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Previous threads:

Continuing our agenda from the previous thread: Corporate armies. We need work done. Fluff, crunch, anything you've got.

Also, codices, splatbooks, and any other supplemental material we can draft up for the first edition would be nice.
Corporate armies have been done to death already.

First item on tonight's agenda: What do Bandits eat? Digistructed hamburgers? Skagwiches? Pounds of Flesh? And more importantly, what part should the basic amenities play in our magical world of Whack Foo?
They do eat fish considering you can see some strung up by the cliff.
>The new Dahl Tacical Lunch! Only 5.99 at your nearest Digistruct module!
>What do Bandits eat?

Short answer: yes.
Long answer: Skag. Refuse. Dead people. Paint chips. Eridium. Live people. Discarded tires.

Interestingly enough, the presence of the New-U means that the most common and most easily replaced food animal on Pandora is man.
Well, by game mechanics, it's the one we see most. There's nothing saying they can't digistruct a McRib, unless maybe they can't afford to. After all, the price for New-U is based off of how much you happen to have at the time, but food and guns would have no such variables. I imagine Bandits would rather hunt and fish and spend the dosh on bullets.
>the price for New-U is based off of how much you happen to have at the time
I don't see a reason they'd keep the same business model across the board. They'd make a lot more money by putting a flat rate on everything other than New-U. The reason they keep New-U accessible to everyone would be in order to keep their customer base as large as possible, and to fuel the war-profiteering train.
Speaking of such, could Bandits make/loot one?
How is that even a question? They turned a not-Bagger 288 into a weaponized base.
>What do Bandits eat?
People. Atlas brand tinned Skag. Markers. Rakk and Skag they shoot.
We know Atlas had some kind of food processing going on on Pandora, which means that building a canning factory is cheaper or easier than 'structing food. Same thing with Jakobs, processing real wood (an insane luxury on Pandora) for its guns. So you get the sense that crystals aren't the only thing Dahl was getting out of the planet.

Second: Power generation. We've got geothermal steam pumps, old Dahl wind farms, and evidence of solar farms, especially out in the Scrapyard (which appears to be, based on what's in the far end of it, the remains of an absolutely massive junked factory complex). Most Hyperion tech has a solar panel strapped to the top as well. There are also ICE generators scattered around all over the place, with those big pretty Jakobs fuel tanks nearby.. Can anyone remember something else?

Oh, and today's fun fact: Bloodwing's species is a native competitor to the Rakks, but now an endangered species. They're called "Trash Eaters" or "Corpse Eaters" in BL1. Vulture analogy.
>Corporate armies

Alright, time to get Maliwan up innis bitch.
What military presence does Maliwan have on Pandora?
In-canon? None. Yet.

From last thread:
In keeping with their corporate ethos - “Gods of the Battlefield” - Maliwan fields individual troopers with razor-honed skills and obscenely powerful weaponry. Their appearance is impeccable even in the field. Snipers hide in the hills ripping away their enemies' shields, while assault troopers in element-resistant powered armor spray rockets and elemental blasts into enemy ranks with lethal precision.
Vehicles: Stealthy hoverbikes for sniper and sapper instertion, sleek hover-barges with Adaptive shield pods for their marines
Snipers: Sniper rifles and revolvers
Marines: Powered armor, shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, elemental throwers or SMGs
Engineers: SMGs, light powered armor with elemental melee weapons
Turrets: Elegant, autonomous, mounted with elemental throwers. Think a Portal turret with a flamethrower and a Shock SMG. Or a railgun, if you've got the money and XP.
Might as well post the Dahl one from last thread too.

Professional, disciplined, and well-paid. Advance in sections, using turrets to provide cover fire rather than wasting their own ammo. Most troopers don't carry MGs or rocket launchers – that's the turrets' job. As each section advances, its alternate takes careful, aimed burst-fire shots at exposed enemies, and section heavy weapons troopers use grenade launchers to lob bursts of shells into bunkers and behind linear cover.
Vehicles: Nimble pickup trucks with mounted weapons, designed to deploy and support individual Sections of 5 men and provide support. Runners for hunter-killer work and scouting.
Trooper: Carbine or SMG, backed up by a Repeater.
Section heavy weapons trooper: Grenade Launcher.
Section Leader: SMG and Repeater
Turret: HMG and frequently an RL.
Bump for great justice.

