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Your name is Ekaterina Zhanna.

You led a relatively carefree life far from the impacts of the frontlines, nevertheless you were found to possess unique talents and gifts that, for all intent and purpose, may very well be unique to you and you alone for you have no knowledge of anyone else being able to read people’s minds and emotions, but that’s merely the tip of the iceberg.

For more recent events, you probably just had the worst day of your life. Not even an hour after waking up in the afternoon did you found yourself kidnapped by a strangely polite squad of balaclava-clads individuals who sedated you for convenience while you were busy making them miserable by struggling as best you could, doing so granted a strange benefit however for you were able to imprint some of the skills and experiences of the agents surrounding you.

Regardless, you woke up an unknown amount of time later, with the first person you were able to talk to urging you to see the commander.

Here is the sheet of our character, rather barebones but it is likely to be filled in the future http://pastebin.com/k3ZDBLPY
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You feel stuck in a strong feeling of disconnect as you walk behind the blond that volunteered to be your guide, the girl is trying to chitchat here and there but your silence is rabidly making her feel awkward, but in this case you don’t feel a hint of remorse to being sullen. Your day barely started and you got yourself kidnapped because you were too afraid to do what was needed to escape, 15 minutes after the departures of your parents for groceries and here you are standing… somewhere, a boat if you were to believe this girl who has finally fallen silent, at least for the short seconds before she stop at her destination, a large wooden door that look very much out of place inside this metallic corridor.

‘’You’ll be alright, I promise’’

You wonder why she seem so empathetic, the color you get from her is a constant sky blue and, as you give in to your curiosity, you pick up an image the moment she knock on the door…

This long haired blonde, Alexandrine Mirabelle, standing alone in a room very similar to yours prone to some kind of emotional outburst that she’s trying to control, she give you the impression of someone at the end of their rope.

The picture disappear as suddenly as it came, reading strangers is much harder than people you are familiar with, but with this… this empathy of hers is probably born from the fact that she’s been in a situation similar to yours.
At least that’s what you want to believe.

‘’Aight, Victor doesn’t bite despite what he look, hope everything work out’’

She smile and give you a thumb up, you simply silently stare as she walks down the corridor.
File: 1367268610280.jpg-(309 KB, 1500x2000, 21.jpg)
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309 KB JPG

The room is rather austere, you’d expect some kind of military leader to have photos or certificate hanging on the room but there is absolutely nothing beside the boring white wall with a door leading to another room behind the single, large wooden desk where the man, Victor Langley, is sitting behind with his elbows on, crossing his hands together and resting his chin upon them.

You’ve got to admit that he give a strong presence, his hair is short, combed and a very smooth blond, his eyes are camouflaged by sunglasses and he look quite tall and built, his broads shoulders remind you of your father.

You immediately try to gauge his mind, his emotions likely to be the purple of self-control but it never hurt to make sure and…


You frown as you stare in his sunglasses; you are completely unable to read his mind.

‘’Ekaterina. My name is Victor Langley, commander of operations of this organisation known as TSM, or ‘’Terre Sans Mur’’. I am prepared to answer whatever question you need, but would you prefer me to give you a report over your current status and the whole… hmm… mess surrounding today fiasco?’’

His voice is deep, strong and definitely charismatic; you’re staring at a bonafide commander.

‘’Please, take a seat first’’

Might as well take a seat. While we're at it, let's inquire about our parents and what, exactly, the hell happened.
Take a seat and figure out what the hell happened.
First chance you get hollow that jerk's mind out. Take everything, but for now just sit and stare at him.
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419 KB PNG
You slowly creep toward one of the two chairs facing, parting your long white hair before sitting as you keep staring into his sunglasses, resisting the urge to look away and whatever meager distractions you could find.

It’s probably impolite to not look at the one your speaking too, especially if they’re someone like… him.

Silence spread as you try to gather your resolve, you also finally notice that you are still in your pajamas, at least this Victor seem patient enough to wait for you.

‘’W-what happened to my parents?’’

