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Greeting elegan/tg/entlemen, the lack of character sheet isn’t due to forgetfulness, but merely the result of the... predicament you've willingly stepped into.

Let’s begin.
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There’s an uncharacteristic aching in your arms and thighs along with pain and uncomfortable warmth that remind you of the few times you had to exert yourself physically, then again you DID just finish a particularly grueling training session, yes that’s right.

Autumn settled inside the capital of Kyoto and you’ve grown fond of looking at the numerous shedding trees in the family garden, the numerous rose petals falling from the cherry trees always bring a certain mysticism to your old home, although sentimentality isn’t exactly that high up in your list of immediate concerns, what’s with your bruised body aching all over, at least your pride prevent you from keeling over but one more smack of that bokken will do the trick.


The voice coming out of your mouth feels strangely unfamiliar, its raps, cut mid speech by ragged breaths and a bit more grave than what you feel used too.

‘’You know what happen if you fail, right?’’

This person…

Oh, right, finally now the whole picture is finally clear; you’re dreaming, yes, remembering the past, your past.

This is…. A memory of long, long ago inside the compound of your family in the capital of Kyoto inside the large dojo giving view to the garden, a very picturesque and dare we say, cliché architecture that never resonated with your soul, much unlike your father and mother who’d often sit together near the exit, although for now you are much too busy being manhandled by your older brother standing triumphant over you with a half broken practice katana.

He’s always been kind, outside hitting each other anyway, never before have you known someone as vicious and downright traitorous.

‘’Go ahead and gloat some more why don’t you?’’
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There’s no venom despite your words, instead you smile and point at him with your own bokken, provoking a chuckle, followed by him shaking his head.

‘’You know, you really need to learn how to retreat Shi-OW!’’

A large ‘’bonk’’ resonate inside the large empty room as your little sister caught him by surprise and smashed one of the spare right on his ass, sending him hopping to your flank as he succeeded, albeit clumsily, in dodging the following swing.

‘’Stop bullying Shi-Shi!’’

Your outraged sibling follows, lifting the katana over her head, holding it with both hands, the way she does it is just like how your father taught you how to wield two handed swords, namely the Nodachi and by the time your musing is over you hear several clacks as your outraged and overprotective little bodyguard tries to break your brother guard, to no avail. Amidst the activity, you spot your second cadet sister who is watching the proceeding without moving, she’s always been the quiet and overtly serious type that was rarely any fun, but her diligence was to be praised, although the way she stayed glued to news reports bordered on the obsessive.

‘’Shia, please calm down.’’

Your brother speak slowly after the short lived joust, despite the frustration of hard wood slapping your body you find yourself unable to hold grudges, after all right now you… well you’re having quite a bit of fun, despite your debut as a cadet you have to thank your lucky star to have a relatively influential family and train at home.

However, did you truly grew to like the way of the sword, or did you always preferred to study and concentrate on firearms?
We're Japanese gotta go with the way of the sword. Also is our last protagonist gone for good?
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I think this session will answer that question

Way of the sword, definitely.
are the previous thread archived?
Don't think I've seen this quest on suptg


I should link it in every opening.
Firearms. Go against the cliche.
Well, those threads are green in color, some almost purple, so maybe this quest is good.
I'll probably read them later.
Don't forget to archive this thread.
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The fixation on the sword, in a way, can only be expected from every recruit of the Empire, even more so for a fledgling trainee inside the Susumu Takara household.

The code of the warrior made a resurgence, although you never agreed with giving your life to a lord, the teaching of your father and brother agreed with you right to your core, resulting in most of your hobbies orbiting around fencing, you refused to limit yourself to the ‘’pride of the Empire’’ and branched out in many schools with the years, although each time you tried something new you always ended up with sore arms and legs when paired with your older brother.

Nevertheless… nevertheless?

You can’t place a face on anyone, you can just see yourself in the large dojo exercising, warming up, holding your sword two handed, exercising faints, slashes and dodges, your body screaming from effort that somehow seems alien, yet the knowledge of those years feels much more natural than the events themselves, yes…

You were always a swordswoman.

>You have gained a trait….


The constant rumbling of broken metal wake you from your slumber and immediately, you feel intense pain in your right midsection along with your arm and leg, both feel hot and tingly and you can’t muster the energy to move as your breath spread a wildfire of pain inside your entire body that never subside, only increase. The complete darkness of your current habitat is certainly not helping, as does the scratching, a constant deep, hollow sound similar a half powered saw.

You open your mouth only for a warm liquid to filter in and it take your entire training and pride to not gag on the spot and panic as you realise your tasting your own blood.


File: 1369261604799.jpg-(251 KB, 1920x1080, 1329786031247.jpg)
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You croak, finally you realize where you are; inside the overrun capital, you were deployed to stop the advance of the enemy and buy time for the refugee, yes, a mission befitting those of the Royal Guard; you still remember when you first gazed upon your full red Zuikaku along with… your…


You croak again trying to activate the communication relay of your TSF but hear nothing but the deadpan, constant rumbling of metal, you are alone in the dark, wounded and finally realisation kick in as you continue hearing this sound reminding you more and more of a guillotine.


You ignore the bad taste in your mouth as panic slowly settle in your heart, however, the shaking of your cockpit bring out a yelp of pain as finally light filter in from an the front as its armor slowly give way, you feel both relieved and scared for your vision is one of hell; burning wreckages, innards of your foes and completely dismantled TSF surrounding you in one, sad graveyard of death.