Also, what about the eridian weapons from BL1? Are those going to be worked in somehow, or are we going down the E-Tech route from BL2?
>Also, what about the eridian weapons from BL1? Are those going to be worked in somehow, or are we going down the E-Tech route from BL2?
Basically, I think we're buffing the Eridian weapons while keeping their flavor (Moderate mag size, slowly regens ammo, and all shock, all the time) alive while also adding E-tech.
I'm working on buffing Shock a little too, because you may have noticed that Shock sucks fat donkey balls in both games. For starters, Drifters and Guardians are going to be less rare. Also, since combat is round/action based, swapping from your shock rifle to your fire SMG will be less stressful and annoying.
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So, you've pissed off a megacorp. Who do they send to kill you?
Hyperion: Robot killteam, railgunner snipers.
Atlas: Crimson Assassins (fast, shielded, melee with plasma swords of variable elements)
Maliwan: A sniper team
Jakobs: Remember the Sheriff of Lynchwood? Yeah. Her. High noon, unbreakable shield, big fucking handgun.
Torgue: Angry baboons driving a monster truck with a nuke in the back.
S&S, Vladof: Gunzerkers. Vladof ones have an ushanka.
Dahl: Commandos armed with carbines, grenades, and subguns. Will ambush the character.
Tediore: Partisan assassins who shoot one round and reload at you. Attack from close range out of a crowd, look like Bob Dobbs (see pic)
We already know Hyperion, they got bots and Hyperion personal, examples Claptrap Robolution and BL2. Expect a lot of classy, intelligent sounding names. Given the amount of money they have and the amount of bots, I would assume most Hyperion humans do not have real life experience and are more used to theory and VR in the Hyperion academy.
Atlas: depending on the time frame Atlas troops are heavily armored, jet pack wearing mofos with teleporter tech and big mechs as heavy support, or are dead weight, a la BL2. IIRC Atlas and Dahl actually have extensive field experience as several worlds they've been on are mentioned in game and in promotional ties.
Maliwan: Maliwan mercs would adhere to the elemental terrain and be all graceful and new age.
Jakobs: Island of Doctor Ned had the Jakobs corp giving less then 2 shits about its employees, I dunno if that would extend to their mercs. But I would expect these mercs to be very cowboy and independent with big hand cannons.
Dahl: Given their sales pitch and low recoil guns, maybe they have deep striking guys who specialize in covert strikes?
Tediore: I would like Tediore to be all about digistruct clones. One clone dies? no prob, we got his/her/it's specs, lemme load up another one
>Tediore to be all about digistruct clones.
Oh god, yes. All of them creepy Stepford Wives, and all of them rigged with a suicide switch.

I see them as being sort of a Texas Militia/Rough Riders group, heavy into the Old West. Think the Sherriff's Posse in Lynchwood, but organized as the US Cavalry. And of course they don't care about their workers, they're all Chinese, Truxicans, and Indians Not Taxed (yay, Constitutional humor..)

Another important thing to remember about Atlas - they lost a LOT of fucking money on Pandora. And their entire Second Starborne Brigade, not to mention large chunks of their non-elite troops deserting or being abandoned, or having their Siren and most of their command structure for the sector decapitated. Before that, Atlas were the guys who developed the original E-Tech, and they had the money in spades. Hell, they even used robotic attack drones and combat-converted worker units like Hyperion
Building on that Tediore idea: their vehicles are just an enormous fusion reactor and a 'structer, piloted by a smiling clone. Only the officers are actually "real" people.
Would it be possible to ally yourself with certain bandit gangs, like the Bloodshots or the Slabs?
Working on it. So far, I know of the following bandit gangs:
• Gangs (or leaders if the gang name is unknown)
Bloodshots (organized heavily along Crimson Lance lines - leaders may be ex-lance?)
Children of the Firehawk
Captain Flynt's Crew
Doc Mercy
Crimson Raiders
The Kobb brothers
One-Eyed Jack (sponsored by Torgue)
Flynt's Barony (Note: Bar. Flynt used to be a Dahl prison warden. Cpt. Flynt is/was his brother)
Broken Toes (this and the next several are all subfeifs of Flynt's Barony)
Mad Mel
Krom (another Dahl warden, second-in-command of Flynt)

