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Welcome to the Soul Eater HomeBREW; After the Finale edition.

The last chapter of Soul Eater came out recently so you should go read it if you haven't already. Or if you haven't started to read Soul Eater yet, now is a good time.

For those who don't already know; the setting of Soul Eater is kinda like our world, but with humans that can turn into Weapons and the Meisters that wield them to fight a kitchen sink of Gothic Horror baddies with some Lovecraftian influences spread throughout for good measure.

For people who want to know the universe/source material: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0nxQXTdu9c for the anime and http://www.mangareader.net/157/soul-eater.html http://www.mangahere.com/manga/soul_eater/ http://reader.vortex-scans.com/reader/series/soul_eater/ for the manga

Old threads here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26222942/
here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26244087/
and here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26296933/
and here too http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26339959/
and a little here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26458499/

pastebin here: http://pastebin.com/8wTsEKqm

Post on topic, or I'll take your soul!
Lets get started.
Ooops. Spoiler mishap. My bad..
File: 1376266920284.png-(104 KB, 762x380, 1376086441039.png)
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1. Need ideas for feats.

2. What do we do with MADness?

3. How do we implement skills?
File: 1376267174731.jpg-(27 KB, 485x430, 1358727403555.jpg)
27 KB
and 4. How are we going to do Resonating?
1. - Uhh. Give me some time, I hate thinking of feats
2. - I keep saying a larger dicepool, in return for once you hit the limit you "retire" and become an insane npc, who may or may not kill you. Characters should probably choose a madness at creation. You don't go mad from nowhere.
3. - We don't have to, but if we do, I supposed it would be.
(i) Skill check is called for by GM, he also sets the "limit"
(ii) Roll 1d100, adding positive modifiers(to the "limit") and negative modifiers(to your check)

How does that sound?
Yeah, I'm kinda wishwashy on the subject of Skills but more discussion on the matter couldn't hurt.
4. - Fuck. This is complicated. I had an idea, but it wouldn't work well in practice,

1. - Do you mean for feat trees, like Adaptable, or all purpose feats?
Fling ideas at will!

Any lets go with All Purpose at the moment.
Welp, the idea I had was both meister and weapon roll 1d100 and try and match each other, applying modifiers given by circumstance and feats in a direction of their choice (towards 100 or 1) trying to get as close together as they can using DoS to determine benefits and if they can use attacks like Witch Hunter
File: 1376268399342.png-(306 KB, 853x480, Black☆Star.png)
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How about Soul Force? What should the basic feat of it do?
Expand your soul violently for a very short time, like an aura burst?
So it does some combat damage or something? Or does it augment a basic none Weapon attack?
I would assume it does dismal damage, its more for the knockback/stun.
Resonance should be an entire complex system
Relation to partner
-How well you know and how friendly you are with your partner

Soul Adaptability/Tuning
-The ability of a individual to match their wavelength to another

Luck or Sanity bonus or something?
Hmmmm. What if LUCK is an unseen stat that the GM keeps secret and is used for roll behind the scenes? Too much GM dickery?
Not in my opinion, as its a drop in the ocean of backscreen GM dickery. I'm just worried as it may be the straw that breaks his back.
File: 1376271066496.gif-(877 KB, 283x198, Lord Death and Mosquito 4(...).gif)
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Updated the pastebin
so just Relation and Soul Adaptability with a small bonus from sanity then?

Though relation would be a hard thing to accurately judge, you could have it be GM awarded for good RP but that leaves holes for dick GMs(though why would you be playing with one).
File: 1376271525466.png-(141 KB, 416x490, Maka Hitler.png)
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You were planning on having no intelligence based skills, right?
Your character is only as smart as you.
That works, you just need a decent GM to see the line between fair game and dickery.
A 14-year old kid may act like some /k/ommando fucker if he's had years of camping experience, but he isn't going to know the mechanics behind building and maintaining a functioning, safe nuclear reactor, no matter how smart he's supposed to be.
Or Kishin Asura's middle name.
Would they call the direction the modifiers are going before or after the roll?
Because, if after, we may need to keep an eye on how much they can move it. Otherwise the weapon and meister having 50 each could make any resonance auto-succeed, before environmental modifiers.
I know it's a silly example, but something to keep in mind. How soon do we want Characters becoming Big Damn Heroes?
File: 1376271903530.jpg-(85 KB, 487x700, 1372309239885.jpg)
85 KB
The whole no Intelligence thing was kinda bad idea on my part so INT is back to INTelligence, instead of INTuition.

But HOW to integrate skills into the system at the moment is bigger than WHAT skills are available. Is there a starting amount? Do you have more the higher your INT?
I would assume after, in my head. But it could be before.
I was really just bringing it up to see how the direction was leading - towards favouring RAW or RAI.
It's something we should work out. Are we using our rules as mere framework, or trying to cover as many angles as possible?

As for skills, if using them we'll need some kind of starting amount. Everyone's good at at least a few things. Yes, the starting number would probably be tied to Int, and maybe Wav if there's any soul-based skills.
File: 1376272886095.gif-(1.87 MB, 424x326, 1373043311681.gif)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB GIF
>RAW or RAI.

>framework, or trying to cover as many angles as possible?
I'm a little ambitious and gonna say 'both'. The base framework, that I'm going for atm, is DWMA centric to the point of the players start off as Students. BUT I also would like to allow for game of Rouges running away from the hands of Death himself. Or even games set 800 years ago!

