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Going to start off this thread by reposting the unarchived Seventh night Part 6

Will continue on as is standard afterward!

Awaken Arthur, Are you really mad?

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You place yourself against the badger-sized holes of the small earth Fae and whisper a haunting rhyme into their lair...

"The Gnomes slept softly in their homes
yet then an angel with teeth;
so they hid in their holes
played true to their roles

And such cowardly vermin they be-ith.

So swing on with your picks
Dig deeper through the thick,
or on your bones I shall dine
,and like,
your souls, also be mine."

Upon your conclusion, you snap your jaws at the opening a few times, causing the snapping shut of teeth to fill echo within. You smell the gnomes' fear...

Yet you cannot have at them... Begrudgingly, you leave the things alone, spreading your wings... and remembering your first Gargoyle... Not much to think about that one... it almost killed you...

With the power of gust, you head back to your small town of Hearthson, that could very well, and soon be upon the advent of destruction..
4:45 a.m Sunrise at 6:45

You land upon the roof of your church, pondering for a moment why you still consider it your home... You ate your pedestal. This is no longer your place of rest...

Seems that it must be a habit at best.

You look around from the crickety roof and you sense familiar people within the town, the ones you had grown so close to... you still have some time before the sun's rise...

What will you do now?

The Lying mermaids are dead, the gnomes are tucked to far away, what else could there be?

Perhaps you could visit the north wood?

Maybe the south wood?

Or maybe you should see to it that the north woods are thoroughly explored?

You see a form glide in to enter the church.. An angel... she's so familiar yet she is... She is your Hope... You named her... you named her that for a reason... yet... why...
You ignore the nagging thought in the back of your brain... Wait.. you don't really HAVE a brain now do you..

Odd thought.. perhaps you should borrow one... How would you wear it? Suppose you'd need to eat that...

To the flying.

You fly to the true north, to explore the mysterious wonders of that taiga... Was it always a Taiga?

You suppose it always HAS been a taiga, though you never quite realized it.

You fly low, getting really close to the tips of those trees.

Evergreens... Why are they never the RIGHT green though?

The Mason that taught you always used to collect this wood.. He'd burn it in the Hearth or use it to start up the forge. The man was known as Iron Mason by people, yet you never quite liked his craft and soon found your own with the craft of cutting stone...

Marble, obsidian, granite, sometimes even limestone.. You'd also tried cut glass once as per a request.. though that one could've turned out better.

You had always noted that Obsidian gargoyles seemed more likely to go mad...

Yet the one time you swapped the material, it rampaged upon delivery...

You had always kept that to yourself... better that they think the soul was just bad... Wouldn't want to stain your reputation... Yet you never again ignored the request...

You... sense something small and human-ish from beneath the trees...

You drop down to find a small burrow with some kind of door... How... odd.
You approach the door carefully, cocking your head at it... Ponderous... curious... whoever could be living out here? and in a hole no less?

You look to the left and then the right...

No signs.. no others... just this silly little hole...

Well then, suppose you should be knocking now.

Not polite to keep them waiting..

You tap the door a few times and wait a moment.

You tap the door a few times more and then you hear a small. nasally, human-like voice shout,"Whaaaaaat?!" And then the door's thrown open, a little man with green skin, long ears pointy ears and a bent back.

Well.. you say it's a man, yet it's clearly a monster.

The little green monster squints at you over its large, crooked nose, yelling at you again," What you want?! Leave me alone! This Pen-Pen House! You no Pen-Pen. You leave now!"

"What, may I ask, if an answer I could task, is a Pen-Pen?"

"Me is Pen-Pen! You no take Pen-Pen things! Leave, now!" The man dives back into the burrow and slams the door upon you.

How very... odd...
You knock once more upon the little man's door.

All you hear is a muffled,"Go Away!"

Yet you shall not be deterred! You are for more patient than he!

The next knock and the little man swings open the door again, another "Whaaaaat?!" Coming out of his little body.

"Simply, I was curious as to what you would do in this neck of the wood, should I assume you up to no good?"

The little man stares at you shrewdly, glances left and right around the door and then beckons that you lean in closer... And then closer... And then closer... "NONE YOUR BUSINESS! LEAVE PEN-PEN ALONE!" The door slams shut again.

