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Soul Eater HomeBREW 2: 2 Souls 2 Eat

Welcome to another installment of the SEH, wherein hopefully we nail down mechanics. Idea tossing is always appreciated.

The setting of Soul Eater is kinda like our world, but with humans that can turn into weapons, Meisters that wield them to fight a kitchen sink of Gothic Horror baddies with some Lovecraftian influences spread throughout for good measure.

For people who want to know the universe/source material: http://www.mangareader.net/157/soul-eater.html for the manga and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0nxQXTdu9c for the anime.

Post on topic, or I'll take your soul!
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STATS: Str, Con, Agil, Int, Wav and San.

WEAPONS: Replace Str, Con, and Agil with Pow, Dura, and Hard.
File: 1375063979139.jpg-(245 KB, 628x657, 1372295899090.jpg)
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Weapons are either; Melee or Ranged
Slashing, Bludgeoning, or Piercing
and Fast, Strong, or Accurate

Multiple forms and/or Elemental affinity can be added.
File: 1375064400180.jpg-(53 KB, 350x438, Maka Huh.jpg)
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>Get around to finishing Panty & Stocking
>Waitaminute, that sounds like...
>Consult the internet
Props to the lady, though, going from a supporting role (Liz Thompson) to a protagonist (Panty) was a pretty decent step up.

Back on topic, have we worked out how we're doing resonances?
Is it possible for us to try and salvage the Soul colour system from the previous homebrew, as that's fairly neat?
File: 1375064416019.jpg-(375 KB, 600x780, 1358107025184.jpg)
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375 KB JPG
Old threads here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26222942/
and here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26244087/
I would like to thank who ever archived the second one, I kinda lost Internets when I was planning on archiving it myself.
I actually find the color system interesting. I, for the life of me can't think of any other mechanic to use at the moment.
the second one was misarchived though.
In that case, are we gonna make resonance checks d6 based or d100 like you proposed insanity would be?
d6 seems like it might be a bit too tight, especially for mismatched souls.
One would think mismatched soul, couldn't fight together. See Soul and Black Star
File: 1375065022513.jpg-(174 KB, 720x480, 1371360650245.jpg)
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174 KB JPG
Yes. Yes it was. I think so upset person probably did it.
I would also like to apologize for missing yesterday. I got 1day banned.

Yes. d6 is indeed to small. I went over it in my mind and d10 base and d100 for bigger stats (san, wav) sounds better to me.
Any idea why you got banned?
Also, insanity increases your power by increasesing your dice pool. Good idea? bad idea?
File: 1375065298214.jpg-(134 KB, 960x603, 424501_412886348726659_17(...).jpg)
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134 KB JPG
On the topic gathering inspiration for the other system; Feat Trees is a nice way to explain different kinds of Meister/Weapon capabilities.

I posted a link to a livestream in the Toonami general. It was 1 hour before I scedualed to start a thread. Oops.
Seems like a sound idea for the setting. Those that give in to insanity (Maka, Soul, Kishin, etc.) gain strong powers at the expense of their mental health.

We'd need to mechanically represent the downside of insanity well enough where people wouldn't go for insanity right away to get the extra dice.
That's a bit restrictive, especially seeing as their personalities aren't that counter intuitive. In that scene it simply seems that they aren't trying to match wavelengths, not that they're incapable.

Should we also find some way of incorporating a negative penalty for two wavelengths of the same type resonating together? While they would have a much stronger link, the lack of variety in outlook and how their fighting style is influenced by their personality/soul type would leave them open to exploitation by a more varied and adaptive foe.
>watching dubs
Eh. I'd lean more towards the "bloody difficult" to fight together, rather than just can't.
Otherwise it kind of forces those players to partner up with others they might not want to (such as a gun with a STR meister, or a sledgehammer with an AGI meister...) or to reroll their characters when they gen ones who mismatch.
We can give them suboptimal choices, but we shouldn't give players choices which fundamentally don't work.
>d10 base
Cool. That'll also do well with the d100, stop them needing d10s AND d6s.
Probably, but I certainly feel at the lower levels of insanity it should be a temporary buff only.
Entering a strange mood, for better or worse.
Then, when they get more insane, the dice pool bonuses can become permanent (along with all the insanity attached).
I'm assuming accumulation of madness is irreversible?

What if when you hit a certain level of madness, you get retired? It would prevent people from just going straight for the extra dice.
File: 1375065774686.jpg-(29 KB, 500x281, Medusa Is A Caring Person.jpg)
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Certainly possible.
Saves us from those guys maxing madness for lolrandumbsupermeister's as well.
And if GM's trust their players enough to
roleplay the madness well, they can always treat the ruling as optional.
File: 1375066073760.jpg-(91 KB, 620x719, 545178_433101276705166_17(...).jpg)
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Hmmm, yes. Like max san loss in Call of Cthulhu, but if you play it off well enough you can Masquerade as the normal human being you use to be.
Bumping while I read through the archives, I am very interested in this
How are we handling stat aquisiton? Point-buy or roll? Leave it to each group? Also levelling up? How many souls to a level?
File: 1375066425133.gif-(193 KB, 150x149, Nat 20 Dodge.gif)
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193 KB GIF
I've just realised we don't really have any charisma stat to tie social interaction to.
No need to add one, but should social situations be governed based more on Int or San?
I can see arguments for both - probably leaning more towards San though, honestly.
I personally in the camp of souls should NOT determine level. Requirements for feats though on the other hand.
>unlock new weapon mode: req 15 souls
or something like that.

archives here>>26297234
I also noticed this AND I think the lack of a Charisma stat would mean that social interactions are Roleplaying based. And I really like that idea.
That works, but what about trading souls for increases in power ie. increasing your bas stats/
Seems reasonable.
That way the madness still affects it anyway, if the player's any good.
With attacks and/or damage, will we use exploding dice?
In my opinion, only on Soul Resonance attacks like Witch Hunter.
File: 1375067063435.png-(141 KB, 416x490, Maka Hitler.png)
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141 KB PNG
Fair 'nuff.
Hmmm, so Weapons on aiming to become a Death Scythe could burn some souls for more immediate power to get better at getting more souls to become a Death Scythe?

I also been thinking on adding a new stat: Mad.
Now, everyone has a little bit of madness in them. And your Madness is subtracted from your Sanity, which I assuming is d100 based (if not 100).
So, the more Madness, the less your Sanity. And you need your San to get out of Madness fits.

Slippery Slope.
That said, how are we handling Soul Resonance? With a check of what? WAV and RES?
File: 1375067458069.jpg-(27 KB, 485x430, 1358727403555.jpg)
27 KB
WAV roll is a way to do it. We need a way to show the longer a pair have been working together the easier to initiate Soul Resonance and for longer periods of time.
I think a d% roll, once for the weapon, once for the Meister, against a target. opinions?
I have an idea.
As the pair works together, they gain a modifier to their Wave rolls with one another. They roll a d10 or d100, whatever you decide, and if the rolls are both above certain DCs, they resonate. Higher DCs would incur better match/resonance.


A Maester using a new weapon would have no modifiers to their resonance rolls until they've learned to work together better.
another thought: Maybe have them roll once per battle, and certain tactics or abilities can shift their resonance value higher or lower, bringing them further or closer together in resonance. I think you should either shoot for a better resonance being the SAME value, or just having both values over particular increments.

Every, say, 15 points away from one another would be another threshold lower, incurring penalties, if you went with the former option.
like a degrees of success system?
I think so!
what did this determine again? other than damage type?
File: 1375068336896.png-(217 KB, 590x594, 1368912072838.png)
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217 KB PNG
And partners with lower WAV are harder to resonate with. Hmm.

I am liking this. We need more uses for the WAV stat.

