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Last Time On Gundam AGE Quest!: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/28323246/

Check my Twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/Crosswire

Gundam AGE Quest Rules 1.2: http://pastebin.com/XfJFjs52

Scarlet Crockers Character Sheet: http://pastebin.com/Mg9Pc4mJ

Your name is Scarlet Crocker. You’ve been the Commander of the Federation forces on Zarth for about a week now, and the whole time you’ve been preparing for the predicted attack by a Vagan Fleet. You’ve lost good people and made new friends. Now, after spilling blood, sweat, and tears you wake up to find a report stating that all the preparations have been complete.

All the suits are finished, all the defenses are done, and all the men are trained, or as trained as one could be in a week. All that’s left to do is to organize to men and factor them into the battle plan you and the others drew up.

There are only 18 hours left till the Vagans arrive, and for all you know they could come early.

What do you wish to do Scarlet?
Enhanced Kitchen
Research Lab Repair and Refurnish
Sub-Office Repair and Refurnish
Armory Repair
MS Training Course
HQ Reinforcement
Asteroid Placement
Asteroid ‘Foxholes’
Anti-MS/Anti-Ship Mine Field
Inside Defense Fortifications and Turret Emplacement
Experimental Radar System Installation
Outside Colony Defenses
Cyberwarfare/ECM System Array-(Hogan and Pirate crew no longer occupied)
>IUS System Evaluation- Finished
>Solid Cowl x30- Done
>Improved Anti-Beam Coating Production – Finished
>MS Training x100 Recruits/ Greenhorns/Paperpushers- Done
>MS Engineering Training x20 MS Club/Recruits- Done
>Ammunition Production- Ongoing. Armory is 100% stocked.
>RGE-G1100 Adele x35 -Finished
>Modified Training Genoaces x50 - Finished
Aunt Rysis (Secretary and pilot)
Dr. Halsey Heart (Researcher)
Fram Frost (Cute Orphan and X-Rounder)
Grandma Rosa Crocker (Good Cook)
Grandpa Jack Crocker (Trainer. Injured 3 month recovery)
Hogan Blackmarsh (Pirate Captain, busy installation Electronic Warfare systems)
Romary (Personal Assistant)
Secretary Steve (Injured-1 month recovery)
Travis Touchdown (Sober, assisting in the troop training)

Mellis Crocker (Your mother)

Jack Crocker (Injured. 9 Month Recovery Time)

Knights of the Round Test Team (All deceased)

>Magic Schoolbus
Dorthy Ann (Captain of the Magic Schoolbus)

Veteran Bridge Crew: Wanda Li, Keesha Franklin and
Phoebe Terese

Janet Perlstein- (Doctor aboard the MSB)

Tim Black: (Ace Long Range Support Specialist and Artist)

Ralphie Tennelli: (Ace Melee Expert and cook)

Arnold Perlstein: (Ace Sniper and certified Geologist)

Arnold Blackmarsh (Fitness buff, Troop Training assistant)

Hogan Blackmarsh (Pirate Captain)

>Treasure Star
Captain Sirius (Former Time Traveler and Captain of the Treasure Star)

Daiki Ryuuzaki (Former Time Traveler and MS Pilot)

Kotetsu Sakai (Support MS Pilot, Aspiring Cook)

Lhuga (MS Pilot and aspiring Ace)
AGE-X2R MWD Gawain Gundam (Piloted by you)
AGE-X Crusader Gundam (Dad’s Personal Suit. Unable to pilot due to injuries)
CMS-223G3 Gala Custom (Piloted by Captain Walker himself)
CMS-223ZF Zila Kai x2 (Piloted by two of Walker’s Men)
CMS-574XF Xeno Kai x2 (Piloted by two of Walkers Men)
MMS-01XR Gwenvere (Mom’s Personal Suit, piloted by her)
RGE-790C Genoace Kai x1 (Refit Schematics included, unassigned)
RGE-790E Enhanced Genoace II x50
RGE-GC1100 Adele Custom x10 (Veteran Squad sent by Flit)
RGE-G1100 Mass Production Adele x50
RGE-1100X Proto Adele (Unassigned)
RGE-2000X (Unassigned, and deem unreliable)
Travis Touchdown’s Custom Shaldoll (Being used by him of course)

xvm-dfc Wiegel (Unassigned)
Zeydra Replica (Unassigned)

