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When men looked up to the night sky, inside the infinite black sea of the cosmos illuminated by countless stars, one eternal question remained amidst the age.

Are we truly alone out there?

It would have been much better to be left wondering, for the answer came in blood.

Hostiles extra-terrestrial beings landed on the moon and, shortly thereafter they inevitably settled upon our great homeland, Earth right at the height of the

Cold War and forever changing the course of history as the almost entirety of the Eurasian continent was lost to the overwhelming enemy.

Amidst the panic of conflicts the acronym BETA, standing for Beings of Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race, was provided to name the one great enemy.

But this is old history, as it stand right now humanity is crying out and dying as the fight for earth grew increasingly desperate over the years, with an implacable enemy and differing loyalties the tunnel seems bleak and black.

But now, this is nothing more than a short, precious story of love and courage, one that is yours to make and see to its end.

>I am very sorry for missing last Friday; I hope to redeem myself today.

>Here is the sheet of Ekaterina Zhanna, one of our protagonists: http://pastebin.com/wZNgrrDm

>Here is the sheet of Shigeko Susumu Takara, our second protagonist: http://pastebin.com/8z9QV0in

Current theme song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTKgy6j8ojI
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213 KB JPG
[08:25 am, inside the mess hall of the TSF carrier and HQ of the mercenary outfit Terre Sans Mur]

Today is one of the precious leave days happening twice a month inside for the entire brigade except a select few security details left to linger inside the carrier and some vital personnel dedicated to they’re job, namely Anton the chef who can whip out something edible out of the disgusting synthetic food handed out to soldiers, no small feat indeed.

It’s still a better alternative than starving like most refugees and Japanese citizens.

The usual crowd of the morning is much thinner than usual thank to the proximity of the coastal city where the ship is currently docked at, one of the few remaining Japanese center of trade that you’ve, of course, overlooked as best you can and concentrated on as much distractions as possible to clear your mind off the fact you are all but a few steps away from your homeland who should see you dead for your treachery but, thankfully, politics allowed a certain leeway but you’ve chosen to not pay much attention; Japan could sink under the ocean for all you cared and you’d be left all the better for it.

‘’Why didn’t you accompany the others outside?’’

You ask the person at your front who’s eating the same delicacy as you are; eggs and bacons that look authentic enough without the soul, it’s the stuff Anton usually gives to people out of the medbay but today he made an exception for your trio.

‘’Oh, well you know…’’

The blond linger while stabbing her meal, her gaze drifting between you and the hungry Ekaterina who is too busy eating to take part in the conversation.

‘’…I just didn’t felt like going out, I did asked Berenice for some souvenir and all but I wanted to see when the new blood would get up, y’know?’’
File: 1370640392567.jpg-(88 KB, 1024x600, 1345407010530.jpg)
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Alexandrine was always the type to get interested in other people like that, as the newest rookie before Ekaterina she was also really looking forward to the prospect of having a ‘’pupil’’ even if both girls are just about as old as one another, you suspect that she’s guilty of a little sister complex but, then again, she most likely has an older one too given how much she kept pestering you about the Royal Guards once she learnt that little part of your life.

Boy was that a mistake…

‘’Do you plan to train her today, even if it’s a day off?’’

Not one to keep a conversation silent, the French girl chime in as Ekaterina look up from her plate then at you with an half expectant look of mercy that only work to flare up your ego and determination, of course all outward emotions are beaten down and swallowed like the eggs of the German Magician as you ponder the situation and relative inexperience as a trainer, no way in hell would the UN be fine with someone like you having a cadet but they have bigger fish to fry and, if worse comes to worse, you can always bring up your Royal Guard past by saying that she’s your apprentice.

‘’I haven’t… really slept today…’’

The young girl look as vulnerable as a puppy as she admit to staying up because she was eager to talk to you and tell you her story, mostly about her powers and parents, she really was eager to talk to you about her abilities and you’ve got to admit that it’s quite remarkable for someone so sheltered to stay sane.
Would you really be able to cope after seeing the emotions of others or parts they’re past in such vivid details?
More than that tough, you’ve definitely observed that Ekaterina has real trouble falling asleep; stimulants would work to temporarily solve this problem at least.