Also, pastebin link if anybody hasn'tt already seen it http://pastebin.com/8wTsEKqm
File: 1376273287769.jpg-(167 KB, 445x565, Maka 'Stache.jpg)
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167 KB JPG
Rules as Written or Rules as Intended.
One takes a lot on the part of the developers to cover as much as they can under rulings, the other puts pressure on GMs to use fiat and house rulings based on how they interpret what rules there are.
We're not likely to go to either extreme, but knowing which side we're hoping to lean towards helps.
File: 1376273544882.png-(220 KB, 600x600, 1372312358000.png)
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220 KB PNG
Rules as Intended? That sounds about right.
Next order of business?
File: 1376275509033.gif-(622 KB, 438x438, 1376195062244.gif)
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Feats. More of 'em.
General theme to work off?
File: 1376275640980.jpg-(286 KB, 395x500, 1374627010529.jpg)
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286 KB JPG
Don't take a penalty (as of yet unmentioned) when resonating with a weapon/meister who is not your partner
File: 1376276315021.jpg-(93 KB, 1200x1666, 060.jpg)
93 KB
How about

Take half penalties when resonating with someone you have had time to practice with.

[Adaptable, advanced]
No penalties when resonating with someone you have had time to practice with.
That works much better.
File: 1376276588001.gif-(1.85 MB, 400x225, 1372571018709.gif)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB GIF
NEXT: Solo and/or Autonomous advancement.
Solo tree;
1 - Extra dice
2 - MOAR dice
3 - allows a re-roll when using partner

File: 1376277000658.gif-(2.43 MB, 300x200, 1372560506057.gif)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB GIF
But what does MOAR dice mean? We tossing more 1d10 on top of stuff? Or maybe 1d100s and taking the highest?
File: 1376277307181.jpg-(169 KB, 1280x720, 1371360526831.jpg)
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169 KB JPG
I just realized how horrible rolling multiple d100s would be.
Extra d10's adding to your result. example. You and your partner do 1d10 base. with the first level you do 2-3d10(not sure on how many extra dice) level 2 is 4-5d10 and level 3 allows you to reroll a single set of rolls when using your partner, keeping the better set/keeping the re-roll even if its worse
One of my old gaming buddies had it in his head, for years, that switching Shadowrun to a base d4 system would make it better.
File: 1376277870135.png-(263 KB, 680x750, 1374731812566.png)
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263 KB PNG

Holy drek, how horrible.
Bumping, as I said I would. Also, someone give me something on topic to work out or spitball ideas of, if any of you kind folks are lurking.
So we did decide that having a separate set of stats for weapons was silly?

For solo fightan, weapons would probably be the most capable with partial transformations. Though we still have to do something for strong souls which would be the only regular humies capable of taking sheet down. And then there were werewolves.
What do you mean separate stats, like in weapon form having separate stats? No idea on the Strong Souls yet, And we only have one confirmed werewolf to my knowledge
bump. c'mon people.
Is no-one but me in here?
Hmm. Dual weilding could combine the focused and variable trees.
1 - Adaptable[Dual] - Half penalties when trying to resonate with two weapons at once
2 - MOAR dice - extra two or three when using your partners
3 - I have no fucking idea.
Autonomous weapon tree [DRAFT]
1 - partial transformation is 33% as effective as being used by a meister
2 - as above but 66%
3 - as above but 100%

I really want to finish it but there's so many random untranslated pages I just got mad. I got to chapter 90 and there was an entire page of presumably important dialogue just unfucking touched like an unmarried muslim woman's vagina. Do you know where to read it at above Duwang quality subs?
thats when you move on to

THANK YOU. Had no idea where to finish this and I REALLY wanted to. Nice to know I'll actually have a place to do it.

Seriously those other guys who did it were sooo bad. It's like they can't press F7 on their fucking word document or something.
File: 1376311632300.gif-(1.89 MB, 592x330, 1376169461382.gif)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB GIF
We should head in a rules lite direction methinks. Cover combat and soul resonance and all that in crunch but leave character interaction down to RPing.

As for feats, we can't nail those down until w enail down:
Skills and their uses inside and out of combat.
How Skill checks are handled when a character does not have the appropiate skills.
How combat works, how a character dies, both permanently and temporarily.
Being Raised as a Zombie, Turning into a Kishin or similar abomination and the effects of madness and sanity loss.

When those important subjects are covered we can work on Feta Trees.
Last bump from me.
stankin bitches
morning bump
A little slow here eh?
Yeah, but someone else is here, lets start.

Heh. Well I just got here and am reading the ideas so far.

So far the big thing I believe is getting the base things done. Such as what the attributes effect on the character itself.
I'm back bump.
welcome back.
File: 1376357325442.jpg-(64 KB, 392x434, 1371357441476.jpg)
64 KB
Oh , people are here.

Yes. I would like to here what you have to say on the matter.

Tell us what you think of when you are finished.
Got some stuff for me to think on?
Also, I need your opinions, on these;

My first thoughts are on a health system and the base stats of a normal human. Health system wise I'm thinking each time they take enough damage they need to make a CON check and each time they fail they take a wound which lowers their stats for combat. Until eventually they fail bad enough to die or fall unconscious.
File: 1376359034367.jpg-(91 KB, 620x719, 545178_433101276705166_17(...).jpg)
91 KB
Bless this post, I will keep this in mind.

Good enough for the pastebin.

YES! I have been debating on the HP system for awhile now and this sounds good!

The real question health wise anyway is how to get the health levels to begin with. It should probley be based on a base number+ a derivative of CON. Issue here is balancing the odds of wounds vs a full on defeat.

Black star early Manga vs Death in a serious fight wouldn't end with a wound after a hit. It would end with blackstar split in half. So there would need to be a level of damage high enough to just end a fight in a situation like that.
File: 1376360233268.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 77 KB, 800x1149)
Spoiler Image, 77 KB
How about double CONsitution at the moment? Some serious number crunching is in order.
Just throwing out vague ideas, probably none will stick.

>Soul Resonance
I have no idea to work out how the rules for figuring out who is compatible with each other, but in terms of gameplay it could lead to some interesting combos and effects. For instance, if one target was hit by madness and had to make a willsave, the other person with them could also make one as well(or might be forced to, depending on severity). A good roll could lead to helping or even counteracting the insanity of the target effected, while if both failed miserably then the aide could be in hit by the same effect to a lesser degree.

