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When we arrived back at the inn we quickly put ourselves about the business of celebrating our latest success. While I suspect that my doppelganger had kept them entertained in my absence, suddenly knowing that I had not been there for a week or so seemed to make the party all the more excited to have me back. Upon our return Galen fetched some drinks and Buri called for a song and, not trusting my guitar skills, I simply sang on my stage as I usually did. Whether they were simply happy to have me back, or I had actually done a good job I was unsure, but my friends and the rest of the inn called for more, requests for old favorites coming up.

After I got down off my stage I am pulled around the table with my friends, a fresh mug pushed into my hand, and am met with eager requests for me to tell my side of the story with the doppelganger. I embellish the tale a little bit, I make my battle with the impostor seem a bit more dramatic and exciting than me getting my snout handed to me. I continue by making it appear that my tracking of the party was more than me just sitting on a hot roof and watching the front door, and how my trailing my double through the darkened trade hall was due to my skill more than his failures. I end it with a final dramatic confrontation that convinces the doppelganger of the error of its ways and send it off seeking forgiveness. All in all my story is well received.


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“So,” I say after finishing my tale, “how did you guys get along with Not-me?”

Sloane leans back in his chair and thinks for a moment. “Well, on the one hand he was basically the same as you in most ways.”

“Though he was a better guitar player.” Buri points out.

“But he seemed rushed for those first few days.” Sloane continues, giving the dwarf an annoyed glance. “He would only talk to people or tell a story when he was pressed to it, he always seemed to be going off to the room. Of course I realize now that he was planning his next heist behind our backs. He warmed up later though, I guess he had more time to spare.”

I remember what Kalen said when I finally confronted him. “Actually, I think he was enjoying being me more than he was thinking about his heist at that point. I guess he never really had friends before and being around you guys changed him.”

We’re quiet for a moment as we consider that, then Blake starts talking and ruins the moment.

“Yeah, he was getting pretty friendly there towards the end, always asking if we wanted another song, taking story requests from the audience, strumming that guitar all night long.”

He grins at Sal’vir. “Yep, really friendly all right. Even talked to Sal’vir a bit, that’s unprecedented.”

Sal’vir glares at him. “We got along fine if you must know. He was very friendly and charming,” He looks at me, “Just like the real you, I am somewhat embarrassed that I had been with an impostor the entire time, it would have been better to have been with the real you of course.”

“Well, I’m right here.” I say cheerily, “Though I think I am a little tired for long discussions tonight, perhaps another time. I would say tomorrow, but I have promised to attend upon the honorable Mrs. Bing as soon as I am free.”

We finished our conversation a little while after that, and I slithered up the stairs to the luxury of my bed, Sloane following a little later. Back in the comfort of my own warm bed, with the familiar scent of the hay and blankets, and the oddly calming sound of Sloane breathing as he slept, I was lulled into a deep sleep.

It was good to be home.
Woohoo more Solaron!

The following morning I splurge a bit on breakfast, eating rats for a week had left me relishing the finer things in life. Well, the food at the inn may not have been fine by most standards, but it sure beat eating rats that was certain. So after a nice breakfast I head back up to my room and prepare to head off to the home of the honorable Mrs. Bing. The stolen jewels are secured in a small locked chest, easy enough to transport, leaving only the question of how to appear. I decide against my formal garb, rather damaged by my ordeal with the doppelganger, and instead throw on my coat. Mrs. Bing rather seemed to like my stories of adventure, so it is as an adventurer I will meet her. I clip on my saber, tuck the chest under one arm, and head out the door towards the home of the Bing family.

I am greeted at the front gate by a rather haggard looking footman, who informs me that Mrs. Bing is indisposed at the moment, and will be down in a little while. I simply coil up and sit there, smiling up at the footman who gazes stonily into the distance for a few minutes. Eventually I get bored and start reading my book again, but a bit later another footman comes down from the house and fetches me. I am brought through the familiar entry way into the great house, and up the stairs to where Mrs. Bing is waiting. She is wearing a rather cheery yellow and white dress, which reminds me somewhat of flowers. As she sees me slither into view she smiles broadly.

“Solaron, so glad to see you, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I promised you a day of company, and I keep my promises.” I say, “Also, I wished to return these.”

I crack the lid on the chest, letting the sparkling light of the jewels shine into the room for a moment. Mrs. Bing looks down at the jewels and then back to me, an expression of what I think is thanks on her face. She grabs the chest and pushes it into the hands of a nearby footman, without looking away from me.

“Thank you Solaron, my family has suffered enough in recent times, it would have been a shame to lose these heirlooms. How could I ever repay you for bringing these back to me?”

I think on that for a moment, the favor of the Bing family would be a valuable thing indeed, but it felt wrong to impose after she had risked the jewels on our plan in the first place.

“I’m sure you can come up with something suitable.” I say, smiling in what I hope is a disarming manner.

“Oh, I’m sure I can.” She says, and dismisses her servants from the room.

BRB getting dinner.
see you soon, then.
And so it begins...

More story as soon as I can write it.

She is quick to request I tell her everything about my experience with the doppelganger, so I tell her my version of the tale, all the way from when we first learned of the thefts. Having already told the story to my friends I have refined my description a bit, working in the right language to turn what was basically a series of bumbles and accidents into a thrilling tale of stolen identity and dashing adventure. I tell her of how I skulked in shadows and tracked my double, of how I confronted him in the dark trade hall, and finally convinced him to change his ways through my memories.

