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Previous Thread:

"Hope is the cruelest weapon of the Sues," they say. And one day, the sues just went up and vanished? Bullshit, I say, but I see things with my own eyes and hope tempts us once more...


You are Roger Green, leader of a scout team of surviving humans on the world known as Meta-Earth to some, and you're at the Library now. A while ago, you slowed down a huge, frenzied mob trying to burn down the library. With the use of explosives, you confused them, scattered them, and forced them to take other paths to find the library the preacher said.

In the sky, more fliers of the Editors begin to rush in, itching for a fight. Somehow, pissing off the Editor you met in the subway seems to have brought down a large punishment on your heads...

In front of you is yet another huge angry mob. You have encounterd one girl, who, strangely does not register as a sue, defending the library by herself.

The world is beginning to change at its own pace, in human hands once more, but what sort of human hands is calling the shots?
Your inventory:
Combat knife (on you) - salvaged from crazy dude
Vehicle-and-misc toolkit
Engineering/demolition supplies
Team-size medkit
Scraps of lore (aged, crackled, faded newspapers).
1 stickybomb

Roger Green (That's you!) - assault rifle, SMG, pistol, shivs, a combat knife a military helmet with multiple imaging options (thermal, NV).
Adnan Soong - gunner, shotgun, hunting rifle
Rhubert Philips - driver - hunting rifle
Morris - rifle, pistol

Skeety Rakrood
Alexander Rex

Space Ghost
Chuck Norris
GI Joe Greenshirts x 5
Sayaka Miki

Joe Inventory:
RAT/PAC x 4 (two quad-barrel machinegun, 2 missile types)
4 AA launchers
2 Triple-Ts
Space Ghost's Ghost Ship
"Okay, Sayaka, can you lead us to the people in the library? There's another big mob on the way, and then there's some kind of rogue Editor pseudo-SUE as well."

Is the current angry mob dispersing? If not, might be best to have the machinegun RATS and the Havoc fire above their heads to get them to disperse.

"Well me might have retreat into the library. I am sure those planes could end up dropping something on us."

I think splitting the machine gun PAC/RATs-two with us, two outside-should give us a little extra firepower, and keep enough out there to support the vehicles.
>two with us, two outside
We've got 2 machine gun PAC/RATs, and 2 AA Missile PAC/RATs.
Unless you meant to say to keep the machineguns with us and the missiles outside.
A Joe suggests, "What if we point the missile rats out the windows instead of leaving them alone outside?"

"Yea that's a better idea. That way they won't be such an obvious target for the planes
No, you're right, forgot we never had flamethrower RATs.
Well, do we want the vehicles to find another way to the library, or guard this approach from the mob?
Alright, but what about the Havoc and the Equalizer? Can they take cover in the shade of a building? Or should we have them simply break through a wall and put themselves in cover that way?
They can do either, being roughly IFV size or a small truck, depending on your standard of scale.
Just to remind you:

You can stick the PAC/RATs in corridors, but there are traps laid out already in corridors, and alarms on the roof.

Alternatively, you can remote control each one.

Sayaka looks at your collection of PAC/RATs. "Robots? You can control these with remote? I can help lift one if it gets stuck."

>>afk, dinner
Then we should have the tanks get into cover with firing arcs covering the primary openings to this area, and have the missile RATs hidden inside a building so their missiles can fire out of a window.
We'll have 1 machine gun RAT in front, and the other covering our rear.
Can Sayaka lead us past the traps to the Library? Once we get to it, we can come back for the tanks.

Hide them then.
Joes! Set up defensive positions! The rest of us could explore the Library, see if there is any good positions we can use if the mob.


Also we should avoid setting off the traps, or at least reset them, mobs aren't exactly careful.

The best strategy against the planes is to get inside. We don't have much Anti-Air
File: 1364428314012.jpg-(3.42 MB, 1920x1536, Library area 1.jpg)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB JPG
Alright, here's an area map so far.

