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File: 1378814475496.png-(706 KB, 1024x768, gespenstcombo.png)
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706 KB PNG
Previous Stage: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/27098492/#p27101307

Notes: (I'm making a sort of statsheet for each person after this, so you'll see how good they are in piloting shit, so you'll be able to effectively decide where to put whom (Yeah, you're the one who decides who pilots what))

Goddamit. This guy just wiped the floor with you. Struggle as you might, you cannot break free from his hold. You've got no choice, then.

"Fine...but I still say we have a go at each other after this...in mechs." You say.

"Hmph." Blue hair lets you go. "I'm glad you understand your situation." He signals to Akane's dad, and Akane's dad gives him some sort of paper. He reads it for a while.

You look around. Akane's looking nervous, and Ryo's shaking more than usual. That Takeshi guy's also looks a bit nervous, but that Miyako girl...she hasn't even shown a bit of emotion. Come to think of it, while you at least recognize Takeshi's face, you feel like you've NEVER seen this girl once.

Blue hair starts to speak. "Time to introduce myself. My name is Ingram Prisken....Major. Ingram Prisken." He hands over a few sheets of paper to Akane. "Give the others one each."

You reach for your paper, and have a look at it. Hmm, it's one of those information sheets that you have to fill up. You borrow a pen from Ryo, and started to fill it up.

After filling it up, you pass it to Ingram. Ingram reads it for a while, and starts smirking. You want to ask him what's funny, but you hold your tounge...He's an officer, even if you may not like it.

After everyone's given him the papers, he starts speaking. "You might want to ask, 'why me'? Well, I'm not gonna answer that. Not yet, anyway. Not until you've discovered for yourself why." He gives the paper to Akane's father, and continues. "You might not realize it yourself, but you are all special. It's my job to cultivate the powers hidden within you."

(comment too long)
"Unfortunately, your...number is a bit too much. Normally, you would have been given one mech each, but we're two short." Ingram notes. "So, has anyone have any experience in piloting? It may not be necessarily mechs."

Miyako raises her hand up without a word. Takeshi, after a while, raises his hand too. "I know how to operate heavy equipment, but I'm not too confident." Takeshi says.

"Well then," Ingram says, "That means Himura, Minami, and Anon gets to pilot mechs. We'll have an exercise later on. Miyako, Takeshi, come with me. Everyone else, stay here." They leave the room with Akane's father.

The silence in the room is palpable. You look at Ryo's sweaty face, and Akane's sad one. You want to speak up, but don't know what to say. Suddenly, Ryo speaks.

"Why the hell didn't you warn us, Akane?" Ryo's anger in his voice is obvious, "I might like mechs, dammit, but I don't want to go in a war!"

"H-huh?' Akane stammers, "I didn't...didn't have any idea about this!'

"Lies!" Ryo says.

What do you do?

[]Calm Ryo down, Akane doesn't seem to be lying
[]Join Ryo in blaming Akane.
[]Say nothing.
>[]Calm Ryo down, Akane doesn't seem to be lying

She may had kicked our ass but she is not the type who lie this. Maybe her father had kept it secret from her.
[X]Calm Ryo down, Akane doesn't seem to be lying
Even if she is it's our duty to defend the lady or viewers won't like us.

Yesss~ Caught it.
>"Cool it Ryo Akane doesn't seem to be lying, but her old man does have some explaining to do."
>[]Calm Ryo down, Akane doesn't seem to be lying
By the way guy how did they find out we were psycho-whatever and why would he ask her to bring her entire class if they just wanted us.
I think their getting desperate.
Entire school is a testing ground and our class came out first in tests, perhaps.
>Say nothing
You walk over to Ryo and give him a hard slap on the back of his head.

"O-ow! What was that for?" Ryo stammers.

"Idiot. Even if Akane may be a bitch at times ("Hey!"), I know one thing. Akane is our friend, and I know she won't lie to us about something like this. Isn't that right, Akane?" You turn to her.

