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Previous Thread:

You are Roger Green and you have found yourself in the middle of an immense multi-way firefight as the Editors declare martial law on the city, as dubious as it sounds.

The Editors have started deploying unknown types of troops alongside killer robots in a suspiciously slow-paced sweeping operation. Meanwhile, some armed rioters have been seen trying to pass out guns to children among them to bolster their numbers at any rate.

A second dropship is coming to pick up the rest of the books and equipment, but materials from the third floor, as well as the computers on the second floor need to be hauled out.

Meanwhile, you and Soong scramble on the ground to bail out Sayaka, who's behind cover.


1) Man in all-black, two pistols, dodges bullets.
2) Completely armored troopers, with red markings. Bubble-shaped armor pieces. Some have been eliminated with missiles.
File: 1364512771100.jpg-(3.81 MB, 1920x1536, Areamap_4.jpg)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB JPG
Map updates. Several buildings have crumbled and caught fire.

Drab X's = debris pile

Neon/Magenta = TG/Editors
-boxes = vehicles
-triangles = robots
-blobs = troops, where color intensity = density and activity
-spirals = aerial drones
-? = unknown troop types
- < 3 = 3 more vehicles, somewhere outside the map boundary depiction. Indicates direction.

Red = Angry Mobs/Bandits etc
-triangles = walker mechs, junkyard look.
-boxes = jeeps, trucks, etc
-blobs = mobs, intensity = density and activity

1 Editor vehicle destroyed, the other flipped over.

Teammates are by their initials.
R= Roger
S= Soong
P=Philipps, etc.
D= Doug
C= Chuck
Mar = Marion
Ron= Ronaldo
E = Eversor girl
V = Vindicare girls

>> The Ghost ship really needs to GTFO after the strafing run if the books are to survive intact
>>Space Ghost needs time to recharge his powerbands.

Currently, the Ghost Ship is rotating through its alternate fire types, trying to gun down lots of TG robots.
File: 1364512987548.jpg-(43 KB, 640x480, Yuusha_Tokkyuu_Might_Gain(...).jpg)
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I'm confused.

I reccommend shooting the bad guy in the face.
Your inventory:
Combat knife (on you) - salvaged from crazy dude
Vehicle-and-misc toolkit
Engineering/demolition supplies
Team-size medkit
Scraps of lore (aged, crackled, faded newspapers).
1 stickybomb

Team A:
You - assault rifle, SMG, pistol, shivs, a milspec helmet with multiple imaging options (thermal, NV).
Adnan Soong - gunner, assault rifle shotgun, hunting rifle
Rhubert Philips - driver - hunting rifle
Morris - rifle, pistol - IN BAD CONDITION

Skeety Rakrood
Alexander Rex

Space Ghost
Chuck Norris
GI Joe Greenshirts x 24
Sayaka Miki
1 Eversor-rank girl
2 Vindicare-rank girls

Ronaldo Warren
Doug Grover
Marion Beene

Joe Inventory:
RAT/PAC x 3 (1 quad-barrel machinegun, 2 missile types)
12 missile launchers
5 Triple-Ts
2 Havocs
2 Skyhawks at low altitude (Green triangles on map)
Space Ghost's Ghost Ship

>>The Suepocalypse evidence/news clipping collection is loaded onto Space Ghost's ship.
T3 = Triple T's,
MR = Machinegun RAT/PAC
MSSL = Missile RAT/PAC

Oh god,
they are everywhere.

First, Space ghost, your other abilities like super strength, teleportation and flight. Do they work without having to recharge your powerbands? Because I don't think we can wait for you do so. Anyway, I think the best use for you abilites is to start piling up debris to block the gaps between the buildings. We have to delay the robots!

Skyhawks! The mob is not your enemy, while the mob can't do anything against the robots. They delay them, aid Ghost ship in attacking the robots. Give them a volley!

Also we need to prepare to pull back to the library, we can't win this battle. We have to wait for the transport to get here so we can GTFO!
File: 1364514017364.png-(196 KB, 628x586, 43f31f8957dade0ebd766a7f8(...).png)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
You can't believe it, but the scene of carnage that unfolded in less than a day, has exploded into something you haven't experienced before. All this chaos. It stands to say, that humans before in the Old World spiralled into this fairly often. Right now, everything seems to repeat again, but in new ways.