Red blobs = Mobs
Red triangles= mechs
Red hollow boxes = trucks and jeeps. Small ones are jeeps.
Green X's = rubble
Green X with a box = caved-in connecting corridor

Black = other buildings

Light blue = Sayaka
Yellow = Space Ghost
C= Chuck

Your team members are indicated by their initials. Morris and Skeety are with the large vehicles.
File: 1364429888308.jpg-(555 KB, 1783x1084, LIB-1F.jpg)
555 KB
555 KB JPG
This is all doable.

Your team is coordinated by Sayaka and Space Ghost as you all navigate the library. Occassionally, there's a tight spot where a RAT can't get through, forcing Sayaka to lift it over.

The library layout is as follows:
The entrance is barricaded.
The south connecting tunnel to the library's 2F has been cut off.
File: 1364429979162.jpg-(530 KB, 1783x1084, LIB-2F.jpg)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
3F is practically identical to 2F.

Basement is mostly identical except mostly hollowed and contains maintenance facilities. The library residents have hollowed out the basement for survival and supplies somehow.
File: 1364430271703.jpg-(42 KB, 350x210, triplet_title.jpg)
42 KB
The Triple T's are like this, except the main body has been overhauled to be similarly all-enclosing like the HISS tank V.5 .
According to the area map, the Equalizer and the Havoc should be able to move east and hide themselves in the collapsed debris connecting the Library to the building south of it. That should get Skeety and Morris close enough that we can get them into the shelter of the Library.

Inside the Library, Soong should start checking the books for contamination, we'll talk with the leader of the residents, and Space Ghost and Chuck should see if they can call in some more support now that we have a location to defend. Joes should set up the machine gun RATs to cover the Library entrance.

Great, first thing. We are badly positioned. Well that's the point of moving.

Well trying to attack a mob head on is suicide. Even Sayaka would get trampled to death.
The order of the day to say out of the reach of the mob while witting them down. We will have to kill a lot of them before the mob disperses.

Oh and don't count of making a stand at the library, I suppose they will just firebomb the place.

Ok, Sayaka. Overwatch at the library. Slice apart any stragglers that get too close.

Triple T's kite the mob. Keep in front of them and hose them down will bullets. BUT KEEP MOVING!

Space Ghost. See that rubble west of our position? Fly there and harrase them. Use your energy attacks? Super Strength to throw rubble? I don't care, just wittle them down and keep them confused.

The rest of us, set up fire zones and cut the mob down. The buildings are helping us by funnelling them into a enclosed space. A sticky bomb would be good here, its a pity we got only one.
Sayaka is fine with killing people but Space Ghost, Chuck, and the Joes apparently don't like to kill people unless they're being directly attacked.

As it is, we can easily set up overlapping fields of fire in front of the Library using the tanks and the machine gun RATs. Unless the building's outside is made of wood or some other flammable material, fire isn't going to do anything unless they can get inside. Which our guns and tanks can prevent.
If there are no further suggestions on this, I will take the first post moves as priority and then use the leftovers using the second post.
Whose first post are you talking about?
File: 1364431717817.jpg-(3.43 MB, 1920x1536, Areamap_2.jpg)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB JPG
Agreed, solid plan.
Move the Havoc north to the north-east corner of the Library, so that it had a clear line of fire into to primary opening between buildings that the mobs will use. Have the Equalizer ready to move up in case mechs arrive and we need more firepower.
Have the T3's move further east into the cover of the building; they'll still be able to have a clear line of fire but this way their right and rear will be covered.

Sure, but make sure there's a clear path for everyone to fall back
File: 1364432476652.jpg-(3.44 MB, 1920x1536, Areamap_3.jpg)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB JPG

That should do.
Okay, that should do it.

And since we're in the Library, have Soong check the books for contamination.
Rolled 55 + 2

Alright, let's process the results first, starting with the people outside the library.
Rolled 39, 59 + 10 = 108

I was gonna try to do TWO dice rolls with the last one having a modifier. Let's try it again.
Rolled 33, 79 = 112

Space Ghost manages to knock a mech over, causing the crowd to disperse. Throwing up a cloud of dust with bricks and debris flying everywhere with his force rays, Space Ghost flanks about, firing short bursts of stun and freeze rays. Meanwhile, several armed mobbers and bandits go down with a hail of fire from Chuck's team. A RAT missile blows apart one of the junk mech walkers. This chaos demoralizes the less hardy among the bunch on the ground, causing them to retreat and scramble for cover. Several try to break into the buildings and hide on the ground floors.

