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Know, O Prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Adventure Island and the gleaming cities, and the rise of the Sons of Liberty, there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars -- Hyrule, with its pointy-eared women and towers of octorok-haunted mystery, Sosaria with its chivalry, Charlock that bordered the pastoral lands of Alefgard, Castlevania with its shadow-guarded tombs, Makaimura whose knights wore lance and armor and boxers. But the proudest kingdom of the world was the Mushroom Kingdom, reigning supreme in the dreaming west. Hither came Mario the Plumber, black-haired, sullen-eyed, shell in hand, a coin-thief, a box-basher, a goomba-slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the game under his booted feet.

>>So, who's played tabletop games set in the Mario Brothers universe?
>>Or any Nintendo setting?
>>Or even loosely stolen from them?
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Can we discuss how fucking brutal the Mushroom Kingdom is when you think about it? Carnivorous, fire-breathing plants, ambulatory and predatory fungoids, turtle-men almost twice the size of a human... It's downright terrifying.
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Some people have done some pretty hardcore art of the Marioverse over the years too.
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Dunno about Mario Bros., but there was a pretty popular Legend of Zelda conversion floating around on /tg/ a few years back. I know a guy who played in a campaign of it. Because /tg/ gets shit done.
Played a vg characters rpg, it was fun. Used savage worlds.

Ran a your character must be based on a nintendo or saturday morning cartoon character, then I'm gonna turn it grimdark. ie. Mario was a drug addict who had lost all sense of reality. The drugs have both the real world effect and the game effect. So he would eat shrooms and hulk out, and think the walls were melting. Do some star dust and be invincible for ten seconds, then be be really high. also fun.
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I figured LoZ would be more popular with the tabletop RPG crowd, but I think the Mushroom Kingdom has a lot of potential. It's sort of a "Journey to the Lost World" kind of setting, with dinosaurs and giant plants and rough-and-tumble everyman heroes.

What system would be good for that kind of game?
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This guy >>26799806
got your system in one. Savage Worlds would be perfect. That or Hollow Earth Expedition, but I know SW better.
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Hey OP. I've been writing a setting for Savage Worlds called "Heroes of Terra," which is sort of a serial-numbers-filed-off Mario Brothers setting crossed with Burroughs-style pulp adventure. I was thinking about releasing it as a free pdf if there's any interest.
Kinda depends on what you wanna do. Pathfinder would be fine if you wanna run Mario's Crawling Dungeon. Fate would probably run a good "romp through the crazy worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom!" game. Generic systems are always available and can run anything.Do you want it to feel like the Super Mario RPG? Use 4e.
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Why would you suggest that to someone? Do you hate him?

Otherwise, good suggestions. Match the intent to the system. It looks like the OP is focusing on "pulp action adventure," so Fate or Savage Worlds would probably be best for that.
I would play the shit out of a campaign that was anything like the first two Paper Mario games.