As the world changed forever when the sues came, it feels like the world is changing again.

You find Sayaka, who has pieces of shrapnel stuck in her arms and legs. You break out first aid to help, but she forcibly pulls them out, wincing through the effort. Huffing, she tells you not to bother, as by some effect, she forces the wounds to heal....

For a small girl, she sure is strong...

"Wow, you got regeneration! Can you teach me that later? Or is that some kind of special ability that only people in your world can have?"

"Withdraw the Triple T's closer to the library. Joe's! Get back here! The RAT/PAC's can stay where they are! The Missile ones can rain missiles down onto the robots."

I don't suppose we have any long range stuff?
File: 1364516346345.jpg-(26 KB, 480x270, RAIDAH.jpg)
26 KB

"That some kind of regeneration, or healing power? But more important, let's get back to cover."

Withdraw with Sayaka and the 3 Joes in this building to the southern side so that we can fire into the Editor forces supported by the Joes taking cover at the corner of the building across from us.

Leave the RATs where they are.

Take the northern Havoc and have it go around the eastern rear of the Library to support the Joes there against the approaching Editor forces.
File: 1364518486664.jpg-(42 KB, 350x210, triplet_title.jpg)
42 KB
She slips for a moment in another language, before she realizes that there's no translator on you. A quick assessment of her wounds indicates that she only pulled that healing only halfway; the wounds are still there. That pain so far, makes her lean against the collapsed debris. In stilted, broken English, she tries to make it across that she needs to save on her power...

Realizing this, you rush to patch her up, but when you try to walk her back, she forces herself on her own two feet. She trails cautiously from behind as you start moving to the south, Joes catching up to you.

Meanwhile, the Triple-T's rev up their treads and withdraw to cover, with Joes slipping into protection on one side of the vehicles, as Editor troopers fill the zone with suppressive fire....
File: 1364518815004.jpg-(28 KB, 320x240, shipx1.jpg)
28 KB
The Ghost Ship begins to strafe clusters of the robots, cycling through various types of beams from kinetic, to heat, to tractors, to freezing.

As the robots on the ground fire frantically with storms of bullets against junkyard walkers, the beams slam them and throw their swarms into dissarray, with some robots being completely destroyed from a combination of the rays to focused gunfire from mobs and trampling by the junk-walkers.

Space Ghost's ride starts pulling back, disappearing into the air to drop off the precious cargo...
Is this Space Ghost or Tad Ghosto?
>>Can the Joes take out the gunmen handing guns to kids?
--- is a bit hard with everyone mixed up. Getting a clear shot, will be hard.

How do you plan to get across to the kids on the west side?
The normal version of course. I was hoping that the clusterfuck of 80's media to hint at stuff.
Alright, once we get Sayaka back to the safety of the Library to help her girls with loading up the computers, we're going to take a hunting rifle and shoot some kids.
We're the survivor of a post-apocalypse society. Killing kids of enemies in order to ensure the survival of the town is probably something that we've either had to do, or been prepared to do.

Soong should take our assault rifle and help with holding off Editor forces on the south-west corner of the Library.

Ask the Joes if they've got a medic that can see to Morris and Skeety; having them help in the fight will be good.

Once we're clear, the south pair of T3's should see if they can fire a missile into the building we had just vacated, to get it to collapse onto the Editor forces coming through that street.
Gonna clarify here based on the previous thread. Were you going to shoot the guys handing kids the guns, or shoot the kids? And I thought you were gonna throw Sayaka at the Editor troops down south?

>>Status on second transport: Still en route, hang in there.
Do we really need to shoot the kids, though?
Consider that the mob is currently engaged mostly with the Editor forces.
Having the kids armed and in the fight may be a useful distraction. We shouldn't kill them just yet; we have a use for them.
As said here >>23933033
according to the map, the kids are mostly fighting the Editor troops. We shouldn't kill them when they can still be a distraction for us.

As for throwing Sayaka at the southern troops, she said that she needs to conserve power. She probably doesn't have a Grief Seed with her, or at most, more than one.
It would be a better use, then to have her and the other Eversor continue packing up the computers, while the Vindicares take up sniping positions to cover the south-western area.
Rolled 45, 53 = 98

One of the Joes reports an unknown Editor troop movement on the other side of the building. They've got red markings and large guns, but only a handful compared to "normal" soldiers in body armor, and man in black with a sword.

