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Welcome to /tg/ Soul Eater HomeBREW. More commonly known as the SEHB. It stands as testament to /tg/ getting shit done. Well, sometimes. Occasionally. Well maybe we don't, but well, we do start cool shit. To ensure that /tg/ can get shit done this thread was started by Alpharius, the on-off-again namefag.

So basically we are a thread trying to make a RP system for the universe of Soul Eater. I guess it's just a typical homebrew thread. Oh well.

Now then, let's roll up our sleeves and go brainstorming!

The setting of Soul Eater is kinda like our world, but with humans that can turn into weapons, Meisters that wield them to fight a kitchen sink of Gothic Horror baddies with some Lovecraftian influences spread throughout for good measure.

For people who want to know the universe/source material: http://www.mangareader.net/157/soul-eater.html for the manga and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0nxQXTdu9c for the anime.

Old threads here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26222942/
here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26244087/
and here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26296933/

And pastebin here: http://pastebin.com/8wTsEKqm

Post on topic, or I'll take your soul!
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I'm hoping today to hammer out combat or some other mechanics.
How does STRength differ between POWer?
When a Miester uses a Weapon, is it's STR added by his/er Weapon's POW, or is it replaced?
File: 1375755326858.jpg-(234 KB, 1200x1551, 059.jpg)
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234 KB JPG
a Meisters STR would add damage to a weapon's POWer.
Hey fellow Soul Eater fans, I'm going to, as blasé as it is to say, try QMing a Soul Eater quest. But I'm going to set it in the past, back in the Grim Times/Dark Times before Old Lord Death got his ass stuck in the Nevada desert.

I'd really appreciate it if you guys came in, even if just to argue canon. Interested?
File: 1375755747345.png-(199 KB, 853x480, time for death.png)
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Sure. Toss a link. SE lore is my favorite.
File: 1375755874279.png-(384 KB, 853x480, Cronaaaaa.png)
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Oh, and I forgot to put the last thread in the OP. It's here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26339959/
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I'm still preparing, start time is tomorrow (8/6) 4:30-5:00 CST, Wednesday (8/7) if shit fucks up.

@Uncle_Sheo is the twits I set up for the announcement so I guess watch that? Or don't. Look for this lovely guy instead is valid response.
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Hmmmm. Cool. I will probably be late for it, but I would love to assist in that endeavor. Care to divulge any more details at the moment?
Basically, you're an 'average' human who just happened to live in what would later be called the Grim Times, a time when the Eight Powerful Warriors roamed the world in eternal battle against madness, monsters and the witches. It's been a generation and a half since Arachne secreted away and created the Demon Weapons and Old Lord Death has decided, for the sake of not defaulting to 'Asura go nuke that continent free of witches', to experiment, to see if mortals with exceptional souls could be useful to combat the forces of Madness.

Basically, you are going to be a proto-mister in ye olde times, going to find a proto-weapon partner and try to set up something like Shibusen to help support the Warlords. Or a witch fighting for her survival and to slake her thirst for destruction. Either/or. Planned for both. Simple d20 dice rolls.
Just want to say that I was in the first thread for this and I'm proud that you guys are still working on it.

Prove that /tg/ can still get shit done!
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Sounds good to me. I would hope we are a Meister. It has a cray amount of potential. I just made a twitter account just to follow you.

Thanks! If you have any comments or suggestions, they are always needed and welcome.
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No interest tonight?
Lurking, but also extremely new to role playing games. Basically would have zero input for anything like combat mechanics.
We need to find out what our stat numbers are going to be, before we go any further...
I'll start by making a Meister and Weapon template, and we can modify accordingly. Sound good?
File: 1375760378305.jpg-(128 KB, 1200x869, 037.jpg)
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5d10s, drop the 2 lowest.
Calculate MAD and SAN in the same fashion as the pastebin?
File: 1375760909321.png-(98 KB, 550x366, 4b6f0de2a9556f6d7dd6df448(...).png)
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Yes. Thank for reminding me I have to edit some of the pastebin.

Also, sorry I'm late.
File: 1375761484258.jpg-(80 KB, 1280x720, Meister.jpg)
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Here's the Miester Stats I rolled...
STR: 18
CON: 24
AGI: 21
INT: 14
WAV: 15
SAN: 78
File: 1375761651781.gif-(973 KB, 325x244, WEPON.gif)
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973 KB GIF
Here's the Weapon's Human stats. How will we be going about stating Weapon Form stats?

WEAPON: Sub-Machine Gun
STR: 22
CON: 24
AGI: 27
INT: 16
SAN: 83
MAD: 17
File: 1375761744059.jpg-(29 KB, 500x375, 421089_393924417289519_16(...).jpg)
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You better be.

