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[ Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Daniel's%20Quest ]

Status report
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Food is delicious. The archmage must have a great cook!

Uh, yeah. So we ( Me, Nxisa, Nenonen, Qu, ...Jan ) are at the moment dining with the archmage ( and Jehra-Vera ) in his tower.
I had to slip into something more formal. The robes need washing anyway. Spent the evening learning Accelerate-spell. Didn't quite got it, but I think I can continue from here on without the book.

It just feels off in being in such a fancy place. It's like a dream.
... Let's hope it isn't.
Now, I need to consider what should I do after this all? Nxisa expressed that she would rather stay with in Jania ( which is understandable. It's a peaceful land. ), but I am not sure if I want to be tied to one place.
Nenonen and Qu are leaving in a week in pursuit of other magical artifacts.
What are these other magical artifacts?
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Hah, my wait is over.
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Oh, they didn't particularly tell me. They however once slipped me that Zere does still contain riches buried in temples under the sands.
Then there are Scatter Islands which should contain some things about primo-
>Channeler: "MR. ARCHMAGE! We are under attack!"
A channeler bursts in, panting and panicking.
Slap him twice and inform the archmage.
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>Archmage: "...Huh? What do you mean, 'attack'"
>Channeler: "Large group of draconians somehow managed to get through bridge and they are trying to reach the vaults!"
>Archmage: "Eh... Draconians? Why would they even..? How would they..?"
>Channeler: "We are cut off from rest of the city! City guard tried to approach through the bridge, but got thrown off by a massive gust of wind! Garden is a firestorm!"
>Nxisa: "How can this even happen? We heard nothing!"
>Archmage: "Now that you mention it, it does feel bit hazy... I guess someone is playing tricks on us all. Alrighty, how many mages do we have?"
>Channeler: "Uh, not very many. Most are still outside of the tower and about two thirds are non-combat orientated."
>Archmage: "Uhhuh, this is bad..."

How convenient! Just as we brought in the artifact as well!

>Archmage: "Hm, Jehra-Vera, please go seek the source of this haze. I shall go see if I can stop the draconians' advance."
>Nxisa: "I shall go see the bridge... Sounds like a mage, I think I am suited for the task."
>Nenonen: "Uh, I'll go see the fire. I know elemental magic, it should help a ton."

Uh, uh! Who should I go with?
To the brdige.
Lest go help Nenonen, stopping the spreading fire should be a top priority
Go with Nxisa, countermagic would be better off than fighting fire and it never hurts to have backup
Try to aid Nxisa while warning Archmage to be very careful.
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We leave our farewells, quickly get dressed and head out.
We get to the bridge, which is completely empty. Not a sign of anyone. No strange winds.
... There isn't even any litter...
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Suddenly wind starts to rage. Preparing for worst, we run for the entrance. Not too long after, a great gush of wind washes over the bridge.

Wind dies down again, and we return to investigate.
And to our delight and disgruntlement, a person jumps down from the structures surrounding the tower. A satyr, dressed in black garb.

>Nxisa: "Daciht Lord's Guard?!"
>???: "Greetings! Quite so, for I am ex-guard, Jomamim. I did not expect to see another satyr around here. I would have just blown you off from bridge, but noticed you. It would be just too rude to do so without proper greetings."
>Nxisa: "What the hell are you doing here and why?!"
>???: "Our Lord wishes us to enact last part of his plan. And in my great gratitude, I must assist in this. Now go back, for I do not seek to kill!"

What should we do? Attack her or what?
Ugh, that's a shitload of threads to read through. Someone give us a short recap/synopsis so we're all up to speed!
Ask about the plan. Complement her cool looking weapon.
File: 1370700370910.png-(113 KB, 2700x1600, danielcharacters.png)
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113 KB PNG
Daniel, a blind orphan gets cured from his blindness by a mysterious man going by the name "Miracle Lord". To thank him, he leaves his home to learn magic.
In capital Joros of Joros, he becomes apprentice to satyr Nxisa, who teaches him counter-magic. After year of training, they defeat a rogue translator-necromancer and novice elementalist together.

