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File: 1361665272555.jpg-(421 KB, 900x1240, grey_knight_terminator_by_devmarine(...).jpg)
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I am the Chapter Master. You should not concern yourself with my name, for who I am is what I do, not how someone chooses to label me. By the will of the Emperor I command the finest Chapter to ever tread among the stars. I have no fear but to fail in the eyes of my brothers. Age of Ruin is on the horizon, Imperium is falling apart, I know it in my heart. I was blessed and cursed to live in time when the fate of our galaxy is being decided once more. I can just hope that my choices will be right. Ave Imperator et Imperium!
Rolled 100

>Fall to Chaos.
Well hey, now we're even more for the Emperor.
>Rolled 100
Quest over.
Oh, is it roll under? Oh well.
Mmkay here's a list of things we gonna get done ASAP, and in the follwiing order:
-Get shopping list of things to buy in new Forge
-Let Klementhos use the 5th company garrison for his geneseed acceleration program
-Seal away Messiah AI
-Talk with Kerius Dermont
-Talk with our brothers around the Tombstone so we can assign more Chapter specialists
-Go on the Ice Wraiths hike
-Go to Varda, drop off Clarus, investigate possible Red Giants infiltration
-Leave Brethorius in charge whilst we go and help Adriel

Rolled a 100 for falling to chaos.....
So.....we Imperial Saint now?
File: 1361665785585.jpg-(383 KB, 1280x800, sector deus3.jpg)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
Recommended soundtrack for the game:

+Heresy: 28% (Unorthodox)
+Numbers: 579 battle brothers
+Wealth: 102 million thrones

=Our realm=

Year is 332.M41

=Primary quest=
Protection of Sector Deus

=Secondary quests=
+Hunting down Ashkenor the Wrathbringer
+Restoring Prothera
+Investigating Dark Sister space hulk

Our wiki:
Hey Skargan, can we have some corruption points off because of >>23345785?
File: 1361666242798.jpg-(325 KB, 621x1000, 69027332d605c1b584283f7d6(...).jpg)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
As I always said, I have no problems if you would decide to forsake Imperium and transform this into Warband Quest, however your roll just assured me that it's not happening any time soon.

>Get shopping list of things to buy in new Forge
That'll require at least an hour or so of my work, so I'll leave it for later.
>Let Klementhos use the 5th company garrison for his geneseed acceleration program.
How many volunteers and which of his suggested geneseed acceleration methods do you pick?
>Seal away Messiah AI
>Go to Varda, drop off Clarus, investigate possible Red Giants infiltration
Where and how exactly are you planning to drop him off? Most of your Chapter thinks that a traitor should be dropped off into the void.
>Leave Brethorius in charge whilst we go and help Adriel.
How and where?

Overall - surprisingly well thought out plan.
>Where and how exactly are you planning to drop him off? Most of your Chapter thinks that a traitor should be dropped off into the void.
We're putting him on Varda, like we stated.
And there he will stay, if he leaves without our permission he will be exiled.
And get rid of the bug he planted too.
Not forever I hope.
File: 1361666457379.jpg-(142 KB, 525x720, 488133_441271822562634_18(...).jpg)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
You lose 1 corruption point. Emperor protects.
>How many volunteers and which of his suggested geneseed acceleration methods do you pick?
However many marines of the 5th are ready and willing. And whichever method is safest.

>Where and how exactly are you planning to drop him off? Most of your Chapter thinks that a traitor should be dropped off into the void
We're posting Clarus to Macedon's 6th company on Varda. This means he's just stuck on the green dirtball and can't spy on Chapter Master. And let's not forget that there are greenskins in them jungles....and his brothers won't be watching his back....
File: 1361666577912.png-(1.09 MB, 1920x1080, Imperium wallpaper.png)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Tell Klementhos that if his experiments turn out well, the access to the Raven's tome will be loosened.
And buy 10 Apothecaries and 10 Tech Marines.
5 apothecaries and 5 Techmarines I'd say, 10 is too expensive
And we've decided that we'll make Proteus 34's body a Cyber Eagle.
Make it double-armored and have recording capabilities.
Woops, 5 of each sorry about that.
File: 1361666846088.jpg-(41 KB, 700x368, art-06.jpg)
41 KB
Kerius smiles as you enter his office. You notice that he looks much older than when you first met him, but he is still the same old, grumpy but unrelenting soldier he always was.
>What brings you to me, Astarte? I think I should thank you for the way how you managed to convince Sector Lord to supply Mormark with food again. Shame that I didn't have a chance to meet you earlier. You've done us a great favour and we are very grateful.