That’s the first, most obvious question, the man doesn’t seem to even acknowledge your voice but he answer with the resolution you remember the veterans of your youth having.

‘’The KGB got a hold of them soon after they departed your house’’

Your mouth hang open in shock and your mouth start to feel dry as you simply stare at him in disbelief.

‘’They aren’t dead, they’ve got a precious expertise that would make terminating them a complete waste of resources but I cannot say when, or if, you’ll see them again. Regardless, my intelligences regarding whatever happened to them ends here…’’
He stops, fiddling with his glasses a bit as you finally manage to settle your emotions.

‘’You are in a rather unique position, I can safely say there’s no protocols or precedence to follow as such we’ll have to act like adult and proceed together, that’s alright with you?’’
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You nod as obvious question fills your mind.

‘’Very well, as you know you’ve always had some unique talents and your life was mostly spent voyaging between frontlines bases in order to monitor and study your evolution as well as nourish your growing ambition, but escaping the eyes of the USSR was a pipedream at best, even if the people surrounding you very good at disappearing…’’

You interrupt him mid speech; you’ve got a lot of trouble grasping what he’s saying.

‘’Why the hell would the Russians want me!?’’

To which he answer.

‘’You are an investment’’

Of course, he follows after his statement, he seem to be smiling.

’Your parents sold you to us beforehand, TSM is a private military contractor and I personally knew your father, your presence here is a sort of… repayment of past debts, as well as finally giving you the opportunity to accomplish your dream without being pumped full of drugs and mind wiped’’

He’s obviously hiding a lot of things, but that’s always the deal with commanders.

‘’I’m in the process of printing some documents if you’d prefer to read alone, or I could answers whatever question you have but as of today onward, you may consider yourself a cadet’’
Ask about these supposed debts. Since it sounds like this man is full of shit. Also ask what TSM stands for.
Take the documents and read them alone.

> Also ask what TSM stands for.

That was already answered for us here:


>My name is Victor Langley, commander of operations of this organisation known as TSM, or ‘’Terre Sans Mur’’.

Ask him if we have any choice in this matter, and what he means by "accomplishing our dream." Does this mean we'll finally become Eishi? We should find out what, exactly, becoming a cadet with this crew entails.
File: 1367272557756.jpg-(681 KB, 752x1063, 1342473332748.jpg)
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You put your hands on the desk and pride yourself on the fact that you aren’t shaking one bit, even if your mouth feels sluggish as your heart pump incessantly in your chest, you let out one long breath and finally break stare with him, controlling your frustration as best you can, your voice still come out awkward.

‘’What is this debt you’ve mentioned?’’

For some reason he smile.

‘’I can’t say, but know that your father has been good to me and I try to return the favor’’

Then he move position, sitting straight in his seat, you can’t probe his mind for anything but very obvious to know that trying to extort anything from him is going to be a huge waste of time.

‘’I will make you this promise; once you become a full-fledged Tactical Surface Pilot, I won’t keep anything from you’’

That’s… you feel like he’s shoving you away but, then again, placing yourself in his shoes. Would you really trust an emotional mind reader with sensitive information?

Your father once described the army commands as… a bunch of circles jerkers that never see pasts what they can grasps.
File: 1367272601377.jpg-(34 KB, 402x361, 1342211296678.jpg)
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‘’What do you mean by… my dream, you’ll train me? I can become an Eishi?’’

A visible frown spread on his face at your last word, but his tone is as controlled as ever.

‘’You often talked about piloting your own Tactical Fighter and this motivated you throughout your adolescence, you found yourself in numerous bases as well, from the frontline on the Suez Canal, to Japan, Britain, Canada a few Americans bases… You’ve crossed path with numerous people so your unique ability could be properly stimulated. Your parents really cared about you’’

This last statement sounds hollow to you.

‘’Regardless, while this organisation is an independent PMC we follow the UN rules and report to them, consider TSM as a sort of stubborn far branch unit that nobody really care about.’’