I leave out the kiss though, I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about that part.

In any case, my story seems to be a success, as Mrs. Bing seems quite taken with my personal version of my heroics.

“Such a tale.” She says, “Why I did not know I was sharing a roof with so mighty an adventurer, you are no mere storyteller.”

I grin sheepishly, “I certainly try milady, though I admit I have not had very many chances for heroics.”

She waves her wrist at me, as if to dispel my words with a sweep of her hand. “Nonsense, you are quite a hero, rushing to my aid when you thought I was threatened, working to keep me safe. Even if ‘I’ did turn out to be a doppelganger it’s the thought that counts.”

I look away, a little embarrassed, and only manage to choke out a simple, “Thank you milady.”

She’s smiling that odd smile of hers again, looking at me appraisingly.

“So, I think it is about time that we got down to the reason why you are here.” She says in a strange sort of hooded voice.

“Right.” I say excitedly. “I am at your disposal milady.”

Her smile widens. “Good.” She says, rising to her feet and leading my along by the arm.

“Where are we going?” I ask, looking around.

“To my bedchamber of course.” She says, laughing a little.

“Oh. And what are we going to do when we get there?”

She laughs again, and pulls me close. She puts her arm around me and squeezes a little. I am unsure of the human protocol for this situation, so I simply do the same, which seems to be good as she giggles again.

“Why, you are going to entertain the lady of the house with your… special charms.”

I look out the window, seeing that it was only just after noon.

“So soon in the day?” I ask. “Isn’t it a little early to head back to the bedroom?”

She giggles again and pulls me even closer, whispering in my ear. “Oh, you are going to be there until the sun goes down.”

“All day in the bedroom?” I ask. It seems like a terrible waste of such a fine day to spend it indoors.

“Yes, after how the last time ended I think you owe me a rather long time. Your charms last time were quite entertaining, but this time I have more athletic pursuits in mind.” Her hand is idly stroking my scales now, and again I follow her lead, running a hand up and down her back.

I think I’m doing the right thing. She’s smiling anyways.

“Seems such a shame to waste this beautiful day by spending it all inside though.” I say, “Perhaps we could take our entertainment outside?”

She stops in the hall, looking over at me strangely.

“Outside?” She asks, looking out the window at the bright grounds surrounding her home. They are not extremely expansive, but more than enough room for some outdoor entertainment. I briefly wonder what she has in mind, perhaps one of the curious sports with various little balls or feathered darts humans seem fond of.

“Yes, outside.” I say, “Getting some exercise under the open sky and the warm sun would feel quite nice. Surely better than being cooped up in the bedroom. Especially if we are going to be exerting ourselves, I imagine that would get rather sweaty rather fast.”

She looks doubtful, perhaps this is some strange human custom.

“I’m not so sure, the grounds are not that large. I imagine it would be quite enjoyable as you say, but we might be seen. A lady of my stature with someone like you, I am not ashamed to call you my companion but my family cannot afford a scandal right now.”

I nod understandingly. “Perhaps the roof then? This is the tallest structure for some distance around, we could enjoy the sun and the breeze and nobody down below could see us.”

She bites her lip, considering.

“Up on the roof?”

I nod.

“And they couldn’t see us?”

I nod again.

“Walking right along below, with you and me looking out over them, with no idea we were there…”

She seems taken by the idea.

“It’s settled then!” She says, dragging me off towards a stairwell.

On her way she gives orders to a passing footman to bring up a pair of long chairs and some cushions to the roof. Either this is something that happens often, or the footman is simply disciplined, but he doesn’t question his lady’s motives and simply goes about his task. We walk out onto the wide flat roof, and I relish the feeling of the afternoon sun falling on my scales. I quickly remove my coat and belt, setting them aside so I can get the full effect. Mrs. Bing looks me up and down.

“Already prepared?” She asks.

“No sense in wasting time.” I say as I circumnavigate the rooftop, looking out at places where we could be seen from.

“Looks like I was right milady, nobody can see us from down there unless we lean over.”

“Nobody but the servants at any rate.” She adds, as a group of footmen bring up a pair of long padded chairs, more like small beds with rising backs, and a little round table. They set out the chairs with the table between them, and place a small tray of meat and cheese, as well as some wine and a pair of glasses down between the chairs.

“Very thoughtful of them.” I say, looking at the little snack platter.

“Yes,” She says offhandedly, “Now please leave us, I do not wish to be disturbed.”

The footmen bow out, and Mrs. Bing takes one last furtive look around. I reach out for the snack platter, but her somewhat reproachful glance stops my hand.

“Don’t you think we should save that for later?” She asks, “You may be very hungry when this is over.”

I nod. “Perhaps the wine first then.”

“A fine idea.”
There's no way he's getting out of this one

We each have a glass of wine and talk about our respective pasts. I regale her with tales of my adventurous youth and she tells me several interesting stories about aspects of court life and running a noble family. After a while I simply lean back on my long chair and close my eyes, basking in the radiant heat of the sun.

“You certainly look relaxed.” Mrs. Bing says.

“I am a Yuan Ti.” I say simply, “We love the feel of the sun on our scales.”

I crack an eye and look at her, seeing that her eyes are roaming my scales again.

“Is that why you never wear anything?” She asks, a hint of humor in her voice.

I shrug. “We simply don’t see the point of wearing a square acre of fabric every single day, it’s not like we need it back in our homeland, and it’s warm enough here that it doesn’t bother me. Besides, having anything between me and the sun right now would simply be intolerable.”