ANOTHER QUESTION: Beside hitting someone with you soul force, what else are we using WAVelenght for at the moment?
I would assume resonating and Soul Resonance forms. The only other thing it gets used for is stuff like Steins, Soul Sutures... so Special Soul Moves? or is that a part of Soul Attacks?
What kind of techniques/feat weapons can apply for.

I'm also thinking Fast/Strong/Accurate weapons would have different stat and/or attack modifiers.

No, you are right.
File: 1375069055842.png-(685 KB, 853x480, those who cant see souls.png)
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685 KB PNG
What I ment to say is that yes, soul sutures is a Special Soul move that is a Soul based attack that would use WAV. Also, BlackStar's Big Wave would be another example.

WAV should also be use for Soul Perception, which requires a feat, and more feats to get better.
I agree with the Strong/Fast?Accurate having different stats, lemme just write that down.
Would WAV impact damage on your Soul Resonance attacks?
why not just port the Bladebound Magus (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/magus/archetypes/paizo---magus-archetypes/bladebound) from Pathfinder as weapon Meisters, and make the weapons some kind of appropriate martial class with an at-will polymorph self into their weapon form?
Mmmmm, sounds about right....
On top of exploding dice? Yesh, talk about overkill.
well, they're hard to pull of, and physically and spiritually tiring to use.
File: 1375070547380.png-(460 KB, 853x480, siiiiiip.png)
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00:00 bump
well, what else do we need to work out?
Are we gonna use skills?
well, what skills would we use if we did, and how would they be increased?
File: 1375071541504.png-(375 KB, 853x480, interupted tea time.png)
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375 KB PNG
I can't think of any off the top of my head. The INT stat has to have some use, no?
Hrm. I can't think of any skills we could use without just using skills like "Bluff" and that kind of thing.
File: 1375071975898.png-(390 KB, 853x480, working on something.png)
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390 KB PNG
Alright then. 2 options then.

1. Remove INT. Your character is only as smart as you can roleplay him as.


2. Convert INTeligence to INTuition. Don't quite know where i'm going with it though.
maybe the higher your INT the cheaper feats and stuff are to learn?
its either >>26299556
or option 1. from where I'm sitting, as I have no idea how Intuition would be different other than as some sort of perception stat
Initiative, Tactics, Prerequisite for feats
Actual initiative would be calculated with a combination of AGL and INT, representing a combination of one's speed of body and thought

There's plenty of uses for INT outside of a dedicated skill list. It helps know if your character is smart enough for X action. Do they know a bit of lore that could help them defeat the monster they're fighting? Maybe more complex strategies?

You could also do as >>26299554 suggested and combine it with Wisdom to make it INTuition. It helps to have a stat you can make players roll to tell them how bad their ideas are.
Does anyone have a decent quality torrent of the show? I can't find one and the subbed youtube videos are blocked in my country (fuck funimation).

Polite sage for a post that isn't related to making a homebrew game.
that works, you must this smart to pass, do not collect $200, do not get kickass feat.
or if that doesn't have enough seeders for your liking

have fun.
File: 1375072561994.png-(384 KB, 853x480, Cronaaaaa.png)
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384 KB PNG
'alright. Looks like INT gets to stay, albeit Intuition, as oppose to Intelligence as originaly stated.


HAHA, comedic.
File: 1375072877589.png-(275 KB, 853x480, BITE THAT CURB.png)
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275 KB PNG
Next topic: MADness stat. Y/N?

Maybe looks like >>26298093
I vote yes. Its kind of an important part of the setting, it would be weird to leave it out.
did we go yea or nay on trading souls for base stat upgrades?
I'm liking it. Lil rewards to allow weapons not trying to become a Death Scythe something to do with souls. It should also cost more souls the more you burn souls that way, maybe.
well yeah, or you'd do nothing but buff your stats really early.
File: 1375074407045.jpg-(25 KB, 384x526, 771bae0a5baf627722907828e(...).jpg)
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Oh yeah. As I was mentioning earlier; Feat Trees.

Meisters: Dual Wielder (Kid), Specialized/Focused (SCYTHE meister maka), 'Adaptable' and Solo (Stien on both accounts)

Weapons: Multi form, elemental, Autonomous and 'Adaptable' (Excalibur and Spirt are examples of 'Adaptable')

Not all Trees as long as the other, but can be overlapped at least.
I think we need one more Meister tree, also, could we how does advancing work? could you say, get ranks 1-3 in dual wielding, before getting say.. rank 4 in adaptable?
I assume Autonomous for Weapons is like Solo for Meisters?
You could, but you'd have to go through Adaptable 1-3 first. Adaptable being the feat tree of wielding different weapon types and being able to sync with more weapons/meisters easier.
File: 1375075122149.jpg-(32 KB, 303x480, 71817_167655236583106_669(...).jpg)
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Is Solo just attacking with your Soul ala Stein and Black Star? Or is it also in the Vein of Free and Mifune?
File: 1375075474527.png-(306 KB, 853x480, Black☆Star.png)
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306 KB PNG
Stien & Black*Star. And not only your soul, but your Body as well.

In a world where humans can transform into weapons, you are turning you body into a weapon.
So Strong Souls are a different beast entirely. Interesting. I'll write this down.
File: 1375076160357.jpg-(2.15 MB, 2793x2823, 1372308571694.jpg)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB JPG
Here's another one.

What kind of Meister or Weapon would you want to play as?
Me? Strong Soul
probably someone like Stein, Solo, but Focused instead of Adaptable. for the weapon? hmm, give me a minute to think on that will you?

What about you?
what's an example of an elemental weapon? The Pots?
File: 1375076466961.jpg-(230 KB, 1200x1715, 055.jpg)
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230 KB JPG
Cocky guttersnipe baseball slugger

Yes and Harvar, and Jacqueline.
I'd go a spear user, cocky, Broken Ace tendencies
File: 1375077345161.jpg-(107 KB, 791x800, 1354672082837.jpg)
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107 KB JPG
Alright last post from me tonight. And this time it's a Recap!

Human stats: STRength, CONstitution, AGILity, INTuition, WAVelength, SANity and MADness.

WEAPONS: Replace STR, CON, & AGIL with POWer, DURAbility, & HARDness.
Weapons are either; Melee or Ranged. Slashing, Bludgeoning, or Piercing. and Fast, Strong, or Accurate.

Old threads here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26222942/
and here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26244087/

Meister feat trees: Dual Wielder, Specialized/Focused, Adaptable and Solo.
Weapons feat trees: Multi Form, Elemental, Autonomous and Adaptable.

Next thread will be @8pm PST (If this thread isn't dead by then)
I should have a pastbin up and ready by then.
lemme just grab a converter
Right, I'll see you then, if I remember and don't get sidetracked I'll go through the old threads, see if we missed anything. You leaving for now?
Am i the only one who likes the 1.2 soul eater RPG that was developed that already encompasses just about everything you would like from such a game while keeping things cannon?
File: 1375077823131.png-(209 KB, 500x601, 1354322882663.png)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
Yup. That's the plan. Might start even earlier if IRL will allow. Later.
I haven't read it yet.
File: 1375078262618.jpg-(1.16 MB, 1910x832, Colt 1851 Navy.jpg)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Probably go with a Weapon, Ranged. Bit of a coward most of the time, as well as cynical and pessimistic, he's smartass, constantly poking holes in people's plans, in spite of not having a better suggestion. However, he is reasonably reliable when it finally comes down to a fight in spite of all this, mostly because he doesn't want to die, and is at least intelligent enough to know that the best chance at survival comes when the other guy is dead. Obviously, the idea is for him to develop and become less of an abrasive dick over the course of the campaign.
I'm not sure on a specific appearance in Weapon form, but I find myself drawn to old-west style revolvers like the Colt 1851 Navy, just because I like the aesthetic and as far as I know it's mostly cosmetic.
File: 1375078393728.jpg-(35 KB, 500x333, Kai.jpg)
35 KB
>of a coward most of the time, as well as cynical and pessimistic, he's smartass, constantly poking holes in people's plans, in spite of not having a better suggestion. However, he is reasonably reliable when it finally comes down to a fight in spite of all this, mostly because he doesn't want to die, and is at least intelligent enough to know that the best chance at survival comes when the other guy is dead. Obviously, the idea is for him to develop and become less of an abrasive dick over the course of the campaign.
So, he's Kai Shiden?
That... was not intentional. But I'm gonna roll with it.
What about sensors, like Maka and the coffee guy?
File: 1375102300767.png-(85 KB, 604x502, Diddely.png)
85 KB
Probably a WAV specialist.
Squishy as hell and only really good for Soul Perception most of the time, but when you get a good resonance going...
Butattaki Joe?
See >>26298645
I'd be a weapon, Meteor Hammer
I've always wanted something like a rocket propelled hammer or drill or, hell, even a baseball bat. Practical disappointments aside, I still think it's an awesome idea.
Meister, easygoing. Mostly because I want a loli shotgun to wield, though.
Why not a loli wielding a shotgun, though? It'd be hard to tell the shotgun is also a loli.
I played the little girl in my last game. I need to give my bros a break.

