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Hey /tg/, you guys up for some story time? Of course you are! This is just my experience with a freeform RP a while back, and I think it’s about time I share it. It’s been a long time, so sorry if some details are a bit hazy, but I remember the important bits. Behold, the Ballad of Edgardo!

>Get a hankering for some RP, cruise a couple forums
>Something catches my eye
>Some kind of weird combination of stuff from Dragon Ball Z, Gurren Lagann, Avatar the Last Airbender, and a few other themes from different shows
>Basically animu: the game
>Honestly kind of a cool setting after reading through it. Super-powered dudes wander around doing their own thing, having adventures, and trying to stop evil “shadows” from consuming the world.
>Looks cool, sign up and start making a character.
>Characters had attributes (strength, speed, the usual shit), Traits/Powers chosen from a big list, and Spirit, which you used for doing cool shit.
>Had a certain number of points to spend on Attributes, maxed strength and put some into speed, endurance, and a couple in charm.
>Wanted to try a brawler type guy. I’ll get to why that idea was a bad one later.
>Look at Spirit rules before picking powers, because I want to do as much cool shit as possible.
>Spend spirit to activate powers. Different Powers modified how spirit worked and gave it an elemental alignment, which modified damage and other crap.
>Basically let you spend 1 point of Spirit to get 5 points of fire damage. Neat.
>There was also “Raw Spirit” which had no modifier, but also no elemental alignment and couldn’t be resisted. Less bang for your buck, but could be useful.
>Raw Spirit could also be used to raise a stat temporarily, but the higher the stat the more Spirit you had to spend.
>Spirit had a cap depending on your attributes. At lower levels it was pretty low, like 10 or 20 if you got lucky.
>With my stat layout, I had 5. Awesome.
>Look through the powers list to see if I can unscrew my character.
>Browse through list, pretty basic stuff.
>Throw fire, control shadows, frost breath, whatever.
>Also mundane “powers”, like sword fighting and free-running.
>Choose unarmed combat right off the bat, cuz I wanna punch people. Still a bad idea.
>Keep looking, see something interesting tucked away in the list.
>“Overflowing Spirit” Pretty expensive points wise for a simple power, but my eyes lit up at what it did.
>“Removes the spirit cap” (Plus some other crap which I glanced over at the time, but more on that in a bit)
>Oh fuck, now that’s pretty abuse-able!
>Figure everyone takes it, so I take it too.
>Take Battle Cry for a spirit buff and to blow the last of my power points.
>Character pretty much done, name him Edgardo because it sounded cool at the time.
>Ready to go, Edgardo the Brawler sets out on his quest to…do whatever.
>Start in the central town where everyone else hangs out. Introduce myself
>Describe him as “Hot-blooded, hot-tempered, courageous, and always itching for adventure!”
>Honestly pretty flat character, but whatever, I thought he was okay.
>Promptly get laughed at for making such a “naïve and low brow character”
>Apparently everyone has made brooding anti-heroes who sit in dark corners and don’t really do much of anything.
>I swear the tavern had to be some kind of 8th dimensional shape, because EVERYONE was in their own fucking corner away from everyone else.
>But the last straw came from some asshole drinking his wine at the bar
>“Edgardo is such a stupid name anyway”
>Motherfucker! Edgardo did NOT walk in here to be mocked by a bunch of trenchcoat wearing pricks that are trying to be edgier than a goddamn razor blade factory!
>Take a swing, and quickly discover that I am well and truly buttfucked.
>Apparently unarmed combat was hosed from the start, as fists don’t do shit against even the lightest armor, and don’t get damage multipliers.
>Blow a Spirit point, just to get past his armor, do single digit damage.
>Fucker laughs and stands up “Care to try again, you pathetic wretch?”
>Use Battle Cry, can’t thick of anything so I go with “BANZAI!” and use the rest of my spirit points.
>Nothing. He dodges, draws his sword, and gives an eye-rolling “Disappear!” before he blasts me out of the tavern with sword-lighting-whatever-the-fuck.
>He spends one Spirit for that, and I nearly get one shot, even with a good amount of endurance.
>Fuckin’ what?
>So, while I’m bleeding out on the side of the road, I take the time to browse some other characters.
>First up is sword lightning asshole. Basically the same level as me, but better in every way.
>Powers are better, higher spirit, good stats.
>More my fault really, cuz I fucked up character creation.
>Browse more characters, notice something.
>No one has Overflowing Spirit. No one.
>Ask why. Turns out that if you make a decent character, you have more than enough Spirit to do whatever the fuck you want. Even the highest level characters only have about 100 cap, and it’s rare to get halfway down in a normal fight.
>And then there was the part I skipped over.
>Overflowing Spirit prevented you from taking elemental powers.
>You were basically stuck using Raw Spirit, which was shit.
>Elemental Spirit had damage modifiers so high that, even if you resisted it, you still took a good amount of damage.
>Neato burrito. Edgardo was basically useless against everything.
>Since I was screwed, I PMed a mod to see if I could make a new character that wasn’t crippled beyond belief.
>“lol, deal with it! u made it, you play it”
>So, recap. Everyone’s a pretentious fuckwad, the mods don’t give a shit, and Edgardo is beyond worthless. Great start.
>Pick myself out of the dirt and limp away to get myself healed.
>Nope. I was broke, so I couldn’t get shit. I’d have to sit my ass down and wait to heal naturally, which would take days.
>Fuck that, I’m already tired of this shit, so I make an attempt to steal a potion
>Ahahahahaha no.
>Enter Miltant Xer0
>Yes, that was his name. I cringed too.
>Omnipotent character #4782, could do anything he wanted because he had been with the RP the longest.
>I also suspect that he sucked the Admin’s dick, but whatever.
>Teleports to me instantly, I can’t do shit cuz I’m basically dead on my feet.
>Lifts me into the air with magic psychic bullshit, so I can’t even run
>He starts going on a long speech about crime and how evildoers should be punished and how he’s the best and blah blah blah
>Then he gives me an ultimatum
>“Beg me for mercy, and I might just let you stay in this town! Otherwise I’ll throw you to the shadows!”
>Fuck no! Edgardo does not beg!
>Struggle, swear, spit, and basically do everything I can to do ANYTHING to get out of this.
>Nope. I get thrown through the roof of the building I was in and soar all the way out into the wilderness.
>Well, I’m dead. Fortunately, newbies get one free revive. I cash mine in.
>Xer0 gets super fucking buttmad about it, says I’m dead for good because he says so and WAAAAH.
>Call him out on his bullshit, immediately get shot down by everyone in the community.
>Suddenly I’m the bad guy for trying to steal and picking a fight. Yeah, okay.
>Mods calm everyone down, say I’m alive with one health in the wilderness.
>Last bit of charity I’m getting. I won’t even survive the night.
>But then I met A Guy Called Squid
>Beastfolk were a thing, so people could have cat-girls and wolf men and shit like that.
>A Guy Called Squid was, well, part squid.
>Literally just a big muscley dude with a squid for a head
>And yes, his full name was A Guy Called Squid, and he insisted that everyone called him that.
>Pretty cool dude, ran into the same troubles I did. Was a punchy guy like myself, but he punched people with fire.
>Helped me out, shared a potion, and was generally a bro.
>We both decided to stick together and train out here, because we both needed to get a lot stronger before we headed back into town.
>It wasn’t going to be nearly that easy
>Got to night time, me and Squid set up camp in a cave.
>Suddenly shadows because mod bullshit and Xer0 whined enough that I was still alive.
>I was still pretty fucked up, but I could hold my own, and Squid was in perfect shape.
>Still, we barely survived, mainly because Squid’s fire damage was beastly.
>We both agreed that we wouldn’t survive another fight like that, so we high tailed it out of there and back to town.
>Yeah, no. Invisible force shield prevented us from going back in. I wasn’t surprised.
>Looked on the map, found a nearby town to hole up.
>It’d take a couple of days to get there though, and we were both out of supplies.
>Neither of us saw any other way, so we got to walking.
>Edgardo and A Guy Called Squid, just two guys on the road to adventure!
>Or the road to not dying horribly and somehow getting petty revenge, but whatever.
>Normally when people traveled, there were random events that could be either good or bad for you.
>It was up to how much the mods liked you really.
>The mods didn’t like Squid or Edgardo. If we got something good they’d find some way to take it away from us.
>We saved a lady from bandits on the first day.
>And by that, I mean we kicked the bandits in the nuts, grabbed the lady, and ran like hell.
>That night she prison shanked Squid, took what little shit we had gathered and bailed. When I tried to chase her, she poofed. Gone.
>Neato burrito
>I really don’t know why we kept going after that. It was obvious we were unwanted, so we really should’ve just quit.
