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Previous Stage: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/27139054/


You decide to just sit with (most) of the group. You don't feel hungry, so you decide not to eat. Taking a seat next to Akane, you quietly stare at nothing as the others eat.

"What's wrong?" Akane, noticing your lack of appetite, looks worried. "You don't want to eat?"

You continue to stare at nothing. "Not hungry."

Akane frowns, but doesn't say anything, and goes back to eating.

Your eyes lock at that Miyako girl. You wonder why she's being distant, and why does, for some weird reason, she know how to pilot mechs. Could it be that she, in the past, was exposed to the T-LINK system?

"Hey! Can I seat here?" Your thoughts was disrupted by 2nd. Lt. Mina. You mindlessly blurt out "Sure." without looking at her.

Suddenly, your view is blocked by a Federation uniform. "Aren't you distracted?" It's Maj. Erich. He looks at your empty spot. "Hm? What's wrong, not eating?"

"I'm not hungry."

Erich frowned for a moment, but soon his goofy smile came back. "You know, eating for us soldiers is like reloading a gun." He gives you a piece of bread from his plate. "You should at least have a bite, so you'll have some energy later."

You take the offered food and blurt out a thank you.

"I've heard about how you people got 'recruited'. Pretty harsh, pulling you out of school like that." Erich starts forking his food. "At least you'll be given training. I know some folks that suddenly found themselves fighting for survival after living a life of comfort."

Mina thinks for a moment. "It's weird, though. Why just your class, and just your school?"

That's right, it was just your class that was on the 'field trip'. Akane doesn't know anything, so maybe her father does. You make a mental note of this.

"I'm worried about my mother...she's probably worried sick." Ryo, who has been mixing his soup with a spoon this entire time, speaks up. "I haven't called since this morning."
"Well, you can call here, but you'll need the captain's permission for that." Erich pauses for a moment, considering something. "Tell you what! How about I ask the captain's permission myself? She's pretty strict about this kind of stuff...well, about everything, actually, but I think I can persuade her."

"Really?" Ryo's face lights up.

"Sure thing! Can't have sad pilots piloting mechs now, can I? So, anyone else wants to call their parents or something?"

Takeshi speaks up. "My parents are probably worried too."

Erich looks at you.

[]You shake your head. Your parents have been dead for years, thanks to an accident years ago.
[]You shrug. Your parents disappeared a few years ago one day without any trace.
[]You go silent, as you remember that your parents were killed in the first days of the Space Colony conflict.

>[]You shrug. Your parents disappeared a few years ago one day without any trace.
>[x] You shrug. Your parents disappeared a few years ago one day without any trace.

yiu shrug. Your parents disappeared a few years ago one day without any trace.

Donät we have any sort of guardian or like that?
>[x] you shrug your parents disappeared a few years ago one day without any trace
Well. The most cliche anime thing (or in general, now that I think about it) is for the parents of the protagonist to have suffered an uncertain fate.

So they disappeared! Let's see if they become villains, y'know, for the cliche suffering it would cause. Since I'm in that kind of mood today.
inb4 mysterious milf shows up and we fuck our mom
You shrug. Your parents disappeared a few years ago, and you have no idea where they are. You've been supported financially by your uncle, though you live alone. You tell Maj. Erich that.

Erich frowns. "Oh. Sorry."

You shrug, and assure him that's it's okay. You stopped caring a long time ago. Wherever they are, you don't care. You don't tell him that, though.

He looks at Akane, but she nods, and tells him about his father. Erich looks mildly surprised, but doesn't comment.

Erich continues. "Well, I'll talk to the captain later after we eat." He goes back to eating, so does the others.

You eat the bread that Erich gave it to you. Bluh, it tastes bland. Guess that's military food for you.

A few hours later...

You were wandering around the Shirogane when you bump into Ryo. Apparently, Erich was calling him. Probably about the call he was talking about earlier in the mess hall. You go with Ryo to the hangar.

