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Wiki here:

Prior threads:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/23814785/

Discussion here:

You are a human-form gargoyle crafted of marble set to protect a small town on the frontier of the wild darkness. Your people are still ignorant of what you are, and rightfully so.

Knowledge of what you are would simply prove that they fear you or the monsters among them tempt your destruction.

Last night: You sought out Lady Manse to inform her of the fate of the young girl, Molly, that had recently, by your presumption, turned into a demon.

Realizing that you knew not of her location, you sought Alice within your own church, only to find Lady Manse within, waiting for you to arrive.

The Noble Lady, while unimpressed by your news, indeed thanked you for it, and before heading on your way, you requested your favor from her.

Asking for magic, she infused the knowledge and ability to cast a few base-Fae spells.

Making the mistake of bringing up the subject of dealings with "Beasts" as Lady Manse referred, she instructed Angel to destroy all non-human life. Advising that it is your purpose, duty, and function.

Feigning in agreement, you asked the Lady how she had mentioned increasing control over those you've consumed.

Lady Manse's answer: You must become more like a demon to assert proper control.

Departing with a flourish, the Lady left you to ponder your own thoughts before heading on your way to explore the South wood.

Encountering small and viscous swarms of Fae, you burn them with your newly acquired power of flame.

There is more to this world.
Awaken Gargoyle, the Night is Dark.
Oh coolio.

You got your new keyboard then?
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I apologize for the hiatus, My keyboard broke. Got a new one as soon as I was able.

Current Skilltree
File: 1368063591259.png-(223 KB, 1061x655, Gargoyle Magic Tree.png)
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223 KB PNG
Current Magic Tree

Yes, Yes I did. It took a bit... I ordered it because I purely wanted a replacement.

Wireless Solar Powered is just too awesome to pass!
File: 1368063624065.jpg-(495 KB, 1440x818, Hearthson_Frontier Region.jpg)
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Region Map.
As the Many tiny creatures jump upon you, you feel them attempt to sink their teeth into your body. You reflexively begin to try to shake them off only for more to replace the ones that are successfully flung away.

You feel your dense body, resist their efforts for the most part, but a few of the much stronger jaws among the bugs actually strip you of Marble.

Soon enough however, they blighted creatures strike the iron veins running through your body and fall off, crying with broken teeth.

The same strong-jawed ones continue strong, avoiding the spots that thwarted the others.

It's admirable, as admirable as it is creepy and unnerving that these tiny creatures seek to devour you.

Drawing upon the power of flame, you ignite your hands and begin to smash, swipe and burn many of the creatures off of your body. The Swarm flees away from your body just in time to avoid an all out spin aimed at baking even more alive.

More than the iron, it seems that they aren't quite too keen on flames...

The small bite-marks and scratches in your body begin to heal, and it seems you've given these creatures pause.

15/22 Mana.
>Y/N Persist Burning Hands. (Mana upkeep, 2 per round)

>[] Spin the swarm down with burning death, you shall destroy them.
>[] Attempt to cut a deal...
>[] Flee.
>[] (Other)

The time is now 3:30a.m

Daybreak at 6:25
>[] Spin the swarm down with burning death, you shall destroy them.
guilt free nomming. And we need more Fae to strengthen our mind.
>>[] Spin the swarm down with burning death, you shall destroy them.
Time to get blenderin'
With your hands still aflame, you twist your body and leap into the swarm, twirling around in a building inferno.

You hear the creatures' screams as you fry many of them alive, however you sense that many of them begin to retreat from the fire.

You continue until they have completely evacuated the area.

Once you stop, you roar out, "Return you cowards! I'll see the rest of your kind burn! You shall not conquer me! I will devour you, before you do, I!"

Your unnaturakl voice echoes into the woods as the trees and grasses burn from your assault.

You scour the earth for corpses, finding what remains that you can and drawing in their souls.

They are small, and it takes many to feel as though a difference is made... You eventually eat around fifty of them.. or perhaps closer to a hundred.

>3 exp queued. Ready in one hour.

After your feast, you feel eyes upon you. Powerful eyes.

You look about with your own, as well as extending your various supernatural senses.

You feel a sheer disturbance from the trees...