“Perhaps you’re onto something there.” She says, standing up. She walks behind me out of sight.

“Solaron, could you help me with this dress?”

I rise to see her overlooking the back of her modest estate, her hands on the ridiculous laces on the back of her dress.

“Of course milady.” I say slithering over.
so, hows he getting out of this i wonder?
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He can't.

The absurd array of laces holding the thing together are every bit as stubborn as they appeared to be at first glance. It’s an awkward few minutes as I try to get them undone, and she has to give me some instructions, but eventually the whole contraption seems to fall apart more out of pity for my feeble efforts than because I actually did something right. It seems that he wardrobe is only mocking me though, as I see only more excessively complicated clothes underneath the dress I had just removed.

“Do you want it all off?” I ask, looking at the arrangement rather dubiously.

“Please.” She says softly, looking out over the greenery arrayed before us.

It takes some effort, navigating the various layers and sub layers of her ridiculous outfit prove to be more challenging than I had anticipated. I go to help her with something on her legs but she swats my hand away and does it herself. I worry that I have in some way offended her but she smile reassuringly to show that it’s okay. Since she doesn’t seem to want my help anymore I simply stand back and watch, collecting the stray bits of cloth so they don’t blow away.

I finish securing the last bits of cloth in my hands when I turn around to see that she has finished removing her clothing, nothing but skin under the sunlight.

“Now isn’t that better?” I ask, collecting the last articles to put them away. “Free from all that fussy official garb, I think you have about two miles of fabric all told.”

She undoes a pin of some kind and lets her hair fall down, allowing it to blow in the wind.

“Much better.” She says, with a strange relish. This is probably the first time she’s done this, such a shame. Humans are weird.
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guys... guys i think sol is about to lose his virginity...
no, sol's going to trip off of a tower and break 5 ribs and need months of bedrest.

Sorry for the delay, more in a moment here.

I spread my arms and enjoy the sun again, a cool breeze blowing over my scales. Then I hear a gentle noise behind me, like someone clearing their throat.

“Sol, care to join me?”

I turn to see Mrs. Bing laying on my chair, glass of wine in her hand.

“Of course.” I say, slithering over. I settle down on the end of the chair, but she quickly pulls me up next to her and hands me a glass of wine.

“This was a wonderful idea.” She says, glancing up at the sky before returning her gaze to me.

“Glad you like it.” I say. I try to look her in the eye, I really did, but I have never seen a human female without all the coverings so my gaze wandered a bit. She didn’t seem to mind though for some reason.

She finishes her wine and puts down the glass.

“Now, I think it’s time we got to the task at hand.” She says sweetly. She wraps an arm around me and pulls me in close. I smile and set down my glass as well. I relax against the chair and close my eyes. Everywhere is warm and soft and I’m feeling quite relaxed.

“You’re not going to fall asleep on me are you?” She asks, eyebrow raised.

“As I recall milady, it was you who fell asleep last time.” I say, grinning.

“Well the, you’ll just have to keep me awake won’t you?”

“I shall try.” I say.

She starts doing something odd with her legs, when I place a hand on her chest and push back a little, raising my head alertly. She is still pulling at me, but I roll over and press my hand to the roof.

“Sol,” She says pouting, “What is it?”

“Someone is coming.” I say, feeling the vibration coming up through the house.

“Somebody is running up the stairs, he should be here in a few moments.”
But I like Mrs. Bing! Everyone should lose their virginity to bored noble widows and widowers.

Mrs. Bing abruptly launches up into a sitting position, arms wrapping around her chest. I look up at her, bemused by her odd behavior.

“What?” I ask.

“Quick!” She says, dashing over to her clothes. “Help me get these back on!”

I roll my eyes and follow. I try to help, but it is mostly be staying out of the way as she yanks various articles of clothing back on , arms flying absurdly fast, panting in panic.

“He’s almost here.” I say helpfully, feeling the vibrations in the building.

“Stall him!” she hisses, trying to get something on over her bare chest.

I don’t quite get the cause for panic, but I slither dutifully over to the door and wait. A couple of seconds later it bursts open and I see a man dressed in rare finery charging up the stairs, almost colliding with me.

“Get out of the way you…” He looks at me, mouth falling open.

“I’m sorry sir, but I cannot allow you to pass right now.” I say politely, barring the door with my body.

He gapes at me for a few moments before trying to get by me again.

“I must talk to Mrs. Bing, her servants say she went up here, now out of the way reptile!”

He tries to dodge to the side of me, but I simply lean my torso over and bar his passage, arms crossed over my chest.

“The lady of the house is indisposed.” I say firmly. “She will speak to you when she is ready, and not a moment before.”

“Indisposed you say, just what is she doing that is so important?” he looks me up and down, “And why are you naked?”

“Yuan Ti do not usually wear coverings.” I say for what feels like the thousandth time, “And her business is her own, kindly wait until she has finished it.”

He is about to say something else but I close the door in his face and use the scabbard of my saber to wedge the door shut. I turn to see Mrs. Bing trying to get her dress back on. I slither over and help her with the laces, trying to ignore the protests from beyond the door.

“Who was it?” She asks.

“Some rich guy.” I shrug.

She straightens her dress and starts over for the door.

“We should probably see what he wants.” She says, carefully opening the door.

The man on the other side explodes through the open door and looks around energetically, finally focusing on Mrs. Bing where she stands before him.

