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Last thread:

...well, we got another archive? whoah.
Anyways, new players are welcome! You can make a subfaction and roll d20s for your subfaction's actions. 1 is bad, 20 is good. Diplomacy doesn't need to be rolled, and if an action failed 3 times in a row it gets done, but poorly (for example, trying to make guns 3 times = you get a very crude gun). Of course, you can spend more actions in improving them.

All you need to start is a name for your subfaction, a logo/symbol (optional), and a suitable backstory.
Fear you don't have enough space, or not enough subfaction slots available? Fear not! There's been some tumultuous events lately that can cause a lot of subfactions, including two revolutions and a war. There is always the Yapap hordes and the Katumoiset slavers as a source of subfactions, so just jump in!
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Rolled 16, 10, 20, 9, 2, 8, 5 = 70


After reuniting with Alel, Thaka and his pack continues their travel towards the eastern woods. It should take them roughly 4-6 weeks to reach their destination. Alel and her steed scout ahead, while Thaka and his pack advances. They are doing their best to scout and map these lands, while also staying for lookout on any slavers intruding in the Holy Forest.
Hopefully, Lupai shall protect the travelers as they trek towards their destination.

Rolling for: (7 rolls)
Alel's scouting.
Mapping the travel.
Hunting down slavers if they encounter them.
How well the travel goes. (4 rolls, each for one week.)
File: 1371908328916.png-(112 KB, 1600x900, Lufae hunter submarine.png)
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112 KB PNG
Rolled 18, 9, 4, 9, 5, 16, 8, 9 = 78


The new hunter submarines are put into full production, in order to eliminate the threat of the slaver attacks from sea.
The already existing ones are dispatched to hunt down any nearby minor slaver vessels, in order to test out the effectiveness of the new weaponry.
The tunnel mappers decide to test out if the water puruu servitors could be used to map out the hardest parts of the water tunnels, without risking geist lives.

Meanwhile, the Lufae have started to attempt to integrate newly discovered tunnel tribes to their nation. They will be educated in Lufae ways, and taught of the outside world.

The Kafalites try to study the strange geist species found in the caverns. Maybe they can be utilized in a similar way, as the Lufae use the geist wolfs?

If the young pilots seek action and excitement, they can be provided that. They are dispatched to hunt down few larger blung forms that have grown quite aggressive in the north eastern borders.

The Lufae military forces have also been forced to raise their alertness level, for even since the songless began destroying the Kafasha, the numbers of blung trying to intrude to the Lufae lands, in order to breed in the groomed Kafasha, has increased tremendously. These creatures can't be allowed to settle in, for they will once again become a bane in the Lufae border lands.

Rolling for: (8 rolls)
Producing more hunter subs.
Hunting down small slaver ships.
Using water puruus to map the tunnels.
Educating the cave folks.
Studying the newly discovered geist species. (Ghouls and creeper geists?)
The pilots training by hunting down big blung forms.
Rallying the Lufae military against the increased blung activity.
Locating and destroying any pockets of blungs that might linger in the Lufae lands (If there are any.)
Alel's scouting turns up new paths; these paths are kinda hard to traverse on foot, but they were mapped. As usual of the maps of that period, no mention of distance was given, only landmarks and directions.
During the second week, they found a large group of slavers with their slaves, dreaming the dreams of the forest. Thaka planned a deadly ambush, utilizing rotten dream spores as well. The result is fatal for the slavers; some even died from heart attacks, so frightening their dreams became. The non-Geist slaves were quickly escorted out of the forest, while the Geist ones were escorted to the nearest settlement. Perhaps they have news. (this happened during the 2nd to the 3rd week). The fourth week they again encounter a smaller force of slavers, and again they drove them out using stale dream spores.
After watching the usefulness of these hunter subs in sinking slaver ships, the sub industry kicks into high gear to mass-produce them. Some might say slaver-hunting became a rising sport among the sub-divers, so quickly the fad catches on. Some slaver ships were actually sunk, but it seems they have gotten wise to it and the number of slaver ships start to decrease in the coasts. Meanwhile, the servitor puruu manages to explore the tunnels and return... but the initial operators forgot to tell them to make maps. Subsequent variations came up, most of them concerned with mapping the tunnels, but most are crude. In any case, about 70% of the tunnels are now mapped, in one way or another.
Educating the cave folks are not easy either, they are kinda stubborn. The new cave specimens are kinda gruesome; they look similar to geists, but twisted into grotesque forms. Still, their behavior in the 'wild' is still a mystery to the researchers.
The guardian pilots sound very excited; and by battling and receiving lessons at the same time, they learn quick. Them life-or-death situations sure drive their learning speed up.
In the meantime, the Lufae military is kinda low on morale since the Grand Theft Citizen. However, they do manage to destroy some blung pockets, although kinda halfheartedly.
Larien answered the Geist, "We can not claim the later, these people have given up all their waking possessions just to make this trip. They put their faith in me to enrich the dreaming for them. This quest is one-way for these people, Ismer our home collapsed shortly after we left it. And our former elders will not broker with us. Whether or not we become enlightened to the Divine World Song, we will have to learn outside of Nod. Our songs are less than your's but quite different from our kin."

"Since we can not go back, we will look forward. Some of our number will stay here, to try to make a living. Some of our number will leave for the eastern plains, to scourge a living on the wasted frontier. As long as their faith holds out, they will still look to me for guidance. I seek to understand your ways. Because everything I have been taught, by the wisest teacher I know, tells me their dreaming and mine will be different from our past kin."
Back in Eden, Teison is frustrated with the council. His family history still haunts him. The council has already decided to send the next expedition west. The far souths reveal nothing but cold water and ice, nothing actionable. So Teison went to his favorite watering hole. As he passed through the slim alley way, a tall dark figure wearing a full face mask stopped him. At that moment a thousand horrible skinwalker stories flooded his mind. And he was sure to be another victim. Until the figure spoke Oamneii, the trade language.

The figure explained his profession, as well as his resources to fund another expedition. Teison accepted their proposal and would lead their people to the ice giant. Teison gathered a few of his closest mates in Eden, while the preparations were made. Grish was soon signed up, but Crunchley was nowhere to be seen, having already returned to his homeland.
Rolled 10, 2, 20, 2, 8, 13 = 55

In his homeland, Crunchley raged at the state of his clan. The fresh young men had fallen, their future lost. Would his clan's women become beggers on the street? Would his clan's younglings become orphans to be pitied? No. He refused to see his clan disappear into obscurity. They would start again on the frontier.

1) Larien's pilgrim's making a living in Lufae
2) Larien's pilgrim's relocating to the plain's frontier
3) Construction of an additional DawnTrader ships, and preparing them for another expedition
4) Teison's benefactors preparations
5) Teison gathering his crew
6) Crunchley relocating his clan to the frontier
File: 1371915264690.png-(747 KB, 3100x1248, Ifal Fa military forces.png)
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747 KB PNG

The Ifal Fa, still under the direction of section 5, continues to recover as well as they can from the war. Lessons learned from the war are being applied to the cedya forces of the nation, as they are being rebuilt. It was clear that ranged fire, was where the cedyas excelled over the armies of the enemies, and in melee, they were far less effective. Because of this, the haphazard upgrades that were made to the melee warriors in the haste of the war, are now implemented as a standard measure. Sub-dermal shell plating, and shocking lacorra cysts are planned to be a feature of all the new melee warriors.
The performance of the flying cedyas was sub par during the whole war, to put it lightly. Their effectiveness paled in comparison to the globber artillery forces, which were probably one of the key reasons behind the Ifal Fa succeeding in holding the foes at bay. Because of this, the flying cedyas are put under review and redesign. Though capable of flight, it was clear that they were unable to properly avoid being shot down. Because of this, the researchers of section 2 are trying to make them lighter and faster, while section 8 works on developing a smarter control node template, that could fly better, and thus avoid the arrow fire of enemies more easily.

The reformed section 9 is tasked with reviewing the city, and overseeing the maintenance work and repair cycles of the city, in order to ensure the proper upkeep of the whole city.
The reformed section 11 is also tasked with ensuring the loyalty of the people, via religious messages that support the alliance with Lufae. (They are still operating under heavy scrutiny from section 5.)
Rolled 6, 8, 11, 5, 15, 18, 3, 12, 3, 10, 7 = 98

Section 7 is doing their best to develop a cure to the STD and spreading information about it, and how to prevent it's spread.
Section 0 is also putting work into improving the education of the people, especially martial education. The war veterans are tasked with teaching the younglings about fighting, and inspiring them with their tales of bravery and greatness.

Section 4 is still keeping the dusya herds in the north, in order to protect them from the hazardous altered soundscape, and roaming blung. They are doing their best to breed more of these bladeshwirms, in order to support their people.

Section 10 continues their research into reclaimed songless tech, weaponry, and equipment, especially the "burning blood" their motos utilize. They hope to eventually understand how this life giving liquid is made, and how to utilize it to the advantage of the Ifal Fa.

Rolling for: (11 rolls)
How fast the cedya legions can be restored.
Applying the lessons of the war to the cedya forces
Improving the flying cedyas.
Developing the god damn maintenance cycle for the city.
Ensuring the people about the alliance with Lufae.
Curing the STD and preventing it's spread. (2 rolls)
Improving education.
Breeding more dusyas.
Studying songless tech and weaponry.
Studying the fuel and how to make it.
how are the lufae getting more of the blung-oil? Have they started making it themselves?
>sub-dermal armor
>shock weaponry
I know this place doesn't have rule on what you can make, but even these seem OP. Do the geists even have antisceptics or a working knowledge of electricity? And how did the Ifal Fa even develop an understanding of the mechanics of flight well enough to create a flying breed of cedya? What geist in their right mind would even have the IDEA to make something that flies

And in the last thread, you have giant "suits" that operate on purely mechanical principles? What energy source do they have? How in the living fuck are their movements controlled? And you mentioned "piston spears" What good would having a piston a spear do?

You guys are terrible at science

The Ifal Fa are experimenting on the blung oil they salvaged from the wrecks of the motos of their enemies. Depending on how the rolls go, they will either learn how to make more of it themselves, or run out of it as they use it up in their experiments.

The sub dermal armor is just additional shell plating they have put into their cedya constructs, namely underneath their "skin". The electric stuff is basically just having lacorra worms, that produce bio electricity, inhabit "cysts" in the bodies of the cedyas.
The Flying cedyas exist in nature, and the ones they Ifal Fa are making are based on them. Also, the Lufae, and Ifal Fa, worship or just revere the flying geist wyverns, which have had their part in their mythology and history for ages. Also, the Wyvern Riders have historically proven the usefulness of aerial supremacy, so it is not a stretch to say that the Ifal Fa would covet a similar advantage.

As for the Lufae suits, they are all based on the tech they developed in the first southern civ games. In short, they derive their energy from nutrient sludge, as their "muscles" are made from a specifically bred breed of emils slime, capable of strong contractions. This slime is stuffed into thin, elastic "bags" made from lub skin, and these bags are then woven into a proper "muscle". The emils slime is the only reason any of the Lufae tech is even possible. Specifically, the symbiotic emils species. These naturally occurring slimes have 4 properties, that make the Lufae tech possible.


>Firstly, they can move and change their shape in relatively rapid fashion.
>Secondly, they can harden and form light weight, and remarkably resilient protective shells.
>Thirdly, they can "bond" with the nervous system of their host, to some degree, and become akin to a second skin for the host. (In the case of their ancestors, they actually just ate the skin of their host, and replaced it with themselves. The symbiotic emils evolved to however just replace the slime membrane the geists already have on their skin, using this slime for their own sustenance.) In effect, this bonding allowed the host to both receive rudimentary sensory information from the slime, and also extend a degree of control over it's movements.
>Fourthly, it can excrete strong digestive acids, and is extremely omnivorous.

The Lufae have bred emils slimes for centuries now, developing ones with traits that make them extremely good for building stuff from their hardened shells, others that are great for making the "muscles" and so on. Their tech is founded on the emils slime, and a very keen understanding of biolocial mechanisms, on macro scale at least. (They don't know anything about cells, but they know very well how musculature in creatures is formed, and how the muscles make them move, for example.)

Basically, they control their walkers and suits via neural connections, made by a specialized emils slime breed made for this very purpose. Just as the "skeletons" of their constructs are made from emils slime specifically bred for making light weight, but tough shell structures. In addition, the Lufae and Ifal Fa utilize puruus to help control their tech. The biologically extremely robust and resilient puruus, can withstand the crude surgeries, indoctrination, training and modifications that they undergo in order to become basically primitive biological computers to operate the Lufae and IFal Fa stuff.

Just using living things in clever ways.
Rolled 15, 5, 14, 17, 10, 6, 1 = 68


Finally arriving at the south western woods, Thaka orders his pack to establish a more permanent camp and dig a communal dwelling, from which they could operate better. Alel is sent to scout the area from high, so that the pack would have a better idea of their surroundings. This new base of operations is located in a grove at the edge of a large opening in the woods, trough which a river flows. The wyvern is able to land there, and the river provides fresh water for the pack.
Hunters are also sent to track down prey, and secure some food and supplies for the pack.

Thaka also sends teams of scouts to the edge of the woods, to investigate the land that lays beyond the holy forest. Other scouts are also sent to secure the surrounding terrain in case of slavers. They also constructs traps to ward of any intruders towards the camp. The traps are marked with certain icons, that are barely noticeable for the songless, provide a distinct echo for any geist who might gaze upon their general direction, and thus warn them of the trap.

Sima climbs atop of a tall tree, in order to meditate on the winds and the scent of Luta. She hopes to decipher how safe this territory is from blooming.

Rolling for:
Establishing a new base of operations.
Alel's scouting.
Investigating the edge of the woods.
Securing the nearby woods from slavers.
Setting up traps for any potential slavers.
Sima deciphering the safety of the territory from blooming.
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770 KB
770 KB PNG

It is clear that the Lufae need a clear victory over the slavers, a revenge upon them, that the people of their land would see that those who hurt the Lufae people punished. The hunter subs are dispatched, along with fishing ships armed for combat, in search of slaver ships. The subs shall cripple the vessel, while the Lufae warriors situated in the fishing ships shall take the vessel of the slavers over, and capture the crew, so that they may be brought back to Lufae lands, and punished for their sins.

With the mapping of the new tunnels connecting the caverns of the continent to sea partially done, the Lufae dispatch tunnel builders and other underwater construction experts to refit these new pathways for proper Lufae usage. If everything goes as planned, a Lufae sub could theoretically travel from Lufae heart lands all the way to the sea, just by passing trough these tunnels. Construction subs, and diving suits are dispatched to excavate the tunnels when necessary, construct flood gates and pumping systems, and in general, set up the infrastructure the water ways of the Lufae utilize.

The education work on the cave people continues. Instead of a direct approach, the educators decide to slowly introduce new ideas and tools to the lives of these people, and let the natural curiosity they possess handle the rest.
The cave critters are also still under the study of the Kafalites. They seek to "communicate" and understand these creatures, for they too, clearly sang in songs of Lupai, but just in twisted and grotesque forms of it. Were these things beyond any salvation?
File: 1371929634020.png-(14 KB, 800x600, Pillar flute.png)
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Rolled 17, 2, 20, 15, 10, 2, 14, 17, 19 = 116

The Generals of the Lufae War choirs decide to conduct an operation that would hopefully uplift the morale of the warriors. The War Choirs are assembled to make a great push all the way to the ancient soundwall, (A long row of evenly spaced stone monuments, at the edge of the plains the Lufae made centuries ago.) which was one of the regions that was lost to the wild Kafasha and the blung during the century of blood, and hasn't been reclaimed yet, as it's importance had faded since the summoning of the Kafasha. Hopefully, reclaiming this ancient monument would raise the moods of the warriors, and the Lufae people as a whole. Even the great guardians join in to this campaign to reclaim the Soundwall.
While the War Choirs are assembled, smaller troupes of warrior candidates are tasked with mopping up the remaining pockets of blungs thatlinger in Lufae borders.

>picture related. The soundwall is made of dozens of these.

Meanwhile, the Kafalite priests continue to develop the basic technologies of the Lufae. For centuries, the Lufae have bred emils slime for different purposes, and this breeding process continues to this day. The reports and rumors of the songless weaponry, have caused some worry in the Kaflites. They are attempting to improve the structural integrity, and toughness of the emils shells of their armor breeds, so that more resilient protective shells could be made.
In addition, they are also seeking to improve the strength of their "muscle" breeds, so that their constructs could be fitted with stronger muscle structures.

Rolling for: (9 rolls)
Hunting down a slaver ship
Capturing Slavers
Adding the newly mapped water tunnels into the Lufae water way network
Continued attempts of educating the cave folk
Studying the cave geist species
Preparing for the campaign to retake the sound wall
Mopping up the last races of the blung pockets in the Lufae territories
Improving the toughness of the shell armors
Improving the strength of the emils muscles
The ranged weaponry of the Ifal Fa was devestating during the short war, while the arrows of the Oamenii crossbowmen were ineffective. Superior weapons are need, to combat the ranged advantage of the slippery geists. Either stronger or faster bows are needed, something entirely else must be acquired. Mayor-Chiefs begin making generous donations to engineers and factory owners that start working on new ideas.

Small factories in Varoseg are somehow outproducing the entire Tanacs Azseg in production of high quality steel. Factory owners are losing out to Varoseg, and wish depserately to catch up in production. They send spies, posing as helpful engineers, to steal the secrets of the new "kesel process" (kesel process is a primtive version of the besemer steel process. If the Tanacs Azseg discover the bessemer process, its production will massively increase. I've been avoiding it, but now seems like the perfect time to use it) The wealthy factory-clans also look to the Elenii for inspiration. They've heard of the chemical knowledge they have, but now their experiments with "Galate" have their attention. Plum positions are offered to alchemists and galate engineers in hopes they will teach the log'eadz and oamenii of their secrets. They possess a great working knowledge of solid, physical substances, but their understanding of liquids and non physical things are limited.

Rolled 8, 14, 6, 3, 3, 5, 19 = 58

Flamers were incredibly effective during the war, and helped prevent the army from being overrun. Mounting them on grinders was a waste, as they are too slow to use the effectively. Flamer teams are too cumbersome and unorganized to truly make use of their weapons. If a flamer and its fuel tank could be wielded by a single individual, like a particularly strong log'ead, it might be possible to send flamers into the tunnels the geists use should war ever asise again. They could also be useful for putting down riots, if some less harmful substances are found, like noxious but non lethal gasses.

While the soundscape recedes, there is a slight dip in blung-oil production. It is no problem right now, as the Reclamation still continues and produces great abundances of it, but in the future it might be a problem. Some fools think that the soundscape draws the oil up from deep below in the ground, from pockets that contain the "firemud" the people of Varoseg use. Fledgling plains towns, only recently set up by settlers, begin digging for oil all across the reclaimed portions of the plains

rolling for
Stronger/faster crossbows
Developing an alternative handheld ranged weapon
Stealing the kesel process from Varoseg
Attracting alchemists and galate engineers
Developing Flamsuits
Developing teargas
Digging for oil
Prerty sure the giant suits you refer to are operated by mechanical means, as in no electricity, all combustion engine/ pneumatic devices. You complain too often. post content more.
We still need that map of this continent with all the settlements and shit.
The geist species are Ghouls, Creepers, and the Armored geists that resemble draco-geists, but not fuck huge.
Larien's people work hard in the lands of the Lufae, assisting with crafting, and shaping. There is much benefit to having actual eyes on a project when you want something done. The pilgrims attempt to move was stopped by a vicious spider geist pack. Several were killed, but the lufae intervened as it was within a region they patrolled. A fleet of DawnTrader class ships were built, 6 in total, each one having its own name, and unique qualities based around a standard format, each one with its own mission. The most successful of each of these second generation prototypes would lead to the development of the third generation of ships, or perhaps learning from each's problems and taking the best. who knows? Science right? Tesion's benefactors and crew were oddly absent, and he was left to fend for himself hoping that aid would eventually manifest. So far he will need to do some more preparations. Crunchley has relocated his people to the frontier, where the land is still wild, and his people can blossom, finding adventure in every day.

always good writing man. very fun to read.
The dawn trader fleet:
1- The Mulpac. Built in conjunction with TA engineers, it is a large metal hulled ship built with fine metal from the new nation of the burning plains. Armed with TA heavy weaponry, and a third of the crew is also from the TA.

2- The song. A joint venture with the Lufae nation, the lufae provided an impressive monolithic emils hull, as well as a limited number of lufae crew to help shape and repair the ship, and tend to the emils vats. Its true capabilities are shrouded in mystery, much like the lufae crew members themselves, who can often be heard crawling about in the tight access corridors behind walls and under the floors. its a little creepy here.

3- The Goliath. Simply a double length version of the first dawn trader, expanded by a magnitutde of 1/2 for the width of the ship. An entirely Elenii ship. An excellent bulk hauler with a lot of empty room for expansion.

4- The dusk trader- A sleek, nimble and fast ship, based off knowledge gained from captured Katumoiset raider ships. It's weapons closely match the enemy even. Rumors of strange masked benefactors abound.

5- The dawn trader II- simply an improved version of the first, superficially the same, numerous changes to the interal hull, and workings of the ship have resulted in a increase in capability, ease of maintenance, and endurance.

6- The long arm- This ship is purpose built for endurance, long travels, and exploration. Slightly smaller then the goliath, not quite as heavily armored as the Mulpac, not as fast as the Dusk trader, it is entirely an elneii project supported by Ghenna, taking some of the brightest understudies of established researchers. Comically named after a species of creature that has very long arms and is prone to theft of food and other items.
((something to consider with the Elenii, their horns, could they be hollow and how big or small they get change the accoustics of the voice of the user? This was never said either way, and would explain why they shape, cut, or grow their horns. It would give them some commonality with the lufae.))

Fortune- Ill be emailing you tonight. real life has kept me quite busy.

With the aid of the Urupuruu secured, the dockworkers of Varoseg are put to work on constructing a small fleet of new ships, based on the design of The Mulpac. The new ships will pack extra weaponry, as a trade has been arranged with the factories of the Tanacs Azseg. They will be given the kesel steel process, and in return Varoseg will be taught how to make toffys and foffys, for use against the slavers. Such a fleet will be small but mighty, no more than two or three dozen ships, yet is should be enough to secure the entirety of the southern Firil Sea, if not the entirety of it. The Feloshaz creates a tariff on goods from the Tanacs Azseg in order to fund this costly endeavour. Meanwhile, soldiers are marshalled for the fight, the sons of motogangers now the head of the new Vukad of Varoseg, chosen by the head of the Varoseg Army. He is the first son of Gred, and claims to be Ferok Kranos, but is not recognized as such by the Tanacs Azseg. Still, he wields great power in Varoseg and Sezdept, and leads its army. He will command this fleet, which is becoming known as The Steel Fleet.

Rolling for
Building the ships of The Steel Fleet
Marshalling the Vukad of Varoseg
Rolled 3, 6, 15 = 24

hurp a derp derp. Forgot my rolls. Might as well make another

The ash farms barely support the miners in the Burning Lands, and the people of Sezdept still starve. If the ash farms cannot be expanded, then this campaign to take the Firil Sea will need to be successful

third roll is for expanding the ash farms
A few weeks have passed since Zep last left this port town, the spoils of the last raid were good enough that he could afford to give the men some R&R and a chance to get familiar with the new equipment, but now everyone was rearing to get back out on the road. There was just something about these Logeads, they paid well but you couldn't settle down around them.

Zep pondered his options as he descended from his room to the common where the Schwirm gathered. He could try and double tap that Geist city, the Tanacs Azseg had proven they valued such bounty. He could also head west, stop by home and flaunt his wealth a bit before heading north, see what he could glean from the lands there.

He almost decided to go back north to the Geist city, the closeness and promise of a good market pulled at him, but the gossip made him think twice. It seemed that other slavers spurred on by his success had tried to gather around there as well and gotten crushed for it. Not only were the Lufae controlling the land, it seemed they had stepped up their sea control too. Rumors of some magical projectile that followed you were flying around, what would they imagine next?

Still Zep was thankful that he hadn't gone out again so quickly, and a bit more...dark pleasure in knowing that the opportunists that were going after his golden goose had been eaten up. The less competition the better.

Besides, it wasn't as if he'd wasted all his time in this city anyway, Zep thought turning his face to his room door where his personal Geist slave was still bound.

"Gishik, take a bag of funds and go get us a new ship, we'll need more space for all this equipment. Tell the men to start packing the supplies, we're heading back to Katumoset lands for a bit, then we go North."
Gishik clicked his acknowledgement and excused himself to go and do as Zep ordered.

"Oh, and Gishik. See if you can't get us a better carpenter."
Rolled 2, 19, 19, 19, 15 = 74

>For Zep's training of the Geist slave(obedience and simple command following)
>Training of the men with the power armour use
>Training of the men with Moto use
>Buying of the new Ship
>Hiring/Purchase of skilled maintenance workers

File: 1371959818684.jpg-(13 KB, 955x617, ಠ_ಠ.jpg)
13 KB
dammit geist, stop being so stubborn
>worrying about the geist
>not happy getting special-forces level of training, and getting a badass ship

Anyways, roll results incoming, starting from the topmost unreplied one.
Yea I'm totally stoked about the other results, but it just looks like Geist are the most resilient bastards.

I can't show off with a disobedient slave back home, it'll just make me a laughing stock.
The cedya legions are getting harder to produce, since during the seizing of facilities there were some that were damaged. Reparations to these came first and foremost. The new modifications were still being bred in; it seems that they are tertiary measures instead of secondary for now. On the other hand, the flying cedyas' improvements are bred quicker, and the new traits of lightness and agility are showing up in the new batch.
Meanwhile, the maintenance cycles turn out to be a fickle thing that needs a lot of thought put into it; managing an entire city's worth, including the factory wastes, requires a new kind of discipline and scheduling. That is currently being developed.
Meanwhile, the citizens seem to have a positive reaction with the Lufae alliance; many see their supply runs during the war as helpful. In the meantime, section 7 finds a cure for the STD involving herbs and a special kind of emil secretion, which is widely available. But, the STD had spread widely, at least the people can get a quick cure when they get a case of the tinglies. Reproduction is now normalized. On the educational side, a kind of 'junior corps' is made, and every youngling at a certain age must go to this boot camp slash school-dorm. It does help driving points of nationality in their heads though.
Dusyas are getting a hit on their numbers when some blung managed to reach their spot. More might need to be acquired from outside sources to get a stable breeding population; right now their population is barely enough for that.
Researchers manage to figure out how this metal beast works; the oily substance is flammable, and generates heat. Combined with a sealed space and a mechanism that is the piston, it creates motion, which the metal beast uses to turn a set of wheels. However, the exact source of this fuel is a mystery; it smells like blung when burnt, but as far as they know no blung or any other soundscape organisms produce such oily substance.
This should be most of the pieces.

Did I forget to save the current Yapap map after making it?
File: 1371963133130.jpg-(16 KB, 320x215, 500full.jpg)
16 KB
With the geists still kept a secret in the dungeons of the Cruncholm jail, a new "trainer" is brought in to teach the geists to speak a proper lanaguage. At the moment, he only plans to use kind, rewarding methods for teaching these blind-wyrms, depite being the most unsettling person anyone has ever met.

If the geists fail to learn with rewards and treats.... Things will start getting ugly. First to start learning are the children.

