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File: 1379211224455.jpg-(7 KB, 250x216, HnG 235554.jpg)
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"It's my first time, please be gentle."
>archive.foolz HERE
You decide to talk to Susan, she needs to hear about this, maybe help you figure out how to deal with this.
You found her, waiting for you, in the den.
"I heard from Kraus." she says as you walked in.
"I... I don't know what to do. Was that really me?"
"It is if that's what you want it to be." she answers cryptically.
"I... I don't want to turn out like him."
"You won't. I'm sure you won't."
"I... I just couldn't control myself. I... I don't know what to do now."
"Are you scared?"
"Then remember that feeling. Use it to make yourself stronger."
She stands up, pulls you in for a hug and says, "If that still doesn't work, come to us for help."

That afternoon's classes were comprised of the Dude telling you about the DEAVA organization, a bureau partner from the AQU dimension.
"Giant fucking robots. Great shit. The combination sequence has some nice side effects."

After class, you and the girls swing by Medical to pick up the kids from the Doctor's box.
There, he meets you at the door, looking all sorts of serious.
"Got time to talk?"

[ ]How bad is it?
[ ]What's going on?
[ ]I don't have time for this
>[ ]How bad is it?
File: 1379211504409.png-(236 KB, 640x480, 1282918451499.png)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>[x]How bad is it?
>Serious Doctor
>Serious Eleven
"You're scaring me Doctor; you're almost never serious, and when you are, something has gone horribly pear-shaped."
>[ ]How bad is it?

I only vaguely remember what we were doing.
I was never sure what we were doing.
Since we're back in our original timeline, last I remember is:
1. Rafale and Alice from the future have come back; they were quarantined and under testing by the Doctor because Rafale's Device is not of Bureau design, and the Director checked with her parallel versions and found that they're not from our timeline's future.
2. Training exercise in the morning with trainer Power Rings. We got Orange/Greed, and we started to go a little out of control. Ended up almost going too far with Yuki before we were able to snap out of it.
Talked with Guy Gardner and Susan about it. Trainer Orange Power Ring has been made to self-destruct. Basically told that the Ring didn't put anything into us that wasn't already there.
File: 1379212773119.jpg-(31 KB, 460x276, Doctor-Who-007.jpg)
31 KB
"How bad is it sir?" you ask, not liking the expression he had on his face.
"Well, you know what happens when you get shot for realsies?"
"Yes sir." of course you know, that's not a experience one would forget, but that's a story for another time, "What about it?"
"Well, think of the kids as bullets. and the barrier between timelines as skin." he explains, "right now, the timeline they were from, and this, your timeline, are bleeding out into each other."
"Is it serious?"
"To be honest, very."

[ ]can you do anything about it?
[ ]can we do anything about it?
[ ]what about the kids?
[x]can you do anything about it?
[x]what about the kids?
Leave timeline repair to the professionals (we're still in training).
"What about the kids?"

With a side of "Can you do anything about it?"
>[x]what about the kids?
"Won't someone please think about my children!"
File: 1379214507274.jpg-(20 KB, 275x260, asdad45sssssdss.jpg)
20 KB
"What about the kids?" you ask, concerned about your children from an alternate future.
"They're fine, I've done some temporal thingymajiggerisms on them to stabilize their temporal energy, so they're not in any immediate danger."
"That's good I guess." you don't understand much of what he said, but you appreciate it.
"As for that boy, he won't tell us where he got that Device of his. So I'll be keeping it in stasis here instead of giving it back."
"I see. So Doctor, what are you gonna do about the bleeding timelines?"
"Well, about that..."

*Roll 1d100*
[I will be using the 3rd roll]
Rolled 35

Oh god, we're so doomed!
File: 1379214773994.jpg-(347 KB, 1536x1057, The Doctors Who.jpg)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Rolled 68

>"Well, about that..."
Is he going to bring in help?
Is he going to be unhappy about it?
Rolled 74

Rolled 59

I guess a 74 is alright.
i can live with that
File: 1379216286210.jpg-(44 KB, 300x250, 050911_doctor_who_11th_do(...).jpg)
44 KB
"We're working on it." he tells you.
"Can I help in any way?" you offer, feeling a little guilty that you were, by some accounts, responsible for this.
"I've already called in some back-up. We have it covered."
"If there's anything I could do to help..."
"We'll call you, rest assured." He answers as he leads you inside.