>Pirate Mobile Suits
BMS-001 AGE-1 Dark Hawk x1 (Hogan’s Personal Mobile Suit)
BMS-003 Shaldoll Rogue x5
BMS-004 G-Exes Jackedge x1 (Hogan’s Second in Command Personal Suit)
BMS-005 G-Xiphos x1 (Arnold Blackmarsh’s personal Suit)
>Magic School Bus Mobile Suits
AMS-002 G-Bouncer Sniper Custom (Arnold’s Custom Mobile Suit)
RMS-002 G-Bouncer Melee Custom (Ralphie’s Custom Mobile Suit)
TMS-002 Shaldoll Support Custom (Tim’s Custom Mobile Suit)

>Treasure Star Mobile Suits
AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Normal (Daiki Version)
WMS-GEX1C G-Exes Custom (Lhuga’s Personal Mobile Suit)
RGE-B790CK Kotetsu Genoace Custom (Kotetsu’s Personal Mobile Suit)

>Available Ships
Darwin Kai Class- “Magic School Bus”
Prototype Diva Class Variant- “Baronche”
Unknown Class- “Treasure Star”
>[A] Gather your people and discuss on how to organize the men you have.
>[B] Eat some breakfast first, maybe talk to Fram.
>[C] Other (Write in)
Fuck yes, it's back.

> [A] Gather your people and discuss on how to organize the men you have.
We need to see check out those new suits Madorna was making, check out if MaG found something suspicious on that new radar system or if there're signs of any more Vagan sabotage, and plan how we're going to refuel and restock our troops in the field.
>[A] Gather your people and discuss on how to organize the men you have.
Let's do this. We'll bring breakfast to the meeting, eat it there. And Fram's with our mom, we can ask her how she's doing. Mellis is an X-Rounder, too, so she'd have a better idea of how serious any issues Fram's having would be.
File: 1386449563771.pdf-(1.21 MB, PDF, Gundam AGE Part 62.pdf)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PDF
Side note, the second part of thread 62 wasn't properly archived because sup/tg/ was down for the day.

However, it was archived automatically on foolz on the following link:
> https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/28530916/#28530916

And here it is saved as an .pdf file.
We should see if Jake's feeling better as well. Maybe mom or him or the other Aces have some more tips they could give us in order to prepare properly for the fight. And when Hogan comes back, he could give us some pointers on how to fight properly in an asteroid field.
Looking over the previous threads. here're some things that we should check out:
> Madorna's new suits and their performance.
> Reports of Vagan sightings or any signs of their activity.
> Reports of potential sabotage on our systems.
> Revising the strategy with the team.
> Checking out the Vagan suits we captured for any important data.
> Devising a plan for the delivery of the Plasma Driver missile.
> Decoy suits made from training dummy balloons.
> Electric hook shots (those things Asemu's prototype Adele has equipped).
Improving the ships and weapons would probably take too much time.
(Thank you very much. I appreciate you saving Part 62 in the face of a site screw up)
You make a quick call to Ma-G and get a status report on how the Radar system is operating. She informs you there are no signs of sabotage anywhere in the colony and nothing has shown up on Radar so far.

Hanging up you dial Madorna's number and see how the suits turned out.

"They're fine." He says, sounding exhausted. "Like I said their performance is higher greater then the Genoace II, but lower then the Adele. I call them Enhanced Genoace II's. I think they'll serve you well. I'm having them sent over as we speak, they should all be there in about half an hour."

"Thanks Madorna, I owe you." You state before hanging up.


You call a meeting and bring your breakfast with you, munching on some bacon and eggs as everyone sits down with their own food. Fram isn't with your mother, apparently her head's still bugging her and she's taking a nap.