• Cults
Marcus the Gunbringer
The Vault
“ Vault-hunter(s)
“ Firehawk
The Flame/The Fiery Vault (check the hidden cave in the Vault of the Warrior. May be the ancestor of the Cult of the Firehawk)
The Safety Fist

• Non-Bandit factions
Zaford & Hodunk clans
Dont forget that one bandit clan that was using Spiderant Queen pheromones to control them. Sure, you killed them all, but still.
How do we explain three vaults on one planet? From the first game they are supposed to be ultra rare
Hyperion and Dahl sniper rifles were mechanically the worst pieces of shit in the game. Is this getting fixed in the first edition of WF?
>all about DAT ACCURACY
>sniper rifles are incapable of hitting anything until the last two shots in the magazine

>Recoil is the enemy!
>sniper rifles have higher recoil per shot than a fucking Jakobs and the burst fire ONLY MAKES IT WORSE
Hell at least you can squeeze another hit or two right after your first shot with a Jakobs if you're good.
So should this anon start coming up with new bandit groups or something else?
>Hyperion and Dahl sniper rifles were mechanically the worst pieces of shit in the game. Is this getting fixed in the first edition of WF?
My ruleset makes Dahl rifles into "carbines" with much higher damage than an AR, slightly less than a sniper but good crit bonuses and and moderate recoil, something you can fire from the hip - much like a purple Jakobs.
Hyperion snipers are going to be less retarded, yes.

>how do we explain three vaults on one planet?
The same way we explain getting 4 of the six sirens in existence on one planet and killing 2 of them. We don't. Besides, it's a treasure world or administration point for the entire sector - look at the starmap in the end cutscenes

>should this anon start coming up with new bandit groups
Knock yourself out, man. I can use every scrap of creativity you guys can whip up, I'm still beating the corp-armies and animals into shape.
I think Vladof should not have any armies. If anything, Vladof should be a shadowy weapon manufacturer, encouraging people to fight (REVOLUTION!) and then profiting off it. If anything, the people themselves (Vladof-fanboys and revolutionaries) would try to kill you. I think Vladof itself would just hire really, REALLY good assasins if they wanted someone dead.
Way I see it right now, Vladof has rabble-rousers and insurgents, a few Gunzerkers, and insanely brave "troops" that are totally not conscript levies. Stack on top of that shitty rattletrap APCs and tanks, rocket artillery, and assassins of Zero's caliber with full-auto sniper rifles and homing chem-sprayer grenades and you have one hell of an opponent. Also, invading Vladof territory is sucidally unwise.
...Why is almost everything a repost
Now I see vladof being in control of Pandora, using it as a base of operations for GLORIOUS REVOLUTIONS
So, you're allowed to have 25 threads a night, a jickstarter, and all the ad space on 1d4chan for your SO WHACKY SENTIENT TOASTER QUEST GAME, but we can't have six threads in two months to develop a Borderlands tabletop? Fuck you.
I am so sick of your shit.
Wildlife of Pandora
Each form of wildlife is weak to some manner of damage, halving their Beefy against it. Many are resistant as well, and special elemental or high-powered/badass/boss versions can break all the rules.
Bloodwings/Trash Eaters
Crab worms
Giant Spores (Necrovores promoted to a Baby Giant Spore)
Rakk Hives

Any other >creatures< (Not humans, not Zed and Ned's abominations) you guys can think of?
That should be good for now. This is only the first edition, after all.
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2.99 MB
2.99 MB GIF
You're a fucking idiot. Just get the fuck out.
Summer shitposters are crawling into /tg/ EARLY this year I see.
This sounds fun

Posting for interest

So, can we assume that, given enough time a proper Vault-Hunter worshiping cult(s)'ll spring up? Cause I can totally see, say a group worshiping Zero forming a sort of a trashier version of any given WH40K deathcult, or Gaige inspiring a group of watch-the-world-burn anarchists who think Vladof revolutionaries are fucking casuals.
Shit nigga
We need to get shit done
see this: >>24594154
we can work on this a whole lot, like say, imagining a vault hunter cult in general something like "and so, the grat roland gave his life, so the lesser hunters would escape the demon jack"
Hell, I'd set Pandora as a War World in the World of Progress setting.