And then suddenly the flames are extinguished.

An enchanting, yet dark voice whispers through the wood.

"Begone, ye demon of flame... We have no want of thou here..."

"Who are you! Show yourself! I am the guardian of this place, I-"


A fierce, and dark wind blasts out the flame upon your hands, in fact, it forces you backward even as you attempt to express your dominance to no avail.

>[] Apologize for the trespass and return to town.
>[] Retaliate with your own gust and call upon lightning.
>[] Resummon your flames and burn more trees in defiance.
>[] Attempt to negotiate (Write in)
>[] (Other)
>>[] Retaliate with your own gust and call upon lightning.
Do it.
>[] Retaliate with your own gust and call upon lightning.
Gust cost is 2 Mana
The wind blows in opposition!
DC is 70
Lightning Cost is 6 Mana
There is slight cloudcover
DC is 65

Primal Heart: +20 to Primal Rolls.

Will your gust be pitiful? Your lightning Strong?

Roll it! 1d100!
Rolled 90

huh the dice like me in this quest.

That they do. Anything specific you'd like to bellow out as you tiumph against the unseen's wind?
Rolled 26

>Suck my pebbles!
This is My Domain.... and YOU ARE ASH!

You get like a little spark of lightning...

Mana is now 5/22

Bitch about primal is that if it fails, it still expends mana.
Rolled 46

Oh, cool.
You muster your force of magic and take control of the wind, not only combating the opposing gust, but beginning to snuf it out.

You roar into the night at the unseen enemy," This... is MY domain... And you... ARE ASH!" and drive a harsh wind through the trees, blowing and scattering leaves from their branches, and knocking away whatever is left of those toothy little faeries.

With the wood quiet once more, you growl out low unconsciously before catching the behavior and correcting it.

You must remain conscious... Conscious and human.. You think to yourself.

A few more moments pass before a pair of glowing violet eyes seem to appear out of thin air, shadows utterly obscuring the rest of the form... You only feel life from the eyes.

"You... What are you?" The same enchanting voice from before whispers through the wood.

"Why do you trespass upon our land, Dem- Wait... Your smell.. You smell of Fae."

Before you can reply, the voice screams at you," You, You smell of Fae! You ate them didn't you?!"

From the large eyes within the wood,you see collosal, pearly white fangs slowly unveil from its own shroud of darkness.

Attached to a feminine, and almost human form, the creature's teeth jut out from its mouth more than a few inches.

"I am the Lady of Teeth, Unseelie Duchess. Prepare yourself monster, I will devour you for your insult..." Her voice barely restrains her anger.

She is the size of a slender and disproportionate woman, extremely slender at the waist, and feet, almost wasp-like. Her face is illuminated by a small dangling light hanging over her head and she stays afloat with gem-like firefly wings.

Her formal challenge gives you a moment to react, what will you do.

>[] Formally accept the challenge.
>[] Apologize profusely and beg forgiveness for the misunderstanding.
>[] Strike first, you will take her head this night!
>[] Refuse to fight. (Write in)
>[] (Other)
File: 1368067017969.jpg-(575 KB, 1440x818, Sepia_Hearthson.jpg)
575 KB
575 KB JPG
>[] Formally accept the challenge.
I am Angel, Gargoyle of [Town] and for your charges temerity of attacking me I hereby accept your challenge.

The Time is 3:45
Daybreak at 6:25
Current Mana 5/22

There is also the option to turn-tail and flee from this creature.
>>gem-like firefly wings.

Meant to be gem-like Dragonfly Wings.

Her overall appearance is very much like a human-sized Faerie, however her mouth and face has the appearance of an angler-fish.

The rest of her is rather fair and her teeth more beautiful than the whitest ivory.
Huh, Just you Redaeth...

I remember when Gargoyle Quest was going into Autosage most nights...

I'll carry this on, though.
Rolled 75

>>[] Strike first, you will take her head this night!
Sure let's accept the challenge
With a brief bow, you formally accept the Lady of Teeth's Challenge," I am Angel, Gargoyle of Hearthson. For your charge, temerity of attacking me, I hereby accept your challenge."

