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Though we now dwell in the great cave, our people's story is long and varied, stretching back into the past far beyond memory. The most distant legend is of our joining with the Gods. One was revered above others by our people, and we carry that reverence even today - our tribe's ancestral deity is Aasterinian, the dragon god of invention, from whom our ancestors drew cleverness.
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Our ancestors' struggle to survive was not all we remember. In time, they prospered, and their legends grew many as hatchlings from a rich clutch. Our people's earliest legend was when Astilabor went to the hidden hoard and returned to us with a treasure.
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Our ancestors prospered well with the gifts of the gods, and in the First Time they gained enough strength and percieved enough mysteries that others came to join their tribe. Our ancestors greeted those that joined their tribe as adopted clutch-mates.
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The foes of our ancestors were many, and our people fought hard against them. Our greatest enemies are the aboleth-kings, cold in their hatred, many in their arms.
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The First Time ended when the earth itself was sundered and broke apart, and the world was shadowed and strange. The sky was all around us, and the winds tore at us, and so we retreated beneath the world into what remained of the sheltering caves. The Gods were silent, and we knew the world to be in the Sundered Age.
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When we re-established ourselves after the many black years of the sundering taught us new ways, we yearned to hear the voices of our gods. Our priests first renewed our bond with Aasterinian, the dragon god of invention.
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Things changed greatly since the Sundered Age began, and the Retreat was not the weightiest difference. The Gods no longer walked among us, appearing only in dreams. The affairs of our people were much diminished, and we became fewer in number, though stronger in wit and cunning.
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One day, we were approached by a dragon that sought to offer us and many other tribes its knowledge, patronage, and guardianship if we were to serve it and add to its hoard. It was not the first such offer, but it was the most important in our history. Though some chose to simply go with it, most opted for a tribal decision.
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Our tribe showed the dragons outright hostility. Many were injured, and some died, but all heard of our battles against them.

Those of our tribe that went with the dragon disappeared from our lore for generations, as did many tribes given similar offers by other such beasts. In time, we heard that they established a number of villages, but when things became difficult for the dragons this did not end well. Today we still come across the occasional skull marked with their great claws in bonding ceremonies, but the dragons and their tribes are nowhere found except as old bones.
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Over time, the old hunting grounds were not enough to hold us, and we could not find the food or the spears to keep the enemies at bay. We marched for many weeks until one day the tribal elders felt the call of the Gods, and that day we came to the Great Cave, where many things dwell. Its walls are high and its caverns many, and the central chambers are so large that no light has ever pierced them all, but there is water and food and much besides. We claimed these places for our people, and none could take them from us and no trouble has shadowed over us yet. Some came to us, and we gave them refuge and a place at our hearths; now we are of the Great Cave Tribes, and so face the future.

When we came to the Great Cave, we marked lots more territory than we would probably need as our own.

When we came to the cave, our leaders founded our village in a rocky niche, and named it Dragonfall - and so, we are the Dragonfall clan.
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Our chief is Fírnen, named for a strong and ancient beast.

To the south of our settlement's walls is the Great Cave proper, and in its lower depths the floor of dirt, peat, loam, and clay gives way to sand and the largish lake formed by a bend of the underground river that flows from the southeast and out to the southwest.

To the west is a deposit of coal we've found, and to the southwest is a forest of mushroom-trees.

To the east is a trail used by the thri-kreen that dwell here to come and trade with us for food when they find that there are too few dark elves to kill and eat.

To the further west is a tribe of greenskins, and northwest of them, a tunnel upwards.

To the further east is a trading outpost of toth-kreen weapon-smiths, who sell their wares to the thri-kreen wanderers and ensure peace in the area.

To the south, across the lake and the river that feeds and drains it, are a colony of spiders. We find their silk from time to time. They menace the mantis-men, who menace them in turn.

The river is full of fish, though we fear that there may be aboleths in the lake deeps.

The scouts have recently made a map. It is...more than we expected of them.
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Original thread - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22556194/ or http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/22556194#p22580414
First quest thread - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22574291/ or http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/22574291/

[Feel free to read them, they're short. No real need to, though.]

We have established a school to teach hunting and so forth to our children, and an outpost to meet travellers and traders, an 'embassy' in the archaic tongue. We have offered the services of our school to nearby kobold clans, and they will accept the offer provided we secure their routes to and from our school. We have also found copper ore. We sent explorers west, past the territory of the greenskins, and found a metal head there in an upper cave.

Not long after the explorers returned, kobolds with a lost explorer from our clan sought refuge at our gate when chased by a man-sized metal monster. We let them in and barred the gate, but the monster leapt it. Our chief and veteran troops fought it with magic and iron, and it died with its hands on the metal head we found. Many were wounded, but the tribe rejoiced at our victory.

The next week, one of the great mantis-men came, healed no few of the wounded, and told us that the monster was a warforged, and of their doings and their history, and of the myths of the world and its formation. It left us a scroll of healing lore and invited us to send students to learn 'runic magic,' saying we had impressed the Kreen weaponsmiths.

We took them up on the offer and learned of artifice, and our mages crafted knives of mystic sharpness.

The cave grew warm and filled with fog and the walls blossomed with light, and we learned of the change of the seasons as Dark Season was at an end. To welcome the Season of Mist, we held a feast with our neighbors and made advantageous marriages.

We were also able to domesticate flying creatures.
File: 1358219495293.jpg-(74 KB, 800x533, bioluminescent mushroom.jpg)
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SETTLEMENTS: Dragonfall, clan village.

-We initiated 86 children as adults this season; there are now 734 adults in the clan.
-Our scribes record 52 new births and fosterings; there are now 415 children in the clan.
-Of the adults, 332 can be fielded as hunters in a raid or war, and 8 have been promoted into the veterans' ranks, bringing their numbers up to 81.
-Your clan has 44 nobles, elders, master craftsmen, scribes, shamans, mages, and priests, who are said to have DETERMINED minds.

Significant persons:
Fírnen, leader of the Dragonfall clan, who is said to have STUBBORN willpower.

