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It's Caturday, and you know what that means: HA HA, TIME FOR CATASTROPHE

>time for WHAT
CATastrophe is a /tg/ original setting that takes place on a postapocalyptic Earth flooded by alien comets. Humanity has become extinct and has been replaced by Kemonomimi, specifically cat, dog, and rabbit-girls/boys. They live in island communities and travel the world, now called the Endless Blue, in search of adventure. In general a player character will split time between partying with friends and strangers and diving into ruins for treasure.

It is a lighthearted setting intended to be a break from grimdark (and shitdark) settings and is equal parts postapocalyptic eighties cartoon and animu beach episode. Several fa/tg/uys are currently working on compiling all our ideas for the setting into more coherent documentation and adapting it to several tabletop RPG engines (such as FATE); we invite fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls alike to contribute more ideas (and RELEVANT IMAGE dumps and write/drawfaggotry) here, or critique the ones we already have.

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Yup, it's that time again.
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You guys want me to dump my pics? I haven't found much since last thread.
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Might as well get the usual images out of the way and see if anyone's got something new.
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Sure, why not?

Captcha: the roaress
File: 1380369803404.jpg-(86 KB, 585x741, 1379842183528.jpg)
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Cool. So, what's on the agenda today?
So, would kemo's latest fashion fad be fake human ears?
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Can I get a description on the world/races to date? Last I knew basically everything was in flux, and I'd love to know what's been hammered down - and what most people seem to agree to with only a few dissenters.
File: 1380369972691.jpg-(1.03 MB, 1920x960, 1379873325499.jpg)
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1.03 MB JPG
How would they know what human ears look like?

Also, what stats do we need to iron out?
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Hell if I know. I'm just killing time until the other regular posters show up.
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Well we have Catgirls, Doggirls, Rabbitgirls, Foxgirls, and Beargirls.
I'm not sure breaking with grimdark is a great idea. Maybe you could apply the heavy metal aesthetic of Hail and Kill, and make the kemonomimi hyper-violent superpowered killers based on big cats?
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Dude, you best be trolling.
Okay then, why don't we fluff out a town/island? someone give me a name.
Re: the world: A lot of information about any particular campaign is left to the GM's discretion (like exactly how far the waters have risen and how much of the planet is covered), but there are a few commonalities: for one thing, THERE ARE NO MORE LIVING HUMANS ON THE PLANET. Whether they're all dead or on Mars or whatever is the GM's choice, but we're not going to have any secret bunkers underwater or isolated pockets of Earless stashed away. Endless Blue belongs to the Kemomi, and the humans aren't coming back, ever. (That ought to stop any grimderp HFY crap from seeping in.)
Alright, what about the world as it is? Not the history, but the present?

A friend has convinced me to start up a new RP with him in the universe, is why I ask. Last I new there were a fucktonne of ideas up in the air, but then the drama got too much and I dipped out. The PDF is too rules-packed for me to get a good handle on the world with - a good thing, while you guys are focusing on the rules, as you should be! - and I couldn't find a wiki or anything.

So far we have his lion-man swordsman (It's just a big cat! And if it's mary sue and the players both like it, it's not mary sue), my cunning catgirl diver who stole his ship (He just left it laying around! She always wanted to be a pirate), about 9 catgirl mooks as crew, and we just finished picking up a shut-in bunnygirl Earless expert. I'm looking for ideas to expand it from there.
Are kemos the only sentient bipeds on Earth?
File: 1380370545427.png-(301 KB, 1000x611, 20130917-1.png)
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Not bloody likely. Breaking with grimdark has been one of the stated intentions of the setting right from its inception.
I think we should write a more extensive FAQ. With questions like:
>So, are all humans dead?
>Only catgirls? Can i play a male character?
>What about conflict and overall tone in the setting?
These questions are asked very frequently and sometimes derail the thread for 20+ posts.
File: 1380370728244.jpg-(131 KB, 623x1000, 1350822619421.jpg)
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Palmwave is a small island in an archipelago that has developed a thriving community. It's number 1 export is catnip, grown on the island's arable land that's fertilized by the fish meal from the town's cast-offs. A bustling dock has been built to handle the island's various shiny hunters and merchants looking to trade earless tech for catnip and various other supplies, and the merchants have taken to hanging bright lights around their shops to attract customers.
Hey, I just think Grimmjow from Bleach and Viral from TTGL tooling around the ruins of the world to a soundtrack of Pantera, Iron Claw, and Jaguar would be cooler.
>lion-man swordsman
Not a mary sue. Lion is just a big-ass (and lazy-ass) cat, after all.
kemomimi aren't really that different from humans
why are they kept in the setting?
I'm only asking because all the other unnecessary stuff got pelted
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Good idea for the FAQ, we might want to put in on the 1d4chan page.
As far as i know,
-No humans whatsoever
-You can be a male, there's just a hell of a lot more girls.
-lighthearted romp and diving for shinies.
Well, you can do that for when you're running your game, but the whole idea for this is to be a cheerful romp to give folk a break from seriousness. But you never know, find a group online or in your lgs who want to play your game and they might enjoy it.
>time to don a trip-oh wait
And it's wholly possible. The main thing is, kemi can be violent, but are not murderous. Plus they are tougher than humans - tough enough that they can be kicked through the wall and get only a couple of bruises, keep consciousness, but lose some fighting spirit.
If anything, stuff can get shounen as fuck - all battles are not to the death, all villains are recurring (which is a good thing) and characters can withstand absurd amounts of punishment.
File: 1380371131129.jpg-(216 KB, 1200x734, 1350788632505.jpg)
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Because human scientists genetically altered certain animals to be humanities' successor race. That's how I understand it.
Kemomi are genetically engineered by a guy who really wanted catgirls to happen, right? Do you think the sort of person who would do this wouldn't naturally program in a sexual preference? Because I can see him choosing to make them fill his fantasies.

So do you think they're all naturally dominant, or submissive?
A serious question. Why is skewed gender ratio important? Eternal Blue is land of equal opportunity, there's no explicit need to state gender ratios for a village... Apart from finding suitable picture for a catguy character (which is a pain in the ass) there's no dude limit.
I'm seriously considering removing this bit of lore frommy system right now.
Well, I'll draft up a few answers to that right now.

>So are all humans dead?
There are no living full-blooded humans left on the planet, and they are not coming back. Whether this means they're all dead or that they've all gone to Mars or whatever is up to your own GM's tastes, but you won't ever meet any actual Earless in your campaign.

>Only catgirls? Can I play a male character?
Sure you can! The primary differences are more or less cosmetic, though; surviving in the Endless Blue has made the Kemomi's gender roles rather more fluid than ours. Regardless of sex or subspecies, anybody can do whatever it is they want to do and are good at doing -- be that piloting, treasure diving, cooking, farming, fishing, scholarship, predicting weather, lighthouse watching, or anything else. Boy or girl, it doesn't matter how you make yourself useful.

>What about conflict and overall tone in the setting?
As we've said, CATastrophe is a deliberate step away from grimdark and HFY. Not that the Endless Blue isn't full of its share of dangers -- the underwater ruins that you search for treasure are often still protected by the Earless' old machines (the Kemomi call them the Oldguard), there may be pirates looking to steal your salvage, you might have to work together to survive a storm on the open sea -- but the ideal is to face adversity with a swashbuckler's courage, and come out of it hardly the worse for wear and ready to party.
File: 1380371540604.jpg-(208 KB, 650x920, 1351071753766.jpg)
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>Apart from finding suitable picture for a catguy character (which is a pain in the ass)
Not my fault dudes don't look good in swimwear.
File: 1380371597264.png-(2.66 MB, 2160x1587, 20130921.png)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB PNG

I think the only reason the skewed-gender-roles thing happened is that the pictures that inspired the setting have a preponderance of female characters in them -- there's like ONE identifiable male, and even that's iffy.
File: 1380371644710.jpg-(224 KB, 850x1174, 1378614758602.jpg)
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I honestly have no idea, I'm just an anon who decided to collect pics of catgirls for this.
People are already going to go against genre because they can. All this means s they get to feel edgy for doing it.
Ok so the world is flooded over, where do they grow food to survive? Where are the factory's to produce everything I'm looking at? I see a cell phone, so who cares for the cell towers and the satellites?
no I mean why keep the story element
I read the old threads and it started of really rich but then the unique things were taken away to make it more accessible or just because they were plain unnecessary
except for them being animal people, couldn't they just be humans that have forgotten about their ancestors?
File: 1380371869130.jpg-(332 KB, 850x1070, 1378614276733.jpg)
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Catgirls are more cute. This is a setting for whimsical creatures with a love of parties and diving for shinies.
The mythical electronic old men who run the world.
File: 1380372031297.jpg-(373 KB, 500x707, 1378616799584.jpg)
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373 KB JPG
The world isn't completely flooded over, there are still a few patches of land and whatnot. As for the tech, that's all found by shiny divers. These folk go out adventuring to find all this earless (human) tech and bring it back up to trade and look at.

Cat/fox/dog girls can probably get away with eating fish and bird only. Rabbit girls probably grow vegtables and such in gardens on top of skyscrapers that were big enough to survive above the water. like >>27464706

Scientists are already drawing up plans for vertical gardens that can grown crops better, and all year long instead of seasonal with indoor climate control. If they have the technology to make catgirls, I imagine they have towering vertical gardens full of farming machinery just waiting to be discovered.
Yup, there's this problem - yaoi fangirls. 99.9% of catguy pictures are fruitcakey as hell.
...yes, i am writing this on /tg/ofall places.
I mean, not to make a thing out of it but humans can be whimsical
File: 1380372280112.png-(293 KB, 1000x600, map.png)
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293 KB PNG
Another thing for FAQ, i guess?

Here's the map. There's more than enough land, plus ship-settlements, such as Diver's Bay and floating platforms have their own gardens.
I agree with you on that, but it isn't our defining characteristic. Hence, kimonomimi.

Most of the art used to define the setting is cheesecake anyway. It makes it very easy to troll by taking the pics at face value and claiming it's an erp.
You can easily look at the art of anything and claim it is ERP at face value.

Big burly warriors and slender women wearing revealing robes? Obviously they shag after every adventure.
Because the setting isn't very serious. And Catgirls are cute.
File: 1380372528114.png-(410 KB, 500x500, cat.png)
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410 KB PNG
Hey guys.
FF14 has standalone character creation benchmark, with all the stuff from full version.
Just sayan.
Could easily have some shit like Geo-thermal energy mixed with pole shift have the south pole become fertile grassland.
....i want to pet her ears.
File: 1380372681073.jpg-(215 KB, 569x560, catboy_for_ai_by_masun-d2xllw7.jpg)
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215 KB JPG
I am having buckleys trying to find male pics that aren't furry or fetish fuel.
Here's what I've got so far.
File: 1380372781581.jpg-(278 KB, 704x800, ___hillbilly_catboy_commi(...).jpg)
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278 KB JPG
Being fair, what you mark off as 'fetish fuel' in men would be just another day in women.
File: 1380372859859.png-(59 KB, 500x252, cad-oneface.png)
59 KB
>I am having buckleys
that can't possibly be healthy.
File: 1380372980745.png-(1.24 MB, 1537x1000, 20130917a.png)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Here's one pic I did showing different races and physical builds. (I'm actually doing a piece of writefaggotry featuring these four, but I don't know if I'll have enough done to post a complete version.)
File: 1380373035835.jpg-(184 KB, 1280x930, you_me_and_he____kemonomi(...).jpg)
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184 KB JPG
I was looking in dA. My own fault, but still.
It's an old Aussie slang from a guy named buckley who went native so much that he forgot how to speak english. Therefore, he had buckley's luck in speaking a civilised tongue
You guys want me to whip up some writefaggotry? I have an hour before I gotta ht the hay.
File: 1380373488730.png-(315 KB, 1080x718, 20130921-1a.png)
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315 KB PNG
File: 1380373611069.png-(425 KB, 1100x677, 20130917-3.png)
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425 KB PNG
Might as well. What's the character limit here, by the way -- in case I start posting mine?

Captcha: rocality necessary
>fox/bear girls

I thought these posters were gone. What happened?

Dude, don't post CAD in the CATastrophe thread, not only are you tkaing up space for useful images but you know those faces are gonna get shopped from :^U to ∑:^U at some point, and no one needs NekoCAD happening.
after all thos threads on tg i'm going to read the 1d4chan page.
let's see what is this about..
the premise is extremely cool, but should the world be fluffed more?
should we make an example village with all stuff in there?
File: 1380374799176.png-(267 KB, 725x950, 1379979986353.png)
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267 KB PNG
We have stuff like that actually happening. Wait around till That Damn Catfolk Pilot shows up, he'll be happy to tell you some of the stuff he's got planned for the FATE module.

Captcha: shewn NSWorld
File: 1380374914817.png-(678 KB, 990x720, 20130924a.png)
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678 KB PNG
Oh, by the way: New drawfag stuff. It occurred to me that we had a definite lack of Nezumi (mice), Kumami (bears), and old people in the setting so far -- so this picture has all three of them.

Captcha: oldolud water
File: 1380375187223.jpg-(7 KB, 234x215, images.jpg)
7 KB
I have no idea, sorry.

"Catnip! Catnip for sale!" The young Bunnygirl called out amongst the clamour of Palmwave dock, her stock moving fast as a boatload of Catfolk merchants moved through. Her haul of shinies was getting bigger, If I kept this up, she thought to herself, This is gonna be one hell of a party!

"Hey! Hey Flopsy, hey!"
Flopsy looked up to see a familiar foxgirl walking up to her carrying a box that piqued her intrest.
"Hi there Rusty, what's up?" Flopsy asked, leaning on her store table between the canvas bags of catnip.
"Oh nothing much," Smiled Rusty, her russet tail flicking as she grinned wolfishly. "I've heard that you're planning a party and I want to trade you some earless tech for a couple of sacks of your catnip."
"A couple of sacks?" This had better be some good tech." Flopsy remarked, patting her stock protectively.
"Trust me on this one." Rusty assured. The foxgirl set the box down and looked around in case anyone was looking, her ears pivoting towards any sound as she reach in. After a few moments of rummaging around, Rusty pulled out a strange device, Something that looked like a bunch of black balls with coloured circles of glass all around them with a stand on the bottom.
"Trust me Flopsy, you plug this sucker in and everyone's gonna go wild!"
"...aaaalllright, I'll give you two sacks for it." Flopsy said, scratching the back of her head.
"Done!" Rusty chimed happily, the two spitting into their hands and shaking to seal the deal.
With Rusty walking away with her sacks of catnip and Flopsy sneaking into the back of her store to find a power point to test it out on, both knew this was gonna be a night to remember.
But do you have BEARGrylls?
He was too busy drinking his piss when the floods came.
What does that sign say on the top level? in ends in " Your friends cant help you now." Thats pretty fucking creepy.
File: 1380376195519.png-(1.11 MB, 1537x1000, 20130917b.png)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG

All right, screw it, I'll start posting my writefag stuff here as well.

