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It started with a message that spread across every electronic device on the planet. Glowing words that declared that humanity needed to prepare for a coming change. Three days later, the skies lit up with auroras of seemingly impossible colors. And echoing across the globe was a voice that no man could make. It declared that all those who had visited the website known as 4chan in the past three months were to be vacated from the planet as punishment for a crime that humanity had committed. The poor fools were given the option of carrying two hundred pounds of gear or, as an act of mercy, were allowed to take one person(and only one) and one hundred pounds of supplies for the both of them.

Those dogged survivors were given ten minutes as a wave roared across the world, swallowing them up in a curtain of light, never to be seen again...Only to seemingly in the next instant wake up upon another world.

Now exiled to a world so far from home that nothing remains the same, they are forced to scrape out a living upon a wild, untamed planet under an alien star.

Welcome to Planet 4chan.

(last thread - is edging out, writefaggin wil continue here)
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Last thread : >>28051559
Reposting links :

008's story

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348 KB PDF
This PDF contains the basic world info. There are cities; it's been two years now. Butterroot keep, Kog, Rivertown, and several cities exist.

This is the 'starting post' for the world:

It started with a message that spread across every electronic device on the planet. Glowing words that declared that humanity needed to prepare for a coming change. Three days later, the skies lit up with auroras of seemingly impossible colors. And echoing across the globe was a voice that no man could make. It declared that all those who had visited the website known as 4chan in the past three months were to be vacated from the planet as punishment for a crime that humanity had committed. The poor fools were given the option of carrying two hundred pounds of gear or, as an act of mercy, were allowed to take one person(and only one) and one hundred pounds of supplies for the both of them.

Those dogged survivors were given ten minutes as a wave roared across the world, swallowing them up in a curtain of light, never to be seen again...Only to seemingly in the next instant wake up upon another world.

Now exiled to a world so far from home that nothing remains the same, they are forced to scrape out a living upon a wild, untamed planet under an alien star.

Welcome to Planet 4chan.
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Posting Butterroot keep again
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Quick note: There's a fuckload of writing here. I'd suggest skimming the PDF and then diving in if the idea interests you.

Don't let all the backstory overwhelm you. Just have fun.
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The Mayor is right, I was worried when I first started but its actually pretty simple to jump in and write a piece.
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Planet 4chan thread? Nice



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And here's the other story from last thread
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There's a few more posts to butterroot keep. Would you mind capping those? Won't be full, I know, but it'll make sure it's up to date. Thanks.
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Here it is
Thanks. You're a bro.
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Haha, I just looked and found the original picture of the Rapedactyl.
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Last cap, let's wait for the thread to gain momentum
If you guys need to synchronize your posts for visiting the keep, you should probably meet up in the suptg irc chat and work it out there.

Also the picture that was usually posted with the Builders' description.


Hey man, it's been a while since I read your writefaggotry. Could you remind me how that permanight forest with symbiotes and "elves" worked?
File: 1383495010851.jpg-(82 KB, 1024x1024, 82374873246.jpg)
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Sure. I'm there, in case anyone wants me for something.
The nightmare forest. It was a few days to the west of Kog and Rivertown and went on for an unknown distance. Basically a nightmare of redwood tall trees with a terrible amount of differing molds, deadly fungus and horrific parasitic insects that lived there. Supposedly there was a lost builder city in the middle that may or may not be the source of the stuff. Totally inhospitable and always pitch black. There were inhabitants, the "elves" who were first wavers that got lost in the woods, survived and due to potentially brain damaging effects of fungus and mold thought that they would be reborn as magic wielding elves. Mostly harmless people that were most likely going to all be dead in a few years. They covered themselves in the bioluminescent stuff and did their own thing. The nightmare woods was basically what kept anyone from heading west to find where that radio signal was coming from the science guild was picking up on their CB radio for awhile.
Becca says we’ve probably got enough food and water to make the trip without stopping before we reach the lake, we’ll be running low when we get there but she says the risk is probably worth it compared to dawdling in Yowler territory.

Cant imagine what those things are like, these fucking monkey things are bad enough, one of them got into one fo the tents when we weren’t looking and tore the thing apart, before Stanley jumped the thing and stabbed it to death like a mad man.
Don’t blame the kid. It was his tent that got trashed.

Yeah, I don’t even want to know what a Yowler can do.

At least it meant we had fresh meat for one last proper meal before we ran through the valley on cold rations.

The meal was filling but not particularly satisfying, we were all to worried about the next part of our journey. And with the loss of a tent it meant we would either be hotbunking or sharing.

In the end I offered the kid to share, I had the largest tent (meant for three) and since the ambush he’d been less abrasive towards me so I figured this could be an olive branch.

With everything else done, I went to dump the monkey guts aways from the campsite before we bunked down for the night.

Nearly crapped myself when I found the frankenwolf waiting for me on the edge of the campsite.

It was just sitting there watching me quietly. I almost jumped out of my own skin when I saw it, the only thing stopping me from bolting was its low growl.

So instead I gently tossed a piece of intestine towards the thing witch it snatched out of the air.


I just spent a whole hour sitting against a tree feeding scraps of alien monkey to frankenwolf.

The devil says its my personal hellhound come to drag me to hell when I let my guard down. I asked him if I wasn’t already ‘in’ hell. Devil didn’t have an answer for that.

Why does that not make me feel any better?

Ah thanks man. I remembered that the fungus there was a symbiote that kept the crazy elves from starving. Also, I remember a creature living there that was the gorilla version of the builders.

Another thing, concerning the rangers. At what point did they merge from the two original divisions into the modern military force they're supposed to be by year three? And what about that autumn city located right before the mountain path to the /b/ wastelands?
Expedition leader's notes:

Going down a cliff isn't easy, even with the tools.

First, you have to pull the boats up on shore. This is a lot harder than the canoe.

Second, you have to completely unload the boat. We make camp for the night.

Then we spend two days making the frame for the pulley system. Cut trees, dig holes, haul out the stone pulleys. We set up the ropes, make sure they're covered in butterroot oil so they don't rot away the second we come back. Then we test it by lowering a rock. If it breaks, we have to climb down and do it all over again.

Lowering the boats is a time consuming, nerve racking process. If one falls and breaks, we're screwed.

Then we manually carry down the goods. The ropes are barely strong enough for the boats; loaded boats would snap them. Then we go back and do it again. And again. And again. Three big boats stuffed full of crap means a lot of climbing. Future mission: Bring ladders.

Then we load it all up, push them in the river, float for a few days and do it all again.

Everyone's in good spirits, though. I get to spend a little time with my wife, the dickwits pretend not to be jelly, it's all good. Plus we're gonna see people. Not the same faces, new faces. That's nice.

Nothing here is orange. Fuck yeah.

From what I wrote, year one, they went from hunters and explorers to rangers and scouts. By year two they were just one group since they were both doing the same thing anyways, but were always under the same command.

>And what about that autumn city located right before the mountain path to the /b/ wastelands?
What autumn city?
What is the command structure, precisely? You never do talk about that much.

From the information of Planet 4chan befor your writefaggotry. Supposedly, there was a fourth main city created after the first /b/ raid, right before the path they used to enter our nation. Aside from normal fortification most people lived in treehosues connected to eachother, and with the flora of the Lenore being mostly red it gave a permanent autumn feel.

Also, in year three, the rangers are centered in a Fortress over a plateau where they train their recruits, is this the same fortress that appears in your writefaggotry where the rangers fight a Rapedactyl?
That's a bit of a problem. See, what I started writing for Lenore, I wasn't part of the original team, I was a random writefag and while I ended up making up a some of their fluff, the ranger command structure was something of a conflict because I didn't know at the time that it had already been defined and had gone and went with my own thing.

In my writing, ranks were:

Official ranks are:
Trainee-Scout-Assistant Patrol Leader-Patrol Leader-Assistant Senior Patrol Leader-Senior Patrol Leader-Ranger General

Also, in year three, the rangers are centered in a Fortress over a plateau where they train their recruits, is this the same fortress that appears in your writefaggotry where the rangers fight a Rapedactyl?

Yeah, that's also near where the battle of the bridge was and the fort was used in the wargames.
I was speaking more on the general command structure of the communities. The rangers are good to know about though.

Ever see a mans torso, just the torso, no legs or arms, still had its head though, strung up by the neck hanging from a big goddamn tree?

Neither had I up till now, now im looking at whats left of some poor sod just hanging there with this bizarre look somewhere between horror and relief.

We decided to move on quickly from the grizzly scene, not bothering to cut the sap down.

That would be wasting valuable day time in a place none of us want to be. Especially since we can allready here the Yowlers some where in the distance.

Its making us all edgy, Stanley is more caustic than usual and Becca is acting twitchy with her bow never far from her hands.

Even big Drew isn't smiling any more, he just grasps the pitchfork in his hand and forges on.

We ended up camping out in a tree right tonight, we’ve strung the bags up in the branches and have used the tarp spread out on the branches we’re sleeping on to hide us from sight from below.

We don’t have much in the way of cover besides other braches or to keep the wind out, but we’ve huddled together for warmth under our blankets.

The sounds of the jungle are everywhere, we hear the sounds of the those horrible howling crys in the distance and every so often we hear something moving around below.

But what was the worst was when we heard the sound of large flapping wings pass not to far over us. We had seen those things in flying of in the distance before, making dive runs on something, they were huge and they looked as dangerous as they were ugly.

What sleep we did managed to catch that night was short and fitful, in the morning we didn’t feel all that rested but we were determined to push on.

We've only spent a day in this jungle and Im already sick of it.
The command structure of Kog was a group of representatives from each guild voted into position. Directly under them was Central Supply and then the Scout Rangers, then the guilds themselves which had their guild leader and support staff. Rivertown and Cadia, at least initially, were self governing (as long as they didn't fuck up too much) within the laws set up by Kog.

Something like Butterroot keep is far enough away that they probably wouldn't try and interfere, though they might send a scouting expedition to make sure that they aren't some secret chaos cult or unnecessarily suffering under sheer incompetence like Rivertown was originally.

The next couple of days were much the same, minus the body, but at least we didn’t have much trouble. We did spend some time running from ‘something’. We don’t know what it was but it was massive, bigger than an elephant but close to the ground, we eneded up stumbling out into a clearing in front of it and it took one look at us and charged.

Chased us for nigh on two hours through the jungle. By the time it gave up it was already night time, we were also exhausted from all the running and off our path as well.

Rather than try and kill ourselves by setting up camp in a tree in the pitch darkness, or try and press on without a direction, we set up camp under a rock outcropping and settled in for the night.

But what happened that night seems bizarre even by this worlds standards.
The frankenwolf returned, yes the same one, I recognize it by the nasty looking scar it sports across the front of its muzzle.

It approached slowly, head low and silent. I though it was going to attack but it stopped just at the edge of the campfires light.

It just sat there again, watching me, waiting for something.

The devils whispering in my ear again and I think Im about to do something really stupid.
Expedition leader's notes:

Yowlers. The Miserable southern jungle beasts. I don't think I've ever hated an animal more.

One of them attacked on the first night in this thicker jungle area. Someone got that 'hair on the back of your neck stands up' feeling and we were all on our feet in an instant. Shot it three times and put two spears in its side.

The next night another attacked. The night after that, another. Last night? Another fucking Yowler attack.

We were lucky the first time through. Something about our cargo or about the way we smell is drawing them like flies to honey this time. We're starting to use way more bullets than we can afford to. We're starting to sleep on the raft in shifts during the day, run guard through the night.

I'd collect the ichor but I haven't got anything to put it in. The pots are full of trade goods.

It isn't that we're boss hunters, it's that something about our smell drives them berserk. They're just coming right for us, no thought, no intelligence. Dumb fucking animals. I'm starting to feel a bit sick. Dunno with what. Not that dysentery crap again, I hope. None of the new hires have gotten it because we mix booze into all our water after we boil it, but there's still a lot that can kill you down here.

I really hope this doesn’t come back to bite me.

I got up from my watch spot and dug out some of the monkey meat we had managed to smoke over the fire in preparation for the journey to the lake.

It was the last of my ration for the trip but I didn’t care, I was on a mission from god.
Not really, but he was encouraging me though.

The devil was telling me it was going to eat my entrails and defecate in my mouth..

Im trying not to listen to him.

I shuffled forwards slowly, low to the ground and with the meat held outstretched in my hand.

It didn’t move till I was just on the edge of the light like itself. It moved forward slowly, sniffing at the meat, its eyes focused intently on me.

Then it suddenly lunged and sunk its teeth into my arm, screw biting the hand that feeds you, this thing had by arm in a bloody vice.
I resisted pulling and screaming, my arm had been in pain since the ambush this was barely anything new, good thing too since that would of likely made it worse.

It just held my arm like that, not tearing or biting any harder, just with my arm held in its jaw. Then it just let go and took the meat from my hand and bounded a couple of feet away. I just fell on my ass, cursing my idiocy as I watched it suck down the meat like it was breathing it. All I could think of is that I must taste like shit.

After that it looked back towardst me and padded slowy over.

Then it just sat down and started licking my bleeding arm as I sat staring like and idiot.

I hope this means its friendly, the only other explanation is that its developed a taste for human flesh.
Well, it did come back to bite you. Literally.
Now maybe it's your friend, or maybe it's waiting for the parasitic worms it injected into your arm to complete your transformation.
File: 1383501895396.png-(163 KB, 1547x1882, The lucky one 5.png)
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163 KB PNG
Quick update of the screencaps
I'd think the worst place possible to be when it comes for you is an office or call center. I mean, what's the best you can do? Sheafs of printer paper, an office chair and some staplers? You'll probably get chased by security if you flip out and start ripping wires out of computers and stacking phones in garbage bags but hey, you'll be the #1 supply of pens on the other side, assuming you can get into the supply closet.
It sure won't help you to have a billion pen and ton of paper, but it will greatly help your group, because you will always need to write something down.
Looks like my schedule is full, at least for the next few hours.

If anyone wants to write the meeting with the trade party, or wants to use Butterroot Keep otherwise, go ahead.
Gonna try, I'm currently also digging the footer for my house so I'm snatching glances between that and running around.
One of the problems with modern paper is that a lot of it is acidic and it will deteriorate no matter how well you take care of it.
I'm trying to get an updated pdf rolling gentlemen and anons, Its been a little tricky sadly. I intend to add in trees and the new plants as well as settlements.
If you know population numbers, feel free to include those. Butterroot Keep is a little over 200 people.
I'll do my best on it, Its been hard to keep up sadly I'm sorta sneaking looks at the thread between customers at work at this point lol
Turns out Frankenwolf is friendly, he spent the rest of the night sleeping next to the fire curled up next to me.

I did manage to crudely bandage my own arm but in the morning I had Drew clean and wrap my injured arm properly.
All while I tried and stopped Beccas and Stanley from trying to kill Fraky…..yes he has a name already, shut up.
I needed to name him anyways, Drew had this weird idea of calling him Fenris cause I let it bite my hand and the others wanted to call it dinner.

Eventually they accepted that he wasn’t going to go ripping anyones face right off while we slept. He hasn’t bonded with anyone else and he growls if they get too close if I’m not there to calm him down. only growled any of the others tried to touch him.

Likes beings petted and scratched around the neck though, has a weird reptile like purr that sounds incredibly strange coming from this thing.

He’s taken to walking along with me while we travel and has already shown he’s worth the scraps we are feeding him now. He notices other critters well ahead of any of us, with his help we avoided another two of those massive things from before and he’s managed to keep the camp of those annoying rat things that have been plaguing us since we entered the valley.

My arm and shoulder still hurt but Drew says they are healing well enough and I’m back to wearing my full pack again. I know I probably shouldn’t be already, but I feel useless when I can’t even carry, literally, my own weight.

‘Neck Cleaver’ helps by being an excellent walking stick.
I sat in River City well over two weeks so far, waiting. It's been about as boring as one could expect thankfully Central supply and the locals are happy to have me here it would seem a good medic is a rare thing sometimes. So, beyond sitting I've been checking up on the expecting mothers, all healthy far as we can tell. Did a little drinking even watched a game of football one day. Hard to think not long ago these poor bastards couldn't hardly keep from each other's throats let alone ours.

Turns out our chase has putten us significantly of our original path. Its not to bad, rather than aiming towards the lake we are heading towards what seems to be shoot river from the lake.

We decided that isn't to bad we figure,we will at water a day earlier than we planned and follow it to the lake.

What sucks is that the Yowlers have been really active lately, we’ve been hearing them howling and screaming like mad as they crash through the underbrush towards somewhere.

Becca thought she even heard gunfire in the distance as well.
My shoulder God seems to believe they are angels bringing justice to this heathen world with fire and steel. Shoulder devil just says they are probably just dicks with guns.

A few days later we did finally make it to the river bed sometime in this planets afternoon. We started filling up water bottles and canteens as soon as we got there and Drew has already started fishing in the shallows for dinner.

Next step is to follow the river northwest towards the lake as we replenish supplies an-what

Huh, somethings got Franky spooked.
(damnit, forgot to keep posting with my name)
Fuck, Drew got injured.


Something in the water ambushed Drew while he was fishing, he managed to drive it away with the pitchfork and I managed to help drag him to shore but his leg is seriously fucked up.

The ankle is twisted at the very least and the rest of the leg up to the knee was cut up by whatever was in the water.

Well we helped set his foot with a makeshift splint, luckily he doesn’t think its broken and even managed to clean his wound as best we could and wrap it in the last of our bandages and the remnants of some jeans.

He says he’ll be fine but I’m not sure, I’m no doctor but Im pretty sure that many open wounds in impure water can’t be a bad thin. Either way, the man can’t walk and like it or not we need to get moving.

We discussed our options, staunchly refusing to even consider leaving the guy behind like he tried suggesting, we ended up with two choices. Carry him on land and move at an even slower pace or we use the river.

Guess we going to have to build a boat.
Back. I'll write some more in a bit.
File: 1383520507080.jpg-(39 KB, 217x208, 1228686762762.jpg)
39 KB
Butterroot is an interesting little plant.

