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Rogue Broker Quest: A Net Gain Inspired Oneshot

The year is 2043.

With technology expanding faster then humankind can adjust, and with mega-corporations holding as much power as any nation, the world is in a constant state of flux. Any edge over a competitor is fiercely fought for, and any advantage is kept in the dark. Corporate espionage and infiltration is at an all time high, leading to a new occupation:


Managing a Corporation's assets, and directing operatives and specialists towards various missions, Brokers help their company dominate the market by any means possible.

You are a broker working for Marud Industries, and today, you're managing a heist halfway across the world.

“Boss, we've got some complications.” Your operative messages you.

You mentally curse, and view the live feed.

Your current mission was to steal product 45-7A from Weiss Combat Technologies. As the situation stands now, your operatives are exceptionally close to entering the labs it is held in.

Unfortunately, one of the guards seems to suspect something is up.

The team is of 3, with one combat specialist, one hacker, and a corporate spy.

Your orders are:

>Talk: ”See if you can bluff your way past. The less they know is up, the better.”
>Tech: “Hack his neuromuscular systems, and make him play along.”
>Combat: “Take the drop on them. We're this close, and we may as well start the fire now."
Pick an option, and roll 1d100 for success. This system will be explained and expanded later, but for now, just pick whatever option you think is best. I will go with the highest roll for option picked, and will post the related text after several votes, or there is a clear winner with 90 or above on their roll.
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Rolled 17

Combat. Fuck talking and tech, we do this my way.
>17, failure Combat Option Chosen.
Your operatives pull the trigger, and the firefight begins. They barge into the labs, guns blazing, making steady progress-then the face catches a bullet in the brain.

You reorganize the live feed, and see the issue.

A new combat robot. Product 45-7A is a combat robot.

The tech hastily moves to disable it, and he is covered by the combat specialist. Rerouting it to blast a hole in one of the walls, they escape into the city of Hasenburg, and you wait for further communication.

-Mission Complete-

The words flash across your view as the operatives pull into the safehouse and deliver the package.

Sending the mission report to your boss, you lean back in your chair, feeling a moment of relief at yet another misson completed. A year ago, you were the new guy. But now, you've managed to dodge the corporate pitfalls and traps, managing to claw out your niche in the corporate ladder. The death of an operative means nothing when it comes to your job.

Little do you know that it'll all fall away very soon, and this mission was the first step.

The next week, you pull up work. You've gotten a minor reprimand, nothing serious, and now, you have to deal with a corporate extraction in Venezuela.

Time to get to work.
(The broker system and actual gameplay will be introduced below.)
Rolled 34

Tech it up.
Broker System:
>Step 1: Planning
Whenever you start a mission of the ones given to you, you are given a pool of operatives, who provide various bonuses to the mission. You may pick up to 5 to go on any given mission, but be warned. Each additional operative increased the chances of them being detected by 15%, starting from a base of 20% Detection Rate for one operative.

Combat Specialist: +10 to Combat Rolls, bonuses increases by +2 for any other Combat Specialist. (E.g. 1 CS provides a +10 bonus, 2 CS provides a +24 bonus, and so on.)
Hacker: +10 to Tech Rolls, Can provide a single +10 boost to any other Roll.
Face: +10 to Face Rolls, lowers detection rate by 10.

>Step 2: Mission Proper
Mission Success is determined by Two Rolls, with a third as needed.

Detection/Combat Roll.
This roll represents your operatives sneaking, talking, or hacking their way into any situation until they have obtained whatever it is they set out for. However, if you choose to go in guns blazing, this represents your team's success via a combat Roll. If failed, a Setback roll is needed.(Explained Below), or in the case of Combat Rolls, One Operative is lost, decreasing your pool. Detection rolls are opposed by detection percentage (E.g. If detection rate is 25% rolls 25 or lower result in detection.) And Combat Rolls must meet or beat a target number set out beforehand.

Setback Roll.
If a Detection Roll is failed, there is a setback in the operation. You can attempt to get out by using Combat, Tech or Face Rolls, but if these Fail, One Operative is lost, decreasing your pool. All Setback rolls must meet or beat a target number set out beforehand.

Escape/Combat Roll
This roll represents the operatives covertly escaping with the mission objective or after completing it. In the case of Combat rolls, this represents shooting your way back out. Failures Here represent One Operative lost, decreasing your pool.
Wait a second? Where have I seen these classes before?
Looks like we just passed 31K on the kickstarter. Getting both stretch goals is increasingly looking like a possibility.
>Step 3: Mission Completion
Mission Success represents how well you performed, and is measured by 100% - 10% for any failed rolls, and -15% for any Operative lost. Depending on where the mission success stands, The mega-corporation you work for may have a Good(80-100) opinion, providing bonuses or additional operatives, Neutral(40-80) opinion, not providing anything, or Bad(1-40) opinion, taking away operatives or providing penalties.

For example, in the previous mission, you failed one roll, and lost one operative, resulting in a 75% Mission success. This results in a neutral opinion.

Now, back to the Story!

>Mission: Extraction from Paradise
Your current objective is to extract a cybernetics researcher from VENT Co. The city area he is in has decent defense, resulting in a Combat Difficulty of 100. They have no special equipment for Detecting infiltrators, and their tech defenses are standard.

Your Resources Are:

4 Combat Specialists
3 Hackers
2 Faces

Weiss Combat Robot: +20 to Your Combat Roll, but it's presence tends to bring out the heavy artillery, resulting in +10 to combat Difficulty if used.

Now, it's your turn. Assemble a team you think has the best chances of success. I will go with whoever rolls the highest, or provides the best plan in addition to naming operatives/assets used.
Probably shadowrun. it and Net Gain have quite a bit in common.
I'm tempted to go full Shadowrun, take the 4 Combat Specialists and the robot, and nuke the entire facility...

Take 2 hackers, 1 combat and 2 face. Hackers and faces get to work:

Step 1. Faces case the area. We need guard rotation schedules, vulnerable network connections, and lonely employees that may be seduced out of passcodes or relieved of their security cards.

Step 2: Hack into their system using assets gathered in Step 1. Infiltrate the corp and extract the scientist using 1 hacker and 1 combat, posing as janitors/service staff/whatever.
Then roll 2d100. for anyone else creating a plan, roll 3d100. We chall go with whatever plan results in the highest Mission Completion Rate.
Five people will bring a bit more attention than we want, considering you're only suggesting bringing 1 combat.
File: 1364588068301.jpg-(145 KB, 600x750, shadowrun2[1].jpg)
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145 KB JPG
Rolled 51, 47 = 98

What could go wrong?
Rolled 16, 87, 71 = 174


we're not going in all 5 at once. First face (male) can make contact with female staff, look into dating sites or bars in the area. Seduction or just building rapport should be enough to gain access to sensitive data. Same procedure for Face 2 (female), working on the men, not appearing at the same time, in same places as Face 1. hackers stay in safehouse and don't expose themselves.

Rolling for operation Dinner Date.
Please roll for plan Success:
full shadowrun guy: combat difficulty is 110.
Combat Bonus is 84. A 26 or higher is needed for success on both roles.
Other guy:
You Currently have +20 to tech rolls, with a +10 to any roll in the mission. You also have +10 to combat and face actions, with a detection rate of 55%. Please roll for detection, and escape.
Shadowrunner here, I already rolled >>23945713

98 + 84 combat bonus = 182
Combat Guy:Your plan will result in a Mission completion rate of 100%, but may have consequences down the road. Fortunately, your efficency will result an unknown asset.
Dinner Date Guy, your plan results in a a mission completion of 90% with no consequences, and you will be given a Face Operative as a reward.

the plans are set. Which one shall I narrate?
>Dinner Date
>Combination(I will use both plans, but the wrting will take a bit longer.)

Dinner Date here. Obviously, I'd prefer my plan. As incentive, I can write up a profile for the reward Face Operative we gain.
He'll still have the same stats as any other Face Operative, though, and will have about the same amount of screen time as the rest of the operatives.

Yeah, it's just a background thing, for fun.
Shadowrunner, I think if we both just vote for our own ideas, it'll end up a tie. Although obviously I prefer my plan, I'd be willing to move my plan to backup if it will get us moving. If Mr. Dinner Date's plan fails, we go in guns blazing.
*Shadowrunner here
very well. Dinner date, the setback will be resovled through Combat, in order to bring in Shadowrunner's plan. Rewards shall be the face operative over unknown asset.

This should be acceptable. If not, respond as fast as you can, because I'm starting the writing.

DD here, I'm fine with that..
Me too.
You look at your operations, consider plans of success. And a slight grin comes to your face. Combat as back up, but for now, it's time for a Dinner date.

In the city of Caracas, Venezuela, the bars and clubs are filled with all sorts of lovely ladies and gentlemen. Today, however, they are filled with a few more. Your social operatives work in conjunction with the hackers, pulling away VENT Co. workers to gain new ID badges, sensitive information, and anything needed to get into the Labs.

Within hours, the plan is assembled, and a team of three walk into the VENT Co. building, easily slipping by the guards with their newfound identification.

Up the elevator they go, their silver tongues allowing them to cruise past anything.