Attacks can go similarly in this way too, weapon/meister can both roll to amp up power, or just one of them can in place of the other if one of them was hit by some sort of debuff. A feature I'd like (but probably won't stick) would be if a meister rolls a critical, the weapon has to confirm, or vice versa whatever.

Somewhat stealing from another series-turned-game, Star Wars Saga, it could work like it's dark side system in that you (should) start at nothing, but perhaps the more you tap into it, if you're hit by madness inducing stuff, interacting heavily (as in resonance levels) with people with higher scores, etc etc. It indeed can go up, and you can indeed benefit from it at times, but at a high enough point you'd effectively be considered in the DM's control and your job becomes to... well, do whatever madness is for. Additionally, at high enough ranks/levels, it can cause perceptions to be skewed, perhaps at a score of 5 you start hearing the way your superiors talk about you, higher it gets the more you think they want you to die for whatever reason. Penalties occurring due to hallucinations or skewed perceptions, quite a few possibilities open up. Most likely, the DM basically gets specific cards he can play upon you that basically call upon your levels of madness.
Additionally, the idea of madness being picked upon creation sounds wonderful, though potentially there could be other cases where the DM imposes a different madness/source of madness, or you obtain it from a fight (Craziest level scenario, each madness is different, and while they may or may not stack, at some point may start conflicting for 'dominance', and effectively you can remove all of one madness but you empower another set slightly, a net loss of madness but that one madness now has more potency).

Lastly, madness also should be something that can be 'cured', not as simple as a heal spell but there are plenty of things and effects, partners are a quick thing that comes to mind that worked in the series to cure madness, but some more severe cases (potentially even after a character has snapped) could happen if the other party members act out. Of note with partners, madness likely will spread to the target, while lowering the other's madness level. At an equal level or close enough to one though, and they will both start to lower by being in proximity or whatever effect is chosen. Of note, potentially sanity can be raised overall, but it would be costly, or additionally resonance/partners can give a bonus to sanity, which may also mean that separation means you go mad upon losing them..

>Feats and Skills
As stated, we'd need the framework for everything else first. How many skills and how encompassing are they? Are there major trees that overencompass a set of smaller skills, or are skills more determined by stats? Will there be classes and what will the balance and workings be for a 'class', or will the feats be more to supplement and allow variations to a class, or will a class be built purely upon feats? A rather long list is needed before we can even consider

>Other stuff
The manga just ended (unless the 'final chapter' thing lied) so the world is basically now set. Flaws are also very easy to add in a game like this, there's many examples.

Could work. Would need to balance damage with it though.

Anyway my thoughts so far is.

Take total health split it into 4 chunks of 25 percent each. Each time that level is hit they make a really easy CON check. Say Roll CON+40. Each wound however gives a -10 or so mod to the check. If they lose all health they refill health back to max but take a wound and restart the process.

If they say fail the check by 30 or so they get taken out right there. Should also have something like a massive damage effect where if they take a very large amount of damage enough where they have to do more then one check they get a Negative mod for each check needed successively. So if say Asura hits a random student they won't be making a check vs CON+40/50 to not be taken out. They are making a Check of CON -40-50 not to be taken out.
File: 1376361976961.png-(209 KB, 500x601, 1354322882663.png)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
Also, yes on the wound system.

>meister rolls a critical, the weapon has to confirm
Yes! More meister/weapon interaction things are awesome.

>start at nothing
'Everybody has a little madness in them' is a quote I like to pull from Stien. So appropriately everybody starts with a little madness score. But HOW to 'tap into' it's power is still up in the air at the moment. But other than that, the more madness, the more it should skew your view of the world.

>How many skills and how encompassing are they?
Very good question and a wonderful topic I would love to discuss.

>Are there major trees that overencompass a set of smaller skills, or are skills more determined by stats?
I'm thinking stats at the moment, but something else/better could be suitable.

>will a class be built purely upon feats?
This. And your Race is what determines what Feats you are eligible for. Attaining additional 'Races' is also a possibility that can be a thing for Rouge games or at GM digression.

Adding to this we may want to make it so that the Negative mod form a wound so failing by say 20 would give a -20 instead of -10 or other special effects like slower movement or the likes.
File: 1376362273112.png-(186 KB, 501x441, one last maka chop.png)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
The Final chapter thing is no lie (the better translator, vortex, hasn't do it yet) but it does exist and should be seen as a valid time frame for a campaign! I wouldn't exactly want to play or GM a game in that time frame due to the whole no more death scythes[/spoiler thing.

Mmmm.. Numbers. I'm digging it so far.
File: 1376363325450.gif-(862 KB, 479x253, 1374713124603.gif)
862 KB
862 KB GIF
I just keep messing up spoilers. Maybe I should just stop trying to use them.

Also updated the pastebin http://pastebin.com/8wTsEKqm

For the massive damage mod I'm thinking something like -20 for each drop. Because if someone is taking 50 percent of their health down in on hit then they are getting torn apart either from overwhelming force or something insane just happened.
File: 1376363891806.jpg-(29 KB, 500x525, 1358125778904.jpg)
29 KB
Now this is something I can get behind. Next on the agenda is HOW much damage weapons can do and how it relates to a Meister just punching/kicking or using Soul Force.
Yea, honestly a prequel to the events of the manga would honestly feel better in my opinion...

...however, as of recent events, you do also realize that this opens up witches now being a possible class, though in honesty this should perhaps be considered as an expansion, aka something done at the end/after we have a base system working, as well as variants of the existing sets like Justin the Weapon that had no meister for instance, or Blair/Freed who are complete exceptions from any existing group that can be chosen. The reason you gave to not play the setting hardly constitutes as a real issue when you consider how many more possibilities opened up.