It's a tuber, like a potato, with a flowering bit on top. The flower itself is pretty boring, a little drab sickly orange thing. It looks like a root in the classic sense, generally about three feet long and an inch thick with lots of little protrusions. Growing season seems a lot like a potato too; a bit longer.

It's pitch black on the outside, thick skinned. Usually grows in clusters with a dozen roots woven together. It's pretty tough work to dig the wild ones up because they can be tangled up for a pretty long way. The planted ones are a lot easier.

The inside is a bright rich pink. Incredibly, almost unrealistically vivid.

It produces insane quantities of oil.

A single root can almost fill an entire small clay pot. That's about half of a liter.

You can eat them raw, you can all but melt one just by heating it. They're invaluable. And they taste almost, but not quite, just like butter.

We wouldn't have discovered them if not for the reign of Big Alex. The animals don't eat them, so my group never would have touched one. Turns out they're deadly poison to the local fauna, but invigorating to humans. Some poor starving sap in the keep ate one out of desperation, found out they were delicious. Big Alex kept it a secret; didn't want to lose his grip on power by having people learn what plants they could eat.

We use its oil for lamps, for waterproofing, for cooking. Best of all, anything that takes a bite out of us gets a bite of poison. Not strong enough to kill most things bigger than a squirrel, heating takes the bite out of it. But it's damn nice.

Best plant we've discovered yet.
Been a busy day. Guess I'm gonna snooze. Keep it alive for me.
I've got something I'm working on that I didn't get to post it before the last thread 404'd
Feel free.

Day 9
Evening journal... I haven’t been writing the past few days because my sinuses were killing me, the beast thing returned, the light at night keeps appearing, and I nearly fell on my damn sword. At least I have some food, the berries are okay and the tuber things are definitely better than nothing but I want fish or meat or something. I’m too tired from dealing with all this shit to write any more about it.

Day 10
Today was really quiet. Light rain, squishing mud, the occasional thunder boom but not much else. While I was wandering around aimlessly I wondered if any of my friends had gotten pulled here too. While breaking for lunch I cracked open the Color of Magic for a few giggles and was pleasantly surprised when a patch my gm sent me fell out of the pages. I was wondering where that had gotten to. I’ll have to find a way to attach it to something so I can identify myself to someone from my gaming group...you know just in case I ran into them.

Day 17
I've been getting lazy with my writing, the being stalked by murderous creatures probably is the cause of it. My beard is growing in as full as it has ever been. Some folks back home thought my beard made me look "rugged" and "handsome", I never did believe them, whats so rugged about a guy that barely weighs 118 pounds? Speaking of looks, my first pair of clothes is starting to get a little ragged. Tomorrow I'm going to go looking for more water I'm actually starting to run low without the rain.
Well James and I have figured out more about the local fauna and we’ve started having decent meals. Neckbeard still eats the centipede animals all the time and rolls around in the dirt for countless hours.

I never thought I would envy my time eating all kinds of weird things in Asia. The yellow whistler’s if prepared just right actually taste good. They remind me of the incessant cry of the cicada’s and it’s calming to have something that reminds me of earth, even if it’s not my home country.

The best find we’ve found near our settlement is a decaying group of trees infested with an insect that produces honey. They’re mostly land based rather than flight, but I still let James use my overcoat to protect his body while he harvests us some honey. This honey has quickly become a favorite dipping sauce for our other various meals.

Our diet doesn’t consist of just bugs, honey, and a few simple crops. Every few weeks James goes hunting and brings back what can only be called a deer. Normally about the size of a large pitbull or very small deer we can get several simple meals out of the meat. We normally cure it and let it dry in a small incased box we built up in a tree away from camp. We use the rest of the body to help us survive. The fluffy feathers go towards bedding for James and me. (Neckbeard sleeps under the stars or wherever he passes out.) Bones are used for simple tools or as a way to flavor soups. Again, Asia really helped me adapt to some strange meals.

Unfortunately, we've also had some problems with the local fauna...
James has obviously spent some time stalking large game. His eyes are so sharp and I swear his perception is godly. We were out on the edges of our small crop field when I saw him tense up and slide his pistol from the holster. He quietly whispered to get low and the two of us sunk down to the ground behind one of the berms we had constructed around the field.

Using only his eyes he was able to draw my attention to the truly massive bird that was preening itself in a tree several hundred meters away. It was black all over, but when it lifted its wing I could see a splash of red color underneath. We waited in that spot for half of the day until the bird took flight and flew off. When we returned to camp James told me of watching one of those swoop down and snag small game that dared venture into an opening in the tree cover. I suggested maybe we should create some kind of camo net to put across any open areas in our territories. James simply had to remind me our only open area is where we are growing some of our crops and to block their sunlight will kill them. I guess that idea is a flop.

The other rather scary fauna we’ve encountered was while foraging for a better water supply. While we have a small pond, well more a puddle, but we had to find a better source of water for irrigation. We apparently wandered too close to a major water source and stumbled across a truly massive crocodile creature basking in the sun. Its skin was the same color as most of the flora around the water and if he hadn’t been on a rock I would have never seen him. Well, knowing how vicious crocodiles can be and how hard they are to kill. Thankfully, he was busy napping and we left it alone.
The raft/barges finally arrived. It's strange to say honestly we never much put effort into building boats where we were. Kog just couldn't be arsed to travel waterways and frankly beyond the sea as an eventual end I'm not even sure where the river flows too. Anyways, Was surprised to see that for some ungodly reason everything is orange...I don't understand. The river city kids do and Central supply is rubbing their hands together like a gaggle of merchants about to make a killing.

Meanwhile a few um...trists aside the general feel around River Town is a lot like home. Things are falling into that same guild based scheme and the general well being of people here is healthy.

Also, fun fact for the day Edom the fast, us Kognusans and co have started the trendy Vest craze. As it's usually balls bakingly hot. We've turned Tortolo leather and Rapedactyl wing skin into fancy vests which menace with scutes! Though in all honestly I still use a full get up for working on patients can't be too careful. Now, pass that vodka before you run off with it.
they brought yowlers with them. I say this now as I prepare to stitch back together some poor bastard that had been out on patrol. Whatever is in that barge set them off, not that it takes much to begin with. Either way the...orange people? Butter rooters? Whatever, they've been here all of six hours and already I can tell they're fucking confused. Central supply being who they are came out in force brandishing ingots of metal(mostly low grade iron, some gold we had, even coal), flasks of the local vodka, Salted meats and even a couple bags of actual salt with them. we've also got them cordoned off in what we think used to be a storehouse for the time being, Mostly so they don't get sick and so we don't get sick. And by we I mean everyone besides myself and Central supply rep...who may or may not be me from what Roy's told me. Fuck.
Day 18
Nearly died again today. I found a stream but there was an alligator thing lurking nearby. Obviously I bolted when I saw it. Wasn't going to stick around and let the fucker chomp on me. I ran much farther than I had intended though, the stream here is more like an actual river and I think I can hear a waterfall in the distance. I’m going to sleep on a lower branch tonight just in case. I am feeling really jittery about staying in one place for too long now. At least my water supplies are refilled and I have enough tubers and berries for another day or two. I’ve been reading more and more and it got me thinking. If there are any people here, and I sure haven’t seen them, I don’t think I’ll be using my real name. A new name for a new land seems fitting, but when I rack my brain I can only come up with a few names I’d used for rpg characters or places in the past. I dunno I’ll sleep on it.
Someone really fucked up today it seems. As is normal beautiful Lenoran(Lenore?Lenorian?) weather. It's a moderate drizzle, warm enough to not suck much and just every so slightly hinting at something about to kill you. That said it was unexpectedly a human. Of the non cultists variety. He apparently had heard we had outsiders from another settlement today and tried to steal their stuff...while I was working through medical reports...while in front of said stuff...

I'm currently stitching up a knife wound, mind you I still need to possibly set his broken nose. I think I'll wait though for that one. Little bastard.
its weird we get all this glorious writefaggotry but so little drawfaggotry.
I can do shitty stick figures in paint if you'd like.
hey anything would be cool dude, I mean art is art.
File: 1383539808858.jpg-(52 KB, 500x579, yourfaceondrugs.jpg)
52 KB
I...I guess I touched down? Woke up? I landed? I'm not fucking sure how I got here honestly. Either way, this is a little running memo of shit I see, and do, and run from. Right now all I can say is holy fuck it's been raining all day, its humid and vaguely smells like ass everywhere. Where the fuck did we get taken too? Is it just me?
File: 1383540348355.jpg-(32 KB, 640x360, and my axe!.jpg)
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We found our first signs of other humans today. While out making searching for proper material to reinforce our palisade around our house James caught sight of some strange arrangements of the local flora. His sharp eyes are starting to rub off on me and after a few more steps I started to notice them without him having to point them out.

Tree limbs and logs cut with tools rather than splintered and broken, brush piled up in geometric patterns, and finally when we walked up to the camp we found materials not native to this forest area. Refined metalwork and fabrics that only able to be produced from industries on Earth, it was a gold mine! Backpacks, duffel bags, clothing, one of those collapsible military shovels, multitools, a really nice axe, a few books on survival, some spoiled food, a first aid kit, some blankets, and several water proof tarps.

The camp had long been abandoned.

I want to think the poor guy who was prepared for any situation, the kind of guy who dreams of these things happening to him and is always prepared, I want to think he left camp and found other people better off and forgot about his gear. I want to think he is safe somewhere. But, I know better. I still hope he is in a better place.

This whole thing is bullshit, what kind of fucked up being does this to people? Drag them from their homes and throws them into a situation like this? Even if you’re prepared for everything one unlucky thing happens and you’re bleeding out on a foreign world wondering what you did wrong. I’ve been lucky, that’s all survival comes down to out here. Pure luck. It is just sad that Neckbeard tripping back at our camp has better luck than this guy. Fuck this world.
File: 1383541420227.jpg-(32 KB, 375x282, underwater basket weaving PhD.jpg)
32 KB
After finding our last cache of gear James and I agreed we should start actively searching for other humans. We’ve built a nice camp and our crops are coming in rather nicely now. My rice field is surprisingly growing despite no knowledge of how to grow it aside from flood the field. James’ corn and potatoes are coming in really well and they…. Well they’re obnoxiously large. Ever try eating an ear of corn the size of your arm?

We’ve started to get Neckbeard to stop eating the bugs half as much and he’s been lucid enough to tell us his name is Phil. However, when he is lucid he complains that we can’t fry the potatoes and make French fries. Damn him for reminding me of those things when I was just starting to become happy with rice, veg, and the occasional side of grilled meat.

We found a strange citrus plant recently. What we thought was once something like a rose bush has started growing small . . . fruit? Anyways, Phil said it was retched we now know some of the plants are coming into season.

We also located a large field of grassy stalks that reach about knee high. They look to be dead or severely dehydrated because all their color is washed out. It reminds me of my sister’s orchids when they would start to die. All the color drains and then finally the bloom falls off. These grasses have a lot of the other local fauna running around in it. After watching the edge of the field for an hour I went out with James and cut down a few arm loads of the grass. I’m now in the process of weaving it together for baskets and storage. If there is extra I’ll see about making a mat for Phil.
So, today I saw an honest to gods dragon...the size of a house cat. Truly a fearsome beast! Little bastard had perched on a branch near where I'd been hiding through the night. I say hiding and not keeping watch for people because I am at heart a coward. Regardless what little I' managed to grab in the way of food is running quickly short. nothing like being stuck in a shitty fucking gas station. At least I brough as much redbull as I could physically carry. Sadly, I'm short on vodka...
heheheh worrying about flooding rice fields. Poor bastard doesn't know where he is.
Mayor, I'll say this much I love the description as a side note a lot of stuff that store oily stuff do it as a way of energy so making it unpalatable is a neat trick.
About to get to the rain season. Got some work to finish then I'll keep writing.
Normally, I'm a heavy sleeper as shown by the fact I literally slept through what amounts to a day here. That said, Whatever is making sound in the distance has decided I've slept enough. I've been perched in the same tree for awhile now, there's a fair amount of fruit that I've been watching the various critters here munch on and I've taken a couple bites. Stuffs juicier than anything I've ever had that's for sure. That said the noise...its fucking horrible it sounds like they're skinning something alive out there, a wailing cry that echoes through the trees over and over and it just gets joined by more off all over the everywhere. What the fuck are they?
Oh christ on a stick.

I take it back. I take it all back. I've seen the noise maker, it's below me. It's hate in flesh, It's everything in the dark. It's a demon I swear to fucking god its a fucking demon ohhellohellohell.
File: 1383544840144.pdf-(302 KB, PDF, tginfoprepdf.pdf)
302 KB
302 KB PDF
I've been fucking with paint for hours now and I think I almost have something that I can at least laugh at.
hey a laugh is good. We need laughs with all the depressing shit these threads lead to.
File: 1383546456914.png-(11 KB, 819x460, I'll keelhaul your a(...).png)
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Day 19
FUCK THIS JUNGLE AND EVERYTHING IN IT! Some little ratty...shit...thing...ate all my berries! That little fucker didn’t touch the tubers though. I ended up dropping my stuff under a tree and chasing the fucker for a bit, waving my cutlass as I went shouting and screaming all kinds of obscenities. Never caught it but when I made my way back to my stuff the cheeky little shit was perched on a branch watching me. I jumped at it and it scurried off. Ended up standing there for a good ten minutes yelling at it. It was only when I sat down and started reading to calm down that I realized how absurd the situation was. Here I drew a picture of myself screaming at it. For once I am grateful I am alone out here. The sound of the water running and the trees lightly swaying is very soothing. Maybe I’ll build a shelter here. I’ll be like Robinson Crusoe or the Swiss Family Robinson...well minus the family. I’ve also decided that if anyone asks my name is Pirate. It fits me having the cutlass at the very least.
Guess it would help to link this to my earlier posts.

>>28095538 is me

Work progresses, a little to slowly but it goes.

The three of us who weren’t horribly injured got set to building a boat pretty quick.
Not that we really knew how, but travelling by foot wasn’t going to work with an injured party member, heh, what do you do when your clerics who is injured.

So we set up camp, another tree up, but this time with some of the tent covers strung up as a roof and branches stitched up for some camouflage, and then set a bout cutting down some trees for wood.

Good thing I had an axe and a saw for this ob, or we would have to make do with collecting naturally fallen trees.

Franky has been worth his weight in meat lately. A few times we have been caught up in chopping a treed down and hauling it back to camp when he’s started growling at something.
We’ve learned to drop what we are doing and scramble for a tree or a hole or some other form of cover.

The first time he gave the warning we barely avoided the pair of Yowlers that charged through our logging sight by hiding in a bush fool of foul smelling fruit and thorns. But when its not predators its feral channers, who recognise human handiwork, and them we have to deal with, each time risking worse injury.

But the boat is coming a long, I thought we would build a raft but Stanley has this plan for a catamaran suing two large log pontoons and a small platform covered by our tarp binding the close together two together. I was unsure but the kid is a whiz at knots and has been the one threading together the thick branches with our ripped up clothing from the ‘ferals’ we ambushed and more and more rope from our tree camp, which is shrinking as the boat is completed.

Its taken us five days so far, split between work on the boat and hunting/gathering. Couple more days and I think we will be ready to shove off.

Thats my hope at least
We really need to find civilization.
Drew isn’t doing to good, we think he has a fever and he spends most of his time resting in the camp. The Devil is giving me ad thoughts again, mostly to do with wasted food and how Drew could provide a lot of meat himself. Then God jumps in and an argument statrts. Giving me bad headaches, having a hard time focusing.
I think the others are getting concerned.

Still, we did manage to get everything together and the catamaran, the ugliest little boat I have ever seen, is sitting on the shore of the river with most of our stuff all tied down to it.

It is a decent size though, about ten feet wide and twice as long, it should hold our weight.
It should.

Franky was not as big a problem as I thought he would be, he eats a lot but he’s pretty smart, he jumped onto the boat as called out to him and he’s been pacing around on the thing ever since.

Loading Drew on the other hand is a pain in the ass, because he's mostly out of it and we are trying to keep his leg out of the water to stop it wet and getting anymore infected.
He’s not being much of a help either, mostly moaning and being dead weight.

I suddenly realize what I must have been like when they first found me, just with more puking.

Its slow but its manageable and soon we have him loaded onto the middle platform.
Which held. Thats a good sign.

We’re pushing off now, the water seems calm, theres little in way of current and we have make shift oars that we are gonna use to paddle up stream. Should work out all right.

But the voices in my head are getting worse and the headaches are constant.

We ‘really’ need to get to civilization.

We push the thing off of the shore and into the river proper, pulling one another on board.

Well the goodship is afloat and we seem to be moving. Now we paddle, Its a good thing the river doesnt move to fast, or we would be in some real trouble.

We ‘really’ need to find civilization.
Ranging further and further from our small area we’ve started to find more signs of other humans as well as things that are not terrestrial. Scavenging supplies from the few remains of mauled humans, or the random person who died of starvation we have added a good bit of material and tools to our stash. Sadly too many people thought that bringing their laptops and cellphones would be a good idea and it’s these poor fools who we find the most of. At times I am happy I was taken while out in the city. I was able to use my phone to grab some extra materials rather than take it to this place where there would be no service and it would just be a waste of weight.

Hah, waste of weight. James is really rubbing off on me. I’m thinking more as a survivor and rather as a business man in the big city. Where I once carried extra things, like a second phone battery because I might drain the first on the subway, now I think of only the essential things needed for the task I set out to do.

We also found several glowing green stones. We’ve posted these around our land on small wooden towers we cut from the closest trees. Under the stones we secured a Gatorade bottle with some of the short grass and in the bottle we have placed a rough map of our area. If any humans should be stumbling through the woods we hope they will be drawn to the light and then be able to find safe haven.