>I think we were both waiting on the other one to give in first. I didn’t want to admit defeat, and I knew Squid didn’t want to either.
>We just had to press on, no matter what.
>Even when we met sword-lightning guy again.
>It had been a few days on the road, and we kept getting shit on.
>Wolves, rain, another shadow attack.
>Still don’t know how we lived, but we scraped by, either by running the fuck away or through sheer luck and winning a fight.
>One more day of traveling and we’d be at the village. We were so close that we could taste it!
>But then the dick from the tavern showed up, blocking the road.
>Nevermind how he got ahead of us, but he was and we had to take it.
>“Well well, if it isn’t the wretch from the tavern! And he picked himself up a side dish too! Mufufufufufu!”
>Squid tells him to take a hike and let us through.
>“But this is a toll road, you’ll have to pay me to pass. Let’s say…1000 gold!”
>Fuckin’ what? Tell him that he’s full of shit and that nobody has that much money.
>“Oh, what a shame! Then you’ll have to pay…with your lives!”
>He pulls his sword and blasts Squid, who somehow powers through it. This gives me a chance to get up close and…
>Well, we’ve established I can do fuck all against this guy. I’m banged up pretty good, and fists don’t do shit. Only thing I have left is Spirit.
>A metric ass ton of Spirit.
>See, as we were traveling, I was hoarding points.
>Well, not intentionally. I gained some every day like everyone else, and every time Squid and I killed something, we got a little bit more.
>Squid was spending his Spirit left and right, I wasn’t.
>And since I had Overflowing Spirit, I had a lot more points than I had any right to have at my level.
>Even if Raw Spirit was crap, a lot of crap could still wreck someone’s day.
>Edgardo had a chance! A slim chance, but it was better than nothing.
>“BANZAI!” Battle Cry, use ALL of that spirit, crouch for an uppercut.
>Sword-Guy doesn’t give a shit, actually laughs in my face and doesn’t even make an attempt to dodge.
>You’re kidding right?! We’ve been through this, you can’t hurt me! Mufufufufufufu!”
>You’re the only one laughing asshole.
>My fist connects with his chin, and so does all of that Raw Spirit
>Didn’t do nearly as much damage as an elemental attack would, but it was still enough to knock him on his ass.
>Which gave Squid the perfect setup. He jumped on Sword-Guy, and blew all of his Spirit too.
>Where once there had been a face, there was now a smoking crater.
>Sword-Guy died, and to two underdogs to boot.
>Predictably, he pitched a bitch fit, and so did the rest of the players. We were murderers and outlaws and generally horrible, horrible people for deciding not to deal with this bullshit anymore.
>Me and Squid didn’t give a single fuck. We had earned our first actual victory! Sure, we were nearly dead, defenseless, and still had to make it to the village, but we won!
>Things were looking up, at least for a little while.
>And we still had to worry about Xer0 and his crap.
>Xer0 was some kind of king or tyrant overlord or whatever, and this village was still in his little “authority zone”
>So, when we finally arrive at the village, guess what special surprise is waiting for us!
>If you guessed invisible immune-to-everything force shield, congratulations! Give yourself a gold star.
>And for good measure, he teleports in and taunts us, saying he’ll follow us until we’re broken and mad and shut the fuck up already!
>He cackles and ports away, Squid falls to his knees.
>He’s had enough. We came all this way, all for nothing. Sure we beat someone, but he’d be rezzed and in perfect health the next day.
>“So what do we do now?” Squid was ready to quit. Edgardo wouldn’t have it.
>“We train Squid. We train.”
>We hiked up a nice, grassy hill near the village. And then proceeded to beat the ever-loving crap out of each other.
>Whenever you got into a fight, you got a couple of points towards leveling, win or lose.
>The only problem is that most characters couldn’t spar against one another, as they’d kill each other pretty quickly. Elemental attacks and weapons combined had huge damage multipliers, so sparring would quickly end up with people dead.
>We didn’t have any weapons, and unarmed combat would take DAYS of wailing on someone to actually kill them. The only reason Squid was alright was because of his fire power.
>So, as long as we didn’t use any Spirit, we could beat each other silly, pass out, wait a while to heal, and do it all over again.
>It was stupid, it was cheesy, and it pissed everyone off, but it fucking worked.
>Some said that the shadows would attack us, but we were just close enough to the village that they couldn’t.
>I’m still not sure why Xer0 or even the mods let us get away with this shit. I guess they didn’t see it as anything to actually be worried about.
>Eventually we leveled up though. It was a slow process, and there were better ways of levelling, but this was all we had.
>Plus, it gave me another fuck ton of Spirit points.
>Edgardo pumped up strength first and evenly distributed the rest. Got a power to double the rate at which he gained Spirit per day. I had a plan.
>Squid just buffed his fire fists. It was a good way to go.
>Now we just had to find somewhere to rest up properly. Somewhere to regroup.
>We couldn’t just stay and wail on each other for another level. We had gotten lucky the first time, but now there was talk of a few other players jumping us. We had to move.
>Neither of us knew where the hell we were going or what we were doing. We just hit the road and tried to get as far away from Xer0 and everyone else as we could.
>The mods fucked with us for the first few days, but eventually they just got bored and left us alone.
>Sometimes they’d throw a few shadows our way, but it was nothing we couldn’t handle. Random events just stopped happening for us.
>I think it was mainly due to us not really bugging anyone anymore. We were doing our own thing, so everyone just sort of forgot about us.
>Except Xer0.
>He was still mighty pissy about me living this long. I have no idea what his deal was. Maybe it was just the challenge to his authority that I represented.
>Or maybe he was just a colossal prick.
>Either way, once we left his “authority zone” or whatever, he sent one of his lackeys after us.
>A quick look at his character sheet, and I knew just how much Xer0 hated us.
>His name was Goldnharl, and the dude was basically invincible.
>Magic armor let him resist all elements massively, plus it was super light so he could fly around and do his ninja-flippy shit.
>He could heal himself completely by spending a couple of Spirit, and his Spirit refreshed basically whenever he wanted it to.
>It was official, the mods just didn’t give a shit.
>Oh, and we were screwed too.
>All we could do was keep going forward and hope he didn’t catch up to us.
>He did, and damn quick too.
>He met us while we were traveling along a gorge, and promptly tried to knock me over the side.
>Goldnharl wasn’t fucking around. No words, only pain. He meant business.
>I barely managed to dodge him (which was, of course, met with public outcry) but I was dangerously close to the edge.
>Squid tried a fire punch with a couple of Spirit behind it. No sell, and Goldnharl got a free counter attack because fuck you he’s Goldnharl.
>Squid is knocked down, but it gave me an opening. I grabbed Goldnharl by his waist and gave him a suplex. My high strength let me get in a few points of damage, and it put me in a better position.
>It didn’t really matter though, as he was back up and fully healed a second later. I helped Squid up, but we were pretty much already dead.
>Goldnharl finally spoke up. “Any last words?”
>The fucker was wide open, and his back was at the edge of the cliff too.
>A quick PM to Squid was all it took, and the quick plan went off like clockwork.
>Squid ran diversion, going high for a fire punch to the face. Goldnharl didn’t bother to dodge. He was invincible after all. He forgot one thing
>Raw Spirit can’t be resisted.
>Edgardo went in for a gut punch, with all that built up Spirit from the training and the road. It wasn’t enough to kill Goldnharl, not by a long shot
>But it was enough to knock him backwards. And that last step was a doozy.
>Goldnharl fell down into the canyon, and we only stayed long enough to hear the dull thud of him hitting the ground.
>I could practically hear Xer0 grinding his teeth to powder as he tattled to the mods, who really didn’t care enough to do anything.
>Surprisingly, I barely heard anything from Goldnharl’s player. Just a simple PM saying “well played.”
>I almost felt sorry that he had to meet his end like that.
>After that, we were pretty much free to keep going until we hit another village.
>Xer0 couldn’t get to us here, so no shield and no bullshit. We could finally rest!
>Well, maybe. We were still broke.
>And there was a small army of players after us. Apparently Goldnharl was a pretty popular character, and by killing him we were now at the top of everyone’s hit list.
>Squid slept in an alley, and I kept watch, trying to get a plan together.
>We basically had come to a sort of unspoken agreement. Squid was tired of Xer0’s shit, and so was I. We wanted him dead and broken
>The problem was that two low level characters could do fuck all against the guy. His level was literally listed as an infinity sign.
>When Squid took watch, I read over the fluff of the setting, looking for something, anything that could help us.
>I found it in the city of Haven.
>Haven was the second biggest city in the setting, just barely smaller than Xer0’s place. It was kind of a big deal though.