Fucking Thousand Year Door. I need to go play it again.
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Could you give us an overview?
File: 1377329326625.jpg-(206 KB, 648x864, 1238043261221.jpg)
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This "A Princess of Mars" meets "El-Hazard" in a pulp reality with talking mushroom people and saurian tyrants on a parallel earth where dinosaurs were never wiped out.
File: 1377330109094.png-(817 KB, 800x1067, a394b9d416055d4b665289f03(...).png)
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I'm also working on a Plot Point campaign for the setting called "Our Princess is in Another Castle."
File: 1377330533180.jpg-(39 KB, 228x321, mario magic mushrooms.jpg)
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>Our princess is in the castle of land Y
Clear out castle in land Y. Meet tiny manservant who may or may not be a sex midget.
>They moved our princess to the castle of land Z!
>Repeat indefinitely
Ran a Mario Brothers game in Hollow Earth Expedition. They began in 1936 Brooklyn, where a giant ape kidnapped some Professor's assistant and ran off to a construction site, and they accidentally knocked out a couple of italian-american guys in their rush to give chase.
After befriending the ape and learning that the Professor usually spent his time studying ghosts, they ran into a cult while looking for a way to get the (talking) ape back to his homeland. The weaker cultists had blank white masks, while the stronger ones could fire bullets out of their metallic black masks.
They escaped by fleeing into a strange green tunnel while running through the sewers. It was only here that they realized what I had got them into, and then only because I actually pulled up the underground theme on youtube.
They emerged into a mountain range, where they saved a bunch of talking moles from a creature with thick black armor plates that had a chain around its neck.
The game was really only a diversion while most of my Pathfinder group was unavailable, so they only got as far as the first castle. The princess was actually there, but her star-stone pendant had been taken away by the Koopa Empire's agents.
All in all, good fun. I wouldn't mind returning to it one day.
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Holy shit, that's awesome.
Not to nitpick, but shouldn't Castlevania be Wallachia?
Glad to hear you say so. Should I elaborate? I don't have anywhere to be, and it's not too long a story.
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Please do.
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Speaking of Zelda
File: 1377331208587.jpg-(128 KB, 600x900, 1a82d192d3cba112143935c77(...).jpg)
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Go for it! Sounds awesome!
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The year was 1936. The place, somewhere in Brooklyn. Several men and women had found refuge in a bar during a quiet moment of the day. Two swarthy men, one thin and one fat, sat near the door and spoke in thick Italian accents. A young man who was more pretty than handsome sipped his drink carefully as he tried to keep a duffel bag out of sight of the other patrons. Two academic types, one a girl and one an old man who was doing a poor job of hiding his Germanic roots were chatting at the bar itself.
Such was the scene when two more people strolled in. The man, old and stooped and Japanese, seemed to only be about 4 feet tall, and most of that was a wild shock of white hair. His young associate was blonde, tall, and potentially beautiful, but seemed content to dress the part of a lab assistant rather than a woman on the town. Both seemed anxious, looking around frantically, as if expecting a great crash at any second.
The elder man at the bar was the first to notice the two enter. He raised a hand to hail them, but any greeting he would have given was cut off by the sounds of an enraged animal and the surprised cries of some men outside.
All of a sudden, a garbage can came sailing through the window, shattering it and knocking the two Italians away to who-knows-where. The pretty-boy leapt for his bag, quickly retrieving a rifle and pushing his table over for cover, an eager grin breaking over his face. The pair at the bar dodged just in time to avoid the impact as the can bounced along the length of the bar, and the intensifying roars outside were joined by gunfire.
The Japanese man and his assistant just looked at each other, looking like they were caught between being scared and relieved. Whatever they had been expecting, it had arrived.
Through the shattered window, a great hairy shape grabbed one of the unlucky policemen that had engaged it and threw him bodily for a length of nearly 30 feet. It looked a bit like a gorilla, the woman at the bar guessed, but no such ape as this had been seen on earth for a long, long time.
