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File: 1379761401162.png-(7.59 MB, 2826x1732, Borgas 4 nations map.png)
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Continuing onwards with Primordial setting building.

In these thread, we try to weave all the fluff, and content made in the Primordial evolution threads, into a coherent setting.
Current goals:
Working trough the tribal, and civ game threads to chart out player interactions, so that we could make a proper time scale for the setting.
A map that showcases all the nations of the world (pictured, work in progress)
Statting out races.
Fleshing out the google doc.

Earlier threads:

Link to the wiki page:

Work in progress guide to the setting:
File: 1379770154856.png-(233 KB, 700x1000, Race chart.png)
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233 KB PNG
Here are the races of this world.

Western continent:

Frog like, 6 limbed humanoids, with electrical capabilities. They have 4 major ethnicities, the island frowgs, the frilla forest frowgs, the tundra frowgs, and the Lastér frowgs, that are a hybrid of Tundra and Frilla forest frowgs.

>Alun. (Tribal hoppas)
Squid like creatures, who communicate mostly trough body language and pheromones. They have evolved a semi symbiotic relationship with numerous other hoppa species, based on their shared method of pheromone communication.

Strange, humanoid "microbes" that are native to cold climates. They can share memories via eating portions of each other, and have strong instinctual drives for co-operation.

Sapient carnivorous plants, with electric abilities. Reproduce trough spores.

A form of technological life, based on malfunctioning alien nanites. There are countless types of vyrii, most of which are barely sapient. However, one breed of sapient vyrii exists, the vyrans, who are enigmatic and secretive people, living in the harsh mountains.

Small, semi sapient worms living in hives.

Central continent:

Brutish, armor clad creatures, with compound eyes, and electric abilities.

Wasp like parasitical species, that utilize the sandworms of the desert as hosts for their broods. They posses strong venom, and are mostly nocturnal.

Flying, gas filled cephalopod like beings, that are capable of producing organic "bombs" from their secretions.

Communal, subterranean hive like species, led by queens that can make subtle alterations to the morphology of their children.

Smaller relatives of the gorrirogs, who are an ancient race, that has persisted in the world due to their high rate of reproduction. They also seem to have extremely bad luck.

A young race of knuckle walking amphibian like creatures.

Eastern continent:

Blade headed giants, with semi ferrous bones, and extreme strength.

Dryad like species of plants, who can absorb other plantlife to their being, and use it to adapt to new environments.

Hard shelled, but agile species of crustacean/dinosaur like beings, that have adapted to reproduce rapidly due to the hostile conditions of their native lands, the giant marshes of the eastern continent.

Plains dwelling bird people, that are quite apt runners.

Southern continent:

Insectoid deer people, that have hard, but light weight exo skeletons.

Blind and hyper social gecko/dinosaur people, that "see" trough echolocation, communicate trough singing and pheromones, and live in large, tight night communities led by an Alpha male.

Physically robust insectoid people.

Sapient, colonial organisms, who resemble siphonophores in how their bodies are made. They are fully ambhibious, and in fact, require water for survival. They are also highly poisonous, and their bodies can recover from extreme trauma.

Physically though and strong plains dwellers, who posses an armor layer underneath their skin, and a spike like weapon on each of their forelimbs.


Flying electric squid people, that live in tight knit communities, and communicate partially via their electric fields.

Hive like armored squid creatures.

Deep sea crab people, that can emanate burning microwaves from their antennae.

Hybrid beings, composed of 3 species, and possessing a combined mind.

Small, evok like fish people of the islands.

Finally, the Bords.

Bords are a space faring race of bird like aliens, whose colony ship crashed on the planet of the game. The Joorods are descendants of this race, and the Vyrii originate from the nanobot systems of the colony ship.

If anyone has any questions about these races, feel free to ask.
File: 1379787085830.gif-(6.62 MB, 239x214, Borgas4.gif)
6.62 MB
6.62 MB GIF
File: 1379791681504.png-(38 KB, 1244x576, West continent timeline.png)
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Currently still working on the Eastern continent player interaction timeline. Almost done with the third thread.
I have been busy with real life stuff the whole week, which is why so little progress has been made.

Here is the western PI timeline, all the way up to the beginning of the Vyrii war, after which the only major player interactions that occurred, were within the enclave itself.
File: 1379791772990.png-(96 KB, 2864x1464, Central continent timeline.png)
96 KB

And here is the central PI timeline, made by Notrip.
File: 1379791869199.png-(71 KB, 1364x1076, East continent timeline.png)
71 KB

The Eastern one.
All of these are still work in progress.
I apologize if the charts I have made are hard to read.
So, what happened to the vyrii? How will they get into the setting?
File: 1379793062591.png-(178 KB, 850x600, Vyran faction info picture.png)
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178 KB PNG

Currently, the Vyrii are scattered as numerous "species" that inhabit the highly inhospitable northern tundras, and perilous mountain ranges of the Western continent. In the deepest portions of these wastelands, there exists the Vyrii wastes, and their Ghost cities, strange, "terraformed" lands, and twisted maze like settlements, that the vyrii have constructed due to the ancient commands in their programming. While extremely inhospitable, and dangerous, these lands may hold valuable artifacts, that those who wish to understand the vyrii better, might seek out.
Finally, there is the fallen city of the Onolkeshan, that now teems with the vyrii. Enclave, is yet to reclaim this great forge city, and as years pass, the vyrii hold on the city, and the lands around it, grow stronger and stronger.

Without a central "overmind" to command them, these feral vyrii forms have been tied in a competitive struggle against one another, as each "breed of vyrii" see any other breed as corrupted, and seek out to eliminate them. In practice, the vyrii hunt and consume each other, as much as they consume unwary travelers. They use what material they can claim, to power, repair and replicate themselves.

There are also few overmind shards, that, while being mere shadows of the original, have still succeeded in gathering notable forces for themselves, which they use to subjugate feral vyrii forms, and fight against one another.
Then there are the sapient Vyran people, who mostly try to hide, and survive, in the most unreachable portions of the western continent. They are secretive people, who are obsessed with their past, and their purpose, for their memories of the times before the Fall of the Overmind, are broken and scattered.

Finally, while the strategic threat of the vyrii has lessened since the fall of the overmind, the vyrii drones themselves, have grown even more dangerous, as the competitive "evolution" that occurred after the fall, has made them into suberb killers
File: 1379793293615.png-(120 KB, 720x405, Drone.png)
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120 KB PNG

I'm working on Geshud deler vyrii but my lack of artistic skill is hindering my plans as i try to do shit without copying stuff from somewhere.

First sketch here. some probes that just levitate around harmlessly. i'm still thinking about how these vyrii will look like and how they are different.

plans plans plans...

In short, the Vyrii both drive certain important plot lines (Retaking of the Geshud Deller, the Onolkeshan capital, exploring Vyrii ghost cities for artifacts, etc.), while also working as dangerous monsters, hostile factions (Overmind shards) and potential player characters, in the form of the Vyrans.

The Vyrii are no longer an unified army, that was poised to over run the enclave, and devour the world. They are still very much around, and still pose a lingering threat to the Enclave, and the rest of the world.
The Enclave war against the vyrii, has turned from defeating them, into containing the threat these new, feral vyrii.
There is no overmind, or great armies to defeat this time, instead, it is like a combination between pest control, and guerrilla war, against these horrifying nanotech monsters.

Thankfully, even if a new overmind would rise, the Vyrii would most likely not be unified under it's signal. This new overmind, would have to conquer and subjucate these feral vyrii, as every single one of them, no longer recognizes the other breeds as functional drones. Instead, they see them as defective, corrupted, and deranged, which they truthfully, all are.
The Vyrii are extremely sophisticated technology, that has been degraded and twisted over untold ages, into their current form, which are, in many ways, ineffective, and poorly functioning.

Those look pretty good man. I like that runic look they have. It makes them appear more... sophisticated.. than the standard vyrii.
If you want, I can help out with designing the Geshud deller vyrii. Just shoot out some of the ideas you have.

Yeah. I was going to make them a bit more "mechanical" partly because of all the metal in Geshud Deler.

Ok i'll start drawing rough sketches and post some of them here when i'm done.

Alright, sounds good.
It is actually a very good idea to incorporate the materials the vyrii have used in making their shells more into their designs.
The vyrii I have drawn have all had that rock like shell structure, with the red crystals. Having more variety in the appearances of the vyrii types is never a bad thing.

The shells of the "standard" vyrii are not actual rock though. They are some sort of, relatively light weight, honey combed/foam like structure, made from carbon. It is the most common armor type the vyriis tend to have, as carbon is more abundant, and easily harvestable, than iron and metals. In Geshud Deller, where the lem had already established mines, and collected tons of metal, the Vyrii would logically use it as their building material.
File: 1379799284460.png-(286 KB, 1000x1000, ketsi.png)
286 KB
286 KB PNG

Vyrii in Geshud Deler are closer to original Vyrii but they are trying to repair the damaged programming vyrii have and alter the design to suit their situation.

About weapons: when for example heavy anti air shoots those lage crystals they (crystals) start to vibrate on certain frequency that starts to increase in volume. when the vibrations reach certain level the shard exlodes violently.

When ground forces have those small ammo vyrii in their backpacks they never know what sort of ammo they get. Some crystals have incendiary gel inside them, some shatter like shotgun shells, some pierce armor and some might shatter and throw shrapnels around. so when they shoot you never know what you get.

Alright, I'll see what I can do with these ideas.

Do the Geshud Deller vyrii hold any territory outside of the city btw?
Also, are there any survivors of the Onolkeshan lem around? Those who weren't in the city when it fell.

Geshud deler vyrii hold the surrounding areas but do not wander too far from the city.

Perhaps there is survivors perhaps not. i'd rather leave it open for the future but if i had to choose i'd say nope. no survivors.

I try to draw more tomorrow but i have busy day so i see what i can do.

Alright. So in practice, the Onolkeshan people are no more?
Anyways, I'll try to cook up something based on your ideas of the Geshud Deller vyrii.
Will probably post stuff after next morning though, as it is getting pretty late.

Don't yet start to dig grave for onolkeshan. They "only" lost the capital but many still live in the eastern colony, in the Enclave capitol, in the shipyards and all around the enclave. They lost about 60% of their population so they are few in numbers right now and most of survivors live in the East. Shipyard is their main city in west (though it is small and poor town) and the black ice in East is their new De facto Capital.

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood.
My question was intended to only know if there were any onolkeshan at all alive. I guess that I could have worded it a bit better.
I didn't assume that people that lived in the Geshud deller actually had many survivors, if at all.
File: 1379803682882.png-(8 KB, 836x518, Figured_it_out.png)
8 KB
>How will they get into the setting?
By combining the explanation two things which didn't make sense on their own.

They started as just macro viruses and things didn't even try to make sense back then.

Then there were bords. This started with an evolution game. The self-appointed assistant GM gave some starter creatures for a game taking place in the arctic.
When we later went back and tried to figure what could have evolved from what for those starters, there was nothing which the bords could have come from. A joking explanation was made, and players declared it canon.

Back to the Vyrii, when they were being better explained, the origin of Bords as alien colonists would be used to explain what the Vyrii actually were: machines constructed from millions of nanobots.
I noticed we're adding provincal borders to the map. I'll help out.

The Otavans mainland holdings are two provinces. The agricultural and administraive center of the Otavan is Riklun, the great valley through which the river Nula flows, and is the western province. The Eastern one is Carcin, a more industrially developed province that is the forge of the Ota. The island province is Hokkoa, has been overrun by invasive species imported to help make the island into an easily accesible source of exotic goods for Otavan. Rags now dominate Hokkoa, and most of the Hokkoans have fled into the swamps and lowlands on the edge of their island, forcing them to drain those locations to create small but very productive and orderly communities that constantly fight the Ragas and invasive animals to reclaim their lands. The eastern Penninsulea has been largerly unscathed by the ragas and various animals, being a rocky, wet, windswept place with no resources save the nastiest, most unsavory crustaceans in the world, and bitter weeds whose only use is in a disgusting but nutrient rich drink. Its only value is that no one uses it or needs it, so it has been turned by the Tonaika warrior-cult into the heart of their order, where initiates are trained, battle-plans taught, and Grand Masters muse over potential campaigns to bring all of the Narrow Seas under the guidance of the Ota.
File: 1379805432256.png-(1.29 MB, 786x802, Provinces.png)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
forgot pic
....My god its been a year plus since ive been to this thread...

How are my trees doing? Are they thriving?
Which trees?
The floating ones which had fwogs and then subjagated the flying bug things... The ones that were massive on the land, eventually (to my knowledge) falling silent...
The Frillas? Still the biggest damn lifeforms around
My babies!

Ah... Those were good days.

You speak of Frillas.
They are still around.
As ancient as ever.
Forming massive forests, where only plants and life adapted to the Frillas thrive. However, they are akin to relics of the past, their forests do not spread, nor do they decrease in size.
They are ancient species, whose forests have been around in the same territories for untold eons.
The sapient races don't fell them for wood, as their mere bark is suitable for that purpose.
The Frilla forests are their own ecosystem entirely, that is still a significant part of the setting.
File: 1379807312916.png-(34 KB, 966x379, Flouz Hunt.png)
34 KB
Not to mention that many cultures around the world have some sort of Frilla worship.
Even some tribal civilizations that spend their whole lives on their branches.
...Im impressed. Also, somewhat suprised that nobody ever tried to destroy the trees...

A mad barbarian king did.
A young frilla tree tough, growing at the edges of the forest, and even that took weeks of effort, and the goal was only to showcase the power of his tribe. (In time, the felled tree was hollowed out, and it became a great longhouse for his people.)

For simply wood gathering, felling a Frilla is pointless waste of effort and time, as the bark they shed can be harvested and used instead.
File: 1379809385691.png-(105 KB, 1364x1246, East continent timeline.png)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
Finally got trough the Eastern tribal games, all five threads of them.

This chart has most of the major player interactions, that I noticed.
A notable factor here is that the Mohu'awane, and Gwiliak at least, both only apparently underwent few decades, a half a century at most, during those threads, and before the tribal epilogues started.

This results in many, many issues, like how long Nufa actually was among the Kharum, how rapidly the Silith developed, the wars and expansion the Gwiliak underwent and so on.

Then there is also the appearance of the Enclave, which we need to place on the western continent's time scale. By the time of the Western civ game, skulks were already present in the Western continent, so this enclave landing, and the stuff they did in the eastern continent, had to occur during the time between the West tribal, and the west civ games.

Reading trough those old threads was kind of good refresher on how our games worked in the past. I have to say, they have steadily improved. The overall quality of posts, fluff, and art has become better, and both players, and GMs became more apt at playing this game.
Many issues of the eastern continent, could have been avoided if it had been played with the mindset we had during the western civ games.

This whole series of games, has in a way, been a learning experience of how to play/run evo and civ games for those who participated in this for extended periods of time.

Anyways, I hope that this chart isn't too confusing to read.
I gotta go to sleep now, as it is over 3 am.
When I wake up, I'll try to start sketching up something based on your ideas for the Geshud Deller vyrii Onol.
...Hehehe... nobody tried to curb what I did with the trees... Thus the hidden thing about them and the plan for domination...

Which will probabbly never happen, but hey.