[ ]Talk to kids
[ ]Talk to River
[ ]Talk to Doctor
[x]Talk to River
[x]Talk to kids
"Ms. River, anything we should know about them, or special treatment they might need?
"You kids weren't too bored with the testing, were you?"

I'm sure that there's a question or two we should ask the Doctor, but I can't think of them now.
>[ ]Talk to kids
ah well because lack of peeps who vote
this thread really is dead innit?
File: 1379217898434.gif-(19 KB, 200x200, 200px-Cha_atan.gif)
19 KB
You make your way deeper into the box, after soem directions from the Doctor, and find the kids in what appears to be a living room taken out of a house from the early 30's.
There, sitting on the sofa, were Alice and Rafale.
They were watching some kind of musical on the black and white tv and seemed quite comfortable while doing so.

Alice notices as you walk into the room and bounces up to you with a hug.
"Hello Alice. How are you?"
"We're okay. The tests got weird near the end but it's all-right."
"I see..."

[ ]ready to go home?
[ ]Hows Rafale
>[x]Hows Rafale
>[x]ready to go home?

Dammit, NOW I remember what we should have asked the Doctor; how do we return the kids back to their own future timeline?
The us in their future must be going nuts trying to find a way to get them back.

ask them how their stay in our universe/time period was. or so
Actually, add [x]OTHER: Ask the Doctor how the kids are supposed to be returned to their timeline in the future.
Do we want to return them?
It'd get kind of weird for Future-Alice and Present-Alice to be in the same timeframe at the same time.
Also they're from another timeline, and the us and family from their home timeline probably miss them a lot.
[x]Ask Rafale how he's doing
[x]How's Rafale?
File: 1379219929525.jpg-(393 KB, 1034x1530, 7f973f0d5c23de286e3972be6(...).jpg)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
"How's Rafale?" You ask in a whisper.
"He's okay..." she refuses to meet your eyes when she answered
"Yes." there was a strained look on her face as she said that
"You two... Is there something you aren't telling us?"
"Alice..." you look her straight in the eyes, imploring her to tell you.
"Papa.. please.. we'll... we'll tell you when we're ready... Okay?" She pleads.

As you went home with the two, walking across the Bureau instead of directly porting back, you took the time to Mentillate the Doctor.
'Sir, I was wondering, how will we send these two back?'
'Ah. That. And here I was thinking you were gonna keep them.'
'No sir. I'm sure the family they left in that other timeline are missing them.'
'Of course. Anyway, we'll just push them through the hole they left in the barrier between this timeline and theirs, after that, we seal the hole and everything should be okay.'
'And when can you do that Doctor?'
'As soon as we figure out a safe way of sealing the hole, we can begin preparations for sending them back.'
'thank you sir.' you say as you cut off the connection.

That night after dinner, with big Alice and Hinagiku handling the clean-up, you are left to your own devices.

[ ] Go to __________
[ ] Talk to ________
[ ] Do __________
[x] Do a familiar check. See how our friends are doing.
It's uh...good to see everyone back...
>[x] Do a check in with the Staff
Let the Familiars know about Future-Alice and Future-Rafale, that they are to be treated as our daughter and son until such time as they can be safely returned to their time.

[x] Talk to Mio
Did Erica and Mio finally convince Gertrude to move in? Will we need to prepare a new room for her?

Is your luck with rolls still the same?
There have not been enough cases yet to say one way or another. And I'm probably also going to stop using the trip; if there's going to be this little participation, it's just going to be ridiculous if most of the responses are obviously mine.

Oh, right, Erica.
She's still probably pissed off at us about our potato prank we pulled on her.
We should prepare for a retaliatory prank.
Or make sure we have plenty of lube.

Probably both.
File: 1379221882901.jpg-(6 KB, 224x168, 30506_48376.jpg)
6 KB
'Guys. Can you please come meet me in the garden?.' you mentillate your familiars, as you
head out of the house.

You found Lo, your panda familiar on the rear porch, waiting for you.
"Everyone head here now. Please to be waiting little." He says with a tip of his hat.

J followed you out of the house with Ted, while Dan and Raul walk around from the front of the house, and flying up the tower were the manatees Paul and Ferdinand.

"Gut evening mein Hayate!" Ferdinand greets you as he floats over the low wall surrounding the garden "Vat can we do for you on a nice evening like this?"