Meanwhile, there are other drones coming in actively going for the Skyhawks and the library itself. Most are shot down along with some drones merely, and suspiciously idling, hovering over areas of conflict.

From the library, you can hear a bunch of them hauling down the computers, but Ronaldo twists his foot and falls down the stairs carrying one of the computer towers. He's hit his head on the railing.

Meanwhile a bunch of similar "red" soldiers from the north starts moving toward your defense line of vehicles, backed up by a small wheeled vehicle, and a large walking robot that plows through the corner of a building and tramples a bandit flatbed truck.

The Skyhawks react to the incoming force...
File: 1364522057614.gif-(289 KB, 192x192, turnturnturn.gif)
289 KB
289 KB GIF
They trade hits, cannons of both sides spitting like mad, and near-misses by the walker's missiles. The cannon rounds arc about, audible clangs and dings against the Skyhawk's chassis. The damage sustaind forces the Skyhawks to spread out and take evasive maneuvers while strafing. Any more like that and they might go down....
File: 1364522834779.jpg-(65 KB, 404x749, greeny.jpg)
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A surviving squad of assorted Editor robots on the west breaks through, hugging the side of buildings. As they clear through a plume of smoke, their composition becomes more clear. Visibly, one of the drab, dog faced robots leads the pack through the rubble, fending off potshots from bandits and some of the Joes. This one robot seems to be able to direct the forces around, bringing alloyed shields to bear at a command.
Rolled 33

Morris, not able to do much with the lifting, grabs one of the rifles and goes on overwatch. Just as soon, he spots some troops sneaking on one of the building rooftops to the west and south.

From a fine gap, he lines up a shot at who could be an easy picking, while their line of sight of him is obscured through boarded up windows...
Many things play against him: the weight of the gun, the way his arms don't feel like they should when he takes aim, and the tense situation like never before.

His shot merely scrambles the Editor troops to the nearest cover, behind vents and abandoned machinery on the roof. In return, several bullets bunch through his spot, throwing fragments of wood into his face and rounds grazing him. A wild shot takes him by the ear, causing him to recoil over, hand cupped to cover the bleeding. He staggers back and over.
Dammit. We need a Joe medic over here!

Joes, suppressive fire so the Vindicare girls can get in shots.
If we have any bandages left, let's use them on him. I think we need him to sit out of the fight now.
The sounds of boards shatter fill the air as the remaining people in the library drag out the computers to the ready.

The sun is nearly about to recede behind the horizon, as Editor troopers on rooftops fire frantically at the window spot the sniper shot sourced from.

Marion drags off Morris to somewhere safe, before an audible THUNK rings that old spot, and an explosion occurs. Phillip and Doug pull in Morris to the opposite corner and hold him down to be bandaged.

Meanwhile, one of the oddly-dressed girls pulls out a long , metallic wand with a styled tip in the image of something. She calls out water, or rather, some sort of blobby mass, willing it to force the debris and other matter into a hard patch against the compromised wall. Another slithery blob mass reaches around to the outside and darts in several quick bolts at the Editor troopers, who collapse under a grapeshot-like barrage and hardened jets of water.

The other girl pulls out a slender trumpet, and pushing effort into it, a narrow, dull shockwave rumbles forth, shaving off roof concrete and sending bits of metal flying about.

A Joe buzzes in the radio, "Dammit, warn us before you do that! We're in the same building, but we're stuck inside!"
Sorry about that, Joes. Girls, can you make a discreet exit for them somehow? Also, what else can your liquidy friends do?
Danit, forgot my name again. >: /
Is it even wise to concentrate all our ground allies (not that we're in a chain of command) in the same, slowly-being-destroyed building?
If we have extra translators, get 'em to the girls; last thing we need is to be accidentally killing each other.
Regardless, those Joes should probably retreat to where we're fortifying.
It's the only way to keep the building defended, because not only do we need to defend until the transport arrives, but also help to put the books into the transport when it does come here.
Rolled 96, 43, 30, 75, 88 = 332

Phillip asks the others, "Why the non-books, the computers again?"

Chuck snaps, "Recent info, latest stuff. If we can recover what's buried in there, it's new evidence."

