their numbers in the tunnels and burrows. These buildings are perhaps echoes of something to come....

The Zu-nul raiders quickly sweep the camp of the heretics for the surviving members. Warriors willing to surrender and the non-combatants are captured, and interrogated. The Praetorians forcibly enter the minds of the survivors, using their neural tongue and their mighty will to acquire as much knowledge as they can from these heretics. Locations, history, information, everything they know, will be delivered to Zhen-qual.

The sudden appearance of the wespars scare and anger the scouts. Their plan had backfired, as they were no longer in control of the situation. They decide to hide and wait to see how the fight would unfold. If the obsidian worm died, a new one could perhaps be found in the mountains.

Rolling for;
Capturing surviving heretics.
Interrogating the heretics.
Seeing how well the obsidian worm can fight against the Hitangan defenders.
Rolled 13, 19, 16, 16 = 64

Fishing is the main food source for the Marajha, how's this month's haul?

The children of Queen Driptaiya begin to grow, how fast are they growing? (a roll of twenty means they've hit maturity)

> Rolling for...
1) Fishing quantity
2) Growth of Ana, the Firstborn
3) Growth of Bitta, the Second Child
4) Growth of Kriya, the Youngest
Rolled 15, 15, 13, 4, 3, 19 = 69

"Those FOOLS. Wasting food over the gift of Swarog, Now we have less food!"
"King Toptrai, we need to know more of our land. Send hunters, make them learn. If some die, rest learn."
"Yes. This is good plan. Also, gather craftsmen. They take too long, using too much. THEY can find what they need, not the Gatherers."
"Some say that sharp killy sticks are useful for things."
"Give them the death sticks, let them kill themselves if they desire."

Rolling for:
Exploring to the North,South, East, and West (roughly)
The Craftsmen foraging in the jungle for supplies to further their experiments in containers and housing.
Craftsmen creating rough walls for a small hut.
My dear friend.
Be original.
reinforced structures tend to come unglued after repeated exposure to the rain, but glue kept dry holds tight. perhaps a more specific mix is needed? The builders create ropes of such quality that it brings pain to the eyes to even look upon them. perhaps not that much, but they are pretty damn good, and very strong/ useful. The prior issue of the ropes braking is no longer an issue. Tool worker's create danger and mighty looking weapons, sadly they are fragile and worthless, hunters boldly charged dangerous prey only to be left with their tentacles to defend themselves after the weapons broke promptly. A few died. The spoon is a bit too thin and acid prematurely breaks out the bottom. The Armored animals are injured but retreat to the inside of the mushroom trees and angrily hide.
The ring is stopped dead in it's tracks when the lake rises high, and floods the arena at night. Its now a large muddy field that combatants fall and slip in, a few broken ankles and knees were a result. The store house also suffered as it was built in the same area as the arena, and floated away into the lake. A large amount of food was lost from this, but there are now many fish spawning and around from the excess food. A discovery of flit knapping and that greatly improves stone tools and gives edges. Strong winds cause the scouts to have to grab onto trees, etc, monsoon season is coming.
the heretics were captured, but their depraved nature drove them to commit suicide, perhaps zhen-qual can still pull something from their dead minds. The heretics had larve left behind, and jar upon jar of blood and fluid, as well as various stone and obsidian blades amidst the husks of dead worms. there is map, but it is made oddly. The obsidian worm is being overwhelmed and will likely be killed without outside intervention, and even then, it is a risk.
No reason to be mad, this game is really not similar to yours.
You run, if i get it well, a fantasy tribe settling campain.
This game plays with tribes, that's true, but it's about playing with creatures and a setting that have been developped in evolution games.
Also, this game is one year old, good chances it was here first...

Fishing continues to be good, and the tribe develops a proficiency at it that they no longer have to roll to get fish for their current size. All the children grow quickly but Ana the first is largest.
Game, stone and a small underground spring are found in the search. Those of the western scouting meet with death, the scouts returning with stories of attacks from Koburrogs who attack with fire, lightning and thunder. The craftsmen meet with some sort of aggressive carnivorous plant and several are killed. Walls are easy to make and soon there are many walled structures.
You stopped qualifying for anon the moment you made that post. Welcome to tripfagdom.
i guess what >>22508337 said.

my thing is this, ya gotta say what is bothering you in some specifics. who knows, maybe we have some common ground, but as it stands you come here acting asinine. happens to the best of us.

http://archive.foolz.us/_/search/tripcode/!!3Y2RIZQEZfF/ This is you?
File: 1357832816828.png-(231 KB, 800x600, Zu-nul victory.png)
231 KB
Rolled 4, 3, 8, 10 = 25


The Raiding party loots what they can from the heretic encampment, the larvae and young suzumou shall be taken to the tribe and raised in the ways of the Zu-nul. Any surviving heretics will be further questioned by the praetorians, and the dead shall be sacrificed to Zhen-qual. The strange tools and other supplies of the heretics shall be taken back to the tribe for further study.

The scouts decide that it is their time to intervene. The obsidian worm is no use for them dead, unless they can salvage either eggs or sperm capsules inside of it. They fly out of hiding, and head towards the Gorriogs, trying their best not to attract the attention of the wespars. Hopefully, they can convince the brutes to aid them in capturing this weakened beast now.

Meanwhile, the Zu-nul continue to experiment on their new building techniques. With the stronger tunnels, some of the builders get the idea of trying to connect the nearby sand burrows outside of the crag into their tunnel network. These connecting tunnels would need to be dug deep, so that the disturbances of the desert wouldn't harm them.

The Zu-nul numbers keep on growing, but for how long? Even Zhen-qual has a limit in how many suzumou can gestate in her flesh without harming her. Eventually, a ceiling in the growth rate will be faced, and then, the tribe needs to find new ways of breeding, if they want to keep growing. (Currently, the tribe numbers somewhere between 200-300 adults, and the numbers are growing. I am bad with numbers, but I would say that it will only take about 10 years for the tribe to double in it's numbers. There are of course, constant deaths, mostly of hunters, but not enough to hamper the growth in any significant degree.)

Rolling for:
Mopping up the raid operation.
The scout's intervening
Expanding the tunnel network.
Seeing how long Zhen-qual can support the current growth rate of the tribe.
Rolled 10, 8 = 18

With a great blubbering and wobbling the mating is complete. Soon the queen grows tired and lazy with her growing of eggs. A strange feeling of choice fills her head and as she blearily looks around her chambers she sees that her workers have grown weak from their very core. Strength, deep strength is what her people need. And she sees that her people are still stuck to their old ways with their skin still the color of the earth, but she wishes to forget the past and banish thoughts of her old home.

Roll for stronger bone mutation. Roll for color change to jungle mutation.
Rolled 11

Ana begins to ask some utterly difficult questions. She asks her mother. "Mother, what is death?" She answers: "It is the cessation of life". "Yes, but... I don't want to die." "Of course not, but you are still young, this is not something you will have to fear for a long time."

She seems satisfied with the answer, but within, her mind roils with the force of a gale. An amusing metaphor, since life underground means that she has never felt the wind.

She begins to peruse her mother's library. What does she find? I leave that up to the GMs.

Rolling for:
What does Ana find within the Great Library?
A loud explosion blinds and distracts the victors, Numerous heretics escape into tunnels that they somehow collapse behind them. The Scouts attempts to get to the Gorrirogs leads them straight into the wesper swarm, they can either attempt to press on and fight for their lives, or retreat more safely. Prior experience with tunnels allows the network to expand to the nearest burrows. Zhen-qual is limited in ability to sustain the current growth rate and will need to consider getting more hosts to aid in the development of her pawns, though sandworms are not known to be communal. Current growth is capped, but sustainable for about another 50+ members
The Bones of the tribe are enlarged, but not more dense then previously. This results in slower, somewhat stronger drones. The skin slowly shifts towards a jungle coloration, eventually becoming the right color as the pusmal matures.

A minor mutuation leaves the pusmal drones with red eyes.
A concept of self is plopped into the child's mind. What makes an individual, if left alone, could be nothing more then the education they get perhaps? What if she had grown in times long ago, during the horrible eras where queens were nothing more then brood slaves, would she still be who she was now?
Rolled 4, 13, 17 = 34

The queen awakens from her breeding stupor to excitement and exhaustion. Before tending to her stomach she examines the new workers. The are slower, but walk with more purpose. And their colors have shifted to match the world around them.

She sends her Seekers to find food in the lush area to the north, and she tells the oldest slow worker to tend to the young while the rest finish the nursery.

3 rolls. 1 for food gathering in the north. 1 for child rearing (+ to maturation?). 1 for resin building the nursery.
Rolled 6

Nice, ng. You don't disappoint.

This... concept of self. She begins to question who she is. In wondering who she is, she begins to wonder who she is not. She is not like her mother, wise and knowledgeable. Why is she not?

"Mother, why are you so very wise?"
> "You flatter me child. My wisdom comes from a long, long life. A long life I have spent pursuing wisdom."

She begins to wonder. If she had a longer life, then perhaps she would become wiser than anyone...

Ana speaks with her sisters. They in turn become curious as to these questions.
Rolled 20

When the hunters come back with dead ones the workers' skins flush with disapprobation.
One takes the dead corpse still containing a bit of methane. After a subtle and quick referendum amongst the workers, the one holding the corpse sticks his event and rips the sack to breathe the more gas possible without having it burning.
The warriors are outraged and express a white symbol filled of sense about respecting the dead, and honouring the warrior.

rolling for gas incorporation
Rolled 12, 19 = 31

Ignore that last roll.
Bitta asks her mother a question. "Mother, what is the purpose of life?"

Kriya asks her mother a question as well. "Mother, what is good? What is evil?"

What answers does each receive?
1) Bitta's Answer
2) Kriya's Answer
The food gathering goes poorly and the harvesters come back with just leafy green things. Not too filling...not at all. Whats worse the queen will have to chew these up and partially digest them if they are to be of any nourishment to the workers. the children at least are growing quickly, and have a bright look in their eyes. the nursery is constructed in short order with no loss of life.
no roll was made but there is a number. as she goes to her sisters she finds a shiny rock, it is...charming, and she wishes to keep it. This rock will be hers till the end of life, a memory of a time long ago, of a creature she once was, fascinated with such simple concepts and little things, eyes wide with wonder at the world.
nearly 100% of the remaining gas is incorporated into the individual, as well as the associated memories etc...possibly the personality may even overlay over the existing personality, slowly manifesting itself stronger and stronger. such is the way of this world.
child, life is what you make of it, but most importantly it is for us to carry on our people. to Kriya: At a most individual and personal level good and evil are what we call morality, and are close to right and wrong, you will grow older, and begin to see that sometimes good actions can be hurtful to all despite the best of wishes, ultimately being evil, and the opposite is also true, but silly child, such thoughts are for years further down. Enjoy life now, that is what is good right now.
Rolled 14, 6, 4, 2, 19 = 45


What witchery was this!
The preatorians try to quickly make sense of the situation. They try to collect what surviving heretics still linger in the vicinity, and the loot to be sent to Zhen-qual with the normal suzumou warriors, so that nothing else happens to them.
The 5 praetorians themselves decide to remain in the ruined camp of the heretics, to scour it for any clues of what caused the explosion, or anything else of interest.

Some of the tunnel builders get an idea of how to fill the underground water storages of the tribe more efficiently. What if they built a small, underground channel to the nearby oasis, and directed some of that water to their own crag. This way, they would no longer have to harvest the plants they feed to the gill worms from the oasis, as they could grow them in the safety of their own crag.

The scouts curse the wespars, and back off. They are no use to Zhen-qual dead, so they decide to wait out for the wespars to leave. The obsidian worm will surely die, but maybe they can harvest something of use from their body. One of them however decides to make a near suicidal dash trough the raging swarm, towards the gorrirogs, in hopes of reaching them and delivering their message.

Rolling for: (5 rolls)
Taking the captured heretics and loot from their camp back to Zhen-qual.
Praetorians investigating the camp and the source of the explosion.
Creating an underground channel between the oasis and the crag.
The scout's attempt to reach the gorrirogs.
Harvesting sperm capsules and eggs from the obsidian worm (in case the previous roll fails)
clever insects, are there any ant-eaters travelling the wastes looking for food?
Rolled 10, 6, 3 = 19

AS the queen slowly chews and regurgitates the leaves she decides that a more stable food source is necessary. She directs the seekers to round up various fruits and seeds from the jungle and put them in the store house. Meanwhile she tells her workers to make an area with low walls to contain the coming orchard. She tells the old worker, which she affectionately calls Auntie Puss, to continue with the young's education with attention to lessons on strength and teamwork.

3 rolls. 1 for seed/fruit gathering. 1 for resin building an orchard. 1 for continued classes in the nursery for physical training and team building.
The remaining hertics are captured, and the investigation uncovers dire information. They trade willingly with Koburrogs for explosive jars! SIN! The channel keeps filling with sand. fuck there is a lot of sand! The scout dashes like a hero, only to be carried off screaming into the sky by the wesper swarm. He awakens later, bound and restrained, surrounded by unfamiliar suzumo, in an unfamiliar place. Deep within his head a voice resounds. "Welcome to the cold and black young one." The Aftermath of the battle leaves the obsidian worm torn apart for armor, and headless. There is little meat left from the attack of the swarm, but somehow the entire gonad system has survived. Score.
File: 1357840760835.jpg-(158 KB, 1561x1134, ana with book.jpg)
158 KB
A picture for you all. One of the daughters, with a book.
File: 1357842831592.png-(244 KB, 800x600, Update4.png)
244 KB
Rolled 19, 3, 4 = 26


Exploration to the South-West is written off for now, deemed as too dangerous for what it's worth when attention is better paid to the fruitful South. A path between Hua-sha and the Lu-whey (Long water) is cleared. Small creatures are quickly spotted living in the Whey and they pass the Maajha's taste test, we should find a way to collect these.

Rolling for continued mating efforts (two females), and the success of our first fishing trip.
File: 1357843529326.png-(815 KB, 900x1200, Methan Chimney l.png)
815 KB
After twitching a bit because of the burnings suffered during the transfer, the craftsman enters in a kind of trance. He start shivering as the gas exchanges accelerate. A storm of colours explode on his skin. Maybe some of the molecules are still a bit poisonous to him. Then he stops, floating immobile in the air. After a few seconds of this catatonic state he awakens and start stabilising itself. His minds boils of contradictions between concepts, enters in various moods. He is now able to gage the misunderstanding between the two castes and tries to consider each side apart. The empiricism of the workers over the superstitions of the hunters. The ingeniousness over the ingenuity.
He is not his old self anymore, neither he is this dead hunter. He is both and none of them, a new hastun.
He has novel concepts out of the ideas of both castes:
For him, death must be respected but at the same time, losing the memory of one is unbearable.
The boldness of the hunters is necessary but not be paid by so much deaths. He starts thinking about strategic ways to spare soldiers while using them the better possible.
After a a bit of discussion with the individuals of the two groups, he tries to manage to conciliate them, explain them how they actually really need each other.
Eventually, some are still sceptic about this all.
He decides to illustrates his point by organising a new mission requiring every kind of hastun.
The builders carry panels of wood they hold by packs with their new ropes wrapped around to hold it well. The stewards distribute their better nutritive goo to the hunters. The woodworkers wrap rope coated in glue around the holds ans weak points of the weapons to reinforce them.
The soldiers receive new directives. They are separated in regiments of 3 to 5.
Shooters, equiped with throwing spoons with some woodworkers that have a more vegetal-specific acid.
File: 1357843631075.png-(64 KB, 800x600, Ighqatar02.png)
64 KB
Rolled 5, 14, 5 = 24

Though some are disappointed to find that Burlongs aren't a very tasty treat, several are still curious enough to hold on to a few of them. They are promptly told to go home with their nasty creatures. Several return home, also brining news of game to the west, great grazing beasts. An air of fear swallows the expedition party as the canopy grows thicker above. Their people were strictly forbidden to enter the jungle. Few have been at its edge in generations, and none have entered.