Shit I Ought To Tell You: The story is a thinly veiled proposal for a "dungeon" run. It can probably be fleshed out as needed from the details I provide, but this will tell you what happens when you go in through the front door. It's also a (hopefully rare) case of the party finding a completely unbroken piece of advanced Earless tech.

Here's my party again, this time labelled with the names I'm going to be using.
It's from a pretty famous definition (of unknown origin) of surrealism.

"surrealism, n. 1. the youthful expression of dreamlike spontaneity which daily life conspires to suppress. 2. a state of mind embracing unconscious, poetic juxtaposition which is eroded by responsibility. 3. You pursue the terrible beauties of fear and hope. Your friends cannot help you."

File: 1380376588699.jpg-(41 KB, 480x545, 1379748600143.jpg)
41 KB
Go ahead mate, let's keep this thread going and get plenty of fluff for the setting.
Allec made a hand signal and pointed. 'Right there, that's it.'

Renner and Mata followed the direction of his finger, while Bean swam down beneath them to get a better view. The giant building they were hovering over did not quite have the look of the Earless' usual constructions; it seemed to have been built actually in the water, or with the knowledge that the site it stood upon would be underwater some day. The old Inumi on the island had been right about that. What made Bean nervous (and Mata too, though she was too much the stoic to show it) was what else the Inumi had told them:

"We haven't been back down there in years, not since I was a pup. There's no Oldguard in the area, but there's something else inside -- something whose nature I can't even begin to guess. My sister heard it calling out once, the last time we were down… and to this day, she says it sounded like a ghost."

Ghost indeed! Renner would have snorted, had the scuba mask permitted it. There was fear of the Oldguard, and there was fear of the outright supernatural; one was just natural caution against a proven threat, and the other was an overreaction to the unknown. They'd just have to be extra careful, that was all.
If this counted as careful. They were doing something that the superstitious islander had warned against: "We think that IT, whatever it really is, is confined to the main entry. That's why we stuck to using the alternate entrances around the back." Thanks to the design of the place, it was impossible to mistake which of the entrances was the actual front door; it was a gargantuan hatch, its seam running horizontally across the middle. And they were swimming straight towards it.

As they arrived, Renner gave a few hand signals of his own, and the other three members of his diving party began examining the edges of the door frame, looking for some kind of way in. Allec dove down to investigate the bottom edge, his fox tail rippling behind him like a banner in a high wind; the two girls moved to the sides, and Renner himself to the top.

It was Bean who found a panel, off to her side of the door; there was no knob or handle on it, but it swung gently open when she pushed hard against it. She waved to the others (shaking her head to get her oversized ears in on the action), and Mata floated over to help her examine it. Mata's knowledge of the Earless' devices, though rudimentary, promptly inspired her course of action -- her hand ran down the array of buttons and levers the panel had concealed, found a lever with traces of red paint still on it, and pulled it.

An alarm went off, the horn bleating loudly and repetitively even underwater, and a series of small but very bright red lights suddenly switched on all around the perimeter of the door. The power was still on? Well, so much for the possibility of making their entrance without drawing the attention of the unknown thing that lived here.
The two doors of the hatch hissed and began to open outward, one rising and the other swinging downward. A passing school of fish scattered and fled at the noise and movement; Renner and Allec kicked off the side of the building and paddled furiously to get out of the way. The doors continued to swing until they stood out horizontal, perpendicular to the wall. Mata and Bean, staring through the doorway, could see nothing at first; all was dark within -- and then the lights came on, a brilliant and almost blinding white. The divers took this as an invitation, and moved in as one.

The walls and floor of the inner chamber appeared to be of metal and concrete, but there was no trace of any natural growth on them: no kelp, no coral, and nowhere near the amount of algae it should have had. Some of the lights were affixed to the ceiling, but a great many of them were embedded in the walls. The divers floated in the middle of the chamber, uncertain as to how to proceed.

The sound of the alarm suddenly changed from a loud, blatting horn to a quieter beeping tone. A loud creak of metal came from behind, and Bean spun around in the water to see the hatch beginning to swing closed; she began swimming nervously back toward the entrance, but Allec grabbed hold of her leg and shook his head. He gave another signal: 'Wait.'
The hatch clanged shut, hissing loudly as it did so. For the first time, the adventurers noticed the green lights lining the inside of the door frame; as they watched, these lights went out and were replaced by red ones. The lights in the walls began to dim, while the ones in the ceiling grew brighter. There was a loud gurgling and whooshing noise -- and the divers looked up to see that air was beginning to fill the uppermost part of the chamber as the ocean water receded. The room appeared to have two separate levels, and they settled down in the lower one, among a set of metallic rails jutting up from the floor; Renner had time to wonder: 'What are those doing there? It looks as though some sort of vehicle's supposed to land here…' It would certainly explain the gantry that extended over one side of the lower level -- evidently a walkway.

The water level continued to drop, surprisingly fast, and they soon found themselves seated or standing on a relatively dry and slip-proof floor. Mata made a quick gesture to everyone, then removed the rebreather mouthpiece from her mouth and slowly inhaled.

"Well?" Allec asked, severely muffled by his own mask.

"A little stale, but it's okay," Mata said. "I don't think we'll have any problem breathing this."

This pronouncement was met with sighs of relief, as her companions began to shrug off their diving kits; they stripped off their masks, swim fins, and the harnesses of their air supplies, and stacked them against the nearest wall. Allec wrung his long hair out, then moved on to trying to squeeze the water out of his sodden tail; Renner and Mata did the same with theirs. Bean didn't have a tail long enough to make this necessary, but she did run her hands over her long ears, sweeping excess water out of the fur.
Allec was examining their surroundings closely. "So," he said, "what's our first move?"

Renner pointed. "Up that ladder, I think, and examine the rest of this room first. Then we'll move on to exploring the rest of the joint."

"Well, duh." Mata shrugged. "I mean, what else CAN we do?"

The ladder was a series of rails, like giant staples, built into the wall. Bean was the closest, and the first up. "Ah… Now THIS looks like it needs investigation!"

The others heard the sound of Shiny in her voice, and followed her up the ladder with enthusiasm; by the time they had all reached the upper level, Bean was already across the room, examining a row of lockers against the wall that appeared to be watertight. One was already open, and still slightly wet inside like the floor. 'I'm guessing that one wasn't sealed properly,' thought Renner.

The Usami tried the latches of all the lockers, finding one or two unlocked. Her ears drooped in disappointment. "Sorry, guys," she said. "No shiny here. Lockers themselves might float if they weren't stuck to the wall, but that's about it."

"Wonder if someone already searched this room," said Allec, examining a lifebuoy held by clamps to the nearest wall. Stylized letters in the Earless fashion were printed around its circumference; reading them, he wondered what SCRIPPS meant, or whether it might be someone's name.
There was a hiss from the opposite wall, and Mata's voice spoke up. "Found these!" Allec and Renner turned; a watertight panel had opened at Mata's touch, and the black-haired Nekomi was holding two handfuls of uninflated life jackets. "Sort of thing that could come in handy in an emergency… You never know, right?"

"Could probably make a little dosh back on the island, sellin'em," Allec grinned.

"We'll consider it," said Renner. "In the meantime, let's go exploring. Who knows, maybe we'll get some ACTUAL shiny out of this -- the old guy did say there were parts of this place nobody ever went into."

"Yeah, including the front entrance." Bean shivered a little, and her tail twitched anxiously. "Let's do this quick and quiet, okay? I don't wanna run into… whatever's down here."

"Probably just superstition," Allec said. "Nothing could live down here that long."
Another door, this one closer to Kemomi proportions, was set in the far wall. There was a ring of red lights around this one as well. "How do we open this thing, then?" said Bean.

"I'm guessing this has something to do with it." Mata pointed to a softly glowing panel positioned by the door. It was colored red, but when she placed her hand against it, the color cycled from red, through blue, to green. The lights around the door turned green simultaneously with the panel; a soft chime rang out, and the door hissed open loudly, withdrawing straight up into the wall.

"Anybody else freaked out by the fact that everything still WORKS down here?" said Allec.

"Yeah, I know," Renner replied. "Everybody keep your eyes and ears open, you dig?"

"Aw, shit!" Bean quickly reached up to her own ears and pulled out her waterproof earplugs; she smiled bashfully, tucking them away in her bikini top. "Sorry about that. Thanks for reminding me."

The door was wide enough for them to proceed through, two by two. Mata and Renner went first, with the others following close behind. Perhaps they followed a little too closely -- when the pair in front came to a sudden stop at the other end of the short corridor, Bean and Allec almost walked straight into them.

"What are you doing?!" spluttered Allec.

"Dude…" Renner said. "Shut up and look at this." He stepped forward, allowing the Kemomi behind him a better look, and Allec's jaw dropped open.
The corridor opened up into a large entrance hall, roughly the shape of a cylinder, with a gently rising domed ceiling. At the apex of the dome was a massive skylight, crisscrossed with a tracery of steelwork, that bathed the interior in a shimmering blue; the blue was enhanced by a series of wall sconces, giving off a pale bluish-white light. Two larger corridors forked off, leading out of the room into other parts of the building. Of the remaining wall space, one portion was taken up by a massive map of the facility, while another portion bore two massive circular logos, mounted to the wall; one appeared to be a symbolic representation of a kelp forest, while the other seemed to be a globe. (Not a very accurate globe, of course; the outlines of the continents were ludicrously oversized.) Beneath them, in stylized lettering, again appeared the mysterious name SCRIPPS. There was a large hemispherical alcove at the opposite end of the room from where the divers stood, with what appeared to be a desk or a wide, semicircular podium in front of it; the back wall was covered with screens, all of them either turned off or glowing a dull gray.

"What is this place, anyhow?" said Mata, with a definite touch of awe in her voice. "What'd they use it for?"

"Maybe this'll tell us," Allec said; he maneuvered around Mata and walked over to peruse the map.

"One thing's for sure," Bean said, following him. "These folks certainly liked circles."

Renner's eyes passed over the room's contents again, then moved down to the floor. "Man, look at all this dust. When they said nobody's been down here in ages, they weren't kidding."

Bean lifted a foot to brush off the gray film that had accumulated on its wet sole; Allec did likewise.
"What do you suppose THAT is?" Mata asked, waving a hand in the direction of the darkened alcove.

"Might as well investigate," said Renner, moving to do just that. "We can cover this room, then move on to the rest of the building."

"Not till I'm done memorizing this," Allec interjected, his eyes still fixed on the map. "Just for safety's sake."

The podium standing before the alcove, Renner saw, had a word written across it in one of the old Earless scripts, but it wasn't any word he was familiar with:


At the foot of the desk, an I, an A, and an O lay on the floor; that was enough to enable him to reconstruct the word. "Information?" he said aloud, then looked up. He knew what that meant, but nothing here looked as though it would be capable of providing much information. The screens, as in most Earless ruins, were dead, and behind the desk (the surface of which, he now noticed, was covered in buttons) there was no chair, just a small circular pedestal, of the kind you'd usually set a vase or something on. The topmost surface of it, though a little dusty, was unusually white and reflective, and upon it rested several strange gadgets; they looked more like gloves or gauntlets than anything else, mechanical hands that retained a dull, dusty polish -- golden hands with silver fingers.
A single button was flashing, bright blue, on the top panel of the desk. Mata pointed it out: "What do you think?"

"…Yeah," said Renner. "We might as well--" Before he could say anything, Mata had reached out and pressed it. "What did you do THAT for?!" he said indignantly.

"I thought you said we might as well," retorted Mata. "Make up your mind!"

A loud humming arose from the pedestal behind the desk, causing all four of the adventurers to prick up their ears. There came a flash of light from the wall of screens in the alcove as they all simultaneously turned on; the screens began to cycle through pastel colors -- soft blue, soft purple, soft green, and back to blue -- and the logos from the other wall appeared on each of them, somehow appearing to orbit each other.

"Hey," said Bean unsteadily, "what's going o--"

The uppermost surface of the pedestal suddenly turned a radiant white, and the humming increased in volume for a few seconds, as though there was some old machinery turning on beneath the floor. The humming quickly grew quieter, the surface of the pedestal ceased to be blindingly bright (though the light did not die out entirely) -- and an image began to appear, impossibly, in the air above it.
The Kemomi gaped as the image wavered blurrily before them. At first its shape was hard to make out; in a matter of seconds, though, it resolved itself into a translucent picture of what seemed to be the head and limbless torso of an Earless. It glowed a warm orange all over, except for two shining points of silver at each of the shoulders (where the arms should have been), two more on the sides of the head, and an alternating blue and green pulse of light at the neck.

Allec, who had been approaching the desk, leapt back in an instant and shrieked in a most un-Allec-like voice: "What the f-- Look out, they're MOVING!" Renner and Mata blinked, staring mutely down at the pedestal, then gasped and jumped back as well. Bean, who had not bothered to look before jumping away, peered timidly around Renner.

The six gauntlets rose gracefully from the podium and hovered in the air before the blurred, armless image. The fingers on each hand flexed, slowly curling and uncurling, as if shaking out the soreness of long disuse.


you done goofed son


Well that could legitimately be the twist about the earless if the GM wants to go there, and too be fair, they kinda ARE humans who have forgotten their ancestors, it's just that they were a phylum born of science rather than nature.


Dude they're cats, they're all dominant, and bipolar and WHY AREN'T YOU FEEDING THEM NOW ANON WHY WHY FEED THEM NAOW.


This is why I see Rabbits sticking more to the major land settlements, but the Foxes & Cats (& dogs but they're just doing it to fit in) run places because they're so bossy and the rabbits are bit submissive.

Actually, thinking in that vein, there was an argument about how to crunch "racial" stuff wrt different types of -mi.

Why not implement something like the virtue/vice system from nWoD - basically in WoD games there temporary willpower points, and you can spend these to get guranteed successes without rolling, but they only regenerate when you sleep (1 point per good night's sleep) or when your character does something in line with their virtue or vice.

So let's say instead of attribute or stat differences, make the difference between races their possible "good qualities/bad qualities", like with dogs they could have good qualities like Loyal/Detirmined/Friendly to pick from during CHARGEN, and cats could be detirmined/curious/proud and rabbits could be curious/kind/generous - with bad traits for each as well like possessive/yappy/uncouth and uncouth/snooty/scaredy and scaredy/introvert/push-over.