All of the megacorps are subsidiaries of SLA Industries, maybe Vladof is DarkNight.
We're using D6
So, I'm picturing a Roland cult starting off with some of the more mentally unstable Crimson Raiders. Not really operating as a religious group, more of a group of people trying to protect Pandora, fight The Man ect. but taking things way too far, kind of like an anti-government militia. They'd have a serious "operators operating operationally" fetish.
And ass
Do it
File: 1367610391705.jpg-(127 KB, 527x802, 'xenos' guy.jpg)
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>xenos guy somehow became a chaplain
Is such a thing even possible?
File: 1367610457501.jpg-(197 KB, 400x513, BillyMays[1].jpg)
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197 KB JPG
Yes it is.
Bumping for interest.

Also, is someone collecting all your ideas into a doc or something?
there needs to be a brick cult, its form of worship will be punching people to death
File: 1367634123244.jpg-(192 KB, 1024x640, 1367286274639.jpg)
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>Why is this thread so goddamn slow?
Because only about 3 people are actually contributing to it now that we've moved on from "wouldn't it be cool if...?". Because we went from 3 different guys writing in three different systems to (apparently) me taking the odd hand-up from the class, and I stopped posting to write more.
Also, because the gentlemen posting nothing but insults in lieu of a simple imagebump are making the thread look even less active.
Aren't we calling this Short Changed Hero now?
File: 1367637018169.jpg-(321 KB, 429x1000, Clappytan.jpg)
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>Handsome Jack
Dem quest-giving sideburns, man.

>weeaboo loli fetish shit
Allow me to contribute.

The History of Pandora (all "years" measured in Earth Standard)
100+ years Before the Pandoran Vault (BV). Atlas begins hunting alien ruins, looking for tech. Other companies, especially Dahl, doing the same.
~80-100 BV - Atlas colonizes Pandora near the end of the local “fall”. Wildlife in hibernation, large seas and frozen polar/mountain areas. One continent sees most of the colonization, although a secondary continent, Almea (a jungle/swamp ecosystem during the “summer”), also acquires a human population.
(3-6 years later) First Pandoran summer. Wildlife exits hibernation: polar caps melt, water level skyrockets, then plummets. Atlas corporation declares state of emergency, lands a Starborne Brigade, and declares martial law in all remaining habitable settlements. A six-year war ensues against the planet's entire ecosystem, to be repeated for the next several decades. During this time, the civilians begin fortifying and heavily-arming their cities.
In the early years of the colonization, Atlas established food processing plants (for fish and Skags) as well as domesticating the local “Bladeflower” for grain. These continued in operation even after the majority of Atlas' operations were abandoned.
File: 1367637783618.png-(170 KB, 618x866, 1367289759675.png)
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170 KB PNG
(Unknown date, post-colony) Hyperion and Jakobs establish enclaves on Pandora. Hyperion sponsors widespread adoption of the CL4P-TP helper-bot, likely using them as a spy network in cooperation with orbital satellites hooked into the ECHO-net. A group of Truxican immigrants, meanwhile, found the town of Ovejas.

Less than 25 YBV: “John”, a low-level programmer for Hyperion, is severely wounded, and scarred with the symbol of the Vault. He changes his name to Jack. He will also be one of the only people who actually seems to know what's going on with the Vaults and Sirens. May be an Atlas defector.