Of course, you finally see the cause of this newfound freedom; a wounded BETA slowly crawl halfway inside; a Tank class with most of its left side blown wide open, its mouth hanging by threads while most of its legs and hands are lying pulverised, the creature doesn’t seem to have taken notice of you quite yet as its busy eating the wreckage of your faithful TSF, it take a good ten seconds to get your bearing…

What do you do?

>suffering from a little interruption, next answer wil lprobably come in a little late.
Assuming our TSF is totaled i say we sneak out of here.
I've been holding off on jumping into this quest 'til I finish the VN, but I figured I'd just ask, if I read through the archives and jump in, am I gonna spoil anything for myself?
No its just the setting so far

Agreed. We don't want to draw the attention of that Tank, even if it is wounded.
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All pilots are issued a handgun in the events ones needs to go on foot, the problem with that however, is that its inside a compartment of your seat placed on your right which is, for all intent and purpose, completely totalled; it’s in fact a miracle that your limbs aren’t cut or stuck, although the fractures will make moving extremely painful…

Not that you need much convincing, your self preservation instinct kick in as you watch the wobbly Tank for a few seconds, gorging itself on the metal and crackling electronics of your Zuikaku; this precious machine followed you faithfully during the entire campaign to slow down the BETA advance upon Japan soil but now, it seems that this dream is over.

As the hole leading to the burning wreckages outside grow, you start to move slowly, concealing your yelp of pains as movements provoke intense shocks in your right limbs, the BETA seem to be much too busy clumsily wrecking apart your mount with its only hand, with your eyes fixated on it you half crawl, half walk toward the exit more than big enough to fit someone twice your size; for a single beast to do that much damage in such a short time is…

Then you lose your footing as you finally reach toward the cold air, you weren’t exactly looking where you were going, too busy and watching that damn alien; you didn’t realize your cockpit was on its side which of course, decreased the amount of ground you had to cover before plummeting.

The landing was painful, thankfully on your left side but that certainly didn’t lessen the impact and for a moment you were reduced to a writhing mess of a girl; letting out short half screams as tears leaked out of your eyes, if only you had the time to be drugged before…

File: 1369265155081.jpg-(129 KB, 1088x768, 1342229726530.jpg)
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129 KB JPG
You repeat slowly as you watch the wounded Tank crawl itself toward, its melted legs reducing its mobility to your level; a cripple, the only thing you can do is crawl forward and bite back the pain as you remember the earlier events.

In essence, this was the last stand of your family; your mother, father and youngest sister died in Kyushu, today, you, your brother and remaining cadet have been betrayed; the shock is lessening and you remember clearly what happened.

You volunteered to slowdown the advances of the hordes consisting mainly of Grappler and Tanks while your dwindling forces, now reduced to a mere 6 compared to the wing of 32, retreated to form another secure perimeters.
What you didn’t expect was an artillery strike on your position, you don’t remember how it went; only this result which probably means mission successful, there isn’t exactly any other BETA beside that one Tank chasing you very slowly.


This was the litany giving fuel to your anger, which in the end, saw you through the day
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[10:21 pm. June 10, inside the infirmary of the TSF carrier known as ‘’Big Mama’’]


You open your eyes at the stern voice of your commander, the dream of Kyoto still very vivid and filling you with a very intense and immediate frustration that you make sure doesn’t spill over; the last few days had been pretty harsh for a completely personal reason; you’ve been dreaming of your life incessantly, to be slapped in the face by images of your past that roll like a movie work wonder to sour your mood.

Right now, you are sitting in the very well-funded small infirmary of the carrier that know only patient; a small white haired girl sleeping peacefully on the bed, plugged full of the inevitable decorations of someone in not-so-intensive care ; you never really took interest in medicine despite respecting it.

‘’It’s been a long time coming, sorry about that’’

Your eternally cool commander readjust his shades, he always look prime and proper but these glasses…

‘’First, do you have any questions surrounding this girl? You’re clear to hear everything I know, so ask away’’
"What happened to her exactly?"

What, exactly, ARE we aware of about her so far? We were briefed about her previously, weren't we?

Yep, all the pilots know she's an esper and they're all aware of the Alternative Plans as well, I'm about to give a good bit of infodump in my next answer

If that's the case, then I'll second >>24980924

Not much else we really need to know at the moment.
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You’d definitely like to know more about this cadet or ‘’your own little student’’ as one of your comrade put it, the prospect seemed very enticing after all, isn’t it quite an honor and joy to pass on one knowledge? Ah but…

Everyone knew about her power and identity, but you never expected this kind of back lash, and now it’s been almost a full week since she entered this coma that actually seem self-induced, the entire carrier had more than enough time to settle in Japan and wait for an actual expert to be temporarily transferred ; Victor pockets are beyond deep.

"What happened to her exactly?"

Your question provoke the usual tick on your commander; replacing his shades at the limit of his nose.

‘’She strained her body too much, her brain wasn’t able to handle all the information she was taking, in fact she went past her limiter and would have died of a brain hemorrhage if it weren’t for the medicines her parents left with me’’

You frown at his explanation, he continues before you even ask the obvious.

‘’Some of the more potent espers have limiter, yes, placed on them through hypno therapy’’

This girl ability seem straight out of a book, you know she can read minds… wait not minds, emotions, yes, that’s how he put it in the briefing, mind your emotions and be sure to not feel aggression nor anything bad toward her.
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Not that would be possible with someone that adorable.

‘’I’ve been wondering about one thing, boss; can’t she read up about the purpose of this place?’’