Imagine pic related as a log'ead
Rolled 10

whoops. Forgot the roll. Again
The new base is made, it is sturdy, spacious, and well-hid. Alel's scouting was again delayed by rough winds; the season's changing, and it brought great winds with them. In the meantime, the hunters managed to bring back plenty of game, enough for their needs and even some emergency rations. Currently, the land beyond the woods is plains, but the log'ead settlements springing up here and there might change that. Some slaver camps were also sighted; These they raid, and managed to fend off, although they did not manage to free any more slaves. The traps were crude, and served more as a 'you are not welcome' sign than traps.
Sima's meditation brings bad news. The winds are on a flux; the spores will spread far and wide this season. She quickly goes to warn the others, seeing that the trees seem to be producing more spores as well...
Not just one, but two slaver ships were sighted advancing towards the fisher ships; the subs sink one, and cripple the other in an intense, ten-water servitor volleys. The crippled ship was then stormed by vengeful warriors; many of their number had lost kith and kin to the slavers. Soon enough the ship was overrun, and the vengeance of the warriors only left a couple of living slavers captured. The sea ran red that day, if the Geists have their vision helmets on.
In other news, the newly mapped tunnels require little modification to connect to the existing waterway; not just one path, but five new ways into the sea is found. This is partly helped by the fact that some of the cavegeists managed to learn the language of Lufae, and pointed out where they regularly hear subs. In any case, now the cavegeists are somewhat integrated to the Lufae society thanks to the successful method of education. On the other hand, the other geistlike creatures seem to be about the same level as a Wyvern, only twisted due to their life underground.
The sound wall campaign was announced too suddenly, and preparations were rushed. Due to the protests of the citizens, the sound wall campaign is now shelved a bit, turning into a blung eradication campaign. And eradicate they did; now the Lufae soundscape is free from blungiformes that is hazardous to the people. Maybe after better preparation, they will reclaim the sound wall next.
The Kafalites manage to breed the strongest known emil-shell armor yet, but even emil shells have their limit; this is the best they can get. On their musculature research they also made breakthroughs, incorporating the idea of the songless' 'piston' structures to make better arrays of muscles that has thrice the strength of previous models while keeping the same volume.
Well I always imagined that Elenii would have a deep baritone singing voice. I would buy into the hollowness of horn. I think notrip had some notes since they are a bit different from ram's horns.
I just said something about them being just extensions of the exoskeleton, branching off of a skull plate. The main difference I think was the antlers having blood vessels running through them, supplying the materials for growth.
The war taught the schwirm many things. Their crossbows were already box fed, semi automatic, but they were made for taking down unarmored foes, or lightly armed foes at best. War time modifications saw the use of new tips and shafts, and slight modifications like a crank driven firing mechanism to speed up the rate of fire. So far the only way to make a bolt more powerful is to make it bigger, or make it go faster. These both often go hand in hand with the crossbow increasing in size, eventually scaling up to the mighty anti titan ballistas, but they were all fundamentally the same thing. Studies persist. Perhaps the new Varoseg steel could be of use here? Any ganger worth his moto has blown an engine or two before, trying to improve it, get a little more power out of it. Often a piston will simply blow through the top of the engine doing serious damage to the vehicle. It was a frustrated schiwrm assigned to the weapons project who saw this and got a great idea. The first "potato gun" of the continent was developed. It is simply a large metal tube, with a bulbous fuel chamber behind it, and a small opening for the explosive force to go out. It tends to shoot things stuck in the ventilation pipe out with some force. Those who attempt to steal from Varoseg are given "gred's law", they die and are sent back in boxes to their masters. The basic suit idea is sound, but the material it is made out of is actually flammable. this will not do. The "tear gas" is actually liquified cathedral excrement, then further vaporized into particle format. It is only smelly, not effective. Apparently...there is much oil in them thar plains. The meatgrass barons are worried about their claim to oil production.
The "mulpac" is a joint venture between the Elenii and TA. However it's superstructure is entirely of Elenii Design, while its workings are of TA know how. Attempts at rapidly copying the equipment result in something very inferior. Angry at this, Ferok Kranos personally has them melted down, and reforged. The new ship is not a fleet, but a single large, ship. He had no time for complexities, frivolities, or embellishments. It is a thick hulled, slow, ugly thing. The sides are scarred and pitted for a violent birth out of the forge. There is nothing elneii about the thing. It is a brick. However it mounts a fearsome arraw of weaponry. Most impressively are two forward facing Foffy/toffy launchers. Behind his back there are those who say the ship should not even be able to float, let alone move, and it has more weapons then men. It is simply called "the fist". The Vukad are few in number, but that is fine enough, they all are moved to crew "the fist". The Ash farms are expanded to self sustainability and will begin to produce enough food for the people, however a policy of mobility is developed, and "wild farming". Farmers use motos and Ex gangers too old to fight to rapidly move around harvesting food before the lava or ash storms claim the vegetation and plating begins anew.
A massive problem is learned. These Geists are fishers, not even masters of any secrets. Still they are able to quickly learn and mimick sounds, then begin stringing them together to form small "engrish" sentences. It is apparent they are a bit worried, hungry, and confused. These geist have never been around outsiders and are the proverbial "turnip farmers" ((no idea what to call the language of the logeadz.))
The geist turns out to be surprisingly violent, and is getting increasingly erratic and noisy. ((geists are extremely social and do not do well without constant exposure to other geists in most cases. they get a little crazy. the schwirms would not know this.)) The slavers take to power armor like a Katumoiset takes to flaying things alive, which is to say, very, very well. Within a day they are walking around like it was a second skin. Samples of this will have to be taken back home, there may be profit in it thinks zep to himself. The same thing can be said for motos. Raiding will have just gotten a lot easier, and perhaps they can move quick enough to catch some of these new plains villages off guard before they report operations to the patrols. A new ship is bought, a very fine one indeed, it is of Oamenii design, but perhaps by a former katumoiset guild that settled in the region. It bears the hallmarks of their design. Fast, agile, lightly armored, but wickedly armed. New workers are hired, eager to see the grand Katumoiset city of Kaalimaa, unaware that the moment they get there they will become slaves, and their wages taken back. It is good to be bad, so the old proverb goes.
Rolled 10, 13, 10, 7, 12 = 52


While the rate of cedya production is slower than standard, it is acceptable for now. Section 9 is tasked with repairing the damaged facilities, following their new maintenance routines and schedules. This shall be a test for the abilities of the section. It's workings are divided to numerous smaller cells, each responsible for a different portion of the city, or a different task like expanding the city.

Work is also put in developing more efficient recycling methods for the wastes the Ifal Fa industries produce. Most waste gets fed to the emils pools, or just dumped to the soundscape. However, could there be better alternatives?
For example, some workers are testing if the presses the Ifal Fa use to extract the acid from cedya spores could be used to compress usable fluids from otherwise useless organic waste, before the waste is fed to the emils.

The decrease in the numbers of the dusya herds is regrettable, and the herders of section 4 are already negotiating the purchases of more dusyas from Lufae lands. They are also sending hunters to capture wild bladeswhirms from the northern borders of the Kafasha, to make quick additions to their herds.

Researchers of section 10, now preciously low on the blung oil, begin to experiment on how the heck they can make more of it. It smells like blung, so maybe the blungs have it inside of them?

Rolling for: (5 rolls)
Repairing the damaged facilities.
The maintenance cycle.
More efficient recycling methods.
Capturing wild bladeshwirms.
Researching how to get more blung oil.
The reconstituted section 9 proves themselves. They no longer create great secret expansions or random side projects, but work steadfast in the upkeep of the city, and smaller council authorized efforts. The new maintenance cycle is efficient and simple enough. Documentation of what was done, at what time, on what allows section 9 to build an archive of how things fail, and around what time. Recycling, who would have thought it? The Ifal fa soon find they are getting more from less, by crushing out fluid, and even shredding emils shells and using more emils to quickly make a crude but effective new shell out of the old shredded material. The wild blade shcwims are quite aggressive, and a few accidents make the Korobushkan farmers think that the Lufae are attempting to wrangle their "cattle." Still a modest amount is brought home. Blung oil comes from blung. By disassembling a shredder they managed to get a crude hand operation system in place on the actual Shredder mechanism. It renders blung flesh into pulp, and then crushes it further in a press. fluid rises to the top, meat sinks to the bottom of a collection chamber where it would be skimmed off. After sitting for a while the fluid that is oil separates from the "water". a Surprisingly large amount of blung fluid is oil based. If the soundscape around the ifal fa was not so modified the resulting mash would be edible, but the war efforts have irreversibly altered the soundscape to be non edible in massive swaths, however it does contain useful Spikes, toxins, and oil quantity.

Ng I presume.
Care to pop into the irc chat?

One thing I should state is that the soundscape was altered only in the southern areas of the Ifal Fa territory, and the infested plains beyond it. No such alterations were made in the more northern portions of the soundscape. This altered area forms a kind of natural barrier now.
File: 1371994728672.png-(743 KB, 657x529, 1369456750010.png)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
By the way, since some folks are asking me to do the updated maps, but I have a test tomorrow, I'm just gonna ask each active player to mark what they think is the territories of their places. I'll amalgamate the map, and counting on how the stuff goes in the threads, after I finish my tests; hopefully this gets enough input.
Here is the last map of South geopolitics, by the way. Which the source file is probably gonna have to be recolored from scratch to accomodate the blungfield's contractions and expansions.
File: 1371995291943.png-(706 KB, 800x600, Lufae and the exiles terr(...).png)
706 KB
706 KB PNG

This has been the map I have been going with for the Lufae and the exiled factions.
File: 1372001302775.png-(20 KB, 329x515, joorod.png)
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Morning bump
Rolled 17, 19 = 36

Simple farmers, eh? Well, we still have use for them

Since the peace treaty is still being negotiated, revealing that Cruncholm is in the possession of geist slaves might not go down well. They cannot be released. But perhaps.... Perhaps they can taught to behave like normal beings. Their incessant prattling to their god, Loopie or somesuch silly name, has gone on long enough. The creepy log'ead, known to both the geists and the guards as "Teacher," continues to treat the geists kindly. He shows them the customs of the Nag Ber'Ek, the Iosans and the Oamenii. If they are obedient, their children might one day go free, to live amongst the people.

Rolling for
Teaching the geists to behave like the Log'eadz and Shwirms
Destroying their worship of Lupai
welp. ya know man, this area of story telling is not my expertise.
The geist really dont behave much differently then other creatures. To be honest, they just have no eyes and rely on taste, touch, and sound to get around, so there is not much to be done about that, but it is explained that other species have "personal space and don't want to be licked, due to a lack of slime coating" The "teacher" playes expertly on their naive nature to educate them. In all honesty nothing really heinous was done, just explaining the world to some ignorant fisher/farmers. These particular geist were not very faithful to begin with, being descendent of "the dwellers." Upon more questioning it is learned the dewllers lived underground for a long, long time until the lufae found them. They like their ancestors, but most dwellers are somewhat nihilistic, when life is over, its over man. From this they hold up a rock necklace many of them seem to be wearing.
that was me.
Reports of the dwellers tell of a bulk of their kin escaping the Lufae to strike it out somewhere in the firil sea. A description of the strange vessel is told. The exiles call themselves the Ohkoku and stopped by their village for supplies as they retreated. in their minisubs into the ocean. Immediately the strange "teacher" concocted an idea.
The Fist would meet up with the mupac to find the Ohkoku ship, and the geists aboard it would be "rescued", they and their ship escorted back to the safe harbor of the TA controlled waters.. The teacher took his flock along with him aboard the Fist to use their strange "sight" to assist.
Refinement of the tear gas continues, with various liquids being added, and attempts made to seal the resulting noxious substance in canisters. The Firesuits, currently made of straps and a mask, are being expanded. They will now have great aprons of leather covering the front, and thick, cathedral plate boots, gauntlets and helmets to protect the extremities.

The agreement to lend the construction of the designs for the Mulpac have gained the kesel process for the Tanacs Azseg, but it seems to be an inefficient process. If it could be refined, no one could match the output of steel from the Tanacs Azseg. And since alchemists from the Elenii won't come to aid in this, chemists from within the the TA must make do. They will have to make do with meager funds from factory owners though.

These "piston guns" are strange things. The current problem with them is finding a way to propel a projectile that doesn't cause the firing tube to explode. The new alchemists are tasked with making something suitable for this. Perhaps the blasting powder miners use?

Yaksun, brother of Osuzak the Mad, is the only one to respond to the request for anyone with an understanding of Galate. His managment of his brothers rainbowback herd has been less than stellar, and other individuals have created their own herds, undercutting the demand for Yaksuns herd. He now seeks patronage int Tledusua, offering his service and understanding of galate. He is put right to work, having been told to produce something that has an application in either industry or war.
Rolled 2, 15, 6, 20, 2, 4, 1, 6, 11 = 67


Returning apothecaries from the war share stories with each other of the appalling conditions in which they had to work. More than a few brave souls passed on cots in the medical tents from infection and disease. Now these apothecaries return to find their people are suffering from rampant disease, which they believe is caused by overcrowding in the poorer parts of the cities. They do their best to convince the clan-chiefs that major reform of the cities is needed, to reduce the overcrowding. Following that, they take to the streets, doing their best to treat the illnesses, and establish new methods for handling injuries that don't involve cutting of a limb.

Word of the Ohkoku ship has a little alarm ringing in Varoseg. The city thought it was completely isolated from the geists. This proves they were wrong about that. The Steel Fist will escort the ship down the Sezdept river, into Varoseg Habor. There, it will be discovered what is going on. The "Teacher" is present, along with a few large cages that no one, except some well trusted guards, are allowed access to. Inside are a few of the smarter geist slave, who will help translate whatever it is these exiles have to say

Rolling for
Tear gas
Refining the steel process for greater production
Better "piston guns"
Yaksuns development of practical uses of Galate
Convincing the Clan-Chiefs of new urban planning
Treating illnesses
Developing better medical practice
Escorting the Ohkoku ship
The leaders of the Accords Pact were called to vote upon a very significant issue, raised by enough individuals to warrant discussion. The letter delivered to all was simple, "in the interest of a greater peace and stablility across the land, it is suggested the Katumoiset, if accepting of our terms, join agreed to the same pact all respectable tribes have done so far...." it goes on to talk about understanding that rogue elements of the Katumoiset do not represent the entirety of the faction, and in general they have been good trading partners for the TA.
The participation in this event is simple. Fortune. Poe. Bronze. Nad. Vote yay or nay for inclusion of the katumoiset, preferably with a little story.
The Tanacs Azseg votes Yay

Yes, they vote yay.
Tear gas. it keeps smelling like shit and leaking everywhere. Flame suits are now hot, and miserable, but you are no longer on fire. This is useful, and soon Varoseg puts the suits to work protecting smiths and the like in their foundries. Steel does not improve much, just better organization at factories. Galate continues to be...shocking, but not overly useful. The cheifs like the status quo, and keep the man down. Apparently punching the demons out of your head to cure infection does not help, and many die of skull crushing injuries in their sick beds. The Kah priesthood are rumored to be coming to fix this shit, but they are a few months off due to their methods of traditional travel.
The Ohkoku ship was found with the assistance of the geist slaves, and their situation was made clear. They want to live free. That is all, but considering their situation they cannot easily turn down two warships and follow.
Piston guns. A reinforced tube is combined with a secondary explosion chamber to direct the expanding gas and force. Death has arrived. It is fun for all ages.

This video sums up what you have quite nicely, but a little more powerful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZkGriGwCSJU

The captured slavers are brought to Tamar Kat, where they are punished for their crimes. The Kafalite priests put their ancient skills to use, as the shwirms are dissected open, their guts and organs drawn out and exposed, their skin torn and their bony plates removed, while still kept alive. These godless sinners, abominable and despicable beings, are then rubbed in salt, and left to the sun to rot, tied to long poles attached to the cliffs of Tamar Kat, to showcase the world what happens to those who attack the Lufae people.
Justice was dealt this day.

The attack against the slaver ships have given some of the submarine engineers an idea for a new type of ship, one that could deliver forces straight into the bowels of the foe's vessel. A submarine, capable of attaching itself to the target ship, tearing it's hull open, without sinking it, and then allowing a safe passage for warriors to enter the vessel.
In general, the submarine industry of Lufae is booming, and as their hunter subs, and fishing vessels venture further and further into the open seas, it become more and more clear that the sumbarines need to be made capable of withstanding increased pressure the deeper waters put on them. (The lufae use the sea floor to navigate their ships.) In addition, some tunnel dwellers are trying to establish new habitat pod towns at the sea floor, near the waterway entrances.
Rolled 13, 1, 15, 10, 4, 9, 15, 14, 18, 17 = 116

With the new cave tribe brought to the fold of Lufae, they are given their first task. They shall hep the Lufae to map their home caverns, as they have lived in them for generations. Meanwhile, work is put into taming these newly found geist species. Perhaps they could be of use for the Lufae?

With the Blung threat removed from within the borders of Lufae, the generals of the nation begin the preparations for the soundwall campaign anew. Perhaps, the stunning success the forces had at exterminating the blung pockets, would bring new support for the campaign?

Meanwhile, in the western farmlands of the nation, efforts are put into increasing the yields of the crops, to better supply the constant need for fodder the Lufae nation has. It has been observed, that the areas where the bladeshwirm herds graze, the crops tend to grow better overall, for some strange reason. (Their dung, but the Lufae don't know it yet.)

Rolling for: (10 rolls)
>How well the punishment of the slavers deters any further raids, and seeing how well the spirits of the people are uplifted by it. (2 rolls)
>Developing boarding subs.
>Improving the hulls of the subs.
>Making sea floor habitats.
>Mapping out the new caverns.
>Taming the newly found geist critters.
>Preparations of the soundwall campaign.
>Improving the farms.
>Discovering fertilizers.
The Lufae, were angered even by the thought of this proposal. The Katumoiset had dared to attack and enslave the Lufae people, and now they sought to become equals with the civilized nations? The Lufae are will not agree to this proposal, and the Katumoiset slavers shall be hunted if they even try to enter the lands, or seas the Lufae patrol.
Rolled 3, 1, 10, 13 = 27


With the approaching bloom so close, Thaka orders his flock to prepare. They have no time to flee to safer grounds, thus they must hold out in their already existing burrow. Any further investigation of the songless activity in these regions will have to wait.
More supplies and food shall be gathered, while the filters will be prepared so that the pack could hold out in their burrow as the bloom passes the area.
However, the wyvern steed of Alel provides a new problem. It is too large to fit into the burrow, it needs to find high ground where to wait for the bloom to pass, before it can safely join the pack again. He and Alel take flight once the winds pass, to seek out any nearby hills or other potential safe places from the blooms. If they do not find anything, they might have to rest in the plains at the edge of the forest, exposed, but safe from the bloom while still in close proximity of Thaka's camp.

Some members of the pack however, have gotten the idea of making a filter mask for the wyvern, a large sized version of the ones the Dahao Lu already use. This might help the mighty beast endure this coming trial.

Rolling for:
Hunting more supplies.
Preparing the filters of the burrow.
Alel finding safe places where her steed may hold out while the bloom passes the region.
Making a filter mask for the wyvern.
File: 1372020927809.png-(83 KB, 800x1000, Ifal Fa cedya flier.png)
83 KB

While the cedya legions continue to restore themselves at a steady rate, the blung activity in the Ifal Fa borders only causing minor losses of expendable cedya types, section 2 has more time to focus on research. While the Third ligean is restored now, protecting the Ifal Fa lands, it's sibling lingers in it's chamber, broken, but still regrowing. The researchers of the section decide to take samples of it's flesh, to see if the proximity it had with it's now restored brother, and it's spores, had caused any effects on it.
In addition, the war proved one crucial thing to the Ifal Fa, their lack of mobility. They could defend their lands due to their preparations, but their aggressive defenses failed, most often due to the speedy patrols of the TA motos. While the existing flying cedyas are very mobile attackers, they lack the ability to transport forces in any large quantities.
The researchers of section 2, seek to develop a new type of cedya, to rectify this problem. A larger flying cedya, capable of carrying greater weights. The flesh singers are no fools, they know that no large flying things exist, at least in the sizes they seek. Such amount of flesh, simply weights too much. However, they think that they might get around this problem. The merite skeleton, needs to be made even lighter, while still capable of retaining it's strength. The researchers seek out already existing flying creatures, which they could cut open to investigate their bone structure.
In addition, the ever present, gaseous overblung prove that things can float in the air, seemingly without any wings. The overblung shall be investigated for their secrets.
This is a grand project, which might not provide tangible results in years.
Rolled 7, 19, 9, 18, 3, 12, 16, 16, 1 = 101


Section 4 does their best to breed more dusya, to restore their numbers and ensure the food supply of the Ifal Fa. While this is going on, they also send their scouts to northern lands in search of other, potentially edible critters which to tame.

Section 1 continues their work to better groom the hastily altered soundscape of the southern borders into something more useful for the Ifal Fa, in other ways than as a natural border at least. Perhaps the strange new toxin combinations, or the spiky growths that the Kafasha now seems to grow naturally (due to being injected with a special breed of emils that produces spiky shells), could be utilized by the nation?

Meanwhile, at the request of section 10, chunks of Kafasha and blung meat are being gathered, and put into presses, in order to imitate the blung oil production process of the songless machinery. The resulting oils shall be harvested for further testing, while the rest of the stuff will be used as fodder.
Section 10 is also trying their best to develop a fast moving vehicle, based on the motos of the TA. Though remaking an engine is out of their skills for now, they have tried to make the rest of the hull and machinery from emils shells and materials they could salvage from the looted enemy vehicles.

Rolling for: (9 rolls)
>How fast the cedya legions reach their former strength.
>Researching the second titan.
>The great flying cedya project.
>Developing light weight, but strong emils shells.
>Investigating how the overblungs float.
>Seeking out new cattle species.
>Figuring out uses for the altered soundscape.
>Producing blung oil.
>Moto prototype.

>nat 1 for moto prototype.

If this doesn't result in a spectacular explosion on the first run of the prototype, I will be sorely disappointed.
File: 1372021690371.png-(118 KB, 2608x1112, spike cho6.png)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
Rolled 17, 9 = 26

Indeed, the time was far from wasted, the equipment was easy to use and raids that would have been risky before can be not nearly so much now.

The geist slave however... it would become a black mark on his record if it was allowed to continue as it was. Once loaded on the ship it is shackled in a room at the back behind the supplies, away from the high traffic areas where Zep could work in peace. They couldn't see, he had discovered and relied on sound to navigate. Perhaps it would could be pacified with some calming sounds then. A few instruments are brought in, played for a bit and then left with the slave to do what it will. Maybe after some time it would be more reasonable, if not...however loathe he was to do it, Zep would be forced to take it to the Breakers when they landed in Kaalimaa. They would leave it a broken husk, and obedient one but a shadow nonetheless. If it survived anyway.

Zep orders the new equipment loaded on the new ship, it would make for a more sutiable flagship and combat center and the ease of offloading the motos from it would make raids faster. For the other ship... he orders the new 'workers' to do some upgrades on it, perhaps bring it to par with this one (or at least make it not as ugly). For now it would simply hold the other supplies and extra slaves.

To see if the geist gets his stuff together(hahah yea right)
The work on the old ship

Not rolling for travel since they've likely done this route a billion times, but feel free to drop an event if yall want GMs
Does this mean that the first group of Giest benefactors, just disappeared? The benefactors found Teison.
File: 1372023019796.png-(205 KB, 1000x600, Nat 1 moto proto.png)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
Rolled 7, 5, 16, 17 = 45

With its independence from the Nag Ber'Ek secure, but with new loyalties to the Tanacs Azseg as a whole, the Iosans work on their own technologies. They are a very agricultural people, having possessed, or been forced to work on, most of the arable land before the Reclamation of the plains began. As a result, their single strongest force is their new airship fleet, courtesy of their brethren in Endaskie. Yet the might airships are slow, and vulnerable. A powerful ballista could easily bring down an airship. Faster ships are needed, perhaps ones that eschew the use of lubs for bouyancey. And armor too, something lighter than metal cladding, which would surely weigh down the airships, but stronger than mere wood.

If word from the war is to be believed, the geists used flying beasts to fight. They may not have been trouble to the Grand Army of the Council, but if the airships are called into service, they might be a danger to them. Smaller, rapid fire weapons are needed to ensure the security of the ships from such beasts. Orders are put in for fast reloading versions of the new "compression guns" that the Nag Ber'ek are experimenting with.

A few Iosans, working in one of the few mines in the provinces, finds his mining team has dug into a nest of drachengeists. Awakened, the beasts slew several men before they escaped. Now they infest the mine, a great, open crack in the ground, like a wound in the earth. No skilled warriors are around for at least several days travel. And no one is willing to get near enough to the beasts to throw packages of blasting powder at them.... What if the powder charges could be dropped from the airships?

Rolling for
New, small flying machines (that don't use lubs)
light but strong armor for the big airships
Rapid fire compression guns
Developing bombing
>Rapid fire compression guns and bombing
Rolled 10, 15, 10 = 35

Yaksun seems to have become as mad as his cousin. Perhaps it runs in the family? Either way, his duties are now forced upon his young son, who knows in abstract what his father does, but has a limited knowledge of applying what he knows. Hopefully the pressure from his patrons will convince him to try to make something useful with galate for the factories. He'll get right on it, at least once he's done dragging his two sons and his log'ead body guard around on adventures

The Kah priests have left their temples to tend to the needy, under pressure from an internal faction advocating greater interaction with the world outside of preparation and preservation of bones. They bring their advanced knowledge of the workings of the body to the apothecaries, and work with them to create a standard medical practice. At the same time, some Clan chiefs try some common sense approaches to dealing with disease: Sewers with running water to carry away filth, more housing to reduce crowding, and fresh, clean running water for the masses

Rolling for
Some sort of Galate invention from Doctor "Rusty" Yaksun
New standard medical practices
Sewers, Housing and fresh water
File: 1372056670304.png-(18 KB, 640x400, Vierache wing-glider concept.png)
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The slavers die slowly in the sun, their hardy biology keeping them alive for several days. The people are not all singers, and many are a little horrified at what was done. Boarding subs are a hit, and a few captured boats from slavers and pirates are used to test their capabilities. They work as advertised, and the king is quite pleased with this. The sub's hulls are strengthened with internal ribbing, and scaffolding. The seafloor habitats only last for about a week before the pods start developing cracks, and leaking badly, they are unsafe. The new caverns are finally mapped, with explorers wearing biosuits and air filters, carrying heavy weaponry. The caverns are dangerous and wild, full of creatures not seen in a long time. The geist seem to have a natural affinity for Geist based species and taming them. The creepers, and ghouls are rather simple minded, dumber then a hound. The smaller Draco geists are able to learn language, and interact, but they do not share the affinity of contact or licking the other geists have. Their skin is dry and hard. The soundwall campaign preparations were very successful, and various influential members as well as the king back backing it. The farms become very effective at growing large amounts of plant based matter, and it is discovered dung makes food grow! The giests quickly develop a communal "waste" pod. These pods are dumped on the farmland as they are filled up. It also helps keep the tunnels clean.
The bloom was upon them, it was time to die, no further supplies were had. The burrow got hit with spores before the filters were installed, and the first few days were spent both drooling and confused, then wearing uncomfortable personal filter masks as the air in the burrow cleared. Outside strange scratching and noises could be heard, those inside huddled together with no small amount of worry. Alel and her steed find a patch of elevated forest, the heavier spores do not seem to climb up this high.
Though the punishment is doing well in deterring further slaver attacks, some parents criticize it after their children keeps getting nightmares abut schwirm jerky. This has caused a widespread civil movement, questioning morals and civility.
The first batch of subs was made in utmost excellence; their frontal jaws were extendable, and could munch through hulls easily. It can also carry a decent amount of warriors for a ship raid. Its hull, like the hulls of other subs, have been strengthened, so now they can go even deeper. Unfortunately, this method of hull-strengthening cannot be applied to the underwater habitats yet- the construction is still stuck at the 'how the hell do we do this' stage. In the meantime, the cave tribe is kinda primitive, and they have only managed to map about half of their previous lairs (with the help of Lufae surveyors). But, they're not as stupid as they were initially thought; they have managed to tame the pale gaunt Geists and breed them for food.
The soundwall campaign preparation are now in full swing, and with the focus of the country now freed from the immediate blungiformes, supply is now more than adequate. Plans are formulated, and the troops rallied.
With the discovery of fertilizer (oh hey it WAS dung that did it!) by the Lufae, their western farmlands doubled in yield. Some farmers even experimented a bit and mixed ground-up blung with the dung to make an improved fertilizer.
oop, dorp. ninja'd. So yeah, tomorrow I'll start working on the maps.