‘’I didn’t slept a wink when I joined up too, y’know?’’
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190 KB JPG
Your compatriot takes the side of the esper without a moment waiting; she goes as far as shaking her head toward you like some kind of nanny.

‘’How about going downtown? Blowing off steam would help us all out!’’

And there was her intent all along, her emerald eyes shine with mischief as she looks at you and your quiet apprentice as your mask is pierced by the prospect of heading out into your homeland soil, not only is Imperial Japan a shithole but the port and city are likely to be military outpost instead of proper places of leisure’s, regardless Mirabelle won’t let go.

‘’Cmon, we’ve got shore leave’’

Your eyes wander toward Ekaterina who, quite simply, looks overwhelmed; while the prospect of escaping training seem tempting enough, the girl is a quiet sort that really won’t mesh well with what Alexandrine has in mind; a trip to a dojo (and probably have YOU challenge them) or sinking your pay buying baubles like ornate swords passing as proper katana, which probably aren’t allowed in your room in the first place.


As you finish your plate, you join your hands together to support your chin as you ponder your options.

You could…

>Plan your merciless regime.
>Go for a more soft training.
>Take today off, but stay in the carrier
>Swallow your pride and accompany them, your pupil deserve at least that much.
>Something else perhaps?
>Plan your merciless regime.
No mercy.
>Plan your merciless regime.

Even though it probably won't get picked...

>Go for a more soft training.
File: 1370644951048.jpg-(238 KB, 800x600, 15.jpg)
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238 KB JPG
‘’How about you help out our newest recruit with her training?’’

There’s a simultaneous ‘’eh?’’ coming from both girls, going as far as sharing the same look of surprise although, your white haired pupil look much more like a puppy than anything else and you have to repress the urge to pat her head.

‘’You’ll be able to bond like you want, isn’t it a golden opportunity?’’

Your pursue, putting both your fork and knife on your finished plate as you join your hands together to give Alexandrine an amused look that is immediately picked up by the girl, her pride almost literally flare up as she bob her chest.

‘’Is that a challenge, Royal Guard?’’

You simply smile, and then look toward the young Russian resigned to her fate; you aren’t sure what to do with someone greener than grass…

>Basic training, make her run, run an run again up above with the stationed TSF
>Firearm; She never handled one, it’s time to teach.
>Or do you have something else in mind?

>Basic training

Firearm training will eventually be a factor in that, anyway.
>Basic training
Everyone loves PT!
>>Basic training, make her run, run an run again up above with the stationed TSF
She'll need the endurance.
File: 1370646795289.png-(1.39 MB, 1350x900, 3.png)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
At this very second you are living the moment you’ve dreaded ever since you decided to take the offer to become a Surface Pilot.

You know you are far, far from fit and that you had a certain… privileged existence and didn’t really try to keep in shape, the prospect of basic training is not something you are working forward too at all, running around in circle until exhaustion take you sounds like the most unpleasant, unbearable thing you can think off, add to that the fact that you didn’t had much sleep and you are at a clear advantage right now!

Then a flash of soft red come from your mentor as you instantly deduce cruel enjoyment from your mentor, the surprise make you drop your fork as you silently plead for mercy by offering looking at her with the looks that tended to work on your mother and it seems that it worked somewhat for the next color coming from her was a mix of blue and rose…

Huh you’ve never seen that one.

‘’Ekaterina, Alexandrine, the two of you need to change into lighter clothes and meet me on deck’’

The feisty blond laugh for a second before standing, offering you her hand (as she sat beside you) with the kind of smile and attitude that someone like you could never have, after all, you aren’t fit.
At all, there’s abs under that shirt, you’re certain of it!

Oh god…
File: 1370646834350.jpg-(755 KB, 990x1500, 6.jpg)
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755 KB JPG

While you’re dreading the unknown, Alexandrine was most eager and rather invasive in her (persuasion) that things won’t be too bad, going as far as saying ‘’I’m here, don’t worry’’, hers and Shigeko confidence, hell the entirety of the Eishi squad to boot, possess this spark absent on your person and you can’t help but envy them.