The dream of this mercenary outfit is quite romantic; those fed up with they’re nations can unite under the common banner of Humanity and take the fight to the BETA wherever its needed, the truth unfortunately, is very much crueler.

‘’No, I think there’s only one case of a true mind reader, Ekaterina reading is actually on the weak side, as is her projection, what make her quite precious is the imprinting she’s able to do, which is for all intent and purpose, entirely unique and unknown’’

You rub the bridge of your nose as you feel a little headache, mostly due to the lack of sleep. This entire mercenary outfit is a big, fat charade for alternative IV supporters and plans, the operation to kidnap this girl and bring her into the fold of the organisation actually seem to go outside this objective but hey, it’s not your place to worry about those results.

‘’We’ll wait here some more to see if she wakes up, also just like yesterday I’d like you to do as the doctor said and give her that injection…’’’

He gesture to the filled syringed full of transparent liquid on the table beside your apprentice.

‘’…in around 10 minutes, do you have anything else to ask?’’

"What am I injecting her with? And will she be able to return to training when she finally comes to?"
"What am I injecting her with?’’

You leer at the syringe suspiciously, you weren’t allowed a single glimpse of the doctor and when you asked Victor yesterday your commander went tight lipped, only assuring you that ‘’she’s to be trusted’’, mysterious injections aren’t exactly high in your trust list.

‘’Specially made medicine for people like her, older generation esper need constants shot else they start degenerating and die, although here I do believe it’s a stimulant instead of the usual shot to stabilise her psyche.’’

So he didn’t knew much himself, you wondered why you needed to do it specifically but after these past days your convinced that Ekaterina powers are acting on you in some way; tis not normal to constantly dream of the past, even if it’s a traumatic one; you’ve made your peace after all.

‘’Will she be able to return to training when she finally comes to?"

You’ve wasted quite a few days; you’d really like to start, your definitely aching for some action.

‘’We’ll have to see how she feels’’

He answers you quite simply.

‘’Anything else? This is the last day you’ll need to spend here, by the way’’

Last day until what? What's gonna happen?
‘’Last day?’’
You repeat, stopping your commander as he walked toward the exit.

‘’If she doesn’t wake up soon, we’ll have to write her as a lost cause, either way letting you simmer inside this infirmary won’t accomplish much’’


You help yourself this time, your glare alternate between the sleeping girl and the tall commander and you cross your arms as you decide to step out of your bounds.

‘’This isn’t exactly how you tend to do things’’

You spot a brief twitch in his eyebrows, before he stop to look at you properly, his demeanor, thankfully, soon melts into a friendlier attitude.

‘’We’ll be deployed into a theater soon, you’ll have to make your peace either way’’

Leaving you with that, Victor step outside the infirmary of his ship, leaving you wondering if you truly have what it take to train this girl, regardless though, as a past Honor Guard you don’t have the luxury of doubt although tonight you have some time to yourself.

What do you do? Give the girl her shot? Try to sneak out?
No reason not to give her the injection I suppose.

Welp. Give her the injection and hope for the best.
Give her the shot
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Get the fuck out of here god, you aren't helping.
File: 1369270726242.png-(152 KB, 600x429, Goodnight.png)
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152 KB PNG
File: 1369270855870.png-(30 KB, 190x320, 9.png)
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No reason to not trust trained medical specialist give her the meds.
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Shoot her up, Espers love shots. Or at least Inia did.

Also, since 'Murrica mothballed their hive slaying mech is there any chance we can get a hold of it eventually? The Black Widow was better than the Raptor in almost every way (even had the stealth) and could carry a ton of guns because they worked out how to stash two weapons onto a single mount arm and had another on each arm. Two swords and loads of bayonet equipped dakka equals a fucking ton of dead BETA. Something I'm keen on making happen, BTW. Because the only good BETA is a *dead* BETA.
File: 1369271109484.gif-(499 KB, 500x281, 12.gif)
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499 KB GIF

I don't need you, Kami-sama
File: 1369271155662.jpg-(6 KB, 172x149, 1336601602859.jpg)
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Keep telling yourself that.
File: 1369271471685.jpg-(257 KB, 641x782, 1359085658474.jpg)
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Even if you try to fill with spirit with bravado you can’t help but feel dread as you take the syringe, not that you don’t trust a doctor that your commander obviously has faith into, but the fact that this girl might never wake pinch your heart painfully; you’ve lost both of your younger sisters to incompetence and betrayal, while Ekaterina is certainly not one of your sister you’ve found to make the distinction hard with girls of her build, it’s probably your way to cope.

‘’Careful, careful…’’

You slowly approach her arm and gently prick it with the needle, you’ve done it several time now and know exactly how to do it, somehow the action remind you of home; when Shia caught a cold and you slowly stayed at her side to nurse her, studying firearm with your second sister, jousting with your brother or studying Bushido with your father…
It sting.

>After thinking, I don’t feel like being kind. Roll 1d20.
Rolled 17

Wouldn't be MLA verse if you were dude. Crit fail incoming.
File: 1369271644736.jpg-(565 KB, 1600x1208, 11.jpg)
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565 KB JPG

While I don't know all the spoilers in the Total Eclipse vn, I'm pretty sure the Black Widow itself is kind of left obsolete, only its frame was used for the gettai TSF Top Gun get to pilot
File: 1369271974478.png-(992 KB, 639x1125, Black Widow.png)
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992 KB PNG
I only watched the anime, that bit of info came from the wiki.