And while weapon age seems variable, meisters seem to be in the late teens and up.
What if Revolver Ocelot was a weapon?
He'd probably have a ridiculously small or weak soul.
Needing to reload after every 6 shots?
I thought that the point of shooting wavelengths was no reloads...
Well, and that whole witch hunting thing.
Would monsters like Mosquito count as strong souls?
He has lived 800 years, at least.
It's entirely plausible it just grew to such an immense size as he kept challenging himself.
File: 1375150035205.jpg-(267 KB, 1200x1617, 053.jpg)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
DING DONG, DEAD DONG. Class is back in session.

Mosquito is an ancient monster. Is modern form's soul was powerful, but was still dwarfed when standing next to Mifune.
what about his oldest form, like when he's fighting Eibon
You know I was in a game of this once.

Our DM used a pretty simple system. Tracked Sanity with one bar, humanity with another, tracked the number of souls we got and what kind of souls we claimed.

Stats basically consisted of Attack, Defence, Evasion, and Synergy.

Attack is fairly obvious.

Defence is how much damage you can resist.

Evasion is for well, evading.

Synergy was how well you could interact with others. Soul Wavelength basically.

As for special attacks and stuff we'd use tags like Ranged, Melee, Stealthy, Magic, etc. to describe the abilities our characters had. Our GM would give the tags a once over and help us come up with appropiate tags for our character ideas.

Sanity came into the equation with the devouring of human souls or use of forbidden techniques or cursed weapons and stuff like that. Once your character loss their sanity you were no longer, in the bad way, not the good way. And we had to kill a few PCs over time.

PCs would come in the basic Miester and Weapon pairs, or they could do something special and play a zombie or a cat or something, even then they usually paired up with somebody.

I can story time if anyone wants.
File: 1375150883601.jpg-(63 KB, 800x1159, soul-eater-233045.jpg)
63 KB
I like to think that Black*Star and Kid were about equally powerful during the Assault on Arachnophobia. The fight between Mifune and Black*Star, perrty close. Kid and 400 Year Old Form Mosquito? Not even 3 seconds. You be the judge.

Oh, you said his 800 Year Old Form? It's a mystery.
please do storytime, I haven't had one in a while.
I've gotta run for a bit, back in about and hour.
I would love to here some tales.
I know we're focusing on Meisters and weapons, but we need to work out how we'll do Evil Humans/Monsters/Witches so that GMs can make opposition.
How would they attack? Would they have their own Pow/Dura/Hard and Weapon stats for natural attacks?
Would they be able to resonate, or use special soul powers?
Story time is always welcome on /tg/
Yes. Oh yes, certain enemy natural/unnatural weapons would have POW/DURA/HARD and can be targeted to 'disarm' them.

We know that witches can wield weapons and even resonate with them, Kim with Jacqueline, but I still think that Meisters should be better and/or more capable.
But HOW we are gonna handle Witches, Monsters and other baddies is something I would like some ideas tossed about on.
Okay you'll have to excuse me if I get any world stuff wrong because I'm not a big Sould Eater Fanboy. I watched a couple episodes and my friends gave me a 2 cent tour of the universe.

Blah blah miesters blah blah weapons blah blah kishin blah blah Death Weapon Academy you get the idea.

Anyway we all operated out of Death's Academy. My Character was a cat, he was a kitten that had been raised by a little girl. Her family were a group of mages who lived in seclusion and eventually a Would-Be-Kishin came to claim their souls.

The Kitten was a cat now, and he was no normal cat either, he was a Wizard's cat. Rather than allow the youngest member of the family to die at the hands of a would be Kishin he hid the child in the hollow of a tree (he could turn into a human Like Blair) and then turned into a cat and crawled into the Toddler's clothes.

The Kishin had fought with and killed the mother and father but it wouldn't be satisfied until it had their child's soul so it tracked the baby by scent.

Instead of finding the baby it found the cat, and the cat spent 8 of its 9 souls fighting that Kishin until a Miester from the Academy showed up.

The Cat, a Manx called Max, would've raised the little boy all on his own but he was informed that the Toddler's soul was unusually powerful.

No normal human would notice it, and its not like the baby would melt things with his eyes, but he'd always be a target. So it was decided that the child would be raised at the Academy.

And Max? Well he had no love for Kishin or evil humans so he decided to become a Miester. Why not right? His only real amazing Supernatural ability was that he could turn into a cat, and like all cats he could see souls. He tended to wear jeans, leather jackets, boots, and a hat to hid his cat ears. Like any good tomcat he was covered in scars and had big pointy fangs and claws.
Now Max was a brawler, he could do acrobatic stuff but he was all about getting in someone's face and knocking the crap out of him.

Aside from his fangs, claw like finger nails and toenails, and hightened senses (and soul sight) he was pretty much a normal human, albiet a very physically fit one.

Which mean like any Meister he had to had a weapon partner. This is where Lilith came in.

Delilah was a woman who hailed from a family of witches. But her ability to cast spells was almost nonexistant so she devoted her life to studying magic, she wasn't exactly what you'd call skilled in its execution but she was fairly learned in its forms and procedures.

Lilith was not a witch, but she did wear the trappings of one so she came under attack by some rather sketchy meisters from the academy.

She may not have had much in the way of magical power but she was able to use what she knew well (bursts of light, animating small objects, that sort of thing) to stymie her would be assailants until Instructors from the academy intterupted the inpromptu feeding session.

Her attackers were punished. Lilith's soul may have come from a Line of witches and she may cast spells but she was still human, and quite good at defending herself from supernatural attackers. So she was offered a chance to learn at the academy.

Obviously she took it and eventually she met up with Max.

The Failed Witch seemed to like the perfect match for a Cat who only had 1 life left so they teemed up. Lilith would become close combat weapons. (claws, knuckle dusters, garrotes, etc.) and Max would wield her.

She'd also provide him with advice in combat and use her spells to help him out.

So, that's our first two PCs, I'll give you the cliff notes of other PCs as we encounter them.
File: 1375153519632.png-(315 KB, 700x483, Maka No.png)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
Most baddies likely won't have any powers.
The problem comes with Witches or big bads.
Perhaps they could self resonate?
We'd need such a mechanic in place anyways, for things like Soul Force.
So our basic game structure involved going to classes, getting plot relevant lectures (we'd take notes, they usually came in handy) and taking on jobs, and sometimes remedial lessons.

Now You know Max the Manx and Lilith the Almost Witch.

They were scrubs, much like Jeanne and Squire.