If you look at the google doc linked in the OP, you can spot the Frilla trees being listed underneath the "Godlike races" portion of the document.
The doc is still heavily, and I mean HEAVILY work in progress, so there is not that much in it yet, however, gradually, we will flesh it out. Lately, I have been too busy with other stuff, to work on the doc, but thankfully, we are in no hurry with this.
A few have been cut down, but it's a rather laborious task. I mean, cutting down a tree that can get to be... I don't even know how thick. Averaging 600 feet tall, some outliers growing to about 1000 feet.
File: 1379818121531.png-(32 KB, 449x405, anee'imay.png)
32 KB

I still can't believe the person who made these guys actually played seriously.
..The hell is that thing?
File: 1379819498714.png-(154 KB, 661x553, 1357881988665.png)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
A pusmal of the Anee'imay tribe.

This pic is not that tribe.
Have some more province borders for Nutera and her Neighbors. And some details on their governments and relations

The big, green, sprawling nation is Nutera, a recently reunited nation that was only a collection of city-states, vying for the legacy of their broken land, until an invasion by the Otavan forced the city-states to band together in a new nation. They chose an elected monarchy, preventing any one of the city-state kings from having permanent rule over their fellows. An assembely of nobles keeps the King in check, passing taxes, laws, and managing internal disputes while the King looks outwards. After Yakusha, that red island, fell to the Otavan, the various islands surrounding Nutera, once holdings of Yakusha, where snatched up by the restored kingdom. Nutera even took the Yakushin "client-states" that sit just north of Hastira. Now Nutera looks outward, stronger than ever before. It vies with the Hu-Raan for the Tornats Flats, supports the Royal, northern Hastiri nation against its southern Republican brother, and builds its fleet in preparation for the return of the Otavan
You're a champ for doing all this mate.
File: 1379821523310.png-(503 KB, 490x553, Moreprovinces.png)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
Hastira is a nation divided. It first rose to power with the help of the Yakushin Confederacy, the collection of islands around Nutera that was led by their most preeminent member, Yakusha. The King of Hastira, a Koburrog nation that was little more than a few tribes ruled by a warlord, gained the help of Yakushin mercenaries and supplies, and was able to carve a vast kingdom out of the Yolkomb Jungles. But with the fall of Yakusha had shockwaves in Hastira, magnified by the uprising of the northern tribes. While the Royal Army put down the Yolkomb uprising, the wealthy southern cities, tired of endless taxes and mandates to feed the ego of their despotic kings, rose up, and cast out the nobles for their loyalty to the King, and established the Republic of the Three Nations, an attempt to claim the southern lands as descendants of the three tribes that had once inhabited the lands of the new republic. The Yolkomb Uprising, the Fall of Yakusha, and the surprise and speed of the Rebellion allowed the Republic to hold its own long enough to forgien aid from the strange "Nad'Lun." Now the Hastiri nations are locked in an endless civil war, the vast armies of King marching to their deaths in the Republic, and the bickering Senators of the Three Nations unable to work together to push out of their own lands.

Hastira is very much a proxy war between the Nad'Lun, attempting to push their influence into the Nuteran region, and the Restored Kingdom of Nutera, who fear that should all of Hastira fall to the Republicans, Nad'Lun influence might grow in the region to a level that the Confederacy could only have dreamed of, even at its height

He certainly is. I wish I had the time and patience to go back through the threads. All I have is my memory, and an ability to just make up history and events where none currently exist. Case in point, I just made a proxy war between the Nad'Lun and Nutera
Don't forget the Sandoni swarms. That's what happened before Nutera was brought in.
Sandoni are the reason Nutera broke up in the first place. The king asked for an army to defend his capitol and prevent the sandoni from spreading futher, nobles said no, and then the whole damn country fell apart for fifty years
File: 1379830069952.png-(25 KB, 937x511, Boat Frilla.png)
25 KB
The floating species have also gotten a new look.

There is a clear incompatibility between yours and Molden's ideas for that region.
According to Molden, the only nations in those jungles are the Rii'dan koburrogs, and the Hastun tentouz.
File: 1379850200298.png-(221 KB, 600x800, Geshud Deller vyrii.png)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Here is a Geshud Deller vyrii warrior I drew, based on the ideas and sketches Onol posted yesterday.

I also came up with some ideas for them too.
The red crystals, are so prevalent in vyrii forms, due to their function as radiators for the intense heat the vyrii themselves generate, within their shells, as a by product of their energy generation.

Most vyrii shells are composed of carbon, and thus, need the crystalline radiators to vent their heat outwards.
However, the Geshud Deller vyrii have almost completely metallic shells, that radiate out the intense heat they generate inside of their shell, automatically. In short, the Geshud Deller vyrii lack the red crystal radiators, as their bodies already work as their method of venting heat. I would imagine, that the Geshud Deller vyrii are dangerous to touch unarmed, due to their heated exterior shell.
This is of course, just an idea. If Onol has something else in mind, he can be free to ignore the above.

Actually that work quite well for me. Cold climate + Hot body = steam. (i didn't even know that crystals were radiators. silly me) meaning i like it.

And oh boy that image. Got to love your quality!
Also three eyes remind me of Lem so that works totally in its favour.

I'm trying to make some sketches more before i leave for the military in the evening.

The crystals being radiators is mostly just an explanation for the purpose of those ever present crystals in the vyrii.
I gave the thing 3 eyes exactly because of the Lem, as I kind of wanted to tie the appearance of the warrior to the former residents of the Geshud Deller. The shield plate on the right arm of the warrior, also is supposed to resemble and Onolkeshan shield, though it doesn't really show from the angle I drew the picture in.

As for the gun of the warrior, I figured that the ammo, as they were some sort of walking small vyrii, would be manufactured in the "backbag" and crawl along that "tube" that connects to the gun, in order to enter the gun itself.

It would seem, that the Geshud Deller vyrii are one of the most dangerous vyrii types around.
The runic markings showcase a degree of design, and sophistication, that was nowhere to be seen in the vyrii armies of the original overmind.
Well it was during the whole central civ game don't know if there was stuff from the tribe game that has been forgotten.

I'll have to reread trough the central civ games to figure out exactly what was going on in those marshes, as the maps from those threads, are pretty bad.
^This was me of course
Now thet i rememnber. At the beginning of the thread in which i played the tentouz. It was question of koburrog ruins everywhere. I think that maybe some kingdoms were destroyed in this region. But weren't anymore at that time.
This thread needs a bumpin'.

Nope. no sketches this time. i'm running out of time so we shall see next weekend.

I might doodle up some more Geshud Deller vyrii based on the sketches you drew.
See you next weekend.
File: 1379862507075.png-(195 KB, 600x800, Geshud Deller vyrii red.png)
195 KB
195 KB PNG

Decided to see how this vyrii would look in the more traditional vyrii colors.
Both versions, are pretty intimidating.
However, I don't know why, but the green one feels somehow more sinister.
File: 1379867157100.png-(755 KB, 3192x1536, Burrog Chart.png)
755 KB
755 KB PNG
That has more to do with how long Koburrogs as a species have been around. The whole continent is covered in ruins from civilizations from before other races of the continent even evolved.

The actual origins: Koburrogs were produced by either a troll or someone just wanting to make Burrogs sapient. They were originally going to be retconned, but we thought that they had a sort of charm to them. So then they became the ill-fated goblin/kobold equivalent race.
File: 1379868498351.png-(156 KB, 800x1000, Finned houyi redesign.png)
156 KB
156 KB PNG

The ruins of ancient Koburrog nations could be excellent adventure hooks for the Central continent.

Also, some time ago, in the central threads, someone came up with the idea of the Hoyui enslaving Koburrog tribes, and using them as their workforce. Kind of be like dragons to the Koburrogs, demanding tributes, and sacrifices.

The Houyi are a lineage of glundiforms, that evolved to hunt the flying wespar creatures, by shooting sand spikes at them. The houyi create their spikes by swallowing sand to a special pouch, where the sand is compressed along with a glue like goo, into hard, finger sized spikes, that the houyi then stores in a specialized organ near their trachea. The spikes are shot trough via sneezing like reaction, that propels the poison coated spikes at high speeds.
The Houyi themselves, are as smart as most of the sapient races are, however they lack the means of making tools themselves. They are excellent predators, who have very keen understanding of combat and tactics at almost instinctual level.

The Hitangan tribe actually "tamed" (more like the Houyi themselves saw the benefit of working with the Gorrirogs) some of the frill houyis of the obsidian fields, however during the after math of the sandoni war, portion the houyi turned against their "masters" and were partial to the downfall of the Hitangan nation, and the birth of the Legion of Ordinnus.
i though the crystals were a memory storage medium
File: 1379869455392.png-(142 KB, 758x758, dvargen clothes.png)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
Dvargen Pusmal for the latest in booze and burlap fashion.

The exact purpose of the vyrii crystals was never specified. Some were used as projectile ammo, some were infectious, while some were burning hot to the touch.
Some also probably stored memories of the vyrii.

It think that it is safe to say, that there are dozens of types of crystals, with different purposes, however they are visually almost indistinguishable from one another.
The vyrii themselves probably can just sense the differences between different crystal types.
>Also, some time ago, in the central threads, someone came up with the idea of the Hoyui enslaving Koburrog tribes, and using them as their workforce. Kind of be like dragons to the Koburrogs, demanding tributes, and sacrifices.

I like the sound of this. Going by location, I can see the Firemane (later VKB) having a vendetta against some of, if not all of the houyi.
There probably are still some Koburrog societies with a houyi ruling class.

I agree with everything you said.
Perhaps such socities still exist within the southern plains, or the mountains of the central continent. The Houyi rule might not even be too bad for the koburrogs, seeing how the Houyi are formidable predators, that probably could offer a high degree of protection to their slaves.
File: 1379874618935.png-(174 KB, 600x800, Koburrog legacy stone.png)
174 KB
174 KB PNG

Inspired me to draw this:

An ancient stone left by some long lost Koburrog nation, that showcases their history of servitude to the Houyi serpents.
File: 1379881776707.png-(89 KB, 600x900, Lem.png)
89 KB
Decided to draw a Lem.
File: 1379883804507.jpg-(558 KB, 1800x800, EpiDrones.jpg)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
I love it.
Also for vyrii. The mad overdrone epimetheus, rewriting vyrii programs.
File: 1379884691904.png-(58 KB, 800x600, Vyrii Shard guardian.png)
58 KB

The vyrii wastes are a horrible place, even for the vyrii themselves.
Everyone is trying to either consume or corrupt and subjugate one another.
File: 1379887407618.png-(13 KB, 325x500, Goddamnlems.png)
13 KB
Fuck. It even LOOKS like an alien overlord....

....do a degenerate

Maybe after I wake up, it is getting pretty late here.
I am also not exactly on the clear of what the degenerates are.
Do they lack the head tail of the normal lems?
File: 1379890591174.png-(31 KB, 800x800, Fast pusmal.png)
31 KB

Was the degree of how much the pusmal queens could actually alter their offspring, ever really decided?
It always seemed somewhat vague to me.
File: 1379892332239.png-(101 KB, 800x600, Sand Devil by drawbro.png)
101 KB
101 KB PNG

Are these things still around?
Degenrates were originally made in the first Inustrial/metal age thread of West. They were lems that had been cut off in a valley during a resurgence by the Vyrii, after the death of the overmind. They had to resort to splitting often and in large numbers to survive, consuming their dead to stay alive. The result was severe degradation of their mental states, and eventually their bodies, wracked with visions of dozens of deaths, and endless combat. They ended up mere beasts by the time the valley they'd been trapped in was reconnected to the rest of the Enclave. When discovered, the lem leaders of the Crestlands kept them around because they were extremely useful as living engines of destruction, and were more effecient in that role than the giant ramels

An alternative origin, and one I think might be better suited to the nature of the Lems themselves, is that they are merely lems that never made the leap to intelligence, and remained a species of beasts, more like the original Lemthresher than modern Lems. They would be used by the enclave as beasts of war, complementing the ramels as beasts of burden, while also being able to act as ferocious, giant war-dogs. I imagine their posture is like that of a gorrilla, dragging their hands on the ground, knuckles and claws acting as pain-free pads in the rocky terrain of the Crestlands where they live
File deleted.
Yup. See where they split off from Houyis? It's curved back to save space.

The current setup seemed horribly flawed to me. Every other birthing cycle is one where the queen gives birth to haploid males with a high rate of genetic mutation. Those who survive with beneficial mutations are used as breeding stock for producing workers (with some hormonal influence from the queen). The problem is when a male dies, his desired trait is lost from the gene pool, unless one of his offspring becomes a new queen.

But isn't Lemthresher still the full species name of the modern lem?
Is it? By the way, how do lem immune systems work, and how do they adapt to diseases if they can't mate and exchange disease resitances?
They are unicellular organisms, so they probably digest the bacterial cells that get into their bodies.
As for viruses, unicellular immune responses I'd assume. RNA interference, Restriction enzymes, and many more things that I don't quite understand. For bad enough infections, lems will expel large quantities of cytoplasm from their bodies.
Although it is possible that they could have organelles which function much like our white blood cells.
So, a lems response to getting sick is to just gorge on food so his body can deal with the infection/disease? Neat
Maybe? I just said that they digest bacteria that get inside of their bodies, and deal with viruses with unicellular immune responses.

Actually reading the beginning of one of the wikipedia articles says that there are proteins that just cut up viral dna so it can't do its thing.

There's this too.
File: 1379914961312.png-(131 KB, 4784x1464, timeline.png)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
Almost done with the Central timeline. All that's left mainly is the swarm war. There were a lot of ignored things from the Ry'lai and NG, so I probably won't count them.
File: 1379921334004.png-(7 KB, 338x285, tree houyi.png)
7 KB
Gave my hand at doodling a tree houyi that's a bit more in line with the overall re-design of houyis in general.
Gave them a bit more of a snake-like aspect as well. Out of all species, they have the longest tails in proportion to their bodies.

Later, I'll want to draw a couple other species for the north and south.
File: 1379923051482.png-(9 KB, 800x600, Spitting stingar.png)
9 KB

Looks good.
That also reminds me, that we hardly have any snake like organism in this world.
The few I can think off are the sandworms (that are more like snakes with an exoskeleton, than worms) and these parasite things.

What do you mean by ignored things between Ry'lai and NG?
You coud add hastun and rii'dan too. Then you could use them to link with western on the matter of trades.
File: 1379952508199.png-(139 KB, 600x800, Degenerate lem.png)
139 KB
139 KB PNG

And here is the degenerate lem variant.
Perhaps they could be a breed of giant lems, that had lived in isolation for eons, before the forces in the crestlands discovered them.
Gifts from they Ry'lai were ignored. Some odd techs that NG just gave were ignored too.

They're not relevant yet. Not until starting the second cycle of central.
File: 1379964293108.png-(323 KB, 800x600, Sandworm attack.png)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
In the case of sandworm attacks, the worst thing you can do, is run, for the beasts hunt based on the vibrations their prey make.
By tracking these vibrations, and the vibrations their own body creates, the sandworms can form a detailed picture of their surroundings, that allow them to track their prey.

