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Last Thread : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26627916/

Lelouch vi Brittania, the man behind the mask of Zero, has acquired power beyond anything a normal high schooler ever could have. Along with the Power of Kings, Geass, he now stands to challenge the world. Hiding his face, he has become a symbol of hope for the future.Behind him are the Black Knights, warriors for justice, and the man Nick Asplund, who's ties with the Power of Kings could shake the foundation of everything.
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Last Time! a tl;dr! Pushing the shiny button! Murder! Ominous Chess Boards! and basically just walking up to a door

You do go through the door, dont' you?
Meta Game Quest : Code Geass tl;dr

Nick was just your average guy, well not average at all actually. He was a NEET, a ludicrously wealthy NEET at that. Being Brittanian nobility will do that for you. Apparently it also makes you a conduit for magic powers and shit showing you the next couple months of existence for the major players as they were. Who knew right?

Inspired by this foresight, Nick rushed out of his bedroom, forsaking his battlestation, and jumped on his moped so he could throw himself headfirst into the plot of the world and very rapidly started to unravel The Scenario. He became Lelouch's confidant and fed him information that quickly drove the Black Knights to power. Everything was going swimmingly until he donned the mask of Nemo for the first major time and rode into battle. The enemy was routed, but they made off with most of his leg.

And then The Scenario made it's first major change. All too quickly the Brittanians had the upper hand once more. Suspicion and doubt plagued his allies as one major threat after another threw themselves at him. Villetta nearly unveiled him, the Black Knights rejected him, and Lelouch did not trust him. Worst of all was Frank, his old pizza delivery boy, who kidnapped him for V.V.'s research. Nick was finally rescued after building a grudge a mile wide, attaining his Geass of prophesy, and rejecting V.V.'s immortality for a moment, at the price of nearly murdering Lelouch.

In short order, he had to deal with the fallout of Frank's Geass, and a tag team of Lord Jeremiah Gottwald and Mao the mindreader. He made swift use of his quick wits, smooth talking, far too much geass use, and spilling a few secrets, but when the dust cleared, he was farther ahead than he had ever expected. The officers of the BK trusted the controlled use of Geass, Loyalty had been secured, Villetta had been converted, Mao was dead, and soon Frank would follow.

V.V.'s compromising knowledge of the future was a threat however, which drove him and Lelouch into hiding as they dealt in secret with Kyoto and the relics of the Japan Liberation Front. Where they had to prove themselves was in the rescuing of the surviving JLF officers, at the docks.

Thinking he had been clever, Nick had invested all the money he could into military supply companies. His cousin had other plans however, and funneled it straight into Camelot. Nick is an Asplund, and fast friends with Lloyd, who happily used the funds to create a float system attachment for the Lancelot. Suzaku Kururugi was more than proficient with its use, and destroyed both the JLF and the Black Knights before any counter measure's could be implemented. So Nick did what he does best, and gambled it all, and won.

After that night, Jeremiah, Diethard, and Suzaku were all integral gears in the machinery of the Black Knights, and Viletta's betrayal was dealt with by the power of the Lancelot. Better yet, Rakshata made Nick an offer, and replaced his crippled leg with cybernetics. After his recovery, the Black Knights set sail for Shikine Island for what they hoped would be their final battle. With the gleam of glory in his eye, and fluttering heart strings for Kallen, Nick set out to battle.

Princess Euphemia rejoined her knight and her brother, and the battle was sure to be a victory, but there was an anomaly unforeseen in The Scenario, and unforeseen by his geass. Frank was in the Avalon's Gawain, fighting for Schneizel, and Xingke fought alongside him. The battle was harsh, dangerous, bloody, and evolved Nick's geass against his will, but under his power and that of his allies, he prevailed. Frank failed to bring him to Kamine Island to meet with V.V., instead his accomplice ate a bullet, and soon he did as well. Just before collapsing into Kallen's arms, Nick played his part in Lelouch's schemes, and ensnared Xingke.
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In all the machinations, there are woefully few constants. Confusion, betrayal, surprise, and Daft Punk.

He managed to push his fate off one last day, and was able to enjoy his birthday the way he never dreamed of as a lonely NEET. But now the reckoning has come, and the will of fate cannot be stopped. Whether he succumbs to weakness, or fulfills his destiny is yet to be decided.