>Talk with our brothers around the Tombstone so we can assign more Chapter specialists

Would you like to speak with specific brothers or find news talents from among common marines?

Worry not Kerius, for Mormark I should have had the High Lords of Terra come themselves to supply us with food.
Are there any problems with the Imperium's citizens, or are the Emperor's servants doing their job as well as we can?
Did you take that vacation I recommended?
We require a fleet master at the moment, as well as a new Chaplain, no named marines I can recall come out to me as a naval type, and the only marine that could be chaplain is Kronos, and I'm planning on making him a company captain as soon as we get the next geneseed harvest, so let's have a chat with new marines. Look for ones reading books about naval things etc. for the fleet master, and for Chaplain material looks for the obvious fire and brimstone material.
File: 1361667103275.jpg-(252 KB, 1280x1024, time to revive primarchs.jpg)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Is Clarus oficially exiled/given penance? Or you just give him another post? Does Captain Macedon receive any instructions?

Please roll d100 for Klementhos' experiments and another d100 for fun. Should he use Raven's Tome?

Any other things you want to install on it? Please roll d100 and assign which Techmarine does the job.
There is absolutely nothing official regarding his new posting, no written exile, no recorded penance, nothing for Kest to pick up on.

We tell Macedon to keep an eye on him, but don't do anything too....rash.
>Is Clarus oficially exiled/given penance?
If he spreads discontent among Civilians, attacks anyone without evidence, or tries to leave without permission he is exiled.
>Should he use Raven's Tome?
No, however we are going to reward the information in it if Klementhos does well.
Rolled 24

Rolled 8

Haha, my dreams.
File: 1361667423506.jpg-(244 KB, 891x593, Skargan.jpg)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Rolled 66

What Tech Marine were we speaking to before?
Seran's our top man with tech.
File: 1361667708972.jpg-(404 KB, 741x1000, 61284e643cf1f7523be44dd39(...).jpg)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
>Well, Mormarkians have always been a loyal breed and now that they've got back their heating and daily rations, population is more than happy. I am concentrating right now on rebuilding industrial capabilities that we lost during the...
He hesistates just for a moment before telling a lie, but you notice it.
>...xeno invasion. Soon, we will be able to produce as much as before the war and then, new projects await. As soon as quarantine is over, I am thinking of raising a cadre of Imperial Guard regiments here, maybe even a whole battle group, if Sector Governor approves. Sector is getting weak, my friend, I feel it. Mormark is one of those few places where Imperial blood hasn't thinned yet. Sadly, there is no time for vacations... On the other hand, I have a personal request for you. When going to your next mission - could you take my sons Xavior and Artemis with you? This quarantine is choking the life out of us, and I am afraid that my boys will grow up without seeing a galaxy and that is no way to raise a new ruler...
Well Kerius, the Quarantine restricts such actions, however I will do the best I can.
We will pick them up soon, I will guarantee it my friend.
Is there any special requests for what you want them to see?
Or, not to see?
>I'd be happy to let them observe our battles from the 'Aspera Dominus', if this is okay with you. But I am naturally averse to putting them near combat situations because I don't know how I could return to you if one or both of them were killed.
Rolled 42, 100, 11 = 153

Seran will create 2 human sized power armors and Proteus' new body.
Proteus' new body should also have the ability to speak, like his current one, however he should be restricted from using it while CMQ does not allow it.
Rolled 39

A-alright make that one more human sized power armor.
File: 1361668514334.jpg-(110 KB, 473x671, 1297956929786.jpg)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
You mingle with marines at every given opportunity, trying to get to know each one of them better and to understand their strengths and weaknesses... Chapter was bled dry during the last few battles, you need fresh minds and souls to revive it.

