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I need inspiration.

Tell me your scary paranormal experiences.
/x/ is that way, bud --->
File: 1372584286058.jpg-(927 KB, 2560x1920, C_13.jpg)
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927 KB JPG
>last week
>be paintin' sum shit
>look out window
>see a fucking pale face peaking out of the shop
>shop is closed hours ago
>has been watching me painting for god knows how long
>get camera
>take a pic
>close the curtains
>go to bed
>shit myself
>not there next day

Pic very related, look closely, if you cant see it I have a zoomed version.
File: 1372584579566.jpg-(77 KB, 593x425, 1331636734334.jpg)
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>be at friend's house with some buds to watch a movie
>dvd player is not working so we decide to try the Ouija Board to pass the time
>messing around and asking it stupid questions
>think this is total bullshit and laugh with friends
>one friend asks board if it is a demon
>board says yes
>a few people get creeped out and leave the game
>host friend gets the dvd player working again so fuck the boring Ouija Board
>leave without saying goodbye to board (now see that's a mistake)
>go upstairs to go and get a drink
>look at fridge door before opening it for a second
>can see the reflection of a thin crippled dark figure with pure white eyes behind me
>turn around
>no one


>one of my friends said he saw a thin dark figure in the mirror when he went to the washroom
>4 out of 5 of my friends there at one point or another say that they all saw the figure in a reflection of some sort
>in the glare of tv, in the bathroom mirror, fridge door and in the window
>only friend who was fixing the dvd playing wasn't participating in the Ouija Board didn't see anything
>all of us - NOPE

This was about last year.

It's the only paranormal thing that has ever happened to me and I'm still paranoid about it.
K, I'll go... Only told a few people this irl.

>Used to have weird creepy dreams as a kid.
>Learn about slender man last year
>Holy fuck, Been dreaming about him since early 90's
>Shit's not that cash
>Me and a friend start walking to the store to get some smokes.
>(They make you feel good man)
>Tell him about it before about a month earlier.
>Really fucking foggy out side.
>It's around 3am.
>Shit looks cash.
>All is going as planned.
>Decide to take a side street short cut.
>Bout three feet into the short cut we stop and freeze.
>Tall motherfucker down the road just standing there facing us.
>We stare for 5 minutes.
>Couldn't make out his face.
>Not a word spoken the whole time.
>Friend pats me and says lets take the other way.
>I nod.
>Didn't speak the whole way to the store of back home.
>A couple months ago.
>Be driving past old house with same friend.
>I get out of car.
>Friend drives off.
>Start walking.
>Look at the ground ahead of me.
>Huge shadow right next to my shadow.
>Look behind me.
>Walk faster.
>Friend comes back.
>Don't tell him about it.
File: 1372584728222.gif-(459 KB, 500x409, 1340424267552.gif)
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459 KB GIF
>With girl I used to date
>Still good friends, but we'd been pretty distant for a while
>Meet up one night
>It's not the same any more
>Starts raining and we have a fight
>She finally admits she had feelings for me but says she had to go
>Very mad, I grab her as she tries to leave and shake her up a bit
>She screams like hell but I don't let go, tell her I'll never let go
>People stare and I loosen my grip
>She runs off

I didn't hear from her for a few days. A few days later the cops knocked at my door, asking if I'd seen her. I told them about that night and they and told me they needed me for questioning. They kept me there the whole day - after we had the fight she was found murdered on some beach. A lot of witnesses had seen me grabbing her and for a long time I was the main suspect, but finally they let me go because there was no evidence.
What scares me is how close I came to being put away, for something I didn't do. I could have been put on death row or something if they decided to link me to some other murders, which they easily could have seeing as I live in the bad side of the city. Sometimes I still get awful nightmares where I'm in prison, waiting to get fried.

File: 1372584860879.gif-(1.19 MB, 250x187, 1351897026114.gif)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB GIF
>County Sheriff
>Be with several other guys in the desert on a training exercise
>Have a blast, we take a break for lunch and bullshittery
>As time goes on, it starts getting darker and darker
>Decide it's too dark for anything else, and pack up to head home
>Super foggy and hard to see
>Was in the middle of talking about favorite chinese food places when he slams on the brakes (was taking me to the station where my car was)
>Brand new BMW with it's emergency lights on in the middle of the desert, doors open, and apparent blood on the driver door and back window
>Call it in and we secure the scene until investigators arrive
>ETA was supposedly and hour... it felt like centuries
> We check out the surrounding area for any bodies or clothing, etc...
>Get five feet away from the road when all of us hear a screech, like a mix of a girl screaming in pain, nails on a chalkboard, and a teapot boilingx1000
>All of us were scared shitless and decided to bring out our shotguns and AR's...
>Investigators finally arrived and took charge of the scene
>check the report 3 days later and the blood on the drivers door wasn't human
cant see shit man
>Tell me your scary paranormal experiences.
-> /x/
There are like two or three threads with that kind of stories right there right now.
>Hanging out at a friends house
>middle of summer, live innawoods, middle of nowhere
>talking about life and shit on his trampoline
>suddenly hear jingles bells
>it's the midnight
>there's literally no one around for miles
>the bells get louder and softer randomly
We got the fuck out
A young girl is playing in her bedroom when she hears her mother call to her from the kitchen, so she runs downstairs to meet her mother.

As she’s running through the hallway, the door to the cupboard under the stairs opens, and a hand reaches out and pulls her in. It’s her mother. She whispers to her child, “Don’t go into the kitchen. I heard it too.”
Who was mother
>But then which one was mom?
File: 1372586246975.jpg-(68 KB, 640x584, jerusalem01438.jpg)
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Dont you just love those inhuman screams

>Live in New Mexico
>several years ago
>Had to help my buddy dig a pit for a pond his family wanted
>decided to dig in the evening to avoid 106 degree weather
>Just he and I dicking around and bullshitting while digging
>Strike the earth with my shovel and immediately hear several, almost human screams
>Birds and surrounding insects immediately fall silent
>Screaming continues for several seconds before promptly stopping
>he drops his shovel and fucking runs without a word, nope.jpg.mov
>my heart almost fucking explodes

turns out I had hit a pack of these fucks with the shovel. They scream like satan's own fiery asshole when scared. Here, we call them children of the earth, they are actually pretty cool insects.

They actually scream? I used to run across those guys when I was a kid playing in the yard out here in California.
>implying they didn't test the blood to find out which animal it was
Her mums first idea was to hide in the stairs closet?
True but you also get the shitiness of /x/ with it.
OP, go ask /k/ for their innawoods NOPE stories.

Yeah, it is creepy as fuck

Tried to find a video, but they rarely scream, only when very threatened or injured.
I had cut one in half with the shovel and heard the death scream.
I have two stories. I'm not entirely sure if I've told them on /tg/ before, but I'll do it anyway, two separate posts.

>middle school
>live in duplex
>hear story of old lady that died in our half
>middle of the night, playing some .HACK// in the living room
>pick up movement in my peripheral heading for kitchen
>assume my younger sister, because mom's door is in sight and sister sleeps with door open and is also a habitual midnight snacker
>several minutes pass, see no light in kitchen come on
>few more minutes, see movement in peripheral again, heading down the hallway out of my sight
>call sister's name, get no response
>get up, check room, she's sleeping
>end of hall is door to garage, never heard it open or close
>when I went to sleep, heard piano music. Neighbors are well known metal fans exclusively
Yeah, Helba can be pretty weird sometimes.
File: 1372587672871.gif-(743 KB, 853x480, aw snap.gif)
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743 KB GIF

Story Two

>sophomore year
>new house
>as usual at my mother's houses, I sleep in the living room because I'm usually just visiting for the weekends only.
>uncle was living in a room but moved out, so mom and her husband moved into his room
>sister starts complaining she's hearing voices and seeing dark shapes in her window
>eventually moves into the room that mom and stepdad moved out of
>claim her room, furnishing it with a lamp, desk, futon, and TV
>notice the window sills have salt on them
>know about rituals to keep evil spirits out by placing salt at entrances to rooms
>sweep it away
>declare loudly, arms open to the ceiling that if they wanted me, to not be a pussy
>go to bed
>wake up next day with a scratch on my forearm
>smirk, as they were pussies
File: 1372588108987.jpg-(2.2 MB, 3560x2280, innawoods1.jpg)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB JPG
>turns out it was cats
I WISH it was Helba.
>dat white bra and cleavage
>dat 12 year old libido of mine
We did have a cat at the time, but I sleep with my door closed and the cat wasn't in my room. Maybe cat spirits?
I only have a UFO story, does that count?
File: 1372588283406.jpg-(1.45 MB, 1058x3569, innawoods2.jpg)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG

I have to ask, what the hell is up with this game? I see people posting 'loadouts' for it all the time. I went to the site but I don't get it? What's up with this Innawoods thing?
Ahem - Let me begin yon /tg/

>Be first year Uni student, staying with my fiancee (now wife) at her old house several years ago.
>She kept dropping in things about the house and the estate being haunted - at the time I didn't really buy it.
>One thing was definite though, neither my fiancees kids or cat liked going upstairs into the largest (at the time her) bedroom).
>A couple of weeks pass, I am slightly creeped out by being upstairs on my own but can handleit.jpg

And so one night . . .

>Me and my fiancee lying in bed talking, the room is well lit by the blue glow from the alarm clock and the streetlamp outside.
>Slowly but surely the lights start to dim somehow, as if they are not putting out as much light as they did before.
>Then the temperature starts to drop and the mood darkens to boot.
>We both lie in bed as we watch what can only be described as a "Shadow" step out of the bookcase and into the room - we are both watching the same thing and no one has said a goodamn word until I ask her is she can see the same damn thing as me, she replies "yes" and I ask "what" and she says that a "Shadow has just stepped out of the fucking bookcase"

This thing hung around for what must have been five minutes of fear, one of the few times in my life I have ever internally nopenopenope.jpg'd and neither of us said a word, as our hands gingerly met in the middle of the bed.

It would be best to say that at the time the bed didn't have a frame, it was just a matress on the floor with sheets - and the shadow still had not moved.