When they find the researcher, they give him the signal, and he nods. As a group, they discreetly take their leave-

Then the gun drops out of the Combat Specialist's jacket.

He curses, and the alarm goes off, locking the doors.

Your operatives move swiftly, adjusting for the new plan.

In a warehouse, the robot is activated, and it whirs to life, guns at the ready.

Your operatives check the timer.


Aiming a long-distance strike, the robot blows out the wall of the room the operatives are in, allowing them to rappel down the surface of the building, researcher in hand.

Taking cover in the rubble, they handle the firefight as fast as they can, unwilling to stay for long, and bolting for the escape vehicles when the time is right. Slowly but surely, they make their way across the city, until they reach the safehouse.

-Mission Complete-

You've got the researcher, as per the job, and the corporation is pleased with they way you handle things.

After sending the mission report, a new dossier comes in, describing on of the new Face operative assigned to you. You check it out quickly, then place it with the rest.

Now to handle the new employee.

You open up a comm channel, where you can see the extracted researcher right in front of you.

“Good day, Mr. Westev. I assume you wish to start working immediately, but first, let us run though a few confirmations.”

you go through the checklist to ensure this is the man you are looking for, and it's a positive match.

“Well, welcome to the corporation.” You say, putting on the best corporate grin you can.

Mr. Westev replies. “If there is one more thing you could do...”

“What is it?”

“In the central train station, I left a package in locker 3b with the code 9487. if you could fetch it, it would be appreciated.”

You say:
>”Sorry, corp regulation insists only you and your family, if any is brought along.”
>"No problem. Corp Regulations insists we make your transition as smooth as possible.”

Sorry, Mr Westev, I can't retrieve the package for you unless I know what's in it. Security protocols, you understand.
Mr. Westev stiffens a bit, but takes a deep breath, and begins to speak. “it is a toy from my childhood. A handheld gaming device, as it were. Rather simple in nature, but it is one of the original models, and not easily replaced. It's value is quite high. All I can say is that the less people who know about it, the better. Even my former company wanted to get a hold of it. Could you refrain from mentioning it to too many people?”

What is your response?
>>"No problem. Corp Regulations insists we make your transition as smooth as possible.”

And may I say I appreciate a good collector's item. Collecting is what I do for a living, after all.
""No problem. Corp Regulations insists we make your transition as smooth as possible.”

"And may I say I appreciate a good collector's item. Collecting is what I do for a living, after all.

Mr. Westev nods and says, “I thought you would.”

Within a few minutes, your hackers pick up the package and deliver it to Mr. Westev, who tucks it away in his lab coat. As he is shipped off to a Marud Industries Lab, you take a drink. Nothing like when a plan comes together.

The next day at work, you receive a message. Something had got the higher-ups worked up, which means there'll be hell to pay for the brokers.

You have three missions for your unit, and your co-workers are considering which one to pick.

There is a:

Acquire Tech Job: Enter Avel Technologies and obtain their new armor suit.

Fashion Disruption Job: Sink the new shipments of Rel Clothing to destroy profits.

Intimidation Job: Reach a Mr. Caldo and browbeat him into resignation.

Which do you choose?
Acquire tech of course!

I like the intimidation job.
and a ti. does a third party wish to come and and break it? there can't possibly only 2 people reading this thread.
*tie, sorry.
>there can't possibly only 2 people reading this thread.

You'd be surprised.
Sink the ship!
Weird. Don't quest threads usually have quite a few lurkers?
not ALL of them.

But I'm willing to give, lets do the intimidation job.
Okay, I'll change this to tech.
No wait, intimidation
>intimidation mission
>Mission: Browbeat a Broker
Your job is to convince a Mr. Caldo of Marud Industries to resign, without using any physical harm. In additon, he is to give up all data codes and passkeys known to prevent harming the corporation.

The Mr. Caldo that works as one of your bosses? Weird. Usually, resignation or asset disposal is handled by a broker of a higher level, not lower. You've done a few yourself.

In any case,

Your Resources Are:

4 Combat Specialists
3 Hackers
3 Faces

Weiss Combat Robot: +20 to Your Combat Roll, but it's presence tends to bring out the heavy artillery especially in this area, resulting in +30 to combat Difficulty if used. This time, the negative ramifications of using the robot may reflect badly upon the megacorporation, or it may not.

Dr. Westev: Dr. Westev's research into cybernetics has proven valuable. Through new advents in Comm Implants, all hackers now provide a +15 bonus instead of +10.

Now, allow me to do this differently. When you come up with a plan, only roll for the first roll. there's a fair bit of story attached to this mission.
Rolled 34


Okay...no physical harm.

We need the hackers and faces, totally. Bring one or two combat specialists.

Let's avoid bringing Weiss with us.

The hackers (and Dr.Westev) are to try and crack any security first, then any computers/storage device from Mr.Caldo.

The faces are to make sure no baddies are in place. Have the (or one of the) combat specialist go with you and meet Mr.Caldo.

If we bring a second Combat specialist let him watch our hackers.
>Forgot this info, sorry.
Mr. Caldo is located near the top of Broker Tower, on floor 189 out of 200. Security is exceptionally tight, considering that is is a broker tower, placing Combat Difficulty at 140.

In addition, they have special standards for detecting infiltrators, resulting with the detection rate starting at 30%, and hardened electronics, providing a -3 penalty to Tech Rolls.
Rolled 15


First, I want all the dirt we can dig up on this guy. If we've worked for him before, we've got connections we can use. Also, get as much information as you can. Trawl the net for media mentions, private info, social network data, everything.
>15+45 for all hackers, investigating. Success?
Your research turns up nothing except for the occasional cheating on his wife(Which everyone knows about) and that he seems like typical management for a broker. Cold, callous, and resourceful.

Lets hope your operatives can get past his defenses.
Exact numbers for operatives used, please, so i can calculate odds and detection rate.

Well, my case: all hackers and all faces, and one Combat Specialist

2 faces, 2 Hackers, 1 CS, and us (or a second CS).
>Math fails

COME ON BRAIN. 2 faces 2 hackers, 1 CS.
>Current chance of detection is at 85% . If acceptable, please roll 1d100, or use 2 +10 bonuses to lower detection rate to 65%. and roll 1d100.
Rolled 10

Okay... lets lower the detection rate to 65%.
You consider your plans, and then you realize. You want to talk with Caldo yourself.
You decide to wait until your operatives have secured the situation, and head to his office yourself.

you pull up the live feed of the building itself, and watch your operatives progress through the building. It's a classic situation, impersonating workers, but for some reason, security is unusually tight today. They catch one of the Faces as they attempt to bluff their way through.

>Face: 'talk your way through. If they catch you down there, it's over." +20 Bonus
>Tech: "Hack in some orders from the top to let them up." +30 bonus
>Combat: "Start firing. Now." +10 bonus
Rolled 17


Hack in.
Rolled 82

TECH: "Hack in some orders"
Hmm. did the other guy leave/not have a plan? for anyone lurking, go ahead and try the system out. I won't be mean, I promise.
>82 + 30 Success. Your hackers manage to work in some quick orders from Mr. Caldo Himself, citing the operatives as performing a security exercise. The guard lets them through, and you see your operatives board the express elevator.

Almost there.

Your operatives head out into the management office, hitting the two watch guards with some sleeping gas.

The office is secured. All that is left is for you to enter.

You take a deep breath, and close the overlay in front of you.

It's time for your part.

You head to the elevator and ride it to floor 189, pushing the doors open to Mr. Caldo's office.

As the doors open and your operatives enter, Caldo hisses.

“Broker R06U3, what are you doing?”

“Convincing you to resign, Caldo. Orders from the top.” As you speak, you send over the digital files concerning Caldo's forced resignation. He flips through them angrily, then glares at you.

“Do you know what you're doing? Broker resignation isn't handled this way. I commend you for your efforts, but I suggest you leave before things get rough. I'll clear this with management. Something must have gone wrong.”

You say:
>”maybe you're right. Contact management, ad we can clear this up.”
>”Are you kidding? Touch thank comm device, and it'll be the end for you. You're fired, effective immediately.”


"Of course I know what I'm doing, Caldo. Orders are from higher up, I'm just the messenger, and roughing me up will accomplish nothing. My assignment is to make sure you honor your contractual obligations and hand over all data and passkeys before you leave. You know the drill. And if you fail to comply, it won't just be me you'll be dealing with."
Can't put it better myself.
"Of course I know what I'm doing, Caldo. Orders are from higher up, I'm just the messenger, and roughing me up will accomplish nothing. My assignment is to make sure you honor your contractual obligations and hand over all data and passkeys before you leave. You know the drill. And if you fail to comply, it won't just be me you'll be dealing with."

As you finish talking, your operatives train their guns on Caldo's forehead.

Caldo starts to sweat. “Kid, I don't know what you're talking about, but a message like that couldn't come from above. Now, if you let me-”

“Try and clear things up? Caldo, this is just denial, and you know it. You know what to do. Data and passkeys. Now.” you place your hand out for emphasis, and Caldo glares.

Seconds pass.

Then he places his comm-device and passkey in your hand.


He walks out of the room, and down the elevator. You grasp them in victory, and start beginning the report, when something interrupts you.