Once everyone is situated you bring up the question.

"How should I organize the men I have?"

"Well you have 100 green recruits, the 10 veterans, and anyone not assigned to a ship..." Your mother states.

"You could organize them in groups of eleven." Walker suggests. "10 green troops, and 1 veteran leading them."

"Maybe you could organize them into four larger groups of 25 with the veterans sprinkled in." Dorthy says, tapping her chin.

"We should keep our plan in mind. We're going to launch a preemptive strike with the Plasma Diver missile, and then hit whatever survives with the Photon Blast Cannons on the Camelot and Magic School Bus. We're probably going to need to be flexible because whatever survives could come at us in a lot of different ways." Tim says, leaning against the back wall with Ralphie and Arnold.

How do you want to organize the men Scarlet?
Go for mobility.

We're going to fight the Vagans primarily in the asteroid field (hopefully), so having multiple smaller teams coordinated and harassing them would be more effective than fighting them head on with larger teams. And it'd allow one team to cover another while they get repairs or reload and refuel.

We also have Hogan and his pirates, Walker and his Fardain team, and the Treasure Star crew fighting with us. Hogan and his guys would prove really effective in slowing the Vagans down, Walker is apparently specialized in defense, and the Treasure Star team is filled with X-Rounders (and probably Rysis) that could take care of the more tougher opponents.
For groupings: Eight groups of twelve, with a veteran leading. A team of twelve can split into groups of 2,3,4 or 6, giving some versatility for dividing the unit. We'll trust the veterans to be able to partition the fire teams as needed. Three such teams will accompany the Camelot, three the Magic School Bus. Two teams will be placed in the debris field to man the asteroid bunkers and add to the fire the auto-turrets will provide.

The remaining four rookies and 2 veterans will serve as a support unit for us in the Treasure Star. The Revolver Catapult has six chambers and can support two suits per tube. Throw in us, Daiki, Lhuga and Kotetsus and we'll be close to capacity. We'll sneak around the fleet under the cover of the ship's IUS, launch out in Strider mode (I'm just gonna call the Gawain's mobile armor mode that, it's what the AGE-2's is called), zoom in and fire the missile. We retreat to the Treasure Star, relocate, and begin an attack from "below" the fleet, approaching on a different axis so that the Fa Bose ships unconnected to the base platforms can't use their top guns on us.
That works great.

We can throw Bisidian into the debris field as well, to keep the Vagans occupied enough and unable to retreat. Walker and his guys can protect the ships or the turret installations.

Speaking of the missile delivery, if the Wiegel or the Zeydra replica have some data or identification on them, we can probably use that to approach the Vagans. Or, alternatively, if that's a no-go, we plant the mini-IUS on the missile and launch that thing at them.
I think modifying the Plasma Diver Missile like that would be a bad idea. We don't want to risk messing up its balance. Also, the IUS blocks sensor use. That could prevent proper detonation, depending on how it's fused. If it's a proximity fuse it wouldn't detonate at all. Although, when Flit fires on in canon it explodes in the middle of nothing, implying it uses an inertial navigation system to judge when it's traveled a far enough distance. I guess it depends on what system our missile uses. Crosswire, any comment?
Should we hit them with the photon cannons before or after we lob the plasma diver missile at them?

If we hit them with the cannons first, they'll regroup in the middle and allow us to take more of them out at once.
File: 1386454252428.jpg-(87 KB, 1280x720, Plasma_Diver_Missile.jpg)
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Fair enough, let's not risk it. Besides, cloaked nukes sound overkill, even for us.
Hmm. Maybe. Or they might scatter further to ensure we can't take out multiple ships in one blast, in which case the PDM would be less effective. I think what we should do is wait for the ships to enter the debris field to fire our lasers. We've left a few avenues of entry free of mines or turrets for the specific purpose of herding the larger vessels into convenient firing lines. So we fire the Plasma Diver at the beginning to take out their rear and panic them, let them hit the mine fields while they take evasive action, and when they rush forward to get past our defenses we let them bunch up and hit them with the Photon Blaster Cannons.
I guess that works. We also have the Baronche's heat blade (heat ram?) we can use to take out some ships, as well as the Giant DODS on the Treasure Star.