>See, it was home to the Spirit Well. It was a font of power that everyone flocked to. As long as you were in Haven, your Spirit points recharged instantly, up to your cap.
>I didn’t have a cap.
>I still wonder how anybody in their right mind missed this little detail of Overflowing Spirit. It was just set up so perfectly. Maybe I was being a massive That Guy for exploiting this like I did, but I don’t really care. Everyone but a few people were complete assholes, and I wanted their little club destroyed.
>It was petty, it was stupid, and it was probably hurtful to a few people. But Edgardo had a mission, and A Guy Called Squid was gonna help him see it through!
>If they ever got to Haven in one piece.
>I swear we were the only two people following the traveling rules, because the horde of players chasing us caught up to us a lot quicker than they should’ve.
>We had half a day to rest up before we had to hit the road again. I was useless without a build up of Spirit, and Squid could only fend off so many before he’d die.
>The only route to Haven was a long, winding road through the mountains, and we’d be ambushed if we tried to set up camp anywhere.
>It’d take to long, and time wasn’t on their side.
>So Edgardo had a crazy idea. What if they climbed over the mountains?
>It was basically suicide, as the random events were especially harsh in that terrain. No one would follow us. Aftter all, something might happen to their super speshul characters.
>Squid was on board, and he brought up an interesting point. The mods were ignoring us.
>Everyone was so pissed off at us, but in the grand scheme of things, we hadn’t really done anything major. We killed a grand total of 2 characters through sheer luck and broken mechanics, and I had basically given their idol Xer0 a giant middle finger for simply surviving as long as I had.
>And Xer0 could only suck so much cock.
>So we started climbing, making rolls and getting through by the skin of our teeth. Every once in a while a mod would glance over and make shit hard for us, but overall we didn’t have that much trouble.
>That’s because trouble was waiting for us on the other side of the mountain.
>From our perch, we got a view of the players coming for us. There was no way we could take them all, and I we waited they’d just get to Haven and wait for us there.
>And then there was the guy waiting just underneath us.
>Goldnharl, back from the dead. They must’ve fished him out of the canyon and had him rezzed. Or maybe he survived the fall and healed. Who knows.
>We know he saw us, but he didn’t move. He could have just jumped up any time he wanted and murdered us right then and there. But he didn’t.
>After a while, Squid got tired of waiting. He climbed down, and Edgardo followed to have his back in case things went south.
>Squid asked him what he wanted. Goldnharl just wanted to talk. Turns out that he had more to his story than we knew about.
>Goldnharl was in this RP just as long as Xer0 was. And frankly, he was tired of Xer0’s shit. Goldnharl earned everything he had, and didn’t need to resort to whining to the mods to get what he wanted.
>When we asked why he tried to kill us, he said that it was either follow Xer0’s orders, or get his shit shoved in. In a one on one fight, Goldnharl just couldn’t compete, mainly because Xer0 could do whatever the fuck he wanted and no one batted an eye.
>After we killed him, he was basically done. He was satisfied with the ending he got, but instead Xer0 revived him and sent him to kill us again. Goldnharl had other plans though.
>Squid was suspicious, but I believed him. I’m still not sure why, maybe I was desperate, but I told him our plan.
>Technically I told everyone our plan, as it was in one of the public threads. I’m an idiot, sue me.
>Goldnharl said he could get us to Haven. His story was over, and he ceased giving a single fuck about what anyone else would say about this. He only had one condition.
>We had to promise we’d kill Xer0 and end this once and for all.
>Edgardo and Squid agreed. This was our only shot, and we weren’t about to throw it away.
>A massive shitstorm erupted from the player base as we joined up with Goldnharl. Xer0 called him a traitor to everything the RP stood for, and everyone made such a fuss that the mods nearly banned the guy.
>Goldnharl had a bit of sway with the mods too, and he got lucky as shit when they took his side when he pointed out that he had done nothing wrong.
>With the mods appeased, that just left the army of players gunning for us. The second we hit the road, they were on us. There was no fucking around anymore, and the travel rules were basically out of the picture.
>A horde of super-powered loners and misfits charged towards us, flinging fire and lighting and all manner of weapons. All of them driven by their singular hatred of Edgardo, A Guy Called Squid, and the traitor Goldnharl.
>Goldnharl weathered the tide, taking kunai and fireballs and shadow spears without so much as flinching.
>Because fuck you
>He’s Goldnharl
>Me and Squid ran behind Goldnharl as he cleared a path, getting us to the other side of the army.
>As we kept going down the path, Goldnharl stayed behind, covering our escape.
>To this day, I do not know if he survived or not. I will never forget his bravery.
>Since everyone else was doing it, we ignored the travel rules ourselves, arriving in Haven near instantly.
>Xer0 bitched, nobody heard him.
>There was one last obstacle though. One last player.
>Khaine, the “shadowmancer”
>This fucking guy. He had a power letting him control shadow. His interpretation of what this actual did was very, VERY loose.
>And since he was in Haven, he could abuse this like nobody’s business.
>As soon as we set foot in the city, Squid and me instantly get paralyzed. We call him on his bullshit. Not sure why.
>“I control the darkness in people’s hearts, the darkness in everyone’s soul! You are mine!”
>Oh eat a bag of dicks. Squid tells him that’s not how it works. Khaine isn’t listening cuz it’s his power and he says that’s how it works and WAAAAAH.
>Meanwhile I just sit back and ask myself a question
>Why can’t I hold all this Spirit?
>Spend infinite Spirit, break Khaine’s hold. Brace for whining.
>“How?! You can’t resist me! The darkness is in everyone’s heart!”
>Okay, it’s Edgardo’s turn to be cheesy.
>“You are wrong! My soul is a shining beacon, filled with a light and a burning hope that no shadow can touch! It is a pinpoint of justice, a shining star that will deliver freedom to the universe! I will root out the darkness, the evil of this land! No shadow will be spared my light!”
>Khaine just can’t comprehend how he’s about to lose. He tries the shadow paralysis thing again.
>No sell, infinite Spirit.
>“Who the hell do you think you’re dealing with?! BANZAAAAI!!”
>Swift uppercut, Battle Cry, unlimited Raw Spirit punch.
>Khaine gets punched into the sun. Cue shit being lost by absolutely everyone again.
>Squid is okay, we rest up, and figure out our next move.
>My ultra power only works if I’m in Haven. That doesn’t do us a lot of good.
>Squid finds out that Haven’s unlimited Spirit effect lingers for a day after we leave. Xer0 is weeks away in his city.
>More players are on their way to Haven, and even though I have infinite Spirit, I can only use it to punch people. I’ll get killed eventually.
>We’re basically stuck. Until I notice that we’ve leveled up.
>I don’t really give a fuck about my stats at this point, but there’s a power that really catches my eye.
>Teleportation. I have exactly enough points to purchase it. Normally I wouldn’t have enough Spirit to use it, but Haven so it works.
>Squid upgraded his fire punch. It was a good way to go.
>I tell Squid that he can stay behind. This is going to be dangerous, and we might not come back.
>He tells me that he’s with me to the end, that he intends to see this thing through, and that he’s got my back no matter what.
>In the middle of town square, Edgardo and A Guy Called Squid shared a sweaty, shirtless, muscley, manly hug for all the world to see. It was super homo.
>Actually we just had to be touching so I could teleport us both but shut up.
>We arrived outside of the city, and the shield was still up.
>Xer0 mocked us, saying that he was invincible behind his wall and that we couldn’t do anything.
>“This shield can withstand 1000 times the force of anything you could possible throw at it!”
>People just keep forgetting
>Raw Spirit can’t be resisted
>By anything
>“I’ll just have to hit it a thousand and one times harder! BANZAI!”
>I still flinch whenever I remember typing that. So damn cheesy.
>One more Battle Cry, blow infinite Spirit, and…
>Nothing. Not a damn thing.
>Xer0 refused to post in actual RP after that. I think he had a stroke or something.
>He posted plenty in the discussion threads though. Everyone did.
>The entire community spammed the forums, declaring that I should be banned, flayed, and hung for my shenanigans.
>The next day when I tried to login, I found that the forums had been shut down due to “popular opinion.”
>I never saw Squid after that. We had never exchanged E-mails or anything.
>I liked to think that Edgardo is still frozen in that moment in time, his fist crashing through the shield and connecting with Xer0’s big stupid face.
>And Edgardo is smiling. He won. He, and Squid and Goldnharl.
>They won.
thanks for the story OP
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I- I don't know what to say, really. Thanks for your storytime!