Right, you just stare in silence and disbelief.

‘’We’ve got what you need to train, hell were probably overqualified due to the lacks of trainees of course becoming a cadet will means that you’d have to keep your parents under wraps, at first it’d be best if you don’t reveal anything to anyone, of course I’ll also expect you to join our organisation proper, I could always drop you off in Japan if these terms aren’t your liking.’’

You aren’t sure what you are supposed to feel right now.
Get those papers and get out of that room. He's not going to be giving up any more information.

This is quite a bit to process, considering that we ended up being yanked from our home and had our parents, the only consistent thing in our lives, taken from us. Let's tell him we need a little bit of time to think over this decision. He's shady anyhow, and we could probably use a moment to ourselves.
Feel a bit frustrated by the lack of any real answer grab the papers and go back to our room to read them.
File: 1367274668022.jpg-(4 KB, 176x182, 1.jpg)
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Need to know basis is quite convenient, isn’t it?

Your hands balls in fists and you look down trying your best not to grimace or outright insult this Victor, is this how people forcefully conscripted feels like you wonder? Becoming a Surface Pilot certainly didn’t entail being robbed of your parents and livelihood! For god sake you’re talking with a commander in your pajamas!


You let out a short resigned sight.

‘’Our trip to Japan will take several days, you’ll have enough time to make up your mind and mingle with the other Pilots if you so wish’’

Then a knock on the door interrupt your train of thought, the person enter soon after without so much as confirmation from the commander who stays as closed as ever.

It’s a woman looking none too pleased to be here, garbed in masculine clothes, namely a black three piece that look very passé, she walks in without speaking, her attitude and very demeanor screams military, in fact she really give you the impression of those vets you saw in your youth, more forged than trained.

Still there is a certain elegance and part of you wonder if that’s you’d look like as an Eishi.

Then you notice that she place a small stack of papers, probably no more than five, on the desk.
File: 1367274725888.jpg-(56 KB, 800x600, no mad.jpg)
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‘’You really need a proper assistant, Vic’’

Her accent is rather awkward, your globetrotting experience narrow it down easily; Japanese.
Her emotions are purple, guarded and full of self-control.

‘’Yes well, that can wait, can you show our new arrival to her room?’’

Her strong, resolute stare fall on you and despite her outward expression, her emotions change into gentle blue.

‘’That’s why you had me come, right?’’

The man simply laughs and, without waiting or saying any kind of goodbye, you grab the documents and see yourself out.


‘’Hey wait, you don’t even know where you’re going!’’

The as of yet to be named woman is hot on your heels, a part of you doesn’t feel like stopping, but you could try to make yourself amiable, it was probably a clear breach of conduct leave the commander hanging like that but you don’t give a damn.
Slow down a bit let her lead us to our room and say nothing.

Let's keep moving back to our room. Do we really feel like messing around with anybody right now?
seconding this
File: 1367276748826.jpg-(140 KB, 429x513, 1345272991824.jpg)
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Given the fact that you’d lose yourself in the maze of corridors, doors and rooms of this bloody carrier you force yourself to walk while hugging the papers on your chest and blinking away the few tears of angers and frustrations, your long hair at least give you the illusion of camouflage but you don’t say a word as the woman walk to your side.

‘’Phew, my name is Shigeko, Shigeko Susumu Takara, it’s a pleasure to meet you.’’

You say nothing, simply walk in silence and constantly scan her for some kind of hypocrisy, but her color is a genuine blue of empathy, there’s no pity to be found.

‘’If you have any problems, you can ask by name and I’ll be sure to help you if I can, alright?’’

Again, silence, you wonder why she seems to be so caring but right now, you just want to seclude yourself.

File: 1367276836949.jpg-(543 KB, 1089x1600, 1345331417478.jpg)
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543 KB JPG
Your room is thankfully not as barebones as your last one, while empty of sink of mirror you have a large bed, a desk with the usual studious decorations although there was one oddity; a portable music player with a handwritten note beside it saying

‘’I’m lending it to you if you feel bored’’

That wasn’t all, on your bed is an obviously used copy of the Fellowship of the Ring and you have several new clothes stashed in your wardrobes, these people expected you.