Now then. For base stats I'm thinking just off the top of my head something such as 15 in each stat as a base. Then add in the dice rolls that way no one gets really unlucky and winds up with a base of 11 and so has a really high odd of failing everything in that stat. This will be adjustable by flaws though.
I could perhaps raise a few ideas, but they all require feats and the like. Simply put though, one could focus upon stronger abilities in terms of resonance (Kid's double cannons, Maka's Witch Hunter, etc) or upon 'lone' abiltiies (Black Star in general). Hell, the main cast provides perfect examples right there, Black Star hardly has any focus in it (Tsubaki basically has to do everything, from the shadow control to the different forms and usages past being thrown), Kid has dipped into both pools (Personal fighting styles and calling upon power from his father which technically is 'self', but also has plenty of moves and styles that have to use Patty/Liz), or Maka (who basically has very little potential alone past soul detection, but can both support and utilize Soul to use a wide array of skills).
File: 1376364372895.jpg-(138 KB, 1200x929, 073.jpg)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Extremely true! I was merely expressing my minor disappointment on how the ending. BUT it does open for a hueg witch/DWMA cold war/espionage thing that could happen! Never thought of it that way.. Doesn't actually look so bad at the moment. Although the Magic system that people wants is kinda freeformish at the moment and some guide rails are needed fast before the allowment of witches as PCs a.t.m.

Now this is the hard part and massively depends on how health is determined.
File: 1376364606867.jpg-(234 KB, 540x800, 1370582037005.jpg)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
It's looking a little like thiiiis>>26591382
at the moment.

For dodging at least I already got a idea. Each hit needs a dodge roll of Dex to avoid damage.

Armor wise I'm thinking that removes damage you get each hit. However each should have a base Armor because Meisters seem to have good durability naturally and normal armor seems fairly useless considering the attacks they are tossing out.
Just realized, what I was saying is mostly focusing upon Meisters, on the role of weapons I forgot to mention. Weapons would have similar effects, for instance we have Justin who would fight without a Meister and still be effective (Probably having some feats typically only meisters have, and being able to use them just without resonance bonuses). Then we have soul who would basically never fight on his own, but a few scenes have shown that it is at least a potential idea. Most likely, the progression would go as either "Become stronger in damage when being used as a weapon", allowing both better resonance and widened arrays of abilities (Basically, you more or less get to a 'death scythe' level after enough focus), and these abilties and the like you focus upon means you become a better weapon in that specific field. Perhaps a damage focus weapon like Soul would be, with a few minor tricks like flight which can be used with a meister, and his piano-variant of himself which he can use alone, or perhaps a more broadened field like Spirit who can be used by anyone, and grants generic powerup bonuses, but nothing that glaringly powerful or fancy.

...There also is the whole issue when it comes to multiple weapons, but whatever. Of unrelated note, a wild and random idea that I came up with in the middle of describing this, perhaps some soul devouring I.E. Kishin or Witch souls can grant XP bonuses, new skills/feats/etc, or the like. It's a fairly minor concept but it might be something worth at least leaving a note on so one knows what happens.

I mean the actual health number. Damage needs to scale to level of health.

Also We should have the 25 percent health level as a round down system I think. For when the health level is a odd number.
File: 1376365372517.jpg-(76 KB, 700x883, 1372299990778.jpg)
76 KB
>base Armor because Meisters seem to have good durability naturally and normal armor seems fairly useless considering the attacks they are tossing out.
Yes. I don't really want Meisters running around in platemail or waring layers of vests and coats just so they take less damage so this is a way to stop that.

Yes to this also. Souls are also requirements and redeemed at Lord Death or any other powerful shinigami. for advancement/rewards.

Lets go with an average of 15 CON and see where it goes from their. Maybe 1/2CON for damage reduction?

That would get strange. Roll under 15 as a average would be a little low chances. But worse is that the scale would be nuts.

15/2 would give 7

30 HP

So on average to say take his health from 30 to 0 in 10 attacks would need 3 damage each. Meaning at least 10 damage.

Now make that 30/2

or 15.

Now to take someone out in 10 hits you need at least 6 damage or 21 damage in the long term. As you can see that would quickly take the other guy out in no time at all. But it would always be possible to have a 15 guy and a 30 in the same party.

So one guy would need over twice as much damage as the other guy to do the same amount of health damage. Leading to rapid death if the foe targeted the lower guy and making it so the damage would have to vary between 8 at minimal each hit to do any damage or 16 if one wants a slog from hell.
File: 1376366937901.jpg-(331 KB, 1200x1823, 033.jpg)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
Shit, stat totals haven't been update in a while.

You are very right. need to make base stats BIGGER. Maybe 8d10, drop lowest 3?

Updating the pastebin ASAPity.

I don't think with health scores of say 30 to 100 we would want damage of 10 to 30 because of just how fast that would take people out early on. Unless of course they are using powers or techniques then it should do more damage. However it shouldn't be Necessary to have to use powers over and over to take a guy down at starter gen. While the other guy next to him would get instant dusted by the same attack once.
That seems too diverse, you could have someone with a stat level of 5 and another with a stat level of 50. Though, you could then rule that if you're under a certain amount of points, that character would belong in the NOT organization, so you'd need to re-roll till you get higher stats.

A base amount added to stats might help keep things from going off the rails, like 3d10 +10 if a NOT, or +20 if in EAT, or +whatever in other situations.

Honestly I would go for.


Minimal of 20. Max of 65.

Average of 35

Most rolls should have a bonus of say +10 to +70 for something that anyone could do easy.

This is me assuming the guys played are like Soul and Blackstar. Instead of a average Meister though.
Sorry, it should probably be 6d10 drop lowest 3, not just 3d10 flat out. Point is a baseline of stats will help keep power levels from being all over the board, for example you could have someone with nigh maximum strength able to cleave a mountain in two, but would fail EVERY save that would require him to use something based upon his wisdom because he has only 8 points in it.

Main reason I would be willing to give such a high max is because of the unlikelyness someone would roll that high. However if that seems a tad too high of a max I would suggest 10+4D10 or a average of 30 a minimal of 14 and a max of 50.

Just give everyone the abillity to reroll say 2 scores in case someone gets really gimped.
File: 1376367539912.png-(175 KB, 651x498, 1354325792715.png)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
gosh darn I always forget my dice tables. These stats are also for 1 star EAT Meisters/weapons.