As the housing war has died down, the young Kwagos are chided by their families and told they would hurt themselves. However, some of the more innovative Kwagos see great value in stone that holds its edge true, and begin to scour for more of the rock that keeps its edge.

Late one night, Icouri is approached by another of her advisors, Modyn the Distracted. Modyn, though easily distracted as she is so titled, was thought to be one of the foremost innovators who recieved any attention from their deposed and deceased ex-tyrant, Ydraioni the Liar. She was also a dear friend of Icouri. The attention she received from Ydraioni left Modyn to spend much time bound or caged in isolation. However, she learned to listen like none of the other tribespeople could. She also learned the importance of remembering the things she heard, and remembering them accurately.

She proposes to Icouri that we encourage the rest of the tribe to adopt her system of angular markings and gouges in wood and stone, with which she could remember everything she heard. Icouri decides to spend much time with Modyn to learn this system of hers, so that it may be passed on to others.

Rolling for:
Scouting into the jungle to the west
Researching knapping
Developing basic written language
Rolled 14, 15, 13, 18, 19, 4, 5 = 88

Melee fighters are fed with the most colourful pieces of meat as they would serve as baits.
Here's how they proceed:
-Observers approach silently around the chimney with the range fighters to place them well.
-Melee fighters try to taunt the armoured creatures the longer possible as the builders approach with wood panels to block the entries.
-Range hunters then shoot at them using barrage shots to hold them in pack, sparing a couple of them.
-Melee fighters try to capture the ones surviving.

Rolling for:
Stealth of the shooters
Weapon improvement.
Resistance of the wood panels.
Melee fighting.
Range shooting.
Hazards related to methane.
File: 1357847211920.png-(23 KB, 800x600, Knowledge of the heretics.png)
23 KB

Zu-nul take no pleasure in the slaughter they were forced to commit against the heretics. No, it was a necessary deed, for their corruption had to be purged, before it could grow any stronger.
The revelation that the hated koburrogs had been in contact with the heretics causes great anger in the tribe. Surely, the koburrogs had been the ones who sowed the seeds of this corruption to the heretics. There will be vengeance! The patrols on the desert shall be increased, so that any intruders up to no good will be caught.

The interrogation of the captured heretics continues. The tribe and Zhen-qual try to learn as much as they can from the heretics, and their strange tools that the raiders recovered from their camp. This knowledge could be used to fight against other heretics in the long run!
Zhen-qual is quite interested in the way the heretics seemed to use young worms. They had done unspeakable things to these young worms, but they had survived because of it. Perhaps, these brutal methods could be the solution to the looming problem of stalling growth...

The channel builders tenaciously press forward. They are experts of tunnel building, and this deed is far from impossible. The excess sand is carried back to the crag, as future building material for the tribe.
Rolled 6, 18, 13, 2, 18, 12, 8 = 77

The horrified scout tries to break away from the restraints, and block the voice in his head. Where was she?! What had happened!? Her most holy task was at risk!! She was made to acquire the obsidian worm at all costs! Who were these strange suzumou?! (The scouts seeking out the obsidian worm were wormborn, if I understood correctly the statement here:>>22492293)

The remaining scouts return to Zhen-qual, with the price they managed to claim from the obsidian worm, and news from the mountains. The change in the Hitangan concerns the godworm little, but the information of wespar swarms stirs anger in her. Could the flying thief be looming over her domain once more? She orders her tribe to be cautious and watch the skies and keens her senses in order to detect any signature vibrations that the bombardment of the cursed flier caused. She then begins to study her new price.
The capsules claimed from the obsidian worm could hold great potential. Zhen-qual begins her experiments, by once again, trying to splice the genes of the worm with those of her own. The goal of these experiments are not to create monstrous hybrids. Her intention is to uncover the secrets of her own essence, by introducing foreign elements, with potential. Perhaps eventually, the key to perfection will be found this way.

Rolling for: (7 rolls.)
Increased patrols across the deserts (the blueish area in my race chart is the area the Zu-nul are active in.)
Further interrogation of the captive heretics.
Studying the tools of the heretics.
Further construction of the channel.
The scout's attempt to break free from the restraints, and to block off the voice booming in his head.
The tribe's alertness in case of Thickblood's and the exiles activity.
Zhen-qual's experiments.
As the daughters reach maturity, they begins learning, at their mother's side, how to govern their flocks.

Each takes a Hall, for these are the skyscrapers of the Marajha. Each with its own specialty. Which hall goes to each sister?
There is the Primary Hall, the Second Hall, and the Third Hall. Larger numbers mean the Primary Hall, then the Secondary Hall, and at last, the Third Hall.

1. Ana's Hall
2. Bitta's Hall
3. Kriya's Hall
Rolled 7, 8, 5 = 20

Whoops. Forgot dice.
File: 1357848710238.png-(3.88 MB, 1201x1681, empires2.png)
3.88 MB
Rolled 7, 3, 19, 12, 3, 18 = 62

Over the next few years, the lumber camp established near the old frillas grew into a small town.

Sandstorms would often cover patches of the road leading to the Hitangan capitol. The idea is formed to cover the biggest problem areas.

The amounts of iron obtained in trade with the Hitangan is not enough to support the needs of the Hu-raan. Metal tools are better for breaking apart stone, and simply last longer than those of just Ramel Shell, which puts them in higher demand.

Rolling (6) for settling the oasis, searching for metals in the eastern mountains, along with a water source, making improvements to The Long Road, scouting out the rest of the dry plains, and around the lumber town.
A small amount of seeds are gathered, when questioned as to how the drones could fail such a simple task, it is noted their faces are smeared with fruit. dumb drones. The orchard is slown down due to drones with stomach aches from too much fruit. The young drones fight each other a little and bicker.
Mating is successful, but only for one of the pairs. Something in the water is dangerous...something hungry. *Cue jaws theme* so far no injuries.
The jungle to the west contains strange hopping creatures with sharp feet claws...they chase after the tribesmen but stop at the edge of the forest and go no further, their large taloned toes clicking in anticipation. Eager to sink into soft belly flesh. Knapping is understood after a few nights of sitting around fires and trying on various materials. A basic written language fails to catch on this time.
The hunt goes mostly well. The team is organised, and the shooters remain hidden throughout the duration. Flawed weapons are now functional, if imperfect. The wood pannels hold out for the duration of the hunt. The melee fighting is very good and backed up by shooters who actually hit their own allies instead of the prey. The death of one hunter results in an explosion that hurts several others, even puncturing one's gas sack. In the end though, they go home with so much meat there is fear of it rotting.
The wormborn scout is markedly different from the regular suzumo, more perfect, but more false in essence. They look at it in confusion, for when they had first taken to the skies and beyond to the cold and black there were none like this. with no other option they simple link tongues to attempt and understand what is going on.
Patrols are stretched thin with the various projects and Zhen-qual deligating more of her forces to protecting herself during this time of experimentation. the captive heretics are examined by the worm born, then again by the praetorians, by zhen-qual herself, and then just curiously by the general population. By the time all is said and done there are few secrets within their mind. The training methods, reasons and rituals, beliefs and history of this clan lay dissected before all. Blood is moisture and should not be wasted, the black glass blades are useful. The last attempt at building the channel was not perfect, but completed the final step of the project. It was coarse and a bit ugly, but would do. the scout manages to break the restraints and runs, runs as fast as it can for now the voice is quiet, but it comes up to a transparent wall and looks out into the abyss to see what may be a horrible truth. The tribe is reasonably alert for thickblood, a bit more so then normal. Zhen-qual's own experiments are met with failure. Once again, deformed children, flawed, left out to try and survive, but eaten by her own angry progeny. There is something about her first hybrid child. The great spikes on it's carapace, the way it moves. It has grown quickly since she began to ignore it, it is so hostile yet intelligent. If she could curb it's behavior, get it to realize the value of the pawns.
bitta takes primary with her older sister in secondary, finally the near twin of bitta takes the third hall, perhaps tertiary
Attempts to settle the oasis are at best trading outposts that are abandoned seasonaly, then revisited when permissible. Metals are not readily found, and indeed an avalanche claims the life of several prospectors. A very large freshwater aquifer is found that can easily support an expansion (your choice of location). The long road is paved and marked with stone pillars every few "koburrog miles" to keep you in the right direction. The scouts who visit the dry plains are eaten or chased away by sand devils. The lumber town is safer, and it is interesting to note, that around the plants, sometimes metallic rocks can be found.
Rolled 9, 15, 7, 2 = 33

"King. These Others. They hold gifts of Swarog we do not. We must have these for SWAROG!"
'Liege, the craftsmen are complaining again. They say we don't have enough supplies for building, and the nearby plants are stopping them.'
>"Fine. Send hunters. Guard. Don't try too hard. We have Craftsmen work on way to harness might of heavens. Be useful."

Some of the craftsmen, seeing as how they are becoming cannon fodder under Toptrai's rule begin to attempt to develop better defenses for themselves as well as defenses for the village walls. The news of the tribe that has harnessed the might of the heavens worries them, for the tribe has very little defenses against such an attack.

A small group of hunters set out to capture some of the game the scouting mission found.

The Craftsmen working on "harnessing the heavens" decide to see if anything from the corpse they had recovered earlier has anything of use.

Rolling for:
Weapons experimentation using the recovered dead 'burrog
Supply gathering with a pair of guards
Defense experiments
Food capture
Rolled 9, 3, 5 = 17

Thanks ng. That's all for today, I'm not feeling well.
Can i join this? or am i way too late?
Rolled 5, 14, 16, 3, 6, 9, 8 = 61

>Just to have an idea i must now have around 30 workers, 15 hunters and 5 youngs.

Besides the few death, this is the greatest achievements ever made by the tribe.
The point of the orderer of this is definitely proved and the grief is absorbed.
This one hastun's authorithy is now assumed by all and he is tacitly considered as their ruler. The anarchic development they've been through was not enough anymore to keep them together. He orders a hunter and a worker of each profession to spare the gas of the deads and name them to oversee the work of its group.
The bodies are carried while the ones surviving are left to run away.
The stewards precociously dissects the animals, trying to separate the leather and the bony plates from the meat. If knives can't cut through they use acid.
They search for ways to conserve the meat, eventually bathing into acidic mucus or cooking it into nutritive jelly which is mostly fed to the larvae.
If succeed, the tribe would be safe from need for a few months.
The craftsmens try to work on the leather seeking for waterproof condition and the plates for protection.
As the defenders are away, some scouts go explore the chimney, intrigued by what could be inside and what causes glitches with light on the top (good eyes).
For the few next monthes, great attention is given to the larvae to fill the empty places in the ranks. The prosperity encourage mating.

>I know my guys have been pretty fast coming with a lot of things but it reflects the burst of ingeniousness coming with foreign simulation. It could be also some remnant memories unconsciously popping out. This would tend to slow down at some periods.

Rolling for:
Leather work.
Plates work.
Food conservation.
Chimney exploration.
Child care.

I think you can as these games tend to be long and aren't really competitive.
That's right. I joined in on thread 3 of the very first run of these.
So, do i just have to make a tribe sheet and some fluff to go with?
File: 1357853455649.png-(493 KB, 720x405, Village Monsoon.png)
493 KB
Rolled 16, 14 = 30


Natural force that the Kwagos of Rismal can't stop in any way. Well who can stop the weathers but the point is that all they can do is stay inside their huts and hope for the best. During the rainy season fishing is nigh impossible so food lost with the storehouse was hard stike for them and even though they managed to save some of it they still will have hard times ahead of them.

While the monsoon makes the kwagos stay inside they have good time to learn how to use their new tools. The firewood can be used to keep the boredom away.

Rolling for the damage the monsoon rains cause (high roll is good thing and low roll... well not so nice thing) and for woodcrafting with the new stone tools.

The current level of patrols shall do, as the tribe now has many new projects to work with.
There is wisdom in the ways of the heretics, and their knowledge shall do well in service of Zhen-qual. Subtly, the ways of the defeated, and assimilated tribe are put to use by the Zhen-qual's agents, the wormborn. Blood will no longer be wasted, as it is being drained in order to preserve it, scouts are sent to seek out the black, sharp glass and the former members of the heretic tribe are questioned further, so that the methods of pottery could be learned from them. (They had the blood jars, so they must have known how to make them.)
Perhaps most importantly, Zhen-qual has sent teams of praetorians to hunt down juvenile worms, for a brand new experiment, that might solve the problem with the tribe's growth stagnating.

With the channel now almost completed, the builders decide to make some sort of system they can use to control the flow of water from the oasis to their crag. Something akin to a simple flood gate.
The unfamiliar suzumou intrude to the mind of the wormborn scout, their minds full of questions and intrigue. She tries to reveal nothing to them, not her name, home, or mission, nothing. However, as they peer into her mind, she learns their nature in turn. They are traitors, the exiles. This realization causes her to panic, and rip herself out of her restraints. As she flees, she comes to an opening, that reveals the world to her....
What she sees, stuns her in horror. As her tiny world curves underneath her vantage point, she is hit to her face with her own insignificance. Who was she...and why was she here...No..her mission was clear, the godworm had created her for a purpose...Knixi had to flee from this place.
File: 1357855550574.png-(22 KB, 800x600, The drake worm.png)
22 KB
Rolled 13, 16, 8, 10, 10, 3, 11, 15, 9 = 95


Zhen-qual is displeased with both the Zu-nul care takers responsible for raising her experimental spawn, and with the hybrid. The deformed ones could have taught her a lesson or two about how her essence unfolds in her spawn, but they are no use to her eaten. The hybrid had disobeyed her commands, as it had ventured back to her vicinity. Though it was impressive and mighty, it was not the goal of the great task. The end result had to be a perfect worm, not a hybridized monster. The hybrid was a successful experiment, but it was starting to become a problem that had to be dealt with.
As Zhen-qual prepares to conduct another experiment with her spawn and the stolen essences of other worms, she instructs a team of wormseers to head out and face the hybrid. They shall stun it with their poison, and deliver a message to it's mind from Zhen-qual.
"Your role was dictated before you were born, you are not the purpose, or the goal of my divine work, you are a vanguard of it. You are an echo of what is to come, and your role is to ensure that no harm comes to my work. Realize this, and you shall receive my blessing, or continue to oppose my will and deface my work and thus be destroyed."