Instead you focus on these papers.

It’s a short but insightful read.

The project Alternative III was led by the Soviet Union in the hope of trying to understand the BETA and gain needed information’s on kind of intent they had toward mankind as well as uncovering possible plans, to do so the UN banked on the phenomenon known as ‘’espers’’ to hopefully read the aliens minds and project the idea of peace unto them, which ended in complete failure with the only realization being that the BETA do not see the humans as ‘’alive’’.

There wasn’t much details beside these broads facts, several dates and descriptions of incidents caught your interest but… nothing mentioned the possibility of ‘’imprinting’’ like you’ve been doing.

According to these papers, you’ve probably got quite a numbers of sisters still alive out there; still even amongst them you are probably unique.

But one little sentences at the sent a shiver up your spine.

«Iakov and Agafya Isai defected to the United States of America with a promising subject.»

Aah… what do you make of all this? Much of the bigger picture is missing, but it seems Victor was willing to give you something outside regulations
They are probably trying to ease us into this. Victor giving us this makes me think his promise to give us answers after we're tsf pilots has some truth to it.

Isai? Was this another forged identity of our parents, or was this their true name? Or perhaps they weren't actually our parents to begin with?

This just got interesting.
They are probably researchers involved in Alternative III from the sounds of it i doubt they're our actual parents if that is the case.
Sitting on your bed with these documents on the floor, you try to escape the only conclusion you can think off but in the end, rereading the words brought by the good will of the commander change nothing and the shock, anger and frustration meld together in a very nasty cocktail of emotion, the only medicine you seem to find is talking to yourself.

‘’Have I been lied to my entire life?’’

Isai… This is not a last name you remember, your entire life has been special, you thought yourself unique, yet there are many more similar to you, the only thing making you different from your peers was this ‘’imprint’’ of yours that…
Carried you where you are today, your motivation to become a tactical pilot, your hatred of the BETA.

Those two things that give you your identity and dream may very well have been manipulated by your parents, if you can call them that as this point.

Yet, why did they give themselves up to the Soviet Union…?

‘’Kaaah… God damn…’’

You grab two handfuls of hairs and pull slightly as you remember the gentle faces of your mother and father, your conflicting emotions about them give you so much distress it seem you are completely forgetting the fact that you’ve taken your first step toward your dream.

This isn’t how you wanted to do it.

But you have to resolve yourself; this is the first decision you have to take without your parent’s guidance.

Will you try to become a trainee in this PMC? The other Eishi seem to care about you somewhat given the gifts, they can’t be bad person, right?
>Will you try to become a trainee in this PMC
Might as well can't rely on our parents forever
File: 1367280936617.gif-(1.02 MB, 853x480, 1351457715808.gif)
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1.02 MB GIF

‘’I’ve got something to concentrate on’’

It was beyond forceful and today can safely be put as one of the worst of your life; in fact it IS the worst but as of right now, you found a new resolution, a new hope perhaps; you’ve stayed inside the cradle of your parents for 19 years, maybe it’s time to try and do your part, squash some bugs.

Pushing the issue of your completely life out of your mind, you feel a certain joy and anticipation at the possibility of finally piloting something.

The 18 meters tall Tactical Surface Fighters are truly wondrous sight, it’s a great thing you’ve been homeschooled efficiently on how they operate, and you even have some good knowledge about the suits, all well drilled into your brain but everything you’ve got is merely theory based on the experiences, trying to forge something of this potential mess will probably cause some complication and… and…

Your mind is adrift imagining all kind of scenario, explosions and triumph over unending tides of BETA that send you into various giggling fit, you even take some time to writes down the various experiences and remembering all the talks and counsels of the veteran Tactical Surface Pilots.

The machine and body needs to be one, this is the number one thing you remember clearly along with a certain saying passed down amidst Eishi.