If your caravan comes under the attack of a sandworm, the best course of action, for the survivors of the initial attack, is to slowly move away from the worm, and head towards any hard soil, other than sand, preferably rock formations, on which one could hide from the worm.
Running will only cause the worm's hunting instincts to wake, and cause it to pursue those who try to flee.

Engaging worms worms larger than 4 meters in combat, is unadvised, for the worms posses strong jaws, high stamina and strength, and tough shell, that make them into fearsome opponents. The best course of action, is to hide, and wait for the worm to eat it's kill, and then observe if the worm returns to it's ambush spot. Should it return, the best change of escape from it's vicinity, is during the middle of the day, for the worms rest when the sun scorches the desert.
Again, running is unwise, for even a resting worm, can be roused to attack a potential prey, should it's hunting senses be aggravated.

Remember, 3 basic rules of worm survival: Remain calm, do not panic, stay on hard soil.

--Excerpt from a scroll found on the corpse of a Hu'raanic trader, whose mummified body was found lying a top of a 9 meter tall rock formation, just half a mile away from the Long Road.
File: 1379970555117.png-(17 KB, 800x600, Hunter worm.png)
17 KB

In the western portions of the desert, there is also the threat of hunter worms. These hybrid worm species, that originate from the Zu-nul lands, are fast, and ferocious predators, but worst of all, they work together, as small packs. They may not grow as large, or outright destructive as the normal sandworm do, but they make up for that in their numbers, and predatory cunning. A warrior facing down a hunter worm, will get flanked by two others, and killed by the fourth that he didn't even notice.
Nad art is best art.
File: 1379979486108.png-(158 KB, 4064x1464, timeline.png)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Current update on the Central timeline. There will need to be some rearranging of a couple events.
File: 1379981312252.png-(28 KB, 1682x1084, South continent timeline.png)
28 KB

Looks good.
I am working on the southern timeline, and just got trough the second thread.
Gonna continue in when I wake up.
File: 1379991488649.png-(148 KB, 800x600, 1338928121851.png)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
Species that still need stats for BRP

Mevola (mevola)





Most of the oceanic races aren't so crucial. There are also a few monstrous creatures and races that should be done.
Sandworm (juvenile and mature)
Drake worms

Rage Glund
Mevola (true)
Numerous predatory hoppas
Blade Runner
Sand Devil
Land worms
Obsidian worms
Wyvern Geist.

And a bunch others that I can't quite remembers. At least Slizers are already out of the way.
I thought I already put out stats for Gantu and Log'eadz. I think I even did them for geists too.
File: 1379996925011.pdf-(2.63 MB, PDF, Quickstart.pdf)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB PDF
BRP, not DnD.

Just to make sure it's known, Chaosium offers this PDF for free.
File: 1380001299108.pdf-(73 KB, PDF, primordial races BRP.pdf)
73 KB
And here's the stats we already have for races.
File: 1380009134952.jpg-(240 KB, 1024x768, 1332848992957.jpg)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Bump before bed.
File: 1380015274386.png-(85 KB, 800x1000, Nad'lun warrior.png)
85 KB

The hoppas have come a long way.
File: 1380023326942.png-(60 KB, 800x600, Slasher kafka.png)
60 KB

Some of the Kafkas might also need stats, seeing how they are pretty much the whale/dolphin equivalents of the world.
File: 1380030115135.png-(250 KB, 761x510, 1356635114166.png)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
There are also the kamen-long species.
File: 1380031492487.png-(38 KB, 834x740, Paintfaces.png)
38 KB
posting superior Goldenmanes
God damn reading trough these old treads is tedious.
Reading them brings up bad memories.
I could use some help with working on stats.

What sort of help do you need?
I haven't yet really gotten around into reading trough that rulebook, so in number crunching, I am not that useful.
How many folks are even lurking in these threads anymore?
I'm here, but I don't contribute much.
File: 1380052245766.png-(72 KB, 1682x1172, South continent timeline.png)
72 KB
Read trough 3 of the southern tribal game threads.
Here is the current version of the chart.


Good to know.
If you got any ideas, or anything at all you might want to discuss about, feel free to post it.

I am not sure if the Altume-Iminye interactions have everything that went on between them unfortunately. However, as their story is pretty much contained between the two, I am am not sure if missing few interactions here and there, matters on the grand scale of things, as the goal of these charts is to form some sort of base from which we can construct the overall history of the world.
File: 1380053815000.png-(811 KB, 800x600, Southern continent map.png)
811 KB
811 KB PNG
One thing regarding the Southern continent.
The great chasm that separates the Western portions of the continent, from the Eastern portions of it, appeared in the middle of the tribal game, due to metagame reasons, that were never entirely clear to me. (I was in the army during the time these games ran, so I was in the dark of most of the stuff)

However, for the purposes of making this into a setting, I will assume that the Rift was always there, because that large geological formation doesn't appear over midnight. Thus, I will be forced to ignore some of the stuff that occurred during the tribal game, because it would just not make sense. (For example, Oamenii scouts encountering the Altume by heading west.)

The rift, for all intents and purposes, has been around, at least for the most part, for the whole duration of the southern tribal game. (Perhaps the northern portions, were formed in some cataclysmic earth quake, that resulted in large land subsides, and the spreading of the Rift.) This is because the Altume, and Iminye had to had contact for a reasonable period of time, before the rift between their lands formed.
I personally never understood why the Rift originally even became a thing.
File: 1380060251667.png-(94 KB, 1682x1172, South continent timeline.png)
94 KB
Just the fifth thread left.
Reading trough these threads is somewhat tedious to me, because it brings up memories of my first months in the army, and it is annoying to see all the missed potential that I could have utilized better, if I had more time back then.

Anyways, here is the current version of the interaction chart.
I will probably finish it after I rest, as it is getting pretty late.
It has been pretty quiet here for the past days, hopefully people are still willing to discuss this setting in this thread.

Scratch that, it seems that I still have two threads to go.
The fifth tribal game thread of the southern continent was not linked to the wiki page.
Added it there.
Will finish up the interaction chart after sleeping.

While I slumber, feel free to discuss things, suggest ideas and so on, assuming that anyone is here.
Guess who's back in the evo game swing?

I unfortunately can't really participate, as it is middle of the night here, and I am about to go to sleep.
I'll check it out next morning.
File: 1380066312098.png-(49 KB, 662x736, 1344513095847.png)
49 KB

Gonna take a nap and then make up the stat block for Shwirms.
File: 1380082726460.png-(21 KB, 800x600, 1341247416637.png)
21 KB
Okay. That bit of shuteye was longer than expected.

3d6 Average: 10-11
3d6+8 Average: 18-19
2d6+3 Average: 10
2d6+6 Average: 13
3d6 Average: 10-11
2d6+3 Average: 10
3d6 Average: 10-11

Effort: 50-55%
Stamina: 90-95%
Idea: 65%
Luck: 50-55%
Agility: 50-55%
Charisma 50-55%

HP: 14
db: none

-Natural Armor: +2 or 3 to armor. Unsure yet.
-Can see in the dark.

Little bit shorter than a human on average, but incredibly hardy.

Shouldn't their arm blades count as natural weapons or something?
Oh yeah. Elbow blades. What weapon would made a good equivalent? They're probably duller than a proper blade. More like a large claw. Always possible to sharpen them though.
Also, if I'm not mistaken, I think they are jointed to fold up against the forearm as well.
File: 1380092561181.png-(132 KB, 800x600, Cw992.png)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
If anyone wants to help stat, here's what I've been doing.
I've been taking the die rolls needed for humans, and adjusting them to what I estimate for other races.
Frowgmen use the same numbers as humans. The PDF in the post above will provide more information.
I test the bell curves and find the averages on anydice.

Alright, I can try to provide some assistance.
File: 1380112611174.png-(199 KB, 800x600, Ancient bords.png)
199 KB
199 KB PNG

"I am not saying it was bords...
But it was bords."
File: 1380116070618.png-(116 KB, 1682x1172, South continent timeline.png)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
Only one thread to go.
File: 1380131305094.png-(88 KB, 800x600, IWishToBeTheLittleGirl.png)
88 KB
Could I just get a description of the basic attributes of Aluns in comparison to humans? I can work off of that.
File: 1380135857121.png-(157 KB, 1890x1172, South continent timeline.png)
157 KB
157 KB PNG

And finally, this is done.

Once again, we have some time scale problems, for example, how long the Tra'kah wandered the plains, before forming the Nag Ber'ek, and eventually Tanag Azeg, because if I read things correctly, the same characters from the Tra'Kah period were still around during the Tanag Azeg times.

Urupuruu also operated in a weird time scale, as apparently, that tribe underwent centuries of development, between their interactions with the Lufae, while the Lufae still had many of the same characters around, that were still alive while the first interactions with the Urupuruu happened.

In any case, hopefully these interaction charts will grant us a clearer picture of the general history of the world, and help us decide where and how to stretch timescales of nations, and make slight retcons so that everything will make sense.
File: 1380136678845.png-(75 KB, 800x600, Hoppa biology explained.png)
75 KB

The Alun are much taller than humans, but probably weight around the same as an adult human (not entirely sure about their weigh.)
They are fast and agile runners, that can have an excellent endurance. Their legs have 4 joints, and are long and very strong, allowing them to both run, and jump around easily, and also deliver deadly kicks.

Their front tentacles are relatively strong, (pure muscle, kind of like elephant's trunk, but smaller) however the lack of joints makes lifting and carrying heavy stuff somewhat harder for the Aluns. Their back tentacles are feebler, but extremely sensitive and dexterous.

In general, the Alun are fast, but somewhat fragile (for their size) race, who in combat, rely more on speed and agility, than strength and toughness. They also have the whole hoppa communication thing, body-and pheromone language based communication, and in some rarer cases, the whole psychic stuff.
The Alun are also have a large field of view, due to their 7 eyes. Their hearing is however, poorer than average.

If you have more questions, ask away, as I am not sure if I covered everything you would need to know.
A curious fact about the Alun is that they can't be strangled.
File: 1380137175001.png-(150 KB, 800x600, Flesh singers, no sense o(...).png)
150 KB
150 KB PNG

One funny thing I realized when I went trough all these threads, was that one of the main reasons for why the Animosity between the Lufae, and their southern neighbors became so deep, was because the Oamenii, and by extension Nag Ber'ek, just wouldn't leave the Lufae alone in their lands.
In essence, the Lufae just wanted that the outsiders stayed out of their lands, and would stop bothering the Lufae.

Only later, did the vivisections, and horrible mad science start, mostly due to the paranoia and hatred the attacks of the songless had caused in the Flesh Singers. This of course, eventually led to the Emils mechs, Cedya titans, Songscape and other wondrous creations that the Singers came up with.

The Songscape then fueled another conflict during the Civ games, but charting trough all that, will have to wait. I will be keeping some sort of break from all this player interaction charting. It is kind of tedious.
File: 1380145013660.png-(26 KB, 600x800, Ifal Fa flesh singer.png)
26 KB

The Legacy of the Flesh Singers lives strong in the Lufae nation. Those Singers who didn't flee with the exiles, and succeeded in avoiding most of the falloff that followed the Great Schism, utilized their resources, and influence to establish the Kafalite order. The Kafalites operate in more open fashion, and have a respected role in the Lufae society, as their expertise, skills and knowledge, were one of the key factors in the full scale establishment of the Great Emils industries of Kun Kaath, and thus they were vital for the survival of the Lufae nation, during the Century of Blood.

In Ifal Fa lands of course, the descendants of the Flesh Singers reign, however, neither they possess the ancestral glory of their mothers. Instead of being secretive elite of innovators, and pioneers of new radical technologies, they became the government of the Ifal Fa. In order to ensure the survival of their people, ideologies, and much of the mad experimentation, were eventually forced to be abandoned in favor of pragmatism, and tested out methods. This shift in ideology, and methods culminated in the coup of Section 5, the military wing of the Ifal Fa government.
With the support of the Lufae forces, Section 5 took control over the key facilities of Hikir Nu, and the leaders of other sections, in order to ensure that the war against TA would be brought to an end, for they feared, that those blinded by their faith and ideology, would pursue their vengeance upon the songless, resulting in more needless bloodshed, and potentially, the destruction of Ifal Fa.

And thus, the Flesh Singers who had fled the oppression of their King, and peers, were put under the command of a ruling body, who did not share the ideologies that drove the cult in it's inception.
Anyone here?

Do the player interaction timescales of the tribal games seem ok to you guys?
Regarding characters still alive long after, we need to get a rough estimate on each sentient's average longevity. Then, if discrepancies still occur, we can retcon them to be the descendants of said character instead of the character themselves. How does this sound?
That's probably the best way to go about things, considering that occupations would probably be passed from parent to child in those eras.
Something to note about the first major characters of the Log'eadz, Krom and Krog. First off, they were brothers, born from the same egg-womb thing, as twins, just as all log'eadz are born. They grew up fast and they grew up mean, Krogs fist became hard and Kroms wit was keen. The two brothers supported each other, the smarter, more diplomatic Krom keeping his unstoppable but headstrong brother from getting both of them killed. When their father, the chief of the Tra, defeated the chief of the Kah, Krom stepped up to take a position of leadership over the newly integrated Kah tribesmen, whilst Krog busied himself with their fighting techniques and code of law. Krog would become so infatuiated with the idea of being a champion that he would abandon all pretense at being ruler to his brother, who was pleased to not have to slay his blood brother to become chief of the new Tra'Kah

The brothers would both embrace the Kah philosophy of "Take what you kill" and apply it to all aspects of life. Indeed, when the Tra'Kah absorbed many other tribes at a moot, Kroms first act as Kuf, log'ead for Chief, of the newly expanded Tra'Kah, was to enforce this new system of law. At that same moot, Krog bested the greatest warriors of every other tribe, and defended his position as an undefeatable opponent for ten years, till age crept upon him as it does all things. Even in old age, Krog would be the fiercest fighter on any battlefield, and for his indominatble strength he was named "Ferok Kranos" Eternal Champion.

After the first Battle of the Blung, in which the Tra'Kah lead the other tribes to slaughter an encroaching Blung Horde, Krom would unite the tribes of the Log'eadz of the plains as one people, the Nag Ber'Ek, the Great People, and headed southwest, to establish the largest non-nomadic Log'ead civilzation ever. His brother, Krog, trained hand picked warriors, and named them Vukad, Chosen, and set them to protecting the Nag Ber'Ek. It is said that Krog did this because he could father no children, a failing he atoned for by making the greatest warriors of the Log'eadz his children.

These founding fathers of the Nag Ber'ek lived simultaneously, but both died long before contact with the Lufae or the Oamenii. Several Grokufs would take up the name Krom as a secondary title when they became Grokuf, while the name Krog entered log'ead vocaublary as the single most common name in the culture, invetibly resulting in several Ferok Kranos's being named Krog. These things help to explain any confusion when it seems as though the founding fathers of the Nag Ber'Ek were around to befriend the Oamenii or hate the Lufae

Also, the current Ferok Kranos is actually in Varoseg, and is independent of the TA, but is not recognized by the Grokuf or any Nag Ber'Ek Chieftain as Ferok Kranos for political reasons
File: 1380169796795.png-(15 KB, 800x600, 3a5o9.png)
15 KB
Okay. Would strength be higher or lower on average compared to a human?
Constitution would be lower.
Dexterity could be a bit higher.
Intelligence I guess would be about the same.
Size, considering that Hoppas are mostly legs, could be the same.