The one thing that scares me more than the few predator animals we’ve seen is the few random days my right wrist aches (I broke it really bad when I was young) and the humidity slowly climbs. The plants are starting to become more active. My short grass is starting to take on more color and not look as dead as it once was and the citrus plant is slowly growing. I hope this is not signs of what I think it is…. I hated Seoul in July and I’m seeing signs of the Korean rain season following me here.
File: 1383550204604.png-(3 KB, 112x97, Goblinsappers.png)
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Your map is a very badly drawn Azeroth, and it's missing the Maelstrom and Pandaria.
File: 1383550725831.jpg-(81 KB, 480x277, Seoul in July.jpg)
81 KB
It’s been raining almost every day now.

Thankfully it’s started as a light rain and I’ve dealt with this kind of weather a lot before. Phil is freaking out saying we need to build an ark… but that may be because he is tripping again. He’s lost some weight actually. Where he once was a rather large man he now is about my size, except he hasn’t developed the muscle definition I’ve finally made. Who would have thought going to a complete other world would let me get the results I had been trying to acquire for the past 5 years?

We’ve started moving our house into one of the larger trees in our area. Using the short grass I had left I spent the first day of the rain season weaving several large sections of grass to use as windows and doors while it was still relatively dry enough. James created stairs and strung one of my hiking ropes into the tree. He also used several of the longer logs we had split and planned to use for another fence to make a roof. Phil helped collect branches we could use for cross beams on the roof and after placing those we moved the waterproof tarps into the trees.

The second day saw us moving our food supply into better cover. We found a can of blue spray paint a few days back on a kid, barely 15 and he died clutching his laptop. The paint was used to mark the trees where we secured some of our crops.

The third day we built a stronger floor into the tree house. It’s no fun trying to cut logs in the rain, but I know it’s only going to get worse.

The few bits of leather James was able to create from the small animals he killed are now secured against some of the branches on the outside of our house. We are fully enclosed after day four and not soon enough. The rain has picked up and sure enough it’s like a summer in Seoul. Bugs are out in full force anywhere that isn’t being pelted by driving torrents of rain. Plants are blooming and growing like crazy around us, and everything is wet.
File: 1383551799311.png-(283 KB, 400x600, Fuck da popo.png)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
Boots are worthless in this stuff!

A few weeks ago I found a body of some guy who was about my size. His designer jeans, socks, and boots have been saving me a lot of headache up until the rain started. I hope his family knows what happened to him, his gear has really been saving me a lot of problems up until now.

Anyways, boots are worthless! Whenever we leave our house it’s better to just roll your pants up and barefoot it. Phil has already sliced his foot open once on a sharp rock. James and myself at least have some callouses built up to protect us. The water is anywhere from ankle to waist deep if you don’t remember where you’re walking. And, as expected, it’s still raining.

The food we hung in the trees is mostly destroyed now. We thought maybe the woven baskets and hearty corn or potatoes would endure the rain if put in a tree, sadly they don’t. Now we have a small stash in our house and we are forced to leave each day to look for other supplements.

Phil might be having withdrawals, because even though he hasn’t eaten one of those bugs in nearly a week he still complains of relapses. Guess it’s like acid in every way. Eat too much too often and have flashbacks.
Fuck this place!

Seriously, fuck it.

Fuck the rain…

Fuck the trees….

And fuck the animals!

Seriously, does everything get horny in the rain? Those damned crocodiles are coming a lot closer now. If the bright green one wasn’t busy mounting the other one I would have stumbled right into their mouths.

I’ve also watched several different species of brightly colored birds dancing in the air and all the small game animals are busy mounting each other in the cover of the trees.

When I managed to make it back home I went immediately to James and Phil to tell them about the new dangers the rain season had brought on us. James had seen a pack of peacock feathered horses roaming on the furthest edge of our land near where he normally hunts. It’s impossible to hunt in the rain though, so meat has been cut out of our diet. It’s probably for the best because the last thing we want is a fresh kill drawing those beasts further into our land.

The next day was a lot more productive. Phil decided to return to the citrus plant and he returned with several large orange-like plants. He peeled one and tested it without even us having to suggest it. Turns out the rain season brings some amazing oranges into our diets.

I wandered closer to my grass field and noticed that it was almost fully underwater. At the top of many of the grass stalks was a bulbous fruit. I sliced a few off and stuffed them into my bag before returning home, or at least that’s what I planned to do.
Day 23
Its early morning as I’m writing this. I want to say that I heard some people speaking to each other this morning but when I looked around the area there were no signs of people. Am I starting to crack? Whatever, I’ve got food to find and only so long to find it.

Day 23 Later
Well I’ve settled in for the night after a good long trek. I want to sleep but another one of those spider things tried to eat my face so I’m still too jittery to pass out. I’m having a little trouble wrapping my head around the fact that I have been here for almost a month already. Fire still eludes me. Tomorrow I am going to head in the direction I last remember seeing that light in the middle of the night. This means doubling back the way I’ve come for the most part and I’m not entirely happy about it.

You know I hadn't realized it until now, but I think Franky is getting bigger....Im not sure yet because the difference isn't noticable but I think he's a couple inches taller than he was when he first started following us, he just about came up to my chest before and now he's definitely at chest height.

I wonder how big this sort of thing can get.

Also, small notation, Franky isn't a he but a she.

So thats a thing.
Travel by water riverway hasn't been to bad, Becca thinks if we keep moving at this speed and taking turns paddling through the night, we should reach the lake proper on the third day.

Drew has starting mumbling now, I don’t know what to do for him. We are mostly keeping him hydrated and giving him painkillers for his leg. Not sure how long those will last.

We are seeing things moving in the water as well, not sure what they are exactly but I think they’re the same critters as the thing that got Drews leg.

Well that estimate didn't last long, We were half way through our second day of paddling when the rain started and started in hard.

The river has started to raise and the current is getting stronger by the hour. Our forward momentum is slowing to a crawl and we are expending way to much effort making minimal progess.

We've decided to beach the boat for now and tether it to a tree and try and seek camp for the night.

We were lucky we did as well because whatever those river beasts are, they are getting a lot more aggressive in the rain. They’ve already rocked the boat a couple of times and I think they might be testing us for capsizing.

Now on top of a babbling nurse high on fever dreams, my own headaches and wet socks I have to put up with ferocious river beasts.

File: 1383570872862.png-(144 KB, 418x707, butterroot.png)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
I'm not as good as a lot of the /tg/ drawfags, but I can do that too.

Woke up, did a quick sketch of the mayor. I'd love to do the other characters of the keep, but I'm afraid I don't have a lot of time today. Work and all.

I'll probably be able to write a bit though.
I believe I may have discovered the source for black eye.

I've given a lot of thought to the subject of both southern and northern dysentery. Southern dysentery is what those individuals from River City and Kog suffer from. It causes severe nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

I had asked our chemist to distill our boiled water and see if he could find some trace of a chemical that might be causing the illness. After several weeks, he had finally distilled it enough to find the source of 'northern dysentery'.

Northern Dysentery is much like Southern Dysentery, but much less severe. There is a chemical in the water.

We have no way to figure out what it is or does, so we're calling it 'sick salt'. When dried, it has a saltlike appearance.

A fool wandered into the chemists shop and tried to ingest it, thinking it was normal salt. It immediately produced symptoms more severe than northern dysentery had ever been, or the descriptions of southern dysentery. He recovered three days later, but he nearly died. If I hadn't worked out how to construct an IV from bone needles, salt water and some salvaged plastic tubing from a now trashed mechanical device, he probably would have died.

When I asked our chemist to culture the regular water (which took some doing, since he didn't know how cultures worked) we got fungal blooms.

My hypothesis is this: There is a fungus in almost all of the ground water on this world. When boiled, it releases the chemical causing the dysentery like symptoms. It's more severe in the south because there's more of it.

The same fungus, if ingested in water not properly treated, results in black eye. Because we've focused so much more on sanitation up here, and because it's so much dryer, there's much less black eye fungus in the water. Because there is so much less fungus in the water up here, our bodies have the time to adjust and fight off infection, whereas the infection becomes overwhelming in the south.

I have no way to test it.
File: 1383573629325.png-(51 KB, 135x174, 1260932143192.png)
51 KB
There are some issues with this; our cell cultures certainly aren't sterile, though we did our best to test it. We used controls that didn't show evidence of the blooms.

Either way, I've adapted the 'sick salt' as a medicine, not dislike syrup of ipecac. I've used myself as the test subject to find the right mixture. Half a gram in a cup of water produces the symptoms for only a few hours.

I've also put up an idiot proof notice. Don't eat strange things in the chemists shop! You'd think I wouldn't have to tell anyone, but...

Another thing I've noticed is that a lot of the plant and animal life here provides psychotropic affects which are very much like 'magic' mushrooms back home. Considering that the local wildlife isn't tripping on a constant basis, this chemical must be normal for them. That probably says a lot about how they work, but I don't have the science to figure out what it means.

We're also immune to the butterroot poison. Pure butterroot force fed to local wildlife is completely lethal. The poison breaks down in heat, so it isn't a practical weapon, unless you want to try to hold down a yowler and force feed it poison. (Note: I have not had a yowler to test this on yet, just the local 'mountain lion' creatures, pirate squirrels, and so on.)

Back home funnel web spiders were deadly poisonous to humans, but cats were basically immune to the venom. Again, this tells me something, but I don't have the science to figure it out.

I'm simply marking this down for future generations in hopes they can.
((Seriously, I thought I was heading home after work but it turned into 5 hours of drinking with co-workers and friends))

On my way home with a bag full of a strange new fruit I walked into a situation I never want to be in again.

Some poor guy, his clothing tattered and falling off his emaciated body, was trying to fight off a long water snake that had speared into his leg. He was making little progress fighting the creature off and was slowly being pulled into a large set of razor sharp teeth. Every fiber of my body screamed to let him deal with the situation and to flee the area as quickly as possible. But my mind, being the asshole that it can normally be, kept nagging me that this poor guy could be one of the other writers on /tg/. He could be a QM, or one of the loremasters of Warhammer or Elder Scrolls who I had always loved reading their long winded posts while riding subways or taxis. I couldn’t leave him.

Now I’m not really a fighter, never have been, but James and I had crafted several hardwood walking sticks and I also had a K-Bar knife I had looted off a dead guy. I was in shape finally; I’d stopped smoking, and could run long distances without getting winded now. I thought I had a chance to save this guy and get both of us away to safety. I thought I’d be a hero.

As I approached the snake it began twitching more violently trying harder and harder to pull the man’s leg into its mouth. I made the choice and tossed the man my staff to defend himself while I went after the snake with just a knife. Stupid mistake. The fellow human was so exhausted and delirious he missed the staff and it went flying out of his reach.
The next thing I knew I was flying across the forest and slamming into the tree. The snake had slapped me with only its tail and I was thrown around like a doll. I’d like to blame my ability to stay conscious and actually stand back up on adrenaline, but whatever happened I found myself jumping at the man now. My head was still spinning but I could still see the barb stuck in the man’s leg.

After several stabs of my knife into the snakes tongue I was getting nowhere. All of my blows were bouncing off from the creature’s hard, boney tongue. I don’t know what drove me to do this, but I jammed the knife into the man’s leg and cut away the flesh that was hooked on the barbed tongue. I barely noticed the man’s scream as the creatures tongue shot back into its razor sharp jaws and snapped shut. Losing an easy meal and realizing it now had two of these random creatures to fight the snake turned and slipped off into the swampy waters and disappeared.

The fellow man had passed out by the time I turned back to him. I quickly tied some rope around his leg as a tourniquet and carried him home across my shoulders. I hope he survives. I hope I didn’t just cut a major artery in his leg. I hope I never see that snake thing again.
((Oh god, I'm writing about rain season and you just sentences my characters to black eye. You're still in the dry season but in a wet season it should be more abundant. This should be fun to add in tomorrow.))
Haha, sorry. It was actually to cover a discrepancy.

The people in River City and Kog ALL got black eye at some point; most people seemingly do.

My characters didn't because I didn't know much about it when I started writing. Also, the causes of Black Eye have never been much discussed.

So I decided to offer a hypothesis (not set in stone) as to why it's caused and why my characters didn't get it.
Oh, and I'm not really sure what season it is right now. Probably the October equivalent. It's simply drier in the mountainous area Butterroot Keep is in.
No it's cool. When I first started writing I wasn't adding a lot of the wildlife. I want to use more of it now that I've got a simple set up. I'll probably have my 4 people come join Butterroot keep soon if you don't mind me writing one of your patrols finding one of my mote stone maps.

As for the season, we could always just assume my group is a previous wave that's experienced the rain, or my groups gotten to the rain season while you're still expanding the keep and will get there with time.

I've gone a lot further that I initially planned and while it's fun I don't think I can keep it going.
Hey, it's fine with me! Anyone's welcome to join the keep if they want to, as long as they don't try to take over the whole thing. You're welcome to keep writing from the keep, even.

Although the keep itself is pretty dry, the region around it is pretty 'jungly'. It's much less bad than the south, but still pretty wet.

I believe winter is actually the rainy season in the tropics, so it would jive well with the October/November period.
I started realizing there was some awesome plants that grew in the rain season and I realized my food plans were pretty weak. I really like the oranges and the bulbous seedy pods from the short grass. They're great local flora to play with rather than bringing stuff from earth into the mix.

I actually started writing assuming I was in the same biome as Butterroot Keep. I wasn't familiar enough with the stuff being written about the city and didn't want to jump into reading all that so I started writing mine in my head while reading you find the keep and start working there. I really like what you've done with the place.

Anyways, I'll write more at work tomorrow if this is still up.
(I just realized the same thing, its raining heavy and my guy is stuck on a boat in the middle of a river, the is no way these guys aren't getting it in some way)
I've got it! Black Eye is like scurvy and can be cured with vitamin C! The people stuck in this world are probably getting a really bad supply of specific nutrients and vitamins which these citrus fruit are full of. Get yourself to the orange plants my sailor friend! They probably taste like watermelon right now... which is AWESOME!
Well, your crops are potatoes, corn, and rice, iirc.

Butterroot Keep already has Corn and Potatoes, though our potatoes aren't doing as well.

But rice would be super valuable. It's an earth plant the keep doesn't have, and you can do all kinds of things with rice.

Also, you've got to remember that even if you bring in a fuckton of earth plants, you're still leaving behind a bunch of stuff. Like milk and cheese. Nobody thinks to bring soy, apparently. (And why would you?)

Mind you, I did a lot of the same things you did when I started, I've just put a lot of focus on local plants I made up to balance it out. When I began I hadn't read very much. I excused most of the differences by just having my people in a different region. Kog and River City are in heavy jungle. Makes sense it won't be as bad elsewhere.


It's explicitly a fungal infection in the old writing. Apparently it's what kills most people who come to the world. The Kog people figured out that a plant was anti-fungal and used it. There's another cure in River city, iirc.

If I were looking for a plant that were anti-fungal, I'd look for a plant with a circle clear of fungus around it. (There's a lot of fungus in this world) Or I'd make fungal cultures and introduce various local plants/extracts to it to see if there was an effect, but you probably couldn't do that. Some of the local creatures might get their own equivalent to black eye and eat the plant, also.

Still, any big city in the /tg/ region has the cure now. Your characters don't have to stay in one.
Mmmm watermelons. I'm not sure where I want to go with this character now. I think I might be giving him too easy of a time "surviving",
We’ve gotten the boat tied up and its on dryish land for now.

But I’m worried if the river keeps rising it might just be the rope keeping it in place and that’s already starting to wear and fray.

Its already our fourth day in the tree fort.

Drew is settled into a hammock we’ve set up in the branches and our tents are once again spread out up as a roof, but because a lot of our equipment went into the boat, including our big tarp and almost all of our rope/string/strips of cloth, the tree camp is pretty cramped and water is already getting through.

Stanly is fishing off the side of the tree with a little fishing line he said he grabbed off of the last group to ambush us, no metal hook, be he’s managed to fashion one out some fish bone and using pieces of fruit from the tree as bait. To bad we can’t eat the stuff ourselves, Becca tried it and spent the rest of the day throwing up into the river.

Franky is definitely getting bigger, shes almost reaches my head now.

She’s been running off into the jungle four hours on end the last few days, no idea where she’s going but she always comes back before it gets dark and I hoist her up into the tree where the lot of us huddle for warmth. Good news is she is completely free of that wet dog smell. Small mercies I guess.

Worst part is right now is that I can see the lake from the tree, its less than half a days worth of paddling upriver.
I have an answer for this, but I keep getting 'our system thinks your post is spam' errors no matter how I reformat. Guess I'll try to parcel it out.

Whenever you think it's too easy, think of what you don't have and then apply something that is a problem for that specific need.

No weapons? Raiders or monsters. No food providing x nutrient? Illness. No girls? Forever alone. No tools? Can't make shit, gotta figure out how.
But don't make it too grimdark. Focus on one issue at a time, then figure out how to solve it with the local stuff as best you can.
Then focus on something else. It makes you aware of the issues and makes you feel like you're really surviving. Eventually just cycle back and improve the old stuff better with your better set of tools. It all flows well once you get your mind into the right groove and can see what your characters have to work with.

Oooor you could try to start your own cities! That's a lot of fun.
Not gonna be able to write for a while. Like I said, if you want to join the keep feel free to write it up.

I see, well... he does lack fire, real tools, and a decent shelter. Thanks I think I can work from there. Might take a little trip down delirium drive and see what kind of pirate-y mischief he can get into.
Rain has slowed down a little, looks like it might stop sometime soon, or at least we hope it well.

Drew isn’t getting much better, his leg isn’t healing properly and there is little we can do except sacrifice another shirt to provide fresh bandages and to throw out the old ones.

Stanley mentioned something today that got us thinking. Say we did find people, what did we actually have, that might be of value to them, so that they would take us in?

What if they just saw us and waved us away at the front gate?

So we started taking stock of our supplies. We had a good collection of tools both for garden and construction work, both from earth and hand made. Drew, if he recovered, was a nurse with a good understanding of general medicine. Becca was a surprisingly effective at hunting for having lived her life in the city before coming here. Stanly had a wealth of random skills, such as a seemingly encyclopaedic knowledge of knots, with which he had helped build the boat. And I had brought a collection of seed packets from my own home garden, mostly pumpkin and carrots, those should be valuable.
I vaguely remember trying to consume the others I had during my original delirious state.