Approximately how far is the radius of the Ifal Fa 'hostile' soundscape reach, in map-squares? (100km sq)
the mask was large but effective, a burrow filter was simple placed in the middle of a large swath of lub skin.
It will be the better part of a year before the cedya legion can recover to full strength, but the leftovers from the last legion and carefully upkept and improved, even some of the rejects from the meat shield legion survived and are now retained. The second titan "marinated" with the third, its structure has been subtly altered, and while it has no armor, it is growing back to it's original form very quickly, with almost no help. Long tendrils extend to the blood of the legian, supping nutrients and spore material. The large flying cedya project started with an enlarged flying cedya, but it was too heavy to fly high or fast. A little espionage gained a few beneficial secrets from the lufae on their reccent lightweight and strong emils shells, which the Ifal Fa people now have. theft ftw. Overblungs tend to explode when they die. Armor glunds are found to be irritable, but manageable as a new cattle species, the left over shell when the meat is taken can be used for many things, and this is good. Blung oil is made quickly, the process not hard at all! The moto prototype is loosely based off the very simple korobushkan "solo" It explodes on ignition, killing the rider in a fantastic fireball.
For now the geist is calmer, not thrashing against it's chains. The old ship gets some bad ass looking spikes and skulls all over it, but this does not do too much for functionality. Enroute to the main city the slavers encounter a strange looking ship of Elenii origin, emblazoned across it's side is the name "The dusk trader". It seems to be perusing them, and gaining, fighting it would be a mistake.
A key problem with the flying machines is that they dont fly. More research will have to be preformed. The small flying machines do have one interesting use, and that is as a pusher propeller for the lub and ragas filled airships. This makes them faster, but they are still slow. They will not be able to go much faster anyway. The great city of Endaskie has a major interest in this. The TA is unable to create a material light enough to be useful in place of metal, but not so heavy as to cause an airship to sink. Desperation settles in, and some advocate calling upon the Lufae to use their strange Emils shells to clad the ships in armor. The raid fire compression gun is built, two independent circular magazines rotate around a central pipe, it was a logead invention and they feel pretty good about it. Bombing...not complicated, drop things from up high, they hit down low. packs of mining powder are thrown out of the airships, and tonight the miners eat dracogeist kebabs.
Rusty creates a metal fence, and it is electrified. It would seem this is not too bad, it may have much use in protecting perimeters, keeping things in or out. The Kah know alot about the body from their endless flying of flesh to care for bone. What seems to rot and cause death, what stays strong. where blood pours and where it does not. The Kah medicine is painful, but they are warriors, and warriors endure pain. The Ta civic works give expediant, livable conditions to the masses, its not glorious, but it works and that is what matters. The moto haulers gain new life as fresh water haulers.
The Geist slave was growing quieter, whether that was from being more stable or less remained to be seen. But that had suddenly turned to the least of Zep's worries.

"They gain on on Captain" Gishik reported as he handed Zep the looking glass. "Orders?"

Zep grasped the looking glass and peered at the approaching ship for the umpteenth time. If they weren't so loaded down with equipment, they may have been able to escape but...there was no use thinking about what could have been.

Finally Zep came to a decision "Tell the armour brigade to get ready for boarding measures."

Gishik clicked his mandibles together with concern "With all due respect captain, combat does not seem to be a g-"

Whatever else he was going to say was cut off as Zep swing the looking glass around in a vicious swipe, denting the device and sending Gishik sprawling on the ground with a cracked carapace.

"Remember your place Gishik, I have given you much freedom, but that does not mean you can question me."
Zep dropped the looking glass and turned back to face the pursuers. "The Armour brigade acts as a precaution, if they are hostile we will respond in kind, but for now, we see what they want. Direct the helmsman to slow us down so they catch up in 15 minutes."

With that Zep stalked out of the room without so much as a backward glance. He would need to get into armour himself and get his weapons. If they meant harm, well then they would feel the wrath of the katumosiet slavers.

When the message was brought to the Katumoiset, they couldn't believe their luck. Whoever thought there would be a bunch of suckers stupid enough to give them legitimacy.

The Katumoiset graciously accept your invitation to the pact and we look forward to profitable relationships between our peoples.
File: 1372101095262.png-(323 KB, 2000x1200, Lufae boarding sub.png)
323 KB
323 KB PNG

The people might be horrified of witnessing the punishment of the slavers, however, the Judicators of Tamar Kat, assure that this is the only fitting punishment for the slaver scum. A propaganda campaign is started, to further demonize these slavers, so that the Lufae people would learn to hate them even more, and also be more vary of their potential attacks. It also serves to justify these cruel punishments used on the slavers. (The mother of an influential Tamar Kat Judicator was among those who were kidnapped. She is a driving force behind this campaign.)

With the hunter subs, and the new boarding subs, the Lufae people are truly ready to launch an all out hunt on the Slaver scum. Their patrols shall fan out across the southern coastline, attacking any slaver ships they encounter. Their range of operations is however limited due to their need to resupply at Tamar Kat. Inspired by the work done with the Eleni ship Song, a grand project is started in Tamar Kat, to expand the range of the Lufae fleet. A large vessel, a combination of a war ship, a floating and submersible port town, and a fortress is being planned. Using their wealth gained from fishing and trade, the leaders of Tamark Kat have commissioned the planning and construction of this vessel.
Attempts are also put into applying the lessons learned from the tougher sub hulls, into the underwater dwellings.
Rolled 4, 11, 4, 6, 13, 4, 15 = 57


The explorers of the new caverns attempt to locate potentially useful new resources. The local ghoul geists are put in use as pack mules, as their extreme climbing capabilities and agility, make them quite useful in the hard to traverse tunnel conditions.
The Draco geists seem to be physically quite strong. Perhaps they could be used to dig tunnels?(How big are the Draco geists?)

With the support of the population, and the King, the Soundwall campaign is launched. The Lufae war choir shall advance to the lost monument, eradicating the blung on their path, and reclaim the Soundwall. The Guardians shall lead this spearhead.

Rolling for: (7 rolls)
>Propaganda to demonize the slavers (even further. They aren't liked at all even right now.)
>Campaign against the slaver ships in the southern coast.
>The great vessel project.
>Making better sea dwellings.
>Finding useful resources in the caves.
>Finding uses for the tamed geist species.
>The success of the soundwall campaign.

Gonna explain how the boarding ship works.
Basically, it uses the 4 claws situated around it's "snout", and a strong, suction cup like tool, made from lub skin, to firmly attach to the target vehicle, forming a water tight bond with the surface. Numerous pumps will remove the water from within the connection between the sub and the target ship's hull, while multiple, fang and claw like "mouth parts" begin chewing trough the hull, using strong acids to weaken the material.
After this process is done, the warriors can enter the enemy vessel's bowels trough the "mouth" of the sub.

The hostile soundscape is maybe about 10-20 km wide, and maybe around 300-500 km long zone on the southern borders of the Ifal Fa. It's thickness, and the concentration of the alterations varies wildly, and in many parts, it was heavily damaged by TA, or the continuous blung activity.
Rolled 11, 17 = 28

An galatial (electrical) fence is an amazing thing to people who know nothing of galate. However, at the moment no one has a power source that can keep large sections of such fencing running, nor does anyone see a need for it. More important is whether Dr. Yaksun can weaponize his new creation. If a fence of metal be can be galated (electrified) what about blades? The new flamebrands, as the flame-thrower wielders are called, have only single, large blades slung underneath the bulky nozzles of their flamers. If they could be electrified, it would be a step to making them less vulnerable against anything that gets past their flames, and a proof of concept to start galating (electrifying) various pieces of weaponry. The oamenii are given copious copies of the good doctors notes, in case he gets himself killed or turns out to be incompetent at following orders.

While he's been told to work on the galated blades, Dr. Yaksun really wants to work more on biological subjects. Namely crunchas. At the moment, he's trying to breed bigger ones, and make then make them even stronger by pumping them full of that were used to control Rysars (ent-suits) before the laccoras came into practice. Either he'll end up with crunchas as tall as a log'ead, or very dead, very toxic piles of meat.


Rolling for
Galated blades
Rolled 19, 9, 19, 8 = 55


Thaka does his best to keep the flock from panicking, and the situation in control. A strong will, can allow a mind to endure even the worst Luta dreams. Sime is also trying to aid the flock, by helping those undergoing the worst hallucinations enter more peaceful dreams, and in general, she is urging the flock to meditate in order to keep calm and avoid panicking.
All effort is put into conserving food, and the construction of at least rudimentary filters, in order to alleviate the spore problem at least slightly.

Alel, horrified of what is happening to her friends, heads back to Kaf Elai, the settlement to which the freed slaves were dropped, in order to gather a rescue party for Thaka's pack.

Rolling for: (4 rolls)
Thaka keeping the situation under control.
Sima helping the pack to endure the dreams.
Constructing rudimentary filters.
Alel getting help.
Rolled 1, 7, 15 = 23

Tledusua is feeling threatened. To the east, the Iosans make their mighty airships. To the north, the Geisets have their diabolical creations. The rest of the Nag Ber'Ek and the Oamenii have immense machines, and the Elenii Rysars are now becoming larger and stronger. And now Varoseg has a mighty ship, to rival even the floating fortress of the katumoiset? The great port city is in danger of being left behind in what it feels is a continuily escalating arms race.

If it does not develop its greatest asset, its fleet, it will be outmatched. And, of course, there is its duty to serve the Tanacs Azseg with more than just its economic might. To match its neighbors, Tledusua will build its fleet to be the greatest in the world. Mighty ships like the Steel Fist of Varoseg will lead the way, supported by smaller ones like the sturdy Mulpac. This fleet shall be captained by a single ship, one greater than even the Steel Fist of Varoseg. It shall be called the Pride of Higar, the Oamenii engineer in charge of its construction, and the orignal mind behind the Mulpacs design. With such a navy, Tledusua will rule the seas as the Iosans rule the air. Oua Tanacs Azseg! Tanacs Azseg ke Stronk!

Rolling for
Making Fist-class vessels
Making Mulpac-class vessels
Constructing the Pride of Higar

Section 2 continues to observe the recovery process of the second Ligean. This is something they have never witnessed before. They decide to take a patch of the regrowing flesh, and observe it's growth in isolated environment, a chamber filled with the Blood of Ligean, but lacking the direct influence of either of the titans.
The great cedya flier project continues. The researchers of section 2 begin constructing a light weight skeleton from the new emils shell types, that would hopefully be capable of supporting the beast. In addition, efforts are put into capturing the Overblung alive, so that they may be studied without them exploding. In addition, the researchers have turned their "eyes" to the floating lubs. Though much fewer in number than the blung, they can hopefully be studied more easily.

While the blung oil manufacturing may be easy, the Ifal Fa do not yet have many uses for the stuff. The excess liquids from the research of section 10 (such as just figuring out how fire works.) are given to other sections, who might find potential uses for the stuff. Some members of section 0 are wondering if it could be used to warm the tunnels during colder season. The reports of the burning weaponry of the enemies, have caused some alarms in section 3, and thus the researchers are using the blung oil to develop shell armors more resilient to flames. Members of section 4 are wondering if the heat could be used to dry the food faster for storage.
File: 1372103993062.png-(170 KB, 795x527, never4get.png)
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170 KB PNG
Rolled 11, 14, 3, 6, 3, 20, 20, 20, 14, 7 = 118

Khal, the courageous test driver of the first moto prototype, was sadly lost in a burning explosion in the first test run. In respect of his memory, the researchers of section 10 work tirelessly to improve their moto prototype designs, so that his death might have not been in vain.

Rolling for: (10 rolls)
>Studying the ligean tissue.
>Continued great cedya project.
>Making a light weight skeleton.
>Capturing blungs.
>Studying lubs.
>Figuring uses for blung oil (4 rolls, section 10 studying the fire itself, heating the city, testing armors against fire, using it to cook food)
>Continued moto tests.
Zep stalked around on deck, barking orders at the men, they would be at the mercy of the faster ship if they wished to meet, but he would keep some insurance for himself.

At a bend in the coast they make a brief stop and offload a large moto worth of men armed with ranged weapons. If things went sour he could have them launch a surprise attack from the shore if needed.
It was no guarntee but being caught from two sides might buy them some time to cripple the enemy ship and escape, or even overwhelm them. The shore detachment would meet them at a rendezvous point a days journey down the coast.

Now then, Zep would see what indeed these "Dusk Traders" were pushing.
Rolled 9, 14, 3, 17, 1 = 44

With the Ohkoku ship safely in Varoseg Harbor, the Steel Fist departs, carrying its load of Vukad and a small horde of angry urupuruus to reclaim the islands of the sotuhern Firil sea. Once it unloads the small army onto the first island, it will hunt down the slaver ships around it. Other ships are still under construction to support the mighty Steel Fist, with designs geared more towards stability and carrying large loads than fighting. Three such transports will be built, while eight Mulpac-Class vessels, which will be needed to guard the transports, and to support the Fist.

Meanwhile, as the port stays busy as ever, the leaders of the Feloshaz, the clan chiefs and elected leaders of Varoseg and its territory, come to meet with the Ohukoku. Upon learning they wish to escape war and violence, a few mouths begin uttering what was once unthinkable: They wish to allow the geists to join Varoseg. A vote will be needed to see if such a measure will be accepted, and even then it is not guaranteed the geists will accept. The faction in the Feloshaz for the inclusion of these geists tries to warn the Ohkoku that the Firil Sea is dangerous, and that only now is Varoseg conducting a campaign with its puruu allies to cleanse the southern part of it. They should stay with Varoseg, join it, and together they will form a mighty, secure nation, which none can threaten.

Rolling for
Conquest of the first Island
The Fists first hunt
Building more ships
The Vote to allow the Ohoku (I cannot spell their name) to settle in Varoseg
Ohkoku wilingness to join Varoseg
Be our friends?

It was the night before Galathil, First of the Elenii of Nod, would send his aid, Eleylon to speak for him at the post-war summit. He read the message presented by the Green Horn political party that day in. Grabbing a pen and parchment, he wrote his response. The desk he wrote from was pruned from the Grand tree of Firil, long since decayed and dead. Nod could profit from a peaceful and respectful resolution to the Katumoiset conflict. The Representatives had already come to its own conclusion. It was then that Eleylon walked in to discuss the post-war summit called by the Lufae.

The Prince and Eleylon had known and respected each other since they were young. When Eleylon was captured in Firil, Galathil fought every single cancer ship from Aeioh to Fali to recuse him. He was safe and sound, but the experience had left its scars and tattoos. On most things they were still agreeable. However when they went into politics, Eleylon joined the Brown Kirunnas party.

The Prince stopped his pen and slipped the paper over, "Hello Eleylon, have you come to talk? You know Nod's stance in the summit." He took the paper on the desk and crumbled it. From the desk he reached in and exchanged the crumbled paper for another. "Here is the Representatives response to the Accord Pact vote." He said resigned, "Nay, to the proposed inclusion of the Katmoiset in the Naatyine Alliance."

"Did you expect anything else?" Eleylon said with a thinly hidden edge.

"There are alternatives, there always are. If we could learn to forget our past history with the Katmoiset, our influence could expand across the continent. We could discover new ideas and experiences. In time, we could even turn them away from their slavery. A peaceful resolution today would save many Eleni lives in the future."
Eleylon balled his fists and leaned right into Galathil's face, "No. Never. You're mistaken thinking they will ever change. Accepting this proposal would only damn us and the memories of the lost."

"Fortunately for you," Galathil said, "The rest of Nod agrees. I am nothing if not a servant of the people. I'm sending you to talk of peace between our neighbors. I'm sure I can trust that your better nature will prevail."
It's all down to Fortune now

Does the Tanacs Azseg count as one or two votes? Its run by two players, so do they get their own votes, or share one?
Its not run by two players. Its run by bronze. Also the Tanacs Azseg is just a single member of the pact.
Actually, the Tanacs Azseg is the union of the Nag Ber'Ek, the log'ead nation that came from the plains, and the Oamenii. The Nag Ber'Ek subjugated the Iosans, and they've recently gain a place as equals with the Nag Ber'Ek and the Oamenii. I've just been running the whole thing since Oamenii wasn't present for most of the threads to run his half of the Tanacs Azseg.
I could say the same of Nod, which was a union of two player tribes. But entered into the game as one. If you want to argue this more just talk in the IRC and not clutter the thread.
Bring back a chatlog though.
Come on in and stay awhile: We'd be excited to have you.

Well, the propaganda campaign is seen as something unnecessary, since everybody hates the slavers' guts already. But the populace likes the sinking of slaver ships; the new boarding subs made their frightening debut there. Meanwhile, the mega ship project is stalled by a similar problem on the habitat pods; that is, 'how do we make this structure submergeable' problem. The strong hulls aren't large enough for both needs; its overall strength gets reduced the bigger it gets.
On the other hand, some new resources are found in the caves, most are regular metal deposits, but there is also the discovery of magma surfer worms. Their slime allows them to ride atop lava, but it also made them hard to catch.
The Geist-critters are useful only for scouts at the moment, their echoes help see further into the tunnels. They haven't been fully trained in hauling cargo yet.
The sound wall campaign went well, plenty of blungiformes and blung lairs were destroyed on the way to secure the sound pillars. They find them virtually unchanged, with only a few covered in blung flesh.
>Teison waits in Eden
Teison's good fortune seems to have left him for the moment. In the dead of night, Teison tossed and turned. The open window blew in cold damp air making him shake in his sheets. His dreaming was filled with arctic seas and ice. He was swimming towards the ice giant but loosing strength. Every kick of his legs and every swing of his arms grew weaker. Until eventually he went under the water. He couldn't breathe and choked.

Waking up in a start, he took a deep breathe. He went to his window and closed off the icy night. On the streets, he saw his masked benefactor watch him from the corner. At the sight of the giest figure, Teison ran to his closet and grabbed his jacket. Throwing open the dresser he found a message reading, "Harbor Kaf, thirty minutes. Bring the ice giant charts."

Teison ran out of the inn, it was the dead of night with not a soul in sight. Not even a dusya pull cart to speed his travel, he sprinted down the street calling on every instinct running across the tall grassy plains of yester year. Docked in Harbor Kaf was one ship, the newly developed Song of the DawnTrader fleet. A monolithic emil hull tinted green and black against the dark waters.

The masked Geist as well as several Geist and Eleni stood on the ship's deck. From aboard behind the mask, Teison's benefactor said, "Tonight, the Song leaves these shores, not to return for a long time. Should you choose to accept, you will join them as captain. Otherwise you will never see this ship again. The crew has sworn to secrecy and will never reveal its discoveries." The masked Giest lowered the boarding ramp.

"I might, but only if you tell me something," Teison walked the ramp each step bringing him closer to plunging off the edge of solid ground, until ultimately stepping onto the green tinted hull. "What do I call you?"

"Skinwalker, of course," the Giest laughed heartily at Teison's reaction, "Skinwalker Nu, if you must."

"Alright, Nu. I accept."
>Crunchley encounters the Larien pilgrims
The frontier lands of the eastern plains were dry and arid. His career in captaining airships had given Crunchley a small fortune. The initial investment buys the plot of land cheap, as well as building materials and arms for defense, the blung seem to be restless and trying to resettle the land. For awhile the settlement traded with traveling moto-gangs and the separated communities of the plains. In time they continued to survive by harvesting the local blung oil for later refining. They survived but did not thrive.

After getting settled, a Kirunna wagon train blew into town. They were Eleni trying to settle the plains like themselves. They have little to offer but promise to not be rabble and will attempt to produce something from the dry arid land.

(cont. w/ rolls laterz)
With the application of a small-ish Galate battery wired to a big-ish blade, a weapon that can stun the enemy is made. But, it is on the large end of the size spectrum, especially concerning the battery. Some more research could do in making batteries smaller so they can be used in handheld equipment. Meanwhile, the Crunchas grow thrice their size, roughly about the height of a log'ead, thanks to the injections.
bamp in waiting
Rolled 19, 1 = 20


It was clear that this would not be a suitable place to establish a proper settlement. The soft ground made sure of it. However, it was good to get back onto some semisolid grounds nonetheless.

Preparations were being made to move to the spring when a lone scout from the south came stumbling back into camp, exhausted and heavily injured, missing both arms. He collapsed in the center of camp, gasping that they needed to leave. Return to the ships. Get away the jungle. The description of the attackers matched that of what looked to be some creatures fighting each other to the west. The creatures didn't seem like any sort of major problem at the time, but this now convinces the settlers otherwise. Also pressuring them to move is that the scout could have lead the things to the camp.

Rolling for how long they have until they're able to leave and for relocation; high for east, low for west.

I've been in there the whole time.
Okay. Seems that he may not have been followed. I'm glad that 1 is just on a choice roll.
Thaka is a great leader of his troop, and may someday will be a great leader of many. In this altered state he sees visions of two kings. One flesh, and the other not. They are trying to hold their people together in their own ways, but it is not right yet. They both have fallen too far from what is the natural order of things, the real song. His force of personality, calm words, and patience in reminding those around him what is real saves the day. Sima is of no small benefit and calm words, gentle massage assist in thaka's efforts. With focus, the geists make crude filters out of cloth sacks, and some plant fiber, which work pretty good. Alel is helpless at the moment, but her wyvern can deep scan the burrow to see the life forms within have stoped their frantic movements.
The great fleet does not manifest itself, as a dramatic explosion at a local steel mill sees all production grind to a halt. The mulpac vessles do not happen for this very reason either. The pride of Higar though, with personal effort from the reserves of Tledusa the pride is built. It is a very schwirmmy ship, somewhat boxy, with thick armor and a big motor, somewhat lightly armed, it holds a great compliment of crew and is surprisingly maneuverable for what it is, which is a battle brick, a one of a kind.
The settlers observe the little blue creatures fighting eachother, and soon learn they are well out of their war path, unlikely to be bothered for moths. In the mean time the scout thankfully had at least stumps for arms where the shoulder terminated. A fine pair of hook arms would be made so he could have some semblance of normalcy.
The Ligean tissue continues to slowly grow, it is suspected that in time, whatever shape the titan would have had without alteration and additions, is what shape this lump of fungus will take. Make it like a wyvern, duh. This thought stuck one singer as if it were common sense. Wyverns fly...why not just find some of their bones, or maybe even the smaller banshee? Somehow the light weight skeleton is still pretty heavy. this prototype is used to adorn a room, which is pretty cool. Blungs are hostile and violent, with their time on the soundscape allowing for larger more powerful forms to protect the overblungs. A clumsy researcher popped the lub. damnit. The Ifal fa now firmly grasp the concept of fire, and what it is, and the importance of sight masks in understanding it. better masks must and will be made, and perhaps it is time to tap into the taboo of altering geists, at least volunteers who may step forward for an old concept of "control sockets". A simple puruu brain dedicated to sight will be implanted into a geist skull, and fused with emils, and a socket will connect to a sight mask for true vision. In theory it may work. The city was never too cold to begin with, insulated underground, but now it is nice, warm, and humid, even in the coldest levels and subsections, fungus grows quite well now. A highly fire resistant armor is made, almost acting like a plastic ceramic. It was derived from the deep dwelling lava wemils, and molded in secret, now release to the leadership. It is however, extremely labor intensive to make and craft, still, very valuable. It's coloration is a variety of orange, ranging from near yellow to burn orange in color. The Ifal Fa become masters of BBQ, their delicious meats are so savory even a Log'ead cant help but hate them. Come to Colonel ShanHeer's Delicious BBQ Dusya shack! Veteran of the War, now master roaster. The motos are much safer now, as they no longer explore. They only catch fire.
((the katumoiset control these islands and it is their territory, if the end up joining the accords it may be cut short, but for now...))
The first island is met with staunch resistance, its beaches are covered in giant metal spike balls, and past that, a carbuncle of walls and small, crude towers. Arrows and fire rain at the beach stormers as they attempt to navigate the terrain, they have to fall back. The first hunt goes quite well, a small, rather small, island is purged of a band of slavers who were preparing to have dinner. The conquering forces feel the dinner was not half bad after all is said and done, a pity they killed the chefs. An explosion in the TA territory at a local steel mill has slowed production for them, and it is far more profitable to sell Varoseg metal to them at a large profit then build a fleet at the moment. Profit ho! The Ohkoku are given a fair shot to join by most all. The Leader of the Ohkoku is an old Geist, and captain of the ship. He was a "brute" by the bulk of him, but he had leaned down with age, and wrinkles showed. He was old, very old, but somehow the thin skin only served to show what dense muscle was left on his bones. "Fah. blunt skulls ask us join? what? Safety? People need strong protectors, long time only me fit job." he grabbed his spear and pointed it at the crowd. "No. No offer, you want lead people? fight! Prove! Strength!" The old man searched for a moment, this foreign tongue was new to him, and awkward, what was their word? "Honor." Honor in death. He threw down his spear, flexed his claws, but then closed them into a balled fist, and waited for a challenger. He did not expect to survive this day, but his time had come and gone long ago, his position of leadership was a kindness to those from below him, who needed to grow beyond him now.
The Dusk trader rapidly gained on them, looming larger and larger still. Zep grinned, this was still part of the plan.
Zep continued to click his mandibles together as the ship began to fire upon his own, laden with it's precious cargo. People around him began to panic as they started to die under fire. He waited a bit longer. "NOW!" The motos stored under the deck fired through the walls of the ship as the Dusk trader pulled up along side his own. Chunks of his own ship went flying outward to smash into the dusk trader, and the projectils behind it created great rents in the hull of the other ship as well. Then the flamers spewed their fire. Soon both ships were alight, and crews took pot shots at each other while attempting to control the damage. Zep and his crew swung over to the hostile ship in the thick of it all, and somehow managed to kill their captain, and raid the captain's cabin, and even escape before the superior numbers of sailors threatened to crush him and his raiders under their blades and spears. Back on his ship the fires were mostly out, and he ordered his crew to make a run for it. Both wounded ships took off, the dusk trader slowly gaining on them, the geist and elenii of that crew making a horrific howling after them. He once again had a brilliant idea. Rushing to the cabin with his geist slave, he made a sacrifice for the team. He stomped on it's foot, slapped it across the face several times, and got it howling. Dragging the creature to the top deck he made a show of throwing it overboard, knowing damn well they were being watched through a spyglass. "there. Let them choose, one of their precious kin, or us?" he knew damn well the answer. The ship stopped pursuing them, and his ship sailed off into the night.
The join venture of the Elenii/ Luafe, the ship the song had begun a long and ardous expedition to the frozen south, as research on cold for the emils structure of the ship, and to document the local life, a much more secrative reason was also there. The First titan was rumored to be here the Ifal Fa must have it once more.
File: 1372163206554.png-(28 KB, 1652x1057, Mulpac ship.png)
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((too tired to add dings, rust and more character, so they look really flat compared to the other TA drawings))
The Mulpac class. As a form of technology transfer and collaboration between the TA and NOD, the mulpac class is heavily based on a dawn explorer mk 2 ship. Right now only one exists. It is armed with standard TA javelin launchers, which are spring wound by fuel burning motors before being fired. A small crane is operated by crew to load them after each shot from the middle of the ship where the ammo reservoir is.It features a large Snipping blade that can be released once another ship is caught within the mulpac's "grasp" hopefully to shear it in half. It is armed with a total of 5 javelin launchers, one of which can be pivoted a full 360, as opposed to 180, and even be tiled up to 90 degrees at the sky or ocean. It's propulsion is also an example of the Elenii's less cutting edge capabilities. Gotta protect those trade secrets both ways. tl/dr:fine ship, good ship, but neither side invested their absolute best tech into it for fear of it being stolen.

The Fist is a chunk of metal, wide and flat, with a blunt nose, made at the order of a self proclaimed leader. time will tell. What can be told now is that the damn thing flys in the face of physics and it is a small miracle it floats, yet alone moves. Impressivly thick armor, 4 forward facing anti titan weapons, 16 side pivoting "piston cannons", and another 10 top mounted "piston cannons". It features the latest in TA destructive capability, and in copious amounts. What it lacks, absolutely, is mobility. It moves as a snail crawls, a smart ship will run rings around it or simply stay the hell away from it.

The Pride is a variant of the Fist, but with a bigger focus on speed and cargo capacity, more a of a ram ship/ troop transport, but otherwise superficially similar.
The song returned home, bearing many splinters and cracks, it would require extensive repair. What it towed behind it though was something the Ifal Fa members of the crew looked at with reverence, and the Lufae members looked at with curiosity and slight disapproval. It was the tattered remains of the first titan, dragged behind the ship. It was left on the beach near a point where an Ifal fa team had been waiting for it. Dragging the titan back home was an arduous task, involving many strong cedya constructs, and some dismembering. In the end, all that was really left was the upper torso, which was detached from the arms and "head" to make for quicker and stealthier transport. Soon the first joined it's brethren, two and three, deep in the pits below. ((The Ifal fa reaction to this, and everything else is up to you nad))

The Song sat in the repair dock for several weeks, a fundamental flaw was learned about Emils shell, one that could not be corrected with any amount of effort. It could not endure sustained extreme cold. It was thankfully a non issue for the Lufae, even in the cold, the ship held up for long enough to accomplish the mission. The Ghenna researchers also documented this for future knowledge.
Anyone still here?
Had a very slow Internet until a couple hours ago, turns out an undersea cable got cut. That said, I'm here now. Any rolls need results?