The two vehicles make a roundabout path behind the library. Meanwhile, your team remote-controls the other rats into position while Sayaka leads on inside the library. Using hand signals, she calls for the other people inside to pick you guys up....
One of the Triples manages to take down a couple more mobbers, as they continue to flee and scatter in a disorganized pattern. So far, things have died down a bit.

Meanwhile, you're greeted by the group defending the library, some normal people dressed as you do, and another who seems to be similar to Sayaka.

Meanwhile, a small formation of Wraiths begins to approach the library, causing Chuck to ask for support to fend them off....

>>air backup will be tussling with the Wraiths soon.

The Equalizer swings about, AA missiles pointed to meet the Wraiths..
We need to take stock of the people in the library, make sure the [presumed] girl -isn't- a sue, and if so find out what she can do, then see if they know anything about contamination in the library.
Hopefully if anything makes a pass over Chuck's area the AA RATs can take a shot as well.
Your team of scouts swings around to some obscure nook that leads into the library from some basement. The darkness of the basement gives way to a view of many stashed supplies and makeshift accomodations.

"Tread carefully, follow as we do. The whole ground floor is lined with traps," your host instructs. You climb up a shaft leading into a rather quiet building, the air, still, and reeks stale of paper.

He continues on. "Survivors have claimed to see literature /warp/ to fit the preconceived notions of whatever Sue inhabits the area," in a stern tone. "That is why empirical facts of history, physics, science and math repel them. When a sue is unlucky to land in a library, one can see them transform halfway before reality exerts itself on them, where they revert to seemingly normal, incapable people."

"But what about those--" you ask, but cut off, the man continues on. "A lot of scavengers and other people, they pass through libraries and ransack it. With the world as it is, they're stripping down safe havens for many just to save their own asses. An empty library is no good, and a dead person god-knows-where in the woods with books disappearing forever? Just as bad. "

"So what about that girl outside?" you ask.

"Sues come from worlds of fiction. You know the saying, 'literature will forever be the domain of the Sues'? There's literature, fiction, and then there's the kind of literature the sues come from."

"So there's good and bad?"

"Literature made up of rambled, dumb shit written by kids, inventing them trying to outdo one another, or just to be the most super special one ever. And then there's proper literature, the old things, the ones that feel like a lot of sense. It's usually the case that sue literature melts up proper literature, you can see it with the letters just twisting into rainbow coated sugary stuff, like someone's gone mad in a fever and made words come out of the hand. You should know this by now, surviving for this long?"
File: 1364438680518.jpg-(81 KB, 641x486, ruined-library-chernobyl1.jpg)
81 KB

Upon reaching the second floor of the library, the man pauses, and finally turns around. A face aged and wrinkled, stubble-ridden. He looks at you with a kind of jaded authority.

"Those girls, they don't crash and melt in the library. The words don't twist or melt either -- they're reasonably smart. On top of that, they can barely speak English or Spaz at all. Trying to talk with sign language, or hand signals."

"So what you're saying is--"

"Either we don't know we're turning, or these are all arch-sues, or, maybe I'm crazy to say the last one, but looks like there might be other worlds out there."

He steps aside to introduce two other people, similarly aged. "My name is Ronaldo Warren, and this is Doug Grover and Marion Beene."

All girls, who can barely speak English? you think. So this Sayaka isn't an exception...Looks like we'll need some of Chuck's translator-thing if we ought to make it through this long fight...
Joes got shoulder MANPADS, so they can help in taking out approaching Wraiths.

Ask the Library people about the Editors.
"Have you ever heard of the Transpace Guard, or the Editors? Their organization seems to be split between people that are actually decent, and some kind of pseudo-SUE."
You meet the three other girls, who introduce themselves; one as another "Eversor" rank, and the other two as "Vindicare" rank. All in all, they seem dressed in similar decorative styles like that blue girl earlier, but each has a different, and strict set of colors, although the two Vindicare seem to have a more dull choice of color where replacing large areas with black wouldn't make much of a difference anymore....