We were still worried but we figured we had at least something to offer to a community.

We just had to survive long enough to get there first.

So as usual, there is good and bad news.

The rain has stopped for now and the river has calmed down, the tree we are in is surrounded by water and the boat is floating freely barely tethered but we think we can load back onto it if we are careful.

This is good, as it means God is no longer shouting in my ear about the end times and my need to build a bigger arc.

Bad news is that everyone has come down with…something, I don’t know what it is, Drew is the worse, his fever has turned into something else and he is looking pretty pale. Its part of the reason why we are hurrying to break down. The rest of us are feeling sickly, most of us cant hold down anything but the moss and even that make my stomach churn.

God, no not you!, the last thing we need is an outbreak of the runs, that would be hell on a boat.
File: 1383580785552.jpg-(117 KB, 1920x1080, HD-Wallpapers-Attack-On-Titan.jpg)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>how big a scale wolf can get.
Frankly dude, that's awesome. And please do!
Trying to correct an earlier mistake

As I understand they grow to the sie of a horse, that is the case right?

When I first included it I though they were just big dog size
The good news being blackeye is curable...it just happens to take an 'ichor' secreted by the Yowler to do the job. It also stinks to high heavens.
yep, Though again that's at a genus level There might be smaller species out there after all. I mean shit its not all set in stone also:
Is the updated .pdf. And I realize I just fucking forgot the Yowler Entry.
So here I sit alone in the rain, listening to alien monsters fucking. This is by far not how I expected to end up living. For the past few weeks I've been well, hiding. I don't come down at night and have been moving tree to tree. Thank god I've always been a good climber. Though right now I'm sitting at the edge of an open field. Beyond it, I can see something that looks like a wall cutting through it. My god, is it a sign of humanity?
the whole planet is fueled by drugs.
I was wrong. Its not a wall, it's an Aqueduct, a fucking huge one. It just stretches off into the distance and back towards somewhere. Who ever...what ever engineered this was masterful. I've started to follow it all the same, I decided which way by flipping a penny I had in my pocket. Right it is, towards the mountains.

did I mention it hasn't stopped raining yet? And I'm fairly sure I saw something massive flying off in the distance.
Day 20:
My team has been ordered by the High Lords of TeeGee to defend a Caravan moving out to trade with the Nation of R9k, this is our 3rd guard mission this week, but the Robots live fairly far away so this mission will take more then the 2 days it took to get to /lit/ and /gif/, and that worries me greatly. With the Cold War between ourselves and the Wee/a/boos escalating to include the Horsefuckers and /k/ommandos, the roads have become more and more dangerous then it already was with all the /b/tard raiding parties patrolling around. Thankfully I got this rifle I bought from a /k/ merchant, it might just be the tool I need in case things go South during this trip...

Day 23:
Today was uneventful again in the caravan, but grave news has reached us. Our allies in /sci/ were invaded by their rival nation /g/, and now TeeGee has declared war in a attempt to help. Probably means I wont get that vacation after all, seeing as Front line duty appears inevitable as soon as we get back. Thankfully thats still several days off, maybe we can force peace before we return...

Day 24: We finally reached the Robots today, Thank Pelor too. Apparently we were being tracked by a group of Raiders originating from /b/. My mind shudders at the thought of what couldve happened if they had caught up with us... But there are more pressing matters at hand. We must prepare for the return journey, this time with the cargo being weapons and ammo instead of the raw materials we brought from the Mines. This is the part that worried me days ago, the fact that we're carrying such important and expensive cargo will attract the attention of every Bandit in the region once they get wind of it. Regardless, my men and I will be ready for whatever challenges we must face.

Day 26:
I am writing this as a wounded man. My worst fears came true today, as the caravan was attacked by a group of /b/andits. The Caravan Master was killed in a hail of rifle fire, So I am to replace him until we make it back.
>look at map.
>look at time that took.

damn son. What did you do drive there?

I might be wrong, but I didnt realize there was an actual nation of TeeGee, the closest thing is Kog but thats just the largest city.

I also didnt realize it had regular contact with other boards. Unless you are alking about a new faction in the new /tg/ area.

Then again I might be reading it all wrong
hrm I suck dicks hang on.

Ores mostly, taken from the Mines. Caravan's get real weighed down when your carrying several hundred pounds of rock in the trunk.
File: 1383583737530.jpg-(47 KB, 500x389, 1369596679975.jpg)
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Expedition Leaders Notes:
The expression on the faces of the city leaders was almost, but not quite, exactly like the fucking mayors.

Greedy, greedy bastards. They were a hell of a lot more organized this time; we didn't take them by surprise. We kept details sketchy last time on purpose, but I think that's come and bit us in the ass. They seem to expect us to have everything, just because we've made some stuff.

The yowlers didn't let up the whole way, messed up one of their guys on patrol. I feel bad about it, but we don't know what's got 'em so pissed off either. Hopefully it's something on the boat; we're offloading everything here. We want to trade it all. Then it'll be their problem.

We bunked down in a warehouse to keep things separate. Middle of the night, some jackass broke in and tried to steal some things. So the mayor got what he wanted, I guess.

See, he'd asked me to look for anyone outside their community and find an excuse to kick their ass. Encourage 'em to try and steal something.

The point was to make the locals think of us as badasses. The uniform armor, the weapons, the clothes - all of it is meant to make them think of us as a big scary military force that just so happens to want to trade more than kick their shit in.

So we didn't have to bait him, we kicked ass. Mission fucking accomplished, Mayor.

Still not feeling that good. Sight's starting to get a bit blurry. Local doc says it's definitely black eye, but the most 'mild' case he's ever seen. No clue why. We're taking back some of their medicine, though, so it should be alright.
Alright, so, apparently the orangemen haven't been exposed to black eye yet. So, /tg/ being /tg/ we've lent them the olive branch of the local brew of alien gut mucus and crushed plants.

Sadly I now gag everytime I get near them. the smell of rotten eggs fills that fucking warehouse.I will say though they are nasty fuckers in a fight. I can see why they picked up Ork lingo for their ranks, then again they also haven't had to meet one of the so called elves. I wonder what they'll make of the poor bastards if they do.

In other news River City has had it's first child! His name is Rogal Dorn...the mother even made it through the birth and is currently resting in a section of Central Supply, as its the cleanest place, if not the most quiet as I've said they're running like mad right now getting what ever they can. Apparently they want to trade it all.
They asked for cats...do we have any cats? Check the slab, I'm sure we have to have cats SOMEWHERE. Get two just to be sure.

Fucking Fuck.

Welp, here I am again, lying in my own blood.

At least I have someone patching me up this time, hell, I’d still be underwater if it hadn’t been for the others dragging me up.

Oh, right, sorry, getting ahead of myself.

We were loading the boat with our gear, Drew and Franky were already on board and we were just dismantling the tree camp when one of those goddamn see river beasts threw itself at our boat. Its was trying to scramble onto the boat and pretty obviously going after Drew and trying to drag him down.

The other two were screaming and Franky was holwing and snapping but was backing away from to the other end of the boat. I looked everywhere for an idea for anything to give me a way to help Drew when my eyes fell my edge cutter just lying in the branches to my left.

I didn’t really think about what I did next, probably would of realized how stupid it was, probably would of shit myself and ran crying. Instead I grabbed ‘neck cleaver’ and dropped myself from the braches onto the damn things back.

Note to self: Don’t pull shit like this again.
File: 1383585098009.jpg-(25 KB, 800x600, 1366426807813.jpg)
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Expedition Leader's Notes:
Yet another attempt by one of the non-village locals to steal shit today, this time in front of their local doc, the dumbass. This one got knifed. Hope this doesn't happen again. We're not supposed to scare the locals TOO much.

They brought out a bunch of metal. Low grade iron and shit. We don't need coal much with a charcoal industry, and we don't need gold at all. Mayor doesn't need a fancy gold jockstrap to help his ego none.

We're more interested in processed tools than metal, and told 'em so. Sawblades, axes, spearheads, knives, hammers, nails, pots, hoeheads, etc. We don't know anything about making or shaping metal, but we nabbed an ingot of copper and one of iron anyway, because why the fuck not. They charged an arm and a leg for it though. We worked out an agreement to have them make real tools for when we come back.

They sure like that puke orange color though. Point in the mayor's favor, I guess.

We're quarantined, but my cute little wife and the migrants did their best to spread the stories they were told to spread with anyone that came by. Big Alex was ten feet tall that looked like khorne and an evil asshole, mayor killed him with his lightning dick. Cultists came in a swarm, the Canoness converted 'em all with a big fire and brimstone sermon and angels wept. That bullshit.

They're still not sure what to call us. Whenever they ask I just smile a big 'ol smile and say, "Buttery goodness." The look they get is funny as hell.

We're also taking back a bunch of books, like the mayor asked. A lot of game books, but also some manuals on making stuff. A first aid book that's got bad water damage and is kinda fucked up, a book on steam power, few survival manuals, a couple of fiction books. Don't know why he wants 'em, but he wants any book he can find. Anything they got two of or don't have a use for, he wants.

We're taking back a bunch of the anti-fungal plant, too. Gonna see if it'll grow up north.
(Guessing on the books. If you think Kog/River City have other stuff, feel free to add/change stuff.)
Mayor the anti-fungal isn't a plant. Its actually a secretion from the Yowler animal.
It was my understanding it was yowler ichor mixed with a plant.

Looking back through the notes, I was wrong. It's mixed with an insect. Go figure.
Welp, That went well so far. Central Supply has decided for the time being to call them Keepers(the jokes were abound in town it seems at this.) That said, things are going well enough. We've sent word back to the City to get a couple work orders filed and have some tools made. Of course Central Supply is gonna take em to town on that. In other news they have fucking candy. I hated watermelon back Earth but dear god to goodness candy.
At some point it drug me under and after that I just osrt of blacked out from lack of air and blood loss.

When I all I could feel was pain, Stanley let me know I was in pretty rough shape, I’d pretty much been mauled. My left eye had been ruined, she doubted I’d be able to see even after it healed and my right arm, the already injured one, was completely dislocated and my jaw was busted.

Becca and him did what they could but they had limited medical knowledge so really all they had managed was to reset my arm and to bandage the rest of my body with the last of our clothes.

Apparantly I’d survived because the thing that had attacked had succumbed to its own wounds after they had managed to spear it with pitchfork to get it away from me and pulled me back on to the boat.

Now the thing was strewn over the back of the boat, dinner for tonight I guess.

At least we were on the lake and they could see people on the far side of the lake and we were heading there to get help.

So to recap, Im royally fucked up, Im suffering from some strange disease which is stopping me from eating anything and is blurring my vision in my one good eye and our one medical specialist isn’t in much better shape than me.

The voices have stopped though, God and the Devil are no longer shouting in my ear.

Heh, I guess I am one of the lucky ones.

((>>28104326 You can write my group coming into the trading camp, my guy is gonna be out of it for a bit))
The trade goods of Butterroot Keep:

1: Several clay pots filled with Butteroot Oil
2: Several small clay pots filled with creeping rose oil
3: Watermelon and Orangeberry wine.
4: One small jar of whiskey (real) one small jar of vodka (real)
5: A few sets of local fabric robes, boots. Dyed orange.
6: Leather and leather goods. Dyed orange.
7: Watermelon Sugar Syrup in clay pots
8: Corn flower, Corn Starch
9: Paper (20 pages) corn husk make
10: Watermelon candy
11: Creeping rose oil scented soap

12: Probably several other things I forgot.

Looking to acquire:

1: Cats
2: Tools
3: Laborers for the farms, skilled laborers (especially dentists)
4: Salt
5: Flouride
6: Books of all kinds
7: Medication, yowler ichor
8: Bullets
9: Everything else.
(I'll do that, but it'll be a bit before I can. I'm gonna eat lunch and skim over your stuff again to get the details right.)
Day 26
I’ve been feeling sick these past few days and it has only been getting worse as time goes on. I don’t think I’ll be able to trust my perception of the world much longer since I thought I saw a naked woman coming out of a tree...unless there are dryads here but I highly doubt that. I’ve been taking it easy with my travel, following the river downstream. Maybe I’ll run into an ocean and I can do some fishing. Pirates used to spear fish with cutlasses right? Right?
File: 1383587476648.jpg-(2 KB, 134x90, shovler.jpg)
2 KB
I've officially seen everything today. Every goddamn thing. Why you ask? Well, ya know how everything and everyone likes to get it's groove on in the rainy season right? Well good, because that's important to the story. I was out 'hunting the mazda' Aka jackoff patrol duty on the big farm on the plains. So there I was, sitting out in the rain, miserable as all fuck, Lenore pouring buckets on me and shitting in everything we could do when it happened.

We heard them first, ya know the sound, wailing like a banshee, like a person skinning themselves? Yeah, that fucking sound, Yowler sound. So we're nervous as shit. Mclintock figures there's two of em. Bastard of course is right. Just our fucking luck right? Well either way two of the biggest fucking yowlers I've ever seen come barreling out of the woods fighting and scrapping like no tomorrow, not drawing blood but jesus what a sight. And then things take a turn for...oh fuck it man stop laughing. We couldn't fucking believe our eyes when one of them started humping the other.
Day 32??
I don’t know where I am or what day it is. I need meat. Follow the river thevoice says. I think I saw a ghost but...my friend isn’t dead and she sure as hell isnt here. The bear she gave me no longer smells like her but of rum. I wonder why? Doesn’t matter anyway, all that matters now s getting to a port and getting a ship. What kind of fething pirate has to walk anyway? I can’t stand not having meat. I stabbed some kind of animal and ate it...I feel so much better. Things are so pretty now. I'm going to nap.
I do not see this ending well. Or he runs into the Salt team.
Well I certainly don't want him to die but it probably will.
Eh there's people that are almost always on the beach, Kog has a running caravan of people boiling down saltwater to get the salt from it. They also send expeditions all over the damn place. Also, I'd suggest looking up the Oriental Dragon Rat in the .pdf you might find it hilarious.
Hilarious how? Hilarious in a "haha my character just got eaten" way or "ha ha that looks ridiculous" way?
...oh god. Thats...
The latter, unless you're secretly a fish. you're not a fish are you?
In his state? He might end up thinking he is. Especially since he has started tripping on local animals in addition to whatever illness he has.
there are some things no man was meant to see...
Day 1

The fuck am I now?

Holy shit was that message telling the truth? Fuck, I’m sitting here in the jungle with a bottle of beer in my hand and my fishing gear in the other.

Fuck it, Im gonna finish my beer atleast.

Day 5

Been walking for few days, been eating whatever I come across, a lot of it makes me see weird shit, but most of it wears off in a few hours and it is keeping me fed, Im not complaining.

Could do with a dry place to sleep though.

Day 7

I’ve seen sight of humans.

Abandoned camps and areas stripped of food and wood and mostly left to crap.

Following the trail they’ve left.

Maybe I can hook up with them, they might know whats going on.

Day 9

Don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. I’m crapping and puking like mad and I can barely see.

Eating these fucking bugs isn’t helping, but at least Im not fully conscious while I feel like crap.

Day 10

Haven’t been able to keep moving, to sick.

Day 12

How much fluid can a human body eject? I haven’t been able to hold any water down all day!

Day 16


Day ??1

Where did my clothes go?

Day ??2

I don’t know where I am now. Most of my gear is missing and I’m not wearing half of the clothes I showed up with.

I’m still wearing my waders and boots, but everything else is gone.

Day ??3

Found my shirt, it’s a turban now
DA BOYZ are sharp eyed. Even with the rain, they held regular patrols around the lake and up and down the rivers. By now they'd even constructed small towers at the rivermouth going south, and one feeding into the lake from the north. They spotted the boat long before it actually arrived, and were ready for it.

Which is to say, one person went out unarmed, one person ran back to the town, and one held a gun at them from the tower.

There was a giant feathered hell monster with them, but it didn't attack. Seemed particularly attached to a guy who was sickly delirious, suffering from that southern 'black eye' disease. Bright as a red/gold nova.

They didn't waste much time worrying about hostility. One look at their condition, and they knew what the mayor would say.

"We've got a town, hot food, and medicine. Come with us, and we'll take care of you."

With a pot of potato soup and a dry clay hut, they proved as good as their promise. The mayor came with the ichor not long after.

They could have ended up in a lot worse places. All too many corpses across the countryside could attest to that. Ending up in a place like this, they were truly the lucky ones.
I just realized you have pumpkin and carrots. Two ORANGE plants.

Haha. Jason would probably flip.
We had TRIED to prevent this, The formation of a third settlement. The word is passing down the grapevine and Scout/Ranger command is debating as to how to go about things. We gentlemen and ladies of the council blundered with River City. We, cannot do what we did there, They still don't wholly trust us but we must go into this quietly. I propose the Guilds Select Reps to them. We need allies, and they so far have proven to be at least trust-worthy.

Central Supply will be working towards getting an inventory and learning what they have that we need. The tunnels will be helpful in this and trade via them will now be vital I believe. Where the roads move people our tunnels will move goods. Let your respective guilds know what is afoot and have them select people to emigrate at least for a time to this Butter Root Keep.
I feel like at least /tg/ in Kog are a little tau like at times.
Day ??
I made it to the sea. Theres nothing here. Why has god abandoned me? Grandpa lied and said he’d be watching out for me all the time. I’ve tried the rum for the first time in my life today. It felt strange.

Day ??6

Finally over that weird shit, I’ve lost a lot of weight from lack of food and vomiting everywhere but Im still alive.

Got these weird black rings around my eyes though and they don’t seem to be going away.

Day ??9

Still have the eye rings, but found a nest of some weird bug things, got something that tasted like messed up honey.

Day ??12

Found that trail of people again.

Following it now.

Day ?? 14
Found people. Bunch of weirdos in rags and bone jewelry.

Two of them clubbed me as I walking up to them, then they dragged me into their camp.