Much better than the hurp I slapped out.

Now for something like starting mooks I would think it should be something like.


While really really experienced ones should be closer to.

File: 1376368434764.png-(780 KB, 1021x1151, 1370546974228.png)
780 KB
780 KB PNG
>These stats are also for 1 star EAT Meisters/weapons...
that I'm assuming would grow over time and be assisted by respective partners.

Ah yes, Mooks. I'm tempted to add in that minion rule D&D 4E has for ultimate scrubs.

Also, paste bin updated http://pastebin.com/8wTsEKqm

and that is my last post form me for the night. I'll be back 2pm or 7pm (GMT -8). Thanks everybody that has and will contribute. Thank you.
Bump. Also, anyone else got any ideas?

Idea for mooks right now is stating them all as one blob.

Thinking something like take the average of the mooks stats +5 for every say 20/100/1000 of them.
Unfortunately, I have no idea on mook blobs, so most of your post is indecipherable to me. I assume its just cannon-fodder for your PCs to plow through with no effort?

Basically the idea is that some foes are so weak they normally wouldn't matter but in groups they could do damage.

Like say 10-15 One star Meisters from the non-combat training class vs 1 second star. Or just a horde of anything that there is too many to do each roll for.

Another thing so far I'm thinking is that Deathsythe should be a advanced skill tree that only unlocks after a bit of experience.
it would be more 10-15 one stars against a teacher, not a 2nd star, but I get it.
Sounds about right, from where I'm sitting.

Yeah. Been a while since the last time I watched it so I get rusty on the differences in skills.

Thinking right now on a skill system as well and my first urge is to make it something like.

If you are trained here then you take a roll of INT with a +20 bonus. While if you lack say chemistry you can't make a roll for it at all and each feat increase boosts the total bonus.

To Hit:roll 1d100 with a target number [Your Relevant Skill/Stat] - [Enemy's Relevant Skill/Stat] or less.
(If the numbers are within an undecided amount amount, the attacks might 'clash' forcing the combatants to be in a statement where the attack doesn't go through and retreating would cause you to leave a huge opening to be attacked)

Just reading the pastepin and wut is this? Like if you had the exact same stats as each other the target number would be 0 no matter what.
I have no idea.
Last Bump from me tonight.
I've got a question.

What's stopping say, a weapon from wielding a weapon?
Hmm... Nothing I suppose, as long as they have compatible wavelengths. It has happened. But it's probably not nearly as effective as standard pairs since each half specializes in a key contribution to getting all powered up. With two weapons you've got one more energy focus/amplifier than you need and zero good energy sources. It's amp plus amp versus electric guitar plus amp.
Admit it, you faggots aren't getting any work done. You're just posting spoilered Blaire the witch porn.
File: 1376412443922.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 30 KB, 353x480)
Spoiler Image, 30 KB
I have no clue what you are talking about. There was a bunch of HP discussion a while back and there is only one spoiled picture in this thread until now
Put your trip back on OP.
File: 1376418148653.png-(349 KB, 1000x800, Excalibur Gettin' Re(...).png)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
Is this bait?

Nothing, well nothing but lack of optimisation. Just like there's nothing except common sense stopping a pairing of a weapon and two meisters JUST FUCKING CHOOSE SOMEONE TSUGUMI.


This is going to take a god awful amount of fixing up.
File: 1376424107211.png-(239 KB, 960x540, 1372570280492.png)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
What you talking about? Al we have to do is just make it
>To Hit:roll 1d100 with a target number [Your Relevant Skill/Stat] or less.
and BAM patched
Don't give into DESPAIR.

FUCKIN TSUGUMI!!! Damn her indecisiveness.

I-i'm a namefag, what are you talking ab-

Weapons can wield weapons (see liz & patti) but only Meisters should be able to use them to their maximum potential.
Soul Eater is bad and you should feel bad.
File: 1376426252941.png-(209 KB, 600x592, 1369022409963.png)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
Bu-but I like it ;_;
thanks for not saging

Heh. Though right now damage is the next section one should work on.
File: 1376428282007.jpg-(17 KB, 284x301, 1350364539842.jpg)
17 KB
Yes it is. Maybe damages scale up from 1d10 to 2d10 to 3d10? Hmmm probbly not enough damage getting through... Hmmm.
File: 1376428524843.png-(45 KB, 1095x797, 1282195292706.png)
45 KB
Or maybe it is just flat numbers, like stats?

Main issue with D10s is that one of them would be a average of say 5 which is quite a bit if the average hp level is 60 and the higher they get the more damage.

My first thought would be a defense stat that the higher you beat the more damage you do via multiplication.
(I say that to everything of course. But seriously, Gurps. it can handle this. And the curve for everything that isn't damage is nice because of the 3d6. And you could dick around with the numbers on how much damage everyone does and takes anyhow. It's certainly not going to be normal for most.)

I love GURPS.
File: 1376434787378.gif-(1.79 MB, 400x225, 1372721171052.gif)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB GIF
I got business to attend to, beck back latter.
mmmm. Yes. I'm going to agree with this, although, GURPS can get a little too 'mathy' for some people.
File: 1376447456631.jpg-(83 KB, 312x445, 46.jpg)
83 KB
Have anything you want to discuss?
I can't think of anything. Got something for me to think on?
Damage and how it relates to the HP system as it stands at the moment?
I'm thinking we steal some of the GURPS health system, if we want realism. (I don't know if we do)
or just coming up with a hp system if we want "Anime" style fights
File: 1376448422879.gif-(337 KB, 500x269, 1344540507812.gif)
337 KB
337 KB GIF
Realistic is not exactly what Soul Eater is know for, but it could work. I would like it to do 2 things, if we can get away with them
1. Very anime combat-ish
2. Horrific scary terror DEATHly combat

Run me some options!
That pastebin link up there has everything up till this thread, right? I just joined the thread and wanna be caught up with everything
Hmmm. Those two don't mesh well. The anime-ish [I hate that term] fights could be done a-la a D&D health system where you can walk off a 50-ft drop, or we could go something like GURPS, which has rather realistic combat, and slow healing.