"Y-Yeah. I'm just as surprised as both of you." She sighs heavily. " I can't believe my father kept this from me..."

You sit down, and rest your feet on the table. "There's no point in crying about it now."

Ryo is silent for a while. "I-I guess you're right. Sorry, Akane."


An hour later, Ingram returns with the other two, but Akane's father is not with them. "Alright, everyone, follow me."

You follow him outside, then ride a military truck.

You ask Takeshi and Miyako about what they did with Ingram.

"Well, he told me that I would be driving a tank. Me!" He wiped the sweat of his forehead. "I told him that I had no idea how to drive one, then he gave me an instruction manual...as if I could learn how to drive one just by reading it's manual! What am I, some sort of psychic?"

Miyako starts speaking, but it's her voice is so low you can hardly hear what she's saying. "Eh? Speak up!" You say.

"Ah...Mister...I mean, Major Ingram told me I would be piloting one of their jets...."

"Huh? Isn't that...a bit too much?" Akane asks.

"D-don't worry...I know how to handle one." Miyako answers.

That's weird. A high school student knowing how to pilot a damn jet? You want to ask, but it seems like you've already arrived at your destination.

Once your off the truck, Ingram once again asks you to follow him, and soon, you've arrived inside a hangar.

"Look at the white mechs. That's a Gespenst MK II test type, the ones you three would be piloting."

(Comment too long...again)

I think they had used the psycho detection that are disguised as metal detector. That is possibly why they could see if we posses special ability.

I think that the reason that the Akane's dad asked Akane to bring her whole classes is because they want to do it in secret and they REAL NEED more psychic pilot.

Our future mecha will maybe look like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxQG4d6DqWQ
in that last one, where the fuck does he get a punching bag the size of a mecha?
File: 1378818931245.jpg-(21 KB, 256x371, gespenst-tt-intro.jpg)
21 KB
At first, no one is moving, but soon you do.

"Let's get this over with." You grunt.

You get inside the cockpit. It feels strange, like somehow you've been in this kind of situation before. The controls are daunting, and you have no idea which does which. You start to sweat.

Soon enough, though, a voice fills the cockpit. "Everyone ready?" It's Ingram. "I'm activating the T-Link System. You're going to have a bit of a headache, but that's natural."

You ready yourself for this headache. You grip the controls hard, anticipating the pain, then...

It hits you like a truck. Damn, this is no ordinary headache! And 'gonna hurt a little' is a damn understatement.

But soon enough, it fades.

"Fuck man, that was some shit!" You complain.

"Yeah, that was painful." You hear Akane's voice. It looks like you can communicate between the two other mechs, cool.

"Right, go outside the hangar." Ingram tells you.

But you have no idea how! You about to say that, but realize that you DO know...for some reason, you now know how to pilot a mech.

"Don't be alarmed." Ingram, as if reading your thoughts, says, "That's part of the system. Now, go outside."

You pilot your mech outside. It's some sort of airfield, and there's some tanks there.

"As you might have guessed, your mission is to destroy those tanks." Ingram tells your team.

"Ms. Miyako and Mr. Takeshi won't be joining you, as we need to teach them. But as for you three, you'll be fighting here. Good luck. Oh, if you get any weird ideas, the Gespenst is equipped with a remote shut-down." The comm goes silent.

"H-hey, Anon...what do you think we should do?" Ryo's voice comes out from the comm.

[]Attack, attack, ATTACK!
[]Form some sort of plan first.
[]Ask Akane what to do.
>[]Attack, attack, ATTACK!
Let's play to character, folks.
>[]Attack, attack, ATTACK!
pick up tank A, use as club to destroy tanks b,c,d,e etc. once all other tanks destroyed, drop kick the tank we used as a club
[X]Form some kind of plan
[X]Attack, attack, ATTACK!
HOTBLOOD, no matter who insanely retarded it is OOC. I wanna see where this goes.