They all look like they have been here A LOT longer. Most of them carry a weapon of some sort, ranging from crude bone or stone hand made weapons to rusted and well used metal weapons from home.

I could of sworn I saw a symbol to Khorne on a guys back.

Huh, cool.

Day ??15

Got thrown in a pen with a bunch of other people not wearing rags.

They told me I’m being taken to another camp, the boss of the rag people are going to determine whats to be done with me and the others they found.

oh this is not gonna be pretty. Then what is on this hell hole?
I applied the ichor as was directed, mixed with the insect. Hopefully, this will work. If not, I've had a bath with soap made up for them, and some whiskey. Make 'em more comfortable, at least.

I heard in passing that one of them is a nurse. That's a ludicrous godsend. I'm an EMT. Was an EMT. Years ago, well before coming to this world. My skills are strictly emergency based. I gained a bit more experience when I was a health care specialist in the army, but next to a nurse - even an LPN - I'm not worth much. I've done more than I thought possible, but I don't have superpowers. I can't magic people better.

After this long of playing butcher I'm half ready to turn over the whole job to someone I don't even know yet.

I can't, of course. That would be dumb. Skills need testing. Questions need answered. RN? LPN? Maybe actually a doctor? Or a physicians assistant? I need one of those. So, so badly. Not that I can magic medicines out of thin air, of course. But they'll probably know more.

The sick person is a gardener, apparently. That's fantastic. Anyone who knows about farming probably knows more than 90% of Butterroot Keep's population. A farming supervisor? Well, if he survives. If they decide to stay.

We need just about everything, and skilled people are in short supply. Who knows what the others could do.

We haven't asked for or taken anything. We gave them medicine, soap, had a bath drawn up for the wooden tub we've made. Hot potato soup, salted, with some meat and corn in it. Blankets made from the local fiber, and a warm fire.

It'd kill me to send them down south, but I'll do it if they ask. That would help our reputation for generosity, anyway. Or so Amanda says. She's just soft hearted.

Ah well. Time will tell.
We found him drunk on the beach, oddly this isn't the first time I've said that sentence. Poor bastard was suffering from Blackeye, half starved and stunk of rum. He was also holding a teddy Bear. We've taken him back to the Salt camp. He doesn't look cultish and we need all the warm bodies we can get. We've got him in the boiler room right now, sweating it out.

Ignore last post, got some things wrong, rewriting to fit.
Expedition Leader's Notes:

Trade was successful. Biggest bonus. We fixed that little broken radio we brought with us. When we get back, we'll be able to talk to these people as much as we like.

Which is good, because that means the mayor can talk with them.

They wanted to send more people than our boats really have capacity for. One of each fucking guild. We agreed to take a ranger, one of their supply people, and the doctor, though the doctor is supposed to just be going temporarily. Future trips, we'll take more.

My partner is staying behind as an 'ambassador'. I'm not sure why. He's small, quiet, and barely talks. He's got a good eye for detail, but he's not exactly the kind of guy to sweet talk someone.

Anyway, we're on our way back home. The sound of wet caged cats is not fun to sleep to. Hope they're worth it.
I put you at the keep; I could always rewrite my post to put you down at Kog. There's no 'trading post' per se right now. You're either at one or the other.

We got there.

Don’t know where here is exactly but we got here. Called Butterroot Keep apparently, weird.

Me and Drew are currently set up in a clay house. That still gets me, they have clay! And they are building houses with it!

Becca and Stanley said theymanaged to barter the river beasts meat for some extra supplies, mostly some new clothes and shoes, since most of ours are close to ruination. Didn’t take much bartering though, they just said they would take the meat and we would get some clothes same as anyone. Guess this place is running communally, suppose that means they are still on survival mode regardless of their progress.

Its not much but its god damn civilization if nothing else.

Im passing out again, Stanly says we’ll talk again when Im lucid, then we’ll decide what to do. I don’t care really, I just want some more of that damn potato soup!
We have a couple of things we could do at this point.

You could settle in and retire your character if you want. You could become a part of the keep, write up whatever characters or story you like about day to day life there. You could also be set up as a scout for the keep with new equipment, so you could go off and do what you like again. This time with all new stuff.

If you think up something else, feel free to suggest it!
Day N1
I’ve just woken up in a room. Looks like some kind of boiler is in here. That means people right? Looks like my stuff is still here including what’s left of the rum and my weapons. Obviously whoever has me here isn’t violent or I’d probably be dead...unless I’m under an arena for gladiatorial fights or something.Either way, I feel sleepy now so I’m going to get some more rest. If they do kill me I'll be too dead to care. Heh.

Awake again, finally got a good look at myself. Its nice to see my wounds have been properly treated and they have told me they actually have medicine for the weird sickness we all have been coming down with. They call it Black Eye aparrantly, but a worse sort then they get here up north. Like I’ve said, aren’t I one of the lucky ones?

My left eye is gone, no saving it, but I got a neat eye-patch in return and my arm will be in this sling for at least a month. Stanley even fished a pocket mirror out of someplace and I got a good look at my face. God I’m ugly now, my lips are split on the far left side and the rest of my face is torn up and going to scar pretty badly. I’ll live though, and with some luck I can pull off the scarred bad ass look. I doubt it though, I was never really intimidating before.

Drew is recovering as well but the medics said he had to lose the leg after it went septic, he doesn’t seem bothered, he just sits there sipping potato soup with that grin of his. Otherwise he’s fine, slowly recovering from his fever and his own bout of the Black Eye. The other two were barely sick and recovered quickly they have been spending the time getting the lay of the town and the local gossip.

Franky is here as well, he’s been sitting guard in front of the house, she’s also started getting along with the others during my convalescence. That’s a good sign but really I have no idea, I never even had a dog before.
Still passed out, Least that's a good sign. Honestly if it wasn't for the fact right now we're between Salt teams I would have sent him back to the City, Third wavers and all that bullshit being what it is. But till then here we sit watching the newbie and boiling ocean water for salt to sell apparently to some new bunch to the north.

Stanley and Becca have said something about a buzz about Drews status as a nurse, that figures really, medical knowledge must be god send anywhere especially a fully trained registered nurse like he is. All of our skills should help but a nurse probably wins out on scarcity.

After some discussion we all decided it would be probably best to stay here as well, none of us wanted to travel anywhere anytime soon, especially not in that bloody jungle, and we had spent all this time trying to reach this place we wanted to enjoy our little victory. Maybe even settle down, I planned on starting a farm or something, maybe try and properly domesticate Franky.

The others had similar ideas, although Stanley was interested in the trade expeditions they had going on, and it wasn’t like Drew was going anywhere in any case.

We got our stuff together, the tools and the books that hadn’t dissolved on the trip….I still cant believe of everything to survive out of my pack it was a copy of CoC, everything else was paper mache.

I sat im bed silently, just clasping the seed packets I had brought in my good hand while the others asked if we could talk to the mayor.

Lucky the Farmer, hehehe, that’s got a ring to it.

I think my guy will settle and I'll keep writing a little more about day to day life, might retire him eventually but im having fun writing him.
I've ended up on a boat, One of our rangers tagged along as well. It's an interesting experience if just for the fact the fucking cats won't shut up.

Either way, I've managed to drag along most of the basic stuff we've decided they'd like to see including the local vodka, properly prepared breadmoss, a handful of my personal stash of Peanuts, and even some good healthy potatoes as their little keep has had trouble with them. Did I mention Central Supply of all fucking things found two cat's plus cat carriers?

Day ??17

Well shit! Everyone here is from /b/!

Makes sense, everyone here is a lunatic in rags and barely capable of taking care of themselves.

Seriously though who the hell is leading these idiots, this is pathetic.

I mean, rags and bones? Seriously?

Gonna have a fucking talk with the management when we get there.

Day ??!8

Is it just me or is everyone avoiding me?

Day ??19

They fucking are? Even the assholes in rags don’t like being near me!

They say its my eyes! Say Im marked or some shit, Im doomed to die a worthless bloodless death of the sickness!

Fuck them!

Day ??20

We arrived at the main camp. Not huge but its got to be at least a couple hundred here and there are chaos symbols EVERYWHERE.

Holy shit, this is a chaos warband….awesome, no dedications though, but Khorne seems popular.

Day ??21

We spent the night in another pen, crowded with even more people.

In the morning we were lined up and one by one we were marched in front of their leader, a relatively big guy with some kind of imitation fantasy waraxe.

Looked ridiculous but all of the rag people call him the chosen.

He took time with each person, deciding if they were to be a warrior, slave or meat. A lot of people were made slaves, the weakest and youngest called meat and the few strong looking ones were named members of the tribe.

When it came to my turn I called him an asshole a cunt and asked him what the fuck his deal was and then spat in his face.
I got tackled to the ground and beaten by some of his scantily clad musclemen who I guess are his guards.

Now I have to face fucktard in their ‘arena’ at high noon.
>bad end bad end!

Day ??23
They left me in here for a couple days with almost no food or water while they sort and deal with the other people.

Eventually they came and got me and told me I was to fight and took me to their 'arena'.

You know when someone says arena you expect something with a little grandeur.

Not a fucking circle with inward facing sticks and a bunch of rag people in a tight circle around it cheering.

The 'Chosen' walked out to face me in something akin to plate armor, fashioned out of football pads and bark, and wielding his stupid looking axe.

They gave me a stick.

Eh, allright. This fucker is getting this shoved right up his ass.

Day ??24

That was anti-climactic. The asshole keeled over half way through our fight.

We spent almost twenty minutes tumbling around that arena, a lot of which was me just jumping out of the swing of that stupid fucking axe.

Then he just fell over.

His guards rushed in and restrained me, and then pulled the football helmet off his head.
He had these black rings around his eyes and was barely breathing, a little trail of his own vomit was running down his chin.

They rushed me back off to the pen as they dragged him away.

Day ??28

The asshole is dead, puked and shat himself to death.

The rest are arguing about what to do with me, some want to execute me and others argue that I should be free or something.

Day ??29

This is fucked up.

Rag people are killing each other left and right, I’ve got a ring of the fuckers around my pen, all have three circles caverd into their forheads and are stopping anyone else from getting near.
File: 1383595526027.png-(264 KB, 1574x1927, Butterroot keep 12.png)
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File: 1383595604121.png-(247 KB, 1552x1774, Butterroot keep 13.png)
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Ya know, for us average run of the mill, stuck in a settlement dudes? Life ain't too bad. Sure its not glamerous and there's no indoor plumbing but honestly, I don't mind things, then again I work on the Recovery Team in Kog, meaning unlike Build teams we salavage the ruins and make them livable again. It's hard work and sometimes unpleasant (like the time someone found a nest of imps right by where we had been working). But at the end of the day I've got a warm dry place to sleep and a running tab I can pay off at the places that cater to us grunts. That said there's talk of at least within the city implementing some sort of currency backed by Central Supply. Weird.
Journal of Pastor Amanda, the Canoness

The group of survivors made it today. They're good, strong people. Hubby keeps running around and trying to figure out things they can do. One of them is going to need an eyepatch. I gave him one of my spares. Skull and crossbones. Now he can be a pirate too!

The whole town keeps talking about culture, afraid outsiders will eventually wreck us. I've been doing my best to keep things under control. I talk about acceptance a lot on Sundays.

My cute little mayor keeps thinking up schemes to integrate people. Emotional blackmail and intimidation are what they generally boil down to, just dressed in nice language. Oh, he offers a carrot too, but he thinks he needs to threaten everyone a little. He's got to cool it sooner or later. We can't convert everyone like that. He wants everyone moving around like we're Starcraft units, and people don't work like that. He's good at getting people to do what he wants, but he needs to lighten up a bit. Everyone works for him because we respect him, not because we fear him.

So I started to think of some stuff he wouldn't to help us grow together. Songs. The house rules for D&D. A flag. We've been here this long, and he's never thought of making a flag. He didn't think up those pendants, either.

I introduced a little tongue in cheek song called "Burn, burn the heretics" the other night. Everyone was singing it the next day. That's good. We should make a little song about that wolf thing. Make the newcomers feel at home.

I decided to make some potato chips for them. We've got plenty of oil to fry them in. Only used two potatoes, so it was only a handful. Still, salted potato chips will help. The oil makes them pink, but I don't think they'll mind much.

The people down south have a theater company. I should set something like that up here.
>pink potatoe chips

what the hell world. What the hell.
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File: 1383596566166.jpg-(86 KB, 390x700, 1362278992862.jpg)
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Expedition Leader's Notes:
The ranger guy can hold his own, I'll give him that.

The yowlers haven't stopped coming, though there's less of them now (maybe just because we killed so many on the way down). I've been trying to think about what could be drawing them.

Last time we came down here we wore earth clothes, just had a few little jars of stuff. We didn't actually have anything treated with butterroot oil. I know it's poisonous for the creatures up north - those creepy experiments the mayor did proved it. Everything we have is covered in it. Our clothes are waterproof thanks to it. Our tarp is also waterproof thanks to it. It's the only thing I can think of that could be causing it. Or maybe the orange paint? There's a lot of orange stuff around here, so I don't think they hate the color. But who knows how they see. Maybe it looks different to them.

Well, either way we're collecting the ichor in jars. We've got some empty ones to take back with us, and there's going to be a lot of it.

The way back is going to be a lot easier than coming here. The pulley system is set up, so it's just hauling everything with that.

This stuff smells like shit. I can't figure out why anyone got the idea to slap this gunk on a cut.
File: 1383596771135.png-(173 KB, 1545x1960, The lucky one 7.png)
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173 KB PNG

Day ??30
Well, the guys trying to kill me lost.

More guys though I was some sort of 'holy one' sent from the plague god. No one has ever just survived 'The Rot' as they call it before.

Me just living through it and then my oponent dropping dead of the same sickness is supposed to be some sort of sign of favour.

Now they are calling me the high priest of Nurgle....fuck I dont see a problem here.

Day ??33

We've got some others suffering from 'the Rot' as well, I've order our people to feed them the same bugs I ate.

Now all of them are convulsing all over the place.

Day ??34

Being High Priest is fucking awesome.

I get food, water, even some booze all just brought to me.

And the female warriors aren't exactly the prudish types, even if they happen to be a bit on the mannish side.

Im not fucking complaining. Its good to be King!
Day ??38

Half the guys suffering 'the Rot' died but the others are all up and walking again, all sporting the same black rings around their eyes as me.

They are being paraded around as favoured by Nurgle. This is giving me ideas.

This could be fucking awesome!

Day ??40

One of my self-appointeted black eyed acolytes and self-appointed advisors has told me there is another warband in the area.

Its smaller but its in an area with a lot of food and water but they dont seem like they want to share.

Heh, I've played enough Warhammer to know what happens next. I've ordered the camp to assemble everyone who can hold a weapon.

We are going on the warpath!
Glory to Nurgle!
Thanks again for capping everything.
File: 1383596839618.png-(120 KB, 1553x1187, The lucky one 8.png)
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File: 1383596984228.jpg-(61 KB, 600x400, purple-chips1.jpg)
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BTW purple potatoes are completely natural

Agreed this is awesome
>I can only see this ended well. FOR CHAOS!
They taste just like normal potatoes, actually. They're little though.

I once made a meal for my family out of them when they were visiting, just to see how they'd react.

A bunch of different potato dishes, all purple.

It was worth it just for the expressions. Haha.
File: 1383597162427.jpg-(1.86 MB, 2048x1536, BlauerSchwede02.jpg)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
I know, but still pink.
That's a good end.
Wait isn't /b/ to the north of us, like close to where there's actual winter? Fuck, they really are a chaos warband.
Thanks, I'll try to do it as often as possible, altrought I have to work so I may disappear from time to time
Don't worry though, if the thread is deleted while some post are not capped I'll do it from foolz
So, in the future as things more than likely grow in info levels, I'm thinking of having different pdfs one for settlements/factions/artifacts and one for fauna and flora. Would that be alright with /tg/?

Might continue this later, make it about a /b/arbarian horde slowly gaining momentum and maybe even pushing over the mountains.

For he glory of nurgle cannot be halted!
I like it, that can cut the reading new writefags need to cover to the fauna and flora pdf until they choose to meet up with any of the factions, if they do at all.
File: 1383597798689.jpg-(226 KB, 1004x714, Pink chips.jpg)
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226 KB JPG
I'm giving one of the new guys, the one with the eyepatch, a field. Or rather, a bit of grassland that will one day be a field.

He arrived with some carrot and pumpkin seeds. He says he's a gardener. Well, this is a test of his skill. Free house, free room, free board, free food. Plus he gets a small team from the farming crews to help him. If he can grow the stuff he came with, it'll prove he's equal to the task. Carrots and pumpkins will be nice.

It's hard work farming in a world like this. Stone tools, no oxen or tractors to plow the fields. He won't be able to start until the rainy season is over, but he's got the tools. Stone farming tools, bitter tree bamboo like tubes, and Archimedes screws to manage irrigation. And the tools they brought, of course. They can keep them.

The nurse has been given a peg leg. More skilled than I am, though less experienced with the jury rigged tools we have to work with. I'm happy enough to turn a lot of the job over, though. While I'm still running things, the newbie is learning fast. Delegation is fantastic. I'll have to go over my black eye theory with him sometime.

One of them is able to work with rope and made the boat they came in on. Assignment to the boat crew was obvious.

The other is a skilled hunter. That's good. We can always use more.

I think they'll fit in well.
We've reached their 'keep'. It's Builder work of course though they've augmented the initial tower and outbuildings with their own clay houses. Impressive work, we'll have to keep an eye on that see if we can't learn a bit on that matter. That said, apparently they found some newbies that were in rough shape. Damndest thing though they had a scale wolf following them around and NOT trying to eat them....yet.
Categorization of Threats:

I am classifying several different types of threat to our community. Though the local flora and fauna are dangerous, it's unlikely they'll wipe us out. These are human threats.