Rolling for: (9 rolls)
Incorporating the useful knowledge and traditions of the heretics to the suzumou. (Blood draining, combat training, and beliefs that instill loyalty mostly.)
Acquiring black glass.
Learning pottery from the heretics.
Hunting down juvenile worms.
Inventing a flood gate.
The Scout's attempt to resist the investigation of the exiles.
Her attempt to flee.
Another Zhen-qual's experiment.
Delivering the message to the hybrid.
File: 1357855749154.png-(64 KB, 800x600, Ighqatar03.png)
64 KB
Rolled 11, 10, 9 = 30

Ilesha the Grasper, one of Icouri's chosen to lead the expedition, was the last one through the dense underbrush. Panting for breath as he reached the camp, he describes the beasts to the rest of the party. Vicious creatures with claws sharp enough to turn flesh into ribbons. The party would proceed no further, not until they could best these jungle denizens. They return home.

It turns out the issue with finding the sharp stones wasn't where to look, but how exactly to strike them against each other. The coast is full of the right stone, called "flint". It isn't long before flint heads are affixed in place of stone ones, making countless jobs much easier.

Icouri sits, frustrated. Modyn's system of hashes and angular gouges was much more complicated than she imagined. A different mark for each sound? Sounds with different marks, depending on what marks they were next to? Clearly the amount of work Modyn had been vastly underestimated. Regardless, several others now have become interested in learning this new means of communication.

The few Kwagos who returned with the burlongs and the location of the Ramel are welcomed by the tribe. The new sharp stones that they have developed are affixed to the end of short sticks, and even longer sticks, to replace the dull stone they had once used. Almost as soon as they return, another party leaves to hunt.

One evening when a lone Kwagos was cleaning out a fire pit, he noticed that, after dousing the embers and shoveling them away, there was a small, misshapen pool of shiny, hardenend liquid. Inspecting it, he realized it was harder than any stone he had seen, even the new flint stones. He showed some others, and as they searched their pits as well, more were found. Inquisitive by nature, the Kwagos decided to try and find out where these things were coming from.

Rolling for:
Developing basic written language (2nd try)
Successful hunting of the Ramel
Discovering basic smelting of tin/lead ore
Rolled 16, 10, 7 = 33

The queen is a bit miffed at the state of her drones. The young she can understand, but the seekers? Unacceptable. After a firm reprimand and a few swipes from her claws she sends them back out. She tells the 'smarter' one of the group, who she calls Swift, to try harder.

She turns her attention to Auntie Puss the teacher. The queen suggests that the young observe the older workers building the orchard and see what they can learn.

Now she punishes the workers who were so glutinous. The fattest, she calls Nurgy, she orders to stand in the midday sun, to act as a warning to the others.

3 rolls. 1 For seed gathering. 1 for teaching architecture/building to the young. 1 for resin building the orchard.
Rolled 16, 10 = 26


The successful mother, being a modern and progressive Kwago, allows the other to adopt one of her larvae; for now the two newborns remain nameless, they shall be given a name when, and if, they achieve infancy, to save the mothers some potential grief.

Tensions are high whenever teams venture to the Lu-whey to harvest Whey-ong (water animal), but a steady supply of meat is too good not to risk; nevertheless, a heavy accompanies every trip.

Rolling for continued exploration of the area around the creek and more fishing.
Rolled 15, 4, 7, 11, 4, 15 = 56

The mold's influence of increased potency on Bruu pleases The drunken queen. She orders the Dvargen responsible for its discovery to continue their efforts. continued success might land the Dvarg and their male progenitors a Clanship as BruuMasters.

Within the sandy coastal soil lurks the liquid death of the ocean. Often tunnels made too shallow too close to the shore collapse and flood. After a particularly deadly cave in Queen Dvara laments what she recognized as the greed of her mother. Queens of the past claiming what was once theirs and taking it with them into their lifeless domain. The Digger Clans are demanded to search within their techniques to strengthen the walls of the tunnels from guile and local subterranean resources while the Above Ground Gatherers travel into the edges of the looming nearby Frilla forest, a place avoided for its mystery and danger, for new building materials perhaps sources of timber beyond the gathered roots, twigs and fallen branches they use for their spears and tools.

However, Far at the edges of the hive it is at the water entrance of one of the Past Queen claimed tunnels a pair of Dvargen one Dexterity Mutated the other a mere Foreman, both of the Queeneye Clan of bellow ground gatherers, spot a strange sight. Skrimp. Mana from the afterlife. Perhaps reparations for that which was taken by The Queens of the Past. The Mutated Dvarg wades into the shallow water attempting to capture the Skrimp with his agile boney fingers while the other thoughtfully attempts to devise the means to capture these creatures with the tools on him, his woven clothes and short stone trowel.

Rolling for
-Success in reliably cultivating the Bruu mold perhaps with different strains
-Diggers developing techniques to keep from flooding
-Danger of the Frilla forest for Above Ground Gatherers
-Success of the Above Gatherers in their task
-Success of Fishing for the Mutated Dvarg
-Development of Fishing Tools
File: 1357865572932.png-(19 KB, 800x600, aqueduct.png)
19 KB
Rolled 2, 14, 18, 7, 17, 14 = 72

Along the windiest stretches of the road, walls are erected on either side, and a roof is built over. When dunes form during the storms, parts of the road become long tunnels under the sand.
(The whole road was already paved, and cover was in the literal sense)

Streams are found on the humid side of the mountain range. Runoff from mountain glaciers. The major towns and cities in the area are in need of more fresh water, but there needs to be a way to transport the water. Architects suggests building an artificial river for which to reroute the streams. The wells which have supplied the capitol's water are not enough to support the populous, and are often contaminated in the more downtrodden districts of the royal city.

With the news of what appears to be metals found in the forth, there is a mass migration to the area, as fortunes can be made in trading the valued materials. With all of the commotion, a prefecture is set up in order to keep the peace and enforce imperial law.

Rolling (6) for constructing the aqueducts running to To'Kwar, the coastal town, and the middle town; magnets, starting a mining operation (just shovels and picks for now), and keeping order in that region.

What type of metal was found? Iron? Copper? Gold? Something else?
I'll self-judge some of these.

Over many months, blocks of granite were carved from the mountains to exact specifications and hauled over hundreds of miles assembled to form channels through which the water would flow to quench the cities, held aloft the arched pillars.
The last of them, the one which would lead to the royal city had to go through the softer land, the clay soil which earned it the name of Clay Haven. Workers would have to dig deep to reach bedrock in order to complete this engineering feat. There however were the old problem of construction on soil. The increased activity would attract every landworm in several miles. The digging was halted by worker after worker being picked off by the worms.

No magnetic ores in recent shipments up the road.
Yep, that's the gist of it. Don't forget to pick a spot though!
File: 1357878064512.png-(26 KB, 800x600, 1340640806514.png)
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Allright, which ones haven't been judged (or self-judged)?
Lemme at 'em!
File: 1357881988665.png-(154 KB, 661x553, Pusmals Gone Wild.png)
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Also, here is a pic of Queen Dvara of the Dvargen getting totally wasted. WOO!
Bruu mold is quite easy to be developed, and adapts to varying changes in temperature and materials. This results in a variety of new Bruu.
The techniques are still crude, and it doesn't help with the floodings. Another worker drowned. The Frilla Forest hold many dangers as well as abundant resources, some False Bluva were encountered and fended off. In return, they gathered plenty of frilla bark and quite a few bluva and dead false bluva.
The mutated Dvarg tried to catch the Skrimp, but it was too fast for the worker. His partner, seeing the shenanigans, decided to make a kind of spoon with a lure in its center. This caught the Skrimp.

The monsoon rains only blew off some leaf from roofs, but otherwise they were fine.
The new stone tools are sharp enough to cut wood reliably, but it needs a strong Kwagos to chop a full tree. Plenty of lumber to go around.
File: 1357890639721.png-(20 KB, 360x242, map icons.png)
20 KB
I just need some sort of metal. Copper, iron, silver, gold, or something else. I just want to know what I'm mining.
As a small suggestion, copper, silver, and gold can be found as native metals.
I think it's copper with some bits of iron.
File: 1357896319684.png-(3.77 MB, 1201x1681, central map with resource key.png)
3.77 MB

I'll write the update after I wake up tomorrow. Here's the map with the copper and Usmals added, along with the resource icons list so far.
Me IG, please.
Rolled 9, 6, 15, 2, 18, 9, 7, 16, 15, 1 = 98


Ok time to stop being lazy.
The farms are expanded and the hives thrive once again. And when the hive thrives it shall expand. Now it's time for some extreme expansion they have done while i have been lazying.

Rolling for
direction and range I
direction and range II
direction and range III
direction and range IV
direction and range V
Digging directions (N1-3, NE4-5, E6-8, SE9-10, S11-13, SW14-15, W16-18, NW19-20)
Using acid to cut the flesh was a bad idea. Much of the meat was spoiled and the shell thinned if they were using acid. The leather that were salvaged, though, were treated in less acidic mucus, and prove to be good leather. The few plates that were salvaged were worked good, the craftsmen have definitely learned from their acidic mistake. The cooks, however, did not, and they spoiled some more food trying the same acid mucus approach.
Not much has been gleaned from the chimneys, because the scouts got bored real quick. As far as child care and mating goes, it goes on like usual.
Rolled 3


This time the tribe was lucky and survived the monsoon without having too much trouble. However the shortage in food was concern for them and as soon as the rains eased the males started fishing again. risk of hunger was so high that even females left to find out if some of the plants could be used for food.

As always, old kwagos stayed behind with the children as they were too old to do any real work. With the help of children they used this time to reair the minor damage the monsoon had caused. The children helped as much as they could. While it might have not been much it still was valuable lesson for them to see and learn so that when they grow up they know how to keep themselves alive.

Rolling for females search for edible plants.

I could use some roll results too.
The Zu-Nul readily incorporates the technologies of the heretics, but some still eye them with suspicion. Black Glass is readily found near volcanic rocks; the western mountains have plenty of it. The still-living heretics refuse to give the secrets to pottery, but maybe Wormborn mindsearch can help here. A dozen of the juvenile worms were hunted down, the rest scattering to the wide desert. A very simple floodgate was made, it was a rock that limits the flow of water.
Meanwhile, the scout tried her best to resist, but the whole place itself seemed to make her at ease. The exiles then talked with the scout, the words from her half-awake. She snapped out of it, though, and escaped a chamber, only to find herself staring down in a low air and high altitude. The exiles promptly grabbed her back, saying 'it is not safe to return now.'
Zhen-Qual's experiment is a success (I'll let you fluff it), but the drake worm is a rebellious one and denied the wormseers' message.
It desires freedom to do what it wanted, and it likes the sound of sand rushing all around it.
File: 1357910914788.png-(818 KB, 1500x1000, Hastun sheet 2.png)
818 KB
Rolled 3

>Had to delete a post for throwing a whole bucket of dice instead of one.

The workers managed to build basic light armour for the hunters. The part on the back protects the unique dead vision angle and is actually also worn by the workers too to attach ropes to it or carry tools.
The scouts report having seen a bunch of creatures inside that were only meat. No need for more right now. As they started exploring to the top, they had difficulties raising in the air and their fire sprouts went mad. Afraid they preferred to leave.
Fast forward, months past and the issues of food conservation start to be felt. The stewards saved the most possible in form of meat pudding. This poor meal was not a really good mind fuel at all. The balance between the groups started to tremble again.
The hunters being the ones who kept the tribe alive used to keep for themselves the most interesting parts. Eventually, the ruler ended this partially to give better chances to the inventors.
Nevertheless, the tribe was wanting more territories. They sent scouts further to the centre of the jungle to find more of these trees to build huts.

Rolls: Scouting.
Rolled 10, 9, 13, 19, 16 = 67


Self GMing if it's all right.

Females had no luck in finding edible plants. in fact some of them tasted plants that were poisonous and after hours of horrible pain they died as the poison finally made its work.

Males on the other hand knew what they were doing and even without the plants they could feed the tribe with fish.

The death of females was a shock for Rismal and many were sure this was caused by the earth spirits who were jealous because of the runestone they made for the spirits of the water. Certainly the only way to please the earth was to build a runestone for the spirits of the earth. Nearby hill would be more than suitable location for the stone.

Some of the young males got sick of eating only dried fish and so they left to the wilds to hunt some animals. armed with stone tools and clubs they left to see if there are any animals suitable for hunting (=not too dangerous to hunt).

The idea of basic oven to one of the females when she burned herself with stone that was near the fire. If fish gets dried on the warm stones that are in the sun. then why can't we use fire to warm stones and then use them to cook the fish.

Another thing that happened was that due to heavy raining the earth was muddy and wet. Some of the mud got on the baskets and when the raining ended the mud dried and hardened. Elders soon had the idea of using the mud to make the baskets better and then use the fire to make them dry faster.

Lastly the building of storehouse started again. this time they would build it farther from the water so that the flooding wouldn't destoy it.

Rolling for Making runestone to nearby hill, hunting, making oven, pottery and building storehouse mk2
didnt see a result for this so here we go. The dead burrog is tied to a tree, which is again pulled down to near breaking, and flung once more. The corpse flys further in life then death and ironically lands in a small lake that would have been a non fatal landing...if it were not dead. Before all this they poked the body a couple times with sharp sticks..they are pokey. Supplies are gathered with the guards, enough to protect the craftsmen and return home without incident. Simple fortifications are not too sound, and while no one died tonight, mud grubs seem to be hiding tonight.
Rolled 2, 13 = 15

I guess i can self GM too for such roll.
The scouts mindlessly lost themselves and only made it back a few days later totally pale and wasted.

In these times of paucity, the hunters reflexes were becoming dull. The workers were not only not inventing anything new anymore but they were loosing their skills, failing at doing a good work.
The chieftain of the stewards had a discussion with the ruler about this matter. He emitted the hypothesis that they don't only need quantity of food but quality and mainly variety.
The ruler ordered to gather anything that could be ingested, even if it's not animals. The most colourful the best.

Rolling to find fruits, fungus, stuff to eat.
Rolling for eating.
written language is figured out, though it is very simple. The ramel hunt results in injuring a lone beast, it charging, the hunters evading, and no ramel being had. Something is clearly left over after fires, where it comes from, is not yet known.
The remotivated drones come back with abundant seeds. The young sort of grasp the ideas but mostly want to play. The second attempt at the orchard still doesnt work, maybe once more.
Some strange creatures are seen with just the tips of their heads poking out of the water, hopping about. Moderate fish keeps coming in.
Old food were plenty, but new food were scarce and almost unheard of. In their desperation, some Tentouz tried to pile inedible leaves and burn the whole pile up. The resulting smoke seems to be tasty, and some of them experimented further. It turned out that Bluva leaves mixed with some Pozen pollen make tasty smoke, which improves the taste of meat. They also cause a small hallucinatory side-effect when ingested too often, which temporarily 'expanded' their vision to beyond their body.
SE- short tunnel
SW-Short tunnel in the wall (2x)
W-short tunnel
E-Deep long tunnel
A small collection of rocks is made but it is no runestone, hunting is light, with them having to collect the small fluz bugs as nutrition, A crude oven is built, it help make fired pottery which is quite good. A new, better storehouse is made that will keep their various sundries and goods.
Very little was found to eat, so they started eating their own fungi trees, which turned out to be somewhat edible.
(also, get in the chats, ng!)

If there are any more rolls that haven't been processed, make them known!
Bitta begins ruling the first hall, which is the primary manufacturing and food distribution area.
Ana takes over the second hall, which is where the fishers take their hauls.