One of the first marines to draw your attention is Tempestos. A young, but extremely devout marine, he is built like a brick house(even when compared with other brothers), his voice echoes even in the middle of a field and Leutenant Cagerates mentioned, that he saw Tempestos knock Sarkos out with a single strike. Tempestos doesn't belong to any cult yet, adhering to the more traditional way of Codex Astartes. On the other hand he is not known for his intelligence or imagination.

Another man you found was Copernicon, Leutenant in the Second Company, an Ice Wraith serving under Harmantos. His passion and love is sky. He spends his free time exploring starcharts and reading books about astronomy. If you are looking for a marine who would have a slightest chance to choose starship deck over a ground battlefield, it would be him, however it will take long time to train him... (Starfleet masters and ship captains are usually human, as Astartes are more useful in other roles, however having an Astartes Fleet Master would be awesome, but it will require a little more more effort)

Another brother whom you haven't noticed before is Simmer, one of the new scouts, Mormarkian by birth, atheistic in his views, and very practical in his approach to war. He proved to be a top notch marksman, but is also intelligent enough to learn himself many of the sacred machine rites. He could become a good Techmarine or maybe a superior marksman.
Rolled 45, 40, 66 = 151

Offer Tempestos training to be a Chaplain, for his wondrous voice and power.
Offer Copernicon a tutor to help him become a Ship Captain.
And finally, Simmer should have personal help from the Forge Master to become a worthy tech marine.
File: 1361669790035.jpg-(177 KB, 550x788, Black_Templar_by_SDGRAPHICS.jpg)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Seran does a good job and now Proteus 34, or as Brethorius calls him 'Pro', is flying around you as a cybernetic eagle. He seems to enjoy his new body a lot, but constantly tries to engage with random officers in philosophical talks about the meaning of life.

Klementhos is so excited that he comes running into your cell:
>Milord! It has worked! I managed to convince 9 brothers to become volunteers and I've had a 100% success rate on all of the procedures! I've managed to accelerate their production of geneseed about 9.2 times, meaning that in a year their current geneseed will be ready to harvest! Ofcourse, until then I'll have to keep close watch on them for side effects...

A little later Nerial approaches you and informs:
>We received two transmissions, one from Captain Dreidor and the other from Lord Sector Governor Larion Ursus. Captain Dreidor reports that they've run into first serious trouble on Kruun - it seems that prisoner rebels have received some heavy weapons from off-world and some of our brothers have died,. There is a list of 12 names attached, it appears they paid the ultimate price. Meanwhile Larion Ursus is asking when will those marines you promised will arrive.
Furthermore, look specifically for new marines with an outspoken interest for biomedical procedures, and things related to an Apothecary's job. We'll be needing those with our experimentation.
Rolled 44, 39, 57 = 140

See: >>23346700
> however he should be restricted from using it while CMQ does not allow it.
And we don't allow it.
File: 1361670144155.jpg-(335 KB, 640x480, 3.jpg)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
>I want them back alive and well, but I want them to face all the horrors galaxy can throw at them. Whatever doesn't kill them will make them stronger. I will trust your judgement when to keep them on ship and when to bring them with you, however I personally earned everything I had by being there in the dirt with the poor fucking infantry, thus I wouldn't want them to just watch battle graphs while drinking hot coffee in a chair in orbit.

Wait, 3 human sized power armours, correct? Done. Anything to do with Proteus? You lose 1 wealth.