You think:
>Maybe caldo was right. Something does seem up. I should contact the higher-ups.
>orders are orders. Get the combat specialist to a decent vantage point, and shoot to kill.

Ok, all hackers on station. Trace that message and find out if the comm lines are compromised and we're being fed false orders.

In the meantime, contact the brass. Using Caldo's commlink.
Contact them higher ups, too fishy now.
Rolled 99


Rolling for this.

Also, have one of our combat guys discreetly tail Caldo. If it turns out the order is legit, we need to get it done.
>99, Success.
You turn on Caldo's commlink, and open up channels to Caldo's superiors.

“Caldo, aren't you...wait, you're not Caldo. What are you doing on this network?'

You inform the superior of the situation as the hackers get to work tracing the communications, and get the combat specialist down to tail Caldo himself.

As you finish talking, his superior responds.

“Orders are orders, aren't they? According to our plans, Caldo was to be fired, anyway. It seems someone in the unit has a grudge against Caldo, and wants him dead. Either way, broker, you'll just be doing your job. I believe this falls under extraordinary circumstances, so it falls to you. Will you pull that trigger? With that, the superior cuts the channel short.

Looking over at the hackers, they send you the information. The change in parameters was sent from a commstation, somewhere in this tower. You search for it, and it appears to be... from Gene Caldo's personal commlink?

Does he want to be killed?

Your hackers try and trace the path from there, but it seems your recent usage only links the trail to your commlink, ending it at you.

Your hud beeps, and you have a feed depicting Caldo walking away from the building.

his steps are slow and steady.

Such an easy target.

The choice is yours.

>Kill him.
>Don't kill him.

>confront him.

Keep eyes on Caldo, and intercept him to ask what the hell he's playing at. Is this some kind of convoluted suicide attempt or is he being set up by an in-house rival? Either way, this is above our paygrade.
Kidnap him. Use a Face to interrogate him.
...Let this over with.

>Kill him.
Contact him and ask him what the fuck? We don't want to be manipulated.
You decide to push the issue. Suicide attempt? Rivalry? Whatever it is, you're going to find out.

You send orders to the CS to stop him, and open up a line to Caldo himself.

“Caldo, what are you planning at?”

“I ain't talking to you.” He cuts the chat short, and all you are left with is the feed.

No matter. The CS will stop him, and you can talk to him in pers-

Static. Someone just hacked into your systems, hitting you with feedback.

As you reel from the blow, and attempt to fight it, your fingers scrambling over the digital overlay, attempting to stop the interference, your worse fears are confirmed. Someone is inisde your system.


Order? You didn't send any order.

You try to track where it went, and it went to the CS.

Orders to kill.

You pound on your interface, and try to get the hackers to sends something, but to no avail.

You watch the feed as the gun is raised, and the trigger is pulled.


-Mission Complete-

the words flash across your screen, and the requisite reports automatically fill themselves. As they file away, in comes the results.

100% Mission Success. Target eliminated.

Congratulations on your Promotion, Broker R06U3. You now control Unit 462 of the brokers for Marud Industries.

The text flashes, and you wipe it all away.

Someone has gotten into your system, and now, your ex-boss lies dead on the road.

Someone will pay.

You grit your teeth, and begin scanning the reports now coming into you. Mission Success. Mission Success. Mission Success.

What do you do now?
>continue like normal
>break down.
break down as in lay on the floor and cry a lot? we better not, we better investigate who infiltrated us. this time superiors didn't care if target lives or dies but next time those fake orders can set us up.
Continue like "normal".

Get our hackers working on this thing. NO ONE fucks with us.
Op here. Give me some time. I need to take care of dinner for myself. Expect update in about 35min or so

Someone infiltrated you once, and it won't happen again.

You're going to make sure of it.

Every resource you have, every advantage you can locate, every contact you talk to, you push towards finding that infiltrator. Their name, their enthinicty, even their hairstyle is something you want.
Information is what'll help, and getting information is a broker's job.

The next week, you go into your job as unit controller, and check your work.

This time, you have a job that you can't simply push off on your assistants.

-Mission Received-

Mountfourth Medical has developed a new computer that seems to exceed any known capability, and is reputed to have eerily human-like intelligence. Recommended that product be destroyed if unattainable. Defenses rival your current location, placing Combat Difficulty at 140. In addition, they have special standards for detecting infiltrators, resulting with the detection rate starting at 30%, and hardened electronics, providing a -4 penalty to Tech Rolls.

Your Resources Are:

6 Combat Specialists
5 Hackers
5 Faces

Weiss Combat Robot: +20 to Your Combat Roll, but it's presence tends to bring out the heavy artillery especially in this area, resulting in +30 to combat Difficulty if used. This time, the negative ramifications of using the robot may reflect badly upon the megacorporation, or it may not.

Dr. Westev: Dr. Westev's research into cybernetics has proven valuable. Through new advents in Comm Implants, all hackers now provide a +15 bonus instead of +10.

Broker Unit: You may allocate all under your control to send excess units to help your mission out, resulting in an automatic success on any roll. This may only be used once every other mission.

How do you proceed? in addition, roll for finding out the infiltrator as well.
How big is this new computer?
unknown. mountforth has been keeping the lid shut on this product. however, it si said that the computer should be unnoticeable in society. It may be some form of brain augmentation, backpack-sized computer, or a car-sized one that can be placed anywhere and streams data wirelessly.
Rolled 40


Get Three hackers digging stuff up. Need more specs.
>40+30, Failure.
Information is locked down tight. You can't know anything unless you go in.
Send in 5 combat ops and the robot to take it by force. Plant the blame on some crazy religious group mad about "trying to play god" or something like that.
Rolled 27

Lets try this.
This results in a bonus of +110 versus a target difficulty of 170.

60 or higher is needed to succeed, or you may use the Broker Unit Asset to automatically succeed. if acceptable, please roll.
Rolled 44

rerollan for this
You're killing us
I didn't re-roll.
File: 1364606000459.jpg-(121 KB, 391x700, 1352518533614.jpg)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Doesn't matter, I'm still blaming you.
44+110, Failure.
Your men are lined up, and the robot is ready for action. Guns are checked, bullets are loaded, and clocks synchronized. Everything waits on your signal.

“Operation Holy Fury...is go.”

On your words, your team starts the crusade into Mountwort medical. The guards responds with bullets and fury, with your satellite feed showing you a live feed of the firefight.

Both sides are equally entrenched-

then your robot is dropped onto the battlefield, launching salvo upon salvo of fire. Perhaps now, the robot will turn the tide-

Jesus. Is that an artillery cannon?

You pull up your HUD and designate the cannoneer as a primary target. Your team focuses fire, eliminating the threat, and proceed into the facility proper, robot watching their back. Shooting their way into the main labs, they set explosives on the blast door, followed by plasma blowtorches. Their progress, is slow, arduously so, and you wince as one of your men goes down while defending.

But his sacrifice was not in vain. Your troops make it to the inner lab, and report in.

“Boss, you might want to look at this.”

You switch over to the guncamera feed, and what you see is extraordinary.

A human inside a giant test tube, attached to a breathing tube, with a thick datacable attached to the back of her neck.

“boss, we might be able to bring her back, but the mission parameters also state that we could just destroy it...”

A biological computer. Whoever is they are, they've probably been immersed in VR for their entire life, acting as a human processor. Ordering the guncamera around, you can see several vehicles they can use to bring it out, but it is exceptionally unwieldy.

Your orders are:
>”Destroy it. If it was human, it's not anymore.”
>”Bring it back. The megacorporation will love this.”
Rolled 91

I'll roll for this.
As you consider the decision, your troops manage to drag back the wounded soldier and patch him back up to fighting condition. Well, it'll certainly help when your men fight their way out. Or you could use the Broker Unit Asset.

"It says: recommended to be destroyed if unattainable. Seems attainable enough to me."

bring it back.
Capture, then stash it somewhere and tell your corp you killed it.
Rolled 9

Ho, ho!
I like it.
File: 1364607568996.jpg-(51 KB, 640x480, 2c36a2a5fbd5e9c4859c4d8cd(...).jpg)
51 KB
File: 1364607619978.png-(11 KB, 612x330, John Gosling Operative.png)
11 KB
I'm going off to the meet up but this makes me a very happy developer! I'll read up when I get a chance!
Check the pledge level, you'll get another cool surprise.
>9, failure
""It says: recommended to be destroyed if unattainable. Seems attainable enough to me."

“Yessir. Orders from the top, people, let's bring this baby back to base!”

"No. bring it back to this location."

You mark down one of the unused safehouses for Marud Industries on the map, and send it to the men in the field. Whatever you plan on keeping it for, it had better be worth it.

the operatives move to load the test-tube-computer human thing into a truck, and as they do so, you can feel the pressure.

Whatever you just stole, it was extremely valuable. Switching over to the Security network monitoring, you can see lights going off everywhere. Suddenly, one wounded soldier seems a bigger anchor than you thought it would be.

“move it, move it, MOVE IT!”

The vehicle's engine is started up, and your troops careen across the facility, running over everything in their path. The robot provides defensive fire, and you can see enemy helicopters being started up, snipers on board. You move to alert your men, but you hear the shot before you can react.