The beast barreled down the street, dragging itself forward on its knuckles and crashing through the front of a nearby flower shop to take cover from its sole remaining pursuer. The old German approached his recently arrived friend, carefully stepping through the debris. “This is what you planned to surprise me with, Oyama?” he asked.
His colleague took a moment to wipe his thick glasses on his sleeve. With them on his face, his eyes were completely obscured. “Yes Franz, though not this way. The sedative wore off sooner than I had thought it would.”
“Hey, grandpa, Mind telling the rest of us what that damn thing was?” came a call from nearby, in a thick Southern drawl. It was in a lower register than might have been expected from the fresh face that belonged to its owner, who was still crouched behind an overturned table, shotgun at the ready. The young woman from the bar had run to the window, holding a sketchbook and pencil, seemingly in awe of the raging ape.
Oyama coughed. “Well, it is a long story. We found it upstate, wandering in the hills, and had thought that it would remain asleep until it could be returned to my laboratory, but….” He waved a hand towards the destruction the beast had wrought.
Few besides Franz were actually listening to the man talk, however. The young redhead at the window was trying to crane her neck for a look at the animal, while the professor’s assistant was arguing for the young man to put his gun away in much the same way as a schoolteacher would to a small child.
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>>I said not too long a story, but I may have decompressed it a little too much. Oh dear.
A crash from the flower shop interrupted them. Oyama, snapped out of his lecture, began to look worried. “At any rate, we need to get that thing under control! I trust you still have your old gun Franz?”
The german produced a small silvery tube mounted on the end of a pistol grip. “Naturally,” he said with a grin.
Meanwhile, the Professor’s assistant heaved a sigh. “Will you at least just use some of the darts we’ve got?” The younger man gave it some thought, and nodded slowly. The girl turned back to Oyama. “We do have some of the darts left, right uncle?”
“Eh? Oh, right. Of course, Momoko.” He rummaged through the pockets of his jacket, before producing a bandolier of the things that he couldn’t have possibly fit into a coat pocket. Luckily, nobody noticed.
Momoko passed the darts on to the young man. “Alright, now don’t you worry none lady,” he said, attempting to put on an air of macho heroism, “Jane’s gonna take good care of your critter.”
Momoko raised an eyebrow. “Jane’s a girl’s name.” She said simply, sounding like she was holding back a laugh.
While Jane cupped his crotch and yelled something back, Oyama and Franz turned to the woman by the window. “And you, miss? I think we’ll need all the help we can get to take that thing down.”
The redhead barely looked up. “Oh, Audrey’s the name. Biologist. You said you found that guy upstate? Not really the climate for simians. And yes, I’ll help if I can.”
Don't worry, we don't mind a long story
File: 1377333701528.jpg-(176 KB, 645x831, Donkey_Kong_by_D_MAC.jpg)
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176 KB JPG
Thus equipped with tranquilizer darts that had been proven to not be very effective against it, the group of would-be hunters approached the flower shop with all possible stealth, under the cover of the noonday sun and the utter lack of any crowds to hide among.
When Audrey poked her head in the smashed glass door of the shop, however, she was surprised to see the ape’s bizarre behavior. It had seized a bouquet of red and white flowers, and was stuffing them into its mouth and chewing with its large fangs, and of all the emotions she had seen such beasts display, it seemed…disappointed. Like it had been expecting something else. A better taste, perhaps? Maybe if she could just get a closer look…
The others, however, were not so professionally interested that they let themselves wander straight into the ape’s sight. Momoko tried to pull Audrey back into their hiding spot by her collar, but that only got the ape’s attention pinned on her when Audrey spooked it by stepping on a shard of glass that gave a loud crack as it shattered under her shoe.
The ape brought himself up to his full height, roaring in rage. He was bigger and more muscular than any gorilla at the zoo, and he wore around his neck a scrap of red cloth that he had scavenged from somewhere. Audrey had only a moment to contemplate it before he barreled past her and grabbed Momoko, using her as a human shield as he made off in the direction of the skeleton of metal beams that might one day become a building.
File: 1377334478215.jpg-(36 KB, 599x597, donkey-kong-cross-tensions_171.jpg)
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Jane restrained himself from taking the shot while Momoko was being held in harm’s way, aided in doing so by both Franz and Oyama grabbing his arms and yelling in his ears. Soon enough, the ape gave up the idea of using a human shield, and took off like a shot. He vaulted the fence around the construction site with Momoko over his shoulder, and moments later he was gone, concealed by the thick maze of metal beams.
