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Prior threads:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/23814785/

Discussion here:

You are a human-form gargoyle crafted of marble set to protect a small town on the frontier of the wild darkness. Your people are still ignorant of what you are, and rightfully so.

Knowledge of what you are would simply prove that they fear you or the monsters among them tempt your destruction.

Last night: You arranged to have a favor for a later point in time from Lady Manse.

Flying from your church, you patrol the town in a wide half-circle, finding little of concern.

Heading North to the corpse of the Troll from your second night, you find that everything that its presence killed has sprouted into an overly verdant strip of land.

Something in you wonders if you shouldn't have killed it, however you finally decide that it was indeed a threat to the village at the time.

Standing upon a nearby stone, you meditate, entering your inner world to fight th many demons that have been affecting you as of late.

The Lord Wendigo proves too powerful for you alone.

Beseeching the other souls within you for assistance, you attain the aid of the Troll, the Werewolf known as Alpha, and even the Banshee known as Cari.

With their aid, you squash the rebellion of the demons and find out that the ring you had attained from Lady Manse is in fact, or by the demon's word, the Seal of Solomon.

Returning to the physical world, you have a promise to keep with Alpha. Protect the wolves of the land..

Awaken Gargoyle, the night is dark.
Many names swim around in your mind from latent knowledge that you've taken in, however no clear names come to mind.

You give up on naming the Troll for now. It isn't all that much of a talker anyway... It's fine this way.

You tap into the realm of Fae after dismissing the Troll.

You had cast the two humans into the realm of the Demon within you, so the Banshee should be happy now... You should find her name as well.

'Oh, hello there. You're paying attention to me? How silly, especially after you've eaten me. At the very least, I was your first.'

'Yes. Yes, you were my first.'

'And you admit it. Well. What do you want?'

'What is your name? I am the Angel of Hearthson.'

'The name of your first is Cari. Do well not to forget it. Anything else you'd ask of me? Oh, and don't forget to protect the children. That poor girl...'
"Yes, well. You were at the Graveyard when I.."

"Ate me? Yes..."

"What were you doing in the graveyard, and before that night?"

"Ah, I had just awoken that evening. I was.. Well, visiting my children. They passed away long ago. Oh... my children..." The banshee goes silent. It seems she doesn't want to speak anymore.

She truly doesn't seem to be all there...

You hear a distant howl and the Grove of the Troll's body is quiet, though vibrant with life.

Where will you go to now?
Opening your wings in the dark of the night in the Grove of the Troll, you take flight, conjuring a Tailwind to head East, Southeast.

In good time, you clear across the lake's gentle moonlit waters and stream yourself into the thick wood upon the other side.

You sense a pack of wolves roaming abound. With a push, you head toward the pack, finding yourself going farther than you initially expected by the range.

Upon your approach by air, the pack of wolves scatter, hiding far and beneath whatever brush they could find.

They seem to remember you... And what you did to two of them a few nights ago...
You look within for a moment and call to Alpha.

"The wolves fear you..." He growls out," You ripped one of my kin inside out..."

"I suppose I did.."

"I see little way of gaining their trust. Even an offering of flesh would not be trusted for fear of poison. . . This will not work. There's only one thing that I can think of."

"And that is?"

"You need to change into a wolf and let me howl to them. From afar, they will believe their Alpha lives after all."

"I cannot do that right now."

"I will wait. However you will not let harm come to them or my cooperation is through. Same goes for the Troll. Tell the priest to convince the humans not to poison or hunt them and I will be satisfied."

"Instead, you could offer them the corpses of humans. They will respect that."
"Very well, I shall relay your message to the priest of the town come the morn. If all goes well, they will not hunt your kin."

The werewolf growls to you within your mind," This is not enough monster. If a wolf is harmed by your people, our deal is off. I will allow it, though I have warned you."

The thoughts of the feral spirit slip away as it seems he's done speaking with you.

Well, not much for that then.. You feel like you may be walking on thin ice with the Werewolf. He will rebel if more wolves are harmed..