“SNIPER!” the feed roars with activity, and you can see your men attempting to replan and re-navigate.

You act in tandem, trying to find alternative pathways and options.

Several options stick out.

>“Head to the undertunnels. It'll protect you from snipers, and you can run over any civilian who gets in your way.”

>“Leave the robot behind. It can cover for you, and the gain is worth the pain.” (This results in Robot Asset Lost.)

>”Destroy the tank. It's not exactly unattainable, but any more attempts will be grievous.”

>Other option(Feel free to come up with your own, and roll to see how successful it will be.)
By tank, I mean the bio-computer test tube thing, just in case it is unclear.
Rolled 91


Don't you dare not bring the bio-computer.
>91, Success
>“Head to the undertunnels. It'll protect you from snipers, and you can run over any civilian who gets in your way.”

You watch their progress on the map as they swerve into the undertunnels, far out of reach. Switching to the guncameras, your watch their progress as they head through the tunnels, starting to feel uneasy.

You just went rogue, stealing a corporate asset.

Was it worth it? All you had was an inkling, a small feeling, that your corporation shouldn't have this biocomputer.

And now, if they catch you, there'll be hell to pay.

As the operatives pull into the safehouse and drop bio-computer off, you take a deep breath, and fill out the requisite reports and files manually. Before you can submit it for a mission complete, however, a call comes in from Mr. Caldo's boss-now your yours.

The message is simple.

“Meet in office, discuss latest mission. Do not complete paperwork.”

Did he find you out? Only one way to know. You step inside the executive elevator, and silently ride your way to the top.

You clawed your way to this position, making your niche in the corporate ladder. Is this the rung that'll break, sending you to the depths?

As the elevator opens, you find yourself on the 215th floor of the Broker Tower. It's a far cry from the cold steel and concrete of 188th, with luxurious carpets and what looks like real wood furniture. Knocking on the door of Unit Supervisor #18, Mr. Jahn, a personal servant escorts you in.

Mr. Jahn sits in an opulent cushioned chair, and gestures for you to sit down.

“Now, Mr. Broker R, care to tell me what happened?”

You begin with the usual mission debrief.

“Trouble sir, and loads of it. That bio-Computer was far more then we expected, and security was a tough job.”

You go on to explain the combat and great detail and he nods, interested in the situation.

“and, what did you do with the bio-computer, once you reached it?”

Here it is. The moment of truth. You could tell him you managed to obtain it, or lie and said you had to destroy it.

You take a breath and say:
>”Sir, we had to destroy it. Security was on our neck, our assets were close to gone, and my team was nearly killed in action. We've set them back by years of research, and with the parts strewn all over the undertunnels, they'll have a hell of a time sorting it out from the wreckage we made.”
>”we managed to obtain it, sir. It was a hard fight, but I've got a good team, and a good method. We have it at this safehouse."
Well shit, what do we do guys?
Don't think its worth the risk

"Despite everything we managed to extract the Bio-Computer. We stored in this location."
It's too late to turn back now...
>"Sir, we had to destroy it."
Er, tie. You guys can try and have a third party pick, or roll off to decide. don't worry about what you pick, i won't pull a "you picked this option and now you are ded. try again." that's just blatantly unfair.

We managed to obtain it, sir. However, I have reason to suspect a security breach in our operation. I made the call to move the biocomputer to a safe house for now.
Voting for saying we destroyed it.
Whatever the risk is, it's not worth it. You can't throw away everything you've worked so hard for now.

>“We managed to obtain it, sir. However, I have reason to suspect a security breach in our operation. I made the call to move the biocomputer to a safe house for now.”

'Very good, broker R. What made you suspect a hole in the operation? I've read the reports, but you've reported nothing but a sole hacking incident.”

“Sir, if they've managed to breach our systems once, they can do so again. Backdoors, exploits, we don't know how far we've been compromised. Killing Gene Colda may have been the very first step in their plan, and the way the bio-computer suddenly popped without any prior knowledge makes me think it may be related.”

Mr. Jahn looks out the window contemplatively.

“this may be true. Do you remember that Mountforth Medical used to belong to our company? It was very profitable, with Mr. Caldo on the head board, far before you were born. Unfortunatelly, the company suffered a big scandal with tainted medical supplies, and we quickly sold it to one of our competitors to drop the charge. Since then the medical division has had low profits, but a large research budget. Whoever killed Mr. Caldo may be very well related to to Mountforth's research.”

He shakes his head. “Whatever it is, i'm glad you brought this to my attention. Write down the bio-computer was destroyed, and send me the location later, in writing.”

With that, he waves you out of the room, and you finish up the report.
-Mission Complete-

1 Combat specialist lost. Success rate at 75%. the Company has a neutral opinion of you, and destroying the asset was deemed a necessary, if regrettable action.

As you push the overlay away, you look outside the tower.

That safehouse is within driving distance. As the clock signals your shift end, you decide it may very well be time to visit the biocomputer.

The drive over is silent, and your head fills with thoughts of conspiracy theories, plots, and backstabbing. Whatever this computer involves, it's probably something important.

You pull up to the safehouse, and step out of your car, sending your credentials ahead so you can enter.

Your soldiers have been guarding it dutifully, with not a hacker in sight.

“figured we'd ask you before the tinkering began.”

You look at the tube, holding this mysterious bio-computer.

The controls are ready, but untouched.

>attempt to communicate with it.
>have your tech team examine it.
>attempt to communicate with it.
Pee in the tank
The tank is hermetically sealed, with no obvious way of breaking it open. You decide to take a leak in a nearby toilet, instead.

Examine first, communicate later. I'd like a comprehensive inventory of what mods the biocomp has and where the technology comes from. Were any Mountdforth patents used?
You take a look at the controls. They seem to be some sort of outmoded communication device, with none of today's modern advances.

You decide to use the microphone, and speak.

“Hello? Is this how we communicate?”

A voice form the panel responds.

“New User detected, voice match unknown. This is Project Pallas. In Response to Query, Yes, though you may also use the keyboard.”

“And what exactly is your purpose?”

“The purpose of Project Pallas is to take the next step in human evolution, allowing our minds to interact with the technological world around us, further breaking down the barriers between man and machine.”

“and, er...how far have you gotten in this evolution?”

“Our body has manifested several inputs that allow properly formatted data to be understood and communicated, as lock as the connection is hardwired. Wireless communication is possible within 30 cm.”

as the machine talks, a nearby screen lists all the modifications made to the body, all centered around genetic changes and rewrites to create a new “feeling” as it were, which would be how data was interpreted.

“and do you have any sort of alter ego, or non-project Pallas person in you?”

“Yes. 10% of Project Pallas's processing power is used to maintain the human psyche Athena necessary for the body to exist.”

“can I talk to her?”

“Yes.” The machine's seriousness elicits a brief chuckle from the soldiers.

“May I talk to her?” You refine your statement.

“yes. Switching Psyche now. Last communication was 21 years, 8 months, 19 days, and 41 seconds ago.”

the body inside the tank suddenly stiffens, and then the eyes open. They glance around frantically, and then the person attempts to wriggle their way out. You:

>attempt to order this person around.
>Try and get the computer to switch back to Project Pallas Mode.
>Break the tank: There's a living person inside.
my apologies. i caught your post a bit too late, but worked in an examination in the text.

Is this quest still running? I just caught up
21 years? I'd be scared shitless, too.

Have someone type this into the computer as I'm also speaking to her (in case she can't hear my words through the glass or might receive typed words better):
"Miss, DO NOT MOVE. This is only a suggestion. If you do not relax, you'll only hurt yourself. A feeding tube and wires are connected to your body, and the glass is sealed. Please, RELAX."
why, yes. It's nightime /tg/, so things are bound to get slow, but i promise to stay until the quest ends.

this is a good start


Put a palm up to the glass, smile a little bit, show we're human for frag's sake.

"Miss! Miss? Athena, Can you hear us?"
"Miss, DO NOT MOVE. This is only a suggestion. If you do not relax, you'll only hurt yourself. A feeding tube and wires are connected to your body, and the glass is sealed. Please, RELAX."

her eyes look at you, and they are filled with fright. You can hear her pleading voice over the speaker system.

Please, what are you? Some sort of nightmare? I just want to wake up!”

“Ma'am, just hold still.” As you flip through the various records in the machine, you find the entry you're looking for. It appears she has been in a digital simulation of the digital world, set to match the real world perfectly. Her virtual parents are a.... Mr. and Mrs. Caldo?

You decide to break it to her, clean and fast.

“you've been in a VR simulation your entire life, Miss.” Her eyes widen in shock, and you decide to push the issue while there is still time.

“I know it's a lot to take in, but trust me. You've been an experiment for some new technology. We're the people that saved you.”

She mouths some words, and you can faintly hear them. “simulation...lie? I..I can't....”

Her eyes turn in her skull, and she collapses. Observing her vital signs, it seems she won't come to her senses any time soon. You decide to let your hackers look at the test files, and do some digging on their own, while you sit and wait fo the girl to come to her senses.

They hand you a file, and you look it over. Slow data transfer rates, requires an inefficient format to communicate data, costly price to even modify the body...