Jane, Franz, and Audrey ran faster than old Oyama could keep up, reaching a gap in the fence in moments. Jane was the first to try and step through, grumbling that “That filthy critter’s not gonna make a fool of—“ Jane was cut off by Audrey tackling him from behind, throwing him forward and out of the way of a large barrel that slammed into the space where he had just stood.
From above, the beast hooted raucously—victoriously? Audrey had heard apes before, but this one was something else entirely. A true beauty of the animal kingdom, but a beauty that was probably going to kill all of them if they didn’t stay on their toes.
Franz ran inside, silver pistol at the ready, looking for all the world like something out of a Flash Gordon serial. As a shadow rumbled across one of the beams overhead, he pointed what had seemed to be a toy gun and let loose a crackling bolt of energy, which hit the ape in the shoulder and caused its whole arm to go numb. The ape caught itself before it left the beam entirely, swinging by one arm and looking straight down at its attacker. Franz’s face fell.
The ape swung itself forward, and landed fist-first on top of the old german. Jane, who had scrambled to his feet, brought up his gun and unloaded both barrels on the creature, sending the darts flying into its back to little visible effect. Audrey, meanwhile, had run for one of the beams and was climbing up to where she had spotted Momoko trying her best not to fall from where the ape had placed her.
“You okay up there?” Audrey called. Momoko yelled back something indistinct, her words drowned out by the roaring and gunfire, but she pointed to something behind Audrey. Following her outstretched arm, Audrey noticed where the beast had been heading when Franz shot it—another barrel, balanced on a platform just over where it was currently beating the old man senseless.
Swinging herself up onto the nearest beam, Audrey made her way along the beams fast enough to give the impression she was part ape herself, reaching the barrel just as the ape had one of her allies in each fist and was about to smash them together. Throwing her whole weight against it, she pushed it from the platform, and with a great crash it landed straight on the creature’s head.
The ape fell back, and Jane capitalized on this to bring out a knife—this ape was smart enough, so it was probably going to recognize intimidation quicker than the average critter. “Alright you,” he said with what he intended to be a roguish grin, “just sit tight and we can end this, and you and I won’t have no more trouble.”
The ape, seeing a knife and a ray gun pointed at its face by two angry people, just lay on the ground. “Yes,” came the deep-voiced reply, “I give back girl, you let me up. Good?”
Franz’s mouth fell open. “It talks.”
Jane raised his eyebrows at the ape. “Well ain’t you full of surprises?”
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986 KB GIF
How I love storytime.
File: 1377335929666.jpg-(22 KB, 300x300, planetedk.jpg)
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One retrieval of a blonde from a perilously high beam later, the ape sat on his haunches, speaking with Momoko and Oyama, who had arrived just after the battle. The others waited for a translation, for while the ape seemed to be monosyllabic in English, he was bizarrely good at speaking archaic French.
Hearing the explanation Momoko relayed to her, Audrey spoke slowly, eyes cast upwards as she tried to make sense of what she was hearing. “So he got to somewhere in upstate New York…through a tunnel?”
Jane whistled. “One damn long tunnel, if he got here all the way from some island.”
Momoko put a hand on her forehead, squinting her eyes and evidently not having any more luck understanding the ape’s story. “No, not quite a tunnel. Not a natural one, anyway. He said it was green, and…metal, and…I don’t know. It sounds more like some kind of a pipe, but I don’t know…”
Oyama, meanwhile, continued speaking with the beast. It had named itself, as part of a tribe known as the Cong, apparently some kind of warrior called the Don’Ki. “He says he can take us to where he found it, if we agree to let him go free,” said the old scientist. “What do you say to that?”
Jane shrugged. Audrey gasped, and began to nod furiously, her eyes gleaming at the prospect of seeing more wonders like the Don’Ki. Franz was still holding his bruised abdomen. “Well,” he said, “I’d say a whole world of such things as underground highways and other wonders is a fair trade for his freedom…and feeling sore for a few days.”
File: 1377336773861.jpg-(134 KB, 1125x750, scenic_dunwich.jpg)
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134 KB JPG
Oyama smiled. “I’m glad you think so. However, I’m worried the police might not, so…” He motioned with his hands towards a nearby alleyway.