“Sir Barkley.” She says, “What a pleasant surprise.”

“Sorry to barge in mam.” He says, with a cursory bow, “But I simply had to speak to you at once. I heard about the terrible incident at the party and came over as soon as I could spare some time to see if you were all right. After I got your location out of one of your servants I came up here only to be barred by this creature!” he indicates me with a wave of his hand.

“I assure you I am quite well Sir Barkley.” Mrs. Bing says, sounding a little upset. “And it is largely due to the efforts of ‘this creature’ as you call him.”

“What do you mean?” he asks, looking me up and down.

“This is Solaron.” She explains, “He is an adventurer, it was he and his friends who saw the thief off and returned my jewels to me.”

His expression changes at once.

“You’re one of the adventurers?” He asks, amazed.

“Yes,” I say cautiously, “Why?”

“Oh, well you see,” he says, trying to smile charmingly, “I have a job for you.”

Sorry for the short thread today guys, but I need to think over the next part. I tried to put in as much humor as I could to compensate for the longer wait and the less content.

As always I will stick around for a few hours, and try to keep this alive until I get back from work tomorrow, I would hate to have all these little threads clogging up the archives.

Thanks for reading.
sure, I suppose. solaron has foiled the D once again.

For the moment at least, I'm sure he will eventually come upon somebody who doesn't assume he knows that they want.

BRB, have to walk the dog.

How old is Mrs.Bing?

Middle aged, not extremely old or very young, I would say mid to late forties or so.
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“You have a job for me?” I ask dubiously. “Why are you coming to bother Mrs. Bing if you have a job for me?”

“Because Mrs. Bing knows you.” He says as if that were obvious, “I was hoping that she could point me in your direction, as I said I have an important task for you to…”

I close the door on him again.

“Just a moment.” I say as the door closes, his angry face flashing in the hall.

I lean back against the door and prevent him from opening it and look over to Mrs. Bing.

“Do you know this man?” I ask, ignoring his muffled protests.

Mrs. Bing is somewhere on the line between being amused and horrified. She looks a little worried, but is trying and failing to suppress a grin the whole time.

“Yes, Sir Richard Barkley, a rather odd man. His title may be honorary but he has some measure of wealth and power and it does to keep up appearances by putting up with him.”

“He’s not bothering you is he?” I ask, pushing back against the door which it seemed that Sir Barkley was trying to break down judging by the way he was banging against it.

“Oh no!” Mrs. Bing says, quick to allay my worries. “Though I am rather disappointed he interrupted us just when things were getting interesting.”

She flashes me that odd smile again. Well, I was enjoying myself, but I wouldn’t have called basking in the warm sun very interesting, but I guess it was a novelty to her so I don’t say anything.

“But no he isn’t that bothersome, just a bit annoying and with the worst sense of timing or courtesy. But then he is here for you and not me so you should probably open the door and speak to the man.”

“Very well.” I say cautiously and crack open the door.

The instant I do so Sir Barkley comes flying through, having been pushing upon the door with all his might. He stumbles but quickly recovers himself, and goes on talking like nothing had happened.

“Right then, as I was saying I have a job for you and your team.”

“I wouldn’t call them my team.” I say, “Really our leader is a paladin of Pelor, you should talk to him.”

“Then you bring him to me!” Sir Barkley says, waving a hand impatiently, “But you are here right now, so I will talk to you. Recently a group of bandits have stolen an item of great worth from me, and I am at a loss of how to get it back. Or at least I was until I learned of you and your group, now I am hiring you to get it back!”

He is about to launch into a long diatribe of various details and locations, but I forestall him.

“Thank you, but I really must discuss this with my friends before I can do anything, I will get back to you. Now, please excuse yourself I need to talk to the lady of the house.”

He looks like he is about to argue, but I give him a polite yet hard look, and he leaves the rooftop grumbling. I turn back to Mrs. Bing.

“I’m sorry for the interruption on my account, shall we get back to what we were doing?”

She smiles but shakes her head. “I fear the mood is ruined, and that man will only continue to pester us, hardly the right atmosphere if you ask me.”

“Perhaps we could pick this up another time?” I ask.

“I would like that.” She smiles.

I nod one last time, and make my way for the door.

Sir Barkley attempts to engage me in further dialogue and requests after I leave the roof, following me down to the foyer despite my complete lack of response. After I head out the front door he continues to follow me into the street, going on and on about pointless details and suspicions of who he thinks is behind it, pure speculation though. I put up with it for a few more minutes before I finally snap.

“Listen!” I say, wheeling around to face him. “I have already told you that I will take word to my friends and inform them of your offer, until then you and I have nothing further to discuss at this time. I would thank you very much to allow me to take my leave now, unless you intend to continue pestering me all the way back to my bedroom.” I give him a long hard look which states that the latter option is no option at all.

“Oh, very well then.” He says, turning on his heels and marching away without further ado. “I hope you appreciate this though, not many have the privilege of working for such an esteemed name as Barkley!”

I watch as he vanishes into the crowds in the street, and scent the air to make sure he has gone. When I am eventually convinced that he has gone and left me in peace, I turn again and continue home. It is early evening by the time I return, my time at Mrs. Bing’s having taken up most of the day, and it is to a light crowd in the bar that I return. I don’t see any of my friends, so I ascend the stairs to my room and knock, Sloane answering the door a moment later. The paladin gives me a long hard look, as if trying to tell something from my appearance.