You wait for everyone to gather around you in a circle before answering,
"Well guys, it's like this..."

Also, do you want to ask them anything?
"We're in a bit of a sticky situation. Without revealing too much, suffice to say that we have two guests with us who, as long as they're in our house, should be treated with all the respect you afford the rest of this family. I don't know how long they'll be here, but I do know they won't be staying forever. Please make sure they feel comfortable and safe, and that they know I look after my family, no matter the circumstances."
"Okay guys, so you already know about Alice, and now we have Alice and Rafale from a future timeline. Future-Alice and Future-Rafale are my daughter and son, and they're from the future and from a neighboring timeline. They'll be staying with us until the Doctor can find a way to safely put them back in time where they belong. I'd like you all to treat them as my own daughter and son.
"J, have Erica or Mio told you whether they have successfully convinced Miss Gertrude to avail herself of our hospitality?
"Paul and Ferdinand, how are you liking the ocean water here? Are the temperature and salt level agreeable?
"And other than that, anyone have anything they'd like to bring up?"

No Jack? I know she's not a familiar, but I thought we considered her part of the Staff.
And I suppose we should have done this with Susan so that Elizabeth would also be here.
File: 1379223853465.jpg-(14 KB, 180x186, 70345_100002241922349_724(...).jpg)
14 KB
"We're in a bit of a sticky situation. Without revealing too much, suffice to say that we have two guests with us who," You began to explain to the gathered familiars, "as long as they're in our house, should be treated with all the respect you afford the rest of this family. I don't know how long they'll be here, but I do know they won't be staying forever. Please make sure they feel comfortable and safe, and that they know I look after my family, no matter the circumstances."

"Hooohooo... Looks like something interesting is happening here" comments Mandy as she flies in with the Queen of the Beetanians.
"Oh, I'm sorry I forgot to call you guys for the meeting..."
"All is forgiven," the queen responds "tell me, those guests, is that your daughter and her lover?"
"Well... he's her brother." you answer with a wince, not sure how to feel about someone seeing the two as lovers "and yeah, he's my son."
"You have more offspring?" Says Dan, your wolf familiar/head of security "I knew you had it in you, pup."
"Well, It's a long story but suffice to say, yeah, those two are my children."
"Well then sir, We will do our best to take care of and watch over them" J tells you as the head of the group.
"Thanks guys."
"Is there anything more we can do for you sir?" he asks.
"Well, J, do you know if Erica and Mio have convinced Ms.Barkhorn to live here?"
"From what I recall Ms.Erica saying this morning 'just a bit more of a push and we have her', Those were her exact words."
"I see. Well, I want you to prepare one of the extra rooms for her when she moves in."
"Of course sir."

You then turn to the manatees and ask them about how they were liking the sea in your bottle.
"Is vonderful!" Paul answers, "Vater is nice und warm and the waves are just right to swim in."
"Ja." Adds Ferdinand, "But if I vere to say something, I'd say that the sea is a little.. how you say...einsam"
"Einsam?" you ask
"Lonely." Paul clarifies for you.
"No fish. No anything but us in there." Ferdinand adds
"I see. I'll look into that. Maybe get some fish to be released in them."
"Ve'd love that very much!" The two answer.

"Okay guys, now that we're almost done here, is there anything else any of you would like to bring up?" you tell the rest.

**Roll 1d100**
I will be using the 2nd roll
Rolled 45

time for interesting times.
Rolled 59

Prepare for Misfortune!
File: 1379224928427.jpg-(7 KB, 259x194, images (2).jpg)
7 KB
"Ah yes." Dan says as he walks up to you. "I have a question."
"Go ahead." you tell him.
"I was thinking why you haven't staked your claim on Jack."
"bbbbbbbffffwaaa?" you do a spit-take, knowing full-well what he meant by 'staking your claim'.
"You see, She's part of your pack yes?"
"err.. yes."
"And she's a human female yes?"
"And those in the house right now, they're human females too yes?"
"Then, why is she being excluded? The alpha male must take care of each and every viable female in his pack. Is she not good enough?"
Dan asks, obviously out of concern for his 'subordinate'

[ ]It's not like that man
[ ]I... I'll see what I can do
[ ] Other
[x]It's not like that man
"It's about mutual consent, not a hierarchy."
>[x] Other
"Ah...human social structure is a little more complicated. Packs within packs, with some above and below and others side by side, so to speak.
"Oh! And this! Jack's supra-pack, I think is the term, uses these to stake claims on their members."
I think we still have Jack's written transfer orders.
As far as I can remember, Jack has everything she's asked for, right?
File: 1379226038758.jpg-(79 KB, 500x658, Bark - No you don't (...).jpg)
79 KB
Dan's a wolf, he wouldn't understand.