You immediately start knocking, and the door immediately swings open.

"You trying to get Pen-Pen's things?! You no take his treasure!"

Oh, this is new...

"What kind of treasure might this little man keep? Could it be a lover, daughter, son, or perhaps more discreet?"

The little green man goes red in the face," You no take the pen! Go away! Scary lady already try to take it! She no get it, You no either!"

The door is once more shut.
You decide to leave out the knocking for now... he mentioned a scary lady of sorts... and you wonder at that...

"I know of a scary lady... Does yours have a fan, and fantastic clothes? Often smiling, and often quite close? My little green friend, would you seek her harm? Or perhaps an end?

I know that I would.." You close upon a more sinister note... This one could know something of the Lady Manse...

Pen-Pen opens up the door slightly, his green nose poking out,"Sounds like lady... What you want know? She no send you?"

"No, I wander alone these woods, for what mysteries I should uncover."

The door peeks open a bit more and you see the man's nose come out more, along with a pair of his wide-yellow eyes,"You want hurt her, yes?"


The door opens up further," And you no want Pen-Pen's treasure?"

"I've heard great stories, yet t'is not mine. I would never steal it, nor am I inclined."

The door opens all the way and Pen-Pen ushers you inside... despite the hole seeming.. small.

"Come in, come in. Share drink with Pen-Pen. First time he meet stoney fairy friend."
You step into the hole tentatively.. a bit cautious by the size... Yet as you get one foot in, Pen-Pen grabs you and pulls you all the way inside.

You look around and it doesn't look like a hole... it looks like a house.. a messy one with little knick-knacks all over... Such as stained glass shards, shop signs, books, children's toys... Wait... has this creature been robbing the town?

Thinking of it, you see the creature standing before you... He looms over you now... Either he's actually this big or he shrunk you...

You chuckle out loud as you consider which you would actually RATHER it be.

The green monster puts on a suit that doesn't fit and sits down at a table with mismatched chairs. He pours tea into beer mugs...

"What you have do with Scary Lady?"

"She's simply been ruining my life since I've met her, I'm sure that you know the strife of such a woman in measure."

Pen-Pen nods as he sips his Mug of tea," Yes, yes... Quite. What would ask of Pen-Pen?"

"Well, I happened to be a bit curious, last I met the Lady, she was quite furious. What would she want with your treasure?"

Pen-Pen slams the mug of tea down, going red in the face again," You no talk about Pen-Pen treasure..." Yet then he picks it back up for a sip," Pen-Pen will talk about it..."

"Pen-Pen guard the treasure-pen of his family. Since Great-Great-Great-Great-Grand Pen."

"And how did you keep it from the Lady Manse, so scary? were you, in fact, quite wary?"

"Pen-Pen's guests come through Pen-Pen's door. If he want them out. They go."
"I do believe the Lady seeks more than just your pen. Soon will be war, and should she win, you may find it harder to expel her again.
She will knock and she will stay, persistent and unable to be wished away. That is, unless you pay the pen to her and go about your day."

The goblin slams the mug of Tea down upon the table again, staring at you with his sick-looking yellow eyes.

"Pen-Pen guard secret of pen. It write real good, Lady no take." He takes a deep drink of his mug-tea, and sets it down.

"You bring war to Pen-Pen. The Lady has army?"

"Not quite in the now, though I shall tell you how. Human turned demons will be the soldiers she seeks. Now, would you be willing to give aid to we?"

"Naaaaah. Pen-Pen think about it. Visit Pen-Pen tomorrow. You go sleep now, yes?"

Odd, it seems the creature has encountered your kind before... "Why yes, I should be sleeping soon... I do enjoy being at rest far before noon."

"Where would go? Pen-Pen take you there."

"Take me where?"

"Where you want go."


"Stop Question. Give Answer."
"I would go to my own little town, where there are many little people that I'd hate to let down."

The Green Monster shrugs at you in an "Ok, whatever" kind of way, and waddles over to his cubboard, taking out a jar labeled "Hearthson."

You waddles over to you and you see him grow... No! You're SHRINKING!

"Pen-Pen House. You guest of Pen-Pen. You do what he say. Pen-Pen Rule. Get in pot."