Achieve your mission with all your might

Despair not until your last breath

Make your death count.


You only managed to catch a few hours of sleep that night as you secluded yourself in your room and resolved to make your first step on your own.

>Stopping early today folks, sorry for the extended introduction next session will have proper characters introductions as well as the choice of mentor, I hope you weren’t bored
Looking forward to it hopefully a few more players jump in once things start happening in earnest.
File: 1367281486150.jpg-(216 KB, 600x660, 11.jpg)
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216 KB JPG

Hopefully, I hope you guys enjoyed yourself. I'm not too sure when I'll do next session but I'll try to be sooner than next week, I've got some planning to do now although, I fully suspect you guys will to maximize and go for the person that will give you the greatest benefits for your Storm Vanguard position
File: 1367288339709.jpg-(105 KB, 508x545, NAZI-SCIENCE.jpg)
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105 KB JPG
Lovin' it.

Seems interesting so far.
I have a feeling our little Kat is going to be one hell of a pilot.
File: 1367293397884.jpg-(421 KB, 600x848, 1339789156941.jpg)
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421 KB JPG
Ah so you ARE the same guy I saw in that "quest general" thread that I was in a few days ago. Well drat, this means I have another quest to follow and contribute to if my plans don't get in the way. Sadly, I know jack shit about the MLA verse, but from what I've seen you're pretty much fucked right from the get go. Hope my paranoia drive stays as active as it ought to, I think I'm gonna need it.

I seem to be drawn to quests where I'm sure the MC is almost guaranteed to bite it before the ending. Or at least, he ain't gonna have that happy ending. There must be something wrong with me.


Anyway, Chomp, was busy today, but know I follow the quest. I do hope your grammar continues to improve, but I enjoyed it. Love this verse, glad someone uses it.
File: 1367293631128.png-(193 KB, 727x388, 1345574813071.png)
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193 KB PNG

I'm not sure if I should info dump or not during the training we'll get due to the fact that the quest is in an established setting with a very well done wiki, as wel las lots of explanations in the game itself.

Regardless, your participation is very much welcomed.

Relish every moments before I introduce the BETA
Ah, we meet again Kotomine. I do hope you and I can continue to have a beneficial partnership. Plus it's good to know that when I can't make it, suggestions similar to ones I would have made, will be made.

I'll give that wiki a look. Gotta know the tools at my disposal when the shit inevitably hits the fan.
File: 1367293929766.jpg-(334 KB, 1920x1080, 1342210446262.jpg)
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334 KB JPG

Its pretty interesting, most of the stuff like how TSF works and the suits is something the main character already knows, I'll probably jsut focus on the little quirks between TSF (if you ever get the chance to pilot something else than the shitty training ones, ah!)
Hopefully we get into a Super-Prototype or something eventually. But I'm pretty sure they'll start us out in the shit mech. Can't waste the good stuff on the new guys. If they survive their first few encounters in them then they must not suck and will thus be granted access to the better mechs and bigger guns.

Just started reading up on the BETA as well. Fuckers look almost Lovecraftian, which fits me just fine because I love the Mythos.
File: 1367294285901.jpg-(24 KB, 279x279, 1355640984626.jpg)
24 KB

Shit, you all suddenly came out of the woodwork at a late hour.
File: 1367294378836.jpg-(149 KB, 750x805, Navarra.jpg)
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149 KB JPG
I missed the quest because I was sleeping and then out training, it happens.
Shit happens, I've been having a bad couple of weeks. Keeps me from getting home until pretty damn late. But 4chan isn't a blog so I won't go into details.
File: 1367294436758.jpg-(387 KB, 1280x800, 1319367586964[1].jpg)
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387 KB JPG

True soldiers die in a Gekishen!
File: 1367294556659.jpg-(181 KB, 1200x900, Alternative_583.jpg)
181 KB
181 KB JPG


There's only one of those and its biiiiig.