>My wife panics suddenly as she cries out that someone has grabbed her foot, and then proceeds to SLIDE down the fucking bed horizontally by about a foot of distance.
>I panic and grab her, we pull together until she is huddled up next to me.
>A few moments of panic later the goddamn Shadow-thing steps backwards back through the fucking bookcase and dissapears.
>Eventually the light returns to the room.

The few people who claim to be "experienced" or "professional" in the paranormal have flat out told me "It was a demon" when I told them the story, but I still don't know what to think about it.

About six weeks later we moved house, so I have no idea what happened since.
No idea, I just picked these up from a similar thread about a month back.
What a lazy demon.

Innawoods = in the woods.

/k/ is full of firearms and combat freaks, and they often go hiking and exploring and shit.
I dunno what you tell you man, but Jerusalem Crickets (that's what that pic is of) don't scream.

Seems like a lot of people think they can though, so there's something there.

I'm really fucking curious about this now.
You should ask her now how many people have gotten fooled by that trick.
Paranormal activity sucks, man. At least plagiarise something good.

Yeah but is it some kind of game or something? Or are they just wishlists of some sort?
It's called innawoods because whenever you ask /k/ what they'd do come apocalypse, their answer is "I'd grab my [particular gun] and prepacked bag and go live innawoods."
All my creepy stuff is sleep paralysis related.
Going innawoods is every /k/ommando's contingency plan for when society breaks down.

Obama tries to instill martial law? Grab your guns and go innawoods.

China invades? Grab your guns and go innawoods.

Aliens attack? Grab your guns and go innawoods.

George Zimmerman is found innocent and every black person in America goes on a killing spree? Grab your guns and go innawoods.

Going into the woods is just /k/'s generic solution to every problem, like we have "thin your paints" and /fit/ has "squats and oats." Someone just made a little GUI loadout program for fun.
That article doesn't say anything about screaming, either yes or no.

Heh - I should have expected /tg/ summerfags would be out and about on a sunday morning but I know what happened and you guys can suck a goat.

The thing was, by that point only paranormal activity one had been released and I have refused to watch all of them, I fucking hate ghost films.

That 'splains it. thanks.
i had some really scary lucid dreams. you could have an episodic dream were you know it's a dream and the players die horribly but they know that they are going to wake up. i don't know what you would use to motivate them though. maybe you could have alternate levels like a ghost walk campaign

Wait are people asking for fucked up animal sounds? Cause I have a bunch of links then.
Of course, going innawoods for most people is not going to greatly prolong their life. Too easy to have one mishap and die from a broken leg, or being too cold, or getting an infection, and so on.
Animal? Maybe the driver was an animal lover, hit an animal wounded, blood everywhere runs into wilderness they follow.
It was an alien, mexicans are known for their love of BMWs.

Shit, I actually forgot a third story, though it's secondhand from my mom

>senior year for me
>week after stepdad kills himself
>she's cleaning out house, certain it's cursed because stepdad's dad died in the yard a few years ago when he and stepdad's mom lived there
>lays on the couch to take a nap
>wakes up when she hears someone talking
>her phone that she had put on the floor next to the couch had dialed stepdad's sister, who was asking why mom had called but wasn't talking
>later the same day, while cleaning, the computer printer turns on and spits out a blank paper
>printer was unplugged

That's when she nope'd and came back to her friend's house that she was staying at for moral support. Next day the house got robbed.

Well okay.

I used to live out in the countryside. We had a nice big house and a big paddock out back where the horses lived, however the horses died many years before this story. Maybe six years ago?

Anyhoo, one night I and my family were watching TV and preparing dinner when we noticed a humming, ringing noise. It was barely noticeable at first but gradually got louder. Curious, I and my mum switched off the TV and the cooker, but it seemed to be coming from outside. So I went out into the darkness, thinking it could be the pool filter.
So I headed through our garage out to the back of the house, it nearly being pitch black apart from all the light from the house of course. The ringing noise got louder and louder as I approached the pool filter which faces the paddock.
The filter, as you might have guessed, was off and not making any noise. I then realized it was coming from the dead middle of the dark paddock, and was really loud. And bam, it stopped instantly just as it began to hurt my ears, dropping everything into instant silence. Suddenly I had the funny compulsion to look up.

I saw a UFO. It looked like three bright blue lights in a triangular formation on a black shadow. As soon as I looked up it very quickly disappeared into the clouds without a sound. Then a few moments later from the opposite direction I heard the roar of a plane engine as a jet liner flew overhead.

I dunno what it was, but I think it moved away because the passenger jet was coming. Nothing else ever happened at my old place, just that one incident. Sorry if it wasn't very scary or anything.

Get it?
File: 1372589545150.jpg-(115 KB, 704x869, 1362542548351.jpg)
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115 KB JPG
Time for my copy pasta.

>Sitting at home, playing some vidya.
>Phone rings, I look at the caller ID.
>Unavailable. Well, so am I.
>Few moment later the ringing stops, and the answering machine starts up.
>Dead silent for a few brief seconds.
>Then unearthly babbling blares over the answering machine's speakers.
>Baffled, I sit there.
>Then the eldritch noise turns into more of a tune.
>It sounds like "Happy Birthday".
>Then a voice, in broken English says:
>"Hello, Lucy, its your long lost Brazilian family wishing you a happy birthday".

Lucy will never get this message.
wikipedia, totally infallible. half page article must contain all details of an insects behavior.

I've heard it happen at least twice in my life. and only when the insect in question has been wounded somehow but not out right killed. I would assume most studies don't involve maiming the insects.

I think it is a last ditch self defense mechanism, it is scary as fuck, but it would also give away the insect's location to any nearby predator. I think it is the sound made when they rub their legs together at super high speeds. they don't have wings like most crickets do.

It sounds very, very human, almost child like
I'm reading through all of this. Spooked as fuck.
Oooh, yes please
Man, I'm like...the reverse of paranormal.
Entire father's side of the family regularily has dreams with the dead family members trying to tell them something or warning or whateva. Dad tells about his experience with ouija board where they asked the board stuff and got told, specifically, that Chruschev died, and sure as heck, next day the radio does inform that he passed away.

So yeah, hardly occultistic, but at least your usual run of the mill "portenty" stuff everyone gets.

Me? I saw a white shape once on the windowsill as a kid (could've been a pidgeon, but pidgeons don't fucking fly at night), and that's it. I guess I'm better for it, I used to be afraid of the dark for the longest time without any shit going bump in the night. Heck, still am uncomfortable in the night-wierdly enough, more at home than outside. So yeah, all I get is ton of dejavu's and nice dreams of flying around (well, almost nice, the dream where I floated past Auschwitz gate and it was leading to my old city district was a bit wierd). Eh, suits me fine I guess.
>Vixen Scream

>supposedly a fisher cat screaming

>mountain lion scream

Don't have a vid link but Rabbits can really scream too.
>Lucy will never get this message.

Because you killed her and are now wearing her skin while laughing and smiling with her friends?

Goddamn skinwalkers pretending to be normal /tg/ posters.
Not supernatural, but kinda silly.

Once we were fooling around with a bunch of friends and for some reason I wondered what happens when you call yourself. As in, dial the phone you make the call from. We're kinda all laughing at the silliness as I dial my number and put the phone to my ear.
My heart skips a beat and the smile immediately drops, when I hear my own voice going, "Hello?...Hello?". Realization dawned when it cut to "Is someone th-nah I'm just kidding. I'm not here right now leave a message" etc.

It had gone to my answer message, and I was THAT guy. Funny how it fooled myself though.
What you on about? We are all skinwalkers here
I am haunted by the ghosts of the grass I mowed

They sway in the spectral wind, how their spectral blades haunt me so
>underneath ocean, on the oldest submarine at the time
>in the engine room, doing inspects.
"get out.."
"Ok MM2 I know thats you its not funny.
"Bro I'm right here."
"don't do it.."
Apparently we found out 2 people had killed themselves there, and there were rumors of hauntings, and to add more 'proof' the lights in that space all blew out, yet when I checked.. the fuses were ok, no breakers blew.. just lights all faling at the same time.

Or, in con, where the sonar guys kept hearing some biological thing that was absurdly deep, and absurdly fast. It sounded "like a giant squid on steroids," and we were apparently over the eastern caribbean at the time. So we may have found ctuhlu at the time.

>Jack Rabbit Distress Call used, that's kinda close to what they sound like

>Barn Owl

Bobcats also sound human like sorta.
How is being put away the traumatic part of this story?

Jesus Christ Almighty this is some spooky fucking shit. Fuck you /k/, we didn't want to be the new /x/, anyway.
>yfw it only takes a little manipulation to turn a "k" into an "x"
Dammit, the way you started the story, you made me expect there's a ufo filled with space horse aliens in it.

sorry, nothing that interesting.
This one is gold, I am inspired to run a very deadly CoC game based on this story.
Being innawoods is gonna be dangerous as shit, they'll be full of armed paranoid /k/ommandos.
File: 1372594724568.png-(171 KB, 938x790, 1370171023472.png)
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171 KB PNG
Got more stories for those in need of a read.
File: 1372594743435.png-(177 KB, 1818x1352, BodenIsFuckingScaryPlace.png)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
Here's another from a /k/reepy thread a while back
File: 1372594788272.png-(259 KB, 1552x1419, 1370176151681.png)
259 KB
259 KB PNG

Excellent, more fodder for the machine
File: 1372594993426.png-(284 KB, 1380x1366, 1370170939684.png)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
File: 1372595110678.png-(850 KB, 1006x3314, 1370172011296.png)
850 KB
850 KB PNG
File: 1372595156768.png-(236 KB, 2388x1124, 1370171851025.png)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
File: 1372595277094.png-(560 KB, 1920x3126, KGoesNOPE.png)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
File: 1372595358260.png-(74 KB, 1116x1268, 1370172231691.png)
74 KB
Post zoomed version.
My cousin's name is Tanner. He and I live in Alabama. He told me to watch out for the goat man. He never told me this story. Fuck...
File: 1372596450224.jpg-(674 KB, 1198x4896, 1361486325663.jpg)
674 KB
674 KB JPG
Courtesy of /k/