All three of them are happy with the promotions you have suggested them.

please roll d100

his ability to interact is now remote controlled.

what do you do?
Rolled 7

Rollan for the Apothecary.
Send the following forces to assist Dreidor:

Captain Harmantos
The 2nd Company
5 Terminators of the 1st Company
45 Veterans of the 1st Company
2 Thunderhawks
4 Predators
1 Land Raider
1 Retribution Baneblade
Suit up Kerius' two sons with two human sized power armors as well, and send them with Captain Harmantos.
Present Kerius himself with his own Personal human sized power armor.
File: 1361671660894.jpg-(216 KB, 958x1312, gw_warhammer40k_004.jpg)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Unexpectedly, our Escort "Kentauros" returns. Actium, Techmarine that you sent to Mars and didn't wait for him to return in less than a decade, all of a sudden appears on your front door.
>Milord! Our mission was a complete success - Emperor smiled upon us and our journey took just a couple of years to complete! Furthermore, our machine worshipping brothers in Mars have heard our plea for help and decided to help us out without asking for anything in return expect for a token of gratitude - accepting and protecting three of their emmissaries so that they could extend dominion of Mars wherever our Chapter goes. Let me to introduce you to Magos Explorator Adelphi, Magos Artificiatorum Misriah and Magos Mechanite Bunther...
The first techmarine is not known to you, but you suddenly feel as your twin hearts start beating faster when you remember your days on Luna that you spent with Misriah and Bunther, those two crazy cogheads who were responsible for outfitting your Chapter and instructing you...
Hug Misriah and Bunther
>Misriah, Bunther! It's so good to see you! Greetings Magos Adelphi, what brings you three to Sector Deus?
File: 1361672505123.jpg-(622 KB, 838x608, Purge_the_Alien_by_Majest(...).jpg)
622 KB
622 KB JPG
There are in fact two marines in your Chapter who seem to fit description of a man you are looking for. One of them is Neiton, an Apothecary known as "Stitch", who is known for his dedication to healing and curing. In his own words 'destroying is hard, creating is harder and restoring is hardest. I never took the easy path'. His specialty is battlefield wounds and more then three dozen brothers can thank him for their lives. However "Stitch" is known for having a weak will and character when compared with other marines, for example it is known that he is psychologically addicted to smoking and using light drugs(physically for an Astartes it is impossible), he caught those habits while stationed on Mormark, in one of the red light districts where he often patrolled.

Another Apothecary that seems to be more than dedicated to the field of biological sciences is Avicenor. He is an unofficial student of Klementhos and a good friend of Seran, making him proficient both in the fields of medicine and machinery. He is undoubtedly the best person to ask for augmentation, implants and improvements of your body. However some claim, that he is a too unorthodox - his quest to improve human body is almost equal to the zeal of techpriests to augment their body parts...
Oh Skargan, are you creating me in-game?
Assign Avicenor to aid Klementhos in getting used to the Apothecary machinery.
P.S What the guy originally meant was non-apothecaries to become Apothecaries
Assign them both to Klementhos, Stitch to learn a bit of researcher's discipline, and Avicenor to get used to all the shiny new toys he's going to be working with.
You're probably correct there.
File: 1361673577812.jpg-(11 KB, 200x242, 5.jpg)
11 KB
Techpriests politely nod to you, but despite you noticing their warm attitude, they do not break the spectacle in front of their senior Magos Explorator. Adelphi is the one who answers:
>Council of Mars has recently decided that this part of our glorious Imperium has been under-explored. We have multiple tasks and missions here. Partly, we will just ask you to allow us follow you in your tasks and grant us shelter and support, however sometimes, if we will think there is a good opportunity to gain or retrieve knowledge we seek, we'll ask for your aid. Furthermore - we have another mission that is secret. I will tell it for you, but you are not allowed to let it slip your lips, otherwise you will forever be shunned by servants of Mars. We are here to observe Forge World of Nestorium, and more importantly - it's master who is known as Regon. There are certain things that worry us on Mars about him and we are here to investigate them. Finally, we are looking for certain Assassin known as Ceiron, High Lords of Terra informed us that he was last sent to your Chapter but afterwards he failed to return. We need his services and thus we must find him.
May I ask what troubles you about the nearby Forge World?
Regon has been a trusty friend over the decades, they've helped us get back on our feet.
And we were just about to call for Ceiron actually, he got mixed up with some business on another planet, we'll try and recall him for you now.