I'll continue thinking on the matter, while we wait for others to weigh in.
What's your take?
File: 1376448804338.jpg-(680 KB, 1680x1050, 1374749116868.jpg)
680 KB
680 KB JPG
YES IT DOES MY FRIEND! There are of coarse rough spots and if you have any problems or question, fire away.
I remember something about a wound system ealier but could you run past me the GURPS HP system please?
Lemme open the pdf.
Also. that's something madness can do, switch you from realistic combat to D&D combat where your wounds mean nothing, but flavouring it so it sounds horrible.
Like from your perspective everything is fine, but to your more sane party members, your a madman swinging your sword with a half torn of arm. Of course, dealing with your injuries if you get your madness under control.
Okay, onto G.U.R.P.S.
Hit Points (HP)
+-2pts per +-1hp
Hit Points represent your body’s
ability to sustain injury. By default,
you have HP equal to your ST. For
instance, ST 10 gives 10 HP.
You can increase HP at the cost of
2 points per HP, or reduce HP for -2
points per HP. In a realistic campaign,
the GM should not allow HP to vary
by more than ±30% of ST; e.g., a ST 10
character could have between 7 and
13 HP. Nonhumans and supers are not
subject to this limit.
You can temporarily lose HP to
physical attacks (such as swords),
energy attacks (such as lasers), supernatural
attacks, disease, poison, hazards,
and anything else that can injure
or kill. You can also “burn” HP to
power certain supernatural abilities. If
you lose enough HP, you will eventually
fall unconscious; if you lose too
many HP, you will die. Lost HP do not
reduce ST, despite being based on ST.

Injury is often compared to a multiple
of your HP; e.g., “2/HP” or
“HP/2.” Where this is the case, use
your basic HP score in the formula,
not your current HP total.
For information on the effects of
injury and on recovering lost HP, see
pp. 418-425.
Those with nonhuman physiologies
may, with the GM’s permission,
buy additional HP with the following

Special Limitations

Size: Large creatures may purchase
HP more cheaply; see p. 19 for details.
-10% ¥ Size Modifier, to a maximum limitation of -80% (for Size Modifier
+8 or higher).

Rapid Healing [Body]
5 or 15 points
Your wounds heal quickly. This trait comes in two levels:
Rapid Healing: Whenever you roll to recover lost HP or to see if you
can get over a crippling injury, you get +5 to your effective HT.
Prerequisite: HT 10+. 5 points.
Very Rapid Healing: As above, but when you roll to recover lost HT, a
successful HT roll means you heal two HP, not one. Prerequisite: HT 12+.
15 points.
Note that this advantage does not hasten recovery from the
short-term effects of injury, such as stunning and knockout; get
Recovery (p. 80) for that.

About to post the advantage "Healing" it comes in two posts
Healing [Mental] [Exotic]
30 points
You have the ability to heal others.
You must be in physical contact with
the subject. To activate your power,
concentrate for one second and make
an IQ roll. Roll at -2 if the subject is
You can use Healing in two ways:
Heal Injuries: On a success, you can
heal any number of HP. This costs you
1 FP per 2 HP healed (round up).
Failure costs 1d FP, but you can try
again; critical failure also causes the
recipient 1d damage. Even 1 HP of
healing will stop bleeding. By rolling
at -6, you can repair a crippled but
whole limb if you completely heal the
HP lost to the crippling injury. For
instance, to heal a hand crippled by 4
points of damage, make an IQ-6 roll
and spend 2 FP. Each healer gets only
one attempt per crippled limb.
Healing cannot restore lost limbs or
bring back the dead.
Cure Disease: This requires an IQ
roll at a modifier determined by the
GM – from +1 for the common cold to
-15 for AIDS. The FP cost is equal to
twice the penalty, minimum 1 FP. For
instance, it would cost 6 FP to cure a
disease that calls for an IQ-3 roll.
If used more than once per day on
a given subject, apply a cumulative -3
per successful healing of the same type
(injury or disease) on that subject.
This penalty accumulates until a full
day has passed since the most recent
Healing works on your own race
and on all “similar” races. In a fantasy
campaign, for instance, all warmblooded
humanoid races (elves,
dwarves, orcs, halflings, etc.) would be
Special Enhancements
Faith Healing: Your power works
by channeling spiritual energy. This
lets you cure anyone the spirits or gods
deem worthy of healing, regardless of
race. However, you (and possibly your
subject) must behave in a manner
consistent with the interests and
moral codes of your supernatural
allies, or this ability will not work. You
may not combine Faith Healing with
Own Race Only or Xenohealing.
Xenohealing: You can heal beings
quite dissimilar from yourself.
Examples, assuming you are human:
All Mammals, +20%; All Earthly Life,
+40%; All Carbon-Based Life, +60%;
Anything Alive, +80%; Anything
Animate (including undead, golems,
etc.), +100%.
Special Limitations
Disease Only: You can only cure
disease. -40%.
Injuries Only: You can only heal
injuries. -20%.
Own Race Only: This is only available
in campaigns with multiple sapient
races. -20%.
Psychic Healing: Your ability is part
of the Psychic Healing psi power (see
p. 256). -10%.

Oh and sorry this is coming out so terribly, I'm just copying excerpts straight from the pdf.

Also I would be posting the disadvantage "Slow Healing" right now but 4chan thinks its spam
File: 1376450604012.png-(442 KB, 2394x1804, 1369005937225.png)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
Thats enough for right now. I need time to digest this, and think on it.

Also, anybody else want to toss in some 2cents before I have to leave? I have to leave in ~30 mins.
You have an odd window of opportunity in these threads, from my position.
File: 1376450829219.png-(251 KB, 586x525, 1369007189779.png)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
Yeah. GMT-8, work AND college will do that.
I really don't think an entirely realistic approach to health and damage is appropriate. I don't ever like it, but for a setting like this it is really out of place.