The third hall is given over entirely to housing, and this is where Kriya practices governing.

The zu-nul warriors begin their work to device new weapons from the black glass, mostly sharp daggers and throwing blades. These weapons should be a welcome addition to their arsenal, which mostly consists of bone spears and weapons made from claws and blades of other creatures.

The questioning of the heretics continues, the secrets of pottery are well hidden in their minds, so well even, that the Zu-nul themselves could use the techniques the heretics are using to resist the mindsearching attempts. The heretics are also given incentives to reveal their secrets- Most importantly, their past crimes of heresy will be forgiven, and they will be allowed to serve Zhen-qual like other Zu-nul members.

The captured juvenile worms are brought to the vicinity of the crag, but kept away from them eyes of the majority of the tribe. The worms are kept in paralysis by the praetorians, who also have ordered the workers to construct a domed enclosure from the cement, where the worms could be kept. The workers are of course, in the dark about the purpose of the structure they are making, their only directive being the order to build a burrow with thick and hard enough walls that would keep anything but an adult worm from breaking it.

With the primitive flood gate in place, the workers can now activate their channel. They remove the stone, and dig open the last few meters of soil that kept the water from being drained by the channel. Now, they could start transporting water from the oasis to their home crag.
Rolled 14, 4, 5, 19, 7, 1, 6, 5 = 61

The scout, unable to flee, and due to the influence of her prison, tries her best at learning from her captors at least. Zhen-qual values knowledge, and in case she ever gets freed, she at least has something to return to the Godworm.

Zhen-qual's experiment results in a batch of new larvae, who possess some qualities of the obsidian worms, like the dark pigment and metal formations of their shell, as well as the increased musculature, though mind are too feeble. Zhen-qual will have to observe their development further, the key to perfection is not in these hybrids, but she can perhaps find clues about the nature of her own essence, and how to unlock it's hidden perfection from these experiments. For now however, her spawn need to be able to grow safely.
To ensure this, Zhen-qual orders her suzumou followers to provide protection to the worms while they develop out in the desert, even after they have grown large enough to be released from the crag

The wormseers return, with the information of the Drake worm's refusal. This angers and frustrates Zhen-qual. No-one refuses her! It is clear that she will have to showcase her strength to her insolent progeny, to show it that her threats weren't just empty words. She begins to few of the gestating suzumou larvae in her flesh for a special purpose. These new wormborns, shall mature fast, have a cunning and predatory intelligence, and exist for only one purpose, to hunt down their target. The assassins shall deliver Zhen-qual's final warning to the Drake. Her spawn will serve her, or die.

Rolling for: (8 rolls)
Developing black glass weapons.
Acquiring the secrets of pottery.
Learning the mind shielding techniques the heretics use.
Constructing an encampment for the juvenile worms.
Filling up the water reserves of the crag using the channel.
The wormborn scout learning from the exiles.
Zu-nul protecting Zhen-qual's experimental spawns.
Zhen-qual developing the assassin wormborns.
File: 1357923240013.png-(33 KB, 579x404, Pipes.png)
33 KB
Rolled 14, 10 = 24

The new pot used by the tentouz had effct to stun them as the molecules rapidly take of the few neurosynaptic connections of their brain. But when they are absorbed by the lymphoïc fluid and integrated to immunologic neuroréceptors the huge variety of components give them a burst of awareness and creativity.
At these times, the workers invent a language to name things. Drawing a symbol for a component and waving the colours in different ways in the background to describe a process.
The toolworkers in cooperation with the cooks try to make pipes coated with a glue resistant to acid.

Rolling for acid resistance and physical resistance.
File: 1357929107040.png-(92 KB, 1000x600, suzumou sexual dimorphism.png)
92 KB
Here is a picture that showcases the sexual dimorphism of the suzumou species.

The suzumou species has very little differences between genders, the most notable difference that they have is the size of the abdomens. Females have thick, bulbous abdomen, in where their eggs develop (it should be noted that the size of the female abdomen changes depending on if she is developing eggs or not), whereas in the males, the abdomen houses jut their poison glands, stinger and various internal organs. In suzumou societies, the males often work as scouts and vanguards of the tribe, moving far ahead of the main tribe, seeking out sources of food and potential sandworms, in where the tribe can breed. The females form the core of the tribe, moving as one unified, group, following the directions of the scouts. These societal roles are the ones the suzumou developed during their evolution, though they can vary greatly between the modern tribes.

The larger wing muscles and increased armor plating are both due to the ancestral habit of males being scouts. The large wing muscles allow the males to carry heavier loads back to the tribe, while the more prominent armor makes them more likely to survive combat outside of the protection of their tribe.

The poison of the females and males is also slightly different. The male venom evolved more for hunting, and quickly paralyzing their prey, the acidic qualities of the venom are pretty insignificant. The females, on the other hand, have far more caustic venom, that can melt trough even the thick shell of the sandworms.
Rolled 9, 4, 20, 13 = 46

Ramel prove to be a challenging hunt. No Kwagos were injured, but no Ramel were had either. The hunters try again in several days, their appetites growing along with their determination. More interested in hunting game now, some have begun practicing their throwing skills. If they could incapacitate an animal from a greater distance, hunting would be much simpler. Some, noticing how certain branches spring back to their original shape with considerable force, have started making miniature spear-like objects and using string to launch them through the air.

Icouri, finally able to grasp Modyn's alphabet (along with several others), is surprised at how enjoyable simply writing and illustrating the simple goings-on of the tribe is, and even how important it can be in settling disputes. In a fierce disagreement between two tribesmen, Icouri was able to find where she happened to write down what was originally promised by one of the parties. When the truth came out, the dispute ended rather quickly and peacefully. Icouri decides that records should be kept of all the major happenings in the tribe, and assigns this task to Modyn.

The tribe is still perplexed, however, about the origin of these silver masses. A collection has been started, and one or two tribesmen have even found some reddish-orange colored ones with a rough green layer on them. Many are unconcerned, but several are enjoying this mystery, and so they keep trying to find a pattern.

The Kwagos in charge of the shrubs and bushes are having no luck sticking their fruits in the ground. One tribeswoman, however, when observing sprouts from a refuse pile, notices that they seem to come from the hard, black things that are in the center of many fruits. She gathers some, and tries planting them in the same refuse pile, just for fun.

The Kwagos,

Rolling for:
Hunting Ramel (2nd try)
Developing the bow and arrow
Discovering tin/lead ore smelting (2nd try)
Improving agriculture (2nd try)
Rolled 9, 8, 18, 19 = 54

Ignore that last sentence fragment there
Derp. forgot the nametag. it was me.
The knowledge of how to shape and work with the black glass was made known to the tribe's artisans. Traveling to mountains they would collect the glass in baskets and make the long trek home, laden with material to ensure the future of their tribe. The heretic's have two useful skills, pottery and a strange mental resistance that intrigues their interrogators. Pain clearly has no bearing on them, considering the ritualized scarring and eye removal they inflicted on themselves. For now these two things are a mystery, but time is in abundance, they will break. The new worm encampment is of excellent quality, and even a full sized adult may have issues breaking down it's walls. Water trickles in slowly, but there are issues with sand blockage. The scout's mind is overwhelmed with information from thickblood itself. "If knowledge is your desire...then KNOW!" It is too much, and the scout is forced to question the very truth's it currently holds as now everything is in doubt and it find's itself committing an unforgivable heresy of questioning the god worm's motives and reasons, even its very own existence. The Zu-nul are not able to perfectly protect the somewhat dimwitted spawn, and in the end about three are left, but they were the smartest and best of the batch. The first batch of assassins are defective, much like the child she made them for. Intelligent, but overwhelmingly aggressive, hungry, violent.
The pipes resist the acid after the glue has been baked to an enamel like state, however, the process leaves them somewhat brittle and they cannot be banged around.
The second attempt of the ramel hunt, the tribe manages to down a juvenile ramel. the creature has hard armor that is difficult to break or pull off to get at the meat inside. The projectile is inaccurate and flimsy. After a bit of playing with burning rocks, a hunter notices strange liquid bubbling out of them. THIS! SCIENCE! shortly after the metal is now being harvested and used in simple tools. Farming finally takes off and the tribe may have extra food now and perhaps ideas on what else they can grow.

The black glass weaponry is a welcome addition for the hunters and the warriors, and the demand for it is quite high. Because of this, the Zu-nul decide to set up new burrows in the vicinity of the great obsidian fields, so that they could harvest the glass more easily. The warriors themselves are eager to test out their new weapons, and thus, a party of them heads out to northern territories of the Zu-nul domain, in hopes of encountering either heretics or some other foes who to fight against.

The Wormseers join in to the interrogation of the surviving resistant heretics (The larval ones and children of the heretical tribe have already been culturally absorbed to the Zu-nul, and treated like all other members of the tribe), as Zhen-qual has herself found interest in the unusual mental resistance of these heretical warriors. The wormseers use all their skills in persuasion to make the heretics crack and give in, so that the Zu-nul can claim their secrets.

The juvenile worms are placed in the encampment, after the workers who built it had been sent away, and the most curious ones dealt with. Then the praetorians begin the next part of Zhen-qual's experiment. They will try to breed, using these young worms as hosts. (Note that the wormborn are genetically no different from normal suzumou, and the children of wormborns will always be normal suzumou, unless they are made into wormborns by the godworm.)
File: 1357945138297.png-(74 KB, 1200x1000, Assassin wormborn.png)
74 KB
Rolled 12, 18, 11, 13, 1, 16, 7, 19, 9, 20 = 126

The builders quickly try to clear away sand from the channel, so that the water flow wouldn't be interrupted.

The scout tries to come to terms with the knowledge that is being fed to her mind. All that she had known and held dear, was meaningless in face of this onslaught....NO! The voice lies to her! These are all lies!!..she recoils from the mental shock, and once again, tries to flee. The tries to subdue the closest exiled suzumou, and forcibly enter his or hers mind, so that she could find a way out of this mad place.

Zhen-qual doesn't expect the Zu-nul to keep all her experimental spawn alive, the purpose of the protection is to keep out any unexpected anomalies, such as the drake, from interfering with the experiment. Continued observation will be needed to find out more about the nature of her essence as it unfolds in these spawns.
The assassins are sent out after the Drake, despite their flaws. If they fail, she can always make new ones, and if they succeed, she can use them as the basis of the next generation of these assassins. The goal of these wormborns is simple. To deliver the final warning of Zhen-qual to the Drake, and escort it back to the vicinity of the Crag. If it doesn't comply, they will eliminate it with their potent acidic toxins.

Rolling for: (10 rolls)
Setting up glass harvesting burrows.
Seeing if the warriors find anything to test their new weaponry on in the north.
Further interrogation of the heretics.
Experimenting on using the juvenile worms as breeding hosts.
Clearing the channel from sand.
Scout's attempt at escape.
Observing the development of the remaining 3 spawn (3 rolls)
Seeing if the assassins are successful.

(I will color the picture later)
The empire was no slouch in establishing control of the frontier boomtown before widespread lawlessness could take over.
The metals here were unlike those obtained from trade with the Hitangans to the far south. This stuff could be found as metal without the need to smelt it first. It had a distinct reddish luster, but was softer, but not too soft as to have no use in toolmaking. The most popular use of it was in jewelery, as it's easier to form, and has the eye-catching color.
Nuggets of the metal are used in trade in the northern regions

>Copper becomes commonplace in Hu-raanic life.
Rolled 13, 2, 20 = 35


The Whey-ong supply is healthy and the two young'uns are growing up rapidly, soon they will be old enough to leave their mothers' pouches.

Back at the creek, the Unu-ah-whey-ong (New big water animal) are regarded with caution and given a wide berth whenever they show up; the Maajha keep their eyes open for a dead one to study further.

Meanwhile, surplus food has rekindled the tribe's wanderlust and two new exploration parties are arranged to follow the creek in both directions (East and South on the map).

Rolling for studying the River Hoppas, exploring East and exploring South.
File: 1357951115774.png-(315 KB, 808x906, Shooter.png)
315 KB
Rolled 20, 7 = 27

These rigid tubes are now used by elite shooters to contain a special batch of particularly concentrated acid cooked by the stewards that they pick to add to their balls. A cook sometimes follow them to refill it up.

They start to hunt again seeking for the biggest and oddest creatures. The sense of challenge push the hunters to surpass themselves.

Rolling for:
New batch quality

>Captcha: coach hedgeog...i must find my master!

High Patriarch Zokulza has only recently inherited leadership of the Yakushin, the people of the Yakush Clan, and he is eager to build upon his clans achievments. They already control all trade between the loyalists remnants in Old Nutera, known as the Teloki, and the Exiles, known as the Rimturo. While they Nuterans have been aware of a nation by the name Huran or some-such name, they do not yet have relations with it, and what little is known of it indicates that they should have at least some knowledge of trade, which is enough for the ambitious and eager Patriarch. Envoys are sent sailing in the general direction of the Hu-Raan, to the north. Additionaly, the people of the of the Twisted Isle (that's the Nuteran name for the island the Stusval are on) are telling wild stories of strange creatures on their isle, and that they seem to be... intelligent. Likely nothing more than wild exagerations of a tribe of gorriogs that have lived on the Twisted isle for millenia and become estranged to the Nuterans. However, the Yakushin can't have their fellow exiles wiping out a potential source of customers. An armed party and a lesser patriarch is sent to allay their fears and make contact with the tribe (I'm sending envoys to the Stusval)
While the Island of Okel, the island settled by the Yakush clan when they were expelled after the war, is the home of the Clan, it has not been lived on for more than a century. Resources remain to explo- to "develop." The main settlement of Okel is the city of Erumer, and holds the bulk, the majority of the Yakushin that are not out in the world, trading and bartering. The island is mostly dependant on the other isles or the friendly Teloki settlements that are willing to trade for its well being. Any home developments would be desirable for the people of Erumer, be they terraced farms or small mines. Anything to make them net exporters, or at least have a lower net import.
Rolled 2, 13, 5 = 20

Meanwhile, a wealthy lesser Patriarch of the Yakushin, Jever is on the north east coast of Nutera, overseeing construction of a mansion, or more accurately a hamlet surrounding a rather large house, while fending off the Blade Runners that still infest old Nutera, and the Teloki who still blame the war, and the weakness it left for the blade runners to exploit, on the Exiles. The Lesser Patriarch seeks to increase his standing in the clan, but first he must show he is a person of importance, and to do that he must be among the handful of Yakushin off the home island of Okel to own land and a mansion, showing not just his wealth is great enough to fund such a development, but that he is capable of managing his commercial interests while being a millitary commander in all but name. Jever is considering using slaves to make his dream a reality, but only if he cannot do it without them. The Yakushin may be masters of commerce and trade, but even they hold disdain for slavery, for the most part. Only the Teloki hold slaves amongst the Nuterans, and dealing with them in slavery is a practice that can kill a patriarchs rise as surely as a mansion may ensure it.

Rolling for
Envoys reaching the other nations (Hu-Raan and the Stusval)
Developing the isle of Okel
Building Jevers Mansion (without slaves for the moment)
Time for a musical bump from a play about social upheval in the Tanacs Azseg of southern Naatinye

>Look down, look down
>Don't look at what've you lost
>Look down, look down
>We know who we crossed

>Prisoner One: The night is black, the sky is dark
>Prisoner One: It's cold as a geist*1 below

>Look down, look down
>There's a hundred years to go*2

>Prisoner Two: I've done no wrong,
>Prisoner Two: Wise krom hear my pleas

>Look down, look down
>We're as dead as all the trees*3

>Prisoner Three: How long must we wait?
>Prisoner Three: When will my judgement come through?