Erich is talking to a mechanic when you get there. He notices you and stops the mechanic from talking. "Hey there. I talked about the captain about the call, and thankfully, she agreed." He puts one of his hand inside a pocket and pulls out a paper, and hands it to Ryo. "Find that other guy who wanted to make a call, and give this to the comm room."

After taking the paper and thanking Erich, Ryo skeddadles. You try to skedaddle too, but Erich stops you.

"I've read the file Maj. Ingram gave me about you guys." He scratches his chin. "I've also checked out your Gespesnts. The controls are streamlined, but limiting, but even though it's easier, there's no way a unexperienced pilots like you guys, no offense, did as good as you did back there."

You shrug. "That's just how it is."

"Well, I was thinking, maybe there's some reason about that and that maybe you know why."

You mention the headache and Ingram mentioning the T-LINK system, but that's all you know.

(Also, whoops, I mixed up the previous post. Erich is Captain, not Major.)
File: 1379078864250.jpg-(25 KB, 302x237, Smoking Yotsuba.jpg)
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Mental note, beware the mysterious MILF's.

Also, since I just found this, which path we on. Never played SRW but I know there's two paths, Real Robot or Super Robot. So, which one we on? That'll be important in combat, need to know if I need brains or BURNING PASSION to pull through a tight spot.
File: 1379079353845.jpg-(21 KB, 359x400, jaohm.jpg)
21 KB
"Well, I was just worried about you guys. Maybe they were experimenting on you or something." He shrugs. After thinking for a while, he opens his mouth to say something, but...

An alarm suddenly blares, and red lights are dancing through the hangar. A mechanic approaches Erich and tells them that the captain is asking for him. He rushes hurriedly to some sort of phone, and picks it up.

"What's wrong, captain?"

A few moments of silence.

"Huh? Really? But..." He pauses, as if he was stopped. After a while, he talks again.

"Well, that's true. I'll sortie in a jet, and try to intercept it." Another moments of silence.

"But, if we all sortie..."

Suddenly, another alarm blares. This time, it sounds different.

"What!" Erich suddenly shouts, surprised. "Right, right. Mina and I will sortie." Another pause. "Hm. How about Anon sorties too, in that case?.......Huh? Alright, fine."

Erich puts down the phone, and turns to you. "Looks like it's just the two of us. Get on your Gespenst, it's just the two of us that'll sortie this time."

You head to your Gespenst.

"Anon, launching!"


You look around. "There's nothing but damn snow here." You look behind you, and see a MP Gespenst launching from the Shirogane.

Erich voice comes out the comm. "Well, I'll try to make this quick. We've picked up a unknown mech a few minutes ago. Afterwards, MORE unknown mechs showed up where the first unknown mech was. I don't know who they are, but we can't put the Shirogane in danger. We'll have to check it out ourselves."

The two of you boost towards where the unknown mech was.


When you reach the site, fighting has already begun. It looks like the first unknown mech wasn't friendly towards the second group.

"Hey! EFA forces here. What's going on?" Erich
contacts the mechs. "No response. Damn. Looks like we're going in. But...who do we help?"

You look at the mechs. The lone fighter's mech looks like this....
File: 1379079487521.jpg-(22 KB, 336x397, lion-03.jpg)
22 KB
...while it's enemies looks like this.

"Any ideas, Anon?" Erich asks you.
(Whoops, forgot question)
[]Support the lone fighter
[]Support the other mechs
>[X] Support lone mech

We've been in enough fights to know getting between two sides is a bad idea. Let them duke it out, then see if we need to mop up the rest.

Support lone mech
File: 1379080806652.png-(105 KB, 994x632, Battlefield.png)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
"Well, I don't like ganging up on lone people." You say.

"Heh. True. So let's do the honorable thing, then!"

You two charge towards the battle field.