Also, I think Madness needs to be very broad, and able to confer some number of a great many mechanical effects. Madness is really just an understanding of the world that doesn't quite match up to the common one, but that doesn't mean it always works the exact same - quite the opposite, even. I'd go as far as to say that a fair number of the downsides should be political/social and roleplay-oriented, but I doubt that would work out very well.
Ouch. At least you're busy I suppose. Nothing is worse than having a whole day empty.
File: 1376451380954.jpg-(15 KB, 400x287, 126226786362.jpg)
15 KB
Yes! Tapping into MADness for power is something I want to happen. How to implement is still up for grabs.
There's also the question of what we're doing with Skills. If it isn't going overboard, we might want to consider some synergy with Madness - the more warped your point of view becomes, in comparison, the more you can twist and justify unusual applications of skills.

Of course, while we're establishing all of this, it might be good to try and give some incentives so keeping away from madness, but there are only a few characters we can turn to for examples of this, like the detective, Maka, and Mjolnir.
Butataki Joe?
whats a shortlist of skills you guys are thinking of?
File: 1376452174537.gif-(518 KB, 640x360, 1369792590944.gif)
518 KB
518 KB GIF
There needs to be incentives to gain MADness, it is a power source after all. But there also needs to be incentives to not go off the deep end. The biggest incentive for staying away from going complete bananas is being on Lord Deaths shit list.

Oh BJ, RIP in pieces
Please, to prevent any more SAN damage, never say RIP in pieces again. Ever. Please?
Yeah, him. The saner people all had functions in support, synchronization, resonating, hunting et cetera. Maka had all those witch hunter variations. And obviously there would be a lot more support from the people and less opposition in the law. I guess it's sort of a question of how far you'd go for personal power, but I've personally always upheld that I would sacrifice my humanity to be be superpowered.

Yeah, that is one of those major legal problems I mentioned, but after the characters graduate from the academy there is more room to play around with it without getting fucked, since he can't watch them around the world and there will be less people to really look at them.
File: 1376452566956.png-(327 KB, 900x516, 1376346683090.png)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
school work?

U no liek memes? Fine, I will stop.
I'm fine with memes, but that one just isn't good. It reminds me of stupid people.
surely this could be done better for roleplay? if you say charge right at asura, and roll a crit with half a dozen positive modifiers, that kind of seems silly.
so living in the wild?
could be OP or underpowered
school work?
doesnt this fall under INT?
requires a library, could fall under INT
having all social under one umbrella makes it ridiculous in a non-combat campaign, whilst innawoods its useless
File: 1376452963236.jpg-(267 KB, 1200x1617, 053.jpg)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
After a EAT student graduates there are sooo many good LEGAL openings that the push/pull factors would have to be insane! (heh)

Secret agent, body guard, bounty hunter, detective, mercenary, FUNKING GENERALS! DWMA trained EATs are in high demand and one or more going Rouge is a scary idea.
oh man, this reminds me when i tried to mod Savage Worlds for soul eater. if I find any of my notes i'll put em up on pastebin or somethin'. keep up the good work guys! this looks awesome.
>having all social under one umbrella makes it ridiculous in a non-combat campaign, whilst innawoods its useless

It should be broken up. Let's say Barter, Intimidation, Diplomacy. Soul Detection stuff would be really important for sane people, of course, whatever we do with it.

You wouldn't actually have to go rouge unless you got caught, to be fair. And then you just have to hide away behind some organization or a witch friend if you're lucky.
>And then you just have to hide away behind some organization
Actually I should reword that, because it feels like it's dismissing the issue out of hand. All I meant to say was that you need some backing/support to survive if you get found out instead of trying to slip off the radar; only another very strong organization would be able to protect you without risking war, and such an applicant would be very unlikely to be on their good side to begin with.
So how is this going to be played? two people to a character? or what/
Alright, you got me interested in your Japanese girl cartoons. I don't have time to indulge in the whole series so I had a few quick questions.

Episode 1 had the Jack the Ripper monster. He killed women and had knives. Is that how all the monsters go? I could have a Gilles De Rais monster and make him an evil knight, or Locusts and have her use poisons, maybe poison bombs? And do the corrupt humans get named after the serial killer because of how they act, or do they mold themselves after the killer, or are they a reincarnation of the killer?

Also to help the OP out, my thoughts on wavelength would be there is a target score that both want to reach. Let's say wavelength was a d20. If both rolled more than 11, they sync. But if they roll more that 15, they get a higher sync bonus. But if only one goes past 15, no bonus. They could also reroll each round if they did nothing else, trying to get these higher levels.
I presume you're talking about the anime?
Not all monster are like that. But, yes you could have a Gilles de Rais monster. As for your corruption question, I think that was supposed to be the man itself, but I like the idea of a serial killer meme monster, like Springheeled Jack from Nightside.
File: 1376457817361.png-(64 KB, 618x459, 618px-TrueCapitalistRadio(...).png)
64 KB
I've heard from my players the animu and mango differ a lot, but for the most part yeah. I just couldn't tell if Freddy Krueger from episode 1 was supposed to be THE Jack the Ripper or some murderous humanoid the academy decided to codename Jack the Ripper because of his style. I guess if this thing gets big like Adeptus Evangelion did, we'll have alternate mythologies so it's a possibility. I'd certainly have my Shinigami-sama replaced with this guy.
Hmm. Now that you mention it, it could just be what they called it. But they also fight a bullet-proof [supposedly] priest called Rasputin. It could go either way.
The manga and the anime are rather different. Its mostly the same between the two up til the battle for BREW, except in the manga, there is no such thing as "Kishin Eggs"
>headmaster gets mad
>entire school turns into cans and gets tossed around
>there is no such thing as "Kishin Eggs"
Well, that depends on how much information people know. It's possible that some people could be told about "kishin eggs" as a method of propoganda to make Death seem like the good guy.
In the anime, Maka outright calls the souls they take Kishin Eggs, and iirc, she just calls them souls in the manga.
I could be wrong though
i always thought kishin egg was just another way to say evil human soul, i never took it to mean something different. then again i've yet to read the manga.
Hmm. A d100 version of this would be, assuming we use roll-under, both Meister and Weapon try to roll under 40/45, to sync, rolling 25 or under giving them benefits, but if one rolls over the first number they'd fail to synch.
That sounds rather... dangerous actually. It probably would require a much more 'accomidating' scale honestly.