It beat out the Raptor in anything relating to the BETA. More kills, deeper hive penetration, ect... It's the TSF they *ought* to have OK'd for mass production but hey, AMERICA is full of backstabbing mofo's more concerned with wasting other TSF's than the fucking Xenos because they have an orgasm each time they drop a G-Bomb (Which are bad, and make everyone feel bad).

Goddamnit America, that TSF could have really helped to turn the tide and more of your guys would have made it back from Operation Ouka if you had thought about someone other than yourself for once, just fucking once!
File: 1369272222766.jpg-(1.73 MB, 1402x990, 1338399524921.jpg)
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1.73 MB JPG
>Thinking of other people
File: 1369272443061.jpg-(365 KB, 1280x720, 1363205564963.jpg)
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365 KB JPG

See picture.
Funny thing is that guy was actually pretty nice. Calm, reasonable, sympathetic to others even if they weren't glorious 'Murricans...

Ah Walken, truly a man who set an example for his subordinates to follow If only they didn't sabotage his TSF...

That's why they did it, he was too good for his own good.
File: 1369272845159.png-(672 KB, 1024x600, 1316739378276.png)
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672 KB PNG
Walken is the best Muv-Luv.
I know. Shit like this happens in real life too. Fuck the CIA (for the acronym, properly understood, stands for "Criminals In Action"). Fuck them to hell.
File: 1369273267902.jpg-(431 KB, 1088x768, 1342552680477.jpg)
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431 KB JPG

File: 1369273522726.png-(Spoiler Image, 535 KB, 1088x768)
Spoiler Image, 535 KB
535 KB PNG
Sorry for the delay, feeling a bit under the weather
File: 1369274202408.jpg-(2.38 MB, 2000x1100, 26.jpg)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
>17 - success

After the injection, you slowly put the small tool in its plate and wipe the girl inner arm, remembering when you used to take care of Shia injuries in the process; you can’t help but hum a soft tune as you brush away some invading hairs off the girl face, she look peaceful and serene, to think her abilities worked to sabotage her health…

You decide to sit back on your chair and wait for the time being as nostalgia fills your head with old visions.
Your grueling training, your fun with your sisters, pranking your brother, listening to your father, the royal academy, the fencing tournament, piloting your first TSF…


[03:00 am. June 11]

‘’Do you understand, Shigeko? The way of the sword is not to be taken literally, don’t go and waste your life if the better part of valor is retreating; the BETA forces us to adapt’’

‘’Say sis, why do I need to understand multiplications if I want to pilot?’’

‘’There’s no way I’ll ever take a sword over a gun, why do I even need to… bah!’’

‘’Calm down, focus, your body must work with the machine, you understand your own limit and thus, you’ve got to know what your armor, your mount, your partner, can do as well. Take it slow and steady, understand it thoroughly, these beasts are true god of war, respect them’’

‘’….Shiii….it hurt…live!’’

‘’I’m sorry, I know your father and brother left you this Takemikazuchi but you are in no position of leadership, the Type OOC is a much better alternative as a retainer’’


‘’Welcome to Terre Sans Mur’’

‘’I hate Japan’’
File: 1369274262520.jpg-(382 KB, 688x1000, 1.jpg)
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382 KB JPG
Images melts together incessantly as you wake up to observe a white ceiling with the voices still ringing in your head, your precious, gone family, you couldn’t even keep your last memento…


Your voice feels foreign and hollow, your saliva give you the impression of being creamy and heavy, your bed is uncomfortable but hey, you’ve slept in much worse.

‘’What’s… aah…’’

You speak as you see someone sleeping in the bed beside you; the incessant dreams never ends in this place, although and for some reason you feel confused, as if this damn bed is trying to swallow you, you don’t even have the strength to get out.

‘’When in doubt, identify yourself’’

Your mother warm voice… A precious advice

>’’Ekaterina Zhanna… Just… Ekaterina Zhanna’’

>’’Shigeko Susumu Takara, Tactical Surface Pilot, second lieutenant of the PMC Terre Sans Mur, titled ‘’Cold Ace’’

>Back in 20 minutes folks, let's see where this goes

>’’Ekaterina Zhanna… Just… Ekaterina Zhanna’’
>’’Ekaterina Zhanna… Just… Ekaterina Zhanna’’
>Ekaterina Zhanna... Just... Ekatarina Zhanna

Her name is Ekaterina right? Really don't want the girl to think she's someone she isn't. Interesting implications and such, but I had enough rejoicing last thread.

Yes, it is.
File: 1369277017655.jpg-(147 KB, 850x1239, 25.jpg)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
‘’Ekaterina Zhanna… Ekaterina…’’

A strange feeling of vertigo almost make you plop back to bed but you resist by rubbing your sweaty forehead a few times, you don’t feel good at all, as if you’ve overslept massively you feel almost nauseous but, thankfully, your eyes adjust to the darkness as you take several long gulp of air.

First, you’re in an infirmary.

Second, you’re in a patient gown.

Third, you’ve got something sticking in your ar.

Fourth, someone is sleeping in a bed next to you, you immediately scan them by reflex, only to earn a brief, sudden pang of pain in the middle of your forehead prompting you to stop.

Right you were… just about to try and do something dangerous weren’t you?

Getting to know your mentor as fast as possible, your head is filled with numerous events and memories that aren’t yours, for a moment you almost thought you were someone else, a large family of 6, the noble name Susumu Takara… And two betrayals.

During the siege of Kyoto, Shigeko unit was sent to stall the BETA advance, only to have their position riddled with artillery as their numbers dwindled.