>Look down, look down
>The Judge has forgotten you

*1 While geists are actually warmblooded mammals, conventional wisdom in the Tanacs Azseg, which is very unfriendly to the geists, holds that they are cold and slimy

*2 Sometimes entire clans were sent to the mining prisons to fulfill the need of the industry of the T.A

*3 Due to the combination of industrial level harvesting and the spread of the soundscape, few, if any, trees remain in central T.A lands
Rolled 11, 17 = 28

The workers are throwing a large vol'keic seed back and forth over one of the completed walls, while the rest are only half complete. The workers seem to be having fun with the simple activity. She asks one what this game is. They call it Ten'zis, where the ball is thrown faster and faster between the two teams until one side drops it. Whichever team lasts longest after 10 rounds is the winner. This intrigues the queen mightily, and a plan is hatched in her mind.

She makes an announcement. A Ten'zis tournament will be had once the Orchard is completed. The winning team will get extra rations from the food supply for a week. Perhaps this will motivate the workers.

She also sends the young with the Seekers north, to learn about the jungle. She promises to wait for them to return to hold the tournament.

2 rolls. 1 for finishing the orchard. 1 for teaching the young about the dangers and resources of the jungle.
File: 1357968018540.png-(8 KB, 330x304, bad route.png)
8 KB
Looks like you may have found some Sandworms.

Or the VietKoburrong.
Maybe the Drake got them. That could be something. Anyways, judging rolls!
The envoys are in bad luck; the one going to the Hu-Raan were ambushed by Koburrog bandits, while the one going to the Stusval fell prey to The Drake, Zhen-Qual's progeny. But the majority of the Yakushin did not know this.
The development of Okel goes well, the soil here is fertile enough to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables.
Jever's mansion building grinds into a halt when some workers get into 'accidents'. Rumors say it was Teloki that was behind the 'sabotage', although nothing concrete can be discerned.
File: 1357975402311.png-(36 KB, 440x295, friedskrimppopcornskrimps(...).png)
36 KB
The Queen is ecstatic with the developments in Bruu making. The innovators and select lesser males from their clans are taken and formed into three new Clans of Bruu Masters with nothing to do all day but make Bruu and innovate new varieties by varying recipes and environments for the cultivations of Bruu. One of these new clans uses the recently gathered Bluva and False Bluva exclusively in their Bruu mash and tempers it with a variety of mold from the dry well lit openings of the Hive. This produces a Sweet opaque blue wine they call Bruulva.
Further disaster shakes Queen Dvara’s faith in her Digger Clans. It is the above ground Gatherers that bring progress into tunnel construction. It’s their idea to lash the bark together into support arches that reinforce the walls of the tunnels and chambers. However this does nothing to halt flooding. It is Queen Dvara herself that instructs her Diggers to search for bedrock so they may hold back the waters with rock walls. With Frilla and Stone she will keep Dvarno’s greed in check. The living are for the living Queen.
Meanwhile at the flooded tunnel the Successful gatherer shows off his Skrimp catch to a weaver. The Dvarg demonstrates his technique by dangling the lure in the water then quickly scooping the skrimp up, out of the water and onto dry land with the spoon. The Mutated dvarg then tosses the Skrimp into a basket, personally done with embarrassing herself in the water. Intrigued by the design the weaver creates a similar object, weaving a large basket with a dangling lure. Using the same principals the skrimp can be caught in larger numbers and perhaps with a bit less splashing.
Rolling for
-The Queens reaction to Bruulva
-Success of the Bark Arches
-Digging for bedrock
Rolled 20, 7, 18 = 45

oops dropped my dice again
That's some good stuff there.
File: 1357978956422.png-(3 KB, 299x158, Aaiz.png)
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File: 1357979527399.png-(10 KB, 422x323, Untitled.png)
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File: 1357981042992.png-(65 KB, 800x600, Ighqatar05.png)
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Rolled 20, 1, 20, 11, 1 = 53

The breakthrough in metallurgy was monumental for the tribe. Who would've thought that burning rocks would be more than a waste of time? Not long after, metal's unique properties are exploited - instead of crumbling or breaking when struck, metal bends and changes shape, especially when hot. The Ighqatar begin to make extensive use out of this material.

A group of Ighqatar who have taken upon themselves the smelting of these rocks has developed a curiousity for the craft. What other metals lie in wait, yet undiscovered? They talk children into bringing them all the different unique-looking rocks they can find in the area, in hopes of finding something useful.

Several remain determined to perfect their stick-and-string spear-throwing device. They have found a type of wood that is proving to be ideal for the weapon, yet are still lacking in their design.

The potential for metals seems limitless. Surely it be used for chopping down trees and beating things with a blunt edge over and over again. The Ighqatar begin devising a wider variety of tools and applications, including for use in the farms, for building, and for cutting and butchering meat. It's not long before the Ighqatar realize that metal might be useful for cutting and butchering their enemies, as well.

The agricultural community has grown quite large. The idea of spreading seeds seems so obvious now, and experienced farmers can identify fertile soil right away. They apply their new techniques to all sorts of local vegetation, from food to flowers.

Rolling for:
Developing the bow and arrow (2nd try)
Discovering clay nearby the settlement
Developing more complex metal tools
Developing metal weaponry
Expanding agriculture
File: 1357989286059.png-(120 KB, 1200x1000, Assassin wormborn.png)
120 KB

Here is the colored version.

The assassin wormborns resemble suzumou nymphs, more than adult suzumou. This is due to the accelerated growth the godworm causes in the larval suzumou. The unnecessary parts of the suzumou are left undeveloped, such as the more "adult" facial features. This is also why their arms and legs are so out of proportion to the rest of their body. To normal suzumou, these assassins look abhorrent mutants, with creepy child like features mixed with adult proportions. They also lack much of the intelligence of the adults, being very bestial and aggressive creatures.
They move in all fours, skittering around with remarkable speed. Their bodies are lightly armored, and very light, allowing them to fly long distances very easily. Their main weapon is their extremely strong poison, which is also highly acidic.

They hunt down their target by following the vibrations the worm causes as it moves trough the sand. The assassins fly from dune to dune, landing for brief moments to skitter on the sand, placing their arms on the surface of the dunes in their attempt to "listen" to the vibrations of their target.
Bump, sorry for being unresponsive tonight, for I have been shanghaied by my parents all evening. Will respond better tomorrow.
File: 1358009941167.png-(459 KB, 720x405, Village Storehouse.png)
459 KB
Rolled 5, 20, 19, 4, 15, 19 = 82


Males erected pile of stones on top of the hill but the loss of females still grieved some of them and it was no wonder that they didn't have enough eagerness to haul large stone up there and carve it. Still they used the stones as altar and left some fish and tools there as offering for the spirits.

The primitive oven was a success and the usefulness of it was clear. It didn't take long for attempts to improve it more. Separate building for cooking was also built to keep this experimental tech far from the houses where people lived.

The making of wrestling ring started all over again despite the failure with the first one. It would be enclosed ring of small stones that shows the border of the ring.

One of the fishing males saw a large fish farther in the lake. That are was too deep for traditional fishing so the male started to think how they could get there without drowning and again how he could get the fish itself. During the flooding of the first storehouse he had seen how some parts of the building had floated and so he got the idea.

It seems that hunting isn't suited for the Rismal and so one of them said "if we can't win them, join them". Perhaps there would be some animals that could be taken alive and grow more of them. this way they wouldn't need to hunt them.

Rolling for improving primitive oven, building cooking hut, making the ring, learning how to get deeper water, how to get the bigger fish and capturing live animals.
File: 1358010718885.jpg-(57 KB, 680x470, Northern-Pike-Fishing.jpg)
57 KB

and then gun was fish
Workers build burrows near the obsidian rich mountains, and soon workers can be observed coming and going with baskets full of glass. The warriors find of all things a small tribe of suzumo that are nomads. they are set upon quickly and massacred, what is noticed is the same ritualized scarification and removal of wings as the previous heretics. The heretics will not join, but their mental block is one born from the education of pain, their secrets are unwraveled bit by bit and pottery is discovered. The mental/ psychological dissection has left the remaining prisoners braindead, they died hours later. The juvenile worms make fine hosts, if kept in a constant state of paralysis, the process will kill them eventually. The sand comes loose, then thick liquid like quick sand comes pouring out flooding the adjoining chambers, workers die and the attempt to tap the oasis is back to square one with not even a room to work with. The scout manages to probe the mind of a nearby suzumo, only to find that to escape from this high up is to die. The shock is much for her, as now the information she was assaulted with is verified by her own probing of memories. For now she ran, trying to make sense of this all. One of the spawn eats the other two, their deaths facilitating it's own very rapid growth, there is something about cannibalizing their own kind that makes worms grow faster. perhaps the old "you are what you eat" plays true here. There will be a wealth of knowledge from this child.
The river hoppas appear to be less intelligent then the tribe members, and spend most of their day catching fish to eat. Scouts to head east get beaten up and mugged by some short red haired humanoid creatures, they return home to be nursed to health days later. To the south the tribe discovers a second area rich in water, food, and resources, ideal for a second settlement, even better then their first.
The new batch of acid is so caustic it will erode stone, revealing and leaving behind shiny flakes of an unknown substance (metallic residue that is not eaten away by the acid as the mineral is broken down) Despite their goal of finding a dangerous and worthy prey, they find a particularly large mud grub....it dies pretty horribly though.
The orchard is finally finished, and it is rather nice, much food will come of this. The young are very educated about the jungle, and will survive well.
The queen loves the Bruulva so much it gains the clan much favor. The bruulva is also nutrient rich and becomes a staple of the tribe for daily food in addition to skrimp. The bark arches are a bit flimsy, needing more reinforcement, it is clear they are rickety at best and in more then a few places they collapse. Great quantities of bed rock are found and mined.
((please pick one option for your natural 20))
The new bow and arrow is very, very, very powerful, but only a member of the tribe can use it, for it requires four arms to hold it, and the leg is used to draw back the massively strong drawstring while balancing on the other foot. It is an art, a dance, and it is lethal with practice.
((option 2))
Using juvenile thin hollow reed like plants, a projectile is made that will fly effortlessly for nearly almost two KM, those with keen eyes can master this.
Quicksand kills those who were looking for clay. A rapid string of tools who's sole purpose is to make finer tools results in the development of fine metal tools with features such as ratcheting, hinges, and simple hand drills. Metal weapons are not as nice as the tools, but work. An attempt to keep the plants warm at night ends up causing a fire that rips through the village killing a few members, and leaving many homeless. It is a time of great hope, and despair. Perhaps they can rebuild their lives with this new knowledge.
The oven will not be appeased, and continues to be primitive, attempts to put clay on it while hot resulted in some burnt fingers. A wonderful new hut is built, able to withstand the heat of oven, being built of similar materials itself, it is a place where cooks meet and share ideas, the heart of the meal. The ring turns out very nice this time, and simple patterns are raked into before each fight. ((have a free rake tool development)) The raft was a bunch of straw like bundles that would float for a bit, but once waterlogged sunk leaving the builder frantically trying to get back to shore. The bigger fish can be lured in with live fish. The tribe lured back a large group of beasts ((please review the evo archvie and pick an animal from your region))
The assassins found the drake quickly, and after a brief confrontation with the young hybrid thrashing about wildly, emerged with drake paralyzed and in a great deal of pain. "RETURN AND OBEY OR DIE." The assassins agility was absolute, and all of the brute strength of the worm could not overcome them. In the drake's mind, clearly the mother was not as weak as once thought. If such perfect things like itself could still be made, then he would obey. She was wise, but set in her ways. the drake would obey. These thoughts where of the last few as unconsciousness crept into it's mind.
Rolled 13, 5, 10 = 28

When the giant beast is killed, a swarm of boucing insects (the mushroom pincer wezars) come to scavage it. The hunters have to keep defending their prey against it, using acid whie they try to cut parts of it and bring it back and forth to the hut.
The hut itself is too small to stock all the meat they managed to get in and a lot is still rotting on the fieldof battle.
The workers are convied to inspect the body. They try to take everything that could be of interest: guts, skin...
They study the plants growing on its back and gather some of it.
The craftmen try to use the skin and guts as cloth by letting it dry on the sun after cleaning it. The cooks try to conserve the meat with a weaker recipe of acid mucus and turn a part of it in nourishing goo in case they don't manage to conserve it.
The craftmen were fascinated by the little shining nuggets. They gather them in little bags of leather. They like to look at all the reflects of each nugget, each one being unique. They also find some nuggets that are not so shiny but take them anyway. The cooks are asked to cook more of this acid to find more.

Rolling for:
conservative acid.
Effect of fruits.
The large creature is cut up into chunks and hauled away, the conservation acid is too weak and does nothing so for now the tribe simply gorges on the meat as much as possible. It is theirs and should not be wasted. Fruit is edible with less hard cellulose then normal plant matter, some tentouz get bad diarrhea from it, but others are fine with it.

Obsidian glass is good. With it, the tribe now can field improved weapons and sharp cutting tools. With them, they can better hunt and manipulate tissues and plant matter.

The warriors try to capture any surviving heretics, mostly non combatants so that they can be brought to the service of Zhen-qual. They also loot everything they can from these nomads.

With pottery, the tribe can store food and other items better. These pots are stored in the deep,dry and colder tunnels, where they will not rot as easily.

Zhen-qual ponders, if the mental resistance can be achieved, without needles body mutilation. She decides to experiment on this, by causing strong sensations of pain in some of the gestating wormborn larvae, as they develop.

The success with the juvenile worms is great news. Zhen-qual begins the slow process of introducing this "new" method of reproduction to her worshipers, with the aid of her wormseer agents. The praetorians are also sent to hunt for more juvenile worms, while builders are ordered to construct more enclosures, still in the dark of their purpose.
Rolled 3, 18, 6, 11, 9, 1, 4, 20, 1, 14 = 87

The channel builders try to desperately repair the damage the collapse of the channel, and recover anything they can from the costly project. Even though most of the workers have given out hope on the project, few of them with experience in building above ground structures from the cement, propose a new idea.
What if, the channel wasn't dug under the sand, but instead built above it, a hard, tube of cement, that would then be buried in the sand to conceal it?

The scout stuck with the exiles, tries to calm herself down and adjust. She might yet escape, but for now, she was forced to stay with these exiles. She tries to make herself useful for Zhen-qual, by learning as much as she can from these hated enemies.

Zhen-qual is intrigued by the development of the spawn. She continues to keenly observe it's growth.

As the drake returns to her vicinity, Zhen-qual gives him orders: He will stay near the new experimental spawn, and watch over it, and keep it safe. If harm comes to it, he will be the one to pay.