Keep it vague and it can give structure to roleplaying, like the alignment system in D&D, but with more choice and "race creation" would just be a matter of laying out their qualities, and mention that if Players want play a dog with a cat quality or a rabbit with a dog quality just ask the GM if that's okay - the clustering is a suggestion, not gospel.
File: 1380377975663.jpg-(380 KB, 1400x1050, 1350773678471.jpg)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
Wow, it's been a while since the last thread, I'm actually surprised it took so long.
The head of the image came into sharp focus as the hands worked off their stiffness. It was a woman's head, but almost a cartoonish simplification of the real thing: there was a gentle protrusion in the middle of her face, but no actual nose to speak of; the eyes, though closed, were just a little too large to be credible; the eyebrows and the point of the chin were too neatly drawn; and the thing's long bangs were blatantly unreal, for they hung before the face in solid, flat wings of hair. It -- she -- appeared to be an Earless, judging by the lack of ears sticking out of the top of her head, but the glimmer to either side of her face revealed itself as a shining silver pair of earphones, with what looked like a radio antenna sticking out the back of each cup.

Now the rest of the thing came out of the blur. It was definitely intended to be female, but you could only tell by the general shape -- as with the face and hair, there was a distinct lack of realistic detail to it. The hands changed their position: one pair moved down to the rows of buttons covering the desk and waited there patiently; the other two pairs clasped themselves together politely, even primly, at about the chest level of the translucent woman-thing. The creature's eyes opened, sclera glowing a mellower, lighter yellow-orange behind the deep orange of the irises. It examined each of the divers briefly, then abruptly broke into a cheerful smile and spoke, its lips moving in synchronization with a voice that emanated from within the pedestal itself:
File: 1380378153490.png-(666 KB, 960x723, 20130925a.png)
666 KB
666 KB PNG
"Good afternoon! My name is Arachne Forty-Seven, and I'm delighted to welcome you to the Scripps Oceanographic Institution's Mid-North Pacific Offshore Laboratory and Museum! I hope the submersible ride down was a pleasant one…" As the thing spoke, it swept two of the hands, no, SHE swept HER hands out in a magnanimous arc that took in the entire room; the movement of her shoulders made it seem as though the hands were connected to her by invisible arms. "I'm afraid none of the staff are available at the moment to give you a tour of our facility, but I would be pleased to assist you with any inquiries which you may happen to have. Is there anything you would like to ask me about today?"

The face of the woman-thing -- of Arachne -- bore a wide and endearingly confident grin as Renner stepped forward to ask his first question…
>have catplay fetish
>see this thread
Dammit /tg/. Keep that art up though.
File: 1380382088823.png-(189 KB, 771x800, 20130926-a1.png)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
Figured if there's any ca/tg/irls around, they'd appreciate a little more of that cute mouse boy.
File: 1380382689162.png-(415 KB, 720x540, 1379982196414.png)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
Captcha: increase bertrod
File: 1380383271010.jpg-(636 KB, 664x1019, 1379966834887.jpg)
636 KB
636 KB JPG
File: 1380383386022.pdf-(1.34 MB, PDF, catastrophefatedraft.pdf)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PDF
Well, until TDCP or one of the other guys shows up, I might as well throw this up. It's a very early working draft, I'm told, of what will eventually be the complete CATastrophe module for FATE.
You can't swim very well in shoes.

Does he drive the boat or something?
That makes sense, everyone knows boys are shit at treasure diving.
Too big to fit into the small crevices where the good shines are.
They came back and kept pushing, apparently.

Because they're in the pictures, more or less. Because the whole reason for CATastrophe was that people saw the pictures and thought "I want to play in that setting!"

(And damn near everything that anyone has tried to add to it since has turned out only to subtract from it.)

Lack of old people is almost certainly a legitimate beef. However, the reason for the lack of mice and bears is that PEOPLE DON'T WANT THEM ADDED TO THE SETTING.
>people don't want them added to the setting

Other people do.
Hi, Drawfag here. Taking a small break from work atm. Might have time for a request.
>everyone knows boys are shit at treasure diving
that's old lore.
I'm still a bit disgusted by the 'cute' moust boy in the speedo wearing sneakers with no socks.

He can't possibly be good at swimming, and his feet must smell like ass.
But if boys can go treasure diving then how are the girls going to make them take on sedate research based jobs will the girls compete over who can bring the boy they like the most shinies?
>gather group of edgy tryhard powergamers
>"Tonight, we will be running a setting based around the end of the world. Comets have struck the earth, altering the atmosphere and raising sea levels in what can only be described as an apocalypse." Ect, ect, ect.
>get players very hyped to run Fallout/Wasteland/Mad Max scenario
>break out this
>cackle maniacally
>they react as expected
>iron bars close over all doors and windows
>strip to leather catsuit
>straps lock all players in place
File: 1380385066685.jpg-(415 KB, 2414x3189, O4Uk5dh.jpg)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
>Boys are shit at shiny diving
Get. Out.
that's old lore too.
How about an Old Guard, preferably something in the vein of Megaman Legends Reverbots?
Mind reposting the fluff/description for them and I'll see what I can do.
File: 1380385754236.jpg-(189 KB, 836x956, 1379596675622.jpg)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
More GM flavor really. Not that but I like it.

It does seem to rustle Jimmies however so it should probably be left up to the GM to decide gender ratio, gender roles, and all that stuff.

Even this >>27464677 wierdo is free to run his strange grimdark version of CATastrophe if he wants to.

(Though he seems like the type of person Tabbeus's GM was frusterated with.)
Old Guard are robots basically. They hang out in Ruins and impede adventurers. There are Swat Bots which apprehend and imprison Kemos when caught, Stalkers, which are massive spider tanks, Ad-Bots which are floating balls which display holographic ads at anyone they can find, Silver Snakes, which are serpantine drones that sabotage equipment, PDAs, Personal 'Droid Assistants which are a series of robots sold as companions to humans that some Kemonomimi like to collect (Combination Robotic Pet, Alarm Clock, Calandar, and companion if they have a humanoid AI) and AIs which come in may different types. (Mostly they run shops, or maintain buildings by directing rbots)

Presumably there are janitorial robots or repair bots.

Really just draw some robots doing robot stuff that would make digging through ruins harder. Bonus points if they look damaged or are malfunctioning.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: it should take actual EFFORT to run a grimdark game of CATastrophe.
>post-apocalyptic setting full of genetically engineered, human/carnivorous animal hybrids
>yeah, it will take SO much effort to grimdarken this.
No matter how much happy fluff you add, the central idea is still very open to subversion.
Why does that picture remind me more of the Panther Moderns from Neuromancer than of any actual catgirls?
File: 1380387769169.png-(846 KB, 1088x791, 20130918.png)
846 KB
846 KB PNG

That's why we're handling the happy fluff. Any dark stuff that's introduced is at the GM's discretion, not our recommendation.
I think there must be some kind of ghostly teenage DNA at work in the Endless Blue, something carries the coded precepts of various short-lived subcults and replicates them at odd intervals.
The flood IS his piss
So the whole setting is a magical realm?
File: 1380388615836.jpg-(144 KB, 1050x1400, catastrophocrobots.jpg)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Something like this?
Cats, dogs, and bunnies are the Big Three. Some people also like to include bears for whatever reason and to me, foxgirls fits under doggirl.
File: 1380389062077.jpg-(73 KB, 800x1700, CATastrophe octoslayer.jpg)
73 KB
I did a sort of FAQ/Bestiary thing a week or two back, but I dont think anyone saved it.
>How would they know what human ears look like?
Pictures found in ruins.
I actually already covered the top two in a previous thread. Lemme dig up the posts. It starts here and continues down for three or so posts.
File: 1380389469397.png-(40 KB, 625x626, Dot.png)
40 KB
File: 1380389642011.jpg-(63 KB, 255x350, Manly Rabbitman.jpg)
63 KB
He aint a cat, but have one manly motherfucking bunny.
File: 1380389921320.jpg-(197 KB, 1280x684, 1343007935314.jpg)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Yep. This picture used to get tossed around a lot when talking about the more dangerous ones.
File: 1380390843550.png-(125 KB, 250x289, 250px-Doc_venture[1].png)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
> want to run CATastrophe
> can't convince my fur-phobic friend that it ain't fur shit
> can't convince my 2nd group member that it isn't 100% silly 24/7
> only my 3rd group member is down, but he doesn't give a shit about what we play; so long as we're playing something at the end of each month.
> can't convince the 3rd guy's GF that it's wroth playing on any level, which is weird because she ususally goes for potentially cutesy animal persons

> MFW I will never get to run CATastrophe
Hrm. Just for the sake of worldbuilding, what would you guys think the music scene would be like in CATastrophe's setting? I know it would differ from culture to culture, but I usually think of it as some form of techno/glitch, perhaps, Boddika-esque type.
I don't mean to come off as some sort of douche... but I notice the PDF doesn't really have some sort of Table of Contents on a page, and that could make it hard to navigate should one decide to print it out.
Oooh! Nifty, that's very nice, spot on draw buddy!
File: 1380391739810.jpg-(71 KB, 1024x576, 162888-07_ghost_5_1.jpg)
71 KB
I still think the setting needs merfolk.
Not as a player-option, just as part of the world.
That the scientists when the obvious rout and tried to make people that could breathe underwater, but the genes of fish do not mesh as well as the genes of other animals; so there were very few in the beginning, and their total population now may add up to that of a single island-city's worth of a population; world wide.

They'd be something mystical that players may bump into. Or, if you trust them to roleplay properly, a player could hold out for a late introduction and be an oddity that can't follow them into the cities; or they could make for great DMPCs/quest guids/givers.
It'd have to be a very punky, thrown-together sort of techno, in the unlikely event that they can get a rack of electronic instruments working again. I imagine a lot of acoustic sounds, but played live instead of sampled.

Actually I would imagine Kemomi music to be a distant cousin of mine -- there might at least be a family resemblance.
File: 1380392113385.jpg-(22 KB, 415x618, Sad Fishgirl.jpg)
22 KB
Theres been several good reasons why they shouldn't be included, though, such as it takes away from the exploration aspect of the setting by making it more of trespassing and an invasion and it takes away from the foreign and foreboding feeling of everything beneath the waves.

Of course, none of that stops you from running a game where some forgotten AI is pumping out genetically engineered fishgirls, though.
My opinion is that any merfolk should be a GM included thing.

You could even include Lamias and Harpies if you felt like it but we should stick to Kemonomimi for the time being.
File: 1380392761194.jpg-(2.5 MB, 2128x3046, 1368137362828.jpg)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB JPG
Did you miss the part where I said I'd have them be incredibly rare and not a core player race?
I mean like: the majority of people never see one (or know they saw one) levels of rare.

The only change that I made to the setting is that there are islands formed where mesas and mountains still poke out of the ocean.
However, the radiation from the meteor and chemicals from the experiments and blown-out labs have mutated the natural wildlife of the decades between now and then.
So from these islands comes the most valuable recourse of all: natural, raw resources. however, these islands are full of mutated monsters and strange diseases; gives players something to fight other than pirates.
^this, has actually worked out quite well.

I'm also playing around with the concept of tribal inhabitants with feral tendencies (cannibalism and ritual sacrifice) for said islands, but I'm not confident or sure enough to do anything with it yet. So, for now, mutated monsters and mind-fuck magic diseases.
>cannibalism and ritual sacrifice
Yeah, I'm gonna stop you right here and say CATastrophe probably isn't the setting for you.
File: 1380393128002.gif-(294 KB, 240x320, zhBMw.gif)
294 KB
294 KB GIF
"Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away." — Antoine de Saint Exupéry
They don't have ears... what are they doing...

I'm scared.

Oh, I got something, it'll be uploaded in a couple hours. It's been raining like cats and dogs over here at Vanguard Home and I got soaked hardcore.

Yes! it my FATE writeup, I got the latest update but it's on my laptop. I'm making darn sure everything is dry first before getting it up.

Patience, ca/tg/irls. It's HAPPENING.

Oh, added more artwork to it. Also the next revision will have Chumimi (Mice).
File: 1380393831565.jpg-(426 KB, 554x824, 1379621702390.jpg)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
Cannibalism, Ritual Sacrifice, and Mutant Monsters which can kill and maim are not part of the standard setting for CATastrophe.

Remember, this is a break from grimdark settings.

That said you are free to run a game, or discuss things with your GM. You will just have to fluff CATastrophe on your own.

To Quote Freakazoid "THIS IS A HAPPY PLACE!"
File: 1380393861923.jpg-(62 KB, 721x967, ArmouredBikiniCatgirl.jpg)
62 KB
Actually, I like the idea of a kemomi who thinks she's a fierce lion, listens to earless heavy metal, shouts all the time because she's screwed up her hearing, and is really just a small and cute catgirl. Or maybe a bunnygirl.
I think a catgirl version of KISS would work better, if only for the mental image.
Actually, i DID add injuries. They're "lives" the character has. Once you get 3 you retire, pursuing less risky stuff.
File: 1380394813456.jpg-(360 KB, 1883x1509, 1380234230844.jpg)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Screw your injuries old man! I'll go to Akadmee and get my legs replaced with metal ones!

Also, who else thinks a sunken city surrounded by defunct giant robots would make a good dive area?
>Happy happy, joy joy! Happy happy, joy joy! Happy happy, joy joy joy!

Not trying to be overly critical, but is their really any element of conflict or danger at all? So far I see pirates and robots, "and absolutely no one gets hurt".

I mean there's "breaking away from grimdark", and there's building a setting so saccharine it makes My Little Pony look like the Deathstalker series.
>Also the next revision will have Chumimi (Mice).
Fuck it, I'm gone. At this rate it'll be impossible to convince a group that it isn't just furry wish-fulfillment. (And frankly, I'm not convinced it isn't anymore.)
File: 1380395070105.jpg-(13 KB, 512x384, 1248843071332.jpg)
13 KB
> say I'm not sure about the tribesmen
> "yeah, I'm gonna stop you right here --"
> point out that the changes the person made aren't part of the core setting.

It may well be a "happy place," but there needs to be some conflict. Pirates are great for this, contesting treasure hunters / persons who hunt treasure hunters so they don't have to do the digging/diving/questing. However, that gets real repetitive real quick. Monster islands are a great way to add more things to fight without adding something additional, so much as just something different; since there would totally be mountains peaking out of the ocean, and any 'natural' wildlife would be a little different by this age anyway, and the meteor radiation and chemicals n' radiation from the apparently successful and pseudo-science-tastic laboratories would surely have had some effect on them; especially since they would have had to have been perfectly sealed or underground to to have corroded and flooded by now.

I'm just taking things that are already there and reorganizing them to fit an action movie. If hollywood has taught you anything it should be that violence doesn't have to be violent.
File: 1380395133539.jpg-(171 KB, 399x569, RoundingCapeHorn.jpg)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Tension over air supplies, fightan monsters deep in earless ruins.

