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>Doing a homebrew steampunk setting roleplay over skype
>Party consists of a mob don who likes guns, an eccentric and slightly mentally unstable, coffee addicted technomancer, a no-fucks-given bounty hunter, and a cryomancer thief business owner.
>Following leads about a powerful mage responsible for destroying an entire city block
>Shenanigans ensue
>Sleuth our way through the woods, coming upon a small cabin in the woods.
>Technomancer creates two mobile gun platforms, one with an automatic rifle, the other with a double barrel shotgun
>The party leader, the gung-ho bounty hunter, orders the party around, positioning them into breaching positions
>He charges in, sawn off lever action shotgun drawn, into a bunch of cultists summoning a being made of pure energy
>No response from cultists
>Shit goes down
>Bounty hunter basically roundhouses a cultist in the back of the head, knocking him from the summoning circle
>Rest of party pops out of cover, unleashing crossfire onto the cultists.
>Bounty hunter, being lawful good, goes for legshots.
>Rest of party, not so much
>Heads get mulched, torsos emptied
>Blood everywhere. ohmyjesus.jpg
>Energy being starts spawning an orb of energy, intended for bounty hunter
>Bounty hunter draws 6-shooters, unloading both into the orb, destroying it
>Technomancer keeps us stocked on ammo
>Following the destruction of the orb, the creature tried to flee
>GM thought it would end here.
>the Technomancer, dualclassing as a pure mage, fires energy bolts at the being, blasting away chunks of its form
>fleeing continues
>Bounty hunter fires revolvers again, soon discovering that bullets harm it
>He throws two pipe bombs at it
>Party unloads rest of magazines, then GTFO's
>Bounty hunter stops a ways outside the door, at the edge of the porch, watching as we run
>Pipe bombs explode, blowing a wall out.
>debris blasts around the bounty hunter, putting some new holes in his already tattered duster. Glorious
>He turns and charges back in, picking up what was left of a cultist, and winging it at the creature
>Creature liquefies into a black blood substance and attempts to enter the body
>The bounty hunter, wide eyed, turns to my character, the cryomancer, and shouts "JOHAN, FREEZE HIM!"
>My character freezes the blood solid
>The bounty hunter and my character decide to turn this fucker into an icee, beating the ice block with rocks and debris
>Repeat until a fine powder is achieved.
>Bounty hunter rolls the powder into balls, takes it outside, and makes a fucking snowman.
>Grabs two sticks, shoves it into middle for arms
>Takes off his bullet hole riddled top hat and sticks it onto the head
>GMs face when we turned his boss creature into a blood snowman
Why on earth was the French Government employing you people?
This was a side quest involving a bounty issued by the French government
Can't get anything done themselves without pussying out
What, and fight something?
>elsewhere in the world
>Another PC, a half elf, consumed with grief about murdering another PC who was responsible for over 90 confirmed civilian kills, decides to grow crops on random farms as a form of penance during the above events
File: 1381649134113.jpg-(39 KB, 200x196, Concerned Falcon.jpg)
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The closest we came to something like that was when our undercrewed Rogue Trader vessel was boarded by Eldar raiders. I think it was a disengage and flee type situation, but we were having none of that shit.

We counter boarded, and following a series of ridiculously lucky rolls, seized the attacking ship.

GM's face when
Currently, the bounty hunter is STILL losing his shit when talking about it. It's been 2 hours or so
File: 1381649294231.jpg-(39 KB, 332x500, 1381647883323.jpg)
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>GM Here
What have you done to my world.
We have taken your carefully crafted masterpiece, and bent it over the table.
File: 1381649471063.jpg-(25 KB, 332x341, 1381647883323.jpg)
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>blood snowman
The half-Henderson'd it
Sometimes you just have to make an extradimensional horror into a snowman.
Possibly the greatest line I have ever heard.

New BBEG: A demon takes over the body of the bloodman and now terrorizes the group.
My character would just hard freeze him, and we'd repeat beating him with shit til it's slush. Probably box it and dump it into the ocean or shit like that.
File: 1381652960997.jpg-(92 KB, 500x632, 1380936391462.jpg)
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PC's get hired to investigate missing persons/ friendly npc's dissapearing, upon investigation they find trails of cold black blood that seems to have only recently thawed at the scene.

their new opponent is Frosticles the snowman

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