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Good morning gents (Or good evening, dependent mostly on how upside down you are right now). It's time for another instalment of my fairly unoriginal civ.

Last thread you began building your first military structure, you were sent a witch from the surface and you sent an envoy to what may or may not be sirens.
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Milord, the witch has settled in nicely. She demanded a space away from the noise of our industry, apparently her delicate work requires peace and quiet. A small shelter has been built for her west of our settlement. She reports that she is skilled in mental magic. She can speak into peoples' minds, make them see things that are not there and make them think things that are not true. She also has some small skill in herbology, and wishes to investigate the fungus in the cavern.

Our scout has returned from the far side of the fungal forest. He reports a small settlement of goblins, industriously working to deforest the cavern. He couldn't risk seeing too much without being spotted, but saw a stone wall being patrolled by armed goblins crossing the mouth of a valley north of their settlement.

The pilgrims have successfully salvaged the supplies from our ship. Good news, milord, the crate was one of military supplies. Spears and armour for six men sir, and your sword. I am afraid that your own armour seems to have sunk to the bottom of the river, but this is still a great asset!
Alright, let's get our witch housed and see what those scouts have to say.

Same system as last time. For anyone new to the threads, roll 1d100 when making orders.

In the case of disputes, consensus will determine our course of action.

I just realised I posted the wrong map, I will update that in one moment.
File: 1366253469516.png-(117 KB, 1126x613, Map13.png)
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117 KB PNG

That looks a little more up to date!
File: 1366253611013.png-(80 KB, 514x440, Key.png)
80 KB

For those new to the thread, pic related is the system for buildings, hopefully it will make the map a little more readable. We are pale blue, the pilgrims are sand, the goblins are crimson, the unknown possible sirens are pink and the witch got a dark blue hut because she demanded special treatment and frankly she scares me a little milord.

Previous threads:
Rolled 41, 96, 83 = 220

Excellent work! Get 6 men fitted with the swords and armor immediately, I don't like the sound of goblins nearby.

Send a scout to the western passage, we don't want anyone sneaking up on our witch.

It might be worth building a palisade of tough mushrooms flesh around the town, so if the goblins do attack they are forced towards the watchtower.

Spears, milord, but it shall be done at once. Would you like them removed from their normal duties, or are they simply to be assigned the equipment?

A scout shall be dispatched, sir.

A palisade is easily done, sir. I shall have construction begun immediately.
Rolled 70, 4, 54 = 128

Give them no duties until they are trained, then they can return.

How many men do we have? Ask the witch to tell our steward that we have established a foothold and can easily house more men.

continue work on the watchtower/fort.

A pair of your household guards arrived with the witch sir, shall I put them in charge of training?

Another report that I'm afraid was missed in all the commotion, the insects that we have penned are flourishing. They feed voraciously on even the woody dried scraps of mushroom we toss them, and multiply like, well, insects sir.

And they are delicious, might I report. Once you get over the idea of eating an enormous beetle, they really go down a treat. Particularly slathered in orange, milord.

With the new arrivals, and ourselves, just over three dozen in the settlement, sir. That isn't counting the pilgrims, of course.

I'm growing concerned, sir. The envoy we sent to the south has not returned, he has had plenty of time to make the trip by now.
Rolled 58, 35, 54 = 147

An excellent idea, the guards can teach them.

More livestock is good news! Expand their pens and set up a slaughterhouse. Message the Pilgrims, and ask if they want to trade for the meat.

The lack of an envoy is deeply concerning, I suggest once the guards are trained, we send another party south, three guards three villiagers.
Rolled 48, 72 = 120

yes they can lead the training
we should send t men to negotiate with the goblins 1 to negotiate the other to watch and report in case the goblins kill him. I want to protect the largest mushroom as well as work out a deal to husband the forest for long term harvest by both us and the goblins.
Rolled 70, 35 = 105

if we send a party sour we can send just 2 1 to make contact and one to observe him.
And the witch might be able to protect there minds form hostile magic and watch them remotely we should consult her.
File: 1366256527343.png-(111 KB, 1126x613, Map14.png)
111 KB
111 KB PNG

Your scout has returned from the northern passage, sir. By some miracle, it was unguarded. Either the goblins do not know of it, or do not care.

They are far more organised than goblins usually are sir. Typically, they are the ones to burn farms, not tend them. They were growing some unusual fungus that we have not seen before, sir. Golden yellow, they grow large round orbs that the goblins are picking and gathering in baskets. The orchards were well guarded though, sir and our man wasn't able to get any closer. There is a large tower at the north end of their valley. The goblins seem to avoid going near it.