Your form is sucked through the pot and you soon find yourself by the Hearthson docks, in one piece and full sized again, no doubt.

A note comes out of the air and floats into your palm.

It reads,"If you want to see Pen-Pen. Just knock!"

What a strange encounter...

Your pedestal is gone... you are within your town... However you don't necessarily need to rest here... just somewhere safe...
You tap into your power of the Fae, opening up a pocket upon your hip and letting the note slip inside. Good for safe-keeping. Pen-Pen could be quite a pen-pal after all!

You chuckle at that bad joke and fly off to the church, ignoring the rest of the town's misery for this night.

This whole thing has been some sort of bad joke... Why did Marble tell you your name?

Arthur, Arthur, you should have whipped her more... Humans don't seem to understand anything without having their hides flayed and tanned...

Did you ever whip that girl?


That's the exact problem..

Oh, you're inside of the church...

Lady Manse... Is not here?

How odd... you had certainly expected her to be...

You sense no others within the building.

No Alice, Nor Pastor Clegane, No Marble... Marble... She's evading that Hide-tanning you had planned for her... naughty girl.

You bite off your fingers in a bout of frustration before remembering that they're YOUR fingers..

"Oh... Shit... Seems my own fingers I have bit..."

You laugh hysterically...

Just as the sun comes up...

Your form is locked in an eccentric sort of expression. Laughing with your bitten hand to your head, and the Lady's Teeth still extended.

"Perhaps I should have been more mindful of the time... I do hope this does not count as a crime... Alas, I should give this a sigh..."
Is there more or do you want us to pick actions now?

Writing... Drafted up additional info. Today is gonna be a big day!
oh good I caught the beginning. looks like a good day for questing!
With the morning, you are left alone for the most part, frozen in your current pose...
Without the ability to move and rampage as you please, you begin to remember more of your life, the one from when you were a human...

Did you truly hate the monsters? Certainly, they could be malicious, however it is only through the power of the the three kinds that a human could even make a gargoyle... what you've become..
Sure, they orphaned you, yet the life of a mason was good.. Gargoyles, as you've come to find out... Indeed can be monstrous.. yet you were quite good up until a few hours ago..
Wherever did you go wrong?

The thoughts run their course through your mind until the Pastor, and Marble enter the church, immediately you can tell the priest's disturbance in that you aren't upon your pedestal... and the fact that said pedestal is mostly gone, save for parts with teeth-marks.
Apparently, Marble forgot to inform him..
"Angel, what on earth has happened here?
What is this?!"
The man's voice echoes only slightly upon the decrepit wood of your church, most being lost to the material.
"Ah, my dear friend Clegane, I had worried that I might go insane. Alas I am still not quite here, then again I'm not quite there!" A cackling laugh rips through the church.
Marble seems a touch uncomfortable by this,"Arthur, are you... well?"
"Ah, my dear once apprentice! She had helped me carry a sentence! Who I once was may truly die, the facade of the gargoyle at least, and to you I'd not lie.”
You continue.“Alas, my friends, you've come to see me this day... I'm afraid as you can see, I have ended up this way. By say and by, What news do you bring? Surely there may be something to have my heart sing?”
The Pastor is the first to speak,” Gargoyle, I'm afraid that Alice has already left to see to the Seelie court. . .

“I do hope that friend helps a good end. Though to the good of my knowledge, The Fae play pretend. Neither they nor their rules may ever truly bend.”
The pastor nods, and faces away from your form and it's... odd posture,” It is true.. It is unlikely that the Seelie will intervene. It is not their way.. At least, from what Alice has said.. though the girl is committed to bring them to the cause. Likewise, for the good of the people, I too must do something.” The man goes silent, Marble speaks for him now,
“The Pastor has decided to use his arts to tame beasts of the land... He suggested a Titan, though a Behemoth or a Dragon may be more in line with his power.”
Clegane scoffs at that,” You underestimate two decades of practicing the first magic of the world... Though I will admit, I am no sage. Bringing a Titan under control may very will be my life... And it will only do if we know where Lady Manse hides...”