Either way, the PDM has to hit the largest concentration of enemies - especially since they might bring a nasty surprise with them like another colony or something. The Photon Cannons are great at obliterating large swathes of enemies in a line, so maybe we can use them in conjunction with the GDODS to form a ring of fire around the place where we'll detonate the PDM?
File: 1386455497622.png-(8 KB, 800x600, defense plan.png)
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Basically this - the three ships fire their main guns, taking out most of the enemy front, flanks and rear, forcing them to group in the middle.
Then Scarlet drops the PMD at the massed enemies.
File: 1386455507185.jpg-(105 KB, 1598x1000, Battle of Zarth.jpg)
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105 KB JPG
Scarlet isn't very familiar with the guidance systems of the PDM, you'd have to ask the engineers who installed the launcher on your suit about the details of it's guidance systems.

You decide to split the men up into eight groups of twelve with a veteran leading each, allowing flexibility and mobility since they can split into smaller groups. Three will accompany the Camelot and MSB each, and the left over men will join you on the Treasure Star as you use it's IUS system to try and get behind or close to the fleet so you can take of and hit it with the PDM.

Drawing up a rough battle plan everyone seems to agree this sounds good.
-Tim, Arnold, and Ralphie will be aboard the Magic School Bus

-Hogan, his son, and his men will be working in the field with the Baronche waiting at the end to intercept any Vagans who can survive their way through the field.

-Walker and his men, along with Rysis and Travis will stay in the debris field and help out where they can.

-Your mother will stay aboard/around the Camelot and coordinate the men there as well as defend and command the ship.

Does this sound good to you Scarlet?
(There's supposed to be an eight troop formation in the field, I just forgot to put it there.
Where is Zarth, relative to this map? Behind the Baronche and off the lower left corner? And there should be a second troop formation in the debris field. It's eight groups, plus the leftovers on the Treasure Star. But otherwise, yeah, looks good.
Well, that's what I get for slow posting. Alright, then. Looks good.
Yeah, the colonies are off the lower left corner.
File: 1386456084534.png-(11 KB, 800x600, defense plan.png)
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That looks great.

Alternatively, we place the Treasure Star behind the enemy lines, fire up the cannons and then drop the PMD on the groups in the middle.
The survivors then have to move into the debris field where they'll be much easier to take care off.
You finalize the plan and double check with everyone so they know what to do. Once everyone is clear they leave and get back to work, those in charge of training the troops go to hand out orders and begin to organize the men. 2 hours passed while you were making the plan...

You still have 16 hours till the Vagan's estimated arrival. What do you wish to do Scarlet?
Go for a test flight in the Gawain. We need to make sure we know its flight mode controls.
Have the guys load the ships with ammo and fuel, and prepare a status report on how everything's going on. I guess we're using the Adeles as frontline fighters, while the Genoaces are used for support and flanking attacks?

After that, let's fly the Gawain for a bit.
Maybe after that we can go see Jake and Mellis. We haven't spent any time with our family at all.
(I need to go somewhere for a little bit, I should be back in an hour or so. Until then talk, brainstorm, and plan amongst yourselves)
Considering that attack on Big Ring. The Vagans have deployed hundreds of their ships against the Federation fleet, and are in the process of dropping a colony they somehow captured without there ever being any reports of it.

I doubt that they have enough fuel for all those ships to come this way from Mars, which could mean that that fleet was built in Federation space. Also, considering how they're usually low on manpower, I guess that most of those suits are ship are going to be drones. And considering how much they've been attacking recently, they must have a forward base somewhere nearby.

Hopefully we'll find more info about that from the Anansi we sent over to Minsry. Or, if nothing else, some data saved in the Vagan suits we captured.
You wouldn't need that much fuel if you were willing to take a long time to get there. You can reach anywhere in the Solar System with practically no energy expenditure at all if you're willing to take a few years to do it.