You ask Ronaldo what might be the biggest question, "Can this library hold out? Can you win?"

"We were going to try to hold out as hard as we could until real help arrived. That, or we'd die trying, take the library down with us or let 'em steal the books."

Let the steal the books? Did you just hear that for real?

The radio chimes in again, with a report from the outside. Things have died down, though there seem to be trucks assembling from the north, and even more mechs.

In the air, another Wraith meets its end from your anti-air measures you've set up. The wreckage tumbles down and slams into a building in a nearby area, just a little beyond the open square.

"I'm not sure what these Editors are planning, or why they're just sending these guys one at a time. Are they trying to buy time or what?" Chuck muses over the line.
>>"Have you ever heard of the Transpace Guard, or the Editors? Their organization seems to be split between people that are actually decent, and some kind of pseudo-SUE."

"First time I've heard of those guys. I did hear about some sort of government or something starting to clean up, and some rumor going around that they're rounding up lots of people they find on the ground, doing something with them."

You explain to everyone about the Editor force you met. However the three girls have a hard time trying to follow your speech, asking for "slow English, please".

Ronaldo furrows his brows at the news. "So after the sues, these guys are taking over? A government?"

He shuffles over to something stashed away on the second floor, with Doug and Marion following. Rummaging through a bunch of belongings, boxes and other stuff, they seem to finally find what they're looking for. At the same time, you feel distracted from the sheer amount of books laid out neatly, one after the other.

"Speaking of governments, I've found something interesting in this library about governments and sues. The evidence isn't clear, but the pieces of the puzzle tell us something..."

You wonder what to do with what he might want to show you...
Well, let's check out what Ronaldo has to show us.

Ask Space Ghost to go invisible and watch the eastern rear of the Library; the Editors might be trying for a rear attack.

Tell Soong to go up to a window and see if he can plink away at those mech pilots; the ones we saw didn't even have a wire mesh to protect them, they should be easy pickings with a hunting rifle.
Rolled 93, 18 = 111

You interrupt Ronaldo with a quick order to Soong. He creeps along the edges of boarded-up windows, caring to not be shot by a possible stray bullet that might come through. At this point, it is a risk that can't be taken with two teammates being out of shape from combat injuries.

He draws his hunting rifle and focuses beyond the iron sights...

Meanwhile, reports indicate an armored vehicle driving toward the southern end of the library...

You turn to Ronaldo, who hands you many papers and pictures. You've seen these before, but not with stories that go in heavy detail. In your hands is a collection of seemingly disjointed stories, reports and pictures.

"Have you ever used a computer before?" Ronaldo asks. "A lot have become unusable, broken down over the years, but we've labored to figure out what to do, how to make them work..."

"Do you think my outsider, "military" friends might know what to do? They oppose the Editors," you ask."Why this collection?"

Ronaldo's words come with a grave horror. "I've stumbled on what's coming together as a terrible secret of the sues..."

You can't believe it, but you go through them anyway...
Soong's bullet meets with the head of a mech driver. His body collapses onto the controls, causing the machine to swerve recklessly into the side of a building.

Looks like those library burning folks are scared now.

Meanwhile, you can't piece it together at all. You just keep going back and forth between stories of the old world, and pictures of things that Skeety's been amazed at since he was a kid. At the same time, all the stories talk about wondrous advancements, and occasionally, of war.

>>You wonder how to make sense of this all...
"So, right before the collapse happened, the Old World was making huge strides and unprecedented advancements. But I'm not seeing anything about the SUE's, or other worlds of fiction.
"Fiction....that's what the Editor called the Joe's and Chuch; fictionals."

Get on the radio with Space Ghost, ask him to check out the armored vehicle rolling up on our position from the south. We may need the Equalizer to get ready to move and take whatever it is, out.
Rolled 16

Marion points out to something among the papers. "Look at these little bits of war, right here. Deploying troops across the globe by using some sort of space-time jumping."

