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Wiki here:

Prior threads:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/23814785/

Discussion here:

You are a human-form gargoyle crafted of marble set to protect a small town on the frontier of the wild darkness. Your people are still ignorant of what you are, and rightfully so.

Knowledge of what you are would simply prove that they fear you or the monsters among them tempt your destruction.

Last night:

You quizzed the Wendigo further on what circumstances you can apply to your inner domains. The demon suggested strongly that it would seek to take over should its current "bindings" become too weak. The Wendigo Lord's influence over you is completely shut out by your other souls.

No creatures of note attacked the town the previous night, and you are currently listening away the day within the church. You have spoken to Alice of your "Fae" mind and asked her of Fae that interfere with dreams.

She spoke knowledge of a few of the unseelie fae that tend to be active at night. Mentioning the servants of Queen Mab, the sandman, and the bogeyman...

As to strengthening your Fae- power, she has stated that she must speak to others of hypothetical questions. She seems rather more willing to help.

Awaken Gargoyle, The night is dark.
Time passes and no one stops by the church until Noon. The passerby happens to be Pastor Clegane.

"Hello there, Gargoyle."

"Good day, Caretaker."

"The roof keeping Pigeon-shit off of you?"

"Yes. It is quite nice."

"I figure I should tell you the fallout..." The pastor gets to some gentle cleaning, tidying and general maintenance that this old church could've used...

"With the Assistance of Lady Manse, I have convinced the townspeople that the Mayor and his wife, Pearl, were both attacked and slain by witchhunters. Not entirely far from the truth... Lady Manse has supported my claim and declared that the witchunters murdered the couple unustly. There is a bounty our for the hunters that no one is taking on. Which indeed is well enough as there are no witchunters in the first place..." The Father laughs a bit, his hearty vigor carrying itself through his voice and throughout the chamber. "Then again, we are in our own right."

An hour passes in silence and the Pastor finishes all the cleaning he can take care of at this point.

Well Gargoyle, anything to ask me?

>[] Speak to him. (Write in)
>[] Questions. (Write in)
>[] Remain silent.
>[] Remain silent.
Let us wait for nightfall.
Might as well talk about making a ceasefire with the wolves since we have his attention.
I don't really care when we do it as long if we do it.
oh yes the wolves. we should mention them

Almost forgot.

(Topics of note, Lady Manse, Alice, Fae, The Pastor's Magic, That Ring.)
Yeah something is missing there. Meant to say I don't care when we talk about the wolves just as long as we do it. I just kinda went on repeat mode I guess.

Might as well point out the potential problem with Alice as well just so he can keep an eye out for her.
File: 1365994415296.png-(62 KB, 1000x655, Gargoyle Magic Tree.png)
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What problem with Alice?
Fuck I'm really off my game today so I'm just not gonna post anything for 30 minutes so maybe these typos will stop for a bit. Meant Molly.
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"Father, I have an important request to make." Your voice whispers out into the air of the old Church, absorbed into the rough, exposed and unfinished wood of the pews and the walls. This place, even with the other destroyed hasn't had a good frequency of maintenance as of yet.

"What is it Gargoyle?" Father Clegane strokes the short graying beard of his that's in direct contrast to his bald head. His long service robes covering the many scars upon his arms, the man raises a brow with interest.

"I would like to request that you instruct the villagers to put an end to hunting wolves."

The Pastor furrows his brow at this, his eyes glistening with a touch of distaste," And why is this? You should know that the hunting of the wolves provide us with not only trade to other communities, but clothes and meat for our own. Further, they have been harassing the farmers' livestock as of late. If we do not thin their numbers, they are like to kill every sheep and every cow by the come of winter. "

"I must ask this of you and the villagers for I have made an agreement with their leader. Humans stop hurting wolves, wolves stop hurting humans. In time, they may co-exist peacefully. For now, a simple ceasefire would do."

The priest crosses his arms, thinking to himself for several moments before pacing back and forth down the pews. "I see. It could very well help us... If the wolves would comply.. I may..." The Pastor puts a hand to his forehead, exasperated.

"I may be able to convince them should they go a week, maybe to without attack..."

You feel a ferocious feeling well up within you. . .

1d100 DC50

>[] Question.(write in)
>[] Propose(Write in)
>[] Go silent
>[] (Other)
>[] Roar your frustration at him(with DC failure or choice)
Rolled 16

here goes
Rolled 61

>[] Go silent
File: 1365995551749.png-(108 KB, 1222x697, Gargoyle exp trees.png)
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108 KB PNG
Rolled 40

Oh god please don't go nuts and kill the pastor. I like him

It's the daytime.
Rolled 38

[x] [Propose] Will you allow me to take you to the wolves provided that I can be sure they won't attack you? You are as good of a representative of the humans as any
"Would you allow me to take you to the wolves, so long as I can... Assure that they won't protect you?" You speak slowly and carefully, witholding the ferocity in your voice.