“Have a nice time?” He asks guardedly.
Dammit man, I've got an evening of driving ahead of me and you pick back up right as I'm leaving?

Oh well, at least I'll have more story to read in one sitting once I'm done.

Sorry, family was being very loud and it was hard to write.

But I have earplugs now, so I can continue unimpeded.

“Quite nice.” I say honestly, “Though it did not end as well as I would have liked.”

“How so?” He asks carefully, looking as if he is trying to judge something from my response.

“Well, Mrs. Bing and I were having a fine time together, but we were interrupted by one Sir Richard Barkley, who is intending to hire us to retrieve some stolen property from a group of bandits.”

“Oh, that’s interesting.” He says, walking out into the hall. “While we are doing well financially at least some more work would always be nice. Did he give you any details?”

“Some.” I say, “But I admit I was not listening very well after how rudely he barged in, I simply told him I would talk to you and let you know about his request in order to get rid of him?”

“Just what did he do?” Sloane asks seemingly interested.

“Well, Mrs. Bing and I were up on the roof together to enjoy some sunshine when he just came running up and tried to burst in. It was only because of my tremor sense that I was able to know he was coming, else he would have just burst in on us. As it was I barely had time to help Mrs. Bing back into her dress before he battered the door down.”

I hear a thumping sound behind me, and turn to see that Sloane missed a step on the way down the stairwell and almost fell down.

“Why were you helping her into her dress?” He asks, his voice low.

“Because I helped her out of it in the first place.” I shrug, “It seemed only polite. Anyway, he just barges in on us and I have to block the door with my body in order to keep him out.”

“And why did you help her out of her dress!” Sloane hisses.

I’m not quite sure why he finds this more interesting than the fact that we have another job, but I humor him.

“Because she wanted to feel the sun on her skin?” I say simply.

“What did you do together?” He demands, leaning in.

“We shared a glass of wine, I helped her out of her clothes and then we laid together under the sun.” I say simply, rather amused at the shade of red Sloane is turning, “Unfortunately Sir Barkley barged in before we could really do anything. You know this is the second time Mrs. Bing and I have been unable to satisfactorily end our time together, I guess I’ll just have to keep trying.”

We reach the table and Sloane falls into his chair, cradling his head with one hand and grabbing a large drink with the other.

“Just tell me about the job.” He mutters before taking a long swig.

Oh, Solaron. You're such a smooth operator and you have no idea.

It's what he does.

I fill him in with what details I have, a mid level noble names Sir Barkley is interested in hiring us out to recover some stolen property from a group of bandits. He has a good idea of where they will be at a certain time and just needed us to deal with the bandits themselves and return his property to him.

“And what exactly is this missing property?” Sloane asks, grabbing another drink.

“He didn’t say actually.” I admit, “That or that was one of the things that he was going on and on about that I didn’t listen to. He really was annoying once he got going.”

“Like you’re one to talk.” Sloane says. I give him a confused look, but he doesn’t say anything more so I let it drop.

There really is nothing left to discuss after a while so after a light dinner I take to my habitual stage and earn my coin for the night before retiring to bed. I awake to find, as usual, that Sloane has risen before me and headed off, presumably on paladin business. I waste some time in the shops around the inn before seeing him coming back in the early afternoon. Heading back into the bar we summon the team, crowding around our usual table.

“So, are we on for the job?” I ask.

“Yes, we are.” Sloane says, “Here’s what we know.”
I don't read these threads as they happen, but I can pop in to say I will later

“We have been contacted by Sir Richard Barkley, a noble of middling power in the local court. Recently a group of bandits stole an item of some worth to him and he has requested that we get it back, and he is willing to pay us for our service.”

“What kind of item is it?” Blake asks with a raised hand.

“A staff which belonged to a powerful wizard.” Sloane answers, “Its power is yet unknown, but part of the reason I wish to recover it is that I do not wish to see the artifact fall into the wrong hands.”

“And what kind of reception can we be expecting?” Buri asks.

“Between six and ten bandits, should be little obstacle to us, though they could prove challenging in a bad situation, we shall have to plan carefully.”

“I say we ambush.” I chime in, “We know where they will be, we simply have to sit and wait for them to come into position then we hit them.”

“That was my plan.” Sloane nods, “We will of course have to prepare more in depth when we arrive on the site itself. Until then get a good rest, we leave in the morning.”

There was nothing further to discuss, so we simply retire to bed.

How goes the drawing by the way?

I checked out your DA page, pretty nice stuff.

Ah, thanks. I haven't been drawing or painting nearly as much as I should over the last two years (my BFA only peripherally covered digital art), so what little is there... most of it's kinda bad.

As for the Solaron/Sloane pic, it's been temporarily pushed to the background due to other matters. It's still on my mind, though, don't worry.

There really isn’t anything to do in the morning other than pack our gear into the cart and head off, trundling out through the main gate on our bumpy little ride. The road is long and frightfully dull, so I try to entertain my friends by strumming a few notes on my guitar. My abilities seem to have progressed a bit, full songs are beyond me, but I can at least get out some soothing notes without making annoying twanging sounds. The simply music fills the air as we travel, the hours rolling by as they are wont to do, our trip seeming quite uneventful for the most part.

We arrive at the location for our prospective ambush on the evening of our second day, having made good time in our purloined cart. Upon our arrival Sloane immediately jumps down from the wagon and starts looking over the area, already examining it for its tactical value.