Yeah. She's got an entrenching tool, a place to dig trenches, all the razor wire and sandbags she could want, and free authorization to set up auto-stubbers and searchlights.
I suppose we could have her drive us around in the Landraider some more. At least, I'm sure that Sousuke would love the chance to see the Landraider in action, and do some target practice.
File: 1379226700334.png-(331 KB, 800x1200, db963cede0bf63a002f3493bd(...).png)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
"Dan..." you sigh, exasperated "It's about mutual consent, not a hierarchy."
"Humans don't just get together for no reason, they should know each other, want to be with each other."
"Do you not want to be with Jack?" Dan asks you.
"Well.. not THAT WAY. But it's not that I don't like her."
"But If she wanted you... you would?"
"Well.. it's complicated."
"Hmnnn I see... So a proper courtship must be followed huh? I understand." And with no further word, Dan walks away.

"...well that was weird." you mutter as you dismiss everyone else and head back inside.

[ ] Go to __________
[ ] Talk to ________
[ ] Do __________
>[x] Talk to Susan
"So, want to try talking with Rafale? Seems like he still doesn't like me, for some reason."
File: 1379228649207.jpg-(26 KB, 321x303, hayate and susan.jpg)
26 KB
Thinking of something else you could do before you went to bed, you searched for your twin-sister/clone from another timeline/dimension.
Finding her by instinct in your Alchemy lab, she looked like she was replenishing her supply of potions wit the assistance of the Beetanian Collective's animated beekeeper's suit.

"Oh hey. What's up?"
She asks as you walk into the room.
"Not much, just thinking of the kids."
"Those two huh?"
"What about them?" She asks as she fills some vials with Molotov
"I wanted to try talking to them, ask them to reveal what happened before they got here all shaken and stuff."
"Ah yes, they haven't opened up to you yet?"
"Nope. How about you?"
"No dice. I tried talking to Alice after dinner but all I got was vague answers."
"Well Rafale keeps his distance from me too much, I can't even get beyond 2 sentences with him." you complain.
"How about this...? We switch partners."
"You tackle Raffle and I tackle Alice?"
She raises an eyebrow at your choice of words
"I mean... You'll talk to Rafale and I'll Talk to Alice?"
"Exactly. From what we know, he had an.. altercation with the you from his timeline. Maybe he'll open up more to me since I don't look much like you..."
"It's worth a shot I guess."

Who do you want to follow for the next scene?
[ ]Hayate
[ ]Susan

Something to remember:
Nanoha's Final Evaluation is coming up, then she'll become a full-time Agent and be sent back to her home dimension.
We should talk with Mike about schedules for her coming back here, and with Nanoha about her being deployed.
File: 1379229874878.jpg-(71 KB, 544x768, 9eadc210a61bd4dcbbbb766dc(...).jpg)
71 KB
>Now playing as Susan
After finishing up your batch of potions and dismissing the Beetanians, you walk out of the lab with your erstwhile brother and look for those two.

You found them in the den, sitting on the couch just silently leaning against each other.
While they didn't try to hide it, the open, simple affection those two showed right now was really sweet.

Hayate coughed as-if to clear his throat as you entered the room, forcing Rafale to move away from Alice in surprise.
You stomp on Hayate's foot in retaliation for ruining such a cute scene.

"Papa!" Alice greets him before turning to you "and.. Mama!" she adds hastily.
"Hi Alice, can we talk?" he asks the blonde.
"Err sure." she answers as she scoots over on the couch as if to make room for the two of you.
"No, Alice, I was wondering if we could talk alone."
"But..." She looks at Rafale, obviously not wanting to leave his side.
"It's okay," you tell her, "I'll keep him company"
"Okay..." and thus she walks out of the room with Hayate.