A handful of Editor aircraft have forcibly broken through the engagement high above the library grounds. Swerving dangerously, and charging at high speed recklessly, their spiraling path seems ominously intent. AA missiles and support fire from a Skyhawk destroy most, but the remaining one starts skimming over the rooftops, but right before it rocks over and loses control, it deposits a gaggle of new troops.

As the aircraft loses control, it slams into the side of a burning building, dispersing the Editor troopers hiding behind it.

Meanwhile, the detachment of Editor troops from the North remain pinned down by vehicles and missiles, the giant walker losing one of its side cannons to a multi-pronged slugfest from air and ground.

From the south, a similar small Editor armored attack vehicle charges, canons blazing, eating up fire until it explodes. The smoke and wreckage left behind served to obscure the another identical vehicle, and a red two-legged walker assaulting the Triple-Ts and the other Havoc.

The Joes on the corner react to the attack, and sudden fire from the west...
It will be for a bit, for a Joe to toss his translator upstairs and pass it to one of the girls.
We need the HAVOC to concentrate on clearing the sky of enemy fliers.
Have the Skyhawks take out enemy infantry that's gotten onto the roofs.

Those Joes in that building, have them fall back to the Library. Have them call in one of the Missile RATs to blow open a hole in a wall in order to get out.

Ask the girl with the water wand, if she can take our sticky bomb and use water to attach it to the Editor walker coming in from the south.
File: 1364528789405.jpg-(361 KB, 1033x553, vehic.jpg)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
The Joes take down several Editor troopers, while the two Triple-T's gunfire pushes them into peeling away and hiding in a building, but not without them taking moderate damage from explosives.

The walker's cannons don't fire in time, as a Triple-T and Havoc launch missiles that fell, and utterly gut the walker. The smaller vehicle swerves around and fires off rocket at the Triple-T.

"Terran Goliath down!" the Havoc driver announces over the line.

"We still got another one up north!" another Joe barks.

"Terran Marines too?"


A couple translators get tossed to the girls.
>>Wand Vindicare = Fumi
>>Trumpet Vindicare = Chisato
>>Halberd Eversor = Risa

Risa apologizes, "Sorry, but this is what I have. I guess I can borrow a gun if you'll let me."

The chatter between the Library and troops on the ground exchange across bursts of gunfire, and the cacophony and confusion of battle.

"Do we have an ID on those guys in black?"
"Could be anything, even masquerading as something else..."
If there aren't many of them, then I have a feeling they're something to worry about. Likely skilled troop commanders or close-combat specialists with who knows what kind of abilities. As soon as someone can I.D. them, please notify us.
Get a gun to Risa, Fumi, and Chisato. The Joes brought extra guns, so there should be enough to go around. Have them provide cover fire to the north.

"Chuck! You know who that two-gun guy is? Is he on our side, or is he with the Editors?"

South Havoc and Triple-T, take out that smaller vehicle, then move north to reinforce against the Terran Marines.

Equalizer, continue shooting down any enemy fliers you can.

Get the Joes in the west building out of there; have them blow open a hole in the wall if they need to.
We need to be able to collapse the building to block the narrow western road.
>>Let's check the missile RATs

Out of ammo, but we still have enough with the infantry AA launchers.

Meanwhile, you, Sayaka and Soong can't safely cross with the mess going on.

One of the men in black at the west end, leaps over, and far ahead of his support, who create a diversion. This same man, lands in the middle of a crowd of rabble, who take this as an easy chance to attack.

Not so. Their random waves of attacks fall upon him. A barrage of knifes, poles, pipes, and assorted cutting equipment meet against hardened pistols that pull away and weave around, as the gunfire of the rabble mixes in. Bullets cut down their allies instead as the man in black moves about.

He reacts almost pre-emptively, like it's a dance to him, quickly calculating his opponents on the fly, as he continues to beat away any bludgeoning, stabbing, cutting implements laid against him.

Pistols in hand, each bullet fired meets a different opponent, instantly felled, arms aimed in honed, alternating patterns and angles of attack culminating in calculated geometries.

He emerges around circles of corpses, adults and children sprawled bloody, as troopers and robots rush around him to push back the trucks and other resistance to the northwest.