The second was the taking of her Type-00F Takemikazuchi, result of whatever was left of the influence of her great noble family ,a sort of gift from beyond the grave from her departed father and brother, for a lowly retainer like her to possess something like that probably ruffled the feathers of too many of the rivals families.

She had… a sad story.

You realize it’s her sleeping beside you, she’s having a nightmare it seems for she seem to be moving restlessly, letting out the few odd grunt and plaint, she’s probably the reason why you woke up.

Aah… what do you do you, Ekaterina? It’s quite early and you most certainly don’t feel like going to sleep
She's having a nightmare, I say we save her from herself and wake her up. Then ask what the hell is going on. Namely, how long were we out and why did it happen?

Wake her. Gently.
File: 1369279253253.jpg-(39 KB, 573x325, 17.jpg)
39 KB

The name escape your lisps before you can think of keeping your mouth shut, while the phenomenon of almost reading someone entire life is most definitely unique, even if you feel like you’ve known this woman for years you don’t have the right of addressing her like that, a nickname reserved to her sisters.

You do feel a brief pang in your heart as you get off the bed, compared to your very sheltered life Shigeko… had it rough, if it were you you’d have most certainly died in that artillery aftermath, probably panicked the moment you saw that crippled Tank.

Aah… you miss your mom and dad…


You slowly walk toward her restless form and put a hand on her forehead, your entire body feels slow and sluggish but not exactly sick, probably that some food and coffee will work wonders in perking you up.

‘’Go die…’’
File: 1369279305992.png-(1.39 MB, 1350x900, 3.png)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
She voices in a low, murderous tone and you find yourself intimidated at the pure hatred, so much that, despite the fact you didn’t try to read her one bit, a pure, blood red image snap into mind; you see her silhouette holding a gun pointing to a man who seem to already have two holes on his body, the image thankfully disappear as quickly as it did but it does tell you one thing.

You haven’t read everything there is to know about your mentor.

Your light touch seem to have been enough to wake her, the tall, fit form of Shigeko slowly rise, her long black hair let out to cascade down her back instead of the usual ponytail and, in the darkness, you still manage to see the dog tags on her neck, while her pajama consist of a mere camisole.

‘’Aah… good morning’’

You feel something on your head. It’s her hand, she’s patting you gently, having completely recovered from her nightmare, and the pilot face has melted into a smile you’ve never seen before, one you aren’t sure to place between motherly or sisterly.

‘’You’ve been sleeping for a while, I’m sorry if I woke you up’’

She’s… really gentle.

‘’I’ll have to fill you in on everything that happened, you’ve been sleeping for a while, but still that can wait for now. How are you, Ekaterina?’’

Indeed, how do you feel, young esper?
File: 1369279998280.jpg-(33 KB, 638x447, A World of Pain.jpg)
33 KB
"I feel... lucky. I've had such an easy, carefree life compared to people like you. That battle, I would have never survived it. Did I... did what happened end up hurting you? Did I take anything from you?"

The more adorable, sweet, and compassionate she is, the more satisfaction we will have when she finally breaks due to the setting's obscenely high suffering quotient. Little girl, if you thought that was bad, you haven't seen shit.
File: 1369280266127.jpg-(447 KB, 839x498, 1345407534330.jpg)
447 KB
447 KB JPG

It's not that bad
File: 1369280670012.jpg-(76 KB, 1280x720, Kyubey.jpg)
76 KB
I just got done with Alternative a few days ago, it's still fresh in my head. I haven't rejoiced like that since I had to deal with this little soul stealing fucker.

That means yes, it is that bad. In fact, I'm pretty sure we're going to lose around 90 percent of our team at least. Many of them in ways that will permanently damage our sanity. Especially if we become part of Operation Ouka or the defense of Yokohama Base. For those operations Eishi reported in, they never got to report out if you catch my meaning.
File: 1369282817950.png-(687 KB, 1000x750, 8.png)
687 KB
687 KB PNG

"I feel... lucky.’’

You’ve always wanted to become a Surface Pilot, an Eishi, studied as much as you could about the machine and… very much idolized them to hell and back, you knew one day you’d have a real taste of this damn war but it certainly didn’t come when you were expecting it; looking at such devastation through the eyes of another felt much more real than any tales but even so…

You are just a small, short step before your dream, you aren’t anywhere close as prepared as Shigeko was.

‘’I've had such an easy, carefree life compared to people like you.’’

You don’t care if she start asking questions, you’ll tell her all about your abilities and gifts, you aren’t talking to someone on the road after all but, Shigeko simply smile and lift her hand from your head, you feel a slight pang in your heart as you remember most of her ordeals.

What the hell was the bravado you believed in all of your life anyway?

‘’That battle, I would have never survived it’’
File: 1369282881794.jpg-(88 KB, 1024x600, 20.jpg)
88 KB
You admit, you see the gentle face of your mentor cloud over almost instantaneously and she look forward, only offering you her profile half hidden by bed hair; it’s obvious you’d have ended up eaten by that BETA, to have the courage to crawl forward with a crippled arm, leg and open cut on your face is no small feat, her will to survive is intense.

‘’Did I... did what happened end up hurting you? Did I take anything from you?"

You’ve been scanning her for a long while, that much you know, most of her past is clearer than yours but you have no idea if you changed her; Shigeko Susumu Takara is a stubborn, austere ace with no end of kindness to her colleague, even if she appear relatively out of reach at time, what’s with the attitude of the Honor Guard drilled into the very bone.

‘’Bad dreams’’

She says softly, her voice measured and warm, she turn to look at you once more with a gentle smile that you can’t really look at, you feel too guilty, having looked into the windows of her past so greedily gave you a bit of an inferiority complex.