And thus we phoned someone who was on the hive-water-world-thingy where Ceiron was where he was.
File: 1361674253624.jpg-(360 KB, 974x1400, RT_Omnissiah_techpriest_b(...).jpg)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
>I am glad you are in contact with him. We will wait for you to provide him for us.
You have no idea where he is. Zarikoff, Governor of Inaria, doesn't even know he exists.
>And regarding Regon... Well, he is the leader of a certain faction known as Nestorian Learners.
Magos Adelphi tells you all about it.
Also, after we're done with the Magi, pay a visit to Nerial Derang, our High Astropath.
Tell him that the CM and the entire chapter are ever grateful for his hard work, and that his seniority and skill most certainly deserve respect. And that if he should ever have need of something, he only needs to ask.
Phone Arcon
>Be wary, Red Giants craft detected moving towards Halo Stars. Also, do you know the whereabouts of the Vindicare Ceiron?
I have heard something of Regon's beliefs, but the inner mysteries of the Mechanicus have always something of a blank to me, is there an issue?
Ceiron may time some time to contact though, as he is currently in an undercover mission to take out a specified target.
If you'll excuse me, I have people to attend to.
Oh yes, and how goes the installation of the planet saver on Prothera?

While we're there we contact Arcon about Ceiron and tell him about the Red Giants.
File: 1361675450823.jpg-(121 KB, 600x803, 1357407085970.jpg)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Nerial Derang is very glad and spends almost 6 hours talking about his days as an astropath. Finally, when you offer him something just so that he would let you go, he says:
>Well, you could always get me some high quality amasec if it's not a problem to you... It helps me fall asleep. Oh, and I constantly kept forgetting to give it to you, but as you visited me, I guess it's a good idea to give it to you. All those years ago, when the Chapter was nothing more than just some notes and blueprints, Entyrus Zykion, High Lord of Terra who decided that Ghosts of Retribution need to be founded, gave me this thing.
He takes out an old, small rusty key.
>He wasn't sure whether he'll be still working on the project, so he asked me to give this key to the man who will become the Chapter Master. Soon, he wasn't able to work as the coordinator of this project, but because of other reasons than he thought - he was assassinated. Well, but politics is a dirty business, I guess... Yes, I know, it's strange why he wanted such a strange trinket given to you, but as it was his personal wish... Please, take it.

As you agreed to accept his sons to serve with you, Kerius Dermont sends you 10 Wealth to show his gratitude. When he in return receives Chapter-made power armour, his gratitude is limitless.
Organize the high quality amasec for Nerial.
Then phone Arcon
Get him the amasec.
Phone Arcon.
Go to Prothera
Let's just get him some reasonable quality amasec and put some sleeping pills in it.
Get him the highest fucking quality amasec to be found.
File: 1361676020462.jpg-(218 KB, 699x1089, 1355686209474.jpg)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Roll d100
>We are simply afraid that his ideas might be out of the boundaries that were given to us by Omnisiah. If it is so, they will eventually lead him to heresy and damnation.
>We are not in a hurry, we'll wait even a few months or a year, but not longer.

Please roll d100 for installation of new Weather Cathedral.
Rolled 82

Rolled 77

Rolled 54, 48 = 102

Rolled 75, 2 = 77

First d100 is for message to Arcon.
Second d100 is for weather cathedral.
File: 1361676316834.jpg-(447 KB, 1024x1386, 1289678335600.jpg)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
There is no answer from Arcon.
Rebuilding Weather Cathedral(without investments) will take 8d3 years. Each point of wealth invested will decrease time by 1 year.
File: 1361676494526.gif-(2.96 MB, 300x264, GlassCaseOfEmotion.gif)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB GIF
Rolled 84

Keep re-trying for Arcon.
Well, rather when CAN we re-try?
Rolled 2, 3, 2, 1, 1, 3, 2, 1 = 15

File: 1361676937433.jpg-(20 KB, 353x720, 222331_206695489352193_55(...).jpg)
20 KB
Would you like to invest any wealth? Would you like a time skip? Otherwise - shall we call it a thread or you want to do something else?
Invest enough money for it.
Have it guarded by Terminators throughout construction.
And when constructed too.
Invest 15 wealth to have the cathedral fixed instantly.