New Arrival Survivors:
Small groups of individuals who are poorly equipped and usually barely surviving. This is where everyone starts, and are erratic and highly dangerous. They're also potentially quite resourceful. I led a team of survivors that took down a raider fortress, after all. If you aren't vigilant, they can take out a community. They often have guns but no armor, and little in the way of survival skills. They're also a potential resource. Recruitment is top priority.

Usually large in number, usually borderline starving and armed with stone tools. The threat is not negligible, however. Some have functioning firearms. As time goes on, there are less bullets available, and so they regress into savagery. Do not underestimate the danger of a man with a sharp stone if he sneaks up on you while you're sleeping, however.

Our 'hoplite' equipment and vigilance renders us capable of driving off even large armies of these, but enough could wipe us out. That's part of the reason we send out so many patrols. We always want warning.

Cannibal Keep was a raider fortress, initially. Raiders are organized, capable of producing new stuff and have a large number of people. Fortunately they mostly prey on the coast. It's likely they'll have firearms and may approach the level of armament of our own soldiers. To counter this, we focus on training and discipline. Proper training and high morale will allow a soldier to overcome an equally well equipped enemy. Proper intelligence means proper preparation. Scouting helps here, also.

River City and Kogunisan fall into this category. Well organized, well equipped, with a functional military. The single greatest danger to our community; they're also viable trading partners.
File: 1383599411115.png-(259 KB, 1000x1000, 1252210839816.png)
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259 KB PNG
The people coming in were seen from a goodly distance. The river towers had lookouts and, as with the survivors, they were spotted in advance.

My preparation paid off. In minutes, farmers dropped their tools in the field, workers stopped production, and people went to gather weapons and armor.

When the boats arrived, they were greeted by most of the town, and a formation of 60 soldiers in 'hoplite gear'. Orange leather armor, hoplite shields, and guns.

I stood in front of them. Amanda's flag idea was great. We had three, each on long banner poles, one flying above the keep near the lantern. The same butterroot symbol on the pendants. Bright orange and black.

The soldiers marched in a pre-drilled formation, a flashy little display intended to show that they were a proper military. They presented arms, they rattled spear on shield, and then stood at parade rest as they were trained. One of them came out to give a one-gun salute. Enough to prove the guns were functional, but also to look like an impressive finish to the ceremony. I didn't want to waste more bullets than one.

Then the food was brought out.

There wasn't a lot of newly cooked food, but there was good cornbread slathered in butterroot and fresh veggies, and potato soup brought out of the big simmering community pot.

The community met everyone, and I invited the representatives back to my office in the keep for a drink once they'd rested. Tonight, a feast is planned, and hot baths are being drawn up for everyone.

Tomorrow, business.
Our reception was...warm. A feast, a little show of force and flags. I'll give them credit they know how to put a show on. Though the council will be interested to hear of this all I'm sure no doubt and I can see both our Ranger and our Central Supply rep's gears are spinning away. Butter Root Keep, friend or foe? Ally or Rival? Either way for now they're trade partners, I was told before we left to keep something handy and even now I can feel the little .38 with its three rounds snug in my vest, I've taken to wearing a cloak to make sure the bulge isn't noticeable. We don't want trouble but we've learned from the past. Hope they aren't crazies because I'd fucking love to get a steady supply of cornbread going back south.

Well damn, I expected to be given a small patch of land and a place to live.

Instead I’ve been told I’m in charge of a large field and told I have free reign to care and grow my pumpkins and carrots with the help of the men who I have been put in charge of.

The nice lady who gave me the kick ass eyepatch was also there with the mayor. With potato chips this time, pink potato chips but who cares. I've already to start coming by on sundays, Im a lapsed anglican myself, but here I doubt that matters.

Its going to be a challenge and Im pretty sure it’s the mayors way of confirming my claims to be a competent gardener but, eh, I don’t blame him. The guys he’s given me all seem reliable but most of them are a bit wary of the ‘outsider’ getting a management position. I need to think of a way to raise their opinion of me.

It’s not ideal for pumpkin farming but if I can get the workers to pule up the grass from the clearing we can get a compost heap started and ready for when we start actually growing the things. The carrots will plant well enough in similar ground but the dirt will need to be really softened up before we start planting.
Work will be hard but not impossible, mayor really knows how to set a challenge.

Hope the others are settling in as well as me.

I spent most of my first day back on my feet measuring out the field and having some of the workers hammer down posts as markers. Later they should function as fence posts but for now they just mark the border of ‘my’ field.

God its good to say that.
So can we get a map of where exactly everyone in /tg/ is chilling out at? I mean we have a vague idea and that's about it.

Big thing today, a group from another settlement, bigger from the sounds of it, came in to town today.

None of us were out there for it ourselves, we spent most of that time clearing the grass and any large stones out of the first section of the field. Im having them use shovels and pitchfork to rip what they can up out of the ground, and having the rest cleared by a second team by hand. Work is really tiresome but it goes smoothly enough.

The grass is getting piled together into a makeshift compost pit I’ve had dug and I’m having any scraps from the other crops I can gather piled in as well. So far no one is willing to work manure duty, but its not a huge priority.

In other news I am now fully moved in to my little clay house, its not much but I have my tools set up along one wall ready for use in the field, and my small collection of personal belongings are on the crude shelf over my hammock, which is what is left of my tent. For a bit of a homey touch I’ve mounted ‘Neck Cleaver’ over the houses one window. Its small and mostly bare but it feels more like home than my little flat back on earth ever really did.

Sounds like things are getting started back in the town, gonna clean my self up and head in to check it out.
File: 1383602832110.jpg-(163 KB, 600x600, 1339538557960.jpg)
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163 KB JPG
Journal of Pastor Amanda, the Canoness

I couldn't talk him out of that stupid show of force. It put everyone from the cities down south on edge. I was able to make sure that they got taken care of, though. Good baths, good food.

And a little secret trick.

A cake!

Well, it wasn't really a cake. Cornbread, with watermelon syrup, and a kind of 'frosting' made from whipped egg whites. The bottom layer is some of the soft watermelon candy. So no, it wasn't a cake. But it could remind a person of one. I gave it to the visitors from down south as a gift. I really wanted to eat it too, but we all have to make sacrifices.

The newcomers are settling in really fast. One of them deciding to come to church helped ease the fears of my paladins. They seem to forget that they were newcomers not too long ago. Not many places would welcome former raiders or cultists, and come to think of it, most of us were one or the other. The ambassadors are welcome to come too, of course, but I'm not going to push them.

The church is a big clay house that no one lives in yet. We have a site set up for a proper one eventually. For SOME reason my husband decided to site a few others as well. It's not like I care if someone's catholic or Muslim or Mormon! I just do my best to help everyone. But no, he wants room for 'other ideas'. He's a maltheist. He doesn't even really believe in anything except 'god is an asshole'. Well, whatever. That's years away. I wonder if the southern people have churches.

I was really hoping they'd bring back some razors, but they're short down south too... that's too bad. Have you ever tried to shave your legs with an obsidian knife? Don't. I made my husband shave that stupid goatee off though. Makes him look evil. If he can shave the rest of his face he can shave that too. He grumbled about 'not looking cool' anymore but I like this better.

I hope things go alright. I'm doing my best to make sure they all like us.
I woke up again feeling much better but I still just want to lay here and think about what to do in the future. Getting a boat might be a good place to start. I spoke to someone here, apparently it is a place for getting the salt from the seawater. Nice to know there are some industries set up. The thought occurs to me that I’m going to have to repay my debt to these people somehow.
File: 1383604338110.jpg-(95 KB, 640x480, 1285537786471.jpg)
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Another word for diplomat is 'spy'.

Jesús doesn't know he's a spy. That's a good thing. I don't want him to try to BE a spy like he's seen on TV.

They've brought back a functional radio, and that's good. We can talk, now. He can relay more detailed information to us about their communities. He's quiet and has a good eye for detail, and that's what I need. He's not to sabotage anything or steal anything. Just watch, not offend anyone, and report back.

We'll probably use this radio for a lot of real negotiation, so he's a formality as much as anything else. Hopefully they'll mostly forget about him after a while. He'll tell me if they're starting to get interested in a trade good, or if they're angry. That's REAL spy work.

His other job is just handing out the papyrus flyers looking for recruits. The next trip will be light on trade supplies, but will have room for a lot of people.

The news of honey farming down south is unfortunate. That means we can't have a trade monopoly on sugar. Our jars of watermelon syrup didn't sell as well as they could have because of it. Well, I can't go and burn them down to maintain a trade monopoly, so I just have to put up with the competition. I want them friendly. Besides, I want to try some honey too.

This steam power book is... illuminating. We don't have the proper tools, but with the ore they have, we MIGHT be able to build a steam tractor in our lifetime. Something to till the fields would help a lot. These ingots we got won't help, of course, but I'm trying to build a hotter furnace and assigning someone to fuck around with them and see if we can get a furnace hot enough to work them.

The new guy has really made a good start on that field. I'm really hoping he works out. If he does, I may have someone to manage the farmers. He's got to succeed here first, though. Amanda likes him. That's a good sign. And hell, he seems to be winning the cultists over. That's a neat feat.

The feast was a lot of fun, food was amazing after nothing but raw fruit and veg mixed with plainly cooked meat and fish.

I never even liked cornbread before I came here, now its my favourite bread in the world. Literally, I doubt there is any bread anywhere else in the world.

But even after that its straight back to work the next day. It goes well enough but its taking forever, we’ve been dragging more than just a few rocks out of the ground as well, I’ve had the men pile them on the side, we might be able to construct a ‘dry stone wall’ or even a ‘devon hedge’ to form the long wall that faces the jungle away from the Keep. I built enough of them back in England, they shouldn’t be to difficult to do the same here.

Work wouldn’t start until the field is clear but even if that takes a while we should still have some time before we can really start planting.

Still it would serve as a good way of keeping unwanted pests out when the plants start to come through. I’ll start drawing up plans and present them to the mayor and get building permission.

I’ve also convinced the workers to stay back once work is over for a CoC game, this planet has given me enough ideas for a game or two and if it works out it might become a regular thing.
He call's Himself a pirate. Me and the boys joke about him being the start of the Kognusuanian Navy. That aside he's an upbeat fellow for almost biting it hard. We snuck the cutlass out when he wasn't looking through and have sent a runner back to the city to see what they want us to do with the guy.
Dry Stone walls. I honestly hadn't thought of it.

Farming where I grew up, you simply never saw them. Wood posts with barbed wire, or barring that, just plain wood fences.

I hadn't given much thought to fences. I knew we'd need them around the farms eventually, but I just figured we'd use clay bricks or we'd use wood.

It makes sense someone from England would think of it. They have those there. I remember seeing pictures of them.

Up until now we'd simply been loading them into the wheelbarrow and making a big pile of them. The workable ones got turned into tools, the bright ones into marker stones. The rest just stay where they lay. He's welcome to do whatever he wants with the lot of it. This is a test of his skills, so he has free reign on his farm.

Talked with Jason today. He mentioned turning down gold from down south. I could have smacked him!

I'd already given some thought to currency. Clay coins were my first thought, but they're too brittle, too easy to forge.

But clay coins with a golden Butterroot in the middle? That's different. And the currency would have our symbol on it.

Damn. I don't want those southerners to establish the currency first.
I've been sitting round more than I should. I feel like I should be helping out. I was looking through my kit and everything is there...except for my cutlass. They left my machete but took my cutlass. I guess I can kind of understand why they'd want to take the weapon from a captive but still...I sort of think of it as an heriloom now. After all its the last thing I have from my father since the rum is gone.
File: 1383607184662.jpg-(164 KB, 479x640, 1369598024435.jpg)
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164 KB JPG
Currency isn't that easy to make.

Even if you have gold, even if you have coins with pictures on them, they can still be worthless metal. Currency has to have people who will exchange them for goods and services, or it won't be worth anything.

There's no real difference between a gold coin or a paper dollar, save that one is scarce and the other is not. It works based on an idea. People have used pretty shells, naturally formed smooth stones and all kinds of other things for money in the past. What matters is that it's not infinite in supply or the supply is controlled, and that the supply is backed by a credible government. Then, that people are willing to exchange it for goods and services.

In reality, we weren't in a position to have currency yet. There was no real 'central government'. For instance, if the Kog people decided to make their own currency, no one in the keep would accept it, so it'd be worthless outside their own city.

The basic form of currency was an "IOU", developed in early farming societies. Do your work, bring in your quota, and get an IOU for a good from the ruler. That's how you start a currency. The coin just represents that IOU.

We weren't big enough yet to need that system. But when we did, we actually had a currency already.

Old world coinage.

Can't be reproduced, doesn't rot like paper money, and there's a lot of it. Most people who came, even the unprepared ones, have pocket change.

It's also a good way to get the new people integrated fast once they join.

We don't have a need for it yet, but the Keep will probably eventually support an old-world coinage system at first, using metal and clay coins as a stand in. Eventually the old world coins will be phased out, and the new ones will be the main currency. That also gives us a common coinage with any community we meet, and that's good.

Long term planning and foresight is the key to success. I intend for my community to succeed.
WE caved in and gave the cutlass back. Had a couple talks about it with him and realized he doesn't have much left of the old world. Poor bastard. That said we're sending him to Kog at least so he can relay info to command about what he's seen.
So has this thread been archived?
Wouldn't hurt to have it archived in suptg
I think I made a good impression with the stone wall idea.

Aparantly they didn’t use them up in the states, just fences and such. That’s fine and all if you have people who respect boundaries but fences aren’t going to hold anything with determination out.

Now a wall wont do much on its own either but it can defended much easier than a fence and it doesn’t get torn down half as easily.

If we have as much stone as I think then there should easily be enough for a chest high wall along that whole stretch. With the stones built around an earthwork wall and a series of wooden spikes lining the top like on a palisade and that should be enough to protect an archer defending the position.

But really what it will do is keep ground pests from getting into my fields, Ive already seen those dragon rats about, those bastards get into my crops and im organising a cull!

Field clearing is going much smoother now, we have a system now and I’ve promoted one of the men, Joe, up to my assistant, he’s one of the original members of the keeps population and he’s been catching me up to speed on the places history while we work. The guy is pretty smart and he’s good at keeping people on task, its good to know I have someone I can trust to supervise the work while I start mapping out our planting schedule. A week more and we’ll have half the field clear for tilling once soil starts to dry a little.

On a different note, I think something is wrong with Franky, she’s been sluggish the last couple days and hasn’t been following me around as much, just lying in the house half-asleep.

Im gonna ask around town if we have a vet, worst comes to worse, I’ll ask if Drew will have a look at her.
Speaking of forward thinking...

There is a very valid way to make a future currency a reality. Once the community is large enough, I want to change the communal storage to a tax, and let everyone keep anything extra they produce.

I still intend to have a social safety net; a minimum standard of living for those who do at least some work. There will be no slums here. Guess I'm like those socialists in Europe, the idea of people starving here just horrifies me. I may have to turn in my capitalist card. That, and many of the girls are disabled to some degree. I won't toss them to the wolves. My wife would have my hide.

Of course, that brings up the second danger. Feudalism.

I am not the absolute ruler of this place. Not really. There are a lot of leaders here, because I wanted there to be a lot of leaders here. Me, Amanda, Jason, the new guy doing the farming. But in spite of the fact that my title isn't dictator, king, baron or emperor, I rule in fact.

Eventually, I intend to retire from leadership and make this a democracy. I won't abide feudalism.

Once the place has grown enough, I'll make a system for currency. The framework already exists. I'm grooming sane people to eventually potentially take over for me.

I want a town council, eventually, to act as a check on the power of the mayor's office. There is no real town council yet, but there will be. Farming rep, claymakers rep, and so on.

There will be no guilds, either. I want social mobility. The southerners don't have real guilds like the oppressive shitheaps that existed in feudal europe, but I don't want them importing a caste system. I'm going to make laws banning things like that, once I get around to writing a formal book of laws.

Sometimes forward thinking is a pain in the ass. I'll have to make a formal court system. Dammit.
This looks like it could be fun. I haven't really been paying much attention to the thread, nor have I to previous threads, but let's give it a try anyways.

For a long time, I knew all those happening threads on /pol/ would mean something, I just didn't know it'd be so soon. Apparently I had to gather up to two hundred pounds of equipment to take with me. Had I known where I was going it'd be much easier to prepare. Wait- the innawoods guide. I had that saved under my /k/ folder! The file was not difficult to find. I opened it up before quickly realizing I had next to none of the stuff detailed. Maybe I should ask for someone- I could also take him along with me huh? But how am I supposed to do that? I'm a NEET and haven't communicated with anyone for a year.

Wait. I have a phone. It's a good thing I use this thing as an alarm- also barcode kanajo, otherwise it wouldn't have had so much battery. I scrolled down to see a list of names- people I haven't talked to for a long time before a name caught my eye- Olivia. Naw, I'll ask Rick- he was studying to be a doctor last I heard. I could use one of those I say before my hand slips.

"Hello. Who is this?" I hear. It's a sweet feminine voice; soothing and terrifying at the same time. Quickly, I try to hang off- but once again, my hands fail me. The speakerphones turn on. "H-Hi" I say. My head feels strange- probably because I haven't heard my own voice for months. "Um... Russel? What was that voice I heard just now? What's 4chan?" She continued to ask me questions that I didn't have the ability to answer both because I had no answers and the fact that my spaghetti was falling from my pockets.
That's the right approach to go for. Just jump in, read stuff as you go, and have fun!

Spent half the day walking around the settlement asking anyone if they knew someone who was a vet or cared for the animals, didn’t have much luck.

I did manage to pull Drew away from his work on his break to come have a look at Franky while we informed each other about the last week.

He was working with the Mayor working shifts as Butterroot Keeps resident doctors, Stanley was helping with the boat crews and the docks, didn’t seem like he’d be travelling anytime soon but he seemed determined to work out a better system for elevating the boats up and down the cliff side. Becca was working with the scouts and hunters now and seemed to have settled in the quickest, like she was one of the locals instantly.

It was good to hear about them all, but we were all settling in differently and all constantly busy with our new work that it was getting rare to see each other.