Why can’t you just jump into a giant robot and be good at it?

Right now your back in your private quarters as ordered and rummaging through your furniture’s to find proper clothes, mainly a camisole and a pair of short which aren’t really hard to get into and start putting your long hair into a ponytail.

But then an idea strikes you…

>Nah let it go, face the music

>Fuck it, leg it you aren’t ready for this crap!

>Just hide for the remainder of the day, this place is huge.
>Nah let it go, face the music
Don't bother running. They're more fit than you and will chase you down.
>Nah let it go, face the music
don't forget to get a water bottle or canteen you will probably need it.
>Nah let it go, face the music
We must face the demon inside us.No use running away.They can caught up to us.

>Just hide for the remainder of the day, this place is huge.

Too bad it won't get picked.
File: 1370649540073.png-(58 KB, 176x176, Top.png)
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With a sigh of utter resignation and heartbreak you grab the canteen that’s been placed on your bed by one of your future squaddie and fill it with water after making sure it cold enough to your liking and put it around your neck as you finish fiddling with your ponytail, killing time as you try to motivate yourself and wonder why you didn’t take any coffee (even if you never drank any) as a sudden yawn assail you.

And then your door opens with enough force to clang on the wall.

‘’Alright, Kat! Follow me alright?’’

You half expected the tomboy to forget about you and it would have suited you just fine, although you stay silent as you recover from your leap you see that she’s wearing the same set of clothes as you with the only difference being the dog tags around her neck.

You try to concentrate for her emotion even if it’s as plain as the outside world but… you find it strangely hard, as the seconds stretches and you look at her in the eyes, provoking a curious ‘’huh?’’ you finally get the bright blue collar you wanted to see, that of gentle amusement and friendship.

‘’Hum… okay..’’

That was enough motivation to make you talk and you slowly creeps toward her, which in term seem to have given her the message to grab your hand and whirl around.

‘’Don’t worry, I don’t think it’ll be too bad, I’m here after all’’


You’re actually winded once you finally get outside.

The decks aren’t as plain as what you imagined, you expected the TSF to take all the space but the equipment’s and installation probably take just as much space, albeit strategically placed around the platform, and while this might be a day off there was enough maintenance personnel in the place to bump shoulders with several persons as you kept up with Alexandrine pace.
File: 1370649693671.png-(2.4 MB, 2192x1850, 1342234776313.png)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
Once you laid eyes upon the set of TSF, you actually let go of the French girl.

Here stood 6 EF-2000 glistening in the warm sun of the Japanese summer, 6 magnificent behemoth of metal and high-tech engineering, painted in gray with numbers on their shoulders. The entire machine screamed a certain elegance and righteousness that flared your heart, here stood 6 inert guardians ready for battle and armed to the teeth with weapons bigger than you are, hell the blade edges armor was probably bigger than you, too and that’s not counting the melee halberd…

You also spot a Fubuki behind them and quickly forget about it, why should you care about it anyway when there are 6 3rd generation machines!

‘’oi, oi’’

The French girl pull you back to earth, pointing to the other side of the deck where an equally light dressed Shigeko was waiting with a cap on her head saying ‘’Top Sword’’ and a faux harsh gaze, her crossed arms and open legs only reinforced the try hard impression of your mentor, leaving you with surprised frown as you pick up a brief yellow color, pride.

‘’Were here! Is it time to practice how to be a samurai?’’

Why does Shigeko has a katana on her side?

‘’No, you’re going to run’’

She says simply.

‘’You two, a few laps to start with, ready?’’

That’s awfully plain…

>All in from the start, its time to be dangerous!
>Moderate effort because you had a moderate life
>Just be lazy
>Moderate effort because you had a moderate life

Plain and modest.But at least make her put some effort to it.Don't want our kawaii Eka-chan to be lazy now do we.
>>All in from the start, its time to be dangerous!
We should show off.
File: 1370650515030.jpg-(31 KB, 332x298, 1369372426589.jpg)
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>Moderate effort because you had a moderate life

>Top Sword hat

File: 1370651506538.png-(203 KB, 464x400, 10.png)
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203 KB PNG
Take it like PE class, nice, steady but not really lazy, some kind of in between that is somehow easy to reach, yet hopelessly forlorn for people like you. Yes, just like PE class where you didn’t have to do too much, but still need to do something to pass, enough so you don’t get sick or something.