The Faerie lets out a low hiss as she speaks," Thou declare us of temerity? Thou trespass upon our lands, you attack our subjects..." The Fae-Woman vanishes into the darkness once again, your ability to detect her, once more vanishing with her strange shroud.

Seemingly from everywhere, her voice echoes," W will eat you... We will eat you and the things you love."

Your initiative is lost.

Challenge Roll:

>[] Use a spell!
>[] Lash out into the darkness.
>[] Wait and maintain defense...
>[] (Other)
>[] Surrender
>[] Flee
>[] Lash out into the darkness.
But not blindly. Use her counter attack locate her and then turn on the heat.
>," We will eat you... We will eat you and the things you love."

Also, the actual rolls.

Holding initiative, she gains 10 to max dice and +15 total for home-field and obscured by darkness.
a -5 incurred to what would've been a +20 for her due to Voice of Wind, you have an idea of where she is...
Rolled 32, 83, 81 + 15 = 211

The effing roll.

Angel's roll is 1d100.
Rolled 33

Rolled 3

hahahaha, beat the first roll by 1.

Your move anons
Rolled 94


That's going to hurt... that's really going to hurt...
at least this roll was decent.

She gets +15

This is gonna hurt a lot...

I'll actually give the first roll a +15 because it's a good idea.

Does this also imply Burning Hands?

There's not much moisture and it's 2 mana per round, will you set your hands on fire in the attack?

Rolled 52

Yes hands.
I think we should
Drawing in your guard, you keep track of her general location by feeling the differences in air pressure. You can't see where she is, but you know where she'll come from. Digging in, you await her first strike, keeping your hands on the verge of smoldering.

You feel a sudden change in the air pressure from your back, and as you turn to give her a backhand, you let your hands burst into flames, knocking the fiendish Fae in the teeth before she vanishes again with a sharp hiss.

You felt the hardness of her teeth within that strike... They did not break and you put as much force as you can currently muster.

You feel the reserves of your mana behind to drain as you maintain your burning hands.

"The prey fights instead of fleeing. We will have it know better... so much better.."

You sense another change in the airpressure at your back, however, as you react with a second backhand with your left hand, the Fae catches your arm with her teeth and crushes through your arm, breaking it like a nut, despite the density and hardness of your Marble.

If you were human, your cheeks would have paled at this, yet instead you flail with your other arm, bring down a fiery swing, only for the Fae to catch it with her hand, braving the flames and twisting your entire body by the wrist, flinging you over her shoulder and onto your back.

Looming down over you triumphantly, the Lady of Teeth opens her may and picks out pieces of your destroyed arm with a nonchalant manner.

"Hmm, Some iron in you. Not to our taste, no matter. We have made a promise..."

From prone and sinking into the old and dead leaves of the forest floor, you swing an arm at her fragile-looking feet, only for her to skip over it and step on the unignited elbow.

With a twist, her maw somehow find the forearm of your remaining right arm, and that cracks and breaks apart in her jaws just as easily as the left.
"Wh-What are you..." You mumble from the forest floor as the wasp-like human-shaped monster looms over you with an utterly malicious smile from those staggeringly dangerous teeth.

"We have already spoken. We are the Lady of Teeth, Unseelie Duchess."

>[] Beg for pardon. (May Write in)
>[] Continue the struggle.
>[] Seek immediate escape.
>[] (Other)

Return later for vengeance.
Rolled 86

Wrong field
Rolled 64

Let's keep strugglin
Rolled 15


we really need more combat skills. This was sad. We didn't last a single round with her.

Voting for fighting retreat unless the tides turn
Rolled 33

We fought in very un-ideal circumstances.

We're fighting her in her forest, with no room to fly. In an open field where we can fly and she can't ambush us, we'd tear her apart.

She was also engaged with next to no mana.
With the oppressive gaze of the Fae Duchess looming over you, only one thing enters your mind- You must run.

Without her weight on you, and feeling a bit lighter with your lack of arms, you spring your wings out from your compressed form, surprising the Lady of Teeth and causing her to back off.

"Not out of this fight yet are-" She begins to give you some chiding remark, however you turn tail and run, opening your wings fully and take off through the canopy, crashing through and breaking trees as you make your escape.