Blades of Mystic Sharpness (6), Firey gem, human warrior's armor, Kreen healing scroll, lanceboard and tokens (chess set), Missal of the Red Knight, rules of Xorvintaal, warforged trophy, warforged commander's head

CLEVERNESS, INVENTION, TRIBES, artisanship, assault, concealment, critical thought, defense, entertainment, fate, fear, freedom, healing, history, hoards, humor, independence, justice, lawfulness, manipulation, mercy, mining, night, originality, psionics, raiding, paranoia, peace, property, protection, retribution, sanctity of death, sanctity of life, secrecy, security, sorcery, spycraft, stealth, storytelling, tolerance, trade, trapmaking, trickery, Xorvintaal

Slavers, Dragons, Aboleths

FIERCE - you are seen capable of ferocity in battle.

[ELITES] - The Dragonfall tribe has some dozens of veterans armed with poor quality iron spears and poor quality leather armor.
[REGULARS] - The tribe has some hundreds of unarmored hunters armed with poor quality obsidian spears and organized in squads lead by veterans.
[DRILLED] - Dragonfall's warriors are well trained and do not often make rookie mistakes. Reduction in critical failure effects, faster training.
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[This game will use adjective ladders to determine things like military strength or resource availability.

At this time, the following adjective ladders are available for your perusal:]

Buildings, improvements, and goods:
GOOD: Clan hall
SUFFICIENT: Dwellings, fish-farm, school, village defenses [palisade, spike pit, watchtower(two), wooden gate(single)], warrior-lodges, hall of shrines
POOR: Armory, embassy, coal-mine outpost, pit-forge, smelter; arms and armor

Resources & stockpiles:
SUFFICIENT: FOOD (fruit bats, fish, mushrooms & fungi), HEALTH, MILITARY STRENGTH, TOOLS, clay, fish, fungus, mushrooms (medicinal, useful for toxins or alchemy, etc)
WANING: WEAPONS, WEALTH, copper ore, mushroom tree wood, homing bats
SCARCE: ARMOR, iron, psychedelic mushrooms (ritual use)
RARE: spider silk
UNAVAILABLE: leather, parchment

Arts, crafts, and other learning:
GOOD: CRAFTSMANSHIP, hunting, mining
FAIR: Animal husbandry (bats), cooking, fishing, leathermaking, literacy, medicine, smelting, toolmaking
POOR: ARTIFICE, personal defense, recordkeeping

Relations, trade, & diplomacy:
EXCELLENT: Smokescales, Blackrocks
FAIR: None
HATRED: ABOLETHS (Ancestral Enemy)

-There are roving bands of warforged barbarians on the surface.

what game is this?

[This quest features magic and I've tried to make its mechanics and use somewhat original as follows: proposals for magic spells, rites, rituals, or other effects to be used during play can be taken from anywhere. Something from D&D or D20 works just as well as something subtle from a book you once read or that one bizzare campaign you played or egyptian myth. Even something as simple as posting a pic of a card from M:TG or whatever else will do. Power level is dependent on will and as such you get an appropriate rating which determines spell effectiveness, etc.]

[Runic magic is a means of using artifice to enchant objects.]

[In order to enchant something, use three words as follows: the central word is the main descriptor of a given effect, while the first and third word are adjectives. For example, inscribing the runes for 'loyal living protector' on a statue of stone might create a stone golem.']

Last week, we were so capable in finding and taming animals that we were able to do so with two varieties. One is a plump sort of flying, leathery bat, fond of eating the fruits and growths of cave plants and the newly formed parts of mushroom trees, and can grow quite plump. Its leather and meat have added to our stocks before, but now we have a colony for our own.

The other variety homes in on its colony site, and will be useful for ferrying messages back to the village.

>You now have a FAIR amount of knowledge of animal husbandry (bats).
>You have begun to acquire the animals in question.
>Foodstocks will increase next week.
>Leather stocks will increase by next week.
>Homing bats are available to exploration parties, caravans, warriors, hunters, and messengers.
>You have three actions remaining this week.

[It's a quest on /tg/.]
This seems cool.
I know you've offered like, five sheets of information so far, but do we have an action list or something? Or do we just freeball the actions?
mostly free ball it.
Almost missed the thread OP, that would have sucked

We should get some rafts or boats together and head up and down the waterways, mapping as we go.

The key to any good empire is logistics, and you can't have logistics without maps.
Is our army still drilled op?
Our biggest bottlenecks seem to be resources and manufacturing at the moment so lets explore more (use the bats!) and improve out metalworking either by researching better methods or improving our facilities.
btw, some backround info, water is really our enemy due to the fact that we have a hatred of Aboleth
Gonna get a twitter set up soon.

You can suggest whatever suits your fancy, but I'd suggest bringing your thinking somewhere between KoDP and Dwarf Fortress. However, here are some ideas if you want to pursue them.

Your forge isn't very good quality because you have neither the leather for a bellows nor the metal for good tools; your anvil is a block of stone.

>Work to improve the forge?
>Collect bat leather for things like decent tools and armor, among them a bellows and smith's apron?
>Use magic and skill to improve the iron tools of the forge?

You've set up no industries to replenish any of your resources and food is beginning to dwindle.
>Improve hunting lodges?
>Study farming and growing crops?
>Send out people to collect resources?

You have the means to work copper, but no mine.
>Create one?

Your arms and armor are quite low quality.
>Improve them?
>Study farming and growing crops
>Create copper mine
Almost forgot, you collected wood so mushroom tree wood should now be stockpiled in SUFFICIENT quantity.

Not so much an enemy, but you shouldn't just go swimming expecting to be left alone.

Don't ignore the need for wells, etc.
Do we still have a drilled military?
Also I'd vote to set a copper mine, Study farming, and collect leather and food from some of our bats
Point still remains that mapping our section of caverns and tunnels would benefit us greatly. I only suggested water because if we sent bats and something bad happened we might lose them, and I assumed it would be faster than walking.
Your millitary has retained its DRILLED bonus. Look in this post at the bottom, last two lines of the military section >>22592044
Sorry, must have missed it
No worries, I'll be glad to answer questions.