‘’I wouldn’t mind if you took something’’

She continues, placing her hand on your head for yet another time for a welcome patting.

‘’If what you saw can help you in becoming a good pilot that’d stay alive, then I don’t mind being an open book, Ekaterina. You’ve chosen me to teach you and show you the ropes, right? Don’t compare yourself to me, because you have much more potential than I could ever have’’

In the end she dodged your question rather successfully, but you are convinced of one fact; you’ve chosen a very good mentor.

>You have earned the trait Natural Sword master!

>Muvluv episode 04 – end -
File: 1369283090277.jpg-(63 KB, 500x293, 27.jpg)
63 KB

Was it worth to read Extra once you got to Alternative?
File: 1369283192378.png-(97 KB, 320x320, 1367817733077.png)
97 KB
>Grapplers are beta too
Sure you are, sure you are.
File: 1369283352031.jpg-(79 KB, 800x600, 21.jpg)
79 KB
Grappler class a shit.

How about you try to kill some named characters before you get all uppity?
File: 1369283667883.jpg-(141 KB, 1024x600, 1342203480195.jpg)
141 KB
141 KB JPG

Tank class is so much more majestic!
File: 1369283682138.jpg-(65 KB, 802x600, didn't tell me that.jpg)
65 KB
Extra introduced the characters and handed out some foreshadowing. Unlimited gave you bits and pieces of the overall setting while foreshadowing even more. In essence, the first two VN's were a set up for Alternative, which executed on all of that in the most suffering intensive way.

You could just read Alternative, but I was glad I went through the first two before that so I could fully understand the story instead of going pic related every now and again. It was quite good, glad you got me into it.

I don't discriminate. I hate all BETA equally. You just happened to be the one closest to me so you ate DU first. It's nothing personal, it's just my job.
Ah, the secret Marimo end. I couldn't stop laughing. Round 2, the horror! The sexy sexy horror!!!
File: 1369283850967.jpg-(214 KB, 1280x1046, mmziuaeeuz1qf6jyuo1_1280.jpg)
214 KB
214 KB JPG

Grappler-kun, Tank-kun, I'm completely disappointed in both of you.
File: 1369283900482.png-(808 KB, 1440x1200, 1342283996808.png)
808 KB
808 KB PNG
>I hate all BETA equally.

So do I.

I don't think I hate any other aliens quite like them
File: 1369283960434.jpg-(148 KB, 1280x903, PTSD.jpg)
148 KB
148 KB JPG

I have no words for you
File: 1369283999770.jpg-(49 KB, 369x358, 1315551510715.jpg)
49 KB
You can't tell me what to do!
You're not my real dad anyway.
File: 1369284088021.png-(230 KB, 1024x600, Icantthinkofagoodcaption.png)
230 KB
230 KB PNG

Well, I suppose you're right about that.
File: 1369284165948.jpg-(88 KB, 1909x960, FUCKTHERLF.jpg)
88 KB

Why? Stop being so closed-minded.
File: 1369284263245.jpg-(131 KB, 1088x768, 12.jpg)
131 KB
131 KB JPG

Aren't they just adorable?

Sure will be fun to face those guys in quest huh?
File: 1369284420492.png-(932 KB, 1573x1525, 1347531551138.png)
932 KB
932 KB PNG
We've had a brush with death already and we haven't even gotten into a robot.

I hope we can survive more than a few seconds when if we eventually get to real combat.
File: 1369284629814.png-(Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 1628x2029)
Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG

Its okay if you die, we can just incarnate the mentor if need be.

Spoiler from the Total Eclipse vn, if anyone care.
File: 1369285067123.png-(97 KB, 347x315, Fancy.png)
97 KB
Soldier here, grappler a shit.
File: 1369285213581.png-(809 KB, 1028x768, 1342213097664.png)
809 KB
809 KB PNG

There's a special place in hell for your kind
File: 1369285372894.gif-(Spoiler Image, 170 KB, 260x195)
Spoiler Image, 170 KB
170 KB GIF
The Incubators and the Angels were pretty bad as well. But these guys are definitely very close too the top of my personal Xenos shit list. I'll say it again, the only good BETA is a *dead* BETA!

Yeah, fuck that. No God I worship would curse us with the BETA. He might let them invade, but he sure as fuck didn't personally send them. Hell, the events of Alternative could be seen as a type of divine intervention. Not like making Causality Conductors is easy or even likely given the proper circumstances...

If that happens we're running. Our little esper might have innate potential comparable to the "Bratty Savior" but that only applies to fighting in a TSF. On foot? We have exactly no infantry training. We're fucked on foot, so we run to the nearest TSF.

Don't be a pussy, post the gif. (spoiler'd for all who have yet to get to this point in the VN).
File: 1369285494598.png-(31 KB, 208x228, Oh-my.png)
31 KB
Careful there, you're getting a bit ahead of yourself.
File: 1369285565583.png-(Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1022x600)
Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
I thought that was something else form the thumbnail.
File: 1369285677468.png-(1.03 MB, 1958x1382, 8.png)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG

If Takeru is the Bratty Savior and Yuuya Top Gun, what should we call Ekaterina?


I've got a good head on my shoulders.
A good question... Blade Angel or White Destroyer maybe? She's so adorable, and now she's innately keyed to become a melee master on par with Meiya and Ayamine it seems. The other one is because her hair is white, and she kills the fuck out of BETA. I would say "White Death", but that name's taken by a badass sniper from WWII.

