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You are Oris, a winged lizard and friend to a kobold called Lesa. You made your living stealing food from inhabitants of the town of Comienza, but now there is a bounty on your friend's head and a kobold hunter on her trail. And yesterday, he almost succeeded in killing her.

You freed her from a snare trap and led her here, to a hideout within a massive wild rose bush where she now sleeps.

You lie awake, listening to her labored breathing and frequent coughing fits. They've kept you awake for most of the night, and even when you did manage to drift off, your dreams would fill with visions of narrow tunnels, tight bindings and a stench of blood.

When you saw what happened to Lesa, you wanted to head for Comienza immediately and burn down the town's in where the hunter rests -- with him still inside. You would have done so, were it not for your friend asking you to stay with her. Now, with dawn quickly approaching, you have time to consider your course of action calmly and rationally.

Is revenge really something you want? And if yes, how will you go about it?
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man i can't make up my mind.. while revenge would be great it's not going to make our situation any better, we will still have to leave as more adventurers will come.
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Getting away is still high on the priority list, but I think we can cover more ground than Lesa so we can send her ahead while we go back to cover our escape.
In the meantime, getting some sort of plan of action would be nice, so that I can start writing the next post.
we need to get away, if the hunter follows we will kill him
We need to wait for lesa to heal, we must try to stay well hidden
Revenge would be nice… but right now the most important thing you can think of is keeping Lesa safe. And that means leaving as soon as possible. And that means giving time for Lesa to recover enough to travel. And that means getting enough food for both of you as well as supplies for the journey. By yourself. While avoiding the hunter yourself and making sure he doesn't find Lesa either. So maybe you should find a way to get rid of him after all.

Your thoughts are going in circles.
We'll stay with Lesa for the most part, every one and a while though we should make sure to circle overhead, soon enough the hunter will establish a pattern, then we'll get the fucker
You decide to, for now keep close to Lesa.

You wake her to let her know you're leaving for a short time. The prospect of being left alone frightens her and you have to spend a few minutes assuring her that you will be back very shortly and could she please let go of your wing now.

You're hungry and most likely so is Lesa. You head for the nearest farm and break into a chicken coop. The chicken raise a racket, of course -- you avoid doing this for that very reason, but you don't have the time and energy for a proper hunt. You get out of there right before the farmer jumps out of his house wearing only a shirt and holding a loaded crossbow, looking around for a fox that isn't there.

When you return to the hideout, Lesa is changing her bandages. She insists on changing the wrapping around your own wound as well.

After you both eat, you fly off with the empty waterskin to fill it in the river -- it's too heavy to carry when full, so you pour half of the water out before heading out.

"What do we do? " Lesa asks in a hoarse, cracking voice.
"You hide and recover. I keep watch."

You alternate between keeping an eye on the town, visiting Lesa to check on her and hunting for food -- you score a couple frogs from the stream for yourself and a squirrel you bring to Lesa.

The sun is high in the sky when the hunter makes an appearance. He's coming down the road, heading towards the bridge.

What do you intend to do?
spend another night with Lesa, then check on where the hunter is
That lizard looks like it just got raped by that kobold.
We need to spy on the hunter, he is our biggest threat
Predictably enough, the hunter turns into the woods and you decide to hang back and spy on him.

He enters the woods and makes his way towards one of Lesa's hideouts near the forest's edge. You follow, keeping to the high tree branches. Once he gets close to the hideout, he unslings his bow and nocks an arrow, becoming more cautious with his movements.

He checks the entrance to the hideout, checks the ground for tracks, then moves on to another hideout. He repeats these actions there, then moves on to a third.

Finally, he sets off towards Lesa's home den.

The hunter finds the snare and rubs at the dried blood on it, even putting some on his tongue. He spends a long time examining the root you chewed through and the ground around it. He finally examines the ground around the den and picks up a trail.

He is heading straight towards your hideout -- towards Lesa.
make some noise and lure him away

Could we attack him? we have a poison bite
we would have to sneak up on him, then go straight for the throat
I say go warn lesa
One vote to lure away, one to attack, one to warn Lesa.

Give me a tiebreaker and roll 3d6 twice.
Rolled 5, 3, 1 = 9

Lure him away, if need be we can attack or go warn Lesa
Rolled 6, 1, 5 = 12

why can't we do all three?
lure him away our hide out, attack hi then go warn Lesa if he is still alive
How about this, we lure him off get him tired, then when we are at an advantage or catches on we attack him or go warn lesa, if we do attack go for his eyes and throat
All three?

Ok, we can do that.
Rolled 3, 1, 6 = 10

i'll second this
disregard the rolls forgot to take them off
We can use our telepathy on him surprise the fuck out of him and attack
You decide to lure the hunter away first, get him tired, or lead him somewhere where you have the advantage -- and if you can't manage that, to go and warn Lesa.