Can't unseen

Ok, cool. Now what do we do with these numbers? Strait to dice rolls maybe? Modifiers? Maybe arbitrarily setting stats before combat rules was a bad idea.
probably, but lets get to work. Modifiers based on 5-mulitples?
a roll under thing, like roll under stat+skill = success?
File: 1375761917187.jpg-(79 KB, 1200x1257, 078.jpg)
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Lets go with the same for regular human stat roll for DURA, HARD and POW?

Hmmmm. That could be a thing... Thinking.
I would say so. altough that runs the problem of me asking why use different stats
File: 1375762171504.png-(233 KB, 600x579, 1372311030704.png)
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233 KB PNG


What now?
DUR, HARD and POW are replacements for STR, DEX and CON, yes?
File: 1375762510947.jpg-(331 KB, 1200x1823, 033.jpg)
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331 KB JPG
Think of an ability or something that you would want at start that would make you stand out? It would be a feat or something, when I finally get to writing down some feats.

Clarification: Only in weapon form.
why roll the same stat twice? especially since you're rolling it in an identical fashion.
I am aware.
'cause they don't have direct analogs.
Ahh, that's a lack of understanding on my part, I thought they were cut-paste replacements. I apologise.
Modifier: Fast
Feat: Reliable; WAV increases by 5% every 10 Kishin Souls collected. Resets with every new Meister, but not when Death Scythe Ritual has failed.
what if all tests were a set value that you had to roll above using maybe 2d10's and the stat that the test fell under was subtracted from the value you had to roll above. Situational modifiers would allow for rerolls if the first attempt failed.

for example: a character wants to lift a weapon that he had lost resonance with, so it is very heavy. He must take a 35 STR test. the miester has a STR of 21, so he must roll 2d10 above 14. He rolls an 11 and fails, but he has a feat that involves strength so he gets to reroll and try again.
why did you delete your post?
my math didn't add up
File: 1375763582365.gif-(777 KB, 512x300, 1361080804594.gif)
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777 KB GIF
Hmmm. A feat that rewards you for staying with the same partner for longer? Not bad.

I like it so far. Now we need a way to calculate combat. Maybe opposed tests? something like STR + 2d10 vs AGI + 2d10?
ah. you could have just quoted yourself, fixing your mistake.
File: 1375763618285.png-(494 KB, 640x487, moreshamefurdispray.png)
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I like that, but people didn't want it because opposed combat rolls apparently slow it down a lot.
maybe STR+2d10 has to beat the enemies AGI+some defense stat that is based off of feats and equipment and stuff.
Not the guy who started the discussion before buttt, why do you use two separate stats for meister and weapon? What if for some god forsaken reason a weapon is rolling damage for a punch in human form?
weapon stats are only changed in weapon form, and about that, do they lose their other stats in weapon form?
I remember Alpharius stating he did not want meister running around in Plate and mail. maybe AGI+1d10 as dodging is harder? fast rolls 2d10?
>two separate stats for meister and weapon
'cause they are two different people. 2 different stat blocks. Weapons have the same stats as a Meister, but have weapon form that replaces thier physical stats.

>weapon is rolling damage for a punch in human form
They would do damage like a Meister throwing a punch.
problem, how do we handle partial transformations? use both stat blocks? use the stat block for the part being struck?
Yes. The full replacement of stats would be assuming a full transformation. So partials would use both and would defend/attack with the appropriate stat.
Ya plated up Meisters wouldn't be fun. But a defense stat would simplify it i think. maybe have it so any clothes whatsoever provide +5 defense because heavy armor would slow you down so it all balances out and the only way to increase your defense further would be magic items or skills or fighting defensively.
maybe roll agility once per turn or even once per combat, so it is an opposed roll but it speeds things up by not having to roll for every attack
File: 1375767038419.jpg-(85 KB, 312x445, 78.jpg)
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>a kitchen sink of Gothic Horror baddies with some Lovecraftian influences spread throughout for good measure.

I can't wait for this system to be a thing. Soul Eater reminds me a of Innistrad. I am soo going to have a witch based off of ol' Snappy here.
New to this thread, how easy would it be to get in this shit?

These threads made me start reading the manga and watch the anime...I finished it yesterday and read up to about Chapter 70 in the manga. I like it a lot, though I wouldn't say it's like Innistrad. Though it is kind of generic it's also got a lot of creativity settings wise and the characters are pretty decently fleshed out I'd say. Even some of the minor ones.

So how does this system deal with Witches and Mages like Eibon/Noah? Do you guys have a system for that? How do you make a very very anime fight style work with dice?

Also, no spoilers please.