Problem with that is that you never went to public school, let alone try out one of those fabled ‘’PE’’ class, you don’t even know what the P stand for.

Private, personal or…physical?

Wait why the hell haven’t you figured that out sooner?

‘’So is there a signal, like cutting a cherry blossom or something?’’

You stand next to cheeky blonde and opt to the wise solution of keeping your mouth shut while looking forward, the terrain is perfectly flat; as expected of a carrier and you are well on your way for a fall in the water if you’d decide to opt for a straight line, you’d like the panorama of the city but most of it is obscured by the Typhoons.

‘’Do you really need to be that cheeky?’’

Alexandrine smile only broaden.
File: 1370651539286.jpg-(134 KB, 1200x900, 10.jpg)
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134 KB JPG
‘’Right then, signal how about RUN. JUST FUCKING RUN DO IT’’

And so begins the end of your life, you expected the French to keep a certain pace akin to jogging, like you, but she start on a sprint and become out of reach very fast, all but destroying your illusions and her promises that she’d help you out, seeing her back like that only work to make you jealous and sad as you grit your teeth and run without pushing yourself too much because… well you had a hard day dammit!

‘’Hey, hey, what the hell did I say not a few seconds ago?’’

You spot a flash of red and blue before you see your mentor behind you, making the strangest of face as she scowl, trying to look intimidating and keeping a perfect pace behind you…

You also notice the hand on the long pommel of her sword, it is with a very distinct sound of metal on leather that the well forged, one sided blade come out of its scabbard, held in one hand by Shigeko.

‘’I TOLD you to RUN.’’

Thankfully the distance between you and her is greater than the blade when she viciously swing it in a horizontal upward left.

‘’SO RUN’’

…and now she starts chasing you with her Katana.

Wat do?
Pray to almighty Buddha so that you suddenly gain the skill to run like a damn horse
.RUN.JUST FUCKING RUN.Escape from the superior nippon steel that is folded over a thousand times that can cut anything,

Keep fucking running, for god's sake. Run until our body gives out. Even if it hurts, make those legs move.
Stare at her with horror and then run and hide.
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600 KB JPG
A person survival instinct, also known as ‘’fight or flight’’ is a truly wondrous thing. As you see the wicked blade of Shigeko Susumu Takara swing in the air once more you know which path to take and jump on it in an instant, without hesitation and with utmost dedication.


That doesn’t mean you aren’t fearing for your life and able to contain your screams, the expression ‘’leg it’’ has never once been truer in your life as you catch up to the unsuspecting Alexandrine whose progress was interrupted when you expressed the fact that you are CHASED BY A MADWOMEN WITH A SWORD OF GOD.

You wonder what she sees as for when you almost pass her you pick up a complete blank slate of a color, not even white, it’s like watching through a window.
She doesn’t really ask anything, instead the girl just start running with the same instincts you have.
File: 1370653437601.png-(687 KB, 1000x750, 8.png)
687 KB
687 KB PNG



You almost feel the tip of the blade as it cut through the air


You can only half scream as you reach your third lap of sprinting, your reaching utmost exhaustion as this point as you see several black spot appears at the edge of your vision and you breath so hard and irregularly you wonder if any oxygen is reaching your lungs, add to that your sudden nausea and burning body and you are well on your way for a second trip to the medical bay but your protest are deafened.



The blade cut behind you once more and you almost feel the displaced air, you probably lost some of your hair and… and Alexandrine is nowhere to be seen as you reach the edge of the platform, so concentrated were you on running for your life that you didn’t see the edge one bit, dammit you should have ran into the TSF instead!


You only spare a glance when Alexandrine charge fearlessly toward your mentor with an oversized wrench, the clang of metal on metal resonate in your ears as it sound much, much closer for comfort.

>roll 1d20
Rolled 3


Oh boy.
Dis not gonna be good.
File: 1370653797779.png-(75 KB, 184x184, 1365373500222.png)
75 KB
Rolled 4



But... This is just training, so nothing too horrible will happen, right?