Though honestly, I'm still a bit confused about how Vagan thrusters use fuel. They produce only photons for exhaust, but they require reaction mass. It can't be a matter-energy conversion photon drive, because then the exhaust beam would have such enormous power (photon drives emit 300 megawatts of light per Newton of thrust generated) that it could cut through small moons. Maybe some sort of dark matter drive? Converting plasma fuel into a non-baryonic form would still use mass-based exhaust but would be almost completely non-interactive with ordinary matter. The light produced would be a side-effect rather than the actual exhaust.
Yeah, but it's still ridiculously inefficient that way. It makes much more sense for them to have a forward center of operations from where they can coordinate all their attacks, receive incoming transmissions and so on. They could even use the remains from the colonies they blew up for producing more suits and ships, instead of sending them back to Vagan, and waiting for a couple of months for reinforcements or new orders. So yeah, they most likely have a forward base somewhere - the place where the Anansi were sending those transmissions.

As for the Vagan suits, they did have the Black Raven in their custody for a while. They could've replicated the RAVEN fuel system / armor for all their suits - maybe they even had the schematics for a working Black Raven from the EXA-DB. They even had something similar in the show - Solon was producing their suits for them, and we see that their armor is some sort of plates that apparently are on a nanotech scale.

Maybe solar energy? They have advanced technology dealing with light and photons - their IUS shows us that they can manipulate it properly, so maybe all their suits are just giant solar panels. It'd fit with the panel things from before.
And I'm back!

You decide to go and take the Gawain for a spin to see how it all feels now with the extra equipment, the new form, and the Plasma Diver Missile Launcher installed. After cleaning up you head down to the hanger and get your suit, informing everyone that you're going out for a test drive and there's no need for alarm.

Moving it to one of the colony hangers you take off in MS form and thrust forward. After a few moments of moving around with the suit you can already tell the Gawain is heavier with the extra armor and shielding. It's not necessarily a problem, it's just that you're used to the Gawain being lighter. After spending a half an hour getting adjusted to the heavier Gawain, you decide to switch it into MA mode.

The transformation is fast, and incredibly smooth, you almost don't notice it at first. The MA mode handles a lot light a traditional fighter, at least you think it does you've never piloted one before. The MA mode has greater forward thrust and speed, however it's restricted. Unlike a mobile suit which can anyway the pilot wishes with ease, the Fighter like MA mode can only go the direction it's facing, making it less maneuverable by comparison.

Still it is a lot faster, and allows for better interception and quick strike capabilities. This will work perfectly with the PDM Launcher.

An hour has passed, do you want to spend more time testing out the Gawain or do you wish to do something else?
Let's get back to base.

See if there's anything anyone needs, see how the training and loading of the ships is going on, and lets see Mellis and Jake.
In that line of thinking, get Daiki everything he needs to apply the anti-beam coating in the field. Each ship should have its own applicator, and also one to asteroid bunkers the teams in the debris field will be waiting in.
We also need to have spare ammo and fuel on the ships, as well as some engineers and spare parts for repairs.
And if we do assign people on the ships, at least run a background check on them.
We can't have Vagan spies roaming around again.
Daiki already set up the equipment to apply the coating in the field and the ships and asteroid foxholes are are stocked with ammunition, fuel, and plenty of weapons. You're not the only person making sure things get done after all.

Deciding to take a break, you land the Gawain and bring it back to base. Hoping out you decide to visit your mother and father, who are both in the infirmary.

"Hey hon, how's it going?" Dad asks, lying in bed, bandaged up and hooked up to various machines, Mom sitting beside him.

Well Scarlet? How are things going?
Give them a hug, see how they are. We're fine, if a bit tired.

Explain how things are looking up, everyone's doing what they can, and you hope you're ready.
See if they have any ideas on what to do next.
You go over and give your mother and father a hug, well you give your Dad an air hug after considering his condition. "I'm fine, I'm tired but I'll have plenty of time to rest when I don't have to worry about the colony getting torn to shreds. How are things with you?"