Within the last few Pandora Years, Dahl lands the Sanctuary across the main continent from the Atlas enclaves (near Jakobs' wood-processing plants). They begin processing the alien ruins to extract Eridium.
~800 days BV: Patricia Tannis lands and begins Vault research
~225 days: Hibernation cycle ends for local Skag as Pandora enters Spring cycle.
~325 days: Translation program reveals vault cycle. Tannis issues “covert” summons to Vault Hunters, which, knowing Tannis, likely takes the form of a press release. (Sometime in the intervening year, the first piece of the Vault Key is found by Sledge; Atlas and Hyperion interceptions of communications traffic reveal the vault's existence)
~300 days: Dahl halts mining operations, issues retreat orders to personnel.
~180 days: Final Dahl evacuations, first Lance landings. Tannis finds another Vault key fragment. Vault opening “in about 6 months”, or approximately by day 800.
~140 days: key fragment given to Earl.
~60 days: Last recordings by Tannis, Vault Hunters will land shortly.
No the nameis Wicked Hero's Heaven. Or Wicked Heaven Heroes.

One of them. We're not naming it after that one song. That's just a complete ripoff, and is not cool. We went over this in one if the last threads.
>So, why exactly do these threads have such a shitty atmosphere anyway?
A poisonous poster wandering by and shitting up the thread. Hit up the archives to see the first few.

An interesting thing - from the timeline I've managed to piece together, the Dahl colony went from initial dig to complete anarchy in less than 7 years, and from prison planet to full-on Bandit hellhole in less than a year. The first administrator, Harcheck, was murdered by her own miners in the ruins - sacrificed to Old Blue. Not that it stopped him.
SCH sounds edgier to me, if that is what we're basing it on. Wicked Heaven Heroes isn't so bad. Especially if it's the fun kind of wicked, like Borderlands.
I do like the slag harpies. They were an excellent idea and the anon that thought of them should feel good about it.

Personally, I like the WHH names better than SCH.
i like the name!
also, we need something of a new class other than slag harpy, maybe a type of parasite nomad that attacks other bandit camps and will randomly appear in a combat situation
Shield Juggler. Can use multiple shields. Tricky techy tank class and can make 'shield bombs' with the cheep ones
File: 1367641417233.jpg-(347 KB, 585x867, Bandit_CL4P_TP_by_w0lven_(...).jpg)
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347 KB JPG
>Guns! Guns! Guns!: The Borderlands Tabletop RPG
You have my attention.

>a new class other than slag harpy,
Well, the Nomads are clearly Lance Guardians that went rogue, and the entire town of Lynchwood is basically a Jakobs enclave. Salvador is a Goliath made into a PC, and Brick a Bruiser.
So... Bandit pet classes. Nomad Torturers and Midge-Mong are the closest they ever get. How about a hack-trap? What else comes to mind?
three trees:
>Rotatory Shielder
gets bonuses to shield use based off off ones in SDU. can basically end up using the special abilities of every stored shield and can hand out those bonuses to party.
throws stored shields and does damage based off of their capacity and special ability. 'nuff said.
>Th' Wall
can use multiple shields, gaining only their basic protection rating; effective shock trooper due to massive shield
take two: thinking about it for a second edition

Shield Juggler
Special: Uses Two Shields, only adds half their rating for his total
>Th' Wall
Fully adds 2 shields protection rating into one massive lump; uses this to close with and smash people in the face. Think Brick, but more teched out with stuff. Converts shields into melee weapons and damage based off of a percentage of their protection value.

>Rotatory Shielder
gets bonuses to shield use based off off ones in SDU. can basically end up using the special abilities of every stored shield and can hand out those bonuses to party. Effective healing/protection unit, can restore other shields and (maybe) improve upon them.