"Or how some of the papers talk about 'science fiction is science reality,' " Doug adds. "Or the 'new face of the future's soldiers, today', or those wonder-weapons".

You wonder, "I still don't get how those things make for sues."

"There's another side to the picture, with all the time-space technologies that the old world was suddenly using to fight wars with." Ronaldo explains. He fiddles among the papers, and pulls out more stories and rumors being discussed on them.

"Isn't it too sudden, how they just got these? It's like they were too excited to just play with their new toys? And pictures about the portals, where people say, 'the laws of physics might be different on the other side' ?"

You see one picture about a portal, and one portal had rainbow colors around it...
You squint and think in frustration.
>one portal had rainbow colors around it...
"So...you think that the Old World figured out a way to create these portals to other worlds, and was taking technology and weapons from them? And then, one world they went to, had a SUE, which came through and brought its friends?"
File: 1364445264882.jpg-(361 KB, 1033x553, vehic.jpg)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
"That's what we're thinking," Ronaldo says.

You wonder if the girls need to hear this by having a translator around...

"Hey Chuck, you won't believe what I'm hearing at the library," you speak into the radio.

"Look at these dates, compare the numbers... there was also weird weather phenomena during the wars as well."

You see that some places started to look.. "wrong", like looking at it gave you a headache. Some pictures showed things similar to those auroras that you saw in pictures of old, but in these pictures relating to the war, those auroras looked weirder, like dirty, swirly goo, so wrong. So very wrong. Things that looked wrong that just kept piling on each other.

You finally say it:

"So you mean, the sues were done on purpose?!"

The radio chatter flares up ---"Shit, there's drones in the air, lots of them! Airspace getting hot, Vector jets incoming to engage Wraiths!"

Outside, an inspection of the armored vehicle was thus:
-It had no Joe markings.
-It's definitely well-armored military vehicle of some kind, followed by several other smaller vehicles.

"It's not one of ours. Take a look outside..."
File: 1364445590474.jpg-(479 KB, 1500x920, 1361189152865.jpg)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
To the west, you see fires lick buildings in a spate of feverish carnage. Smoke billows all over, the city streets choked with it, and of people howling, cannon fire and a mix of explosions thrown in.

Finally you begin to see mech walkers tussle with each other, sides crashing, cannons blazing, as more fliers begin to drop out of the sky in flaming balls of wreckage, slamming into the city. Others seem a little too well-aimed, some falling dangerously short of your vicinity.

And with that, a crackled, booming announcement:

If we can radio for more backup, now's the time.
Do the papers/books/computers say anything else about the portals or the technology involved.?
"Seriously? They couldn't at least come up with a name like an Old World nation or government to at least sound legit? Fucking bandit warlord. Well, we know what to do with that kind; crucify him and burn him.
"Chuck, Space Ghost, can you call in any more support? We're going to need some more firepower if we're going to hold out."

Let's get the Equalizer ready to pop out and kill that armored vehicle coming up on us. We need some way to demand identification from it. Can Ronaldo show us a window that's overlooking the armored vehicle's approach?
The announcement swells and booms once more:


You hear the sound of fliers buzzing overhead, of being rocked with explosion and the sounds of gunfire.

Shortly, you see Sayaka and Chuck rushing to the second floor, who catch you in the middle of demanding explanations.

"Okay, this is a bad time," you blow out loud. "Is. There. ANYTHING. About the portals or technology involved?"

"'Transit'. 'Meta'. 'Transpace', they use parts of those words, and mix it up, here, here and here," Marion points.

An explosion hits the side of the library, partly exposing one wall. The vehicles and RATs spring into action.

"So what the hell was that?" Sayaka asks. The other girls are within Chuck's vicinity."

"We've just found out what the hell happened, why there were sues. It's a long explanation, so I'll have to make it short and simple. But first, we need backup. Can you call for it?"

"Already did, hang tight," Chuck assures.

"We'll need to save the library, salvage the computers and books," Doug turns, frantically.