You do not sense her pursuit, only her lingering voice from the wood.

"Coward... We will devour you... I swear it."

You escape with your life, and return to your church to recuperate.

You land upon the step of the church and push the doors in with the stubs that remain of your arms.

You regenerative ability has made some progress, however it will take more time to mend all of the damage..

You sense that Alice is just beginning to rouse from her slumber..

The time is 5:30
Daybreak at 6:25.

What will you do?

>[] Speak with Alice.
>[] Immediately return to your pedestal
>[] (Other)
Speak with Alice, before returning to the pedastal

Hope we can get another night in this session
[] Immediately return to your pedestal

There's nothing to talk to alice about that I can remember
The Lady was here for something, what was it?
You feel your power waning slightly from the extent of the damages as you stumble into the church, causing enough of a ruckus to fully rouse Alice, that awakens tiredly at your approach, only to see your form in the strands of light entering without arms and the smooth, alien features of your condensed form.

The young- witch's eyes widen upon your visage," G-Gargoyle!" She runs up to you, seeming to try to offer you aid, yet you onlt shake your head.

"I cannot take your shoulder, I am the Guardian, I cannot rely on my charges." You reaffirm your stance and feel the your marble, and even the iron and silver veins replicating into new arms.

Alice reaches out gingerly, regardless, yet retracts her hand, understanding that she couldn't possibly bear your weight.

"What happened, what did this to you?"

With a growl, and more steps to your pedestal, you reply to her," An Unseelie known as the Lady of Teeth."

Alice seems taken aback, her face going pale,"I.. the Lady of Teeth. She... Did she state her nobility? What is she?"

You turn to regard Alice, examining the sudden change in her composure. Certainly if something could damage you to such an extent, it could indeed wreak havoc upon a human," Duchess. She had said, she was an Unseelie Duchess."

Alice shakes her head," No, no, no... You must have done something to anger her, Gargoyle, you need to find some way to make amends with her. Unseelie Dukes and Duchesses are vary powerful. My friends of the Seelie have told me of how vindictive they can be as well."

Your anger at your failure, or perhaps, Alpha's anger, bursts forth from your mouth in a roar," I will not make dealings with her! I cannot! The Lady Manse will know, she would break me more even than this... I will... recover... I will find some way to take care of this..."

Alice backs off, and with a shake of her head, she makes her leave.
You said that, however you know within yourself that you must at least maintain appearances...
Should Lady Manse discover you even attempted to negotiate with the Fae, she'd be just as likely to break you and order another Gargoyle...
There's a few reasons why that would be low on the list of your interests..

>[] Speak to Alice outside before she truly departs for the day.
>[] Return to your Pedestal, you need to recover.
>[] (Other)

Personal Questions:

Will you truly act to obey Lady Manse? Or will you go behind her back?

Do you intend to seek vengeance upon the Lady of Teeth? Or will you heed Alice and make amends?
>[] Revenge, I desire the soul of a duchess.
>[] Amends, I will not endanger what peace Hearthson may have.

Do you truly fear Lady Manse?
Rolled 67

Will you truly act to obey Lady Manse? Or will you go behind her back?

Do you intend to seek vengeance upon the Lady of Teeth? Or will you heed Alice and make amends?
>[] Revenge, I desire the soul of a duchess.

Do you truly fear Lady Manse?
Caution, Wariness. Fear

But mostly anger. We are not a pet.
No, we will not obey the Lady Manse. We will go behind her back, until we are strong enough to kill her ourselves if she gets in our way. We are the protector of this town, and we will decide how it is protected.

The Fae do not appear to be doing much to harm the town, and we did trespass on their forest (even though I', fairly sure I recall them attacking first). Swallow our considerable pride and make amends.

Do we fear the Lady Manse?

We are aware of her abilities, and we respect them. But we do not respect HER, and we will not be treated as a dog.
they attacked us to eat us.
I'm guessing the Gargoyle truly fears Lady Manse but hates her even more. She kinda cross that line where someone hates you more than they fear you.

Sensible, very sensible.