throws stored shields and does damage based off of their capacity and special ability. 'nuff said. able to make 'shield mines' to trap enemies and shields to vehicles
Thats overpowered, using sham, slayer and firehawk abilities all at once? That better have some kind of backlash to it
also, the images from previous threads and some NSFW and too large ones: http://www.mediafire.com/?6v7y1jn0uqdgc
well, i don't know which system was decided upon OR how shields are workiong yet so that's my best guess But yea, the three trees seem example of ones used on Borderlands; a damage tree a utility/dirty trick tree and a multilayer friendly tree.
Heck, i would not be surprised if they actually use something like this in an expansion/3rd game, its an untapped section of the game, dicking with shields
we are going with a method like the game right? the best shit is halfway down or at teh bottom?
Kinda like King Wee Wee in Borderlands 1 with what he did with his shield?
>Cradle and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Or perhaps >Big Boom Blaster and Deadly Bloom for EXPLOSIONS
File: 1367645885635.jpg-(219 KB, 1280x905, borderlands_2_meat_bicycl(...).jpg)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
. . . ok this is sounding good
i like this shield juggler idea it needs fleshing, but that is what we do in the border lands we flesh things, out of flesh
As this anon promised some new bandits/gang.

Granny Shots'Guun based in The Playground leader of the Chill Bloods bandit gang. Forces mostly made up of midgets, their mounts, and Nomads which in turn has lured over time other bandits but those forces are still the majority. Granny is noted to have a pet Rakk Hive which she takes out for walks and lets her 'children' ride.

The Playground is giant amusement park turned trash heap once it went under. Granny Shots'Guun claimed it when she wanted a place for her 'children' to play. It has since been over time been modified into a mighty bastion of a fortress as a horrible mockery of what it once was. It is worth noting that it has since become a sizable bandit hub and the main base of the Chill Bloods.

Granny Shots'Guun is a Female Nomad would be the best comparison. She seems to get tougher the older she gets, not to mention is strong enough hold down bruisers on her lap and give them a good spanking(literally). She can be so horrifying that even rampaging goliaths matter how bad-ass they are to calm down from their 'tantrums'. She is very protective of her 'kids' which she has tried to take a grandmotherly role towards. Her favorite gun is her 'boomstick' which also serves as her cane. It appears to be specially modified gun capable of both potent knock back and range(she has been known to snipe 'kiddies' who try to steal from her cookie jar). Worst part is you don't realize it has been fired until AFTER you have been hit, which is when you promptly hear the BOOM. Granny's shield is actually a giant table which she carries with her in case she finds someone to eat and kill. It is worth noting that her favorite meal is actual children if she can find them and not her own gang...unless they did something wrong. In which case she cooks them and feeds them to the rest of the gang as an example. According to the bandits she is amazing cook despite what she uses for ingredients and feeds them all regularly.
Anon wanted stuff to be done so as promised this anon has provided. Given time I will come up with more unless a new thing that needs work appears.
We need a rat character option, that sounds rather fleshy
they don't, remember shootey Mc face? He needed to die so he could respawn with a full stomach. in case you didn't notice, there's little to no agriculture on Pandora, and like the first game says it's horrific death and dismemberment insurance, not starvation insurance. suicide psychos are what happen when a psycho gets sufficiently weakened from hunger that they can't swing a buzzax, they blow someone up and then eat the giblets.
Doesn't help that whenever an anon actually comes up with something interesting it gets shit on.
better to crash and burn than do nothing
ok new fauna enemies, there needs something that acts like a swarm, less spiderant, more like everything is a minor enemy, with the exceprion of the queens which come in young, middle aged, and matriarch form, the would all be small and hit for little damage, the strength would be in horde style attacks, if this sounds too much like spiderants ill drop the issue
Supposedly there are a couple anons working on it but they haven't really been around. Then there are the shitposters drowning out the few anons sticking around coming up with fluff and good ideas.
well lets take this one step at a time, designing first is obvious, if we can all contribute and work together on this rather then all of us either shitposting or just fluffing out ideas while one or two guys design, we can make this work one step at a time
Shitposters drove them off.
than why did Broquest stop?
How are we dealing with Fast Travel and the vending machines>?I don't in particularly see the Fast Travel option being too big a concern even with hostile territory, you could always fluff it that the baddies have control of the Fast Travel node, can monitor who comes in and out and shutting it down if need be.