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>you know it to be true
And here I have to be at work in an hour. Sorry I can't play tonight.
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So, if you have any questions about why things happened or how, I'll answer any question you have excluding information about to be released.
geass CC first, informing her of the plan to observe what happens if she were to go through the door alone

we'll rush in or be dragged while forecasting if an emergency comes up

communicate all of this and then see if our Geass works on an Immortal

wait, no, shit, she might get super-aged, I need consent of at least two others before I want to do this

otherwise, just go through the door
also, discuss the concept and dangers with C.C. this should be an informed risk
Good evening, my nemesis, the cat.
Good evening to you, seems things are pretty empty around these parts
Yes, hunting is sparse.
Count an other one here.
But seriously, it's been brought to my attention that my methods are too heavily obfuscated. If you have a question, I'll answer and explain.
File: 1376614903351.gif-(495 KB, 450x248, pulls out styrofoam.gif)
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I will ask when I want to know. Answer then without riddle or rhyme. Don't worry, we'll call bullshit when we have it served to us.
Is blitzkreiging people with retardation and taking advantage of bad responses how we are supposed to do things?

The death flag is the Geass firing off every time now?

The fuck is Lloyd's gadget supposed to do?
Yes, blitzkreiging, I want that question answered though I can't form the words to elaborate upon it myself.
Well, it finally happened. I feared this day would come. There really are only two players active.

The problem is, I don't really know how many people total there are following this quest, and the last time I let the few decide things went catastrophically bad. So at least for now, the quest is halted

A blitzkrieg of daring and brilliance to take advantage of bad responses as all the clever mastermind wannabe's try to account for you is what worked in the past and would have continued to work. But no action was ever 'supposed'. The closest to an answer I have for that is just that panic is never the solution, losing hope is not the solution.

The geass was just one form of fucking up that can happen on a crit fail now. Death flag vastly increases the chances of a crit fail, and if it hadn't been Bartley, things would have gone BADLY.

Lloyd's gadget was supposed to study your geass which it did. What he didn't realize was that he studied it's interaction with itself because of the mirror. That's why everything went all trippy.
Hiatus noted. We're nearing the final leg of this season and it wouldn't do to carry on without the usual cast and crew.

At the very least, I'll keep this thread updating in a tab so I can catch any involvement while we sit idle. I assume you will do so as well.
Okay, shit.

Bold step forward, move any chess piece in a legal direction, give the opponent one second to decide what to move and then ruthlessly take advantage of it, use Geass to check beforehand if they made a retarded move. So I was right about how we defeated Frank during the diceless rampage.

Not limited to Geass... well, bummer.

So we basically Geassed our Geass and caused... a loopback feed?
Yeah, that's why I was so pissed to have missed the redo; while we wound up coming out better for wear it's always taxing to think up a second so-crazy-it-works plan that actually works within needs

reminds me of an old Advance Wars 2 match myself and a cousin had one family gathering; he managed to power through the center map where the AI was holed up with the vast wealth of industrial and civil centers and proceeded to march his navy and airforce out the other side of the megacomplex

I could only hold him off for so long, launch ICBMs merely to deny him a striking tool and soften the onrushing assault

I ended up winning by taking a copter laden cruiser around the top edge, scouted by a sub, and screened by my main battery of battleships I have a obsessive fondness for heavy artillery of all types and quantities of overkill The decoy copter moved around back and took an airfield with two infantry to produce fighters in order to block defending naval forces and shoot down reserve copters and bombers

I was lucky that he was using a far forward offensive action to steamroll my front line, because that meant his entire rear, including the capital island was completely undefended and I was able to land two mech/rocket infantry on the capital and the sole industrial center there; with planes and copters blocking access to landing zones, my capture team was able to pull a last-second phyrric victory out of the air

he conceded game, but I had to tell him that the only reason I won was because he left his rear completely unobserved and didn't check his flanks- I got lucky because he was careless
so what you're saying is you raped your cousin in his ass when he tried to rape you in the face. How lewd
No, sir, I raped him in the ass so hard he stopped raping my face by sheer dint of how swiftly and unassumingly I entered his colon.
>how lewd
Scrap that, "How flexible" is what you should be saying.
Are those really your only questions?