[] Form a plan

"I'm gonna punch the tanks with my fist. You fags hang back and watch me be awesome."
>[]Attack, attack, ATTACK!

Leeroy Jenkins!
File: 1378820369205.jpg-(246 KB, 1600x1236, 1364428833828.jpg)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
"Simple! We punch this puny shits till they start...I mean, stop working!" You push the throttle to maximum. "OOOOOOOORRYAH!"

You run towards the tanks. "Stop, Anon!" you hear Akane's voice from the comm, but you can't stop now, now that you're in the zone!

As soon as you reach the first tank, you position yourself for a punch.


You uppercut the tank, and the punch flips it over. However, the other tanks now aims at you.

[]Try to evade the incoming fire (Roll 1d100, Tricky, lower is better.)
[]Brace for impact!
[]Run like hell towards the next tank and attack!
Rolled 12

>[]Try to evade the incoming fire (Roll 1d100, Tricky, lower is better.)
Only one option.
File: 1378820490898.gif-(1.94 MB, 400x190, EVADE.gif)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
Rolled 27

>[]Try to evade the incoming fire (Roll 1d100, Tricky, lower is better.)

[] other

Use the flipped tank as a shield, let it absorb incoming fire, then toss it at the enemy.


that's good right? that means we evade like hell right?
File: 1378820824699.gif-(58 KB, 269x418, Coustwell.gif)
58 KB
I'm hoping like Coustwell personally, some Fist of the North Star action in here.
Rolled 88

If we get a themesong half that good, I'm happy
Stop rolling
I always forget to clear out my email field
You try to evade the incoming fire.

*boom, boom, boom* The tanks fire, and you try to evade like a man who try to evade a gunshot.

Fortunately, you were able to sucessfully evade the shots, however...

"T-That was live fire!" Ryo said. "I thought we were gonna use paint or something!"

He waits for an answer, but none comes.


As for you, you look around the cockpit for options. You see that you have a Laser Rifle and Beam Sword equipped. You also have Split
Missiles, a sort of , well, missile thing, and T-Link Rippers, but it appears you cannot use it yet.

"Right, let's blow this guys shit up!" You pull out the Laser Rifle and fire 4 shots at one of the tanks.

Only one hits, and fortunately, one is enough. There is an explosion where the tank once stood.

"Alright!" You shout.

Akane talks to Ryo. "Come on, pull yourself together! We can't let him handle this alone!" Her mech uses it's Laser Rifle and fires. Ryo's Gespent does the same.

The tanks are still aimed at you.

What do you do next?

[]Try to shoot down a few using your Laser Rifle
[]Switch to melee using your Beam Sword

(Roll 1d100 if you're going to use an attack.)
Rolled 78

>[]Switch to melee using your Beam Sword
Rolled 50


Charge into the tank and shot at the tank in point blank range. Then afterward we punching at it.
Rolled 70

>[]Switch to melee using your Beam Sword
Tanks have no swords, which mean we have the advantage!

Throw the wreckage of one tank at the others, then close in for point blank or melee while they're distracted/exploding.
Rolled 84


Forgot the 1.
Rolled 24

>Switching to sword
Real men settle thing up close and personal


You know what to do. Thrust pelvis forward, clench fists, MISSILES
Fuck forgot my dice
File: 1378823072197.gif-(2.27 MB, 314x159, STRAYA CUNT.gif)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB GIF
Rolled 82

Punch one and missle another
File: 1378823168074.png-(193 KB, 640x400, TG dice.png)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
>these rolls
>that Gif
>my sides just lost drift connection
I had one for cherno alpha too, but I can't fucking find it now
File: 1378823941180.gif-(1.88 MB, 313x159, cherno alpha.gif)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
"Alright, time to get up close and personal!" You pull out the Beam Sword, and boost towards the next tank.

"Take this!" You raise the sword and bring it down, trying to cut the tank horizontally.