Left alone with Rafale, your kinda-sorta-maybe son from he future, you have no idea just what to say.

also, please add a roll
i will be using the 3rd roll
Rolled 72

"I know that things are probably very different here than from where you come from, and I imagine that *he* is rather different too. And I know that you've spent a lot of time here being interrogated by the people here. I'll do what I can to see that that doesn't happen, at least while you're in this house. He knows that there's something wrong, something deeply broken between you and him, and so he thinks that what's best is to try and fix it as quickly and actively and meddling-ly as possible. He often forgets that sometimes people need space, to sort things out. I only want to reassure you that you're safe here, that's all."
Rolled 49

"So...Rafale, I hope you're not feeling too cooped up in here? I know that it can be hard to take sometimes, not being able to do anything about the situation you're in."
Rolled 3

Seconding this >>27234886
Playing up that we're someone he doesn't know, and that this Hayate is not the us as we were in Rafale's original timeline, eh?
Rolled 28

Supporting this
File: 1379230818533.gif-(486 KB, 250x141, I've made a huge mistake.gif)
486 KB
486 KB GIF
Does Rafale know we're Hayate too?
File: 1379230961001.jpg-(2 KB, 142x160, 41166.jpg)
2 KB
Rolled 21

thanks. thanks a lot.
I checked back through the archives, and I'm relatively confident that he doesn't.
Managed to catch the thread!
And archived.
Sorry I forgot to teach you how to do that. lol
Completely unrelated to the quest itself, but you guys might want to come up with a new twitter hashtag for the quest. #MSQ is being used by an American game/reality TV show called Million Second Quiz.
I bet you fifty american dollars this game lasts longer. It probably wont matter.
File: 1379232088396.jpg-(138 KB, 578x813, d74f01b2f6c6c8374d8496f00(...).jpg)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
"err... Hi?"
"hello." he answers
"Care to talk?" You ask as you sit on a nearby recliner.
"I don't mind."
"Soooo... How are things with you?"
"I am fine."
"Really?" you ask, not convinced.
He doesn't answer and instead makes a show of ignoring you.
'Wow, this cold shoulder routine, it's almost identical to Perrinne's' you think as you take a deep breath and begin talking.

"I know that things are probably very different here than from where you come from, and I imagine that *he* is rather different too..."
He stares at the far wall, like it was the most interesting thing in the world.
"He knows that there's something wrong, something deeply broken between you and him, and so he thinks that what's best is to try and fix it as quickly and actively and meddling-ly as possible."
He continues to ignore you, now he's staring at his palm.
"He often forgets that sometimes people need space, to sort things out. I only want to reassure you that you're safe here, that's all."
He looks up at you, his eyebrows drawn close together, his palm now clenched tightly into a fist.
"Space? Oh, he knows how to give space..."
"...err?" you have no idea where this hostility came from, but you let him vent it.
"He gave my mom 16 years and a multiverse' worth of space back then... And you know what happened?"
"She died. She died still thinking that he would come for her."
He slams his fist down on the low table in front of him, cracking the oak top.
"She died thinking that in just a couple of days, the great Ayasaki Hayate would come flying in on a white horse to take her back with him to his castle in the sky!"

[ ]get him to calm down
[ ]leave him alone
[ ]call for back-up
[ ]Tell him about you
[x]Tell him about you
[x]call for back-up
Get Perrinne. If he won't open up to us, then maybe he'll open up to his mother.
>[ ]Tell him about you

Just to see how that goes.
File: 1379233348920.jpg-(15 KB, 222x280, hayate32342234adsyhsdas.jpg)
15 KB
"I... I didn't mean to do that."
"What?" he asks you, confused.
"I didnt mean to leave her all alone. I didnt know."
"What are you talking about?"
"I," you let out a sob "I didn't know okay. I was too busy with my own problems back then..."
"Are you...?"
"Yes. I'm from the same Timeline. I'm the reason your mom wasn't able to tell the me back there about you."
He stood up, fist still clenched and punches you clear out of your chair.
"You!" the punches continued "You did this!"
"Yes..." You answer with no intent of fighting back.
More punches came as he straddled you, his weight keeping you pinned to the floor.
"Why didn't you help her? Why didn't you come get her?!"
"I.. I was already gone from that timeline when I found out about you. Here, in this one, your mom is living with your dad, he kept her from getting sent away... I'm sorry I coudnt do the same."
More punches followed, but they began to weaken, and in the end you were left with him crying while still pinning you down.