I'm supposing you'll return to your pedestal now?
Indeed. Might we get another night in this session?
Just go back to the pedestal
You make further steps to return to your pedestal, despite the fact that you're still lacking arms below your elbows, you raise them in the usual fashion of welcoming people into the church, returning to your uncondensed, winged form.

You feelk your pedestal return your magical power to you and simoultaenously increase the speed of your regeneration, returning the rest of your arms to you within half an hour after sunrise.

You feel out people throughout the day and sense that no one seems to be coming to the church, not even Pastor Clegane.

From what you can see, the sky is an overcast cloudy and Gray, in your mind, you think, it's just perfect for summoning lightning, to your grim amusement as you struggle with whether you want to destroy the Fae- Bitch that took your arms, or make amends as Alice has advised.
Both have their benefits, though devouring her would suit you the most... such a powerful Fae would surely make you far stronger than you are now...

You feel the many souls of the tooth fairies you devoured come to a rest.
>[] 3 exp ready!

By the early afternoon, an unfamiliar presence happens upon your church.

A young woman with white hair and red eyes, enters from outside, lugging around a heavy case.

She drags it inside with surprisingly little difficulty and then looks about the church, rather suspiciously. Making eye contact with you, she abandons the case and runs up to your statuesque body.

The woman scrutinizes you, much to your anxiety, and she even takes out a small chipping tool to make subtle cracks in your body..It hurts... kind of..

>[] Speak to her(Write in)
>[] Remain Silent.
>[] Cast Spell.

(Yes, you can cast spells while immobile.)

We'll see, I certainly hope for it myself.
Remain silent. I don't think we have many spells beyond the killing sort anyway and she doesn't seem hostile.
Lightning strike her.

Her taking flakes of skin is a bad sign. You can use that sort of thing in all sorts of nasty spells.
We're a protector of the people. We do not just murder them without a reason.
Technically, since the Pedestal recharges your mana, your reservoir is much bigger while you stand upon it. However if the manacost of the spell exceeds your Maximum mana,m you still can't cast it.

Current Mana 50/22
Just gonna wait a few for tie-breaker...
Well you can't let her just take the flakes. Scream at her (I think we don't move our lips when we talk) to make her stop or at least do something else instead of nothing. Even if she told other people they would just think she was crazy.
I'm fine with coming to life and warning her to stop, and making her drop the flakes.
Maybe go to this if screaming doesn't work or she runs with the flakes.

You don't need to move your mouth to speak.

Going with the screaming at her... Heh.. this should be interesting...
You tolerate a few more moments of the white-haired woman chipping away at various parts of your body, however a festering aggression builds within you.

At first it's just a small flame, a touch of anger... However oil is thrown atop that fire as you feel a pain upon you hand and hear the woman softly say," Oops."

You unleash a scream of anger, nearly rivaling the Banshee, Cari's, startling the womab to the point that she's upon the floor of the church, hands over her ears and in the fetal position.

Your rage subsides as she's dropped the flakes, you're wary of what she may do with them after all...

The woman rises slowly, shaking a little as she looks upon you.

"Oh, oh, I'm so sorry! That really hurt though, you know.. I think I wet myself a little..." Her face scrunches up.

You regard her silently with your life detection, as your eyes a re fixed. This woman... This woman is specifically addressing you.

She steps into your vision clearly and now you can see her full appearance.

Her eyes are a blood, red, and her hair is quite short, framing her fair face upon either side. She wears a rather dirty work-blouse and a heavy canvas Apron along with trousers... Uncommon for most women... This woman is uncommon, and she's addressed you..

The Woman scratches her cheek with a dirty fingernail before bowing a with a bit of haste," Oh, ah, I'm sorry for not... Um... introducing myself.. I'm... Well you sh-.. I'm Marble... My name is Marble Mason. It's good to se- meet you... Umm.. What is your name?"

>[] Introduce yourself.
>[] Remain Silent.
>[] Cast Spell.
>[] (Other)
>[] Introduce yourself.
I was called Angel by someone who I failed.
Aside, I'll start posting your available spell descriptions in the first few posts...

>Fae Fire: Illuminate an enemy with the light of the Fae, and allowing you to track them wherever they go until the light finally fades. Cost: 5 mana.

Would've helped a lot against the Lady of Teeth.