In the thick summer woods with crickets chirping about in the night and that would-be predators, the wolves, watching you carefully from their brush, you contact the Banshee within you.

'Cari? You there?'

'Why yesss, I am.. Are the children well? I feel... as though there's one crying right now..'

'I.. I do not understand what you mean.. But, I was curious if you knew of any... Fae that might enter the dreams of humans?'

'Fae entering dreams? I'm very sorry. I know little of other Fae. My life was only for my children and the death of those loved.. I wish I could help you... Oh.. please... the child is crying...'
'Which child is it that cries? Can you find where?'

Cari wails inside of your being,'Alas, I know not of where this poor child is...
The poor thing... Help the child, please help the child.' She begins to cry and her voice fades out.

You suddenly feel very strange... as if water should well up in your eyes and stream down your face...
A painful feeling that makes you want to roar out into the night.

Not even being broken hurts like this.

'Cari, what... What is this.'

Her voice comes back screaming, 'HELP THE CHILD! HELP THE CHILD NOW!'

She screams into your mind over and over again until you yourself begin screaming into the night.
You manage to suppress the burgeoning feeling that's been applied to your mind. You still hear Cari screaming her command over and over again, yet you retain your composure.

The only children you know of in the area are those of Hearthson, and you were heading back to your village anyway.

Opening your wings and conjuring a tailwind, you take flight and make it back double-time.

During your flight over the lake, you notice Genn sitting upon one of her rocks, combing moss out of her hair once more, she looks up at you and gives you a meek wave.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back in Hearthson, Cari has taken to a quiet muttering of "Children, help, and death."

She seems to be at least marginally satisfied with you being back within the limits of the town, however you do not see any inherent disturbances.
Neither the guard nor the households seem to show anything different. Just what is she going on about?
Well since Molly is the only child we know about and she keeps going on about children we might as well check up on Molly.
Okay, just did that recap there. Sorry about the last few sessions being so short, bad times of day and I know most people that follow this find that it's like, really late into the night. Much lather than I at least.

I know today is a better day so let's see how this goes!
Let's go see Molly.
03:25 a.m.
Sunrise at 6:13 a.m.

Within Hearthson, the light of the moon filtering through light clouds, you sense that the town is at peace, no monsters seem to be lurking about.

Even Cari has become quiet within your mind, her muttering having stopped.


'The child... The child cries no more.'

She goes silent.

The town's nightwatch still seems a tad on edge, and you sense little activity from the homes.

You decide that it's about time to check up on Molly once more, seeking out her house in the darkness of the night.

At her window, you feel that the girl is sleeping soundly, nothing too strange.

Something within you feels warm as you regard the child.

>[] Knock upon her window to wake her.
>[] Check upon her Father.
>[] Visit the burnt church.
>[] Seek out Lady Manse.
>[] Work in the wood.
>[] (Other)
[X] Check upon her Father.

Man not a lot of time to investigate before sunrise. We might have to wake up Molly after checking up on the dad to find out what may be happening from the source.
>>[] Check upon her Father.
Tell him about the wolves.
I thought that said 'the' father. Not 'her' father.

I wanted to tell Clegane about the wolves.

Clegane needs to sleep sometime, you can speak to him during the day.
In that case we might as well peek in on Molly's dad.

Maybe the thing that's tormenting her assuming it's not just her mom being dead is still hanging around.
With the girl sleeping soundly, you find that it would be prudent to investigate further. You haven't seen Molly's dad beyond the first day that you truly awoke.

Perhaps his sleeping habits may yield a clue as to what's been bothering Molly.

You sense that the man is awake as you move around the house, his bedroom also happens to be first floor despite the house being a two-floor.

Seeking out a window to peer in, you find that Molly's dad is actually sitting up, and asleep right next to a recently heated forge..

The man must work into the night...

You see that his body indeed has the strength and tension of a smith.

How curious, Molly's father is this town's Blacksmith? That would explain why her house is in the town square.