Proposed Scale:
1-10: Really good benefits. May be a random table or may just be heightened buffs of what they wanted.
11-40: A benefit for sync'ing, not a very major one but it is something
41-80: No special benefit, but the meister/weapon aren't failed to synch up. Perhaps this level may disallow partner benefits to occor, I.E. the weapon rolling to keep a meister sane.
81-100: Critical failiure, the synchronization between the weapon/user fails to work, along with basically whatever comes with not having a partner until they can succeed another roll.

Now, the other thing, meister/weapons probably have a bonus/skill they can pump. This will indeed mean that they will be far less likely to fail, and more likely to get good synchronizations (though, it may be also ruled that the 'top level' of sync can't be added with this skill, or it will be a diminishing rate). This also will mean that at a certain level, you shouldn't fail a roll to just use the weapon and be unable to fight with them...

...UNLESS there's an effect or a debuff added or going on, that will then make these sync checks harder. Could range from the characters having a disagreement and conflicting views/ideas on how to go about a scene, to basically disorienting effects that hinder resonance, to trying to use a weapon when the two of them aren't compatible.
so, one question i always have had about soul eater, is what exactly are weapons? do some people just randomly morph into murder-tools if thats what their soul looks like?
They're A race of people whose souls who've been fused with witches, from the original experiment done by Arachne iirc.

It should be on a wiki/the internet somewhere
Weapons, storyline wise, basically are descendants of other folks that were basically magically made to turn into a weapon and back to human. Aliquam says where this happened, and canonically it was about 800 years ago if the wiki is to be believed. They also can be dormant, as evidenced by soul's family. None of them showed signs of being weapons, but then suddenly soul turned out to be one. Some families I.E. Tsubaki's know they are a family of weapons, though the opposite could easily be just as true.
i only read the manga up until the crew escapes noah's book. so theyre a race? so people like soul's brother have the potential to turn themselves into a screaming horror of blades? thats pretty cool
Probably could? Or won't ever get to cause his weapon'ness won't awaken. It's a pretty gray area, but it could probably be prompted by some crazy means.
I don't think realistic health would work at all. People in Soul Eater fights seem to always just take flesh wounds until they hit zero or get critical'd and chopped in half or something first. Even those who aren't filled with MADNESS just grit their teeth and carry on after getting stabbed.
What about families that seem to go both ways? Like Maka and her dad?
Not touched on in the manga, but she awakens at the end of the anime, before punching Kishin in the face.

She's probably just dormant, but without the author telling us its just hot air.
>she awakens at the end of the anime
The anime is not canon, and I really hope we aren't going to include any part of the ending in this game.
Seems to me there has to be a reason that somebody's either a technician or a weapon. Otherwise there is really ZERO reason not to have weapons wielding other weapons on a normal basis, since then you'd have technicians who can at least fall back on their own weapon abilities if their weapon gets taken out. Whether it's for gameplay or plot purposes, limiting everybody to being either the electric guitar or the amp only keeps it nice and balanced.

As such I figured that since Maka's parents were a weapon and technician pair, their offspring could go either way, but only one way.

And yeah, I don't really count the anime for anything past episode 26.
Well as a posible once off thing, but may be more, when Sid and Nygus drop everyone through the floor, all the weapons land on the ground, while all the meisters land on the feet. Might be nothing though.
I took that more as being that the technicians are used to actually doing stuff in battle, whereas the weapons mostly just transform and then concentrate on that wavelength. So the technicians simply have better trained reflexes and physical reactions as a result of being technicians, it's not some innate thing.
This, though if we look at this from a gameplay standpoint, perhaps having both classes be availalbe could be possible... but you would have far less initial points to offset them, or it would cost more to put into one of the fields, or something.
Well, it still sits wrong with me conceptually since it messes up the pair dynamic that's such a big deal. But that aside, there's still the sticky issue of balancing it just right. With stuff like this the cost of multiclassing is so often too high or too low. Then the split character just sucks at everything or everybody makes split characters, and neither is good. Tough to hit that sweet spot where it's neither too easy or not worth it to be able to say "oops, dropped my sword, good thing I'm a sword."
last bump from me tonight.
see you folks around.
Same anon. I was actually talking to my friend about a Pacific Rim RPG with Savage Worlds, and the way characters drifted was by rolling Spirit. A 4 got you linked, and every multiple of 4 gave you a bonus on everything. So 8 gave you +1 Fighting, Damage, and Toughness, and 12 (if both pilots REALLY wanted to sink so many points into Spirit) got a +2. I also gave circumstance bonuses, like relationships, but also personal traumas giving penalties that might prevent proper sync up.

If high sync gives bonuses, it would be interesting to see Death Weapon/Meister teams that focus on having high wavelength at the cost of Strength or Agility, hoping to get some bonuses to everything in lieu of being good at one or the other.

In Soul Eater, there could be enemies that force you to reroll Wavelength, possibly at a penalty to really ruin your day.
Same anon again. I actually just finished episode 1. I read the wiki page so I figured I knew how it would end so I didn't hunt for a part 2.

If they have corrupt souls like Al Capone and what I guess is Lupin the Third, I guess my friends were wrong and there isn't really a Serial Killer theme. Which is good for me, I would love to run a quest based on The Day the Law Died and have a Caligula-like Kishin take over the academy. Still unclear if the Kishin monsters are really the people they're named after or just taking up the moniker.
Names like those will stop showing up after a bit, Medusa really changes how the series goes.
Sorry, but could you please say that again?

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