Anime or Manga? 3-4 days with average interference for either. Maybe more if you are a slow reader for the manga.

Links in the starting post.
into what?
Character creation. Gameplay mechanics.
throw ideas around. That's about it. Oh, try to make the ideas at least a little balanced, I suppose.
Slow day?
File: 1375770568655.png-(59 KB, 194x190, case-of-the-mondays-careers.png)
59 KB
Just one of those days. Everybody I know IRL is sick, including myself.
If you could let me know when they start that'd be swell, I would have replied but I cannot for stupid reasons
Al, give some mechanic to try work out.
give me*
I really butchered that post.
Funny idea for a feat, but might be too meta.
[Death's Call]:once per game session you can change all your primary stats to 42, your sanity to 56, and your madness to 4

The past threads finally got me to read the manga, that is all

How fast do you need to be going to reach the moon in Soulverse?
Roughly the speed of a Doctor Frankstein expy's shot-put.
Alright, sorry I left so early last night, my internets died.. Had a good discussion with a Great Old One and some mechanical ideas. Busy at the moment.
File: 1375831590829.png-(209 KB, 500x601, 1354322882663.png)
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209 KB PNG
Yo! Still busy, but I will update the pastebin soonish with some new clarification and such.
Awesome, got something for me to do in the meantime?
Yes! Skills! List me off some skills.
combat, roleplay or other?
Yes. Any and all you can think that we could need.
Study[INT] - determines grades and..
Is this a roll under, or a roll over system?
Thinking roll under at the moment. So it could be translated kinda as a percent chance kinda thing.
Okay so;
Study[INT] - Determines your grade in classes. Is an extended test, once a week. A success maintains your grade, while getting a success over halfway under improves the grade one step. A failure lowers your grade one step.

skills are rolled d10+mod+skill. (maybe)

I would include some targets to beat, but I have no idea how we're handling modifiers.

This skill would only come into play if the PC's are students at Shibusen, a half success at the highest NOT level moves you to the lowest EAT level.

The test occurs at the end of school week, study can give you a -mod on your roll, while getting into mishaps may give a +mod.

File: 1375833192428.png-(177 KB, 600x378, 1369021867660.png)
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177 KB PNG
How about:

Stat + Skill + Special modifiers = target number
and then roll a d100, and aim for lower than target number.

What think?
I still thinking on the ramafications on what Study does atm.
that works, sorry for post delay, was having shower.
Thinking of skills for this is rather hard.
File: 1375839688423.jpg-(291 KB, 1280x720, Black_Star's_Soul.jpg)
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291 KB JPG
Getting good grades should give you positive buffs related to the class you are studying for, like PE giving a small STR/POW boost that increases with grades, and so on. Adittionally, getting bad grades should give debuffs.
A = 10%
B = 5%
C = 0%
D = -5
F = -10
Doing extra training on a specific stat will give additional buffs, at the possible cost of something else, like when an after-school WAV training is done, it could be a coin toss between understanding eachother better or worse, or at the loss of another stat in exchange for guaranteed increase.
File deleted.
I like this a lot. It gives DWMA students an edge over most rogue Meisters/Weapons.
How would you cook that dinner? just throw it in a pan and cook 'til done? I'm trying to figure out what to cook for dinner.
File: 1375840413636.png-(272 KB, 364x614, 130783701722.png)
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272 KB PNG
That was suppose to be a picture of Medusa. Weird.
Aaah, the picture glitch. Still. What should I cook for dinner?
I heard this happens when two people post the same thing at the same time. Seen it once before.
NOW about the statuses of players.
Students can have these passive buffs come more often to them through hard work and training, but rogues can do hands-on training whenever they want. The downside of being a Student is bad grades = debuffs. The downside of being a rogue is that the training is riskier, but leads to better results.
File: 1375840659138.png-(183 KB, 550x392, 1372299099699.png)
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183 KB PNG
Hmmm, maybe.
According to popular media, I never had a soul to begin with, so we're cool
File: 1375840807605.jpg-(248 KB, 869x1300, 1375214463809.jpg)
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248 KB JPG

Anybody up for a Max the Manx Story time?

Also, for skills why not take a page from Gamma World 4th Ed's book?