Meanwhile, two to three similar men in black have been spotted dangerously close to the library, and one inside the adjacent, beat up building...
Rolled 81, 56, 17 = 154

>>Received 3 SICON-issue Morita smart rifles

Chuck gulps. "If my guess is right, we better start setting up traps. Don't let those guys catch you in close combat even with guns!"

Risa reaches around and breaks down the whole wall of the adjacent west building. Using her magic, the blobs assemble to form a shielded pontoon bridge...

Meanwhile, the troops in the building point their guns straight up, and at the black-dressed man's command, they all open fire.
"Risa, Fumi, you've got some kind of gun ninja coming towards your position from the south.
"Chuck, there's two to three others of them coming closer to the Library.
"Be careful, these guys look like they can calculate attack angles on the fly."

Are we in the same building as the trapped Joes? If so, we should perhaps link up with them, and then fire down into the narrow western road that's only got Editor forces.

As for the mobs, let them keep the other Editor troops occupied.
Rolled 90

>>Missile RAT destroyed.

The fire of heavy guns utterly shreds one Joe taken by surprise, as the other two manages to get away. One is luckier than the other, who sustains several injuries from the sudden attack.

Sayaka and you two guys sneak away in the confusion, but not before Sayaka mixes together a trap of small swords that snap at the enemy as you leave that zone clean....
Philips, Doug, and Marion, take a couple Joes and start setting up traps on the approach from the southern connected building ahead of the gun-ninja there.
If you've got any grenades, now's the time to use them to set up traps.
Rolled 98

...utterly shreddy and impaling the less-armored and damaging those heavy armor, the man in long black swerving away in time.
Oops, forgot to remove that roll! Wish that these quickposts clear the dice rolls each time.
>98 doesn't count for us

Once we're back in the Library, have Sayaka link up with her girls. Tell her about the gun-ninja coming from the south, and to take Risa and Fumi with her to cover people setting traps.
Ask Fumi if she can use that water and bubbles of hers to restrict movement, or encase someone; if she can bubble the ninja and fill his lungs with water, that's probably the best way to go.

If the west building is empty of our guys, ask Chisato if she can collapse parts of it to block Editor forces from that direction.
Hmm, so they might have trouble anticipating magical traps? Ask Sayaka if she can set up more of those tricks.
The Grammaton Cleric's Gun-Kata training never took into account magic, only human psychology and statistical analysis of recorded gun fights.
Traps set by Sayaka and Fumi would likely work the most.
mfw there are not one, but up to three (3)! Grammaton Clerics closing in on us
4, actually. 2 or 3 very close, 1 more sneaking in through the southern connected building, and 1 more that's taking care of the angry mob right now.
If we were playing someone who was genre-savvy, and had access to a media library and a wiki (such as the Command Crew), I'd suggest playing classical opera music and asking if any of the girls has the power to manipulate emotion.
There's a good chance that the Clerics are on Librium, and powerful emotions could paralyze them.
Wait, no, I mean Prozium.
They're not invincible, remember that. No one is...not even Spike.
Rolled 34, 92 = 126

The large formation of troops in the south, though scattered, and in hiding, move to action. In spite of being reduced to thin numbers, they bring to bear several heavy weapons, some at the lighter Joe vehicles, some at the Havoc, and others at the southern wall of the Library.

In the air nearby, a pair of ships sneak in, under heavy drone cover, skimming at rooftop level and bobbing between buildings. Drones begin to strafe the Havoc, but the Triple T doesn't make it. The smaller vehicle, on boosters, charges in and rams the wall of the library...

Meanwhile, something has jumped on top of the Havoc...

>>Ask Sayaka
"I got lucky. I'll find a good spot."

From behind the Editor lines, a small firefight ensues, with explosives going off. A signal hails the Joes.

"This is Jurgovich, I don't think I can hold them off for long. Take what you can and run!"
Rolled 33, 64 = 97

The two Skyhawks attempt to drive off the remaining forces behind a building, while a Goliath plays cat and mouse and the new drones harass from another angle...
It looks like the library is lost. At least its contents can be saved. Everyone, pull out! Provide cover for each other and help the wounded. Space Ghost, is there anymore room in that ship of yours? And even if there is, would you feel safe coming in to take the wounded?

By the way, we DID get everything we could into his ship already, right?
"Chuck! Where's that transport?!
"Chisato, please guard the computers and get them on the transport as soon as it arrives.
"Soong, grab Morris and a few Joes, get ready to help Chisato get those computers aboard as soon as the transport lands."