So no, not happening here but I'm still going to be generous and give you a fantastic machine once... if you get out of training.
File: 1367294693936.jpg-(356 KB, 1920x1080, 1366070113020.jpg)
356 KB
356 KB JPG

Yeah, I know, I know. Maybe next time, friends.
File: 1367294721584.jpg-(643 KB, 2162x1535, Weltal.jpg)
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643 KB JPG
So long as we get a mech capable of kicking ass and taking names eventually all is cool. Doesn't gotta be as awesome and OP as pic related but hey, I'll take what I can get.
File: 1367294883185.png-(1.31 MB, 1795x1193, Overlooking_the_hellgate.png)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG

I'll be introducing the cahracter before the mechs, but I hope to deliver. Muvluv is much more about squad tactics than one man heroic.

At least that's how it is if you aren't a protagonist.

Even Takeru and his hax had to work as part of a team.

That said, I was always more interested in the ground-level gruntwork of the less-maneuverable frontline TSFs like the A-10 or older model F4 and Migs.

Of course, I am weird. I always wanted to see an Altverse story from the perspective of the infantry. Imagine the terror.
File: 1367295219778.jpg-(565 KB, 1600x1208, 11.jpg)
565 KB
565 KB JPG

A-10 a beast, unfortunately I've planned the entire squad to be in Typhoon so hyper maneuverability is going to be key for the encounters I'm planning.

I'm too far in to go back on that, beside going Storm Vanguard on a F4 is suicide.
You can bet I'd have been quite keen to rely on the squad then go full rambo mode until I got an awesome mech that can swing going rambo without getting its shit wrecked for being pants on head retarded.

And even that would have been a last resort, as in "Welp, I'm well and truly fucked here. Might as well die in a blaze of glory!" last resort. The MC's death should be flashy after all, y'know, leave an impression.

Yeah, you have mechs, but the enemy is apparently superior to your forces in most every way. That means you have to outsmart them so your comparatively shit weapons can actually kill them.

Also, seems humanity is just about out of manpower in this setting and is damn close to extinction. So yeah, called it, we're fucked. Hard.

I like suicide.

Typhoon is interesting. Like I said, I am knowingly in the minority here. I'm the kind of guy who looks at an absolute shithole like the altverse and wants a story of the absolute worst jobs you can have even on that battlefield.
File: 1367295469215.jpg-(105 KB, 646x707, 1360551172227.jpg)
105 KB
105 KB JPG

Hey now, we ain't completely fucked yet. The story's just begun!

Besides, it wouldn't be Altverse if a few major characters didn't die.

Indeed, we need to despair fully before giving our lives to the cause of humanity's survival. There are regulations for this sort of thing.
File: 1367295608811.jpg-(288 KB, 1920x1080, 1342149330974.jpg)
288 KB
288 KB JPG

Infantry in muvluv is... probably harder than being a guardsman.


Humanity is down to one billion and the almost entirty of Eurasia is in BETA control, the world is almost over and I'll make sure to try and have you guys be a key part in saving it, the first few threads was to make sure the MC was well established in the sitting.

Hell my first idea was to make a world hopper, but I think I've raped the lore enough time with imprinting.

I miss those two bro guards from the base in Alt. It is my headcanon that they killed at least half a dozen warriors in front of the control room.
File: 1367295737892.jpg-(47 KB, 294x273, Does_it_look_like_I_want_(...).jpg)
47 KB

>Hell my first idea was to make a world hopper, but I think I've raped the lore enough time with imprinting.

We only need one causality conductor here, m8.
File: 1367295832191.jpg-(89 KB, 806x644, MLniggerwhat.jpg)
89 KB

Not even the side characters are safe in this universe. Such a shame.

Indeed. Being too much of a sue would kind of take the teeth outta the setting, Takeru was enough.

captcha: beta annihil

Captcha, are you all right?
File: 1367295878362.jpg-(32 KB, 500x400, 1360041159640.jpg)
32 KB
There is something to be said of the tail of that average Imperial Guardsman, nothing more than a T-Shirt and a Flashlight, going up against things many times his greater, and him dying horribly along with all his friends. It is a story that needs to be told. So you understand just how Grimdark things are in a setting.