The successful attacks against the slaver ships have showcased the Lufae the true strength of their naval forces. Their foes are practically defenseless against the submarines, which in turn, can attack the target vessels with their leisure. The boarding subs are also ideal vessels for both sinking, and raiding slaver vessels. The Lufae warriors can enter the bowels of the ships, and loot the cargo with ease, and quickly return to their boarding ship, and allow the vessel to sink, before anyone knows what happened. The value of the stolen cargo is another matter entirely.

The sub engineers of Tamar Kat are kept busy by the great ship project, however, this does not mean that they aren't trying to improve the existing vessels. Anticipating that the enemies might start trying to armor their ships better in order to deter the boarding subs, some engineers work tirelessly to improve the cutting tools of these subs, so that they could bore trough even the thickest of armor.

As for the great ship project, it continues despite the slight problems. Efforts are put into working around the strength issues of large shells, by constructing such massive ones from smaller parts, layered in a structurally sound manner. These efforts necessitate a much greater understanding of pressure, and material strengths, an understanding that was developed at the same time as the project went on. The very first true mathematics and structural engineering of Lufae, were conducted on this project.
Rolled 1, 5, 20, 18, 5, 11, 4, 12, 15 = 91

Meanwhile, the dwellers trying to establish new habitat pods on the sea floor, have given up for now. They simply lack the resources or the skills to make stronger habitats. Instead, they have chosen to tether their habitats to the sea floor, and allow them to float on the surface, like some strange lubs.

The discovered metal deposits intrigue the Lufae explorers greatly. The "singing stone" was a rare material in their lands, usually bought from other nations, and used in advanced devises. This source could end their dependency on imported metal. Because of this, the new caverns soon buzz with activity, as the Lufae begin the construction of their first mines.

With the success of the soundwall campaign, work is put into expanding the watch burrow network to reach the soundwall, while the Warchoirs secure the area further, destroying any remaining blung pockets, and pushing them back to the wild Kafasha.
In addition, with the expansion of the watch burrow network, the Royal Court authorizes an overall expansion of the Lufae tunnel networks to east. There are still many unexplored caverns and natural tunnels in those lands, and in the long run, the Lufae might be able to establish an underground connection to the Ifal Fa.

Rolling for: (9 rolls)
>How valuable cargo the Lufae manage to get from the slaver ships they attack.
>Improving the cutting tools of the boarding subs.
>The great ship project.
>Developing strong shell structures.
>Developing mathematics and structural engineering.
>Establishing floating habitat pods.
>Mining the metal depots.
>Expanding the watch burrow network to the soundwall.
>Expanding the overall tunnel network to east.
Rolled 2, 18, 12 = 32


Thaka and his pack continue to huddle within their burrow, waiting for the bloom to pass. The new filters have brought some respite to their situation, but they are still confined underground.
While Thaka continues to keep the situation in control, Sima tries to meditate, in order to reach connection to Lupai, so that this trial could end.

Meanwhile, Alel continues to monitor the situation of her friends, using the mighty song of Shaqar, her steed. It seems that they are still alive, however, this might end if the bloom continues much longer. She decides to use her steed to hunt food, which she could bring back to the burrow, and allow her friends to quickly grab it underground.

Rolling for:
Seeing how long the bloom continues.
Sima's meditations.
Alel hunting food for the pack.
File: 1372174707552.png-(214 KB, 1500x1000, Titan reborn.png)
214 KB
214 KB PNG

The researchers of section 2 continue to observe the growth of the separated ligean tissue without interfering with it. They seek to find out, what this tissue will develop into.
Meanwhile, studies are started on the newly acquired first ligean. It is heavily mutated, and the centuries it spent frozen have caused quite great damage to it. However, it is known, that this titan flew, but how did it do it, despite it's size? Unlocking this mystery might allow the Ifal Fa to better understand how to make better flying cedyas.
The idea of making the cedya flier like a wyvern is laughed down. The wyverns fly nothing like cedyas! They use strong muscles, and a thin membrane of skin stretching from their elongated wing arms to generate lift, while the flying cedyas use rapid, pneumatic pulses in numerous chambers in their abdomen to generate extremely fast movement for their numerous wings. However, one idea is gained from the suggestion. The wyverns are large beings, their bones must be very light! The researchers manage to acquire few bones of dead wyverns from the Riders in quite short notice, which they then begin to study. Perhaps the structure of these bones could be used to develop a lighter skeleton?

The Third Ligean is sent to destroy the larger blung forms, so that overblungs could be captured.
The Ifal Fa have relatively decent access to lubs, due to their connection to Lufae now, so popping one isn't a big deal. The research continues.
Rolled 5, 9, 16, 2, 17, 6, 17, 5, 11 = 88


With the proper understanding of fire, and it's uses, the need for blung oil drastically rises. Section 1 is tasked to develop a method of harvesting Kafasha, in a less destructive way than the songless do. No grinding it into a pulp, something far more sophisticated. Section 1 is also authorized to spread the Kafasha to the north and east, as these lands now belong to Ifal Fa.

Some research is also put into the development of the sight masks, however, section 10 is still mostly occupied with the moto research. Their main concern, is making their contraptions safe, and figuring out how to make "Fire guts" (engines) of their own, instead of relying on the diminishing amount of looted engines they possess from the war. Perhaps the new, fire resistant emils, could be used to craft something similar?

Rolling for: (9 rolls)
>Observing the growth of the ligean tissue.
>Studying the first ligean. (How could it fly?)
>Studying wyvern bones in order to make lighter skeletons.
>Capturing overblungs.
>Studying lubs.
>Developing a new Kafasha harvesting method that does not damage it.
>Spreading the soundscape to north and east.
>Developing sight masks.
>Developing engines.
File: 1372174949650.png-(67 KB, 1200x600, Lava surfer.png)
67 KB
Rolled 19, 19 = 38

I forgot to roll for one thing.
The strange worm things that seemed to slide across molten rock like it was nothing! The Lufae explorers were amazed and puzzled by these things, and made it their first priority to capture some of them. The Drake geists, which seemed to be more native to these hot tunnels and caverns, were trained to capture these worms, preferably alive. The Kafalites would surely be pleased to study such outlandish beings!

Rolling for capturing these things by traditional means, and training drake geists to hunt them.
Meant to reply to this. It was a Lufae thing.

Also, dem rolls.
File: 1372177777046.png-(49 KB, 1652x1057, Gloriousships.png)
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Rolled 13

For nongent, the ships with a little rust, a few dings and some log'eadz for size comparison
The geist wants a challenge? The old ways of "take what you kill" are waning in Varoseg, but still strong enough for the people to recognize this. They call upon their champion, the Ferok Kranos, to fight this geist and bring Ohkoku into Varoseg, for their own good.

Answering the call, the mighty Ferok Kranos, a log'ead by the name of Orok Banok, comes to the harbor to fight. He brings with him only his weapon, the Brun Zahmah, the mighty hammer forged by the old Nag Ber'Ek. It is covered in pictures of mountains, broken rivers, and suns. This is all he needs, to test his might in mortal combat.

Rolling for FIGHT
In a small Nod village on the coast of the strait that split the continent, what appeared to be dozens of slizers were spotted on the horizon. Everyone rushed to their homes, some retrieving farming tools which could be used as crude weaponry.
As the horde of beasts drew closer, a steady drum beat could be heard coming from them. The slizers were unusually wide. They had some sort of pillars coming from their backs. What was seen weren't bladeworems at all, but ships.

"Captain, there seems to be a village ahead!" called the Joorod on lookout.
The captain of the foremost vessel nodded and called out a message to those nearby. "Reduce speed! Keep distance from shore! Pass orders along!"

Several separate drumbeats began with a slowed tempo. Timed with the beats was the rowing of the crews. All ships slowed to a stop and floated off the shore near the village. The sailors were observing the villagers, trying to determine if it'd be safe to approach shore and make contact. After a few hours, it was decided to have one ship pull up onto shore. As a gesture of good will, they'd gift the villagers a large barrel of salt.

Poe, you're needed here now.

I have to say that this whole "fight to the death" kinda goes against the Geist mentality. While Log'eads might believe in shit like "might makes right" or "you take what you kill", geists do not. Their mentality does not work that way. At their core, geists are co-operative and social to the extreme. That is one of the reasons why the strife that split the Lufae was such a fucking big thing to them. Outright infighting, and killing each other, is unusual to them as they tend to solve their conflicts via communal bonding, or just social maneuvering.
Even the brutes, which are the aggressive ones of geist societies, only tend to go as far as to just wrestle each other. That is why they are so fucking muscular. If they only needed to kill each other in order to take over the opponent's position, all that muscle would not be needed. However, they do not kill each other, unless absolutely necessary. A brute trying to take over a geist tribe by killing the current alpha, would only turn the other geists against him. He would gain the stigma of a murderer, which is not good in geist society. Not at all.

And in more civilized geist societies, like the Lufae, brute strength has even less meaning. If some strong brute somehow succeeded in beating the King, he might get the king's favor and interest, but not his position. Because geists are not stupid. They know that strength is not the only thing a leader needs.

So I guess what I am saying here beating the old captain does fucking nothing. Even less than nothing, because the competitor is not even a geist. Why in the flying fuck, would the geist agree to submit to the songless, if one of theirs beat their leader? That would not work even if the leader was beaten by another geist.
Remember, the geist are not log'eads. Their differences go far deeper than just being blind and looking different. They have a whole different set of instinct, customs, traditions and so on. They are alien to one another.
File: 1372185299410.png-(241 KB, 600x400, longship.png)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Forgot pic.

I am gonna be blunt here, and continue.

Another thing that annoys me is how the cave dwellers somehow stopped being culturally members of Lufae, when in the first southern game, the water cave colonies were founded by Lufae. They were always part of the Lufae nation. One or two native cave tribes might have joined them at the end of the last southern game, but the majority of them always were culturally, and ethnically, Lufae. Sure, they did develop some cultural eccentricities, due to their unusual lifestyle, but the core beliefs and cultural traits of the Lufae were always there with them.

Which is why the Ohkoku palling it up with the songless makes even less sense. Because, while the Lufae may tolerate the songless, their culture still demonizes them, and they are not seen as really trustworthy. Especially the southern songless, as they have historically been in conflict with the Lufae.

And even if it was not just a cultural thing, the distrust of the songless races is still ingrained to geists. It is coded to their behavior. Their ancestors adapted to hide and fear races, whose "sight" the geists could not sense. Because they could not reliably know if a "songless" creature was looking at the geist. Species with sight, especially ones capable of killing geists, are naturally scary to geists.

As I said, alien mentalities. The are not just humans in the skins of blind lizard people. They are aliens, and while I am not capable of making them completely alien in their mentality and behavior (I am only a human) I would still like if the few distinct traits they have, would be maintained.

Its nongents wishes. To be honest, if we truly stuck to the distrust and hostility you paint, the war that just happened would not have ended with a single battle, but gone on till either the Tanacs Azseg was truly exhausted, or the Ifal Fa were crushed. The log'eadz hate the geists, and the Oamenii have a history of hostility with them, stemming from that first battle in which they were defeated.

Peace and cooperation between the geists and the songless will always be tenuous. Even this peace cannot possibly last, as both sides build their armies and advance their technology. And, of course, the hatred between them knows no bounds
Question: Shwirms have mouthparts completely unlike any other race. How can other races, save of course for the vocally talented geists, learn and use their speech if they don't have giant mandibles?

Adding to this, I am not angry or anything, just kind of annoyed, and I felt that I needed to state my thoughts, as they kept bothering me.

The core of my issue is that the racial differences seem (to me at least) be ignored.

I am not saying that the geists are incapable of overcoming their natural distrust towards other races, however, it will take time, far more than few measly centuries, for such a deep ingrained xenophobia to vanish. In addition, the songless haven't given the geists much reason to truly accept and trust them. In Lufae history, the songless have always been the aggressors to their lands, which is, from their perspective, completely true. They themselves have never attacked the songless nations.
Maybe the trade pact will allow a warmer relationship to develop in time, but it will take time and effort from both sides, neither of who are all that interested in fostering any relationships.

As for the Shwirms speaking, no freaking clue. Maybe some sort of clicks that one could reasonably imitate?
from my end I was assuming that the other races HAVEN'T learned the language of the shwirms but it's the shwirms that learned theirs.
I don't imagine many of the other languages to be exceedingly difficult for the shwirm to mimic, even if their version comes with more unavoidable clicking.
For the most part slaves would be forced to learn some amglam of their home languages that would now be the 'slave tongue' in Katumoiset prime that most Shwirm that haven't left home would know how to use.

This basically means that the Shwirm going out have a really bad version of any language out there but they all in general sound familiar enough that it's not difficult for them to pick up, however I doubt anyone but the geist or TRULY DEDICATED diplomatic officals would know the language of the Shwirm.

And really that's totally fine as it allows the Shwirm to be able to have privacy anywhere.
and when I say that I'm not saying that the geist would know, just that they might be able to pick it up faster than others.
I haven't read much of your stuff, but could it just be refluffed as not a single battle, but the decisive one?

It was a decisive battle. A battle that was preceded by one, smaller battle, and a long campaign of attrition and harassment attacks and raids done by the Ifal Fa against the TA army.
You fail to mention the ohkoku are a small sect of a people foreign to the lufae, discovered, not always part of. Next, their own king tried to suffocate an entire population. Next, the old man is their leader, and is playing a situation to the best for his people. He is likely aware of strange songless customs and knows what will come. Also, i have few players, dont hide behind an anon name for complaints, you can come at me directly, or not at all. What pains me is if you put in half the effort into your tribe as youdid that post, well, it would be great.
Time to act on the peace summit.

With its demands for land on the plains recognized, the Nag Ber'Ek let forth a stream of settlers, many of them Nag Ber'Ek and Aynadee that the Iosans have kicked out of their provinces. The mighty grinders head further out, removing the meatgrass and spreading the siwari seed. A small force from Nag Palka patrols the edge of the plains, doing its best to intercept the blungs that try to leave their dying patches of land. This is only a step though. Before the Reclamation can truly go into full gear, the disparate forces of the cities must be made into a coherent whole. They mistrust an organized effort of all the cities after the debacle of the Grand Army of the Council, but the Grokuf, though only leader in theory of the Nag Ber'Ek, sees the danger of the increasing separation and distrust between the cities caused by their buildups. Only by unifying the city legions can a force strong enough to sweep the plains clean of the blung be made, and the threat of a breakup of the Nag Ber'ek avoided.

Although the steel mill explosion has caused production for the fleet to grind to a halt, training of a new generation of sailors continues. In fact, a small acadamey is growing on the southern edge of Tledusua. It is a grim, dour structure, bare of art or edifice. It is where the ships captains that base out of Tledusua once met, and is now a place for them to pass on knolwedge of sailing to these fresh faced "Captains" selected by Ontoz.

(if we sage the first parts of multipart posts, will that extend the lifetime of the thread?)

The steel mills owners begin repairs immediately, but an offer from Dr. Yaksun has them pause reconstruction. He's telling them he has an idea, to replace the long assembly lines in many places with machines. This doesn't sound any different from what is already done, but when he informs the owners that he can use galate to increase the size, complexity and speed of the machines, the owners become very interested. He's given free reign of the factory, even if his alterations to it may delay production of the Tledusuan Navy.

It is in Nag Palka that the Kah Priesthood opens the doors of its Ossuary-Temples to the apothecaries. Here they will learn all about the body, that they may help the living, as the priesthood helps the dead. It is in the macabre halls of the High Ossuary-Temple that a theory of demons develops. Not one of the demon-geists, but smaller ones, that afflict people in every day lives. Disease are thought to be caused by demons, and one little group of fellows thinks that the demons are not insubstatnial, but small and physical. They attempt to investigate with new, expensive mechanisms from far away across the seas. If they can prove their theory, this new medical community will jump straight from a miasmatic theory of disease straight to a germ theory.

As agreed by the Lufae, the construction of a railroad through the territory west of the Long Salt Lake (that body of water mostly in lufae land but partially in tanacs azseg land) will commence. Construction shall begin at Nag Palka, head north to Tower, and then north east, where it will be carefully supervised by the Lufae. Hopefully that doesn't hinder progress on the rails. Soon, the Korobushka and the Tanacs Azseg will be able to meet without a great deal of sailing
Rolled 8, 8, 16, 1, 16, 9, 13, 9, 10 = 90

((Note to Oamenii: I got you a lot of land on the eastern coast. Pic related shows how much you get. Once I secure the plains, I'll help you with protecting it from slavers, if we need to worry about them))

A stranger arrived in Endaskie today, though that itself was not strange. It was this visitor themselves. They had so many stories, of far away lands. Smoking a bit of powder from a plant he'd gotten on his travels, he tells children and tired workers of his travels. One story that catches the attention of a few minds is one about contraptions from a place, far, far, far away to the north. These contraptions glide, without the aid of a lub, like puruuhawks on the wind. A young shiwrm asks if the stranger knows how to build such a thing. He says perhaps, if the price is right, with a sly smile. Unfortunatley, he might just be trying to cheat the people of endaskie

Excited log'eadz and shwirm engineers begin trying to apply the principles of galation to all sorts of weapons. The fools even seek to make galated chainswords! Madness! Others pursue avenues of research dictated by patrons. They are told to find a means of creating artificial galate, as Nod is charging exorbitant amounts of money for its galate, due to the TA allowing the Katumoiset into its ports. They'll show them. They'll make their own galate!

Rolling for
Continuing the Reclamation
Uniting the city legions under one banner
Establishing a training center for naval officers
Using galatial machines in the steel mill
Discovering germs
Construction of the railroad in TA lands
Building gliders with the strangers help
Making galate power plants

The Ohkuko split off from the tunnel dwellers, yes?
The tunnel dwellers, living in the underwater habitats, made from emils shells, and using the minisubs, also based on emils tech?
Because those people, weren't some tribe the Lufae encountered. They were lufae colonists, who settled the tunnels in the last southern game. They were always part of lufae, which is why the retarded dice induced rebellion bullshit never made any freaking sense. These people were always part of Lufae, and depended on them for supplies and their fucking air, which is why the rebellion was refferd as madness. The king only threathened to cut the air to these colonies (after numerous attempts at peaceful solutions) because he thought he was dealing with some sort of mass psychosis going on down there.

I tried to play along the dumb as fuck rebelion segment, but I won't stand it rewriting the history of the tunnel dwellers as some culturally different tribe the Lufae absorbed. The minor native tribes to the caverns were only found near the end of the last south game, far after the tunnel colonies had already been established, and they were culturally absorbed to the Lufae.

As for the lack of name, I was posting on other threads, and thought that the subject, and writing style would have made my identity clear. Apparently not.
And make no mistake, I spend effort on my tribes. So much, that it is the only thing I do on my free time. I am obsessed.
Unfortunately, I should already be asleep, so I have no time to deal with this.
This may or may not be relevant, but I do want to make mention that the sapient geists are mainly surface creatures, even if they tend to live in shallow burrows. Actual cave geists are only house cat sized approximately.
The bumper of the thread, the poster of the thread
He hears a voice compelling hiiiiiiim
Staring into posts, of darkness and despair
That rise and shrink, with haaaaaate
BEWARE, the post is a post never known
BEWARE, the post that would simple though entrhone
BEWARE, o' bumper of the thread
I thought the tunnel dwellers were found by the lufae in the last game, not settlers. That is why I treated them as having a different culture. As for the results, I bow to IG and just tried to make the rebellion work in the first place. Sorry for the hard times, I am gonna sit back and let IG, or anyone else who wants to GM handle this one for a while. I dont want to get burned out again.
Maybe its time for some retcon? A community of geists that, while unrelated and not founded by the Lufae, feeling increasingly constrained by their attempts to control them, causing them to flee? Or were ALL known geist communities split offs from the Lufae, because that doesn't seem realistic. I united the plains log'eadz, then conquered forest log'eadz. There might even be log'eadz in the territory that the peace summit granted to Oamenii
if you are willing to retcon, and nad is willing, ill bite. I think we violated a core tenant of the game, involving no non consensual PVP actions. i'll be around to fix this enough for IG to pick it up again.
I'll accept it. I wasn't even looking initially to bring these Ohkoku into Varoseg, but when I had the idea, I decided pursue it. A retcon sounds fine, to whatever point nad desires. This reminds me that Varoseg is still fighting to cleanse the sea

The struggle for the island the troops have been unloaded on continues. The island has gained the name "Fists First," after the brilliant victory by the Steel Fist against the slavers. If only the log'eadz had greater numbers to support their puruu allies. They only have the Vukad of Varoseg, and little Urupuruus led by a few Elders. More muscle will surely win this island, and the rest of the islands, much quicker, but can their home city spare the numbers? Is the Feloshaz willing to take the drastic step of forcing its common folk to go to battle? It seems so, for a small conscription begins, taking some redeemable criminals and rowdy youngsters to shape them into soldiers.

Another step taken by the Feloshaz is its order that its industrial quarter cease sales of steel to the TA for three months so that production on the small fleet to aid the Fist can continue. Worries abound that this, and the conscription, though small things, are overreaches by the usually hands off Feloshaz.

All the while, the Steel Fist continues its hunt, heading deeper into slaver waters, ready for a fight

Rolling for
Continued fighting for the first island
Limited conscription
Constructiong the fleet
Public perception of the conscription and the ordering about of the industrial quarter
The Steel fists continued hunt
Rolled 10, 6, 12, 8, 5 = 41

I think it goes like this: the Lufae took in some nearby tribe during the tribes, who went into the tunnels to colonize. After a long time spent in isolation, thinking they're forgotten, they formed a separate society, and became the cave dwellers, somewhat resenting the ones who left them there. Maybe the Ohkuko is the ones who didn't go full tribal and held on to some tech, and found a way out of the caves.
Seems like the slavers that fought them are either desperate or just plain broke. Only a few slaves and scant handfuls of personal belongings were found. The new macerators were a bit on the heavy side and interferes with the buoyancy of the subs; not to mention taking too long to chew through an armored hull. On the other hand, thanks to the layered glass technique, they have managed to build the mighty ship about one and a half times bigger; and it's fully submersible to boot. It has ample space for the crew inside, complete with living quarters and even a recreationary area. Thanks to this project, the Lufae now know how to make strong shell structures, even though their mathematics are still quite basic. The habitats are made out in the coast, their first inhabitants feel a bit seasick but at least it floats and has enough room for a Geist family (a bit extended). Mining turns out to be hard, the ores here not as much as they'd like.
Meanwhile, the watch burrows have been successfully expanded, the eastern ones more extensive than the sound wall area.

I apologize for making a big fuss about this. I was in a pretty bad mood yesterday, and for some reason this whole thing irked me to no end.
Y'know what guys, let's just retcon it to the point the log'eads encountered the Ohkuko ship. Their origins can be descendants of tunnel dwellers who didn't go tribal after the 'great forgetting'.
That way we can still factor in the cultural differences between the log'eads and the Geists.
Rolled 7

Do I roll to escort them or interact with them? I dunno. I'll roll for that If I need to. I'm going to bed

No need to retcon stuff. As I stated, I might have overblown the issue I had with this whole thing. The fact that the geist have different mentality than the log'eads remains though.
So, does >>25648644 sound like a realistic cause?

bump before bed

Suits me. Again, I regret the yesterday's outburst over such a trivial matter.
Anyone here?
the bloom continued on for another week, and Sima spent most of this time deep in thought. Fractious, confusing dreams slowly coalesced into something more tangible to her mind. ((i am have a very hard time with meditations without a clear goal, especially due to me knowing you dont care so much for the fantasy half of the game, preferring to focus more on the science.)) She sees the opportunity in which there will be a lull in the bloom, the spores move in a rythm that is almost impossible to explain. Alel kills several wild crunchas and drops them off near the burrow entrace from high up. They land with a wet thud and Thaka ventures out to quickly drag them inside before re-establishing barricades. Thanks to her efforts no one starves. The troop escape the following week and continue their journey with little further event.
The new ligean tissue was not observed as keely as hoped, but has now manifested into an small cedya creature. It is unlike any they have seen before. The first ligean was built of many cedya types, and some of them were flying. When it loss sufficient mass and fluid, the air born cedya aspects took dominance and it escaped. Dynamic morphology, unique to the first. fascinating. The bones are porus but not hollow, spongy on the inside with a flexable and harder outside. Almost layered. useful for making new materials and skeletons. The overblungs are hard to catch, seemingly resisting. Lubs float with a lighter then air gas. It is figured out when one lub is slowly deflated and examined, healed and allowed to reinflate over time with sufficient care. Kafasha is hard to harvest without damaging it, as the oil is an integral part of it's build. however the altered kafasha of the ifal fa regions grows almost rabidly to fill in missing spots within it's boarders. The soundscape spreads easily and soon the north and east are splotched with groomed and more maintained Kafasha.
the sight masks are complex things, involving an implant even. they are first tested on smaller cave geists, who react confused and overwhelmed with the new sensations, there seems to be an imperfection with the implant. The lufae could never hope to properly catch up in engine development in this era, the TA had been building them for over an century. However, what they could do was cheat, take an existing idea and improve on it. The TA would not willingly trade engines to them, but the Korobushkan people were more then willing to exchange engines for a few simple load lifters and drone workers, and several heads of dusya. These Schwirm engines were knock offs of TA engines, but the basics were there. The Ambassador caste had done well this time. The Lufae studied the engines in depth, and with specialized sight masks, watched them as they deliberatly destroyed a few from excessive operation in various conditions. What components would break or wear out, where it come be improved...yes...simple things. easy things. The metal of the engine was dramatically cut down to reduce weight, leaving only the essentials, then certain components were replaced with high temperature emils parts. Metal hoses were replaced with Emils hoses. The end product was much, much lighter, and somewhat more durable. The Geists could make profit on this concept. Improving the existing.
The Draken geist are nearly as smart as their "civilized" kin, but much more feral in how they react to, and see the world. However they are excellent hunters, and the strange worms were one of their native prey. A capture team, as well as a troop of Drakens went into the depths and returned with several crates full of these worms.
The old geist sighed, this was not how he pictured going out in the world, but it at least assured his people's future for now. In his heart he hoped someday the great misunderstanding between his people and the Lufae would be reconciled, but that was for the next generation. They had run too long, and the world was growing no safer. He never picked back up his spear, and simply walked up to the Ferok Kranos, and said something to him in a hushed tone. Orok Banok looked confused, and hesitant for a moment. He then raised his hammer up, and brought it down upon his "Foe". There was no fight, something that more like a ritualized death. Orok Banok would never repeat that conversation, it shook him to his very core, but changed his opinion on at least one geist who was so willing to sacrifice for it's people. The ohkoku for now would stay on their ship in the harbor of the settlement until something could be figured out that the people could agree upon.
sage still counts towards the thread limit
the plains will recover in time, with continued effort, probably the work of a generation and a half. The city legions are fairly chummy with one another, but their loyalty is to the city they are stationed in first, and the nation second. Naval ops is online, and officers will study battle reports and learn of tactics well. ((jumping to elecrical machines without developing the prerequisite science, motors, study, etc, ill have to veto. do some research and show me some stuff, i know you got it in you.)) The electric machines seem to do one thing very well, and that is catch fire, this time the damage is more extensive to the mill. It is out of commission for about two seasons while it is salvaged and rebuilt. A particularly powerful magnifying glass was developed in conjunction with the researchers of Ghenna, it showed them small, small...curious things. Welcome to primitive microscopes and the horrible knowledge of germs.
The railroads are built somewhat slowly without the local metal, but imports from the other nations allow the railway to be completed. The stranger was no liar, and he showed the folks how to build a glider well and true. They had no idea how it worked exactly, but as long as you followed the format, it worked. Electrified weapons are a fickle thing, powered by containers full of the little electrical Lacorra, discharging angrily. The largest of chainsaws can be electrified safely, as can the flamethrowers who make a continuous stream of fluid instead of an aerated spray. The TA will have to learn from the get go this process. Thankfully their recently gained land had a lacorra field. This was step one. Step two would be safly harvesting the creatures, as right now all lacorra were juvenile imports from Nod.
((again, without Falc agreeing to PVP, i cannot proceed with this, then he will have to roll for a counter. the roll will be applied as a bonus to another action)) Conscription is very light, with only those who committed minor criminal actions, or dishonored themselves being conscripted. The right paperwork was filed, and soon a group of six "mulpac" class ships sail alongside the Fist, having caught up quickly. It is not hard. the boat...it is slow. The public is a bit upset on these changes which they feel are counter to the very reason they settled these lands. The steel fist ((bonus applied)) came across a "cancer star" a truly massive, if uncontrolled colony ship for the katumoiset, full of deranged slavers and their broken "pets". It moved slowly into range, where the fist unleashed it's full fury. Somewhere out there, a Lem is saying "not bad." The ship bursts into flames, then splits open like a rotten pumpkin, flaming bodies pouring out of it. The mulpac ships cruise about killing off stragglers. The fist had found it's mission. To prevent Katumoiset "cancer stars" from spreading the enemy, and to deny them new colonies.