"I'll take the right one, you'll take the left one." Erich orders. You check your weapons. Your loadout hasn't changed, and you still got your saber and beam rifle. T-LINK ripper isn't ready. Of course, you can still punch people.

>What do you do?
(If you're gonna attack, roll 1d100)w
Rolled 61


Close the distance, punch the nearest one, ready the rifle to shoot the next one.
Rolled 24

We should try and take out the two cloesest to us first. Hopefuly we can take both before they compensate for us.

Try to cripple not kill if possible. We don't know whos side either on, so we don't need this biting our ass later
Rolled 30


Shoot with beam rifle, while closing in
Is low good or bad?
Then it seems we're about to be the can opener, opening the cans our cowardly enemies are piloting.
File: 1379082947266.png-(89 KB, 994x632, Battlefield.png)
89 KB
You activate your boosters and ready your rifle, shooting at one of the mechs. A voice at the back of your head tells you to not kill them, and you keep note of that. Maybe.

One of the lasers hit the mech and damages it. You then jump, and kick the mech, sending it flying. Fortunately (or unfortunately, you decide), it doesn't explode.

One of the enemy mechs notices you, and turns toward you. You shot it, but it evades.

After a while, a voice comes from the open frequency channel.

"You! In the white Gespenst! Do you know Kenzo Himura!"

That's the name of Akane's father! It appears to be from the one of the enemy mechs.

[]Attack it without saying a word. (Roll 1d100 low is bad)
[]Custom? (Attacking is 1d100)
Rolled 99

[X]Attack it without saying a word. (Roll 1d100 low is bad)
Talking is for after the battle.
Rolled 34

Shoot it in the kneecaps.
"Maybe I do. Maybe I don't. What's it to ya?"
You aim, and fire a few shots at the mech.

You hit him, but it's just a graze.


Man, this guy is noisy. You fire a few shots again.

One hits one of his bladed feet things. He starts to wobble.


Another voice comes out from the comm.

"We should really be leaving. They've already disabled one of the Lions."


"Alright. I'll be back for you, white Gespenst! This won't be the last time!"

He and the other mechs turns to leave, and you try to chase him. However, it's too fast, and soon it's out of your sight.

"Don't lower your guard yet. There's still that other mech." Erich says.

He's right. You face the mech.

Erich opens a comm to the mech. "Right. Now, we helped you. Be nice and talk to us!"

After a palpable silence, you finally hear a voice.

"Thank you for helping me...but I cannot stay here. I need to find my brother!" An unmistakably female voice comes out. Her mech turns away, and damn, it's even faster than those previous mechs.

"Damn. Let's go check out that disabled mech."

"Why can't we just bring it aboard the Shirogane?" You ask Erich.

"We can't. It's an unknown, so we can't take any risks. We check it first, then we take it to Shirogane."

You land, and get off your mech. Damn, you forgot for a second that you're in Antartica. It's cold!

"Careful now." Erich already got off his mech. He holds two pistols, and tosses you one of them. "You know how to handle a gun?"

You shake your head no.

"Well, that's expected. Just hold it menacingly, and look pissed off." Erich suggests.

You approach the wrecked mech...

Soon enough, you find the cockpit, and forcefully open it.

A man wearing a red pilot suit...well, at least you think it's a man, seemingly unconscious. You approach him...

A punch as fast as lightning sends you tumbling down.
"Fuck!" You roll around in the snow, and stand up.

"Hey! Easy now!" Erich aims the gun at the red man. "Don't move. We're not gonna hurt you."

The man raises two of his hands.

"Alright. Get out." Erich orders.

The man jumped out of the mech. He is still keeping his hands up the air.

Erich jumps down too, still aimed at the man. "Right. Anon, take your gun." Looks like you dropped your gun when you got punched. You walk towards the gun.

The man takes his chance, and tries to kick the gun out of Erich's hand. He succeeds, and Erich's gun is sent flying. Then, the man in red attacks Erich with a single attack, a punch to the stomach.