"Yeah, we know, we know how to save the stuff in the computers," Chuck adds. "You girls know?"

They shake their heads. "Too long to explain; I got a translator. We can dismantle the computers."

"There's no time for that!"

"Then we'll just have to push in the computers whole in the evac! And the books! While we're doing that we'll need a defense!"

"This. Stash. Take it too! Most important!" Doug huffs, pushing the news stories and clippings over to Chuck, who nods.

Chuck breathes. "I think we got Editors coming in from the south"

"How far is it?" you ask.

A bunch of you peek out through a shuttered peephole. The vehicle's stopped, but the flatter vehicles now have a pair of guns each on top, pointed at the building.
Get artillery/Space Ghost on those vehicles now; last thing we need is a sustained bombardment against the only remaining trove of free knowledge.
"It's basically like this....." you explain concisely through the translator to Sayaka and the three other girls.

"...That's crazy! I don't believe this! All this mess, OVER THAT?" Sayaka rants.

"Can't do anything about it now, take it for what it is!" Doug reassures the girl.

Meanwhile, a Triple-T fires a pair of missiles at one of the flat armored vehicles, flipping it over. The Equalizer takes down another flier while the Havoc starts shooting up drones.

>>Now what? There's got to be a plan, and everything's going crazy real quick....
Space Ghost needs to try to flip those vehicles over; we don't need to destroy them, just take them out of the fight and make it so the crews can't get out.

Joes use the backpack AA missiles and the Havoc to keep our airspace clear.

Equalizer and the Triple-T's keep enemy vehicles away, while the machinegun RATs concentrate on keeping infantry away.

Chuck and Sayaka, and the other Eversor, take care of anything that gets through.
Vindicares, get up with Soong and snipe enemy high value targets as they become available.

We'll help get everything packed up and ready to go once our evac arrives; prioritize the evidence that the SUE's being brought to Earth was intentional as a way for the Editors to take control.
File: 1364447755657.jpg-(28 KB, 320x240, shipx1.jpg)
28 KB
"Space Ghost's Phantom Cruiser, err, Ghost Ship," Chuck points out. "Not the biggest space ever, but we can throw as many books in there as we can."

Soong adds," If we guard that hole in the side long enough till we fill his ship then---"
Alright, change of plans, then.
Space Ghost gets his ship here, and Soong try to load up whatever we can into the ship, with Ronaldo and his men assisting.

Equalizer and the Triple-T's strike the armored vehicles from the side; the vehicles are all facing the library so they won't expect this strike.

The machinegun RATs lay down cover fire to prevent infantry from approaching. Missile RATs and Joes with shoulder-mounted missiles, and the Havoc keep the air clear.

Chuck and Sayaka, with the other girls, mop up stragglers.
Rolled 33

Space Ghost, invisibly, sneaks over to the vehicles...

More drones begin to fill in the area, alongside armored, uniformed soldiers, wearing that same symbol as the Editor. A firefight ensues with drones and mech walkers slugging it out.

More Joes come in at the Library on a couple more Triple-T's, some equipped with jetpacks. They start handing out spare arms and ammo, and noticably, they have more advanced assault rifles. In the air come Joes in a couple Skyhawks.

Chuck turns over at the shelves and computers dragged out. He gazes at the vast amount needed to be hauled out.

"Dammit, we'll need another ship... like a Thunderbird, an Albatross, or even just a Skyranger..." he muses. "If we had the X-Bomber here, or thoe XT-7 Power Jets, we could really clean house."
File: 1364449721991.jpg-(72 KB, 451x640, 4385263571_0989dcf054_z.jpg)
72 KB
He manages to tear off a tire --no more. His power bands aren't giving out as they should, forcing him into retreat.

The Equalizer fires its twin machineguns at one of the armored vehicles, but it doesn't give much.

Meanwhile, a small detachment of Editor troops storm in from the North, but they're taken out with missiles in a firefight against RATs and Triple-T's that takes out one RAT and severely damages a Triple-T.
Okay, we can still take elements from >>23920764

Ask Chuck if they can get some kind of transport jet here. He listed a couple that sound like them.