File: 1370653847726.jpg-(110 KB, 1000x821, 1362540914895.jpg)
110 KB
110 KB JPG

Fuck you, dice.

Just fuck you.
File: 1370653903249.png-(323 KB, 500x742, 6.png)
323 KB
323 KB PNG

H-here we go
Rolled 18

Here goes
File: 1370654080361.png-(72 KB, 250x250, 1361143323217.png)
72 KB
Rolled 18


Good thing one of us is lucky.

Need another high roll, quick.
File: 1370654133934.jpg-(84 KB, 819x599, 1348904222961.jpg)
84 KB

You guys are killing my fun
File: 1370654240021.jpg-(90 KB, 640x480, 1347628022248.jpg)
90 KB

Oh fuck yes.


You don't deserve your fun, you sadistic monster.
I say go with the low rolls. It'll be more fun.
File: 1370656360940.png-(1.31 MB, 1795x1193, Overlooking_the_hellgate.png)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Your legs don’t’ stop right when you want them too, the ground also feels strangely slick or maybe you were motivated by an odd, unconscious motivation of self-destruction, either way, you lost your footing and given how close to being overboard you actually are…

You’d have taken a one way trip into the ocean if it weren’t for pure, simply dumb luck that allowed you to twist your body, avoid knocking your chin on the hard cement and grab on the ledge for dear life as you are utterly unable to swim, once more your good old instincts kick in and you hold on for dear life even if you are utterly exhausted after what was probably 40 minutes of hard, nonstop running that, thankfully, wasn’t kept at sprinting speed.


The two girls locked in battle see your distress and the clang of metal sounds different as both blade and wrench fall on the floor, both of them closing the distance fast as you feel your arms weaken too much to bear your weight…

‘’I-I’ll f….’’

You can’t say more when the horrible truth happen as you simply don’t have the energy to keep you from falling, you’ve already used every last ounce of adrenaline during the chase.

Thankfully right when you lost grip, Alexandrine and Shigeko grabbed both of your outstretched arms and pull you up effortlessly in a scene right out of a movie, putting you back on safe ground in seconds and making both girls forget about they’re duel as the situation finally sink in.

‘’Is that how you Royal Guard learn how to train!?’’

Finally, Alexandrine can’t keep quiet between heavy breathing; she and Shigeko actually look winded.

‘’That’s how I did, actually’’

‘’…Now I really want to see an East meet West’’

You are unable to follow the discussion after that as you are much too busy breathing in and out, calming your heart as best as you while having a strange feeling in your guts and relatively foreign taste in your mouth that-
File: 1370656410333.jpg-(368 KB, 1100x832, 9.jpg)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
Without your body betrays you as your exhaustion make you vomit.

Aah why are you so out of shape…


The vision of your pupil letting out your breakfast fills you with the most poignant of dread and guilt as you remember her situation; out of the doc’s room and without having proper sleep to boot.

Of course everyone present, namely you, Ekaterina and Alexandrine take a healthy step back while your poor pupil doesn’t really look worse for wear, her skin is peach colored and her body doesn’t look like it’ll give out, she was imply pushed to her utmost limits and this was merely the result.

‘’I-I’m sorry.’’

She speak meekly, still breathing hard as you stare rather dumbfound at the esper.
And then your French wingman smacks you behind the head.

‘’You god damn idiot is this how you introduce basic training?’’

You don’t find the strength to bite back; instead you look into the crystal clear, exhausted blue eyes of your pupil and only find an increase in your remorse as the girl is, in all likelihood, blaming herself.

>Another jog maybe?
>Enough is enough; while the training was short it was plenty intense.
>Try to ask for forgiveness and admit you were a little too enthusiastic.
>Fuck it; just walk out of this mess
>Or something else.
No time to be embarrassed about what we did. Make her run more so we can reflect on our own.
The BETA aren't going to cut anyone a break, s neither will we.
>Another jog maybe?
Have her run a half pace cool down, no sword or falling off the edge of the carrier this time.
Rolled 3

>Another jog maybe?