I've never been good with nicknames though so I'm more than open to other suggestions.
File: 1369286589693.png-(446 KB, 466x572, 4.png)
446 KB
446 KB PNG

I guess it'll depend on how well you do on your first operation
We have a few months before the Causality Conductor makes his entrance. We will be getting the XM3 at some point if we live long enough right? Because it'd really help us out, just saying.
So our nickname is "dead slav"?

Its a Muv Luv tradition.

Good thread, just dropping in to say I am still following this, was too busy to participate though. Good fortune.
File: 1369286984862.jpg-(205 KB, 720x960, 29.jpg)
205 KB
205 KB JPG

XM3 is most definetly planned, yes. But you'll see action before the Bratty Savior warp in, I'm not to osure when but I'd like to place a mission during september at the very latest.
File: 1369287252040.png-(203 KB, 464x400, 10.png)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
File: 1369287360883.gif-(341 KB, 480x360, Delightfully horrible.gif)
341 KB
341 KB GIF
Oh man that reminds me, we just might catch the attention of Yuuko-Sensei if we start rolling 20's like madmen. The prospect of that happening is both awesome and horrifying. We can actually see what goes on in that head of hers. And if we become a target of her plotting...

The MC has a higher chance of survival. Everyone else? Yeah, they're pretty much fucked. We have *some* plot armor. Not a lot, but some. Some is good, it's better than nothing. We ain't invincible though so people better catch a bad case of PARANOIA right quick if we wanna survive this shit.
File: 1369287869965.jpg-(131 KB, 1033x658, 1345649058788.jpg)
131 KB
131 KB JPG

I don't think you want my take on Yuuko.


Doing a quest in the middle ofthe week is bound to create conflict in schedules, thank for popping up nontheless.
File: 1369288136550.jpg-(83 KB, 882x600, Chomp.jpg)
83 KB
Sure you do.
File: 1369288292693.jpg-(223 KB, 925x693, 28.jpg)
223 KB
223 KB JPG

Your opinion isn't needed, Grappler-kun
File: 1369288904194.png-(44 KB, 158x158, The Horror.png)
44 KB

I have no intention of experiencing it directly if possible. The girl is a Chosen of Tzeentch, if we become a part of her plots we can fully expect to have our suffering quotient increase by an order of magnitude. It'd mean that this will be our theme song as she'll make sure we'll get plenty of scenes where it will fit. Then again, as a person that might be able to match Takeru in a one-on-one fight it may be unavoidable. An imprint off of him would be most useful especially after getting the XM3, but anything awesome has a hefty price tag attached to it.

It would be interesting to be able to talk to her ourselves. Our ragtag bunch of mercs are big supporters of Alternative IV. Hell Victor may be one of her main contacts. She has many, but if his pockets are deep then his influence is likewise pretty big. If he is, she already knows about us and is already fitting our adorable little esper into her plans. She might even intend for us to visit the brain she keeps in the basement.

Dear lord, we read that thing and we'll be rolling for a truly legendary level of SAN loss. I may think Sumika is worst girl but damn, no girl should have went through the shit she did. Even a /d/eviant like myself was horrified by what the BETA did to her...
File: 1369289200785.jpg-(119 KB, 1024x768, Alternative_491.jpg)
119 KB
119 KB JPG

I'm still wondering if I should try to have our joyful bunch interact with the main cast or not, but I think Yuuko might actually be an inevitability if we distinguish ourselves.

But yes, taking an imprint off Takeru would be quite something...

Thank for the idea
File: 1369289627962.png-(408 KB, 1023x601, Shock.png)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
Wait, you mean that didn't occur to you already!? It was one of the first things I thought of when I finished the VN's and remembered this quest. I must be pretty good at this sort of thing.

If there's anyone we'd want to get an imprint off of ASAP it'd be the Bratty Savior. One of the best TSF pilots out there in setting after all. If we wanna become OP enough to live through Operation Ouka without the Susanoo'o and the 00 Unit then he's at the top of the list of people we want to meet, read, and imprint off of. Would give us a ton of data we'd otherwise not be able to get IC as well. Know your setting, know yourself, and know your enemy. If you do, your survival is almost guaranteed!
File: 1369289917703.jpg-(209 KB, 973x1424, 30.jpg)
209 KB
209 KB JPG

Top gun is a pretty damn good pilot as well and didn't even have Takeru time hack to be good.

Getting an imprint from another royal Guard would be quite something as well...

Ah ,so many choices, so little time.

Next thread I'll post the updated character sheet, I'm stil lunsure on the malus but you'll have one for sure, I think a 6-7 days price tag is way too cheap when you've basically leeched as much sword xp from your mentor as possible.
File: 1369290319094.png-(108 KB, 800x800, 1327901097489.png)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
I'd imprint on that ass any day.
File: 1369290388702.jpg-(62 KB, 250x250, 1353588064438.jpg)
62 KB
That was also 6-7 days of training we most assuredly did not get. Being a natural at something means shit if you don't actually get to train with the thing you're a natural at.

For example, I could be a "natural" sniper. Doesn't do shit for me unless I actually get to train with a half-decent Sniper Rifle with a teacher that knows his/her fucking shit for a few weeks before I actually have to try taking someone's head off from a thousand meters down range. One day won't do it, even for a "natural" like I hypothetically am. Innate potential to master a skill unusually quickly does *not* equal instant mastery of said skill.