As he punched his stomach, you could have sworn that you heard the man was saying what sounded like a martial arts technique name. What a dweeb.

[]Get your gun and try to get it to figure out how to fire one, and use it like a coward.
[]Face the man in red in a fistfight LIKE A MAN
>Fight like a MAN

Fight like a man of course
There is only one right answer here.
(Forgot to say, roll 1d100, low is good. Sorry.)
Rolled 59


Face, meet fist. Fist, face.
Rolled 26


I hope for 1
Rolled 87

Rollin for fisticuffs
Rolled 96

someone needs to clock this guy bad.
>fistfight LIKE A MAN
or kick him in the balls
Rolled 92

File: 1379087461260.png-(200 KB, 617x360, 1375655214505.png)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
Rolled 55

(Nice rolls.)

If it's a fistfight this guy wants, it's a fistfight he'll get!

"OOOOORYA!" You shout, while charging towards the guy, fists ready.


An uppercut sears the air, landing squarely on your jaw. You fly towards the air, and land on your back. Fuck, this guy just shoryuken'd your ass to the milky way.

No time to think, though, as soon enough the guy continues his assault. He raises his feet on the air, and brings it down to your face. Fortunately, you rolled out of the way. You stand up...


Only to be greeted by a punch to the stomach. If this was an anime, you would've coughed blood from this attack.

Clutching your stomach, you kneel down.

The guy walks towards you, and soon, she's just in front of you. You look up, and the sun's rays shine on his head.

You're about to say something, but a single single shot soars through the air, hitting her shoulder.

"Shouldn't have forgotten about me." Erich says, with a smoking gun on his hand.
"Don't move. I MEAN it this time." Erich fires a shot, and it hits the ground near the female pilot's feet. She doesn't raise her hands this time, but she isn't moving.

You stand up, clutching your jaw. GodDAMN that hurts.

"Man, you're one tough cookie." Erich turns his head towards you. "Do you have any rope in your cockpit? We need to tie this guy up."

"Why the hell would I have rope in my cockpit?"

"Well, sorry, you just look like you have one." Eric shrugs.

"Let's just hit him in the head really hard." You suggest.

"I don't think it works like that..." Erich pauses.

[]Insist with the 'knock him out' idea
[]"Let's just call Shirogane over."

I bet we have gaffa tape in the mech. Tie her (him? Is it a trap or something) up with that.
It's a slip. She's no female, son, no female.
"look I am more than willing to try till it works"
lets just call shirogane over. It shouldn't take long.
Was that enemy pilot male or female? I got confused since you refer it as her or guy.
Finally, I seriously think we need to brush our martial arts skilss, we have been beaten far too many times for fight happy guy
We didn't call our attacks, he did so he had a sheer numerical advantage.
File: 1379089802399.png-(8 KB, 100x100, Ushu Rikawsha.png)
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>Erich fires a shot, and it hits the ground near the female pilot's feet. She doesn't raise her hands this time, but she isn't moving.

that's what I get for not proofreading when I edit
If we meet Major Kai, request training
We just got our asses kicked by Super Robot Girl Shu?
She's not femshu, that comes later. Just kidding, Shuu is completely himself here.Or is he?
I for one welcome glorius reign of trolling by super robot girl shu
File: 1379091999675.jpg-(8 KB, 99x98, ss (2013-09-14 at 10.05.48).jpg)
8 KB
"Look, I'm more than willing to try till it works."

"You do know that the Geneva Convention is still effective, right?"

"Still willing."

"Unfortunately, I'm the higher ranking officer here." Erich pauses, and sighs. "Just contact Shirogane to pick us up."

"Whatever." You head towards your mech to radio to Shirogane.


"Man, what a fight." Erich says as he steps out of the captain's room. "Well, we're still heading to the Antartic base after all that, after all." He puts his hand in his pockets. "You're not half bad in mechs, kid."

"What about the enemy pilot?" You ask.