We don't want another shit to happen now do we.Let's take it nice and easy.

>Try to ask for forgiveness and admit you were a little too enthusiastic.

Come on, guys. It wouldn't be very good for us to kill off our protagonist this early.
File: 1370657192190.jpg-(209 KB, 973x1424, 30.jpg)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Rolled 2


Let the dice resolve this impasse.
Lame. You guys are too soft.
File: 1370659083535.jpg-(216 KB, 600x660, 11.jpg)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
‘’Well then.’’

You rub your hands together as you look toward your exhausted pupil busying herself with breathing, Alexandrine smile quite awkwardly at first but soon stand up to follow you as you walk toward your Katana, pick it back up, and slide it audibly in your scabbard.

‘’I’ll have some of the janitors take care of that, no problem there’’

‘’Eeh that’s not really what I want to speak about’’

Sweat is slowly pouring down the blond body while you aren’t exactly that winded, probably because you didn’t need to run as fast as them.

In retrospect, running while swinging a pointy stick wasn’t exactly the most intelligent things to do, but you really couldn’t figure out anything better to motivate Ekaterina, scaring your wingman was only a welcomed plus.

‘’Don’t you think she had enough for today?’’

Your Russian protégé is most likely listening very intently, even if she isn’t showing it.


You answer, making sure the metal click of your katana when it fully enter the scabbard resonate hard enough for both girls to hear.

‘’Another lap’’

The white haired girl let out a sigh of pure, utter desperation, even Alexandrine look dejected, not gracing your demand with her usual rebuttal, instead giving you a look of surprised disgusts.

‘’You can keep yourself to a jog, Kat’’

That’s about as much concession your willing to make, but then you turn toward the French that keep sticking to you like glue, never letting go of your past.

There’s as soft click as you push your blade out with your thumb, those kinds of theatrics are fun, you see…

‘’You’ll be running fast, I’ll make sure to give Kat a proper portrait of people fleeing for their life’’

Her awkward, fearful smile brings out your inner sadist as your blade fly out of its scabbard once more.
File: 1370659137862.png-(1.11 MB, 1000x1412, 4.png)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG

[03:15 PM, on the deck of the TSF carrier Big Mama]

Never before has sweat felt so heavy and gross, your shirt and camisole are completely drenched and your body odor is most certainly unwelcome, your white hair that you’ve taken a great liking too clings irritably all over your face, the air around you feels hot and humid, whatever enter your lung seem to have actual volume and you actually find yourself drooling, then curse as you realize your canteen is empty while beside you, amidst the legs of the Typhoons, a one sided duel is going on with your dear mentor armed with her katana relentlessly chase down her friend and rival who managed to grab back her big wrench by running the enter course of the decks during your much more relaxed lap.
Not that it was easy by any mean, your legs feels like they’ve been encased in lead.


Alexandrine screams out, missing with her wrench while Shigeko clip her away with the flat of her blade, they seem to be having fun and while you’ve run your course and taken the chance to sit on the feet of one of the Typhoon (after touching it all over in your excitement), you couldn’t help but wonder if you really have what it take to be a pilot, the day is far from over and you’re already done, out of breath, out of stamina out of absolutely anything.

‘’Don’t scratch the paint!’’
Shigeko yell out as she escapes in between the legs of the Fubuki, the French girl seem to have enough control to keep herself from damaging the machine.
And then you spot three individual up on the deck, two men and a girl walking side by side, relaxed and quite happy with themselves in lighter, but classier clothes than you, with this strange aura of salvation that beckon you, affirming that your woe of today will be over if you’d take the step forward…
>Leg it, your mentor is busy! Look cute and vulnerable to win them over!
>Just stay where you are, you had enough running.
>Something else?
File: 1370659205342.jpg-(2.38 MB, 2000x1100, 26.jpg)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
Forgot to add that I'm taking a little 20 minute break, this isn't the end tough, in the the long haul.

>Just stay where you are, you had enough running.

We'd have a hard time looking adorable while we're completely disheveled like this, not to mention the stench of B.O. and puke.
>>Just stay where you are, you had enough running.
We're not going to be cute looking covered in sweat and vomit.
>>Just stay where you are, you had enough running.