It seems that the valley continues to the west, but our man wasn't able to progress further without being seen.
File: 1366256562471.png-(109 KB, 1126x613, Map14b.png)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
but I asked to speak with the goblins, to try and negotiate a long term plan to allow us all to have both large and small red mushrooms for generations.
Using 1 diplomat and 1 spotter to watch if they kill him.
Rolled 29

dice for re request

(Sorry, this was catching up with previous actions, >>24308359)

We have dispatched two men to the goblins, sir. One to speak and one to watch. The second has reported back, sir.

When our man stepped out of the forest there was some commotion, sir. At length, a larger goblin emerged from one of the huts, presumably a leader of some kind. He spoke with our man for some time, and then led him beyond their wall. At that point our scout lost sight of him, but the goblins did not seem to be acting aggressively.
Ah my bad as well then. then all is well on that front.

Milord, should we be sending another envoy south now, or waiting until we have men able to protect them?

Our witch believes she should be able to protect them against harmful magic. Harmful mental magic at least. However, she would have to be nearby to be any help at all.

While I was speaking to her, she did show me something she's been working on. It seems she has managed to refine the orange fungus into a poultice that numbs the skin. It could prove invaluable if one of our men gets injured, sir.
File: 1366259332413.png-(171 KB, 1126x613, Map15.png)
171 KB
171 KB PNG

Sir, the constructions that you have ordered are complete.

We have finished the palisade and the bunker, sir. The insect pens have been expanded, and a slaughterhouse built nearby.

(This map is getting unwieldy, I'm going to start doing close ups of relevant sections)

Now just a heads up guys, this is going to be the last thread until Monday. I could possibly get one in Sunday night, but it seems better to be doing things at a regular time than all over the place.
Rolled 30, 78, 40 = 148

Send the witch with some guards. If there is single threat to her, she come back. Also, ask her how powerful is her magic in combat.
See if she can teach magic to others. We can always use more magic.
Start building traps with the poison mushrooms powder. If the goblins attack, they might prove useful.
don't send the witch we wanted her to scry if she got involved at all.

It might be best, at this point if the witch were introduced by name. Emery Blaire (Miss Blaire would be appropriate, or Emery if we are feeling familiar) is quite capable of following them mentally, though traditional scrying means are beyond her talents if given time to prepare she may be able to 'ride' inside one of the men, watching things through her eyes. She would have little ability to affect events from that distance, though. It would be a purely observational exercise.

She has no magic that could directly harm a man, but is more than capable of making him see things that aren't there or to affect his thoughts to some small extent. Actual mind control is beyond her ability, but she is well able to make a brave man afraid (Or the inverse, it is worth noting.)

As to teaching magic to others, it would require that they have the aptitude, and if their talents differed from hers the teaching would be haphazard at best. Still, she is willing to test the men for magical ability.

Poisoned traps are easy enough, milord. I shall have some prepared immediately sir.
Rolled 8

ignore this I jumped the gun without reading >>24309789 send her with a large guard contingent and use all caution.
Rolled 51

forgive my waffling i change my vote back to >>24310739
via "riding" on of the 2 scouts
Miss Blaire is to valuable to lose.
I assumed from >>24309789 that she could not observe at all at long range.

Also do you want me to archive now?
I am busy Sunday any way.

It seems that the consensus is to send a small party with Miss Blaire observing.

A pair of scouts then, sir, I shall have them dispatched at once.

It is not that she cannot observe from a distance, just that she will be unable to help them if harmful magic is involved.
Rolled 11, 1 = 12

Let her test while she can. When we send people to the goblins, she will "ride" in. (Can she talk with the men she is see though?)
Try to make poison "bomb" that will make a cloud of the poison powder

Our man has returned from his meeting with the goblins, sir! He says that he was brought to the large tower north of their settlement sir, where he met an old woman. He suspects that she may be a witch, considering the deference the goblins showed her, but saw no proof.

She introduced herself as Agatha Cobbelpot and had him for tea. That is to say that she offered him tea and he accepted. She sends her apologies for detaining him for so long. To hear him tell they spent most of the time talking about events on the surface. Apparently she has been down here twenty years, now. She talks of the goblins fondly, as if they were her children. She was very impressed hearing of your attempts to conserve the crimson fungus.

At one point, a goblin servant brought in a tray of slices of quite familiar mushroom. They make a poor substitute for bread. These though were spread in a delicious honeylike nectar. Apparently that is what the goblins were harvesting from the golden fungus in her valley. She claimed to have bred the fungus herself, and offered to trade us one of the plants if we were able to acquire some strawberry jam from the surface for her.