The feels.
Sure let's be melodramatic
It takes you a moment to feel inclined to trust her... however the woman continues to bow before you, almost dumbly as she awaits your response.

"I..." You begin, and she perks right up again, smiling brightly at your voice, only causing you another pause.
"I am..." You begin, yet then you remember Molly... The girl that gave you your name.. The little one that's now a demon.. Your second pause does not cause the smile to depart from the woman's face, she reaches out and touches your hands, and your shoulders with her own, "Go on.." She whispers to you gently.

You let it out," I was called Angel... by someone... Whom I failed... It... Is good to meet you... Marble Mason... What brings you.. To my church?" You still feel knots within your spirit... and the gentle sadness of Cari and a small chorus of others echo throughout your own.

Marble's smile loses some luster, but only to turn into one of far more understanding.

She rests her head upon your chiseled shoulder," It's quite alright Gargoyle, it's very human to be disappointed in yourself... We all make mistakes, but we must learn from them as well, lest we be doomed to repeat them.. Over.. and over... and over again."

She pushes off of you and runs over to get her case, she pulls the thing over across the church's decrepit floorboards.

"When we cut a stone into a statue, we can make several mistakes, so long as we correct them all in the end, the result can still be amazing."

Marble Mason opens up her case and within it lies various implements of reeking magical origin, small constructs similar to Gargoyles, and many tools for chiseling, carving, and applying... other treatments...
Examining and polishing her equipment, the woman gives you a bit of a smile.

"I'm no Master Mason, however I'll be able to give you some kind of a tuning up... I noticed that you have metals running through your body... I could remove those if you'd like, or even redouble that... I could even perhaps add more onto you if you'd like.. Though I'm not exactly skillful in that regard.

I might be able to insert copper into your body as well, if you'd like... Though it'll take me some time in figuring out the proper method of that... This may be tricky, very tricky indeed...

>[] Who are you exactly?
>[] Request a treatment(Write in)
>[] Bid her to leave.
>[] Go silent.
>[] (Other)
I know it's not exactly many people right now... But with this new character, I want to know any predictions you guys might have.. In general anyway...
Request more metal reinforcement, add copper so we can use ourselves as a lightning conduit. Other tan that, general tune-up would be fine. But we have to know she's trustworthy first.

Could be our maker, although she lacks the arrogance that his writings had. Most likely an apprentice of his, or perhaps a daughter. There's no way she simply wandered in here.

Writings? Referring to the speech patterns during character creation?
Welp, I'm off to bed. I'll read the archive tomorrow.

Keep of sculptin' Stone Mason.
"I suppose... if you could infuse my form with copper, that could be acceptable.. I have suffered minor discomforts from the Iron and Silver within my body... However it's been of far greater use than a hindrance."

The Woman smiles and nods as she reaches into one of the pockets of her trunk and takes out a few spheres of Copper, clearly too large for the bag.

"How did you do that?" You blurt out your curiosit.
Marble gives you a cheeky smile," A clever little Fae-spell... Pocket. Lets you store things in compressed space. Very useful for storage.." She gets back to work, taking out a few implements and tapping the copper against your form, causing it to stick rather conspicuously. The orbs of Copper slowly seep in and integrate into your form as she gently taps them in and reaffirms it with a little bit of her own magic. Within half an hour, and the woman working up a sweat, you feel the copper, iron, and Silver veins intertwining with each other within your body, however the copper seems to be of a far higher concentration than the small amounts of iron and silver.

"The nice thing about copper is that it's conductive and allows for electrical currents to be channeled through your body much more readily... The common-folk would know of it only as lightning... Anyway, my notes say that Fae magic also conducts through copper very well... I don't have many of the rarer stones and metals such as Titanium, or Obsidian... But I did what I can! I'm going to go and checkinto an inn or tavern in the town... I'll be watching over you for a few days Gargoyle, take good care of yourself!"

The woman swiftly packs up and soon departs just as quickly as she came...

(Turning in myself... Next thread will be Saturday, 18:00 Servertime. Hope to see you gentleman there!)
Good night and thanks for running this.

No problem, only do it because I enjoy it anyway.

Nice to get the thanks though.

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