You see that his brow seems furrowed within his sleep, as though something is troubling him, however aside from that, his sleep is peaceful.

There don't... seem to be any inherent disturbances...

03:35 a.m
Sunrise at 6:13 a.m.

>[] Patrol the Town.
>[] Visit Alice in the Church.
>[] Visit Genn in the lake.
>[] Cut down trees for the village.
>[] Patrol.
>[] Meditate at the church until dawn.
>[] (Other)
Just continue the patrol until early morning at which point speak with priest clegne.

While doing so ask the following to the wendigo lord:
can we or the others (wolf, banshee, & troll) renege on our agreements? if so can we make bindable agreements that cannot be reneged on (devil style)? what did he mean by serve us for now? how could he be released? how can we prevent him from being released? Is having inner domains such as these normal for demons? Can we fully breakdown and absorb a soul? If so, what would be the repercussions? Are souls that serve us thanks to a deal we struck with them in any way more useful then those whose will has been broken? (for example, in terms of cooperating with us against newly taken in souls).
Smells like dreamworld buggery.

We should get that ability that let's us visit people's dreams.

But now let's just patrol
[X] Patrol the Town.
Let's see what's up since we lost control.
My this is slow tonight
You call upon the Wendigo Lord from deep within as you lose sight of your surroundings.

'Servant, I have questions for you.'

'Yes Friend? What is it?" The cold, hungry demon replies solemnly within your soul.

'I have questions that demand answers.'

'Ask away. I will answer.'

'I have made agreements with the other creatures I have consumed. May I go back upon my word?'

'My friend, once you make a promise, you can go back upon it or not as you wish.'

'I see. Can I make contractable arrangements that cannot be reneged?'

'Yes, you may.'

'I see. What did you mean that you'd serve me for now?'

The Frosty demon laughs at that," You may have made me bend a knee, so to speak, friend... However If I see a moment of weakness, I will take it. The other monsters within you keep me suppressed.. But what would happen, should they decide they have no need of you? My friend, you would do well to tread carefully, or find means to release me. I will not hesitate to take your body for my own...'

'Is there a way to release you?'

'None that I have knowledge of. First time being eaten by one of your kind.'

'Do other demons have inner domains such as this?'

'No. Demons such as myself possess errant, sinful humans that draw our attention. You have been bound, and brainwashed by what I sense is magic of those disgusting Fae. Should you free me and return me to flesh, perhaps we could work out an arrangement to retrieve that ring for the Major demons of Hell? Share credit, one for one, eh friend?' The lord demon laughs once more, its voice rings hollow within you.'

'Can I break you down completely?'

'I don't know you well enough. That would imply becoming one, as so many lesser demons tried long ago with being some boring thing they called 'legion.' It's a tripe. . . It'd be a battle of wills to see which of us is the dominant... Attempt it if you wish...' You feel cold for a moment at that. That may be a risky move...
'One last question, A broken soul versus one that I've made a deal with. . . Which is more useful? Such as the process of binding new souls.'

'You have shown that with the combined might of your other prey, you are more powerful than I.

I will not assist you, should you consume more. My power is yours, what I know is yours. But my ego... Rallying your 'forces' was a minor setback.'
The demon growls, 'Is that all, my friend?'

Any more questions for the Wendigo Lord?

It is old, as any demon is. However it's knowledge is not infinite.

>[]Ask more questions (write in)
>[] Patrol the town(Rest of night or until encounter.)
>[] Speak to Molly.
>[] Visit Alice.(5 minute flight)
>[] Collect resources.(Till morning)
>[] Head to the Western Mountains. (1 hour flight)
>[] (Other)

3:45 a.m
SR 6:13

I blame it on the small hiatus.

Sounds risky. We'd probably be better off keeping our soul-alliance in order until we're strong enough to firmly crush the Wendigo in its entirety.

[X] Patrol

What does collecting resources entail?