You race ahead of him slightly and hide in a clump of bushes, checking that you can easily retreat once he starts chasing you. Once he's within earshot, you rustle them, all set to start running as soon as he starts heading your way.

Except that he doesn't. The bow goes up, arrow drawn back, but he neither shoots, nor starts heading your way. In fact, after several tense moments, he lowers his weapon slightly and continues along the trail towards the hideout -- while still keeping an eye on your bush.

You did not plan on being ignored.

You wait till he's out of sight, then hurriedly crawl out from under the bush and race towards the hideout.

::Hunter is coming. Get out. Get out! Head south. I'll stop him,:: you think at Lesa while making a tight circle around the rosebush. You do not stick around to see if she listens.
The safest avenue of approach is from above and behind, but the hunter is fully clothed in leathers -- the only place to attack him and cause damage is his face and throat. This means approaching from the front.

You decide to do both.

By the time you circle around his back, the hunter is nearly within sight of the hideout. You drop into a dive aimed at the back of the head, and halfway through you thin, as forcefully as you can ::BEHIND YOU, YOU GIANT PIECE OF SHIT::

You do it a bit too early. Or he just has excellent reflexes, because he turns, bow drawn, and looses and arrow in your direction.

You feel it graze your right side and then you hit his face with a bone-jarring impact. The hunter gives a surprised yell and falls backwards while you bite, claw and tear at anything you can reach.

You stab at him with your tail, but it strikes too low -- you inject a dose of venom into his vest. Two large hands close around your body and begin trying to tear you off, while the hunter begins tossing his head left and right, making it harder for you to hit something sensitive.

You lose your grip and he yanks you upwards. You make a frantic grab for purchase and your claws catch his lower lip. You dig in and stretch it upwards and he yells in pain, and involuntarily lowers you a couple inches.
You stab your stinger into him right under his chin.

He jerks and yanks you away, a chunk of his lip tearing off in your claws. He tosses you away and you hit a tree.

He tries to get up, a dagger in his hand, but his feet don't want to listen to him. He crawls towards you and you scramble away, but you can see that his gaze is unfocused and movements chaotic. He falls to face-first to the ground and he makes a few crawling motions, but a moment later tension goes out of his body and he lies still.

The blood gushing from his lip begins to stain the ground under his head.

You become aware of the fact that you hurt all over. Your left hind leg doesn't want to take your weight. There is a long, shallow cut along your side where the arrow grazed you and it's oozing blood. You also feel the taste of blood in your mouth -- the struggle opened the half-healed wounds from last night.

What do you do?
check to make sure hes is incapacitated then finish him

then we must get medical care
make sure this motherfucker is dead then get to Lesa
thought poke him to make sure this is not a trap
Drop something on him first so we don't get a surprise, then kill him
As it turns out, it's Lesa who comes to get you -- you see her peek out from behind a tree then, seeing the fallen hunter, come out, a large rock in her hand.

"He dead?" she asks fearfully.
"No," You turn around and whip your tail at the ground, launching a significant amount of dirt, needles, and pebbles into the hunter's face, which produces no reaction. Then you stab him in the cheek to make sure both that he really isn't pretending and that even if he is, he won't be able to for much longer. He doesn't even twitch and you expend the last of your venom -- it'll be several hours until your body produces another dose. "Not yet. I was trying to figure out how to make him dead, but since you're here… get his dagger."

Lesa's eyes widen.

"Oris want me to kill?"
Tell her calmly he will only try to hurt us, and won't stop hunting us, only more so now, remind her of the cruel trap that he had set for her...

she doesn't have to do it
"while it would be ideal to kill him so he will never bother us again, but if you don't want to we will just leave him. Take his stuff though."
Apologize and point out that we just wanted to protect her.

If she thinks he's worth keeping alive, she's the boss (he was after her, after all.)
because of us
We might admit that if she doesn't know. In fact, I'd be inclined to do so.

I'm new, sorry.
"If you don't want to… you don't have to."

Lesa relaxes visibly.

"But he'll probably want revenge on us. He'll follow us. Hunt us. He'll set more traps like the one last night. And next time," you look at the wound along your side and wince, "he'll know you have me."

"But if you think we should leave him alive… I won't pressure you," you add.

Lesa looks torn with indecision, glancing between you and the dagger lying next to the hunter's hand.

Then she takes a step forward. Then another. She picks up the dagger and weighs it in her hand.

"Hunter hurt Lesa, set trap for her" she says looking straight at you, her eyes burning with determination. "Oris come and free Lesa. Hunter come after Lesa again and Oris fight for her, get hurt protecting her. Oris Lesa's friend. Don't want Oris hurt again."