"Oh, about that...she's a girl." He lowers his voice. "I didn't say we got our asses kicked, though, so don't worry about that." He walks away, but stops. "How about you go with me? I'm going to interrogate her." You follow Erich.

The room only had a table and a chair, and the female pilot is tied on it. She sports short black hair, golden eyes. She looks Asian, but you're not really sure about these things. Also, she's utterly and completely flat, so that explains why you confused her as a man at first.

"Man, just like in the movies." Erich whispers to you. He approaches the table and slams his hand on it. "We can do this two ways. The hard way, and the easy way."

She closes her eyes, and keeps silent.

"Can we use torture?" You ask.

"No, dammit."

"Fine. Let's just do this the hard way.'

"You. You're the pilot of that White Gespenst?" She suddenly speaks.

"You have bested me in mech combat. I will honor my defeat, and I will answer your question, but I'll only answer one."

Erich leans and whispers, "Oh, she one of THOSE types. Besides, doesn't kicking our asses in hand-to-hand combat kinda cancels that out?"

"Shh, be quiet, she said she'll answer."

"Well, I wont argue with that. Just make the question count."
What do you ask?

[]"Who are you?"
[]"What the hell was that first mech?"
[]"Who do you work for?"

"Fight me again, in hand-to-hand combat. If I win, you'll answer any questions I have. If I lose, we'll let you go."
Anon, I don't think she is that stupid. Since IC we don't know a damn thing we should as who does she work for
>[]"Who do you work for?"
I like this. I don't know if it will work, but it's worth the chance.

If it don't, then
>who do you work for?
>what was that first mech?
whats your interest in that ass Kenzo Himura!"


Shit, did we capture Mako Mori?

Start by asking her about her employers. Then, ask her for a fight. Shit, we need to learn her MOVES. If we don't shout them out like she does, we'll be unstoppable.
>Shouting moves makes them stronger
Seconding this.

We're a hot blooded Super Pilot. Shouting Moves makes them stronger.
This! That one guy was crazy for him back there
That was a different ass.
>Who you working for?
File: 1379095463283.jpg-(95 KB, 1024x600, Can't deal Takeru.jpg)
95 KB

Is he talking about who I think he's talking about? Because those fucking aliens are in need of a good ass woopin'!
We're violent not hot blooded.
The Shirogane is a battleship.
File: 1379095658557.png-(52 KB, 192x209, captain asshat.png)
52 KB
And in command is a certain smug asshole
Ok good. Was afraid we were heading for suffering central for a moment there. Seriously, that setting is practically made of suffering.
It should still be piloted by Daitetsu. He haven't even encountered Aegogators yet.

what am i smoking right now?
Oh yeah, forgot about that, it's been a while since I played OG1.
(Just a little something I made -http://pastebin.com/6Q4GJdQ3)

"One of the guys the guys there that contacted me. He screamed something about Kenzo Himura. What's that all about?" You ask.

Her eyes widen, and surprise is written all over her face. "That's.." She looked like she's conflicted. "...fine. I made an promise, and I'll honor it."
"That man was my squad leader. What he wants from Kenzo Himura...is revenge."

Silence fills the room.

"Did you know about the Vanishing Trooper incident?"

You shrug, you don't have a clue.

Erich speaks up. "I know that. They were conducting tests for the Huckebein...the engine went berserk..." He paused, and closed his eyes, as if remembering something painful. "...The only thing that was left was a huge crater where the testing facility was.

...There were no survivors."

"Yes." The girl looks at you. Your eyes meet. Her golden eyes was filled with seriousness. "The test pilot of the Huckbein that time," "she was someone that my squad leader used to know. And he blames Kenzo Himura. That's all I know about that. As for why, I don't know."

Erich sighs. "That's nice to know." He turns to you. "You shoulder asked about who she worked for, you know." You shrug. Erich frowns, but after a while he smiles. "Oh well. It's not like she'll escape or anything." He pauses. He knocks on the table three times.