We'll see if Space Ghost is successful or not; if not, he can fall back and we can get the most important stuff safely away in his Ghost Ship. Once that's secured, we can try to get a transport plane here to load up the rest of the books and the residents to escape.
In the midst of this, some more ground troops rush in from an angle from the South, and in the midst of the confusion on the ground, a man dressed entirely in black, lands in the middle, taking out a whole mob by his lonesome with a pair of pistols and yet, turning their guns against them in swift movements. It is not known how it is done, only that he is but air to the storm of bullets.

Sayaka relays this fact. Fighting on the ground between buildings, she dives for cover against a combination of bandits and a squad of Editor troops that dropped in from the southwest.

Meanwhile on the second floor, "This is taking a while, but we're halfway done with this batch, and the evidence!" a young eversor chirps.
Okay, so have Space Ghost get his Phantom Cruiser here to load up the most important bits.

Have the Equalizer (which is more of an AA platform, now that I think about it) assist with keeping the airspace clear.
The HAVOC has twin 75mm recoilless cannons; see if they can take out the vehicles parked in front of the Library.

See if a pair of Skyhawks can help to secure the north from further Editor attacks.

Did the Joes bring in any anti-tank rockets? We could really use some.

Relay the description to Chuck.
"Hey Chuck, a friend of yours? All black, uses two guns, can take out an entire mob by himself and walks between the bullets?"
Yeah, that sounds like a Grammaton Cleric.

Other RATs, hold position. New Triple-T's, reinforce the original Triple-T group.
A "mob" mob, as in one of the ones marching on the library, if so, we should check this guy out.
Probably should either get reinforcements to Sayaka or pull her back if it's getting to be too much.
Same for Space Ghost; if his Power Bands aren't putting out, he can do more to help with saving the information.
Us and Soong should go and give cover fire to Sayaka so she can pull back to a more defensible location.
Am I shitting myself here? Am I reading this right? Grammaton Clerics, and Terran Marines fighting GI Joe, and girls of Kyubey's officio from Magical Girl Noir Quest?

Did deculture even authorize this?
You're in the Editors setting.
At the tail end of the Crossover War.
Yes. The original mob has started pouring in.

Meanwhile, the Joes report some of the mob gunmen handing guns to some of the children, who start running amuck. The man in black seemingly disappears behind Editor troopers.

One of the buildings in the west catches fire.

Mix it up on the ground with Sayaka or provide long-range cover?
File: 1364451346378.jpg-(59 KB, 340x320, happening.jpg)
59 KB
Do I need to be sober to read this quest thread? To quote this dude:

Give Soong the assault rifle, and tell him to handle overwatch. We'll take our SMG and watch Sayaka's back on the ground.

Can the Joes take out the gunmen handing guns to kids?
>Do I need to be sober to read this quest thread?
It will help immensely, because in order to give effective orders, you need to google everything.

Like the GI Joe vehicles? Just looking at the Equalizer makes it obvious it's an AA platform, but we were using it as a light tank until I googled an image of it.
File: 1364451978815.jpg-(237 KB, 640x966, ku-xlarge.jpg)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Done and yes to both, but taking out the gunmen trying to wrangle kids is a bit hard with everyone mixed up. Getting a clear shot, will be hard.

More drones are deployed on the ground via armored trucks. The heavy, sturdy stride of these bipeds wades into the mess, shrugging most gunfire, their heavy claws ripping into underprotected humans,

Smoke belches everywhere. The stench of just about anything burnable, burning permeates throughout. In the midst of this, some Wraiths attempt to slam into the Vector jets, but fail to do so, managing to slam into some Skyhawks trying to fend off drones in the air and on the ground.

The Ghost Ship, while it is shielded, takeseveral laser blasts from Wraiths as the last few books are loaded into the cabin, as Vector Jets and hovering Skyhawks try to shoo away enemies or draw attention to themselves, while other Joes sneak a couple AA missiles up Wraith tailpipes....
File: 1364452471236.jpg-(7 KB, 214x236, Shieldy.jpg)
7 KB
These drones are accompanies by other robots...
File: 1364452541059.jpg-(65 KB, 404x749, greeny.jpg)
65 KB
..with two of these as leader-types...
>HK-50's leading Shieldies and Gun Drones
Well, we're fucked unless someone can generate an EMP.
"Is there more stuff in the basement?" you ask. Doug says negative, but there's still stuff from the third floor.