The following actions have multiple votes:
>Study agriculture
>Create copper mine

The following are vying for the third action slot:
>Explore the cave river?
>Explore elsewhere?
>Improve metalworking knowledge/structures?
>Collect leather?
>Collect food?
Ill change to improving metalworking knowledge/structures from collecting

Our scholars are tasked with finding out what they can about creating a more stable food source, and after speaking to those among other tribes (who cultivate gardens), the muls (who have worked on plantations), and passing kreen (who are singularly unhelpful), have suggested setting aside a plot of land and using it to grow more of the plants that yield fruits and leaves to supplement both our own diet and those of our bats.

>You have learned AGRICULTURE! Your knowledge is deemed poor, but serviceable.

Your laborers gather together and dig out rock and dirt near the copper deposit. It requires some wood, but soon you have a good source of copper ore.

>Wood becomes less abundant!
>You have created a POOR copper mine! Your supply of copper will increase every four weeks, though further improvements to the mine will speed this process.

Your mages are asked to assist in forming better iron tools, as you have no fire hot enough and no smith skilled enough to work the metal through learning alone. That and a bit of leather and wood to make a new bellows nets you a better forge.

>Through their DETERMINED will, you improve your forge and your tools.
>Your forge is now deemed SUFFICIENT to your tribe's needs.

Stockpiles of smelted copper may be used to provide a finished metal good every four weeks. What should the forge make?

>Weapons? (Creates copper spears and swords, improves quality and quanity of arms.)
>Armor? (Creates copper shields and greaves, an improvement over what's available.)
>Crafts? (Creates WEALTH, which is currently WANING.)
It is the third week of the Season of Mists.

You have three actions available.

One forge stands idle.
Crafts-Though try to trade specifically with other kobolds first
Strengthen Copper mine
Also is it possible to introduce Xorvintaal into the school to produce more tacticians? If so do that
If it takes no turn, begin construction of a farm
right lets

>Create a farm
>collect bat leather to improve our forges
>send out resource gatherers

As far as our forge? I agree crafts for trade goods.
Your copper-smiths work to create urns, bowls, and various goods. These are traded when necessary, though the other tribes would need to formally agree what to trade for in terms of goods; trading them for other precious items does not affect overall wealth until the advent of finance.

>Your forge will now work to add to the clan's WEALTH.

Your cooks and hunters manage to catch many bats and skin them. Along with what was already being collected, this is a significant amount.

>Your leather stockpile is now reckoned WANING, where last week you had no leather at all.

Your people come together and set aside land, portioning it for growing things. They have less living-space, but look forward to the harvest.

>Your TERRITORY is now SUFFICIENT, where before it was IN SURPLUS.
>You have built a FARM, which will grow mushrooms, fungi, and orchard plants. It is considered POOR by experienced visitors.

Your miners work to improve their copper ore shaft.

>Stone is required for this, and becomes less abundant.
>Your copper mine is now SUFFICIENT to the tribe's needs. Further improvement will require advancements in ARCHITECTURE.

Introducing Xorvintaal to the school will get you more politicians, though what you need to do is develop your culture for that to matter.

Strategy and tactics that don't result in wasteful bloodshed are what you get by introducing the Red Knight to your culture.
It is the fourth week of the season of the mists.

Your coppersmiths' crafts bolster your WEALTH; it is now SUFFICIENT.

Your farms bring your food stockpiles to a quantity IN SURPLUS of the tribe's needs.

The month is over. Hold a feast?
[Fuckin' forum. Thanks, moot.]
Yes, hold a feast
Also build a great road to the other Kobold tribes
Have our military patrol the road
Study ways to make our farming more efficient
OP is AFK for 15 minutes because distractions.
yes feast

>improve the farm

hmmm for number 3, lets research either architecture or something culture related. My preference is architecture.
Ill second this rather than farming
IE the research in architecture

You send out explorers, emboldened by their new bats. They range farther, and find a tin deposit between the lake and the mushroom tree forest.

>You have found tin!

There is hope that, should your smithing be up to the task, you will be able to make bronze.

>Your laborers work to improve the farm, and manage to bring it up to standards SUFFICIENT for current needs.

Your elders set the scribes and builders to work to better understand building processes.

In a week, they return and say that they have spoken with other tribes and gathered some ideas on how to create mortar, and how to use the plumb-line to level walls and beams.

>You have developed ARCHITECTURE! Your architecture is POOR for now.


One of your craftsmen has fallen into a strange mood!

He demands gems!
He demands bronze!
He demands obsidian!

It is week five of the Season of Mists.

>establish trade connections with other tribes
>using funds purchase what the craftsman wants
>setup a tin mine

Your laborers manage to create a POOR tin mine. Tin is now available, and wood has been depleted one step further.

Roll 1d100 to establish a market with the other known clans.
Rolled 30

Going to wait five minutes to see if others want to roll.
Rolled 65

Rolled 2

Rolled 8


You manage to establish a market with the Smokescale clan!

>Your market will bring wealth every season.

You purchase gems at the market, and find out that there is plenty of obsidian near the river, south of the goblins' territory.

No-one has bronze for sale.

>Gems are now RARE
>You have located a source of obsidian.

It is week five of the Season of Mists.

The craftsman has shut himself in his hut, refused food, and continued to demand obsidian and bronze.

Did we get a tin mine up? If not setup a tin mine, set up and obsidian mine, and improve the forge
Rolled 55

>research \ produce bronze
>create obsidian quarry or send gatherers to get it
>create a temple to Aasterinian

>Produce bronze

Through careful attempts, you manage to produce some inferior samples of bronze from tin and copper. The starving craftsman perks up a bit when he's given a few fist-sized ingots.

>Create a tin mine
>Create a temple
>Improve the forge
>Send gatherers out for obsidian

You did create a tin mine, and you can collect obsidian without mining it for now.

The larger problem is the goblins near the deposit.

Send a force of troops to protect the collectors?

Hmm its a good test of our troops abilities, I say yes
Do you send the veterans, a large force of hunters, or a mix of both?