...Unfortunately, still unused to the controls, you merely graze the tank, and while it's disabled, it's still operational.

The other tanks fires at you.

You grunt as the one of the shells hit your left arm. "Damn!" You blurt.

You examine the damage. Thankfully, your left arm is still operational, but it's damage, and one more hit like that could tear it off.

One of the monitors light up. [T-Link Rippers is now ready.]

One of the shots fired from Akane's Gespent hit's one tanks, and it goes boom.

Ryo's still not hitting any tanks.

The tanks focus are now divided, each one of the three remaining unharmed tanks taking on an opponent.

Your opponent tank is now aimed at you. There's still the disabled tank to worry about.

(Same options as before.)
Rolled 21


Sword the closest, T-link ripper the other.
Rolled 98

Finish off the disabled tank with the Beam Sword.
T-Link Ripper on anything else that's left.
File: 1378824647416.gif-(2.98 MB, 250x188, RIDERRR PAWNCH.gif)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB GIF
Rolled 41

File: 1378825618156.jpg-(17 KB, 476x286, Sanger_Zonvolt_3.jpg)
17 KB
Rolled 20


Use T-link ripper at the tank and then finish it off with a mighty overhead slash! Chesto!!!
I'm guessing
Takeshi Minami: R-1
Ryo Minami: R-2
Akane Himura: R-3
Miyako Yukimura: R-Gun
Anon: Huckebein/Alt Eisen
Anon: Gespenst Mk.II-S
Kai will take notice of our awesomeness and teach us himself.
File: 1378826150883.png-(61 KB, 327x174, Gespenst T-Link Ripper.png)
61 KB
"Let's clean up!" You order.

You stab the disabled tank, and it blows up, leaving just a fiery smudge on the pavement.

You activate the T-Link Ripper. Two whirling blades comes out from your mech's backpack. A sweat rolls down on your brow, as you focus to control the blades, and you home it in on the last tank.

Unfortunately, only one hits, but once again it only disables it. It aims at you, and you know you won't be able to evade in time.

"Crap!" You think.

However, a bright red beam coming from behind you hits the tank, and it goes kablooey. You look back, and see Akane's Gespent. Looks like she saved you.

Ryo's right arm is damaged, but it seems his enemy has been taken care of too.

Akane's voice comes out of the radio. "Anon, are you alright?"

[]"I'm fine."
[]"Thanks, Akane."
[]"I could have taken that guy out!"
Soulgain, become Axel Almer of this universe
When will we obtain a name if possible?
Well, I was just thinking of using Anon, but if you want a name, then you can give him one.
Rolled 96


>[]"I could have taken that guy out! But thank anyway..."

Let get little tsundere on her.

>Fun fact. Anon is actually a thai name that are used by both gender and it mean "No debt" in thai.
File: 1378826622234.jpg-(11 KB, 250x250, image.jpg)
11 KB
>Thanks Akane
> I'm fine
*mumbles to self*
I could have taken him out myself
>[]"Thanks, Akane."
>[]"I could have taken that guy out!"
Be polite to people in giant robots, even when you have your own
>I'm fine
>>This whole quest is retreading OG1 for the most part

I can't believe a QM is doing this again.
Fuck no, we're piloting a super. Give us the G2.
File: 1378829146766.jpg-(14 KB, 263x419, mina.jpg)
14 KB
"I'm fine..." You answer, and mumbling, you added, "but I could've taken that guy out anyway..."

"Heh..." You hear over the radio, "Well, I guess that's all of the tanks. Mission accomplished, I guess."

"Congratulations. You've done better than I expected. Now, return to the hangar and get out of your mechs, and report to me."

You do so, and soon, you three are standing in file in front of Maj. Ingram.

"You didn't do as bad as I expected. Good job. But I suggest you polish up on your teamwork, Mr. Anon. Your girlfriend won't be there to cover you everytime." He says with a smirk on his face.