Anyways Drew didn’t need to look at Franky much before he gave me his diagnosis. I thought it would be something bad like a disease or an infection or something.

Instead it was worse.

She’s fucking pregnant.
Yay! Puppies!

... er... bird... puppies. But puppies!

As long as they don't eat the cats, that's awesome.
"Quick, gather up a hundred pounds of stuff." I say before quickly hanging up. She must think I'm crazy. Well, I probably am. Maybe I should pick stuff up just in case. I scurry through my house looking for various objects that might be helpful. Then suddenly, I hear something fall. I let out a cough, fanning the dust away before seeing among the pile of trash, I spy something glimmering as if telling me to take it. I reach my hand out and grab.

It's that really expensive katana I bought back when I was a total weeaboo who thought these things could actually cut through solid slabs of steel. It may not be able to, but I do need a weapon. I'm not /k/ enough to own any guns. Without hesitation, I shove the sword's sheath through my belt and continue off. My old school backpack might also be useful in carrying stuff. I unzip the main bag to find that there's nothing inside- perfect.

For the next five minutes, I gather various objects I deemed useful: an infowars water filter that I bought in fear of xenoestrogens; a bottle of vodka in case I run out of water; a cooking pan, a couple of bic lighters, and a towel. What else do I need? And just as I was about to finish my thought, I felt my body lifted. It... begins.
Looks like I'm gone for a while again. Have fun and do what you like. Keep the thread alive for me, guys and gals!
File: 1383610725993.png-(19 KB, 300x150, Lenore Kog Flag.png)
19 KB
Well I'm back from work, lots of reading to catch up on.

For the record, there were two cures to Black Eye.

The Kog method which was yowler ichor, alcohol and a plant/insect ingredient. It had the side effect of causing permanent damage to the rod/cones of the eye however leaving everything heavily saturated. The "Disney Filter" effect.

Then there was the Rivertown cure, which was never actually described but caused nerve damage resulting in periodic attacks of the shakes.

Drew informs me that she shouldn’t be due for while yet but I should be prepared nonetheless.

I asked him if he was sure. He replied by telling me he was doctor not a damn xenobiologist! We had a good laugh at that. Before he shrugged his shoulders and told me he had no idea how long dogs were pregnant for, let alone alien bird/dog/horse things.

I thanked him anyways before waving him off. Shit, this will be tough. I don’t think I’ll be able to take care of bunch of frankenpuppies on top of everything.

Instead of focusing on it to much I threw myself back into the work, the fields needed to be ready for when it started to dry out and the compost heap needed to be big enough to covered the whole section I’d marked out for pumpkins, they didn’t grow to well in fields like this without it.

Some of the trees are blocking the early morning sun until well into mid day as well, so I have two guys clearing away the branches to see if that helps. If we have to we will cut them down when its time to start building the wall
Got another game going tonight, think I’m slowly winning them over.
Might ask them if any of them would like to adopt a frankenpuppy when the time comes.

Actually, there’s an idea, I’ll go around town tomorrow, ask if anyone is interested in adopting a puppy. In fact the Cannoness might be want one, I’ll give her first pick if she’s interested.

Hah, now I have another job to worry about, im going to need to write a book:
“How to train your deathbeast, for dummies.”

/b/ kind of has one as well across the mountain.
It involves eating a large bug which is mildly toxic but heavily hallucinogenic. You enter a delusion filled coma and gain a high fever for a couple of days before the effects wear off.

The problem is, it has about a 50/50 chance of killing you outright, and if you do survive you remain a carrier and infectious via bodily fluids.
this makes me wonder what other nasty little diseases we've got wandering around this damn planet now.
A lot of them wouldn't even be effective since they did not evolve to prey on anything remotely terran.
Yeah we seem mostly susceptible to stuff that is completely harmless to the local fauna, accidents of biology and chemistry more than anything
With the way infections and diseases work in real life, probably very few.

A fungal infection makes a lot of sense, but local diseases are pretty unlikely to work on humans. Our cells don't have the right parts to latch onto or affect.

A virus might be viable because they're so simple, but it'd still probably be benign in humans. Look at the difference between chimps and humans. Almost nil. But the AIDS virus is benign in Chimpanzees, and lethal to humans. That little of a difference can be a big deal.

The tradeoff is that a lot of local stuff is poisonous to humans.
am I the only one more than a little worried that at least portions of /b/ are turning into Warhammer fantasy chaos minus mutations?
to one extent or another that's very true. We apparently in situ did get rejiggered so it's not as severe as it could be. Which I think is why we can eat any of it at all.
It's possible we could eat alien food. No one knows for sure. No one's seen non-terrestrial life to see how similar to earthlife it would be.

The big issue is, I believe, whether or not they'd have right or left handed DNA. If it's the opposite of ours we simply couldn't eat it. If it was the same, we possibly could, as long as it wasn't poisonous.

So it's 50/50 we wouldn't need any adjustment on that front, at least.
The aliens wouldn't have dumped everyone there if they couldn't eat anything.
The pdf doesn't detail the regions outside of /tg/'s territory. Should I just make up the history, geographical features, flora, and fauna as I go along?
You totally should. If it's not defined it's yours to do whatever with.

That's my opinion, anyway.
Where abouts would you be anon? We might be able to give you a basic overview.
I'm no biologist, but I believe that as long as the life has nucleotides and they're similar to ours it should be fine. Also, nutrients wouldn't be a matter either. If we had to eat stuff with DNA, vitamins wouldn't be a thing.
/a/ would probably be too full of hipsters and children to have any real action in. /b/ would go full Lord of the Flies real fast. I also mentioned /pol/, which would actually have a few survivalists prepared for the HABBEDING... or just neckbeards. The porn boards don't seem to have a lot of communication through them so it's difficult to know how people generally act there- also there don't seem to be many users. I'm open to any suggestion as long as it would make a good story.
I've only got about the same qualifications as the mayor character, so I can't say for sure. It's important in a bunch of sci-fi I enjoy, so maybe.

I do like to watch science and speculative science videos on the topic of alien worlds, but the important thing is probably that no one knows for sure what it'd be like, so you can just do whatever you like.

/diy/ would probably be a rednecks paradise, with a functional society set up already. It'd be half duct tape, but it would almost certainly work.
Unless they were dicks
Hmm well /b/ sits out upon the plains to the north of the mountains there are scattered forests and lakes, its generally a rugged land. They also have the ruins of what was at one point a Builder 'empire' so a fucking huge ruined city that many will be in.

That said:
is the most recent world map.
They're definitely dicks.
We really need a /tg/ region map.
its been implied in the past they basically ended the native civilization just so they could yank our asses off of Earth. Because the natives weren't developing the way they wanted.
I would if I didn't suck at maps, I might play my hand at handdrawing one though it won't be too scale. Frankly I'm not an artist enough to do it justice.
The builders also may or may not have actually been native to this world. They could have been some other world's equivalent to 4channers, too.

I really don't have the time or I would.
I like to imagine /mlp/ territory devolved the fastest and is now the most violent hellhole on the planet.
they are native, that was passed down by the sphagettiman (the guy who actually made all our adorable killbeasts, The world map etc and builders)
If 4craft is any indication they probably did okay at surviving due to being sorta cooperative if extremely derp at everything. Their society would be incredibly ronrey, picked on by everyone and anyone that tried to ally with them would immediately get gangbanged by everyone everywhere ever.

In 4craft that was /tg/.

Obviously, this /tg/ would not be that stupid. Right? RIGHT?
/k/ has got to be one of the most dangerous places on the planet

I doubt there would be any large tribes of cultists but I can easily picture it being full of paranoid holdouts with a shoot first ask questions second attitude

I hope so
/k/ had a place that just replicated ammo or simple objects. So yeah.
The Alchemist areguably the single biggest headache to work out. It basically takes something, breaks it down and spits out a tablet. So long as it's got the raw materials handy, said tablet can be handed back and it will use the raw materials to make what the tablet tells it too. There are limits of complexity for example artifacts are a no go, Things like ipods and computers are also out. If it could be theoretically made by hand it's liable to do it if memory serves.
....so /k/ gets a tech cheat?
Well shit, I guess we know what we need to crusade after.
in essence yeah, though /tg/ has fucking robo-dorfs...that understand builder and sort of understand us.
Some of /tg/ does. Butterroot Keep has no builder tech at all, but does have the beginnings of a human industrial base.
true, though there's caches scattered all over the place to be plundered. a lot of the dwarves found by /tg/ of the first and second waves were kinda just stumbled upon.

Don't forget the beginnings of the first locally domesticated wildlife.

We are somehow balacing the nature hippy groove with our all natural developments with our industrial might hard on with our medicine and production capabilities!
Kog also has several of the big powersuit/mecha sitting around that they've salvaged. One was even deployed in the /b/ invasion.
All right, but how buggered would us guys who usually hang out on /g/ be?

I dont think many of us actually own anything that might help us survive out there.
Please tell me someone made at least one kamina reference? I want to write more but I've got stuff for class I need to handle.
sadly no, though it earned the name Invicta in the battle. The commander of Cadia's forces also used penned yowlers on attacking /b/arbarians.
There was some complaining about 40k getting into their invasion and a roman legionaire commander(on Cadias side) but that was mostly it
and a later battle /tg/ used a rapedactyl to break the back of a /b/ horde.
Twas the stuff of legends

And lo the great warrior summoned the fell beast from beyond the veil and laid its wrath upon the heathen hordes!
what do I dare ask is a rapedactyl?
I've considered having a pack of mountain bulls invade, but I haven't gotten the timing right for it yet. Wondered if they might be possible to domesticate.

Scale wolves will be interesting, to be sure.
you've already got a pregnant scale wolf in your camp.... I think you've domesticated them already.

Although using bulls to plow the fields would be hilarious.
>turns out edibility for plants go both ways.
>mountain bull herd wanders in and starts rooting through the carrots.
>Hilarity ensues.
That was prettymuch exactly the idea.

Tamed. Actual domestication takes a few generations of selective breeding.

For instance, you can tame a cheetah but can't domesticate it because you can't breed them in captivity.

Several generations of repeated breeding is important so you breed aggressiveness toward humans out of them. You can breed it back in too if you're crazy.
Stay the hell out of my carrot patch you damn beasts!

Oh hell no, the last thing I need is a herd of megafauna charging through my damn field!

That wall just got its priority bumped up.
We need higher walls to keep them out, and more ladders!

Anyone able to clarify the symptoms of Black Eye besides dysentery, vomiting, and nausea?
It’s already been several days now and our new addition to the camp is doing worse by the hour. His leg is becoming necrotic and I’m trying to fight off the infection with the antibiotics I brought, but they’re not really making progress. Poor guy could die any day now.

The rest of us have been developing various levels of a native sickness. James believes it may be due to the onset of the rain season that we’ve suddenly been more exposed to whatever this is. We spend most of our time trying to help our fourth man, or expelling bodily waste. We realize the last thing we need is contamination of any diseases that might grow if we relieve ourselves near our house, but it’s hard to sprint down a tree and across a field while holding your ass and mouth and still looking for potential threats.

Phil has the easiest time of this sickness, I don’t know why he is the least affected but we’ve convinced him to help take care of us after we spent several months taking care of him while he was busy chasing rainbows and magical dragons.

Funny thing dragons. I’ve been noticing several little critters that look like some oriental dragons while I look for a tree to relieve myself. They just sit and watch me. It’s kind of creepy. Although, I was born in the year of the dragon so it might be my guardians watching over me. Pigeon and cat sized guardians…
Blindness, and depending on the cure you'll end up with a 'disney filter' where your rods and cones turn saturation levels way the fuck up, nervous spasms or a well /b/tardation.
/b/tardation, truly a fate worse than death.
Fever, flu-like symptoms (iirc), black eyes.

You say it like its something to be avoided, when trully it is the mark of pappa nurgle!
dysentery and vomiting are part of the xenoadaption.

Blackeye was blindness, flu like symptoms and death.
I tossed in a theory earlier about blackeye and xenoadaptation being related, which is what people are referencing.

Feel free to disregard if you don't like it, though. It's just a hypothesis by a character.

Someone else came up with xenoadaption, basically a long term problem of the body trying to assimilate alien foods and nutrients.
My explanation leaves room for that to still be true, since the people of Butterroot Keep still eat a lot of Earth foods.
True enough.

That said.

More writfagging!
Aye aye mon kapitan
so instead of going full bore like the people in kognusun did butter rooters are working it slowly into things.
Basically yeah. There's a lot of differences between Kog and the Keep.

Kog is wetter, more jungly, and there's a lot more fungus. The animals are bigger and meaner and more aggressive. There's Kelpies in the water. They have mining, and dwarves and probably know much of the local flora better, since they came through with less earth plants. They also inherited a city. They're kinda going about things willy-nilly but they've got a lot of might to go about whatever they want to do.

The Keep is dryer, out of the woods (there's a big field around a lake) and has little fungus. The animals are smaller and more docile. There's nothing dangerous in the water. There's also almost no builder resources, but with earth plants and the beginnings of primitive industry, the people of Butterroot Keep are making clothes, clay goods, and anything you can make from the earth plants and the two major local plants they've figured out. They're very organized but don't have a lot of manpower or advanced tools.

Kog also has a looser government with the guild system. The keep is basically a benevolent dictatorship under a 'mayor'. Both cities have a military, but while the Rangers are probably better in the woods, DA BOYZ are probably better in a fight in an open area and against waves of people without guns.

There's more people in River City and Kog than the Keep, as well.
The people of Kog didn't have much of a choice in their development speed. They had several hundred people within the first few days and struggled to just feed them and nearly stripped the area of edible plants until the farms came together. It would have been a nightmare without the aqueducts. Now they have thousands of people. There was no time to carefully experiment. Butterland has a few hundred and lucked out with good leadership and a prime location.
Yeah, that's probably the core of it. Kog was in a pressure cooker and needed leaders for everything because they needed everything RIGHT NOW and luckily got good ones, the Keep had time and strong leadership.
Admittedly River city is perhaps the best meeting of the two and what happens with Bad leaders. Also am I the only one that giggled at River City Ransom as that whole situation is now called?
Keep up the fun writing, Expat! Love to read it.
Where can I read more on this? I kind of saw one thread and jumped in. Also since my character is going to be in Kog, is there a library there one that might have books on shipbuilding and woodworking?
Kog has an unofficial guild that collected all literature they could barter for to make copies and prevent the loss of knowledge. So that's where you'd want to go. All other books are with Central Supply.

Also I keep the original Lenore logs and some other stuff here if you want the source. http://www.4shared.com/folder/JoVmDhq0/_online.html
Central Supply will have all your needs. They're a bit like a govermental warehouse/take half your shit. deal and keep meticulous records...on a giant rock slab.

File: 1383622795969.jpg-(40 KB, 720x540, 1367532342176.jpg)
40 KB
Amanda told me today that she intends to adopt one of the hellbeasts. Fantastic.

I'm hugging one of the imported cats right now. I love cats.

I never liked dogs back home, never will. Big, dumb, smelly beasts. Well, these aren't dogs, so maybe they won't be so bad.

Or maybe one of them will eat a baby and I'll have to deal with the fallout.

So no one with children can adopt one. There's quite a few of them in our city now. People have been getting busy for some time. Amanda isn't showing anything, but if she's not pregnant... well, she will be soon. I feel this very strange urge to say, "I'll make sure of it." It isn't like we need extra encouragement though. We're... um, quite active. Still she already gave her word.

I have an eventual plan to get the southerners to like us more. A 'cultural exchange'. Five of our soldiers live with them, five of theirs live with us. We all assist each other. This is in addition to regular trade, of course. They'll rotate out with each trade mission.

This is partially so that if we're attacked or they are attacked, we all feel like we have to share in defending each other. I'll eventually want a defense pact. They just have so many more people. We couldn't fight them off, we just have to convince them we'd wreck them if we tried and we'd be better as allies.

Amanda wants to send one of her cultist understudies down south to preach. Dunno how I feel about that. Seems responsible, but that may just piss them off. I'll have to ask the delegates about it.
by any chance will you do any more writefaggotry?

also, this thread is in auto-sage
I probably won't be able to write more tonight, but someone can start a new thread.
Not for the time being. All my planning is going to my Stranded in Fantasy campaign and work is sapping what's left. I still function as a knowledge base though.
That's too bad. It'd be really fun to have someone really dedicated to playing Kog/River City people; it'd give me more to interact with.
We'll try to make sure the old guard is heard, don't worry mayor.
Well this is it I guess. I mean I've got this droning count of time in my head, counting down to...what? The time I explode, turn into a mutant get abducted by aliens? How the fuck should I know, Everyone's staring at me right now, driving by wondering why there's a dude sitting on the side of the road with a thumb in the air slowly mouthing numbers and sitting in a pile of crap that looks most likely stolen.


Welp, here goes nothing.


Why am I so giddy?


Franky is doing well enough for now for me to focus on getting the rest of the field cleared.

And with some people promising to adopt their own personal Frankenpuppy I don’t have to worry to much about making sure they are housed and fed. That being said the mayor is putting some restrictions on who can adopt one and such.
Good idea, didn’t even think of it earlier, bad form on my part.

The book I need to write is progressing very slowly, most of my knowledge with Franky comes from basic interaction. How do you write ‘be patient, assertive and feed it a lot of meat’ in so many fancy words?

Still, on the farms side, the guys are all working hard on the field, middle of the day they pulled this massive boulder out, as tall as a fully grown man and just as wide, it was covered in moss and half sunk into the ground.

Took the whole team and myself to drag that thing just off the field, we ain’t bothering to rock pit, now im standing next to this damn thing, covered in mud and moss and I still have no idea what we are going to do with this thing.

Gonna need to sleep on it I think.
small typo, that should actually read
'be patient, but assertive and feed it a lot of meat'
I wonder if you could put a saddle on a scale wolf. They're horse sized, after all.

Maybe we could all be wolf riders one day.

Be proper orky then.