Jeanne was pretty uptight. Wore Conservative clothes, no pants, a skirt with a hemline at the ankles or a dress. No low cut blouses. Hair tied up into a bob. Cool, Calm, collected.

Her partner was Squire, a football hooligan basically. I can't remember what team he was fond of but he wore their jersey (or whatever football fans call it) everywhere, cargo shorts, and even wore cleats whenever possible. He turned it a shield, and his Meister had an entire style revolving around shield throwing and shield bashing.

Aside from them there was Louis and Bob. Louis was a hip black guy who liked pinstrip suits, jewelry and jazz. Bob was kind of a hick, but he liked jazz and fine booze just fine. These two were pretty laid back. Louis was a gunslinger and Bob could turn into a number of different firearms.

Sometimes we'd work seperate cases, sometimes we'd work together. But we'd always find stuff that would usually bring us back together again.

Now for whatever reason Proto-Kishin were on the rise. Lots of murderers and psychos were out and about and it was all the academy could do to keep a lid on it.

These were dark times so that meant everyone, even the low level students had to do their part. Some students tried to go solo, the more sensible ones however stuck together in groups for safety and learned to work as a team.

Soul Collection took a back seat to learning to resonate and just surviving the battles.

That said, our little trio of duos took on our first assignment all together.
Blair has a halloween cannon attack, if a cat with an absurd amount of magical power has an attack like that wouldn't it make sense for witches to have 1 or 2 spells? Just treat them like bigger badder attacks.

As for baddies why not come up with sub types? Some could self resonate, others might work in pairs. (like Evil Meisters or Clona and Ragnorak pairs) Just use the same stats as players but come up with stuff that only evil characters should have access to.

Just my 2 cents.
So our team was sent off to the middle of nowhere on our first mission, or more accurately the american midwest.

It turns out that there were bandits collecting human souls so that they could become powerful. 12 Men who, by all accounts, were well on their way to becoming Kishin.

We went there in our own ways. Jeanne chartered a plane, Louis had Motorcycle that could somehow fly and Lilith had inherited a flying carpet from her Mother.

Two people on one carpet is mildly uncomfortable. 1 Person and a cat is much more comfortable.

Regardless of the methods we all found ourselves in Dust Town, a place prone to dust storms and raids by psychotic bandits. Jeanne arrived first, she and Squire fought with everything they had but it mostly amounted to her guarding herself with squire and buying time with Squire's ability to take punishment.

Funnily enough it turns out magic carpets are faster than flying cars. So Max and Lilith arrived next, and from their the fight became a sort of keep away. Max could take damage and dish it out but even with Jeanne's help he was heavily out numbered so he focused on playing the bandits off against one another, a few of them even killed one another.

Which lead to unfortunate consequences. Whenever one of the Bandits fell one of his comrades would devour his soul and become stronger. We were down to about 9 Bandits when Louis showed up.

Bob turned into Tommy Gun and from there it sort of turned into who could evade or block attacks from what. By Default Louis had to be pretty indescrimnate with his fire since we were outnumbers 3 to 1 so it amounted to Jeanne blocking his fire and Max turning into a Cat so he could avoid the gunfire easier. (Lilith stayed in weapon form and became little kitty booties. Ineffective for attack but it kept her out of the line of fire.)

As you can guess we thinned out their numbers until only 3 Bandits were left. Now these guys had rode into town without introducing themselves.
Thanks for the quality storytime, anon.
Like what? why not make them just evil Meisters, with a higher insanity, netting them extra dice?
Well now they felt like talking. They called themselves to Bone Gang, as in "Rotten To The" and they were impressed with our skills and offered us a chance to join up with them. apparently the word was that we were living in a new Dark Age and the only people who could live safely were those who became Kishin or who served them.

Max felt that anyone who gave into darkness without a fight didn't deserve to live in the first place. Lilith felt that a life lived as a demon wasn't a life worth living.

Jeanne felt that evil should always be punished. Squire apparently found it diffuclt to think after being used as a shield one too many times and mostly focused on keeping his soul ready for resonance.

Louis felt that Demons were incredibly uncool and Bob just wasn't comfortable with eating human souls. It gave him the willies.

Beux, Terry, and Ned, the only remaining Bone Brothers were not please by this turn of events and decided on a divide and conquer strategy.

Now that he didn't have to dodge indiscriminate gunfire Max was free to go back into his human form and decided to use Lilith's garrote form. That consisted of two handles with a spool of wire that ran between them. If Max and Lilith could make a soul resonance check then he could use the "Wire Web" ability and make a trap to catch his opponent in mid strike.

Ned was the guy who had decided to cash Max's check. He was big, about 8 feet tall, 4 feet wide, pretty much made of muscle and used a human arm as his weapon of choice.

No special human arm either he'd just tear one off of somebody use it until it rotted, get another one and rinse and repeat. His main method attack mostly just involved charging into the enemy without regard for his safety so getting the guy caught up in the Wire Web was pretty easy.

We failed to hold him there thanks to some crappy rolls on our part however. See Wire Web comes in two stages. First you trap your opponent.
No problem.

Wire Web's second stage involved constricting the opponent with the wires causing slashing damage. The opponent could try and break free but he'd probably damage himself if he had a resistance to slashing damage.

Now we aced our Resonance rolls, but our damage rolls were dismal and Ned critted his attempt to break free so the wires were shattered and Lilith was heavily damaged.

Rather than put her at risk Max transformed into his cat form and used his greater agility to deposit her on the flying carpet before going back into the fight. using his ability to see souls he could see that Ned was absorbing the souls of his gang into his own, slowly, so that he could become more powerful.

But this was a slow process and the souls in question were resistant to it for obvious reasons. The best course of action would clearly be to attack Ned with his own soul wavelength. He knew the theory so it was time to put it into practice.

Now since he didn't have any formal training in this and he didn't have any experience he took penalties to his attack rolls. Ned laughed off Max's attacks. He'd been scared of the Cat Meister at first, after all Lilith had nearly sliced him to pieces. But now the confused little kitty was batting at him.

Ned thought it was hilarious...and then suddenly it wasn't. The first dozen or so attacks were failures. But Max was great at dodging so it didn't matter. Then he succeeded at smacking Ned with his own soul wavelength in an offensive manner.

This had consequences. First off, Ned had been resonating his soul with that of his gang members. Forcing them to give up their unique soul patterns and become exact copies of his so he could devour them.

This process was obviously interrupted when Ned got a great big heaping helping of Manx Soul Wavelength.

More importantly it completely fucked up his attempts to dominate and devour his gang which led to a counterstrike from the souls he had devoured.
These guys worked together a lot, so their souls were compatable. They knew each other, they knew how to work together so the devoured souls began resonating and they began attacking Ned's soul. He immedietly tried to fight back by making his soul wavelength dominant but that meant focusing on his soul and the souls inside of him.

THAT allowed Max the time he needed to focus and make certain that each Soul Strike was successful and that in turn set up a negative soul resonance effect after a couple of strikes by the Cat Meister.

Ned was disentgrated, destroyed from the inside out by the souls he devoured. His soul, along with those of his gang members soon found its way into a jar, one jar per soul, so that Lilith could consume them at her leisure.

Jeanne and Squire defeated Beux by backing him into a brewery, dousing him with highproof liquer and setting him on fire. Squire was woozy but described their souls as "squirmy."

Louis and Bob decided to stop screwing around and just get in their flying car. Terry called them cowards and laughed at them. They responded by running over him with the car repeatedly then getting out of it and putting two blasts in his brainpan. Every team collected 4 souls that day.

Lilith wound up in the Infirmiry, and with the nurse on hand devoured each of the Bone Gang's souls in a safe environment so they could try that negative resonance thing again.