You have 332 hunters and 81 veteran warriors.
Send obsidian collecters
Send army to protect them
Seconding the temple (which hopefull will be similiar to secondary school since he's the god of innovation) if we still have an action after pruducing bronze
a mix sounds good
Send the veterans with a back up of approximately 50 hunters, who will learn from the veterans if possible as they go
File: 1358228982689.jpg-(26 KB, 600x375, Chlorogooscamp.jpg)
26 KB
Your force of 81 veterans and 50 hunters, led by the chief himself, marches through the mushroom forest to the riverbank and follows the river west.

The gatherers hidden among them pray for stealth and a quick journey, and their prayers seem answered. On the morning of the second day, they find obsidian flakes in the sandy riverbank and begin to collect it.

By the third day, they have turned around, and Fírnen feels confident - but that evening their luck runs out.

They see the goblin camp before they can be spotted, but also note a scout force flanking them and are forced to take up a position with their backs to the river. They collect sling-stones and spy on their enemy.
black and white?

Right, lets get an estimate on numbers of both the scouts and the village itself. Details, we need details.
Am...Am I suppose to roll?
>The enemy numbers over a hundred, but below three hundred.
>The enemy has as yet not detected our force.
>They are armed with slings and bows and copper knives; many carry sharpened wooden stakes and flint spears, and some carry bronze.
>They have mushroom-wood shields and wood greaves and wood vests.

>Our veterans have leather armor and shields, and carry iron spears and slings.
>Our hunters carry obsidian spears and slings.
>Our hunters are DRILLED.

The chief says he feels the work of a powerful mage not far away, and hefts his runic knife.

The enemy's weapons are INFERIOR.
Our weapons are POOR.
We have the advantage of surprise.

[Roll 1d100 and suggest a course of action.]
Rolled 61

Send out a force of 10 to attempt to talk our way out, while the rest hid. If shit goes south, surprise attack them with range and charge to kill.
Stay in formation, and protect each others backs
Rolled 43

Good enough, supporting
You send ten veterans to approach the goblins, waving a snatch of cloth on a stick.

They demand to know what you're doing in their neck of the woods, and you explain that you're just here for the obsidian deposit beyond their territory.

They ask why they should tolerate you collecting sharp-rock to make weapons, and you are in the process of telling them that you also make crafts with obsidian and hey speaking of crafts would they like some of your wares in exchange for passage, when negotiations are halted.

By a scream.
File: 1358229802000.png-(99 KB, 400x268, Aboleth.png)
99 KB

A goblin weighed down with trophy necklaces and holding what can only be a shaman's staff is on the ground, his clawed hands on his head, his legs and abdomen making pained motions. A thrashing sound erupts behind you, and a massive creature erupts from the river-waters halfway between your position and that of the scouts.

The chief lets out a yelp of pain as every kobold and goblin within a hundred yards hears the roar of the creature's thoughts.


What do you do?
Fight alongside the goblins.
A common enemy makes a friend right?
Rolled 54

blast it, try to rally the goblins as well as your own troops. The demon has laid your shaman low let us defeat him together!
run like hell

Fírnen shakes off his pain, instructs the gatherers to make a break for home under the protection of ten veterans and a dozen hunters, and turns to direct the skirmishers to throw stones at the aboleth. He shouts at the goblins to work with him to kill it, but they stand as if dazed.

The creature notes that the kobold force seems to be responding better than the greenskins, and turns toward the goblin scouts. It rears up in the water and spits mightily, projecting a gray fluid over a full half-dozen of their force, who writhe and fall, ensnaring others and spreading the stuff - soon nearly two dozen goblin scouts are convulsing, while three or four run back toward the encampment.

The rest of the goblins see the huge fish-monster attacking their scouts but not the kobolds, and decide that they've been attacked by two separate forces. By the time your negotiators run back to your lines, only seven are able to stand, as two have been killed and the remaining one is wounded too badly to walk.

The slingers release their bullets and pelt the aboleth, which screams and spews more of its foul juices.

The goblin scouts get up, smear the grey slime over their heads, and begin marching toward both your forces.
Stand your ground against the Aboleth, have Firnin try and put a magic wall between us and the goblins (if he can).
If not have firnin point at the Aboleth and refuse to attack the goblins
Or show that hes attacking the Aboleth, if they don't see reason, have a few veterans break off and slay the goblins that remain

Before your slingers can change direction, the scouts are upon you as well as their former comrades, fighting like madmen. They seem to be making a beeline for both your chieftain and the goblin shaman, and Fírnen gets a nasty gouge in the shoulder as he defends himself with shield and runic knife.

The other goblins eventually realize that you're not the enemy, and do what they can to get their scouts under control but mostly only manage to kill them.

They begin pelting the monster with stones and arrows, eliciting more screams. A dark ichor flows from it into the river - perhaps whatever it uses for blood?

Your chief eventually turns and plants his feet, his arms held wide despite the bleeding wound in his shoulder, knife stuck in the sand near his feet. A shimmering starts at his fingertips and spreads past his sides, then pushes out between the troops and the horrible fish.
Eventually, it retreats beneath the water and swims downriver - which leaves you with a couple hundred angry goblins loudly wondering why you brought this horror down on their heads and what the hell exactly you're going to do about their dead scouts.

Their shaman seems to have recovered from the attack, but sees only your chief when he looks around for a powerful mage to pin the source of his troubles on.

You stand with your backs to the river, a good few dozen men fewer now that you've sent home the gatherers. You have several casualties and some of your group is wounded.

>The GOBLINS are AT AN ADVANTAGE through terrain and numbers
>The DRAGONFALL CLAN is AT A DISADVANTAGE, though better equipped

retreat. prepare mystical defences in case the shaman decides to attack.
[Forgot suggestions.]

Do you fight?
Do you run?
Do you offer them weregild?
Do you try diplomacy?
Why would they blame us for a giant monster attacking?
Anyway try to negotiate, say that you attempted to fight alongside the goblins but they believe differently and attacked us. Tell them you simply want some obsidian, and mean no harm.
[They are simple and vicious creatures, and all they really know is some people showed up at their camp, a monster that might've been following them showed up soon after and fucked up their scouts and shaman, and now they're out a couple of dozen guys.