“I like the look of these trees.” He says, looking up at the thick branches arching over the path the bandits are to take, “We can drop down from them easily enough, few people really bother to look up.”

“Sounds like a good plan.” I say, “Attack with the element of surprise and all, take them down quickly and grab the goods before things have a chance to get nasty.”

“My thoughts indeed.” Sloane says, “Right, well, they won’t be here until tomorrow so we might as well set up camp off the road, let’s make sure we’re out of sight in case they have scouts checking the road ahead of their convoy.”

We set about making camp for the night, pitching canvas and bedrolls in a secluded clearing so as not to draw attention. We start a small fire to heat some food and sit around it for a little while as the crickets chirp.
File: 1373498080288.jpg-(342 KB, 1000x628, 0894497e5a0cc972f1110cb9f(...).jpg)
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>More Solaron
Always a high point in the day.

We talk a little before we go to bed, places we’ve seen, people we’ve known. Eventually the topic turns to our homelands.

“I was raised by the temple.” Sloane says as he gazes into the flickering fire. “My family was lost to raiders when I was very young and a passing cleric took me in and showed me the ways of Pelor. I spent my youth at the temple learning their ways and dealing with the loss. When I was old enough I became a paladin, not much else to say.”

It was the first time that Sloane had talked about his past, it was something that still weighed heavily on him I could tell. He and I had talked a bit before and I knew he had been raised by the temple, but I never knew how it had come to be.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” I say, “It can’t have been easy or a good way to grow up.”

“It had its moments.” Sloane shrugged, “And I turned out all right in the end so no harm done.”

“If by all right you mean uptight overbearing jackass.” Blake says, leaning back.

“I would like to remind the quarterling that I could still eat him.” I say, “And that dinner was in no way large enough to satisfy my full hunger.”

Blake quails a bit and stops talking.

“Oh, come on lad,” Buri says, “Don’t let the big mean snake get you down, tell us where you are from.”

Blake gives me one more annoyed glare before continuing.

“Well, my father was a traveling tradesman and my mother was a barmaid in a quaint little town none of you have ever heard of. My father stopped over in the inn for the night and met my mother, they got to chatting and nine months later I came into the world.”

“So you were the product of a night of drunken impropriety?” Sloane asks.

“I start as I mean to go on!” Blake says with a little bow. “Anyways my father stayed in the town for a while to sell his wares and do some business, when he learned that I was on the way he decided to settle down on a semi-permanent basis.”

“Well at least he had that courtesy.” Galen says quietly.

“Oh come on! He wasn’t a terrible person, honestly.” Blake says, looking a little insulted, “Everyone has the worst things to say about halflings.”

“I’m a Yuan Ti.” I say simply.

“Aye, he has you beat there lad.” Buri points out.

Blake makes a retching noise and continues.

Calling it for tonight guys, sorry but i have some stuff to do.

Thanks for reading, will continue tomorrow as per normal, if something terrible doesn't happen first.

I will of course be here late into the night.

Thanks for reading.
I can't tell you how much I like Solaron's tales. It is one of the best parts of my day.
writing them is the best part of mine.
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Oh Solaron you truly are the best part of my day!
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Then keep it up!

Very well, in a few minutes.

Anyways I quite enjoyed my youth, running through the hills and dales around the village, you know the usual wholesome childhood story, nothing much to say really. Eventually I grew old enough to leave and wanderlust kicked in and I left home to see the world.” He looks around at us earnestly.

“Right.” Says Buri, “And just when did you turn to a life of crime?”

“I saw a pie.” Blake says simply, “Thing escalated from there.”

The dwarf snorts, “I doubt it was that simple.”

“But, pie.” Blake says again, as though this explains everything.

Buri spits into the fire.

“And what of you master dwarf?” I ask, hoping to steer the conversation to something a little less volatile. “What brings one of the mountain folk this far from his ancestral lands?”

“Nothing, just wanted to see the world outside.” He says simply, sharpening his axe.

“Oh there must be more to it than that.” I say, giving him an encouraging grin.

Buri looks up from his axe and stares me in the eye.

“Right then, Sal’vir, where are you from?”

“I hail from the elven forests to the east.” He says, propping himself up on his seat. “I was raised in a village near the heart of one of our great forests, where I learned the ways of our people, our history and traditions.”

“So, tree hugging, hair braiding and flower growing?” Buri asks, making the elf glare.

“No, art, culture and the ancient traditions of a proud people, something that you would have difficulty grasping. As I grew older my talent for the arcane arts revealed themselves I was sent to the city to become an apprentice to a senior wizard where I studied for many years in order to improve my mastery of the arts.”

“And how did you end up in the company of these two upstanding fellows?” Galen asks.

“I grew tired of study, of endless hours memorizing arcane rituals and potion recipes, so I decided to get out and see the world and hone my talents in the practical theater. All did not go as well as I had hoped, and I had fallen upon hard times, I eventually found Buri and Blake and we stuck together from then on out. And what of you good cleric?”
Sorry guys, am having some computer trouble right now, may not be able to write very much today.
s'okay, just keep puttering.

“There is little to tell.” Galen says in his usual even voice. “I grew up in a trade town apprenticed to a blacksmith, as I grew older I felt the call of the seminary and went to the temple of Pelor, who received me with open arms. I have been there ever since.”

I sense there is more to his tale, but it would feel rude to ask, so I let the matter drop.

“Come on then, how about you snake man?” Blake asks, “Tell us of your serpentine homeland.”