Rolling for: (10 r0lls)
Capturing any remaining heretics.
Looting the camp of the nomadic heretics.
Zhen-qual's experiment seeking to discover if the mental resistance can be achieved trough pain caused trough mental stimulation in the gestating wormborns.
Introducing the idea of using juvenile worms to breed to the Zu-nul.
Hunting down more juvenile worms.
Repairing the damage caused by the collapse of the channel.
Trying out the new idea of building a cement tube to the oasis.
The scout learning from the exiles.
Observing the growth of the new spawn.
Seeing if the Drake can protect the spawn well.
File: 1358032836179.png-(80 KB, 366x451, Hut.png)
80 KB
Rolled 10

'Diarrhea' - The phenomenon is way different from what we could imagine. When the liver-like organ swells and aches from what shouldn't have been through it, the amount of acid produced in the stomach grows dangerously. The pressure due to carbonic gas accumulating hurts the tentouz. A part of it is directed to the pouches and, mixed to the methane, weights the creature, slows the conversion, and put the mind in dormance. The ill creature swells, laying on the ground. Happily, the tentouz organism is really robust and quick to restablish, so they rarely die from this, despite how spectacular it may look.
The place lacks. The larvae are now practically at adult state. The food and objects gathered practically fills the hut.
Now that the tribe is revived, scouts are sent again. This time they head straight to south.

Rolled 14, 17, 17 = 48

Toptrai is pleased with the development with the launching of the body. He commands those responsible to further refine their launching technique and gathers some of the craftsmen to create some means for warriors to be safely conveyed from such a launch. If such a method of attack could be perfected, Toptrai believes that the Rii'Dan would be nearly unparalleled in their ability to attack.

A group of Craftsmen are gathered to create a suitable temple towards Swarog, Iod, and Juk. The Storytellers gather together with these craftsmen to collaborate and rebuild the temples their tribe had once upon a time. They begin to plot out the area where the temple shall be built, placing it towards the most frontal portion of their Mother Grub.

Some of the Hunters gather some of the sharp sticks, planning on using them to use them in their hunt. They trek north, braving the dangers of the forest in hopes of finding more suitable prey. They are wary, for they are travelling further than they typically have gone before. Becoming lost in the spore based fog is a dangerous possibility that lurks at the back of each of their minds.

rolling for:
Launching practice (with whatever and whoever may be convenient)
Research on landing methods (see launching practice)
Hunting/Scouting of the northern areas.
No heretics remain to capture. Many "pack jars" are found, large strange jars with koburrog hair rope to strap them to one's back. Removal of wing is necessary to properly put these on without a great deal of help from another suzumo. Inside the jars are sundries, and to their suprise, larvae, both of suzumo and sandworm. The experiment is a success, but causes something the godworm is unaware of. This batch of test larve are resistant to even her own indoctrinations, the agony drives one to insanity, and past that, to a new level of clarity. A functional madness. Time will tell how these young turn out. The zul-nul are curious as to why zhen-qual would want to sacrifice worms who cannot surive birthing the suzumo, but her wisdom is infinite and perhaps these worms are not good worms. Only about 3 juvenile worms are found. Further attempts to repair the channel result in a violent collapse of a large portion of the underground colony, destroying food reserves, water, and developing young. This disaster has put a stop to the cement tube project for now while the colony attempts to rescue survivors, resources, etc. The exiles are more then happy to share their knowledge of the world with the scout, and even what bits of history of the world the thickblood has told them ((little lore update, thickblood is an adopted name of all thickbloods, who themselves have no real name. was tired of them not having a name. plus perhaps the suzumo can give it one.)) The are actually very friendly, and only view their former kin with sadness for their inability to see the whole of the world. The spawn has become very sick and may die. Drake protects the spawn, but when it became sick he can be found nudging it like a whale would nudge another sick whale.
((i love the tentouz gas problems)) The scouts progress is slowed as the bumble through a wezar swarm. Numerous stinging cuts and punctures dot their bodies, but they carry on.
Numerous rocks, bits of rotten food, unlucky animals, and a few sleeping koburrogs are launched. Everything dies save for one koburrog who manages to tuck and roll, only breaking an arm and leg instead of horrific splattery death. The northern areas offer a dangerous and unusual game. rumors of pale ghosts abound, they creep through the forests and carry off those unwary. The hunters come across a furry tube like animal called a furlong. These are good for their meat and fur.
Rolled 19, 17 = 36

Pleased by the new stability of the village the queen decides to explore. She sends the Seekers deep into the interior of the island to find out about the lay of the land and any lurking dangers.

Meanwhile in the village she directs the workers to make a wall surrounding the village, so that the young wont wonder out, and dangers wont wonder in. It is to be higher than two Stusval and wide enough to stand on. An opening is placed on the side facing the jungle.

2 rolls. 1 for exploration west into the jungle. 1 for resin building a simple defensive wall.
Rolled 16

They now search new green mushroom trees to build huts at the maximum distance of 10km from the first one or with each other.

Roll for that.
Good people, this has aroused my curiosity.
Am i too late to get involved?
If not, what exactly do i need to start off with. The instructions aren't too clear to me.
It is never too late to join in on this.

What you can do is pick one of the races listed in the first 6 posts. You can either start a new tribe from scratch or be a splinter group/tribe from some of the preexisting ones.
We are always welcome!
What you need:
1) a name for your tribe
2) choose from the 6 starting races
3) a logo for your tribe (crude mspaint is AOK)
4) a place your tribe calls home
And that's about it, you can have the 'tribe' be a subgroup of a bigger tribe (like, say, a clan, or a corporation). Also it doesn't hurt to have a 'goal' for your tribe.
Awesome, I shall start drawing up a logo now
File: 1358050640922.jpg-(107 KB, 425x265, Location and logo.jpg)
107 KB

Name : Razorclaw tribe
Race : Kwagos
Logo : See picture
Location : See picture

sorry for the poor quality, whipped it up quite quickly
File: 1358050721060.png-(54 KB, 468x500, firdog.png)
54 KB
Rolled 15, 13, 9, 13, 8, 14, 12 = 84

If needed, I can redo parts of this if need be. I think I remember something about Firdogs being in Central.

In Hs'Lay (Old Farm), a farming community to the northeast of To'Kwar, a hut is found to contain a great many tablets depicting the brightest stars in the night sky, and the movements of the moons across the night sky. These are brought back to To'Kwar for study.

Old record tablets tell of the attempt of making a light surface for on which to right, but it'd fall apart with the lightest touch. It apparently was made from Hrass. Maybe the one going over these old records can find someone who can succeed where others have long ago failed.

In the east, Nuros and Hemfurs are delicacies. Capturing them is difficult. Spearing them is hard, and they are too slippery to catch by hand.

In the north, odd creatures come to feed on the scraps left from butchers and meals. The occasional taming was not unheard of by hunters, which would train them to take down game.

Rolling for the beginning of astronomy, creating a semi-accurate calender based on lunar cycles, paper. developing fishing techniques in the coastal communities, capturing and taming firdogs, and for random encounters along the road.

can i start doing stuff now, or do i need some back story first?
Also, since i am starting as my own tribe, i assume i have no tech, correct?
Just some details about the culture, such as leadership and beliefs, as well as some basic techs.
I recommend looking though the archived North Central and a little of the Central Desert evolution threads, so you know what sort of wildlife exists in the area.
Yep, Firdogs are in the North Central.

You can do a backstory, and tech would probably be early tribal. That is, probably fire, stone/wood tools, etc.

Roll results for the others, coming soon.
The island's jungle hold very little amounts of natural predators, with only an occasional small Snaruu or pincer-Wezar encountered. There are plenty of fruits, vegetables, small mud grubs, and running lasmars. Meanwhile, the wall is going up nicely, and it is a proper wall that the workers can climb on.

They find a grove of it just a few kms out of their main settlement. These could be made into a secondary small village if need be.

Some Hu-raan has taken up a new hobby of stargazing, and each family has their own small 'star diary' of sorts. It seems the fad has spread from the discovery of the 'star tablets'. Some of these stargazers have noted that the moon goes into phases, and some have counted how many days are in the cycle. Remaking paper is quite the challenge, so far the ones created are too brittle. Maybe Hrass alone isn't enough. Some fishermen have made cloth that is coarse to catch fish; the beginning of a net is made. Firdogs run from the would-be tamers for now, but still come back for the butchers' leftovers.
Some travelers coming from Hitangan lands have picked up a few curious Hitangan, wanting to see what Hu-Raan life is like. On another place, closer to the north, a wandering troupe of former VKB stumbled into road patrols, they will do work for food.
How's this?

The Razorclaws are a tiny tribe. Its hard-nosed, cynical population are ruled without fear or favor by a charismatic chieftain, known as Snag. He is known for being the one who came up with the idea of the stone tools.

Chieftains are for life, or until the majority feels he has grown too old. New chieftains are selected from 5 candidates chosen for most advances to the tribe.

The Razorclaws believe only in advancing their tribe in peace, but are willing to go to war if need be. They do not believe in the idea of 'relaxation' and get pleasure from doing a good days work.

Fire, stone tools, stone knives, wooden spears. simple mud huts.
Rolled 17, 16, 14, 18 = 65

Lack of word from the envoys unsettles the High Patriarch. Zokulza is counting on a trade deal with these "Hurunners" as he calls them, to be the first accomplishment of his reign as High Patriarch, and to cement his supremacy in the eyes of the Clan, and put down any early upstarts, like Jever. More Envoys are sent, this time with an armed force nearly a hundred strong making its way to the Hu-Raan. The stusval envoys are still being waited on, since they are less important, but a second paty is sent after with loads of goods, all of them of inferior quality, to make a strong impression with "gifts" for the primtive gorriogs the yakushin expects to find in place of the Stusval

Jever asks several other minor patriarchs, all of them relatives, to send aid to help deal with the Teloki. Slavery might be frowned upon, but putting prisoners of war to work? Why, that's merely a method of punishment! Jever gathers his friends and relatives to attack the closest Teloki city, and to take captives to finish his mansion. Or maybe, just maybe, he could take a CITY as his mansion. Yes, that just might propel him to the upper echelons of the Patriarchy.

A favorite celebration of the Yakushin is a great competiton, held once very ten years to build boats. Big boats, small boats, fast boats, boats of all kinds, for every purpose, with the aim of improving the sailing capabilties of of the clan as a whole. Will this years celebration bring fruit? Or will it be a showcase of nothing special?

Rolling for
Reaching the Stusval
Reaching the Hu-Ran
Preparing for war
The Boat Building Festival
Yep, good enough! As a heads-up, you can roll for any number of events per post. Maximum dice in /tg/ is 25. So if you want to advance your fishing and logging in one post you can do that by rolling two d20s.
Rolled 17, 16, 16, 9, 12 = 70


I will be adding more stuff as I go.

Let me know if i need some previous techs for any of the ones I have written, and i will change it

We must search up and down for any landmarks and other useful things

Find large, strong trees that can be used to create structures.

In order to improve the tribe we must search the land for animals to be used as food sources

Fruits, vegetables and tubers are also a priority, as sustainable food sources are necessary for survival

Something will be required to allow our people to carry extra resources.

(rolling for exploration, logging, hunting, foraging, baskets)

let me know if in need to change any of this please
Rolled 20, 16, 17, 19, 18 = 90

Enthused by the success of the survivor, the Rii'Dan continue their efforts towards death from above. They continue to launch more of their allies with the advise of "Roll".

The stories of the pale ghosts have begun to circulate the campfires of the Rii'Dan. The stories describe them as the souls of those taken by the servants of The One Who Waits. They hold onto the bitterness of their lives and return to steal those who wander too close to their graves. This has led to the Rii'Dan setting up more torches in the evenings and turning their village into almost a beacon in the late nights.

The Hunters who found the furlongs take the hides and attempt to make a form of mask to protect against the spores of the Jungle, allowing for the more inhospitable areas to be explored.

The Craftsmen are tasked with finding a way to defend the village from the Pale Ones. They start by attempting to create large nets in the canopy over the village.

Some Hunters travel outward again to find more food for the village. Nothing like them good eats. This time they head South-east.

The Storytellers continue to develop the designs for a temple alongside the Craftsmen.

Rolling for:
Launching "practice"
Hide masks
Canopy Net
Hunting (southeast)
Temple construction

Starting location is in western continent while this round takes place in central continent.
File: 1358058789155.jpg-(59 KB, 179x177, secondary location.jpg)
59 KB
If i need to change, put me here then please.
Doop, good eye there.

Yep, that's good.

The second emissaries found out what happened to the first, and they got on their guard- and they managed to reach the Stusval. (for the Stusval player, you can post your reaction to this emissary, for diplomatic stuff like these no rolls are needed). The Hu-Raan-ward emissary also encountered no trouble, and managed to get through to Hu-Raan territory fine.
Jever manages to find a group of veteran Gorrirogs that likes to fight, and even more delighted that they answer the call of money. They can teach his own men in the better arts of war.
During the Boat Building Festival an ingenious Gorrirog had managed to create a big boat, big enough for two dozen gorrirogs to ride! Of course, a good part of them are oarsmen, but there is also a big sail. A Yakushin trader who saw the ship gets thinking, "how much stuff can it hold?"
The Razorclaws have stumbled upon a veritable hunting ground, plenty of Running Lasmars and Yaffle-hunting Torrogs. Some good lumber were found nearby, and the lumbers and hunters get to work. Plenty of meat and lumber were harvested. This luck wasn't shared by the foragers, however, since the fruits aren't in season yet in this part of the forest.
Some children are playing around with Lras leaves, and a passing craftsman saw their results and had an idea. Later, a crude basket is made!

The 'allies' have come prepared, they wore armor padded with hrass leaves. To everyone's surprise, the lanched Koburrog suffered no injuries at all! The researchers start to think that the armor had definitely protected the launched Rii'dan. Meanwhile, some craftsmen advised by shamans created Furlong hide masks, which they believe would help to scare the pale ghosts away. Some found it is also good for filtering the spores out. On the other hand, some more practical-minded Rii'dan had erected some big nets in the canopy, which could prevent the pale ghosts out. The hunters came back with plenty of Running Lasmars and Furlongs, so much that they could make entire clothes for everyone out of Furlong hide. The temple construction is also coming along great, the architects are clearly knowing how to make better buildings after this.
Rolled 16, 11, 1, 15, 15, 15, 12 = 85


The warriors bring back the loot they acquired from the heretics. The larval suzumou will be absorbed to the tribe, and raised like any other children.
The larval sandworms however, are placed in the new worm enclosures, where they are fed so they may grow larger.

Unaware of the mental resistance she has given to the new batch of wormborns, Zhen-qual continues to develop them as normal. They main mission of these new wormborns is to start hunting down any remaining heretics lingering in the Zu-nul territory.

The Zu-nul will fully accept the usage of juvenile worms in time, it should only take few generations at max. The wormseers encourage the normal suzumou to breed using the young worms.

The disaster is horrible, though the previous work done to enhance the structural integrity of the tunnels should mean that most of them are just flooded with sand, and not actually collapsed.
Workers are doing their best to rescue survivors, salvage resources and repair the damage.
This disaster has sparked a new idea in them however. What if, instead of constructing tunnels, that are vulnerable to this kind of disasters, they started building larger structures above the ground. The small huts are a start, but they could become something much more.

The Drake, tries it's best to protect the sick spawn from further harm. He decides to start hunting for it, as it is too weak to hunt itself. He hopes that the spawn will recover if it is allowed to rest, and he feeds it.

