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File: 1364692181429.jpg-(504 KB, 1000x1016, Dulce et decorum est pro Terra mori.jpg)
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504 KB JPG
Adren has never been a hero. Probably that was the reason he joined "Anbus" - being a raider was supposed to bring quick, easy and safe coin, while back on Tartarus everyone would think that he's flipping Imperial cruisers by himself. Reality was quite different from general steretypes. Months of boredom in the warp would get interrupted only by brief encounters when a Anbus' appeared in real space to demand 'road toll' from merchants, pilgrims, undeveloped xenos or other easy prey. Most of the time he and his mates would hear about it only after it has ended, spaceship boarding is a rare and risky business, so Captain Karmag, used it only as a last resort. In his seven years of career(if you can call it so) as a space pirate, Adren only has participated in three boarding actions, two of those have ended the minute first boarding torpedoes penetrated the hull because crews simply surrendered.

However real pirate is always pirate, even when he's docked in a port. This time opportunity presented itself in a form of some rich banker that Imperial special forces were trying to get out of Tartarus. Barabus, Captains' right hand, announced, that if that guy is caught by Anbus' crew, every voidwalker who participated in the hunt will get 50 bonus thrones, while the one who actually catches the banker will win the jackpot of ten thousand. That was supposed to be an easy job, Imperials as always underestimated Tartarian pirates. Rumour was that they sent half a dozen soldiers or something like that. No one knew anything for sure, everyone heard it from someone and no one knew who that someone heard it from. When the bastards were finally located and Anbus' task force moved deeper into Tartarus, Adren with two of his friends was left to guard one of the rolley stations on the way, just in case one of the aquila-humping zealots manages to slip through the ranks.
File: 1364692302536.jpg-(36 KB, 700x449, trolley.jpg)
36 KB
For a while he resented his position, knowing that his already miniscule chance of catching banker himself fell to absolute zero, but then he relaxed - afterall he needs to do nothing but wait and there's a very good chance he'll get paid 50 thrones for nothing but smoking cigarettes with Andrew and Harf.

But then everything went wrong. With a loud explosion and thunderous shockwave ceilings in a hallway near the trolley station caved in. Debris and smoke filled the air, forcing Arden and his friends of their feet. Next thing that came was their death. Rumbling figure tore through the curtain of dust and decapitated Andrew with a single slice of his hand. Arden couln't believe it, giant didn't wield any weapon and did it only with edge of his power armoured palm. Harf screamed like a stuck pig and unloaded his lasgun, but another shadow giant appeared from the dark and with a single bolt turned Harf's torso in bloody porridge.

At that moment Arden understood, that tales his crazy grandmother back on Templos told about Angels of Death were true and his body decided that now it's a convenient time to pass out.

Renard turns to you:
>Fine strike, milord, clean kill. Transport station is secure, but we have less than a minute before they follow us down here, shall we board?
Do you think we can ambush them from this point?
Can I have an answer here?
File: 1364693183246.jpg-(299 KB, 745x613, another_space_marine_by_f(...).jpg)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Indeed you can. Sorry for the brief AFK, I had pressing IRL business aka kettle spill.

Please roll Tactics to create an ambush. Also, please specify on what you focus:
>Killzone(will wait to let them closer and kill as many as possible)
>Pinning(ambush them from afar and not let them approach)
Could I have some more description about the place we are currently inhabiting?
I thought this was Chapter Quest, not slow quest!
File: 1364693630642.jpg-(30 KB, 1031x523, map station.jpg)
30 KB
Trolley station in the space station Tartarus.