Your laughter fills the church once more,”You know not where the Lady does hide? Perhaps, perhaps, a futile tide. My once-'prentice Marble, what have you to confide?”
Marble stares at your form,”I see.. that you remember then, Arthur.”
Another chiding laugh,” Indeed I do, and as this t'was once true, am I not still the Stone Mason to you?”
Marble goes quiet, for a moment,” I have in mind to take you back to Gae'Golya.”
Clegane whispers under his breath,” The... Capitol city of Aingle?”
Marble gives a nod at this," Yes, it'd be the best place for Arthur to be observed while he either dies, stabilizes, or turns into one of the factors that went into his make. It'd be his best shot at living. . . Though I could only do so if you, Clegane, would stay here to keep an eye on Hope. . . It's just my thought. If you instist on going, I'll take care of the child."
>It's just my thought. If you insist on going, I'll take care of the child."

> What would you say?

>[] Question(Write in)
>[] Propose to come along with Clegane.
>[] Agree to go with Marble.
>[] Seek to follow Alice.
>[] But what about Pen-Pen?
>[] (Other)
>Has the feeling that running while Shadow quest is up is just not good for business.
maybe. but Im game to participate in both, just trying to decide what to pick
>>[] But what about Pen-Pen?
Maybe Clegane knows him.

And going with Clegane would be fun. Dragons and such.
>[] Propose to come along with Clegane.

oh yes, dragon hunting.
And you sorta posted the options in the middle of a big ol' bitchfest McShitstorm over in SQ

Worst possible timing
Hmmmm... Final answers? Don't want to say anything?

Do you reallllly want to go with Clegane?
fine fine fine I'll take the plot hook and say go with Marble.
Though the Pastor is quite strong, I fear
His coming death were I not near.
So with him I shall go,
To tame this mighty Titan soul.
Fuck it. I'll switch to Marble.

I'm curious. Still wanna fight dragons, but ehh. Maybe the crazytrain needs some brakes.

All of it's a plot hook. I'm just mak'n sure that it's what ya'll want because vastly different things will happen depending on which you choose...
Also, You won't be missing the boat, no matter what.
So, we're going with Marrrrrble?

Looks like it.
Sit here and do nothing but chew fingers
Aight, writing.
“What of the Lady of Manse? Surely her aim to ruin us all won't pass?” You inquire, uncertain about going with Marble, what with the threat upon your emotional, emotional? Doorstep. How does a door step anyway?
Marble touches your hand, the one with bitten off fingers, and looks directly at you,” It will take time for the nobles to come to consensus. They must be convinced that this was an unprovoked attack. Lady Manse does indeed have a way with words and a ring that commands some of the most powerful demons that we are aware of.. However she is no miracle worker... War must be a majority decision”
“Ah, I see. So there is time to be had,” You chuckle,” For this, indeed, I am fairly glad.”
“You will come with me then?” Marble places her other hand upon yours, even inanimate you can feel the gentleness in her calloused hands.
“Marble my dear, Lovers we are not. As far as I know, unless I forgot. Would truly be strange to love a life so young, especially so when an elder's would soon be undone.” She blinks at you.

You roar at the misunderstanding 'prentice,“REMOVE YOUR HANDS FROM ME!”

Your roar causes her to retract and back away in notable terror.
“Do respect boundary, As we go to the foundry.” you whisper quietly with a hint of a chucklr.
Marble seems to be taken aback by this,” So.. You're coming with me then... and you..”
“Remember the Mason's Foundry? Of course I do child, though it has been quite a while. My memories still mild, I'll remind I'm not senile. Tsk Tsk.”

The Pastor clears his throat,”Well, I will do what I can... to keep Hope in line... And whatever you have planned, I hope you come through in time.” The Pastor is getting it... oh is he getting it...

>[] Speak/Question(Write in)

>[] Sleep the rest of the day away.

>[] Cast a spell! I'm a wizard after all.

>[] (Other)
>[] Cast a spell! I'm a wizard after all.
mist and rain, on the fields of spain!
I'll second the rain.

Ask if any of them know about Pen Pen, or if Alice ever said anything about him.

Say the Shadow should be stopping by tonight. If we can remember. I'd expect Arthur to be kinda cryptic about it.

Then sleep.
The day is clear, not a cloud in the sky...