Some racial modifications to the base numbers for some skills (mostly the perception category), silent communication between the same species, and a higher movement rate. Sound about right?
Yes, explanations like these would be perfect as well! Kinda reminded me of the Ota and the worm born Knixi as well.

Huh, the captcha for this post is steel lubass. What the hell does a lub's ass look like?
File: 1380179360907.png-(153 KB, 711x509, Burrahn huts.png)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Bump before bed.

Sounds about right.
I am not sure of how the strength of the Alun would differ from humans.
Their legs are certainly much, much stronger than that of humans, however I don't think that they can carry and lift as heavy objects as humans can, mostly because their "arms" lack joints.
Their front tentacles are just muscle and sinew, with few bony attachment points within them.

Here are some estimates on the lifespan of the races I created:

Alun: In tribal times, the average age when the individuals were considered old was around 40, which is about the same as for humans in those ages.
As the life quality improved, I would say that the average life expectancy of the Alun also rose, so at the "current" point in time, the average alun probably can expect to live 80-120 years or so. (They have pretty swell conditions, tons of food, and in general, very relaxed lives. They are also bigger than humans, and in earth animals at least, the bigger a thing is, the longer they tend to live.)

Suzumou: They breed fast, mature fast, and most likely, have somewhat shorter lifespan. I would say that an average suzumou will live up to 20-30 years, before age overtakes them.
The Wormborn can live significantly longer however.

Govkar: While they also breed and mature fast, the main inhibitor towards their aging was the conditions of the marshes themselves. As the Gwiliak tribe's quality of life improved, their life spans also grew. I would say, that a govkar can easily live as long as a human at least. The Kaduk also live even longer than that.

Geist: The average life expectancy of a geist varies between the genders. The females and gaunt males tend to live longer than the brute males, with one exception; the Alpha male of the tribe, can live to very old age, perhaps even a century or two, if the conditions are favorable. The submissive pheromones they receive from the other geists, boost their body's immune systems, and regenerative processes, that allow them to live much older.
A female geist, or a gaunt male probably has the life expectancy of 80 or so years, while brute males have one of 60. However, the brute males tend to die younger mostly because of their more risk seeking behavior, and the various stresses their brute biology gives them.

Puruu: The puruus can live to very old ages, because of their ability to rejuvenate their bodies in runu pools. The upper limit to their age, and growth, comes from their own internal support structure, that will eventually be no longer capable of carrying the weight of a puruu. Technically, a puruu could life almost indefinitely, if they somehow succeeded in halting their growth after a certain level, perhaps trough semi starvation, so that no more mass would be added to their bodies. Of course, this would also need regular rejuvenation in the runu pools, because the individual micro organisms in the puruu do die, and without "fresh blood", the micro organisms tend to eventually become kind of inbred, and degrade, because of the way they reproduce in order to maintain the Puruu colonial organism.

Shrohans: Their life expectancy in tribal times was around 20-30 years, however a big drag on the life expectancy is their mating ritual, that results in many premature deaths.
In tribal times, the stresses of hunting, and simple survival, also shortened their life span.
In the Izileth nation, the ones who survive the Storm Dance ordeals, and find a mate, will most likely live up to 40-50 years, as their life style is "nowadays" much less stressful and dangerous.
Well, looks like I just found what a Katumoiset city would look like. OP pic of this thread >>27422367

That looks very fitting actually.

Damn right it does!

And guess who is back from army sooner than normal? Yeah i have one extra day worth of freedom so later today i might start working on Vyrii sketches.
File: 1380209167851.png-(185 KB, 600x800, Vyran guardian.png)
185 KB
185 KB PNG

Good to see you back.

Also, speaking of Vyrii, I finally got around drawing a Vyran Guardian, an elite warrior that has been constructed from the shells of bigger, warrior vyrii forms.
They are larger, stronger, and tougher than the normal vyrii, however, constructing them is a slow, and meticulous process, that demands hard to claim resources, like shells of snowbeast vyrii forms, and so on.

The role of the Guardians is to protect the Vyran villages, and undertake tasks normal Vyrians would be incapable of completing.
This one here, is armed with a Shard Sword, Heat shied, and enhanced optics salvaged from scout type vyrii forms.
File: 1380216056906.png-(72 KB, 1200x600, Vyrii drone folk.png)
72 KB

A standard vyran for comparison.
The reason the Guardian has whiter hued plating, is because of the snowbeast vyrii plating that is used in it's armor.
File: 1380218723500.png-(189 KB, 1360x768, ancient wallpaper.png)
189 KB
189 KB PNG

3d6 Average: 10-11
3d4 Average: 7-8
2d6+6 Average: 10
2d6+6 Average: 13
3d6 Average: 10-11
4d4+4 Average: 14
3d6 Average: 10-11

Effort: 50-55%
Stamina: 35-40%
Idea: 65%
Luck: 50-55%
Agility: 70%
Charisma 50-55%

HP: 9
db: none

-Pheromone communication: Aluns have 25% base percent in Language (other) when communicating with Aluns of other cultures.
-Different senses: Listen base percent for Aluns is 15%, and Spot is 35%
-Strong Legs: +1d4 damage bonus for kicks.
-Telepathy (optional): Some Aluns of the Nad'lun nation are capable of telepathic communication, thanks to an alien artifact.

I'll figure out the hit location and movement speed later.
File: 1380223063275.png-(24 KB, 475x633, Beasts of the Icy Fringe.png)
24 KB
Ah, snowbeasts. Terrors of the North. No one will be reaching the North Pole without a small army untill these guys are all dead
File: 1380223234399.png-(3 KB, 138x168, THE RAGE.png)
3 KB
"What did you do to it unit 231?!"
"I merely attached an expanded processor to it!"
"YOU FOOL! That's the RAGE!"

Remember that thing? The Rage? A shard of the Overmind that is pissed as fuck, and can turn any vyrii into a walking murdermachine with the ability to take control of any combat form. Due to the nature of Vyrii "Life" whenever a Ragebeast (a host to the Rage) is destroyed, the Rage is inevitably salvaged and inserted into a new vyrii, starting a cycle of violence all over again. Because of this, I bet Vyrans have specially dedicated units that pick out and discard dangerous "pieces" like the Rage

I like to imagine it thinks its actually performing gardening routines laid out in its digital plans for Bord colony.

The Vyrans probably scan and study any parts they salvage from the hostile vyrii with meticulous detail, in order to detect any malicious properties the parts might have.
They don't want their "children" getting bad traits from the parts they are made off.

In fact, I would think that the Vyrans in general, tend to shy away from just attaching parts from other vyrii to themselves, or the new vyrans they make, exactly because of things like the Rage. Instead, they either render the reclaimed vyrii parts into raw materials, and construct their "children" from that, or carefully scan and purify the parts they use in making more Vyrans.

This is probably another reason why the Vyrans simply don't make every single one of themselves into Guardians. Guardians require far more parts from warrior vyrii forms to manufacture, and it takes time to find, and purify the needed parts and shells. If there wasn't this meticulous scanning and purification process, the Guardians could simply be rendered into insane feral vyrii, from which their parts originate.
But still, a shard of the original overmind is a prize that would surely tempt many a construct, or at least something to great to destroy. And remember, the Vyrii aren't really too sane to start with, since their programming is pretty messed up, so more than a few would be "undermines" would attempt to integrate the Rage, only to fall prey to its overriding urge to "cultivate"

If the Rage were to fall into the hands of an isolated band of Vyrii, it might be able to take control of all of them from the base of a control form, and then set about turning its location into a lush, heavily forested garden. Soldiers, scouts, explorers and salvagers from the Enclave would all wander into the forested valley the Rage calls home, only to fall its minions.

Actually, you wouldn't even need the Rage for that. Just any Undermind could activate its gardening programs and make a forest of death in the Crestlands
maybe the rage should be a bit intelligent, and manipulate it's victim become some sort of outlaw bandit leader that hates society and wants to bring everybody down to the tribal stage with itself as a new overseer

Various non sapient vyrii forms no doubt would salvage Rage infected parts, and thus fall to it's prey as well.

I mostly just elaborated on the methods the Vyrans themselves try to keep their communities clean of corruptive vyrii infections like the Rage.
Of course, their methods aren't fool proof, so there are probably some incidents of Vyrans also being infected with the Rage.
However, the Vyrans aren't exactly combat forms. They originate from construction drones. That is why they eventually started remaking some of their warriors into the Guardians, so that they could be better at defending the tribes.
File: 1380233071610.png-(15 KB, 800x600, Holo bear.png)
15 KB
Alright, I am off to bed.

Feel free to discuss stuff, stat out more races, post ideas and suggestions and so on, while I slumber.

Some things that I would appreciate help with are as follows:
The average life spans of the different races.
I already posted estimations for the races I had my hands in creating here:

I would also appreciate any potential input anyone might have on the player interaction charts, here:
>>27418465 (South)
>>27388387 (Thank you notrip for going trough the central one)
>>27353304 (Eastern)
>>27349450 (Western)

Also, I would like to know if everyone is OK with my decision to assume that the chasm that divides the southern continent was around even at the beginning of the southern tribal game. I posted my reasoning for that decision here:

Finally, have a Holo Bear, the most adorable thing living in the arctic.
File: 1380236664790.png-(12 KB, 375x475, harpoon gun.png)
12 KB
Don't Puruus grow at a decreasing rate until hitting a standstill at the point where they must walk using their first set of arms? For that, I've figured that they could produce a hormone which controls the reproductive rate of Runu. After maturity, the hormone is produced at a steady rate for the rest of their lives, but as their bodies grow, the hormone is spread thinner throughout their bodies, which reduces the runu reproductive rate to about a replacement rate.

Koburrogs: They're a rather short-lived species, their bodies reaching maturity in about seven years of age. With the best standard of living in the Hu-raan empire, they probably live to about 25 to 30 years. With a modern standard of living and health care, they'll probably live to the ripe, old age of 60. Their aging is slow until reaching old age.

Joorods: I can see Joorods having a comparable life-span to humans.

Mevolas: They could easily be a long-lived species, with a natural life-span between 200-300 years.
Log'eadz: Lifespans are a tricky thing to measure for these fellows. Their innate aggression means they have a high degree of murders, many of them from duels. They are susceptible to vascular problems from their unusual skeletal structure, which constricts blood flow. However, Log'eadz are not easily susceptible to injury, so their main causes of death are vascular problems and disease. When one log'ead gets sick, it's almost certain their twin (all log'eadz are born as twins) will also get sick, which means diseases tend to claim higher numbers. A log'ead can live fifty to seventy years if they don't get themselves killed in a duel, but after sixty the risk of vascular problems rises immensely. Current attempts to understand disease are underway, and may reduce the number that die from illness, but preventing vascular failure is far beyond current medical technology (the priest-doctors think diseases are literal demons, and call germs "tiniest devils")

Shwirms: There are no innate bodily issues for shwirms, thanks to a extremely robust bodies. Their main killer is disease, but current research in the TA may soon make that a thing of the past. Shwirms can live seventy to ninety years typically, with the potential to live much, much longer, only beginning to slow down at around fifty.
The race that's able to shake off rabies with a glass of orange juice and some bed rest? Die mostly of disease?! I hope this is more along the lines of heart disease.
Oh shit. I didn't know that. They probably live ludicrously long times then, with low reproductive rates
Leading cause of schwirm death is cheap labor, and industtial accidents. I think being insect in nature, once they stop growing, they stop molting. Once a bug is done there, their chitin begins to break down. Leading cause of natural death is becoming worn out. They might sleep much less then other races as wel, leading productive lives, that take a toll on them.

Wanted to comment on gantu territory, the silver tree territory can safly be lumped in with them.
File: 1380252323495.png-(114 KB, 640x480, shwirmfin.png)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
If I remember correctly, they actually lay clutches of eggs.

Their main trait is that they're incredibly hardy creatures; resilient against heat, cold, disease, and possibly poison and maybe even radiation.
I could easily imagine that the effects of aging would be the biggest cause of death. Heart attack, stroke, cancer, infectious disease due to a weakened immune system, etc.

I have a lack of Shwirm art.
Let's get some Vyran stats

2d6+8 average: 15
2d6+10 average: 17
2d6+8 average: 15
3d6 average: 10-11
3d6 average 10-11
3d6 average 10-11

Effort: 75%
Idea: 75%
Agility: 50-55%
Luck: 50-55%
Charisma: 50-55%

HP: 17
db: 1d4

-No CON since Vyrans are mechanical. Their SIZ comes from weight rather than actual size.
-Some racial bonuses to some skills. To be figured out later.
Potential bonuses

>Salvage: Vyrans entire lives consist of salvaging the wrecked husks of other vyrii, and are superemely skilled at repair and maintenance
>What is food?: Vyrans can choose to use either combustibles or solar power as a replacement for food. Choosing food is not allowed, unless it is as combustibles
>Metal does not heal itself: A vyran cannot heal itself overtime without access to raw materials, primarily carbon and metal

That could also work as an explanation for the Puruu growth rate. The point however is, that the upper limit to Puruu age, comes from their size.

Those stats look good.
Also, the Vyrans have a form of telepathy which they use for communicating with one another (Wi-fi like radio signals). They don't use much vocalizations at all.
In large Vyran groups, this form of communication is used to form a "cloud" (spare processing power and memory space of each Vyran), that kind of works like a communal hivemind for the Vyrans.
This is usually only really apparent in large Vyran communities however.

On the level of just few Vyrans, their "telepathy" mostly just allows instantaneous, and silent communication between the Vyrans. This communication also has a limited range. For longer distant communication, the Vyrans have to rely on messengers, like all the other races.
File: 1380260581509.png-(32 KB, 612x507, Wooly Boomers.png)
32 KB
They'll need to use the Repair skill for healing.
What should the racial base percent for Repair (Vyrii) be?

Okay. That will be easy to write in.

>What should the racial base percent for Repair (Vyrii) be?

That is a good question. For other races, repairing vyrii stuff should be almost impossible, seeing how far removed the vyrii are from anything else in this world.

Even the vyrans aren't any sort of master repairmen of vyrii stuff, however, due to their innate understanding of some of the basic vyrii tech, they can probably make some simple fixes, even without any training on the subject.

However, I am not sure what percentage I should give out, mostly because I don't exactly understand the system itself. Something relatively poor perhaps, but because nobody else can repair vyrii stuff at all (without extensive training at least) the Vyrans are still the best at repairing vyrii things. My gut feeling would go somewhere between 25-45 % but again, I am not sure, because I don't know how the system exactly works.
Okay. 25% then? This is the skill that they'll be using to repair themselves when injured. During character generation, they can add skill points to bring this number up, as well as training the skill in game.
With no added skill points, they'll have a 1 in 4 chance of success in repairing themselves or each other.

In the current era, no other race will be able to use Repair (Vyrii).

Sounds good.
Repairing other Vyrii drone types, (not Vyrans, or Vyran related things) should probably be somewhat harder on them though.
I don't really know how the skill checks in the system work, but one can probably make checks harder and so on.
So if a Vyran tries to repair some fallen vyrii warrior drone, it will be harder for it than it just fixing itself.
Okay then. The default base chance, but with a +10% on repairing Vyrans.
Repair normally has a base chance of 15%.
Skills start on page 9 of >>27392708. Repair itself is on page 14.