Time, the most precious of commodities, the one currency that must always be expended to acquire any and all things in this life and in this or any conceivable world. It is more valuable than anything we can imagine. A week, from that perspective, is a grave price to pay...
File: 1369290419039.png-(1.49 MB, 1280x1355, 9.png)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG

Royal Guard produce some amazing goods
File: 1369290835708.jpg-(308 KB, 1920x1080, 4.jpg)
308 KB
308 KB JPG

True, but this isn't MGQ, you've still got some time to spare before the end of October when the savior warps in.

You just have to trust me on this one

I know nobody does
File: 1369291156107.jpg-(187 KB, 750x804, I'llbeborrowingthis.jpg)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
I trust you, you're a cool guy who's just doing his best to entertain.
Hehehe, I participate in that one too my suffering addicted friend. In fact, you've accepted and used my dialog for it more than once.

Still, doesn't alter the philosophical point I was making. Time well and truly is the most precious commodity we have and expend at every instant of our existence. We can't not. Every second I spent typing this response could have been spent doing something else of conceivably more value from a certain point of view. It was not. For some reason, I felt typing this out was more fulfilling than say, learning Japanese or doing a set of push-ups. Nothing to be ashamed of, but it is still something to be aware of.

A pity so few people understand these things as I do...
File: 1369291737829.jpg-(368 KB, 1100x832, 9.jpg)
368 KB
368 KB JPG

Good, good. The label of cruel won't stick.


To make it simpler; were in this for the girls in tight suit and giant robots.


And probably lesbian
File: 1369293130504.png-(490 KB, 1350x875, Considerthefollowing.png)
490 KB
490 KB PNG

I get into VN's for the plotline potential I see in them believe it or not. I got into the Nasuverse because of the awesome potential I saw in it for example. We need a good system for it. I already have an idea for a character I'd like to play if I could. He ain't OP, he ain't edgy as fuck, but he is powerful if ya know how to swing it. and I do.

In many cases I actually feel the Porn was just in there to ensure it would sell because if all else fails every red-blooded male can into T&A (especially if the characters are great). In all I would have loved it even without the sex. The plot alone could have carried it to its current state of popularity. Hell, the fact that an "all ages" version sells well proves my point. The author already had something amazing, the porn was at best mere icing on the cake. In the case of Nasu, his porn is horrible. I could write better erotic scenes drunk off my ass! His failure at that detracted from the work, but didn't ruin it because everything else was great. All works of fiction have flaws, there is no such thing as true perfection in this world. There is only what is "good" shit. I love me some good shit. An opinion I feel is shared on this board...
File: 1369293435424.jpg-(95 KB, 1026x599, tCxvc.jpg)
95 KB

With that statement I find it sad that Total Eclipse seem to be flopping so far in japan.

Regardless, the muvluv setting is amazing and more than deserving of a quest, let's just hope I don't fall on my face.
That scene, I laughed so hard even though I hail from glorious AMERICA! and can thus only speak/understand English.

Have faith, you're not a terribad writer. I wouldn't have gotten into your shit if you were. Just follow the advice of C.S. Lewis. Write the stories you wish you could have read earlier in your life. It was sage advice IMO, the man knew what the fuck he was doing. Love him or hate him, his advice was sound. All a writer should concern himself with is whether or not he wrote a story he would have liked to have read sometime sooner.

Just don't make "bad" fan-fiction filled with self-insert Mary Sue's. You're telling a story, not creating fap material meant for you and your ego alone. A great many "amateur" authors tend to forget that point. They're the reason "Sturgeon's Law" applies.

90 percent of fiction is total shit exactly because the author is creating characters that are clones of themselves that beat out "cannon" characters because "I'm awesome yay me" syndrome. You ain't, and if you push me I'll tell you exactly why you ain't. You have not compelled me to do this dark act so far. Please keep not triggering this aspect of myself...
File: 1369294707127.png-(1.11 MB, 1000x1412, 4.png)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG

Well this is a quest more than a story and require quite a bit of interactions, even if I am quite long winded, I really try to put as much moment for you guys to do something as possible.

But yeah, as far as bad fanfiction and sue goes, I'm well past the age of doing that, thankfully I got more than enough experience to not do it unknowingly.

I'm not sure if my writting is good or not (according to all those votes on suptg) but at least I seem to be able to entertain a few people so I'd say that count for something.
You're getting responses and followers who aren't fawning fanboys (i.e. the worst kind of fans for the truly informed author). So you're onto something, even if it isn't much...
File: 1369295540216.jpg-(253 KB, 526x800, 16.jpg)
253 KB
253 KB JPG

I can only try my best, so far it's been working.
Keep doing so then. If it ain't broke then don't try and fix it. Looking forward to the next time you run shit. I'll be there to slam you if you fuck up, provided RL doesn't get in the way of course.
File: 1369296044268.jpg-(125 KB, 1024x600, 1345518348894.jpg)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
>I'll be there to slam you if you fuck up

That sound both good and bad

Especially since I have a buddy watching over me like an hawk for this opportunity
File: 1369296385681.jpg-(55 KB, 442x399, Anime Trollface.jpg)
55 KB
Good. Now I know that even if I'm not there to slam you he will be. A great weight has been lifted of of my anonymous shoulders. Thanks for the info ICH, we live and die by how much of it we possess after all...
File: 1369296517246.gif-(995 KB, 500x281, 1368305031266.gif)
995 KB
995 KB GIF

You sound way too much like I do and I'm not certain that I like it.
File: 1369296746006.gif-(1.16 MB, 480x268, Berserker Boss Walk.gif)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB GIF
File: 1369297141080.gif-(1.77 MB, 256x144, 1363189966238.gif)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB GIF

Only one person does the slamming around here, buster.

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