Acrobatics: More agility less endurance,
Athletics: More endurance less agility.
Conspiracy: Obscure knowledge skill, lord knows SE has plenty of obscure things to be knowledgeable about.
Insight: This would be about discerning information from a person's body language and gleaning well...insight from your environment
Interaction: This is your basic social skill set
Mechanics: This would be for fixing machines and general mechanical knowledge, a more hands on application of Science
Nature: How good you are in a less than civilized environment
Perception: This is all about noticing clues and danger and stuff. Insight would help you realize that those guys in town were talking about poaching, Nature would help you identif their footsteps but THIS would let you hear them coming.
Science: Research and the application of that research. This is all about Bonerology, Witchology, and Devil Summoning Programs
Stealth: Self explanatory

Sure we can change the names around but its a nice set up for skills. Give each character 3 skills of their choice with one favored skill and you should have some nice competancy levels.
Yay, A story.
File: 1375841076823.gif-(999 KB, 500x268, 1369429985842.gif)
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999 KB GIF
Hmmm. Yes, but Death is train his personal army do protect humanity the best they can. Students have it easier and get training from teachers from all around the world with different experiences. Rogues should have it HARDER.

Ginger? What are the odds.

WOOP WOOOOOP! Feels like my birthday! Yay!
About 1/3, not counting dyes. Anyway, gotta run, will try to be back later.
That is why Rogues should have extremely risky and badass training so they can take as many DWMA students as they can. They would be expendable early game, but incredibly powerful late game
File: 1375842087784.gif-(2.91 MB, 410x230, 1375393885834.gif)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB GIF
I lack SE images so you get Cat Girls.

If you were in the...2nd thread I think it was? Regardless if you were there you will recall that my GM came up with a homebrew for SE. It mostly involved tracking power levels, madness, and sanity.

Max, was a Manx for a family of Wizards, I.E. magic users with benign magic. His family was killed by a Witch and he Exhausted 8 of his 9 souls to save the only remaining member of the family, a baby. The DWMA's Meisters stepped in and kept him, and the Baby from dying. Max was pretty impressive for a cat so he was allowed to enlist in the Academy.

Lilith was a witch, but she was a bad witch. No no evil bad, genuinely sucked at being a witch bad. She came from a family of witches and was always kind of doted on for being so weak. She was a good study though and knew a lot about Magical Theory and its practice, even if she was a really weak witch. She came to Death City to do some studying and was attacked by less-than-scrupolous Meisters. You see Lilith was so weak that her soul only registered as a witch's soul on close examination, unless you looked closely it looked like a human soul. Anyways Max and some of his friends stood up for her and she decided to enlist in the academy. She was deemed harmless and her knowledge of magic and first hand experience with witches made her a pretty good candidate. She could transform into Claws, a Pair of Knuckle dusters, and a Garrote.

Then there was Louis, a pretty suave brother who liked smooth Jazz. He also had a flying car. Apparently he came from chicago and was a mildly talented musician.

his weapon was Bob, a hick from...somewhere. We never did find out much about his past. He could turn into a shotgun or a sniper rifle, and a pistol.

Finally there was Jeanne, a girl with witches blood. She wasn't actually a witch but had lots of potential, if only she'd do something... dark.

Her weapon was squire, a cocker hooligan who could become a shield.
File: 1375842840498.jpg-(393 KB, 1197x850, 1375582585149.jpg)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
You'll recall that we lived in Dangerous times, and Students never went out on their own. They always went out as teams.

Squire got killed and raised as a zombie weapon. The only difference between before and after is that he liked to play socker with his head and his weapon gained a skull them.

Jeanne was changed by the experience though. She became withdrawn and obsessed with power. (not obsessed enough to pursue excalibur though)

We wound up in...I wanna say Egypt. Facing The Necronomicon. It created a zombie epidemic and unleashed souls tainted by dark knowledge. Jeanne at those souls and gained terrible powers.

Later on we were sent to fight mobsters, Ex-KGB specifically who'd taken a child witch captive. They were led by qa werewolf and were weapons to a man. They were wielded by their leader and by each other.

We defeated them, and in the end, against orders, Jeanne slew the child witch and devoured her soul. She became a witch of terrible power... or maybe something else. Either way she hungered for more souls and nearly killed us in her pursuit of them. She managed to destroy Louis's car and tear out one of Max's eyes. But in the end she was defeated. Squire's soul was recovered, but no sign of Jeanne was ever found.

Now, Louis managed to get his hands on a new car, and Max and Lilith didn't change much. They were still bad at being a cat and witch but happened to make decent hitmen for Lord Death.

Our team was given time to recover and we recieved a pair of new team mates. Sawa, Kiro, and Kira. Sawa was a woman apparently descended from Samurai. Kiro and Kira were twin brothers. Kiro turned into a Jitte and Kira turned into a Katana.

Then we had Lucas and Braun. Lucas was a bear of a man and he turned into a bear of a club. Braun was a husky, but attractive woman who wielded Lucas with brutal skill.