(gonna draw ship later)

The Lufae send their new grand vessel, Param Lua, the Song of Triumph, to the seas, in a grand ceremony. The ship does not resemble a traditional vessel all that much. It's form resembles that of a giant sea creature. It moves itself the same way other lufae subs move, trough the usage of numerous fins, flippers and water jets, just in far greater scale. Underneath it, there are docking ports for dozens of smaller subs, and it's hull is covered in puruu pods which it can use for defense. The vessel is quite slow, but due to it's ability to submerge, it can move across the seas covertly very easily. The vessel is also highly self sufficient. It's underside houses deployable nets that it can use to catch fishes, and it also is supported by few dedicated fishing submarines, which allow it to catch food for it's denizens. This organic material also supports the emils foundry inside the vessel, which can supply the vessel and the fleet with repair materials, equipment and weaponry.
The first mission of the vessel, is to help the existing submarine fleets to secure the southern coasts from slave raiding.

The Sub engineers do their best to make the new breaching equipment lighter, so that it could be more effective at it's job.
The newly discovered construction techniques quickly reach the floating colonies, who decide to retry their attempts at constructing underwater habitat pods. These floating colonies help to supply the Lufae fleets, working as forward ports and supply stations, along with contributing to the Lufae fishing industry.

Another result of the grand ship project was mathematics. Well, more of an inspiration for the subject in certain members of the designing team, who continued to pursue it even after the ship was constructed. These geists, while small in number for now, are working on solving the mysteries of logic and math with the same excitement as the Flesh Singers had towards understanding living systems.
Rolled 1, 15, 1, 20, 9, 16, 5, 14 = 81


The mining project continues to receive support from the Lufae government. Expeditions are funded to locate richer metal sources in the tunnels, along with the development of improved digging and mining tools. Currently, most digging is done either by brute males or biosuited workers, using mostly stone, or primitive metal tools, along with strong acids, to breach trough the rock. The tunnels are fortified via cement foundations, and emils structures. However, most of the partially flooded Lufae tunnel network is composed of natural caverns, which the Lufae have just refitted to their own uses.

In addition, the expansion of the tunnels to west continues. The King wishes to dig a tunnel to connect the Lufae to the Ifal Fa, so that the trade between the two nations would no longer rely on Wyvern Rider transports. Like always, the Lufae diggers seek to make heavy use of natural caverns, which are nowadays taken as an almost universally occurring things in the land. (The Lufae nation sits in the middle of the "hub" of these cavern networks.)

Finally, the Kafalites begin eagerly study the strange "lava surfers" (They actually slide over just hot rocks, not the proper lava). The tales told of them are extremely impressive, and the Kafalites wish to know from where they draw their ability to resist such high heats.

Rolling for: (8 rolls)
The Great ship assisting in securing the coast.
Making the breaching equipment lighter.
Using the new construction methods to make the sea floor habitats.
Further developing mathematics.
Finding richer metal sources.
Developing better mining tools.
Constructing the tunnel to Ifal Fa lands. (project will take years probably)
Studying the lava surfers.
Rolled 1, 16 = 17


>Two nat ones.

Muh precious ship and habitats! Noooo!


With the bloom passing, Thaka gathers his pack, and orders them to quickly hunt for supplies, and prepare for departure from this place. Something had changed here, for these woods used to be clear of bloom of this magnitude. Before further investigation, he will however need to find a place safe from blooming, where to establish their new base of operations. Perhaps the place where Alel succeeded in holding out?

Rolling for:
Quick preparations before departure.
Finding a safer place for the hideout.

The researchers continue to observe the growth of the small cedya creature, they wish to see how it will develop on it's own. However, in order to ensure the safety of the being, a puruu control node is implanted to it, so that it remains under the control of the researchers.

The lessons learned from the first ligean, and it's flight, are being applied to the cedya transport flyer project. In addition, the discoveries made from the wyvern bones have provided some new ideas for the makeup of the lightweight skeleton. The attempts of capturing overblungs are abandoned, for now, in favor of studying the lubs more heavily, Attempts are made to integrate these lighter than air balloons to the structure of the flyer prototype.
Experiments are also made on if the gas could just be harvested from the lubs.
Rolled 16, 5, 14, 5, 14, 15, 15, 2, 2 = 88

Section 1 is experimenting on methods of just partially draining the oils from the Kafasha, allowing it to restore the fluids after each "harvest", while sustaining no long term damage.

The engine project continues, as the researchers of section 10 further refine the structure of their "Fire guts". How powerful, were these engines even? A new prototype moto is built, the Ifal Fa engine at it's heart, to see how it differs from the TA engines. The main problem with the engine project, is the crippling lack of metal the Ifal Fa have. They can only get metal at high prices, traded from Lufae, who also have bought it from others. Currently, the Ifal Fa have managed to buy some metal from Lufae, by selling them blung oil, and teaching them it's uses. A great cost, in the "eyes" of the coven, and thus, this sort of dependency on others must end quickly. Teams are sent to locate potential sources of metal. Surely, it must exist somewhere, if the songless can acquire it in such high amounts?

Rolling for: (9 rolls)
Observing the growth of the ligean's "offspring."
Continued flier project.
Emulating the wyvern bones in the light weight skeleton.
Integrating the floating lubs to the flier.
Harvesting gas from lubs.
Developing a method of draining the blung oil from the kafasha, without harming it permanently.
Refining the engine design.
Testing the new engines in a moto prototype.
Acquiring metal sources.
File: 1372265065486.png-(31 KB, 344x287, CodexAstartesSupportsThis(...).png)
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Still need APoe to respond to this.

OH! I didn't realize you wanted Falc to act on behalf of all the Katumoiset. Sorry about that.
File: 1372276192769.jpg-(53 KB, 500x551, download.jpg)
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Rolled 9

Time for a random event. See what we can come up with, GMs.
Geists cannot into metal

With the Ferok Kranos having defeated the Ohkuko leader, it now remains to be decided what to do with them. There are some shallow caves to the east of Varoseg, little things that were formed when the Burning Lands were more active and spread farther. The geists can live there for now, for their own comfort, but unless they can tunnel like madmen, they will need homes. Perhaps they might live in the underbelly of Varoseg? Quite a few buildings have connected cellars that could be expanded to house the Ohkuko. However, by order of Ontok Banok, the brutes would help Varoseg in its war for the Firil Sea. If they can stomach being on a ship, they could be of great use in taking islands. The rest will begin to make their homes, either in the caves or in Varosegs underbelly. Of course, they must also establish a means to support themselves. Varoseg takes them in out of generosity and kindness, but that does not extend far enough to let them live without work. They must try to start either breeding the shell emils, or else use the skills and knowledge only geists have learned (Would the Ohkoku know flesh-singing?)
Rolled 18, 12, 16, 20 = 66

FORTUNE. You need to vote on whether we allow the Katumoiset into the trade pact.


Public reaction to conscription does not deter the Feloshaz. It is taking the dregs of society and the Ferok Kranos is molding them into soldiers! They are doing a service to the people. Still, these conscripts have no skill in leadership. The Torzet Clans, descendants of the major families of the Torzet, are asked to give their best and brightest to lead these conscripts into battle, as an officer caste.

While it stands firm on conscription, the members of the Feloshaz back down from the industrial quarter. It employs a great many people, and it is angry that it is being ordered about. It is now given back the free reign to sell to who it wills, but taxes on sales within Varoseg and its land are lowered, to create incentive to provide for the three troop ships to carry the conscripts, their officers, and now these brutes, into battle.

Rolling for
Ohkoku establishing their homes (below 10 is in the caves. above 10 is in the underbelly of Varoseg. 10 is UNEXPECTED)
Establishing a Clan-Officer Corps to lead the conscripts
Continued conscription
Industrial quarter selling steel to the shipwright instead of to the TA

The Ohkuko did not have flesh singers among them, to my knowledge, and seeing how they seemed to originate from the geists the Lufae absorbed when they began colonizing the cavern network, I doubt that they have that great understanding of Flesh Singer stuff. Maybe rudimentary emils shaping skills at best, seeing how they would have needed those to repair and maintain their vessel.
File: 1372280810946.jpg-(7 KB, 250x193, 1338015316142[1].jpg)
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Well, the Korobushka haven't really had any run-ins with the Katumoiset, so they see no problems allowing in their brother shwirms into a compact they forgot they were part of.
Ohkoku can shape emils to a limited degree. They fall behind the ifal fa who fall behind the lufae in this area. The ohkoku quality is indicated by their ark. Kinda poor. The big thing they do brong with them is the ability to construct air extractors for underwater uses. Though again, there are some limits to this as it too is an older generation construct. Namely first generation. Still has its uses
Rolled 6, 4, 17, 10 = 37

Well, at least they can make emil shells, to compete with the Lufae. Perhaps they've developed different tech since we've retconned them to having been absorbed rather than created by the Lufae.

Dr. Yaksun disappears quietly, and nothing his heard of him, his or his log'ead bodyguard ever again. In reality, they're just back on Osuzaks old plantation, living off their inheritance

Fortunately, his notes were left behind, and according to them galate could be produced by something other than a laccora, though he only takes into account other living organisms, like the bio-constructs of the Lufae and Thunderhorns of the laccora fields. What little is usable for making a mechanical method of producing galate is his notes on chemicals and magnets. His former apprentice, Kilisy Dasay, who has remained behind, insists excitedly that, with funding, he can develop a method of creating galate, using simple magnets. When questioned on how the mysterious forces of magnets can be made to produce galate only found in laccoras, he insists that his principles link galate and the forces of magnets. The shwirm scientists that have been hired to review hsi work are skeptical, but hopeful he understands something they don't. Will the boy be the Michael Faraday of this world? Or does he have the same madness as Yaksun and his family? It mattes little if he can free the Tanacs Azseg from the tyranny of those disgusting laccoras, and show the Elenii a thing or two. Some wealthy clans are beginning to issue weapons made specifically to allow them to be safely galated. Safely galated for the user that is.
Ignore those rolls. I forgot to clear the dice field

While former apprentice Kilisy tries to show some skeptical shwirm engineers his device, the factory is already being rebuilt. A request is put in to the Katumoiset for a large number of slaves to speed construction. And with Varoseg now diverting all its steel to its own navy, Tledusua must wait, and it might have to wait especially long if the Katumoiset cannot break the blockade that Nod is trying to set up

Worried by the delays, Ontoz attempts to take a stand with the Hecer Tankaz of Nag Palka on a more united Nag Ber'Ek. However, rather than support Grokuf Hecer as the supreme leader of the Nag Ber'Ek log'eadz, he supports an alternative: An elected position to replace that of Grokuf, like a version of the Oamenii Emperor that is non-hereditary. If this does not bring the other cities back in line, the trend towards balkanization will only continue

In Endaskie, the new gliders are now a common thing, used by everyone to easily descend from one section of the city to another without having to wait for a lubavator to bring them safely down or up. You just unfold it from your back, or rent one from someone with a stand of them by the edge of your district, strap it on, and then jump and glide down to your desired district. Given its widespread usage, the glider will surely see personal innovation, like means of propulsion more effective than flapping some wings. The log'eadz are even trying to use fans attached to motors to propel themselves!
Rolled 12, 19, 3, 1, 16, 10, 7 = 68


The new doctors at the Temple-Ossuary of Nag Palka are shocked to learn their coleauges have dicovered that, in fact, disease-demons are physical. And they're everywhere! This revelation is prompting the creation of means to sanitize environments that see frequent visits by the sick, and sanitization of the sick themselves. One log'ead contacts an old Elenii friend of his, an alchemist, asking if he has anything that can kill the little disease-demons? The same group that first discovered these disease-demons, and their new converts, set out about all of Nag Palka, trumpeting the dangers of filth and uncleanliness. Hopefully they don't create too much of a panic

Rolling for
Apprentice Dasays little device as a demonstration of the relationship between magnetism and electricity
Developing weapons made specifically to use galate
Rebuilding the steel mill with slave labor
Creating a Holy Rom Emperor who is neither holy, nor roman, nor an emperor
Glider innovations
Developing antisceptics
Getting people to be clean and healthy
BUMPAHKIIN, BUMPAHKIIN, Naal ok zin los vahriin
Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal
Ahrk fin norok paal graan
Fod nust hon zindro zaan
Bumpahkiin, Fah hin kogaan mu draal
The great ship is somehow attacked, undetected until the last moment by raider vessels. Sleek and deadly, they quickly caused lucky damage to the submersion mechanism of the ship, and began quickly causing massive damage. The ship was soon disabled and taking on water. A lucky intervention by the joint ship "The song" saved the ship from immediate threat. The new breachers are lighter, made with some imported metal and glass in critical areas, as well as thinner components. The sea floor habitats were dropped from the surface and sunk into a trench region, quickly imploding. Thankfully they were test units and only a few cave geists died in them. Math! The Lufae get it, a long quest for knowledge has begun in earnest. ((i have a problem with this metal roll, just as i do bronze's attempts at duplicating your efforts. the lufae have very, very, much. Metal is something they will have to import)) Surveyors manage to find an underwater graveyard there a katumoiset "cancer star" colony ship has come to rest. There is some ferrous material in it that can be salvaged. New mining tools are developed in the form of more complex constructs, and modular suits that can be outfitted for mining duty. The Ifal fa tunnel will be done sooner then previously imagined, taking only a projected two years to complete. The tunnel will utilize a particularly deep flooded cavern, but it is a "hot way" running next to a powerful but stable magma channel, the water is boiling here, but the path is fairly "direct" a new class of sub will need to be built for just this application. The alternative is over several decades of exploration and digging. unacceptabru. The lava surfers seem to get across hot rocks and things by only making momentary contact with any one part of their body.
The burrow collapses when everyone was out preparing to gather their belongings after getting some fresh air. There goes preparations. The elevated section of forest will be the new hideout.
The cedya is now fully formed, and done developing. It resembles nothing in the wild. The flier project is going slow, but development in the periphery on other projects has benefited it. The bones are emulated successfully. The lubs do not do well with regards to emils slime like other creatures, there seems to be an almost biological incompatibility. Though this could explain why lub skin is often valued as an underwear for emils or cedya suits. Lubs can be "harvested" without killing them. ((not sure how to go about this)) The Kafasha grows back when harvested in small patches , and its vigerous growth seems to deal with this "pruning" quite well. (( >>25655769 please see the response to geists and moto engines here, the ifal fa do not have large foundries, the tooling, or capability to make large scale engines)) The new engine is further refined to run without quite so much thick black smoke as is a hallmark for these things. The new moto putters around slowly, but does not catch fire, nor does anyone die. Metal can be bartered for emils, which is poised to fill a niche for a very demanding market. ((even if the logeadz and geists will not trade due to mutual hatreds, perhaps the korobushkans or Nod can be middle men))
The geists quickly take up residence in the "under city" this was clearly not expected. Thankfully people are pretty indifferent, and never liked how dark or dank it was down there. The new leadership effort directs the conscripts effectively. A large portion of the conscripts are augmented by mandatory "service" to repay societal debts. Be they financial, or related to law, some slaves even are conscripted for "short" term from their owners, due to owed taxes on the owners behalf. Consider it repossession. Unable to turn down a massive profit the industrial quarter ceases all sales of metal to the TA for the duration of the ship's building process, and instead of three troop ships, nine are made. This is too many ships!
((as i told nad, the TA or it's derivatives will be unable to compete with the Lufae or its subsidiaries in emils shell making. this is one thing about this section of the game I am holding fast to. The ohkoku home ship itself is large but poorly built. their true value was with their ability to make crude air extractors, larger, heavier, and less efficient then the lufaes most recent ones, but working similarly.))
Fortune, I am having trouble creating content for you when you cant remember your own faction. My encyclopedic knowledge is only so huge. Then I falter. I strongly, strongly, suggest some interplay or development within your factions relationships now that your boarders are opened by this great train network. What happened to the Revolutionary faction, the slight unrest of the population, or the growing industrialism, why not put yourself into a position where you buy and sell to factions that otherwise do not get along, with slaves, will the korobushka buy into this? good profit? Will they handle it differently if they do? shruggingguy.jpg
i derped, forgot my name on the posts.
Zap. small zaps. but it works, and the Apprentice gains some financing from backers to continue research. This idle curiosity may be something large. ((continue to describe the workings, and ill continue to buy it. wikipedia is your friend.)) Galate weaponry come in the form of the "shock fist" Its really a large backpack full of juvenile lacorra, or a few larger adults. When jostled or moved much at all they become irritated. Most of the time their charge is circular, and flows back into them, recharging their own bio capacitors, but when the metallic fist makes contact with something that can take a charge. Well fuck. zap zap. Steel mill gets pushed to the wayside during the "Slave rebellion" in this region, kicked off by the violent backlash against one man trying to rule all. Soon a bitter civil war breaks out with many factions simply holding their ground, and walling up their cities. The city guard become each city's army. ((see early italy)). Gliders are enlarged significantly to accommodate these new fans, they loose some of their nimbleness though, but still...fun. Simple antisceptics are soon in circulation, getting the population to use soap however... this is much harder. a nation of fa/tg/uys.
Ooh, regarding the Lub skin harvesting, perhaps they molt periodically? In wild lubs, they peel in small slivers, but ones been in domestication may be bred to peel in larger sizes.
Danke for the results Nongent.

As the Mayor-Chiefs gather the city legions and prepare to march, Grokuf Hecer asks that the Oamenii stay out of this conflict. They may repel any attempts to invade their lands, but the must not interfere with this civil war, unless of course they back the Grokuf in his bid to claim true rulership of the Nag Ber'ek.

Now, onto the contenders in this civil war, the War of the Cities

Mayor-Chief Ontoz stands alone in this conflict that he does not muster his city legion to march. Instead, he decides to hole up behind his walls, and hope the economic might of his city is great enough to force everyone else to yield. If he's succesful, or no one attacks him and his city, then Tledusua might eventually march upon weakened rivals to restore order. A happy idea, but a far-fetched one. And with Varosegs own fleet complete, he can buy their steel to build his own fleet, to blockade Nepalk if it tries to attack Tledusua, or hit Neloaw if it does the same.

Keletiz stands closest to the plains of any Nag Ber'Ek city, even more so than Nag Palka. Consequently, it claims quite a few of the frontier towns, and does its best to bring them into its war effort, marshaling a force that, while lacking in vehicles and armor that the other cities posses, far outnumbers them all. As old friends of the Klezmer, they beg them to send aid, or at the very least cut off trade with their rivals in this war. The Mayor-Chief of Keletiz, Foldmuves Alsonz, will lead the army personally, bolstering what he gathers from the frontier towns with his clanguard

Nepalk stands at the eastern edge of the Iosan Provinces, and is wedged tightly between the Oamenii and the Iosans. It is a rival for Tledusua, but it is not nearly as might or developed. Possessing the smallest army of all the cities in this war, it does its best to fend of probing forces from Keletiz and Neloaw. Its best hope is to ally with one of its two opponents, which might tip the balance of this war

While Neloaw is nominally apart of the Iosan Provinces, it has entered itself into this war. Seeking to put the Nag Ber'Ek in the place they once put the Iosans, Neloaw sends forth a city-legion supported by the fleet of airships that once assured Iosand independence. However, it must beware, for Tledusua could sail the new fleet it is building up through the lub forest to deposit an army not far from the city.

And finally, mighty Nag Palka stands alone, save for its thrall-town, Tower. With the largest industrial capacity of any of the cities, it has a great fleet of armored haulers, swift motos of the design once used by gangers, and now more galate weaponry than all the rest of the Nag Ber'Ek combined. In addition, its control of Tower gives it a handful of airships with which to hold off its opponents. Not quite the same as Neloaws mighty armada of the air, but a potent force all the same. The mighty Grokuf Hecer Tankaz, supposed Grand Chief of the Nag Ber'Ek, he will see this war done when he is either dead or crowned Emperor of the Nag Ber'Ek with the skulls of his foes.

In all of this, Cruncholm fears nothing. Its support, with the resources of all its land on the western side of the Great Channel, its great, if spread out, population, and great packs of super-crunchas made by Dr, Yaksun could surely make a victory for whoever they support. But will they intervene? Its rulers are notoriously steadfast neutrals in matters of politics.
This seems to be referring to gas harvesting, not skin. I think it'd just be that lubs can't stay afloat after harvesting, but they're not immediately killed by it. Skin harvesting would probably be lethal.
Rolled 4, 4, 13, 2, 16, 3 = 42

As the armies begin their marches, hundreds flee the countryside for the plains. They will not see their lives destroyed, so they will take what they can and try to build anew on the reclaimed land. It is like a reverse of the exodus from the plains.

The movements begin. Hecer takes his army forth from Nag Palka to meet Keletiz in battle on the edge of the plains, a host machines versus a host of bodies. Neloaw tries to entice Nelpak with the proposed destruction of Tledusua to make it the premier port of the TA, while Ontoz hurriedly builds his precious fleet and stacks his walls higher. Nelpak tries to bargain with the Katumoiset for enough slaves to bolster its army to be of use, and Cruncholm watches the war as it unfolds

Rolling for
Tledusua building its fleet and defences (two rolls)
The battle between Nag Palka and Keletiz (High favors Nag Palka, low favors keletiz)
Neloaw convincing Nelpak to join it
Whether or not Cruncholm intervenes
Refugees settling the plains
Rolled 20

forgot to roll for Nelpak getting its hands on slave soldiers
File: 1372316276359.png-(12 KB, 310x357, Yapap gatherer.png)
12 KB
I actually like this idea in addition to the gas. It would make sense for molting lubs as the algee that grows on them gets to be too heavy, they simply shed it off.
you forgot the dark horse of this race. Gred's own legacy. Will they seize power, and take power from those too weak to deserve it? Does this place not have enough power to steam roll all fools? DO YOU EVEN GRED'S LAW?!
Tledusua could have done better, it's fleet and defenses were both meager, not much more then what they had started out with when beginning war preparations. Keletiz rolls in on Nag Palka, an army of fronteermen, armed with cheaper knock off equipment from the Klezmer, and even riding a fair number of the highly dangerous solos. Swarm tactics win the day. Neolaw and Nelpak quickly join forces to prepare for a fight with larger foes. Crunchholm stayed put, they are content. Trade with the Nod, the Katumoiset, A railway from the Korobushkan lands and even sporadic contact with lufae diplomatic merchants has made them wealthy and powerful. Their science has seen that only grow in number. They will wait this out and continue their role in the TA..for now. Refugees are picked off by eager Katumoiset slavers in the dead of night, with little hard evidence of the acts. They cannot resell Logead slaves here, but back in Kaalimaa and the other citys, Logeadz fetch a fair price. Oh yes. oh yes indeed. It was a perfect cover too, as the Nelpak needed a legion of slaves, and were more then willing to buy slaves, many...dear fuck...all of them. Zep had been busy, very busy lately, and was growing to be quite a powerful and influential Schwirm in these lands and back home. The leaders of Nelpak did not care from where the slave soliders came, if they fled the to the plains, in their eyes they were deserters, and fit to form a penal leigon. haha..penal.

Didn't the lava surfer worms use some sort of hyper insulating and heat resistant slime to protect their bodies from the heat of the scorched rocks?
The Lufae could probably use this slime to improve their glass factories.

As for the metal working and mining, I don't plan on the Lufae competitng with the TA on that field, the mine's purpose was just ensure a source of metal the Lufae could utilize for components in their stuff, so that they would not be utterly dependent on imported metal.
File: 1372317790931.png-(1011 KB, 849x721, TA and Geist after the war.png)
1011 KB
1011 KB PNG
Here is an updated-ish map of TA territory (orange) and the three Lufae-derived factions. The dark purple is the groomed soundscape, the lighter purple is the wild soundscape, while the bluish purple near Ifal Fa is the hostile soundscape. The light green stuff is the dream forests.
Hate to complain, but that map is missing the western Lufae territories, and Tamar Kat, their city at the great channel, shown here: >>25600491
In addition, if you look trough the peace summit, the territory agreements between the Lufae, Ifal Fa and TA went differently. They didn't yield that much land to TA. As I am on my phone, I can't post the map, but it is found in the Summit google doc. The yellow areas the TA requested, were not yielded to them.
I think it'd make for sense for the lubs to digest the excess algae rather than shedding it, which in turn keeps their floatation sac filled.
File: 1372319045680.png-(217 KB, 599x343, 1370549412294.png)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
I did use the map you linked, but I haven't gotten my hands on the googledoc map yet. That was combined with the map of previous TA holdings, this one actually, and it shows that the eastern TA territory (the Oamenii side) is really that close to Ifal Fa. I'll fix the map after getting the new peace accords one.

Yeah. the maps are kind of confused. I placed the Ifal Fa where I did, based on the old south game. Nothing in those threads had anything about oamenii settlements in those regions, (and if there was, I missed it) so until bronze made that map, I had no idea that the Oamenii supposedly had settlements so close to Ifal Fa. That is why the Ifal Fa raided south western regions, because that was where I assumed the TA borderlands were.
The coastal regions directly south f Ifal Fa, I assumed to be mostly uninhabited, with the exception of the Katumoiset slavers, which the Ifal Fa warred against in those lands.

Also, regarding the lub harvesting, the Ifal Fa harvest the gas. Taking the skin kills the lub. So basically, the Ifal Fa only take the skin too, when the lub is nearing death, and it's gas production vanes.
File: 1372322393483.png-(1010 KB, 849x721, south cont near end of me(...).png)
1010 KB
1010 KB PNG
Aight, lub is fine as is.
After I've seen the peace accords stuff, here is the revised map, the blue line denotes the borders of Lufae and Ifal Fa combined. The purple area is just soundscape.
File: 1372338048130.png-(161 KB, 1200x1020, Ifal Fa mini titan.png)
161 KB
161 KB PNG

Bumbing with a depiction of the Ligean's "babby"
Rolled 19

But... That railway would have to extend across the great channel! And I only just started building it from nag palka into lufae lands under supervision. There is no way it reaches Cruncholm. And the roll for the battle between Nag Palka and Keletiz was high, which is a victory for Nag Palka. No worries though, I posted a shit ton of a stuff late at night. I'll handle this. First, an accurate result for the battle, and then onto more rolls

The battle between Nag Palka and Keletiz was fierce. Both cities mayor-chiefs were in their armies, leading them to the fight. The teeming horde of Keletiz smashed into the metal charge of huge motos, armed with bladed dozers, that crushed the footmen under their treads. More than of these huge metal-cathedrals would be overwhelmed by swarming soldiers, but flamers put an end to that. Swift harrasment on the flanks saw the swarm of soldiers bunch up, and the small number of airships broke that bunched up army with a few well placed drops of mining charges. Alsonz retreats with his broken army, which is now disintegrating to return to the plains, feareful of continued fighting. He has no choice but to stay put, and acknowledge someone else as supreme ruler of the Nag Ber'Ek when all is said and done, unless the war drags on long enough for Alsonz to gather a new army to try again.
Rolled 20, 8, 5 = 33

With Keletiz defeated, the Grokuf can now turn to Neloaw. Without Nelpak to reinforce it, Neloaw must rely on its great airship fleet, which is not the worst thing in the world, as it far outstrips the pitiful gathering Grokuf Hecer has, and could devastate his army if it tried to march on the Iosan city. Approaching Neloaw is a dangerous task, because while the toffys and foffys are mighty artillery weapons, their effectiveness against flying targets is unknown, while the lethality of those same weapons against a marching army from an airship is a proven thing. Either a way must be found to counter the air superiority of the Iosan city, or an alliance gained with Tledusua for a naval assault to bring Neloaw to its knees.