As before the group went back to their classes and for the moment it seemed like nothing worth mentioning was going to happen. But we'd all failed to account for Jeanne's parentage and that came back to bite us in the ass.
See Jeanne had some nice magical abilities, passive things. It seemed that she had paid for this by having Witches in her background, (Obviously Lilith and Max were apparently not the only ones who had a history magical involvement) Hers however were not the benign mages of Max's life or the supportive family of Lilith's life. Jeanne's family was highly competative and if Jeanne wasn't going to become a witch then her soul belonged inside of a girl who would become an actual witch.

Jeanne acted prim and proper in the hopes of supressing any negative witchy tendencies and paired up with Squire because, despite his hoolagnism, he was good at taking and dishing out damage.

But not good enough. They were attacked by a witch in the night, and before the School's instructors could intervene Squire was slain.

Of course he came back as a zombie, no different than before (except he could, and did frequently detach his head and treated it like a ball) and Jeanne stopped being so conservative, well she toned it down a few notches. (Less Puritan, more cold bitch in a power suit) and begun researching forbidden techniques.

At the time we didn't think much of it. We were busy, we have resonance gaps that needed closing, and souls that needed collecting but Jeanne's little power trip was going to have severe consequences.

Regardless, she wound up with a Zombie Shield and took to wearing business attire and sunglasses.

And while Max felt for Jeanne and Squire he was rather busy visiting with and helping Lilith recover from the wounds sustained with their fight with Ned so her troubles were the least of his concerns.

Besides, they had a romero outbreak to deal with.
Usually its witches that cause problems, but in this case it was a human who'd strayed from the path of good. He'd picked up the Necronomicon Ex Mortis and used it to raise the dead. The power lay in the book, not the mortal and he was turned into a mindless corpse pretty much on his first day with the book.

The real issue here lay in the fact that the book was intelligent and used its power to control that man's corpse like a puppet. It roamed around converting every human it encountered into a mindless zombie. And those zombies would make more zombies and so on and so forth.

Every 1st Star Meister was enlisted to deal with this threat, they were all assigned weapon partners if they didn't have one and given missions that mostly amounted to patrolling the edge of the zombified area while 2nd and 3rd Star Meisters went into the Quarantine Zone to deal with the book.

Unsurprisingly the 2nd and 3rd Star Meisters destroyed the Necronomicon. Surprisingly its pages fluttered out, took posession of some of the zombies and gave them special powers. So before we knew it we were facing zombies that knew kung-fu, gun-play, shakespearan drama, standup comedy, sorcery, and all manner of other special abilities.

Jeanne and Squire split away from us and began to collect as many of those pages as they could. We had orders to burn them, and Jeanne did just that. But not before wirting things down.

As before Louis and Bob favored Drive By Tactics. They drove around in their car, ran enemies over and tended to punctuate their attacks by having bob turn into a pistol os Louis could pop a few wavelengths into someone.

Max was more hands on, he'd turn Lilith into a Garrote and use the Wire Web thing to destroy the more proactive zombies. Less proactive zombies got hunted down and had claws jammed into their brainpans.

We assumed we were just facing duped zombies, but we were wrong. The page possessed zombies were only the first wave.
The Second Wave were spirits, mortal souls collected by the Necronomicon, granted terrible secrets and then released. They were driven insane by this knowledge and tried to find ways to destroy themselves. The fastest way to do that of course was to possess a corpse and use a forbidden technique or spell on a Meister to draw their attention. A lot of Meisters and Weapons got Injured but we fought the maddened zombies with everything we had.

Louis, Bob, Max, and Lilith were all so busy dodging blasts of energy, slices, and hungry corpses that no one paid any attention to Jeanne.

We had been expressly forbidden to feed the corrupted souls to our weapons as they'd y'know.... corrupt them.

But Jeanne was working around that rule, she wasn't feeding the souls to Squire, she was eating them herself to gain their knowledge.

Nobody got much in the way of souls from this but we did get experience, better soul wavelength/resonance rolls, and Jeanne got forbidden techniques and paid a heavy price in terms of her sanity.

We hadn't paid any mind to this. But Lord Death had been watching and he was beginning to become worried. Still, for whatever reason he chose not to act.

This left us all going out on our next mission, to confront the Wolf of Moscow and his Pack none the wiser.

You see, The Wolf was a powerful Ex-KGB operative and his Pack were soldiers who'd undertaken training to become weapons. He was feeding them human souls and kept a witch chained up to him, she was a little girl, mostly powerless but she'd serve as the fuel for a Death Scythe or Demon Sword just the same.

It was our mission to stop The Wofl from consuming anymore human souls and to bring the witch back to the Academy for evaluation.
File: 1375158600293.jpg-(186 KB, 448x458, 1247278677860.jpg)
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I was gonna hold commenting till the end, but I have to say.

>she was eating them herself

Holy shit.
We left for Moscow in much the same manner as we did to face the Bone Gang. Jeanne arrived first and began combat with The Wolf, she however had begun using forbidden techniques. Her special technique was "Geist Stopper" and she could use it to generate a massive wall of energy. She'd turned it into "Giest Wave" and used it to Generate a Shockwave that would expand from her Shield.

Max and Lilith arrived on Scene after Jeanne had killed maybe 1/3rd of the gang with her new abilities and Max had Lilith Turn into Claws (basically big freddy krueger style gloves or edward scissor hands style blades on his fingers) and leapt in among the combatants. He stand on enemy's shoulders and claw their faces of or leap behind then and ram his claws in their back.

Louis and Bob were Fasionably late and decided to stay up in the air and snipe away at the enemy.

You see, even though The Wolf used his men as weapons (and the witch girl as something of a shield) his men would use each other as weapons and get involved in the fight. There were plenty of targets and the whole thing was kind of a chaotic mess.

But like all fights it eventually ended, The Wolf couldn't use the Witch Girl to defend against 3 attackers and Louis put a blast through his skull.

This was where Jeanne showed her true colors. See, if she consumed the soul of a witch, she could use all this forbidden knowledge she'd obtained to become a witch herself. We had orders to grab the with (a 7 year old girl) and bring her in for an Interview with lord death.

Jeanne didn't care. She decapitated the girl with Squire and then devoured her soul. This pretty much made her Sanity Meter bottom out which meant she went nuts and hungered for souls.

All Souls, and sadly Squire was more loyal to her than anything else so he was more than haooy to serve as her weapon.

First thing she did was blast Louis's Car out of the sky, then she tried to pin down Max with tendrils summoned from the shadows.
You have no idea how appropiate that image is to the matter at hand.

See, we'd fought alongside one another, and yeah we did kill people and feed their souls to our partners but it was in the interest of protecting others.

Jeanne apparently had never been one for protecting others. She'd pretty much been a victim from day one and only sought to get stronger to keep from becoming a victim herself. This could've manifested as a genuine desire to protect others but after Squire had been killed she'd decided that she'd never let herself or anyone she cared about become a victim again.

At the moment Squire was pretty much the only thing she cared about and she assumed that Louis, Bob, Max and Lilith were threats that had to be dealt with, and hey their souls would help with this new hunger she was feeling so why not kill them and devour their souls?

Louis and Bob were not gonna go down easy however and they pretty much crashed their car right on top of Jeanne. Squire didn't block it, he was hurled at it and sliced the thing in half. Louis and Bob escaped by the skin of there teeth and the wreckage of their car fell to either side of the new witch.

They landed behind her and tried to put a couple rounds in her but Jeanne blocked them with shadow shields until Squire came around again.

Max and Lilith meanwhile had to deal with shadow puppets born from the night. We were in the middle of moscow during a lazy summer and at some point some GENIUS had lit the church we were fighting around on fire so there were plenty of shadows to go around.

Frankly there was no point in engaging the shadows, they were a symptom. Not the cause so Max became a Manx, Lilith became Kitty Boots and they proceded to twist, dodge, and dive their way into CQC range with Jeanne.