This sound appropriate.Rest now little one and her appearance is not the best.It's better to lay low for now and enjoy the rest.
>Something else?
were currently sweaty as fuck, probably still have the taste of puke in our mouth and our canteen is empty
I would be heading to the nearest bathroom to clean myself up a bit and get some more water
>Leg it, your mentor is busy! Look cute and vulnerable to win them over!
Run before she makes us puke again.
File: 1370662408359.png-(1.49 MB, 1280x1355, 9.png)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG

Even your discouraged sigh feels like you had to spent an unusual amount of energy to create, the only pause you had today was during diner time when the chef (who called himself the German Magician) literally forced Shigeko to listen to him and force some rations down each of your throat before going on his merry way, the things tasted like paper but apparently wouldn’t upset your stomach, hell they probably had some kind of anti-nausea agent or something for you didn’t felt any other bout ready to ruin your day more than it already is.

Your musing stop once the three other Eishi… Alfonso, Adam and Berenice, finally make their way to talking distance while Shigeko and Alexandrine continue whatever clash they have, dancing with eerie perfection in between the legs of the TSF.

‘’Those two are at it again…?’’

The largest out of everyone here, Adam, point out with strange weariness while breaking away from the group, his stride slow and prideful ready to deliver whatever judgements to the girls.

‘’Are you alright, Ekaterina?’’

The brown skinned and foreign looking Surface Pilot approach you with concern, examining you up and down while you just look and breathe, not minding your complete and total lack of class.

‘’Man you look worse than I did back in boot camp, you hanging in there kid?’’

Next come the Italian who gives you a thumb up, whatever discussion you could have had is interrupted when you hear a thunderous scream followed by two painful feminine yelps, one curious look and you see Adam having the two squirming girls on his shoulder who are STILL swinging at each other’s.

‘’Quit yer frolicking!’’

The man says, which only work to fuel your mentor and rival to swing they’re legs, completely uncaring for the commander until the Storm Vanguard lose her cap.

‘’Ah no stop wai-OW’’

Poor Shigeko distraction earned her a strike on the shoulder.

‘’Quit it god dammit!’’
File: 1370662456803.jpg-(147 KB, 850x1239, 25.jpg)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
It takes a few more minutes for Adam to restore order.

This is your mentor huh?


So that’s about it, that place isn’t racist for us baka gaijins and I’d say our new girl here deserve a proper welcoming party, instead of being slave driven’’

As Shigeko and Alexandrine finally settled down, Alfonso started to talk about a ‘’homely’’ place in the city which would fit very well for the last free day in a while, apparently the outfit project heavy activity in the next few months.

While you may not be the best at social convention and only able to read partially between lines, it really wasn’t hard to see that those three ventured out today for a place to make you feel welcomed and while Alexandrine jumped on the occasion, your mentor grew sullen while you stayed silent, your curiosity brought you to examine Shigeko emotions and you found a strange, dark purple color, some kind of heavy reluctance but, as the conversation shifted toward you, her eyes crossed yours and you weren’t entirely able to understand her emotion for the represented color was a mismatch.

‘’So, after a good relaxing shower would you like a little urban sprawl inside Imperial Japan?’’

It was very obvious that the ring leader of this little would-be party was Alfonso for he even went as far as handing in hand to you with one eye closed in some kind of over the top ‘’friendship’’ theatrics.

>Accept or Refuse?

>Another thing, I don’t think I can continue properly anymore for tonight but given how my preparations for MGQ are good to go I think I’d be able to pick up the thread tomorrow to give a proper closure to this eventful mabu rabu day.

>Regardless, have some music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsPcBaKyJ0c
I'll cry. I really will.

We can't really refuse after that show now can we?


Why not?
Might as well.