Not interested in what Lelouch did to Xingke?
Whether Schneizel was captured?
If Suzaku is plotting murder?
What happened to Kallen?
Is Mao really dead?
Why did I make Frank?
Just how does the Death Flag work?
Who was Lelouch texting at the party?
Whether the Knights of the Round exist?
How Frank's geass worked?
If Ohgi is suicidal?
Whether Lloyd got blueballed by science?
Haha, your inner-writer is screaming for attention again.

Write up the answers, long, detailed exposition that everyone will have to firewall alter, but still worth the hassle. Have fun, make it perfect the way you want, post that filler.
firewall alter?

also, what did you mean last thread when you said writing 'for' rather than 'with' the quest?
I can't spell for the life of me.

>for rather than with
You'll have to dig up the exact words, I don't recall specifics; if I were to be charged with a crime two hours ago, I couldn't give you an alibi because I wouldn't be abel to remember where I'd been- artifacts of PTSD and memory formation and all that, big picture, no trees
jesus christ I can't find it. Did I hallucinate it?
File: 1376618934672.gif-(393 KB, 400x225, 1368773529370.gif)
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393 KB GIF
Haven't I told you, dawg; NINJA
Alright, I'm here, and I missed... NOTHING.

>Not interested in what Lelouch did to Xingke?
>Whether Schneizel was captured?
Is he?
>If Suzaku is plotting murder?
We should cut off his balls. Murder plots often come from testosterone.. maybe we could lobotomize him as well? Just take out the nasty rebellious bits..
>What happened to Kallen?
I'm gonna go with pregnant and thus will be too heavy with child to properly pilot the Guren..
Or the radiation of the radiant tech kills/mutates the fetus.
>Is Mao really dead?
I want him to be alive. If only because he's my best friend.
>Why did I make Frank?
>Just how does the Death Flag work?
As it's raised the quest slowly dies..
I'm not happy about it either.
>Who was Lelouch texting at the party?
Shirley, we need to kill her.
>Whether the Knights of the Round exist?
If they do, I'm siding with Britannia for world domination/sole survivor route.
>How Frank's geass worked?
Natural voice right? Like Lost Colors
>If Ohgi is suicidal?
Don't care about Ohgi, but he's bound to Seppuku at any time.. What with being a dirty japanese with a dead hispanic waifu.
>Whether Lloyd got blueballed by science?
He only got some at all because of Science and we really need to just keep him on our side. I'm surprised he wasn't intent on staying since we still have the lancelot.
So about that Xingke situation.

The guards outside had already been cut down, their lives payment for their actions. He had not even allowed one shot to be fired as he made his way to the personal chambers of Gao Hai, the betrayer. War with Brittania had been avoided for now, but the price was blood. Just outside the door his body convulsed, and the weakness in his blood stopped him. His resolve did not waver, he had a duty, and a promise.

"Ohh, Xingke! You have returned! Were the Black Knights victorious?" The Eunuch Gao Hai asked as he opened the door.

"Gao Hai, you have betrayed the people of the Chinese Federation and abused your position of power for your own gains. You are hereby sentenced to death." Xingke slashed his katana through the air and waited for a moment, but the eunuch made no sign of understanding. The masked man known as Zero was sitting against the back wall, silently watching. When Gao Hai opened his mouth once more, he cut him down.

"How loyal. Any nation should be happy to have you Li Xingke," Zero said as he slowly clapped his hands.

"Zero, you are a danger, but you are not my enemy this day. I ask that you leave here at once."

"Of course, I was Gao Hai's guest and he is no longer with us. But first I would have a word with you. Our friend has told me much about you, and I believe that we can come to an accord. Worry not about surveillance, I have already handled that."

"You seek to bring me to your side?"
File: 1376620718417.png-(42 KB, 600x700, there-s-a-point-where-you(...).png)
42 KB

"Not at all, I seek to ally with your side. The eunuchs are no better than the royalty of Brittania, and the Black Knights must oppose all who abuse their power. You have sworn yourself to the Princess Tianzi, have you not?"

"She saved my life, not it is hers to do with as she will."

"This is good, for she is the face and will of her people. I would not respect a man who thought of her as a mere figurehead. I will not ask you this day to join arms with me, but the day will come when we must stand together. On that day, I hope that you will walk forward to a brighter tomorrow," Zero said as he rose from his seat and walked up to Xingke. Without another word, he left, leaving behind only a communicator.