"Fine, I guess. I've been able to catch up on some reading. There's not a lot you can do you in my state without risking internal bleeding. I'd hope by now people would be more courteous when it comes to shooting at our family, why is it always some place important? Why not the butt, or the shoulder or...the butt." Your father sighs. "I need something to do, but I can't do anything but write and read right now, and your mother would kill me if tried what I did back on Scorzayi."

"Scorzayi?" You ask.

"A penal colony your father visited while doing research on Arthur. He got his stomach cut open and his entrails were hanging out. Apparently he managed to seal himself up with bubblegum, a blowtorch, and scotch tape."

"It's not as impressive as it sounds" Dad says with a modest shrug. "My guts ended up falling out by the time I helped the guards get everything under control. What worries me is that they never found that gum. I'm pretty sure I have a wad of gum and tape mixed in with my intestines. But enough about my upcoming bladder problems, how is the base preparation going?"

"Good, I have the men trained, the defenses prepped, a plan laid out, and the suits ready to go. Any ideas on what to do next?"

"Yeah. Get ready. No sense in starting anything now. The Vagans could drop in at any time. Finish up what you want or need to do and then get everyone ready to go at a moments notice, I doubt the Vagans will stick to a schedule."

Anything you want to ask your father? or do you want to see Fram now? or do you have something else in mind?
...well, apparently unnatural toughness runs in the family.

Any ideas on what else to do? Maybe some tricks, some tactics, or something? Anything would help, really.
And what the hell were you doing on that penal colony?
"Any ideas on what else to do? Maybe some tricks, some tactics, or something? Anything would help, really."

"There's not always going to be some magical trick you can pull to get yourself out of a situation, sometimes good old brute force and regular tactics get the job done just fine. From what your Mom told me of your plan it sounds like it'll work just fine, I mean with two Photon Blaster Cannons, and a PDM you should be able to handle the fleet." Your father states.

"Alright, but what the hell were you doing at a penal colony?"

"Well apparently they housed war criminals from the Colony Nations War. They had to wake them up from cryofreeze ever ten years or so to ensure brain damage didn't occur. Flit managed to pull some strings so I could talk with some of them. A bunch weren't even on file, and I was hoping of finding someone who knew Arthur, but a sudden prison riot cut that short. A lot of the prisoners I wanted to see were killed and I got my stomach sliced open. Wasn't really the learning experience I was hoping it would be."

Anything else Scarlet?
"Hey, could you start drawing up some designs for if Fram turns out to need an X-suppressor? She's been having some difficulties with X-wave resonance the past day or so and I want to be prepared in case it's something serious. And it would give you something to do while you're stuck here. Just don't make it a giant goofy pair of Kamina shades this time, okay?"
"Hmmmm, alright. Been a while since I worked on one. I'll have to call Spriggin to double check my work when I'm done, but I'll take a crack at it. I'll try to make it a headband this time, though I wish you and your mother would develop an appreciation for classics."

"I love you Jake, but those Gurran Laggan references were getting pretty obnoxious."

"I was 14 and I was piloting a giant robot, cut me some slack. I'm surprised Flit never mentioned anything, I tried getting him and Yurin to watch some older stuff with me, but all they seemed interested in was Martian Successor Nedesico. I still think a good episode could have been the Nabisco cookie company bribing the crew to change the name of the ship."

Your father begins to trail off on a tangent and you think it's best to leave him and Mom alone before he starts bringing up pancakes.

Do you want to check in with Fram or do you want to do something else?
We didn't ask about Arthur. Maybe later.

Lets check out how Fram's doing.
Let's see Fram. And then, I don't know, select the Gawain's load out? What type of rifle and missiles are we putting on it?
Yeah, we should select the Gawain's loadout.