"Gargoyle, I am certain that you could very well keep the wolves from attacking, just as well as I can. However, our own hunters either compete with the wolves of the wood, or bring them back as kills. It'll take some time to get the people of Hearthson to agree.

And even then, for the ones that may not keep to the agreement. Even with the threat of God, it is hard to keep some people from falling prey to demons, let alone keeping them in line...

Gargoyle, I will consider this, however I can make no promises." Pastor Clegane begins to leave from the church, through the creaky old door.

Right before departing, he turns back to you," You said you had spoken to their leader?"

You feel that ferocity surge within you even more stronger than before.. If only you could move...


>[] Tell the truth (Write in).
>[] Lie. (Write in)
>[] Say nothing.

>[DC Failure] Snap at the holy man.
Rolled 61

>[] Tell the truth (Write in).
a werewolf soul, who only wishes the best for his pack. And is willing to broker peace. I asked for his aid, and this was his price.
Rolled 16

[x] [Truth] I had killed a werewolf in a previous night
Rolled 72

derp didn't finish the post
that was the leader of these wolves. I found out I can contact all the souls I have absorbed by focusing inside of myself
Between surging feral growls, you tell the pastor the truth of the matter. Hopefully this will convince him.. "Yes... A... Werewolf soul.. That only wishes... Best for his pack... He is willing to offer peace... I requested his aid... This.. is his price..."

"I see... He is wild... isn't he? I'll do what I can."

The pastor departs, leaving you alone... as much as you are, within the church.

The rest of the day passes without even so much of a hint of anyone else.

You feel somewhat... uneasy... The dead wooden floors and walls of the Church seem... unnatural..

If trees were meant to be houses, they would grow in the shape of them, right?

Wait, what's happening to you?

>[] Wait for Nightfall. Wait for Alice.
>[] Call upon one of the spirits.
>[] Hum a song as you wait.
>[] (Other)
Oh boy. The troll is flexin'.

We hum "A Hunting We Will Go" while we wait for Alice.
You there, Mason?

Yeah, was waiting for more peeps to post.
Consider the process of making the church a tad more natural.
With the silence, you begin to hum a light song about hunting, filling the church with a light and resonating tune.

The noise makes you feel somewhat better, despite the fact that you could be risking exposure. Hardly anyone in this town visits this church anyway, Why should it matter?

With some time, night falls, and a tired Alice slips inside, singing your song out loud,
" A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go,
Heigh ho, the dairy-o, a hunting we will go!
A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go,
We'll catch a fox and put him in a box,
And then we'll let him go!"

With a smile, Alice finishes the song and laughs a bit to herself," Strange, never thought I'd end up hearing a Gargoyle hum something like that."

"Well, I must do something to pass the time."

"Wait, so you're aware while you can't move?"

You feel the night come and your body begin to limber. You move your fingers before moving your body about, as though stretching.

"Well. I may sleep. Or I may stay awake. Sometimes I prefer to stay awake so that I can watch people. Today.. I simply chose not to sleep."

"Well then, I'll be sure to visit you during the day should i drift close to this part of the village."

"Perhaps. Have you found anything about Fae magics that I may use? I... Am having.. very strange feelings..."

Alice tilts her head to the side, in recollection," Hmm... Well.. Some of the more gossipy Fae have heard rumors of Gargoyles that go wild... That is, ones that chose not to serve humans. There have been whispers of some that seek the Fae for understanding, and those that resign themselves to seclusion, not to be disturbed. One of my friends told me that she might know of someone that can help you manage yourself in this very town. Oh, and there are Fae that can charge you with their light and essence should you show a desire to become more like them. . .

Then again, with only moving at night and all, you might be stuck with the selfish, untrustworthy unseelie Fae.
Not many Seelie Fae are active at night..."

Alice seems to frown a bit at this next part," As for the nocturnal Fae, the unseelie that deal with sleep and dreams. My Seelie friends don't know of any more than Queen Mab's servants, the sandmen, or the bogiemen that are meant to be around these parts.

Mab's servants watch dreams, the sandmen grant them, and the bogiemen teach children to fear the dark, and rightly so... Though I still don't like the Bogiemen."

With a bow, Alice heads to her squatting chamber," Excuse me, I'm going to sleep now. Ta-ta, Gargoyle!."

What will you do now?

>[] Check up on Molly.
>[] Head to the western mountains.
>[] Visit Genn
>[] Seek out Lady Manse.
>[] (Other)
Who was Genn?
Let's go check on Molly.

I need a reminder as well.
This is going really slow again tonight.

Mason, would you be opposed to running these earlier? If you can't because timezones, I understand, but it seems like it would really help out.
Sandman hit me, knocked my ass out.

It seems most the people that follow this ar either Europe or East coast. I run it at the time that I do because of my work scheduling.

I'd really like to run this earlier, but I literally start it up as soon as I get home when I've posted the next time.
An idea.
We fucked up the trade route with an avalanche, right? We have primoral magic base. Couldn't we get some earth-shaping abilities and fix the trade route?

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