Louis and Bob had their own problems. They were already in CQC range with Jeanne.
You see, Bob could turn into a shotgun, and he even had a bayonet in that mode. But he wasn't MEANT for CQC. Squire was so everytime those two collided with one another Bob took damage.

Furthermore Louis was getting his face kicked in by shadow puppets. Neither of these Meisters was meant for CQC and Jeanne was designed entirely around CQC AND she was using a Forbidden Power up so she had become a lot stronger.

Thankfully she and her parnter were slow and clunky, where as Max and his Partner were quick and elegant so Max was able to close the distance quickly enough to keep Jeanne from murdering Louis and Bob so she could devour their souls.

Now Claws are good for slashing and piercing armor, but their comes a time when you need to smash someone's defences to shit and that's when knuckle dusters enter the fray.

Jeanne thought she'd have things well in hand when this day would come but she was working with dated information. She had assumed that her partners would remain weak, that their soul resonance abilities wouldn't progress very far.

She was wrong. Both pairs of Meisters had worked very hard on strengthening their bond. So when Jeanne turned to deal with Max she got a face full of his Knuckle Duster Technique "Skull Cracker" they aced their roll so not only did they damage Squire they knocked Jeanne and Squire through two buildings and temporarily disrupted Jeanne's control of her shadow puppets.

This gave Louis and Bob enough time to scale a nearby building and take up sniping positions.

The battle had gone from Jeanne and Squire Murdering Louis and Bob to Jeanne and Squire facing down Max and Lilith.

This was still less than optimal since Jeanne was still much, much more powerful than Max and Lilith, even with their souls resonating at maximum they barely stood a chance.
Before her transformation Jeanne usually tossed squire around. Now she used him as a sort of channel for her dark powers and it was making his already tenous grasp on sanity weaker. With every attack she was literally driving her partner insane and it was all Max could do to stay ahead of her flung shield, shadow bolts, and the occasional strike by shadow puppets.

Thankfully he wasn't fighting alone. Louis and Bob were longrange specialists and they had their own special technique. "Deathcannon" may not be very original but its hard to argue with its effectiveness.

The battle turned into a sort of revolving set of opportuinities. Jeanne would try to kill Max or Louis and they'd do their best to stay alive. In Louis's case that meant blasting shadow puppets until he had a chance to use death cannon. In Max's case that meant dodging...well everything Squire and his Partner could throw at him, and by the end of the battle his clothes were in shreds, he was bleeding heavily and one of his eyes was gone.

Jeanne did not go down easily. She'd get struck by a Death Cannon shot, get stunned, take a Skull Cracker in that brief moment and then recover while her former partners gathered their second wind and go on an offense of their own. Around and Around it went until Squire critically failed one of his defence rolls and Lilith Split him in half with her Skull Cracker.

Jeanne was Distraught, and actually gained a bonus to her attacks. She was so psychotically unhinged that she managed to pin Max down with two of her shadows and tried to rip out his eyes with her bare hands.

She got one of them but Louis was able to blast her off of him with Bob in Sniper rifle mode. A second Skull Cracker sent her into the ruins of the burning church and Louis hit the place with another Death Cannon blast, To be sure he hit it with a few more Death Cannon blasts and Max sifted through the ruins using Lilith's Wire Web. We never recovered her corpse, or her soul.
We did recover Squire's soul, which was still human, so that wound up in a jar. we each got around 30 souls from Wolf's Gang and Lord Death commended us on dealing with a partner who'd strayed from the path of good.

Louis wound up with some choice scars and took to smoking a pipe, Bob took to drinking pretty heavily after school and inbetween missions.

Max didn't really care about his lost eye and took to wearing a patch over it. Lilith took Jeanne's path as a stark warning in the dangers of dark knowledge and became friendly and outgoing, going so far as to drag max along to parties and club meetings.

Lord Death never told us whether or not Jeanne survived or fight in Moscow, and she wasn't the first, or last Meister to succumb to darkness in our campaign.

That's all I got for the night, I hope you enjoyed this storytime and have a nice night!
thank you, anon.
Well instead of insanity granting extra dice why not have insanity grant flat results to combat but make soul resonance more difficult, or have it change the looks and descriptions of attacks to make the insanity obvious.... or would more dice be more effective and make insanity look more obvious...?

Eh regardless Evil Meisters should be a thing. Magic should prbably just be handled as minor abilities like animated brushes or as full on attacks granted to mages and witches.

Oh and Necromancy should also be something that witches and maybe intelligent artifacts have access to.
File: 1375161900687.png-(199 KB, 853x480, time for death.png)
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Excellent. I was worried about a cat becoming a Meister and a good witch that was also a weapon. But other than that your game has every element that is need in a good game of Soul Eater. Maddnes, mystery, betrayal, badassery and fun to list a few. Thanks for the contribution.

What system were you using by chance?
File: 1375162876101.png-(267 KB, 853x480, CRAZY MAKA.png)
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Why not both? Combined with WAV being calculated into Soul Resonance attacks AND exploding dice, special attacks are impressive. Insane Soul Resonating should be just that; Insane.

Evil everything! Agreed.

Also, I forgot a Wespon base archetype; Quirky/Gimmicky.
It's a catch all for stuff like mirrors or paint brushes.
That in the vein of the melee/ranged fast/strong/accurate thing?
Or seperate?
Well in fairness Max was only barely a cat. He'd lost all but one of his souls so he was little more than a human with some magical abilities at that point and Lilith was barely a witch.

Their character ideas were basically that they were terrible at being a Cat (too loyal, not sneaky and mean enough) and a Witch (cannot cast spells above remedial level) respectively so they tried being something else.

Admittedly those ideas CAN lead to Suisms but if you're careful with the execution a mildly unusual idea can make an otherwise standard game that much more interesting.

Glad you enjoyed it.

No problem Tripfriend.
1) Pick an base archetype
a. Melee
b. Ranged
c. Quirky/Gimmicky

2) Damage type
a. Piercing
b. Bludgeoning
c. Slashing

3) Modifier
a. Fast
b. Strong
c. Accurate

True that. I'm very happy you know 'em.
Why not? Exploding Dice combined with More Dice than usual with higher damage outputs should work.

You should up the Ante with critical fails though, have the character take more damage if they fail to dodge or defend against an attack, have an attack turn on the user if they fuck up... you get the idea.

If its Insane Soul Resonance it should have some lethal consequences.
alright, lemme right that down
File: 1375163675373.jpg-(5 KB, 160x160, emi.jpg)
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File: 1375163815969.gif-(862 KB, 479x253, 1374713124603.gif)
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I like!

You're in the wrong neighborhood, motherfucker. Don't make me take your soul.
File: 1375164108370.png-(429 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (66).png)
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just pointing out that maka and emi are in the exact same situation in thier respective pics
Is that Seras in the top corner?
File: 1375164337076.jpg-(103 KB, 803x850, 1372306526701.jpg)
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103 KB JPG
I know. It's cool. I just wanted to warn someone about posting off topic. I kinda mentioned it in the opening post.

More ideas! What haven't we touched upon?
File: 1375164364912.jpg-(91 KB, 800x434, Seras and Pip Kiss.jpg)
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Not him, but it quite obviously IS everyone's favorite big tittied police girl.
>you are now picturing Pip and Seras as a Meister/Weapon team
yes it is.
File: 1375164464567.jpg-(47 KB, 477x531, 1294303148912.jpg)
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Lil' vampire with a big gun. I can dig it.
new to the thread, tl;dr mostly.

just real quick can someone explain to me how you overcame the problem of "who the fuck wants to play a non-miester"
They sort of are in a similar way to Chrona and Ragnarok once he dies and she absorbs him
Go watch Ultimate, for that reason alone I prefer her Yellow uniform.
explain, 'cause I do, sort of.
i also prefer ultimate, but this was the only skin i could find
Well like. The weapon turns into a weapon, and then the meister does combat and the weapon just chills out and makes WAV checks when the meister wants to do super attacks as far as I can tell.