Feeling threatened by the potential of an alliance between the two most industrious and economically powerful cities of this war, Neloaw begs its brothers in Endaskie to descend upon its foes in a rain of fire. Yet, the mighty floating city may take the same path as Cruncholm, sitting back and watching for who the victor is, or even worse, going for full independence from the TA to become a floating nation unto itself.

Meanwhile, Nelpak moves to besiege Keletiz with its new slave army. It will be swarm of footmen versus swarm of footmen. Alsonz scrambles to make trenches and pallisades to bolster the short, tiny walls of his city, but the clanguard of Nelpak drive their new slaves as to battle with a previously unknown ferocity. The littlest city will not be bullied around! It shall show the other cities its might!
Rolling for
Nag Palka and Tledusua forming an alliance
Nelpaks siege of Keletiz
Endaskies response to Neloaws call
File: 1372350471879.png-(202 KB, 2000x1400, Lufae fort sub.png)
202 KB
202 KB PNG

The great ship is brought back to shallower seas, where it is put under repair. This event showcased the danger what a critical breach can cause in a ship of this size, and because of this, the Lufae engineers decide to ad heavy flood gates to the insides of the vessel, so that flooding sections can be sealed off from a breach.
The denizens of the floating settlements continue to improve their dwelling designs. The openness of the sea they are subjected to in their floating settlements, disturbs them, and because of this, they see this only as a temporary situation. Ideally, they would slowly submerge their settlements, so that they could live under the waves, in much more comfortable existence. (These folks are considered pretty much insane by the rest of Lufae. Even their tunnel dweller ancestors are quite confused why they want to live in the seafloor. The pioneer mentality is strong with the tunnel dwellers though, and this sort of new frontier intrigues many of them.)

In order to make better calculations, and applications for their art, the Mathematicians, also known as Tala Maiak, the Truth Seekers, are trying to develop measurement devices. These devices would perhaps allow them to observe the mathematical logic of the world more clearly.

(The Lufae did discover a source of metal ores, in one results IG gave me. I have no doubt that the TA are better at crafting metal stuff, but the Lufae have already utilized imported metal for way over a century. They know how to shape it into the stuff they need, mostly just components in their emils devices. Their own metal source would lessen their need for imported metal, but not replace it completely.)
While new ore sources are not discovered, the new mining gear is put to use in the existing one, so that the Lufae could lessen their need to buy metal from their neighbors.
In addition, the Lufae also start looting the wreck of the Katumoised city ship laying on the sea floor.

The discovery of the boiling tunnel, while lucky in a sense that it hastens the speed of the "highway" project to Ifal Fa immensely, it also presents it's own problems.
Sub engineers are tasked with developing submarines, which could withstand the high temperatures of the tunnel.
Despite this discovery, the Lufae continue to dig east, expanding/mapping their tunnel and cavern network further.

(The lava surfers insulate themselves with a specialized slime coating, remember?)
The Kafalites are intrigued by the potential of this strange, insulating slime. One wonders what sorts of applications it could have!

Khuna had been laying low since the end of the War, working as the King's personal Adviser, while he himself worked on his own plans.
The nature of his own existence, continued to puzzle him, but it was the least of his worries. He felt that he needed to continue his role as a guardian of the Lufae, and by extension, all other Children of Lupai, but to do that, he needed aid. Covertly, he had started gathering up a group of specialists, agents if you will, which would work under his orders, as his ears in both the Lufae, and the Ifal Fa lands. He himself, would draw too much attention from others, if he showed himself.
Rolled 3, 11, 5, 9, 7, 2, 9, 15, 6, 12 = 79

>no rolls for these, just general stuff.

The blung oil traded from Ifal Fa, and the heating and cooking abilities it grants, has grown quite popular in Lufae lands. It is used for heating especially in the smaller settlements, which are not as well insulated by the ground, as they aren't built as deep, like the ones dotting the farmlands of the western Lufae territory.

The rail road project goes as expected, the Lufae warriors guarding both the TA and the Korobushka workers, and also establishing their own security points to monitor movement of cargo and people alike.

The news of the civil war going on in TA lands, doesn't take long to reach the ears of King Nahel II. This news, causes some concern in the royal court, but also sparks a cunning idea in the mind of the king.
"Send a Diplomat to Tledusua, I have a proposition to Mayor-Chief Ontoz..."

Rolling for: (10 rolls)
>Repairing the great ship.
>Building flood gates to the great ship.
>Making sea floor habitats.
>Developing measuring devices.
>Utilizing the improved digging tools to establish the first (and probably only) mine.
>Looting the sunken star.
>Developing a sub for the boiling tunnels.
>Continued exploration/expansion of the eastern caverns.
>Finding uses for the lava surfer slime.
>Khuna forming a team to work as his agents.
File: 1372351602229.png-(1.25 MB, 849x721, the railroad.png)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
A picture of the railroad through TA territory.

Welp. I'm done. It's been a nice run, Babakushya, but we're fucked sideways.
File: 1372354858789.png-(158 KB, 1200x1020, Ifal Fa mini titan armored.png)
158 KB
158 KB PNG

(Picture of the cedya derived from the Ligean.)

The Ligeaan Pasai, Child of Ligean, impresses it's Flesh Singer creators tremendously. It might be the greatest hybrid they have ever made, a direct offspring, of the Ligean itself. Immediately, it is clad in heavy shell armor, so that it's combat performance could be tested. In addition, a patch of it's sporing tissue is removed, so that the Ifal Fa could breed more of them.

The work on the great flier continues. A new, even lighter skeleton is made for the flier, based on the wyvern bone structure. Treated lub skin sacks, are filled with harvested gas from still living lubs, and then attached to this skeleton, making it even lighter, and also becoming part of the skeleton's support structure. They have tiny valves installed in them, which are connected to tubes that lead to the surface of the external parts of the framework, so that the sacks can be easily refilled.
To this framework, cedya tissue from both existing flying cedyas, and the first ligean, is attached. This fungal tissue's growth will be directed, so that it assumes the desired form over the skeleton.

With the demand growing for the blung oil, Section 6 has been tasked with the development, and construction of a harvester machine, that would extract blung oil from the Kafasha. The device's workings are based on Lufae bio constructs, which the Ifal Fa have managed to acquire few examples of. Unlike the TA grinders, these extractors harvest the blung oil without ripping the the Kafasha from the soil completely, instead, it slices up surface layers of the material, allowing the Kafasha to restore itself faster after each harvest.
Rolled 15, 1, 7, 12, 7, 12, 4, 10, 4 = 72


(The Ifal Fa aren't making engines in high quantities. They are still developing them. The goal of the refinement process was to reduce the metallic parts to the absolute minimum.) With the low supply of metals the researchers have, they continue to experiment on replacement emils parts for the metallic ones.
The power output of these refined "fireguts" continues to be tested in the moto prototypes. In addition, few of these engines have been installed to the crane devices, in order to replace the need of manually lifting the heavy loads with the cranes.
In addition, section 10 continues to refine the sight masks. They are doing their best to reduce the overwhelming sensation input test subjects get when wearing these masks.

The K'ark weapons (bord guns) were devastating during the war, as were the Lacorra worms. Now in the time of peace, the researchers also have more time to understand these organisms more deeply. The sight masks reveal strange lights when emanating from the Lacorras, and the bords, when they unleash their "Killing songs". What are these lights?"

Rolling for: (9 rolls)
>Testing the combat capabilities of the mini titan.
>Breeding more of mini titans.
>Great flier project.
>Developing a blung oil extractor construct.
>Refining the engines further.
>Testing out new generations of engines.
>Finding additional uses for the engines. (Crane power for example)
>Improving sight masks.
>Studying the electricity of Lacorras and toruz bords.
File: 1372356283756.png-(6 KB, 707x429, Lufae, Ifal Fa, Thaka(...).png)
6 KB
Rolled 18, 1, 4, 2, 13, 16, 11, 18, 12, 13, 10 = 118


Thaka and his pack begin their work of establishing their base of operations in the elevated woods.
For the following several years, they shall monitor the songless activity in these surrounding woods, and also make brief incursions to the plains surrounding the Holy woods, to both scout out activity in the plains, as well as to slowly spread the divine woods further to the plains.
They shall also hunt down any slavers they encounter.
As this operation will take many years, it is expected that the numbers of the pack will grow, due to natural reasons.

(I dunno what to do with him and his pack anymore, to be honest.)

In Neta Daan, the trade with Lufae has increased the quality of life of the village tremendously. The access to emils equipment, has allowed the village to grow in size, as well as establish some form of industries of their own. Some are trying, or already selling lumber to Lufae, though this habit has raised the ire of the more traditional people, who see this act as defiling the holy forest. The Seer Council is trying to find a peaceful, and religiously acceptable solution to this conflict. The Dahao Lu have another export too. Their dream rot is quite sought after in Lufae lands, rot trade is quite profitable. Because of this, some Dahao Lu traders are attempting to grow rot varieties, that induce pleasant dreams, instead of the rotten ones.

Rolling for: (11 rolls)
>Thaka's pack.
Seeing how well the base is established.
How good hunting grounds surround it.
How well the operation goes in general.
Investigating songless activity.
Scouting the plains.
Spreading the Dream forest to the plains, by planting saplings.
Hunting slavers.
How much the pack grows.

>General stuff.
How well the lumber industry takes on.
Solving the religious conflicts about lumber industry.
Establishing rot "farms" where most valued rot types are grown.

Here is also the timeline comparisons between the groups I have developed. Thaka is quite bit behind.
Well, my rolls have been kinda dissapointing this day. The only good rolls I have gotten, have been on less important stuff.
Oh well.
Also, bronze, the Lufae have sent a diplomat to Tledusua. The King has an proposal for the Major-chief.

What do you mean?
That sub got badly damaged by a bunch of fucking Katumoiset slavers, though I would like to know how in the fuck did they attack a goddamn submarine. Still, it is far from unsinkable.
File: 1372358374700.jpg-(17 KB, 468x313, industrial-revolution[1].jpg)
17 KB
Rolled 19, 19 = 38

Part of that is that I need more industrialization before I oust Babakushya. More steam, more powah!

I suppose we could find a way to build up products faster... ah, yes. Assembly lines and interchangeable parts. Yesss. We shall go that route. Plus, it will engender a paradigm shift, creating a middle class, and we all know that heralds quite a few changes.

> Rolling for:
1. Assembly lines
2. interchangeable parts
File: 1372358642551.gif-(1.94 MB, 278x278, mask - somebody stop me!.gif)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
File: 1372358955515.png-(1.25 MB, 849x721, Railroads.png)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG

In the peace summit with the Lufae, Ifal Fa and Ta, it was agreed that the railways could be also made trough Lufae lands.
However, the Lufae demanded that they would be allowed to construct security stops, and monitor the people and cargo that passes trough their lands, so that they could maintain the security of their nation.
Bumb before bed.

Also, have some awesome, though completely unrelated, music.
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ignore that I'M SAD. Leftover from another post
With your new industrial might, and my a third of the TA wrapped up in a civil war while the Oamenii and most of the Iosans sit back and watch, you can become the most industrialized power on the continent. Babakushya ought to seize the chance, and try to find ways of using this new galate power! Onward comrade, to glory!
Nag Palka and Tledusua do more then form an alliance. They team up, entangling their forces so throughly there is little distinction besides decorations on equipment. The people get along famously, and they prepare for glory. The seige of Keletiz is a brief rush of forces, followed up with a very bristly reception. The walls of Keletiz are not breached, but the defenders also are not going anywhere, and the enemy has the food and time to wait it out for now. Endaskie will not support Neloaw, but they will not hinder them either...in fact Endaskie might stand to profit, using their airships as transports and supply craft for the highest bidders...several times over.
The korobushka have figured out two very important things, Assembly lines and interchangeable parts. They may not have the same level of quality as the TA, or the absolute uniqueness of the Lufae, nor the aesthetic perfection found from the Nod, but by the mountain, they had men, they had men, and they had the drive. Factories had long played with early iterations of assembly lines, but this was the real deal. Engineers came up with their own unique idea born out of excess parts. Why not use the same parts on many things? Standardize things a little. Under tight state control the old soul of the nation had been violently stripped away, and replaced, to ensure the greatness of a new nation that took the place of the old. Soon Korobushkan brand products flood the market at a cheaper affordable price, even the civial war going on to their south is being partially fueled by Korobushkan brand equipment. The Slavers of the Katumoiset offer the great voice of the moutain a small sampling of slaves, a paltry 100, just to show her how useful they are, in hopes of sparking up interest. "Workers who work for nothing more then food, and if you don't feel like it, perhaps not even that." Zep's messenger chattered eagerly.
(submarines are not constantly submerged, and the sub might have had to surface for a period of time when it was attacked by the slavers as a moment of opportunity for whatever reason. I figure that was kinder then the sub sinking)
The great ship is still in bad shape, but no longer sinking. It is still flooded in the lower deck. Newly installed flood gates will prevent this sort of disaster from happening so easily in the future. It has been a learning experience. Continued efforts pay of and sea floor habitations are established. Simple units of measurement are developed, involving distances, weight, volume and acoustic density. These will be the foundation of something big. The great Lufae mine is dug slowly and deliberately, with no major event. The star's wreckage was insane, both in scope and architecture. Without cutting tools the super structure would have to remain at the sea floor. Thankfully the TA happens to have some saws that may be re purposed with some effort, and obtained with some business know how. The sub for the boiling tunnels is made, it is a simple, but quick thing. It needs to be, the heat and pressure down there are dangerous. The eastern caverns are rather mild in nature, mostly requiring dig teams to break down frequent walls into more chambers. smooth enough digging, but it will be a while. For now lava surfer slime is just used to lubricate the engines, and protect against thermal break down. It is also a food additive. delicious. Khuna manages to get ears and eyes around for him. For now he is able to pose as the Geist in the suit. Questions about his body are dismissed as eccentrics, and rumors range that he is horribly scarred, to the absurd that he is a small cave geist in a large suit.
The Ifal Fa are ecstatic about the combat prowess of the small titan. The unit may be able to replace several of the other variants! Bouncing Cave schwar ate the sample intended to grow more units. bastards.
Ontoz, seeing the weakness of his city on its own, with its economic might over the other cities broken by this war, stands before the Grokuf to submit to him. He offers the mighty Hecer Tankaz a new chainsword, freshly made with new galaters, filled with only the finest laccoras. It is clear that if these two cities triumph, it will not be a victory of equals, but a victory for the Grokuf. Now, the small city legion of Tledusua joins the mechanized army of Nag Palka, and prepares to bring the other cities in line. Their first target is Neloaw, while Keletiz is besieged by Nelpaks slave army. To even the odds against Neloaws airfleet, offers are made to Endaskie for its invaluable support. Feeling threatened, Neloaw musters what it can, but the simple Iosans that live outside their only city do not like this war. They live in the great forest around Neloaw, or else run fish-farms in the lub forest. They do not want this war when they are already free from the Nag Ber'Ek! If the Grokuf leaves them be and does not replace the leaders of Neloaw with Nag Ber'Eki or worse, Aynadee, the Iosans of the countryside will not fight.

As the Grokuf musters his forces to march upon Neloaw, hopefully with the aid of Endaskie, he does his best to secure the lands between Tledusua and Nag Palka, a critical, industrialized area. If restored, it will be a boon to the war effort, making new machines to replace those lost in the eventual battle for Neloaw.
fucking hopping cave schwars eat the titan sample. They will suffer greatly, becoming skewered Kebabs.The flyer takes to the skies. A bloated thing, full of gas, with rapidly buzzing wings. It at least works, could use some work on the next version. the blung oil extractors will work, its alot like mowing the lawn. New engines continue to be built in small numbers, they getting more stream lined with less and less material, consequently they dont put out massive power, but are quiet and very light weight. The new engines are popular with the small geist personal vehicles and their drivers. There are few new ideas for the engines, put perhaps clever individuals will try to propose new ones to the council. Some suggest turning around and selling their engines to outsiders for a profit, either directly or by intermediaries. The sight masks are improved, new cranial implants are very small, at least externally. The geists who volunteer for this are taken excellent care of as they recover from the invasive surgery. Electricity remains confusing.
Thaka's base is more of a small village. There is absolutely no food in the area around thakka's base. only miles of vegetation, extended trips must be made to hunt, but at least they are isolated and safe from the dream rot. Things do not go so good, as some of their buildings collapse during a strong storm, and this detracts from songless study as they must rebuild. After recovering, the plains are scouted, and large slow shelled creatures are found, who make for good eating. The saplings are planted in good soil, and safe places, in time the forest will grow, though the bloom will only pass through as it does everywhere else. Several bands of slavers are found, and removed from the area, and this life. The pack grows large over the years, and Thaka is a proud father. ((you can end this chunk of his story with his pack becoming a village or town if you wish))
Rolled 19, 14, 2, 11, 18 = 64

Seeing all the turmoil going on in their homeland, the chiefs of Cruncholm see a golden opportunity to use the confusion to their advantage. Having come to envy the Elenii city of Leng, its growing ability to bring life to the desert, and now its great galate producing capabilities, they begin to prepare for their own war. First, they declare themselves independent of the Tanacs Azseg, and then make a quick strike to try and catch Leng before it can gather any real forces. If they take the city before it can react, they will hold it hostage against any retaliation by Nod.

With the majority of Keletizs former army returned to the plains, those one-time soldiers start using what little they learned to help new settlers. They try to use the old moto designs that were favored by the gangs, zooming across the reclaimed areas to protect travellers from slavers, bandits and blungs. Some call them Hageros, Dust-Ghosts, for the dust they kick up when they ride in to save the day, and ride out to continue their work. Of course, that's what they'll be known as if they're successful

Rolling for
Continued siege of Keletiz
The Grokuf buying help from Endaskie
Securing the industrial area (known as the Smoky Basin)
Cruncholms surprise attack on Leng
Success of the Hageros
Lumber is gained by cutting one out of every so many trees, this lets the forest regrow and does not strip the land. "Pruning" has always been a part of keeping balance. By pruning the forest the geists can keep the whole healthy, and this is acceptable. The Dahao Lu become exporters of exciting new drugs. Two flavors, original, and good. The good rot spores are known as "Dahao Lu Pink" for their coloration. Quite popular as a recreational drug amongst the lower classes of the other tribes.
Anyone here?

Also, Bronze, the Lufae have sent a diplomat to Tledusua.
bump before bed
Keletiz falls as one of the walls was blown inward from a collection of toffy/foffy warheads packed onto a hauler and driven by a madman who bailed out at the last minute. Some say he walked away from the explosion never looking back. what a cool dude. The city defenders were overwhelmed, and over half surrendered as the enemy kept pouring in. The Grokuf has wealth, wealth to spare, and Endaskie soon is ferrying around troops, food, supplies, and munitions for the Grokuf. In turn, Endaskie is using it's newfound wealth to buy more airships and equipment, going so far as to obtain some sheets of lufae made emils armor for their ships. The smoky basin is choked with smog, its workers now turned guardians wear respirators, and googles to keep out the stinging smoke and soot. Entire batallions were torched from several sides by flamer weilding milita men. Hageros manage the plains well, and soon copys begin to pop up at local villages. The Suprise attack on the Leng will have to wait, as poe runs the leng, and i will not allow non consensual pvp. He has to first agree to it, then if willing, run a counter roll.
Nad had something for you to see, I suggest checking it out. >>25679501
Long overdue, this result is.
The Urupuruu cast their vote in favor of the katumoiset, in conjunction with the vote from the TA, and the Korobushka, with two against from the Nod, and Lufae, they were in. The same protection, the same limitations. It was understood that every faction had renegade elements that could not be controlled, this was life, but that any protection garnered to the renegades would be viewed as support, and a potential break of faith in the pact.
-You can: harass, instigate, etc.
-You cant: Grab land, raze cities, etc.

Every action requires a counter roll by the defender.

Example: "Mercenaries are hired to go and sabotage a metal refinery in city A."
rolling for: Mercs success, or whatever other things they may have up their sleeve.
The defender would roll for some actions that are correct for this situation, primarily detection. or a simple defensive roll that would encompass all efforts.

The GM's will interpret this based on situation. lets say...a geist wants to assassinate the leader of the TA. well, even at rolling a 20 on the success, and a 3 on the defense, its a geist in a TA city. we would have to assume it is a fucking ninja, hiding at all times, and then get really lucky, and then again, it would be up to the GM's discretion on if that could even play out. If it were in an era where geists were more common to see, there would be a less severe degree of difficulty. In the end I personally am here to tell a story, and that's what I'll do my best to do.
Sorry for almost not responding today, was feeling a bit under the weather (compounded by a lack of sleep due to the rat incident). Bronze, Tledusa's having a diplomatic visit by the Lufae. Also, Korobushka, do not forget about your rebellion; what has come from it? Has it been made public yet? Is there currently a civil war amidst the industrial revolution?
File: 1372429237858.png-(207 KB, 2000x1400, Lufae fort sub.png)
207 KB
207 KB PNG

As the repairs continue on the great ship, Pamar Lua, the engineers decide to increase the number of water pumps so that water could be directed out from the submarine faster.
The successful attack of the Katumoiset slavers proved that the ship needs to be more capable of self defense. The great cannon, and puruu pods just weren't enough. Because of this, the number of puruu pods is increased, and additional, vehicle class modular weaponry is installed on the hull of the vessel. Like the great cannon, these weapons will be concealed within the hull of the ship while it is underwater. Weaponry of these pods ranges from impaler cannons, to acid sprayers, which will hopefully allow the Great Ship to protect itself better against enemies.

With the seafloor settlements finally established (They are only situated in the coastal seabed, not that deep. Probably 50-100 meters under the water at most.), the colonists begin to utilize the resources of the sea bed, using their subs and diving suits to locate and harvest useful materials, which to trade to mainland. These settlements also work as supply stations for the submarine forces of Lufae.

The Tala Maiak (the mathematicians) put their new measurement devices, and units to use fast. Some begin cataloging all sorts of things, like the average weight and density of rocks, and the speed of the wind, while others decide to spread their mathematical knowledge around, so that the general population could eventually utilize it. However, the greatest use for this new skill is in the ship construction industry. In order for the subs to withstand the pressure of the water, they need to be carefully made, process which needs mathematical skills. However, slowly, but surely, the demand for these mathematicians rises even in the traditional emils industries, as the heightened quality their skills bring, makes the products that much more valuable.
The excavation of the sunken star continues. The explorers are doing their best to rip off anything not firmly attached to the structure, using their diving suits, and even their subs, to break and tear valuable materials of the damn thing. Meanwhile, they are also doing their best to acquire few industrial saws of the TA, though they do not even know if they would work underwater.

With the eventual establishment of the tunnel route between the Lufae and the Ifal Fa, the trade between the two nations increases tremendously. The Ifal Fa are still however, quite secretive of most of their tech, and are only really willing to trade Blung oil and some base materials with the Lufae, in exchange of food, and other supplies and resources. There is also a rising suspicion of smuggling going on trough these tunnels, not just to Ifal Fa, but to the songelss nations as well. Outlying settlements can sell previous Lufae devices for quite high price, to the right buyer.
Because of this, the King and his court have decided upon the formation of a new Judicatory organization, the Sentinels. An order of semi military officials, authorized to police and monitor sub movements in the Lufae tunnel network. They will also enforce the already existing laws regarding the sub traffic in the tunnels. (Basically, traffic Cops.)

The explorers of the eastern caverns do their best to map out the tunnels, and catalog any fauna, flora and resources found in these tunnels, so that the Lufae could utilize them.

The blung oil is growing increasingly popular in the farmlands, as it is used to heat up the small, scattered dwellings and settlements of the farmers, who can't rely on the insulating, and the resulting warmth, of the great underground cities. They burn the oil in primitive fireplaces, along with wood and even dusya dung.
However, there has been few strange accidents, involving the fireplaces of these dwellings blowing up. The reasons behind this are still unknown, but investigations are currently underway. (Dung+oil=explosions?)

Meanwhile, with the success of the Soundwall Campaign, the Lufae military is high in spirits. The joint operation with the Great Guardians showcased the usefulness of these constructs in fighting against the blung, however, there still needs to be some training in co-coordinating attacks and overall combat and war strategies. The Lufae forces will hold a war exercise in the soundscape infested no-man's land between the Lufae and the Ifal Fa. The local blung shall provide some real combat experiences for the forces. (This is however, not a campaign to eradicate blungs.)
Rolled 17, 18, 17, 5, 18, 7, 13, 14, 6, 13, 18, 13, 9 = 168


Khuna begins to spread his network of agents across the Lufae lands, so that he could get better understanding of what is going on. He even sends few to observe the Ifal Fa, posing as traders. He has also gathered few Kafalites he managed to befriend during the months he assisted them in the reconstruction of the Guardians. He hopes that they could aid him in better understanding his own nature.

Rolling for: (13 rolls)
>How quickly the great ship is repaired.
>Arming the ship further.
>How well the seafloor settlements establish themselves.
>Using math to improve understanding of the world.
>Spreading mathematical knowledge, and training new members of Tala Maiak.
>Using math to improve emils industries.

>Excavating the sunken star. (Also includes acquiring TA saws.)
>Forming the Sentinel order. (Traffic cops)
>Mapping and cataloging the eastern tunnels.

>Studying the explosion accidents. (Figuring out that oil+dung+fire=explosions.)
>Military exercises.

>Khuna spreading his network of agents.
>Khuna acquiring a better understanding of his own nature. (He is basically a sentient bioconstruct. Khuna's personality was imprinted on the puruu brain tissue used in the construct, and once the original died, the puruu mind kept going. He is actually just a puruu, but nobody knows this. This was the only way I could justify him still being "alive".)
File: 1372436673850.gif-(174 KB, 297x336, Dakeyne_disc_engine_animation.gif)
174 KB
174 KB GIF

More samples are taken from the mini titan once it returns from the field test. These spore tissue samples should be sufficient for breeding more of such creatures. The samples are put in chambers, and regularly sprayed with blood of ligean, to sustain them and ad more of the titan's essence to the growing cedyas.

With the flier prototype done, the researchers of section 2 begin to work on the mark 2 version, fit for mass production. The lub sacks are integrated more seamlessly to the skeleton itself, and the shape of the thing will be streamlined, so that it will be capable of flying better.

The final blung oil extractor prototype, was a combined result Lufae and Ifal Fa technology. These machines, will allow the Ifal Fa to produce higher quantities of blung oil which to utilize and trade with Lufae. They are now put into full production.

The years of studying the songless technology, and the engines of their machines, have finally granted quite high degree of understanding of their workings. The efforts to reduce the metallic components to the absolute minimum, have given birth to a completely different "Fire gut" than the ones they are based on. (picture related) They require no pistons or other, complicated metal parts the Ifal Fa have no hopes of manufacturing themselves. Most of the engine is made out of the fire resistant emils, making producing them in bulk, far easier. They lack the raw power of TA engines, but they are substantially lighter. In theory at least. Bulk production of these engines, has yet to start.

The new sight masks are put in use on studying the lacorras and bords better. It is clear, that there is some form of light burst, when the beings utilize their killing songs, but the reason for this light, is a mystery.
Rolled 2, 12, 5, 15, 20, 2, 5, 19, 17, 12 = 109

As the soundscape is being spread to the north and east, section 1 also sends scouts, both straight towards north, to the coast of firil sea, and also to east, to investigate the strange, spore filled forests, and expansive lacorra fields that dot those regions.

Section 0 has begun a census operation, in order to account for the population numbers, as the losses of the war, and the following resurgence and even potential increase of population has made their former census numbers outdated.
Section 9 is also tasked with developing the housing districts of the people, to both improve hygiene, and to ease the logistics of moving large numbers of geists, and material through narrow and maze like tunnels.

Section 11's sleeper agents still linger in positions of relative power, despite the reforming and purges the section went trough. Though their former leader might have disappeared, vanished during the chaos and turmoil of the purges, the faithful still hide in these tunnels. The time was not yet right for their rebirth, however, they would still prepare for their vengeance. They send spies to Lufae lands, in the guise of young and curious students, eager to study in the great libraries of the Lufae. From there, they could steal knowledge the Lufae so preciously guard.