You did good OP. You did good.
Wow man thank you for that epic story! I can only hope that this rpg noob will eventually face such epic fights as well.
This is worthy of a god damn animated series a la tengan toppen.
File: 1376257710134.jpg-(127 KB, 900x800, 1229468650607.jpg)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Are...are you me?

I feel like you're me, because this is the kind of shit I would do.

I feel better just knowing that people like you exist, OP. Have a manly picture.

captcha: sentiment leadels
File: 1376257736469.gif-(1.92 MB, 320x180, 1374801372337.gif)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB GIF
>official thread soundtrack
The courage in men's hearts - and the strength of their fists - can be denied by no force in the universe. Such is the only way to live, OP. You did good.
Well done OP
Somebody screencap this glorious sonovabitch, I want this on my hard drive.
Cool story bro, I'm just curious how these things work. This was just a forum based RP?
Yeah, freeform RP on a forum. I honestly don't remember the rules exactly, it's been way too long.
File: 1376258568540.png-(216 KB, 800x621, 1374796933597.png)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
That was a damn good read anon.

OP, I hope you and Squidbro meet in infinite spirit Valhalla someday.
wonder if there's any drawers lurking around who'd take up the opportunity to draw these three unsung heroes.

I can imagine A Guy Named Squid being Cthulu from the indie rpg Cthulu saves the world.