Max, Lilith, Louis, and Bob had become Second Star Meisters thanks to their battle with Jeanne, their new team members were the same.
File: 1375843501912.png-(123 KB, 680x800, 1375589306577.png)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
Being 2nd Star Meisters we recieved 2nd Star Missions. As such we were sent to an unusual island in the middle of the Atlantic. All the previous teams who'd been sent to investigate by normal groups had turned up dead. There was a good reason for that.

The Island was a Genius Loci, it was a literal living location. Furthermore it knew magic and could cast soul protect. Once we were on it it broke Soul Protect and began summoning spirits to fight us.

The Island was an Aggregate of sorts. It was a combination of discarded objects, sunken ships, and the occasional animal corpse. It was pain, malice, and hate and it intended to kill us all. It started by devouring our boat. We had no way out. Our only way to survive this was to somehow destroy or subdue the island.

We couldn't even call in for help since it was blocking any attempts at communication with Lord Death via reflective objects. One might question, how does an island fight? For starters it seperated us by tearing itself apart.

Sawa and her weapons wound up submerged in a system of tunnels. So she slashed and sliced her way into air pockets only to be sent back into the depths.

Braun and Lucas were sent into a wasteland of shattered ships by a land slide and were forced to fight the enslaved corpses of long dead sailors.

Louis and Bob were able to escape the Island in their car, but they wouldn't leave without us. So they performed drive by shootings on any enemies they could find but had to be careful since the island would attack them with whatever it had. (The lashing spines of whales, sharpened prows launches like missiles etc.)

and finally Max and Lilith were sent into a dank bog of sorts. This place was made up of the bones of whales and similar large creatures and horrors assembled from the skeletons of sea creatures rose up to attack them.

In general our main issue was being incapable of finding any weakness with which to use against the island. That however, was going to change.
File: 1375844233958.jpg-(111 KB, 700x760, 1375582895729.jpg)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
As I said before, we were basically inside of the Island's Soul field so you couldn't really see it if you had soul perception. BUT you could see the trapped souls of animals and humans that the island had enslaved. They were encapsulated in prisons the island had created and Max and Lilith were the only ones who could see souls. (That the party was aware of anyway. Sawa had kept some things to her self) and these Capsules were made out of various objects. In the case of the one that Max and Lilith faces, Bone and Skin taken from the bodies of the whales that made up that section of the island.

Before Max and Lilith had been forced to fight for their lives against shambling monsters made of putrefying flesh and animal bones. Now that they were trying to destroy the soul prison the very island began changing its shape to hasten their end. But Max had no interest in dying any time soon and neither did Lilith. Lilith assumed her Garrote form and they were able to use the Wire Web Technique to heavily damage the soul prison. This released some souls but it repaired itself and the island adapted its techniques to make destroying the chamber more difficult so Max and Lilith had to switch things up.

Sawa meanwhile finally found herself in a more or less safe place. They'd managed to use their technique of "Soul Edge" to slivce their way into one of the island's soul prisons. It turns out that the tunnels were a sort of circulatory system and were used to transport souls from one area to another. These chambers were smaller than the others but they had links to the surface so souls could be sucked in from above. She had air, and Kiro and Kira had souls to devour. Some of the souls were evil, some of them weren't, and some were animal souls. They didn't care, Sawa was obsessed with becoming the strongest swordswoman in the world and so she fed every soul she encountered in those chambers to her weapons.
File: 1375845077902.jpg-(162 KB, 752x1063, 1375581309422.jpg)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Apparently Sawa couldn't see souls butr she could smell them. She kept this to herself. Also apparently she had been doing this whole indiscriminate soul devouring thing for awhile, but only during times when she was CERTAIN Lord Death wouldn't find out. Regardless with her help Max and Lilith were able to destroy the Whale Area Soul Prison and thus weaken that section of the island.

Lucas, Braun, Louis, and Bob meanwhile had been steadily reducing bones to powder. See, the skeletons would shatter and then reassemble themselves. Only when there was nothing left to reassemble would they finally die. So Louis would occasionaly hit the area with a Death Cannon and Lucas would us his "Motherland's Thunder" to hit the area with an enormous shockwave in between normal attacks. By the time their friends showed up the area was covered in an Ankle Deep layer of Bone Powder and the skeletons were still coming.

But now the Meisters knew what they were looking for. The island was doing okay, it'd only lost 1 Soul Prison so far but Max, Lilith, and Sawa could sense 6 distinctive Soul Prisons, take out half of them and the Island would probably be more interested in damage control than Soul Aquisition.

So The Meisters, Minus Louis and bob, descended into a vally made up of shattered boats. They faced muskets, cannons, ballistae, and bombs but they eventually came upon a soul prison made from shattered ruins of The Titanic. All three Meisters used their special techniques and destroyed it in one blow.