Audrey and Jane grabbed a tarp off a pile of wooden beams, and between the five of them, the ragtag band of humans managed to smuggle an indignant ape across town to a warehouse that Oyama had made into his home and office.
Once at the door, the Don’Ki threw off the tarp and knuckled his way inside, pushing what appeared to be some kind of oversized vacuum cleaner out of his path as he made his way through Professor Oyama’s laboratory. He didn’t have to spend much time there, however, for only a few hours later the entire group, men and women and ape alike, were on their way out of town on a train, headed for a small village near where the ape had been found.
Once they were clear of the train station, the ape was released from his cage, and took off into the forest, promising to return in the morning. As for the rest of them, evening was coming and the local hotel was easy enough to find—there seemed to be only a few dozen buildings in the tiny, foggy town. Jane and Franz and Audrey carried the group’s bags between them while Momoko and Oyama spoke with the hotel’s apparent manager.
“Two…rooms?” The man at the counter seemed to be half-asleep, though his eyes were wide open and a dreamy smile was spread across his face. “Yes, I think…that’lldonicely. But wasn’t there…one, one more?”
Oyama shook his head. “Ah…no. I think you have us confused with some other group.”
The man laughed. “Oh, yeah. Sorry.”
Come on man, don't leave us hanging now.
The travelers chose to leave the man to his own devices, feeling hesitant to trust him with their bags. Their rooms seemed to be two of the only three actual guest rooms in the building, and it was there that the men and women separated—Momoko and Audrey in one, Jane and the two old scientists in the other.
“So is the pay good?” Audrey asked over a dinner improvised from whatever canned goods they had been able to transfer from Professor Oyama’s fridge to their bags before the train left.
“I’m sorry?” Momoko looked up from her meal, careful not to spill any on her pink nightgown.
“You’re Dr. Oyama’s assistant, right? Is the job always this fun?”
Momoko smiled. “Well, I’m his assistant, but not because he pays me. He wouldn’t have much to give in the first place, what with all his ‘ghost hunts’ usually turning up nothing. I mostly work with him because I grew up helping him. He’s my father.”
Audrey blinked a few times at the taller girl. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed taller girl who had just called a tiny Japanese man her uncle. “Your stepfather?”
Momoko put her can and spoon down, now too distracted to keep eating. “Well, he raised me at any rate. I didn’t really know my parents. They didn’t give me much, except this.” She pointed to a small blue crystal that hung around her neck on a leather thong. “Oyama’s been more of a father than my real one.”
The two of them were halfway through the story of a supposedly haunted mansion when Momoko fell silent, turning her head towards the door. “Did you hear that? Out in the hall?”
Audrey closed her eyes and listened close. Somewhere in the hall, she heard a sound like something squeaking. “Rats in the walls? This place is older than Oyama, so…”
Momoko crossed to where her bag lay against the wall and fished out a revolver. “Listen closer. There’s no rat that size.”
File: 1377338320896.jpg-(31 KB, 480x576, 29272-4.jpg)
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Audrey smiled. “You and your dear pop weren’t in New York long, were you? ‘Cause warehouses like his usually get—“
A black-gloved hand burst through the door with a great crack, sending splinters flying. The arm of the intruder was clad in red, and through the door’s shattered panel Audrey caught a glimpse of a white clay mask, with only shallow depressions indicating an abstract mouth and eyes.
A black-gloved hand burst through the door with a great crack, sending splinters flying. The arm of the intruder was clad in red, and through the door’s shattered panel Audrey caught a glimpse of a white clay mask, with only shallow depressions indicating an abstract mouth and eyes.
Audrey tossed her can, spoon and all, at the hand, eliciting a very ratlike squeak from the masked man (if it was a man at all). The arm withdrew just as Momoko got off a shot through the door’s hole, and a body fell against the door. Within a second, another masked face was peering through the hole.
Jane burst into the hallway, eager for an opportunity to rescue some helpless women. He leveled his shotgun at a pair of red-robed figures, with a third slumped against the door, and more surging up the stairs. At the head of the new arrivals was a tall man (or woman, he couldn’t tell) wearing a black mask of shiny metal with thick glass lenses over where the eyes should have been. Jane was just about to unload on this apparent leader, when that black mask’s metal mouthguard sprung open, and a bullet struck the doorframe next to him.
File: 1377338605271.jpg-(147 KB, 550x724, Shyguy_by_D_MAC.jpg)
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147 KB JPG