Maybe we could check the rest of that recording we found in Dr Zarth's office? He and Uther were apparently colleagues, who knows what else is there. And Uther wasn't on that colony Jake mentioned - did he buy his way off, or did the old Feds consider him too important to be put in prison there?
We'll give the tapes to Jake after the battle, it'll be a great "get well soon" present.
Okay, what we know about Arthur (and the old timeline) so far:
> Arthur is born as the only son of an influential scientist and later on war criminal.
> He and Rysis were engaged before the war, possibly had a kid.
> Probably was close with the Asunos - they built both MID and the Crusader for him.
> During the war, he was piloting the Crusader for the old Feds.
> Still held the rank of Sargent, which is pretty low considering the stuff he was in charge of.
> Oversaw the construction of SID and the EXA-DB, worked with CDACE and who knows what else.
> At this point, Uther is already captured.
> Gets attacked by Rysis and her team while transporting the EXA-DB and SID.
> Fought a brainwashed and crazed Rysis, managed to disable her suit.
> Puts Rysis to cryosleep.
> Probably responsible for what happened to Dr Zarth and the rogue nanobots.
> Probably held both sides of the war at gunpoint until they signed a peace treaty.
> Considering how both sides in the conflict used AIs everywhere, both the Feds and Colonists agreed because of the SENTINEL system.
> The Silver Chalice treaty is signed, the technology used during the war is locked away.
> Influential families such as the Zarths keep pieces and scrap of the old tech even after the war.
> Arthur is heralded as the hero of the war, while the noble families hate him because of all the power they lost because of him.
> Arthur leaves the Crusader on Zarth, memory wipes MADNUG, and just leaves.
> Probably also took lots of the parts from the old Crusader with him, leaving behind only something that could be barely reconstructed.
> According to Uther, he's still alive and controls the Federation from the shadows, even though that doesn't fit in with his previous actions.
> Someone or something is after anyone digging out info about him - possibly the noble families.
You decide to talk to Fram and see how she's holding up. Leaving the infirmary you journey to Fram's room and find she's lying down.

"Hey, how's it going?" You ask, pulling a chair up to her bed.

"Ugh, not good. My head still hurts and I'm still hearing dead people." Fram says, putting her hands up to her temples.

"Are you sure you're hearing dead people?" You ask, worried.

"Yeah. I know I'm not hearing peoples thoughts, if I was that would be pretty creepy considering everything I've heard. To be perfectly honest it loses it's scariness after a while and just becomes annoying. If I hear one more voice say how they wish they had gotten to have a ice pop or something before they died, I'm going to go nuts." Fram tugs at her hair in frustration.

"Are you taking the medicine the doc gave you?"

"Yeah, but the pain killers are only doing so much for me."

"Well don't worry my Dad has a X-Suppressor in the works. Knowing how bored he is he'll probably have it ready in a day or two so just bare with me."

Anything you want to ask Fram or do you want to choose the loadout of the Gawain?
Ask if she wants to talk about her X-Rounder powers.
Does she have any premonitions about the battle? Or does she want to talk about what the dead people are saying?

We can send her off to Jake with those tapes later on.
"Do you want to talk about your X-Rounder powers?" You ask.

"What's there to talk about?"

"Well you're hearing dead people maybe you heard something of use to me?"

"Not really. It's not like the dead are talking to me, it's more like I can hear them talking to themselves. Maybe it's their imprints, or afterimages, or whatever. I have a feeling they aren't here anymore...in spirit anyway."

"Have you had any premonitions lately?"

"Nope. Just headaches and voices complaining about not getting Gelato."

As you're about to ask her about the food thing, alarms begin to scream outside the hall and your phone rings.

Answering it you hear Ma G's synthesized voice say "They're coming."

(I'm going to end it hear. I'm sorry about how slow and weird things were. I had everything planned out, but my computer crashed and I lost all my notes. Things will be smoother when the battle begins.)
Sure thing Crosswire.

Thanks for running, and see you next time.

Thanks. Night everyone.
Have a nice night, Crosswire. See you next time.
So it begins. I wonder what nasty surprise the Vagans are going to throw at us.

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