Goldnharl being similar to Lautrec from Dark souls...

and as for the most badass bastard of them all Edgardo... I'd imagine how he looks should be up to OP.
my god I love you. You are a burning hope OP you are a pinpoint of justice!
File: 1376259288114.png-(112 KB, 1565x1594, 1370242116293.png)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
You set this fire burning in my heart Edgardo.
I thank you.
as a guy who plays in a play by post forum, I relate to this a lot. This kind of shit happens a lot. My best bud is actually a lot like you. No one likes him for exploiting rules, but he has never actually broken anything.
File: 1376259548586.jpg-(466 KB, 1024x768, Temp.jpg)
466 KB
466 KB JPG
I really don't know why, but I remember picturing Edgardo in my head, and he looks an awful lot like Freddie Mercury.
That was glorious and thank you OP this was an amazing read.
File: 1376259903685.jpg-(66 KB, 480x480, tumblr_mdlly3Xuug1rgy2gso(...).jpg)
66 KB





Your story is good and you should feel good Anon! Yours is the drill the pierces through the heavens and hit the surface! You made a great friend! You befriended a Worthy Opponent! You took down the evil tyrant! Even if there is no God or Buddha, there is Edgardo

File: 1376259941216.png-(14 KB, 800x600, 1367781433792.png)
14 KB
Glorious, simply glorious
I love you, OP.
Also fuck Xer0, seriously.

Avatar the Last Airbender is not an anime
He never said it was
Bravo, OP. You have most certainly earned a place in the afterlife of your choice.

oh, you
I know, but I remember Avatar being listed as an influence along with animes. I hope this didn't ruin the story for you.
File: 1376260723643.gif-(7 KB, 301x270, 1285714950395.gif)
7 KB
>mfw I read the whole thing

The only thing better than winning against the invincible BBEG, is making him cry to the mods to shut down the forum.

Fucking. Glorious.
File: 1376260860595.jpg-(190 KB, 720x540, 1364024759011.jpg)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Archive, screencap and pastebin this shit
Here's a pastebin for you guys.
Many thanks
File: 1376261461627.gif-(87 KB, 512x288, Kaminas_signature_pose.gif)
87 KB
Anyone else love how this sounds like a real anime? A brave, heroic, hot-blooded hero goes into a world of heroes to prove himself the greatest, gets thrown on his face by pricks...................

Meets a musclebound similar hero [but with less potential], who leads him on the path of greatness as The Big Guy and his #1 bro................

Gets ambushed several times by the servants of the BBEG as they wander, still barely managing to survive..........................

Fight a fallen hero who serves the BBEG, who, after being defeated at last, regains his honor with that "Well played" comment...................

Only to be rezzed by the BBEG to kill the heroes, only to join them in their hour of need!

And the heroes, knowing the enemy is well beyond them, go on a journey to a great city on a quest for the mythical Spirit Well, that alone will unleash our heroes full potential, which lies in his indomitable fighting spirit!


Its just so beautiful you know?
File: 1376261848903.png-(99 KB, 236x176, 1371217879362.png)
99 KB
>mfw this entire thread
You are a gentleman and a scholar OP.
Someone archive this so future generations can know the tale of A Guy Called Squid, Goldnharl and Edgardo.
Stories like this is why I play at all.
Better than ninety percent of any type of fiction out there, hands down.
Stories like this are the reason /tg/ is the best board.
Someone draw Freddie Mercury as Kamina standing next to a tall Cthulhuhoid musclebound human!

I demand a drawfaggery of Edgardo and A Guy Called Squid!
Just what was the name of this hive of scum ond Villainy of a website OP?
What about Goldnahrl?
I'd like to know, too.

If this is the same guy mentioned in your story... Mary mother of God, I feel even happier that you triumphed.
Contemplating a screencap, but I'm drunk and should go to bed soon, but still.

Going to add it to suptg anyway, then I can screencap it tomorrow if I want.

Good story OP.

Yes, "BANZAI" as a battle cry was terrible, but considering how you used it for everything, it became a catchphrase.
AnimeRPworld? I think that was it. Again, it's been a while
And Xer0 as some Fedora wearing slavering asshole ubermage in the background.
Do we have enough details in the story to know exactly what he looks like? If so, then godspeed. Add him too.
>I am Xer0, otherwise known as Mr. Make-it-rain-on-dem-ho's
I...I dont think I have the reaction image to show the levels of hate.
No, I don't think that's the same guy. But shit, he sounds like just as big of a prick.
File: 1376262738545.jpg-(14 KB, 247x251, RageFace.jpg)
14 KB
How about this?
File: 1376262789433.jpg-(472 KB, 1500x1500, ASSPLOSION.jpg)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
or this?
File: 1376262853620.gif-(7 KB, 300x302, 1290274999259.gif)
7 KB
11/10, OP is a gentleman and a scholar.
File: 1376262863549.gif-(666 KB, 320x192, ASDFSODIWENJOIG.gif)
666 KB
666 KB GIF
or possibly this?
What I want to know is what type of fucking anime based RP sight makes Fists the most shit type of attack.
File: 1376262901664.gif-(995 KB, 500x281, 1371033649640.gif)
995 KB
995 KB GIF
Pretty close anon.
File: 1376263001949.jpg-(106 KB, 554x439, Temp.jpg)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Why did /tg/ stop doing such shit? We did Operation Sunshine, we did Operation Drowtales, why doesn't anyone Alphonse Kapown it up anymore?
Is this when we invade shit RP sites?
Im relatively new to /tg/ but I would definatly be up for some of this.
This faggot again.

Thread archived, if for no other reason than for me to use it to make a screen cap when I'm sober, but for now, I can hear a bottle calling my name.
Thanks kind anon for the great story.

Anyway, is it me or RP Forums that have different types of RP(Fantasy,Modern,Scyfy,etc) and many kind of adventures per type are rare as fuck?

Because if that is the case i'm glad as hell i'm mod of one of them.
You go get that booze anon! You earned it!
Yes, basically.

Drowtales was a bunch of dwarves in a heavily sexualized pro-drow Underdark ripoff

Sunshine was a bunch of human Hunters on a Twilight-sparklepire-site.

Neither was strictly prohibited, heither did anything that was before-disallowed by the site, they just avoided playing into the power dynamics and masturbatory status quo, producing RAEG.
Is there some records of these floating around?

Man I always miss the good stuff.
Please. /tg/'s idea of a raid to "improve rp" is being way worse sues than the actual teenagers on the site, then lolling around and metagaming until someone rapes someone and mommy and daddy mod show up because that shit won't fly.

Which is fine and all, but I forgot the link:


Maybe if I manage to empty the bottle tonight I'll remember that next time?

Or begin contemplating free form role play myself.
Didn't the guy say the forum we'd be interested in shut down? So there's not much point in finding it, is there?
Well this is /tg/ so rape is inevitable, but until then I have no problems Sueing it up.
Try looking it up in the archives, bro. I don't have them they are circa 4 years old or so afaik
Well, I am only speaking from second hand info, but Alphonse Kapown, Edgardo here etc weren't sues.