Being able to speak with a man's mouth would take some time. The more familiar she is with someone the more she is able to do. If she were given some time - the longer the better, really - it should be possible.

(Oh my, dat 1) Sir! We have uh... we have successfully created a bomb that will spread poison powder. Unfortunately one of our men dropped a crate of them while we were transporting them into our bunker. The lower level is thick with the powder now. I don't know what has happened to the unfortunate man, milord, but it could be incredibly dangerous to send a search party inside.
Rolled 95

yes that seems to be consensus

we have sent people to the goblins in the west and that looks ok so far he entered the goblin camp safely and hopefully will be back soon and is still "on scheduled"

It is the "sirens' in the south that is the problem one envoy went missing without a trace far to long ago.

If anyone on the spot volunteers one brave man may go to try and save him. with a rope around his waste to pull him out if need be.
meant to link
>If anyone on the spot volunteers one brave man may go to try and save him. with a rope around his waste to pull him out if need be.
Emery Blaire sits in a trance as the scouts leave, she speaks in a soft voice as they journey, keeping track of their movements. The two men make their way warily to the south, watching each others backs and keeping watch of the river. They are among the rock spires and the horrible slippery algae when there is a cry from above. Three women alight on the rocks above them. Not women. They look like women, but with great leathery wings and taloned feet. They are dressed crudely, in hides and rags, strings of bones and teeth hung about their necks. They clutch long spears. One of them speaks. Her accent is odd. Why does she know our speech? How does she know our speech?

"These are our hunting grounds, surface man. Go and we do not quarrel. Stay and we shall have quarrel. You are not the first. The first came and then left. The second came and then stayed. We quarreled with the second. Do not be like him."

She breaks from her trance for a moment. "I think I may be able to effect your men through the link, sir. I can make them leave if you wish them to leave, or I can make them stay if you wish them to stay."
Leave if they can ask for our other man back while doing that do so but leave.
Offer them what we can give for his safe return and our not returning to this place again after we pay them.
Rolled 38

dice for

"I'm afraid I couldn't convey anything near so complex, sir. I can make them brave or I can make them afraid, but from this distance that's stretching my ability already. I fear for the first man you sent sir, not all of the teeth on those necklaces are from animals. I think these harpies take quarrels seriously."
Rolled 10

then they flee

Filled with sudden unnatural fear, the two men turn tail and run. One slips in the algae and injures his leg, but the harpies do not pursue. At length they return, one man limping, the other holding him upright.

Not an entirely successful expedition, milord, but at least we know who our neighbours are now.
Rolled 42, 55 = 97

Miss Blaire should contact our steward on the surface and tell him that if anyone were to come down. We would appreciate greatly if they would bring us a jar or two of strawberry jam. as well as get a report on current affairs topside.

perhaps Miss Blaire and Miss Cobbelpot would like to meat witch to witch and talk, we should consult with Miss Blaire and with her approval arrange a meeting.
This is the thread where OP learned how to archive.


I'll be finishing up soon. It's time to head to work. I'm going to have a shower, get ready to leave and then check up again. Any orders put in by that point, I'll have ready for Monday. Feel free to put in some more major construction requests (For example, there was talk last thread of making the trip to the surface easier, would we like to build a supply post in an upper cave?). One thing I will certainly be doing for the next thread is giving your mines their own tile, the works are getting large enough for it to be warranted.
Rolled 19, 26, 16 = 61

yes we should begin work on a trade route to the surface.
See if our people up there want to work down to us and meat in the middle.

also dose our stockade not cover the whole western side of the settlement it looks like it on the map, my monitor doesn't do dark well. if so fix that

also. Yay! I taught someone how to archive.
In future threads link to the thread tag in the OP not all the individual threads it makes finding all the threads and copy pasting tags much easier http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=LegoCiv%20quest

No, it does not yet, we have been focusing on covering the exposed south side of the settlement first but I shall have construction begun immediately, sir.

I shall contact your steward and have building materials brought by boat from the surface for the outpost, that shall make construction much easier than if we were bringing it up ourselves. I shall also enquire after some strawberry jam, sir.

Would you like to dispatch any scouts before I finalize these orders, milord?
Rolled 97, 14, 96 = 207

yes pleas explore to the south of the pilgrims lake if they have not

If they have go further east
Rolled 46, 29, 29 = 104

The main entrance to our hold should be through the guard post/tower thing, but if it's all poisonous, perhaps it would be best to build another gate to the side?

If anyone volunteers, we should send a scout to the mysterious Idol in the orange mushrooms.

Also scout beyond the pilgrims, see if they also want to scout, and our scouts can travel together for safety and to share knowledge and as a sign of goodwil.

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