DC 70 for rain/mist!

+35 to roll!
Rolled 32

Rolled 73

Rolled 37

“I'd like to ask of something, by chance. Perhaps you know of a little green man that takes ill of Manse? He guards a hidden treasure in the wood of the north,.Perhaps he'd be of some good for the home while we go forth?” Relating your tale of pen-pen in your skewed language, your friends seem confused.
Clegane shrugs it off,”I do not know of such a green man... Err... perhaps detailing the tale, we might understand?”
You continue on and recount your whole tale of the little green man, Pen-pen... It baffles both the Pastor and Marble, though Marble laughs a bit at parts of your story.
“And so it is as such, and told I have of both much. Yet still neither of your memories he does touch?”
Clegane shakes his head with a hand to his brow,” I... have heard a few tales of a little man within the village that spirits away people's things... A spriggan, or a boggart he is known as... Yet I am surprised you found his hollow... Often they must want to be found to even be seen.”

You would nod, however you are frozen in stone,” Then it would seem, To me he is keen. Yet why I wonder would such a man desire to be seen?”

The three of you talk for some time before Clegane retires to rest, he hadn't had a good sleep all night after all. He had healed many people with the power of his Primal Blood magic. Anyone that hadn't outright died from the tooth faeries had been brought back to health, and even convinced in part that it had been a dream.
After his departure, Marble speaks to you more of your departure. Lady Manse would likely be coming back tonight to see the result of your decision.. and then Marble could propose returning to the capitol... All would go well if Lady Manse acted as you think she would...
It is midday and Marble too turns in for sleep. As she leaves you laugh and cry... and then decide the sky should be crying too...
By will of your magic, you force the water to obey and create clouds in the sky that soon pour down a very wet and healthy rain... Errr... you'd think... except as far as you know, there's a salt buildup about the church when it finally clears...
You sleep the day away and night finally comes...

Well, what's first?

>[] Head to the mountains to meet with the Shadow of Evidas.
>[] Collect your trophies and head to the docks.
>[] Await Lady Manse.
>[] Find Marble.
>[] Go to the North Woods and meet up with Pen-Pen!
>[] (Other)
>[] Collect your trophies and head to the docks.
Hmm... I don't know about this..

Biggest fun for me is seeing the ideas and bit of discussion go around between choices.

I'll archive this for the sake that the "lost" thread is here... But It's kinda meh again, eh?
Since there seems to be a lull, I had a question.

Back when Marble was giving us our tune-up, she mentioned not having titanium or obsidian on hand. What sort of bonuses do these two substances give? I can hazard a guess about obsidian, but I'd like to be certain.


Titanium is a hard, yet lightweight metal. It could be used as an undercoat just beneath the flesh of the gargoyle to prevent cracks. Aside from that, it's in the name as "Titan-ium" It's found upon the bodies of titans, thus making it an extremely rare material. It would increase potency in primal magic and bolster the Gargoyle's natural strength.

Obsidian conversely catalyzes the effects of the demonic soul within a gargoyle, inciting bloodlust, increasing the potency of demonic magic, and increases the effect of berserking and other demon-related abilities.

There are many materials that they make Gargoyle from. Masions typically don't vein or shell gargoyles with additional materiakls as they need time to acclimate to their form in the first place.

In one of Arthur's little recollections, it told of how often souls that requested Obsidian would go bereserk quicker than usual. However the one time he ignored that in favor of another material, the gargoyle berserked right away.

Inserting "Marbling" into obsidian upon creation for instance could have a similar affect to immediate and unprovoked beast-moding.

Any other questions?

>Any other questions?

If we were to get our hands on some obsidian and have someone implant it into us, would it cancel out the penalties to our demonic magic that we have from our silver veins? And would it cancel out any damage bonuses that the silver provided against demonic foes?

And could we harvest materials from the bodies of defeated enemy gargoyles?

The materials could be harvested once the gargoyle is drained of its soul.

The obsidian could have a negative reaction if installed incorrectly.

However, it would not cancel out the penalties. Silver is a weakness that most demons suffer and Obsidian amplifies demonic qualities. Thus, the amplified Quality of "demon" could cause Arthur to to suffer perpetual pain to his enhanced demonic self.