If not, we should speak to Molly before patrolling again. I want to deal with her problem.
>[] Patrol the town(Rest of night or until encounter.)

your current and most outstanding choices are to collect wood or meat. stone may also work, however the closest source of stone is the mountain.
Could we become legion with the lesser wendigos?
we r leejun

I'd rather no, though. Seems like the process would give us some wendigo negatives. Like that aura of cannibalism. Which would be fucking terrible.
How would breaking down their wills give us the negative traits? Unless OP says we have to, I am not going to assume that. I will assume it will destroy the Wendigo's will so that they can't rise up and make us dig for 24 hours.

We got some really useful answers here.

>I will not assist you, should you consume more. My power is yours, what I know is yours. But my ego...
The bonuses we got from having allies working with us will be lost if we just broke the will of everyone. So we should maintain those alliances and make more in the future.

>'My friend, once you make a promise, you can go back upon it or not as you wish.'
>'I see. Can I make contractable arrangements that cannot be reneged?'
>'Yes, you may.'
Very useful to know. Also ask him how one makes such a binding agreement.

>'Can I break you down completely?'
I was actually thinking in general rather then him specifically. For example, perhaps the soul of the mayor.
However, if it causes merging of personalities that is... concerning.
But this isn't about their wills. The negative traits are intrinsic to their beings.
>'I don't know you well enough. That would imply becoming one, as so many lesser demons tried long ago with being some boring thing they called 'legion.' It's a tripe. . . It'd be a battle of wills to see which of us is the dominant... Attempt it if you wish...'

It isn't about their wills huh?
Negative traits aren't about wills.

Who has the dominant personality is about wills.

A demon of famine doesn't stop making the people around it want to eat eachother just because you gave it braindamage.
I might also add that if breaking the will of a soul allows us to remove all of it's negative traits, then it would be advantageous to slaughter hundreds of weak things.

Which would be boring.
Nowhere is it implied that this is about negative traits.

As to the point you are trying to make: Is it better to let the demon rampage or have it sit in the field and be retarded?
So its better for us to become overwhelmed and become a Wendigo?
Regardless, this issue of fully breaking down souls isn't going to be resolved anytime soon.

In the meanwhile we do have a consensus to continue patrolling and talk to father clenge in the morning. And nobody expressed opposition to asking how to making binding agreements.
From the house of the blacksmith, and Molly, you open your wings and take flight into the night sky, setting yourself to patrol, contemplating what the Lord Wendigo had told you.

The quiet of the town seems almost abnormal as compared to your other nights.

You ponder for a moment what could possibly have made the creatures of the night wary... perhaps they have taken note of your presence, or perhaps you simply have a convenient nigh off?

Either way, you feel the pressure on your being lightened as the aid of the Troll, Alpha, and Cari seem to have done well to quiet the Lord Wendigo's influence. Your mind is clear and the night smells fresh.

The moonlight leaking through the clouds grants you vigor and you are pleased to know that the children sleep safely, despite Cari's earlier state of alarm.

Simply... What could go wrong tonight?

Your patrol drones on and you eventually return to your pedestal, at its new location within the church.

As you arrive, you sense that Alice is just waking up as the sun lightens the sky.

She's rousing within the other room, and you've taken your pose upon the pedestal after stashing your equipment within the floorboards of the church behind it.

You slowly lose your mobility as the night ends, and you see Alice creep out of her makeshift room.

Will you say anything to her?

>[] Speak to Alice(Write in)
>[] Remain Silent.

(brb in a half hour gotta do somethin')
Remain silent for now
I don't see a particular need to talk to her, so

[X] Remain Silent.
>Nowhere is it implied that this is about negative traits.
Simply taking the souls into our inner world, not even subjugating them, opens the possibility for their negative traits to manifest.
Legion proposes merging completely.

If that doesn't imply bad things then I don't know what does.

>So its better for us to become overwhelmed and become a Wendigo?
That makes no sense as a reply to that post.