Rolling for:
Raising the larval sadnworms.
Wormseers further encouraging the acceptance of using the juvenile worms as hosts.
Salvaging resources and rescuing survivors.
Repairing the damage done by the disaster.
Further developing the sand huts above ground.
The Drake hunting and taking care of the young spawn.
Seeing if the spawn recovers.
Rolled 13, 14, 8, 14, 15 = 64

(Going with the 2nd option, the advanced projectiles)

The tribe is frightened, as the members who went in search for a material that could glue stones together have vanished. Was it wild animals? Evil spirits? An unseen enemy that has been watching them this whole time? Eventually these rumors subside, and more venture out in search, this time bringing partners with them.

The trick with the miniature spears - "arrows," they have been called - was not to use wood, but a lighter, straighter material. With the copper heads, these arrows prove both accurate and viciously penetrating. The young males arm themselves and begin to play wargames with each other for fun, but the old expedition party convenes again and decides these are the tools with which they will enter the jungle. They begin preparations.

The recent disasters to befall the tribesmen have many in sorrow, and, sadly, in search of a new location. Some believe their tribe is cursed, and venture out to the south to distance themselves from the coast. They promise to keep in touch, however.

Those who remain begin rebuilding. The fire was both a blessing and a curse, as many of the homes that burned were those made of the old driftwood methods. The woodworkers begin assisting those less skilled in constructing homes. In fact, some begin to demand a trade in return for the help - a practice which some find appalling, but others find reasonable. Icouri is divided - should she ban this sort of trading or allow it to happen? She consults with her advisors.

Rolling for:
Searching for clay (2nd try)
Training tribesmen in the use of the copper and tin melee weapons
Training them with the bow and arrow
Safety of villagers moving south to start a new settlement
Beginning of economic structure (high=capitalistic, low=socialiastic)
Coming up with what could be called a small army would be a cause of alarm for the Hu-raan. Patrols were able to report them coming days in advance.

When the emissaries would arrive, they'd be met by the 5/6 of the third Cohort of the second legion. About 480 armed soldiers.
A messenger is sent to ask what the intent of the Gorriogs' is.

(If you deal with the Hitangan, I hope you've hired an interpreter).
the larval sandworms grow quickly, basically being fed as quickly as they can eat day and night. The wormseers message is taken with a grain of confusion by the general population, as to why there is change after so long. It is explained that some gods are more worthy then others, and Zhen-qual is god of gods, so what she says is most correct. sounds good to the masses. back to work. ((dear fuck man, i am sorry. the dice do not like your settlement)) The flood of quicksand crushed and killed many, destroying or spoiling resources, there were no survivors, and no salvage. The tribe is now short on resources, and a next generation of young. In the days after the disaster extensive work is done to repair the damage, and build new structures above ground. One tunnel will not be recoverable, but has become a permanent underground reservoir full of gillworms who slowly munch away on the remains of the dead. The drake finds koburrogs and foreign suzumo to eat and drag off back to the new spawn. Weakly the worm eats, gradually getting it's strength back. Soon it is following the drake, emulating it. The become hunting partners.
Clay is found, buried ironically right under the destroyed remains of their village, it was now being excavated. The new weapons are basically the old weapons, but metal. The training was quick. Bow and arrow users are not as skilled, and the current crop consists of a few skilled practitioners who can use the weapon to it's full effect, and a group of goons who are only good for short range. The Southward bound villagers travel safely and without incident. Welcome to capitalism.
File: 1358083004448.png-(6 KB, 800x800, Sigil2.png)
6 KB
Rolled 18

This grove is composed of a methane chimney surrounded by common yashed trees. The ground is a a watery mire and a waste for everything that lives underneath. This would be a good spot as a colony of animals seems to live underneath.
They wrap ropes around the chimney and tend them between the trees to suspend bags of mudgrub leather in which they can stock many things. The whole is protected by a big cloth of leather fixed to the rope.
While working around the chimney, a worker suddenly fell off the tower. He didn't realize that the amount of oxygen was too low (the tentouz have a poor respiratory system). When he realised that he was feeling bad, it was too late. He didn't manage to elevate himself or to burst his sprouts.
File: 1358083528732.png-(323 KB, 400x800, Camps.png)
323 KB
This new camp is at around 25km from the hut which is quickly covered by a tentouz flight.
They now use to wrap themselves in a leather cloth to protct themselves from wezars stings.
This camp has become the new centre of experiment of the builders who built freely their workshop around the trunks. They don't need so much a food stock as they just need to take a creature from the hive when the hunt is not enough.

Roll on previous post for building of the new outpost.
File: 1358087770955.jpg-(16 KB, 300x129, what my guys are doing.jpg)
16 KB
Rolled 15, 14, 13, 15, 17 = 74

Can i ask, what are Running Lasmars and Yaffle-hunting Torrogs? I ask because I can't see any mention on this thread, and want to know what kind of stuff I can get from them other than meat (eg. fur, leather, scales, horns, bones, teeth, beasts of burden, etc.)


>The village feels it is time to move out of mud huts and live in wooden structures with wooden floors.
>We are in need of something to allow us to move along the ground easier, perhaps a large circular object might be a good place to start.
>Dig up a lot of earth from nearby, and pile it close to the village, to provide a vantage point and easily defensible position. Also ensure it is stable enough for large structures to be built upon
>Tell some people to go in search of stronger materials than wood, as we could make many things from harder materials.
>Search for plants that grow fruits or vegetables, and if some are found, attempt to grow some much closer to the camp

(rolling for wooden buildings, research wheel, modify the landscape to look like the picture, go in search of stone and ores, growing plants nearby)
doop, sorry for forgetting to put the sources. Primordial is not just a civ game; it started as an evo game.

And here are the threads for your tribe's biome:

tl;dr: Lasmars are source of meat, while Torrogs are a source of meat and carapace. As for their domesticability... we don't know. Yet.
Awesome, thanks.
I shall get reading those now

that was me was me
File: 1358094357458.png-(23 KB, 800x600, Zu-nul blood drainer.png)
23 KB

Even Zhen-qual now takes notice to the disaster that has occurred to the Zu-nul. She realizes that she can use the opportunity to fully incorporate the usage of juvenile worms in breeding, using the plight of the Zu-nul to her advantage.
She instructs the wormseers to encourage the tribe to hunt down juvenile worms for breeding, so that they can replace their lost numbers quicker, than by just breeding in her divine flesh.

Desperate times require desperate methods.To replace lost resources, preatorians gather most capable warriors, to head out for hunts and raids across the desert. They slay animals to restore food storages, and target traders, nomadic tribes and other objects of interest, leaving none alive and looting everything.
Some workers are trying to invent better ways how to drain blood from their kills, so that they could better restore their supplies of liquid. Their main idea focuses around many, hollow spikes, piercing their kill, and draining the blood into a separate tank. The current idea resembles some sort of altar filled with spikes, to which the victim will be tied to.
Rolled 4, 8, 12, 19, 19, 2, 7, 20 = 91


The workers continue to restore the damaged parts of their tunnel networks as well as they can. The sand is being cleared from the flooded tunnels, minor collapses are being repaired and anything useful is being salvaged.
A new doctrine for building is being developed by the workers, that would keep these kinds of disasters from occurring again. Instead of building wast and complex network of tunnels, the workers will start constructing structures above the ground, which will work as hubs for the more centralized tunnel network. These, spire like cement structures will work as storages and homes for the suzumou, while the tunnels will work as path ways and water storages.

The Drake gets the idea of trying to train the younger spawn, teaching her his knowledge, and thus, maybe earning approval from his mother.

Rolling for: (8 rolls)
Incorporating the usage of juvenile worms firmly to the Zu-nul culture.
Hunting down for more juvenile worms.
How quickly the Zu-nul can replenish their losses.
The warrior teams finding prey and good targets which to raid for loot.
Developing the blood drainer altar.
Continued repair of the tunnel network.
Developing the new building doctrine.
Drake training the younger spawn.
File: 1358097427474.png-(472 KB, 720x405, Village Cook.png)
472 KB
Rolled 3, 10, 8, 20, 6, 4, 16 = 67


Cooking house became more than just large kitchen. At beginning it became center of food related trade but soon kwagos living a bit farther started to come to the village to trage their crafts and food. So in the end the building became center of trade and food in the area.

With all this trade and food the city grew like never before. As the population grew, some part of the population decided to find their fortune in the west. Group of families packed up and started their trip in hope to find new place to live in.

Hunters managed to capture many live animals but the Torrogs were most promising ones to be domesticated. Taming started as soon as possible and perhaps in time they will have success.

When the population grew so did the amount of diseases. Kwagos of rismal already skew that some plants were useful in staying healthy but they didn't know enough. One of the elders started to experiment with plants to see if they worked and overall used her time to heal the sick and wounded.

Scouts are leaving again but this time their mission isn't just to look for food or something like that- this time their mission is to find out if there is other small tribes nearby.

Some of the males are experimenting the uses of wood and stone for building houses. or perhaps the clay can be used for it too. much to think about, much to experiment on...

Rolling for expansion to the west, taming Torrogs, medical research, scouting for nearby tribes, and experimenting uses of wood, stone and clay for building (one roll for each)
File: 1358098638035.jpg-(26 KB, 300x129, Coloured plan.jpg)
26 KB
a quickly-coloured version of my plans for the land
File: 1358106430729.png-(260 KB, 800x600, Suzumou warriors.png)
260 KB
File: 1358106815384.jpg-(56 KB, 300x300, Yaffle-Hunting Torrog.jpg)
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Oh no, a wild Yaffle-Hunting Torrog appeared!
The new outpost quickly built, and soon begins to mirror the methodology of the first. The tribe can grow.
Simple wooden buildings soon replace mud huts. A basic grasp of the wheel is understood, it may be possible to make wheels or wheel like tools. The landscape is slowly dug and shaped, with more work soon the effort will be complete. During the dig abundant stone is found, but it is loose stone, not like a quarry. They do not yet have tools or understanding to undertake such an effort. A variety of edible plants now are growing near the village.
Strange pale monsters hunt the settlers expanding west and cause them to retreat back to the city. A few are killed. The torrogs are hungry but wary, they will take food and then run away. Current medicine is mostly guess work and a few single old remedies. There is not much they dont know about wood, and stone is very heavy and hard to work with having no understanding of masonry. The Clay buildings are quick to shape, and by placing a hot oven inside them, they cure quickly. The tribe finds two nearby tribes slightly to the west, they are friendly and wish to trade goods and pair off/ exchange their young to expand the genepool
The Ighqatar, in a collective rolling of the eyes at their foolishness, begin excavating. Building debris is hauled out and much of it is tossed into the sea nearby as the tribe begins digging.

Some of the charred wood, thanks to the laziness of some tribesmen and women, ends up in refuse bins along with various other debris, including animal fats and tallows. One day while wheeling a small cart around a corner, a careless tribeswoman knocked over one of these refuse barrels and the mixture ended up spilling onto some nearby young Kwagos. After the initial fury from their parents at the careless cartwoman, they bring their child down to the coast to clean him off. During the process, they notice that this child comes out of the ocean not only covered in a foam very much unlike sea foam, but also remarkably clean. The child's mother wonders if there wasn't something special in that refuse barrel, and over the next few weeks tries to duplicate the substance.

The young Kwagos who have taken up arms have seen several weeks of training at this point, and a few of them are even good at it. Ilesha the Foolhardy is training the volunteers. He earned his new title after throwing himself into a burning building to save what he thought was two children - It turns out it was just several squaling burlong who have made themselves home in the tribe since they were introduced. Ilesha decides to test the Kwagos' mettle by bringing them on their first hunt. This will give them a chance to try out their new technology on some live targets. He gathers them and they head southwest to the herd.

Rolled 19, 15, 17, 1, 20, 17 = 89

>>22568052 (cont'd)

Icouri stands at the south end of the settlement in one last effort to convince the families to stay but alas, she cannot convince them. They assure her that they will not move too far, and had been considering expanding soon anyway, as the tribe was getting more crowded than they were used to, and the refuse in their area had been piling up and giving off an offensive odor. As they leave, Icouri has her mind on the layout of the village and the quality of buildings. They have come quite a way from driftwood huts, but perhaps it is time for something that will bring the Ighqatar closer together, both figuratively and literally. She takes to planning.

Rolling for:
Discovery of soapmaking
The younglings' aim during the hunt
The younglings' teamwork and coordination during the hunt
Whether the hunting party actually brings back any Ramel
General safety during the hunt
Scouting for any more unique flora/fauna to the southwest
There is strong resistance to using the juvenile worms, but the constant approach of the subject and now this desperate time allows it to happen, perhaps with a heavy heart (x3 rolls). Only a few small worms are found. The Zu-nul's reach exceeded their grasp, but by the next generation if they keep up the breeding, the population will return to normal levels. The warrior teams have found numerous weak travelers to take what they need from, the travelers are brought back to the tribe unconscious and alive when permissible for blood harvest and feeding to zhen-qual. The Blood altar is a horrifyingly effective contraption that leaves a dessicated corpse behind, similar to jerky. The tunnel network continues to suffer disaster in the form of small cave ins, but by sheer tenacity the workers begin to repair the most important routes within it. The new building concept is a culmination of many attempts and hard gained experience (x3 rolls). The young spawn is more then eager to learn. It's mind is simple, more obedient, more patient and calm. The two working together benefit massively, getting properly socialized. Perhaps by fluke of being hybrids, the usual hostilities over territory is not present and these two have formed a "kin unit" and exercise a high degree of cooperation. While unimportant to zhen-qual, this may be a very significant step for their kind.
Rolled 8, 17, 13, 14, 15 = 67


>Good people of this village. We must build a large wooden fenced area outside of the camp, which, once completed will keep animals.
>We will also need to complete the work on the landscape to better protect our village. This will not be an easy task, but it will be worth it.
>We must explore further in search of other animals and plants that can be used as food, clothing and other useful items
>We must now put this 'Wheel', as it has been called, to good use. We must find a way of moving large amounts of materials easily, some kind of platform on top of these wheels that can have items put on top of, then pulled or pushed easily.
>Perhaps if we had some platforms in the trees, we could locate animals easier and hunt them more efficiently.

(rolling for animal enclosure, finish the landscaping, search for useful organic things, research hand carts, hunting platforms in trees)
The Patriarch leading the expedition to the Hu-raan smiles broadly. He produces a few gifts that his company had been carrying, one of them a fine bronze tipped spear, which he offesr to the leader of the Cohort. Firstly, he explains how the first envoys did not make contact with the Hu-Raan, and that this second party was sent to check up on them, and if neccesary take over. Just days before the patrol found the envoys, the group had found out what had happened to their predcessors: they were slain by bandits. Next He tells the captain (or whatever the leaders rank is) how impressed he is with the martial skill of the Hu-raan. Such a formidable force must require a great deal of effort, and materials, to maintain. Perhaps there are some things that the Yakushin and the Hu-raan could trade to strengthen each other.

There are few things that the Yakushin want, but all of them are important. They want security when trading, and they want assurances that the Hu-Raan will protect them from bandits while trading in their lands. They must be granted access to ports, and be given permission to buy property. If these things are given, the Patriarch assures the captain that an entire fleet of traders is ready to bring wealth and prosperity to the ports of the kingdom.