They basically see it as some strangers bringing misfortune down on them, and that better come with some kind of payout.]

The chief instructs his force to withdraw, and moves to personally settle matters with the shaman with a small honor-guard.

The goblins are adamant that they deserve compensation.

You may:

-Give them a portion of your wealth, and the matter will be forgiven, for now.
-Refuse, and risk a feud or worse.
-Fight now, at a disadvantage.
-Offer Champion Warfare between Fírnen and the Shaman to resolve the dispute (if you lose, you either pay the wealth or suffer their focused aggression, but if you win they must give you a treasure and forget the matter).
>Offer Champion Warfare

we're injured but hes suffering from magic shock and we are better equipped
Will need this seconded and a d100 roll with tactics.
Seconded, but on the condition that it's not to death, and that if we do lose that we will give them some of our wealth
Pretty much make it a gamble
Rolled 92

If we cant then just do it anyway
Hmm, how about an aura of fear (we beat off something he couldn't even stand the presence of) then some basic fireballs.

The goblins accept your turns, and pace off to encircle their mage and your chief!

Fírnen stands ready, his STUBBORN willpower and runic knife in hand!
Firmen is AT PARITY!

The Greenskin Shaman stands ready, his LUCID willpower bolstered by his staff!
The Shaman is AT PARITY!
Oh shit, I forgot that damn aboleth is still there. have our troops ready for that fuck to come back
I think the suppressed means we don't have to worry aobut it for now.
Lets hope so
The Shaman moves first, sending acidic vapors against his opponent! The Shaman's staff glows red as he spits and green mist arcs out from his maw. The chief side-steps, his armor becoming pitted with acid.

Fírnen holds out his claws and lets out a screaming hiss! His body shifts in and out of sight, his shadow elongates, and his eyes glow blue - and for a moment, the shaman trembles with fear.

Fírnen has gained advantage!

The Shaman shakes off his fear, raises his staff, and strikes the ground! An arm of sand and mud grasps at the kobold chief and threatens to crush his torso, but he manages to hack it apart with his magical knife! Fírnen slumps to the side, having cracked a rib in the thing's grip.

The kobold rages, and responds by throwing balls of fire at the shaman - obviously not caring terribly much about the lethality of the match. The shaman dodges several, but is hit squarely in the chest by one! He falls to the ground, his robes smouldering, blood spattering from his jaws.

The Shaman is offensively incapacitated!
>The Shaman has yielded!
If we have the power heal us and the shaman to show good will, but insist we still get the treasure.
This, heal him if can
File: 1358232928529.gif-(4 KB, 392x417, cutebold gonna smash a bitch.gif)
4 KB
Leave him be, but don't interfere if his kinsmen rush to help him.

With that said, take the treasure. There's enough in the world that's going to try and kill us; we don't need goblins on that list.
The goblins collect their injured mage, who grudgingly gives orders for their treasures to be brought forth.

The goblins offer their treasures. You may choose one of the following:

-A moldy book with strange runes, in a language that looks vaguely familiar. It features half-faded diagrams with lots of lines and curves - perhaps something to do with shapes? Or art?

-A crystal the size of a deep dwarf's head that glows with an inner light, the illumination growing and fading regularly.

-A mighty axe of what seems to be polished iron with odd patterns across its surface, set with river-stones, its edge so sharp it dents shields with ease and even marks your metal spears.

The chief manages to heal himself, and then works to staunch the shaman's wounds. The goblins let this pass without comment, though the shaman himself seems grateful.
Sorry, anon, I guess I should slow down a tad if I'm missing posts.
Book, though the crystal is interesting as well
Book seems too easy; let's take the crystal.
(sounds like runic circles to me, perfect for a research tribe)
Seconding book

You choose the book. The shaman notices your wistful look at the crystal, and offers to sell it for a share of your clan's wealth.

>But the pulsing crystal in exchange for WEALTH?
>Your wealth will go down one abundance category.
Offer a trade, our knowledge of medicine and healing for the crystal. Point out how well we were able to heal him and ourself
So efficiently.
Also offer the possibility of future trades between our nations
They will not accept healing knowledge short of your treasured Healing Scroll, a trade of treasure for treasure.

They see little reason to trade with you now, as they do not know that your property cannot just be taken by force.
Cite the recent discovery of bronze if they still refuse, and ask if we can come back later for the trade.
Hopefully we can up our literacy and write down the shit for ourself
If not, just refuse and go home. We've been through enough shit as it is
To establish a trade route, at any rate. You can have the crystal for wealth or the scroll.
Refuse it then
They will allow you to return later to trade treasures, provided you stop at the border.
Your group returns home without further incident, save for finding the homes of the Redtooth clan. The newly-encountered kobold clan greets you as you pass, and you spend a night within their gates.

>You have gained a contact!
>Your relations with the Redtooth Clan are FAIR.

The craftsman eagerly grasps a chunk of obsidian and runs to the forge!

>The forge is unavailable!

>It is week six of the season of mists.

One of your scribes has examined the book, and believes it to be about what the tohr-kreen call MATHEMATICS.

You have three actions this week.

Study mathematics, using the book
Is our literacy high enough to copy down that medicine scroll? If not study literacy
Attempt royal marriages between us and the Redtooths
oh yes,

>improve tin mine
>build temple to Aasterinian
>Study Mathematics
>Public prayer for the coming Mists
I'm going to give you guys some time to figure out what you want to do.

Also, comments are solicited.

Am I posting too fast? Any complaints, suggestions, etc?

And finally, please go upvote if you think these are any good: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Great%20Cave%20Quest

New players welcome.
Oh no not to fast at all. Actually an excellent pace.
To the other people here, I'd really like that crystal, and the easiest way to get it is to copy down those medicine techniques and trade them
its been pretty well-paced so far. pity you don't have more people here though.

... alright good point I can switch improving the tin mine for later

revised list
>build temple to Aasterinian
>study literacy
I'd be willing to change the royal marriage aspect to constructing that temple however. I'd like to have it operate as a place of worship as well as a school for older kobolds.
basicly a magic temple/training ground for mages
sounds good, Im trying to boost our learning a bit since Math might be a tad advanced for people who don't have good enough literacy to copy a scroll.
It is in a relatively advanced language. I'd assume it would be like people speaking old English trying to copy a scroll written in modern English. it could be fairly difficult
Other way around, but yes, it's not easy.