We should grab one of the Joes rifles, and try to get a bead on whatever landed on top of the HAVOC and shoot it.
>we DID get everything we could into his ship already, right?
His ship is already loaded up to capacity, but only with a portion of the evidence and the books, and he already had to leave, otherwise his ship would have been destroyed.

Our only way out is to wait for the next transport from the Joes to arrive.
The Triple-T's and other Joes are ignobly blown to bits, their wreckages greeting the advance from the south.

The remaining Havoc and Equalizer attempt to get at the two ships, while the last two light vehicles play evasively against robots and Terran marines in the West.

Fumi forces a dense wall to protect against the blast, but now, the path is clear-- to the now collapsed wall as everyone heads for cover as they push as many books and computers.

The Havoc swerves hard to shake off the assailant, who manages to cut in only a little before the Joes in the back attempt to gun him down... only for the assailant to vanish.

The Goliath can barely function as a result, with drones being taken down in the frenzy.
A Joe ejects, the other driven off, speeding out of there before his ride finally gets shredded.

You can see the ship almost in sight, but several windows get blown apart. As you get up, you see many foes in black, others in armor, and Monteiro himself.
>As you get up, you see many foes in black, others in armor, and Monteiro himself.
Are they already inside the Library? Or are they outside?
This is very unclear.
CRAP. We have to protect this information. Could we try and get to the roof, take the transport there? Ask the Joes if any of them think they can fly it.
Many foes in black, some in armor, and Monteiro himself, emerge at the foot of the newly-blasted opening.

Morris tries to pick up a gun, but is finished off. Doug, Marion, Ronaldo and Skeety look on like deer caught in headlights. Frozen in shock, caught in the act.
>the roof
Uh, have you not seen that we don't control the airspace, and that's it's flooded by Editor drones and fighters, with the Joe Skyhawks and Equalizer barely enough to keep them from overwhelming us? They need to be clearing a path for the transport which hasn't arrived yet.
Throw our sticky bomb at Monteiro and fire our SMG at him at full auto. I take it you didn't give us a chance to get one of the Joe's smart rifles.

"Skeety, get'em out of there!"
Girls, we need cover, now! Walls, smokescreens, distractions- anything! The rest of you, get into cover and open fire!

It was just a suggestion. I'm looking for any advantage we can get.

I totally forgot about that bomb, actually. Seconding its use in this situation.
According to the map, Chuck is in the Library with us.
"Chuck! We need you over here!"
Chuck, along with Sayaka and Risa, can hopefully hold off Monteiro long enough for the transport to get here.
File: 1364535929572.jpg-(598 KB, 1783x1084, HEAVEN OR HELL.jpg)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
This is it.
Fumi and Chisato: Fumi sets up a wall of bubbles. Chisato uses her trumpet to collapse the building where the Editor forces are. Sayaka, Risa, and Chuck, protect those two.

Missile RAT, aim and fire at the Editor group.

Have the Joes go upstairs with the wounded and get all of the computers ready to go out the door and onto the roof as soon as the transport touches down.

Soong and Skeety, help the Joes.

We're going to throw a Sticky Bomb at the Editor, and fire all of the ammunition we have at them. Full auto, just force them back.

C= Chisato
F= Fumi
R= Risa
dot = Sayaka

Yellow C = Chuck

R = Roger (That's you!)
S = Soong
D = Doug
Ron = Ronaldo
Sk = Skeety
Mar = Marion
P= Phillip
dots = Joes
MSSL = Missile RAT
Red M = Morris (dead)

M = Monteiro
Circles = Terran Marines
X = "a gun ninja"
dots = Editor troopers

Again, several windows are blown out.
Agreed, we need to hold that breach until the transport arrives, with everything we can spare.
Rolled 89, 78 = 167

>The remaining Havoc and Equalizer attempt to get at the two ships, while the last two light vehicles play evasively against robots and Terran marines in the West.

Shit, forgot to roll for this. Let's see how it plays.
Looks like Chisato won't be shot from the back. She might make it back to Mitakihara.
Make sure that one of the Joes throws us a smart rifle. We need more guns.

And the machinegun RATs are outside. Get them to circle around and shoot the Editor force from the flank.
Rolled 73

One of the Joes starts commanding the RATs to drive around the building to flank the Editor force.