This just left Garbage Castle. It was a castle made up of plastic and metal refuse. Cans, Bottles, Toys, all manner of refuse had built this place, and guards made from the stuff tried to stop us. But we smashed out way through the very walls, into the heart of the keep and destroyed the supports that held the castle together one by one since the entire structure was an entire Soul Prison, the largest one left in fact.
File: 1375845857826.png-(455 KB, 630x874, 1375583269354.png)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
Destroying the Castle Had consequences though. it collapsed on top of us, and probably would've trapped us if a combination of Motherland's Thunder and Wire Web didn't give us a sort of shield (wire holds back the rubble, Motherland's Thunder produces a shockwave that creates a sort of callapsing dome of rubble and sharp wire while our characters haul ass) we managed to escape the Island and it actually produced a sort of plateu that we used to get into Louis's car. It was a tight fit even for the Meisters without their weapons in human form but we managed.

It took a little patience but our characters made it back to the DWMA and found that their rooms had been ransacked and a Shield Crest had been left on their wall. Specifically a shield with a skull emblem. Squire's Soul was also MIA, Lord Death had been interrogating it and it was missing from the Jar used to contain it so you don't need much help putting this together.

Jeanne was back and she had Squire's Soul. Lord Death commended us on survivng our encounter with The Wandering Island, apparently he'd had encounters with it before but the whole thing slipped his minds what with current events.

Aside from nearly being enslaved by a living island we were left dealing with the fact that Jeanne was alive, that she wanted to kill us, and that she hated anyone associated with us.

Max, Louis, Lillith, and Bob all Told Lucas, Braun, Sawa, Kiro, and Kira that they should probably get a transfer to another team but the Meisters who'd gone with us to The Wandering Island decided they'd stand with us, no matter what Jeanne threw at us.

Which was good because after a brief period to catch up on our studies and heal from our last battle we were sent to the heart of Germany. Apparently small villages, particularly ones that had, had witches in the past were being "harvested" everyone in those villages were hacked to pieces and their souls were devoured by...something.
File: 1375846559290.jpg-(426 KB, 850x1169, 1375584878588.jpg)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
It was our job to find out.

Honestly, it didn't take us long to find her. Jeanne didn't bother hiding from us, in fact she wanted us to come to HER and made a trail using body parts and shattered buildings.

She'd changed, she went from dressing in nice, conservative clothes to tastefully arranged rags. One tattered cloth for a top, another raggedy patched up skirt for her lady bits. She didn't ride a broom, but that was only because she rode around on a shield, specifically Squire.

You see, she couldn't imagine life without her weapon, and as far as she was concerned they were going to be together forever. She'd gone to Loew, learned the art of Golemancy and crafted a body from the hacked up remnants of her victims.

And she'd performed other experiments. If a Witch's sould is required for a Deathscythe what is required for a Demon Weapon?

Well Jeanne wasn't telling but Squire wasn't a zombie, he wasn't a human, and he wasn't a human soul in a golem's body either. He'd been fed at least one Witch Soul and he'd GORGED himself on human souls, apparently Jeanne had joined in on that feast and now they were pretty powerful.

Jeanne could manipulate shadows, and now she had her own Shadow Spells top. "Impending Gloom" wiped out all light, leaving Lucas, Braun, Louis, and Bob at a serious disadvantage.

Max, Lilith, and Sawa could sense souls however so they took to the forefront of the assault. On top of her Soul Edge, Sawa also knew "Samurai Twilight", a sort of Buff Mode that accrued a point of Madness Each time it was used. It made her faster, stronger, and more blood thirsty.

Sawa wanted blood, so she started on the offensive. Jeanne had no intention of dying and she had a Demon Weapon, or a shield more appropiately. Instead of blocking with it she sort of...danced on Squire. The Demon Shield taunted and laughed, blocking each of Sawa's slices with ease and Jeanne counter attacked by using her "Army of Darkness" spell to create shadow puppets.
File: 1375847376564.gif-(2.32 MB, 220x275, 1375207929156.gif)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB GIF
This of course left us in a gloomy apocalyptic wasteland with shadowy figures trying to kill us. Sawa took a few slices and slashes to her back and arms but her Twilight mode left her pretty much invulnerable to the attacks the puppets could dish out.

Jeanne and Squire were a different story and their strikes had to be dodged, or else they'd send Sawa flying hundreds of feet. Which she did, repeatedly.

Now, we were fighting in the ruins of some busted up village, so there were the shells of houses and corpses everywhere. We could barely see thanks to Jeanne's spell which is whene Braun got the bright idea to start fires.