Neither were the dwarves, being given the shittiest end of the shitstick with how they were in demon-infested places of the Underdark and had no magic. As far as I know.
Much obliged anon.
Did anyone else notice how "Kamina's Singature Pose" and Freddie's pose are basically identical? It's like Edgardo was destined to be long before he even happened.
File: 1376264417099.png-(61 KB, 202x236, RRRRGH.png)
61 KB
I'd use this.
File: 1376264477187.jpg-(34 KB, 355x236, mind-blown.jpg)
34 KB

Hey, there was someone with the same sentiment as me! I can't find anything on Sunshine though.

Is this the site?
We should have a FFRP forum, /tg/.

It would be fun.
File: 1376264882141.jpg-(27 KB, 680x382, freddie-mercury.jpg)
27 KB
>anime freddie mercury

Already exists.
File: 1376264903341.gif-(2.34 MB, 1000x563, screaming intensifies.gif)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB GIF
>His level was literally listed as an infinity sign.
File: 1376264912629.jpg-(111 KB, 650x300, freddie_cromartie_high.jpg)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
No, that doesn't look like it. As far as I know, the original forum is long gone, so even if it is the same place (and it looks nothing like I remember) it'd be an entirely different thing.
There wouldnt be enough corners to sit in or enough space on the rafters.
Are there any popular or 'good' FFRP sites that you know about, /tg/?
So? It would be fun!
I actually hope someone starts one. Im slightly suprised no one has yet.
This makes me want to finally storytime the adventures of my first ever RP.
It had genderbending kangaroo-elves, Vulcans living in a volcano, mindcontrol dwarves, and edgiest fae that ever edged an edge.
Start a thread.
So does this site actually exist, or did OP make it up?
I'd be up for that.
You might as wel, holmes.
It doesn't matter, because we enjoyed the story.
File: 1376266136691.gif-(1.47 MB, 320x240, I Raise My Glass To You Sir.gif)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB GIF
Goddamn that was glorious.

>someone actually downvoted on the archive
What foul things live in the hearts of men.
It shut down because everyone got super buttmad.
Unfortunatly I am the noobiest noob in all of noobdom when it comes to rollplaying, so I dont think I would be suited.
I call the position of shrewd, enterprising and somewhat crooked adventurer-tavern owner!
Thenadier meets Cut-my-own-throat Dibbler.
Hold on to yo wallets.
My fucking laptop also removes spellcheck off 4chan for some reason.
I have to know, at any time during this did you realize you were playing the awesome lovechild of Kamina and every other Gar character in existence?

Captcha: erfendme John
It didn't offend me, and my name's not john, but I think Captcha doesn't like your story
It's going to be a long one.
I could tell you about how the reptilian genderbending kangaro elves that could fly were made, or how I and That Guy derailed the adventure before we were done with the introductions so bad that the DM retconned it.
I could tell you about Waterbro and my love-hate relationship with The Wolfomancer, and how we went from bitter enemies and violence to a moving scene where he died in my arms.
I could tell you about the edgiest fae who ever edged an edge.

You know, I'll start writing now, and I'll storytime it tomorrow.
How does one go about starting a free form roleplay thread? Do I have to come up with a setting and moderate shit or what?

Clearly, it was Xer0.
Honestly, I was going for a little bit of Kamina at the start, and it just sort of progressed from there without my input. Edgardo just kinda...happened.
No, start a thread about starting the forum for FFRP.

/tg/ doesn't allow roleplay threads I think.
Ah there we go. Officially toomuch effort for me.
Edgardo rests with his brothers of Gar in the eternal halls of Badasshalla there to await the final battle where the whole of the universe shall feel their mighty Spirit!

>reptilian genderbending kangaro elves that could fly

Then how where they elves?
Long story short, there wasn't any elves in the setting, but a player wanted to play an elf. The DM, being a total bro, allowed it if the player was willing to write the fluff.
Elves are basically 4 feet tall reptiles that change skin and gender every few months, have scales, lay eggs, and have kangaroo pouches to carry their young instead of breasts.
And dwarves were leeches. It was a weird game.
File: 1376269785785.png-(254 KB, 365x316, Really.png)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
Some massive Norse mythological man with really long golden hair.
I just can't get over the fact that Edgardo punched Xer0 so hard he destroyed the entire forum.

I can't bring myself to seperate Edgardo's incredible finale from the fact that the forum shut down to drama. I want to believe that infinite spirit punch literally destroyed the universe on a meta level.
> I want to believe that infinite spirit punch literally destroyed the universe on a meta level.
It did, indirectly.
File: 1376270431389.gif-(1.83 MB, 355x200, 1357653621060.gif)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF
I like to think of him and Xer0 as being super cliche super science commandos with Xer0 being red and Goldnahrl being gold(gerp) with Ninjaesque details. Also robot visor helmet.

Also A Guy Called Squid would look like a reqular show kinda character just big buff human body, straight leg jeans with boots, squid head with eyebrows
Congratulations. Loved every second of the story. Edgardo punched the cocky tyrant so hard he exploded the universe.
Someone should do this. I'd totally join a freeform RP with fellow fa/tg/uys.
File: 1376275250917.png-(239 KB, 720x406, 1337643997441.png)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
He touched the untouchable, broke the unbreakable

May edgardo and squid's spirits ignite our burning spirits and guide us into valhalla
Fuck, now I really want to play in an RPG like this.
I'd join.

People won't do it though.
Sure, I'm up.
Someone needs to make a forum, and we need a world and some rules.
We should make an IRC and continue it there.
I think I'd join
Make the IRC

On Rizon?
Hey whoever just joined on Mibbit, you were in the right one.
Yep, rizon
I don't think /tg/ is stable enough to play a cool rp forum game.
It'd mostly be exactly the sort of bullshit you see from OP's post.
Circlejerking, whinging and a bunch of god damn fucking /d/ furfaggots.
Row row, fight the power.
We're here to test that
Rizon is pretty unstable. Crashed twice now.
>/tg/ has enough people that actively hate that sort that I think it'd keep itself in check.
Okay I'm having real trouble connecting to this crappy chat server.
I liked the story but it sounds incredibly fake to me.
>crashed twice now
What the fuck are you talking about?
Going by what i've seen in the chat. This has already failed miserably.
File: 1376283532772.png-(508 KB, 1904x3118, the_ballad_of_edgardopt1.png)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
capped, in loving memory of a gentleman and a scholar to us all.