If winning a battle of wills allows us to reform the very nature of a soul and remove all negatives, then taking many weak souls and subjugating them would allow us to reach higher power than taking a couple powerful souls, purely because we couldn't control them.
Even if the total power of the group of weak souls was lower than the few strong, it would still be better because they would be pure positive traits as opposed to having some truly awful negatives.
Which would be bad system design, and I think that Mason has put that much thought into his quest.

On top of that, it's not a Legion him or get taken over situation right now.

We could also cast him out entirely or make deals with other souls to keep him down. We know how to both of those just about as well as the Legion.
And we don't fully know what Legion entails.
Does it eliminate negative traits? Is it harder than the other options? Are there benefits we haven't been told?
>[] Remain Silent.
Just stay quiet. Not like we have anything to say anyway.
I notice that you guys don't seem really inclined to speak with anyone but Father Clegane, even when it comes to other friendly or indifferent supernaturals.

I don't think you folks have spoken to Alice since that first encounter..
We don't really have anything to talk to her about. And she seemed to not want anything to do with us.

Father Clegane has indirectly told you that she knows of the local Fae, despite being human. Locations of toadstool rings may change from night to night.

Further, as a Fae witch she can assist in your Fa aspect.
Cari seems to be the most under control though. It's not like we weren't planning to help Molly before.

And she's already helping the ghost kid, so why would we need the locations of the fairy rings? Not like we were going to go destroy them and eat the fae unless they were causing problems.
...Oh, she can do that?

Well, in that case,
[X] "Alice. I would like to speak to you, concerning something of the Fae that comprises me. Would you be available to talking?"

Or something like that.
Not the guy you are talking to but can we ask her if she can detect Fae they may inhabit dreams/the mind. You know for the Molly thing? Might as well start somewhere.
>Would you be available to talking?

Talking what? It seems like something is missing there. Talking to the Cari? Sure why not if it can get us along in this quest.
You remain silent as the woman in rags leaves her room, gingerly walking toward the aisle of the church, careful not to touch any creaking boards.

She sees your day-time form and locks up for a moment, staring at you with large blue eyes, as though she's a doe caught by thunder.

"Ah... so... You're inside now... I don't know if you can.. Um... Hear me... But have a nice night, er.. umm.. Sleep... during the day, I mean.. " The young woman fiddles with her fingers nervously before you, perhaps less nervous as you're inanimate.

"I can, and I will, Alice."

Your unearthly voice makes the woman shiver a moment, and giggle in her apprehension.
"W-wow, I didn't think... You can still hear and speak, huh?"

"Indeed. And I would like to speak to you concerning the Fae."

Alice drops her hands and stares at you somewhat vacantly, "What... What is it that you would like to know?"

"Well, I would first like to know if you can detect Fae. A girl within the village seems to be having trouble sleeping. Is there a fae that inhabits dreams? Turning them into nightmares, perhaps?"

"I see, well... There are some Fae that prefer to come out only in the night. I am more inclined to play with the ones of the dawn, day and dusk. The Unseelie Fae aren't quite my area of expertise...

Though, I have heard that servants of Queen Mab will travel through the dreams of humans, observing the ones that they especially like.

The Sandman's presence is not oft known as his helpers sweep through towns lightly.. Yet the dreams that they grant are usually good..."

Alice puts her hand to her mouth as she thinks deeply on the matter.

"I have heard rumors of Bogeymen... However they are hardly considered Fae as they act much more like demons... I'm sorry I can't be of more help... Anything else?"

"Well, I had also wondered if you could assist with my Fae aspect. The sense in my mind is Fae, and it holds my demonic soul in check... Father Celegane has told me that you may be able to assist..."
Ask the wendigo lord HOW to make binding contracts that cannot be reneged on (he said doing so is within our power; and that the current agreements we have are not binding)

Lets talk to Alice.

1. She is still fearful of us so we should clarify that we consider someone a monster based on their behavior not their abilities. Using magics is not going to make us go after her, making human sacrifice will.
2. Ask to discuss what we know about gargoyles, explain about your mind being a fae construct layered on top of a demon soul and a primal body. Ask if she knows anything about that.
3. Which fae does she know is this area? Any hostile or predatory ones she knows about? Any friendly ones we shouldn't harm?
4. Can she help us boost our fae aspect perhaps?
5. Does she know of any fae who pray on people's dreams.
6. The banshee we consumed is now no longer raging and wants us to protect children, something we want too (she might find this interesting).