S = Staircase/lift, from these places enemies will appear.
Waggon(not sure whether it's supposed to be 2 g's) = transport that can take you to the lander deck from where you can leave the station.
X = place of your improvised entry
E = Escape point, through here you can alternatively try to leave
Alright then, Squad's current equipment and status?
File: 1364693780826.jpg-(833 KB, 1280x720, tartarus.jpg)
833 KB
833 KB JPG
My apologies, dear sir, I am a slow-typing GM. Also, there is a chat if you would care to join here:

Tartarus dossier:
File: 1364694054852.jpg-(109 KB, 766x642, squad.jpg)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
=Chapter Master=
+Power Armour (10/10 Armour, 3/3 Energy)
+Boltgun (3 spare magazines)
+Relic Plasma Pistol 'The Star of Macragge' WIELDING
+Power Gladius "Ironhaunt" (in sheath) WIELDING
+Digi-Ring "Shield" (90% chance to stop single conventional ranged attack aimed at you. Can be used only once before recharged. On finger)
+4 Frag grenades

Librarian Trianon - Force staff (Master of Telekinesis)
Shadow Guard Renard - Bolt pistol + Power Sword
Shadow Guard Horim - Bolter
Shadow Guard Sulix - Bolter
Shadow Guard Targos - Bolter
Do the lifts work both ways?
It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue
File: 1364694203351.jpg-(89 KB, 676x960, memento mori.jpg)
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+Vindicare Assassin Ceiron (target for extraction)

File: 1364694351935.jpg-(67 KB, 750x376, 1279324766453.jpg)
67 KB
Yes, naturally.

Also, let me remind you - last thread you were planning to leave the station with your shuttle from landing decks.

Meanwhile, there is a battle about to begin in the space near the Tartarus, but there is no one to warn your crew that they are about to get attacked.
Alright then, the squad will take the Waggon and depart to warn our Fleet.
We will ambush the closest Lift and take it back up to another floor.
File: 1364694673420.jpg-(366 KB, 687x1000, lonely warrior.jpg)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
Did I understood correctly?

Squad proceeds to leave the station and you venture back into the depths of Tartarus to fight a couple of thousand enemies, alone?

I'll need at least another nod or two on that one to proceed.
Well, I wasn't planning on facing them all at once...
And yes, you understood correctly.

Explain your plan a bit more before taking a vote...

Vote against suicidal lone wolf plan.

Escape as a team.
Yes please.
Before we do this let's ask Ceiron what his contingency plans were. As a professional (unlike us) he should have a bolt hole and/or extraction plan already in place.
File: 1364696413291.jpg-(172 KB, 470x801, ceiron.jpg)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>I was planning to leave the station using my disguise as a representative of one of the Tachionian financial conglomerates. I forged a few cheques and was hoping to buy a ticket to one of the Imperial worlds with a captain. That plan failed and is impossible now. I see now two realistic options, if we want to survive.
Ceiron raises two fingers, possibly trying to make it as simple as possible:
>A - we get the hell outta here as fast as we can, using the wagon and shuttle to leave the station, then we might be ust lucky enough to board our ship and escape the system before Tartarian fleet rips us apart. Or B - we find a way to warn Aspera Dominus to leave the system and we ourselves need to lose our tail somehow, then literally go underground and spend there at least a few months if not more, hoping that they will not take apart the station looking for us. Then, after heat dies down, we could try again to buy ourselves a way out of here or maybe summon one of our allies to smuggle us out. I've done this a couple of times, but last time I had to resort to this Tactic I spent three years on Scintilla until I could leave the planet. I am not sure what to do, your choice. However if we fight, we are dead, that's my professional opinion.


voting to vox Aspera Dominus and warn them we're going to be HOT on the way out, as well.
In the interest of getting things moving again I propose:

Vox Aspera Domina to be ready to extract us and that we have pirates chasing us and Ceiron and not to fire on the space station unless they act hostile first. While doing this get in the waggon and head top speed to Thunderhawk. Be ready to jump off if something like a bomb goes off. If for some reason we can't get through the Thunderhawk should have a much more powerful transmitter.

Vote if you agre
File: 1364697473241.jpg-(321 KB, 1120x1400, 1356921129937.jpg)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
Rolled 96, 60 = 156

Rolling for pirate intelligence operations(weak):

Under 15 they will block your vox transmission to Aspera Dominus.

That's enough votes.
You jump into the vagon with your squad and immediatelly start moving at top speed towards the decks.