Louis smoked and there was plenty of Lamp Oil around so the buildings became bonfires, and the shadow puppets became pretty large. around 20 feet tall at the highest. This left us all facing enormous shadow puppets and buffed shadow spells but it left Jeanne facing four unhindered Meisters. One of whom happening to be under the effect of a Madness Power Up.

So where as before Jeane had been dealing with Sawa's furious assault and the occasional swipe from Max, now she had to deal with Sniper Fire and Shockwaves sent her way courtesy of Braun. She didn't like that so she decided to stop toying with us. She went after Louis first, she hurled Squire at him and all the bullets in the world couldn't stop the shield. Puppets siezed the Sniper and held him in place and it was only a strike from Lucas and Braun that sent the Shield tumbling back to its user.

Jeanne decided that shield throwing wasn't working out so she closed the distance, or she tried to. Sawa met her mid way and she was pretty pissed. But the Twilight mode and her Soul Edge Technique weren't enough to stop Jeanne. Throw in some Shrodinger Strikes from Max's claws however and you had a different story on your hand.
File: 1375848000585.jpg-(42 KB, 500x375, 1375177034518.jpg)
42 KB
Where before Louis had been able to get in pretty consistent rifle shots the increased puppet attention made that difficult. Thankfully Braun was there to watch his back, so even if he had to dodge around a whole lot he could still pop off some shots. Mostly he'd wait for Jeanne to block a Soul Edge or Shroedinger Strike and then he'd hit her with a blast of his Wave Length. This would make the coming blow from Max or Sawa that much more effective and eventually Jeanne and Squire were too bloodied to stay in the fight. So Jeanne lifted her gloom, which made her puppets larger and more diffuse. They were pretty easy to defeat but the shattered shadows would just become more puppets and we found ourselves fighting an army of the things. Before we knew it Jeanne was gone.

She'd left her mark on all of us though. Each of us had been struck by a shadow puppet, each of us now bore a Skull Brand somewhere on our bodies. And we were cursed. Everytime after that battle, whenever we resonated souls with our partnerws we had to make a saving throw or take Sanity Damage.

Clearly the whole point of that encounter had been to curse us with her "Misanthropy Brands" as Jeanne called them. Both Weapons and Mesiters were marked, and Lord Death recognized this curse. The symbols differed but the effects were always the same. The Brands woul infect anyone we partnered with, so it wasn't a matter of finding a non cursed partner to resonate with.

The only way to get rid of this curse would be to claim the witches soul and use it in a ritual that would destroy her soul and purge us of her influence.

And with that information, I End the Story, Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed it.
File: 1375849423775.jpg-(950 KB, 1000x1419, 1371360649691.jpg)
950 KB
950 KB JPG
Nice. I wonder where the alive island taking souls was inspired by. And talk about a spiteful witch.
You still playing that game/
How was the Quest?
It was fun. Hadn't been in a quest thread for over 2 years. I'm glad the character is what/who he is and everything went better than expected.
I look forward to going through the archive.
File: 1375851823894.gif-(317 KB, 500x289, 1346107880215.gif)
317 KB
317 KB GIF
'alright. That's all from me tonight. Laterz.
Island was... ghost busters video game I think, combined with Nidhogg maybe. It was alive, it stole souls, and... mostly it rampaged all over the place.

Jeanne was pretty much the definition of spite, her Player had moved onto a different characer but her old PC made a pretty good villian so the GM went with that.

Nah, Finished it awhile a go. Just don't want to saturate the thread with it.

That's cool, you going to finish the story in subsequent threads?
yeah, there should be plenty of threads to hash out the system so there's no big concern over me being unable to finish the story.
Bump, I suppose.
bump bump
File: 1375901160188.png-(390 KB, 853x480, working on something.png)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
Bump while I write out something.
File: 1375901754903.jpg-(216 KB, 1200x1501, 093.jpg)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Here is what combat look like at the moment (not final).

To Hit: Appropriate stat + Modifiers + 1d100 (Greater than or equal to) Opponents appropriate stat + Modifiers + 1d100
(If the numbers are within an undecided amount amount, the attacks might 'clash')
>Opposed rolls that use d100
>that use d100
Are you entirely sure about this? It seems like a truly excessive level of variance in the rolls.

And opposed checks can work, though in my experience they really slow down combat.
File: 1375903407951.jpg-(44 KB, 701x695, 1358286503859.jpg)
44 KB
I just something to work with at the moment. I am not entirely sure though. Better ideas are welcome.
1d100 is really only a good idea for roll-under percentile systems.

Opposed checks can very easily grind combat to a halt, or at the very least cause combat to take more time than it really should. (See: 1e Exalted.) Personally, since this is based on a shounen anime, I think faster paced combat would be better. But as I said, opposed rolls can work if you want to stick with them.