This is the most failed experiment you've ever seen in your life. Even implanting a datachip would be more efficient in storing data.

What was the reason for this project?

You flip through the entries in Project Pallas, but it is all what was said earlier.

You've got a failed bio-computer in front of you, who's also a human. You decide to;

>Break her out. Let her live a normal life.
>keep her in the tank.
>>keep her in the tank.

Try to get the Project Pallas back

Once we do, ask when the last time it had contact or saw the Caldos.

I'm thinking that it maaaay have something to do with the incident with him. Perhaps a jealous ex wife hating what they've done to their daughter?

Also check his data keys that he handed over for any clues, or really, really old sealed archives/passkeys or codes from when we owned the company that made this abomination.

Chances are he inadvertently gave us access by accident - or left it around somewhere we can find it.
You look on the dashboard, an find a switch label Psyche Switch. You flip it, and the microphone comes back to life.

“Project Pallas Mode Initiated.”

You run through your list of questions involving the Caldos. Pulling up some dates and what you can remember, what you find out is this.

Caldos's first wife, a genetics researcher, had a premature birth, and a week later was buried in a closed casket funeral. That same week, Project Pallas began. Contact was first was initiated when the child was 3, but quickly ended. The logs have no record of what was said, and for some reason, a key researcher's name appears to be corrupted. Within a year, it seems a mix-up in the medical supplies resulted in the loss of Mountforth Medical, with blame being placed on Gene Caldo. From there, occasional tests have been run, but nothing serious. Looking of Caldo's wife, it seems she committed suicide after being fired from the company. Caldo remarried, but has been cheating on his wife, until he was killed.

Hopefully, her digital parents are much better. There's a story behind this, and it doesn't seem hard to put together. Guilt, anger, sorrow...this is a modern-day tragedy.

You look back up at the tank, and run all of Gene Caldo's codes through. All you find is some data on how to safely release her, theoretical plans for some sort of mental control and two words.

“I'm sorry.”

You go to sit back in the chair, unsure of the day's events. Looking at the tank. You're not quite sure what to do. It could be one hell of a bargaining chip, but at the same time, it's a person in there, a bit younger than you.

Your commlink chirps, and whatever decision you make now, will be the last you can do in a while. Your broker job is calling, and being late is unacceptable.

>order her to be released.
>Keep her sealed, and deal with her later.

If going the human route:

We need a psych worker and a nurse on hand. We have to have some contacts that can provide this in a hustle.
>>Keep her sealed, and deal with her later.

We've delved into corporate secrets and dirty laundry history for our own parent company. Shit like that we need to tread carefully for.
Perhaps we can ask our Bossman we submit reports to if there's anything be remembers about Those Old Times we can use to see what happened


Set a hacker to look up network logs from pallas. We want to see what it was DOING - especially if they were getting ready to release a product based on it.
Actually she needs a few months of muscular therapy. She won't have been working her muscles at all for the past 20 years or so, and the second she tries to stand she'll land on her face, break a few bones, and flop like a fish.
You decide to have the tank sealed, but have a psych worker and nurse on hand to deal with her. Your resources manage to pull two from a nearby hospital. Your work temporarily finished,you head into your job, and you see everyone rushing about like ants.. Whatever happened, the Corporation has got everyone working overtime.

Firing off a few queries, the responses are unsettling. Someone has managed to get into the system, and is wreaked havoc before he got booted. Management has everyone working missions to find the guilty parties, and has increased working hours to make it happen.

Your commlink buzzes with a mission, and it automatically displays itself.

-Mission Recieved-

We have found a guilty party, and the corporation responsible. We must send a message by assassinating their CEO, [NAME REDACTED] and using her passkey to take control of the corporation. Security is extremely tight, with a combat difficulty of 130. In addition, security is high, making detection rate start at 35. The technology is exceptionally resilient, and monitored by security spiders, resulting in a -5 penalty to hacking actions.

Your Resources Are:

6 Combat Specialists
5 Hackers
5 Faces

Weiss Combat Robot: +20 to Your Combat Roll, and fits in with the company's security assets, meaning combat difficulty is lowered by 10.

Dr. Westev: Dr. Westev's research into cybernetics has proven valuable. Through new advents in Comm Implants, all hackers now provide a +15 bonus instead of +10.

Broker Unit: You may allocate all under your control to send excess units to help your mission out, resulting in an automatic success on any roll. This may only be used once every other mission.

What's your plan?
.... are we -sure- it was these guys? Seems awfully damn convenient to come up with them so fast.

So append "team of physical therapists" to that.
It seems awfully suspicious, but when you try and communicate with your supervisor, you don't get a response. he must be backlogged with every other Unit controller talking to him. Instead you decide to trace the channels, and it appears it did indeed come from official channels, and their response is: "Yes, we sent them out." Well, they always did have the latest in technology.
>It seems awfully suspicious, but when you try and communicate with your supervisor, you don't get a response. he must be backlogged with every other Unit controller talking to him. Instead you decide to trace the channels, and it appears it did indeed come from official channels, and their response is: "Yes, we sent them out." Well, they always did have the latest in technology.

Take a trip up to the top floor and double check in person.

Cite reasons of operational security that we talked about last time, wanting to be ~absolutely sure~
>wasting the bossman's time
you attempt to go upstairs, but the response is the same. Finally, you get a response from Jahn.

"This is no different from a situation a few years ago. Marud is run by some rather bloodthirsty men and women, and they mean business. Don't stick your nose in too deep, or it'll get cut off."

You look at the communication, and stride back to your desk.

You've got a mission to plan.

But afterwards, you're going to go up and talk to Jahn.
I realize this is a slightly different audience from when i started. Shall I skip the planning phases and broker system in favor of story and simplified options?

Might be a good idea.
No, we have a plan.
2 Combat Agents and the Weiss Robot launch an assault on the building, preferably through backdoors, rappelling in or breaching downwards from the rooftop.
Generally cause a lot of smoke and bluster.
As the CEO tries to flee the chaos, the final Combat Agent perforates him with a round fired from his nice sniper perch vantage point.
We make it seem like we're trying to kill the guy in his own building, so that as he's flushed out while attempting to flee the danger, he walks right to his death.
In that case: Your current plan is to go full combat. this mission will be firefight heavy, and success might hinge on just one more bullet. You divert your all of your unit's resource in storming this tower. you've got a job to do.

Roll 1d00 to see how it goes.
Rolled 83

>only just realized we can take five operatives
3 combat agents breach, 2 snipe.
Rolled 19


Rollan for Operation
>83, Success
Your operatives are sent out, and you let them work. It's time to do some digging. You look through Caldo's files , but you haven't seen anything notable. Even through old files concerning Mountforth medical, Project Pallas is never mentioned, the same with network logs. Everything is in a self-contained system, with no trails to follow. You check your overlay. The mission is going smoothly.

It's time to talk to Mr. Jahn.

Stepping into the elevator, you walk into jahn's room, who seems very flustered.

“What is it? I don't have time to deal with everything!”

“Tell me what you know about Mountforth.”

“This really isn't the t-”

“Now.” Your voice is cold, and you stare Jahn down, who sinks in his chair.

“Fine.” he whimpers. “Do you remember when Synaptic Separation Syndrome was running rampant? Marud Industries found some of the earliest symptoms, well before anyone but scientists thought it would be an epidemic. So, they decided to cash in on it, and have solutions before the problem came up.Create a virtual world, and port everyone's brain into it. We could create a global network, a world where anything was possible. But the plan failed. Even with the help of technology at the time, we couldn't seem to keep the brain working. Too much technology was needed to keep even a single person alive. We took, and killed hundreds of volunteers and subjects, all from our camps in South America. We thought we buried the project when we sold the company. But for some reason, one of the higher-ups started investigations and reclaimations, sending queries and investigations.”

“And that's where I came in.”


Corporate Secrets involving mass murder. Every company has them, but finding out is never an easy thing.
“Does any of this relate to the incident a few years ago?”

“as far as I can tell, no. that incident was just another hacker penetrating our system, but that time, we never caught him.”

you think the conversation over. There's nothing really more to ask, so you head back downstairs to your Unit.
You switch over to the mission feeds, and it seems your associates also have jobs storming this redacted company. Why would they censor the names? A female CEO. A corporation that seems to believe the Broker's assets and operatives are similar to its own.

Why didn't you see it before?

Your mind connects the patterns and dots, and you are only second to the plan's mastermind as to what the goal is.

Unfortunately, second place is only the first loser.

You yell at your teams to cancel the missions, but at the same time, communications instantly jam.

The room goes silent.

The the explosion start.

All around you, you can hear the quick bark of gunfire on floors above and below, and your commlinks forcibly open a feed.

It's your operatives approaching the CEO. Even as you try and send out messages, it's no use. You watch as your plan works perfectly. The robots and operatives enter, causing enough chaos to cause the CEO to flee. Teams eliminate her bodyguards, one by one, and she attempts to exit make it to the roof helicopter. She opens the door-

and a bullet lodges itself in her forehead, with another in center mass.

A perfect shot.

A killing shot.

A hacker removes the passkey from her body, and the feed goes blank, resetting itself.
Then it begins again, bathed in the colours of VENT Co.