[ ]get him to calm down
[ ]leave him alone
[ ]call for back-up
[x]Get him to calm down

Calm him down with...

a tongue in his butt.
>[ ]get him to calm down

Tactical hugs.
I guess it's too soon for >>27235671
which means I actually vote for hugs.
File: 1379234570216.jpg-(39 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate(...).jpg)
39 KB
You reach up towards the youth that was on top of you and pull him down to your chest.
Once there, you wrap him up in a hug while sobbing, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

You tried to talk to Alice, trying to get her to reveal a bit more information, but you failed.
She was pretty good at steering the conversation the way she wanted, a skill she no doubt picked up from Erica, and thus you were left no closer to finding out the circumstances of them being here.

You've only been talking for a short while in the kitchen when you heard the commotion coming from the den.
Running back there with Alice, You found Rafale on top of Susan, She was hugging him as the two of them cried.

Break it up. Suggest everyone go to bed.
No, that seems like a bad idea. I think we should wait a bit and try and find out what's going on before taking drastic action.
Also, ready the healing potions.
watch and wait.
File: 1379237409594.jpg-(53 KB, 408x418, hayatasdg kjsfg lsdkjfg.jpg)
53 KB
You stood in the doorway, keeping Alice from running inside, and observed the two.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Susan kept saying s she held the boy.
Rafale, on the other hand, just wept silently.
After a few more minutes the two have finally calmed down and stopped crying, you allow Alice into the room and let her help Rafale up.
You approach your sister and hand her a glass of Healing Blue.
'What happened?' you mentillated.
'I told him about me.'
'I see he didn't take it too well.'
'He didnt, and I found out the reason of our fight.'
'And that is?'
'I'll tell you later' She then turns to Alice, who was standing by the doorway with Rafale,
"You two head up to bed. We all need rest after everything that's happened recently."
Alice, obviously wanting to know what happened, looked like she wanted to stay and question Susan, but she resented.
"Okay." She answered before leading Rafale away.

Now left with only Susan, the two of you sat on the couch and you throw an arm around her by instinct.
"So what happened?" you asked again
"I told him about my... circumstances."
"You technically being his father?"
"Yes. And he inadvertently told me why he's so hostile towards you... us." She looked like she's hurting as she said this.
"And that is?" you ask as you pull her closer to comfort her.
"I let Perrinne get taken away. I let her go back to her homeworld alone."
"But that wasnt your fault..." You tell her
"Maybe... maybe not. I should'ave done something to stop it, like you did here." She begins to tear up again.
"Back then, you had your own.. problems you had to deal with. Susan, you can't do everything at the same time. Sometimes, things happen and there's no way to stop them."
"But you stopped that from happening..."
"I did. And I know, if things we're just a little bit different for you back then, you could'ave too."
You pulled her into a tight hug and just sat there with her until she fell asleep.
File: 1379237726283.jpg-(31 KB, 200x200, Hayate_Ayasaki_thumb.jpg)
31 KB
The Touch

Time and date for the next chapter will be announced on the twitter.

>So... How'd I do for my first time?
You're doin fine, so far. We need more participants, though.
You did good.
Thread's a bit slow, but that's due to lack of participants.
You missed a nice spot to add some PTSD during that "have you ever been shot?" scene.

Check your mail, there's new stuff there.
Writing quality seemed to improve as the thread went on, and you seem competent enough. I think the main issue is that the Bureau bits are less interesting than missions, so speeding things up a bit and heading for the next mission should pick things up.

my filters for the catalog got messed up, would have joined in if I knew it was running today.

other than a few typos I though it went okay.

>sage for thread over.
Haha. You cunt. I know I missed that opportunity for a flashback, I'll work it in retroactively.
Found the email. I knew you'd like the part about Dan setting up Jack.
Thank you.
Next thread will be back to class and more training with power rings.
Thanks. Please follow the Twitter for updates when the threads would be up. @MSQ_central
I will be announcing when chapters would be run the day before they go up.
I'd like to know if you'll also be bringing back the spinoffs, such as Sousuke Quest and Mad Scientist Quest.
Sousuke is entertaining because of Upotte and tactical espionage shenanigans, and being an amoral mad scientist was entertaining as we tortured Edison.
He won't, he's only handling MSQ itself.
But I will. [once my sched clear up]

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