Maybe battling against high winds as you try to make the fastest route to Diver's Bay with your cargo of shinies and catnip?

Otherwise, if you don't like happy, optimistic, bright settings, CATastrophe isn't for you.
File: 1380395151286.jpg-(628 KB, 722x773, 611e8ec5ae27fb0d8e3b6bab8(...).jpg)
628 KB
628 KB JPG
>I'll go to Akadmee and get my legs replaced with metal ones!
Possible. And actually, it's one of the characters' backgrounds.
Quit adding races! The original three were fine!
File: 1380395208464.jpg-(33 KB, 425x589, 1257213760227.jpg)
33 KB
> No merfolk, but mice are okay
I've got mice people in my version, but they're more like skaven. Not evil or nasty, mind you, but they're smaller and more animal-like than the other races. They live in the pipes and creases of the under-cities, running maintenance and black-market deals.
File: 1380395469293.jpg-(18 KB, 346x300, 1249494914450.jpg)
18 KB
> monsters on islands = unacceptably violent
> monsters underwater = fine
Let's get this failboat in the water, me hearties! Adventure *HIC* awaits!
Basic facts about Kemi:
1. They were created to live in environment unwelcome to humans.
2.They're superhumanly tough. Have you seen Tom and Jerry cartoon or any slapstick anime? That tough.
3.They have strong aversion to killing.
Fights may happen, injuries are part of the job, but most encounters end when one side sees that they cannot possibly win here and runs away/gets blasted off/parts with shineys. Some of people here DO overdo the noblebrightness, but overall CATastrophe doesn't feature overly dark stuff.
It's impossible to have real danger and still be optimistic and bright?

I'm sorry, are you on the drugs?
The prsesnce of voilence doesn't even come close to validating the term, "overly dark."
Further more: pirates and monsters are already things, but apparently monsters on land is out of the question.

That's all I"m saying
I'm becoming more and more convinced it's ''Why is this world so mean and cruel, I wish I could go live on an island planet," furry wish fulfillment.

Which is a shame, because it could be really really cool.
File: 1380395962585.jpg-(77 KB, 625x416, 1380283438542.jpg)
77 KB
Emphasis was on mutated monsters, hideous mutants. Though dangerous wild life is fine.

I would focus more on dangers like natural disasters but I suppose you could include a dangerous island or violent pirates.

The point here is that emphasis should be on treasure hunting, not getting into D&Desque brawls with beasties and baddies, though that may be a nice aside if diving and exploring gets old.

As a suggestion towards the the sort of things you'd like in this arena I'd suggest taking a look at the video game for Peter Jackson's King Kong, the Skull Island levels totally blow away anything involving Kong.
Fuck this, let's hijack it.

Is 'arrrr'-p on /tg/ banned?
File: 1380396030617.png-(235 KB, 512x640, 1378953476030.png)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
>immense steel penises
W- What?
Pirates are there. Some are straight up thugs, some work subtler, but they are there and they want your shineys. Contesting hunters also fall under that category.
Monsters... There are Kaiju, underwater wildlife, lands have Grumblehops and Thunderhooves fluffy, extremely angry descendants of wild hares and huge goddamn cows respectively. And those are very badass hares and cows.
File: 1380396256187.png-(160 KB, 261x271, 1346428721882.png)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Originally this was about cute catgirls diving for cute treasures, but now it's slowly becoming more about a minority's ability to create a new fursona.

Anyone who thinks that races should be "aesthetic" and thinks males should be playable are a part of the problem.
>The prsesnce of voilence doesn't even come close to validating the term, "overly dark."
that was what i was saying.
>but apparently monsters on land is out of the question.

And you are forgetting oldguards, who will fight until they are disassembled and a legitimate threat to trespassers.
I completely agree. It started with catgirls and adventure. Now it's about 30 animal races and constant euphoria.
File: 1380396449295.jpg-(61 KB, 1205x881, 1248971513157.jpg)
61 KB
Diving and exploring gets real old, real fast. Like 2-4 sessions, tops.
It's 1/2 the reason I can't convince my original group to try it again now that I've got this other shit I'm working on. Who says that fighting monsters and pirates has to be horrific and gory? Have you never seen Pirates of the Caribbean? Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas? Shrek? any Disney-fantasy movie ever? Monsters =/= maiming, and fighting =/= gore.

Also, telling people the game is supposed to be played X way, not Y way, because reasons, is kinda' hypocritical, especially when I never said that these changes should be implemented into the core game, and only stated that I found them to be improvements.
>but apparently monsters on land is out of the question.
Nobody ever said this, I think they were just against all that mutant zombie bullshit and cannibalism faggotry. Its the execution, not the location.

That said, 90% of all action will be taking place either on or under the water, so bitching about land being mostly a safe zone is kinda dumb.
File: 1380396537357.jpg-(182 KB, 800x999, 1364543216049.jpg)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
I would hope not, Captain.

30 animal races? There's only Catgrills, Doggrills, Bunnygrills, Beargrills and Foxgrills.
> And you are forgetting oldguards, who will fight until they are disassembled and a legitimate threat to trespassers

I think some of these posters are, yes.
It's from a Transmetropolitan Special Edition, Giant Robots with "Immense Steel Penises" are pretty low on the outlandish scale of things.
Yeah, it looks like its going down the same damn road that killed CATastrophe last time - obsessing over mouse/beargirls and grimderp faggots trying to ruin the setting. I think these weekly CATastrophe threads were a terrible idea.
Is the girl on the far right taking upskirt shots with her cellphone?
File: 1380396664592.jpg-(157 KB, 800x600, 1342985945409.jpg)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Honestly, it should be a monthly thing.
And mousegrills, fishgrills, snakegrills, birdgrills, etc.
At most. Either way, lets let this be the last CATastrophe thread for a while. It caught the attention of furfags and grimderp fag once again so its time to lay low. Not to mention TDCP is trying to hijack the setting into his personal magical realm yet again.
File: 1380396804185.jpg-(81 KB, 528x611, 1348352390447.jpg)
81 KB
I would hope not. While GMs have the final say in what actually is in their game and can add whatever, CATastrophe at a base doesn't have any o' those.
> Constant Euphoria
Actually that brings me to another topic: What do Kemomi believe in? Is there any religion at all or are they enlightened by their own intelligence to the point the deepest belief they hold is the playful accusation of Kleptomanders being behind everything? Thoughts?
Cause I believe it wouldn't hurt to have it be canon rather than having everyone house rule it, to be honest.
Look dude. If you want to include Skull Island, complete with dinosaurs and giant crabs go ahead.

But we've had this setting high jacked by losers who tried to create an enormous cluster fuck of grimderp before. So we tend to swing a little in the other direction. You want to create an island of adventure with Iguanas of Unusual Size go ahead, no one will stop you.

We're just trying to keep this from devolving to the clusterfuck of races fighting over resources in a thinly veiled water world expy like it was when the IRC group started on it.

If you care that much about each race having carefully laid out stats so that you know a bunnygirl is a bunnygirl because of her stats, not her ears why don't you make a system to reflect that instead of kvetching?
I still think that we should have the three core races be, well, core, and have any other race be, "You want it? You write up a splat for it."
Maybe add a splat called Mermaids & Mutants for non-core NPC races too. (Provided the mermaids are as rare as you were saying, and possibly non-setient).

>Who says that fighting monsters and pirates has to be horrific and gory?
nobody? If i see it right, we're just against cannibalism, ritual sacrifices, over 9000 playable races and horrific mutants.
Kaiju can stay, they're cool.
>If you care that much about each race having carefully laid out stats so that you know a bunnygirl is a bunnygirl because of her stats, not her ears why don't you make a system to reflect that instead of kvetching?
>putting words in my mouth

Yeah, whatever min-maxer. Sorry my need for good RP disrupts your build.
At some point, I think we just need to bring our fist down on the table and say, That's it, we're sticking with THESE FIVE races. No more. If you want to play something else and your GM will let you, fine, but we're not going to crunch that shit for you.

And the grimderp stuff is far more crass than anything we're trying to put in; I agree it's got no place in this setting -- hell, getting away from it was one of the main ideas behind CATastrophe in the first place.
File: 1380396978833.jpg-(359 KB, 570x600, 1378049272853.jpg)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
"In this moment I am euphoric; not because of any phony Earless Shinies' blessing. But because I am enlightened by the red dot."
You mean three. I'm putting my foot down at three.
File: 1380397119471.jpg-(77 KB, 650x473, Aztec robot 1 rebecca dart.jpg)
77 KB

Well the traditional way a GM gets unwilling players to play a game is to TPK them and then be like... "well we can TRY restarting from scratch, though I'm not really prepared for that, we COULD start a new game but the only thing I've really got ready right now is..." and then you explain the setting thusly:

Imagine if you were technically in charge of caring for the remnants of human civilisation after humanity went somewhere, rumors say they're still around under the water, sleeping, or on the moon or in space but some say they're just dead.
And then you kinda didn't fulfill your duties to them particularly well, which is when a giant salty asteroid hit the north pole and flooded the earth with water, so now shit's all Waterworld crossed with America's Deadliest Catch, battling pirates who think they can more easily find shiny old tech by stealing from honest divers one day then fighting one of the out-of-no-where storms that threat to sink your boat.
But underneath the blue above, and down amonst the remains swallowed by the blue below maybe THIS dive you'll find what you're searching for, that thing that drives you to the depths and through the storms and pirate attacks and past the security bots that protect their former owner's treasures.
That thing to make life right again.
And when there's no wind, and no clouds and no pirates, you chill and party and lounge and swim, because, well, who knows?
You are bad for my mental health /tg/. Last night I dreamt I was a catboy, and I'm not even (that much of) a furry.
ENTRANCED — Debunking the origins of the Red Dot Culture. A free book by Jace Chick.
Please enlighten me.

How would you lay out the races?

'Cause all I'm getting from you is a demand for stats and fixed races. So far everyone agrees that Cats, Rabbits, and Dogs are the main races and some guys want to include bears, foxes and mice. Who gives a fuck about the extras? They don't matter. Just keep it to six at most and we're fine.

Explain to me in what way the races having stats as opposed to traits picked from a table or made up on the spot with your GM effects RP?

Because I don't need a blurb in a player book to know how to play a dwarf or an elf. Do you?
I'm against cannibalism, ritual sacrifice, and more than 6 races at most. 3 is much better, GMs can worry about ferret girls or whatever.

I don't mind combat but I'd prefer a more slice of life game, less combat, more exploration and building stuff. That's just me.
File: 1380397617364.png-(140 KB, 735x949, Catgirl_Pirate_Neo_by_Hol(...).png)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
Here's my question:
Why would you rather piss away your gaming hours pretending to be a catgril in a swimsuit (seriously here, no joke answers), when you could be roleplaying privateers and explorers on the open seas who are a dangerous but necessary part of modern society because they are either treasure hunters and/or resources gatherers (and you can still be a catgirl in a swimsuit)?

Because right now, you're telling me you'd rather play a generic slice-of-life anime that takes place on a island-planet, over a fantastic version of Treasure Island; which is utterly preposterous; especially when you seem to think that the rules should not wholly facilitate both options to the greatest potential, and your option would be the easiest to house-rule as it only involves taking things away from the game.
File: 1380397620338.png-(151 KB, 325x400, dis nigga mad.png)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
The real problem here is that we currently have at least FIVE systems made separately, each with its own fluff nuances. Some of those are the subject of holy wars, sadly. Some are universally agreed upon. Some are universally agreed upon, except for those two guys in far left. Add to this the fact that there's no centralized storage for all fluffbits and we get magnificently tangled clusterfuck of a lore.
...what i am saying, we probably need to store the lore somewhere. ALL of it. Divided into "agreed upon" and "controversal subjects". Because it's mightily unproductive to argue same lore points each thread.
Can't the "darker and edgier" faction just make there own damn setting? CATaclysm. There, I gave you the name.

Not enough? Shit, I'll give you a soundtrack

Want a fucking tagline?
>In the stygian depths of the Open Blue, there is only war. And shinies.

There, a third of your work done. Damn it.
I'm down for
it kinda' works
I don't want it to be dark and edgy, I just want it to be exciting and engaging.
File: 1380397866609.jpg-(126 KB, 813x700, 1362165351381.jpg)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
then again,
>implying "agreed upon" category wouldn't be blank
File: 1380398022593.jpg-(32 KB, 400x267, 02_golden_boy_06.jpg)
32 KB
> I'm against cannibalism, ritual sacrifice -
Yeah, and I said I myself (as the guy who brought it up in the first place) am not confident in those concepts and have not implemented them into my house rules; let alone insinuate that it should be part of the core rules.

Please try to pay attention you brainless furry fucktard.
File: 1380398180816.png-(200 KB, 529x386, 1358360325549.png)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
>i'm against it!
>no, I'M against it!
>no, i said I AM against it!
...well, no point in arguing, then?
....At what point have I ever said I don't want that?

What I want to avoid is the D&D bullshit where every fucking race has to have numbers and stats to identify them as a race. That, I suppose makes sense in a game designed to be a hack and slash brawler and each race has a build designed around this or that.

No, see all the races are descended from humans so they're essentially humans with added on traits. Ergo a system built around traits and some very simple stats would be better.

I think you want a crunch fest when I want a narrative system.

You don't want a crunchfest then we don't have a problem.

You want to play a combat heavy game go ahead, I'm not going to stop you. We shouldn't have mutants but dangerous animals are fine, above, or below the sea. Hostile natives are fine as long as we stick to PG-13 action scenes with a little stylistic blood and lots of showy combat.

I want slice of life, but that's easy to do if the GM just ignores combat and sticks to a more happy go lucky game.

Now I asked you to lay out races, you actually gonna give me your cersion of Crunch or are you going to keep looking for weebs and furry infiltrators?
Cannibalism and sacrifice, specifically.
I still want fighting, pirates, and monsters.
I completely agree with this. We need a maximum of 3 races and danger for the players to confront. If you expect it to be just relaxing slice of life stuff, it's just going to end up being a furry ERP.
File: 1380398320261.png-(58 KB, 318x470, 1285006812762.png)
58 KB
Sorry, linked to the wrong guy.

I agree with >>27469368 . Cat, dog, bunny. Any more is unnecessary padding and getting away from the initial vision.

So. Harpoon guns, anyone?
File: 1380398515024.jpg-(411 KB, 2160x1440, 1345941274739.jpg)
411 KB
411 KB JPG

There's not enough land to be adding land monsters, and it defeats the fucking point of a GAME ABOUT SAILING, start inserting land monsters and everytime characters hit port the GM's gonna be like ALL THE LAND MONSTERS ATTACK THE PORT, like what happens with aquatic monsters whenever a D&D party go within 10' pole distance of a sizable body of water.

fucking "underground stream Krakens"
Let's face it, every goddamn thing under the sun is SOMEBODY'S fetish. Matter of fact, that's probably why we have such a problem with these guys who want to drag the setting back into grimderp territory.
File: 1380398549610.jpg-(65 KB, 680x455, 1379629739821.jpg)
65 KB
I AM that guy.