pt 1
File: 1376283568724.png-(485 KB, 1904x3357, the_ballad_of_edgardopt2.png)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
pt 2
File: 1376283866778.png-(834 KB, 1610x4257, Edgardo1.png)
834 KB
834 KB PNG
File: 1376283904825.png-(455 KB, 1610x2430, Edgardo2.png)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
∞/10 is the only rating this deserves
File: 1376289170416.png-(49 KB, 1012x658, welp.png)
49 KB
Oh lawd
We ended up continuing without Regin.
Man Edgardo, you know what you gotta do? Start your own rp board. Use the same setting and rules, (Or as much as you remember of it, make up the rest), but with one exception. The world is forever changed, Edgardo punched the world so hard it shattered. Volcanoes have erupted, mountains have split, and that darkness crap has been eradicated. Edgardo's spirit power was too much for his body to hold, it consumed him and his infinite spirit spread over the world, flowing into the world's survivors and creating a new breed of heroes. The only man alive who could remember edgardo, who has since become a figure of legend, is squid who travels the land spreading the legend of edgardo and making sure this new breed of heroes are not gigantic emo cockwaffles like the last generation.
Seriously? Because the chat crashed for me as soon as I insulted Regin and I couldn't reconnect.
Got a new place?
You can't forget Goldnharl, who is some sort of messenger from Valhalla.
Edgardo's Bizzare Adventure?
File: 1376299163252.png-(973 KB, 1514x4546, Edgardo and the Infinite (...).png)
973 KB
973 KB PNG
Bam, all in one neat pic.
I want you to know, OP, that while I was reading your story, I had my music on shuffle. This song started as you and Squid descended from the mountain, and kept going until the end. I felt it appropriate.

Or like, an immortal hero of legend who always arrives during a hero's most dire moments to lend a hand. Or fuck, he could be this world's version of death. An understanding sort who gives new heroes one more free chance at life.
bump this
And all my experience in freeform just ends up in a bunch of people splitting into love triangles and fucking for the entire game.
File: 1376303622436.jpg-(8 KB, 189x267, Wilde, muthafuckers!.jpg)
8 KB
Op is a faggot.
However, this is the faggot in question. Stay awesome, my good man.
File: 1376303870103.jpg-(77 KB, 821x960, 3 jesus howling at the moon.jpg)
77 KB
Don't worry we should be having a thread tomorrow about setting up a forum for a game loosely based on OP's story (or that is part of the plan) of course without the retarded balance issues.
Would be cool if OP showed up and gave some insight into anything but still after Regin left the chat the system was fleshed out a bit more but it still needs a lot of work.
Anyway tomorrow etc and one of the chat people will make it or I fucking will and we can see how many people on /tg/ are interested.
No fetish inserts.
Here's hoping this doesn't devolve into another game finder situation where nothing happens.
File: 1376304063454.jpg-(47 KB, 406x364, 1352094385202.jpg)
47 KB
Great read.
that forum link posted earlier is a start I think
Nah, regin packed a butt and >>26575166
so it looks like we'll be changing location.
Let me know I just posted a buncha shit on the forums and I don't want it to be for nothing
Just save it to a notepad and repost it in the new thread tomorrow.
We could use Strands of Fate, it's pretty balanced, easy to learn and use and fun.

THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? That is everything that is wrong with the syfy channel.

IT IS SCIENCE FICTION, otherwise known as sci-fi you fucktard, get it right.

>inb4 I mad
>damn straight I mad
>I'm mad as shit
You are mad. But I believe you are justly mad. I, too, am also mad. Anyone else here mad?
I'm more sad about the state of the sci-fi channel now.
I miss twilight zone.
Who the fuck cares about TV? There is the entire fucking internet.
>This thread
I wanna draw this story!
I'll return to /tg/ and post it when i am done
I thought more like this.
Not enough destruction of everything
That one works too

I'm just posting to keep it alive
File: 1376309785097.jpg-(94 KB, 496x600, cool_fag.jpg)
94 KB
12/10 Levels of manly previously in all the internets.
File: 1376309969851.jpg-(73 KB, 320x433, approving asian with seal.jpg)
73 KB
Edgardo, I want to bear your children!
>approving asian with seal
nigga you best be joking
>My sides.
>“You are wrong! My soul is a shining beacon, filled with a light and a burning hope that no shadow can touch! It is a pinpoint of justice, a shining star that will deliver freedom to the universe! I will root out the darkness, the evil of this land! No shadow will be spared my light!”
>a shining star that will deliver freedom to the universe!
>universe freed from existence at the end
>all evil destroyed
>I am Xer0, otherwise known as Mr. Make-it-rain-on-dem-ho's, I am 17 years old and I won't tell you exactly where I am, but I will tell you my name if you ask nicely.
To get an 'idea' of what I look like visit my blog.
When it comes to anime I don't discriminate and will watch everything from Neon Genesis Evangelion to Naruto, Gravitation to Ouran High School Host Club.
So long as it's well written.
My favorites so far are Tenchi Muyo(Which brodend my horizions beyond Pokemon and Digimon[And maybe gave me a nudge into puberty]) and FLCL(Which is a mind fuck).
I listen to all kinds of rock music, from Beatles to Marilyn Manson. I'll bare through country if it isn't emo country(oh, my dog just died, my wife died, I just got analy raped by a clown),and don't like rap or hip-hop. At all. Altough I do like it when rock bands do covers of rap songs.
If you want to get a glimpse into my mental process, smoke some weed, and watch AMV Hell 2, while drinking a Sobe Nirvana.
My main religion is ???, and I have only gone to church 3 times in my life, one because my Dick-cheese brother made me, another because a friend made me( I didn't hate that one), and the last because aforementioned brother got bathtized. He is now an asshole hypocrite with a short temper.
Incidently, does anyone know where to get a low priced copy of The Necronomicon or The Book of Nod? (seriously)

I apologize to you if you took the time to read this.

Ever an Otaku,
Xer0- L's Shinigami
File: 1376312135289.jpg-(126 KB, 720x720, Punisher laughing at vampires.jpg)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
File: 1376312722246.jpg-(141 KB, 1200x872, kamen-rider-spirits-924172.jpg)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
My only issue with you OP is that you missed a solid opportunity to stand for JUSTICE. Hell, you even had a shout going for you bro

All in all though, you did good OP
Yeah... I miss the days of avidgamers and acornrack. Since then, the only freeform to I've done was as a serial kidnapper/murderer doctor trying to discover how to use healing magics to replicate undeath/lichdom's immortality.
File: 1376313304808.gif-(1.91 MB, 320x240, 6b6.gif)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
The chat and forum are doing better

Thank you OP, your story time was fantastic and is something I will remember for a while.
What time are you lot planning on doing this?
That rizion thing is confusing as fuck.
Just to let you know, the current forums won't be the actual used ones considering Regin's departure. Considering we have no way to access the admin settings.
And try not to overdo yourself on the basis for your ideas, we still need to see whether or not people agree on how best to do it.
Anyway I'm going to sleep now.