Rolling for encounters along the way: (dice 2)
1-50 You evade everything
51-70 They send vehicles to chase you
71-90 They set up an ambush along the railway
91+ They manage to turn-off the power to the wagon, you are left stranfed on the high-rail at the mercy of enemy vehicles.
Rolled 52

Rolling for getting the hell out of Dodge
Rolled 96, 54 = 150

I just realized that you said dice 2 sorry.
Rolled 13, 16 = 29


File: 1364697970428.jpg-(332 KB, 1024x768, enforcer van.jpg)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
Rolled 1

As Dodge is for personal physical actions, you had in mind DRIVE or OPERATE, but as you have neither and rolley wagon gives massive penalties(-60), because it's on a rail(can go only where they lead). You fail.

Soon you heard loud humming noise and d5 military trucks appear out of the nearby tunnels, they start approaching your wagon.

Sorry, I meant DIE 2(second of the 2 dice), no need to roll.

nice rolls, what a shame.
Alright, we've got 12 XP at the moment, so I'll spend 10 on increasing our Psy rating and the other 2 on Electromancy or whatever that goes under.
>As Dodge is for personal physical actions
I think you misunderstood what I was saying.

Have Trianon assist us in casting Electromancy on the van.

Also once we have the electromancy power you don't invest more xp into it. You just get more psy-rating to make it better.
File: 1364698553552.jpg-(88 KB, 800x525, gun position.jpg)
88 KB
=Military truck=
Condition 60/60
Gun position: Autocannon
2 rocket launcher wielding raiders

Condition 20/20
No weaponry

They roll to attack: (3d100)
RPGx2 (under 30 to hit)
Autocannon (under 45 to hit)

You cannot roll to evade.
Trianon can try to create force dome (each 20 psychic points he will generate will allow him to deflect one attack)
Ceiron can try to snipe (under 70).
Hey hey hey.
We should be able to attack first.
I want to cast Electromancy with Trianon all over it.
What is stopping us from doing all 3 actions at once: Ceiron snipes, CM electromancy, Trianon force dome?
Ceiron snipes driver
Trianon force domes
Chapter Master electromances the whole thing
Renard and the Shadow Guard fire bolters at the exposed gunners.
File: 1364699126899.jpg-(19 KB, 127x276, psychic.jpg)
19 KB
Wow, thanks Trip! That's one reason why I am sad that I am not a native speaker - I'll never be able to write truly good books/quests in english. But now that's one more idiom I know!

Just how powerful is your electric strike supposed to be? Do you want to just burn the engine/explode the truck/fry everyone inside? Roll Psychic Rating. Also, you can't buy a new psychic rating in the middle of the combat. If you'll cast this power with success, I'll allow you to do that afterwards.

I didn't said it's not possible, you can do it.
Roll 3d100 and 4d10 for Trianon.
Shouldn't we take a psy-test for the electromancy as well as the force dome?
Rolled 1, 3, 9, 1, 9 = 23

rolling for Chapter Masters electromancy.
File: 1364699305830.jpg-(63 KB, 731x483, power.jpg)
63 KB
My bad, indeed you roll you psychic rating, as I indicated here:
>Do you want to just burn the engine/explode the truck/fry everyone inside? Roll Psychic Rating.

Describe to me what you do.
Rolled 10, 5, 2, 1 = 18

Rolling for Trianon's force barrier.
Rolled 51, 22 = 73


Shooting rolls.

Ceiron sniping driver
Shadow Guard shooting gunners

Focus on channelling the lightning through the exterior metal, the gunners should be in contact with it and thus get shocked.
File: 1364699633757.jpg-(330 KB, 887x1040, adeptus_astartes_by_fonte(...).jpg)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
Rolled 13, 96, 52 = 161

Oh boy, we get a roll on Danger of the Warp table+20!

Please roll d100

>Projectiles are too powerful milord, I can't stop any of them!

Rolling for:
1. Autocannon
2. RPG
3. RPG

Ceiron 70
Driver, penalty for armoured windows (-40), check picture
Roll fails

Shadow guard manage to kill 1 of the three gun positions, you can pick which one.