Like I said, I just want to take a break from the hack and slash fest in a tropical setting.

You want to explore and trade and dredge up...I dunno giant robot heads or something go ahead.

Fuck the 4chan effect.

We've been arguing over a non issue.

Can we just agree to keep the tone to a Mildly Mature Saturday Cartoon and have done with it?
File: 1380398730490.jpg-(263 KB, 1200x800, dcb55e91719d66c73c4b1531b(...).jpg)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
And fighting, pirates and all manners of strange creatures are already there.
At 1000 meters there'd be reconizable chunks of old continents.

and fuck any DM that attacks a port with land monsters, that is a bad DM.

Land monsters should be reserved for wild islands or ruins.
But there already are dangers. Tons of em. Just because theres no ritualistic cannibalism doesnt mean that its nothing but erp.
File: 1380398820963.jpg-(185 KB, 736x473, 1379355833420.jpg)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
>Never ran or been part of a tabletop before
>Usually come on /tg/ just for the MTG threads
>See this in catalog
>"Huh, I wonder what this is?"
>All these cute catgirls
>All this cute and potentially fun gameplay
>oh gosh.jpg

Alright how do I run a tabletop over IRC/Skype because Jesus H. Christ I need to play this game and become the catgirl of my dreams.
"Never get on the boat" becomes "never dock your boat".
File: 1380398987631.jpg-(285 KB, 688x1044, 1380234873603.jpg)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
>worrying about fetishes
Any setting can be used for ERP.
As far as I'm concerned some guys are just slightly nuerotic and feel the need to prove they aren't furries or weebs.
Fuck those guys, they ruin lots of things that would be fun otherwise.
File: 1380398991754.jpg-(260 KB, 585x600, Turtle Merchant.jpg)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
The setting is basically Monster Hunter meets Indiana Jones meets Waterworld, all glued together by catgirls. Theres monsters, pirates, boobytrapped ruins, robots, insane AIs, and kaijus, just to name a few.

I really don't understand where these accusations of a lack of danger comes from.
Simple enough, get your usual materials together, though if you depend on visual aids you may want to use GIMP or Paint or something to make maps for your players.
Narrate the game to your guys, via voice if you're into that or via text if you aren't.
Hit /tg/s gamefinder threads or contact some friends you think would be down for this.
I'd suggest using a rules lite system like Fate or Savage worlds but you could run it in Gurps or fucking Dark Heresy if that suited you better.
File: 1380399356224.jpg-(1.19 MB, 1200x900, catastrophe.jpg)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
fuck, forgot Monster Hunter.

Anyway, Behold the abomination born of my hand, and tremble in despair!
File: 1380399368308.pdf-(2.27 MB, PDF, CATastrophe FATE Core.pdf)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PDF
Okay... a few things as I've read the flame war that erupted after I posted.

1: I keep hearing Yes add this or No don't add this. There's no democracy here just rule by mob.

2: Mousefolk were a idea, nothing more. Many of the systems have the 5 race concept (Cat, Dog, Fox, Rabbit, Bear) and this upload follows that paradigm.

3: There is nothing furry about CATastrophe. Know your fetishes and know your shit from your shinies.

4: My contact info is in the document, but my e-mail is on the tag this one time.
File: 1380399453593.jpg-(436 KB, 825x1335, 1378641120089.jpg)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
Bloody hell, I wake up and a shitstorm's broken out.

You guys want me to writefag a one shot action scene?
You forgot SeaQuest DSV. If you want a little tech with your animal ears. ;)
> Mildly Mature Saturday Cartoon
I can agree to that, yes.

^ like that (-magic n' modern weaponry)?
>Pirates of Dark Water
Mah Kemo
I thought I was the only one who watched that.
You get that Gargantia bullshit out of there.
Please do. I'll try and get on with writing myself, if my muse and this whatever the fuck I'm sick with cooperate.
File: 1380399799656.jpg-(1.49 MB, 1600x900, catastrophe.jpg)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
I forgot a lot of stuff.
File: 1380400001795.jpg-(85 KB, 635x966, __Ecaflip___for___Wakfu__(...).jpg)
85 KB
Hey, is it cool with you if I work on my own iteration?
File: 1380400103850.png-(5 KB, 241x230, 1379600582229.png)
5 KB

When I say "I've never played a tabletop before", I mean I have literally never interacted with anything to do with a tabletop RPG before. This includes rulebooks, making maps, etc. I kinda feel like I'm doing all this backwards but by hook or by crook I'm playing this damn game.
File: 1380400163677.jpg-(137 KB, 947x540, 1336918736187.jpg)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
I think it is a safe observation that if it involved watery shenanigans, CATastrophe is compatible with it. BTW, 2032 SeaQuest is worst SeaQuest. Just saying.

I think my WIP is good for now, so I'm a week EARLY from my October 5th target date! I do think though as we're at 218 posts, we should prepare to have a second thread (although I think we should make CATastrophe CATurday threads monthly instead of weekly, personally) once we've started autosage and are sinking to Page 10. Until let's take what we have left after the shitstorm and do something useful.

You think every month is a better idea? Like let's say the first Saturday of the Month, Starting in October?
CATastrophe is a /tg/ idea, run with it. It's what I did. This is the /tg/ community's game.
That would be good. Hopefully i'll cobble together a playable beta with some semblance of formatting by then, since TAIL at this point disturbingly reminds me of duke nukem forever/Starbound situation.
I've dealt with furries and weeaboos before, and frankly the Stop Liking What I Don't Like fags come across as more autistic than all of them.
Dont forget Sealab 2021. At the very least, theyre probably the science team responsible for a world full of catgirls in the first place.
File: 1380400628518.png-(156 KB, 700x1000, cry_me_a_ocean_by_itcamef(...).png)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
Cool. The more the merrier.

Also, I really wish there were cat ears on these two in this pic...
File: 1380400730480.jpg-(31 KB, 311x393, Furry_chart KNOWING IS.jpg)
31 KB

Yeah, keep seeing a lot of people dropping "furry" when talking about CATastrophe, and I do not think that word means what they think it does.

Basically, CATastrophe is no more furry than 40k, probably a lot less in fact.
that's a whole new "disappearance of earless" theory.
I almost feel like that old anime Blue Submarine No. 6 should be added.
>OG Johnny Quest
>Pirates of Dark Water
>Swat Kats
Wow that's some pretty good taste anon. I'd say those set the tone pretty well, though I'd go easy on the magic.
Well, if you're going to suggest that one, I may as well throw in Fushigi no Umi no Nadia.
File: 1380401115304.png-(183 KB, 311x393, Felinid ID chart.png)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
Speaking of 40K, that chart also applies to identifying felinids.
I would say the whole humanity living on tiny artificial islands is very BS6, but CAT lacks the whole land vs ocean thing. In fact, I think people wanted to avoid fishgirls in the setting so as to avoid the whole man vs fishman war dealie of BS6.

I'm sure the kemos still love jazz, though. Everyone loves jazz.
Magic is just replace by hyper advanced futuretech that everyone mistakes for magic.
You've been posting that thing so often I thought you were running the show.
No. Last I checked I'm just one creator inspired by this chaotic little setting.

Now if you don't mind I am untagging, unless I am answering a question directly about my FATE offering.
Or 2020. 2020 works fine too.
Oh wow.

First thing is first. You need a basic story for the sake of an example lets say "All of you meet in a bar, but you can't get any booze because the still is broken and a bunch of jerks are hording the parts to make a still."

Your players can either:
A: go diving for still making equipment
B: Use some gear that have to repair the still
C: negoiate a new price for the still parts
D: beat up those guys and take the still parts
E: leave and go do something else.

In general you should treat the game like a sandbox, make up some basic quest types and come up with a few plotlines for your players to get involved with.

You're going to need basic stats for monsters and NPCs and tiers of them. A City guardsman should be able to wreck your player's shit in if he can call for help but be fucked if he's on his own for instance. (And you'll need city guards to make crimes exciting/undesirable, though Kemonomimi are just as likely to use angry mobs.)

Once you have some stats set up you need to arrange them in a coherent manner so you can grab them later and make use of them, flexibility is important.

Lets say you set up and adventure where the guys fight pirates, but instead of turning the pirates in they become pirates themselves, well then you need to adjust the game so they can have fun fighting pirates.

Basically it's free form story telling with dice and rules to keep "everything proof shield" from becoming an issue.

My advice would be to set up a "first time GM" thread on /tg/ and take away anything useful that fa/tg/uys tell you.

Also check into VELOcity, apparently it's a Jet Set Radio RPG and may appeal to your sensibilities (judging by that one reaction image anyway.)
He's running his own show, TAIL Guy is off running his, the IRC guys are running theirs, and the rest of us are just trying to hammer out stuff that they might find useful.
File: 1380402299535.png-(97 KB, 500x428, 1379194361961.png)
97 KB
Yeah, TDCP, Kav, TAIL, and the IRC crew are their own "ships" if you will.

Although right now it seems TDCP is only the captain of a rubber dinghy while Kav and TAIL have a solid head start in their galleons.

I think the split comes from the complexity of system more than anything. TDCP's heart is in the right place by opting for a pre-existing system that is simple to work with to begin with.

Oh does anyone have a larger version of this image?
TAIL is more of a shabby submarine.
Are there any other versions of the system, other than that one on 1d4 chan and TDCP's Fate Variation?
File: 1380402454648.jpg-(220 KB, 642x854, 1378664403850.jpg)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
Three figures ran through the sunken mall laden with shinies, jumping over fallen stands and flower pots an an attempt to get away from the Oldguard chasing them.
**SHOPLIFTER ALERT. STAND DOWN AND COME ALONG QUIETLY. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE** The trundling robot boomed, it's four stubby legs moving with surprising speed as it simply walked through anything in its way in persuit of the shiny divers.
"Let's just drop our stuff and run, guys," the small white haired rabbit girl huffed. "It's just weighing us down!"
"No way, Lily!" A russet foxgirl yelled back as she vaulted over a bench. "All this tech is gonna make us rich!"
"Shut up Rusty and keep running!" the tabby catgirl yelled back before a forboding discharge of air was heard followed by a shriek from Lilly, causing the two to look behind them. What they saw caused the two to stop, as Lily was being dragged towards the robot, tangled up in a fishing net being pulled by a pod under it's bulbous body.
"Rusty! Twitch! Save me!" The scared bunnygirl screamed, struggling against the net she was caught in.
"LILY!" Twitch yelled as she quickly came up with a plan.
"Rusty, can you get on its back? I'll distract it while you find a way to stop that thing>"
"Easier said than done," Rusty replied, her tail swishing with agitation as she synched up her toolbelt.
"Just do it." Twitch grumbled before turning to the Oldguard. "Hey ugly! You wanna catch us? Good luck!" The tabby taunted, waving her arms about and pulling a face at the huge robot.
**RESISTANCE IS FUTILE** The Oldguard turned to face the catgirl and launched an opened claw at her, Twitch nimbly dodging out of the way and embedding itself into a pillar behind her.
"Ha! That's the best you've got? Have another go!" The robot's winch whined as it pulled on the tether attached to its claw, pulling it out in a spray of rock chips and winding it back to its arm before trying again.
Heh, at least it's easy to sink it.
I kid. Can't wait to see TAIL.

Also I drew the comparison of TDCP's dinghy as it seems he likes those two catgirls and the raft pic that pops up in this thread from time to time.
File: 1380403255007.jpg-(1015 KB, 1920x1200, Finance_Wallpapers_Money_(...).jpg)
1015 KB
1015 KB JPG
Also, how is currency usually handled in the setting?

I was just going to have them use Koins, which are similar to modern pocket-change, with a Silver (like a Quarter), Little Silvers (like a Nickle), and Brasses (Like a Penny). They don't know what they're made of, or that they're old money, but they use them like money because you can find them here n' there in the nooks and crannies of the ruins, so they're just common enough for everybody to have some, but really hard for Kemomi to reproduce them selves. Sometimes they'll find jars, boxes, and strangely shaped pots full of the things.
1 Silver = 10 Small Silver = 100 Brass
(their value is based solely on size and color. phonies are spotted by the absence of bumps and ridges where their used to be engravings, though few Kemomi care enough to get upset about it, unless it's a seriously large purchase or a persistent offender. Primarily they just use Koins as an "I owe U" tracking system. ).

> inb4 bartering system

I'd like to have some kind of currency.
File: 1380403820088.png-(292 KB, 530x812, 1380081917176.png)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
I happen to like a barter system for primitive communities but Koins are a good as anything else.

I'd lean towards Bolts. Nuts, Washers, maybe Bottle Caps (metal ones) all produced by pre-flood machinery.

I recall one guy came up with a setting where they had exercise bikes and giant hamster wheels and the people there would trade time served producing electricity on the things for goods.

I'd just go with a "Barter Unit" and assign a value of Koins, Bolts, Caps etc. to it and do things that way sinceI like the idea of there being lots of kinds of money.
Actually it's "Fangs".

Pretty much Fangs are little crystals or other objects that have a certain value but only as a currency. It's sort of like a fiat currency, but it represents a certain amount of something that the community uses.
The exercise bike idea would definitely explain everybody being in such great shape.

The world is flooded with water, right?

What about Waterworld tier of currency, dirt?
Are any of the fish smart?
File: 1380404809937.jpg-(106 KB, 621x1011, 1372088299402.jpg)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Smart on like, what level?
Personally I prefer Koins to Fangs since that whole "Alien Moss reproductive cycle" shtik rubs me the wrong way.

Its either Koins or Bottle Caps, or Bolts, or whatever. I think currency should be something Kemos can counterfiet and produce on their own.

ugh, I typed "stting" when I meant "settlement" anyways, yeah, electricty could be something else that gets traded. Whether it comes from exercise bikes, solar panels, or an old fusion reactor doesn't matter overly much.

and I'd say everyone is fit because they have "The Best Genetics" and the muscley Cat People are the ones who dug up self help books and body builder manuals.
Like chimpanzee or even human toddler smart.
Is that from yuumei's Fisheye Placebo?
I'd say some of them. Octopi are already intelligent, the expy for them should be as well.
Alien Moss Reproductive Cycle? I... don't follow you.