That works.
They still have a higher change of repairing vyrii stuff than the other races (as other races are utterly incapable of even repairing vyrii things).
And with training, a Vyran can become even better at fixing vyrii tech.
Perhaps all manipulation of vyrii materials should go under the repair (vyrii) skill checks?
That's more of a GM's discretion thing, but probably fitting better with the "Technical Skill" skill. Two setting specific specialties of this skill could be Bord Tech (1%) and Vyriitech (0%).
Vyrans could probably start at 5% for both.

>captcha: Inching coils
File: 1380267430530.png-(76 KB, 800x600, The Red Weapon.png)
76 KB

Some bord tech, like the Red gun that K'nia of the Crimson Slizers discovered, can probably be operated by anyone with fingers, as the weapon is pretty straight forward.
However, some other bord artifacts are far harder to operate most likely.
Sounds legit.
File: 1380282929463.gif-(Spoiler Image, 502 KB, 800x600)
Spoiler Image, 502 KB
502 KB GIF

Superior animated version.
Just shooting it would be an Energy Weapon (handgun?) roll, which has more to do with user accuracy. Figuring out different settings or such would be a Technical Skill roll.
Looking at the full rulebook, the weapon class would be Energy Pistol.

Yeah, that would make sense.
However the red weapon was just an example of a bord artifact.
The bord artifacts that players might come across, could be pretty varied. They would also be exceptionally rare too, and most of them would probably be nearly useless.

Why don't we turn bord tech into some sort of Stalker artifacts. Some are useful, some with "god like powers" and some are just do something useless or something like that.

File: 1380299683943.png-(345 KB, 800x600, The discovery.png)
345 KB
345 KB PNG

That actually sounds like a pretty good plan. However, the bord artifacts would still need to remain very rare, and in most cases, either useless outside of very specific circumstances, or outright dangerous.
File: 1380302817119.png-(573 KB, 1100x1200, TA warrior vs Ifal Fa cus(...).png)
573 KB
573 KB PNG
Finally got this done.

Perhaps in the future, when the Ifal Fa geists no longer hate their southern neighbors with that great passion, they may lend their skills at creating cedya constructs to the Tanag Azeg gladiatorial arenas. Custom made beasts for the warriors of the TA to fight against.
File: 1380306135589.png-(180 KB, 340x267, 1374337402480.png)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
Damn that's good. That pic reminded me that Log'eadz have tails. That's still weird to me, like we just forgot about that.

Anyways, with the TA channeling its energy into being the Enclaves forces in their region of the world, they don't have the time for the Geists anymore. They probably think they're miles ahead of them by now, having airships, primitive airplanes, ironclads and medicine. It's probably similar to the relationship between England and France, but with more racial slurs

That is probably true.
Still, some tensions most likely remain, because unlike with England and France, the TA still shares a border with the Geist nations, instead of having a nice channel between them.

The Lufae still probably have the best damn surgeons on this world however. That is kind of a side effect of all the vivisection the Flesh Singers made. Their pain killers, and antiseptics are probably pretty crude though. Most likely stuff based on small dozes of puruu poisons that are administered to the patient. The flesh singers weren't exactly focused on easing the pains of their "patients" and the rugged shwirm biology of their most common subjects, could take the infections the abuse of the singers got into them.

So, who would win that fight?
File: 1380312850335.png-(747 KB, 3100x1248, Ifal Fa military forces.png)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
The custodians are formidable cedya warriors, that can probably fight against a Log'ead warrior on relatively even ground, however while they are dangerous creatures, at their core, they are still beasts.
The Log'eads are very good warriors by themselves, and ones that would have access to heavy armor, and mechanical mulpacks, probably aren't total rookies. They most likely have reasonable experience at fighting against monstrous creatures, however, the Custodians only really made their appearance during the final fights of the war, so in the pictured fight, it might be the first encounter the particular warrior is having with a custodian.

The Log'ead advantages are his experience and armor, while the advantages of the Custodian are it's resilience, toxic spores, and general ferocity that the beasts have.
I would say, that the Log'ead is more likely to win the fight, mostly because of the individual experience of the warrior, however, a slip up would easily lead to the victory of the Custodian.
Their arm blades are sharp, and they have the strength to cleave trough flesh very well, and their strong, fanged maws can probably rip apart even armor, if they get a good hold in.
Their toxic spores will also debilitate the foe, if the duel gets prolonged too much.
File: 1380319997843.png-(483 KB, 1000x800, Lub forest blungs.png)
483 KB
483 KB PNG
Beware the blung.
I wonder, how easily they would become an invasive species, as the trade between the continents increases.

When the blung horde disperses, the blung devour the majority of their placenta field, and store it in a pouch so that it can be excreted again, or be consumed, depending on the needs of the individual blung.
It is very common, for this stored placental mass, to also contain embryos of blungs, that were still developing when the horde dispersed. If the field is excreted again, some of these embryos might start developing again, and thus, the field can start sprouting many new blungs, even ones that are not the same species as the blung that established the field.
File: 1380325734602.png-(484 KB, 1500x800, Blung size scale.png)
484 KB
484 KB PNG

Here are the most common blung species. From left, to right:
>Blung leech.
Small flier that drinks blood, and plant fluids.
> Blung wasp.
Aerial predator, that uses it's beaked tail to attack it's prey.
> Overblung.
Blimp like omnivore, that are present in almost all blung hordes. Communicate with other blungs, and "direct" them.

Small detritivores, that feed on the waste, and scraps of food the other blung species bring to the placenta field.
Small predator, that moves in swarms.
> Drone.
Omnivores, that rarely venture far from the field. They clean the field from sivari plants, and in general, keep the field tidy.
Agile ambush predator. Mostly native to forests and jungles.
>Blung hound.
Aggressive plains dwelling predators, that run their prey down.
Strong, and heavily armored omnivores, that live in the edges of plains. Tend to feed heavily on trees and plant life, but will also eat meat.
Territorial omnivore, that uses it's acidic bile as a weapon.
Docile, and mostly harmless herbivore, that lives in dream rot forests. Filters spores from air, and uses them as an extra source of food.

Note that not all blung fields have all these species. While it is common for a single placenta field to house several breeds of blung, that kind of "co-operate" (they also prey on each other.), there are also fields that only have a single species breeding in them. For example, blungfants are rarely seen with other blung breeds.
The Blungs are kind of like an invasive ecosystem, with their own food chain within the placenta field. Outside material comes to the field, get's digested and eaten, nurtures new blung, and the crawlers, which in turn, are eaten by bigger blung and so on.
All it would take is few Blung leeche stowaways in trading ships or something, to spread at least blung leeches to other continents.
I have a feeling that the "Overblungs" have been hunted down by the TA, leaving the other blungs disorganized. Any remaining Overblungs are probably in Lufae/Ifal Fa lands, cultivated and controlled by the Geists so they can in turn prevent the blungs from running wild in their land, but still keep them as a living obstacle to any invasion. More tame blungs might even be used to hunt small blung forms in Geist lands, like cats going after mice, except the cats and mice are just differntly sized abominations of nature

That does kind of make sense.
However, the Blung are still around in northern portions of the southern continent, probably just not in as large masses as in the past, as the soundscape has kind of attracted blungs to it.
I do think that the Ifal Fa and Lufae periodically cull the numbers of the blung, so that they can keep their population in the soundscape under some semblance of control.
However, despite of that, there are still no doubt blung activity, and occasional "raids" to the territories that border the soundscape as well. This is just how the Blungs naturally behave. They seek out food outside of their placenta field, and bring it back there.
However, in the case of the Soundscape, it is just one, massive placenta field, in some ways at least.

Soundscape is not even in thickness and vitality though. There are large swaths of it that are nothing more than desolate land, with a thin, dried out, skin like membrane covering it. There are some clusters of thick growths, to which the blung are especially attracted to. A large portions of these thicker and more "virile" parts of the soundscape, are located near the edge of the burning lands, for the volcanic ash of originating from those lands, brings fresh nutrients to the soundscape, allowing it to keep growing.
File deleted.
Updated the race PDF
very nice man
File: 1380340943461.png-(15 KB, 431x288, 1332964165495.png)
15 KB
For the blue frowg picture, I added the "feelers" back. Looking at the small frowgs and rowgus, they seem like they'd be more like fingers on their faces rather than fleshy whiskers.

Looks good.
What race should be statted out next?
easy mode is holori, nightmare mode is going to be lem.
>nightmare mode is going to be lem.
Oh yeah. Constitution is the hard one for them. They don't tire quickly, but they seem like they could be quite fragile due to the possibility of membrane rupture. However, their dexterity is bound to be through the roof. They'll probably have to make Stamina rolls in hot weather to prevent temporary loss of strength and mobility.
Slight drop in STR.
Severe drop in STR and mobility
>Fumble (1 in 50 odds. Roll of 99 or 100)
Temporary loss of body structure. Completely drained of strength. Movement becomes like that of an actual amoeba. Will regain form when cooled off.

Of course they'll be immune to freezing in natural condition, and be resilient against disease. And there's of course their memory sharing.

Reminder to self: add a bit to puruus about making a stamina roll to resist being crippled when exposed to salt.

I am not sure if the puruus mind salt that much.
They have lived in coastal river deltas, so they probably have been exposed to some salt water. Not to mention that there are also numerous aquatic puruu species, that also live in those river deltas, and maybe even in coastal waters. Perhaps a puruu that has lived near fresh water their whole lives, would need some time to adjust to salt water.
I don't think it's much of an actual delta rather than an over-exaggerated branching river. If it is a delta, it'd be hundreds of miles wide.
The only thing for sure is that the area is a rainforest.

The coastal areas of that jungle are a delta though. I don't really see any reason why the Puruus could not live there too.
It would just take some time for the puruus to get accustomed to different salinity levels in the water.
File: 1380370507899.png-(35 KB, 800x600, Blade Runner art update.png)
35 KB
Sandoni amber is a great luxury resource various Nad'lun guilds and corporations harvest from the Central continent.
The Amber is a sugar rich excretion of certain sandoni breeds, like the Blade Runners. The Sandoni dig burrows to the ground, in where they lay their eggs, and excrete the amber pellets. The amber will work as sustenance for the sandoni larvae, whose saliva contains enzymes that break down the hard amber very fast. (One of the reasons why the amber is that hard, is because it helps it be preserved, and makes it hard for other animals to eat it.)
Once the sandoni larvae hatch, they will linger in their burrow for a period of few weeks, molting and eating the amber.
Eventually, they will dig a way out of the burrow, and emerge as sandoni nymphs.

The Nad'lun utilize the amber in various ways. It can be ground up into a powder, that can be used to spice up drinks (the Nad'lun version of tea), used as a sweetener, mixed with wax to make incense candles and so on. The intact amber pebbles can be treated to make them last even longer, thus becoming cheap, but pretty "gems". Via other treatments, the pebbles can be made into candy like treats, and so on. The amber is an extremely valued luxury good in the Nad'lun lands, and a major source of wealth to the nation.

The amber harvesting outposts, pay good prices to mercenaries, and workers, whose job is to guard the outposts, and harvest amber from sandoni burrows. The adult sandoni beasts, are a constant problem, as their attacks are ferocious, and their numbers high. Thankfully, their meat and chitinous shells can also be sold, the meat especially, is fancied by Enclave forces, as it is easy to preserve, and lasts long.
Some basics on your average lem

in normal conditions, cold, tundra - their internal make up is like ballistic jelly. They are pretty...solid...ish. A cut will seal back up, and lost body parts may be re-attached. Strength is pretty damn high, much more so then any other sentient on the continent. ((allows them to wear thick slab armor and carry their larger weapons)) As it gets warmer, a lem becomes more fluid internally, cuts begin to ooze, leak, and eventually gush in a desert climate. The only upside is they become more flexible and stretchy as they get warmer. Strength also drops, but we seem to have this one down. Long story short, unless the lem is wearing a cooling pack with it's armor, it will be nowhere near warmer climates as infantry. Expeditions to the southern edge of the eastern continent has educated them on this.

They dont sleep, and are pretty saturated with oxygen. They do a little bit of photosynthesis with a byproduct of more oxygen, but not at any level as efficient as a plant, this lets them endure poor air quality for a bit. Lem are pretty damn efficient at consumption and energy expenditure. They can eat just about anything organic, and pull a least a little bit in the way of nutrients from it, the rest is thrown up later. Lem can eat important things and throw them up later. smuggling. When they dont need to burn energy they just slow down, there is not much metabolism to regulate.

A lem can eat to maintain energy, or to reproduce/ heal. As a lem eats in excess of what it needs to survive, it starts to grow larger in height an mass. At approx. 2x size, they divide into two new lems (lem?), both identical. Only this sibling can effectivly eat it's others remains/ biomass and get it's memories, as well as personal experience. Otherwise to other lem it would seem like someone one else's ideas/ memories and not their own.
a lem's biological response to infection/ poison is to throw up. Considering they are not of this planet in origins there is not much here that bothers them from a virus/ bacteria standpoint. Poison, or the Vyrii are a whole other deal. A lem will throw up something detrimental in it's body along with some of it's cytoplasm. This natural response can be detrimental, and result in death by barfing under the most extreme circumstances. Usually, a still bad, but less fatal result will be a mostly deflated lem, or a lem diminished in strength. They must then consume until they are better.
Does anyone have the logo of the Iminye/Altume alliance nation?
Anyone here?
Are there any undergoing wars, or major strifes going on in the world, outside of Vyrii containment measures?

Now that I think about it, the only war I can recall between actual nations was the TA vs Ifal Fa conflict, that went on during the last south game. All other wars and conflicts have been against hostile npc races.
File: 1380405672702.png-(21 KB, 800x600, You will agree to our dem(...).png)
21 KB
Yapap really embraced the mentality behind this image.
I'll have to get it out of my external drive. So maybe later tonight.

Good to hear.
The images in those old tribal game threads are gone, because Foolz deleted them.
File: 1380412016329.png-(264 KB, 800x600, Nad'lun merchant.png)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
Fucking hell, designing clothes for Aluns is as hard as it ever was.
Curse me for creating such bizarre looking race! I can't figure out how their clothes would even work!
Figuring out clothes for all the humanoid races is so much easier.

In any case, I must rest now.
I shall continue my work on this when I wake up.
socks, leggings, maybe something that goes behind the "beak" and hangs down. "Head crests", leg bangles. etc.
File: 1380415010765.png-(Spoiler Image, 53 KB, 259x349)
Spoiler Image, 53 KB
Black trench coats and dark sunglasses.

Captcha: Petersburg solosh
Hm.. Solosh. Sounds like a good name for an Alun garment.
File: 1380438243855.png-(32 KB, 800x600, 1354654067009.png)
32 KB
Bump before bed.
So what has been your favorite moment from this whole experience? Anyone?
File: 1380445258392.png-(44 KB, 774x644, Sabotage!.png)
44 KB

That is kind of hard to say.
The early attempts of the Nad'lun to make metal were certainly one of the most entertaining things that occurred.
Honest Lem's steel is here for all of your ferrous needs! The player interaction when its good, was very good. I feel that the building of the setting is the beginning of something awesome.
File: 1380459438237.jpg-(97 KB, 792x480, i bet that the lem did this.jpg)
97 KB

Agreed on that.