I choose to kill the autocannon gunner.
Activate out digi-ring and make sure the autocannon round hits the shield.
Rolled 38

rolling for warp dangers
let's see those tentacles!
File: 1364700781495.jpg-(58 KB, 960x639, team.jpg)
58 KB
There was a bad dream, but now it was gone. Arden was sitting back in his bunk, smoking a cigarette and enjoying peace and quiet. Then, suddenly his room started vibrating, then shaking and then it exploded into darkness, sound and speed. As he opened his eyes, he realised that he is still lying on the floor of the wagon, demi-gods around him discharging death somewhere into the tunnel, while walls and pillars whooshed past them.

Then darkness replied, a screaming rocket ripped into the tracks just meters away from the wagon, barely missing it. Then he head a thunder of autocannon and one of the giants fell down with two huge holes in his chest plate. Then, another shockwave shakes Arden, as something detonates behind them, from where the fire was coming.

On of the giants laughs out in joy:
>The bastards hit their own truck, poor fucks! I wanted to avenge Horim, but I guess this will have to do...
Arden tries to cower into the corner of the wagon, but giant notices him.
>Sir, I think we missed one when we came in. This one must have passed out or pretended to be dead. Shall I dispatch him?

He is interupted by the human-sized figure:
>Milord, your friend is still alive, maybe if we would get him to your apothecary, he could live... I know nothing about space marine medicine, but at least he breathes!


Military truck is destroyed. Horim is critical.
What do you do?
did our transmission to Aspera Domina get through?
File: 1364701060029.jpg-(45 KB, 750x335, Aspera Dominus.jpg)
45 KB
It did. Actually because of a critical failure Barabus can't get throught the vox to his ship, so space battle won't begin and you have a free reign in the vox.

>This is Copernicus, Torment of God is on standby. What are your orders, milord?
>Be ready for combat Copernicon, but do not engage unless you are attacked first.

Get Horim to go into his stasis thingy to preserve himself. We'll carry himself out of this ourselves if we must.
Warm up the guns and the engines.
Prepare the marines to board.
We will be on our way shortly. We have Ceiron but we have a group if pirates chasing us and Horim is badly wounded. Have Apothecarions standing by.

Also, locate the pirate fleet but do NOTHING YET to alert them. Their leader was unable to contact them and we still have the element of surprise.
File: 1364701681322.jpg-(328 KB, 1024x605, 1282647643682.jpg)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
>Slaves are being whipped to load the shells as we speak, sir, she will be ready for war or flight as soon as you are here.

Horim is critical, his both hearts have been damaged(primary one was outright destroyed). He is going to die before you reach lander unless you achieve 15 points of succes on Medicae test. Please roll d100.

>We have their coordinates, sir, but I have to warn you that probability of us surviving a fight with 13 vessels is equal to 6.7%
Rolled 4, 5, 3, 2, 6, 10 = 30

casting glimpse to improve medicae abilities
Also get on the vox to Klementhos and have him advise us on what to do, word for word.
Rolled 52


File: 1364701924918.jpg-(115 KB, 720x1080, 1283870721593.jpg)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Please roll d100 for perils of the warp first
File: 1364702468426.jpg-(45 KB, 303x322, [Screams Internally] - Se(...).jpg)
45 KB
If Horim is DYING then he should enter suspended animation automatically.
File: 1364702548093.jpg-(120 KB, 572x571, ddd.jpg)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>You see all the possible futures where you outright kill him, that helps a little bit.
+5 to medicae skill
That also helps a little bit, you get another +5
Medicae skill(untrained) = 23(Intel 46)
-15 penalty
+5 bonus x2
Total= 18 or less
Rolled 52

Horim coughs some blood and whispers:
>It was a good fight, today. Let me rest now. I wan...
He coughs up some more blood, you can see his second heart starting to beat a little faster through the shattered ribcage and then it stops.

Unless you can think up of something, Brother Horim is dead.