I just wagered that Fangs represented something material. And the differing settlements have different items that represent "One Fang". You can tell a settlement from what they use to represent a fang.
Some people run it with strait-up merfolk.
Suddenly, the robot jolted as Rusty landed on top of the robot's body, frantically searching for a panel as the oldguard tried to shake her off whilst launching another fist at Twitch. Unfortunately, Twitch wasn't fast enough this time and the claw caught her full in the stomach, sending the catgirl flying into the wall with a yowl and an unsettling crunch.
**RESTRAINING TARGET. YOUR PARENTS WILL BE NOTIFIED.** The oldguard boomed as it began to close the claw around the poor tabby. Rusty saw this and picked up the pace, prying open a maintenance hatch with a crowbar and furiously smashing at whatever she could find inside. The robot jerked and shuddered as essential circuitry was pulverised underneath the heavy blows of Rusty's crowbar. Eventually smoke started to billow out of the maintenance hatch as the Oldguard finally shut down, collapsing on the floor. Rusty jumped off the robot and posed with a cheerful grin on her face, brandishing her crowbar like what some of the earless did in their pictures.
"Eh? did you guys see that?I am awesome!"
"Yeah, that's great." Twitch deadpanned. "Can you get this claw off me? I don't feel like dragging this thing back to the surface."

Well, that's it! What do you think? Sorry it took so long.
File: 1380405149604.jpg-(123 KB, 492x646, Catgirls 64.jpg)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
He's got it wrong; fangs are byproducts of the mosses digestive cycle.
Why do I have a suspicion that if you say this "Alien Moss" thing enough it'll become true?

That's never been a thing.
1. Are there crab merchants?
2. Any monstrous folk (besides cats)?
3. How do you deal with all the underwater skeletons?
File: 1380405358611.jpg-(31 KB, 437x411, ooji-4.jpg)
31 KB
It's been around for a while now.
I like the idea of AIs created by the Earless surviving into the future, but I think it has to be a little bittersweet; there can't be a shitload of survivors, just a few. That writefag stuff I posted upthread was more or less a proposal for introducing *one* AI into a campaign.

And it ought to go without saying that I don't believe we should stat up any piece of Earless tech as a PC.
this only answers one, maybe two of my questions.
File: 1380405556859.png-(1.3 MB, 900x2049, fox_with_a_grenade_by_kat(...).png)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
Nope, I've worked with two different CATastrophe teams. Neither of them had the Alien Moss thing.
>wont meet any actual Earless
surely it is possible for Earless interaction and still have happylight setting
i.e. last human survivors on spacestation waving via a video recorder
If... and I mean IF there was a Earless encounter at my table, it would be a crash-landed escape pod from a exploratory ship. In my head canon if there are Humans around, they're strictly observing the Kemonomimi observing some sort of prime directive.

Yes, my Earless are as noble bright as the setting.
File: 1380405889587.jpg-(333 KB, 954x978, 1379190427392.jpg)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
It's possible, I'd say. If your GM does it, it's hardly going to end the world. In the setting though, earless are pretty much from a bygone era however, and are best kept extremely rare if not completely out of the picture.
File: 1380406033144.jpg-(55 KB, 307x377, 1306211687547.jpg)
55 KB
I prefer the "Koins," idea, or the Nuts n' Bolts over "ALIEN MOSS CRYSTALS!"

My only issue with using nuts n' bolts is that they're a necessity. They have an immediate and extremely important function. You could argue that this adds to their value, but at the end of they day you'll have people needing them more for their actual function than their socially assigned value.

So, I still vote for my idea: Koins.
Because, frankly, Alien Moss Crystals are a little too out-there.
I prefer to keep them wholly extinct.
I'd come closer to having there be stasis pods in the ruins, if any at all; which I probably wouldn't, unless I thought of something awesome to do with them.
Kav did. now that I think about it >>27471347 is right Fangs come from pollution that the Kav Moss eats. Either way I dislike it.

Kemos should make use of currency that they can make or scavenge in large numbers like Koins or Poker Chips or whatever.

I can see allowing a player to be a reprogrammed robot. (Though I'd lean more towards Persecomms than warbots.) and I can see lots of functional earless tech provided there's a high tech settlement like Vanguard Home or Diver's Bay (Though DB is more like a junkyard got turned into a settlement by Kemos who ar every good at repairing and repurposing tech) Pero Pero would have utilitarian tech, mostly just solar panels and engines and machine shops and stuff, and Silver Mountain would have a few solar panels and some appliances to make life easier. So tech should depend on your origins as much as anything else.

Crabs are decidely non sapient.

Kemos aren't monstrous, they're humans with minor additions and heavy genetic modification to make them tougher so they can survive a postapocalyptic world with relative ease, that said you could easily run it with lamias and harpies and stuff.

Most human skeletons would likely have rotted by the time Kemonomimi swing around, though I doubt any Kemo would be shocked by an underwater carcass since they'd probably butcher their own meat on a regular basis.
if earless did crash land
>are earless inferior
>different language?
>less intelligant
i know they would be terrible at surviving
but if earless ever did arrive
would it be an ironic case of aliens finding thier original planet and being useless there
File: 1380406537991.jpg-(66 KB, 160x243, Void3.jpg)
66 KB
Everyone in the thread should read this book.
Post human animal-esque people surviving on a flooded world.
agreed also if you want to understand a happy setting based around diving
watch the cartoon ZOOM the Dolphin

if i were to ever gm this i would have a tiny island of 3 crashlanded earless exactly like zoom
I want Mortal Kombat to leave
Ok what about...
ethier way itd be a great thing to have a currency referencing The GrimDark game in a HappyLight rpg
File: 1380407564878.png-(230 KB, 1024x1024, 1380083934282.png)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
I like Koins, and it's not like Mortal Kombat invented Xtreme Kool Letters.
File: 1380407701542.png-(319 KB, 833x1227, Crowbar expert.png)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
Akadmee is one of the most high tech settlements, due to it being a still somewhat functioning AI run college campus.
File: 1380407831662.jpg-(21 KB, 424x310, Dur butter.jpg)
21 KB
I like that one. Especially because it means you can make things worth 2K monés.
that makes some sense. And yeah, catgirls aren't my thing, if I was doing this it would be mermaids and monstergirls.
File: 1380407928144.jpg-(108 KB, 917x1387, 1380060827420.jpg)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>all those musclecats from that one drawthread
Oh man, it was like a stealth CATastrophe character art creation thread
Akadmee strikes me as the equivilent of a floating island where a bunch of smug wizards live though. It would be a place you visit for the sweet tech rather than you operate out of.

That said, yeah I forgot to mention Akadmee, even though it's the perfect place to go if your character loses a larm to a glowchomp so he can get a replacement.

Hmm, maybe we can give Glowchomps the ability to flash incandescently and blind their prey?

You fuckers are never gonna let me forget that horrible story are you?

Yes, I am scowling like Karl Urban over here.

The MGQ Route is a viable one.
File: 1380408547958.jpg-(497 KB, 1920x1200, mars king.jpg)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
No, the only acceptable currency is Brouzouf.
>You fuckers are never gonna let me forget that horrible story are you?
You mean Bioforce Ape?
File: 1380408891635.png-(52 KB, 1196x900, catastrophe.png)
52 KB
>all this talk about currencies
>in a world covered endless water
>people are forced to eke out a living on the patches of land that remain above the sea
>the people of this world rely on ancient technology

The only appropriate name for the currency is zenny.
I really like the monstergirl-everywhere type world, and I moreso love it when it's played straight and not sexsexsex.
I'm referring to the butter golem incident.

But the less said about it the better.

Hmm, weren't Zenny also crystalline batteries? It's a possibility.

Easy enough to do really, especially if TDCFP makes a Fate Skin for CATastrophe. No reason you couldn't throw monster people into the mix and keep the saturday morning cartoon vibe.
yeah, zenny was the common name for the refractors you got.
Either that or it was the payment FOR the refractors you got.
It was unclear.
Also, I look forward to this "Fate Skin".
File: 1380409615787.jpg-(75 KB, 1280x1024, 1246446832510.jpg)
75 KB
Here are the current Racial stats for my version.
Felin (felines) [fell-en]
+1 Dexterity, -1 Fortitude
Trait: Night Vision – Can see fine in the dark, so long as there is some light.
Drawback: Proud - -1 Wit

Canis (canines) [kay-nis]
+1 Fortitude, -1 Dexterity
Trait: Brave - +1 vs. Fear and Intimidation
Drawback: Blunt - -1 Deception and Wit

Leporai (rabbits) [lep-or-ie]
+1 Charisma, -1 Might
Trait: Charming - +1 Persuasion and Wit
Drawback: Fragile - -1 Endurance

Tunats (rodents) [tun-ats]
+1 Cunning, -1 Might
Trait: Nimble - +1 Acrobatics & Athletics
Drawback: Untrusted - -1 Persuasion

The Abilities are the core traits, and they are Charisma, Cunning, Dexterity, Fortitude, Might, and Luck.
The other things are Skills, which have Ranks, 0 to +4.
Wit is like Sense Motives, and Endurance is a derived attribute more like a damage threshold. HP working more like Savage World's wounds. You become Disoriented, Hurt, and then you Pass Out, moving down 1 step every time Damage/Trauma exceeds your Endurance (which is modified by armor). No bleed-out or noting because, even as a guy who wants this to be more actiony, that is WAY to dark for this. You just wake up 6-Fortitude hours later, or when someone heals you back to Hurt or higher.

There are 20 Tiers of adventurer, and 4 titles to go with them.
On every 5th Tier you'll get to improve an Attribute, and on all others you'll get to improve a skill by 1 Rank.

Which I'm doing a shit job of summing it up, but each thing fist on just one page, and the character's stats fit on the front page of the character sheet in like size 16 font. It's really simple. You just roll 2d6 for everything, and add your Attribute (and skill if you have it) to the roll. If you spend a Luck Point, you can roll an extra d6 on a Check or Attack, or add 1 to the Damage of an Attack (if it's successful).

and, on the Skills page, under Luck it just reads:
"There is no skill in being lucky,"
- Old Felinisian Proverb.
Thats one reason I like Wakfu so much. All sorts of funny lookin folk everywhere but nobody cares.


despie earless already know that
a. they created them
b. the destruction was not cause by them
I like Wakfu too, but I especially like it when you get into non-humanoid body shapes.

Since then you have accessability issues and logistics, and fuck if I don't love logistics.

Of course you can't climb the ladder, you have no legs.
File: 1380410228491.jpg-(2.4 MB, 2000x1116, 1379622559628.jpg)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
Sounds solid enough.

I take it a person could purchase "Lucky" as a trait or "Machine's Bane" allowing for shenanigans of various sorts along their adventure?
It was a joke.
Relying on allusion.
Overall looks simple and easy. Rolling is definitely simplier ad easier to understand than my monstrosity.

I still dislike the idea of racial stats, but mainly because in TAIL stats go from 1 to 5 and even one point of difference would make too much of a difference.
What's the maximum ability rating? Around 10? It shouldn't make THAT much of a difference, or there's risk to "race-locking" certain roles.

Trait/Drawback is a nice thing, i planned it too (more background-dependent though). Maybe expand on this, several traits/drawbacks you can choose from?
even for such a lighthappy setting
it seems likely that a character would die in this
if that were (god forbid) the case
should it obvious be a completely painless almost heavenly death
So I have a question, are the races (catgirl, doggirl, etc) different species, or are they just certain traits that genetically come in one stye or another?

I'm not trying ton go full 'magical realm' here, but as a biologist who's somewhat autistic about his chosen field I was hoping for an explanation as to why they wouldn't all blend into one.

I'd honestly settle for 'a wizard did it' if it were context appropriate.

I understand if nobody's really put too much thought into it over the whole 'happy adventure' theme, it's something that's been bugging me for a while (haven't caught one of these live before).
I knew there was a crystals thing, but not some alien moss BS, that and that got sort of glossed into Fangs is whatever a DM wants.

*scratches head*

Whatevs, I handle things a little different.

Anyways, I have a question, think I should start a forum where the PAWS, TAILS, FATE and perhaps even MAID teams can collab, and perhaps provide a PbP habitat?

It seems the IRC really is a dead zone.
you kiddin'? I don't even know how they reproduce.
File: 1380410598407.jpg-(1.79 MB, 2800x1600, 1325998361950.jpg)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG
I swear, that girl gets slapped in front of everything. Ive seen her looking out of that window underwater, in outerspace, and now in front of one of my favorite megacityscapes.
Not necessarily. We're not (hopefully) going full candyland.
Death in campaign, though, should be handled with care.

Well given that there ARE males running aroud, we can safely assume it's the normal method.
I don't see how lighthappy is at all mutually exclusive with death.
Especially since there are reaverbots in the ruins guarding the refractors.
Though, it really should be something that happens to someone else in most cases- the poor blokes who went before you, the pirates, etc. Death happening to PCs requires a special touch in any game.
Oh. I didn't know that.
I think I have the "elf problem" with these cat... things. How do you know when one's a dude?
Well shit, Autosage has started.
Well my offering is in the thread, my contact info is in the PDF.

Next time... we eat discoslugs.
File: 1380410880146.png-(235 KB, 600x600, legend_miqo_by_kotarointh(...).png)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
Like this.
Brace Yourselves...
Neonhoggr is coming...
its a case of the men are effectively whores since there are very few men in areas
Eh, I always fluffed it as Nekos, Inus, and Rabbits each being a seperate species, human in general but with enough genetic difference that they could not produce viable offspring.

Now a Fox type Inu and a Labrodor type Inu could have viable offspring together and the same could be said of a Lion type Neko and a Siamese Neko but Nekos and Inus and Usagi can't interbreed.

That's just my 2 cents anyway.

Personally I just made it a trait like eye color or something. Cat+Dog would have either a Cat or a Dog, not some fucked-up hybrid.
Please stop.
Further suggestions:
Felin: Reduced falling damage &Increased Jumping height
Canis: Scent tracking
Leporai: Increased running speed
Tunats: Better at hiding and stealth

Or just treat them as being one rank higher when doing one of the above.
Well the FAQ got updated. Sort of required after the latest shitstorms...
well its ethier that or some BS a wizard/scientist did this
if the races utilized ivf technology then fine but considering the lack of males its clearly going to be the option of male characters are whores
Can I be a CatBOY or some other type of male Kemomi? Is it female only?

YES, you can be a male. Only in early threads was it female only. The rumors about the gender ratio skewing way towards females is also generally not true, unless you GM says otherwise.
or just file this one under "If you really must add darkness to your beach party" and save it all for an appendix. Some of it may be a bit deviant for publication, but how likely is that?
Then make your own splat for whatever system makes you hard.
added it.also lurking on rizon IRC in #CATastrophe if anyone else wants to talk about wiki entry stuff.
growing food on the sea can be a thing. In the game I am running the group's medic has a bunch of pots she has in the cabin near the windows that have medicinal herbs growing in them. Yes, some of these might be catnip.