Man, shy guys are fucking terrifying.
File: 1377338890745.jpg-(111 KB, 600x775, Snifit_Colored_by_AmazingTrout.jpg)
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111 KB JPG
>>Whoops. Pasted in the same sentence twice.
Franz and Oyama, roused by the chaos, began grabbing up their bags. Jane already had his over his shoulder, and was rummaging in it for more shells when he stepped back into the room to dodge another blast from the black-masked man's bizarre gun-mouth.
"I reckon we'd better check out early," he said, leaning out into the hall again just long enough to get off another shot.
Momoko and Audrey had had a similar idea, and in the same instant Audrey was tying a pair of sheets together while Momoko took another shot through the door.
With the knot tied, Audrey threw the makeshift rope out the window and grabbed their bags, Momoko following soon after.
Once on the ground, they didn't have long to wait before Jane, Franz, and Oyama leapt straight from their room's window and landed on the muddy hotel lawn.
Above, the black-masked man looked down at them from the girls' window. He seemed to weigh his options, and his chances of getting a shot off at the escaping people, before he withdrew, and a great rush of running feet on stairs resounded throughout the building.
Reminded of some thing floating around about how SMB 3 was just a massive mafia war filled with sex drugs and 80s pop culture.
Funny as shit.
The five of them ran for the station, hoping to find shelter or an escape route there, but only succeeded in getting themselves lost. The town seemed to have shifted when they weren’t looking, and now the sleepy village had become a maze. And around every corner, there loomed a blank white mask on a red-robed body.
Outside a grocery, the five raised an assortment of guns and other scavenged things (Audrey had a pipe and Oyama a trash can lid as an improvised shield). On either side of the street, crowds of masked men closed in, a black mask for every fifteen or twenty white ones. As they drew closer, the hiss of metal on metal echoed from one black mask after another. The five cornered souls tensed for a volley, but just as one of the black masked heads reared back like a cobra about to strike, it and some half dozen other robed figures were struck by what could only have been an uprooted tree.
From a nearby rooftop, a huge ape beat its chest and howled a battle cry into the foggy night.
File: 1377339852836.png-(2 KB, 256x240, The Underground 1-2.png)
2 KB
The Don’Ki landed with a welcome crash on the street before ripping a support beam out of a nearby veranda and waving it at the now-panicking mob. He edged closer to the five humans and nodded their way before pointing with one massive finger towards a nearby manhole. “There,” he said, his voice calm in the heat of battle. “Can get to tunnel through there. Go.” And with that, he was off, leaping into a crowd of robed men and sending up a chorus of angry roars, pained wails, and sickening crunching noises as he swung his improvised club.
Audrey and Momoko looked at one another, over to the manhole, back to their friends, and then back to each other. They only took the time for another quick nod before all five scrambled for the metal disc and Jane pried it up from the street with his knife. They plunged into a dark and pungent sewer and hit the surprisingly dry floor of the tunnel running, eager to put any pursuers behind them.
File: 1377340366792.jpg-(21 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)
21 KB
>>And it was here that my players realized what they had got themselves into.
Yet still, at every turn, there seemed to be more foes. Each branching path in the sewer seemed to have more babbling robed men approaching from one direction, forcing the fleeing men and women to take detour after detour until they had no idea which way was which.
"This way," Momoko said, striding out ahead of the others. All of them followed, but Audrey asked why she sounded so sure it was the right path.
"I just...I can feel it." Momoko seemed to finger her pendant absentmindedly as she spoke, and she talked slowly, as if remembering something she had forgotten long ago.
She led them to a strange interruption in the tunnel wall. In fact, it was a large hole, leading off to what seemed to be more tunnels. These, however, were not of stone and earth, but of a strange and smooth metal that shone a dull green in the light of Oyama's flashlight.
"We're not going in there?" Jane said hopefully.
The sounds of shuffling feet and babbling voices began to sound from uncomfortably close.
"I don't think we're being given much choice," said Franz.
All five walked into the green tunnel. From there, none could say how far or how long their trek was. The tunnel seemed to be part of a great maze, and though they pressed on confidently, none could later remember the exact way back.
File: 1377341272045.jpg-(157 KB, 1131x707, realistic_super_mario_bro(...).jpg)
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157 KB JPG
Finally, the five emerged into a much more arid and less foggy climate than that which they had left. None of them felt especially tired, though the sun had risen and it was now late afternoon. Further, the town they had escaped from was nowhere in sight. Instead, they were in a mountainous region, with only scrub brush and boulders where there should have been dense forests.
“How long were we walking?” asked Audrey.
“And where”, said Momoko, still in a pink nightgown, “are we going to go now? We’re not exactly packed for a camping trip.”
Jane squinted out over the hillside for a long moment, then pointed out towards another hill. “There’s smoke over that-a-way. With luck, it’s gonna be somebody’s camp.”
Franz sighed. “We’re about overdue for some luck, but if it’s all the same to you I, for one, will keep my pistol ready.”
And they set off over a bizarre landscape towards what they hoped would be safety and an explanation for their removal from the climate zone they had been in only hours ago.
File: 1377341413745.jpg-(121 KB, 500x654, tumblr_l7prxcwpt41qzwtdlo1_500.jpg)
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121 KB JPG
And with that, I'm going to have to leave for some sleep. I'll try and be back tomorrow, in this thread or another. Pleasant night, patien/tg/ents.
File: 1377341956536.jpg-(11 KB, 182x182, Original_Nintendo_Seal_of(...).jpg)
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Now in Archived flavor: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26799728/
File: 1377370184279.jpg-(315 KB, 679x1000, 3a0cf3ccd115e5960668d6941(...).jpg)
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315 KB JPG
Hello. I'm Mister Blue Sky. You might know me for VeloCITY.