You try to ask her further questions, but it's futile as she completely ignores you. Soon, you give up. Erich stays behind, and you leave the room.

You have free time. What do you do?
Whoops. Forgot trip.
Anyone up for somemore VR training time? After that ass kicking we got, we need some stress relief
>you shoulder asked about
what the fuck
I swore i type this right

VR Training I suppose. Thought learning to use gun or improve our martial arts wouldn't be bad choice either
Thirding for training, specifically Martial Arts if possible
Training. Training is always good. Boosts stats. Increases odds of survival.
>"The test pilot of the Huckbein that time," "she was someone that my squad leader used to know. And he blames Kenzo Himura. That's all I know about that. As for why, I don't know."
Oh, Ho. Shit be changin'. Because as far as the OG timeline, Rai was the one who tested the Huckbine.
You head down towards the simulation room again.

...And again it's occupied.

You take a peek again. It's not Minako this time, it's Akane. You sit down on a chair nearby and wait.

After a while, she's done training. She steps out of the simulator, and sported a suprised face when she saw you.

You raise your hand. "Hey, Akane."

"Oh, you're okay!" She looked relieved, then made an upset face. "Man, why did you sortie out on your own?"

"I was ordered to, actually. It wasn't my decision."

"Hmph." She turns her head away, avoiding your gaze. "Well...I'm glad you're not hurt. Why were you sortied out, though?"

"Some fools were fighting nearby. Kicked their asses." You then rub the bruises you received from that pilot. "It wasn't much really, though."

"Oh, you're here for training, right?" She steps out of your way. "Don't let me hold you up, then."
You step on the simulator.
Looks like they've got new data over here.
Remembering your recent defeat, you decide to focus on melee training...but this is a mech simulator. Maybe if you meet a kung-fu guy or something, you can ask to be trained. Oh well.

[Gained exp for Piloting]

When you step out of the simulator, you find the team waiting for you.

Akane talks. "So, how was the training?"

You shrug, "Meh."

Ryo looks at the outside the room, and speaks. "Looks like we've reach wherever we're trying to reach now." Ryo looks back at you. "Erich wants us all to sortie in our Gespensts." He looks at Miyako. "...Well, those who has Gespensts."

Takeshi, feeling left out, speaks up. "Hey, hey! What about me! I don't have a Gespenst!"

"Well, you said you can ride a tank, can you?"

"Well yes, but hell, I won't! There's that extra MP Gespenst, right? Why don't you pilot it instead of the Test Type unit, and leave that to me!"

Akane scratches her chin. "Well, I suppose that'll put the extra MP MK. II in good use, but...we don't make the shots here."
And the other thing,
>...There were no survivors."
There were three survivors before, in the main universe anyways.

... Oh fuck does this mean we're in the Shadow Mirror universe? There were no survivors of the Vanishing Trooper incient there. Or maybe a different universe?
>Or maybe a different universe?

It might be best to assume this is the case.
>Melee: 0
>Shooting: 3
>Maneuver: 3

Daymn gurl
We should try to get Takeshi in an actual mech at some point, since he sucks ass at shooting and will basically be useless in a tank.
Why not let him borrow the test type and we'll use the MP Gespy.
The MP Gespy has the Jet Magnum instead of the T-Link Rippers, but yeah we're good at melee too so that'd work.

That's assuming our commanding officers allow it anyways.
Let's go ask then. Claim it'll get another mech on the field and allow another pilot to gain experience, and this is in no way influenced by our desire to run around punching shit while screaming "GESPENST PUNCH!"
Sounds like a plan to me. Especially that last part.
File: 1379099866710.gif-(2 KB, 109x77, fuleh.gif)
2 KB
"But I do!" As if on cue, Erich appears.

"W-were you spying on us or something?" You ask.