>pity you don't have more people here though.

Feel free to invite friends, etc. The more the merrier.
english as a language is actually very simple. 27 symbols combared to the hundreds or even thousands others had. Just look at eastern languages.
Lol ya, point is that it could very easily become incredibly difficult
having this little people and negotiating on issues is cool in it's own way though
It's more that you're a bunch of kobolds with nothing to compare your crappy pidgin draconic to except the somewhat-less-crappy draconic of your priests, with a scroll in your hands written in some archaic dialect of draconic by a ten-foot-tall insect with bizarre word choice and phrasing, and the scroll is all about relatively advanced surgical techniques when you're at the point of magicking it closed or slapping a leaf on it and calling it a day.
Well then, lets get our literacy up, study math, and build that temple.

With your priests overjoyed, your clan gathers together and adds a new wing to the school - to raise a temple to their most ancient god. Wood is carefully polished and set precisely. Stone and mortar line the walls of the entire building now. The whole of the new temple is decorated in copper and bronze, in a show of wealth, and a statuette of the dragon-god is carved and placed in the altar.

>You have raised your first Temple! People say it is a GOOD structure, quite solid.
>Your school, being attached to the temple, shares its quality.

You may now pray for guidance.

Priests gain additional willpower, and the tribe's will-workers are said to be RESOLUTE, where before they were DETERMINED.

>You have less WOOD, STONE, and WEALTH.

In the meantime, your scribes pore over the mouldy book - going so far as to create a copy. The scholars convene in a courtyard and begin to draw in basins full of sand, tracing the lines they learn from the book. Slowly but surely, they begin to grasp geometry.

>You have learned MATHEMATICS! Your grasp on it is FAIR, but growing.

All others who can aid in it devote their energy to spreading the knowledge of letters among more of your tribe.

>Literacy is now GOOD.

It is likelier than not that a given clansman will know the dragon-script, and there are the beginnings of a demand for reading-matter. Entertainment in general is sought.

>You have gained a DEMAND for ENTERTAINMENT.

The craftsman has emerged from the forge! The craftsman has created a treasure!

>The craftsman has created a Mace of Office!

The mace of office improves morale and goodwill and grants advantage in battle.

>It is constructed of finely worked bronze.
>It is set with well-cut gems.
>It menaces with spikes of obsidian.

The craftsman presents the mace to your chief, and for this the elders give him the name of Glaedr.

>You have another significant person!

Glaedr has fought off his compulsions, and emerged with a strong will.

>Glaedr's will rating is STEADY. He is weaker than the chief, but not by overmuch.
Do we have the literacy to copy that scroll yet?
Yes, but not necessarily the medical knowledge to do so without a risk of flawed results.

If the goblins find out you've traded them a forged treasure, though, or worse - a flawed one - well, I'd expect war.

>It is the seventh week of the Season of the Mists.

Some among your clan wish to use the new temple to give thanks for these mists and the warmth of the last few weeks compared to the Dark Season.
Well, i'm willing to risk it because we need military expertise anyway, and a war could unite the Kobolds tribes together.
My Votes are to copy down the scroll and trade it to the goblins for the crystal
I'd also like to pray for guidance
and if the top 2 count as one then start tournaments of that game for entertainment, and to see who is the best. The winner will gain the reward of being an assistant to the leader
The goblin nation also seems relatively weak. A victory over them, especially one that may be somewhat easy, could earn us land and reputation
>give thanks at the temple
>study MEDICINE from the scroll
>arrange games of skill for all every month. Both of wit and that of physical skill for small rewards

I agree with the trade and if if takes an action replace studying medicine
The goblins have given no indication of national affiliation, and your scouts have encountered larger parties of them in their territory before. You have not seen them at their full strength by any means.

In any case, you can STUDY the scroll or medicine to increase your understanding of either. Or both.
I doubt a race more savage than us would be able to get all of their kind under a single banner.

A plot of land and a few huts are set aside for contests of riddles, arguments, footraces, and shows of strength, and mock-battles.

>Your TERRITORY has been reduced.
>Your demand for ENTERTAINMENT has been met, for now.
>Your troops gain the bonus of being TRIED BY CONTEST, and will be better at personal combat.

At season's end, the champion of these games will be honored with a place among the nobles - perhaps even at the chief's side.

>You have created an ARENA. Visiting clanfolk think it a POOR example, but expect you will improve on it later.

Improvements to the arena will improve the quality of the champions.

Your scribes rend some bat-skin into something akin to parchment and work to study the scroll, creating a number of copies of its various subsections to give to their healers. A single copy of the whole of the scroll's extensive length is slowly created, but has a number of blemishes.

>Your knowledge of medicine has improved!

Your scribes and healers feel they could greatly benefit from further study.

Your people gather at the temple and give sacrifice in thanks and as a request for guidance.

Do you sacrifice:

>Other? [Write-in]
The choice and result of sacrifice pending, it's week eight of the misty season.
Sacrifice food
Continue with the trade, giving the goblins our copy of medicine scroll for their crystal
Research Weaponry
Research Armor
Sacrifice a level of food. We'll may have to cut a few meals here and there, but it's should be fine. Besides we should thank the gods for AGRICULTURE, the with the fruits of such knowledge
File: 1358239400530.jpg-(174 KB, 1920x1200, 273b61d9-2d67-4209-acd4-4(...).jpg)
174 KB
The dragon-god of innovation accepts your sacrifice, but food will always be second to wealth in his hungry heart.

As the burnt offerings rise to the rafters as smoke and escape through the chimney, you feel more inspired.

>Inspiration will guide members of the tribe this season.

>The blessing is not as great as you might have gotten, had you understood the ways of dragons and created a true hoard.

>Food has become somewhat less abundant, though there is a harvest soon.

It is week eight of the season of mists!

>The harvest has been taken in! Food is restored to its normal abundance.