As a note, obsidian will also amplify the latent demonic potential within magically sensitive human beings. If the apprentice necromancers, e.g. the mayor and his wife, were more savvy, they could've enhanced their magic through obsidian and could even caused themselves to be partially possessed.

Hmm, interesting.

Speaking of the necromancers, back when we first entered our inner realm, those two were sent to the Fae realm, but were expelled at Ceri's request. Do all human souls default to Fae if consumed? Does any magic that they possess affect their placement aside from any objections from our other "tenants?"

Humans weren't meant to have a specific place within a gargoyle. They drifted into the Fae by chance.
Though, due to their connection to Ceri via the murder of the child, it made it all the more likely.

I actually find it kind of interesting that after the Greater Wendigo was subdued, no one really wanted to speak to that one... Hehe... Too late now..
A few more questions regarding materials.

Are the metal infusions that we currently possess evenly distributed throughout our bodies, or are they concentrated in certain areas? And if they are, can we have Marble or someone else spread it out?

Can we transplant whole body parts, or would we have to only do it as infusions? For example, say we defeat a granite gargoyle. Would it be possible to, say, remove one of our arms and replace it with one from the granite 'goyle? This obviously leads into questions from passersby of why parts of our body suddenly changed material overnight, but let's ignore that for now. If it is possible, would there be any complications from such a procedure? You already mentioned how obsidian can affect a gargoyle, what about other materials?

In the first topic, you listed brass in the same category as silver. Does this mean that brass implants affect gargoyles the same as or similar to silver? If not, what sort of effects does it have?

The Silver/Brass would be a gargoyle that's body is brass with Silver veins or a Silver shell.

Due to the regenerative constitution of Arthur, the metallic implants are evenly spread out. Even the copper that Marble implanted went through without a hitch.

There could be illusions granted to change the form that people see during the day. Some gargoyles could be noted to "change" upon nightfall. That would be the illusion that either they cast or their pedestal puts up dispelling and showing the true form of the gargoyle.

That would enable especially frightening gargoyles such as the Shadow if Evidas from being destroyed by people simply for being seen as an ill omen...

Some materials have an inherent effect, others not so much.

For stone, it all depends on the stone.
For Metal, depends on the metals and alloy.
For wood, belies the same.

Oak tends to facilitate the magic of the Prime, while Willow tends to attract Fae to the Gargoyle.

Brass would be a neutral metal that has no inherent effect, while a silver plating would render that most demons don't even want the gargoyle near them.

Copper of course, would conduct lightning based magic very well..

I'll be doing more research into statue/figure materials if I continue this quest. I feel like it's being snuffed out and I'm not sure if I can write what I have planned properly. Have a lot going on lately too...

I hope that this quest can continue, despite its lackluster turnout these past few chapters. I've seen a few good quests fade away, and I'd hate for this one to become one of them.

Unfortunately, this business with Lady Manse seems to be the climax of the story, so I'm not sure where it can go from here.

Perhaps, now that we are no longer tethered to a single location, we can help our village expand by going out to defeat big monsters out in the no-man's land while Hope guards the town against smaller threats. And it's a big world out there, I'm sure that there are other magicians and rogue gargoyles that can serve as antagonists in the future. Just an idea.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.
>You had always noted that Obsidian gargoyles seemed more likely to go mad...
Gargoyle society emulates regular society. How fascinating.

I had a bit of that planned. I'm mostly discouraged by the turnout. This quest started befor Shadow quest and the first... I want to say... 5-7 threads went to autosage.

It's not like I don't know where I want this to go, it's just that I'm discouraged with only a couple popping up.

I was actually jotting down notes today about different human countries and cultures to shed more light on the state of this world and show that Gargoyles aren't the end-all way to destroy demons, cull fae, and slaughter primal creatures.

I hadn't really drafted it out prior as Angel was indeed essentially tethered to this location.

The business with Manse was meant to only be the start as other Nobles share her opinions with how to deal with non-human threats to the expansion of their nation.


Archived, as much as it is... Good night. I'll post in the Quest general tomorrow when I'll be running next.
There's one up now
I think a regular schedule would help out a lot.

Most people have no idea when this is going to be up, and then you put it up at the same time as SQ

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