But did you also know I made (rather, salvaged) a Super Mario RPG system?

Check it out. I've even done a playtest before any everything.


So how was it?
File: 1377370698248.jpg-(330 KB, 692x630, 1209882139231.jpg)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
Before any everything?
I mean "before." The system is tested, yes.

The idea is that it's meant to feel like any actual Mario game: it's designed to be as blisteringly simple as possible, just as VeloCITY is meant to be fast and wild. There's also a lot of winging it in the system. Just make shit up as you go, and it's a lot of fun.

Pretty successful, and it helped address some issues that I've gone and fixed. The players were:
>Head Foreman Asplode: giant cigar-chomping Bob-omb construction foreman who has a habit of blow up any project he's on because his workers are lazy bums
>Goomusashi: a well-meaning but short-tempered Goomba ninja trying to gain publicity for his ninja order being a bunch of nice guys
>a giant Koopa Bowser-wannabe delinquent with a Chain Chomp pet, with aspirations to find his own princess to kidnap
>a stalwart Mushroom guard in fullplate
All the players were working on Asplode's construction crew on a project in the Toad Town Harbor. Hijinks and interaction ensued when Captain Syrup and her Black Sugar Pirates attacked. The party helped fend off the pirate raiders in short order, and Captain Syrup retreated to her ship (but not before Asplode blew up some lumber, lancing her escape boat clean through and forcing her to swim the rest of the way back).

It was very fun and lighthearted and was proof of concept that the system works.
Okay... I've been compiling a list of /tg/-related games based on vidya, and this is as good a place as any to dump it. Here's what I've got so far:

Super Mario RPG, as mentioned by >>26805978
Legend of Zelda RPG
Metal Slug System
Pokemon Tabletop System
Stalker: The Zone
F-Zero RPG
Zodiac: The Final Fantasy RPG
Siege Perilous: The Ultima RPG

Fight! The Fighting Game RPG
Diablo 2 for AD&D
EverQuest (White Wolf)
World of Warcraft (White Wolf, again)
City of Heroes (Eden Studios)
Dragon Age (Green Ronin)
Gears of War: The Board Game

Is there a PDF anywhere?
No, just the 1d4chan article. I haven't compiled anything into a PDF.
File: 1377370993953.jpg-(409 KB, 509x738, 2fb1e452a07e70ca50d366ab4(...).jpg)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
To note, the only real issue that came up to me was addressing multiple enemies in combat and how AoEs may affect them without handwaving arbitrations, as well as the overall strength of enemies. To solve it, I basically took the "engagements" system from Alshard and slapped its shorthand into SMRPG. I also elaborated on different types of enemies: grunts, rivals and bosses.

Have some Vivian.
Oh, I forgot >>26805930
There's several Final Fantasy RPGs. There's FFd6 and Final Fantasy Returns, among others.
Also, this site has fan-conversions of several video games, including Scribblenauts: http://savagepedia.wikispaces.com/Savage+Conversions
Oh yeah...
File: 1377372741464.jpg-(20 KB, 250x403, 1210040727615.jpg)
20 KB
I'm assuming people are reading over the rules or sumfin.
File: 1377372838756.jpg-(10 KB, 250x227, 1210040774722.jpg)
10 KB
File: 1377373272315.jpg-(75 KB, 540x480, d3b248a8df0aae7cd8aa71586(...).jpg)
75 KB

Hey, Mr. Blue Sky. I'm the guy working on Savage Worlds Mario upthread. I've read your game before, and I think it's pretty good. It's not exactly what I'm trying to do with my game--which is a Mario-inspired pulp adventure setting--but it's probably a truer Mario experience. Good work!
File: 1377373437148.png-(372 KB, 874x732, 1208901004174.png)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
That is the idea. It's not a deconstruction of the setting like other games. It revels in the themes and conventions of Mario. You're playing as the natives and having adventures like you'd see in other Mario games. I suppose that would make it a "truer" experience, if you want to put it that way.
Oh, and there have apparently been good board games based on Age of Empires III, Starcraft, Warcraft, Sid Meier's Civilisation and Doom, as well as a very promising board game version of Rampage on the horizon.
Speaking of board games based on vidya...

File: 1377380772520.jpg-(755 KB, 1020x1320, heroesofterra.jpg)
755 KB
755 KB JPG
Hey guys, here's the Savage Worlds setting I've been working on, inspired by Mario Brothers. Please remember that this is a version 1 release, so there are still a few errors and glitches in the text and layout. I'm waiting to do a full layout run if I get any art in, and I'll be cleaning up text errors too. So feel free to send me notes if there's anything you catch!

File: 1377383439200.png-(683 KB, 800x600, 3cbbc9bc451b9852fdfb7316d(...).png)
683 KB
683 KB PNG
File: 1377389392848.gif-(22 KB, 500x500, 1209350687115.gif)
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Did we mention there's a Golden Sun and Skies of Arcadia homebrews in the works?

GS: >>26809552

SoA: >>26803909

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