Later on they move to Nxisa's homeland Daciht. Nxisa needed to participate in capture/kill of Dark Archmage Ingram who is seeking ancient flying fortress Xjaal. However, she told Daniel that they'd be only going there for work.
Their airship is however shot down by the passing Dark Archmage and his black dragon Gaia.
Daniel, Nxisa and other survivors continue the travel by foot. After long trip, they reach Daciht and hear that ambush was a complete failure and most of people participating had been killed by Gaia and Dark Archmage. Nxisa disappears to mourn her dead friends, while Daniel helps a local satyr to find his lost brother in the mountains. The brother was eaten by mountain troll whom Daniel kills in combat.
After two weeks of training, Daniel and Nxisa participate raiding a draconian camp in the mountains. The raid is a failure. Nxisa gets seriously wounded by a huge draconian. However, Daniel manages to lure him and throw him off a cliff.
They manage to get back to city, and Daniel strikes a deal with Miracle Lord Edel. Nxisa gets healed. As price Daniel has to find his machine in the Xjaal before the Dark Archmage can. Since Xjaal is flying, he also makes a deal with local wimpy dragon Kalim, promising him share of the treasures found.
And they sure did. Brought the whole goddamn flying Xjaal with them. Now he is in capital of magic, Jania. Jehra-Vehra, assistant of the current arch-mage greeted them and welcomed them to the city.
I really like your drawing style, what's the name of your quest on tgchan please?
Well since Nxisa knows something about this guy ask her if she has a plan? Do we try to flank him? Or just crawl onward on our bellies so he can't push us off?
Nxisa obviously knows something about this person or their organization, find out what's up with that. Also inquire about the plan, since it apparently does not involve sacking the town.
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"Cool weapon."
>Nxisa: "Daniel! That is inappropiate in this sit-"
>Jomamim: "Why thank you stranger. Your is not too bad either. Joros does produce great weapons. But please, flattering won't move me."
"Oh, could you tell me what are you planning?"
>"Hah! I like you. But I won't tell you, because my lord doesn't want anything to interfere. My arms were given back to me by him, and I do not want to betray anyone once again."

Oh, she even guessed where I was from by looking at sword. She knows her shit.

Nxisa pulls me by my hair and drags back and continues in whisper:
>"Daniel, you cannot be serious, this is Lord's Blade. Ex-Lord's blade. A traitor of highest kind!"
"She doesn't seem that bad, she doesn't even appear to be mage of any sort"
>"Lord's Guard is elite of Daciht! Guardians of royal family. They are raised to that duty!"
"Well uh, what's your plan?"
>"Ugh, we could try to dispose of her quickly. Very quickly. Quick paralyzation and decapitation or something. You distract her and I-"

>Jomamim: "You know, you are whispering very grim things very loudly."
You seem cool. I respect that. Honour is my bond and all that stuff.

Say, does your weapon cause your wind powers, or do you know magic?
From how I see it there are only two reasons why you would be here to retrieve something or to kill someone which is it.
Well time to distract her. Create an orb of light and send it flying towards her while yelling "ORB OF ANNIHILATION!" and charge at her.
Looks like this has gone inactive. Got it archived this time.

Also, it's a bit inconvenient having to get the 8th thread through foolz. I'll leave the link to that here as well.
File: 1370715789865.png-(17 KB, 600x600, 212.png)
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I decide to go with a dirty trick. Conjuring orb of annihilation would be impossible for me, but hopefully my opponent is not as knowledgeful about magic.
She sees the orb and sidesteps, in which I try to get a slash at her. However, it misses and she manages to gain distance. Orb of light flutters away.

"I see you chose this path. Oh, no matter, could burn some time. We can have lots of fun."

Jomamim prepares her weapon, taking a good grip and taking a stance, looking ready to attack. Nxisa is behind me, she has already readied her sword.

Winds start to act weird again.

>ps. you can suggest Nxisa as well.
Be ready to parry or dodge.
Any sign of magic circles which could be connected to the winds?

Also, what exactly does the spell Accelerate do?

I dunno.

Accelerate allows you to, well, apply force to an object. It can be used on living things, but requires much more effort.

Sage because not update
Nxisa is probably still a better fighter than us, and she seems pretty familiar with what to expect. Follow her lead and watch for opportunities to disrupt the wind magic, be ready to engage the sanics

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