Would there still be vending machines or actual merchants - and how would you explain the sudden malfunction of all ammo and medicine dispensers all over Pandora?
File: 1367824132169.pdf-(130 KB, PDF, GUNS GUNS GUNS D6 - previ(...).pdf)
130 KB
130 KB PDF
The Commerce Net, Echo-Net, New-U system, and Fast Travel network are all isolated from each other.
In BL1, the FTN was down, but the commerce, new-u, and echo were up; Steele took down the Echo-net after you upped the FTN, and >threatened< to take down the commerce net. Incidentally, some dialogue there suggests that people get a lot of their food off the commerce net, as well.

In other news, here's the first preview of what I've gotten written. The Borderlands-specific fluff and stats are in another document, and I;ve gone through about 5 iterations of a character sheet trying to get one to look as clean as the Star Wars ones. I think I may have something now.
File: 1367837295231.jpg-(89 KB, 900x573, Pandora_s_Box_o_Whoop_Ass(...).jpg)
89 KB
I think I'll still call it Short Changed Heroes. That seemed to go over well. Unless anyone remembers the Restless Wicked option. Guns Guns Guns sounds like the subtitle for the Weapons Chapter.
I'm one of the people who think Whàck Foo is genuinely a good idea, but I'm not gonna shove it down anyone's throat. Short Changed Heroes is perfectly cool.
File: 1367875161814.jpg-(367 KB, 1060x1500, sirens_by_alecyl_d5gvsx0.jpg)
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367 KB JPG
Name the file whatever the Hell you want, the name is only appearing in one place anyway...
What happened? This thread just lost like 100 replies
File: 1367881643198.png-(803 KB, 1028x585, JakobsClaptrapkillingNedc(...).png)
803 KB
803 KB PNG
The janitor deleted the inane fuckery that was poisoning the thread. Pic related.
In other news, I'm up to 15 pages, about half of it fluff.
Ideas for Signature Quirks (I.E., Action Skills) would be deeply appreciated.

So far we have (this is just the new stuff, let's ignore the ones from the games for now):
Slagform (Hyper Mode, Slag Harpy) - becomes living Slag, absorbing bullets and doing horrifying things in melee
Summon Turret (Pet) - deploys a turret with special abilities based on the trooper's corporate alignment.
Kamikaze Dive (Big Boom, Midget Demolitionist): Character is instantly Downed, does massive Explosive damage to the target.
There's a janitor lurking and clearing out all the arguing about stupid shit
File: 1367881746880.jpg-(59 KB, 1280x720, Tediore White.jpg)
59 KB
Oh, and
Shield Toss (Big Boom): Character rigs a shield in their inventory to overload, doing damage affected by the Shield's rating and element (if any)
Fragtastic; a grenade damage bonus based on your Techy stat.
Backstabber; some type of sneak attack melee bonus
Shoot the Chink; may fir armor penetrating round, can't be combined with elemental
Salvager; can make armor and gubbins from bits of enemy
I'm rubber; add a SPEEDY based bonus to melee
You're Glue; grapple nearest enemy, use him as shield/living mace
Blastman; increase radius of Explosive damage
One for the money; money magnet (some bonus to money looting)
Two for the show; trick shots bounce around corners
Three to get ready; chosen weapon type now has chance to hit multiple targets
And four to go; . . . i got nothing
File: 1367883486040.jpg-(52 KB, 333x500, adam-west-dark-knight-jok(...).jpg)
52 KB
I think Zer0 has this one. I like it. I will be using it.
Perfect. This is all kinds of a Bandit skill

>Don't Step On My Blue Skag Shoes
Pet Skag is now a Shock Skag.

>Shoot the Chink
A slightly unfortunate name, especially on a Jakobs man..


Torgue my Gourd: Player may now headbutt for Explosive damage

>I'm rubber; add a SPEEDY based bonus to melee
Melee weapon accuracy is governed by Speedy, damage by Beefy. Perhaps, instead, grant a bonus to your damage if you were just hit by a physical attack?
File: 1367886989828.png-(500 KB, 436x908, Exploding knees.png)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
>Ideas for Signature Quirks (I.E., Action Skills) would be deeply appreciated.
Don't forget Phase Rip, where the Slag Harpy forces an enemy to phasewalk, only in bits and pieces, causing them to get torn apart from the inside and occasionally causing bouts of exploding knees.

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