Then she tilts back the hunter's head and slits his throat.
You strip the corpse of everything you can carry -- which amounts to the backpack with everything in it (except the snares and anything else that looks like a trap, which Lesa disgustedly tosses into a bush), the cloak and the dagger. The bow, she cuts apart into several pieces and leaves it by the body.

Among the many things in the backpack, there is a medicine kit full of bandages, herbs and foul-smelling salves. Lesa gets very excited and immediately applies them to your wounds, ignoring all your complaints about the smell.

You both agree that the northern forest has been compromised and move to the southeastern woods instead. You keep an eye on the hunter's body and two days later you see one of the town's trappers discover it. The next day, there is a new wanted poster -- this time it refers to a "killer kobold" and offers a reward of 300 gold pieces.

Lesa has recovered somewhat, although her voice still sounds scratchy and she coughs occasionally. She says that she's good to travel and that the hunter's rations should keep you both fed for at least a week, but at the same time she fusses over your own wounds and says that you should let your side heal fully before you start putting a lot of strain on it.

What is your response?
one more day to heal, then we leave tommorow, this time we stay together,
You insist you leave. Now. Tomorrow at the latest. And this time you're keeping an eye on Lesa until you leave.

"Alright. But where do Oris want to go?"

Good question. Before making a decision, you both rack your brains for what you know about geography beyond the area around Comienza. All you have to contribute is what you remember from the stories told by the old priest during lessons. Lesa is the one who traveled before coming here, even if she doesn't remember much about it.

To the North lie cities, which you understand to be bigger than Comienza. The merchants who come from that direction mostly bring cloth, glass, jewelry and other useless junk.

To the West there is supposed to be something called an ocean. Also, every spring Comienza holds a horse trader's market and a lot of the horses sold during that time end up heading in that direction.

The South is where Lesa originally came from. She says that way are hills, mountains, forests and large things that want to eat you, and very few humans.

To the East is an exotic land full of mystery and wonder -- or at least, that's what the priest described it like. Caravans from there bring spices, strange animals and even fancier junk than the ones from the north. Lesa suddenly remembers that this is also where you came from when you were still an egg.

Which way shall you head off?
damn alot of good options...

either east or north, Northeast?
Anything but south. We are both small and eminently edible.
North would be good, lots of places to pick things, and if we don't like it we can leave
how much longer you gonna be on OP?
east seams cool adventure ho
Probably 2-3 more hours, why?
no reason, I'm just going for a short jaunt

East seems great
Do we have all the things we need?, do we need to stop into town for anything
Did we just have her murder the person who was hunting her because of what we did?
Yes we did. I still think we should set fire to the town when we leave.
then they will only chase us harder
"East," you decide. "It sounds interesting."
"Oh. Alright," Lesa seems to be both disappointed and relieved at the same time.
"Do we have everything we need? Food? Blankets? Bandages?"
"Anything we're missing"
"Then we're off."
You travel at night, at least to start with. The moon is enough for both of you to see by and this way Lesa can walk on the road. You pass farmsteads, villages, towns, many larger than Comienza, but you do not stop to sightsee and soon enough they all begin to blend together in your mind.

Lesa starts out very apprehensive, constantly worried about the unfamiliar terrain, the lack of known hideouts, the risk of getting noticed and caught. This diminishes somewhat as the days go by with no disaster occurring, but never fully goes away.

You run out of supplies after a week, which slows down your pace as you need to stage raids on farmsteads you pass for food. You use your stinger almost daily now to knock out watchdogs and the occasional insomniac human. There are times when you're noticed and you have to run away with nothing but, as you point out, it's not like you'll be staying anywhere long enough to attract more hunters.
After a month and a half of travel, you begin to notice changes about the land. Even though the summer should be ending, the days are hotter and the ground is drier. It rains less. Towns and farms become scarcer and buildings made of cut stone and wood give way to smooth grayish-brown domes half-sunk into the ground. The people here are different too. They're taller and thinner than humans you saw all your life, and their ears are sharp rather than round. They are also a lot quieter than you're used to. Lesa says they look very, very sad.

Two months after you've left Comienza, you see something strange on the horizon -- by now you run into settlements rarely enough that you travel during the day as well. There are big, triangular shapes, one next to another.

"Mountains," Lesa replies with a tired shrug. "Is that where we going? Lesa tired of walking. And waterskin empty again."

Water's been a problem for some time now. You've been filling the waterskin from village and farmstead wells whenever you can, but you've seen the last homestead three day ago and it's been nothing but dusty plains since then.
Fly high and try to spot anything. How are kobolds treated around here? Could we hitch a ride with a caravan or something?
Sorry, but I have to call a break right here. I know it's a lame place to break, but I'm literally starting to fall asleep at the keyboard.

Next thread will happen on Friday starting on 12:00 /tg/ time. I figured out how to use the archive function, so I'll take care of saving the thread this time.
Archived at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22678331/

Good night everyone.

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