I'm interested in the project, will a new thread be linked in this or do I have to keep an eye on the catalog (and what should I look for? Freeform?)
Eagerly awaiting to see the clusterfuck end-result of this plan.
I guess I'll give you a bump as well
neato burrito
File: 1376337086996.jpg-(10 KB, 200x250, 200px-StarbuckSystem.jpg)
10 KB
Yes it is. It's American anime, but anime nevertheless.
Same guy
I started working on the comic, this is going to be great!
Get us on the line when you got it.
File: 1376337562167.gif-(473 KB, 200x270, 1375344878121.gif)
473 KB
473 KB GIF
I'll post it here, should be done in about a week
I don't think this thread will be alive in a week.

Unless by "here" you mean /tg/
11/10 thread O
I mean /tg/
for funs sake (and giving me a deadline) lets say next monday

>american anime
Can somebody add this to 1d4chan? This is glorious enough to go down in our recorded history, but I cannot into Wiki editing.
...Something suspicious about this.
....What on earth is suspicious about this as a request?
I made a thread for discussing the FFRP forum and whatnot, just to separate it from the story itself and let people talk about it in here while we talk about that in here:

So basically Edgardo punched the shield so hard that he destroyed the universe... awesome.
I sometimes joke about god being an author and the idea of a character in a book punching out the author being retarded...
This story makes me revise my viewpoint.
File: 1376349842149.jpg-(18 KB, 500x353, wat.jpg)
18 KB

best tale ever
File: 1376351523828.jpg-(18 KB, 244x320, Temp.jpg)
18 KB
>Come home from work
>Check thread, expect it to be 404'd
>/tg/ RP forum being created
>Comic in the works by wonderful drawfag
>72 votes in the archives
Jesus christ guys! I...I just...awww jeez
Get in the Rizon chat IRC and join us based OP.
No, no, I couldn't. My time of greatness is over. This is your thing, your story, it's your time! You are the heroes now, and it's your destiny to go out and grasp greatness for yourselves. Be not shackled to the bonds of my tale, let the inspiration take you down your own road. Surpass A Guy Called Squid, surpass Goldnharl. Surpass even Edgardo with your own overflowing spirit! Become greater than them all, and you will have made me proud. Go /tg/, go out and be great for yourselves. I have had my time, and so I pass the torch unto you.
Banzai my friends.
File: 1376353901830.jpg-(45 KB, 320x320, snausages-scooby-snacks.jpg)
45 KB
Would you join us for a scooby snack?
Could someone post all the /tg/ offshoots from this post? I'd like to get involved
Yup, I mad too. For some reason, "Sharknado" left me in an especially wrathful mood.
File: 1376357284208.gif-(1.68 MB, 225x199, Colbert Okay.gif)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB GIF
B-Banzai back at you, great Edgardo. Words cannot describe the fire you've lit in our hearts and souls.
Chat is still up and we're still discussing powers if people are interested.
#TheBrawler on Rizon
File: 1376359790595.png-(436 KB, 400x480, Suit 14.png)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
Since the day I was born.
I think I know this xero guy. I play in a group with a guy exactly like this. He sucks dm dick all day everyday and throws a fit when things don't go his way. He always names his most powerful most amazing characters xero or some version of the name.
If this is the same guy, jesus man I don't know how you survived.
Please do share.
Ask him if he ever countered a Hot Blooded youth named Edguardo next session
share what?
I play with a guy who is very simular to the asshat op was talking about.
powergamer to the max, but he sucks dm dick like their is no tomorrow. He tried that shit with my current dm and he got booted the fuck out.
He actually tried dming at some point. D&D 4e I think, I played a fighter in his game. A one session in he introduced his DMPC Xerro a sorceress of fabled legend with the ability to turn into a fuck huge dragon at will. blah blah blah I honestly usually stop paying attention when he says the name xero, it's kind of a mental defense I've developed over the years.
I was just wondering if he had any other defining traits that would implicate him to be the same person, and if so if they came in entertaining story form.
aside from the anger issiues and blatent fiat and dm suck fests and a love for the name "Xero". Not really, the personality just really clicked for me, I see the man I know as Xero doing this kind of shit. I also know for a fact he frequents forum based RPs
Stable chat link:


He's not from this neighborhood, is he?
Make a brawler of an appropriate class named Edgardo next game and see how he reacts.
Oh my god, this. You have to. You /have to./
If you play in 3.5, go Psionic and prestige class into Thrallherd. At capstone, they end up with TWO cohorts. Name one Squid and the other Goldnharl.
Bump before I sleep.
Also, a random thought that popped into my head earlier.

Goldnharl Shower.
I'm not sure exactly what it means either.
This could be a message from Edgardo. But it has so many meanings, it could be a shower with Goldnharl, Goldnharl could be in your shower, or even it is going to start raining Goldnharl. GODDAMMIT EDGARDO WHAT DOES IT MEAN
Goldnharl make IT RAIN ON DEM BROS
Let's give this a little more attention
For Edgardo anything
Any news on the website, aside from having a potential candidate and a name chosen? (Spirit Surge)
The chat is still going on http://client01.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=%23thebrawler&server=irc.mibbit.net

although not much is happening this early. Last I heard, we had a system and setting mostly hashed out, and we've got an actual forum now, though it lacks most of the information. It was apparently set up at two in the morning, though, so that'll probably be rectified soon enough.
Link to the forum?
currently being worked on forums are linked to in the irc channel's topic message linked in >>26591609

But to save you time.
We're still discussing mechanics on the chat at the moment.
Actually everyone is asleep and I'm going to sleep now too but whatever.
I was on a little last night, I'm at work on my phone now though.
>how to not start a forum
It's still heavily under construction, but we are working diligently in the Mibbit chat to decide what to put in.
Update regarding the FFRP.
We've roughed out chargen and how the leveling system works. This is what we've got:


Feel free to discuss it here or in the Mibbit chat linked in >>26599348
I'd say that the system seems to me like it'd work well enough for a forum rp. Time to start imagining a character before I know the final list of powers!
aand another one.
hahahahaha holy shit. You guys can't be serious. Wait, shit, its like a parody right? because if it isn't. oh wow.
It's basically just bones right now. it'll be improved upon later. Still working on fluff and mechanics.
I'm only halfway through your story OP but I salute that Goldnhari guy, he reminds me of squid except on the other side.
I don't' know why you keep saying it will improve, your base is fucking awful. It doesn't matter what you do from here.
So I've been watching Asura's Wrath on Youtube today before I came into this thread

It fits
Wow what a negative nelly.
How would you do it then smart guy?
You realize the setting that was in there was a placeholder, right?
Given >>26607925 what exactly is your problem? The setting currently posted is a placeholder that is in no way canon, the mechanics posted are still a work on progress, almost nothing posted is near final yet. The forum is, in game terms, in a pre-pre-alpha state. The actual forum link probably shouldn't have been posted yet, as we may still use a different host.
>Asura has flaming fists.
>A Guy Called Squid has flaming fists.
>A Guy Called Squid=Asura

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