“To all surviving employees of Murad Industries, welcome to the VENT family! You'll find that your jobs are just the same as before, with a very smooth transition. We're not interested in hurting you, or your families. All we want is for those who have wronged us to pay, such as your CEO, Executives and your R&D workers. And fortunately, they already have. Welcome to the VENT family, once again, and please have a happy day!”

Your unit is wordless. This couldn't possibly be happening. Murad Industries was their life, their family. And now it's all gone?

They look at you, and you gaze back. They are lost. They need direction. You say:
>”Well, that's that. Continue with your jobs.”
>”We're not going to let this stand. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to go rogue, and tear down VENT co. piece by piece.''
Rolled 14


Does it really matter who's calling the shots on the top floor?

We're professionals. Let's keep it that way.
>we didn't realise we were targeting our own building?
>drive combat operatives out of the tower
>take a left at the corner of the block
>and 3 others
>drop them off
The crew nods, and they go back to work, as normal.

But you cannot. Staring at the data from that feed, the names of all the deceased, from the CEO, the names of all the researchers, other staff and among them, Poe Jahn and Gene Caldo.

The lightbulb turns on.

Whatever this killing was, it was most likely because of that bio-computer. Because of that research. Project Pallus caused everything. But who is to pay?

VENT co. is owned by a South-american stockholders. The company is publicly traded, and one of the biggest holders seems to be a W. Veste?

You rearrange the name, and it hits you instantly. Westev. The researcher form earlier. He was a mole for VENT co.

You need some time to think.

Heading out of the office, you enter your car, and drive around the city aimlessly, until you reach the safehouse.

You don't know why you are here, but you enter, regardless.

Athena is in the tank, and you can see the physical therapists injecting muscle strengtheners in her tank, as a therapist talks to her, and a nurse monitors her condition.

You sit back, watching her progress. As the crew heads out on one of their breaks as per contract, you watch as her shoulders drop, and her head tilts downward. Even midst the clear fluid, you can see the tears start to well.

>Sit back, and bask in the sorrow. Today's been a sad day.
>try to comfort her. Somehow.
Masturbate furiously
No, I suppose we're in no position to comfort her.
It'd be arrogant to think we can deal with her sorrow when we can't even stop our own.
>It'd be arrogant to think we can deal with her sorrow when we can't even stop our own.

This is good bonding material, actually. If we can sling the right approach. Can, we broker? CAN WE?

but, but...

"Hey there, tube girl, you're not the only one having a shitty day."
When the hell did everything go wrong? Your boss, your other boss, the CEO...Indirectly or not, you were responsible for those deaths. And now you have taken all of Athena's life from her. All her memories false, those experiences imaginary.

You stare at your feet. Perhaps, for the first time, the murders you have committed in the name of your job hang around your neck.

But try as you might, the tears cannot come.

The actions have been done, and it is inefficient to stand and mope.

You raise your head, and gaze upon the tank Athena is in once more.

She rocks herself softly in the water, crying, weakly pounding the glass wall of the tank.

>Leave her be. The only way through grief is to turn your heart into stone.
>talk to her, and maybe let her out. Misery loves company.

>Misery loves company.

Let her out if her leg's won't shatter.
>>talk to her, and maybe let her out. Misery loves company.

>Misery Loves Company
Your footsteps gently tap the concrete floor, the sound ignored by her ears.

“Shitty day?” You ask.

She chuckles a little between her sobs. “You have no idea.”

“Try me.”

“losing your family, everything you've known, and finding out you've been living a lie?”

“well, I lost my bosses, the closest things I had to friends. That home I've carved out for myself in life is so close to falling, and i've found out i'm the reason a lot of people are dead.”

She smiles sadly. “I guess we're both down, then. At least misery loves company.”

“I couldn't agree with you more.”

the two of you gaze, and slowly, her hand touches the glass.

“I guess, that makes us friends in a twisted sort of way.”

“I guess, it does. Shake on it?” You place your hand against the glass, up against hers.

She draws back slightly, but smiles.

“Agreed.” Across the glass, your hands are seperated, but you could swear the glass got warmer.

“i guess that means you're my first real friend.” Her smile suddenly turns false, as if an attempt to be happy, an attempt to keep back the tears.

“What is it?” Your voice fills itself with concern.

Her shoulders heave, and you can see the tears well up. “I can't touch you, and I'm confined to this glass. What if you're just another dream? You're my only friend right now, but...what if you don't exi-”

“Hey.” You tap the glass lightly, and stare her right in the eyes. “I'm here. I exist. I can prove it to you. Do you trust me?”

She hurriedly wipes her tears, and nods her head in a small, but resolute yes.
The treatments should be done. The skinsuit on her should suffice for clothes.

You enter the code that will open the tank.

The fluids drain out, and you can see her bewildered expression. But the entire time, you never remove your hand from the glass.

Slowly the fluids drop, emptying the tank, then, the glass instantly dissolves-

and your hands make contact.

The moment is stunning. Then Athena grabs a hold of your hand, and squeezes it tight as tears come to her eyes. You hold her close, cradling her against her fears and worries. As she stops crying, she tilts her head up, and looks into your eyes.

“You're real.”

“Yes. I am.”

“If you're real...I want to see what the rest of the world will look like.”

Wordlessly, you take her hand, and go to the ar. For the next few hours, you drive around the city, experiencing all it has to offer. You watch as she reacts the coldness of ice cream, or the sights of the theaters. All the tourist traps, all the arcades and entertainments you show.

In the end, the two of you sit on the top of an apartment, watching the sunrise.

It's been a good, long while since you did that.

You turn to Athena, but she's fallen fast asleep.

You carry her to your apartment, and gently place her in bed.

Time for work once more.

You enter your job, feeling fresh, despite the lack of sleep. Walking into your office, your commlink pings.

Two requests at once. One is to see MR. Westev, another is about Poe Jahn's will. You:

>Go to Westev
>See about Poe Jahn.
Considering Westev just wasted half our company, it seems reasonable to not keep him waiting.
The will will still be here when we get back.
>go to Westev
Heading up to Westev, you're unsure of what will come.

You stride into his office, and he greets you with a smile.

“Broker R! So good to see you. You know, I really must thank you. Because you fetched my package, I was able to take control of the system like I did a few years ago.”


“well, obviously I lied about this-” He produces a small plastic box like the one you fetched him. “-being a gaming device. It's the product of my company, and it allows me to exploit nearly any system. Here, take it. My systems are immune to it anyhow, but maybe you can mess with your co-workers,” he hands you the plastic box, and pulls out a small envelope.

“Now, my sources tell me Poe Jahn was an acquaintance of yours. He left you this datachip filled with his favorite songs, and hopes you listen to it well. We've scanned it, just in case it holds anything harmful, but we couldn't find anything, so we give it to you.”

you take the chip, and place it in your pocket. You turn to leave, when Westev speaks once more.

“One more thing. Do you member the case you handled a while back, involving that bio-computer? My reports tells me there's more to in then there seems. When we went to reclaim it, a great deal of components were missing. We think another corporation has gotten their hands on it, and we want you to help us find it.”

as he sends you the files, you nod, and exit.
-Mission Received-
Because of VENT Co.'s recent raid, data surrounding the bio-computer case seem to have gone missing. Please investigate the case and find out which corporation is responsible for the destroyed parts missing from the Undertunnels. Combat is not needed at all in this case.

5 Hackers
5 Faces


Dr. Westev: Dr. Westev's research into cybernetics has proven valuable. Through new advents in Comm Implants, all hackers now provide a +15 bonus instead of +10.

Broker Unit: You may allocate all under your control to send excess units to help your mission out, resulting in an automatic success on any roll. This may only be used once every other mission.

What's your plan? They're after Athena. What are you going to do?
Its time to reprogram our combat android to accept OUR commands
Please explain further what this plan entails.
Easy. Just have the Hackers plant a paper trail to [Evil Corporation of the Month].
Send Westev on a wild goose chase.
Roll 1d100 for plan success, please.
File: 1364630790672.jpg-(42 KB, 506x498, 1314092361106.jpg)
42 KB
Rolled 81

83+75, Success. They're not getting Athena. Not by a long shot. You arrange a plan with the hackers, and plant a data trail leading to Minnea Securites. Good luck getting any progress there. Sitting back in your chair and watching the false trail grow, you can't help but feel nervous.

You've just gone rogue.

Right here, in the middle of the corporation, you've just gone and lied to your superiors, disobeying orders. If they catch you, the punishment will be severe. But they won't. You've clawed your way to this position, and you'll defend it with tooth and nail.

You continue to file reports and progress, and you try to listen to the album Jahn gave you, but it's incomprehensible, just electric music by some mediocre composer.

Finally the shift ends, and you return home.

The first thing you notice when you enter is the smell.


Athena's voice greets you from the kitchen.

“I went out and brought some food. I hope you don't mind.”

Ha. she's being hunted down, and her first priority is food.

Wait. She doesn't know.

As she continues to cook, whistling a jaunty tune, she sets out the meal in front of you.

“what's wrong?”

Oh dear. She caught you looking serious, and now, you've got to answer.