I have seen bears in pretty much every thread. Rabbits too. Mice are relatively new though, and I have a player who is playing an otter, because otters are A.) Mammalian B.) good at swimming and such, which makes sense in this setting. Otters at least make a shitload more sense than rabbits and mice and bears.
As it is, there are no talents/feats/what-have-you. It's a mechanic I'm usually a fan of, but at this time I'm more finalizing the core stuff before I move on to embellishments (see next response).

Attributes go from -2 to +5, a 7 point range. Characters should rarely have anything worse than a -1, if that. The racial tweaks can easily be over ridden around the time they reach a Tier 5 adventurer, and I've made sure they can cover a range of roles; thought hey should have clear strengths and weaknesses to play to.

The only other element to characters I'm thinking about adding is Backgrounds. What you were doing, mostly, before the campaign stated. Each providing a bonus rank to 2 Skills, and a restriction two others (that you can't begin with ranks in them).

Well you can make Acrobatics checks to catch yourself if you're falling (and Felin have a bonus to DEX), and smell is one of the 3 stated senses, and you could chose it as your primary for whoever (primary senses are the favored sense, and get a free +2; because most people aren't blind/deaf/whatever like some systems have them start off as). Also, Tunats, being small, just logically have more hiding options; not statistically, but when you say "I hide in the ____________," you'll likely have a wider range of feasible locations.

Leporai having an increased running speed wouldn't make a ton of sense, given that they're physiology are generally human, and they're the 2nd smallest species.

Just stop responding to them and report their posts. Christ, people, its not that hard to ignore trolls.
Works for me.
added it.also lurking on rizon IRC in #CATastrophe if anyone else wants to talk about wiki entry stuff.
growing food on the sea can be a thing. In the game I am running the group's medic has a bunch of pots she has in the cabin near the windows that have medicinal herbs growing in them. Yes, some of these might be catnip.

I have seen bears in pretty much every thread. Rabbits too. Mice are relatively new though, and I have a player who is playing an otter, because otters are A.) Mammalian B.) good at swimming and such, which makes sense in this setting. Otters at least make a shitload more sense than rabbits and mice and bears.
>Rabbits too.
>Cats, dogs, and bunnies are the Big Three.

As for bears, when they were first brought up most people rejected them and then they were snuck in under the radar anyways with all that other grimderp shit when that one group ran off to IRC with it.
question: How are bears grimderp.
File: 1380415239495.gif-(1.1 MB, 320x240, 1371934936150.gif)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
Hmm, fascinating.

I do look forward to seeing where your system goes, seems wonderfuly simple and open to both narativisitic gameplay and more strategic stuff.

Primary issue would be keepin Salt away from the plants, salt is poison to most plants.

Still, get some plastic, or glass, and some caulk or a similar sealant. Make a shed of sorts and put in a roof with the glass/plastic to let in the sun and you should be fine on most decently sized vessels.

Oh and what do people think of nanotech vendors? Basically they have a blueprint, you give them items that contain the required materials and they make stuff for you. They could be a source of plastic, and rubber and other stuff that usually requires heavy industry
I realize that getting this project away from the overly grimdark majority is the goal, but without darkness, something else must provide the reasons for conflict.

Even if the conflict is simple competition for shiny, foodles, or a mate (all good options) you still need to write it that way. Utopias are boring.

Suggestion, as derived from waay up topic. Write CATastrophe as a simple world of simple motives: curiosity, food, cuddles, and bragging rights. Then write CATaclysm as the dark underbelly construction guide. Treat it even more like a GURPS genre book: here are the elements and tropes for a GM to mix, match, or ignore.

It takes Nazis to turn Tailspin into Tales of the Brass Monkey or Rescue Rangers into Indiana Jones, but all are awesome and can keep a game going.
The bears themselves weren't, but they all came from giant, grungy megacities and practiced ritual sacrifice or some shit. Either way, it was something that was voted against and then people went and included it anyways. And now they're still dragging each and every thread through the mud over it.
File: 1380415564078.jpg-(36 KB, 499x283, 1379824091891.jpg)
36 KB
was there another IRC group? the one I was in was pretty anti-grimderp, but the autism was high when trying to figure out why the waters rose, and how high and such, and basically trying to explain a waterworld setting with the continents being like they are.

It was pretty silly. I think waters rising 1000m is more likely than humanity leveling most of the mountains.

As far as games go I am running a simple d6 game using the CATastrophe setting, To simplify things since its kinda a pick up game with a rotating cast, I have just told people their race is their quality, with predefined stats and weaknesses. It seems to be working alright thus far, but we have barely started.

Lapine (Bunny) Bonuses: Agility, Swim, Flee, Leg Strength Weaknesses: Bravery, Spot

Ursine (Bear) Bonuses: Strength, Intimidate, Bravery, Toughness Weaknesses: Agility, Spot

Otter Bonuses: 2x swim, Agility, Flee Weaknesses: Strength, Bravery

Vulpine {Fox} Bonuses: Agility, Flee, Spot, Stealth Weaknesses: Bravery, Strength

Feline (Cat) Bonuses: Agility, Spot, Safe Fall, Stealth Weaknesses: Attention Span, Strength

Canine (Dog) Bonuses: Strength, Spot, Swim, Bravery Weaknesses: Agility, Flee
File: 1380415686253.jpg-(79 KB, 640x360, floating_megacityfleet.jpg)
79 KB
uhhhh what

A grungy megacity would be cool, but where the hell do they get sacrifice from?
I have been hearing it tossed around that the ice comet that brought alien lifeforms got rid of a lot of the salt in the water. Which would have also fucked up a lot of plantlife, since a lot of it is used to living in a saline environment.

I am still on the fence as far as using Fangs as currency though. Anything that is a growing thing used as currency is kinda iffy. Gold and silver and metals would be scarce, since mining underwater would be probably the hardest thing ever, so most things would be made from recycled materials brought up.

Possibly have scrap iron be a base currency. Metals would be precious in a world where you could only salvage materials. I doubt the industrial capacity to do underwater mining would be a thing....

What do you guys think?
>what should the currency be
POWER SOURCES. For a standard of wealth.
For actual currency, chits distributed by power source owners, made of a relatively common and non-valuable substance. I'd say glass, but it breaks really easy.
glass would be fairly easy to make. I am sure kemomi would make their own, if not very good, they would have glass.

Iron, Aluminum Gold etc are very scarce resources in a waterworld like thing. Hell in waterworld the protagonist made money collecting DIRT

Dirt from the bottom of the ocean, because they had a ridiculously high water level in that movie.
File: 1380416337395.jpg-(218 KB, 1600x1131, airship_by_djt1992uk-d386gpk.jpg)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Logical, reasonable, functional, non-Lol-So-Steampunk ariships.


I'm a big fan of this kind of stuff, but they've got a bad rep from modern Steampunk-ists. They'd be rare, and incapable of holding much extra weight. Almost exclusively for travel and exploration, rather than dives/recoveries/etc. For people who want to go from here to there without having to brave the treacherous seas.
This would be a bit more difficult to do, but some kind of barter system would be really neat. Make some kind of Shiny Salvage roll table of different of what the Dive Team finds, with one of the attributes to roll for being the quality of said item. Give quality, say, three values - low, medium, and high, and have them be worth things in relation to each other. A medium quality shiny is worth three lows, a high is worth five lows but only one medium and one low. Have different traders might be willing to trade more for different stuff, like if you find a music box and someone is preparing for a huge party, they will trade you more for it than the traveling merchant whose main customer is Divers. Make bartering a game unto itself, you know? Instead of focusing on who and what will be fought, we should be focusing on making the social aspect just as fun and engaging as the dives.
File: 1380416427850.jpg-(137 KB, 730x600, 1379800197035.jpg)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Meh. Taking away the Salt Water is almost as bad as killing off the Algae, time and water level and genengineered life forms are a good excuse for a lot of the stuff we could encounter.

As for the Economy, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Tech varies from settlement to settlement. Akadmee can make Cyborgs, Diver's Bay has probably forgotten more about engineering than some settlements will learn and retrieving iron from the ocean floor is irrelevant if we just throw in ultratech as a solution to problems that shouldn't really come up unless your party is REALLY detail oriented.

Just use rare Nanotech machines that recycle or modify materials given to them. So not every kemonomimi could have a nanotech vendor in their village but the tech heavy ones would have a few dedicated to making rubber, plastic, glass, metal etc. You could go fully MML and include large cystals as batteries or data storage devices meant to upgrade the vendors in question so they can produce new items or materials.

wouldn't even impact low tech settlements since only thebig boys are supposed to have that sort of thing.
Electric power OR manpower as a standard of wealth? Now that I can appreciate. It's literally energy as money -- and the fiat money (the shit you actually trade with) can be called in for actual work in small amounts, kind of like how you used to be theoretically able to trade paper money for gold specie.
> Iron
> rare in a water world
You know you can scrape Iron of the bottoms of certain lakes, right? That + Scrap metal.
Scrap metal, really, would be their main source of metals. They'd have metal, is what I'm trying to say.

Also, the water levels in CAT are quite high as well.
nay, I saw some calculations, they're fucking impossible to do.

You need a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE air sac to carry anything of value.
I don't see any problem at all with having mini-airships like this, as long as you have an explanation for where they got the gas in the balloon.

Captcha: sPlossem For
We might as well say all airships are constructed in settlements with decently high technology.

Put the hydrogen in little gas cells of a nonflammable material, throw in some nitrogen or a similar inert gas and you have enough safety measures to make most major dangers irrelevant.

Obviously these are luxury or exploration vessels, not combat vessels.

But yeah, airships can be a thing, provided they're fairly rare and something a party would work for, not posess right off the bat.
File: 1380416896815.jpg-(8 KB, 305x165, images.jpg)
8 KB
> I saw some calculations
> they're fucking impossible
> Hot air baloons aren't really simple
Sure mate.

I'm not talking about this kinda thing (see image), I'm talking about a large hot-air balloon that has room for a few people to sleep and walk about. The propulsion fans would probably be powered by the passengers pedaling.
Yeah. Nobody starts off with an airship or a big-ass yacht or any of that. That's the kind of stuff the GM gives to NPCs with more experience than the party themselves have.
Walk about, possible. Room to sleep, much bigger balloon. Propulsion? Way bigger.

Fucking gasses just don't lift enough for any practical moving of goods. Scouting is a possibility.

I hate physics.
Is there like a good write up on Akadmee and Diver's Bay? It would be cool to have a list of settlements.

I am working on a island known as the Flotilla, which is basically a small island with a bunch of beached ships around it. There is a breakwater formed by a large oil tanker and a cruise ship so there is a harbor for smaller ships. Probably gonna share it when I get the map a bit nicer.
File: 1380417492549.jpg-(15 KB, 274x297, 1269136783131.jpg)
15 KB
> technology levels
Speaking of which, what are we thinking; in general? How do most of the staiding systems/setting variations run it? Not astetically, but actual "what can they build on their own,'' wise?
I'm thinking:
> most Islands
Mad Max, -guns and engines.

> larger, expanded Islands
Late medieval + manual/hydro powered mills, pumps, engines, etc, along with tools and devices they bring up from the Ruins.

> the mega-Islands. The proverbial "mailands"
1901, and not a year later.
A: Fuck Physics, saturday morning cartoon show remember?

B: You can make the baloon out of Solar Cloth, which can be covered with either a special paint or hexagonical solar cells, small ones. It would absorb sunlight and that can be used to power a propulsion system.
B: As long as the PCs work for it they can have just about anything. You could even start them out on a small Airship, give it rougly the room of two Vans stacked on top of one another, pedal powered propellors and hydrogen gas bag...

I'd lean towards a traditional starting ship, either solar powered engines or sails. Either that or start them off in Bunnido or Murreka for overland adventures.
File: 1380417586444.jpg-(10 KB, 240x200, 1260851361437.jpg)
10 KB
"They'd be rare, and incapable of holding much extra weight. Almost exclusively for travel and exploration, [...]"
Slow down there cowboy.
While it deffinatly doesn't need to 1:1 into real world physics, as it very much is a for-fun setting, it's generally a good idea for things to make some fundamental sense in any even remotely earth-based setting that doesn't include magic. .
> solar power paint
Whoa now. . .
AKadmee is run by an AI, for whatever reason it's a school campus sealed inside of a series of large buildings. It has two dormitories (one male, one female) a set of recreational facilities, a library, some lecture halls, a medical facility, a couple research labs, and some classrooms. It's patrolled by some security robots which are run by the AI and it has a series of classrooms in which a number of subjects are taught by less AI. In general it has a techlevel on par with the pre flood age, though it's tech is restricted to civilian products, no military stuff.

The Kemonomimi who live there are kinda snooty in comparison to their outsider cousins and live in a society rulled over by a Fakultee which is appointed by "The Dean" a person appointed by the AI that runs the place. In general it sort of reflects an academic atmosphere and all told is a pretty nice place to live.

Diver's Bay is MUCH more chaotic. There are 9 clans which are a part of 3 families. A "Shiny" family which handles tech, a Diving family which handles adventuring stuff and a "Party" family which handles bureacracy and business needed to ensure everyone can party freely. The 9 Clans are made up of Inus, Nekos, and Usagi in roughly equal numbers and they run the place in a sort of egalitarian chaos. They keep the Electricity, Koins/Fangs, and Food flowing and in return collect taxes from merchants and rent from citizens who live in the city. This capital is in turn used to maintain the city.

The City itself is mobile it's made up of a bloated hub that used to be 4 oilrigs, now its a massive island complex of solar panel's docking facilities (submarines, airships, and ships) and a market. The Hub usually has ships tethered to it or docked to it along with small islands made from whatever the people who live on them could salvage and the fleet grows and shrinks as new diving sites are found.

They've actually made a kind of paint that can gather energy from the sun, don't know how much.

But I was thinking of including ultra tech devices that are expensive enough to make airships that can do all the wacky stuff they do in fantasy novels so you could have ones that run on technobabble and ones that run on reasonable real world physics.

So we don't go FULL magic up in here but we don't restrict ourselves just because airships aren't a realworld thing.
NOTE: The Fakultee are the ones who make the decisions concerning the "Student Body" and relay those decisions to "The Dean" who enforces them via the security robots. Trouble makers are usually imprisoned in an unused classroom or exiled if they raise too much hell.

As for Diver's Bay, it wanders the ocean in search of Shiny and good diving spots. The Locals specialize less in technological excellence and more in making do with whatever they can find, as such they excell at repurposing and repairing any technology they find for everyday use.
We can probably assume that all this technology -- solar paint, AI, etc. -- got perfected between now and the actual Catastrophe.
File: 1380419519284.jpg-(15 KB, 417x287, lockheed-martin-p-791-2[1].jpg)
15 KB
here's the thing:
Airships are very much a real-world thing. We can have airships, in setting, under real-world physics, without giving the Kemomi access to something as advanced as solar-paint.