Oh there's always that little ray of hope. That tiny, insignificant ray of hope that could allow us to get that happy ending despite how rigged the game is. But let's be honest, you're still fucked.

I'm in the quests I'm in in an attempt to see if I can make that happen. I know I probably can't, but then again, you never know, until you try.

It's pretty hard to be more fucked than the average guardsman man. You get a T-shirt and a flashlight to fight Daemons and Hive Tyrants. Yeah, your funeral ain't gonna be open casket.
File: 1367295926457.png-(1.39 MB, 1350x900, 3.png)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG

I'm sure they fought like caged lions

God not even bro side characters are safe.


I had no idea how to insert it, so I ended up dropping it.

Leading to today small russian esper.

The issue here is that while the IG has fire support and air superiority, the BETA can remove both with the Laser Class. The infantry are really on their own.

And they still held trenchlines in Europe for years. They still marched into Kashgar hive, never to return. That's insanity, brilliant insanity.
File: 1367296303344.jpg-(134 KB, 1024x768, 1345431494380.jpg)
134 KB
134 KB JPG

> They still marched into Kashgar hive, never to return.

The BETA were on hard mode too.

Just imagine the amount of KIA...
Indeed it is. It takes insanity, or the most absolute of willpower and resolve, to knowingly walk into a situation where only a miracle from God himself will get you out of that alive. And we don't even know if he exists, so you might be insane on two counts. Going in there, and going in there because you thought he was real when he wasn't.

And the IG doesn't always have those, sometimes, the enemy does and they don't. And yet, they hold the line.
File: 1367296618381.jpg-(91 KB, 1024x768, Alternative_451.jpg)
91 KB

>It takes insanity, or the most absolute of willpower and resolve, to knowingly walk into a situation where only a miracle from God himself will get you out of that alive. And we don't even know if he exists, so you might be insane on two counts.

Operation Ouka in a nutshell, anybody?
File: 1367296763081.jpg-(48 KB, 500x547, tumblr_m6j2wxBxhy1qbucq4.jpg)
48 KB

Good thing we got some time before October 22.

>Implying we're fucked on that date
>Implying we actually have time to avert our horrible fate
>Implying I don't know who you are

Dude, I write the summaries for your other quest. It'll be there when you get around to running it again. I know we're fucked whenever you're around. And that is why I like you. You always have a good reason to fuck us without pulling it out of your ass. I seek to defy your apparent need to REJOICE! as I do all GM's. I know I probably can't, but I will try to force you to cough up a "happy" ending. I love it when a person defies the odds and wins.
File: 1367298119070.jpg-(120 KB, 1021x596, 1342203041752.jpg)
120 KB
120 KB JPG

I'm aiming for regular Sunday session for MGQ, but there's chances I won't have time.

I hope you become ione hell of a TSF pilot, dem baters won't kill themselves.
Damn right they won't. Though running multiple quests is quite hard on a GM, don't burn out on me dude. Like I said, I like you, would hate to see you burn out or worse, die on me. I love me a good story, and I hate when a promising author who entertains me so dies before he can finish his stories. Sad to say, as the world burns on its axis, that becomes more and more depressingly likely. I said it in another thread, things are coming to a head. I fear for the lives of all.
File: 1367298712028.jpg-(465 KB, 1600x1129, 17.jpg)
465 KB
465 KB JPG

I'll try as best as can to do updates, its inevitable that I'll take frequent breaks here and there but I'll try to keep it going.

I'm not sure if I have the stamina, but I'll try.
Just don't endanger your health if you can help it. Stay alive man. Again, I actually like you. You're telling the kinds of stories I want to hear. C.S. Lewis had a similar rationale. He only sought to write the stories he wished he had the opportunity to read as a kid. That's a pretty good reason to be an author in my book. Write a story you wish you would have read earlier. A great motivation IMO.

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