You start to get angry, and Akane also starts to get red, but before any of you can speak...

"Heeey! Maj. Ingram!"

You look at the source of the shout. It's a woman, probably in her younger 20's, with green hair and a nice body. She waves at Ingram, and runs towards him. She's accompanied by a man probably in his older 20's, with short blond hair with blue eyes with a smile on his face. They're both wearing Federation uniforms.

Ingram greets the girl. "Hello, Mina. Where's Jayce?" He asks.

"Oh, Jayce isn't here. He's with Irm, delivering something to the Izu Base, I think." Mina answers.

The blonde guy speaks up. "My name is Captain Erich Brandt." He salutes. Ingram salutes back. "We were assigned in the Shirogane, and we stopped here to be resupplied."

"Oh?" Ingram raises his eyebrow at the mention of Shirogane. "Where is the Shirogane headed?"

"Antartica, Sir. They'll be heading peace talks there, I heard, and Shirogane's presence was requested." Erich answers.

"Hmm. Peace talks? With whom?" Ingram continues to ask.

"Well, sir...the colonies are the only ones we're at war at, so...." Brandt answers.

"Of course, of course." Ingram looks at you for a moment, then looks back at Erich. "Mind if these people join you, Captain?" He points towards the three of you.

"Huh? Well, for what purpose?" Erich asks.

H-has that been done before?

(Comment too long)
"Well, it's not much, but I want them to get accustomed to military life. And maybe pick up a few skills from Mina over here." Ingram says. "Oh, how was the MK.II exhibition?"

Miya smiles, "The mass production MK.II is incredible! It even had the Gespent Punch!" Then she pouts, "Though they called it the 'Jet Magnum' for some reason...Gespenst Punch was a perfectly good name!"

"I have to agree...well, on the 'mass production MK.II is awesome' bit, that is. It's better than the prototype, at least." Erich says.

"You were the pilot of the prototype of the Mass Production MK.II, right?" Ingram asks. Erich confirms with a very military "Yes sir."

"Well, how about it?" Ingram turns to you. "I'm letting you have the final answer here, Anon. Do you want to go to Antartica or not?"

[]Antartica is damn cold. Hell no!
[]I want to get away from this blue haired asshole as much as possible, so yes.
Don't worry about it. Shit's already changing, hell we have the F/Final guys showing up.


I mean what could go wrong seriously

Nobody's gonna invade there its just full of snow and penguins
Only if we can defect, join Shu and play with the Granzon.
>[]I want to get away from this blue haired asshole as much as possible, so yes.

Me no like him!
>Go to the land of the Ice and the Snow
If this is the timeline of F final, then it isn't shu there.
It is. In the classic timeline he does the same thing, it's just he eventually joins the party and at the end him and Masaki become friends.
I thought it was related to how peace negotiations were done before, but got fucked up from the Inspectors, or whatever their race is called.
>SRW OG Quest
ALL OF MY YES. Thank you, based Anon.

[X] I want to get away from this blue haired asshole as much as possible, so yes.

Fuck that asshole Ingram. Fuck him with Double Jet Magnums. And a Revolver Stake.
I will be watching this from the sidelines. As a /m/echhead I possess too much meta. That said...

[] Get us away from the blue haired person who inevitably double crosses us due to being shackled by a higher power.
You want to get away from this blue haired asshole as much as possible, but you can't say that, so you just say, "Yes."

Ingram smirks. "Very well then. Cap. Erich, I'll be leaving things to you, as I have some very important work to do. There's still two more of them in this base, so please wait for them to show up here. And oh, Anon," he smirks, "don't disappoint me."

It takes all of your constraint to not punch him right there. He walks away, and soon, he disappears from view.

"Well, welcome to the team, I guess," Erich smiles and presents his hand for a shake. You shake the hand. "My name is Major Erich Brandt, and I'll be your field commanding officer while on the Shirogane."