Also, I just remembered that fae + primal magic synergize into magics of binding spirits. This might be useful for us...
Alice appears surprised at that request," Oh, you have Fae in your make? Here I had thought that you'd eaten one... I feel it in you..."

"Well, there is a Banshee within me named Cari.. She has agreed to assist me so long as I protect children. As it is a part of my duty, I am not inconvenienced."

Alice spins around and lands herself into one of the pews to take a seat. She flips herself so she hangs slightly over the side so that she's looking at the ground, Her fare slender hands drawing circles in the wood with her hands. She mumbles," I see, so that's where she went.. At least she's doing okay... I used to talk to Cari some nights when she would come out.. After she collected the remaining life from one of the dead villagers.

She's not been dead for long. . . She's a really nice woman.." Alice smiles like a child as she stares at the ground from her casual position.

"I could help you with control, I suppose. Though my Fae magic is better with talking to trees, making faerie rings, and the like... I've tried glamouring people before, but I don't like it... Though I suppose something similar might work on you."

Alice gets herself up and walks on out of the church, while doing so, she calls back to you," I need to ask some hypotheticals. I'll see you tonight if you're still interested, demon."

And with that, Alice is gone.
Well, that went well...

I think it's time to let our mind rest a bit, but try to keep some taps on our surroundings while we rest
Time passes and no one stops by the church until Noon. The passerby happens to be Pastor Clegane.

"Hello there, Gargoyle."

"Good day, Caretaker."

"The roof keeping Pigeon-shit off of you?"

"Yes. It is quite nice."

"I figure I should tell you the fallout..." The pastor gets to some gentle cleaning, tidying and general maintenance that this old church could've used...

"With the Assistance of Lady Manse, I have convinced the townspeople that the Mayor and his wife, Pearl, were both attacked and slain by witchhunters. Not entirely far from the truth... Lady Manse has supported my claim and declared that the witchunters murdered the couple unustly. There is a bounty our for the hunters that no one is taking on. Which indeed is well enough as there are no witchunters in the first place..." The Father laughs a bit, his hearty vigor carrying itself through his voice and throughout the chamber. "Then again, we are in our own right."

An hour passes in silence and the Pastor finishes all the cleaning he can take care of at this point.

Well Gargoyle, anything to ask me?

>[] Speak to him. (Write in)
>[] Questions. (Write in)
>[] Remain silent.

(Topics of note, Lady Manse, Alice, Fae, The Pastor's Magic, That Ring.)

(Oh, and the ceasefire on Wolves.)
We have to talk about the ceasefire with wolves. If he asks why just let him know about what went down with the Wendigo Lord and the deal you made with the werewolf spirit.
Right, so, the important things to bring up are the deal with the werewolf and the attendant obligations on the human population, and the ring and Lady Manse.

I think discussing the deal first is best, particularly the feasibility of the arrangement and how the Angel may assist in ensuring the good relationship between the wolves and Hearthson.

Then the Ring, and what we know of it. I recall the Pastor was uncomfortable during the handing of the ring to the Lady, which may signify that the Pastor already knows of the Ring and its powers, and possibly as well as suspicions upon the Lady's nature that warn against the Lady's possession of the Ring.

You can include more than one thing in conversation.

Though the wolf thing may require some convincing.
"The only thing keeping be from getting taken over by a horde of wendigos are the other souls inside me. 2/3 of them will rebel if the wolf deal doesn't go down."
Getting late, and I know it's crazy late for some people.

Taking the night off, gonna be backSunday at 7:00 p.m. Pacific time.
2200 Server time.

Hope to see you guys then!
Good night Stone Mason
Rolled 44

As I believe you mean this sunday: bunp
So... did you mean this sunday (hopeful bump)


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