Rolling for: (10 rolls)
>Breeding more mini titans.
>Refining the flying cedyas for mass production.
>Putting the extractors into full production.
>Producing new engines.
>Using the sight masks to study the electric abilities of lacorras and toruz bords.

>Scouting northern regions.
>Scouting eastern regions.
>Census operation.
>Developing the housing districts.
>Section 11 stealing knowledge from Lufae.

As the years pass, Thaka's pack has grown in size, both from natural additions, and due to travelers deciding to join the flock, and their hideout has become a small village. This was not the mission he had planned on, though he doesn't have anything particularly against these developments.
The village has been named Komae Tan, the Hill of Vigilance.

It has been years since the settlement was first founded, and though the start was rough for all, the members of the pack trusted Thaka's guidance, for the his leadership had left them a permanent impression during the trials they suffered when trapped in the Bloom. His fame had also attracted travelers to join the village. However, as the size of the settlement grew, so did it's need for food and supplies. Year by year, more hunters are needed, and the hunting grounds grow larger and larger. To alleviate this, efforts are put into taming the shelled creatures of the plains, and using them as lifestock in the village.

Alel has also decided to settle down in the village, to both raise her children, and teach the Words of Lupai to the other members of the pack. With the help of the villagers, a shrine is currently being constructed, to both serve in religious ceremonies, as well as work as a small library for the villagers. Her steed, Sheqar continues to live by her side, though these forests are not suited for him. The plains are his hunting grounds, but for now at least, he hunts alone, for no other Wyverns live in these plains.

Sima has continued to catalog her visions for all these years. She has also begun training aspiring younglings in the ways of the seers.
Rolled 17, 1, 19, 18, 14, 6 = 75

The pack has continued it's mission to observe the songless activity in the plains, even sculking around the edges of their villages during nights, in order to better observe them.

It has been years since a proper report to Neta Daan has been made, now is the time. Thaka gathers up veterans of his pack, to prepare for a travel to Neta Daan. However, before they depart, a temporary chief needs to be chosen to watch over the village. Alel and Sima are also joining the pack, for they both have their own plans in Neta Daan. Sheqar, Alel's mighty steed, shall of course, also come with the pack. Sima also takes her apprentices with her, so they could learn as they travel.

Rolling for: (6 rolls)
Taming the shelled creatures.
Establishing a shrine.
Sima training her apprentices.
Observing the songless.
Preparations for a return trip to Neta Daan.
Choosing a temporary chief to watch over Komae Tan.
File: 1372447102544.jpg-(7 KB, 640x57, tetsubo_640.jpg)
7 KB
Rolled 1, 18, 4 = 23

Babakushya welcomes these new workers, and finds their... enthusiasm admirable (slavery is unknown to the Korobushka, but the VotM likes it so far).

Oh dear, but does the Resistance like it? Oh fuck no. They are livid, and this might be the last straw, the one that breaks the camel's back, so to speak. The Resistance is behind though, especially with these new factories. They propose a bold move, to head down their mountain hideout and capture a factory and use it to produce weapons and the like of their own.

The only problem is, it will bring the Resistance into the limelight, and force them to defend their new acquisition. But with Sergei, Klezmer, and Ruhaj on their side, they hope they have enough to weather the inevitable storm. They hope to the Mountain that it goes well. If it doesn't, it could spell the end of this Resistance, as Babakushya is certain to send anyone she catches to "become one with the Mountain".

They are led by an enterprising young man named Geratoyal, with his mighty tetsubo, a massive club made of Methusalah Hexis branch. He preaches that the time for war is long since past. It is time for the Children of the Mountain to take back their destiny as free men.

The plan is this: to first send Sergei assassins to take care of the guards surrounding Zarhatebushk, and then, ride down on the dusya of Ruhaj. They will take a factory by storm and liberate the workers there. Then the warbeasts (the Crunchas, the Toruz Climbers, and Pumesh) of Ruhaj will come in and flank the factory, taking out any remaining guards or loyalists. These will help secure the position.

After that, they will begin producing Chovaitedushya, weapons, and armour by the boatload, and Klezmer will help fund it.

> Rolling for:
1. getting past the siege of Zarhatebushk (how many make it past?)
2. taking over the factory
3. holding the factory and beginning production of weapons etc.
Ontoz will receive the geist ambassador in his throne room, atop a large hill in the middle of Tledusua. He cannot fathom what it is that the wyrms have to speak of or offer in these trying times, but he will listen nonetheless.

Despite the people of the Smoky Basin resisting the authority of the Grokuf and his armies, the attack on Neloaw is still feasible. The small fleet of Tledusua can bring a few soldiers up through the Lub Forest, if navigation through it is even possible for the great metal ships, and the Endaskie airships can counter the power of their brethren in Neloaw, protecting the rest of the army that will subdue the Iosan city. The few Oriases in these log'ead lands of the TA are to be vanguard of the ground assault when the time comes, leading the way with galated blades, flamers and compression guns. Only a small force remains behind, led by a few clanguard but made mostly of fresh recruits from Tower. Their orders are to secure the Smoky Basin, preferably with as little damage to it as possible, and the agreement of its denizens

As the Grokufs armies converge on Neloaw, Nelpak must make a decision. It can either try to prepare to oppose the Grokuf, or join him, taking with it Keletiz, and bringing a swift end to the war once Neloaw falls. Of course, there is always the opportunity to seek the status that the Iosan Provinces will surely lose for their insurrection, and become the third power of the TA. The Mayor-Chief of Nelpak leans towards the latter, having grown tired of his city being in the shadow of Tledusua and the rest of the TA for so long. Some old clan chiefs begin plotting his downfall, hoping to oust him in a coup, and then bring their city and Keletiz back to their rightful master, the Grokuf.
Rolled 10, 5, 13, 16, 15 = 59

((Sorry about Cruncholm. I'll tone it down to just a declaration of independence, and territorial claims)) The surprise attack on Leng is called off when word reaches Cruncholm of terrifying displays of the Eleniis new weapons. Metal rods that kill anything with the slightest touch; Ferocious rainbowback packs, with jaws made of iron; And Rysars that stand taller than three cathedral-heights. Not even a sudden siege could overwhelm such might, and Nod would surely crush them if they tried. Instead, they decide for a more legal minded approach. They declare that because the dream-forest has not been burnt down, and the desert not fully turned into a verdant grassland, that Cruncholm shall take possession of the Dreamforest, and burn it down properly. Whether or not they can enforce such a claim has yet to be seen, especially since Nod has grown quite hostile to the TA of late. To make their claim less harsh, the Chiefs of Cruncholm offer to bar the sale of slaves in their port, and anywhere in their territory. (No rolls here. Just an offer and a claim)

With the Hageros keeping the peace and defending settlers from slavers, the repopulation of the plains can continue. Refugees, some of them try for the second time to flee after having been caught by slavers, make their way, now in great convoys, hoping for safety in numbers. No new lands have been gained though, as the war has recalled all the grinders and the soldiers that were clearing out the meatgrass and blung, which makes life much more difficult for new settlers

Rolling for
Endaskie neutralizing the air threat from Neloaw
Naval Assault on Neloaw (if even possible)
Securing the Smoky Basin
Whether the coup in Nelpal is succesful
Safe settling of the plains

The Geist ambassador is pleased that the Mayor Chief has chosen to receive him. He enters the throne room, and makes an elaborate bow, which probably carries far more meaning to geists than it does to Log'eads.

"Great Chief of Tledusua, I bring tidings from King Nahel the second, who I believe you have met. My King has a simple proposal to you, and your city, that he beliefs will benefit both of our nations. He has heard of this schism you endure, and wishes to provide his aid to your city. The Lufae will keep your waters clear from any vessels of your competitors, stop any attempts at naval blockades, and allow you to send the full force of your fleet at your foes. We are also capable of delivering supplies to your city, and continuing our trading with you, despite of this conflict.
What my king expects in return however, is metal. We are seeking to increase the supply of metal of our nation, and we are willing to assist you in this conflict, if you aid us in turn in our quest. You have given a favorable impression to my King, and the proximity of your ports to ours makes you the ideal choice in this matter.
Should you agree to this proposal, our forces will not allow hostile ships to swim trough your waters.
If you decline, we will seek other means of acquiring additional metal. This is my message to you, from King Nahel the Second. I will remain in your city for 5 days, before departing to my lands. You can discuss this proposal with your court, but unless you deliver your answer on the dusk of the fifth day, I will assume that you have declined.
That is all. You may ask questions from me now."
File: 1372465152640.png-(6 KB, 261x198, hermit puruu.png)
6 KB

Ontoz does not move from his throne, a large but savage thing, made together of the lashed plates of cathedrals. It towers over the room, with the skull of a cathedral suspended above it by a dozen ropes. It is from here he delivers his response, with a withering glare at the geist ambassador

"You think to take advantage of this war? Of the foolishness of the mayor-chiefs of Neloaw, Keletiz and Nelpak?. You think I will allow metal to come to your hands from the Tanacs Azseg, and that I will allow your to station whatever mysterious forces you have that can somehow swim, in the great channel FOR ME? You are mad, and I have half a mind right now to cut your head off and send my reponse to your king, written on your skull."

"I do not fear anyone any longer. With my acknowledgement of his supremacy, the Grokuf now protects me and my city with his army. Endaskie joins us, and if all turns out as it should, Nelpak will join us with Keletiz in tow. This war already ends, and you have the audacity to ask for metal, then to disguise a threat to my security and that of the Tanacs Azseg as protection, then think we would allow your soldiers to enter OUR LANDS to slay OUR PEOPLE. You will receive nothing from us. Had it not been for this war, we would have been able to spend all these lives and all this effort in another war on you and your blind kin, and would it not be a way to certain doom the Grokuf and I would declare war upon you now for this insult."

Tossing a thick bladed dagger to hit the ground just before the emmisary, Ontoz stands up. "BEGONE WYRMS. I will not tolerate your presence in this hallowed room any longer."

The news that the Katumoiset has been accepted causes a stir of fear in the Feloshaz. If they have the protection of the Trade Pact nations, then the Urupuruu can no logner aid them. In fact, those Urpuruu on the first island that they and the Vukad of Varoseg were fighting on leave, forced to do so by the pact. Unless there is some way to convince the other nations that those slavers holding onto the island are renegades that can be fought freely, the puruus will not be able to fight. The new conscripts and the geist brutes will have to be enough to tip the battle on the curent island being fought over, known to the people of Varoseg as Ostrov. With nine troop transports instead of the originally planned three, getting the army to Ostrov should be no problem. Once there, the ships can support the Steel Fist and the six Mulpacs in keeping reinforcements from landing. All that remains to be seen is whether this island can be taken at all. ((Nongent I don't understand why I can't fight the Katumoiset. I'm not specifically targeting Falc, and he doesn't control all of the Katumoiset, only a few ships. I don't see how this is PVP at all))

With the withdrawal of the Urpuruu, the Arupans weep. They had hoped the children of Arupa would grant them swift victory, but petty mortal affairs now bind them. Making their voices heard, they extoll the people of Varoseg to reach to greater heights, and to not spare these slavers. What few elders are at the Temple-Ossuary are begged to renounce allegiance to the rest of the Urupuruu, that they might aid the warriors fight for Ostrov without restraint.
Rolled 4, 17, 2, 12, 14, 14 = 63

As the ships leave the harbor, carrying away the geist brutes and the conscripts and their officers, worried minds begin working overtime. They fear the small numbers of the log'eadz and shwirms will not be enough, even with the help of these geists, if the full might of the Katumoiset were to descend upon them. They need a means to multiply the effectiveness of their defense. The Oriases from the TA, built to fight titans, sound like excellent weapons. Of course, there is always the option of building a huge city wall around Varoseg, something which has not been needed due to its safe relations with the Urpuruu.

While the songless go about their busy lives, the Ohkoku are busy setting themselves up underground. To create extensive burrows that are big enough to house them all, and to create room for expansion, long and powerful air pumps will be needed. Or course, they also need to find a way to get the money the songless above use to purchase goods and services. Perhaps they might be of help with their air pumps? Some weak shell emils could be bred too, but that requires more space than is available to be an effective way to employ everyone. Something else must be found.... Unless, they don't need something seperate, they could, by Lupai is it even possible, walk among the songless and live and work as they do

Rolling for
Taking Ostrov with the reinforcements
Having the fleet hunt more cancer-stars
Building Oriases
Building a big ass wall
Creating a true under-city for the Ohkoku
Ohkoku assimilating into Varoseg
With the knowledge of mathematics, the ship can be repaired quicker than before; thanks to the precise logistics calculation developed just for the task. It was not just repaired, but also added on extra weaponry; Now it is bristling with puruu-torpedoes and sneeze guns. (The true culprit behind the sinking was not the slavers, actually. Not even from the south continent. But the Geists do not know this, and blames slavers)
Meanwhile, the latest habitat designs turns out to hold water; or rather, successfully keeps them out. The sea floor can be explored more, and turns out to yield plenty of seaweed and 'fish'.
Math, at the level the Lufae knows, is currently good only for calculating logistics and construction. Trying to measure the world just yields dozens upon dozens of non-standardized, arbitrary units of measurements. But, it has its ups: the current form is easy enough to understand. Many younglings are fascinated by mathematics, and new Tala Maiak enroll in the dozens. The Emils industry is still neutral on this newfangled math thing, some think it won't do anything for them.
A TA industrial saw was finally acquired via Klezmer merchants, and turns out it doesn't work underwater. But one of the workers had a brilliant idea: why not make it float, so it can be dragged on land and to the saw? He was proposing the use of Lub skins to lift all of the pieces at once; there might have to be adjustments to his plan. While the plan is concocted, the subs still work on the wreck, and managed to pull out with valuables. The Sentinels have popular support, their patrols help catch smugglers and prevent accidents by enforcing traffic rules. Meanwhile the east tunnel surveyors had a great time being lost; many a bouncing schwirm they saw in their journey.
Khuna's agents manage to plant themselves undetected, their network now encompassing both Lufae and Ifal Fa, with some posing as traders. But the info from the Kafalites makes him doubt; why is he modified?
(Derp, forgot about two rolls)
The accidents were investigated, and it does seem like oil-soaked dung is explosive. Put it in an enclosed space, and the explosion is worse. Might be useful!
The military exercises covered the whole spectrum of war. From recon training, siege planning, and even mock battles were had, both sides showcasing their strategies on certain situations. The Ifal Fa taught the Lufae about ambushes and cedya wave tactics; the Lufae taught them combined forces and the importance of logistics in return.
The newly taken samples are inert, even after being bathed in Ligean blood; it seems like whatever the mini Titan is, it is borne out of Ligean's will. At long last, the flier cedyas are now mass-production capable; the vats are cranking out new batches as we speak. Meanwhile, an engineering flaw causes jams in the extractors, making the yield only half of expected results. More improvement might be needed. On the other hand, the Geist-made firegut are very simple to manufacture; it seems like it's catching on with the populace. Meanwhile, the lacorra researchers find out that perhaps, the light is actually an extension of the scream they emit! A new theory developed that light is probably just another kind of sound, a very high energy sound. (Getting closer to realizing light as waves)
The scouts to the Firil Sea area were attacked by slavers, and only some returned to report it was full of slavers. The eastern ones are luckier, they managed to stay hidden, but still report that slavers have made some sort of stronghold in the area.
The census was carried out subtly, and that makes it more accurate: they even got as far as knowing the jobs, ages, and family relationships of their citizens. Section 9 made sure the new homes have good sanitation, and the new housings were voted as the comfiest place in Ifal Fa for the citizens. Meanwhile, the sleeper agents found out sub technology, and learned of a massive construction project involving sub technology. (The library wasn't that up to date).
The shelled creatures are very easy to tame, not surprising since even the log'eads have done so in their tribal period. The shrine project seems to be abandoned without an explanation, the villagers always being busy in one way or another. Maybe they already have their own budding religion? On the other hand, Sima's apprentices are an absorbent lot; they quickly mastered her teachings. Is it because of the dream-forest's closeness? Only time will tell.
(as for the songless observations, I do not know the point in the timeline the post is; Is it before or after the Ifal Fa/TA war? results coming up after confirmation)
The preparations were adequate, and as before, emergency rations were packed in as well. But there is the problem of choosing a suitable chief; the nearest substitute has died of natural causes. With no strong leader figure it was decided to be a council instead of a single leader.
The assassins were discovered early, but they made enough of a distraction to let only one of their member through. But that lone assassin made it to the factory; after neutralizing the guards, he found out that there were former miner sympathizers in the factory, who were tasked to work in the factory as punishment. These penal workers, along with the assassin, liberated the factory; his comrade's death and capture not in vain. But only days after the factory was seized, the Mountain's enforcers were sighted advancing towards the factory. They had barely made enough weapons to defend the factory itself; will reinforcements come, breaking the blockade at Zarthaebushk if necessary? Or maybe the nearby citizens can be rallied? Only time will tell...
>taming Cathedrals
HOW? All the wild ones are dead, and the rest are under the care of the Tender clans. Taking them would be enough to cause another war, even with the civil war not yet wrapped up. They are holy beasts, who live on more than most any other creature, for their body is made of more bones than all other beasts. Because of this, their spirit clings to the material world with greater strength, and they give their strength to their chosen people, the Log'eadz.

Unless you mean the OTHER shelled creatures, the various runna-forms.
What? When was the wild population wiped out?
File: 1372488479846.png-(109 KB, 356x500, 1341517545716.png)
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109 KB PNG
who's talking about cathedrals? I'm talking about Hamuns, whom the log'eads have also tamed in the past. Some of these guys can grow bigger than a human, remember?

I think that at this point, Thaka's timeline has reached the point that the TA and Ifal Fa war is over.
Allrighty then; Thaka's pack sees that the square-headed ones are squabbling amongst themselves, and they manage to ask a wandering merchant of the world at large. The merchant said that there was a large war recently between a Geist group called the Ifal Fa, and the square-head nation of Tanacs Aszeg; Now the Tanacs Aszeg are divided amongst themselves.
File: 1372491455691.png-(317 KB, 1716x598, hamunchart.png)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
I'm pretty sure that Coral Hamuns have gone extinct, with Ma'umas replacing them.
Ah yeah, I forgot their descendant's names. Retcon that to the big Ma'uma version.

The population of Cathedrals has been mostly wiped out in the soundscape plains, due to the destruction of their environment, predation by blungs and wild cedyas, hunting done by Ifal Fa, and so on. The tender clans have the few ones that remain, though they too lost many of them when they used hem in the war against the Ifal Fa.
There ain't that many of them left on the eastern side of the great rift.

However, on the western side, we do not know. Similar plains exist there too, so native cathedral beasts might still live there.

In any case, it doesn't matter that much, as IG was talking about maumas, the descendants of the coral hamuns.

"It seems that my King misjudged you. You are no different than the blood thirsty fool you have pledged yourself to.
We will find other sources of metal, other allies, ones who are not fueled by rage and war-lust. I bid you goodbye, vassal of the Grokuf. You will not hear from us again, we shall take our trade and goods elsewhere."

With that, the ambassador walks out of the hall.
The failure to get metal from Tledusua, is not a great setback. There are other choices the King can turn to, and the new mine in the tunnels, supplies the Lufae needs to a limited degree.

The ambassador returns to Lua Kae via the water tunnels, and delivers the report to the King.

"Well, if the songless wish to quarrel without our aid, so be it. However, the words of the Chief prove that they still seek to destroy us. Though this trait seems to be only inherent to the songless of the southern coast..we have had no quarrel with our northern neighbors..or the Urupuruu to our east..a stronger relationship with them, might provide us support against these southern barbarians.
Diplomat Etal, your next mission is to venture north, to the lands of Korobushka. We shall seek trade opportunities there. I will also assign one of your comrades to seek out the Urupuruu leaders, for metal, they were after all, the ones who gifted our ancestors the first song stones we encountered."

If Tledusua declines the alliance with Lufae, and threatens the chosen people of Lupai, the King shall look for wiser allies elsewhere.

>Diplomats are sent to Korobushkha and to Urupuruu. (I dunno how the Urupuruu will be handled, seeing how the player has not been here in ages.)

As the repairs and rearming of Pamar Lua, Song of Triumph, the great fortress submarine of the Lufae are completed, the ship is once more, set to the sea. It is clear that a proper naval combat doctrines need to be established, to prevent foes sneaking up on the great ship ever again.
Currently, the Lufae attack sub groups work more like unorganized schools of fishes, opportunistically striking against vulnerable targets.
This shall change, as the Lufae rulers have assigned few military commanders to develop proper naval tactics, which would utilize the strengths of the Lufae navy, namely, their extreme capacity for stealth. The Lufae attack subs can strike unexpected, and unseen, without fear of much retaliation, as their foes lack true methods of attacking the submarines when they are under water.
In addition, efforts are put into improving the range and volume of the sonar arrays and resonator plates of the sumbarines, so that they could both "see" further, as well as communicate with one another better. (Basically, the sonar of the submarines works by having a geist sing the song of sight, which is then amplified by a special device, which also beams the song to the sea. The echoes of the song, are picked up by the resonator panels of the ship, that allow the geists inside to navigate.)

The sea floor settlements are doing their best to build up their infrastructure, including emils pools, living habitats, sub bays and so on, while also busily harvesting the resources of the sea floor. Though small, these settlements could eventually become important supply bases for the Lufae submarine forces.

(The mathematicians actually already developed proper units of measurements. I'll just interpret your results so that there simply isn't comprehensive or otherwise universally agreed methods of study on the living world yet. Everyone is pretty much doing their own thing, and coming up with their own conclusions based on their calculations.)
For the members of Tala Maiak, these were exiting, but also confusing times of creative chaos, and the raw logic of math, everyone seemed to be studying something, calculating and measuring the properties of all sorts of things, ranging from simple rocks, to how many waves hit the cliffs of Tamar Kat in the span of a hour. It was clear, that there needed to be some order in this insanity. Too many new members, with only a partial understanding of math, and old members, too up in their behinds about their own projects and studies. A group of, forward thinking members of the Tamar Kat order, decided upon a radical solution.
The establishment, of an academy, where new members could be taught, proper testing and measurement protocols developed, and a comprehensive, unifying doctrine of math and logic, could be formed. Tamar Kat, the birth place of the order, is the natural place for this academy to be built. With the support of the local Councilors, and Judicators, and their structural engineering skills, the construction of the academy could begin. Hopefully, this sort of grand project would draw the attention of emils shell industries, and make them realize the usefulness of math in designing the shells.

(To my understanding, the cancer stars of Katumoiset are freaking massive.)
While some portions of the sunken star could perhaps be lifted above waters, most of it is far too heavy, and will most likely stay in the bottom of the sea. Though, not seeing any other way around the problem, the excavators begin the mad attempt to use buoyancy of the lubs to lift portions of the star above the waves.
However, others have gotten the idea of trying to insulate few of the TA saws, and install them on the submarines, hopefully making them usable underwater.

The discovery of the explosives has generated quite buzz in many small, but influental circles of the Lufae. The raw, destructive potential of the simple combination of dried dung, and blung oil, reveals a world of possibilities for many cunning minds. The Judicators, who discovered this new knowledge, have seen it fit to reveal it to the King, and few other high ranking members of Lufae nation. Among them are the highest generals of the Lufae military, few trusted councilors, and the High priest of the Kafalite order. Each has been given a task for the usage of this new knowledge, the Lufae military generals, shall oversee tests of weaponizing these explosive materials, the Councilors, who are tied to the mining and tunneling industries of Lufae, shall test if the explosives can be used to improve the digging methods of Lufae, and finally, the Kafalites have been tasked with understanding this explosive combination better. The dung comes from living things, as does the oil, surely, they both fall under the field of the Kafalite priests. (Actually, the Kafalites have no idea about chemistry, they are no more qualified to study the explosives than anyone else is.)
Rolled 2, 8, 8, 14, 20, 1, 12, 20, 6, 5, 12, 7 = 115


Meanwhile, Khuna continues his attempts of understanding his own nature. The tests the Kafalites performed on him, have only revealed new mysteries. He knows, that over a century ago, the flesh singers did something to him, in order to preserve his existence, but his memories are hazy, and he has trouble of remembering any details. He however, does remember a giant, abominable being, he was in contact with briefly, the touch of it's twisted mind, still strong within his memories. (subject 0, the first shwirm subject, that the flesh singers twisted and experimented upon.) Khuna decides to send few of his agents to locate the tomb of this monstrocity, while his loyal Kafalite friends continue to study his body, in hopes of finding answers to his nature.

Rolling for: (12 rolls)
>Improving naval combat strategies and tactics.
>Improving the sonar equipment of the subs.
>Sea floor settlements building up their infrastructure.

>Establishing the great Academy.
>Seeing if the emils industries are drawn to the academy project.

>Continued excavation of the sunken star (using the floating idea.)
>Making the saws usable underwater, and fitting them to the subs.
>Weaponizing the explosives.
>Using the explosives to improve the mining industry.
>Studying the explosives.

>Locating the tomb of subject 0
>Studying Khuna's nature.
Endaskie's Air Force trads blows with Neloaw; it seems like both are evenly matched. Frenzied shooting gave way to boarding actions, but there is not a clear winner. Naval assault fares worse; the Lub forest is shallow in water, and many a stubborn ship were stuck in the mire below. But the Smoky Basin was captured without much fighting, since the denizens turn out to be supportive to whoever can assure their safety.
Meanwhile, in Nelpak, paid schwirm assassins strike in the dead of night, and the Mayor-chief woke up dead in the morning, throat slit. The very same day the clan-chiefs declares Nelpak to be under their rule, no, under Grokuf's rule.
Thanks to the Hageros keeping the peace, more and more settlers set up hamlets, and soon frontier towns grow like Siwaris after a rain.

The researchers of section 2 are puzzled by the samples, and their refusal to grow. Maybe the influence of the Ligean is needed more directly?
The samples are taken to the Titan chamber, so that they might be exposed to the spores of the the two titans. (The first and second ones.) In addition, the researchers also check up on the regeneration of the two titans. The second one has been slowly restoring itself for ages, however, the contact with the third titan increased this speed considerably. The first titan was only recently reclaimed, it will be seen how it begins to develop.
The flying cedyas allow rapid transportation of forces, but they could also work as mobile, heavy weapon emplacements for the Ifal Fa. Instead of adding to the weight, and energy demands of the cedya organism itself, the cedya groomers are attempting to install modular weapons, made from the light weight emils, directly to the shell and skeleton of the flier. These weapons, were partially inspired by the war exercises the Ifal Fa had with Lufae, which showcased the versatility of the modular weapon systems the Lufae utilize.

Work is put into correcting the flaws of the extractor constructs, so that they could be utilized to their full potential. In addition, a recycling system is designed to the machine, that would cycle the kafasha material trough the press systems of the construct, extracting any remaining bit of the precious blung oil, before finally shredding the remaining, shriveled biomatter into thin slices and scattering it behind itself, in order to boost the regrowth rate of the harvested kafasha.

The new engines still have much unused potential, however, new applications are found constantly. One of the first things they are used for, is the powering of the crane and lift systems of the city, which previously had been powered via traditional muscle power, or constructs.
In addition, many members of section 10, inspired by the growing legend of Khall, the Thrill Seeker, have continued the development of the moto tech. The core problems with these efforts, are the lack of sound structural engineering these constructs require, the relatively weak power output of the engines, and the shortage of metal needed for certain parts, but perhaps in time, trough trial and error, these problems could be over come.