In any case, I would suspect that before the fall of Geshud Deller, the Nad'lun traded quite busily with the Onolkeshan, seeing how by sea, the distance between the nations was not that large.

There is still the onolkeshan port city, but I am not sure how big it actually is, and how much trade is going on there.
File: 1380467569496.png-(108 KB, 1000x800, 1354659702550.png)
108 KB
108 KB PNG

STR: 4d4-2 Average: 8
CON: 3d6 Average: 10-11
SIZ: 3d4-1 Average: 6-7
INT: 2d6+6 Average: 13
POW: 3d6
DEX: 3d6
APP: 3d6

HP: 8-9
db: -1d4

-Suzumou naturally have the Flight skill
-Natural Weapon: Stinger
-Suzumou Venom
-Natural Armor: 1 point or 2? How strong are their exoskeletons?
File: 1380468279468.png-(115 KB, 800x650, TeUFz.png)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Could I get the details of what all their venom does again? I know that it differs according to gender.
File: 1380469715081.png-(92 KB, 1000x600, suzumou sexual dimorphism.png)
92 KB

The suzumou venom has two effects, it is paralyzing, and it has acidic qualities.

The male venom evolved for hunting, and rapidly incapacitating the prey of the male. The venom is also used to paralyze suitable sandworms, that the tribe can lay their eggs into. It is not exactly lethal, however it is extremely potent. One sting from a male is capable of paralyzing victims that weight dozens of hundred times more than the suzumou.

The female venom contains enzymes, that break down flesh, and thus "pre digest" the flesh of the host of her eggs, thus allowing the larvae to easily feed once they hatch. The venom's effects don't last as long as the male venom, nor does it really spread trough the body of the host. Instead, the damage the venom does is localized around the sting point. The venom is potent enough to kill, if it is it is injected near vital tissues. When laying eggs, the females seek out the fatty tissues of the host, where the venom will form a nice incubation chamber for the eggs of the suzumou.
Yeah, know that feel with Tentouz.
File: 1380482840464.png-(30 KB, 586x401, bug preacher.png)
30 KB
"Have you served the Godworm today, friend?"
I think I'll elaborate on sub-factions, for people who don't know about them

>The Shokul: Originally a band of pathfinders, their name means "scouts." However, after the initial skimrishes between log'eadz and geists, well before the Ifal-Fa war, some of the more prominent scouts founded a group to keep the TA strong and vigilant against outside forces. The shokul evolved into a loose political affiliation, one not bound very strongly due to the nature of log'ead clan-politics. Several clans have supported them since shortly after their founding, but most clan-chiefs are wary of their influence. They hate outsiders and those they see as attempting to weaken the TA, despising Nod for making peace with the geists, Varoseg for its founders from leaving the TA to trek all the way to Urupuruu lands, and many others. Their most recent hatred is the Enclave, who they feel directs their efforts away from works which could truly strengthen the TA, like the destruction of the geists, and conquests of the entire continent. The only other nation the Shokul are friendly towards is the Korobushka, respecting their hard work, strong sense of tradition, and advanced industry that works with the TAs own industry rather than take away from it. TL:DR highly nationalistic, traditional, semi-isolationist loose political party

Sounds good.

In the irc, I and ng discussed the Enclave-TA relationship somewhat.
Basically, we realized that TA joining, is an unique situation for the Enclave itself, as it is the first time they are trying to merge with a large, industrially already very well established nation.

All the other member nations, and people of the Enclave, either were part of it's founding (Ta'mirel, Fo'wil and K'lakh), joined shortly after it's inception (Onolkeshan) or were small tribes that were quite undeveloped when they joined to the Enclave (R'ylai, Friggan, and Za'zas'iel).

The Tanag Azeg is the first actual nation, that is joining the Enclave.
The membership process would most likely take significantly longer with the TA than with the earlier nations. Setting wise, it might be that the process is still actually on going, with tensions and intrigue ripe in the TA lands, as the changes brought forth by the enclave slowly shift the TA as a nation.
Potential ideas for intrigue that came up in the irc chat were things like resistance to the changes from traditionalist factions, influences of the trade union trying to figure out how best benefit from the Enclave presence, criminal elements from Enclave seeping into TA lands and so on.

Basically, potential plot hooks and shit.
>The Kingdom of Siemas: A small, semi-feudal semi-republican nation within Nod. It is small, encompassing three small cities and a few towns. It started as a kingdom within Nod, but recently became a republic. The seeds for this were planted long ago. It started with the Lusietry Wazeia, the Glory of Lusiet, once the shining jewel of Siemas. Being a coastal city on the Great Channel, fog was a constant concern. To alleviate this problem, a large, single lighthouse was to be constructed to replace several old, crumbling ones, spread across several miles to the north of the city. The King latched onto the plan, and enhanced it, till the lighthouses design made it the largest structure in the world. Konnit (King) Sladoliv, named it Lusietry Waziea, and said it would be the biggest, shining feature of his new palace, so great was his arrogance, for he wished to see his glory rise far above that of the leaders of the other great houses, who even then rivaled his Royal House for prestige. Things were to turn poorly for the Lusietry Waziea, for of all the possible disasters, a meteorite slammed into the base of the lighthouse, and knocked into the river, while ruining the foundation for half the palace and killing the Konnits wife and two eldest children. The great houses took this as a sign of displeasure from the gods, and moved to other towns, to be away from anymore of the gods wrath. This was where things began to bode poorly for the Konnit.
With the Great Houses taking their economic power elsewhere, Lusiet began to wane. Mniej and Sadzawka would rise to rival Lusiet, being homes to one great house each, and several lesser houses. Most lesser houses stayed in Lusiet, but this, along with a noticable increase in crime from the absence of House funded guards, only encouraged an image of the once shining city of the Great Channel as haven for second-rate individuals and criminals. When Mniej, situated on the end of a series of lakes and rivers that connected it to Lusiet and the Great Channel, negotiated construction of a railroad from Korobushka to itself, the fall of Lusiet was well underway. Sadzawka, a smaller city to the north, also home to a single Great House, took any real industry from the former Jewel of the Great Channel, producing modest numbers of very high quality products. Both Sadzawka and Mniej employed serfs, individuals tied to the land they lived on, to overtake Lusiet even faster than would have normally been possible.

Mniej serfs were mostly out in the plantations beyond Mniej itself, working on plantations, growing bahnel, a versatile crop used heavily in textiles, waterproofing and glue. Serfs were fairly independent, with most plantations directed, worked and guarded solely by serfs. The only downside for Mniej serfs was that they could not choose their work, or leave their land without express permission from a member of the house their land belonged to. Sadzawkan serfs had very different lives. They worked long hours to make high quality products: durable guns with intricate knotworks; gilded waterproof boots; Frilla wood chairs; Gwiliak silk and silith metal gauntlets. Many luxury goods that could be found all across the continent were made in Sadzaka. Those who didn't toil away in the workshops were in the mines, digging up ores and coal from the surrounding hills.
>The rise of these two rival cities, and the other Great Houses, was a source of perpetual anger for the Konnits. The last konnit, Draca the Treacherous, sought to gather all the leaders of the other houses in his palace for a false summit about the future of Siemas, and execute them in the dark of the night. The plot was uncovered, the Konnit executed instead for treason, and a new Republic declared to rule.

>The Republic of Siemas is heavily oligarchal. No internal challenges to the Great Houses exist, and they cooperate with each other in the Senate of Lusiet, which is held in the refurbished Royal Palace.

>Immigrants: Mniej is the only city with a significant immigrant population. It has two thousand shwirms from Korobushka living in its southern district, many of them intellectuals, artists, poets and musicians, attracted by the patronage of the great houses, and pushed by fear created by the unresolved civil war back home. Several hundred puruus also live on the docks, working as laborers, repairmen, guardsmen and fishermen. They are the only group outside of the total control of the Great House of Mniej, due to their heavily organized union, and success at beating out all competition for their jobs, making any strikes distastrous for Mniej, so they are given a wide berth by authorities
File: 1380494014743.png-(66 KB, 1200x1100, Shrohan warrior.png)
66 KB
The Izileth nation, and it's protectorate territories in the archipelago of the western continent, have been undergoing centuries of prosperity, ever since the Izileth shrohans succeeded in culturally subverting the tribal nations of the surrounding islands.
Their contact with the Nad'lun trading guilds, has brought further wealth to their nation, for the Alun merchants crave for the exotic goods the Izileth can provide them. It is because of the Izileth, that the Nad'lun, and by extension the Enclave, have had access to limited amounts of lub skin even before contact with the southern continent was established. This is because, in ages past, the Izileth explorers encountered a shipwreck that originated from the southern continent, and within this ship, were lubs, and floating ragas plants, that the Izileth themselves began to cultivate in their islands.

The Izileth people, consists of 3 races. The Shrohans, who are the culturally, and militarily most prominent, and most numerous race, and the de-facto leaders of the nation. While Shrohan cultures vary between islands somewhat, the Izileth culture is still strong everywhere, as the Izileth people were quick to culturally absorb the other shrohan tribes of the archipelago. (Mostly via marriages and so on)

The Island frowgs form a sizable minority, with their own cultures that can differ more between individual islands, than in the case of the Shrohans. The frowgs are dominant in fields of life, that require strength and resilience, that the shrohans lack. Shrohans are usually respected by the frowgs, due to the culture and beliefs that formed in the frowg group who were the first to become willing servants of the Izileth.

The third group in the nation, are the hollori. They are hunters and explorers, who are not really culturally absorbed into the Izileth people, instead they live as numerous tribes in the region. They are content in their hunter gatherer lifestyle, and the Izileth are content in leaving them be.
File: 1380494989186.png-(60 KB, 1000x1000, Shrohan wetsuit.png)
60 KB
The Izileth are culturally quite conservative, and a great focus in their policies for the past centuries, has been maintaining the island paradise they live in.
Technically, the nation is led by a military junta, formed by the warrior caste. Most people don't tend to mind this that much, for life is quite good in Izileth lands, and the military is keen on keeping it like that.
Because of this, trade is monitored quite heavily, the Nad'lun trading outposts are occupied by Izileth military forces, who ensure that no harmful material gets into the Izileth lands.
For the most part, this doesn't inhibit trade too much, as most of the material that is prohibited are things like drugs, rum, and unwanted visitors, however there are some Alun groups who make great profit from snuggling contraband to the Izileth nation.

The Izileth culture is quite conformist, and those who for various reasons, fail to fit in, and find their place in the nation during their young years, often hire themselves as mercenaries to the Nad'lun corporations and guilds. This behavior is approved by the Junta, for it fulfills many goals. These mercenaries gain experience, learn news, and often bring back various valuable devices when they finally return home. In some ways, taking a tour as a mercenary is seen almost as a rite of passage.
All 3 races living in Izileth lands can be found as mercenaries in Nad'lun ships. Shrohans and Frowgs usually return home eventually, however the hollori have in many ways, used their mercenary tours to find new hunting grounds to their tribes, and just settled in the new lands once their tour has ended.
This has raised some ire in Nad'lun lands, for some Alun didn't really like the hollori spreading to lands they perceived as their own. However, as the hollori seem to be content to stay as tribal, hunter gatherers, they don't really threaten the inhabitants of the lands they settle. Because of this, the hollori are usually just let to their own devices.
Does anyone have any ideas for potential stories or quest hooks that could occur in this setting, if it ever becomes playable.
A good way for justifying having members of multiple races from different continents, is to have them be mercenaries.
The Nad'lun trading fleets are a plausible method of travel across the world, so a party of mercenaries could have a viable method of travelling to all the continents.
>Join the Enclave, help make friends across the world
>Sign for the Katumoiset, be highly unethical and see the world as you do your job
>Work for the Otavan, pave the way for invasion of another nation
>Get hired by the Friggans, fuck up Otavan shit along the way
>Be murder-hobo, kill people, take their stuff, avoid the authorities
That last one would fit pretty well for some Log'eadz. Take what you kill and all that
Delving into ancient Koburrog ruins in Central
Never forget nadlun dive suits, underwater salvage, and adventure.
Or the life of a syndicate thug climbing the ranks.
South continent warrior arena, mech arena or illegal death races.
I never really was into death races. And honestly, they shouldn't exist. Not in "modern" primordial. Death races would require crossing Lufae lands, a death sentence to even a small army, finding some ruffians who have something fast enough worth racing, and then finding a place that's dangerous but that still leaves a chance for survival.

Races I understand. Hell, industry shows could be held by Clan-Factories from the TA and Companies (or is just one state company?) from the Korobushka, mastercrafted models from Sadzawka, Varosegian ashcycles, and maybe even a few fleetfooted Rysars from Nod. Deathracing? I have to say no to that. But Industry Races through carefully managed obstacle courses, with blungs, laccora fields, casks of dreamspores, and even hostile wildlife, all for each competitor to show that their product is the best of them all? Oh yes. There's an actual reason for that which isn't wanking.

And whoever wins tends to get very, very large production orders until the next Hell Race (or whatever they call it. Hell Race sounds stupid but you get the point)
I'll need some more help with this.
Suzumou (male) Venom:
POT: Not sure. Is it potency or amount that has more importance? Suzumou are fairly large, so they probably pump a lot into victims.
Time of effect: ?
Symptoms: Numbness, Paralysis

I could still see such things as an underground activity done by insane thrill-seekers. The sheer stupidity is a draw.
there ya go man. Death race does not mean the movie death race. You find a good area to race, its sponsored on a criminal/ corporate level. People who are thrill seekers, or nothing to loose with grab a ride. The influx of enclave tech and know how has probably resulted in some hot rod motos. ((enclave turbine ramming air into a TA engine= turbo charger, go fast.))

Go see redline the anime, but I sort of imagine race classes that have different rules, and some that have none. Antagonizing the lufae or other factions is probably ill advised, but might happen in some of the most suicidal ones. Imagine a race across the blung wastelands reclaimed by the TA, dealing with stray drones and blungs, a fucked up landscape, and the occasional Ifal fa scout taking a pot shot at you.

Even small amounts of suzumou male venom will cause numbness, and even partial paralysis. The amount of venom that is pumped to the victim, affects how quickly it takes effect, and how long the effect lasts.
One stung is capable of paralyzing, let's say koburrog sized target, for 5 or so hours.
The suzumou males usually keep stinging the sandworm host where their larvae develop, in order to keep it placated, and immobile for the whole duration of the larvae's development.

There is a soundscape infested no man's land between the Ifal Fa and the Lufae, that is filled with blungs and wild cedyas. The Ifal Fa and Lufae don't patrol that region too keenly, as the native fauna is usually more than enough of a deterrent to keep anyone from that place. This swathe of infested plains, borders the burning lands to the north, Lufae to the west, Ifal Fa to the east, and TA to the south. The geist nations kind of extent partial ownership over these lands, but mostly because they keep it as a training ground for their forces, and because of the blungs, and oil the wild soundscape provides them with.