What's the draw?
They're Strong, go read the fight against Mifune for proof. Also, they might be so awesome, they get psuedo-magic, see Mifune's gravity defying sword technique.
File: 1375164737017.jpg-(151 KB, 1000x667, Colt Model 1877 Lightning.jpg)
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You get to turn into a weapon.
I mean who DOESN'T wanna turn into a Colt Lightning and shoot niggas in the face?
oh and the system was a D100 base. We'd roll 2 d10s, it was a roll under. 1s were positive crits 100s were negative crits. Aside from that all the stats and stuff were custom made by the GM. It was sort of built around tracking power levels Animu style and we'd strive towards raising soul resanance, personal power, and combat ability in a variety of ways. Secret techniques, resolve etc. These would be tags with names and listed results. We all started the game with a few that would reflect our character abilities.

Lilith had a "Remedial Mage" tag which let her cast low level spells, stuff like animating objects or producing balls of light for illumination.

Max had a "Determination of the Desperate" tag that he earned by burning through his souls during character creation. He could reroll 8 times per session since he'd lost 8 souls. My GM flat out forbade having more than 1 soul since that'd make death too cheap and I agree with his stance.

Louis had a tag that let him flip a coin when he missed an attack. Heads he hits, tails he misses. He can keep flipping that coin as long as he calls the result correctly.

Bob did additional damage as long as the target offended his sensibilities somehow and he could articulate that in a hayseed accent and way of thinking. the Dm would assign the damage bonus based on...how amused he was I guess.

Jeanne could reroll as long as she did things by the book. This tag became pretty useless once she started going nuts.

And Squire could negate a certain amount of damage as long as his lucky jersey was still intact.

Our GM was partly concerned with making the game fair and partly concerned with style so some of the tags were pretty odd in terms of abilities but nothing game breaking was allowed.
From what I can tell, some weapons can do solo combat. Also in the case of Soul you have those edgy internal conflicts with your sanity.
that seems very boring for anyone playing as a weapon, unless the weapons would all be NPCs
see, i can do on topic posts if i want to
Because you don't shoot anybody, the meister does. Your whole character sheet is just a means to that end.

>that seems very boring for anyone playing as a weapon, unless the weapons would all be NPCs

This is the crux of what I'm talking about here. If you made weapons NPCs then why even play soul eater? Growing together with another character is like half of the setting's draw.

I remember someone throwing out the idea in the first thread that during combat, the pair is controlled by a single player. Outside, the PC is either the Weapon or Meister, while an NPC takes the place of the other half. Seems to fixing a weapon being boring, but could become disastrous in the hands of a poor DM.
In my game it wasn't uncommon for the Meister or the Weapon to become too damaged to fight. If that happened the PCs would usually relegate the damaged party to a safe location.

In the case of a meister its fairly straight forward attacks maybe combined with soul resonance abilities.

In the case of a weapon you wound up with creative transformations and use of stuff like half transformations and stuff like that.

Furthermore Weapons can be damaged in combat and are used as shields against enemy strikes so they'll be rolling a lot and maybe debating actions or suggesting things with their partners so there's a draw there, probably one similar to playing a cleric.
so the crux of the two person dynamic is hinged entirely on one person playing a role that is famous for no one wanting to play. awesome.
File: 1375165389069.jpg-(64 KB, 392x434, 1371357441476.jpg)
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I'd like to state for the record that the 'PCs as Weapons' is a very important debate that needs to happen. Proceed.
Just like the support in League of Legends. So in the end we have around three possible paths.
1. One player controls both Loads of work

2. Two players one for meister and one for weapon, One player controls combat(boring ish)

3. Player is Meister NPC Weapons, makes the DM's life a pain in the ass.
Well it depends on the group, don't forget Weapons can become Autonomous like Justin and Giriko
Okay. So this is what basically killed the Fate/Stay Night system.

Point 1) Soul Eater needs two people or else it feels empty.

Point 2) No one likes being the bitch in combat.

Conclusion) Make weapons not bitches in combat. Make them awesome. Make weapons roll for damage. Make Weapons get the damage feats and crazy bonus abilities. Make Meisters more like the strategist role. Make positioning important. Make them feel like their movement really matters.
Eh, just make sure there are stats for Meister and Weapon so that both are possible PCs or NPCs.

Some people are cunts who can't stand being in support roles. Others don't mind being the man behind the man. (where would Blackstar be without Tsubaki after all?) Just make it open so that groups have choices to suit their player dynamics and things will even out.
i wouldnt put 1 player in control of 2 characters
i realy like this
Hmm, give Meisters abilities that help open up opportuinties in combat? Dodging like shadow step or tanking damage?

Give weapons feats and perks that let them reroll for higher damage ot switch over to a different damage type or overcome an opponents defence?

Could work.
The problem is it isn't an issue of "some" vs "others", it's like 90% 10%. Attract the DPS munchkins to the weapon role with the promises of high numbers and you even it out.
File: 1375165964731.png-(47 KB, 243x365, 2011-08-12.png)
47 KB
The "Simple Solution" is just to have anyone playing a meister control both the weapon and the wielder. Otherwise you just have one person largely sitting out of combat.

Otherwise, I guess you could have them both roll attacks, and determine the outcome by the difference of the rolls? With resonance as a mitigating factor? And they both decide on what to do (as shown in NOT, the weapon can move on its own).

Then you'd have meister only rolls like maybe dodge and weapon only rolls like durability??

So combat would be about two people working together to fight, rather than a warrior and a hunk of metal.
File: 1375165978356.gif-(1.96 MB, 370x208, 1374949616801.gif)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
Yes, but NOBODY can start off as a capable solo/autonomous. Early games should be Weapons & Meisters working together. It's kinda a big theme.

This. This this this! The more people being badasses, the better.

Wielding a weapon makes you a meister, whether you're a witch or not. A meister witch would not be any less proficient than a normal meister of the same skill level.
Well, its not like the game is being built to be successful, Its built so we can use it, if that makes sense.
someone had an idea for a loli witch with a big black weapon didnt they?

im so sorry
Your reference

My head.

Care to explain?
File: 1375166427951.jpg-(105 KB, 800x533, 1370582934623.jpg)
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105 KB JPG
You better be.

I suppose. As Jeff Goldblum once said "Players will find a way."
It wont get built if it's not going to represent the setting well. Interest will drop off because everyone will realize it can be done better and split off or in-fight. :y
Well, its kind of going to need two people to do anyway.
File: 1375166669754.gif-(2.01 MB, 540x360, 1374394790438.gif)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB GIF
No it doesn't. Miesters are anybody that can Synchronize with a weapon! Some people just can't.
i wasnt refrenceing anything
and i cant see your head
and i certainly cant explain anything
i dont even know
then why did you apologize?
So can we just agree to give the damage abilities to Weapons and give Miesters only 1 damage ability (attacking directly with their soul) which they DO NOT get at the first level and that they suffer massive penalties to use until they get the appropiate perks or whatever to use their soul as a source of damage?

Where as Weapons would get 1, maybe multiple forms if the GM permits it and that form would have specific damage types, methods, and strategies that revolve around its use?
also, wrt special abilities, I feel like it should be fairly customizable, just like the specifics of the weapons. Things like Kid's Death Cannon and Black Star's different boosts (speed star, shadow star, etc)

like, you could have rough templates for the moves (active, passive, enforcing passive for all but 1 of a weapon's forms, etc), but leave it mostly up to GM discretion.

that way we wouldn't just have a bunch of people spamming witch hunter
it was completely off topic
File: 1375167127060.png-(98 KB, 550x366, 4b6f0de2a9556f6d7dd6df448(...).png)
98 KB
Most definitely.