"Nah, I was just passing by. I WAS gonna ask Mina about something, but that can wait." Erich takes out a piece of paper, and gives it to you. "Take this to the mechanic that takes care of the MP Gespenst. He'll let you ride it." He gives it to you. "Anyways, I've got to run." He leaves.

Akane scratched her head. "That was...extremely convenient."

Looks like you're piloting the MP MK.II now.


You sortie, and get into position, as Erich instructed. You look from the inside of your mechs. There's lot of soldiers running around doing stuff. Looks like there's something big happening today.

"Heads up." Erich's voice comes out from the radio. "Looks like they're here...our guests."

A strange thing appears from the heavens. It's a drill shaped...something. If you were to guess, you'd say it's a battleship.

The "battleship" lands on the base. It opens up, and you see a figure coming out. They enter one of the buildings.

"What IS that?" Mina asks. "I've never knew that the UCC made such a weird battleship!"

"I'm not really sure that's from the UCC..." Erich says.

Then, apart of the road in the base opens...
Well, I plan to do things (very) differently, and the OG1/SRW2/F/Final things are just there as a base. Besides, the Shadow Mirror thing was done before. )
So is this quest only OG characters? Or will you be bringing in other franchises?
Only Original Gangstas here m8
Well I'm interested to see where it goes, I was considering making a SRW Quest but you beat me to the punch
Along with whoever OP makes up of course, like Anon and the gang.
(Cue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3HcfmPAxCY)

A strange mech is being lifted from underground. Your eyes widen when you see it. It looks strange...yet you feel like you've seen this before.

"Wh-what the hell is that?" You ask.

Erich takes a good look at it. "That's...the Granzon, I think. I didn't know they actually built it."

"Granzon..." You find yourself saying...

(Bluh. I'm done for the day. I'll probably be on tommorow, in a bit more earlier time, probably GMT 00 8 AM or earlier. Or not. I'm not sure.)
File: 1379100298252.gif-(195 KB, 400x225, beaker panic.gif)
195 KB
195 KB GIF
K, see you tommorow
File: 1379100601795.jpg-(7 KB, 298x169, 89707890.jpg)
7 KB


Otherwise, I would suggest this:

>OP lets me make a second character to join the party


>avoid death while saving Simon, bang Yoko
File: 1379100656898.gif-(2.94 MB, 390x391, kaiju stare.gif)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB GIF
Does that mean characters that have appeared in OG games, or any characters in a SRW that don't belong to a series? Y'know, like Touya or Calvina from J, Crowe Brust from Z2 and so on...

What about Nia?
File: 1379100953994.jpg-(8 KB, 298x169, 5464567867.jpg)
8 KB

Kamina doesn't seem the type to steal a bro's woman.
Pilots? Maaaaaybe.
Mechs? Definitely.
Maybe if there ever was a GL quest (Was there?)
File: 1379101060646.jpg-(22 KB, 481x355, 1264384683140.jpg)
22 KB
File: 1379101119708.png-(774 KB, 1500x1200, valzacard.png)
774 KB
774 KB PNG
Welp, I know what Mech we need to try to get our hands on, Valcazard up in this motherfucker
Failing that, Gunleon or Granteed is fine too
File: 1379101153416.jpg-(11 KB, 251x201, 34545675688.jpg)
11 KB

Are you man enough?
File: 1379101343808.jpg-(691 KB, 1280x1024, 7978790890890.jpg)
691 KB
691 KB JPG


He's not. Kamina is a bro on the broskander tier. Honestly, he was the best fucking part of that show. A real man, a real bro! Who would never steal another bro's woman. Now if the man was a little bitch who mistreated her...

There was a quest last year where /tg/ made Kamina as their character and played him using FATAL as their system.
someone remember to archive this?
How about no?
Included both versions of quest names, so OP should decide which one to stick with.

I remember that. They chose Kamina only as a base for their character, for the lulz cause they were playing such a bad system. It wasn't about robots at all, it was about... well... things that were rather horrifying and most likely /d/ related.

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