>>If Suzaku is plotting murder?
An edit to my choice on that.. We get him addicted to drugs, starting with Refrain. We need drugs to fuck up his willpower without hindering his piloting skills. He's just a grunt fighter.. a pro-solo grunt fighter, but still a fighter. We don't need him to think.

I just wish Nick were a more horrible person.
Lelouch has done worse overall with his geass.. And last thread we saw Nick start to trip a little into insanity... I want to capitalize on becoming a crazy future-seeing lunatic that knows what you're going to do hours before you actually do it.
That'd out-Rolo Rolo...At Roloing.
File: 1376621435736.gif-(1.93 MB, 350x310, 1372653807358.gif)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB GIF
>drugging Suzu
>turning into Rolo
Thank god for filters.
>Whiteknighting like Suzaku.
>Not being more like Lelouch.
>The Lelouch that doesn't get wasted waiting on a text.

Though as it stands we're kind of taking the path of Mao right now.. In a way..
> C.C.'s puppet.
> Slowly going insane from Geass.
> Smiling when we kill people.. and not even thinking twice.

Now that I think of it, who the first man that Nick killed?
>The Lelouch that doesn't get wasted waiting on a text.
You mean the one who ultimately had to kill himself to achieve his goal? Yeah, fuck that. We follow a middle path, not as dark as Lulu, but not as stupid as Suzaku.
File: 1376622086682.jpg-(71 KB, 450x550, 1353208520131.jpg)
71 KB

Pick one
>Whiteknighting like Suzaku.
Inviting a unstable druggie to pilot instead of shooting him dead before his antics kill everyone else.
>Not being more like Lelouch.
Ah yes, I complain about being Rolo and you complain about being Lelouch.

What the fuck was that non-sequitur?
Jeremiah Gottwald was standing just outside to door to the Avalon's map room, where Prince Schneizel el Brittania was hiding. Two of the Black Knights were busy setting up a breaching charge to break through the lock, but his intuition told him something was wrong. When they first approached, Schneizel had appeared on a video screen streaming from the other side of the door. "Lord Jeremiah Gottwald... I never imagined you would fall to terrorism after your disgrace, how pitiful... I hope you do not believe yourself to be better off with them... Regardless of what you may think of the outcome of this battle, it is Zero that I wish to speak with him, not you or the theatrical one. If you would kindly relay to him that I have a chess game waiting for the two of us, I'm sure that he will come."

"My Lord, we have cornered Schneizel in the Avalon and are moving to apprehend him by force, but..."

"Is something wrong Jeremiah? I am still returning from the Chinese Federation gunship."

"There was only a skeleton crew on the ship and no life boats. It appears that everyone fled and let an artificial intelligence finish the battle. And he invited you to a game of chess."

"...Did he do this in person or through a video screen?"

"Through a communications panel, but it wasn't a recording, he responded to me directly."

"It is entirely possible that it was a recording if he was able to anticipate what you would say. Proceed with extreme caution."


I'm sure you can guess where it went from there.
so quick vote

[]Continue with long form answers while waiting for questions
[]Shorten up the answers
[x] Continue with long form answers while waiting for questions
By all means.

I'd like answers on Oghi. Also, Nina.
>[]Continue with long form answers while waiting for questions

I want a long form for whether Mao is really dead or not.
File: 1376622844683.jpg-(24 KB, 640x448, Mao_geass.jpg)
24 KB
that is off the table due to reasons you will discover

Today's a great day. I expected a scene where we'd get a panning on on Mao's rotting corpse slowly wasting away with larva crawling through them.
But I'm getting a hint that he's still alive.
You know if we weren't concerened with wiping Lelouch's ass we could've bribed him with C.C. gotten geass from V.V. and had a badass, though crazy, mind-reader on our side along with Rolo and maybe Frank.

Of course, we would've played both sides some to extend the conflict to our advantage.
Double great.. A director's cut that, while skeptical, points to lelouch didn't die..


He would in all likelyhood have C.C.'s Geass.. to survive the public stabbing.
Lloyd was busy making repairs and studying the float system of the Lancelot at Lelouch's request. He had taken all to quickly to jumping back into his work for the other side. His attention was turned back to scientific competition, without a thought for the consequences. At least the Lancelot would be repaired and fighting for the Brittanians again, if Lelouch's geass would allow him to.

For so long his thoughts had been consumed with how to overcome Lelouch, but then Euphie showed up, and forgave him. It was like he had never betrayed her, and everything would go back to how it was. But Lelouch was bent on causing a war that would engulf the world.

