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Welcome back, after an extended absence, to HIVE FLEET QUEST!!!
Last time: We were engaging the Tau forces on a jungle world and discovered they had an under ground base, possibly digging up artifacts. Our attempts to foil them went poorly, however, as the Dice Gods looked down upon our rolls and determined that they would suck. The Tau are currently preparing to engage us in a space battle, perhaps a little too over confidently. How shall we prepare?
Last thread:
What are their numbers?
What are our numbers?
We are safely more numerous than they are, our fleet in the mid 100,000s while they are merely high 10,000s.
Back off.
They are Tau niggas.
encircle their fleet to attack on all sides
A good idea. Roll 1d100s for result. Average of first 5 rolls are used. 100s = instant successes, 0s = instant failures.
Rolled 31

Rolled 3

swarm them
Rolled 92


Bitch please
Rolled 33

Rolled 81

average is going to be bad because of 3
Average: 48
Who ever is the Air Caste member in charge of the Tau fleet seems to be well experienced. The Tau forced for saw our attempts and set many of their most powerful ships on the flanks, allowing them to gun down many of our ships as we attempted to encircle them. Our superior numbers do mean we are slowly gaining ground, but it will take a long time to fully encircle them, by which point the Tau will have attempted something else.
How shall we react?
What ship looks the most fancy?
In the center of the Tau fleet rests a Flag ship, a large well armed and over decorated Tau craft. It seems strangely undefended, most of the best ships defending the flanks. However, attacking it would mean charging straight into the center of their lines.
Attack flag ship in center use the opening created to wipe out the rest of the fleet. If we already have them encircled then doing this will isolate the remander ships from each other crushing support.

It may be a ruse, send a very small force to try and board the vessel. We don't want to commit large numbers into what is likely the firing lane of a powerful weapon...
File: 1364949339344.jpg-(157 KB, 900x623, 1347200550656.jpg)
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Boarding operation then? If there are no objections we shall go with this option. Of course, what forces shall be used to board with? Maybe send the Deep One in, our immortal Genestealer?
Alright then. 1d100 +20 for use of Deep One.
Rolled 58 + 20


Teach them that the hive is not to be reckoned with.
Feel free to fill out the other rolls if others aren't posting.
Rolled 90 + 20

Rolled 1 + 20

last one then
Aaaaaaaaaand thats an insta fail.
As our boarding pods approach, they are suddenly shot out of the sky by... seemingly nothing. Pulse and rial fire coming out of no where. Deep One has survived, as he always does, but is lost in space for now and is unavailable for use. Meanwhile, various other sections of our fleet are reporting similar events, Tau fire coming out of empty space. They are slowly turning the tides.
How shall we confront this new threat?
You're a terrible person
Wait a second.
That can't be an insta-fail.
That's a 21.
Natural 1's are insta fails. Just like D&D modifiers can't save you. Luckily Deep One is Immortal.
File: 1364951230606.jpg-(44 KB, 387x375, 1308499781339.jpg)
44 KB
It's 1+20.
I don't see how that's a 1.
If the base roll is a one, it instant fails. Modifiers do not change this. 1's will always fail no matter what.
Is that the same with 100s then?
Just insta-wins?
Yes same thing. You could get a 2, 3, 4, 5, and a 100 and it would be a win.
Sorry if there was confusion.
Just massive amounts of disappointment.
Why? We've gotten plenty of 1's before. Last thread we had terrible luck.
Anyways, we must still react to the new weapon the Tau seem to have. How to counter shots from empty space though?
bump. Apparently some people lost interest. Hope we can pick a few up.
Alright gonna archive this. Hope we can draw more interest for future threads.
Blanket the areas where the fire is coming from with fire and exploding spore mines/deeps space equivalent.
Can we still attack the flagship?
If we can, we should sand some spores to deep strike.
Blind shooting?
That the best we can do right now
File: 1365012045933.jpg-(75 KB, 757x563, bump_sign_W8-1_large.jpg)
75 KB
We can still go for an attack on the flag ship, though considering the shots from nowhere, we don't know how defended it is now.
File: 1365037200210.jpg-(405 KB, 1280x960, 1347204239859.jpg)
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405 KB JPG
Self bump
This thread is still up?
Anyway, shoot at the flagship. It is the best bet we have
Don't shoot the flagship. The shots can't come from nowhere, there are most likely hidden ships or weapon platforms. Or some weird kind of teleportating ammunition.
Do this to some of the spots. If it stops them from shooting attack the rest.
That's still blind shooting, but it is the best we can get, unless we can someway (warp powers?) find them
I never implied it wasn't blind shooting. Now that you mention it though, it is aimed shooting at certain spots in space. Blind shooting would be if we had nothing to aim at.
op, where are you?
Worry not for I have returned. I had to sleep after all.
Now can we get a concrete plan on what to do yet?
File: 1365120782132.jpg-(722 KB, 2560x2370, 1347199392780.jpg)
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