I'll have you know some of us are Reptilians.
I wish I had a flame thrower handy
Next to that red thing, right.
>Read this
>Instantly think of Repo Man
File: 1372597795265.png-(79 KB, 322x283, 1371946620102.png)
79 KB
Seems a bit odd to leave it at friend dead I will let this thing ride with me.
>Young me
>Huge-ass house in the middle of nowhere
>Have to go into the closet to get something
>It's huge
>And dark
>The thing i'm getting is way in the back
>Something brushes up against me
To this day i'm still afraid of the dark
> Be a kid
> Live in a small town in the middle of fucking nowhere
> Tired, has to go to sleep
> In the middle of the night woken up by snarling and barking
> Look out my window, it's pretty dark out
> A fuckhuge dog-thing, staring at me
> Freak out, lock everything in the house, wake up everybody
> My parents look out the window, nothing there
> Still hear the snarling
From that day on, I sleep with my lights on. Fuck the dark.
I dont see shit. Could someone circle it for me?
File: 1372599495938.jpg-(170 KB, 600x600, 1348478419999.jpg)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
>I was 6
>lived in a farm
>had two walk 2 miles from farm's entrance to the farm's house
>walked up and down everyday to go to school
>farm's house was more than a century old
>somewhere near it was a cabin used to store tools
>one day, had to study in a friend's house
>it's late
>walk those miles to get to my house in the farm
>pass the tool cabin
>ask who's calling me
>ask again
>run to my house, and tell my older brother about it
>my brother calls my father and they go to the cabin
>there's nothing
>my father get mad at me and uses his leather belt to slap my ass for telling lies
>I'm confused, butthurt and kinda sad
>go to sleep
>wake up in the middle of the night
>feel something touching my leg
>there's nothing
>feel a grasp on my leg
>get pulled from bed violently
>fall on my face on the floor
>start to scream and cry
>everyone go to my bedroom
>I'm at the floor, nose bleeding from the impact
>my brother tells me that I'm crazy
>tell my mother about the leg pulling
>she checks it
>there are hand marks on my leg
>big hand marks, not matching anyone on my family
>everyone is looking at each other
>a week after we move to another city
>15 years old
>home alone all week due to family emergency
>no problem at all (aside from being sad uncle died)
>second night
>sitting in living room
>playing video games, one cat on my lap, other next to me
>out of nowhere, wolf howls fill the living room
>not mild "do I hear something?" stuff, they're LOUD
>sounds just like real howls aside from the weird way they trailed off
>roughly three to five happening at a time
>clearly hear them coming from specific locations in the empty air
>when a new one starts it's always a new location
>cats are also freaking out and looking around presumably at sound locations
>lasts about a minute or two, and that was that

To this day I haven't the faintest idea what that was about. And nobody ever believes me when I tell the story.
Do those things bite? I have lots of them around here and I'd totally just pick them up when they get in the house since that's easier than getting a cup, but they look like they might be biters.
Good thing you had your cats about you. I have never had any kind of paranormal experience as long as at least one cat was in the house. I think ghosts are ailurophobic. Also heard quite a few stories of cats apparently being pretty good at 'sniffing out' paranormal activity, though many of the described reactions might just as well come from the cats seeing, smelling or hearing small animals that the humans just miss. Didn't /tg/ work on something called Call of Cathulu or somesuch?
According to Wiki they have rather painful bite, but I supposed they only bite in extreme situations.
Cats have been worshiped for their demon-warding abilities since the Egyptians. Dogs guard your home, cats guard your soul.
That's way too spooky.
>my father get mad at me and uses his leather belt to slap my ass for telling lies

>kid tells me he heard voices in the cabin
>there is nothing when we come
>clearly lies
>nothing that the belt cant beat it out of him

shitfather of the year award goes to...
Come on, that's how you did it in ye olde days. Leather belt all day every day.
That explains why I never had spooky shit happen to me.
That's kinda cool. Reminds me of a superstition my grandfather had that killing spiders was bad luck because... something about their webs catching bad spirits or something... I can't remember exactly. He and my grandmother were from some backwoods part of Ukraine and had all kinds of weird folk beliefs.
File: 1372601711745.gif-(Spoiler Image, 568 KB, 500x331)
Spoiler Image, 568 KB
568 KB GIF
mfw i'm Ukrainian
In that particular situation the primary reason I was glad the cats were there was that they were reacting too, so I wasn't just hallucinating. That's usually their contribution to unexplained weirdness. Well, the companionship helps too, to be honest.

Otherwise, I've never heard of the paranormal being afraid of cats, though. And I've never not had cats, but I still have my share of ghost stories. If they keep spooks away, I must either be a ghost magnet or always end up in strongly haunted houses.
Yeah, pretty much all I know is that they were from Ukraine. I don't know whereabouts, or even exactly when they left. It was still part of the Soviet Union at the time, that's about all I know.
It is actually smart since all spiders in Europe are completely harmless and eat mosquitoes and other nasty shit. There is a reason for every superstition.
Most of the Slavic ghost stories are trolls, Baba Yaga and the witches, and mysterious animal heads all rollin' up on folk.
Yeah, supposedly mantises have painful bites, but I handle them at every opportunity and have never been bitten. (Luckily I held them before finding out they can hurt.) I guess the bigger question isn't so much if they -can- bite, but if they're -inclined- to.

I just don't kill spiders because they're living things that don't have ill intent. Seriously, three nights ago I found a black widow climbing up my shirt and just blew it off, got it in a cup, and released it outside.
In Poland we have old pople saying "if you kill a spider, it will rain" and that is about it.
I like my cat near because I know if shit goes down to follow where he runs. Also its scarier being alone.
>Grab rifle
>Go inna woods.
>Hear something behind me.
>Turn around with rifle in hand.
>Something big moving around in the brush.
>Too big for a black bear.
>Shoulder rifle.
>Commence magdump
>Thing bolts
>Make it back to the car so fast I puke when I stop.

Still no idea what that thing was. It made a sound like someone dragging their nails across a chalkboard and I couldn't make out its shape very clearly. Much larger than a man, for sure. Last I checked, bears didn't screech.
Like that as well. And I keep my daddy long legs to chill in the corner.
If that were true, it'd only be an incentive to kill spiders. Aside from personally liking stormy weather, it's stupid hot here and there's a drought.
Big fucking cougar, maybe?
And ghosts and fairies.

And if you live near water, the fucking water devils who are more Lovecraft than Christian.
There is live and let live and then it is letting Black Widows go so they can murder you on some other ocassion or multiply and let their thousands of kids do the work for them.
Black widows intentionally try not to bite humans.
File: 1372602421392.jpg-(62 KB, 400x378, 1371235715015.jpg)
62 KB
fucking ouija board
Way too big for a cougar. We only have black bears around here, but this thing was easily the size of a brown or a smaller grizzly. The lighting was low, but I could make out the size of the thing. I never went back because anything that just takes a bunch of 7.62x39 and runs is not something I want to pursue.
Kinda interested in what makes people go into pure bullshit mode. There is creepy and then there is that
We are a model temperate climate country with helluva fertile land. We are more worried by too much rain and floods (we had a few serious country wide floodings in the past 15 years) than droughts (one in the past 20, 30 years?) so killing a spider to make it rain is not something you'd like to do here.
Adrenaline can do funny things to your perception.
>High School drama class for four semesters
>Drama teachers are really good, but most of the students picked it up for a bludge class
>School has a theatre and at the end of the week, we'd play games in the dark to finish the class
>Oldest of the drama teachers tells us a story of how the cleaner in the 1970's died after having his face chewed off by rats when he tried to exterminate them, but broke his leg somehow
>Of course the story is utter shite, but...

>Girl screams during one of the games we were playing in the dark
>Said a fat man with big coat brushed up against her in the dark
>No one had a jacket that matched the description

>Another game in the dark
>Everyone hides near the front of the room
>Except for one kid
>Hear a thump and him swearing towards the end of the game
>Teacher turns on the light
>Apparently, someone wearing black leather shoes kicked him
>No one near him
>No one wearing black leather shoes

>Teacher discussing how to throw your voice
>Something in the lightbox catches my eye
>Looks like someone standing in the shadows, watching
>Decide it can't be a student, too tall and wide
>Must be the cleaner or something
>ten minutes later, the cleaner walks through from another door
>Figure in the lightbox is gone
>No other way out of the lightbox other than the door leading into the theatre

>Last day
>Teachers tell all the graduating students that the story is bullshit and they told us that so we wouldn't sneak off into the dark
>Then who did we encounter in the dark?
When potentially paranormal stuff happens my cats stick to me like glue, unlike your helpful cats. If you'll excuse the dumb comparison, you know how in Scooby-Doo, Shaggy will walk around with Scooby right underfoot, and they peek around corners together? My cats do the same thing when checking out ghost-ish things.

>hear weird mumbling in the other room
>cat and I immediately look that direction at the same time
>cautiously approach room in perfect sync

I got forced into watching PA by an old girlfriend, and I can attest as someone who does not like horror movies in the slightest that some of the time cards in the shinning are scarier than the entirety of PA.

The only terrifying part of the movie was me after a "tense build up" within the movie, grabbing my now ex and screaming (this was in no way related to why that relationship ended).
>obtain familiar feat
>>Then who did we encounter in the dark?
a figment of your collective teenager-imagination? a self-fullfilling prophecy?
Killing that one isn't going to end them forever and that spider was halfway up my shirt after having been on me who knows how long. It had its chance to try and kill me and obviously didn't. It'd be a dick move to murder it at that point, now way I'm letting a spider be the bigger person.

Besides, it's the brown recluses we worry about around here anyway, I don't know of anybody dying to black widows.
Well, well, have a look at those two sets of repeating digits.
It could also have been that you could have cleared an age-old mystery, maybe the guy you encountered in the dark was phone!!!
Even then, the brown recluse is extremely shy. The only reason they bite people is because they tend to hide in shoes and gloves because they're dark, cramped spaces like its natural habitat.
So we were having weird shit happen. Soft voices in certain areas, generic sounds that happen a wee bit too much.
While it was creepy it only happened fairly rarely so I put it down to me being jumpy.