>>Make sure that one of the Joes throws us a smart rifle

No can do, but any of the three officio girls can give you theirs.

Fumi and Chisato spring to action, a wall erected, and the other wall exploding from a trumpet.

Fumi braces for impact, as gauss fire and more heavy weapons pound away, forcing her to use more magic.

Another narrow blast from the trumpet rumbles through the Library and straight through two Terran Marines, unfamiliar to magic.

>>2 troopers dead, 2 Terran marines dead

The others fall back... leaving behind dull skipping noises toward the side...

>>methinks we need some sort of appropriate music for a fight like this.
Rolled 27

More explosives sail through the air, the Editors advance once more, Fumi being pushed back....
We should scavenge Morris' gear, he won't be needing it anymore.
Chisato shields herself with the trumpet, but the blasts of one gets through, injuring her directly from the blast unusually so, and losing the trumpet from her hand.

As she tries to recover, she finds herself cornered and staring at a load of guns pointed at her.
>can't get a Joe's smart rifle.
Throw our sticky grenade at the guns being pointed at Chisato (we've been saying to throw this damn thing for how many posts now? We'd better damn well throw it this time) and open up on them with the SMG at full auto.
"Chisato, get your trumpet and out of here! Risa, gimme your rifle!"

Now's not exactly the time, though.
I would burn a lightbulb for this, but I'll be frank: There's multiple enemy lines of sight.

>>If Roger dies, the POV switch will be decided by a dice roll.
Death has always been a likely end for a scout like Roger. Too late to back out now.

If we've got to go, let's at least go like the Viking of Stamford Bridge, or he who stood alone at Gjallerbu.
From around a corner, a sticky bomb sails through the air. An unlucky trooper gets glued, and explodes.

>>3 TG troopers dead, 1 Terran Marine moderately damaged.

Risa rushes over, giving you the smartrifle. This forces her to pull out her usual weapon -- a halberd... but forces her to break it to pieces and shorten it.

"Still has 4 rockets inside -- the lower trigger to use it"

>>this is a SICON-issue rifle.

Nobody expected to go out trying to protect the world like this...
Should probably hold back on using all our explosives, at least until a transport arrives and we need to clear a path to it.
Or it looks like we're done.
While the Machinegun RAT expends the last of its ammo, it takes down several more TG troopers. Yet, the signal goes dead as a slashing noise passes through.

>>4 Editor troopers dead

Something feels amiss with the explosion, several whisper over the line. Chuck and Sayaka, and Risa can feel it.

"Someone's gotten through. They're hiding."
"Risa, get Chisato up on her feet, and get back to Fumi."

Fire a rocket to keep the enemy from firing on Chisato, and keep firing.

"Chuck, Sayaka, try to flush them out. Joes, as soon as you get the computers upstairs, 2 of you come down and help us with ammo, the rest and Soong, get ready to run to the transport with everything."
Outside, gunfire erupts. Joes bark for everyone to watch out.

"Some cyborg bastard crawled up the wall and into the building!"

"Something's on the roof..." Sayaka whispers....
Agreed, we need to keep our people alive.
"All Joes still outside, get into the Library, our pickup is almost here and we need you to help defend the roof! HAVOC's and Triple-T's, go around to the south back and try to thin out the Editors there. Blast all other buildings to block their path. Equalizer keep the skies clear as much as you can."
We need to retreat to the stair well. Get everybody up while continuing to hold off the Editor forces as much as we can with explosives and gun fire.

Have the Skyhawks check what's on the roof, and try to clear it with gunfire and missiles.

Soong and Phillips need to be on alert for whatever got past us.
Rolled 70


Fumi pulls in Chisato to safety with a tough jelly mass.

A roaring noise crashes through the library once more; one more push by an armored vehicle, and then...an explosion rips forth from within the vehicle.

>>westernmost end of the library has caved in, the first floor is now vulnerable from the west end.

Skyhawks are gone. The transport has two Skyhawk escorts along with advance jet cover.

The Havoc launches its hovercraft. Inspecting the roof...
It's not caved in, but someone's broken in.

>Alright, archiving this. What time tomorrow would be good?
Alright, let's try a little before 9 pm EST.
20:30 Server Time for me.
Any other time slot suggestions?

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