I would think, that heavily armed trade caravans, and various criminal gangs use this land to move between the southern portions, and northern portions of the continent, as the territory is only vaguely policed by the geist militaries, who really don't care that much about a bunch of smugglers and gangs moving trough these wastes.
They might occasionally take potshots at them to remind the songless who rules these soundscape infested wastes, but unless the intruders attempt to reach within the geist territory proper, they most likely will not commit to their attacks.
The geists themselves use their underground pathways to move under these wastes, so they themselves don't have to secure the land for trade or anything.

In short, the no man's land between Ifal Fa and Lufae is a territory ripe for all kinds of criminal activity including illegal racing rings. These wastes are extremely dangerous, but they are not governed by any law, other than strength. The strongest forces in those lands, are arguably the geist militaries, but they usually don't bother to curb down on criminal shit going on in those lands, as it doesn't affect them that much. The criminal elements of the songless, have hard time succeeding in geist lands proper, due to xenophobia and tight border control.
File: 1380552601146.png-(77 KB, 600x800, Infected Skulk.png)
77 KB
I am kind of out of ideas for what we should focus on next.
I haven't really been able to draw stuff, mostly because of lack of ideas and inspiration right now.

Anyways, I have some vague ideas for few skullcrow nations located around the rift in eastern continent, but they need some work.

Basically, 3 warring skullcrow nations. One of them is based around the former territory of Kaze, with the husk of their dead mother tree as their base of operations. They are very skulk like in their appearance, as they reproduce by infecting living skulks with their condition, and thus turning them into more of themselves.
They raid other skulk nations for new members.

My ideas for the other two nations are far more vague for now at least. One of them is supposed to be composed of extremely individualistic skullcrows, that emphasize the fact that the skullcrows can be made out of almost any plant or animal, and thus can look wildly different from one another.

The third nation would be more like the old skullcrows, horde like, with few leader skullcrows directing masses of shambling, feral and degenerate ones.

There is also a govkar nation near the rift, that learned how to utilize feral skullcrows as a work force, but unfortunately I don't remember what the tribe was called. It was introduced by a new player during the eastern civ game, but he didn't stay for long.
File: 1380556577072.png-(11 KB, 221x369, 1357772275713.png)
11 KB
Hello. I'm making designs for the hastun new stuff and i wanted to make things for the koburrog slaves (i'll find a better name). But the koburrrog design is a bit too approximative. I'd love to see a nad or drawbro style redrawing of it like when pusmals were redrawed.

Alright, I can help you on that regard.
Would you like to have some sort of blank picture, that you can color yourself?
Yeah, would be nice. As i understood koburrog's skin and hair color vary a lot with ethnicity.
File: 1380565670798.png-(18 KB, 600x800, Koburrog blank.png)
18 KB

Here you go.
I left the head and body hair out.
Awesome, thanks.
Long ago, the great Lupae made the world. She sang the song of the world, and the world lived within the void. She made all the animals and birds, and at first, she made them all the same. Now, among the animals was Ter-Khuna, the father of the geists. He had many friends, and they all ate grass together. But after a time, the geists wandered everywhere, multiplying and eating as they went. Then Lupae said to Khuna, 'Father Geist, if you cannot control your people, I shall find ways to control them. So mark what I say.' But Ter-Khuna would not listen. He said to Lupae, 'My people are the strongest in the world, for they breed faster and they eat more than any of the other people.' This angered Lupae, so she determined to get the better of Ter-Khuna...not by means of his own great power, but by means of a trick. He gave a present to every animal and bird, making each one different from the rest. When the Log'ead came, and others, like the Shiwrm and the Elenii, the Puruu, the cedya, and the shamblers, to each of them, Lupae gave a fierce desire to hunt and slay the children of Ter-Khuna. Then Ter-Khuna knew that Lupae was too clever for him and he was frightened, for he had never before seen the black rabbit of death.
'My friend,' said Lupae, 'have you seen Ter-Khuna, for I wish to give him a gift?' 'Uh, no,' said Ter-Khuna, 'I have not seen him. He is far away. He wouldn't come.' So Lupaesaid, 'Come out and I will bless you instead.' 'No, I cannot,' said Ter-Khuna, 'I am busy. The Log'ead and Shwirm are coming. If you want to bless me, you'll have to bless my bottom.' 'Very well,' said Lupae, 'Be it so.' And Ter-Khunas tail grew long and sturdy, strong as a whip. And his back legs grew long and powerful. And he tore across the hill, faster than any creature in the world. And Lupae called after him, 'All the world will be your enemy, prince with a thousand enemies. And whenever they catch you, they will kill you. But first, they must catch you, digger, listener, hunter, Prince with a swift warning. Be cunning, and full of tricks, and your people will never be destroyed.'

>Eating grass.
>Black rabbit of death.

Other than those mishaps, pretty good.
I'd have included something about changing to eat meat, but by the time I finished I didn't see where I could fit it in, so I just left it. Black Rabbit of Death was unintentional though. Perhaps the Killer with No Voice?

I think the Geists would be freaked out by the Alun. While the geists communicate primarily through sound, since body language isn't possible because they don't have sight, the Alun means of communicating must be baffiling. They use body language, pheremones, and only some spoken word. They must be like the embodiement of the Void to geists.

Are there any other races that would inherently scare other races, besides Gantu being FUCKHUGE?
The holori are death incarnate, their little back eyes are not to be mistaken for the simple loving ones of a teddy bear, but those of an endless pit. It cannot be filled with accomplishment, satisfaction, love, greatness, lust, food, or anything else. Only the hunt momentarily brings relief to a holori's endless hunger. They will multiply and consume the world. because fish ewok.

The native alun communication is quite hard for the geists to comprehend, no doubt about that, however, the mercenary guilds, and in general, groups of aluns who deal with other races, tend to utilize trade language based on whistles and clicks, that, while bare bones, is usually enough to deliver rough information between the races.
They also have their telepaths too, though they are not that common. Usually a guild or corporation has few of them on their pay lists, for various purposes, mostly trade related.

As for scary races, the Cruelbs would probably freak out most other races.
Also, suzumou are pretty scary when you think about them. They are child sized, parasitical wasps, with deadly venom, and in the case of Zu-nul, extremely zealous, and willing to relentlessly attack, and even sacrifice themselves, if they are ordered to.
Potentially useful thread for figuring out how the tech of the oceanic species might have been developed.
File: 1380582010734.png-(228 KB, 1080x956, burrahn hunter2.png)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
Mevolas could be frightening, considering that they're eight feet tall, have beaks filled with sharp teeth, sound like dolphins, and are descended from the massive carnivorous plants which hunted the ancestors of other creatures.

Good old Watership Down. The movie was terrible compared to the book.
>Good old Watership Down. The movie was terrifying compared to the book.


>catpha: twelve olostag

Beware children, for they say the Twelve Olostags ride at night, hunting those who stray too far from their family and clans
while not talked about, another good area for high adventure is the northern Govkar region of the Eastern continent. Swamps, primitive railguns, volcanic burning mesas, monstrous death beasts, and these are the better parts of the place. To the north you have a frigid tundra and the possibility of running into noord hordes, savages, or even the enclave. To the south you have skulcrows, the empire of the Ota, and the enigmatic silvertree cult/ gantu people. go far enough east and you might run into a great wall sealing in an isolationist nation of Joorods. All around are the ever present friggan merchants and nomads.
Don't forget the strange Metalworkers of Silith. Are they even industrialized?
Heh, I like that idea of small legends.

Legend has it that during the Tonaika rebellion, a twelve-Govkar squad went innawoods, and disappeared. Some say they consented with forest spirits, some others say assassins killed them while they slept. But one thing is certain; every anniversary of the Great Purge, they roam the wilds, enacting revenge for the unjust treatment they experienced.

In truth, they did die of various causes, but now they have been skulcrow'd and retain some sort of emotion over their deaths.

So is the story about Olostag Squad.
File: 1380599870781.png-(10 KB, 288x404, Jenter Mevola.png)
10 KB
Playing as agents of the Jenter church. Hunt down cults, seek holy relics, uncover conspiracy, and the list of possible adventures goes on.

STR: 3d6 Average: 10-11
CON: 4d6 Average:14
SIZ: 7d6 Average: 24-25
INT: 2d6+6 Average: 13
POW: 3d6 Average: 10-11
DEX: 3d6 Average: 10-11
APP: 3d6 Average: 10-11

HP: 19-20
db: +1d6

-Electric. Still needs to be figured out. Maybe I should look at some books about powers.
-Mevolas can regenerate lost limbs in 1d6+6 months.
-Four arms
SIZ for Gantu is being changed from 2d6+18 to 7d6+10, bringing their average up from 25 to 34-35. According to the book, 25 is appropriate for 8 feet tall. Gantu OP.
Heck, doesn't even need any truth. It could be a simple myth.
-Gantu are certainly tall, and very strong, when silver tree augmented, further so. Granted on a case by case basis within primordial balance was never really a concern. A gantu cannot use simple (normal sized) tools due to their sheer size. They also probably are not the most intelligent, not to say stupid, just not rocket scientists. This is due to their unfettered lifestyle. I guess this brings them up to around 12-14 feet tall now. dear fuck. The one thing in a single player RPG is that as new items and equipment are gained the gap between a gantu player and another player is closed a bit. also they cannot into stealth. at all. *stomp stomp stomp* I'm sneaking...

-Electrical powers:
Frowg: shocking grasp
Shrohan: Electrical Arcing
Mevola: ?? Shocking grasp, arcing?

-With electrical powers one thing I think all of these races might gain is a sort of "electrical sense" like sharks, or electric eels, etc. Where they can sense biological life around them to a degree. I suspect the frowgs would be weakest at this, where they evolved on the tundra and there was not much interference. Mevola might very well have the strongest sense.

-Should a silver tree augmentation be figured out? Instead of a new table for each race compatible with the silver tree vyrii, perhaps a simple modifier of add %Various stats, various skills?
Should I knock down there INT a tiny bit? Having an average just below that of humans? I've been keeping that stat about the same across the board for now.

Frowgs are actually from the tropics. They just spread into the north. They'd have the second strongest sense after Shrohans. Mevolas just don't have such a sense. For those two, however, I don't know if it'd work in open air. Not that great of a conductor. Maybe in high humidity. Maybe.
File: 1380606051594.png-(39 KB, 1500x1000, Shrohan.png)
39 KB

The Shrohans probably have the strongest electric sense, seeing how it plays a big part in their communication.
Their electric sense is almost as important to them as sight, and when they are swimming, it is their main method of navigation and hunting. While under water, the electric sense is also the main method of communication the shrohans use. Each shrohan has their own electric field, that has a signature frequency and a "pulse" that mark it. Changes in the field's potency are used to communicate with other shrohans.
Above the water, the shrohans communicate vocally, as the electric field doesn't reach as far out of water.
File: 1380616733547.png-(97 KB, 700x1000, Pink puruu by drawbro.png)
97 KB
Puruus are the cutest damn race in this world.
Cute, and deadly.
The jungles of southern continent are the most war torn region on the world, with dozens of small and medium sized puruu kingdoms fighting for dominance.
File: 1380628807707.png-(28 KB, 800x600, Fayakiin stalker.png)
28 KB
Also, there are blood drinking puruus in the jungles too.
The Fayakiin tribe drink the blood of various animals, and use it ti sustain their runu pools.

Btw, did we ever establish how puruu tribes work socially?
As there are no males or females, there are no real families, unless the whole tribe is counted as one family, assuming they all spawned from the same runu pool.

Individual Puruu colony starts as a cluster of micro organisms, that form an "embryo" that, after reaching sufficient size, is "swallowed" by one of the adult puruus, into a pouch like womb located in the chest cavity of the Adult puruus.
The "embryo" finishes it's development within the adult, and it is then vomited out as a miniature version of an adult colony.
The adult puruu will take care of the smaller one, and raise it until it is big enough to survive on it's own. I would suspect, that the bond between the adult and child that forms this way, is the most intimate bond that exists between puruus.
a the mothers role would be a student-mentor relationship
I imagine the inter runu-pool relationships to be like siblings in a very large family, they don't know each other like people that grew up together do but they're closer than neighbors
actually how 'human' is their psychology?
They are kinda hard to pin down, since most of us subconsciously imprint human-ish psychology on all of them, or at least one that can be understood by humans.

Anyways, as for puruus, I think they could be having different morals. Most puruus loathe the Ruufaya for their blood-related shenanigans, but not in the way we would think of; instead of viewing it as a sacrilege to the blooded victims, they think that using blood for runuu breeding is kinda unsanitary. Or something like that, maybe?
File: 1380640559465.png-(174 KB, 1720x1412, puruu scale.png)
174 KB
174 KB PNG

That makes sense. The puruus probably have a strong sense of camaraderie within their "family". I would think that the puruu do place some emphasis on the runu pool they themselves utilize, and presumably also spawned from. They probably have words for people of the same pool, and those who originate from different pools.
Perhaps in some puruu cultures, it is a taboo to rejuvenate oneself from pools of others or something?

As for how human the puruu are, it is a difficult question due to the reasons IG already stated.
I personally kind of see them as cheery, and mischievous beings, but that is mostly due to just their appearance.
I would think, that due to the way their bodies work, Puruus don't have as strong sense of personal identity than humans. Their memories and personality probably shift as their brain structure gets renewed by new micro-organisms. Not saying that they lack personalities, just that theirs are somewhat more shifting, and so on. The strong, core traits of the personality stay, but the stuff around it changes.

Also, I would think that they have pretty absurd sense of what is actually damaging to other things, seeing how they themselves can survive having their arms cut off, and other blows that would be fatal to other races.
Do you guys have any ideas what we should work on next? The timelines for the tribal games are done, should we move on to the civ games?
The Fayakiin are the blood tribe, not the Ruufaya.
Of the Ruufaya scouting party who encountered the Yapap, the ones who escaped stole a pot on their way out. Having no idea where to find water nearby, they resorted to draining wildlife into the pot to keep their runu alive.

They weren't really followed far after that, but I presume they either took over an existing puruu tribe's pool or made their own, but carried on with the blood idea.

Somewhere on the South continent is a pool of blood, being constantly re-filled by gelatenous vampires to feed their unholy spawn.

>it is a taboo to rejuvenate oneself from pools of others or something?

I would say stealing runu would be one stage above stealing a family heirloom and one below stealing a baby. Giving away runu to a visitor, however, could be fairly common. Though there could just as easily be tribes of puruu who believe in "keeping pure" and forbid "runu mixing".

>I would say stealing runu would be one stage above stealing a family heirloom and one below stealing a baby. Giving away runu to a visitor, however, could be fairly common. Though there could just as easily be tribes of puruu who believe in "keeping pure" and forbid "runu mixing".

In either case, the runu clearly are culturally very significant, which makes sense, seeing as the runu pools are the place where the life of new puruus begins.
I wonder if a puruu settlement would have more and more runu pools, as it grew, of if the puruus would just expand the existing pool.
The runu pools are kind of communal structures, so a large number of puruus would probably utilize them. It could be that in a puruu city, each city block would have it's own runu pool, and in more future ages, with larger structures, with more inhabitants, each structure could have a runu pool too.
File: 1380650031331.png-(6 KB, 290x260, Yapap home improvement.png)
6 KB
I imagine that the pools of older, more established communities would be rather disgusting to our standards. Puruus dump their dead into the pools, regurgitate their waste into them to supply the "eggs" with remaining nutrition, along with the build up of venom in the water gradually increasing. In a way, they can be likened to Ork drops. Cesspools from where everyone is born.