The researchers of section 10 studying the Lacorras and bords have split into two different teams. The first one continues their efforts of understanding the "Shocking Songs" of these organisms (The electricity itself), while the other team has started focusing on the light itself, or "Energized Songs" as they call them. A large portion of this research, is about just simply refining the sight masks themselves. (The geists are having pretty hard time understanding light. Their sight masks only work to a degree, allowing them to see somewhat comprehensible forms, movement and differentiate between darkness and light. The greatest barrier is perhaps their mind itself, as it is tuned to the sonar sense, making the sensations the sight masks cause confusing.)
Ostrov is full of hard terrain, and on the way there a couple of the ships were sunk, mysteriously; the blame goes to the slavers, although no one can be sure. As they land, they were greeted by heavily entrenched forces; the slavers have made the island their HQ for all of Firil Sea. Well, this is gonna be tough. On the other hand, other ships manage to hunt down more of the cancer stars, sinking plenty of slavers but unwittingly also plenty of slaves. The Oriases were built wrong (thankfully not as a joke), the engineers have got their hand on a corrupted version of the original blueprint. But at least they can build big-ass defensive walls right, now Varoseg is encircled with a town wall. They also worked with the Geists in creating the Geists' under city, an impressive feat that stretches two floors beneath Varoseg, while still keeping the city standing. Thanks to this engineering co-operation, the Geists are more welcomed by the citizens of Varoseg, and opens the way for more cultural exchange in the future.
Rolled 18, 3, 15, 11, 16, 18, 8, 19, 5, 15, 19, 11 = 158


The reports of the slavers to north and east anger many members of the Witch Coven. However, it also gives a valid reason for section 5 to further extend their marshal rule over the whole nation. It is clear, that the enemies of the Ifal Fa still linger close to their borders, and within their borders, in the case of the eastern slaver stronghold (to my understanding, those areas belong to Ifal Fa.) Portions of the cedya legions are rallied, along with the geist warrior choirs, while the third titan is directed to east, in preparation of assaulting the slaver stronghold, and intimidating the slavers to back out of the northern territories.

Finally, section 4, after witnessing the greater wealth of the bladeshwirms the Lufae herd, are trying to figure out why their own bladeshwirms do not grow so large and muscular. (The kafasha isn't exactly the proper diet of the bladeshwirms.) Efforts are put into also generally improving the health of these creatures, so that they would provide better food for the Ifal Fa.

Rolling for: (12 rolls)
>Exposing the samples to the ligeans directly, in order to get them to grow.
>Seeing how the two titans have developed. (2 rolls, one for the second titan, the other for the first. The first titan was the one that was recently reclaimed.)
>Designing a modular weapon system for the new cedya fliers.
>Repairing the flaws in the extractors.

>Installing the recycling systems to the extractors.
>Powering the crane and lift systems of Hikir Nu.
>Continued moto development.
>Studying electricity.
>Studying light.

>Preparing to drive off the slavers from the northern and eastern borders.
>Figuring out how to make the bladeshwirms healthier.
will be back later. if IG gets to this before me, subject zero's tomb is a cold, cold place, where the dissected body of a giant hangs suspended. The portions are each suspended by cables and rings through the flesh. Despite all this, the giant is connected by blood vessels and nerves, still in a sate of life.
The mainline urupuruu and Lufae are actually allied as far as the urupuruu are concerned. The Lufae made their leader a god, and if i had more time, i would like to introduce a small event where they need the lufae to fix their god, as it has grown bloated and twisted, and more then a little insane.
If I'm remembering correctly, their "god" is now little more than an amorphous blob with not much of a mind left. The head priests or whatever keep it hidden and claim to be the only ones able to communicate with it, securing them with a position of power over the rest of the Urupuruu. If anything, they'd probably want Arupa to stay the way he is.
Sounds like they aren't counting on the Arupans of Varoseg being pretty keen on the immortal, glorious form of their living god being restored. Or they would be, if they knew about the whole amorphous blob thing. The Arupans are pretty big on Arupa being an immortal, unchanging god when, for them, everything else save the puruu just dies and leaves bones.
Rolled 12, 17, 7, 15 = 51

The battle for Ostrov must not be lost. If the slavers can be kicked off this island, the unorganized hordes of the great delta will not be as easy to prey on. Katumoiset ships will have to sail up the deltas rivers, an easy way to be ambushed by those they wish to enslave.

The hunt for cancer-stars has already hurt the Katumoiset bad, but there are ways to hurt them even more. If the slaves could be freed from the ships, they could help fight for Ostrov, and settle it when the it is finally cleansed of slaver scum. The Steel Fist is not very suited for leaving ships it attacks intact, so it is tasked with using its compression guns to try an bombard the slaver fortifications from the safety of the Ostrovs coast. The other ships, the mulpacs and the transports, will begin hunting down slaver ships, disabling them, allowing teams of marines to board the ships, and free the slaves. The toff-and-foff launchers aren't suited to leaving a ship intact, so the Mulpacs will have to take to ramming the enemy, which should allow marines to board from the great jutting prow that gives the Mulpacs their name.

The Ferok Kranos is on Ostrov now, and he has a daring plan in mind. One of the transport ships will carry him and his Vukad around to the north side of the island in the night. There, they will sow what havok they can before retreating back to the ship. The following morning, the whole army, geists, conscripts, freed slaves and vukad, will charge the fortifications and overwhelm the enemy, just as one of the transports rounds the northern end of the isle to make the enemy think they are being flanked again.

Rolling for
Freeing slaves
The Ferok Kranos's nightraid
The Fists bomarbdment
The charge
File: 1372544474136.gif-(216 KB, 400x270, 1345250679398.gif)
216 KB
216 KB GIF
Could someone tell me where varoseg is actually located. I haven't seen it placed on the map. Is the city even part of TA?
not gone yet

The slavers are murdered, and their cages smashed, and the slaves armed they turn on their remaining captors. In the dead of night, they sweep behind the slavers who were caught up fighting "the liberated" a name for free slaves. The sound of chainsaws hacking wetly into meat awakes the slavers, only in time to see a plume of flame wash over their tents. Those who run meet with the explosive crack of compression guns. It was a massacre, a few were lost from the attackers, but this is war. good ol' fashioned war. The fist sits back and casually bombards other parts of the island, not much is done other then sew terror and level parts of the forest. The final charge sees the slavers retreating into the dead of night on their ships. The attackers are victorious, and the island is theirs, as is much of the slaver's equipment, and a half a dozen smaller katumoiset style ships. The ships are mostly wooden, but joined together well, and polished to sail swifty through the water. The armarment is mostly simple spears, nets, daggers, and crossbows. A few illegally gained compression guns, and even some emils shell blades and arms are present, but they are quite rugged looking, clearly not from the Lufae proper. A sack of coin from the city of crunchholm, and some of the southern TA cities is also present. >:(
File: 1372547447146.png-(89 KB, 345x155, Map of Varoseg and stuff.png)
89 KB
Varoseg is not a part of the TA. It was founded by some motogangers and a clan of refugees. They crossed the Burning Lands, a volcaniclly active area between the plains plains the Ifal Fa sit on, and the Urpuruu. Varoseg sits next to a river, and has limited land since most of it is already claimed by the Urupuruu. They only have what the Urupuruu do not use because of their unique biology that requires near constant moisture. Varoseg also claims authority over the Burning Lands, and has a few mines, and now scattered ash farms, all across it. Also, they now have Ostroz

Posting map
If it pleases the bronze and no one is upset by it, I would propose that the people of Varoseg, perhaps one of their particularly devout Arupan priests, discovers the true fate of Arupa and is quite horrified, but what they would do is up to them. just throwing the option out there. This works because the Urupuruu right now are sitting in a state of abandon, and could use some interplay. Their only major story in this era is the schism between the Traditionalist rebels, and the Arupan Majority, of whom many know little of the fate of their "god."
I'm down with that. They might even tolerate the Lufae if they can restore mighty Arupa. Lupai shall be the bride of the Living God!
IT shall be done. Enjoy your new quest plot. I'm sure that if you and nad can hammer out the details between eachother, this should be a rewarding story, making for strange bed fellows. I dont suspect the "real" arupa can be restored, but perhaps the lfuae can construct an idealized mind or vassal for a reformed body, especially with their new knowledge.
...just thought about this, Khuna becomes Arupa. *fapfap* all da glorious story and interplay between factions and players. Urupuruu go on to view Lufae as some sort of intermediary between flesh and gods, with their puruu bio servants being some sort of angels and messengers of arupa. All the high up political figures sit around and enjoy the culimation of a new order. control is hand, profit is made. Order is retained.
Rolled 16, 9, 5, 18 = 48

Glorious. Soon, the armies of Grokuf Hecer Tankaz, Grand Chieftain of all the Clans, will march upon Neloaw and return order to the land. Nelpak has lost its foolish Mayor-Chief, and the ruling coalition there now swears loyalty to the Grokuf, and bring Keletiz with them thanks to their conquest of it. The Smoky Basin has been secured, and is now back to manufacturing. The frontier is being settled. All that remains is persistent Neloaw. It shall have one last chance to submit to the Grokuf, and accept him as its absolute ruler. If it does so, its mayor-chief will be allowed to live, and no force used against it. If it resists, it shall burn in a march to the lub-seaforest.

Even as he awaits word from Neloaw on its decision, Hecer is already moving to restore the ravaged cities of the Nag Ber'Ek. Many old sections of the cities have been burnt, even Tledusua, which suffered its fair share of riots after the gates were locked for three straight weeks out of fear of Neloaw. Rebuilding must commence, for all the cities that answer to the Grokuf. Wide lanes, sewers, proper ventilation, and, by the insistence of the new Doctor-Priesthood, Temple-Hospices, along with a host of other modern structures and services. New Gas-lamps, using gasses extracted from lubs, will light the streets of these reborn cities.

This war has forced a great deal of stress on manufacturing during the temporary loss of the Smoky Basin. Great amounts of innovation have occurred, but how much has really been successful? With workers return to factories, or newly freed slaves from the former Nelpak army taking their places, captains of industry are eager to make new, exciting things for the public, and the mighty Grand Legion of the Grokuf.

Rolling for
Whether Neloaw submits
The Burning of Neloaw (if neccessary)
Rebuilding the ravaged cities
Innovation during the war
Under the approaching armies of the Grokuf Neloaw throws it's leader from the ramparts. He lives though. It's a little rough. Neloaw submits though. The flamers for the army that were planning to burn the city if need be had been empty anyway. Man that would have been embarrassing, lets just keep that one out of history. The cities are going to take a while to rebuild, within a decade things should look like there was never a war though. War breeds new ideas, and many were had and implemented. Such things as the killamajig, and the ultra burninator. While significant, these were but small incremental improvements over existing weapons. The true innovation was open hearth furnaces. The steel that comes out of it is strange in nature, but even better then before. Major producers of this new metal, are Varoseg, who was pushed to make more and more steel, and the industrial sector of the smokey plains.

I require additional pylons to determine what happens with Varoseg and Cruncholm, as they broke away, and are not members of the accords. Varoseg was never of the TA, but Cruncholm, will the reunited nation under the Grokuf tolerate this...smugness? They are also not members of the pact, and ripe for the plundering by the katumoiset, who are apparently quite good at "being rules lawyers"

The lufae have very little in the way of true naval combat skills, and will probably only learn through experience, for now relying on their stealth and hiding under the water. The subs sonar equipment is a bit antiquated compared to the more recent developments, a moderate boost is increased by enhancing the sound membrane, but really, nothing has changed, just an exercise in practice. The sea floor settlements have crude, crude tubes connecting the domes and pods, sometimes based off of old submarine technology, sometimes they are actually old submarines that are decommissioned. Tamar Kat establishes something more then just a place of learning, but a place of molding. All young geists from simple farmers, to dedicated warriors, to the most learned engineer will pass through this settlement to enhance their minds with knowledge, and in turn, establish important and universal standards. The emils industries not only back the academy but "hire" the best and most promising minds out of it, and it allows for them to create a massive surplus of excellent quality shell, and various constructs. Soon great warehouses sit, filled with the surplus goods, all the while these were just practice for highly gifted students. The refloating attempt was a massive waste of resources, and even a few lives. The star is essentially a small city. the TA industrial chainsaws are mounted to very specialized subs. The engine cannot run with a limited amount of air, they are voracious air breathers. What was done instead was to pilfer most of the mechanisms from the saw, and attach what was essentially a crank to the main gear. From there a construct would spin the saw's chain blade. It was slower, much slower then a properly motorized saw, but it did not use any precious air form within the sub, and allowed the crew to work around the clock. the first small pieces of the wreck were towed to the surface. A wild array of new explosive devices and upgrades are devised.
File: 1372582216655.png-(39 KB, 902x434, subject00.png)
39 KB
the howling coils are lined with an explosive core, as are the heads of nearly all thrown or launched projectiles. If it is flung, thrown, or otherwise launched, sometimes even self propelled, it will explode. One idea that caught no traction was the hugging puruu drone. It would look quite cute, and be irresistible, seeking hugs. However a majority of it's craium was packed with the simple explosives, and upon hug. boom. sadly this caught little traction as an idea. Mining and explosives do not mix right now, there is little way to establish precise chemistry in the devices, and more often then not they blow up too big, or too little. each occurrence can be and has been disastrous. There is little idea as to how exactly these damn things work. Khuna recalled the tomb. It was right where he remembered it. The mind of the schwirm that became subject zero was a tangled mess, long lost to insanity, then flesh crafting. What was left behind were urges, instinct, and desire. Hunger. flickers of rage. A long, long, long time ago subject zero had a name, and a family, of the Oamenii clan...these memories did not even matter now, the torture did not matter, being dismembered and locked in the dark for so long...did not matter. Time was irrelevant. The next moment of violence was the most important moment. The Kafalites who came in after Khuna looked upon the creation of their ancestors and despaired, both in awe and horror. The moisture of the air coalesced around their breath in this cold and dark tomb... The research on Khuna has finally payed off. The Geists have studied his body extensivly, and learned how to duplicate portions of it, to include the mind-limb interface. This will be quite beneficial in creating quicker responding suits, and artifical limbs, considering all the wars this will benefit the lufae market, and their own population. An entire body replacement is still beyond them.
Khuna is still at a loss, at first crushed that there is nothing left of his old flesh, then coming to terms in the best way he can. His flesh is no longer his own, but as the Puruu control unit ate and grew into the shape and function of his withering brain, his memories, personality, in essence, his mind became lodged in that. For him, his soul, his collected experiences, linger on. It is of cold comfort to Khuna.
It takes the direct exposure of the Ligean to create these constructs. The method has been defined, and now all samples have been cultivated and stand in the chamber full grown. The second titan continues its slow growth, however it is nearly regenerated, while the first titan's grown has been shocking fast, owing to it's tendrils drinking deep of the blood of ligean, it has begun to fill out and look less emaciated. Again titan 1 demonstrates an "active adaptability", it is likely now that it is full of fluid it can fly anymore, and it continues to grow in mass. The flyers system for weapons is adequate, it is not exactly heavy weight, but very much so rapid fire. The extractors are improved and now function at expected capacity. The recycler systems vastly improve efficiency and the ifal fa soon find themselves with surplus resource. The powered lift and crane systems are prone to breakdown frequently. The Motos are now very lightweight and nimble, thrill seekers do "Sweet jumps" often. Electricity is currently beyond the grasp of the Ifal fa, in any useable format, but Light..wow. Who thought eyes were good for anything other then poking out of the songless? With sight, the song of the world is shown in more detail. Learning to "see" is a very important part of the Ifal fa researchers and even some warriors now, and no longer a passing curiosity. Slavers that were squatting are pushed away in quick order, offering no real resistance, most fled, leaving behind a few bits of metal. The "Cattle" are fed imported grain.
Rolled 17, 19 = 36


With the preparations done, and the council to keep order in Komae Tan, Thaka's party heads out, and begins their travel back to Neta Daan.
Alel and her steed shall once more, scout ahead, and keep vigil for troubles ahead, as the rest of the flock travel towards Neta Daan. As they are travelling with a smaller group, the travel time should not take as long as it did the last time. They will also resupply at the settlements along the route.

Rolling for:
How long it takes for Thaka to reach Neta Daan.
Random events along the way.
Anyone here?
Old Tom Bombadil is here
Rolled 18, 5, 19 = 42

With the raider camp setting up near the road to the homeland, it has become difficult to conduct trade. The deaths of traders was also an issue. Travelers would have to take a detour through the jungle.

The elders of the various villages met in order to devise a plan to clear the road once and for all. They'd make an attack on the camp, assimilate them by having a warrior challenge their leader for command by the rite of solo combat. To do so, they'd have to fight their way through the warriors protecting him.

Rolling for organizing the attack, pushing through, and challenging the splinter leader.

Though the Lufae submarine fleets still lack a coherent naval warfare strategies, they have still succeeded in clearing the waters of the southern coast from most slaver activity, as the advantage of submarines has been just so great.
The formation of these military submarine fleets were born out of the desire for vengeance of the denizens of Tamar Kat, and now, perhaps this vengeance has been served against the slavers. However, the fleets are far from coherent, and the command structure is not exactly clear. Before any proper naval strategies could even be developed, the Generals assigned to oversee these, originally basically citizen militia fleets, need to establish a proper command structure for these forces.

The Great ship, Pamar Lua increases the range of the submarine fleets considerably, however thus far, it has yet to show it's true potential, yet. The great ship is sent eastwards, escorted by 3 dozen hunter subs and a dozen of breaching subs, this force shall covertly investigate the range of the slaver, and general seafaring activity of the other races, going on across the eastern coasts of the continent. In addition, another such ship is being constructed in Tamar Kat. The utility of these vessels is so obvious that it would be foolish to limit the submarine forces to just one of them.
The lessons learned in the construction of the great ship, are used to create the next generation of larger fishing vessels, capable of supporting the Lufae nation with the riches of the sea even better. These vessels shall utilize a combination of a "maw", large nets, and agile smaller fast moving support subs to catch fish. Using sonar, and small nets, the support subs shall hound the schools of fish towards the bigger vessels, which will then open their "maw" once the fishes get close enough. The suction from the water flowing to the maw will suck the fishes to the great nets inside the maw, making fishing easy for the Lufae, in theory.

Tamar Kat is quickly rising to become a new center point of industry and development in Lufae lands. The great academy brings many young minds to the port city, to learn and study. Most return to their home cities, to work in various industries, using their high education to their advantage, but others stay in the academy, becoming teachers, or researchers. However, the current research of the Academy is mostly focused on improving existing knowledge of structural engineering, developing the calculus methods, improving the existing measurement devices and other general stuff. However, the failure at utilizing the explosives in mining, or understanding their workings, have caused the Royal Court to assign the Academy to study the explosives, so that they can be understood better. Maybe their new strange arts, could work better than the methods of the Kafalites? This of course, is a dent in the honor of the Kafalite order, which thus far, had mostly ignored the Tala Maiak, they now are starting to see these up starts with cold curiosity. Could they become a threat? The order sends it's agents to investigate the great academy, and the Tala Maiak.

The excavation of the sunken star continues. It is clear, that the saw subs are the way to go. Any useful materials are taken from the parts pulled to the shores, they will fetch a high price in the cities of Lufae.
Rolled 1

Alright. Self-judging these rolls.

Within the next couple weeks, a small army was assembled of the best warriors that could be spared by both the homelands and fortress city without leaving them vulnerable to attack from other raiders. The attack on the raider camp would be launched on two fronts, quickly overwhelming them. Or, that was the plan.

The possible war-chief-to-be in command had expected that if his followers were to set up along the road, there would be resistance from the cities. Their new camp was well fortified for Yapap structures. The battle, which the cities expected to be an overrun turned into a battle of attrition that went on for weeks. Raiders would sometimes make successful attacks on the supply lines, but their strength was wearing thin more quickly than the attackers.

After the fifth week, the warriors from the cities managed to start fire to one of the fortifications, making an opening. The pathway to the war-chief was cleared. He looked as if he's been waiting for them.

Rolling for how the battle panned out- 1 is killed, 2 is defeated but alive, 3 is outright surrender.
Rolled 8, 3, 9, 6, 16, 17, 10, 12, 2, 4, 2 = 89


During these past years, the Lufae military hardware has slowly started to fall behind the technological improvements. The strong, light weight emils shells, improved artificial muscles, explosives, blung oil, improved neural interfaces and so on. In addition, the surplus of high quality shell material due to the Academy's and the shell industries co-operation, means that this was the time to modernize the Lufae military gear. Both the infantry, and the construct forces will be modernized, the personal armors of the infantry will be replaced with the lighter, but equally tough emils shells, while they will also receive explosives to their standard gear. The construct, and biosuit forces will gradually be retired for upgrades, while never versions made from the improved materials, shall replace the ones being modernized. Also, tests are done on using explosives as to propel ordinance, place of pneumatics.

Seeing subject 0 alive, causes great concern in Khuna. It's twisted form sings songs of the void, the dark deeds done to it have altered it into an abomination. It must never fall into the wrong hands. Because of this, Khuna decides to expand his band of agents, into an order of secret warriors, who shall keep this thing, and the other dark secrets of the past, hidden from those who would use them for their own ends.

Rolling for: (11 rolls)
>Forming an actual command structure to the naval forces
>Investigating seafaring activity of the slavers and other nations in the eastern coasts
>Constructing another fort sub
>Constructing a fleet of fishing vessels

>The general research stuff of the Academy (Improving structural engineering, measurement devices, calculus and so on)
>The academy studying the explosives
>The Kafalites investigating the Academy
>Harvesting materials from the sunken star

>Modernizing the military. (2 rolls, 1st for infantry, 2nd for construct forces)
>Khuna forming an order to keep the tomb of subject 0 hidden from the world

With the production of the Ligaan Pasai forces (Mini titans.) underway, some of the researchers of section 2 have a radical idea. The 3 titans were legendary, semi divine beings to the Ifal Fa, so revered, that the thought of making more of them, had not really even crossed their minds, as they were seen as masterwork of their ancestors, beyond the skills of the Ifal Fa.
However, what if this was not the truth?
What if, another titan could be made?
This idea, gains support from a group of radical thinkers, and the process to create a 4th titan begins, in the forward tunnels the old section 9 dug, away from the "eyes" of the Coven. Samples are taken from all the 3 titans, and they are incorporated to a developing Pasai (mini titan) while the new, light weight emils shells are used to create the skeleton for the thing. Lub sacks could also be used to reduce it's weight, making it faster than any other titan before it. Should they succeed, this group of flesh singers would truly surpass their ancestors in the arts of Kaafa.

Section 1 sends explorers to the strange, rotten forest in north eastern borders. They shall investigate if Kafasha can be spread to these areas. They also continue to monitor the development of the altered Kafasha.

Work is put into developing the engines and crane systems so that they do not break down so often. Perhaps there could be ways to reduce the wear and tear?
Rolled 14, 12, 17, 15, 10, 12, 2, 12, 14 = 108

After driving off the slavers, the Ifal Fa raider forces decide to loot the stronghold for any resources, while also sending scouts further north, to investigate if there is any more slaver activity in the region.

Researchers of section 10 decide to establish a small station at the edges of the lacorra fields, so that they could observe the "shocking humming" of the region, and the strange songs of the local fauna more closely. Perhaps the true nature of their capabilities can be revealed here, instead of the confined laboratory chambers of Hikir Nu.
In addition, the researchers studying light, are trying to figure out what it exactly is. The sight masks reveal that it reacts differently to certain materials, it is reflected from water, and metallic stuff, while things like leather, do not cause reflections.

(I got no more ideas. I need to draw shit to get really good stuff in my head. Hopefully, I'll manage to draw things this week.)

Rolling for:
>Merging tissue samples from the 3 titans to a mini titan, forming the core flesh of the 4th titan.
>Constructing the skeleton for the 4th titan.
>Exploring the dream forest to north east.
>Monitoring the altered kafasha.
>Reducing the wear and tear of the crane and motor systems.

>Looting the slaver stronghold.
>Scouting north.
>Establishing a research station near the lacorra fields.
>Continued study of light.
Just in case it wasn't noticed, this was only a d3
@Nongent: Varoseg considers itself a protectorate of the Urupuruu if that helps. They exist outside the the trade pact, so anyone can fight them, but that will incur the wrath of the Urupruu, rather than all the trade pact members, as would occur if say the Korobushka were attacked. It's the same with Cruncholm, except it exists under the protection of the Grokuf now, and offending the Tanacs Azseg, one of the only nations that purchases slave from the Katumoisetians, is not a good policy if you want to sell slaves. So, Cruncholm is safe from the slavers, but Varoseg is less safe, yet more able to defend itself. Speaking of these two, lets get to work on them

Exasperated by the lack of response from the rulers of Nod, Cruncholm takes a drastic measure to force Leng to eliminate its tariffs on galate transfer to Cruncholm, and if possible the TA. Since the desert has not yet fully bloomed, Cruncholm still controls most of Lengs food supply, which it intends to use to its full advantage. The Mayor-Chief of Cruncholm threatens to create high out-going tariffs on food sold to Leng if it does not lower its own tariffs. Will nod give up on its tariff, or risk the starvation of one of its cities?
With Ostrov secured, enthusiasm for the war is waning greatly. Families want their loved ones home, and pester their elected officials or their clan representatives in the Feloshaz to end the war. The geists request their brutes be brought back, to help them expand their new Undercity and provide valuable labor to provide for the Ohkoku. Bowing to the will of the people, and defying the Ferok Kranos, most of the army will be brought home, with only the Vukad and the freed slave remaining. They will work to turn Ostrov into a true fortress, with no beach to be easily taken, and no settlement vulnerable to a raid. As for the fleet, it will secure the waters between the newly taken Isle and the mainland. However, this has all been quite lucky for Varoseg. Its fleet, while advanced, is very small. It needs greater numbers to truly protect the Firil Sea. Four more Mulpacs and two scaled down Fists are the in the works, but there is potential for a new design that could strike against slavers with impunity. The Ohkoku had a submersible, one with rough but effective air pumps that allowed it to stay at least partially submerged. If such technology could be utilized by the mighty industry of Varoseg, a new ship could be created, one that slides beneath the waters and surfaces only to attack. Surely such a ship would be devestating. Those geists with knowledge of the air pumps are put to work alongside engineers to devise a new ship, one that can ride beneath the waves.
Rolled 18, 3, 3, 8, 6, 10 = 48

New industry will be needed to support all this. With the civil war ended in the Tanacs Azseg, and the innovations from it being used in factories all across the Smoky Basin, Varoseg is now completely outstripped in its industrial capacity. One city alone cannot satisfy all this demand. To the west, beyond Szedept river by which Varoseg sits, new factories must be made, supported by new towns. These lands belong to the Urupuruu, so permission must be gained for construction and settlement. The Arupans will likely have easiest time integrating with the puruus, the children of their beloved Living God. Of course, the geists won't be going, so fearful are they of the open spaces. They'll have to make do with their undercity, unless they like living in the old mines, the first to be sunk in search of ores. A few geists take up just that very idea, moving into some mines and trying to use the ever present ash to feed some shell emils to sell in Varoseg and its few towns

Rolling for
Expanding the Under City
Turning Ostrov into a fortress-island
building some extra ships
Designing a semi-submersible ship
Building factories and small towns on Urupuruu land
Geists settling into the old mines
Rolled 12, 20, 18 = 50

Small band of Urupuruu rebels break away from the main tribe sneaking away by nightfall through boats carved using bark of the cave raga. Their intention is to start a new tribe with their own values as well as black jack and hookers. They don't exalt the giant one, instead wishing to practice religion based on people who may or may not live in the sky. The band is led by an individual that doesn't actually adhere to any god, motivated by religious oppression.

Rolling for
Collecting followers
Building boats
Building a town
Thanks to their previous trip, they manage to make a speedy journey. On the way, they saw what appears to be blue giants with a horn on their noses- they were walking with a log'ead guide, thankfully out of the borders of the forest. What would be the pack's actions?
Rolled 1, 4, 12, 15, 3 = 35

The Urupuruu rebel band begin colonizing the river delta, drinking and farming from its rich waters and soil. The new town is dubbed Pururururuururu, and headed by an oligarchic council of elder puruus. The denizens of Pururururuururu excel in the building of boats allowing them to sail up and down stream swiftly and with ease. The council decided that the only way to compete with other tribes would be to have strength in numbers. A mass breeding program begins. Nurseries are being set up and puruu are encouraged to reproduce as often as possible. In addition, the denizens are also researching medicines to keep away from viral infections.

Rolling for
Expanding town at the base of the delta
Keeping the town from overflowing with salt water
Building nurseries to house eggs for breeding program
Breeding program to increase town population
Research into viruses
We need a new thread.
This one is over the bumb limit.
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But is it over picture limit?
File: 1372655534086.png-(15 KB, 775x331, Mulpac-maluc.png)
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A reminder that the Log'eadz sometimes rip each others mulpacs off and make hats out of them
In a frantic and hectic battle, the raider chief fighting until his head was decapitated and subsequently smashed (this kills the puruu). The remaining raiders mostly fought until the bitter end, but some was captured, and eventually assimilated.

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