He just had to trust in Euphie's plan for the Special Administration Zone of Japan, and hope that everything would disperse. Perhaps life could go back to how it was at Ashford Academy. But nothing can ever go back to how it was before.
that resolution is terrible
The rolling waves of the morning sea travelled on endlessly beneath the Guren, but Kamine Island was only a bit further on. Her energy fillers were already beginning to run low, but there was no telling what could happen to Nick, alone with C.C. He had snuck out on her in the morning, without even waking her to say goodbye.

But even Lelouch had ordered her to retrieve him, lest he be captured by the enemy again. Cornelia's fleet had already mobilized to move on Shikine Island after the battle. Fighter planes had already been seen flying over the waters, searching for them. If a battle were to occur, the Black Knights simply did not have the power to oppose them.

Too many knightmares, too many pilots had been lost in taking down the Avalon and capturing Princess Euphemia. But even that wasn't successful. Lelouch's habit of treating her like family had already put too much discontent throughout the ranks. Old grudges and doubts were flaring back up over his heritage.

But just as Kamine Island appeared on the horizon, other shadows joined it. Dozens of warships were sailing forth. "No. Oh no." She activated her comms to connect to Lelouch. "I'm approaching Kamine Island now, but so is Cornelia. My energy fillers won't be enough to make it back if we're attacked."

"Remember, it is of the utmost importance that he does not fall into enemy hands; he knows far too much. Do what has to be done if it comes to it."

"Understood Lelouch."

"We have been following you since you left. We will only be able to surface for a moment to allow you to land when you return. Be swift. And..."


"Make sure you come back Kallen. I can't afford to lose you."

How evil would it be if Lelouch geassed her to 'love' you in order to keep you in line with the Black Knights, eh?
The origin of Frank doesn't get a story, so here's the explanation.

He was originally just the pizza guy, Frank being the most generic name I could come up with at the time short of Steve. Then he was just a mysterious supplier for the weird shit you all wanted to buy, and why not the pizza guy?

Figuring it was reasonable that someone would know about your power, V.V. as it turned out, I chose for him to be a sort of front line worker for them to help facilitate the explanation of your power. This led to him working with Kyoto since canon didn't cement just who it was that dropped off the Guren. Then the 1's came. All those crit fails, so it had to go poorly, and that's how it went.

Overall, just a foil to you and Lelouch to tip the scales back into balance.

As for his geass, I felt that just throwing more knightmares with more lasers wouldn't really be a real challenge since you would just defer to Lelouch and what not, so a personal challenge was needed to raise the stakes properly, and geass battles are fun.

Still sad I didn't get to geass you, since his geass would have taken the form of me anonymously samefagging the vote options three times to push you to Kamine Island. Counter samefagging would have of course been accepted. Hence why I said it would have caused quite a bit of rage back before you blew him up.

Frank was fun for me, hope you enjoyed him.
>Do what has to be done if it comes to it."
>"Make sure you come back Kallen. I can't afford to lose you."
Sounds more like that fuck wants to steal our girl.

>ypeshro dysfunction
Man, captcha, you can't just say things like that about Lelouch's dick. He's very sensitive about that sort of thing.
>Frank was born of the critfails
>Every time we fought him or had to deal with him we had incredibly poor rolling
Sweet Shadowy Jesus, it all makes sense.
File: 1376626042443.png-(73 KB, 400x300, tg dice.png)
73 KB
I always did treat him like a Sex Panther
I wouldn't be surprised at all if Lelouch did that.. In fact, it only makes me want Nick to go full turncoat even sooner.
We should just team up with Schneizel or make a new rebel group.. Called "The Nobodies" With C.C. A second Geass order with all the upper echelon commanders wielding a geass.
Death Flag is pretty simple actually, you roll the first one, and I roll the rest only looking for crit fails, but a crit success will trump any and all crit fails.

Lelouch was of course texting Shirley and I'm not going to write that out because I know I can't resist the temptation of eventually reaching "Please respond."

The Knights of the Round will be a thing in the epilogue
File: 1376626759261.gif-(165 KB, 600x400, 1374268642294.gif)
165 KB
165 KB GIF
Fuck that. Leave the BK out of this, they would be innocent of Lelouch's crimes. We simply leave Lelouch a broken shell of his former self with all of our meta knowledge of how he ticks and then throw him to the dogs.