The green haired girl starts to speak. "My name is 2nd. Lt. Mina Likering! Maj. Ingram might look like an asshole at first, but he's got this good side on him!"

Later on, Miyako and Takeshi appear, and you head for the Shirogane.


The Shirogane is a flying battleship. That's pretty rad, you think to yourself. Erich gives you a tour of the facilities, and shows you to your rooms. Soon, the Shirogane leaves the military base, and looking out the window, you can see that your waaay up the ground.

You look around your room. There's nothing much in here. So this is a soldier's room, huh?
Looking at the window, you can see that it's getting dark out. What do you do?

[]Sleep. It's been hell of a day.
[]Go in the simulation rooms and do a bit of mech training!
[]Go to the deck.
[]Go knock on someone's door. (Specify who.)
He is still an asshole though.
>[]Go in the simulation rooms and do a bit of mech training!

We need to improve our skills and become less frustrated about that we lose fight against Ingram.
[]Go in the simulation rooms and do a bit of mech >training!

Learn the limits of the unit...and begin improvisation so that we can manual motion fight like Badass Normal Kai Kitamura.
We had to get our ass saved last time. It won't happen again!
hmm. Hard choice really.
We could start to improve our teamwork ethics by talking to our team-mates, but it really doesn't fit to Anon personality...Yet.

So simulator room it's.
Make sure we shout all of our attack names, I'm sure it gives us a bonus.
Use attack names from similar robot animes.
You walk to the simulation room. You look at the simulators, and looks like the simulator is already occupied. You peek inside. It's that girl, Miyako. Looks like she's already there. You wait for her to finish, but it looks like it'll take some time.

While your waiting, Ryo appears. "Ah, looks like the simulator is taken right now. Yo, Anon. Wild fight, huh? Never thought mech piloting would be so...hard, even if you did know how to pilot it."

"Meh, it's not that hard." You shrug.

Ryo sports a disappointing look. "Well, our enemies were just AI controlled tanks, so if we fight a bit more challenging enemies..."

"Hehehe," You assure Ryo. "Don't worry, pal. If there's trouble, I'll guard your back! And of course, I'll trust you to do the same!"

Ryo looks reassured. "Thanks..."

The simulator doors open. Looks like Miyako's finished.

"Hey, Miyako, I was wondering..." You start, but before you can finish, Miyako runs away, out from your view. "...how were you...aaaand she's gone."

"Looks like she was in a hurry..." Scratching his cheek, Ryo observes.

"Well, no matter! Time for simulations!" You announce.

You two take turns at the simulator.

[Anon and Ryo Piloting +1]
[Anon and Ryo Friendship -> Lvl. 1]

After a good bout, you head back to your room and sleep...


The next day...

When you wake up, you look out the room. It seems that you're already in the Antarctica, because there's snow everywhere.

Rubbing your eyes, you head towards the mess hall.

You look around.

"Hey, hey, anon-kun!" Akane waves towards you. She's with the others, and looks like she wants you to seat with them.

You start to go to them, but your eyes catch a glimpse of that Minako girl, eating alone.

What do you do?

[]Sit with Minako
[]Sit with the others.
[X]Sit with the others.
What's that chick to us?
[]Sit with the others, but move the group over to Miyako. Even if she's alone, she's still part of the newly formed "team."
Seconding this. Let the others in on the plan too, quietly.
Sorry, I was planning to write out just one more but I'm too sleepy. I'm just gonna get to sleep, and I'll make a thread tommorow. Not at the same time though, it'll be early. The same time, if not earlier than the first one.

Oh, to those who asked about twitter, I made one. I have no idea how to link it, though. It's @SRWOGQ, I guess. I really have no idea how to use this I'll post the stat sheets there. I'll be here just for a little while longer, so if you've got any questions, fire away.
Don't forget to archive.
At least this didn't almost turn into murderhobos like last time.
may meta-knowledge be the common sense check if /tg/ is on a BURN KILL DESTROY streak then...

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