A few years later we got a cat from the SPCA. When we brought him inside he immediately began hissing and spitting. We didn't want to let him out of the cage but it was already loose and he just sprung out and began running through all the rooms yelling his head off.
A few minutes later he was on my bed licking his lips.
We have had no spooky shit after this.
Assuming this is true, this might be a case of sleep paralysis

Mother was the one in the kitchen. 2spooky4me eats the child.
Typical cat life-saving practices, you've been dealt a great service.
But then why did it need to speak as the mother when the child is already in its grasp?
Sounds like Cultist-Chan to me.
Im sure that to one of the marines the smell was bacon rather then horrible trasj
Cats eat ghosts?
And mice, but mostly ghosts.
Yeah, don't you know what hairballs are?
I hate that. I have occasions when people are walking around my bed and my eyes are closed. Or once someone turned my light on in my room. I always tend to try and leap up to surprise it but always end in a dark room.
Fuck sleep paralysis.
Just an ancient belief that cats chase away evil spirits, or more that evil spirits are disinclined to encroach on a cat's territory for whatever reason.

Remember that movie, The Mummy? Imhotep totally flips his shit when he sees a cat and won't touch it. Totally based on real Egyptian shenanigans.
SKREEEEE isn't a conclusive sound description, but that story sounds a little familiar.

>outside on early autumn night, crunchy leaves everywhere
>next to some trees
>closest tree suddenly shakes pretty hard
>absolute silence about two seconds
>hear same sound about 60-70 feet away
>silence again, then sound again further away

It obviously didn't walk since I never heard leaf sounds, but even for flying that'd be pretty fast, and I never saw anything move but that first tree shake, which would require one big bird. And it didn't sound anything like birds I've heard before, and yeah, that includes the local owl sounds.
I think you are all victims of the sneaky cliffracer.
Not really a scary story, but supernatural non the less. I'm scandinavian and in my 50's and i did a few months of military training (Lumpen) Where i went as a fjälljägare. Winter infantry of a sort, where we skiied a lot etc. Once i was tasked with watching over a patch of land for a long period of time. I hadn't slept properly for days when i was tasked with this so it might be hallucinations, i don't know.

As i was sitting there, in a hidden spot i saw a troll, almost like one from bauer's drawings. It walked around betweend the spruces, looking at trees, brushing away leaves from rocks. Occasionally it would dissapear when walking behind a tree, only to reappear a few meters away behind another tree. I wasn't afraid, even though it was quite big. It didn't look evil or malicious. I never tell this story as if it weren't a hallucination, but i believe i saw a troll.

Because evil things are assholes. What do you think would scare the child more after she's lowered her guard: hearing some screeching/demonic voice and yelling to warn her actual mom, or believing her mother is her killer as her final thought before she's consumed?
It was just a high-pitched shriek. I don't really know how else to put it. Like a dental drill or something.
You know its all about the sound for me. It could be fucking spongebob with screeching and I would wet my pants.
To be fair I find the idea of the mother being in the cuboard being the actual mother being alot better for a low drawn out heart pounding scare.
File: 1372604376055.gif-(Spoiler Image, 1.63 MB, 360x236)
Spoiler Image, 1.63 MB
1.63 MB GIF
Here's one for you jittery-types who are jumping at shadows after reading the rest of this thread

>17 years old
>Sitting at my computer
>Cat pushes his way into my room and jumps up on my lap
>Greet him warmly as I haven't seen him in ages
>He purrs and cuddles up to me
>Wake up
>Cat died two years earlier
>Can still feel the warmth of his fur against my chest
>mfw he was my best friend in the whole world and I still miss him at 21.
Quite possibly. My sleep patterns are pretty fucked up, so I wouldn't be surprised if something like that happened.
Maybe combined with a couple of false awakenings, just to mess with you.
File: 1372604459552.jpg-(19 KB, 350x350, 1325644797354.jpg)
19 KB
That's kinda cool.
I clicked the last gif by mistake and it was nothing. I am not going for this one it is 3 am
so a) stepdad called his sis'
and b) he printed a blank page to make her leave and so she wasnt there when it was robbed.
That sounds close to the first part. Then it flowed into the HAIRGH which was sorta like saying hairgh in a raspy voice, but while breathing in and really drawing it out.
It's a cat.
is that cat fucking crying

what a pussy

Realtalk, though, I had a cat die when I was around fifteen, the cat itself was two years older than me, I was the only person he didn't treat like shit and we were famous troublemakers.
File: 1372604669351.jpg-(11 KB, 150x231, Like.jpg)
11 KB
That was a fun read.
Don't believe you
damn aliens trying to steal my horse skeletons!


it's a very sad cat that cries and just generally breaks the rules of biology by doing so
Nothing AMAZING, but I was in my kitchen early one morning and went through the doorway towards the living room when I felt something like a bottlecap hit me in the back of the head. The reason I thought it was a bottlecap was because I heard it hit the floor and go rolling. But I was the only one in the house and I couldn't find the bottle cap, let alone anything that could have fired it at the back of my head.

For inspiration, look up the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark book series. Pretty interesting stuff, although the pictures in the book have an edge on the actual stories. That series has been in the back of my head for YEARS.
When one particular cat of mine got killed by something, I kept having dreams where he came up to me and I'd be overjoyed he was somehow okay but confused because I was sobbing at the same time. In retrospect I figure it was because part of me knew it wasn't real.

The dreams finally ended when I had one where three invisible silhouettes (makes no sense but that's my best description) asked me if he could go with them, because it was time for him to leave. Just as likely it was a psychological thing as anything more outlandish, but your story reminded me of that.
I'm not entirely sure about the second one being a warning to make her leave. I just threw that in there to kind of be like, "To top it all of..."

The first one, though, totally. She didn't have a touch screen, so it's not like something could've crawled over the phone or anything and just make an accidental call.
File: 1372605605395.jpg-(205 KB, 1100x700, tg - you dont even need o(...).jpg)
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205 KB JPG
/tg/ is better at being /x/ than /x/ is.

We're like that with every board.
File: 1372605643505.jpg-(49 KB, 410x331, NOPE.jpg)
49 KB

The part about the voice sounded really got me.
I've done this for a few years now, actually. My cat died about six months after my grandmother, both in 2009, and for a couple of years afterward I'd wake up and remember talking to my grandma while my cat was on my lap and I was petting him. I always just took it to be a sign of subconscious mourning, since when they both died I was busy with my senior year in college.
Read the others, they are all genius

I really want more goatman/forest skinchanger stories
What, under which board's jurisdiction do murder techniques normally fall under?
Except all those /k/ommandoes will have /k/ patches. Get one of your own and they won't shoot.

Every year /x/ loves trying to solve a cold case, so they probably try to do the "mind of the criminal" thing.

Learned this from my e/x/.
I don't know how monsters work, so I can't say for sure the rest is impossible. But human behavior is something I do have experience with and NEVER EVER attempting to talk to Sarah again is pretty hard to believe.
I don't know. What the fuck bro, the fact you ex was murdered didn't freak you our a little? Didn't hurt you in anyway?Nah you're right as long as you didn't get arrested.

he is the killer

I think you're me. Maybe.
File: 1372606872145.gif-(854 KB, 576x336, oh my gooooooood.gif)
854 KB
854 KB GIF
To be fair, the person who wrote that claimed to have moved three weeks later. So it's not that they NEVER EVER attempted to talk to Sarah again.
My toilet does strange things when people sit down on it
Like, you can hear/feel as though someone is tapping on the piping when you sit down, rapping on it with their knuckles
And it squeals, mechanical squealing but it lasts so long, like 5 or 6 seconds at a time, really loud. How could piped be settling in place for that long?
It sometimes randomly bubbles, but the gas doesnt stink like methane or anything
None of this happens if its been flushed in the last hour or so
File: 1372607931653.png-(138 KB, 865x395, x.png)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
/x/ material is allowed on /tg/, newfag
I want to learn how to write in Thai so I can leave weird scrolls out in the woods because fuck me if Thai doesn't look like some kind of fucked up eldritch alphabet.
File: 1372608119493.gif-(520 KB, 230x326, 1371454347990.gif)
520 KB
520 KB GIF
ive been reading this whole thread while listening to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOfIDtvfmqg
Three weeks is plenty of time to check back up on Sarah and even after moving, what, she didn't have her best friend's phone number or email or facebook page or ANYTHING? I just can't see never checking back up on my best friend if all that happened.

Also, if this story is true, it's yet another example of man, do I wish someone there had tried to get a better look at the thing instead of just shooting it, running away, or both. It's exactly because of that stuff that I make a point to check out every weird-scary thing I can as best I can. At least I can say I tried to approach and touch the thing in question, but it faded into black mist before I closed the last three feet.
File: 1372608471358.gif-(1.83 MB, 848x480, 1365383647305.gif)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF
plan b)

A lot of Scottish and Irish stories are like that too.

Sorry just always interested by the links and similarities between Celts and Eastern Europeans despite being at opposite ends of Europe.
I tried that lucid dreaming trick, that one where you lie perfectly still with your eyes open until you fall asleep. I started hallucinating though, and I just noticed the silhouette of a person standing at the foot of my bed. I ended up keeping my eyes on him the entire night. When the sun was about to rise, he looked out the window and then stepped out of the room.
>ouija board

People used ouija boards for ages with nothing weird happening, it is simply to do with the people playings subconcious.

Of course if one of the people playing happens to have a subconcious which is a gateway to the other side I guess the ouija board could act like a key for that.
Oneiros, king of Dreams, wondering what the fuck you were trying to do
>playing with a ouija board

enjoy signing your soul to hell, better go get yourself converted to Christianity right away
lol i know that i was just saying those things still freak me out if shit actualy happens and its not just your friends being dicks

Mah Nigga
>that mountain lion scream


The part where I live was inhabited by both Celtic and Slavic tribes, so I guess over time they combined their mythologies and stories.
And you know, people mix over time, share shit, band together and such.
I miss old /x/ when /x/ and /tg/ would have story telling threads, some real some not real but you don't know which was which.