Your response is:
>”You've got some people looking for you. It might be a good idea to leave town.”
>”Nothing. Don't worry about it.”
"You're wanted. You can hole up here, or I can help try and smuggle you out. Your call."
"Sorry this happened so soon..."
>"You're wanted. You can hole up here, or I can help try and smuggle you out. Your call. Sorry this happened so soon..."

She sets down the plate, and scoots up a chair right next to you. 'my choice, right?”

You nod silently.

“In that case...I'll stay here with you.”

“Are you sure? You'll have a much better chance if you leave town. Maybe see all those cities you wanted to visit.”

“and leave you here, to solve everything for me? Where would I go, without your help? Without you?”

her voice breaks, but she continues.

“you're the first real thing I care about. And right now, you'e the only thing that matters to me. Please don't send me away.”

It's a guilt trip, but you fall for it, just the same.

'I won't. I promise. Stay here, and i'll defend you, no matter what it takes.” the words come easily, a truth in a land of conspiracy and lies.

For the next week, you work on keeping her safe. Falsifying trails, organizing safehouses, and so on. It's the job you do, all while misleading your employer. As long as you keep this up, she can be safe.

Or so you hope.

After a month of this careful planning, Westev calls you in, and slides a file across the desk.

You pick it up, and open it, your heart freezing in terror.

Pictures of Athena. Judging by the clothing, they are all recent. Very recent.

Westev looks at you, disappointment in his eyes.

“Broker R. You've been slacking on your job. What are we paying you for? Lollygagging? While you investigate Minnea Securities, this bio-computer is walking the streets! I want you to catch her immediately, and use force if necessary.”

He sends the mission files over to you, and you look them over.

“well, what are you waiting for? Get to it!”

>make it look like you will obey.
>Try and end it here, and now.
Remember, roll 1d100 to determine plan success.
Rolled 94

Well. Looks like the jig is up.
Grab Athena, blow up the VENT server room and hotfoot it to Mexico.
How did you know im from Mexico?!

MATTERS NOT; I'll receive them.
>Exposives and Mexico

“Of course, sir.”

You take the files, and head back to your office.

You're a broker, and you plan for every eventuality. So eventually, there'll be plan that involves mass explosives. You thumb the pen trigger, and are reward by a loud thump as explosives go off on the server floor. As everyone panics, you calmly stroll outside, and send Athena the message to pack her bags.

It's time to leave this place, once and for all.

As you grab the bug-out bag you placed in your locker, you look back at your workplace. You'll be leaving it all behind soon, but the memories weren't that bad.

The taxi ride to the airport is quiet, almost peacefully so . One more hour, and you'll be out of VENT Co. reach.

It's all so unbelievable.

Which is why when you feel a gunbarrel placed against the back of your head, you realize just how much you've been dreaming.
“Game's up, schmuck. Come with us, or we'll smack you kneecaps into dust.”

The gig's up.

>Turn yourself in, quietly.
>Try and but time for Athena to escape.
Rolled 88

>Try and buy time for Athena.
Goddamn, if we're going down, we're going down like a cornered wildcat.
Rolled 33

>Try and buy time for Athena to escape.
Also, can we use the the Broker asset for auto-successes here?
>Buy time
Your only response is to spin around, nailing the man in the face with your briefcase. As you do so, you call on every single contact you have to turn this airport into a hellhole. You book it into the crowds, and our overlay shows operatives closing in, fast.

setting out orders, you take a left, then a right, then a left, until you find yourself in a corner.

The thugs approach you, cracking their knuckles with anger.

“You pissed me off now, schmuck, and you're cornered.”

“I wouldn't be too sure about that.”

“What do you-”

Two of your operatives sneak up behind the men, and quickly take them down. Pulling up your overlay, you send out the mission objective.

Ensure Flight 658 leaves with Athena on board.

Quick as a knife, the operatives swing into action, greasing palms, impersonating security, and forcible actions all to ensure she gets on that plane.

Then the vans start pulling up.

Guns are pulled, and a firefight inside the airport begins. One of your men throws you a rifle, and you join the action, defending the entrances to the Terminal. Though you may get pushed back, you keep an eye of the timer.

If she can escape, it's all that matters.

The gunfight intensifies, pushing your team onto the runway, but you grit your teeth, and bear it.

1 minute left.

A man near you goes down, but you pay him no heed. Just 10 more seconds...and you can die.

It's the longest 10 seconds of your life.

As the plane pulls off into the sky, you allow yourself a sad, weary grin.

Then you become aware of the dozen or so guns pointed at you.

One of them fires, and you descend into the deep darkness of pain.

Cold water splashes in your face, and you sputter, and wince, groaning as pain wracks your body, bringing it back to life.

“Broker R, time and time again, you have disappointed me.” Westev's voice speaks, and you can dimly see his face in the darkness.


A searing pain burns across your back, and you scream.

“Do you know what that girl has done?”

You spit defiantly in his direction.

“Wrong answer.” he lights a cigarette, and presses it against your skin, causing you to howl.

“She represents the exploitation of my people. The death of my family. Of my brothers. My sisters. My wife. My child. I worked on that project, and foolishly believed volunteering my family could help. I watched them die. Every single last one.”

he gestures with his hand, and you feel the whip cut across you back once more.

“Now, tell me. Where is she? I can make this end. I can give you your job back. All you have to do is tell me, because she sure wasn't on that plane when I blew it up.”

Not on the plane? Then where? Your thoughts run, and you look away from Westev.

He roughly grabs your face, and grips it tight.


>Lie like a dog.
>tell the truth.
>try and bite his fingers off.
Rolled 4

>Try and bite his fingers off
We've always been a classy, rational broker, as our career up to this moment proves.
Rolled 67

Since I can't think of any lie right now
>try and bite his fingers off.
File: 1364638227612.jpg-(20 KB, 600x338, normal_Mal_torture__WS_[1].jpg)
20 KB
Welp, looks like we're going down on this one. Stupid gadamn morals, why can't I quit you?
>bite his fingers off

You open your moutth, and for a moment, Westev's hands relax.

That's all you need. Lunging forward with your teeeth, you clamp down like a vise,and are rewarded by your teeth grating on bone.

Then his other hand hits you again, and you involuntarily let go.

“Why, you...”

Out comes the billy-club, and he pulls your arm straight. He swings, and your hear a crack.

Then you see your arm droop at a weird angle. It takes a moment, but soon, the pain floods your body, and you nearly black out.

“I'm done. Kill him.” Westev drops the club and trudges out, cradling his injured hand.

The thugs approach you, and you look them straight in the eye.

You've done what you've set out to do, and not even death can twist the past. You brace yourself as the gun is pulled out-

and observe as the wall seems to explode, allowing a robot to barge into the room, ramming into the thugs at high speed.

Combat Operatives bearing the logo of Marud Industries untie you from your bonds, and pull you onto a nearby Hovercopter. The pain is almost unbearable, but you stay conscious long enough to see Westev staring out of the window.

You'd flip him the bird, but instead you black out.

You wake up in a small airport cafe, sitting on a comfy chair.

What just happened? You look around, for anyone, or anything, and spot Athena watching you from a nearby chair.

She spots your bewilderment, and begins to explain.

Because you decided to utilize all spare assets from the Unit, they decided to drop their task, and monitor what exactly you were doing. You were rebelling, turning rogue. That was the catalyst that caused them to do the same, starting by shifting Athena out of Westev's sight, and saving you when you were captured.

“So, what happens now?”

Athena taps the tickets in front of you. “We head out of the country, where VENT Co. has no reach. Your unit promised to try and handle things. And secondly-”

She grabs hold of your hand, squeezing it tightly.

“You stay with me. And don't leave me alone again.”

You consider your options.

You could leave with Athena, and wash you hands of the whole Westev affair.
But your team hardly works when you're not around. If you help them out, you could destroy Westev and VENT Co. in one fell swoop. it'll mean Athena is safe, but at what cost?

>go with Athena
>Help out your team
>Trick Athena into thinking you're going with her.
Rolled 34

Go with Athena, take your team with you, set up shop in a new city.
you open up comm channels with your team, trying to convince them to come with you, but to no avail.

"someone has to watch your back, boss."

"We've got grudges to settle."

'there's no way we can make a clean break,"

"VENT co. has debts to pay, and we aim to collect."

the hearts of your team is set. they'll protect you, but may very well die trying.

What do you do?
Rolled 26

Welp, they saved our lives. We can't abandon them now.

Tell Athena that we're staying, the give her the option of leaving the country or staying with us.

>Offer Athena to join our team

while traumatized, She could be an asset later. Taking down VENT and installing yourself as its boss means you'll have a lot of resources at your disposal. If she joins us, she can gain our protection, as well as a purpose in life. Something real. Have her rest up in a safehouse and then join us when she's ready.

“I'm their leader, Athena, and I cannot abandon them in the face of certain danger.”

You see her face taken over with the look of sad, sad surprise.

Then she grabs you, and holds you close, squeezing, with every bit of strength she can muster.

You hug her back, and promise to come back, making promises that may very well be false. But they are the reassuring kind, and that's all that matters.

Your decision was to keep her safe, and she can be, in another country. Now, your destinies split, according to your wishes.



“764382. It was the code hidden in that album you had. Something about a backdoor access.”