Further more, by restricting the ariships to light-travel and exploration, actual aquatic sailing ships can be the mainstay for hardy adventurers and fortune hunters; which is kinda the focus of the setting: pirates and privateers.
This way, everyone's happy.

Further more, modern solar paint is only like 4% as efficient as a normal solar panel.
In the future you'd maybe have 1/2 as efficient, but you'd need a lot of power to drive a dirigible with a full-sized ship strapped to the bottom.
I like the way you think. Zenny is totally an option. Make them basically crystalline "bottle caps" (irreproducible technological relics of the past, but avoiding the question of "wait, wouldn't they rust?") and you're good to go.

See the pic in the OP?
See the Kemo behind the counter?

Every time we've tried to explicitly lay out what happened in the apocalypse, someone's suspension of disbelief has shattered to pieces. It's probably best if we let it be out-of-universe undecided, and by default, in-universe forgotten.

(In my head it's mostly runaway global warming, followed up with just a touch of plague created by genetic-engineering-as-bullshit-magic. This last is already canonically known to have existed; cf. the Kemomimi themselves.)
>Without giving Kemonomimi access to something as advanced as Solar Paint
Why wouldn't I want to give high tier adventuring groups solar paint?

What's the point of propelling mankind into the golden so they can crash and burn if we don't let Kemonomimi play with the good stuff?

as far as I'm concerned >>27473810 has a decent write up on tech as long as we DON'T take salvaged ultra tech into account.

Half this game should be about finding junked tech and repurposing it. Like using the power source of a wrecked plasma rifle to run your ship, or making a busted hologram emitter into a dazzler pistol to fend off attackers.

Do not fear techonology! For it is your friend and should be trusted.
File: 1380420263555.jpg-(57 KB, 500x341, 1349347742863.jpg)
57 KB
First of all, I am
I was taking super-tech into account when I made those estimates. Kemos wouldn't know the first thing about modern tech. Every iteration I've seen insinuates that they can't read our languages / only the most advanced scholars have started figuring it out. There are two big factors for "why to not give Kemos super-tech."
1. It's a post-apocalyptic setting.
Just about anything from a 'golden age,' of tech takes any anything resembling an apocalypse, or the world after one, away and replaces it with, "Everything is A OKAY!" Especially if the Kemos are 1/2 as pacifistic as most people write them.

2. Upkeep.
Nobody's been taking care of this stuff, and it's been submerged under water for 300+ years; minimum.
Plus, how would they be able to tell it was different from normal paint, even if they did find some?
They can't read English/ any other modern language.

In relevance to ariships, as I said, super-tech is not necessary to make one work.
>the mega-Islands. The proverbial "mailands"
>1901, and not a year later.
>Nano-fabber merchants
File: 1380420796299.jpg-(105 KB, 388x275, 1245974687878.jpg)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
> there's a canon

My writefaggotry above suggests my own personal headcanon: The language spoken by the Kemomi is a descendant of whatever lingua franca was spoken by Humanity at the time of the disaster -- I'm presuming, for the moment, that it was English, but it can be something else if you like. There's enough passage of time since the cataclysm for Modern International English to seem weird and archaic to speakers of Kemomi English, but not enough time that the two have become mutually unintelligible.

It's like us trying to read Shakespeare or even Chaucer, as opposed to -- say -- Beowulf. Shakespeare's archaic as all hell, but the language is still recognizably ours; Chaucer's Middle English can still make sense to a modern-day reader if he squints at it and reasons it out; but the Old English in which Beowulf was written is so ancient that we need to study it as a separate language. I imagine whatever difficulties the Kemomi have with our language are similar to ours in trying to read Chaucer.

Maybe what we need is a Literacy (Old Earless) feat.
Those are "normal" settlements.

Diver's Bay implies some elements of heavily salvaged and repurposed bits of lost tech. Furthermore it's heavily implied that at least half of their numbers are post founding immigrants who can bring in all sorts of artifacts and other such things.

Akadmee is a place where the normal rules DO NOT apply and civilian technology from the Golden Age is fairly commonplace, further more its been established that Akadmee Kemos all speak english or whatever the local language is.

Presumably other areas with fully intact Earless tech are present and the setting would be no fun if we kept real world rules in place so some physical laws are sort of suspended. Like Cities are flood proofed so the buildings stay standing so Kemos can dive through the ruins.

Thirdly, high tech weapons like stun pistols are rifles are meant to be common and Kemonomimi are meant to be pcifistic only in that they do not perform large scale warfare or kill one another as a rule, brawls, drunken or otherwise, and pirates who steal stuff are common and a source of conflict.

If you want to restrict the presence of high tech stuff fine, but 9101 and not a year later is not in the spirit of CATastrophe.

Tech should be all over the place. Microwave ovens should be powered by wind turbines or solar panels and there should be printing presses that produce broadsheets in one village.

The next one over uses ovens powered by distilled alcohol and uses fishing boats internal combustion engines.

Tech really shouldn't be homgenous, no I don't care about upkeep. Realism isn't something we should burden ourselves with overly much when Neonhoggr, the immense city devour Discoslug is a known quantity.

Oh, and we have ships of manly Kemonomimi who travel across the ocean and hunt monsters with giant harpoon guns, that's a thing too.
Having it only have been ~200 years and giving the Kemomi the ability to read what the earless wrote leaves a ton of plot holes open. There's no way they wouldn't have figured out what happened, who the earless really were, where they came from, if there are any earless left, and they'd know how to use every last bit of earless tech that had anything resembling a manual.

1/2 of the Kemomi's ignorance to the old world is dependent on their inability to read anything they find, and most people today with an IQ worth giving a fuck about can figure out what Shakespeare was saying.
it seems like pretty much everyone else wants a much higher level of tech than I do what with airships and akadmee and 3d printing and nano refineries and such.

I am running a pretty lowtech game. Akadmee will be a thing, but thats like a legendary place people speak of, and its far away. My player's ship is primarily sail powered, and it does have gas powered engines, but they are rarely used. It also has a small solar array for charging various things, mostly diving gear and porta batteries and such.

I am thinking there will be lighter than air blimp things that travel between a few islands that are near each other. They will be an expensive form of transportation for the richer. Also the Flyboats will completely stop running if there is a storm. Perhaps a crashed flyboat will need to be rescued by the players.

I have Earless Tech as a skill, and the players will basically have to figure out what the hell most pieces of earless tech are when they find them. They get more hints the better they roll, but they might very well shoot themselves with a weapon or something.
Eh, just put everything on faulty memory drives. Saltwater erodes their wrappings, revealing the crystalline material they're made of making them only useful as batteries.

The Data Crystals now serve as a sort of currency with only a handful of peaple aware that a coating of latex or a similar substance can make them usable as flash drives.

Meanwhile books, movies, and similar stuff can survive in Rare Caches and rare settlements like Akadmee.

>I don't want that level of tech in my game
Then Exclude Akadmee. otherwise allow Kemonomimi grasp to a haphazard selection of books, manuals, and junk with no readily apparent use, it's their job to make stuff work.

For instance you could easily set up a device like this:

1: Power Source
2: Chassis
3: Effect

Assign items effects like "Water Purification" or "E-book Reader" and you can install them in chassis like "Lunchbox" or "Xbox Casing" and then power them with stuff like "crank charger" or "solar panel"

It's not difficult to do schizo tech.
Hey Null, if you wanna run Low Tech that's your right as GM, presumably it's what your players want as well.

May I suggest throw that you occasionally throw them some benign ultra tech in water tight caches like a water purification filter that uses nano tech to purify water? It'd just be a square with a filament screen that keeps everything that isn't H2O from passing through. You could clean it by giving it a good smack.
Actually if the first Kemos came out of a lab, wouldn't they have been educated to the standards of the region they came from? However will it passed down though, well, the results show themselves based on the settlement.

"Kemos are like stars in the heavens, there are bright ones and those that are dim."
And with that we need an archiving. Page 10.
This thread could have went longer, but shitstorms.

After the 5th we should move to monthly threads instead of weekly.
Presumably yes, Kemos would be educated by who ever made them, or robots assigned to do that.

And we're already archived, did that a couple hours ago.

this thread sadly didn't last as long.

Chaucer was SEVEN hundred years ago, which is close to my estimate of time between the cataclysm and the "present day" of the setting. The "inability to read anything" is not a mere function of language change, but of the fact that literacy is no longer universal, since it's not vitally necessary to the simplified life of the Endless Blue. No doubt there are some who've made a LITTLE study of the Earless' language, but still struggle to read it; the majority can't read at all.
The issue isn't whether or not their language is derivative of ours. The issue is that if they can read our language, there's no reason they wouldn't have shifted right back to mega-tech levels after a few generations.

My concept of the now wasn't SUPER MEGA FUTURE TECH! More so, tomorrow tech. Things we could have in the near-future. That the possibility for SCIENCE! was there, but then the apocalypse happened before it went anywhere; the development of the Kemomi being our only real development.
File: 1380423041467.png-(62 KB, 1076x840, Bananatown.png)
62 KB
I am planning them finding occasional gems. They might not know how to USE them though, and even if they do, they might need to convince Kemomi traders to pay decently for them if they don't keep em themselves.

Nothing has set values, everything is barter, and the players might get ripped off horribly if they aren't careful.

Also here is an early draft of my player's starting town. Need a name though. Its basically a smallish island with a couple large ships beached on it. The place grows bananas, coconuts and mangoes. I am probably adding a second island as well.
File: 1380423100970.jpg-(170 KB, 626x785, 1366542128841.jpg)
170 KB
170 KB JPG

its about a low tech light hearted setting where i play. We dive for shinies and parts for machines.

Its all about the children's cartoons style setting.
File: 1380423107181.jpg-(51 KB, 814x500, 1259385715642.jpg)
51 KB
Great. Fantastic. Now I have to go into the difference between realism, and being realistic.
Every god damned time.

Okay: on the most basic level, there is a fundamental difference between facilitating hardcore realism, and being realistic. If you are writing something to exist only in the realm of pure realism, then it is required to fit the bill for whatever time/place it is set, relative to things that do/did exist in reality. However, contrary to popular belief, you can write fantastic stories (not in the context of quality, but content) and still have most everything in it be realistic. Because: REALISTIC does not necessarily equal REALISM. So long as it makes sense, on some level, it is realistic. You can have cat people harpooning sea-monsters, and keep it realistic. You can have airships, and keep it realistic. You can have wind-powered turbines are well within the bounds of 1901 technology, within the context that there are earless ruins to be salvaged. Hell, there's no reason for any of them to use anything BUT wind/hydro/thermal power.
Fuck, Neonhoggr is fine, so long as he's slow and lumbering; working like a shark or octopus that either jumps up and goes back down; or sticks to the sides of structures, with his main threat being toppling said structures/boat

Also, you clearly don't know what the fuck you're talking about on 1/2 of that 'logical' stuff, and in addition you working under the false assumption that there is a standing, universal, agreed upon canon. Akadmee, or any other city, does not officially exist outside of the writefagotry of an anon.

Further more, i'm willing to let there be solar panels, and what have you, within the levels of higher-tech mega cities. That adds up to me. That works. Hell, stun-pistols, in the context of high-tech tazer guns, I'm even willing to buy that. My rules have pressure powered Rifles and combustion powered Hand Cannons, and normal Cannons, and Ballistas, and metal ships, and Stun Batons.
Different direction, but more where I was headed than the other guy.
You clearly understand my point.
File: 1380423409545.jpg-(286 KB, 500x500, 1366542259770.jpg)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Alot of the setting in my eyes is heavilly inspired by Pacific Island style building. lots of buildings on stilts raised out of the water. most things made of wood.

The market that sits half a meter or so above sea level. in the middle of nowhere these days. The worn boardwalks from hundreds of Kemonomimi who pass through the mess of buildings and disorganized addons every day.

Though the core of the market anchors to some old ruins long since picked clean many new addons are just floating anchors, the whole area would probably float.

When the sun shines and the boards warm in the summers the traders, divers and explorers pass through. the sounds of barefeet and exchanging shinies fills the air.
"Is it realistic?" is a poisonous question for these guys to be asking... What we should be asking is "Does it violate the suspension of disbelief?" Everything doesn't have to be dead-on hard-SF realistic, it just has to be credible within the setting -- and some of this shit is and some of it isn't.
File: 1380423508948.jpg-(104 KB, 500x500, 1367313929812.jpg)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
A picture, just for you.
File: 1380423548836.jpg-(34 KB, 640x480, 1247232325541.jpg)
34 KB
It's like you read my post without reading my post.
File: 1380423644208.jpg-(46 KB, 977x556, 1246324792064.jpg)
46 KB
Yeah, real productive.
File: 1380423651978.jpg-(74 KB, 680x700, 1346858414297.jpg)
74 KB
for a setting designed to be light-hearted i just waive a few things, mostly ignoring the "how" of the past and why humanity disappeared despite im sure we'd be fine even if the seas did raise as much as people are thinking.

Which is why i like the setting, lack of grognards trying to proove things with pseudo-science and grimderp.
All I see is a long rant that I honestly can't beed to do more with than skim. You wasted your time, mainly because I'm not interested in realism or realistic things.

Logic has never been the main point of this setting, niether has been realism. It's about unusual things like sunken cities and diving for treasure.

No I don't care terribly much about upkeep or decay or "why Kemonomimi haven't gone back to ultratech in a few generations." You might as well take your logical objections to Thundercats(The 80s version) or a Capes book.

To some degree or another internal logic has to be maintained, and one of the agreed things is bits of ultratech here and there, and for the record Neonhoggr can go on land.

You wanna deviate fine, no one is going to stop you. But don't bring up realism, or waste your time expaining the difference between realistic or realism. I'm pretty sure few people care.

The simple fact is that few settings involving high adventure are logical, the best you can hope for is some internal consistency and enough handwaves to gloss over plot holes.

You're taking this too seriously, chill out. I'll have my strange Cartoony version and you can do whatever you're doing.
File: 1380423799209.jpg-(202 KB, 800x1014, 1366516048623.jpg)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
what was a 3/10 is now 1/10 you had a good post but now youre just trying too hard.

With the setting as my Dm runs it i think most knowledge would be passed on by word of mouth. writing would exist but it would be much more limited, if not entirely non-existant.
Good to know I'm aiming in the right direction. The problem isn't that the language is incomprehensible, it's that nine tenths of the population haven't the education to comprehend it -- fuck Chaucer and Shakespeare, most Kemomi can't even read their OWN language. You don't need to be able to read in order to steer a ship or haggle over a bit of shiny; you don't have to know what the squiggles on the compass card say, you just have to remember that the red arrow always points north.

This is the kind of verbal imagery we need more of.

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