No timeskip. Next thread we're gonna use psyker stuff to contact Adriel and find out where she is and what trouble she had that we needed to fix to repay our debt.
No, we're not gonne use fucking TERMINATORS to garrison an agri-world weather cathedral....
Yes we are.
They're not doing anything else.
Well we did just send half of our terminators off the Kruun so they are actually doing something.
Well, the other half aren't doing anything.
They're not doing anything else because we want them available for when serious shit happens. Send tactical marines and scouts who need the training.
File: 1361677797855.jpg-(1.47 MB, 1680x1050, 1333871795029.jpg)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
Finally, weather Cathedral is done. Massive and proud, it stands just as it once stood...
>A thing of beauty, isn't she?
Asks Seran. In consensus, Bunther, Misriah, Actium and other Techmarines nod. Even Destros, still a little bit shaken from his trials when his mind was wiped and augmentic limbs restored, smiles.
>It will take up to a decade for Cathedral to undo the damage that was done to the climate during these years. But one thing is certain for now - Prothera is saved and soon will return to it's normal state... However social and cultural wounds will take a lot longer time to heal. Infrastructure is wrecked, government doesn't exist and ruins of once mighty cities are under iron rule of techno-barbarians who roam them in search of a lasgun or canned food. How are we going to deal with this..? Shall we inform Sector Lord?
Inform Ursus that Prothera is ready to be brought back into the fold of Imperial Law, then go back to Mormark where we can try and contact Adriel and organise being absent from the chapter for a little while.

This is probably a good time to end the session, and we can do the whole contacting/organisign stuff next time.

We shall order our intelligence network to find out more about the major city-states. determine their willingness to work with us... then make a decision later on the matter, once we have the information.

we shall also send some observers to find recruits for our chapter.

Intelligence is to determine which states various factions support, and provide a report to us.
File: 1361679275495.jpg-(255 KB, 703x900, 1338241484514.jpg)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
There is a total of:
3 major city states - Lastum, Virilis, Auctumnus
47 lesser cities
Only major city states still have some power to fight off Astartes, having looted some heavy weapons, etc. They all would like the planet to be restored under Imperial rule, however they want to be the ones to rule it, thus making an alliance between them impossible, unless a lot of money would be invested.

Bribing a city state: 10 wealth + 1d5 wealth for each fail on the negotiations roll. Technically, if you would bribe two city states and promise leadership for third one, this world would be in your palm.
File: 1361679572587.jpg-(640 KB, 1200x1080, 1335580061316.jpg)
640 KB
640 KB JPG
Auctumnus supports idea of returning to democracy just like it was in the pre-Storm world. However in truth it is a clique of very corrupt former politicians that clearly understand that they won't be able to return to those days of prosperity any time soon and just want power for themselves.

Virilis is ruled by a warlord named Keighan, he is ruling by brute strength and is very devout, claiming that it is his manifest destiny to rule Prothera.

Lastum is run by former Imperial Guard commander Justinian, who is a supporter of Imperial unification, but bears a great hatred for your Chapter because of what befell his world. He is known to belong to Ionian Veterans.
File: 1361681479237.jpg-(47 KB, 268x340, chapter master profile.jpg)
47 KB
as agreed in chat, we'll see what happends tomorrow. Thank you for playing and please upvote!

The main problem I have with these overgrown city pictures is that yes, trees and plants will grow in them, but how the fuck did they manage to grow on the 43rd story of a skyscraper without the building already having fallen apart. How does soil and sunlight even get there?
decayed paper can make for ok soil, and sunlight can break through windows/openings in the wall

also: it's magic, ain't gotta explain shit

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