Do they accept? Or do they throw commerce aside?
Fast forward. The yougs are now fully grown and the new larvae grow well. The life is good for the hastun, but their boiling minds needs more stimulation. They start to get interested by these tiny nuggets they managed to take out of the stone. They search for stones to dissolves and see whet they can get from it.

Rolling to find rock concretions to attack.
You may wish to retry that
Rolled 4

Wrong line.
A combination of tallows (fats), ash, and various plant essences creates fragrant and excellent quality soap. stay clean guys. The hunt goes well and the young's mark is true, as is their team work. They bring home numerous kills from various species that will result in meat, leather, fur, bone and possible mild poisons. The hunting party finds a ramel, but one of the hunters is killed by it. As for the ramel, (20 and 1 will cancel eachother out) A ramel is found and charges them. Attempts to kill it are met with failure as it's shell is too thick and a more powerful kinetic force would be useful. At the last moment they use the buddy system to save a hunter who would have been otherwise gored to death. four new types of flora and fauna (2 each) are found. ((please review the archives for your region, and pick four things you wish to discover, your higher roll allows this.))
The youngling's acid is too weak to erod the stone, they will need help.
Rolled 10, 17, 12, 12, 16, 16 = 83


Trade and marriages between these newly found tribes is began immediately. To make things easier a path must be cleared to the lands of these tribes. Rismal have no concept of greatness or empire so they will rather try to ally with the tribes that to take them under their influence.

When trading there is always good chance that when items change owners, so does ideas and knowledge. There is two whole tribes there so they must know more about surrounding lands and have technology we might not have.

The taming of Torrogs is still going better than hoped and there is chance of success. The process of domestication continues.

Pale monsters in the west are danger to the tribe and thus for the first time males of the tribe begin to make weapons to kill something not for food but for "invasion". these animals must be hunted so that the colonists can continue their journey.

With better understanding of wood the carpenters attempt to make raft that would float instead of sinking.

Rolling for clearing paths, knowledge about surroundings from the new tribes, New tech from the tribes, Taming Torrogs, making weapons and making raft/boat
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Rolled 7, 7, 6, 19, 15 = 54

Jever is quite happy to have his mercenaries. His cousins have awnsered the call, and they have brought a well sized host to aid him. Now, Jever sets the mercenaries to train the host, which is composed mainly of peasant members of the Yakush Clan, and some poor-off traders.

The Merchants all clamor for the new boat, which is superior to anything yet built. However, it will require a great deal of gorriogs to man, and the Yakushin are not numerous enough to have two dozen gorriogs on every ship just to propel them. Either a new source of labor or superior sails must be used to make the new ship fit to be the main vessel of the Clan.

Anticipating the deal with the Hu-raan, some lesser patriarchs band together to set up a stop-over port on the Fringe (the area in the map I'm posting), since the voyage to the Hu-raan is long if you try to sail straight across the North Sea (the sea that lies north of Nutera and Okel, and south of the Hu-Raan). They intend to make a good profit off of weary sailors and empty stores of food and water. In time, it might grow to be important enough to be an important port. For now, it'll be little more than a village with docks. If they succeed at founding it at all.

A small group of clan peasants look for a way to join the lower levels of the patriarchy, but cannot book passage off Okel. Instead, they search for something to give them wealth upon the isle. They head to the southern tip, and, at the advice of a hermit, look for a place to start a mine.

Rolling for
Training Jevers army
Finding a new labor source
Superior sailing tech
Starting a mine
Establishing the port
Rolled 10, 13, 11 = 34

Ilesha, keeping in mind his wife Araeskele the Muddied, aspiring botanist and agricultural leader, takes note of the unique wildlife he found off the trail. He does not have carry space to return with samples, but he remembers the location.

The hunting party returns one short. The tribe holds a time of mourning for the young lost Kwagos, and many of the others have their first taste of the harsh realities of hunting and combat. It is a lesson they will armor themselves with. However, their thirst for the excitement of the hunt has them back out in the field not a week later. They suspect they may be able to herd one or two Ramel into sturdy snares, then approach and kill them with spears or arrows through their softer underbellies and eyes.

Araeskele returns to the spot Ilesha found, with a team to discover tentacled false bluva, poisonous chartans, and two new beasts - a variety of ramel much more slender and smaller, and with more prominent facial blades. They also discover large purple fluzpuffs. They return to the tribe with samples of the vegetation and several of the insects, but for the small ramel she brings a more well-equipped team of tribesmen armed with spears, nets, and trueflight arrows, as they have been named. They approach the Ramel with great caution, bringing with them a basket of tasty tubers and fragrant leaves that the herd nearby are though to prefer to graze upon. They inch closer, prepared to spring their nets...

Meanwhile in the settlement, the children have begun enjoying the clayfield. They create tall towers, clay Kwagos figures, and other such structures. One time, After a dry spell where it was abnormally hot and sunny, the children came back to find that their clay structures had become very sturdy and brittle. Efforts begin to duplicate and perhaps improve upon this process.

Rolling for:
Hunting ramel with the younglings (2nd try)
Capturing the smaller variety of ramel
Developing pottery
File: 1358132511789.png-(349 KB, 1785x1820, ThousandCutsSites.png)
349 KB
Rolled 19, 5, 15 = 39

The queen is please by the recent developments, but her desire to reach out into the world grows. She proposes to the workers that a new outpost is necessary to expand their reach. At the furthest edge of the explored jungle is to be, with an underground tunnel, lined with resin, connecting the outpost and the village. Though this project will be long an arduous she says that there is more. A resin forge is to be erected, a place used to construct more complex and intricate resin work.

To do this the queen sends of the Seekers and the young to bring back as much of the resin making plant, known as Cawdzu, as possible.

First off is the initial bore shaft driven down right at the heart of the village, with a thin canopy to keep out the frequent rains, walls of resin walls to keep out the ever present water, and a spiral staircase for easy travel. Although it is not very deep it will do as an underground road.

The few workers that aren't working on that are constructing the resin forge. A low building with chutes in the roof for dumping off plant matter right onto collection areas. From these collection areas the vegetation is either moved to the Spit line, where mass produced things are made, or to the Drool, where more intricate single items are made.

3 rolls. 1 for Cawdzu plant gathering. 1 for resin building the bore shaft.1 for resin building the Resin forge.

>Crappy map of my island.
My envoy has found you and he has a couple
ship fulls of.... stuff >>22556838
File: 1358135955089.png-(97 KB, 182x223, Stop-over port.png)
97 KB
I just realized I forgot to post the location of the port
The Seekers are just about to leave the city when they spot a large form moving towards them. They rush back to their queen and inform her of the approaching creature. From the way they describe it, there is a Gorriog. She tried to remember more from the distance teachings of the Old Hive, but all she can remember is of their strength and stubbornness. She directs the Seekers to run out an gather the workers to the Queens Chambers.

While they are gathering the queen is left to her thoughts. She had just wanted peace, and quiet, not this sudden noise. Even now she could hear the faint foot falls of the Gorriog, so different from the scuttling of the workers. What if they are here for war? For slaves? Do they have right to this island? If only I had more time to prepare. What to do?

She hears it walking through the front gate, and start walking towards the queens chambers. She quickly tells the young to get in the nursery and be quiet. She then tells the workers to cover it with some leafy branches scattered about the chamber. She tells the Seekers to watch this Gorriog carefully and be ready to attack if necessary. To this the Seekers seemed dismayed, they had never seen a creature this big, let alone fight one.

As the Gorriog lowers its head and stamps into the hall, the queen finds that she is incredibly nervous. The Gorriog stands taller than the lanky Seekers, and is much more bulky. It does not move its head much, but she sees that it has many eyes. Its breathing is different, like a long wheeze instead of the short snuffles of the workers. It does not smell in the same way either, just base scents of sweat and musk.

And then it begins to speak...

>Take it from there Bronze.
Rolled 14

The cooks prepare for them their best cirrosive acid.
Rolled 8, 8, 18, 12, 9, 11 = 66


During the next few years, most of Zu-nul activity outside of their home crag is reduced to the occasional hunting and raiding parties, who seek resources to resupply their settlement, and juvenile worms which they can capture.

The Zu-nul have withdrawn to the crag, to restore their former strength, the practice of breeding trough juvenile worms is conducted, and slowly, Zhen-qual is shifting this method to be the primary one. The larvae that gestate in her flesh are almost all turned to her agents, while the "normal" suzumou are only born from the juvenile worms.

During this time, the damaged tunnels are restored and the new building doctrine has been put to an effect. Instead of sand with occasional burrow holes, the Zu-nul capital now reaches towards the sky. A grove of sand spires and huts surround Zhen-qual, each of these structures buzzing with suzumou. These structures all have their roots under the sand, each connected to the tunnel network that spans under the sand of the crag.

With the repair project finally completed, some of the workers attempt to revisit the cement tube idea, that aims to drain water from the oasis.

All this time, the Drake has continued to protect the younger spawn, and teach her all that he knows. It will be seen if Zhen-qual is pleased with the progress.

The scout that was taken by Thickblood still lives with the exiles, she has tried her best to stay loyal to her purpose, as well as learn from the traitors she has been forced to live. How long she will be forced to stay with them, will be seen.

Rolling for:
The successes of the hunters during these years.
How well the Zu-nul population is restored/grown.
How well the new building doctrine has worked.
Revisiting the oasis project.
How well the Drake has raised the younger spawn.
How well the scout has fared with the exiles.

(This update was mostly done so that I could finally get on with actual progress, instead of bogged down by the restoration attempts.)

You never mentioned if you had an interpreter.

The messenger repeats the demand to know the reason for why the gorriogs are there in the language of the Hitangan as best as a koburrog can.
The paths took a long time to be cleared, but at last it was cleared. The new tribe welcomed the traders, and soon they shared stories. There were some small creatures which attack with sticks and steal things to the north; a tribe of flying insectlike people which came from the skies and abducted people; some legends about pink creatures that carve great empires underground. There are also a small tribe of friendly Kwagos to the south, which they have traded with before. They are also willing to teach how to make bark armor, and how to make paint from plants. Back at the village, some Torrogs have been tamed by way of tempting the Torrog with bait, and giving them their own 'lair' made of clay. It seems the Torrog likes premade shelter for them.
The 'ghost spear' is made, it is a spear with a secondary, perpendicular point, able to pierce in two ways; by thrust and by swing. The makers hope it could counter the agility of the pale ghosts. Another craftsman tried to make an oversized wooden shield to defend against the threat, but the resulting 'shield' is too big to carry. It was when the 'shield' was kicked out into a small river by its angry inventor, it turned out to float. Oh hey, Kwagos can ride these!

The peasants are struggling in their training, they say they are scared of the mercenaries. Labor is hard to come by as well, since most of them are hard-pressed into resource extraction; they have quotas to meet, and thus not a lot of them are free. Maybe if the small tribes they meet could be coerced- nay, convinced to help? Superior sails are as hard to find as new labor, since the inventor said he used the best materials available to him. Maybe if better textile could be acquired from somewhere else...
File: 1358177161128.png-(193 KB, 391x241, building permit.png)
193 KB
Intoxicated on success and Bluuva, Queen Dvara orders the beginning of Her first Three Grand endeavors. With the great blocks of new stone coming into the hive all preexisting tunnels are ordered to be supported with bark arches and stone walls. Clans of Stone Masons have been founded though their simple stone tools make their jobs difficult. They know there must be stronger materials within the earth. To feed Her Hive of stone The Grand Quarry is also to be constructed where the greatest amount of bedrock has been found. A Vast pit where digger and mason cooperate to pull stone from the earth and chip and shape it into blocks for the construction. The third endeavors is that of the Dvara Tunnel, a vast main tunnel to be made heading north east beneath the thick of the Frilla forest. At the end a sub hive will be formed to harvest resources directly from the forest and shuttle it back to the Main hive. But first those lost to tragedy must be replaced. The Queen holds congress with the Clan elders to replenish the population.

Rolling for (In order)
- Repopulation
- Walling the Tunnels
- Constructing The Grand Quarry
- Breaking ground on the Dvara Tunnel
- Finding ore
Rolled 16, 5, 10, 16, 4 = 51

one day, I will remember to put my dice WITH my post
As for the small group of peasants, they were delighted to find iron in the mine, but it wasn't enough to compete with the mainlan- wait, what's that? GOLD! A shiny new metal! ...well, they don't know if it will sell, but there are surely a lot of them in the mine.
The port starts to get their first customers, weary Gorrirog sailors and curious fishermen flock to the port. Some find good fishing off the coast, and stayed in the growing port town.

Ramel hunting is tough, but at least they bagged another one without another loss today. Plenty of scratches and bruises were had. The smaller Ramels prove to be easier because of the hunter's size, which seem to cause some sort of faulty defensive instinct in the Ramels: staring menacingly at the perceived threat. Three smaller Ramels were caught.
Back at the village, the children had successfully made more clay statues, they find that in small amounts the clay can get dry under the sun.

The harvesters are hard-working this time, with plenty of plants harvested, enough to feed the whole tribe for a month. The bore shaft construction keeps meeting big stones in their way, and much time is spent making the right structural reinforcements our of resin so the tunnel can continue below the rocks. The Resin Forge, on the other hand, gets done in time, with an extra improvement to boot.
Guides can escort people, but the paths to do not yet exist. The new tribes know where more food is, and some metallic deposits but are unable to use them so they often wield large stone clubs or tools. knowledge on how to make quality leather is gained. The torrogs are tamed enough but a bit unruly. More weapons are made, which are always good, and a better raft is constructed that permits short travels across relaxed bodies of water.
The army's training looks like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZhc1aYDvZo . No new labor was found. The new boat is pretty good, but actually very, very small. "WHAT IS THIS?!" screams a merchant "A BOAT FOR SULS?!" The new mine is of sound construction into firm rock, it will not collapse easily. The port is a nice wood and stone thing, the smell of the water is refreshing to those who work there.
The ramel hunt still goes badly, with the wily creatures being somewhat elusive today. Smaller ramel are easier to capture and they actually return home with a bound but live animal. Simple figurines are made stronger by applying the heat of flame to the clay.
Many plants are gathered, fresh and alive, full of sap. No bore shaft yet. The new "resin forge" is ready.
Better acid is better!
Repopulation efforts are successful, and within a few seasons a new generation of drones will be mature. The walls and tunnels are prone to crumbling slowly, this is no good. The grand quarry works is not quite so grand, but it does have potential. The new tunnel is well underway. No ore.
hehehe, oops. This is something that happens sometimes, GMs responding to posts at the same time. When this happens, no worries, player: just mix and match from both!
Times have been tough for the Zu-nul, lean food, lean population. They have had much hardship but it was survivable and in the face of it they endured. Triumphs such as the great spires and towers show testament to their will to survive. A more subtle tube network slowly pulls water from the edge of the oasis and provides enough water for the tribe without too much detriment to the ecology of the place, but must periodically be unclogged at the source. For all of drake's best efforts, the young spawn was raised in his mirror, not that of zhen-qual's, the worm is an avid hunter and predator, loyal to drake, who is loyal to zhen-qual. (taking into account the prior 20 of the worms to raise this to a minor success) The scouts continued exposure to the exiles has left her with conflicting emotions. The programming zhen-qual has installed in the scout is erroding, and it is resulting in serious personality problems. She curses her own ability to think and wishes only to be a tool that cannot question, this however, is not the situation.
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