'Thank y-”

“Thank me when you come back.”

You nod once, and begin the walk away, knowing this may be the last time you see her. But it is a fact you cannot acknowledge, because you're a broker, and you must plan as if death was only a minor setback.

As you stride away, a cold look is in your eyes.

Once more into the abyss.

Once more into the fray.
A man strides into Broker Tower. As he walks, the very data in the air changes its tune, branding him and a civilian rather than a suspect.

He rides the elevator up, and exits on his workfloor, where he sees his team unsure, and unprepared.

“What are you doing?”

His voice surprises all his teammates, and they gaze in astonishment.

“What are you gawking at? We have a corporation to take down.”

His confident stride, and his serious attitude is all the team needs to get back into action.

You settle down in the Unit Controller's chair, and your teammates fire off reports and stratagems.

Time for work.
-Final Mission-

take down VENT Co. once and for all, and eliminate Westev to ensure Athena's safety.

Combat Difficulty: 200. Detection rate: Starts at 20% Tech: -5 Penalty to rolls.

Your Resources Are:

Operatives(5 Operative Limit Removed):
12 Combat Specialists
10 Hackers
9 Faces

Weiss Combat Robot: +20 to Your Combat Roll, and fits in with the company's security assets, meaning combat difficulty is lowered by 10.

Dr. Westev: Dr. Westev's research into cybernetics has proven valuable. Through new advents in Comm Implants, all hackers now provide a +15 bonus instead of +10.

Loyal Broker Unit: Allocate all resources, and take down all that stand in your way with teamwork and tactics. You may succeed at any roll, ignoring the "once every other mission" clause.

Admin Code: You may crush all resistance, and spoof feeds in VENT co. placing all employees, operatives and assets connected to the network under your control.

Rogue Broker, how do you proceed?

Let's take the path of minimal combat. We want to take over VENT, not crush it. It has valuable assets and our former colleagues.

Step 1. Using the admin code, take control of the Vent network.

Step 2. Have hackers continually spoof security, then go in alone, in person. Cleaner that way, and a large team will just arouse suspicion.

Step 3. Locate and eliminate Westev.
File: 1364642563690.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 69 KB, 1280x960)
Spoiler Image, 69 KB
>then go in alone, in person.
Your unit begins the code, but is interrupted by a stream sent from Westev.

His face fills the screen, grinning like a madman.

“Trying to fight back, Broker R? You'll find that you've bitten of more than you can chew.”

“I know. That's why I brought some help. Initiate the admin code.”

Quickly and efficiently, your digital agents spread through the network, converting more brokers and assets to your cause as the admin codes runs its course.

“Acquisition stands at 70%, 80%, and it's halted. Something's wrong!” One of your brokers shouts out, and you search through the overlay, trying to find the problem.

Westev has set several key systems on a separate system, unaffected by the passcode. You send the system locations over to the combat manager, who works on redistributing teams to deal with the threat. As the combat Specialists start to storm the tower, they encounter resistance from in-house troops.

This was tougher than you thought it would be.

“Broker R, didn't you consider any other securities? I guess mistakes like that are why you are so incompetent.” Westev laughs, but you ignore him ,and focus on your team.

“How's progress?”

“We're making moves. Converting brokers to our sides is helping, but it's a long way until the top of the tower.”

“We've got to...oh no. Redistribute Combat Ops! We've got a gunship and several troops headed our way!”
“Blast it! Everyone, take cover! I want to keep you all alive!” You issue orders quickly, and the furniture is used to create some protection against an attack. As the windows shatter, you can hear troops advancing, only to be quickly answered by gunfire on your side. The firefight has moved to your side, and your team is entrenched.

'Give me a minute...got it!” The resident tech manages to hack the enemy's network, and you can hear the feedback as their brains are subjected to damaging feedback.

“We're in control now, Westev.” As you watch on your overlay, the tower is taken with minimal casualties. Rapidly gaining speed, your takeover is nearly complete. As Westev's office is isolated and surrounded, you allow yourself a small grin-

Then see the missiles rushing in.

“GET DOW-” Your order is cut short by an explosion, turning the world white.

Your ears ring, and you slowly open your eyes to a world of smoke and ash. Your teammates are struggling to get up, and you check your display.

Long-range gunship. You set the robot after it, and start coughing.

That took a lot out of you, but it seems Westev isn't finished. Not yet.

You hoist one of your teammates up.

'take care of them. I'll take it from here.”

as they pull themselves out, you open up the overlay, which flicker, then shuts itself down due to damage.

You start to curse, but Westev's mocking laughter over the intercom cuts you short.

He's through.

You pick up a gun and stumble into the elevator, still recovering from the explosion.

As it heads up, it suddenly jolts, and the lights go off.

Westev's managed to cut the power.

You force open the door, and friendly troops nearby manage to pull you out. You croak a single word.


You force yourself up the stairs, each step painful, but you endure. 3 flights is nothing compared to what you've done so far.

And now, you're here.

Kicking open's Westev's penthouse doors, your gun rings out twice, eliminating his bodyguards.

he looks at their bodies, then back at you.

'Well, Broker R? You've got me in your sights. Are you going to shoot me, taking some petty revenge, or spare me in some attempt to be the better man?"

You've got him in your sights.

Just one pull of the finger...

What now?
Shoot him.

If we're going to say something, shoot him in the leg first then shoot him, I don't want him to get away.

Also, i've just realised that the phrase Hostile Takeover has a new meaning in the Net Gain world.

"You had your chance to redeem yourself, Doctor. But you gave it up when you went after the victim of Caldos' scheme instead of the perpetrators. You could have had your revenge. Clean, professional. Hell, I'd have helped you get it. But you bit off more than you could chew. You're no better than the enemies you've been fighting."

Pull the trigger.
also: hurry up, damn you. I was supposed to leave fifteen minutes ago to be somewhere in five minutes, but I want to know how this ends.

"You had your chance to redeem yourself, Doctor. But you gave it up when you went after the victim of Caldos' scheme instead of the perpetrators. You could have had your revenge. Clean, professional. Hell, I'd have helped you get it. But you bit off more than you could chew. You're no better than the enemies you've been fighting."

You pull the trigger.


Westev crumples to the floor, and you stare at his body for a second, before doing the same.

It's all over.

It's taken a lot out of you. The shooting, the planning, the killing. Everything seems to be fading away. If only...you....could....have....see...her.....smile....one.........last.......time..........

The world turns white.

You wake up to a steady beeping noise.

Soft bed.


You attempt to move, only to feel something stopping you.

It's Athena, holding your hand, like when you first met, resting in a chair by your bed.

“Is this heaven?” You venture the question, and she answers.

“it feels like hell, to me.”

“If so, then it's the nicest hell I've been to.”

“I'm glad you're alive.”

“I'm glad you're safe.”

the conversation is simple. No grand moments, no dramatic entries.

Just two people who have found their peace amongst the chaos of life.

And that is prize worth more than any information or asset.

This concludes the story of the Rogue Broker. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and thank you very much for playing.

-Quest End-
whew, now that that's done, questions? comments? i'll be here for a while, and i'll answer almost anything people pose to me.


haha, glad to hear it. To be honest, I wanted to try conveying their strong feelings towards each other with as little as possible, though i do wonder is a dramatic ending would have been better.
File: 1364645520786.gif-(907 KB, 150x113, 1328986630339.gif)
907 KB
907 KB GIF

Ten thousand thank yous for your support of the setting, and this awesome RP! Hit me up! I'd love to hash out another one with you.

I was expecting more professionalism and ops running, not a romace with a girl in a fish tank. And I know it was titled "ROGUE" broker quest, so I expected we'd have the option, but not that we'd be pushed to it. At least I take comfort in knowing that in the end, our corp went rogue on us, not us on them.

Also, that whole "oops I accidentally raided my own corp" is a very silly plot twist. Like, I wouldn't recognize the floorplans? Or the target profile? All the other brokers running the takeover op didn't notice either?
I think one more sentence would've been enough.
a description of how athena reacts physically, whether a gentle smile, a hasty wipe of a tear, her hand shaking with nervousness and trepidation would give it just enough energy.

It's good as it is, but out of context, there's basically no emotions there. Within context, you know that it's more than that, so it'd be good to tip off to the reader that what the emotions that they're imagining in their head are the right ones.
Well, operatives come from all over the place, not necessarily from the corporate headquarters. In addition, i tried to use redacted to convey the lack of information given. i guess I should try and be more thorough in explanations next time, and be more up front in what a quest is going to contain.
>>23957572 good point. My tiredness is no excuse for sloppy writing, so I'll keep this in mind if i ever try and pull it off again.
Sorry, that's already been lampshaded.
Six hours ago.
archived at: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/23945081/

Now, who's excited for Net Gain?

Yeah, I was asleep at the time, otherwise I'd have reacted then.

But yeah, overall, fun quest and I'd like to see more quests like it. Maybe more than a one-shot, a whole campaign would be noce.
thanks. I might do another one, but definitely not a campaign. I prefer one-shots mostly because of their accessibility and the way it puts pressure on the writer to form a coherent, active story to keep a reader's interest. Maybe someone might take the broker system I wrote up, and and expand on it for an actual campaign.

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