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So, /tg/, a couple of days ago, some guy wanted to know about creating RPGs from scratch. He claimed it was because he wanted to create an RPG but didn't want to learn Palladium. A bit annoyed by this, I decided to go and get the game.

So! I went out and bought (for $2 btw, if that anon is listening) the Macross II RPG Core Rulebook. Aside from it (at least in my opinion) feeling like a rules clusterfuck and the writer coming off as an unlikeable douche at times (whether he was trying to or not), I thought it was an interesting system, but ultimately not something I was 100% sold on. I will be playing it this week however so my opinion could change.

So, if that anon doesn't mind, I'd like to try and develop my own, separate Macross RPG. The first thing I figured I'd do was come back here and determine how much of an interest there is in such a thing to begin with. As my experience only extends to a few tabletops and I want to properly work on something of this scale/complexity, I thought I'd come and ask you guys.
i'm certainly interested. i think i remember that thread where the guy didnt want to buy palladmium.
Good to see someone is. Does anyone have experience with games that allow more than one minor action? How are those usually handled?

M2 seems to use this concept of melee rounds where characters can do a number of actions in a certain round. I think I'll be attributing certain actions as minor actions and allowing a player two minor actions per round, but inability to use the same action twice in a single round unless stated. That way, small arms like the head beam cannons can be fired without much preparation and can be fired simultaneously as you perform other actions like move or transform. I think reaction actions might be a good addition as well.
bump for interest
Nice to see someone else is, I suppose.

A few points I'd like to accomplish/keep along the course of development.

--I'm under the impression that the Palldium M2 RPG is played in a "theater of the mind". So I want to keep that first and foremost. I suppose I'll figure out some way to keep track of relative speeds. Unless you have a better suggestion?

--Keeping the idea that valks and other vehicles have body parts that can be attacked individually (and they have separate armor points and can be destroyed) but I'm thinking of lowering the number of possibly targeted parts as well as making certain parts only targeted in specific forms.

--Maybe some form of career/class system for specific combat roles

--Perhaps some system for purchasing upgrades/exchanging variable fighter parts/weapons for new ones.

--Last order of business would probably be race selection for chargen. Human, Zentradi/Meltrandi, Half-Zentran/Meltran, Zolan, most likely.
What kind of classes or valkyrie selection are we looking at?
Well, to be honest, I'm not sure yet. For valk selection, its going to start with relatively late valks in terms of development due to it being post-Frontier, but I haven't really decided a timescale quite yet. Hell, I haven't even decided on a name yet!

Since I seem to have gotten quite the muted response, I'm thinking about what I'll have to do now. Obviously the first thing to do would be to create some sort of playtest packet which will require me to get at least an idea of the proper statting for Humans, a single class, a single valkyrie for them to pilot, and a basic enemy or two.

I suppose it doesn't hurt to use the usual 10 for average attributes, 7 and lower for bad attributes and 13 and higher for great attributes system. Just got to decide which stats are which now I suppose...
So this is the idea for now unless I find a need to change it.

Melee Skill - How skilled you are at fighting unarmed or with melee weapons (probably a check for accuracy of melee attacks)
Firearms Skill - How skilled you are at accurately firing firearms (probably a check for accuracy of firearms)
Piloting Skill - How skilled you are at piloting or driving vehicles from cars to valkyries.

Strength - Physical strength. How much you can lift/wear/pull/push/carry. Also adds damage to melee attacks.
Endurance - Resilience to physical damage and piloting strain.
Dexterity - Ability to move quickly/quietly and how well you can dodge.
Intelligence - Ability to manipulate complex objects/interact with electronics/how well you can maintain ECM or ECCM and leverage it to your advantage
Charisma - Ability to influence others/possibly for a future Spiritia-based class.

The next step would probably to have a variable fighter stat list...

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