Sad now. Poor /x/.
Poor /tg/ too cause we lost most of our good writers to the purge.
>walking home from party with a group of friends
>have to cut through a bush track to get home
>friend and I decide to sneak ahead and scare the others
>head 30-40 meters into the track
>hide just around a corner
>hiding in the bush with friend
>hear whispering, tell friend to stop talking as he will give us away
>he thinks I was the one doing it
>we both go silent
>whispering grows louder
>starts getting frenzied
>the whispering sounds terrified
>he tells me to please stop it's scaring him
>I assure him it's not me
>we both freak the fuck out
>run as fast as we can back to our friends
>we tell them what happened they freak out themselves
>they say after we left them they found a fire right in the middle of the track and could hear whispering
>all pretty spooked now
>we head back to where they saw the fire
>it's a fucking huge bonfire
>wasn't there when we ran ahead to hide
>a bike wheel is sitting in the middle
>there is 5 of us now so we feel safe but still scared
>quick march through the track all the way to my house
>we get inside and talk/drink some more, my friend and i can't explain the fire, still scared shitless
>other friends get over it

Well like I said just because the ouija board is mundane doesn't mean paranormal shit didn't happen because of it.
>be two years later
>walking through track with two of the same friends
>come accross fire in the middle of the track with a bike wheel sitting in the fire
>the exact same spot
>we kinda laugh it off but all feel creepd out
>we get back to my house again have a smoke and go to bed
>we all have bad dreams/uneasy nights sleep


Though you don't seem to hear it so much in England or France, though I guess the Roman Empire moving up from the med and then the Anglo-Saxon and Normans moving down probably changed things a bit in ways that didn't really affect Celts or Slavs.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zk1mAd77Hr4
Fox scream.
Never really had many incidents of like ghost/demon type shit but one thing I was especially prone to in my teens was sliding.

SLI - Street light interference

Basically random lights were very prone to turning off when I walked past then coming back on once I was away from them.

Happened enough for my girlfriend at the time to take notice of it too.

Worst case though was when I was on holiday in Spain, walking back to the house at night on my own after nipping down to the local shop.

Turned onto the last road and the light above me goes off. Then the next one goes off. Then the next one. By this point I'm sprinting down the road with the lights going off.

A few days later, same situation, it happened again.

Stopped going out at night alone during the trip after that.
Probably. They inhabited the northern and eastern border of the Roman empire, and the area was mostly inhabited by Celtic-Illyric tribes, who mingled got swept up with the Slavic migrations from north and east. That, and because the old Slavs picked up pieces from all the cultures they went through, probably explains why there're so many similarities between them all, while the French and English remained pretty "pure" from outside influence.
I'm very thankful that I've only had one incident of sleep paralysis and that I didn't have any feelings of being watched or see anything hovering over me.

Just being awake but totally unable to move is bad enough without any of that.
I had a nasty false awakening combined with that thing. Fuck that noise.
Ended up unable to get up or scream or anything while something like a black hole of insects and claws and eyes began swallowing light expanding, coming towards me, devouring my room until only bugs remained behind. And the worst part is, you think you're awake, your brain tells you you're awake and that that thing is real.
I get it a lot due to changing between night shift and day shift a lot. Once you learn what it is it can kind of become pleasant. Thought the first 20 or 30 times where I could feel/see dark figures watching me freaked me the fuck out.
File: 1372610995965.jpg-(78 KB, 471x532, 1364590528073.jpg)
78 KB
Generally speaking, I think the best way to repel otherworldly spirits, malevolent or otherwise who refuse to leave your home or residence is to masturbate. Vigorously.

Sure that ghost might like crouching right over your shoulder NOW, but after the second or third time it's seen you open a new private tab and type in /d/, it'll leave you right the fuck alone.
I'm feeling spooked out by this thread, I'm going to test your theory.

Will post when finished
Bottom left corner of the window

It looks like they half their face pressed against the glass and are looking over their shoulder.
File: 1372611245261.jpg-(31 KB, 316x410, 225.jpg)
31 KB
>you will never be a skeleton plowing a hot pirate chick with your ghost penis
What if it's into that as well and you end up with some sort ghost masturbating behind you, seems kind of risky.
is there more to that picture?
File: 1372611324140.jpg-(76 KB, 1280x720, 1368255368810.jpg)
76 KB
/x/ is retarded so I'll ask here:

Is it possible to ''hack'' you brain? The other day I think I did it by accident.

I was lying in bed, eyes closed, complete darkness. I tried to imagine sounds, I tried to make my imaginary sound sound from the left and then move to the right side of my head.

I managed to do it, I could imagine a sound changing position around me, it was pretty cool, and then I got tired and tried to sleep.

But then, 30 seconds later or so, I hear a scream and the sound of a bird flying over me, it was loud as fuck and it was not real, but it sounded like it was real, not like a sound I could've imagined. I think I had an hallucination.

Is such a thing even possible?

It's happened to me before, once I heard my guitar loud as fuck on the corner of my room and another time I heard a man screaming in my left ear.
File: 1372611432470.jpg-(621 KB, 1864x3263, 1364859868677.jpg)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
I think it has something to do with how some cultures repelled bad juju shit such as the evil eye. I'm not an expert in this stuff by any means, but Wiki says this:

>Among the ancient Romans and their cultural descendants in the Mediterranean nations, those who were not fortified with phallic charms had to make use of sexual gestures to avoid the eye. Such gestures include the fig sign; a fist with the index and little finger extended and a fist with the thumb pressed between the index and middle fingers, representing the phallus within the vagina. In addition to the phallic talismans, statues of hands in these gestures, or covered with magical symbols, were carried by the Romans as talismans. In Latin America, carvings of the fist with the thumb pressed between the index and middle fingers continue to be carried as good luck charms.

I'm guessing something having to do with sexuality drives bad energies away? If you live alone, just take a jerk tour of your home.

Alternatively, it could just be that I enjoy what ghosts consider nasty porn.
This story has a million and one rational explanations, but it’s as close as I’ve ever come to feeling unsettled in a way that seemed supernatural.

>spending a week in Venice
>all week, see loads people wearing the exact same pinstriped suit everywhere
>always standing in pairs
>never talking to anyone but each other
>nobody else seems to notice
>must be some fashion thing
>on the fourth day I stop on one of the small bridges and there’s a pair of the overlooking the opposite side
>take some pictures of the architecture
>as I’m about to leave, one of them tells me they like my hair
>thanks I guess
>don’t see any more of them for the next two days
>on the last day shitty Ryan Air cancels our flight due to excessive mist
>no reservations anywhere
>Venice is asleep by the time we’re back in the city
>my friends and I wait by the big train station
>eventually I get tired of it and go to get a look at the city by night
>can’t see much, mist everywhere
>everything’s quiet
>on my way back, I head under some nice arched overheads and notice there’s one of those suit people up ahead
>first time I’ve seen one alone
>oh shit is that the one that liked my hair?
>can’t tell, too much mist
>we spend a good twenty seconds looking at each other, then
>“Ancora qui”

I sort of noped out there and decided to go past without getting a closer look. Anyway, yeah, not really scary, just something I found really weird.
I think you just have some kind of condition
File: 1372611617567.jpg-(487 KB, 820x1625, 1353695116942.jpg)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
Or you end up with a very friendly ghost. Just pray that no ectoplasm is discharged.

No, but I've got this, which is kinda similar? My /tg/ folder is mostly skeletons.
If it happens unprovoked, you might be schizophrenic.
you may have a form of schizophrenia
Maybe getting horny means you stop thinking about the spooky stuff? Either way good info mate.
Go ahead and share.

As long as it keeps me up tonight I don`t mind
File: 1372612118123.jpg-(271 KB, 568x1002, 1364170766324.jpg)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Yeah, that's the more realistic explanation. The only thing mine has going for it over that is that it's fun.
This pic is on /x/ right now.
This is way late in the thread, but I'll bite.

I am thirteen, and staying at my grandfathers house in Mokotua, Southland, New Zealand. He's a farmer, of sheep and deer. His land stretches a few dozen acres, a vast area for any farmer. After a day of doing the work he asked of me, he's a pretty old-school guy so he works me hard, I poke around in the old house on his property.
In this house the workers used to live. This was almost overwhelmingly Maori. Now they're pretty good folk, the Maori, in my experience. Like to eat, like to drink, have a fierce but intelligent characteristic that I admire. But this house was different. It was bare. Nothing in at all. Not even a bent fucking spoon.
And so, after this I left it alone. Drove an ftv around the property, shot some rabbits with a .22, bothered the deer. You know, the usual entertaining a youth on a farm.
That night, I wasn't sleeping. This isn't an unusual thing. I don't sleep at the best of times, and this wasn't a 'best time'.
At some point, I decided to go for a walk. I took myself out of the house, down the driveway, across the cattle-stop. Through the entrance to the farm. I stand on the street and bathe in the cool night air.
That's when I see her. The woman, clad in feathers and bone, hair bound up with dried blood, and fierce moko bounding her face.
She's standing there, under the streetlamp, and she looks at me, and smiles.
At that moment I realise that she is no woman, but something far more horrible.
I run, back to my grandfathers house, and I hide my head under the covers.
File: 1372612547136.jpg-(27 KB, 500x338, Mmm.jpg)
27 KB
Thank you Shadman.

I've got a few spooky memories but I cant think of any that would make a good story. Like one time I was going to bed and went to the light switch, turned the lights down and the only source of light was the TV in my parent's room two rooms away. Both their and my door has thick glass planes on it for decoration. Anyway, I'm looking at their light and suddenly a vaguely human, very tall figure silently slides past between the two doors. And the only people at home that time was me and my parents who were both in their room. Would have thought its a burglar or something but the figure was completely inhuman looking and too tall. In a fit of brave heroics I crawled into my bed, pulled the covers above my head and whimpered a few hours.
>tell her I'll never let go
Please tell me you mean metaphorically. And that you wouldn't keep holding her arm.
>Browsing /tg/ at 3 in the morning
>Everyone else is fast asleep
>Room stifling, so window is open a crack
>FUCK, SHIT TERROR, heart feels like it's going to explode
>Sound again
> Cautiously look out window
>Small four-legged shape
>"Oh Phew it's a fox"
> Look closer
>One of our cats
> Sound again, Cat freaks out, ears go flat, fur puffs up, all signs of kitty terror
> Cat creeps back in
> Fall asleep
I don't know, maybe It was a fox. But the cat I saw has always been pretty fearless, I once saw her chase away this enormous fox early one morning.
What is she? What happened next?
Im goinna to move to New Zealand in a few days to visit a family friend, in some farm
We should archive this shit. This was a good thread.
File: 1372612974228.jpg-(20 KB, 355x233, grunge.jpg)
20 KB
I don't have a satisfying ending to this story. I don't believe in Maori spiritual shit, in fact no Maori lived in this area, too far South.
I just ran, and I never saw her again, and I barely think of her.
I dunno, probably a shitty story.
There is nothing to it, perhaps what terrifies me most about my own story. I don't know what it means. Also I'll tell you anything I know about nz for as long as the thread lasts.
File: 1372612996879.gif-(1.9 MB, 368x340, 1361006367548.gif)
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1.9 MB GIF
I know that feel. "Welp, time for sleeping." Then suddenly this atrocious, indescribable scream from outside the window. Which is open. Only the cover is lowered. That feel when you're too scared to move, or even breath loudly and you strain your ears only to hear some rustling or steps up in the attic.