We must accept it of course.
File: 1370663127338.jpg-(148 KB, 1280x903, PTSD.jpg)
148 KB
148 KB JPG

Alright, I know which route to take for next session or tomorrow if the thread is still alive, sorry for cutting it but my brain is turning to mush
File: 1370663575128.jpg-(214 KB, 1280x1046, Sweet jesus.jpg)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
I've got a question, what did you guys think of the constant pov switch? Personally I think that having two protagonist give more flexibility and fun.

especially if you people want the forbidden love route

Do you think I should make a header when the switch happen?
I like the pov switching but it may get confusing later on so it might be a good idea to mark when the pov swaps.
We confirmed for forbidden route?
File: 1370664021798.jpg-(196 KB, 709x1166, 1342411500869.jpg)
196 KB
196 KB JPG

Stop fapping to dead slav

I mean, if you want to go that route, you'll have to work for it. So no, not yet.
To be totally honest I'd rather we keep her straight. Just once, a female /tg/ protagonist should experience what it's like to take a hit from a Hyper Weapon if ya catch my drift...
File: 1370665416530.jpg-(545 KB, 1500x1062, 28.jpg)
545 KB
545 KB JPG

Your options are pretty limited in that department

I am not encouraging anything here, we could have a mabu rabu without romance!
Some kind of note when a pov switch would be nice.
An interesting possibility, but one that is also damn near impossible. One of the main things about Muv-Luv was the romance aspect. Takeru was dense as all hell, but once he realized he loved a girl he went all in for her. It's what got him a happyish, emphasis on the "ish" end in MLA.

Poor Kat's gonna need an emotional anchor to keep her sorry psyker ass sane in this pit of pure distilled suffering. And when someone becomes that for you, and you both find each other attractive somehow well...

Let's just say that by the time this is all over our little esper is pretty much guaranteed to lose her virginity. I simply wish her to lose it to a man for once, y'know, as a change of pace for these types of things here.
File: 1370666163974.jpg-(225 KB, 1200x847, 1342205736005.jpg)
225 KB
225 KB JPG

/tg/ is gonna /tg/

At least I think we've got a good graps with Ekaterina personality, but I've been liking the dynamic of pov switching with Shigeko quite a lot.

We'll see what the future holds
It's going to grant maximum suffering points when we get to fighting BETA. We get two points of view for the CHOMPing!
File: 1370668020304.jpg-(173 KB, 800x602, 1342233794823.jpg)
173 KB
173 KB JPG

That was not my aim all along

I know it is. I participate in both of your quests after all.

You are a suffering addict. Was surprised you didn't cash in on that double crit fail last MGQ thread. Then again, you have been wanting to show us you weren't *entirely* cruel. I know you did that just to get us to think you're going a different route. I know better, the suffering, you will execute sooner or later. In fact I can't wait. I bet you and Urobuchi would get along and damn do I love his work.

I also hope you make the linked song appropriate sometime in this quest. I want her to show them how awesome she can be if given a TSF, just like the Bratty Savior. Will make it oh so satisfying when, despite her undeniable natural skill, it just wasn't enough to save everyone. The suffering, it demands such things.

Saging because I'm essentially chatting with you instead of making entirely relevant posts. But hey, chatting with what amounts to an anon is one of my guilty pleasures as well as one of the great glorious mysteries of the net. Why would a person wish to chat with someone they will never, ever truly know?

You like to exposed it for what it is eh? But I'm no real suffering addict I merely place obstacles, yes... yes.

This song was very, very welcome. Be sure that al lthis preparation for TSF WILL pay off and by gods, will it be awesome for I am in love with these titan of metal.

The entire squad is pretty damn absurd too, but Kat really has potential to stand with Takeru and Yuuya
File: 1370670052351.jpg-(27 KB, 512x512, Dice Hate.jpg)
27 KB
Obstacles you hope the dice will enable you execute on blame free. If you roll 1 at a critical moment the player cannot blame you for killing his PC. After all, the dice demand it.

You have a good plan going. Our only hope is that the /tg/ dice love to troll EVERYONE, including the GM. Hell, it did this very thread. You loved that it coughed up 2 low rolls, then right when you started writing coughed up 2 high rolls to counterbalance that. Thus putting you in a pickle and us in utter confusion and worry mode. A maximum trolling experience. The dice truly are agents of the Whale, and I'm sure you know what I'm getting at...

Hopefully nothing bad will happen yet! I wonder how /tg/ will handle two active and proactive protagonist... It's pretty fun to write at least.

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