"There's just no end to this!" Phillip bemoans the scenario unfolding. "Now they really want this place hard do they? They wanna overrun the damn place!"

You bite your thumb in frustration, and finally you ask, exasperated, out loud, "If they wanted to win so badly, why didn't they just blow everything up?"

"Are they just holding out, waiting until they can just overrun everything in a heartbeat?!"

Sniper Joes and HK-50? That's in our Task Force 38 Inventory. So is Jurgovich. What happened to that guy anyway? Don't tell me when we made a wish, something went wrong.

The next thing you know they'll like, what, drop all 1000 Securitrons on our heads?
This doesn't make sense. This is almost as if the Editor is supposed to be the boss fight, and he's expecting us to go through his minions first.

Hey, are the drones and robots even targeting the Library and us? Or are they mostly concerned with the mobs?

Also ask Space Ghost if he's got anything magnetic we can use against the robots. Stories say that magnetics can win against robots.
>>making a wish
>>MGNQ is here


"Those robots are fighting those bandits and other robots!" Sayaka buzzes through the radio.

You hear the clash of metal, upon which she crackles, "They're slowly advancing!"

Watching Sayaka dive for cover, you fire a few rounds at the robots, which doesn't do much except to the taller black robots with their large dual machineguns.

"I've got this covered. The Ghost Ship can fire a variety of beams. Gonna run through the list and dial them in one after the other."

Quickly snatching the radio, you bark, "Sayaka, run over here and head for cover!"
>> The Ghost ship really needs to GTFO after the strafing run if the books are to survive intact
>>Space Ghost needs time to recharge his powerbands.
>>Another transport is en route, ETA in a few minutes
>>Stuff from the third floor needs to be ready for loading, plus the computers.
I'll update the map in the next thread, same time today -- it's past midnight.

Time to archive this. Feel free to ramble or post plans to implement for the next thread, or comfort each other in the confusion.
Don't know why I took so long to start reading this quest, seeing as I am a gigantic whore for crossovers. Great stuff.
Holy crap did things just escalate in one thread. Well, most of the quest was pretty slow but boy did the veil got lifted.

Let me get this straight: Is this quest the world of:

I thought it was supposed to be the grimmest grimdark setting ever with no hope?
Does God hate us that badly? Why are stuff from Task Force 38's inventory being used to pull this shit?
I'm scared of what the pantsless witches quest crossover part of this whole mess is gonna be like.

This thread was like, Michael Bay. EXPLOSIONS!
Next week we need to have Space Ghost get the evidence away before the books and computers are damaged.
Sayaka said that some of the robots are fighting the other robots. Thy could mean that there's a split inside the Editor forces, as Jurgovich indicated; that should work to our advantage.
Right now I think we need to concentrate on defense until the next transport arrives and we can load it up with the rest of the books.
From what I gather, it's that setting but at the end of it when the Transpace Guard ends the Crossover War in Meta-Earth claimed space and finally makes its way back to Earth.

In the beginning there were suspicions that Morris might be a rogue or STALKER SUE, given just how good he is, but those suspicions have been mostly laid to rest with his recent injuries.
Correction, she was referring to those junkyard-esque biped walkers that other bandits use, sorry.
This quest is a spin-off from TG Quest, which in turn was based on the 'Editors' setting /tg/ developed way back when. In a nutshell, Earth was ravaged by idiot-gods called 'SUEs' created from the power fantasies of humans. Currently factions from other worlds and 'real' versions of fictional characters are fighting over the remains of Earth.

Yes he did.

You may also enjoy the upcoming Yellowman Quest, which will be a spin-off/direct sequel to TG Quest. It'll be run by the guy who ran TG Quest and SUPPOSEDLY it'll be ready soon.

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