I give the matter a little thought, trying to find the right words.

“I was born to two brothers and two sisters,” I begin, “We lived together in my family home back in the jungles my people call home far to the south.”

“Older or younger siblings?” Galen asks politely.

“Not really sure.” I say. I am met with confused glances, so I decide to explain a bit. “We were all part of the same clutch.”

“Clutch?” Sloane asks, still not understanding.

“Yes, clutch of eggs.” I say simply. That quiets them down a bit as they consider that, Buri eventually breaking the silence after a moment.

“So, you hatched from an egg?” he asks.

“Yes, that is how my kind come to be.”

“And is five a usual number for simultaneous siblings?” Sal’vir asks.

“About,” I say, “Why, is it not so with you?”

“Oh no,” Sloane says, waving his hand, “Most races only get one or sometimes two at a time. I knew a set of triplets once, but that is extremely rare and dangerous for the mother.”

I consider that, the differences between our species continuing to interest me.
>Gaben and Galen are one and the same
>Both men of craft
>Gabe has been known to smith before
>Galen is clearly Gabe of ye olde times

Gabe takes many forms.
I assume this is the man in question.

“Interesting, Yuan Ti tend to have more children at once, and have them less often. As for the number, a half dozen is fairly standard for my breed, though it is not always the case. One family friend had only two children at once, while another acquaintance’s mate laid nine in a single clutch, it varies quite widely, I heard tell of a mother who laid a full dozen at once, but that is extremely rare. In any case, my siblings all hatched on the same day as I, so the differences don’t really matter. My father was a businessman of a sort, and quite wealthy, so I had a very comfortable childhood. When we were old enough he hired a few tutors and instructors, though I was the worst student of all my clutch mates. I spent too little time studying, and too much traipsing around the city listening to music and seeing plays, imagining I was off on some important quest. Eventually my father decided it was time for me to leave home so I took to traveling. I wandered the road for a while until a madman with a sword attempted to kill me.”

“And what happened then?” Sloane asks.

I stroke my chin as if deep in thought. “Oh it was a magnificent fight, clashing steel, armor ringing like a bell. We circled each other, swords drawn, exchanging challenges. We clashed together, then broke apart before coming together again.”

“How did it end?” Buri asks, leaning in.

“Well, he was the better of the two of us, I could not best him. But rather than kill me he took me prisoner, I interested him you see. He took me along with him for a little while, we spoke little but I was cheered to still be alive.”

“And then?” Asks Sal’vir, trying not to look interested.

“Then he took me to an inn in a trade town and tried to leave me there, but I followed him and ended up rescuing him from a gang of orcs.” I smile at the paladin, fangs flashing in my broad grin.

“Isn’t that right Sloane?”


sorry about today good readers, been fighting my touchpad and mouse all day, just got them working properly off and on.

I have to be at work early tomorrow so I am calling it for today, hopefully I can write a lot on friday and early saturday.
Your continued efforts are appreciated as always.

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I try.

The paladin purses his lips and leans back, avoiding eye contact. Buri looks to Galen, Galen looks to Blake, Blake looks to Sal’vir, who looks to me.

A moment later we break out laughing, Sloane looking quite uncomfortable.

“Tell us more about your homeland.” He manages to choke out after a while, evidently eager to change the subject.

“As I said,” I begin, “my people live in the steamy jungles far to the south, and across the boundless sea. Deep in the jungle we call home we live in our great ancient cities of stone and jade and marble. Mine is an ancient people, centuries of history which has gone on mostly uninterrupted by the passage of time. Those of my breed usually devote ourselves to intellectual pursuits, business or magic, alchemy or philosophy.”

“And what do you do for fun?” Blake asks.

“I saw many plays, attended many musical performances. We also have sports and games and competitions of athletic and arcane skill.”

“Not quite the way I’ve heard of your people.” Sloane says, still stinging from my story, “The stories I have heard are much more sinister, you make your people sound quite noble indeed.”

I am about to protest his characterization of my people, but then I remember the play I saw, and the tale of Shilaven, of the Yuan Ti mage who set out to destroy a nation because they could prove a threat to the Yuan Ti, or at least the court which employed him. After that I give the matter more thought.

“You are correct, to a degree. My people are often cold and calculating, they usually seek the best method to increase their own power, or to safeguard their own holdings at the expense of others. So yes, that aspect of what you say is based in truth. But at the same time, we are not really all that different. I remember lying in bed as my mother sang me to sleep, calming my childhood fears after a thunderstorm woke me in the night. I remember the dancing and the singing at parties under the dark night sky, lit by flickering multicolored lanterns. We want our children to have good schooling and find a nice job, hope they will find someone to love and perhaps raise a family together. There are differences, many to be sure, but we are more alike than you would expect, in good ways and in bad.”

We are quiet for a long moment before the paladin speaks.

“I had not thought of it that way.” He says in a quiet and thoughtful voice.

“In any case,” He continues, “We should probably turn in, big day tomorrow and we should be rested and ready to go.”

With nothing else to say we all wander off to our various bits of bedding, Sloane taking first watch.

The next day we rise early, Sloane shaking me awake in our tent. We don’t say much as we get moving, and most of the day is spent setting up our ambush to the paladin’s full satisfaction. It’s a fairly straightforward affair, we prepare camouflaged positions in the branches above the path, and some other camouflaged hides along the side of the road. When the bandits walk through they won’t have a chance to respond. We don’t sit around a campfire that night, we simply retire to bed and rest up for the big event the next day.