>The copper and tin mines have produced more ore! The smelter requires improvement before both may be used together.

Refine copper or tin?

>Sufficient quantities of tin-bearing ore are stockpiled to refine tin.
>Tin supplies are too low to create bronze, though you do have the necessary copper.

>Your food storage has been overrun with pests!

Roll 1d100 to avoid losing a level of abundance to vermin.

>Water supplies have dwindled by a level of abundance.

>You assess your attitude with the neighboring clans. Your marriages with the Smokescales are beginning to bear fruit!

Roll 1d100 to determine the result of your effort to improve relations.

>Your forge has created wealth!

Wealth is now more abundant.

>Your copy of the healing scroll is ready, and can be traded or kept within the tribe. The original can be traded as well.

You have created a treasure, the Healing Scroll [Flawed].

[I've probably missed some things, will do a more thorough review after week twelve.]

Rolled 45, 62 = 107

First for food second for relations
Continue with the trade, giving the goblins our copy of medicine scroll for their crystal
Research Weaponry
Research Armor
Rolled 94, 65 = 159

Change my armor research to improving our smelter as to give us access to bronze
>Improve our smelter
>Improve the tin mine
>trade with goblins for crystal
if that doesn't take up an action
>research better weaponry
Also im making it clear I mean the copy. Keep the original for ourselves
Don't get me wrong, you can make bronze - it's just that your smelter first has to be used to make tin out of tin-bearing ore and copper out of copper-bearing ore due to its size limitations (only one firing chamber) which are arbitrarily represented by quality.

While you can definitely improve it, right now you can switch it to refining tin or copper - and this choice will bump the relevant metal's quantity rating in your resource list, because I forgot to ask when you discovered the deposit and created the mine.


>Refine copper or tin?
lets start with copper as we have more of it right now.
Can we upgrade it's size to do both?
If not then >>22597850
could we get our current stats after this? I think we have a bunch of POOR things we could improve now with better architecture.
That too
Your funeral, I suppose.


>Trade copy of scroll

You send a party of scholars under armed escort to give the goblins the copied scroll and ask for the crystal. They take a homing bat with them.

Upon their arrival, the goblins begin carefully examining the scroll, and you are allowed to do the same with the crystal. Your scholars note that it pulses with intense light at what they seem to think is a fixed rate - and were it not for their understanding of mathematics, they could not tell this at all.

>Improve smelter

With stone and mortar, the smelter is expanded.

>The smelter is now SUFFICIENT for the tribe's needs, complete with multiple firing-chambers. You may smelt copper and tin into bronze as well as individually refining them simultaneously.

>Stone is now less abundant.

The smiths anticipate the greater likelihood of working with bronze.

>Improve tin mine

Your laborers once again haul wood-stock out to the mine's location and increase the size and stability of the tunnels. They lament that they have neither a means to transport ore out quickly, nor a means to get workers in and out at speed. Perhaps some clever contraption might be built?


You refine copper ore into copper in your newly expanded smelter.

>Copper ore abundance decreases
>Copper abundance increases

You're now sitting on a nice big stack of copper bars, but have a lot of tin-bearing ore and very little refined tin. Going to have to do something about that before you can make bronze...


A kobold becomes inspired!
>The kobold runs south.

Send a group of warriors to guard him?
I'll work on it, though I was hoping to either do it every four weeks or at the beginning of each new season.
I would say
>Refine copper
>trade with goblins for crystal
fuck it, down for a war if it sparks it
>improve the ARENA
we'll need good heroes if we expect to fight
Yes, send some hunters to defend him, and a couple veterans
>refine tin
>Research Weaponry
>research armor
Also what became of our relations with the other tribe, and our vermin problem?
Thats fine then, we can suffer in ignorance (Or look at the start of the thread.)

Yes send guards. Elites since we do value inspiration a great deal.

>Begin producing bronze
further actions
>Improve Arena
>Improve coal mine
We won't die I don't think, we still have many tribes that think highly of us. If we can unite the 3 tribes in our war (if it happens) then hopefully we can fight a defensive war successfully.
Refine bronze rather than tin if possible
Thanks for the reminder.


You have successfully driven away vermin, though investingating better storage for your foodstocks might be wise.


Relations with the Smokescale clan have improved due to your well-chosen marriages.
Bah too late
>Send the vets
>Construct wheelbarrow for the ore
>refine tin
I think we need roads before wheeled transport can be effective.
I'll change my weapon research to arena badassery
Its only for the ore miners though, so we can increase our ore stores. I wouldn't imagine they would need roads in the mines.
I was talking about JPH writing up the stats we have. I think we can let him let it go until next session
oh ya thats fine
No, you don't really.
>begin producing bronze
>refine bronze
Bronze is an alloy, a product of mixing two purified metals.

Those metals are tin and copper.

You have a stockpile of refined copper, but only ingots of refined tin here and there.

If you tell me to make bronze, it means the metalworkers will use the action to smelt refined tin from tin-bearing ore.
Alright im fine with that
currently things that are POOR (from the top of the thread): Armory, embassy, coal-mine outpost, arms and armor

thats fine
I think we really need armor and arms next round, especially with the goblins being dicks (Although I see how its kind of us being dicks)
I commend you on your thinking, but a wheelbarrow - or even a minecart - isn't going to help a kobold haul a half ton of ore up a fifty-foot shaft.

I was actually hinting that someone should research or trade for knowledge of mechanics.
Looks like I got my third action for next turn
We are never in the wrong
Ah, didn't realize it was so deep already. Alrighty, its the Tohr-Kreen we have good relations with right? Lets see if we can't send someone to organize a trade for architecture or whatever we will need to make a more effective mine.
Our scholars are amazing effective due to our god worshiping, so i'd go for research over trade, but Im down for either
OP needs a few minutes to have a break and drink some caffeine. Back in a jiffy.
Godspeed! You! Kobold emperor
Updating now.

You send a dozen veteran fighters after the runner. They track him for some time, and then send you a homing bat requesting more soldiers - apparently the runner has made it to the lakeshore, swum across waters potentially infested by no end of aboleths - though he dodged every one - and made it to the island.