Meisters could always just punch, kick and various forms of grapple with an opponent.


It was earlier in the thread and nothing came of it. And now you are shitposting. And now I'm shitposting! Aaaaaaaah!
No you contributed with that post have no ear. Also, any idea on the final chapter?
Am I shitposting with this post?
Make them a duo. Weapons are damage dealing monsters with little to no utility options. Meisters are mobility and tactical kings with shitty damage.

Making them rely on each other is good for the system.
Could work. A passive ability could be someone speeding up or flying or turning into a cat.

An Active ability could be producing a cloud of smoke, creating a blinding light, hitting someone with a lightning bolt...

Just divide it into Active and Passive and then discuss limits with the GM.

Miesters would probably focus on using Passive Abilities and Weapons would probably focus on using active abilities.
Wielding implies synchronization, you fuck.

The weapon bloodlines were originally developed by Arachne, too.

Please, explain why you think a witch meister would have any problems.
Works for me, only high level damage ability Miesters get is a solo Soul Resonance thingy that lets them attack directly with their soul. Most Miesters won't have it. But they'll have various utility powers that make up for it. (Kid's Flying Skateboard, BlackStars various buff abilities like Speed Staretc.)

Where as all the high level demage abilities are in the hands of weapons and can only be used if the two work together.

Oh and yeah, Miesters should be able to punch and kick in combat, but that should hardly be effective.
File: 1375167697780.png-(123 KB, 350x309, I will always love you maka.png)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
We're discussing source material here. That's on topic, at least.
I have no idea. All I know is that I am probably gonna cry my eyes out.

Team work is a high priority.

Hmmmm, yes.

I was also thinking of liz & patti. Just shows you how tired I am.

That is all from me for tonight. See you same time tomorrow.
Wonderful, I'm up to date on the manga now at least. See you around.
They would have the same problem anybody could have; they just don't sync. They can and they can't. Just like human Meisters.
Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of these abilities only being attainable through both the meister and weapon working as one.

To give examples from the show

Tsubaki's weapon forms each had something special, but, with the exception of the demon sword form, they were rather minor boosts (speed star, smoke bombs)

Kid's "Death Cannon" was essentially a fight finisher like Witch Hunter, and other than that, there were few if any special abilities

These abilities aren't the sort of things that anyone was able to use on their own, nor do they benefit one party more than the other.
Thus, a witch can go about meistering as easily as a human. Witch does not make it harder to meister.
File: 1375168353603.png-(Spoiler Image, 156 KB, 400x400)
Spoiler Image, 156 KB
156 KB PNG
see: pic
That works I guess. I figure each character should have SOME abilities to call their own but their main repetoire would open up when they interact with their partner.

Maybe we just need to settle on a stat system. Crunch some Canon PCs and then work on assigning abilities and from there we can focus on arranging crunch at large?
I think he's making the point that not all witches can be meisters, as he somehow inferred from precious posts, I presume, I have no fucking clue
If a witch can be a meister, can have we have Strong Soul meisters?
Theoretically, yes.
We have Shinigami meisters too, so really I don't think there's a limit, though they'd be pretty tough. Maybe their strong soul would make it hard to resonate with anything? Dominating force of personality and all that.
Definitely. That would be easier, seeing as strong souls are free from the taboo of being a witch.
Then I'm going to go ahead and make one.
Unless, of course, the witch has a strong soul.
go the Black Star route; fairly submissive weapon that enhances your abilities but doesn't have much flash and bang until much higher levels.
I'd say that multiple people, if anyone wants to be a weapon they can be a PC's weapon, but not an NPC. Actually it works out better if you have PC weapons and PC meisters. If you don't have enough PCs to go around, then NPC weapons would be fine.
Alright. With Mifune being a samurai, I was thinking this strong soul would be a knight.

The weapon would be a shield.

Defensive-techniques plus Captain America shield throwing action.
i think that if you dont have enough PCs to go around then one should be encouraged to go the weapon that half-transforms route and RP as someone who is incompatible with most everyone but works well on their own
Or better yet a weapon the turns into TWO weapons. Perhaps the weapon has found a way to split his soul/body into two weapons instead of one. However not all Meisters can wield two weapons, it takes a strong soul like Kid to sync with two. So instead the weapon bonds with two people. He's weaker separate, but still on par with a normal weapon.

If ever wielded together then it would be on like Tsubaki/Black Star's Uncanny sword mode.
Not strong, adaptable/compatible.
Well perhaps they're a strong soul, which would account for them being able to divide their soul.
File: 1375185221382.png-(372 KB, 473x349, Magic Conch.png)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
>eating them herself
That's some Asura tier bad right there.
File: 1375190584891.jpg-(73 KB, 300x301, 1337436528610.jpg)
73 KB

Ok stop me if this sounds too crazy guys but...

You play two characters, your meister and someone else's weapon. This mean's the partner dynamic isn't masturbatory and if players don't like the idea of being a weapon they're not limited to it.

It also removes the issue of killing the DM with workload.

Also do we really need to settle on one method or can a system be designed without knowing who's playing who?
File: 1375191080534.jpg-(680 KB, 1680x1050, Excalibur.jpg)
680 KB
680 KB JPG
That's certainly an option.
A very good one, too. There's a similar dynamic in Better Angels (an ORE system about demon-powered Super Villains) where each player plays the person to his left's demon.
That works, and that's semi-antagonistic, so I don't see why players couldn't be a meister and someone else's weapon.

I guess all we need to say is "Stat out both weapons and meisters and work it out from there" and give some examples of how it could work.

The PC Weapons and PC Meisters approach could be one, your PCs playing Meisters AND other Meister's Weapons could be another, maybe some weak autonomous weapons and strong souls as a third option?

I, personally, don't like the idea of shoving the extra workload of RPing weapons onto GMs, they're gonna have enough shit on their plates, but if enough people want it...

Thank you good sir I feared I was somewhat late to the party at this stage.

Of course it's hardly a perfect solution as someone quitting fucks the player ecology more than usual.

At the end of the day everyone prefers a choice and it would be best to design around that.

I'm one of the weirdoes who’d prefer to be weapon.
File: 1375192749057.png-(151 KB, 560x359, Mabaa.png)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
I want to be a witch
File: 1375193390252.jpg-(270 KB, 1280x720, Shinigami Screen Cap.jpg)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
then I want to be a reaper! Or half-reaper.
File: 1375202639561.jpg-(25 KB, 672x361, 1373515199387.jpg)
25 KB
Then I want to be a Cat.

Ridonkonkulous magical power optional.
Possible for a game about DMA dropouts, not every campaign has to have Active Death Meisters.

Go the Kid Death Route, young Reaper who isn't the height of his power.

Cat that transforms into a human, assign Meister, Reaper, or Witch Template on top of normal cat abilities.

A cat that's supposed to Reap Kemonomimi Souls could be a thing for instance. Blair has the witch thing covered, we already have an Example of a Cat Meister in the story time and that worked out fine.

Only limitation would be figuring out how to deal with the 9 souls thing. Easy enough to negotiate with your GM though.
Prone to cat like actions
For example a giant ball of yarn appears in front of you. You feel the uncontrollable urge to play with it.
File: 1375216269870.jpg-(13 KB, 241x216, 1373297431583.jpg)
13 KB
That could be an approach, Really it all amounts to the GM and the kind of character. Som approaches would be better than others.

Oh and speaking of unusual characters. What about evil spirits? We had the guy who used Nidhogg to devour souls so couldn't we give Spirits the ability to control vehicles, and maybe even locations for particularly difficult battles?
I was thinking of a very simple solution to this which would be stating weapons like fighters and meisters like mages

most of the spells would be focused towards helping your weapon and moving your self
I mean it would basically be like playing the strategy wizard which depending on who you are is pretty fun

By stating them as separate classes then we could have them work alone

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