I arise to Sloane energetically shaking me again as he shoves my saber onto my hands, rushing out of the tent in full armor. I follow after him a little groggily. The paladin rushes us all into position, our information indicating that the bandits are going to be coming along this road today to deliver their prize. Despite Sloane’s frantic urging, it is several hours before I scent newcomers on the wind and signal Sloane that someone is coming. We make our last moment preparations and lie out of sight awaiting the moment to strike.

I hear the clop of horses hooves on the hard ground, and look from my hiding spot to see a mangy donkey cart coming towards where we wait, what looks to be nine rather brutal looking individuals sitting in the back. They near the site of our ambush, and would ride by unchallenged had Sloane not stepped out into the middle of the road and held them up with an upraised hand.
in b4 they're not the bandits.

Sorry, am eating dinner with the family.

Friday night movie night.

“Hello there.” He says cordially, the bandit wagon grinding to a halt. “Nice day for a country ride isn’t it?” He asks, looking at their various weapons.

“Out of the road you fool.” The headman on the wagon shouts, waving his arm as if to swat the paladin aside.

“Now wait just one moment please.” Sloane says, standing steadfast before the wagon which grinds to a halt in front of him. “I would have words with you.”

“Speak then, before I run you into the ditch.” Responds the driver. Sloane just smiles.

“You see sirs, I am a paladin of the order of Pelor, and I have some very interesting news for you.” That got their attention. “Yes, it seems that a few gentlemen matching your descriptions were known to be fleeing up this road with some stolen property. Now the easy way to resolve this is that you boys get out of the wagon and let me take a quick look just to make sure everything is on the level.”

“You’ll not see the inside of this wagon!” The headman shouts, “Now be gone from our path, you have no proof to back up these insults.”

Sloane smiles again, his eyes shining bright gold behind the visor of his helmet. “Oh but I have all the proof I need, I can see right through you. You are the men we are looking for. Now get out of the wagon or things will become violent.” He rests his hand gently on the hilt of his sword.

“Oh, and what will you do?” the headman shouted, “There are nine of us and only one of you!”

“I will use my paladin powers to stop you.” He says simply.

The headman starts to laugh. “Oh, your special powers? And just what can you do master paladin?”

“I have the power to make giant venomous serpents fall from the sky.” Sloane says simply.

“You can do that?” One of the bandits asks.

Just then I drop down out of the tree right into the middle of the wagon. My saber is in my hand, fangs out and flashing in the sunlight, a menacing hiss filling the air.

“More or less.” Sloane says.

Now I may seem to have the advantage here, having the element of surprise and all, but that doesn’t go as far as you might think. They are surrounding me right now, and if I make a standing fight of it they will probably kill me, so it’s better to scatter them and leave them to my friends. Rather than go for any lethal blows, I instead whip my long body around in flailing arcs, smacking them about like I was some massive scaly whip. I send the bandits flying from the cart, tumbling as they hit the ground.

I pick a target, a bandit fumbling with the hand axe at his belt, and leap after him saber thrusting forward. The tip of the blade pierces his left arm and he howls in pain, finally managing to draw his weapon and hacking at me. I withdraw my sword, cutting deeper into his arm as I pull back eliciting another howl of pain. I don’t want to try and parry that hand axe, so I simply dodge and weave, using my superior agility to stay out of his reach. I feint for his chest and be brings his blade back in to block, but instead I drop to the ground and slither between his legs. He yelps and tries to jump away but I rise up and coil around him, wrapping my body around his. When I get all the way up I tense up and squeeze, crushing him in constricting coils. He struggles for a few moments, but I hear several things go snap and his spasms slowly stop. I release my coils and let the expired bandit drop, seeking my next target.

Goodnight good readers, the author is tired and must rest now.

I don't know how much I will be writing over the weekend, as an old friend I haven't seen in a long time is coming over to visit, but I will do what I can in the time I have.

Thank you for reading, as always.
And thank you for writing, as always
Haven't commented in any of the threads yet, so I just wanted to say awesome story. And here's to hoping you and your friend have a kickass weekend.
Just in case you happen to get anything done, have a bump.

I take a quick look around, getting a feel for the fight going on around me. Buri and Sloane are sticking close together, an island of flashing steel and ringing armor surrounded by a circle of a few bandits. They seem to be holding their own though so I don’t interfere. Galen is fending off a bandit with his long wooden staff, Sal’vir is blasting away with a few fireballs behind him, scorching the bandits armor. I don’t see Blake for a few moments, until I notice the diminutive rogue rush through the fight slashing at exposed sides and backs before vanishing back into the underbrush. I see one bandit running towards the casters so I decide to give chase. I dash over hissing a challenge, as long as I can get his attention off of Galen and Sal’vir I’m good. It works, and my enemy turns to face me, wicked cleaver like sword held high.

I stab forward and he parries before attacking me, a vicious slash at my midsection. I pull back in time to avoid any serious damage, but he does open up a long shallow gash across my chest. I wince in pain but keep up the pressure, no time to slow down or I’m dead. Heartened by his success, he lashes out again in a wind strike for my neck, but I duck his blade. Wonderful thing about moving by slithering, I can move just as well when raised up or down on my belly, so I stay down there and dart forward, hacking at his legs. He howls in pain and drops to his knees, opening him up for the finishing blow. I slash my saber across his throat and end the fight.
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