There are some aboleths waiting in the water, but they can see the runner - he's digging, and occasionally holding up something that glitters and shines - then adding it to his satchel and digging some more.

They add that they've come into contact with the Blueleaf clan, who are friendly.

>Contact gained: Clan Blueleaf. Relations are FAIR.

You get successively more urgently-worded responses from the kobolds pursuing trade with the goblins - apparently the greenskins are passing the scroll between resident experts, going from encampment to encampment. Though they're only concentrated in groups of a few hundred, there are easily thousands of them - and their shamans seem confused by the scroll. They plainly know it is a copy, which isn't much of a problem - its the quality they seem to have a problem with.

The messages request additional troops, and that you reconsider the trade - you still have the right to refuse it.
Shit, send soldiers to the runner
Try to delay the trade.
>Refine tin

Your capable metalworkers transform the miners' haul of tin into a large store of the refined metal.

>Improve arena

Your arena is given walls and a floor of smoothed mud and clay, as well as some seating.

>Clay stores have diminished
>Stone stores have diminished

>Research armor

Your craftsmen find that they can fashion the spider-silk in such a way that it is tougher even than worked bronze, though not as resistant to heavy blows.
>Send help to the runner?
>Send help to the traders?
>Cancel the trade?

I'll need seconding. The goblins may take your delay tactics as an insult, which you'll have to roll a d100 to avoid.

Few more minutes for input.
Refine Bronze
Craft spider silk vests for army
Research weaponry
These are me btw
If we don't get more people you may want to end the thread for the night and pick it up later
I actually have to sleep soon too
Cancel trade
Help runner
Rolled 11

Delay the trade (roll for avoiding insult)
Send help to the runner
Rolled 76

oh god no. Secondary roll

You send a further detachment of soldiers to assist the runner, and eventually receive a homing bat.

It seems your reinforcements arrived just in time - their use of slings distracted the aboleths, who were sending thralls toward the lone kobold on the isle; due to the hail of fire on their puppetmasters, the thralls retreated and attacked your veterans with fatal results.

The kobold swam back across the lake with a bag of blue-tinted stones that gave him a feeling of increased willpower.

>You have discovered an IOUN deposit!

IOUN is a material that enhances the willpower of the wielder, allows for complex artifice (up to five words instead of three for runic inscriptions), and comes in a variety of colors with different powers.

>IOUN is RARE in your stockpiles, but it's certainly enough for research!

The kobold runner comes out of his bout of inspiration with a newly bolstered will, and upon presenting the bag of magic stones to the clan elders is granted the honor-name of Falkor.

>You have another significant person!


You send another runner to your traders, and manage to convince the goblins to delay the trade. The situation is deteriorating rapidly, but they comply without claiming cause for war.
Almost forgot.
>Falkor's will-rating is STEADY.

>Refine bronze

This will actually speed up smelting, as you're getting a single unit at month's end.

>Craft spider-silk vests for the army

This will use up all existing silk and create a few vests for the mages, commanders, nobles, and elders, as well as a few of your veterans.

Confirm these along with weapons research?
>Send army to help trade go down well
>Send ambassadors to kobold tribes requesting help if war breaks out Cite that if we fall, the savage goblins could continue their rampage. Arm Farnrin with The mace and send him with the army
>Produce advanced weaponry, distribute to veterans. Give veteran arms to hunters
Confirm, but I'm the one who put forth the actions, so I doubt I matter
The elders feel it wise to mention a few things at this point:

First, that the goblins are nomadic, and as such every adult in their populace is able to fight in their armed forces.

This means that, since you've seen thousands of them so far, no army you could send - or even gather from known tribes - would outnumber their forces.

They also mention that sending an armed force to a trade delegation is likely to be seen as a sign of hostility.

They also mention that if someone came to them and said that they were likely to expose the clan to risk of foreign raiders, it would make them extremely angry and likely motivate them to offer up the troublemaking group to the enemy as a means of ending the conflict.

They suggest that if you want the trade to go through with less potential problems you just spend some time studying the scroll until you can copy it without problems, instead of plunging the clan into a war in which it would be extremely useful to have known exactly what a scroll on caring for the wounded said in case a goblin stabbed you in the gut.

Finally, they remind you that your veterans are carrying iron spears, and that bronze is not quite so useful for making weapons as iron.

[I think someone could use some sleep.]

[If nobody else shows up, one person can confirm after clarification.]
Ill take the hint and withdraw the actions
Im gonna go to sleep now I think
You plan to start another thread sometime soon?
Tomorrow afternoon or evening, I expect.
Alright see ya then
Rest well.
>research better weapons
>research MEDICINE to improve \ produce a better copy of the scroll
>research something to help our miners lift ore

Lets recall our people from the trade for now
Incidentally, I've archived the thread here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22591629/

Go upvote.

Cooler heads eventually prevail in the argument of the pulsing crystal (which, incidentally, is not ioun).

You recall your traders, who make it home safely and nearly weep with relief. They give a chilling account of the goblins' mental capacities - were it to come to a clash of arms, they could probably bring a force of thousands to your gates.

>Research medicine

Your healers study the scroll, and learn of its secrets. They have ample chance to try them when the veteran detachment that defended Falkor returns home with thrall-bites, courtesy of the aboleths in the lake.

>Research something to help our miners lift ore

Your mathematicians and architects and wheelwrights, at a chance meeting in what hasses for the local watering-hole, overhear enough whining and gossip from the miners that they get frustrated, and then have some clever thoughts.

They work together for a few days, and produce some crude sketches of a crane with an extremely simple pully system.

>You have discovered mechanics!

>Your understanding of mechanics is currently POOR, but sufficient to build cranes and other mine improvements, among many other things.
And with that I think we'll call it a night. Congratulations, you've made it to week ten of the season of mists without getting crushed by a goblin siege!

Can't wait to announce that "A vile force of darkness has arrived!" when you finally piss off a neighboring faction. Should be interesting now that you have what you need for siege weapons and decent armor.
thanks for the thread, OP
You're welcome. Thanks for playing! Been pretty nuts. Comments are always welcome, as is advice.

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