However terrible it was, the Yapap did have plumbing systems before their collapse. Along with that, there could also have been a sort of sewage system which would bring everything to the pools. Well, whenever dead bodies weren't clogging the pipes, that is.

Also, using water pipes made of really soft metals as support beams. What could go wrong?

I was actually about to equate the runu pools to ork drops myself too.
I don't think that the runu pools would however be *that* disgusting as the ork drops are.
The buildup of venom, and the countless runu inside the pool both keep all sorts of extra filth from really accumulating (either dies from the venom and gets eaten by the runu, or just gets eaten by the runu). Basically, outside of recently dumped stuff, most of the pool's content is just venomous water and runu, as almost everything else that gets into the pool, is rapidly devoured by the runu micro organisms.

By our standards of course, the pool would be a health hazard, with all the venom filled water, and ravenous micro organisms in it. I would also think, that the waste products of the runu themselves feed some forms of resilient algae and other bacteria, that have evolved to survive in the runu pools.
There might even be some sort of parasitical species, that have evolved to tolerate the venom in the water, and thus be able to survive in the pools, and feed on the runu and the stuff the puruu dump into the pool.
I would think that the puruus do clean the pool pretty vigilantly, as it is their only mean of reproduction. So by puruu standards, most runu pools are probably not that filthy at all.
File: 1380656415197.png-(155 KB, 600x800, Kawaii puruu.png)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
"One shudders to imagine what horrid thoughts lie behind those eyes. What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty... "
Now hang on! They're not stupid!
Though what you said about sneaking is true.

Made me L0L.
Since the vast majority of Runu are gathered into the eggs, things dumped into the pools are probably broken down by digestive enzymes suspended in the water. Also, who's to say that a filthy pool isn't a healthy, mature one? Get some microbial activity and algae growing in there. Remains of stuff are broken down, and the eggs absorb some nutrients while developing. Make it into a small ecosystem.

That sounds pretty accurate actually.
The runu pools are like a micro ecosystem where the puruu "embryos" can develop without too much outside influence, other than the food the adult puruus drop into the pool. (Food being anything the runu can sustain themselves on.)
I went to see the Dockfolk one day. Filthy creatures

It seemed some of the Nobles of House Kupec were at odds with the Dockfolk over some issue, the latest in a long string of issues. Some cargo from ship that sailed up Bloods Flow had gone missing, and Kupec thought the Dockfolk were behind it. They asked me to visit them, to get their goods back, and put some fear into the little puruus. I thought it would be easy. After all, I was, and still am, Radzawy Mniejerky, Senator of Mniej. I'd been Senator for only a few weeks, and everyone was already bowing to my whims, cowed by my image as an ironwilled master and representative of the city that I call home. What should I have to fear from the Dock thugs? Nothing, so I thought.

What I did think at the time was that, if only I could beat these little thugs into submission, my reputation as an Elenii of iron-will would be secured. And in the Senate, image is almost everything. So, I went down to the Docks, where I demanded to speak with "Chief" Kentee. I was promptly laughed at, and told to head to the "Drops." I had no idea what that location was, and so the snickering little vermin told me it was the Northwest Quarter, where the Puruus lived. My guards begged me not to go there without a rysar or two to protect me, but I told them that if they did not think they could keep my life safe in my own city, then they had best jump off the docks in to Lake Mni. I swear they all contemplated jumping in for a moment.

Excuse me for a moment, I need to sign some papers for my clerks. I'll continue the story later
Alright dudes, I just felt like sharing this with you.

I'm a Neutral Good Human Wizard (3rd Level)
> Ability Scores:
Strength- 10
Dexterity- 12
Constitution- 12
Intelligence- 11
Wisdom- 12
Charisma- 10

True Neutral Human Wizard (2nd Level)

Ability Scores:
Strength- 13
Dexterity- 13
Constitution- 14
Intelligence- 16
Wisdom- 14
Charisma- 14

Suck it, Fortune. Or don't, whatever.
I assume that's you, NOTRIP?

Apparently, I would be Chaotic Neutral Human Wizard. (1st level.)

Ability Scores:
Strength- 9
Dexterity- 10
Constitution- 11
Intelligence- 11
Wisdom- 9
Charisma- 10

And a pretty shitty one at that.
got 5th level human neutral good sorc.
File: 1380667099157.png-(72 KB, 493x494, heraldry3.png)
72 KB
Looking foward this setting.
File: 1380667844829.png-(1.5 MB, 1720x800, 1356978262220.png)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
I can imagine how the yaffle forests will be a strange place for most of the races. Imagine the very sight of the mighty grenogs trippin on toxoced and morphoced spores. Sentient beings could gain revelations through the hallucinations induced by the spores or find their doom there, since some spores are one of the most potent neuro toxins on the planet. However the fruit of the yaffle tree, might become a highly sought after delicacy creating daring expeditions into the realm of the trippin grenogs.
File: 1380668246887.png-(137 KB, 1046x590, morphoced01.png)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
File: 1380670125425.png-(56 KB, 1200x800, New knogos breeds.png)
56 KB

The northern portions of the central continent are hardly better.
In those frilla woods, and plains of the desert edge, live the closest things to dinosaurs on this planet.
hmm. Dahao'lu second holy land.
Wouldn't be too strange to the natives of the continent. There are undoubtedly similar background organisms similar across the continent, or the occasional one that goes beyond their usual range.

I'm not posting this off-topic stuff.
Besides, it gave me a lv.2 human ranger/sorcerer multiclass.
Yet another awesome setting, as a sort of murder hobo. Big game hunters, hunting big game across the continents, uncovering a plot of the likes they will be able to brag about for years to come should they survive.
I am back. Now, where was I? Ah yes, Puruus. I hate Puruus. My guard captain hates them too, even from before they put out his eye.

Now I was dead set on going to the Northwest Quarter. I was going to put these little thugs in line, make them accept lower the prices they charged for their labors, give back the cargo they'd stolen, and break their little Union.

So of we went, my guards, a trio of puruus, and I. We passed through the docks, dodging scurrying dockhands doing all sorts of work, till we came to the "Thunderhorns Mouth," a dilapidated old building that had burned down and taken apart till only a huge arch was left, with a single column jutting from its keystone, tapering to a point after having been heavily weathered, and painted as if by a korobushkan on dreamspores. As I stepped through the Mouth, the stink of the place assailed me. It smelled sickly sweet, with a hint of rotting meat and a whiff of feces. I walked along a street that was more an elevated walkway, suspended above a thin layer of water that rested atop squishing mud. The buildings I saw no better, crawling with the little vermin, lying in hammocks that hung from poles that jutted from the roofs. Entire walls had been removed in some places so that the elements could reach the insides of structures.
Their leader was the exact opposite of their structures. As I was led into circular house, the only building made of stone I'd yet seen, I could pick him out clearly from all his filthy brethren. He was nearly as tall as a short Korobushkan, and thrice wider than any of my guards. He sat atop a pile of stones, held together by cement to make a crude throne. Without preamble, he told me he was Tress Eezar. I bristled at his lack of formality, at him no acknowledging my authority immediately. I began without preamble as well, telling him my name, and then making my demands. I don't know if I should regret that. Would it have made a difference if I'd been more forceful, if I'd brought more guards with me, yelled louder, perhaps then I'd have made that little worm cower.

I'm sorry. I must go again. This time to a meeting with the Mayor. I will finish my story tomorrow
> a short Korobushkan
And Korobushka are pretty damn short to begin with.
File: 1380693696366.png-(20 KB, 329x515, Joorod2.png)
20 KB

STR: 3d6-2 Average: 8-9
CON: 3d4 Average: 7-8
SIZ: 2d6+4 Average: 11
INT: 2d8+6 Average: 15
POW: 2d6+6 Average: 13
DEX: 3d6 Average: 10-11
APP: 3d6 Average: 10-11

HP: 9-10
db: None

-Bord lineage: If characters encounter bord devices which analyze potential users, they may make a luck roll (POW x5) to see if the device recognizes them as a bord.
-Joorods get a +40% bonus to Stamina rolls to resist food poisoning from eating rotten food.
For aggrods, STR is 3d6, and APP is 2d6+1, plus they get a +5% racial bonus to the Strategy skill.
File: 1380697105599.pdf-(236 KB, PDF, primordial races BRP.pdf)
236 KB
236 KB PDF
And here's version 3 of the race list.

Looks good.
The suzumou exoskeleton's main role is to just to support the suzumou. I dunno if it is tough enough to classify as natural armor, and if it is, it would only be probably be still quite weak.

One sting of suzumou male's poison is enough to completely paralyze a Koburrog sized victim for 6 hours. Full recovery from one sting can take even longer. The suzumou males usually sting their victim multiple times though.
File: 1380712112249.png-(25 KB, 669x471, 1337943797470.png)
25 KB
im still not familiar enough with the system you have chosen, but perhaps the suzumo poison could be used as a stacking attack, or we could figure out how often a suzumo can sting in a day/ fight before running low on venom. Perhaps this is their thing as the lore/ description nad put fourth. They are low HP, low durability, low strength but fast and can paralyze an enemy, and finish off their foe at leisure.

Unrelated to suzumos, but I think all bord players should roll a dXX, and on a set number, their joorod/ aggrod/ any bord derivitive species, will now have two heads. Failing that, perhaps the tribe of bords from the oceanic game are just isolated enough that the mutation became common.
File: 1380712608685.png-(81 KB, 1220x838, TheHolori.png)
81 KB
Holori are small, very small to be honest, probably shorter then a koburrog or suzumo. They are strong for their size, but like the Shrohans or Puruu need to stay hydrated.

They are not really craftsmen, or great thinkers. They do however have a strong sense of "code". Their own morality which is about as close as any holori will get to a defined law. They are hunters and trappers, and quite adept at it.

Most holori can inflate their body via multiple air sacs within themselves, with either air or water. This is normally done during aggression/ mating displays. Holori are excellent swimmers and capable of breathing water. A Holori will suffer in dry climates. Holori displaying atavistic traits are not uncommon. They cannot inflate, and tend to be somewhat larger and strong, but less quiet (and possibly intelligent) then their kin.
File: 1380712943739.png-(13 KB, 357x362, 1356028811848.png)
13 KB
I dont know which player created the Cult of the Silver tree, but to this day that story still sticks with me.

The silver tree cult is pretty cool.
The motives of the vyrii mind running the cult behind the scenes was left kind of into the dark. It was pretty ruthless about incorporating those joorods into their fold.
File: 1380727742857.png-(7.51 MB, 2826x1732, Borgas 4 nations map grid.png)
7.51 MB
7.51 MB PNG
God I fucking hate Photoshop.
Fucking unintuitive piece of shit program.

I couldn't figure out how to do a proper map projection, but at least I got the grid on this thing.
File: 1380734556284.png-(2.16 MB, 1984x1215, Borgas 4 oceans.png)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG

And I just realized that the grid on the old central continent map was in different scale than the one in the oceans map.
Fucking hell.
Made a new grid, however it didn't work either.
I can't be arsed to try again, nor do I want to redo those fucking calculations I made about the planet's size, based on the grid on this map: >>27535606
(In it, if one square was 500 km x 500 km, the planet would be slightly bigger than earth.

If we go by this grid, and the same scale, the world would be significantly more larger in size than earth.
If we use the grid here >>27534546 , the world would probably be slightly smaller than earth.

I don't really care either way.
I dunno how big the world would be if one square was 100x100 km in size, but in the first grid map I made, it would make the planet TINY. Significantly smaller than our moon, which is why I don't really care to consider that scale.

AND as I can't upload that picture due to the file size limits of 4chan, I guess that we will be using this map here>>27534546

And finally, fuck photoshop.
File: 1380743112217.png-(228 KB, 504x558, iminye-eden logo (origina(...).png)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
here's the altume logo i promised

Thanks fortune.
Does anyone have any idea how the Tree shaping technology of the Iminye worked, or what the Gabai material they used for construction was?
There is very little art for the Iminye and Altume, which is kind of a shame. I would try to fix that, if I had some reference points to base any drawings related to them on.
Unfortunately, I am don't know that much at all about the Iminye or the Altume.
Gabi was cement based off of lacorra adheasive spit, mixed with local earth. It ranged from gravel to sand to dirt. Sort of a proto cement. Early gabi was pretty smooth, featureless, simple.
I'm pretty sure it was just this.

It probably takes them a long time to build actual structures.
File: 1380750346167.png-(69 KB, 800x600, Hunter lacorras.png)
69 KB

Now that that's cleared, we can try to figure out the Iminye plant technology. If I understood correctly, they practiced some form of extreme bonzai gardening, and slowly grew dwellings out of trees. Their ents were also based on the shamblers. They controlled the movements of the shamblers via chemicals, and physical manipulation.
They also had some sort of guns that shot out cedya acids, but instead of being pneumatic like the Ifal Fa and Lufae weaponry, they used springs.

Anyways, I gotta go to sleep now. If you guys have any comments on the map, the proposed scale it has, or other stuff you wish to discuss, feel free.
If the thread reaches autosage, you can also make a new thread too.
This one is archived here:

Also, regarding the time lines, I think that we ought to write down some abridged versions of the histories of the nations, in ways that the interactions in the timelines make sense. It is not really urgent thing to work on though, so if anyone has other ideas on what we should focus on, feel free to share.

Finally, speaking of lacorras, these things are still around in the southern continent. Flesh eating, electrifying slug things, that move in swarms and lay eggs within the flesh of their victims.
The use of chemicals to control shamblers was actually abandoned. Laccorras/batteries turned out to be much more effecient and effective at controlling the "muscles" of the Treants/Rysars. This was combined with metal claws and horns to make scary as fuck displays of arcing electricity. Rysars now keep order in Siemas, and thoroughly intimidate the other members of the Trade Pact

Except the geists, who don't see electric arks at all.
Despite the breakthroughs Ifal Fa researchers made towards understanding the electric stuff of the toruz bords, and light in general, they still barely comprehend that stuff. Light especially, as the only means to ever perceive it is via their light sensitive skin, which is not accurate, or trough the unreliable, hard to maintain and manoufacture sight masks, who probably don't work that well, only allowing the users to perceive some basic forms, and shadows, after extensive training.
These devices are also not used by the common folks in geist societies, and thus, the wast majority of geist people are still completely in the dark about anything besides what their song of seeing shows of the world.

The toruz weaponry are still believed to damage the target due to the "killing song" the agitated bord makes.
Lightning storms are believed to be Lupai's song echoing in the void.

The geist could probably hear the low hum that high amounts of electricity generate though.
File: 1380757407292.png-(29 KB, 1274x373, tg fish.png)
29 KB
Thread is sinking. 299 replies, and a couple posts have been deleted.

I was talking about the Elenii. It was an expedition by a Siemas nobleman that uncovered the utilities of the lacorra. Then Nod took that knowledge, and worked on it, coming up with a basic nuclear reactor platform. I don't think geists had anything to do with Nod using lacorras/batteries to make larger, more effective Rysars. It was all Elenii stuff. There was even an embargo on selling lacorras and "galate" (that's what the in-universe term for electricity is in primordial) to the TA because the TA allowed the Katumoiset into its ports

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