And what do you mean by 'clash'? And could the effect you're going for still work if, for example, the attack roll equals the target's defense/evasion/AC or the like?
File: 1375904456408.gif-(1009 KB, 500x275, tumblr_mgatdhynIA1qh0qluo1_500.gif)
1009 KB
1009 KB GIF
Did I not say roll under?

>Greater than or equal to
Fuck I did.

Yeah, roll-under % system was the idea I have been working with at the moment.

Clash as in locking weapons or something like that.
Render the opponent's stats as a static penalty to the attack roll.

Roll 1d100, target number is based on [Your Relevant Skill/Stat] - [Enemy's Relevant Skill/Stat] or less.

Look at Dark Heresy for an example, basically.
File: 1375905942762.jpg-(207 KB, 1037x1000, 1370576601195.jpg)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Ok, that sounds better than what I said. Strait into the pastebin.
We tracking JUST Sanity? Or Sanity and Madness.

Sanity should be something that takes damage, once you reach a threshold you get bonuses and penalties to certain skills and actions due to your cray-cray personality.

Madness would be how easily you're influenced by well... Madness and serve as a modifer for Madness based magic and techniques.

For instance. Lets say A guy has a technique that could drive him insane. He accrues madness points that make him stronger, dish out more damage etc. but they also make him take more sanity damage every time he has to make a saving throw. I.E. Everytime he uses his madness ability.

Good Idea, Bad Idea?
File: 1375909870854.jpg-(29 KB, 500x525, 1358125778904.jpg)
29 KB
Good Idea.

We do have a SAN and a MAD stat, so yes.
Morning, got something for me to ponder?
File: 1375916424724.gif-(997 KB, 500x281, 1363163749043.gif)
997 KB
997 KB GIF
SAN & MAD. What do we do with it?
bump your dice pool, but once you hit a certain threshold you go insane and your PC is retired into an NPC villain as they're consumed by insanity. Barring Marie's wavelength.
Back bump.
welcome back..
File: 1375923106498.gif-(2.01 MB, 540x360, 1374394790438.gif)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB GIF
How do we Character Advancement? Souls CANT be the only way: Not all characters collect souls and we have to allow multiple types of characters.
Merit? like Death/some authority gives you an award for your services/an acknowledgement of your abilites.

I'm throwing stuff out, but have no idea.
How about a "Star ranking system?" When a Meister and Weapon defeat a high-ranking enemy, they are given an additional star, and access to advanced missions.
I think its more for people who aren't affiliated with Shibusen.
Sorry gotta dash, back in 3hrs.
Shibusen Students could get Star Rankings, Rogues could get Street Cred/Notoriety and Witches could get higher places in the Witch Hierarchy.
Or you could just use Experience Points, since there's no reason to reinvent the wheel.
I like how no actual homebrewing has gotten done in this thread. Just circlejerking and waaifushit.
Dude, this is still going? I remember helping to start the very first thread. Good times. Keep it up.
See >>26491642

Troll harder or actually read the thread, dumbass.
File: 1375935065071.gif-(2.43 MB, 300x200, 1372560506057.gif)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB GIF
Last bump for the ni-

Not many people have contributed and we can only develop ideas when there are more people around to bounce them off each other.

I'm sorry.

What could some advantages of being a high start Meister? (beside higher library access and tougher assignments) Better equipment? More fame/notoriety?

Read up the pastebin sometime! http://pastebin.com/8wTsEKqm and toss some ideas sometime in the future!

I would like to thank everybody who contributes when I'm here and when I'm not. Thank you.
Eh the Star System could be used as a perverse form of pride by witches and rogue meisters.
1 being scrubs, 4 being great old ones.

Also it would be a nifty way to seperate feat levels.

If you have branching feats as prerequisites for this or that then you can creat feat trees and have levels from 1-4 for each of the abilities and spells that they unlock.

As characters level up they get to unlock feats in a limited number of skill trees. Maybe include a cost system so that you could unlock a whole lot of lower level abilities with lots of points and only a few high level abilities with those same points.
So, I fell in love with Soul Eater long ago from torrenting the anime, and am enjoying it again on Adult Swim. And thanks to them OP links I've finally started reading the manga, starting from the beginning.

And good lord, is the manga drawn HORRIBLY at first. It is a good thing I started with the anime because I honestly doubt I would have stuck with it if I went in with nothing but that terrible early manga art.

More on topic, I intend to be more helpful with the homebrew once I get farther with the manga than what the anime covered.
File: 1375966651687.jpg-(189 KB, 960x720, 184969_558713254143967_19(...).jpg)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
And when you get far enough (chapter 93) go on to http://reader.vortex-scans.com/reader/series/soul_eater/

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