Fucking foxes/cats.

I hope.
Definitely, I'm always looking through the archive at
2 in the morning for something scary.
File: 1372613098144.gif-(1.18 MB, 300x169, DoWant.gif)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB GIF
As an e/x/ile I have to say, /tg/ I love you guys and this kind of thing, though rarer than I would like, is why I escape to here.
File: 1372613197605.jpg-(56 KB, 640x480, 1247307280099.jpg)
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I think the stories I find the most scary here are the ones where an actual creature is encountered, not just a ghost, or strange sounds.

Hell, I know I've experienced my share of 'I hear footsteps upstairs and I'm home alone,' or 'I've been awake for an hour and I can still hear the voices I heard in my nightmare last night,' or 'I was laying in bed and I was suddenly grabbed by the shoulders and shaken, but no one was there,' but that can all be explained by lack of sleep, or some mild chemical imbalance.

But seeing a goat man drag a woman out of a tent? Holy shit dude. That's fucking intense.

Like this fucking picture. That's a frozen lake that thing is under.
Just remember. If you're gonna go inna woods, always grab your rifle first.
It's that feeling where your whole body goes stiff as a wire and all you senses go into "OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK" mode
What bothers me the most are the skinwalker stories.

Someone you know just comes out of the woods one day and it's just...not them. They're there but they aren't really there. I hope I'm making sense.
File: 1372613420843.jpg-(118 KB, 500x414, j5XEY.jpg)
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118 KB JPG
By the way, there are a metric fuckton of girls on tumblr who think they're artsy, and go out in the woods and take pictures of themselves wearing a dress and antlers, or something similar.

They're all fucking terrifying. Pic related.

I have an ex girlfriend who likes to send me pictures like this with the prompt "Walking through the woods, see this, wat do?" The correct answer is always run the fuck away.

Shit this is why the moral of half of all fairy tales was "Don't go in the fucking woods."
>Goes to retrieve axe from garage
Fuck, It's not like I would've got any sleep tonight anyway.
>666 itypesul
I think Captcha is trying to tell me something.

what is a skinwalker? where can I read more about it?
The problem with that is that actually describing the creature strains our suspension of disbelief. As long as we can think "Haha there is a rational explanation for this. Probably." The story has a grip on our interest and we can feel genuine fear due to empathy. But if some anon says he met a woman with snake hair who turned his girlfriend to stone then got cut down by a guy on a flying horse thats less 2spooky4me and more 'take your fanfiction to tumblr'.

Suspense and terror > Horror
Some idiot got killed by a rock cat.
File: 1372613638981.jpg-(104 KB, 753x487, 1275533344595.jpg)
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104 KB JPG
You make complete sense. Anytime your environment changes with no discernible cause, it's horrifying.

Shit, a couple weeks ago I come back to my apartment (I live alone) and grab a jar of peanutbutter for a sandwich, and there's an indentation like someone took a spoonful of it. I only use knives to get peanutbutter out of the jar.

I freaked the fuck out for a solid hour. But what the fuck am I going to do? Call the cops and say "My peanutbutter looks funny."

What are you going to do? Call the cops and say "My friend doesn't remember our childhood handshake ever since we went camping." They'd fucking lock you up.
I'm not sure if I was using the word correctly but it's these monsters that steal the skin of people(or animals too I guess) and try to 'replace' them.
File: 1372613701817.gif-(2.67 MB, 269x135, AM1200.gif)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB GIF
Put an archive entry up on sup/tg/.

Always nice to have a few votes put alongside it to show it's worthwhile.

File: 1372613719507.jpg-(10 KB, 480x360, TenderRape.jpg)
10 KB
Oh sweet baby jesus...

And then you have to pee...
Or sneeze.

Someone gets ganked in a forest.
Someone comes out of the forest.
They look the same, but arent.
Someone got turned into a flesh suit for a crazy, amoral monster.


His Face is Red and Margot's Room are relevant stories.
New Zealand has a lot of skinwalker stories.
The basis of which are; there are things in the forest which are not your friends.

My father went out hunting with his mate, and after spending a couple of days hunting this hog, they got separated.
A half-day passes. I don't know if you hunt, but even hunting a whole twelve hours does not go unnoticed. My father goes back to the camp and prepares a meal, probably of beans and billy-bread.
His friend comes back, and is unusually silent. Monosyllabic answers and with no reaction to stories.
When he came back he killed himself.

Again, and this is a theme with NZ stories, there is no payoff. There is no punchline. There is merely 'I experienced this. I have no frame of reference. What do you think?'

I've got a bunch of stories, it's nearly six AM, I'm drunk as fury. I'll only tell more stories on request.
Sleep is for the weak. Story time!
Ooh, do tell.
It's almost sad how /tg/ can have creepier threads than /x/.
Native American monster, primarily Navajo but origins and exact nature varies. The consistent parts are...

1) They are seriously bad fucking news.
2) They can change their appearance at will, becoming people you know and love or complete strangers or animals. Often there's a requirement that they kill and eat the flesh of whatever they turn into. Alternatively they might skin their victim alive and literally wear their husk like a suit.
3) They're malicious tricksters who'll just as likely kill you as rearrange all your shit when you're asleep.
I am digging these creepy skinwalker/goat man stories. Tell us more.
I agree, Sanity is for the weak and all that.
I had no idea you had them in New Zealand. Do they have a cool Māori name?
Twist my arm.
I experienced this when I was in the scouts, about twelve years old.

We had to walk a long time. The camp was thirty kilometers away, and we had to carry fifteen kilo packs. That's a heavy load for the average twelve year old.
I was exhausted when I got to camp, and barely could keep my teammates up when we had to build a fire. We rested, gathered resources and cooked a brief meal.
The weather darkened. Rain began to fall. To keep us entertained, the scout leader divided us into troupes. And we wandered off.

We were walking for perhaps two hours. It was meant to be a whole day mission, but ended up stranding a troop for more than two days.
We were fine. We walked for a few hours, gathered some edible foods, but we lost c troupe. They were gone, man.
The end of our day was peculiar. We weren't allowed to talk about our missing friends. We were told that it was just normal.
Now this wasn't terribly abnormal. There were a half-dozen scout masters, and they each ran their own plans. One could drag his troop out and run an exercise. That's not a big deal.
And so we slept.
The day after one of the boys of our troop demanded that we send out a search party. The rest of us were not worried. We assumed it was some form of strange team-building exercise.
We literally searched for a full day. Gave signs at every corner. Marked trees, left banners. We tried to find our lost friends.
And so, some thirty hours after we had lost a dozen people, we decided to go for one last search. It was a frightening search. We had lost faith that they were okay.
We literally thought they had died.
And you know what? When we were gone they came back. No evidence, no movement through the trees. The scoutmaster said they had been gone for maybe ten hours, not a day and a half.
I wish I had evidence. because this story sounds fucking stupid, but it's what I experienced.
Ponaturi, te maero and te patu-paiarehe are common names for the changeling folk.
They are dangerous and fickle people. More likely to kill a man than let him live, and sometimes they take a lifetime.
I don't believe this, myself. But sometimes a personal experience shakes you through your beliefs.
Now a story told to me by my great-grandfather.

"Now, boy! This was when I was a young man, and strong! I was working for a cattle farm, milking them cows. I used to fancy that the teats between my fingers were the nipples of this girl I knew! Aroha, her name was. Hips to bridge the Tasman sea!
Now, my brother an I were laying on the beach. We had just eat a meal of mussels. Big, greenlip mussels, a dozen of which would be a meal for two people. During the night on this beach I was woke, woke by music. The sound of this music pulled me away from the beach. Not the horns of the forest, not the bass notes of the beach, but a singing voice. The voice of a woman. And I wandered into the trees, looking for her. I wanted her to be mine, such a fine voice would make a fine woman.
But when I came to, it was not the place I left.

The New Zealand bush is surprisingly dangerous. Lush, full of plants and game, it is quite welcome to human life. The sheer hills, cold nights, deadly plantlife and absolute isolation kills many men a year.
>Be Goatman
>Try to hang out with cool kids and hot girls
>Get rejected
Poor autistic goatpeople
Well he shoulda learned to talk first.
>"Hips to bridge the Tasman sea!"
Oh God, I just lost it. Goddamn nobody in Australia says this shit anymore, it's all Americanisms like the Mississippi. Hips to bridge the Tasman! That's fucking beautiful.
I've only ever had false awakenings twice and both times included sleep paralysis.
But, it was just, "wake up, can't move, oh, I can just barely lift my arm, wake up"
Now, that feeling you get when walking through the dark that something is right behind you.
I hate that.
Fark, you should hear my family, mate! An atrocious mix of Island and French with a bit of awful sixties science-fiction novels.
Seriously I never expected my folks to be chronologically accurate with Larry Niven and Arthur Clarke.
on my drive to work today I thought I saw a cloaked figure of death on the side of the road

Turns out it was an old vacuum someone was throwing out.
I don't appreciate all this skinwalker talk.

Not all of us are fucking murderers, people.
that's right. some of us are liars
And some of us only want the best for the people we love.
We only love ourselves though, so that kind of doesn't help the rest of you at all.
File: 1372618169323.jpg-(351 KB, 600x870, goatman.jpg)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
I am mining this thread for ideas for a future WoD mortals game, so fuck off.
Mortals? Pfff.

I think we need some Shapeshifter: The Deceit.