Thanks. Nothing of importance happens in current situation, or at least nothing what you would notice.
File: 1364702834523.jpg-(80 KB, 731x376, death by fire.jpg)
80 KB
if anyone rolls a crit now, I'll give you a hint what maybe could save him.
Ask Ceiron what information he has about the fleets of those who were attacking us. Which ship(s) belong to them.
Rolled 35

Take a lasgun charge pack from the dead mook 'Harf', preferably a spare, and apply it to Horim's second heart. RISE ANGEL OF DEATH, THE EMPEROR CALLS UPON YOU ONCE MORE.
>I believe sir that all of that are involved in this manhunt for me... All captains who use Tartarus as safe Haven are de facto leutenants to Daikan Alepros and his operations, I don't see why would they refuse his offer to earn some money and catch me.
Roll Medicae again, natural.
From your statement am I to assume that all the ships in the system are under the same command and that it is the same group of people as were trying to kill us?
>Command most likely is quite splintered, not coherent and beset by rivalry, but yes, when they have a common enemy, Tartarian pirates work together.
Rolled 97


I pray to slow the blood and close the wound.

Angels may fall from the skies to bring his light, just as they will rise from the ashes of death. YOU ARE HIS ANGEL OF DEATH. RISE AND CONTINUE YOUR VIGIL
File: 1364704160466.jpg-(93 KB, 800x1051, is it our future.jpg)
93 KB
As strange as it might be, your desperate efforts to reanimate Horim have some miraculous effect - his heart starts pumping blood again and he opens his mouth.
>...t to rest in my home, Europa... I miss it's beautiful lakes and Sol, shining in the sky... Please, Master...
But you smile at him and say:
>Don't worry, everything will be alright, old comrade. We have you under control, just keep pumping that blood and we'll fix you right up. I haven't given the order to die for you, did I?
>...yes, sir. Europa, sir. It's beautiful. I did not get an order. I will...
Suddenly, wagon turns and Horim moves a little bit, his heart starts pumping blood out into the air. You do your best to stop it, but it's all in vain. Brother Horim draws air through his bloody lips and then slowly releases his last breath:
So I am all for taking revenge on the pirates and propose the following:

Fake minor engine troubles to allow Aspera Domina to get close in system to pick us up. Broadcast unencrypted "status reports" to make it believable. We get on board and prepare for battle with Horim going to the medicae facilities. Casually drift as close to the pirates as we think we can reasonably do without arousing suspicion.

Cruiser 1: Preferably the one farthest away. Send a cyclonic torpedo. I know it is intended for planets but if it can do massive damage to a planet it should really screw over a mere cruiser.

Cruiser 2: closest. All space marines on board with boarding torpedoes.

Cruiser 3: Aspera Domina rapes.

All smaller vessels: Broadcast "Your commanders have chosen to attack the Ghosts of Retribution, the Emperor's Angels of Death, without provocation and have killed one of our number. We therefore bring His Justice upon you for your audacity. But we are merciful. We will only destroy the 3 cruisers of your fleet. Any smaller vessels that do not engage us will be allowed to go free. Any saviour pods escaping from ships will be allowed to go free. We are merciful. The Emperor Protects."

Let's see if any of them have the balls to attack a battle barge when their command structure is in shambles.
File: 1364705083382.jpg-(891 KB, 1000x708, 5bb1320db65801446d0238d65(...).jpg)
891 KB
891 KB JPG
You safely reach decks, kill those few pirates who resist and leave Tartarus, reaching Aspera Dominus.

Congratulations, you gain 2 xp points for this session.

Shall we end it or do you want to do something else? it's 6 am here.
File: 1364705293504.jpg-(62 KB, 500x376, I give a fuck, nevermore.jpg)
62 KB
Yeah put Horim in the Dreadnought Sarcophagus.

But I guess we can do that at the start of next session, don't let me forget.

Thanks Skargan, have a pic of Corvus Corax in his most diabolical disguise.
Rolled 26


Trianon inspects the pirate for warp taint.

We then let the pirate live to spread word of how his friends died.
Night guys, we will resolve this... tomorrow maybe? Or sometime this week. Night!
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