I was delusional. I’ve tripped enough acid to know when my brain is working in a strange way… but… I swear the dragons lead me here. They were watching me like normal. They were sitting under the cover of a tree while I was bent over in the rain throwing up the last orange I tried to eat. But when I looked directly at one it hopped down and twitched its head as if to say ‘follow me, over here’.

I don’t know what I was thinking, but I followed. As I stepped closer to the dragon it jumped into the air and then half slid, half glided between the trees. I stumbled after it, slipping in the ankle deep water several times and stopping one time to throw up again. When I finally caught up with it the dragon was hanging upside down clinging to the side of the tree. His mouth was pointing to a bright blue plant growing at the base of the tree just at the water’s edge. The plants look like a mushroom or fungus and are about the size of a human fist. I’ve never seen this specific plant before so it must be native to the rain season.

I don’t know why I did what I did next but I picked one of the plants and ate it raw. It had an almost instantaneous effect of blacking out.

I woke what had to be several hours later, my head felt like it was splitting apart, but surprisingly the nausea had faded. I found myself face down hugging the base of the tree. I’m still shocked nothing came by to bother me while I was out. I’m heading back to camp now. Hopefully I haven’t been gone too long to make the others worried.
oh hey holy shit, it lives.
Oh god... you just found a dwarf didn't you?

Also. Gonna add some new flora fluff for what I just ate. Blue fungal plant that does some strange adaptations. Probably write more in the next thread since I'm busy right now and can't focus.
The thread reached its bump limit. A new one is needed.
What have I seen anyway?
To elaborate you've seen what you've seen. That said its basic procedure with kog, drag people in kicking and screaming see what they've seen then see if they want to join up. Unlike butter root they're a little more willing to wage a bloody fight as well and love tactical info.
Trees,trees, clearing, trees, river, trees, Holy Fcuk I tripped balls on black eye and drug meats saw naked chicks coming out of trees and wil-o-wisps and wound up here kind of stuff?
Yeah. Butterroot Keep will be running distant scouting expeditions soon, but if you wanna kick teeth in Kog is better.

The Keep is better for if you wanna peacefully build and do social stuff, Kog is best for fun tech stuff and fights.

Though I may give the Keep a fight eventually! Just not right away.
Pretty much, Welcome to /tg/ where yes, all of that will be written down for future reference. There's also a bar.
In all fairness when your fauna is a third murderbeast and you've had issues with dangerous cults in the past. It's understandable. Also Mayor be warned if you're close to the mountains its highly likely Rapedactyl will be passing through.
I'll probably write an event about it eventually. Wanted to do some fauna invasions, I'll get around to it sometime.
True, but the rapedactyl is a solitary beast that's highly territorial and covers a large area of land. They aren't exactly blot out the sky style creatures because if they were that numerous they'd eat their entire ecosystem then starve.

So yeah, probably one of them in the area and if the keep has a lot of fires and lighting then they shouldn't be swooping down on them and rather they'll just eat some Mountain Bull or Scale Wolf that wandered from the pack.
>Scale Wolf that wandered from the pack
That said very true, though there's also been issues with people um...feeding the wildlife in the past. A metric fuck ton of Builder engravings have rapedactyls in them and its believed they worshipped them. So some builder cults do the same and yeah...
Not to mention a little to close to an actively posting /b/arbarian and his plague horde
CADIA SHALL HOLD FAST though I do love how their mayor was pissed at the irony of that.
I’m being shipped to a town. This is good I guess. I can recover, get some grub, repay my debt and maybe figure out where to go from there. I have also come to the realization that piracy won’t be a thing for a good long while probably. Its not like there are any ships sailing around the seas to plunder. I know piracy was really romanticized back in the old world but still it would have been interesting to see a pirate ship in action at least once. >tfw born too late to be a pirate back on the old world. >tfw arrived in the new world too soon to be a pirate here. Feels bad man.
We starting a new thread soon? Can we get a link in this one?
((Still a ways from the bottom so I might as well post it here))

Our fourth man died today. None of us knew or had the advanced medical training to help keep him alive. Phil and I moved his body several hundred meters away, but we couldn’t move too far away from the camp and leave James. I feel responsible for his death. If the snake had eaten him it would have been quick, but by saving him all I did was prolong his suffering. I wish we had a doctor. I wish this was just a dream….

James is getting worse. He has black rings around his eyes now and his vision is failing him. Phil and I have to help him outside and after giving him antibiotics he still shows no signs of improving. I don’t know why he is getting sicker while I get better and Phil still shows no signs of getting sick. I’m trying to think of differences in our medical history that may cause a recovery on my part, immunity to Phil, and sickness for James, but there are no similarities I can come up with.

While I never spoke with James about medical history, and he is in no condition to answer questions, Phil and I have been talking more recently. We both had chicken pox, both have allergies to pollen in the spring if it’s humid, but no other allergies or history of sickness. I’ve taken several stronger antibiotics that Phil has ever had, but that shouldn’t be a factor in our current situation. We both drink heavily and know our livers are probably a little worse than they should be, and we both smoked so our lungs are damaged.

I did bring two packs with me that I rationed for the first few weeks, but again, that shouldn’t be that much of a difference.
The last variable would be something from the local eco system that we encountered. But there is no common variable that would cause such drastic differences between the three of us. Phil almost exclusively ate the hallucinogenic bugs and plants before the rain season and I never touched them. James may have had them before I met him. Phil also taste tested several things, but most of them were hallucinogenic as well. Shortly before the rains started Phil started eating some of the food James and I had farmed, scavenged, or hunted. After the rains we’ve been supplementing our diet almost exclusively on the orange plants and grass seeds. I wish we had a doctor that could help us figure this sickness out. I don’t want to lose James as well.


It’s been two days and I’ve at least an idea as to why I’m doing better. The blue mushroom plant that I ate has to have some kind of healing properties to fix the sickness. Unfortunately, I’m having Phil write this because my fingernails have started turning blue(Phil – they’re purple but he said blue) and any pressure on them causes extreme pain. I gave Phil directions to the plant and a general direction from what I can remember on my walk back. If James’ condition gets worse we can feed him the plant and hopefully he can trade one sickness for another.
File: 1383630598784.jpg-(127 KB, 800x600, Lactarius_indigo.jpg)
127 KB
127 KB JPG

This is Phil now. These two guys who dealt with my shenanigans are now completely reliant on me. I found the plant that Min was talking about, but it wasn’t blue like he said. It’s a deep purple colored mushroom. I thought he might be colorblind because he said blue when he was having me write earlier.
Min’s fingernails and toe nails are falling off and the purple color is spreading up his hands and legs in a splotchy pattern. I keep them both feed and hydrated as best I can.
We are out of those antibiotics they were using to help the guy with the cut up leg. I think those might have helped them. This looks like a really bad fungal infection like my grandmother once had. I think the doctor made her take the same kind of antibiotics. Jesus, I hope they don’t die! I have no idea how to survive out here without them!

James looks to be doing better. His eyes are following my hand again so I think his eye sight is coming back. Both of them are in extreme pain though. Just laying down cause’s pressure on the spreading purple infection. They’ve both lost fingernails and toe nails. Our food supplies are dropping low and I can’t leave them for long enough to go grab more. I think I will start letting them have my share in hopes that the oranges help them get better. I know vitamins are in oranges and I hope that will help heal them.


It’s been almost a week since I last wrote something. Min’s condition is getting better. He is finally able to sit up again and I don’t have to clean him anymore. Thank GOD that’s one down! I can help him get up and down and we’ve started using one of the leather walls as a bathroom door. Thankfully it’s still raining most of the waste gets washed away. They both are still covered in purple though. It’s like I’ve got two purple smurfs that I have to take care of. Well if the smurfs were people that had blue pant splattered on them.
((Side note, never look up fungal skin infection symptoms and treatments while eating))
I seem to have recovered enough now that I can write again. After reviewing my notes it looks like Phil only remembers my Korean name. James had heard me curse in Korean one day and asked me about it while we were eating. I ended up telling both of them a little about Korea and my time there. It’s probably for the best because it’s a lot shorter and I think the psychedelic bugs might have fried his brain a little. But he did guess correct about me being color blind.

It’s been a little over a month by Phil’s count since the rain started and it’s now gone from heavy rain down to a steady continuous rain. Some areas that once were rapid flowing water have now settled into shallower puddles and it’s easier to see some of the smaller native fish in the water.

It’s still interesting to see that Phil hasn’t come down with the same sickness James and I had. Either he is really lucky, or he may end up catching the thing later. I’ve started stockpiling some of the mushroom things in one of our smaller huts near what was once our crop field. It’s hard to move around on the forest floor without any toe nails, and grabbing hold of things without fingernails is still painful, but I can grit my teeth through the pain if only to get up and stretch my limbs.

We’ve recovered some of our food supply after a few trips to the closest orange bushes. Neither of us are willing to go venture to the grass fields in fear of those snakes that attacked our fourth man. I’ve seen a few of the dragon’s in the trees, but I can't bring myself to kill them for food.

James is no longer in pain, but he still has a faint black discoloration around his eyes. Both of us still have discolored patches of skin and I can see hints of a pigment change in both of our hair. James is sleeping a lot now and I hope the rest can help cure whatever is still in him. I should probably rest as well. I’ll see how things go tomorrow.
None of my boys….geeze, when did I start calling them that.

Well, none of my boys are any good with a chisel, but Joe was helpful and ever and hunted down a guy in town who was on the general labour team, hauling mostly. But back on earth he worked in sculpting, or at least he did some in college or it was a side hobby.
Honestly Im not sure on the details but the guy is working on the stone, he said he’s got some ideas, doesn’t know what maybe a centre piece for the town. He was mostly just talking to himself so I left him to it.

He had this weird glint in his eye, it scares me a little really.

The field work is going smoothly now that we have a steady rhythm and are used to the work, we only really slow down anytime we need to pull rocks out of the ground, but nothing has come close to the size of the boulder so its barely a pause in the work.

It’ll be good to get this done, but im dreading the actual plowing part, that’s going to be back breaking with a stone plow and a man power alone to pull it.
Well the field is finally cleared, all the grass has been cleared, the weeds torn out and all tossed for compost. And all just in time for the rain to actually stop heaping buckets.

The next step is to start digging drainage ditches into he field, its going to be painstaking but we have the advantage of the field already existing on a slight slope, which should make it easier to get the moisture to drain out of the dirt.

I have split my boys into two even groups.

Group 1 will be digging out the drainage ditches and piling that dirt into tarps for transport, I’d like a wheel barrow, but the soil is still so soft that a tarp actually moves better when laden with dirt.

Group 2 then drags this dirt to the fence sight where they are getting started with the initial earthen core around which the stone wall shall be built. Most of the tough work is driving short stakes of wood into the groun that will keep the earth wall in shape, the rest is simply piling the earth in place. Once this whole section has an earthern wall I’ll have those not on ditch duty taking turns learning from me on how to set the rocks and properly reshape them with a hammer.

Once we get these drainage ditches set we can start with the actual ploughing, we’ll need the full team for that, the ground will need to be overturned though roughly and any stones and rocks deeper in need to be pulled out as well so the carrots can grow properly.

Frankenpuppy watch has gotten tense, Drew thinks the puppies might be along some time in the next week or two. He’s still unsure about the whole alien animal thing.
The color is fading slowly away from the dramatic indigo shades it once was, but it’s starting to spread out evenly across the skin. My skin has taken on a shade the color of a lab assistant that spilled that blue dye on their skin. It reminds me of my time at my university taking biology labs. After talking with James, who is sitting up again, we think the fungus or mushroom or whatever it was caused problems in human skin tissue and the melanin which gives us our skin colors. We are still unclear of if this has caused our melanin levels to jump or plummet.

James says he thinks he remembers that more melanin can be bad and it being higher normally means darker skin pigmentation or similar situations like getting a tan. Heightened melanin can lead to skin cancer. I can only recall that albinism is from having no melanin so he may be correct. It’s just odd to find a plant that causes such reactions.

Although, the vivid coloration of the animals during the rainy season could be induced through the specific plants that grow during this time. We’ve already seen a drastic change in several of the plants due to the rains, and the few animals we saw both before and during this rain have changed coloration. We could have found the root cause of all of this. The animals could have adapted to consume these plants that only grow during the rain so that they could find better mating partners.

It’s been a few days and my nails are starting to grow back which is both wonderful and painful. Any time I pick something up it pinches my skin against the new nail. James also suggested cultivating the mushrooms. If we can create the right conditions then we can get a yearlong harvest of them in case we need them for Phil.
Day ??59
The last few weeks have been a rush.

We trampled the first warband we ran into and ground it into the dirt. We had a significant numbers advantage and the element of surprise.

Those who we captured were either taken as slaves or subjected to the ‘Rot’ by my acolytes. If they survived they were inducted as an acolyte with full priveleges, basically first pick of the food and the slaves. The ceremony is simple enough, I make a few chants in gibberish and anoint their head with one of the ‘Rot’ victims blood, but I exaggerate it a lot and put on a lot of pomp and circumstance every time, the knuckle heads lap it up. The corpses of those who die from the ‘Rot’ are either used as bait or we leave them in the water sources when we move on from an area.

Since them we have rolled over several mall smaller warband’s and either butchered them or incorporated them, one even surrendered outright and was brought in as full members of the tribe.

Pappa Nurgle is the welcoming sort after all.

Day ??61

We have found another warband, they rival us in size but they seem to have a shortage of food and no command structure.

Those are two problems I have managed to solve for my own band of idiots. Each group of 20 warrior is under the command of a Marauder and five of those groups are under the command of a Forsaken, one of the current four, who are the closest thing I have to generals at the moment.
Mostly position is decided by strength and size, but some of my Forsaken are sneaky fucks as well.

My Acolytes, currently a couple dozen, my personal guard and are my eyes and ears around the camp. In battle they are my guard, but off the field they have higher authority than anyone bar myself.

With this organisation I’ve had each Marauder group take turns hunting and foraging, bringing back food for the whole camp.

We can’t stay in one place to long but it means our force is in much better shape than the assholes we are about to dismember.

Day ??62

The battle was tough, we lost more men than we probably should of but we pushed deep into their ranks, deep enough that me and my acolytes could surround their leaders position and bury him in knives and axes.

When his head was lifted onto a large wooden pike and paraded as our new trophy across the battlefield in front of our enemies eyes, the fight just left them and they either fled themselves or surrendered on the spot.

They had beheld Nurgles glory and trembled at its might.

Day ??63

I've considered our losses and I’ve decided that all of those who surrendered were to be brought in as warriors, fed clothed and armed. This mostly means giving them a bowl of mushed up moss, insects and meat, a few stitched together rags and a wooden spear or stone axe.

Those who fled were declared to be fucking cowards and butchered for meat when we caught them, and we did catch them all eventually. There wasn’t really far to run when you were pinned against a mountain side.

The supplies they had were negligible but they did have a number of slaves that we used to bolster the ranks of either our warriors, or our own slaves, who were not doing a very good job of staying alive. A lot of our original slaves had died of dyssentry or of the ‘Rot’.

I don’t think any of the group I had come in with were still alive at this point.

Not that I care at this point, they were to weak to last, where as I have elevated myself to my rightful position.

Day ??66

One of the new Acolytes had been telling me about a place of terrible power that they’re warband had passed by at some point.

Their leader at the time had declared it haunted and taboo. The dumb fucker obviously didn’t see its potential. Although its hard to see how.

Im looking at the damn thing right now.

Its massive, built right into the cliff face reaching up what has to be atleast 10 stories. with a semi-circle wall extending out of the mountain side and curving around to protect its front entrance.

It’s a massive fucking cathedral, at least, without the gothic look or the gargoyles. But its walls reach extremely high, the pointed roof and the elongated windowsalong its side.

I’ve ordered the doors forced open and for my men to secure the temple.

If all goes well, we will soon have a grand temple to Pappa Nurgle and I wont even have had to raise a finger.

Day ??67

The cathedral wasn’t haunted it just had cultists skulking about moving these green glowing rocks at night to spook people.

They tried to hold the wall for short period using rocks and spears but eventually the warriors got pulled down a tree and ran it to the wall where it functioned as a make shift ladder.

After that others followed and soon they were swarming over the walls and the doors were thrown open.

After that it was the butchers work, the cultists tried to hide inside their chambers in the main structure but were fond and dragged into the courtyard.

What really astounded me was the numerous symbols to the prince of pleasure everywhere and the stories from the men about what the sick fucks had been up to when they were captured.

The men were howling for blood so I gave each a chance for conversion to the cause of Nurgle. None of them agreed, which was fine by me, I simply allowed the crowd of howling bastards to decide.

They didn’t stop screaming until well into the night, at least that’s what my sentry told me, I retired early in my new private chambers.
Day ??70

The Grand Cathedral to Nurgle has been renovated by its new masters, the symbol of Nurgle has been painted everywhere in blood and Ichor.from a pair of screaming beasts that attacked during the night.They killed a few people but got caught in the courtyard and speared to death.

The ichor is everywhere actually, and stinking to high heaven. It might be a good thing actually, because the smell really makes the place feel like a Nurgle camp.

The last thing I want is the idiots outside to actually think they are immune to sickness so that they stop using the latrines or disposing of bodies in our active water supply.

Day ??71

This place doesn’t actually have any upstairs floors, its just one massive room from floor to ceiling from the massive doors to the altar like platform at the end of the room.

But it does expands pretty far down underground and a group of warriors exploring the place found weapons and armor.
Not much armor, maybe six sets of the stuff, but its light and its in fairly good condition. The weapons on the other hand are stockpiled. Hundreds of huge pikes, several hundred dussack like swords and eve these circular axes with overly long handles.

I have my acolytes organising the gear, getting ready to hand out equipment, starting with those who have proved most loyal and/or effective.

Naturally I already grabbed a set of armor for myself, it means I can get rid of the stupid football pads though, but im keeping the football helment.

I wouldn’t of before but first acolyte S’ndra attached this pretty awesome trophy spike to it, with the skull of the head cultist still sitting on it.

Gotta get these knuckleheads drilling soon as well, the last thing I want is my men hacking themselves to pieces.

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