Goatmen can be one kind of shapeshifter. Skinwalkers too. What else?
Give me back my hat, changeling.
I know you took it. It was the perfect fit.
I request that you leave it on the bench in front of my house.

Fuck you.

... Reptilians? The conspiracy theory kind, that appear as politicians and so on, to try and influence human society?

Personally, I think this would work better with the Skinchangers supplement for W:tF. You can have the players as 'human' shapeshifters, and cast skinwalkers and goatmen as antagonists. Sinister, alien and terrifying reflections of the players.
Is the Goatman even known to be a shapeshifter?
Cats ARE demons, albeit very cute ones.
File: 1372619428876.jpg-(1.36 MB, 3512x2096, goatman.jpg)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
Goatman is just a label /x/ uses for a particular kind of shapeshifter that crops up now and then that follows a fairly consistent modus operandi.

Unlike skinwalkers, who seem to kill humans and take their place, goatmen just seem to troll the fuck out of people by infiltrating groups and taking the form of friends. The stories tend to also mention a powerful smell and weird illusory or spatial fuckery, but it's difficult to tell how much of that is just writefags seeing already popular accounts and trying to mimic them for their own stories.

Although the classic 'goatman' cryptid in North America has sometimes been attributed to axe murders or rape, so... Yeah.

Human also screams
Kinda like imps or succubi (yes I know those are considered devils sometimes in D&D)
Since this keeps getting posted and often nobody bothers to post the video, here's the one he's referring to when he tries to describe the voice.


I swear, listening to this makes this screencap pants-shittingly terrifying.
I get calls from unavailable all the time and then just get a good 10 minutes of silence on my voicemail. Some times with a few light noises. Spooky as shit yo.
ok, so a girl you used to date and are friends with dies, and the traumatic part is almost going to jail?
I went to a religious camp in Louisiana called camp abbey and they told stories of a goat man then they made us hike through the woods AT FUCKING NIGHT to go to an old house that was on the abbey's land (it was a plantation satellite house the abbey was supposedly built on one). Where a plantation owner killed his wife because he thought she was sleeping around and as we were walking around outside the house I saw a silhouette in the window cast by what looked like candle light of a women that looked like she was writing at a desk, the curtains were drawn I noped out then they made us sit in front while they told us the story.
The way the cops figured out she was murdered was that here mother got worried when she stopped sending her weekly letter. Then a dense fog fell over the whole plantation and the people running the camp decided it would be best to get cars instead of hiking back through the woods. Shit got weird me and my cousin got in the lost car.
I don't really remember it, cause I was 4, but here is how my mom tells it.
>Great grandmother dies a week earlier
>Sleeping in mom's room cause of dat boogie man.
>She wakes up
>I'm sitting up staring at a chair
>"What's wrong, anon?"
>"Oh, nothing, just looking at grandma."
>My head turns as if watching something walk out of the room
>"Uh... what's grandma doing?"
>"Oh nothing, just going to go lay down with dad. She says she loves us."
With protests and women the same advices goes. Always stay away from the hoes.
reminds me of when my grandfather died before I was born my mom said the night he died before they even knew she woke up in the middle of the night with my grandfather standing at the foot of the bed just staring she nudges my dad to say your dad is here but, when they looked up he was gone.
The lost car?
Speaking of creepy noises, anyone know where this moaning sound originated from?
oh sorry "last" car me and my cousin kept trying to get in but, they would make us wait for some reason...Assholes. Shit started getting really creepy and weird by the end of it.
>Hello 911, what's your emergency?
>My peanutbutter looks funny.
Barn owl or red-tailed hawk.
A troll? That dumbass! He has some nerve showing his face around here!

Our Nightmares from the sound of it.
Story of my cousin
>moves to another city for studying
>rents a flat in some old building
>cheap, but miserable state
>place of executions during the WWII
>few fires since then, destroying almost whole building and always many casualties
>he disregards the risk of next tragedy and moves in, as it's cheap
>when he moves in with friends the red fluid flows from all the taps
>probably it's because they weren't used for a while
>after a week red fluid still flows
>one of them is a medicine student, decides to take a bottle of it for an expertise to check if it's just a weird-coloured water and not something dangereous
>the results after two days
>tfw human blood A type Rh+
File: 1372624219406.jpg-(30 KB, 302x350, Lyn pouting.jpg)
30 KB
I had one after finishing It where Pennywise was sitting in the corner of my room giving me a cannibal grin. Not ashamed to admit I was trying to scream - real scream.

Intellectually knowing it's a hallucination doesn't help at all during the experience.
You may have a psychotic disorder.

Tell me, when did this start? How old are you? Under what conditions do you get auditory hallucinations?

19, started about a year ago, I get them whenever I'm sleeping I think.
> Friend spends the summer at his grandparents house
> They live in some small village that's almost empty - only old people stayed behind
> Everybody closes their houses, bars their windows, the whole deal before the sun sets
> He doesn't get what's happening, they tell him it's for his own good
> All the animals go insane after the sun sets
> He can hear something calling him out from the dark, a inhuman shrieking
> Freaks out, spends the entire night hiding in his bed
> Apparently there're some thing that tries to lure people to open their house to it
> If you don't open the door/window/whatever, it kills your animals
> He calls bullshit
> His backyard is covered in blood and animal bits
Where is this village?
I wake up. On the side of a road. And, instead of the awake part of the day cycle starting with gaining perception of the surroundings (Hearing, sight etc.), it is for some reason taking me time and conscious effort to actually start functioning - Started out just conscious but no sight or hearing, and it's as the body is taking it's sweet time to 'boot-up'.

I proceed by taking a look around, and notice there's a blue car just a bit further along, stopped in the middle of the road. I recognize the model, as it's the widespread Yugoslavian Renault "Katra" (http://www.renault4.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=4680). My attempt to stand up is interrupted by a voice which says something along "Don't move".

As I try to make sense of my whereabouts (You don't exactly expect and have a pre-planned setup for this kind of situation unless you are a chronic drunkard or some kind of multipersonality spook.), I realize it. I'm drawing a blank: Who am I? Nothing. Where I live? Nothing. It's clearly not a goddamn brain stroke, as I can recite the multiplication table in my head, etc. After a bit of further confusion, I realize that there's a small extra memory corner still intact. Here's about what it contains:

I used to go cycling. Once a week - same route. The terrain around here is hilly as fuck, so it can be challenging if you're out of shape. A few times when I was trying particularly hard my saliva started gaining in viscosity, then forming actual foam which probably can't be too healthy and is not creepy as fuck.

So this time, I've already passed the toughest spot and it's time to rest while cruising down a lenghtier downhill. It's getting seriously dark outside, as appropriate for about 9 PM in October.

My night vision tanks really bad. Not sure if it just happens when your dioptry reaches a certain level or if it is from an unrelated defect (I recall the doctor trying to explain some stuff regarding particles in the eye fluid clustering up, years ago).
Anyhow, the road there slopes downward steeply, spiraling leftwards, then the slope straightens out through the range of ~100 meters, the road's end disappearing out of view around the hillside.

Still in the middle of taking the leftward bend, that road's end starts lighting up in a white-ish color. The planning thought process goes along this line: "Oh great, a close encounter with a car at the worst moment. Let's take special care to note how he takes the turn when it finally drives into sight - To slow down and stick to the side if he's a madman, or just meet him normally".

Since this is a local road - connecting a few of those "East Europe, abandoned-after-WW2 with under 10 population count, all above 70, still hanging on" villages, they wouldn't really pave it two-laned. I've seen relatives from the city totally panick out, before realizing that the tried and true way here for two cars to pass in opposite directions is to play chicken - Get your opponent to be the one having to drive half off onto the rough surface, against a sidewall, or what have you, while driving ahead full speed with 5cm error tolerance..

Wreaking my plan though, is the god damn white light. It just keeps intensifying, getting from "I got this", to about "Cool modded foglights fuckwit", and then finally, I see movement. It isn't as much a solid form shape, as it is a pure sphere of freaking light.

My field of vision narrows down to a tiny patch, then over the span of about 2(?) seconds dissolves into static. A pattern of black and gray dots is puncturing the incandescending white glow.
Then I lose the sense of sight. Please appreciate how this differs from the eye's color receptors just getting blanked out by a bright light (Input is the light color), or on the other end of the spectrum, to be put into a complete darkness (Input being the black color). It's probably the reverse problem of describing sight to a blind person. Simultaneously, there occurs a total freakout of other senses: No sense of speed, no sense of gravity, poor time perception (Everything seemed to stretch out longer than justified by the event reconstruction later), no feel of the handlebar grip.

It is very challenging to control a moving bicycle in this condition. Even just slowing down and coming to a stop. Doing that involves decreasing the speed until the bike starts leaning on one side, and putting the foot down - The correct foot, considerably harder to implement with a busted sense of gravity and weight.

The memory cuts off there.

Yes, there's a perfectly rational and proper explanation for this situation, nothing you couldn't leisurely metagame out of. But consider how it looks from the side of a dude that just woke up in a ditch, with the last memory being brownout caused by a goddamn floating light cocksphere. I asked "Who am I?", then when no immeadiate response was coming, repeated it, etc. I don't remember that part either. Family members later reported that an ambulance eventually came for pickup, with me shouting stuff along "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS", and (Feebly..) trying to walk away.

From there on, I can recall the hospital and onward mostly as usual. The doctors insist on staying in for the night and through next day, and more annoyingly, were set on using an infusion, with one of those drip-bags that get sabotaged in Tom & Jerry episodes with helium gas or some shit.
And there were no family visits or anything. Right after the ambulance got me into the hospital, at the leading edge of where my memory stayed intact (No visual, voices only), I remember the supposedly-doctor asking if it was "okay to do it now, or should wait for a relative". I answer "You should wait for my parents". I am then announced their arrival (There is no delay between the asking and that claim in my memory, can't place it), and a second person came near me and talked etc, while something painful was done to my cheek and side of the head.

After getting released, my parents come to pick me up, tell me they are taking me home, just first, have to talk to the police about the accident. I know where the damn police station is. It is thus easy to see that they drove into the office district - With the management, judicial, public service etc buildings - but say nothing. After we arrive, I'm received into an office containing one bureaucratic looking dude in a suit. He has this retarded absentminded/concentrating look on his face, and through the whole interview twirls a pen around his fingers. The onehand gesture is really disturbing, some kind of trained on muscle memory motion. He goes on asking some innocuous questions, but only after a while does it become apparent that that's basically 'it'. They don't really have anything. I tell him about memory loss, he tells me how someone found me lying on the road, that I crashed with the bicycle and got hit in the head, etc.