Why in the fuck would we team up with fucking Schneizel or even trust anyone else that had a geass given what our track record with interactions with other geass users would be up to that point, let alone making an entire order around them?
Christ this thread is dead

Ohgi is depressed, but not suicidal. Side effect of his slow recovery.

Lloyd did get blueballed by science right in the middle of lewdness.

Archive it? Y/N

Next thread friday

We would scout out people to give them the gift. And only after they earn our trust...
"Do you like Daft Punk?

I'm leaning more on the "other" Geass order.. I say we fake our own death to the satisfaction of the BK, disappear with C.C. and establish the Nobodies with her as Queen Bitch.

If Lelouch isn't a broken shell of what he should have been, then he'll kill us if we use our knowledge against him anyway.. And I doubt that he'd necessarily do it personally given the fact that we'd only need to trance for a bit on one person to see literally his next 5-20 moves.

If we're betraying Lelouch at all, we'll need to either establish a hold on the BK's by hurting his reputation with them, proving ourselves superior, etc...
Again, why would we abandon the BK at all? They've done nothing that would necessitate us to fake our own death. At this point, I'm sure that we've endeared ourselves to the BK moreso than anything Zero has done. Hell, overall strategical planning aside, it has been us leading from the front at every opportunity that has constantly turned the tide of many a failure. Not to mention that our speech to Xingke probably won us no shortage of fans.

Though, admittedly, if Lelouch were smart enough to call a meeting of the BK he could probably geass every single person in the BK submarine hangar into absolute obedience. If that were the case, we could always just tell Suzaku and give him the idea that Euphie is in danger so that he could will power his way through his own geass.

Also, push come to shove, it would more prudent to join Xingke and the Chinese Federation than establish an order of potential ticking time bombs. Remember, we originally thought that Frank was an awesome guy until he helped V.V. kidnap us. I don't think we're quite good at judging character.
You realize that escaping the thought elevator is the end of the quest, right?

There's just going to be a whirlwind of an epilogue
Of course, this is all us assuming that Lelouch is planning this all as an actual betrayal and not just him understandably trying to preventing a hostile element from capturing the single most strategically important potato brain this side of Idaho.
Just some idle players indulging in Meta Game Quest: The Grim Derpening

Also, I relish the chance to yell, "Charles! HEY, CHARLES! You fucker, you've watched the Evan Jelly Lion haven't you? This has got instrumentality all over it. Hah, if you weren't trying to mine my brain, I'd brofist you, but as it is, kindly fuck the fuck off. Asuka best girl."
File: 1376629786589.jpg-(1.03 MB, 1000x1546, 1371830606576.jpg)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
she's certainly half of the best pairin
I predict that Chuck is a Reifag, and that will piss him off to no end.
always struck me as a Misato guy actually, although he definately resonates more with Shinji's mom, she just doesn't get good screen time
Well, if one of you thinks this is worth archiving, go ahead.
File: 1376632225236.gif-(257 KB, 390x269, joker-sarcastic-clap1.gif)
257 KB
257 KB GIF
>In which nobody shows up to beat answers out of the QM when he freely presents himself like a pinata.
huh, maybe I shouldn't have left the invite out

got a chuckle out of me though
So uh, are we dead for the night then? If not and CA is still taking questions I have a few that we all might like.
Well apparently this thread survived the night. Fire away
Damn it CA. Of course all this is going down during the time I'm busy moving back to college. Well, I guess I got a few questions.

1. So is C.C. being level with us or are we just another in a long line of her saps.
2. Why did V.V. become so old? Did we take his code or something?
3. Any plans for doing another quest after this one raps up?
1. You'll understand shortly, this isn't the spoilers thread afterall.

2. He became old because you negated his code. If you had simply taken his code, despite not being attuned with your geass enough to do so, he would have remained a child as seen in R2. More explanation tonight.

3. Yes actually, I'll be getting a twitter, so I'm fishing for critiques on my QMing. That said, I don't know when I'll run it and I won't know for about a month because college and real life friends trump farting around here. I understand what I want to do with the quest, but I the crunch is kind of stumping me.
Any hints as to what the quest will be? I might be able to recommend a system to look at for crunch.
I don't like cross contaminating my projects, so if you want to chat about it I'm idling in #ques/tg/enerals on rizon

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- futaba + yotsuba -
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