Now I'm sure this is what happened: Someone bumps me with their car, and then just runs from the scene. Coincidentally my body just decides to spazz out at the sight of the Fearsome Common Car Headlight, and I never see shit, AND I suffer just the right random memory loss.
Then in the hospital they fake the, still half-stoned, me into consenting to a medical procedure (The person that arrived could not have been my parents..), and then wait for my family to declare me missing before even trying to find out who I am. They then take me this respectable officeman fellow who doesn't deem it worthy to identify himself, TO TELL ME what happened, instead of apparently, investigating.

Nothing suspicious. But fuck me does this look like a UFO KIDNAPPING GOVERNMENT COVERUP.

Disclaimer: Several members of my family and relatives have been diagnosed and hospitalized with mental illness (Schizophrenia even), and two of the three have offed themselves in the last 15 years. This might explain some things.. I swear however, that the memory loss & physical effects were real.
Also kindly excuse the poor English, took hours to write as it is..
How long ago did this take place?
1996 + The months remaining from June to October. Slovenia split off Yugoslavia in 1991, which screws the conspiracy theory angle a bit. Can't have this kind of complicated cover-up setup with only 5 years of prep time.
It sounds kinda like you had an elliptic fit and knocked yourself out, but that doesn't explain the weird govermenty guy.
>Be a child
>Try to sleep
>Around midnight
>Hear panting, like from a really big dog from my window
>Lie awake for about 20 minutes, experiencing varying degrees of worry
>After a while realize it actually sounds more like somebody digging
>Only slightly calmed
Could have been Men in Black
That said, I'm no doctor so I could be wrong.
File: 1372626759919.jpg-(34 KB, 320x251, ice-cream-truck.jpg)
34 KB
I don't have any crazy monster stories. The weirdest unexplained thing that's ever happened to me involved an ice cream truck.

I live with my father in a house in the suburbs. He is terminally ill, and I take care of him. It’s not how I imagined I’d be spending my time these days, but life is unpredictable.

I live very close to a public elementary school, and the neighborhood is full of families with kids. The neighborhood is only two blocks, shaped sort of like an “8” on a digital clock display. There is only one road that goes into my neighborhood, which runs by the school and the mailboxes. There is no other way in or out by vehicle.

I was reading in the study when I heard an ice cream truck jingle. Ice cream trucks are pretty typical in the neighborhood. This one was different, however – I distinctly remember looking up from my book and thinking that it was a jingle I’d never heard before. It’s hard to say whether there was anything weird about the jingle itself; in retrospect, I feel like it was sort of dissonant, like it wasn’t quite “in tune,” though it’s hard to say for certain.

I had just finished going on a walk with my father. It’s not easy for him, but he needs it to keep his strength up for however much time he has left. The walks tire him out, and he has had sort of a craving for ice cream ever since he got out of the hospital. I hadn’t gotten any the last time I was at the store, so the thought occurred to me – why not flag down the ice cream truck? It wouldn’t be hard to find.

I told him what I was doing and went out front. Nobody was out, but it was pretty cold, so there was nothing strange about that. I looked up and down my street – no ice cream truck. I could still hear the music, and I knew it had to be in the neighborhood, because there is a sizable greenbelt between my neighborhood and the nearest “main street,” and we’re insulated from any noise in that direction.
I walked a ways to look up one of the cross-streets; nothing there. At this point, I decided it might be better to drive than to go on foot; I couldn’t quite tell where the jingle was coming from in our neighborhood, and I might end up walking in the wrong direction while it left via the only street in.

So I got in my old Accord and drove down my street. I went to the main street out; nothing in either direction, and it was definitely still coming from the neighborhood. I circled the area – there’s only about four blocks here – and looked down each of the cross-streets. Nothing. I was beginning to get annoyed; then, I figured I might as well roll the window down, despite the cold, and try to hear where the jingle was.

The answer was “ahead.” It always sounded like it was down whatever road I was on. I would come to an intersection, follow it, and keep following it until I had gone in a circle around the block. I was blowing 40 on these little streets at one point, convinced that it was just ahead of me. But this is a fucking ice cream truck, with its music on; ice cream trucks looking for kids do not SPEED. They crawl.

It was right around then that it occurred to me how strange it was that an ice cream truck was roving our little neighborhood – or anywhere, really – in December, when the temperature had to be in the high 30s/low 40s. There were no children in the streets. In fact, there wasn’t anybody in the streets. I never saw a single person on my drive. It was weird that there was an ice cream truck at all, and in any case, he’d soon see that there was nobody around, give up, and leave. And there was only one way out.

So I drove to the mailboxes, right on the road out. I parked. I checked my mail. I looked down the dirt trail into the woods; it was empty. I could hear the ice cream truck, and it was definitely still in the neighborhood.
I'm trying to remember if Scotland has any common skinwalker types.

We've got wee fairy changeling bastards who fuck with people and sometimes kill or kidnap them. The ones who are known for taking babys and replacing them with standins but also sometimes take people.

And we've got various types of weres.

But I'm drawing a blank on if we've got larger/were type ones that doppelgang.
File: 1372626961304.jpg-(150 KB, 620x916, 1328200265527.jpg)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
I could hear it very clearly, clearly enough that I could hear it moving around in the neighborhood. I was sure I could hear it coming down my street, right towards the street I was on now, the only street out. I waited for it to reach the intersection, where I’d see it. The road is straight and wide, and I was waiting.

And then it stopped. Nothing. Then it was just me, standing like a moron in front of the mailboxes next to my Accord, and not a god damn note in the air. And I did stand there a while, waiting for it to come, waiting for the truck to come around the corner and leave the neighborhood. I stood there, in the cold, for fifteen minutes. It doesn’t take even five minutes to drive every street in our neighborhood. I didn’t want to go back after all this with no ice cream, but that wasn’t really why I stayed. I wanted to see it. I’d been chasing a fucking ice cream truck all around the neighborhood and waiting in the cold and I wanted to fucking see it.

It never came. I drove home in bewilderment, far more confused than frustrated. I asked my father what he’d heard when I came back.

“Did you hear the ice cream truck leave?”
“Leave? Yeah, sure.”
“Just now? Like, just a few minutes ago, when it turned off the… thing, the music?”
“Uh… no, not just a few minutes ago… I think it was a while ago.”
“You mean it drove by a while ago?”
“No, the music stopped a while ago.”
“How long ago?”
“It was right after you left.”

This weirded me the fuck out. I combed that little patch of houses and waited in vain by the mailbox for a truck that never showed up. I would be certain that no truck was ever there that day, were it not for the music. That music was fucking real.
Just when you're sleeping? Have they been increasing in frequency?

You're in the right age frame for the onset of schizophrenia. Also, auditory hallucinations are the most common.
Serbian / Romanian border. Vlach country.
"And then you realize your wife is a bagpipe clad in warm, wet flesh. The wheezing you heard all night from her in the bed takes on a new, ominous meaning.
Nope, he even show me few pics they took before they called for an exorcist. He came, did his stuff and nothing strange was seen again.
/tg/ and /k/: The new /x/!

I approve.
Not the person you're talking to - may I ask for it's more specific location? I mean, any larger town?
I'd check that out.
File: 1372628176079.gif-(186 KB, 345x345, yui hairdryer.gif)
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yooie best kayon

Hmm that's true, I guess my idea of shapeshifter is a bit tainted by hollywood so I only think of the 2 fixed forms being switched between.

Nothing to suggest that anything able to shapeshift can't doppelgang if it wants to.
Srsly? I'm only half-Scottish and I remember Kelpies
I doubt you'll find anything, seriously. It turned out that it was actually a mad dog that was killing the animals, while his drunk owner chased it around.
Though in all honesty, that whole part (border between Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria) is seriously creepy. It's eerily empty, but for some reason you can't shake the feeling that there's something out there.

Oh no I know Kelpies I just hadn't thought of their shapeshifting in the more expansive term of actually turning into pretty much anyone.
Oh, I thought that I could go there to live through it myself. But well, half of these stories have a rational solution (with it I mean parapsychology too, the mind itself can do fucking shit, so it make our primal fears "real", even levitation or stigmata can be explained by that), the rest are bullshit. However, I won't doubt the daemons thing - one of my friends was possesed, shit was creepy as fuck (unnatural strength, ancient languages he couldn't learn at all, like Assyrian, bright eyes in the dark, etc. - donotwantagain)
Seriously? I met a girl who claimed to have been possessed but was released through some old ritual.
I can't remember the details, but it involved a pig skull being cracked open, and inside it was a nut that apparently held the demon.
This! A thousand times this! Scary fantasies or experiences involving moms are always the most scary psychologically, at least for me.

Not least because I had one of those... (with a twist)

>Be 10
>Mom comes back one day from work with a dazed expression
>Mom says nothing, not acknowledging me, not seemingly remembering who I was
>Dad on a long work trip
>Mom's voice is subtly wrong, tired and monotone
>Mom said she needs to go out for grocery
>Mom came back without grocery a moment later, then started to cook, we still had food in the house
>Mom still doesn't acknowledge me or say anything more than a few words
>Mom went to sleep
>I was scared and convinced that my mom is not who she is supposed to be

>Fast forward almost 30 years later. I went home one day, so tired from overtiming and taking care of all of my loved ones including my ailing parents. I was so tired and dazed that for a moment I struggled to remember who everyone's name was, or even who they were...

>Remember this story from childhood, and how scared I was of my mom for weeks on end... Shed an inward tear for the mother who worked 2 jobs to feed her family...
>Be in Dartmouth a few days ago
>3:30 AM
>Wake up in a cold sweat as I hear someone screaming from the other room
>Hear a knock on the door
>Open the door
>"Hey, I'm in XXXB. Why were you screaming?"
>"I heard you screaming, though."
>Both of us hear screaming from the other room
>Go to the other room to check
>Nothing there
>Hear screaming from my room next
>Move rooms immediately

We never found out was it was.


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